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riic Fortune Tellers Must Shuffle
tlic Pnck Once More.
rtir Kstrnt of (he Clairvoyant lliialuru In
Nr*v YurIt-Preying on I lie Crrtlnloua.
Ur^e Fortune* Accumnlntril by the
ProfcMlon-Somr of the Fauion* One*
Who Came to Grief.
NEW YORK. Feb. 24.?This 8orm? to
bo about the right tlmo for fortune
toiler*, clairvoyants and the like to follow
the example of the ground hog, and
jet out of sight of their shadow*. The
police have had many complaints
igalnst the "profession" and are determined
to root them out.
The extent of this nefarious business
In New York and Brooklyn Is amazing.
It Is said that In this city alone there
are 800 fortune tellers and seers, and
probably half as many more who call
themselves clairvoyants. Brooklyn Is
said to be Infestf-d with them and .the
police of that city are determined to
prosecute every case brought to their
notices. /
In this city there have been large fortunes
accumulated ' by these harpies.
Mine. Veroxxl, who recently retired, accumulated
over $200,000. as is generally
believed* In ten ycurs' practice. Among
her clients were two society women who
sought to establish fortune telling as a
fad among the upper ten. One of them
held "seers afternoons" at her home
und her wealthy friends gave liberally
ju visiting the Queen of Night, us she
was called.
Caught toy "filihfnltift" Charity.
Another woman, In whose veins flowed
the blood of the Napoleons, had an
Mtabllshment on Sixth avenue. She was
known as Mine. Venler. She successfully
fooled the police for years. One
lay "Lightning" Charley McDonald,
dressed as a Jersey farmer, called on
tier to llnd out who hnd sold him $6,000
worth of green goods for $2,500 cash.
Mme. Venler told him he could get his
money back on the payment of l-'OO.
He asked who had his cash, and she,
irrowlng bold, salt! Captain McDonald,
who was In the game. knew the man
who had sold the worthless paper.
Lightning" Charley arranged to pay
the money the next day. but Mme. Voider
found out she had been talking to
that policeman herself, and during the
night she packed her trunks and sailed
the next day for Havana.
Perhaps the most successful woman
who ever plied her nefarious trade In
this city was Mme. Floretta Xavler,
whose rooms were visited by men and
women of means from all parts of the
country. This woman bad a genius for
reading character, and more than one
it her dupes became a wreck th rough
lier malign Influence. She came to this
:lty from Budapest and stopped at one
jf the most fashionable hotels for several
months before deciding upon a
place In which to locate permanently.
The house which she finally occupied
was within half -a block of the Fifth
Avenue Hotel It was furnished with
the greatest taste, but without the least
attempt at lavish display. The ttrst
floor was opened by an archway Into
)ne spacious room, and overlooking the
par?J a bay window was built, the glass
sf which was stained a dark purple.
Plants and lace curtains were so drranged
that the sun's rays shone only
'alntly Into the room. Tin* carpets were
hick and restful to the eye. being of the
mme tone as the glass of the conservatory
Jforr Myntrry.
Visitors were ushered Into the front
l>art of the parlor, and when the servant
girl returned after having notified
madame of one's presence the visitor
vas conducted upstairs and shown Into
i small room whose only light came
through a small skylight of purple
flas?. In this room were three chairs.
? stiver teanot. tinder which burned nn
llcohol lamp, a silver tray on which
IVere E*yptlan cluarcttni and wax
So thick were nil carpets throughout
the houhp that not a sound was made
jy the heaviest walker. Sometimes the
visitor mifcht have to wait twenty minutes
or oven longer before madame
vould appear. When she did enter the
ivalttng room her manner wns so >reissuring
nnd her regrets apparently so
ilncere that umbrage could not conlnue.
One of Mme. Xavler's peculiarities
ivas the ease with which sh?? won a
person's confidence. Without making
iny Inquiries Into her visitor's affairs.
?he seemed to divine their Innermost
thoughts, nnd before the victims wero
iware of it they had given the essential
'acts of their llf" history to the woman,
?rho used them to her own advantage.
A fti>r n tuvr minutes' conversation.
Mme. Xavler would withdraw. Maying
that she would retire for a few monents'
reflection and th< n be prepared
:o tell the man or woman whatever he
>r she wished to know. In due time a
servant would show the visitor to madime's
"study." a room ten feet square,
ind on the name floor with this little
waiting room.
Question* Shyly Pnl.
There' was nothing of the vulgar
trance In her methods. Instead of this,
?he would sent herself beside the victim.
nnd leaning back on the purple
velvet sofa, take one's hand ao gently
nnd at the same time so firmly that
?he exercised an Influence not easily
overcome. During all the time she
cept her big gray eyes directed sleepily
it those of the visitor. Her voice was
loft as velvet. She spoke slowly, putting
her questions In the form of statements,
which be coincided In or not
ivlthout proving her to be mlKtaken.
After this tomfoolery had lasted
ibout twenty minutes, the servant who
jpened the front door when the visitor
ailed, would appear, and without sayng
a word, conduct one out of the room
ind Into another, almost entirely without
light Closing the door she would
withdraw. to return In n few minutes
vlth the announcement that "Madame
i waited."
Upon this third Interview, Mme.
Kavlvr told more about her victim than
in or she ever dreamed of. and always
ivlth nearness enough to their wish to
insure of satisfaction. Huch a visit ns
this cost not less than $*<>, and In many
instances Ave times this was paid for
Information requiring extraordinary
powers of divination.
Tills woman wns well known nmonr
I he newly rich In this city, nnd her
clients were many. Unfortunately for
tier, ahe overreached herself In the case
uf a young woman who came nil the
way from Haltlmore to learn whether
itomuttwuauMmitt'MmiMiiit 1
?? J Mia Delia fltovoni.of nostoii.Maw., (F^write*:
I havo nlwaya nnfTurH fromF?
i^. heri'illtary Hcrofulo, for which I trlr?lit^
ZZ1 rftrlous romeilUw, nml ni&ny roliabloj^
?.-* i/tijxlohni.btit nor.orelioved we. After
?? UfclnRO bottle* of /SO*. /ftk >t?z
| serrbscqci
that It *nvo<l ino ^ TO w TO k ? frt ,
? frmnallfnof un-Mll^yit.- '
i-tf tolij runny, nml ^ob?- .
nli a 11 Ul" plevuro In poking onlr tiTS
2; i word* of pralM for the wonrforful rae<l- V ..
Iclno, ami In recommending II to nil.
5WIFT SPECIFIC CO., Atlanta, Q?. ??5
i veil known club man of Philadelphia
iVftH married, or If ho had ever been
nan'led. Thin won heard of the visit
ly menus of n letter from the young
voman. who chrI him ofT. He went to
iaitlmore nnd was told all the rlrcumitnneeg
of the Xavlrr Interview.
Mme. Xavler lost him n wife, nnd his
renKcaufce was not appoaaed until the
police lmd driven her out of the city.
From there nho went to Naples. wnere
the authorities got after her. unci five j
yearn apo bho was heard of In Paris,
ivhcro Kin* was living quietly, apparently
having abandoned her profession.
She claimed to be u member of the
Hungarian noblHty nnd suld her hus>and
was murdered at Monte Carlo.
riir Women Mm Man/, mill the Henioit
They Alnrry TUem*
They ordered thidr luncheon, and
then Che younger -woman remarked
wtdly: "I tell you that I repented tha?t
T.urringe bitterly. Think of John, with
Ids 'big brain, choosing that girl for a
"Is she pretty?" Inquired She matron,
uniting slyly."
"Pwwy? oh, yes, pretty enough, I
suppose. Hut the never oou-lU get
through college, and even now doe&n't
know the <tlllwenoe 'between suffrage
>r syllogism."
"Of course, John Is unhappy?" ob?erved
the friend.
"No, he isn't. And that's Just the
wrd pant of H. He was often restless,
ui<l low-spirited, no master wtoat I did
to entertain him; but now he seems as
tiappy as possible. Ho never talks
about literature or j/hiJosophy with
Dora. The Intellectual tide or his nature
seesns to be entirely put aside the
Moment he enters #he house. He hardly
*iys a word. Co:u does iUI the talking.
She Just chatters, and he sits
then* ond smiles and Ms himself be
,-oddled and made a baby of. lie looks
like a big, umla-bie dog watohlng a kitten.
And the odd ?WUng is, lie doesn't
seetn to feel the real emptiness of his
home life at ail. He starts down town
In <iho morning looking an If he were
polng to conquer the world."
The matron laughed again. "No,
Tom ceniainiy isn't rilly. I should say
plie vi'as very wise. When you love a
man .you mutt to (nuke him happy,
Jon't you? And you pay lie la happy.
tVcll, then, Cora prove* her wisdom by
:hat very face."
"Oh, but think of his higher na;ure!"
"Hlgfoer nature! Pshaw! H-as your
jrotther been leas successful aa a lawyer
ilnce ho worried?"
"Then doo't trouble about Ws higher
mature. Jt's aJI right. He's putting it
.rito hla work. Just as he should, Instead
of -wonting It on philosophical
ibcuswlons at hom.e Lor me tell you,
ny dear; Cora Is 'the superior woman,
urd you are uho slUy one."
"Silly! What do you mean?"
"I moan Just it 1 vat. Cora doesn't talk
philosophy, but tfhe's married. She will
lave children?sons who will grow up
:o adore her Jurt as John does; daughters
who will be adored In their turn,
is t?he hie been. You are not married,
rhere is not one man in the world
trhom you influence. Even your brother.
as you admit, is more Influenced
ay ?uhis woman you call silly. What
ire you doing Ln -the -world? You are
very superior and very learned?but
vlwt are you doing? Is the world gong
forward any faster because of you?
You -think yourself Cora's superior, -but
[he same amount of energy that you
ire putting into barren 9tudy she is
ieveloptng to keeping her flnger-nails
polished and wroring pretty clothes,
ifid giving charming dinners, and
> ringing up children, -and?Influencing
men. Your brother marts ou?t every
nornlng to conquer the world because
ie has been potted and ooddlod at home,
fou think it shameful for Cora to sleep
in his shoulder, but she is sensible
?nough to know that that little, tired
:onfld-lng head Inspires him to more
nanllness and endeavor than all the
philosophy in the world."
"Oil, but don't you think U Ignoble
o let one's self be only an 'Inspiration*
>ecause of one's helplessness?"
"t'iddie-de-deel We'll be having a
"evolution among the babies some of
hese days, and then how silly our own
irguments will sound! Here they'll iray
'? r mndihnm 'All thUi nrtileoilntr
enderness degrades us. We in*4?t up>n
being your equal. It's all very well
or you to tell its 'that our clinging, in*
iocon?t feebleness brings out your highest
virtues?inspires you to unaelttehlees
and tenderness end efforts for our
lappiness; but all that sort of thing
?nly enfeeble* us. We'd rather bring
)Ut your virtues by rending papers to
rotj on Uhe Infinite and on -the 'Equa!ty
of Babies.'"
The younger woman laughed this
I me and gn*wr rat?her red.
And besides," wont on -the other.
'Cora Isn't helpless. Tou aitontt she
Iocs her share of Che work. 8h* makes
lohn's "home beautiful and lhappy. She
nspires tolm to giva out the he?t that Is
n hlro. In his efforts to surround her
lit-h benisty and hixury. If the truth
vere known. I suspect there are half
t dozen young men who adore iher,
.00?In a perfectly respectful way;
trfnk she's t'he very Ideal of what n
i-oman trhould be. and lot her Influence
hem very strongly in :h?* direct-Jon of
ill that Is good and high-minded."
"Yes." mid the slater, a little reucrtantly.
"all of John's men friends
ire very fond of Cora."
"Of course r./hey are. My dear, Vt Is
vomen like Cora who rule the world.
inJ always foave and nlways will rule
t. because they are the women -who
uk? the men. It makes me laugh
vhen I so?? -how seriously the superior
y mascuiinc-minuc-u woman ium-? *lf.
What Is ?he? A sort of (hybrid.
<hc 1b a failure as r woman, and can
lever hope for any roil succcss as u
nan. The very bc.<U she can tlo will
all below the level of Bhakeappare or
iVaHhlnpton. or auy of the roally great
n?*n, while the feminine woman has
loincthlng Mint, In Its way. Ib Just as
xvwerful hs tho brains of the blggefft
nun?and <hat'a her femlnlnHy. And
ihe Iran -the sonse to use her gift. You
studied philosophy to try nnd Inspire
four brother. But he could g?t that
rom other men. What he wanted woa
lometlrlng men . ouldn't give him?
"Oh." eaJd -the younger woman, "I
lever -thought of It 4n that way."
"So. And lots of clever women
lon't; morc's ithe pity. Just you go to
in afternoon -tea with -me this afterjoon,
ami I'll point out to you the wonen
who an? married to the bent and
noet *uce?*sful men of my acquaintwce,
and Just you notice-who they are
-aHm-flirured, bright-eyed, graceful
jreatureR, whoae movements are soft
ind supple, whose clothra are -perfncity
chosen and exquisitely worn. They
ire no-t, an n rule, women with much
learning, though many of thorn am
;al(Mfted, but they are full of rich life
ind thigh spirits; they are cheerful,
ivnrm-h?ant<'J and full of aympnthy.
Vbove all. they are utterly femlnlno.
rhoso are the women men marry?the
.votnen who really count In the world;
:h<' women who are mothers and make
the character of the hew font nwtlon.
Phey ure tho women who form and
control society, and for whose benefit
men conquer the world."
"How did you know it?" asked the
"ilffniwe I've worked -myaelf. Worked
Ivird ntxl fmul lihe world, Junt llko
i nvan. I know how a nvnn fenlH, tinnt**
I've fi->t t'hut wny myself. When
[ uhM to oome home dead boat. ?the ore
thing 1 uunN wflii Just cheerful nonum?<?
and pfittlnur rind phys5r.il comfort
f wu rated nomi'tlilnK quite different
from v.'lwiit I'd had all day. In those
:1a yM I la'trd ?fcho vory Bound of a ?ul-orlor
woman'* voice. and If any ocie
|?.?t mervtlorr.nl nhllofaphy >to tne 1
tl.i'-w my lH>r>n<?t at h^-r head."
And 'Ihc-n they tipped -thi* waiter one
nolttnry nlrkel, ami the youn* woirwn
weft n-wny l?>oking ii little like
the foolls'h vlrifKn.
A NEGLECTED cold often tnrrnlint'-n
In conimrnptlon. Talco I")r. Bull'*
'ouuh Hyrup In time, and furcHlull the
Ireadful dlneoae
Eat Proper Food and See Tha
You Digest It.
Your health and strength defend or
the food you eat?and the way you dl
gefct It.
Simplicity in diet and looking aftei
your stomach may add several years t<
your life.
It will certainly make you happier
for unhappy people are generally dys>
The Shakers of Mount Lebanon, ar<
a pecuHer people, with peculiar views
They may not bo right in everything
but they know how to live a hcnlttij
life. They take care of their stomachs
They live to a ripe old age.
When they have Indigestion, thej
! take a few doses of a peculiar cordial
which they have for years prepared
from medicinal herba ond plants
It la called the Shaker Digestive Cordial.
Shaker Digestive Cordial will cur'
Indigestion Immediately; permanently
with tho aid of a proper diet. It Is a
tonic for the slomaoh and for the whole
system. It mak' .i your food makf
strength, und Chls la the whole secret
of strength, health and happlmss.
Pale. thin, weary, worn out Individuals,
with no health, energy or ambition.
will get strong and bright and
healthy, by taking tho Shaker Digestive
Sold by all druggists at 10, 25, G(
cents and $1 00 a battle.
The Lithographer* HtrlUe.
NEW YORK, Feb. 24.-Flve hundred
lithographers struck to-day tc
! enforce the recognition of their organ!ration,
the abolition of the piece worli
system,the juyment erf minimum wag*!
j of $18 a week, a work week of fortyfour
hours, pay for over time and on?
apprentice to every five Journeymen.
The ftrlkers were employed by 10f
flrma, who do *<how printing and general
IItho work. They are all member!
j of tiie International I/lthographls, At|
tlria and Engravers Insurance am!
Protective Association, which ha*
branches In all the principal cities ol
uic unrteu o;;rieT? nnu v.inauu.
The net Ion of the New York branch
of tfhe association was expected -to precipitate
strikes forthwith In all the
large cHJes.
The Prvstdrnt'* Dnek Hnnt.
QUANT ICO. Va.. Fob. 24.?The tonder
Maple with President Cleveland
and party on board, arrived off Quan*
tlco about 'three twenty this morning
and at once proceeded down the rlvw
and anchored a>t 4 o'clock In front of the
small station of the Richmond. FrederIcksburg
& Potomac railroad, known
as Wtftowttter.
TJie President was accompanied bj
I Commodore Lomberton. Dr. O'IWIIj
and Attorney General Harmon. Thi
party came down on the InvKatJon oi
Colonel Wittier* Walter to enjoy th<
i duck aborting from his blinds.
The Wearer*' Strike.
SACO, Me., Fc-b. 24.?I ndloa-tioni
| this morning arc that the Htrikliy
weavers of the York -corporation wh<
went out twelve days ago, throwing
1.600 other operatives oik of employment.
will go back to work to-day. ^
committee will wodt on the agent thU
morning. and tt is expeted that a com
promise -will be erreoted.
Many weavers have Already left toi
oth??r cities in wCiioh they toave obtainod
work and It* Is claimed unless. th<
mill gateft are opened at once there wll
not be wwaivers enough left here u
utart the factory.
Cnn'l Collect the Ketrartl.
CINCINNATI. Ohio. Feb. 24?Mr
Leater has been here for some time under
orders from Governor Bradley. Investigating
-ihe evidence in the Pearl
Bryan case, ?w as to give some guidance
to uhe governor regarding the payment
of the reward offered for the apprehension
of the murderers. Mr. LcWtfrf
has notified the officers of Campbell
county that his report servt to the governor
has failed to thoroughly satisfy
him that the murder was committed
In Kentucky and that therefore thi
a? tka r*n>nfil c<innnt nflB h#
Mtirdrr at Hull.
MONTGOMERY. Ala.. Feb. M.?DurIrrpr
the progress of a ball near Bartlls,
Diltaa courrty, 8aturCay V4riri)
Morrisey.e became Jealous of Andrew
Wilkin*' attentions to hi* wife. awl
forbade their dancing tocher. Later
on he observed them wnltzlng an?l
wfthou-t fui??her warning, fired on ttiom,
killing Wilklns Instantly. In the excHomca^t
Morrlsette escaped. The
principals were oil of good standing.
Hrwnrf of (llntmrnU for Catarrh that
Contain Mfrcnr)',
aa mercury will surely destroy the
sense of smell and completely derange
the whole system when entering it
through the mucous surfaces. Such
articles should never bo used except on
prescriptions from reputablo physicians,
as tho damage they will do Is ten
fold to the good you can possibly derive
from them. Hall's Catarrh Cure,
manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co.,
Toledo, O., contains no mercury, and is
taken Internally, acting directly upon
the blood and mucous surfaces of tho
system. In buying Hall's Catnrrh'Curc
be sure you get the genuine. It la
taken internally and made In Toledo,
Ohio, by t\ j. uneny ? to. muinw
nlals free.
Sold by drugglsta, price 75 c. per bottle.
Rave Yonr Llffi
By using "The New Great South
American Kidney Cure." This new remedy
is a groat surprlso on account ot
Us exceeding promptness in relieving
pain In the Kidneys. Bladder and Hack
In male or female. It relieves retention
of water, and pain In passing it
almost Immediately. Save yourselves
by using this marvelous cure. Its use
will prevent fatal consequents In almost
all cases by He great alterative
and healing powors. Sold by It 11.
List, Druggist. Wheeling, W. Va.
THE llttlo daughter of Mr.Fred Webber,
Holland. Mums., had a very bad
cold and cough which he had not been
able to cure with any thing. I gave him
0 25 cont bottle of Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy, says W. P. Holdcn, merchant
and postmaster at West ftrlmfleld, and
the next time I saw him he oald It worked
like a charm. This remedy Is Intended
especially for acute throat and
lung diseases, such as colds, croup,
and whooping cough, and it Is famous
for Its cures. Thero Is no danger In
giving It to children for it contains
nothing Injurious.
A HIGH liver with a torpid liver will
not be a long liver. Correct tho IIvex
with Do Witt's Little Early Risers, lltUt
pills that cure dyspepsia and constipation.
Logan & Co., Wheeling, W. Va.,
1 J. F. Tea body, l?cn wood and Bowie 6
Co., Bridgeport, O. &
Nobody ne*<1 have Neuralgia. net Dr.
Mllee' Pain Pllla from druggist*. "Out
cent a dona." _
OUU people an* growing more and
more In thu habit of looking to C. R.
Qoctxe, W. W. Irwin, C. Schnepf, C.
Monkemelltr, John Klorl, W. H. Hague,
H. C. Stewart. It. U. Hurt. J. Coleman,
A. 15. Scheale, William Menkemellor.
J. CI. Khrlc, Wheeling; Bowie A Co.,
Bridgeport; B. F. Peabody & Son. Beuwood,
for the latent and bent of everything
In the drug line. They veil Chantberlnln'a
Cough Kemcdy, famous for Iti
tures of bnd colds, croup and whooping
cough. When In need of mich a medicine
give thla remedy a trial nnd you
will bo more than pleaiod with the result.
IT not only la ao. It must be no, Onr
Mlnut- Cough Cure ucts iiulckly. nnil
that's what makoa It go. Logan Drug
Co.. Wheeling. W. Va.. U. F. Peabody,
lienwood, und Uowle & Co., Bridgeport,
O. 1
> ii PUPCO Colic, Crampi, Diarrhea,
UUnLvJ Cholera Morbus, Naucen,
UCAIC Ct?l9. Bnrr.B, Jlr
, fJLHLd BltcwofAulin.il
; :: , BREAKS UP
; ; | Sold etnrwhcrc at 25c ahd soc
r/^p Follow 1
and you'll tjet the be;
\ l'lat there's any h;
/ I \v\V j matter how you u:
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rpl cleaninj
\l rubbil
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1 ?2 2f the Ji
1 s: ape of
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Millions K
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gdoddd [ptr
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i I We Can Get Up foi
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t r -J?r-^v-Lsr., .. ? .. .ll -- --_=
?v ? nmr**. -
For Salo by John Klarl, Wholesale and
G. LAMB. Pre*. J08~ 8EYBOLD, CasMtr.
J. A. JEFFERSON. Au't. Cashier.
CAPITAL 1(200,000, PAID IN*.
Allen Droek. .loneph F. Paull.
James Cummins, Henry Bleberson.
A. Huynmnn. Joncph St-ybold,
Gibson Lamb.
Jntereit paid on cpeotnl deposits.
Incurs drafts on Ktuclami. Ireland and
myll Ca?hler.
CAPITA! ... $175,000.
WILLIAM A. I8ETT President
WILLIAM II. 8IMPSON... Vie* President
Drafts on EnKluiul. Ireland. Francc and
! DI hectors.
I William A. Isett, Mortimer Pollock,
. J. A. Miller, William B. Simpson,
15. M. Atkinson, John K. Botsfcrri,
' Julius Pollock. Victor Rosenbuw,
H. Forln'f
Jal J^ A. M l LLER. Cashier.
T^xphancsE BANK.
i IV
CAPITAL $300,000.
J. N. VANCE Pronlclont
JOHN FREW Vice Prealdont
J. N. Vance. Ocorg? E. 8tlfel.
J. M. Urown, William Elltngham,
John Fn?w, John I?. Dickey,
John Wa tortious*, w. y, stone,
\V. II. Frank.
Draftn Itmicd on England, Ireland, Scotland
and all point* In Europe.
> 1.. 1' SAisI'.-, Cmhl.T
And MnmiTaoturorn of Marine and
Stationary Englnna,
017 WUKM.INU, W. V\
.. . } .
INSTANT RELIEF rou oer rno-J O
Charurea of Water, etc. >a
aiset, Scratches,
s, iicrptnts, iiugfl. etc.
Bad Colda, I,a Grippe, Influenxa, ?&2
Cronp, Sore Throat, etc. WA
Per Bottle. No Relief, No Pay.
ly of Weston, W. Va.] SPRINGFIELD. 0.
the directions,
st work from Pearline. Not
arm to be feared from it, no
se it or how much you use.
to make your washing and
r easiest, to save the most
ijr, the most wear and tear,
>st time and money?keep to
rections given on every packPearline.
u'il do that with your flannels,
ince (it's perfectly simple and
they'll keep beautifully soft,
thout shrinking. m
# /
# !
w J
PDD?0D??? I
'fioofttag] j
i I
' You All Kinds of j
nj^srftATioxfs, i
rSSn When In doutii what to u* (er
Nervous Debility, Lo? o( rown.
ft* W other wcalraewes, (rora aor cause.
NX VwJ useSexlne Pill*. Drains ctaked
T. Nja* full vi^or quickly restore.
$WX> orders we cite a K?aran?ee :o
PtSv*Jm cure or relund toe money. Aacfos i
g.ValjPM PEAL MCOICINE CO.. Cleveland. 0.
"c'^Torto McLalns Pharmacy._J*^
for nervous proetratloo fi?^J^J22?j?tfon. 1V>
Retail Agent -
I/you piirchato or nuke a lonnonrjii
cctato Intro too tltlo Insured bjr Uu
Wheeling Tide and Trast Cx,
no. ut.i ai.wciurr ktiikkt.
I'roidenL .Socrft?rf
c. J. RAW I.I NU. 8. L flNGLKD ?N
Vice President. A?'i Seer*:*;1;.
0-B.K UlWniUbT. RMuaiacr ot Tli.w .
^A. P. T. L.
Tho American Protective Tariff Lcagua
is a national organization advocating
" Protection to American Labor ani
Industry " as explained by its constitution,
as follows:
'Thoofytetcf tKi Litn~u*ahall t?t'
8African lab^r ly a on |mf Orta, ? * ' 1'
qw.-t'ly tojur# American. iodu?t"?! project*
?e? in?t tho competition of icrtign labor.' I
Thcro oro no personal or pf vatfl
profits in conncction with the organira*
tionend it is sustained by membership*,
contributions and the distribution of its
FIRST : Corr?pjnd?neo ii ^
'M?mb?r?hip" end " Off.r-*! Corr?. ^
SECOND: W#n??d*nJ"?!c;,"*eont
%*hothi?r im?llorl?rg<*, toour cautt. ^ ^
THIRD: Wc pubt.rh n of *?*>
esvwrinj C.tl nhtte* f t th? Tariff r,f j -< *?
pfato ot will b? nt?i'id to any ddr?M "r ? __ ^
rounTM: s?nd pwW ct-d ^
Aidrtn W.lbur f. Wakjman. G?n?rt.8?130
W??t 23d Strati. Naw York.

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