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Tlic Kx-Twill Cllltts C:iptnln will
Maims6 'he Whucllilgs.
howl mot Morcloml will Not ho (.'ou,ioct?l
?'"> ",e L"c<*' 'iy*m '??"
i,->ruii-3lcKcr. ofl'lttiblirclli
(rr-otM.< ? ? .
|o bo (be Principal Owner?The Im)(Hb
Frrtldeiit to ba Here To-day--(ironmU
x III Im Oreureft It Po*jlW?-T)ir Port
Wayne Team?OtUtr Sporting Newt.
It lift* been known by a few persons
for several weeks that an effort was
bring malde 'to secure "Jack" Darrah,
who oo otfily unwaged aixl captained
tho Twin Citlw team of Inst season, -to
ai't 5n a similar capacity for tho Wheelings
of 'the Inter-state league this
season. The Intelligencer Iras started
ou several occasions tha't such a move
wouU prove popular and there Is no
reason to doubt 'the 'truth of <thc assertion.
Of oourso Darrah, who Is an
aggressive player on .t?he field, was
distasteful ?to somcpotrons of the game
hen* Hurt jwr, but K makes all the difference
in the world what kind of a unlAirm
a man Is wearing. Had Darrah
pursued the soimc tactics last season
in .a WliNllng -uniform 5io would hnve
btji-n a popular hero two. .Aggressive,
nappy m>rk is wtait -the bail cranks
want and Darroh will give H rto them
.i plenty." "Count Darraughe"
Wheeling "fans" ealu-te you.
In a lotitcr to tihe writer. Presldwit
Charles B. Power, of Wio Ix>ter-?tate
league. says thtvl he, wk'h Mr. McKee,
tfiie new owner of the club, and Al.
Buckenberger. will be here to-day to
o?:!??rt>jrt to i?t:o4ghten out.the affairs of
the club. It Is oiitcertAy hoped "that tlioy
will 1>e abk? !<? do business on the
grounds proportion as otherwise tliere
will be no ball club here this season.
Mr. Wrijchit spenrt a woek in etmoirt
effort in VMs direction but it all came
to naught. It Is possible Messrs. Power.
Bnckentoerger nnd McKee may accomplish
something, hut the outlook
for grounds could not at the present
moment be darker.
The Intelligencer does not desire to
say anything of Mr. Moreland that
cannot be borne out by the facts. However,
it is without doubt better that
' ? ??-i. U'hMlIno
un-nner man Hioua^r vt.v
team. Morehwd has done som? work
and tt 1s promised -that he will be recompensed*
for his efforte. For some
reason he seemed noc to impart confidence
Jn the patrons of the game
Ciere, possibly on account of his unfortunatft
(allures fit Steubenvllte and Akron
last year. Them again, It was
tfcotight wise to have a playing manager,
and for this position there is none
better than the (oKlcmaa from Fotterytlom?Jack
Special Dispatch to the Intelligences
PITTSBURGH. Feb. Si?There appeared
in a Wheeling paper yesterday a
telegram signed by George L. Moreland,
of this city, in which that gentleman denied
that the Wheeling franchise In the.
Inter-state league had been granted to
Mr. Charles I. McKee. According to
the telegram, which, by the way. Mr.
Moreland says he did not send, an effort
is made to create the Impression
that Moreland has been given the
"throw-down," and that he objects to
letting the franchise go to Mr. McKee
?n>M? h? fMorolnnd) In Dermitted to re
tnln an Interest In the same.
Mr. Moreland said this morning that
he did not send any such "telegram to
the Wheeling paper, but admitted that
he did notify the paper In qu*-stlon that
the deal for the franchise had not been
made, and could not b^raade without
his consent.
In orde? to place Mr. MclTce In a proper
light before the public the following
statement Is Riven out by the president
of the Interstate league, Mr. J. U.
Power, of this city.
"Wednesday of last week, when Mr.
Wright of. Wheeling, notified me by
telephone that ho had been unable to secure
grounds, and that perhaps It would
be Just a* well for the league to look for
some other city, I. told him that tht,
league could not think of dropping
Wheeling, and suggested that he continue
his efforts to secure suitable
grounds, and that the matter would be
held open for a few days. Mr. Moreland
was present at the time I had this
conversation with Mr. Wright over the
telephone, and, turning to him, I Maid:
'IT Mr. Wttgnt does not mane twine uen!
nlte arrangements by Saturday the
fmnohlse will go to some ono else. We
cannot wait all summer to get things In
shape.' Mr. Moreland said he thought
he could get a man to put up the money
for him, and requested me not to be In a
hurry about disusing of the franchise.
Saturday afternoon Mr. Charles I. McKee
called upon me and expressed a 'left
I re to take hold of the Wheeling club.
I explained to him that Mr. Moreland
l hnd signed a number of players for
Wheeling, that he had done considerable
work and that I would not let any
one have the Wheeling franchise until
Mr. Moreland had been reimbursed for
his trouble. Sir. McKee raid he would
see Mr. Moreland and fix things up with
that gentleman. He then deposited 1-5
as an option on the franchise, the matter
to be held open until Mr. Moreland
had given his consent to the deal.
About 7 o'clock Saturday evening I received
this note from Mr. Moreland:
Friend Power:~I wns to have met Mr.
McKee at your office at 7 o'clock, but
have Just received a message summoning
me home. Tell Mr. McKee that 1
I have thought the matter over, have
carefully considered .his offer, and as I
have fixed matters up with the Times
! so that my resignation will bo recalled,
I I have consented to his offer of $ for
my Interest and the players I have
signed. If Mr. McKee comes In. get
him to draw up the papers. 1 will en,
doavor to see him to-morrow.
"Upon receipt of this note from Mr.
Moreland 1 notified Mr. McKee that his
1 offer for the franchise had been accepted.
as Mr. Moreland had Informed me
that everything was all right; that ho
had accepted Mr. McKcc's offer.
UUl .*11. tllUlllliliUt UtVUIUIIH, IU MIW
t^lef-ram which hp sent to a Wheeling
pap?r. wants to back 'lawn. In conclusion
1 want to nay that had Moreland
not sent word to me that he had aeci-ptcrl
Mr. MeKeo's offer the deal would not
have bcon clwr}. I eupposo Mr. Moreland
kr'-w whnt he whji writing when
ho not 1 floil m?' that he wan Mttisfled
with the offer made by Mr. McKce. It
wan pimply a liuslncmi tran?*ctlon In
which all portles concerned expressed
themselves satisfied with the to.rms before
the deal wiui clotted.
"Mr. Morvlaiid's telegram to Wheeling,
advlnlng that no attention be paid
to the reixirM tcr.intlnn of the franchise
to Mr. McKce Ih certainly In very
bnd tnste in view of his written notice
that ho wan perfectly rotlsfled to let
Mr. McKec have the franchliio."
Tfhtnn Orttlnu ? Com) Tram ToRflhrr.
Kilillilllou Omnri.
Epectat IMspa^cfc to tho InteUlqenctr.
FORT WAYNE, Ind.. Feb. 24.~It l?
now ft^Jtej Uwit the Fort Wayne base
ball club has secured Lewli Cfeig^r,
the crack IC.vlmrnnroo catcher, for this
e??a*on. Captain Tehran say* of hi.**
throwing: "He start* 1ball about
hip hljrh. It down to iwrcond
.' Ue n ^rrvall cannon bnll, nnd It
doognX ti*e higher than five fr*t from
ih* ground all Che wny. I ?uy he In a
Ivor I Thurston, of New York, has
bvtxi signed to play. short-stop. Thurs
' . ?f i < ' 1 i iM f ill I JI Infiri'MM I iMTn " I I ,'Lr,XU\
ton played la*i ?e<aaon In tho Vlrglnl
?raffuc, the beet and ruo?t ffliocvtfjfl
IMale leaguo In the country, apt!
strongly rcoommctulrd by * tho Foi
Wayni; boys tvbo played In Vlrfrlnl
latt wunun?-r. lie 1r reported to be
brilliant Holder. WNMIom Cherry, tl
well known Fort Wayno player, wl
bo si von a dunce to play second bas
There If every ivoHon to hope that tl
experiment may prove a suopets. Fl>
exhibition paenry have already bcc
Arranged; two nt IndianajKdls o
April 18 and 11>, and three here wit
tho Chicago Maroon? on April 24, 25 an
Corlxll will Sign \rlu-le* (o Fight llefb
tho Uollitgbrooke Club.
LONDON. Feb. 24.?Secretary Bl
ven*. of the Bolingbrooke Club, at
nouncca through the Afisoctatcd Pret
that his organization will give a pun
Of *3,wu ana *ow cacn ior vxpcnocsi u
a fight between Fltxslmmons anil Coi
bett. Should the former refuse to a<
cept, Prank Slavln stands ready t
meet Corbett before the club. Manag<
Fleming, of the National Sporting Clul
aald that If Corbett would apologl*
to the National Sporting Club for tli
utterances which gave so^much offeni
to Its members after the pugilist r<
turned to the United States, the clu
will offer a purse for a match betwee
him and Fitzslmmons.
CLEVELAND, Fob. 24.?James .
Corbett was shown the Associated Pres
dispatch from London this momlni
statin* that the Bollngbrooke Club t
that city would Rive a purso of $S,(X
and $500 expenses for a match betwee
himself and Fitzslmmons. Corbett reu
the dispatch carefully and then said:
"I will accept the proposition. Th
Associated Pros* may state that If tli
Bollngbrooke Club will forward the ai
tides of agreemnt I will sign thei
without delay. As to the bluff mad
by thet 'second-rater* Slavln, who lis
been defeated fifty tJmes more or le*
I will pay no attention to him, as I d
not deem his idle talk worthy of an
notice. In fact. I will listen to no propr
sltlon from now on except one that wl
result In a fight between Fltxslmmor
nnd myself. Ho Is the man the peopl
want me to meet, and be Is the onl
man I am after. I will deposit as muc
money as the Bollngbrooke Club deslr*
to guarantee my sincerity In this ma!
tor and shall anxiously await some fui
ther wnrd from the oflleers of that oi
sanitation." >
Corbett added: '
'Mark what I say. thnt man FltJ
slmmom? will never meet me. He I
simply bluffing for the sake of the littl
advertising he expects to got out of It
In reference to the London cablegram
In which li was stated that the Londo
Sporting Club would offer a purse fc
a rnartch b^ween Corbe?t and FHj
slmmons, provided the former woul
apologize for his utterances concert
Ing the club, Corbett said this ever
"If Fltsslmmons will agree to
me before the National Sporting Clu
I will make ample apology to that 01
Kunizatlon, although I do not think
have ever done or said anything f<
which I should apologize. There is oc
provision, however, that I shall inslj
upon and that Is that the refereo sha
be an American. I stand ready to cloi
up my show on two weeks notice an
will go into octlve training just as soo
1 as articles ore signed for the fight"
Sklpiml from El Paw.
NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 24.?PugUIi
Fltzsimmons has not yet arrived hen
Fltzslmmons, accompanied by Marti
Julian, Mrs. Julian and Mrs. Fltzslw
mons, the baby and "Con Nero," th
live lion, left El Paso Saturday nlgt
over the Texas & Pacific railroad wltti
out saying good-bye to friends. Fita
slmmons and Julian gave out that the
would remain In El Paso until Monda
morning and the <ylctly pulled out
The Nightly Ilecorti of Strike* anil Sparc
on the Alleys.
W. L. P'C
Harvest 47 13 .71
Mall Pouch 41 16 .71
Mozart 35 23 .61
Lallello 33 54 .5*
nuinuuru ..... i- ?>
Apollo ...' 23 87 .3*
Novlco 18 36 .3.'
Orient 0 45 .H
Ry defeating Apollo three games In th
over-the-creek tournament. Harvei
secures a big lead over the other club:
HARVEST. 1st 2d 3d Tot/
Rp.hr 145 167 141 4!
tmumnnn 117 150 149 41
K em pie 112 144 156 41
Spledel 174 133 141 4!
F.-tte 1S8 127 190 K
Gaughan 129 174 153 4!
Totals 865 S95 930 26J
APOLLO. 1st 2d 3d Toti
Hofrcuter 119 152 ll? 3<
Wagner 125 132 141 3!
Wnsmuth 154 135 124 41
Dannenberg .... 132 139 115 3>
Jackson 146 133 136 4?
Foy 124 139 150 41
Totals 800 880 782 24<
Held fur Trial.
WEST SUPERIOR. Win., Feb. 24.President
Peter Deyo, of the Douglaj
Couuty Hank, this afternoon decided t
waive the preliminary examination o
the charge of receiving deposit*, know
in* his bank to be Insolvent, und wn
bound for trial in the superior court.
Gladness Comes
With a butter understanding of th
transient, nature of the tunny pliyi
ical UK which vanish before proper e
fortu-jjentlo effarte-pleasant crforU/ijfhtly
directed. There to comfort**
tho knowledge that so inuny forins c
cickness are not dne to any nutnal di<
case, but simply to u constipated cond
tlon of the nyKtem, which the plousan
family luxntivc. Syrup of Fiffs. prompt
Jy removes. That is why it is the onl
remedy with milllousof families, and I
% __ ...? -.1 n? ?1
ovcrywiirro micuiiuu i.u m^Mi,
who valne good health. Its bcnetlela
cfFoctfl nro cltao to tlie fact, Hint it is tin
one remedy whleli promote interim
cleanliness, without debilitating tli
organs on which it acts. llis therefor
nil important, in order to get iul>cn<
licittl effects, Jo note when you nut
chaw, that you have, the genuine nrtlrh
I which is manufactured by thoCnlifornl
KifT Syrup Co. only, and sold by all roj
ntabie druggist*.
If in the enjoyment of good liqalfl
and the systom is regular, then laxi
tivenor other remedies nro not. noodei'
If afflicted with any actual disease, on
may bo commended to the most siclllfi:
physicians, hut if in noed of a laxntiyi
then one should havii the beat, and witj
the well-informedevorywhero, Svrnpo
Fig? stands highest and is most, Jargel;
tiacd and gives most general satisfactioi
j '
,% All Hnrti or IiDomI Sew* mill Uuialp from
ft Ilia UlnuCltr.
la A number of Detlalro "people will go
a lo Bt. ClO'lrsvllle this afternoon -to nt'?
tend the funeral of John Wilbur Nidi11
ols. Only 'thirty-nine years of into lie
e- left lila mark upon the .statutes of
10 Ohio In Hie passage of a law Known an
r? the Nichols law whereby u more equltttbl*
dlclrl-butAvn of tax hurdxjns was
'[ mnUe 'than was ever enacted by ony
|j other legislature from theno parts. Jle
|U wci.i not constituted of popular paKa,
bu-t ho was a student and a thinker and
had la?id wdl the j^ound work for a
great future.
r* County Commissioner George M.
Wise went to Columbus again yentor9.
day with a bill authorizing the commissioners
of this county to incrutsc
the levy from 19 to 25 cents on cadi
is $100 valuation for county purposes, but
ic -to reduce the levy for other purposes
a like amount, and also to extend <the
time for payment of bonds at the dls*"
orcitlon of the commissioners. lie will
j- be Joined In this effort to secure epe0
olal legisla-tlon by the other commls
;r aloncra or the county.
' Captain R. M. GlUlhund in now !n
charge of the lienwoo?l ferryboat. Cnpie
tola P. Doughenty will remain rot 4'he
ie wheel and Richard Crosier and n fcro.
Cher of Mr. GUIIIand mill do the collecting.
The boat -wan not running
* under the now management yeMerday,
b ua the wheel had been crlpjj'ed by the
n Ice and needed repair*.
Harry linrrefct was recognised to
court by Mayor Dullols In a bond of
J- $200 yesterday o<n a charge of bastardy
t5 made by a girl named Oonners. The
x mayor wvui also engaged yesterday
evening hearing a cn?c against Louis
* Long, charged wtoh Sunday liquor selln
Candidate# for members of the school
board flit 'the Republican primaries are
ie being trotted out now. The latest names
used in this connection are Lewis
Stephens, W. C. Iiergundthol, Dr. J. 8.
n McCleltan, Robert Johnsun, ChrlKtlun
In RIppuh and M. L. Blackburn, all good
lH but th*re are only two to nominate.
8, Mrs. Gaston, the wife of Rev. William
o Gaston, of Cleveland, -and sister of Miss
y Allco Cunningham, principal of the
>- high school In this city, Is on -her death
11 bed with a cancerous affection. She
is realises aha cannot recover, but some
lo days rests quite comfortably.
y The Ohio Va-lley Telephone Company,
n organised last night. Tibey have over
a hundred sub?orlb6rs for telephones
" and are greatly encouraged over the
prospects of having a frticce*sful line
' In operation. They will ask for a franchise
from the city this cveniug.
A workman at the eteel works yes*
terday while shoving a coal oa*-. got
? ono of his legs under the wheel and
,, bruised <the flesh badly, but no bones
? were broken. lie slipped off the tres?
,r Judge Drlggs will hold a session of
[. court here ot-dny unless it is port
- ?V,.. nf
I] iAillW UII UlLVUUiii \m Mac ...
Senator Nichols. T?he case to be
i- hoard has been continued sevrrral rime*.
The 0. A. R. fair closed lust night
ft wtth n great crowd present. Numerous
b contests were decided and -the man*
agement realized a neat sum of money.
I Everything passed off pleasantly.
I' Dr. George %V. Maser, of Parsons.
Kansas, is the guest of his flather-ln!]
Jaw. George H. Muth. 4n this city. Ue
JJ is on Ws way home from New York.
1(j Charles G. Griffiths, city solfcltor of
n Zanesvllle, is the gueet of his brotherin-law,
Gus A. Stephens in -tills cRy.
H. W. Burrows will begin work on
the new Catholic church and school
building thto week.
The Belmont oounty medical society
will m?tt at the Windsor hotel this
n afternoon.
> T!he diy council will meet this evenie
ing to buy some new hose for the Art
it department.
y y
y lfn|i?nnd Mli)iain In Ihr Thriving City
ArroM lli? Klrrr.
An entertainment will be tfven at the
high school Saturday evening for the
purpose of raising a fund to purchase
a new clock. It will consist of two
parts, the first being literary nnd musical,
in which only alumni of the school
t will take part, among the number beIng
Mrs. Flora Williams and Mr. Ed.
? Blumenberg. The second part will conI
HliU of an old fashioned spelling bee.
ij McGuflfey's speller will be used.
iC The drillers are hard at work fishing
13 at the Parker well, three miles back of
Martin's Ferry. In this well there are
i7 about 200 feet of casing and some tools.
It Is generally believed that this well
, will be a producer A number of peo'
pie offer to bet that it will come In all
' right.
The English Lutherans have rented
3 the room in the opera house block, formerly
occupied by the Y. M. C. A. gym12
naslum. nnd will hold services In it.
flnmniivnrlnt? Mnrch 1.
W ?
>5 Yesterday an attachment was served
?C by Sheriff Darby on tho North wood
- Glass Company, to secure claims agio
gregatlng $4,000. hold by Charlea Helltj
Ing and others.
r? Orders are quite plentiful at the
IS Union Olans Works. The latest new
i.1 line Is called the "Virginia," It is a
<b crystal line, decorated with gold and
very pretty.
IS fielmont Lo<fge 221, I. O. O. F.. had
work in the initiatory decree last events
ing. The uttendance was large and the
meeting very interesting.
Quite a numlx-r of Martin's Ferry
- people have been Invited to attend a hop
m at Kgerterhall, Wheeling., March 10.
o Three petitions for membership will
n be acted upon at the meeting of the Masons
to-morrow evening.
s Yesterday a sixty horse power enRlno
^ wasjihlppod to the Brilliant tool works
? ny cj'ciiti* at own.
A meeting will ho held at the IT. P.
church this afternoon, for women only.
8. C. Dunlcvy. the well known gin**
man. was In Martin's Ferry yesterday.
Davis Friedman returned last evening
from a trip to Quaker City.
A successful revival Is In progress at
\ the M. E. church.
% McDermott's tool works in enjoying a
J good steady run.
A .IllncelUiicona Mrlntti;n of Minor
tern from Mnnhall'i .MrtropolU.
JosopCi Rice, of Mount Rose. Randolph
courvty, returned home yesterday,
after spending a tew days with his
c*yusln, T. I* Rico, the prison guard.
? Charles, son of Sansom Halts, who
5 resides on Roberts Rldge, d; 1 on Rune
duy morning and was buried yesterday.
? J. P. Barrott, of Clarksburg. Is visit/
Jog his brother, Ouard J. K. Barrett.
2 Bhell Son-ford. of Peni+th, W. Va.,
D spent Sunday visiting here.
,f O. A. Webb has removed to Tlfllti, O.,
^ to reside In the futune.
i- Joseph Vol tie I* off work at the glass
t house with t?he grip.
t #-? l/i ..nnflnn,) tn Ma
y by plcktv'pa.
J ICrllrf In SI* Hour*.
Distressing kidney and bladder din1
ei?Nes relieved In ?<lx hours by the
1 KIDNEY CURE." This new remedy
? Ih n great surprise on account of it i
o exceeding promptness In relieving pain i
>. in the bladder, kidneys, back and overy |
purl of tho urinary passage In male
, i:r fomnlc. It relieves retention of
' water and pain in panning IKulrno&t
Immediately. If you want quick relief
y aud cure thin It) your remedy. Hold by
It. II. 1,1st. druggist, Wheeling, W. Vu.
l, ?
f .T. W. PIERCE. Republic, la., says: "I
' have uned One Minute Couglu Cure Ih
0 my family and for myself, with results
il ho entirely satisfactory that I ran hnrd*.
| ly find words to express myself as to its
\\ merit. 1 will never fnll to recommend
1 It to others, cn every occasion that prer
Hunts Itself." Logan & Co., Wheeling,
W. Va., H. P. Peabody, Kenwood, and
Iiowlo & Co., Bridgeport, O. V
E!slr4on!iuai7 i'rrdUamrnl U'lilrh K?pt
fkr i;u??rujm (iut-rnlag.
The Shore line express from Boiton
for New Yorl: hod loft Attleboro, Mars.,
and wan rushing toward Providence,
nays th?* Now Vorlc World. train
wn? twenty-five minutes late. Suddenly
the brake* were applied. Dodgcvllle,
the next village. was almost reached
when the train ntopj.. d and mofft of th?*
men Jumped out lo discover the cause.
None of them were successful. The
train began to bftclc and It kept on
backing; the Man Who Knows Everything
"Killed somebody. Going back for Ch*
twvH* Atv.vi iin thajt." Hut the train
silll kept on backing.
"Must be Jolly all over the track aA
rh Is rate. Must have struck him way
The train still kept on backing. By
thl* time even rhn women were aching
to Ret out and hunt for reasons.
"No, can't be that. I have It." said
the num. "There's a freight wreck on
the trock and the engineer gat the
Hltrnal to go back and take another
Finally Aittleboro came In sight and
the train backed up to the station. Men
dropped off the train and hunted up the
tiie nearest railroad man. "Who's kill m!?"
"Anybody hurt in the wreck?"
"Will it make us very late?" they asked.
"Say, v/hat aro you glvln' us?" asked
the railroad man. "There ain't no
wreck. There ain't nobody killed."
Chorus?"What's up, then?"
"The conductor sot left." And when
the conductor api>eared on his n??xt
trip through the train he hod to run
the gauntlet of a whole trainful of
highly amused x?assengors. The brakenwn
explained that this wasn't the
first conductor who had been left because
the engineer hnd mistaken the
motion of some platform lounger for
the conductor's signal and pulled out
his train without its boss.
Ollirr Knil of the Ilrl<l4fr.
The Bridgeport parties who are Interested
In drilling a well for oil at Fairpoint,
Ohio, have nil arrangements
completed to commence drilling at
once. The derrick was built some time
ago. but drilling has been unavoidably
delayed on aocount of the scarcity of
competent and reliable contractor#. A
contract has been entered into with
Wallace and Watson. reliable and exI>ert
operators, to drill tho well at once.
The contractors who are drilling the
Hiller well on A roller's Pork, left
Bridgeport last Wednesday promising
to resume drilling the well and continue
on to and through the Beroa sand.
There was a slight mlnunderstandlng
between the contractors and the
Bridgeport 01! and Gas Company on
account of shooting the shallow sand,
but an amicable agreement to go on
was arrived at
Home time ago It was erroneously reported
by a Wheeling paper that Mayor
William*, of Bridgeport, would not be
a candidate for re-election for a second
term. Tho report was unwarranted
nnd was calculated to injure an elllclent
and competent officer In his promising
prospects for re-eleotlon. Mayor Williams
is a candidate, and Is suld to be
a very lively one. too.
A special train bearing W. N. Scriven.
superintendent of the Cleveland and
Pittsburgh division, Pennsylvania
company, started yesterday for a trip
over the division, but was summoned
back on important business to Cleveland.
Hon. \V. V. Campbell, a prominent
lawyer of Bridgeport, is In New York
on Important legal business concerning
a large estate.
1^1 women are trring
!*T to do everything
*/ it is not strange
that many thing*
- nri? nr?f.dnni> If It
fnot strange thoc
there are all kinds of
physical and mental
disturbances. If
the woman who is
doctor, or a lawyer,
or a journalist, or in
business would not
try to be a sodrty
woman too it might
be different; but the 1
woman who knows
when she has donk
a day's work ha* ycl
to be born. Usually
a woman's way is ?o
keep doing until she
Working in this j
way has manifold
evils. As an old
colored Aunty used
to say: "There's always eomethm' ibe
matter. If it isn't one thing it's two " The
most common trouble resulting from overexertion,
either mentally or physically, is
constipation of the bowels, with all its attendant
There is no human ailment that so saps
the energies, so dcadrus the ambitions, as
that coming from the bowels forgetting (
inrji vocauau, or iac over omy wv.r.intr
about eight hours out of the twenty
Dr Pirrce'a Pleasant Pellets are the most
effectual remedy In'he market They work
upon lb* ?y?tera eaaily. tnturallv. There
i|? no unpleasant nauwa after taking them
Wo griping?no pain?no discomfort. Thev
arc composed of materials that go throuch
the sy-tern gradually, collecting all irapurilies
and lllcr the good little servants that
they ure. disputing of them effectually.
Mr* Rosakna M. BLT8S, of Cohut, 0?wego
Count),, AVw York, uy?:
' I had nfTcrcd mtich whh dlrrlness, aotnetimes
faintnrM from too much inrnt.il work. 1
Ovrt e*rrtlcn physically enured constipation of
the howrla I trffd liver pllla. Thry gave ternpomry
rellrf Two years ??? I Wgan using I)r
Pierce's Pleasant Pellrt* I hare, at Interval,
used three t>ottle? and i air cow enjoying uaiatcnupteJ
ftuud health "
Voiiii tiulf,
QUICK In cffoct. heals and leave* no
scar. Burning, scaly skin eruptions
quickly cured by DoWltt's Witch Hazol
Slave. Applied to burns, scalds, old
sorrs. It Is magical In effect. Always
cures plies. Logan A Co.. Wheeling, W.
Va.. B. F. Peabody. Urn wood, and
Uowlo & Co., Bridgeport. O. 3
Tlic Idrnl I'mmrrn,
Jamwi L. Francis, Altlermon, Qhlcvx- 1
go. snys: "I regard l>r. King's New !
Discovery a*> a nldceU Panaeoea for
Coughs, Colds and Lung Complalmts,
having used It In my family for the last
five years, to the exclusion of j>hyjH?
clan's Kescrlptlons or other preparations."
Rev. Jv/in Ilurgus. Keokuk. Iowa,
Method!* Kplacopal churoh for titty
years or more, and (have never found .
anything eo bencflofol. or that gave m?? ,
stidh ttpeedy relief a* Dr. King's New ,
Discovery. Try this Idaal Cough Itemed}*
now. Trial Untie* free at Logjui
Drug Co.'h Drug Store. G
DON'T Invite disappointment by ex- 1
porlmentlnR. Depend upon One Mlnuto
Cough Curo nnd yon have Immediate re- '
lief. It cure*'croup. The only harmley*
remedy that produces Immediate
results. Ixignn & Co., Wheeling, \V.
Vn., U. F. Peahody, Henwood. and "
llowlo & Co., Bridgeport, O. 6 <
IMlMl I'llrtt I lolling IMIns.
8ymptoms? Moisture; Intense Itehlng
ami stinging: most at night; worso l.y
pcrutchlng. If allowed to continue tumor**.
form, which often bleed mid ulcer*
nte. becoming very con-. SWAYNR'H
OINTMBNT stops the Itching nnd bleed.
inK. heals ulceration, and In most easca
remove* the tumors. At druuKlsts or i,y
mail, for W? cents. Dr. Bwayno jc bon,
"llowtoCnrr All tikln I)Urn?r?."
No internal mrdlelne rc<ptlred. Cures tet?rr.
eeteinn. Itch, all eruptions mi I ho
face, hands, nose. etc.. Irnvlng tin. itkiu .
rlrar, white owl healthy. Its groat hcnl- J
Mb and curative powers are positesiied by
no other remedy. Ask your druggist for
BWAYNB'H 01NTM1SNT. tths&w
Lx&iiLk !ik
geot ui
Both yourself and your d
get out your costume by
glance in our north window
ability to furnish stylish re
and a dress from our rooms
had it maid to order at yoi
for less money than it wouh
Mohair, n/4 4
tsssr Wha1
Each of the same organiza
liantine is the finest, wov
brightest and most lustroui
lower than Brilliantine, wl
hv beintr a somewhat hea1
either. Mohiair fibre in al
wiry strength, as well as i
composed of it are esteemed
which fits them especially fo
is the hair of the Angora g
The foregoing definition
fabric for skirts and suits fo
didly add that we have a fe
plain or figured, in black at
and from 50c to $3 60 per j
fINETTA, that popular a
60 inches wide, at 76c per
fabrics much in use this spi
CREPE?Diagonal stripe
inches wide, in black only,
any former two dollar grad'
WRAPPER or Tea Gown
. terial. Only four patterns
with brown, blue with dark
patterns sold at $9 60 each. 1
On the special counter,
All-Wool Suiting, 33 to 48 i
and mixtures?are 48c, 60/
yard, thepriceformerly bei:
Oak Frame Screens, sin
Silkoline, at all prices. Se
Main atr?et. tbt^c-auirr brick warehouse.
Inquire of JIENRY K. LIST. Tho Clly Bank of
Wheeling deJO
house No. 76 8outh Penn itreet, desirable
location, all modern conveniences.
Will rent cheap to good party. Enquire
of WALTER MARSHALL, 1013 Market
Btrcot fe20
1? the aity; largo and plonty of light;
centrally looted In beat advertised building
In the city. Also largo hall for renL
Apply at HUB CLOTHIERS. Fourteenth
ana Market street*. JaM
. resldenco. No. 112 Fourteenth atreet.
Has 8 rooms, finished attic, bath room,
Iwisi'tnent laundry, hot and cold water,
both gaiios. Enqulro at NE8BITT &
HHP.'. 1312 Market atreet.
Third floor, 1007 Main at rent, Ave room
TO LOAN?95,000 on good real ea'ate.
1'OR SAI.B? I'ropwrty on th? laland paying
1" per cent.
Real Eatato and Financial Agent,
ios> Mam street.
throughout: u good investment;
paying buainosA. Address POTTER
ft LAYMAN. Morton, W. Va.
Good location ami truUc. Cau be bought
cheaa Inquire of 8.0. BOYCB.
ocn 1400 Chapline Street
Garden, at I'leonant Valley.
fronting 270 feet on National Road
and extending back 720 feet. Can bo laid
out In very dmdrnblu building lotn. For
Rent?Tho homcfltead of C. Solbert. adjoining
S. S. liloch's re?ldcnce. with a ten
and a four-roomed houxe on tho premise*.
I'orsoMwion given Immcdlatoly. Inquiro of
F. HAPPY, at Hermann Browery. or at
premise*. dcSl-eow
Avery good chance for anybody
to buy or rent a good location,
tho thrce-Htory brick building on tho cornor
of Chaplin* and Thlrty?flrit *treet*.
with comnleto bar fixtures, occupied by
Frank Alulnger ut? a saloon, but snltablo
for most any bu*lne*?; with 13 rooms on
xueond and third floors, not counting bar
nnd billiard room* and other small ndloining
room* on first floor. For further
notice Inquiro of MIL UKOROE CARL
i-ornor of Thirty-ninth and Jacob struts,
city. felD'
|^OK SALiv.
Cheap nrnl on Es*y Tcrini
ocfl Cltr Han It Pnlldlutf, 1"A) Market Htroat
li iui;ivt? r un
^ 45 nharea (Sermnn 13ank.
(t ataarea Rlverttdn Olus Company.
3 Wheeling Tottery bond*. 6 per cent.
10 whn-es Kxchanjro Hank.
20 Bhnrc* Wellaburg National Hank,
.to aharea Dollar Saving* llank, of Bellalro.
CO share* Aetna-Standard Steel and Iron
100 hliarea Wheeling Steel ana Iron Co.
SO aharea Franklin Insurance Company.
R S. lltWIN. Broker,
folS No. 22 Twelfth Btreut.
National Dank of Went Virginia.
Dxclinngc liank.
National Bank of Welliburg.
A? tnn-Standurd Mill.
]<n Bella iron Works.
Wheeling Hteoi nml Iron Company.
Wheeling lee and Storugo Company.
New Steel llrldge.
Wheeling Hallway Company.
Blversldo iIIohh Company. <
Cryatnl CIIuah Company.
Hloeh llros. Tobacco Company.
Frnnklln Insurance Company.
Wood llroa. Planing Mill Company.
Blocks, llumlH, InvoMtmrntH, Insurtinco.
M 1311 Uurlit'l Street.
?ar w
ressmakcr may be too busy to
Easter, but why worry ? A
r will demonstrate at once our
acly-made garments and suits,
i fits equally as well as if you
ir "modiste'8." and, we think,
1 coat you in that way. Try us.
: Are They ?
tion and construction. Brilen
the closest, presents the *
i surface. Mohair is a grade
nile Siciflioii is distinguished
rier and stouter fabric than
i :
I textile goons is cuuuucivu lo
Jcsiriible beauty, and fabrics
for their dust-defying quality,
r traveling purposes. .Mohair
i describes fully the popular
r the coming spring. We caniv
lines of each on hand, either
id colors, 38 to 50 inches wide,
md showy material, in black,
yard, is one of the handsome
i of Mohair and Silk?46
, at 91 50 a yard. Equal to
pattern, in fancy woolen maleft.
Black with white, pink
freen, red with black. These
e close these out at$4 50 each.
50 pieces Novelties and Plain
nclies wide, brown, blue, green
s, G8c, 75c, 98o and 51 25 per
ng from 8oc to $2 50 per yard,
gle and triple, filled with best
o them.
houses aMtTforsalr
? ?toreroom? and 2 dwellings renting for
t1R1 Of) tw>r month, corner Mnrk#i and
Twentieth street*, pay* 12 per cent.
Son. 1508 anil 1510 Market street, lot -c
40x134 feet Cheap.
No. 9 Kentucky street, lot 30x140 feet.
No. 2212 Chapllne street, lanje brick
No. W ISth street, 7 room* and stable.
No. 196 17th street. 6 rooms and stable.
Lot corner Main nnd 16th streets.
No. 121 14th street. 7 rooms and bath.'
No. 1503 Cbapllno street. 7 rooms.
No. 1313 Chapllne street. 9 rooms.
Lot on Matn St. between 22d and 23d 8ts. < *
3 lots on North Wabash street.
No. 81 South Uroadw&y, residence of J.
E. Hughes. Ksq.
Ix)t 4Gxl30 North York street.
No. 20 Indiana St., 7 rooms, modern.
No. 27 N. Wabash St.. r. rooms, cheap. y
A line lot In Plensant Valley.
No. 13 Vermont street, 4 rooms; lot 25xl0(r 3
feet: u.a?.
A fine lot In Woodsdale.
Tho Bloch nroportyon North Main St.
The City Bank Building.
Telephone 219. fe24
House. 8 rooms and hall, wrlthall mMoru imEmvementa.
Chaplin* ?t,, Centra Wbeellur,
Hou*e, 7 rooms ami ball, lith it., 12.700.
Hook. a rooms, mill at. g| k>").
Itnuin. 3 In IVi'.rivlxrK ii(d . <%>).
liousi'! U rivmi andi'.ore room. Main ?t, near r,
21*t ?U lol 4?xl-- (U. #9.60).
Forn short time, on# of the flneu houao? o?
Chapllne at, Centre Wheolliis: 'J looms. with ; J
hall and modern Improvement: cheap; terms ?%
Ltl^ouw. 7 roorai. hall and larsa lot, 14th at.,
House. 7 roam* and 6-roomod houao In rotrj f3
lot 30x1.*0 ft.. 18th 5t, 31 (WO.
House. 7 room*, hrlrk. with hall. Jacob at, . H
Contro Wheeling; chcup. JisiX*.
House. f> rooms. brink. EjITat. *?th trd., S1M0, : M
Houm?. 7 r>?j:n? X. Marketat.; cUeao. 5l.
2 lou on Llud at. It itSptlcro. each. "3
House. 2 room*. Wilson St., Centre Whoellttg.
Caar ierma. |M?
Lot. W feet front. Llud at. SJ'iQ.
House. 4 rooms and attic, Jacob at., flth ward.
llouae, 14 rooms, hrlck 16th at, Sfi.W. ~.k(
Hotel, CI rooms. Martin's Forry, 0; ch-;at>. on . Ji
easy term*
IIoum. 8 rooms, and 8-roomed houso In roar, .. j
Mnrkat at., between 7tb and 8th ft* $t 9W.
Uoqro.m room*and tail! hath and both g^sat, 3
laeoli?i., between nth aud Wib. H.'M.
Business property on Market a:. at moderate , *:j
5>w. J3W. fW. ISH SJ.0W and UfiM to loau oa
real ostate
Tel.1739 Market 9troat. a
Ohio street, 7 rooma and bnth.
G VlrRlnla street, 9 rootna and bath. - ,^j
CI 8outh York street, 7 rooms and hath.
123 South Pcnn street, 3 rooms.
And aovoral others. Houses and lots $
for salo on easy terms. Money to loan
on Heal Estate.
Telephone OS7. No. H IJ M irknt.Htraet. ; .j
"TilF. IVPKI.l inrvri'n ? i
ujUDjirouitrmtn smur.
Has a Tliorouolily Equipped Job
Priming Offlcc.
A Specialty.

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