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Recovered by the Police on (lie
South Side Yesterday.
Hun Arrou hy Accldrut In (he Wfilwood
Brick Shut, on the South MAt, Ye*t?f
tluy Morning?A Wagon Full of It
llnult-rt to Police l(?adquarUri-A M?n
Arri'Hlril on Suspicion of llelng Connected
wlUi the Itobbcry In Let Go, aa lie
Tel!** Pretty Straight Si orjr.
Th* rppont rmioH? of numerouA rob
berles on the South Side are fresh In
the public^ mind, particularly those at
the Maxwell homestead, on Market
strcot, adjoining the Y. M. C. A. building.
This house, while no person wan
at home, was entered several times and
a large amount of clothing, silver ware,
bric-a-brac and other portable articles
of value were stolen. The police were
notified and made diligent search for
the stolen stuff, but found no clew to
that or to the thieves. Yesterday
morning Mr. West wood, who owns a
brick yard on the South Side, sent two
young fellow* into a shed to look for
something. The shod had not been in
use for some length of time. It is badly
lighted, and as the young men were
groping around In the corners they ran
across a pile of stuff they knew did not
belong there.
The police were notified, and examination
showed the stUfT was part of
that which was stolen from the Maxwell
mansion. There were cloaks,
coats, portieres, vases, silver and ulroost
everything els?r that could be carried
out of a well furnl?hed house. The
pile of goods filled the patrol wagon, In
which it was hauled to police -headquarters.
Miss Maxwell was notified and said
she would call this morning and Identify
so much of the goods as belonged
to her. It Is very likely that a part of
them was stolen from other houses.
The robberies were no doubt the work
of a rmng. the members of which live
In the vicinity.
A man was arrested by the officers on
suspicion of having some knowledge of
the robber!esl but after a searching examination
by Chief of Police Bennett
no ovidenoe of his guilt was disclosed,
\ and as he told u pretty straight story
he' was released. No other arrests have
been made.
An Ice Cutter Fall* A*lrrp anil C?u the
tVor*t of It.
Frltx Schumann v.\w very badly bun
at the Ueymann brewery, where he was
employed In go:ting in the ice crop. He
had been employed for about thirty-six
nours steadily, and sitting down bejslde
-the incline on which the ice is
Ipulled up. he fell asleep and leaned
over on the chain, which caught his
orzn and pulled him up. His head
struck several posts, and he was
knocked senseless. He was finally pulled
off and hauled to his home in, the
patrol wagon. He is very serlosuly,
and perhaps dangerously Injured.
Srw Idrai in Mogir.
The magnificent spectacular produc
tlon of magic that Frederick Bancroft
brings to the Opera House Saturday,
matinee and evening. is said to be
sumptuous. Nothing like It In elaboration
of detail or completeness of ensemble
ha* ever before been attempted
by any necromaneer. He Is Hold to be
a fascinating entertainer and his liberality
und elegance of taste in the stage
appointments* make a performance of
attractiveness. In conjunction with
Mr. Bancroft's deft manipulations in
legerdemain several specialties of a
high order divert the attention. The
performanoe Is given in four acts and
; two transformation tableaux, and is a
decided departure for this class of entertainment.
^ Churl
A. ( nnlnrr.
Charles A. Gardner, known as "Karl,
i the Sweet Singer," German comedian,
will appear Wednesday night at the
Opera House In "The Fatherland."
The play portrays the life of a heroic
German Turner who wins the prize at
a Tumfest. developing an Interesting
story of love and devotion, devoid of
the modern naelo-drnmatlc clap-trap,
but abounding in intense heart Interest.
i The scenes an* torn <u mc nUn...m.
Tyrol and are reproductions of photographic
views of iiis picturesque country.
The naturalness of the action of
i the piece is considerably heightened by
the Introduction of a troupe of Tyrolean
? singers and dancers. .Mr. Gardner will
also render his famous songs.
To*ntgh( -K*-Prie?f Mattery.
The talk of the city the past few days
has been Ex-Priest Slatt-ry. The gentleman
hns arrived, and he will be sure
to have a crowded house at Kgerter
Hall, this Tuesday nlprht. He Is young,
able, eloquent and convincing. His
wife is with him. She was formerly Sister
Mary ElltabKh In the convent. He
would be worth Hstvnlng to, regardless
of his subject. He is a superb young
man physically, being over hIs feet In
height, perfect In figure .ind handsome
and winning of face. He is eloquent,
wlrty, Intelligent, educated and up-todate
In every respect. He can make
you launch or cry.?advt.
The C'omitry .tlrrrltntit/'
b Charlc.i Cowles. th? great character
actor, with his excellent play. "A Country
Merchant." comes to play a r?>ti/rn
[j date at the desire <#f local theatre-goers,
1 on Thursday. February 27, continuing
'??va wirii a matinee Saturday
afternoon. Th?' imineiiffo enjoyment
given by this company when here be[
fore. Insures n serl?s of crowded house*
during this engagement.
TliMt Kaiiaivlin Orflolt.
Special Dispatch to the Intelligencer.
CHARLESTON. W. Vq.. Feb. 24.
JoHin BannMer and L. 12. McYVhorter.
the comxnM<ee to Invest Iga-te Oho county
t , clerk's office, finds a deficit of nome
105,000 from 1864 to l MO. and suggest
thai the ne*i legislature crea>t? the
ft - office of county auditor.
Gcl? Srvtsi Yritr*.
1 Special Dispatch lo the Intolhirrnror.
HUNTINGTON. W. Va.. Feb. 21.|
Hcrmcin Stn!?.h. t\ ho murdered Marcus
aiaynard in Lincoln county, Kift year,
was found gulfty of murder In the second
degree to-My and was ?M?nt*nced
to seven years In the penitentiary by
Judge Ifarvejr.
t .
Plr* ( KfrubMivlllr.
Special Dispatch to the Intolliffoncer.
RTWOBRNVILI.B. Ohio. Feb. 24The
residence of Mark Kinney was
damaged l>y Are tMs ev-ntng to the
extent of <600 duo ito a defective flue,
r Mr. Kinney wis burned about the head
during-the blaze.
( on* for fmakrr.
Special Dlnpatch to the intciiigmcer.
CHARtRSTON. W. Va . Feb. 24.Hons.
C. n. Klllott, C. j?. Snyder ?ind
John B. Floyd I'-ft to-nlglrl for Cln'
clnnaU to sf-ourr Hon. n. Forakor
for n meeting of 'jhi mate league on
Mat oh 25.
Xyr'ii Kriiirrat.
A8HBVIIXR. N\ r.. Fi'b. 21-The
funnvtl of Edgar W. Nye will occur
31 o'clock to-marrow ftt Fletchers, N.
C,. Aboud (twelve mllf* nouth of A*h*?
r vljte. A flpecl-al trnln will lr>/ivc Asihevjjfe
for tho nceiio In the morning.
PKH MOINKH. Inwu. Fob. Ul.??The
miner* of thin dlntrlct to-divy dcctded to
Rtrlko to-morrow unlf" : !i?? old mto of
eighty and ninety cent* Ik restored.
All pain banlahed by Dr. Mllo?* Pain rill*.
The Probable NfwTralm on (lit Pen?i?
>ivniiiii?Othet News Wolri.
The traveling public Is awaiting with
Interest the probable announcement ol
two new trains on the Pennsylvania between
Wheeling ami Pittsburgh. A#
oxcluslely told in the Intelligencer, the
"Pensy" may put on n train. Wheeling
to Pittsburgh, to leave Wheeling Just
after the arrival of the 6:4& p. m. train
on the Ohio River road. This train
would be a favorite with the oil people
going to and from the southwest oil
fields, but the average Wheeling hotel
man hopes the train will not be put on
as it will cut Into their business very
much. If this train Is put on It Is more
than likely that another new train will
leave Pittsburgh at the same hour and
arrive at Wheeling at about v p. m.
Such a train would be of great convenience
to Wheeling people having business
to do In Pittsburgh.
W. B. Dodd, of Columbus, scale Inspector
of the southwest system of the
Pennsylvania, west of Pittsburgh, wok
hore yesterday with his soale tester
car. and tested the track scales In
Wheeling and vicinity. Mr. Dodd Is a
very busy man and travels an Immense
mileage In the course of a year. His
territory extends from St. Louis to
Pittsburgh on the Pan-Handle. He
"strikes" Wheeling twice a year.
Cincinnati....VIRGINIA. S a. m.
Mstamoras.. LEXINGTON, u a. m.
Clarinffton... JEWEL, 3:30 p. m.
Pittsburgh...KEV8TOXK STATE. 3 p. ro.
Clarinston... JEWEL. 3:30 p. m.
.1 l<??C the Isitntilnt;.
The Clarlngton packet Jewel will resume
to-day. leaving at her usual hour,
3:30 p. m. N.
Nothing has been heard from the H.
K. Bedford, whose time of resumption
is unknown.
The ice had almost disappeared here
yesterday. In the afternoon a very little
shore Ice was passing out.
The marks nt 6 p. m. showed 6 feet
2 inches and stationary; no rise or fall
in L'i hours. Weather cloudy and
Mariner, with empties, passed up for
Pittsburgh at 2 p. in. Monday. Tom
Lysle passed up Sunday evening on
one engine, the other having been disabled
near Slatersvllle last week.?
Captain Henderson, leader of the
Pittsburgh delegation that appeared
before the house rivers and harbors
committee last week, expresses himself
as pleased with the hearing accorded.
The towboat crews that came
through the city en route to Pittsburgh
by rail last week are now on their way
to Join their boats, which are strum?
out along the river between Wheeling
and Cincinnati.
Captain John K. Boo<h writes Mr.
John Crockard, of the wharfboot. that
owing to repairs being made to the
Liberty, she will not reach Wheeling
until Wednesday, when she will leave
on the following morning at the usual
hour of departure.
The Virginia roo? down this morning
on the Keystone's day. The Keystone
is harbored at the mouth of the Big
Kanawha at Point Pleasant, and Is expected
to be here to-morrow afternoon.
If possible she will be here on the following
day for Clncinatl. The Hudson
was held over at Cincinnati on account
of the Ice.
The thaw and slight rain yesterday
started the Allegheny nnd Monongahela
rivers rising at their headwater*
and the pool, which has been getting
low, will be raised to allow cool shlpnientn,
says the Pittsburgh Commercial
Gazette. The weather has been unprecedented
In favor of the river men,
as the Ohio has been navigable since
the first of the year and promises to
keep it up until late in the spring.
TJjr ICi t Wnr Ajfnlti.
The rate war between the pockets
Lexington and Liberty Inaugurated
last week by the Liberty's open cut
on freight to Matamoras from eight and
ten cents to Ave cvnts per hundred,
bids fair to become exciting and Interesting.
Yesterday Captain CJIne, of the
Lexington, announced that he would
meet the Liberty's five cent freight rate
and would also cut In two-the rate on
passage between Wheeling und Matamoras,
bringing It down to twenty-five
cents. This Is about as cheap as "staying
at home." To the "anxious inquirer"
who wants to know if this included
berths and meals, the answej* is an emphatic
"no." Efforts to settle the
trouble between the two boats have
thus far proved fruitless.
Itlvrr Trlrgrain*.
OIL CITY?River 2 feet 7 Inches and
stationary. Clear and mild.
WAR HEN?River 17 Inches. Cloudy
and cold.
GREENSBORO ? River I* frozen.
Cloudy and warmer.
PITT8PITR0H?River 5.7 feet and
rising at the dam. Weather clenr and
warm. The following named boats or*
laid up here: Adam Jacobs, Lorcna,
lien Hur and towboats Clipper, Tornado,
Heatherlngton. Ark, Pacific No.
2. Hunter No. 2, W. O. Horner and Cyclone.
STEtJBENVlLLB?River 3 feet 5 Inches
and rising. Cloudy and cold. The
Little Fred which 1ms been tied up here
with tow on acount of Ice has gone up.
The Tornado eame flown to-day and
took up three barges that were tied up
opposite thin city. Down?Virginia.
PARKERSBURO?Ohio rlv?* 8 fee*
2 Incite?* and rlelnu:. Weather cloudy,
with the thermometer at 38. The heavy
flow of ice continues. The Little Kanawha
Is stationary. Passed up?The
Oneida. The ice Is four inches thick in
the upper pool which prevents navigation
beyond Elizabeth on the Kanawha.
The Liberty, which came down
Tuesday evening nnd has been laying
up here since, will start out again about
Wednesday morning. She would have
left for Wheeling this morning but hod
to undergo some repairs, Ice having
knocked off some of the sheathing on
her bow.
Appeal for nn liitra Nriilnn.
INDIANAPOLIS, ]?<!.. I'>b. 24.-Th*
mib-commlM??e of 't>hc Republican mate
committee prcmroted to Governor Mat'L'hetvn
ito-?!ay a infmortal roqu^tlnjr
him 'to call an extra j^wlon of <he I?nciKlattm?
to enact n constitutional apportionment.
Ttif? memorial <l?vlnro??
Mwi tli?; jici of 180.1, which Ik the one
under which the next election rouflt bf
hold, Ih lcno?wii by everybody, Including
the ffovoTnor, ?to he unoon*tltutlonal.
The committee carried pledge? of
n nvnjtrrlrty of ithe mem bom of the i?enaute
and hou?e that If thf ??xtru *c*filot)
I* callcd no bu?lncjw will he -traimnnted
except ?t>he enactment of the apportionment
The ffovmwrr ropllod that he would
reply formally at an oorly da/te.
Ilncklrn'a Arulcn R?]vr.
The brut nalvr In the world for cut*,
brulHOR. *or?J8. ulcorii. nnlt rheum, fever
norm, tetter, chapped hand*. chlthlqln*.
corn*, and all akin eruption*, anil positively
cure* piIfii, <?r no pay required.
It In iruarantccd to fflv?* perfect *utlHfactlon
or money refunded. Prlco 25
cent* per liox. Pur nalo by r*ogan Drug
"Of VIS me a liver regulator and I can
regulate the world," paid a genlu*. The
duiKKlxt handed hl?> a bottle of DcWltt'H
Mttlo luaily Ktoora, the faniuu*
little pllln. Logan Co.. Wheeling, W.
Vn., B. F. Peabody, Hon wood andUnwIe
St Co., Urldtfcport. O, 6
Uarrel.i a Day is the Estimated
Output Of the Weekly Well.
Ever flronglit In In tlir West Virginia Oil
KlrliU?It wo* Flr?t Reported lo lie DnI
. ? . ...... ....
port* I'nt thr Hourly Ctaagr ot 2.10 liarI
roll an Hour?Ureal Kxcitrtnriit nt Nil*
temrrllis?Other South writ Oil ffttva. i
SprcJnl Dispatch to the Intolligencer. <
SISTERS VILLIC, W. V\a.. Feb. 21.- !
The fcargost producing oil well ever .
brought In In any of the West Virginia '
i oil floldu came in this afternoon In the
now fuimou* region about Wick, Jn Oho
Interior of Tyler county, -back from SIstorsvllle.
Wick (has hod a half century
1 of rural peace and llstlessneas. but
the new well will make the place osjo
of the busiest spots In the little Mountain
state for gome .time to come.
The new strike Is the well of the Victor
Oil &. Gas Company and F. 13. Conway
on the Weekly farm, about (tlx
hundred feet northwest of the Kyle
gusher brought In two months ago by
the Devon hi n OH Company, ami which
has beon doing from eighty to forty
barrels an hour ever slr.ee. Hut the
Kyle and Bullman spout era ?lnk Imro
Insignificance when ranged alongside
the Weekly hole. The well wait drilled
Into the Rig Injun sand early this uf- .
ter noon and 'the flrwt telephone mos- *
?age received In Slstcrsvllle was to the
ffect that It wan producing 100 to 110 barrels
an hour. This won inore than
onough 'to set the town on fire, figuratively
speaking. Nothing else wa*
tallied of on the streets anil operators
holding territory In the same neighborhood
wore hugging themselves from I
heer Joy. j
A telephone message received front J
the Weekly at 7 o'clock to-night stated
on good nurthorKy "that the production
had Increased to 200 or 210 barrels tu?
hou/r. This news, of course, augmented |
the excitement here. And when at 8 I
o'clock another message from "the I
front" told that the well was still on [
the Increase with the guage allowing
an hourly output of 250 barrels and Increasing
every hour, the excitement
knew no bounds.
This wonderful well will be the cause
of greater aotlvity In the Interior of
Tyler county than has been expcrlenc- \
ed at any time In the sout'hwe?t fields. t
In fact, many operators have been v
waiting for the Weekly well to come in ,
before drilling on ttoelr 1 auto* In the ?
same vicinity. A number of rigs are up ,
and drilling will be marled an. fifteen c
or twenty wells Immediately and a hun- j
dred and one others will be started iu? j
soon as material can be put on the i
ground. During the past week the cold j
weather made the hitherto muddy ?
roads fairly passable but the return
of warmer wcafher will m?ke the roads r
as bad as before wUh a return of the t
dllllcuhy of getting well auppllcs out n
to ttie front. I
Teams are being brought to Slaters- r
ville from Whaling, Ilellalrc and many other
places along the river. Two ,
horse teams command from J9 to S12 *
a day and more needed than ?tfiere an;
The Victor company's well located on A
the Thomas Smith farm In tlie same
territory as the Weekly Is being closely
wcutrfied oaid should reftob the pay
SulHnpcr 8c Mn-tson's well on the
Archer farm, out near Mlddlehourne,
reochod the sand to-day and filled up
a thousand feet with waiter without a
show of oil and it is thought to be a
duster. J
Mr. Ilnrttr'a Krn>r?l.
MANSFIELD, Ohio. Feb. 24.-Funernl
services over the remain* of Hon.
M. I). Harter will be held at his late
residence on Park avenue TVeet, In
tWs city art 2 o'clock p. in. Wednes- :
day. A number of people well known j
In political life are expected to be In
art'tondar.ce at tho funeral. r
An Vp-to-Dat? Paper. ^
MOBILE. Ala., Feb. 24.-Thls city has
a new morning paper, the Journal,
which commences to-nlgM taking the
full report of 'the Associated I'ress. It
has ample cu-plt-al, and will be modern v
wl-th 1S36 ld<-iit?;\ credit to Mobile.
Infests the blood of Immunity. It I
appears in varied forms, but is forced c
to yield to Hood's Sarsupnrilla. which r
purities and vitulir.es the blood and j
cures ull such diseases. Head this:
"In September, 1S91,1 made a misstep and 3
injured my ankle. Very soon afterwards,
A Sore ;
two inches across formed nnd in walking 1
to favor it I sprained my ankle. The aoro f
I became worse; I could not put my boot *
on and I thought I should have to give up a
I every siep. i couin noi get any ruuci ^
mid bad to itop work. 1 read of a cure of r
a similar cane by Hood's fcarsaparilla and j
concluded to try it. Before I had taken '
all of two bottle* the acre bud healed and j,
tho awolling bad gone down. My
Foot .
it now well and I have been greatly bene- >
fltcd othorwloe. I have incrcavcd in
weight and am in better health. I cannot
pay enough in praise of Hood's Saruapa- y.
rlllt." Mus. H. Blakk, Bo. Berwick, Mo. s
This and other similar cures prove that J
Sarsapariila 5
f? th#? onft Trur Hlood l'urlflor. All driiBBliiti. 81. :v
Prepared only lijr C. I. Howl * Co., towall, Mans. J
u it r?> * * Uio host family cathartic 5
ilOOd S 1^1 IIS and liver stimulant, uic. j<
CombiDatioD >n the-.
Wi? have combined all our effort* thl? *??
Hon. not for the purpose of obtaining bottor
prlcw. but to ?how on? of Ilia flneit stooks f,
the market* produce.
Wo will continue to will at the very low
price lor which wo uru noted. ^
N. n.-Special caru In fitting louses.
Fine Bed
In order to make room for
cording to design, etc.,?<
Snmi> have been cut verv
Mahogany Clumber Suits jSi6o oa
Mahogany Chamber Suits x 35 oc
sycamore Chamber Suits So oc
Walnut Chamber Suits 135 oc
English Oak Chamber Suits 100 pc
Antique Oak Chamber Suits 150 oc
Antique Oak Chamber Suits 115 o<
Antique Oak Chamber Suits 65 cx
Antique Oak Chamber Suits 60 oc
Antique Oak Chamber Suits So <x
Antique Oak Chamber Suits 55 oc
(irent saving await thono
/. ..... , _ .1 ....1 .
uoous win uo sioreu aim <
G Me
I^Stop and S
Cor. Market and Eleventh strcots,
Mr. and Mrs. Flattery hav.? arrived,
ie never disappoint* the public, the serret
of his tremendous success everywhere.
The talk of Wheeling:. Hundreds
vlsh to hear him. He la a brilliant
peftker, a line educated person. A great
leosure to listen tn him. Go where you
an lenrn. Re Instructed. Eight tlmea
n Baltimore. Eleven In Washington, i
fourteen In Cincinnati. Twenty In SL
NIGHT. Lcdles and Gentlemen
idmltted. Commence at eight o'clock,
ro-morrow. Wednesday and Thursday
lights "To Men Only"?36 cents. Come '
o-nlght. No Lecture this (Tuesday)
ifternoon. The first Is to-night. The
-adlea' Is Thursday and Friday afterif>on??2.30
p. m. fe26
tonday and Tuesday Evenings, February
24 and 25, end
Home for .ted anil Friendless Women.
The Story of tho Reformation.
Incidental Illustration by Many StereopIcon
Views. The character* will be taken
>y well known young ladles and gentle*
nen of this city and vicinity.
iteacrvca Eruis on suio vu-aay imutier's.
Prlc?>*?36c, 35a and 60c. fc20
IVodiiesilnjr, February 2(1.
Twenty people In th?? cast. All special
cenery. A genuine troupe of Tyrolean
linear*. Hear Mr. Gardner sing "Apple
llossom*." /
Prices 50c, 75c and ?1 no. Scats on sale at
\ A. House's Music 8tore Monday, Febuary.14.
"S"'} Saturday, February 29.
First Appearance Here of
n hi* Dazzling hpeotacuiur Production or
Angle. All the nccnary. furniture nnd
roper tie* used In the entire renresentalon
have been made from *v*eelal duslgn*,
nd constitute the Most Magnificent Stage
letting* Ever Exhibited. HewUdoiing Vat*
of Magic.
Matinee Price*?Reserved seat* 75 cent*;
dmisudon 60 nnd 25 cent*. Night price**- ?
1 no, 75 and f/> cents. Seat* on *afe at C.
{. Mouse'* Music Store Thursday, Feb- 1
uary 17. f*24 J
Thursday, Friday and Saturday eveni\g*
ami Saturday matinee. February 27.
* nnd 29. Hcturn engagement of
In his groat Yankee piny.
Night nrloes-15. 25, 35 and 20c. Matinee
rlco.*?IS. 2,' nnd f??24
A Mojcrir. f
>o. 214 Sixteenth street ?SIS OtJ
:<v 7|fi Msrlcet street. ( room*.../. - I t 00 \
io. 510 Alley B. 5 rooms .. 'J 00
a 2415 Market *tre?t 13 U)
Io. 94 Fourteenth *u. 4 rooms, both j:*-ei. 16 oO
Io. I.">07 Market street, S roota?, both gases,
hot water mid bath CO
o. 7i? Mtivteettth stroot ......... 12 no
la 2917 Moods street ' 00
i rooms. - Woo
!o. 147 Fourteenth street, botli gases, hot
water ami bath It) 00
'o. 2M?: ,Mi?iii street. .1 rooms 6 M
o 22 S Mam mruet. 'i rooms 0 00 ~
;o. M Nixicomn mraei. ?ioro room ? ?"
o. :i7 Twentieth Hireel MM
o. ft> Norili Front rtreet ] ? 0>
o. url> Mof.'olloeh ?ttr?t 10
in. wwi Mnln ?ti?et. ?toto room ?> ?>
io. 101 Thirty third utreot. nor? room 0 nt 4
'oilr-roomed hoiiwM. (Jnwcen; I'laoa 7 0J
wolvo-rooiucd ruildonco.Sj* ncre* wound,
Edgingum'* Uuw ..............
loom, with or without power. thapllno and
Sevuntcouih utrootiL ? M
o. 1H11 Alley 11. 4 rooms R 00
O. 'ifiOJ Alloy II H0>
!o. :t;ir? Mnln ?tn?ol. Mloon. with b?r II*.
lure* I'i mourn, both ? ? ?. water on
cidh Hour, and ?omo furnlturo 40 00
riw?tn?. rwr <*t M Union 8uml?y nchool,
F.lKhuwuOi C
o. NJO Mriln iireot. 2 office room"- ... 0 00
o. Sill Allf_v (', t roomod houio ? 9 00 r
o. I!>20 Mnln iirnot, a room* 8 0J
?. 'JIM Mnln moot, 4 room?. both rmm.- 10 O) I]
hrrorooiiu, I'Jcamiiii Valley <1 <V)
<>. loli Chnpllnc mreet, 2 room* "> ?>)
o. '.UiS Allnr II. I room' .... *. 01 2
o. C3 Alios: l& ? C 0)
HOtt HA Lit No.
422 and 422)4 Mnrkct utroet. V
No. flrt Hoveiurcnth Mreet, 0 room*, both snips, k
No. 2.120 Main etreet.
sixteenth nroot pvddonro. ft. AM.
Nov IW niid lAt National mud. 1'
Counter* mid nheWln#, No. 101 Thirty-third
Intel. ?
No. irj H|(ti*?nthMroot.
I.ot on Mouth Front mretM
Hlx-roomcd homo, PouUhuU. T
rnlK.Uto Agniit. ColleCar, Notary I'altUc and
I'oualon Attorney, No. IdU Maricoi atroo;. foil)
our immense new stock, w
jn the Chamber Suits we
liberally, others not so mi
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i 1)0 00 Curley Birch C
i 50 00 Curley Birch C
> 85 00 Combination Fi
3 65 00 Combination C
) 125 00 Child's Folding
3 75 00 Oalt Chiffonier
3 55 00 Oak Chiffonier
3 45 00 Ladies' Oak Di
3 70 00 Ladies' Oak Di
3 45 00 Ladies' Oak D
com in? promptly for tho Barg;
lolirereu when wanted.
ee Our New Carpets
9 3T
When you can buy just a
you as anyone else. Our
White, Hand
2245-47-49 M,
Are made of steel and
hand; made to last a
is the most perfect cookit
The Ma
no other
better thz
"linn now. Don't wait for t
irices. Remember our los:
ively sold at cost for cash.
Assignee of ALEX.
^ Stop a Minute
ySf show
/I windows,
f I which
A X may
^ chanco
? m ...... contain
you wish.
Don't bo afraid to look; won't cost
ou on* cent.
liilon, Wheat & Handier Co.
wWo Soil Diamonds.
All Uckota limed l?y 1IIQ0IN81 OAU.KRY
Ml be accept*! ?t Ihclr faro vnluo for Cabinet
holograph*, utto ou encli iloien. until April 1
J?2l T. H. 1UOU1NR
Jhotograplis. EKfj?
L Is CO.
e have reduced prices?accarried
over from last fall,
".lumber Suit #150 00 (J&
Chamber Suit 65 00 4S On
Chamber Suit <;o oo 4:5 qq
aiding Bed 0; 00 4;, (jr>
hiffonier 40 00 gij oq
Bed 9 00 <1 0()
= =i 00 is 00
18 00 h' 00
:sk 16 00 10 oil
:sk 7 00 oq
eslc 18 00 U 00
litis wo aro now ofl'erin?.
6 Co,
. Beauties.^gS!
7 a rv 7 f r\
ly ua^h (
Carpets, Etc,,
s cheap on the EASY PAYmoney
is worth as much to
stock is complete in HOUSER
Hey A Foster,
:r market house.
..!!- !?a
malleable iron; made by
lifetime. The
*I-Sisre> Steel
StlC Range
ig apparatus the world has ever
jestic is like
Stove. It is
in any other.
in, Wheeling,Wa.
Ell Ml 10 BUY . ..
he spring rush and pay higher
> is your gain. Goods posi.
FREW 1117 Main Straat.
! Cripple Creek Mining Stocks!
IfyouUcalro to rpceiro reliable Information
concerning i-ripple Creek mining properties, of
?luslre id inrejt (u mini up itocki*, ndilreii
Member of Colorado Mini tin Stock ExobanK**
Ofllco: 910 Kqultrlilo linlldluR.
KKNCitRXCRs:?P. 11 Dobbin*, r*?h!er Dollar
.Saving* I tank, u heeling. W. Va.: lleurr K. I.l*i.
I'reaidtnt t'ity Hank. of Wheeling. W. V*.; Lawrence
K. Suul*. Cashier Kxchantje Hawk ?'
1 Wheeling, W. Va.; William M. Lift i'resl'leu;
(.'oinnioroiNl Itanlc. of Wheeling W. Va.; Hulll*
\ lion Uunrrier. l*rcti<lr>nt Dolnplafn Pry ("Joou*
\v. v* t. it. Norton. Peltate
. Itfinkor, tfhwlliii? W Vn.: John Frew, D*it*'
iNTIXI.KIRM KK. WhroIlUR, \V. V*. S 0. C. POWP.V.
Whwllm w Vn 1W.T m"
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