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Ps never failed to cure#
mgh, Cold, Hoarseness, 5
oup,Grippe, Bronchitis, *
thma and other Throat *
J and Lung Hiit'cuuus. i
1j Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup ?
is worth its weight in gold, 2
but costs onlv 2? cts. ?
Tell your Sealer yon want *
UDr. Ball's Cougli Syrup. 0 ,
Chew LANCE'S PLUGS. Th? Crest Tobacco AirtU
Oti. 10c. deatef ot wufl, H.C.Mcw ?Co..B<llo.McL
^*of all Cough Medicines
is Dr. Acker's English Rem- I
edy. It will stop a cough in I
one night, check a cold in j
one day, prevent croup, relieve
asthma, and cure con- |
sumption, if taken in time. J
It is made on honor, from 'he
purest ingredients and contains
neither opium nor morphine.
If the little ones have
croup or whooping cough,
use it promptly. **?* *
Thrtt Size*?25c*, 50c. and $ J per bottlt#
At Druggists.
rt anil xS Chambers Street, New York*
k'-lev..r.lnee.bnv UM I Mil It 11
and f nerer honed lor Manapanasgi
euro hut Klv'? (,'renm
IVITJv-msto(V*even flmrttfr/rToW
teat. Manr trquaiui- WCjM>( BAlH ^
ce? b?ve n*ed It E3? 2sifi/iSL'?rcCO LD H
.wh rmlitut .0- MB I
miit? --OCAKOtRPM rfUY-vrJo
ATfc. Chi tyrofER
|:IVSCRK4I Rim KflM?r^wt^i.'Sa
open* and cleanses BVA
tee Nwl Iliwupfw. *
Sorav Protect* tbe Membrane from oold?. Ke!
?t->rea ?lie Semo? of Ta*t?t and Smell. The Ha.m
: quickly absorbed and Rives rvliof at once.
A otrtlclo la applied Into -nob no?trlland is
ST?Vl2tJ:nr? w"',, al Dwarfsta or by mall.
LlA BU'jTHERS, barren street. New York.
, - no.'O-MWFmy
aaIRPA .iil/l/IA sa-.
l^^S^^SCl^^tickly.periMnenUy ell ner?
TOU? Q>?*?M*. W?t MttSk*
cry. I/hi of Bmin Po**er.B<Jadache,Wakefnlne?*.
I.o.t Vitality. nlirbilr emissions. evil dreamt,
imnoteaer and mating ilnntcr earned by youtb*
taf error* or txmKt. Cont at ns do opiates. U
anrrre tonlcnad blood builder. Makes the
pal**od pan* atrm?* and plump. Fartlf carried
In ren poetet. 81 per box: a for 95. By mall
prepaid with a written runrantee to cure or money
refunded. Free ra Ad leal book. sealed, plalo
wrapper, with testimonial* and financial refer*
orr?. Xn eKaryt for eontvititicmi. Hnrort nf imt*
tat'/ at. ?old by oar nirertlMxl a*enta. or addrvs*
t - - ??-- ?Vv . T?mw?, <-bi??*o>
Sold in Wheeling, W. Va., by Logan
Drug Co.. corner Mala and T^nth street*.
_ de24?tth&w _
To nie Editob?Please inform your render?
that I have a poritiro reaedy for the
above name J diaeaso. By ita timely use
thousand* of hopeless casoa liavo been per
m?nontlv cared. I shidl bo glad to s?nd
two bottles of my remedy free to any of your
readers who hare consumption if tbey will
w?ud me their express and ix*t office address.
T.A.SIocum.M.0.. 183 Pwl St.. New York.
IS THE BtST. . . .
The Intelligencer uses and
recommends it.
COPP & DEVORE^Gep'l Agents.
1 OF
Valbflble Manufacturing Properly.
By virtue of a deed of trust made by the
American Fire Clay Company (a corporation
und?r the Ibtvi of West Virginia) to
the undersigned an trustee, bearing date
the twenty-eighth day of July. A. D. 1W0.
and of record In the clerk's office of the
county eourt of Hancock county. West
Virginia, In Deed of Trust Book "C,
folios J77. JT8, 3T9 and JM. I will on
commencing at 10 o'clock a. m.. proceed to
Mil at public auction at the works of the
American Fire Clay Company, located
near New Cumberland, tn the county of
Hancock, In the state or West Virginia,
all of the following described property,
that 1* to say. All that certain tract of
land lylnf upon the Ohio river In iiutler
OlBtrlct, Hancock county, state of West
Virginia, bounded and described as follows:
Beginning at a stake on the Ohio
river, corner to lands of Freeman Brothers.
near the mouth of Holdbert's run;
thence down said river south eight decrees
west (south fT west) thirty-nine <E?)
poles: thence south sixteen degrees west
??outn M* west) fifty (50) poles, thence
thence south eight degrees weal (A* west)
fifty-five (K) poles to a stake, corner to
lot of Freeman and Anderson; thence
leaving the river aouth eighty-one and
one-half degree* (south H?V) cast, fortyseven
((7) poles; thence north fifteen decrees
(15*) east fourteen (IB poles. thence
with tha line of Broun Brothers north
eighty-four and one-half degrees (AIH")
cast one hundred and twenty-six (ifr)
t'ofes to a atone pile on the line of Bwcar- i
ingen's lands; thunce north twelve decreea
(12*) west one hundred and twentynine
(119) pole* to a sugar nnd hickory; ]
thence south clgnty-aU degree* ?r> west 1
one hundred and twenty-two (la) pole*, |
to the place of beginning aforesaid, containing
one hundred nnd twenty-three
and one-half acre* (123V, acres) more or ,
le?e. saving and reserving, however, tho i
ri*h? of the Pittsburgh. Cincinnati ? Ht.
i*i.ji? nauway company to a atrip or lanu, I
iinwvM out of Mid tract to It by I'rlscllia
j. Freeman. alxty (Mi feet wide* beinj;
ten (10) feet eant of the centre lino of
the rallrdad trn"t of wild company and
fifty ('Ji) fe?t went from Mid ?<ntre lino of
aid trnrt, ond extending along t Ho whole I
fiver front of nald tract; aluo Knmtlrm
to th?> R?id party of the second part it]
'uiilinKn, Unprovetnerita, nmchlnery and j
' *' ir< < !11mt? !i and iK'Injf on Mid above
.. .j tract of land.
IMS 0?' HAl.K One-thlrd of the
i iri bane money oian In hand, on?*thlrd
ii ,r w|i|i inten-Ht In h|* month*, and |
the itiduo thereof with Intereat in one I
J"1*' from the day of itale, tt?<> j urchnaer
' ""s rojijired to (rive hli notee with good |
Recurlti for th?- <l?'f?,tr',d imynu-ntu, tho
j'f'; title being retained u? further ae?
' ' ' QIliHON L. CltANMKK.
I*?U Trtifltc*.
Colonel Horizontal Morrison Is
unJ Is Not ii Candidate.
i ur nnvrr hnr"l,,mi 1,1 ,,,r " ' iiuii
for Frrr Coinage, **l*He Ihe C'oluurl la a
Son ml Money Jlnn?Mlght Jlnrj- III*
Principle*, for the Time, llovrever, to
Nccnretlic!inppor( of ll|?Stutr Uflr^K*
CHICAGO. Fob. 24.?"I do not know
whdihtr Colonel Morrison la a candlila-t*.'
for the Democratic presidential
nomination, and I believe he has not
yet decided for hlmac4f on that point."
said Governor JoCin P. Altgeld when
nsked Tor a statement ooncernlng the
interview between himself and Colonel
Morrison Che night before.
"ColonH Morrison and I met on the
train on which I waa coming to Chicago,"
continued the governor. "I did
not know thu?t the colonel had left Chicago
untkl I reached Springfield, when
1 Ivarned that he had started for
SpringfleM. Some one aewi him a message
on his train, I beHeve. and he
came over from Potomac and oame
wkh m*? on my train <o Chicago. We
dlacuwd the political iteration thoroughly.
and 1 must say tluut we couJd ?
find but little comfort or consolation Jn i
H. The outlook for the Democratic i
party Just now is dark and dreary In- ]
dwd. and there is no sense in attempting
to dlsgule*? tJhe truth. Nothing was
settled by the oonveraatlon bo:ween
Colonel Morrison and myself. As to \
the llns-ne%l question, I told him I did j
not Uhlnk *t would be wise or Judicious (
tor a great ixmucai party or & sww
poDUu.il leader to change it? or his
view? right ?t the beginning of a cam- i
palgn. The wan should have the cour- ]
age of IviH conviction? tend the party |
should stand by its principle?. }
"Mr. Morrison's financial views are
well known. He has often expressed ,
them, lie I? opposed to the free coinage
o,f silver a t ? 1< to 1 rate by this country
independently of the polio* of '
otlfer nations. He believes In bl-motal
llsm by International agreement. ,
"Thp Democratic party In Illinois favors
the free ooinagej)rlnclple. I ba- |
lieve the state convention wlH declare i
In favor of that dootrlne. If It should \
speak at nil on the financial problem. I
think >t should so declare Itself. The
/party should define it? position, and i
should state squarely and wRhout
ociulvooa?ti'>n where K stands. That Is |
the situation now. There 1s no need
a/t the present time for Mr. Morrison to
announce any change In his views, or ,
for the party to recede from principles.
We ??n wait and see what may
be brought -to the surface by tho cur- |
rent of events. You can say positively,
however, that Colonel Morrison will not
issue any letter or manifesto declining
or accepting In advance tfoe presidential
nomination. He may be a candidate
for it and he may not be, and i
there Is ample time for him to make up i
his mind. Should he be a candidate, h
is before the national convention, und
not before the Illinois ?tate convention, ,
his name will come.
"I told Colonel Morrison that If he In- I
try Jin /a onii.il/ln4n fnr ithf niVn.
Inert Ion, here was n broad field In this
grea< Kate of Illinois wherein he might
work fo rresults. He has many friends j
here, and he can win more. Of course, ,
he would like to have the Indorsement |
of his own state convention and the
support of Vts deletes to the national
convention If he should be a candllate
Naturally, any man would like such ,
An indorsement. WhKher the sto?t?
convention would Indorse Colonel Mor* ,
rlson's ttvndldacy knowing his financial
views I would not pretend to ray.
Only the convention can decide that
proposition. As I have rtaid, nothing
was settled by our conversation. It ,
was not Intended that anything should
l>e settled by it. R -was simply a talk
by two Democrats over the situation.
Colonel Morrison will, no doubt, speak
for hlmsHf as Co his candidacy." ,
It is,certain, however, that Colonel
Morrison <oM certain prominent Democrats
while he was hero that he would
accept a nomination on uiiy platform
the Democratic national convention
paw fit to erect. He Is not bigger than
his pai<ty, ho said to them, and would
net attempt to dictate its policy. What
Colonel Morrlsc-n desired to know from
Governor AUgHd was whether he coulJ
tovt the support-of ch?? forty-eight
Illinois delegates In ?thr national con- |
vcmiun nv.vuuui manNiK u uwrn< wmu
of faith In the free silver creed. It
would appear that he got but little en- ,
couragf-mon't on this line from -the governor.
who Nyi -thid Is u poor time far ,
eHher a man of a party to change prtn- [
O/ples. .
Colonel Morrison, no doubt. strengthened
himself as a candidate by his visit ,
to Chicago. He preached harmony 0/
invito 6ectloos of the party. With <Jn
"honest mon*y" crowd be stands as rtut
representative of the present gold standard
policy. The free sWver men believe
tha?t he would faithfully carry oui
as candl Ja-to and Prerlden* the prln- '
clples laid down by .??* conven-ifcnj ,
ttra.t would nominate him. It can b?
tafely construe-;! ihtt he Is a candjdate,
nnd Che: he doslres very mucli ]
the support of -the Illinois delegation. J
Some of the gold standard Democrat*
hope to innko things '.nay by re-affirm- \
Ing -the "gDld-a-nd-sllvcr" plank of the 1
platform of J892. TV?e silver men will 1
not have this, however, becaus". as I
Governor AftgeUl !?ild yesterday, "they <
have put a sinister oonrtrucUon on
tbc?t plank, and, if ttoe construction la j
to go with the platform In any such ,
proposed re-atflrni vtion, It would nr. <
bo acceptable -to tCie friends of silver." (
Driilra All It Minora.
NEW YORK. Feb. 24-Bx-Presldent <
Harrison. I'hrough his private secretary, J
denied to-day that be is to be married
on April 6 or April 10 or any other specific
date. He has authorised no ont
to announce the date of his marriage.
Private Secretary Tlbbotts also spoil*
for General Harrison In saying the ex- ,
Presides* Is not writing a book on th? j
constitution of the United States or j
any other subjwt. unless the magazlne
articles he is now writing a ball j
be Issued In book form.
Kvncuntlou of Egypt.
LONDON. Feb. 24.-A dlspatoh from j
R/>m? to the Pall Mall Gazette pub. )
lltfbed this afternoon soy* that & tele. .
gram haii bccfl received tihere from
Cairo stating that Oreail Britain ha* j
?ln?>fun negotiations with Franco for ]
the evacuation of Egypt. It In udd*J
that Great Britain Is Inclined to maktr ]
concessions with the view of meeting ;
French susceptibilities regarding* tto* (
occupation of that country.
nr It W'im't Strike Ui. !
NEW HAVEN. Conn.. Feb. 24-Ob- i
servatkms o?t the Yale University oh.
sorvaitory show that ?ttie com?t disoov. (
red by Frof. Perrin, Is coming In th?
direction of the enith, but at an nngU t
to the cllptlc. which will bring It far ;
above the earth. .
The Kantnrky Deadlock.
FRANKFORT. Ky.. Feb. 24-Th* 1
twenty-ninth senatorial ballot result*! .
as follows: \
Hunter 4T?; Blackburn 43; Carlisle J;
Wllllson l; Bate 1; McCroary 1. f
Necessary to a choice, 48. 1
Kir* at .VoliaiiucahnrK. '
JOHANNESBURG, Feb. 24.?A fir*
which brok* out here Hhh morning )*m
rau*"d damage amounting to |875.Mo <
to dry goods and other stores, war*. |
houses, ijtc. j
IF you would always he healthy. ks*f> I
' our blood pure with I food's Hnrennarllln
Mie One True Blood Purifier t <
How filie Krjil Voting ami Frrsli f.ouLtiiR.
One of the most remarkable women In
America i? a j>opular actress whose name
Ih known all over the world. She Ih u
boautlful uml vIvucIoun woman, and yet,
strange to nay. wile In nearly-sixty yeara
ut ok?'. In spite of hor advanced years,
ih? In to-day an fresh and youthful In appearance
an many h woman of thirty. It
wax In a recent Interview thut she told
the secret of her marvelous vitality.
"I owe Mil my health and vlicor," she
*ald, "to the fact that I atn In the habit of
occasionally using a pure stimulant. About
twenty years ago I was advised to do tlila
L?y an eminent physician, and I have followed
his advice ever since. Whenever I
feel at all weak or run down I find It I* the
bent thing I can take In order to net
ui'cncth ami energy. That Is why I manige
to keep no young; nV my a?e, and never
know what It Is to have a day'a Mlrkuetts."
For the Information of ladles who may
wish to follow the example of thltt fortunate
woman It may be added that Dully a
pure malt whiskey Is the stimulant to
which *ha refers. She has for many year*
l>een enthusiastic In recommending It because
she knows from her own exporl?nce
thut It Is pure, healthful und InvlKli-utlm
Kill- I in M fiillful It linoiilinllll for
ImlldlnK up the system, and thousands of
Either women have testified to the same
plTeet. There In, In fact, nothing lilt"
Duffy's pur? malt for setting the blood In
motion, toning up tin digestive or?mnM
tnd Imparting new life and vigor. It Is
bIho the hem thing to tnke for curing or
preventing colds, chills, coughs, the grip
jr pneumonia. For this reitnon Is* careful
when ordering from your grocer or drugflst
to Insist on getting Duffy's pure malt
whiskey and aerept no substitute. There
s nothing else thut can produce the samo
> erects,
riir Fmlnrri of ih* Mour)' Mild Mock
NEW YORK. Feb. 24.?Money on call
rosy at 3ft4 p??r cent; Inst loan 4 per
cent; closed at .lUifi4 per cent. I'rlme
mercantile paper r? j7 per cent. Sterling
exchange easier with actual business
in bankers' bills at $4 S7?4ft4
for demand and $4 86VU*4 SG% for 60
days. 1'ostcd rates |4 87ft4 8714 ?nd
H 88H?4 8!). Commercial bills $4 85%
Silver certificates G'JVitiCS^c. bar silver
58 Tic.
In the stock exchange to-day sliver
certificate* advanced to 70 on transactions
of 140,000. The highest previous
price within the past few months was
S94 on October 10, 1895. Authorities on
illver say that the rise Is legitimate and
In no sense due to speculation. Exchange
on India at London Is now at
the highest point after a steady advancement
during the past thirty days,
rhe largely decreased production of the
white metal has naturally depleted the
supplies on hand, while the low price
tended to Increase the demand for use
In the arm. London In now a large
biddcd for silver in this market, but
finds the metal scarce.
The Mock market started In after
the double holiday with a cheerful sentiment
ruling. Continued favorable interest
In our securities was displayed
by foreign dealers, and an encouraging
feature was the report of a fairly large
business by commission houses. The
fteadily increasing gold reserve of the
treasury; ease In money; the evidence
of the desire of capitalists to employ
Idle money, as refleoted In the strength
and activity of the railway bond market.
and substantial improvement*
in railroad earnings, made up part of
the bulk of the programme. An advance
in the price of silver bull certificates
to the highest point since October
la?t also quickened the sentiment
In favor of higher prices. The railwayshares,
a? a group, surpassed the industrials
in poirvt of activity.
The greatest strength was displayed
by the international Kroup. Delaware
t Rio Grande and Lake Shore rose 2'vi:
Louisville A: Nashville Ity; .Uehlson
preferred and other leading shares
to a less extent. 6ugar held first place
among the industrials, and, on renewed
pool ma reputation, gained 1-ii per cent
to 117'.*. General Klectric improved
IMf nntl Tobacco, Chicago Gas and Distilling
n^rly a poln?t. The market
closed active und ftrong, with substantial
gains In many chares as a result
of the day's trading.
The bond market exhibited Increased
aotlvVty an-1 strength, a featuro of
this market being the execution of liberal
investment and speculative purchase-*
for foreign account. There \va?
al."0 an active local demand from capitalists
and financial institutions. The
aggregate sales were J2.832.000.
Trading in government Issues wan
comparntlvcly quiet on sales aggregating
State mortgages were neglected. only
a sale of *5.000 Virginia deferred do
Stamped ?t was irorded.
Government l?onds steady.
State bonds dull.
Railroad bonds strong.
Kevenlng Post's flnanelnl cables:
LONDON?The feoture fit the stork
markets here to-day waa the rush for
ArgentIne securities which are booming.
All South Americans were better
In sympathy.
American railways were good. closing
fit the beat and with a perceptible Increase
In business. If politics I:**p
pmooth It looks like a big rise ultimately
for American bonds on the cheapness
^f money.
The settlement to-day In mines shows
nn Increase In the speculative account,
Kaffirs ami Contagoes were stiff.
The grrat strength In silver Is partly
flue to Japanese purchases.
PARIS?The bourse was dull to-day
on the fall In Italians on account of
Abyssinian news.
BERLIN?'The markets here were
l*ilft to-day.
ffew U. S. 4s regHtrred 117*4 i
Kew U. S. 4s coupon 117?
l.T. 8. renlKtfred
[J. 8. 5s coupon 112IZ
U. H. 4* rwgWred KiW{
[J. 8. 4s coupon 119
[j. 8. 2h registered 'A
Pacific fi? of *0." 103
\tchlson ' % 1
fcdams Express JU
American Kxpreav 1J9
Haiti more ft Ohlar .%
*anadn Southern
Central Pacific Hk
Chesapeake ft Ohio jJH
Slcago ft Alton
L'hlcniro. UurllnKton ^ gulnoy Wft
"hlcajro Oa* 2*
Cleveland. Cincinnati. Chi. & 8t. L 9
^lorado Coal ft Iron I
5?Uon OH Certificate* ttU
Delaware ft Hudson 124'/%
Delaware, Lackawanna ft Western...10
Denver Sc Rio Grande preferml SJtt ,
ptetinera' ft Cattle Feeders' Co 1 Pt
do preferred
ttlnoln Central W
Kansas ft Texas preferred 30tt
Lmke Erie ft Western ti\
do preferred
Lak?> Shore ??
Michigan Central W
Missouri Pacific 23'i
Nashville A Chattanooga ?0
Rational "Cordage 5%
do preferred 11
|tfew Jersey Central
Norfolk ft Western preferred 8%
Northern Pacific M*
Sorthvrestern J^v?
do preferred ijo
S'ew York Central Mj*<j
Sow York ft New England 46
Oregon Improvement J
Oregon Navigation 11
Pacific Mall
Pittsburgh M
Keuiunir >'p
dock Inland
Jt. Paul , ,gj}
do prMWT*d >?>*>
Ji. Paul A Omaha ?'<
do preferred JSJvfc
toijrnr lleflni?ry lt?
ronttMMA Coal Sr iron !?%
r^xoH J'aclflc Jf
roledo * Ohio Central preferred CA
union Pacific. H%
rnMed Btutfn Kxnrmia 41
tVabMh. 8! Ixiufn A: Pacific it/f
do preferred v+1
Br?*t?rn Union
yviici'llriK A I.nko Krlo lif
do preferred
inn-nil Kloctrlo 32*
tobacco W>
do preferred Jflty
J, fi, leather preferred I7\
IlrHiUluiro mid I'rovlvloiia.
CflfCAOO?Wheat displayed ronnldtratolo
activity to-day. In marked non?
rar< to the HtAgnant condition whlnh
availed lo?t wcuk. The routine nnwn
fan nJmowt uniformly bulllah and clou*
tiff prlcea ahowed an advance of a cent
>ver Friday'" final flirtircs. Corn and
/fit:* were alao atrons and trained Vj
respectively. Provision? wore weak
and clr.sod lotver.
No " nprlnrr
No. 3 oprlfir So- L'
Ffbtuai-y csfcfyGiMMWUe: Mi?y
C5CiW'i tf6.*#Sc: Ju*'e 03(J66%tfC3%c;
July CoirCWr63*ie.
Corn?Cuxb No. 2. 2ST,?c: F.-brtiary
closed ut L'H%c: May SOK'tfafttt^nOfcc:
July Be pt ember 32*$?33S/32?ic.
Oat*?Cash No. 2. 2'e: No. 2 white
21',itf>22c; No. 3 white *0<5i 21 fee; Februurv
doited at 2lo; Muy 21'/4i$tf21MiC(21,%c;
July 'Jmft2lW?21%c; September 21V*
ltye?No. 2. 38*ic.
Barley?No. 2 nominal; No. 3, 3t^}'J7c;
No. 4. 1'7QM'M\
FlaxH^I?No. 1. 90c.
Timothy seed?Prime 53 Totia ?&.
Mora Pork?Cash per barrel ?9
i> W): February $9 77H69 V2%G9 80; May
|!? tttttftJO 07%(?9 95; July $10 12'/i?
io roffno 12%.
Lard?Cash pf r 100 pounds $5 40?
5 42ft; February *3 4005 4605 40: Mfcy
*5 r,r.?3 cofrfi 55; July jr. 70ff5 7r??5 70.
Short Ribs?Cash fides V> 05(t/ii 10;
February ?.*? pr.fr.r. lu'rC?." 03: May $5 20<w
r. 27V4CJ5 20; July *5 371405 30; dry
wilted slmulders 4?i<U .">c; short clear
side? :,?4f>5?;p.
Whirky?lJlKtlllers* flnbhet1 goods
per gallon 31 22.
Butter?Firm; dairies Stfl7C{ creamerler
l lfi?20^e.
Cheese?Quiet at D'-iffflOc.
ftRgw?Wcalc at tl&?12c.
Nl'JW YORK?Flour. receipts 19.300
barrel*; exports 4fi,J00 barrels; market
quiet, l>ut Arm. except for spring wheat
grades. Wheat. receipts none; exports
40,800 bushels; spot market strong; No.
I hard ?23?c; options opened Arm and
closed ?'?ii 1 Ifcc net higher; No. 2 red
February closed at 73'/fcc; May closed
at "li'Ac. Corn, receipts 1X700 bushels;
expo-ls 2.000 bushels; spot market firmer;
No. 2, 37!&c; steamer mixed 361
SC^ic; tvpllons advanced after the opening
and closed ftc net higher; February
closed at 37%c; May closed at 36Hc.
Oats, receipts 85.200 bushels; spot market
firmer: No. 2. 2G<fr2fi,,ic; options
qu1?'t, but firmer with oPher mark*:*,
closing '4??*c ent higher; F?*bru?
airy -closed at 2C?>e; May 253402ftc,
eloped at 2Cc. Hay firm. Hops dull.
Hides and loather steady. Beef steady.
CiKmeftts dull. Lard easy; western
steam closed n t V> 721*; refined quiet.
Pork firm. Tallow quiet. Rosin steady.
Turpentine steady. Rice steady. My
lasses firm. Cottonseed oil inactive.
Coffee, options opened steady and closed
Inactive at a net advance of 10?15
points; sales 5,259 bags. .Sugar, raw
quiet and firm; refined, market steady
and Patriy active.
BALTIMORE?Flotir dull and unchanged;
receipts 14,122 barrels; shipments
f>67 barrel*. Wheal dull; spot
nnd month 73%c bid; May 72,,*@72%c;
receipts 100 bushel*; southern wheat by
sample 75ft 7Gc; do on grade [email protected]
Torn strong; spot and month 32*itf>
33%c; May $5U?35%c; steamer mixed
32&032%c; receipts 31,366 bushels;
shipment? 360.612 bushels; southern
white and yellow corn [email protected])34c. Oats
pasler; No. 2 white western 27%?27%ic:
No. 2 m1x?*d 25*4?26c; reoelpts 17.332
bushels. Eye steady; No. 2, 44ft45c nearby;
47948c western; n?celpts 700 bushels.
Hay Arm; choice timothy $16 00 asked.
Butter Arm; fancy creamery 2WZ2c:
do Imitation lBtfiiSc; do ladle 14c; good
ladle 12ffrl3c; store packed H?10c. Egg*
weak; frerh 12?l-'^c: cold storage and
limed Stf?9c. Cheese steady; fancy
New York 19'?c. Whisky unchanged.
CINCINNATI ? Flour quiet and
steady; fancy $3 30(^3 60; family $2 80?
310. Wheat scarce; No. 2 red 73^c;
receipts 1.700 bushels: shipments 4,500
bushels. Corn active und flrm; No. 2
mixed 30%c. Oats Arm; No. 2 mixed
22%c. Rye soarcc and a shade higher;
No. 2. 42c. Lard steady ait $"? 2.>. Bulkmeats
quiet and steady at $5 50. Bacon
steady at [email protected] 75. Whiskey quiet
and steady: sales 597 barrels at $1 22.
Bu-'tPT scarce; fancy Elgin creamery
21c; Ohio 15c; dairy 9c. Sugar fairly
active and Arm. Eggs steady at 11c.
Cheese quiet; good to prime Ohio Aat
TOLEDO?Wheat higher ami active;
No. 2 cash and February 73?ic; May
74#c; July 70?fic. Corn higher and dull;
No. 2 mixed 29c: No. 3. 28Vfrc: May 31c.
Oats dull and Arm: No. 2 mixed 2014c; I
No. 2 white 22c; May 22'ic. Rye dull: I
No. 2 cash 41e. Cloverseed active and
steady: prime oufli and February
H 45; Msnrli %\ 42', j.
PHILADELPHIA?Buttter Arm and
In good demand; fancy western cream??ry
21c. Eggs steady; fresh near-by
10:: western 13c. Cheese unchanged.
]<lTt Slock.
CHICAGO?Ce?tth% to-day's was a remarkably
small run for Monday; 100?
16c udvanco lor dtsliable offerings.
The bulk at j3S5ft4 40; good to ohoico
were nuite animated; exporters
being frw buyers; butchers cattle were '
In brJak demand; cows chlc/ly at $2 000
;t 25. Hops, the run wna not a remarkably
hi<avy one to atort off the wwl;
wfc-h. birt nhe loral pacing crowd held
back, and as shipper* w.u* not buying
declined 5Ql0c. Common to prime
droves found purchasers a* $3 S504 20;
assorted light and choice butcher
welftfits sold the highest and hogs were
largely m: 54 050115. Sheep, there was
a good demand once more, and ?.cje
offerings were well taken & : llrm prices.
Hale* were on the basis of $2 5003 SO
for oommon io choice native sheep.
Jleceipts?Cattle 1,000 head; hogs 36,000
head; sheep 11.000 head.
EAST LIBERTY-Cattle dull and
lower; prime S4 250*4 40; good butchers
|3 60fe4 00; rough fat *3 0003 75. Hogs
ii shade higher; prime selected medium
weights 54 6004 to: beet Yorkers and
plur* 54 4Sfi4 60: common to fair Yorker?
S4 4504 50; rough 53,000 4 00; Chicago
reported weak. Sheep slow; prime
cheep 53 6503 SO; fair 53 000 3 30; common
52 2562 75: lambs 53 50 0 4 75; veal
calves 50 0006 50.
CINCINNATI-Hogs slow and lower
mi mC5M1 :'.v lnts 6.700 head: shlD
mcrvMi 2,300 head.
Ilry Goods.
NEW YORK?Buyers of the retail
class are prewnt In large number* and
(ho Jobbing department* of trade have
felt their presence In an Improved demund
u,nd sales. With agents there
was a more moderate personal request
although n very full mall brought many
orders for moderate assortments of all
pIiuvps of good?. Printing clothn very
dull at 2^4?,2 11-lGc for 44 square*.
FALL RfVER-Prln* clotha quiet
n-i?d Ann a-t 2&c.
OTL CITY-fredH balance* 51 23; certldcfl'tw
opened and highest $1 38; low
rmi $1 1*7; closed at $1 29: sales 4,000 barrels;
shipments (three daya) 228,357 barrel*;
runs 180.542 barrels.
NEW Y^iRK?Petroleum weak and
closed at 3'J bid.
NEW YORK?Pig iron quiet: southern
511 7r.?13 25; northern 512 00?13t0.
Copper Arm. Load firm. Tin llrmw;
straits J13 3j</13 43; pl&tea dull. SpeHer
NEW YORK-Wool quiet.
"Vo thing Venture, Nothing Have.**
Rev. John Held, Jr.. of Great Falls,
Mon., recommended Kly'a Ortvtm Halm
to n?e. 1 con emphasise hla wtaitement.
"It Is a ikkiIHvc oure for catarrh If
used a.? dlreoted."?Rev. Francis W.
{'nolo, I'aftor Central Pres. church,
lelena, Mont^ , u ?
11 M? sue ninuunn: ??/??? ?u vun-i-n ivr
cartarrh. o*id in worth it* widgfrt in
gold. I ran una Kly'a Oraam Halm with
aafrty and It ?k>N? all that if claimed
fOT it,?b. W. Sparry, Hartford, Conn.
Lightning Hot DropsWhit
a Funnr Name!
Vary Truo, but tt Kills AM Patau
Sold Evaiywhore. Every Day?
Without Relief, There la No Pat I
M* "Soiispleta
,l0W t0 Attaf" ll'"
^7i / A Ml A 'Wnndcrful 2*ow
yff 7> Medical Book,written
\dv/(l lUrMVl for Men Onljr. Ono
\?J/5/7 Jlt\ iy \J copy nifty do naa ireo
J^wrAJr ?. on toWMcAHoii.
Business College!
In tho best school to attend If you want
to become practical business men and
women, for It Ik the only school In tho
city that drills Ita students thoroughly la
Commercial Law,
Itnsiness Correspondence,
Business lilliics, etc.,
as well na everything that Is short and
practical In Bookkeeping and Arithmetic.
Thenu xuhJectM uro taught exactly an practiced
in our best and most successful
buslne** houses.
Hundreds of Its students each year exemplify
the method* taught In this school
In business bonnes In thin and other cities
In good positions secured by the management
of the tschnol and through Its reputation
for thorough practical work.
Tills school at all time* (fives Its *tud#nts
the latent and best practical work
that can lx? obtained from the counting
room. Its teachers know what business
is and how to tcach it
Wheeling Business College,
WHEELING. W.VA. Jsll-wmwy
warm T\n nTT A ATrn a T I
Ml. Uti LtlAlNlAL!
Under the Direction of the Hlstvra of U10
Vialifitlou, II. V. 31
Full English. Mathematical and Classical
Course, with Modern Languages.
Drawing. Painting, Elocution and Physical
Musical Department especially noted.
Extensive Library?both French and
Location unsurpassed for Beauty and
Hoard excellent
Pupils received at any time during the
session. Address,
Young Ladies
and Children.
SSIff Market St., Wboallug, IT. To.
Filth annual ?e?>lon begins MONDAY,
KKFTEMIIKK 10, This school offer* a
nunplctoaud thorough education in PitAcricAi.
Moor.KN Lanoi'aoi* and Kutcurios
Special advantages oflerod graduate! from
EublirochooU and others whoueiiro to pursuo
Isher branches ol study.
Methods and course of fnstrnctlon comparo
favorably with the best semlnsrlos iu the country
Bors received la the Primary and Intermediate
Ik'partmeots. For circuiari or Interview,
apply to
Principal. Wheeling. W. Va.
Vii.1 rHI8T loUIS*
and interinu,ilaic
points take palutial
Hteumeni of tho
Xn^SWV Pittsburgh & Clncin.
N-yrfTx natl Packet Line, leav' ^/."auuoat,
foot of Eleventh street, as
steamer KEYSTONE STATE. Charlrs
W. Knox. Master; Henry J. Host, Clerk;
every Tuefdny. 8 a. m.
Steamer HUDSON, Robert .Agnew, Mas
ter, James Alexander, Clerk; every
Thursday, k a. m.
Bteamer VIRGINIA. leave* every Bunday
at h a. m. T. 8. Culhoon, master;
Rptvort II. Kerr, clerk.
For freight or pamase telephone P20.
jag-" Agents.
Timo table In effect December 16, ISM. ?
NOTICE?Pl**a>?o take notlcc that trains
of the Ohio River R. It will run by Easttsru
Btandurd Tluie on and after September
29. 1KC.
Dally. ! Dally except 8unday. Eastern
. South Pound. | 1 81 5 7
Via P.C.C.&St.L. R a. m. p. m.
Pittsburgh. Pa..L> !I2M3
Bteubonvllle.... L/e *10:2/? *2:0?
Wheeling ....Arrive *11:36 _!!:20
a. tn.|a. m. p7 m.
Wheeling 7:00 111:45 *1:00
Hen wood 7:16 12:01 4:15
MovmdsvllU 12:lf. *:K
New Martlnsvlllo .. Mo 1:12 6:r
BlHtersvllle 9:0C l :.V>
Friendly 9:1? 1:4S 6:12
Bt. Mary'* ?;45 2:11 6:43
Wllllammown lo:? T:?
Parkersburg I1:M 1:26 8:00 a'7 5
Belle vlllo IIS J 4:02 7:53
p. m.
Ravens wood 12:07 4:33 S:3j
Ripley Lending .... 12:JS 4.W s.K
uranam 9;Li
New Haven 1:01 6;17 9:80
Hartford 1:01 6:31 9;3|
Macon City 1:10 6:3' 9:40
CllflO'i 1:16 6:41 9:45
Pt. I'lensant 1:40 6:0f. 10:17
OnlllpollH Ferry .... 1:17 G:fio io;H
Guyandotte 7:K 1):43
Huntington 1:24 6:05 7:20 11:03
Kenova _1:46|_8:25 7:65 II:25
""Via K. & M.~Ry. p. m. p. ih~ ^p. ttT
K. ft M. June....I-v tS:SS "9:42 1:35
Charleston Ar 16:05 *11:55 6:05
QalUpoila 12:49 7:13 1008
Huntington 1:50 8:60 11:45
Via C & O. Ry. a. m. p. m.
Lenve Huntington. !S:1B ,*1:S0 2:15
Ar Charleaton/W.V ?.4-.l? *S:45 4:in
Kenova ..... Arrive *2:05(_!9j10{ !Un?
Via C.~& 6. Ry. jp. m. a. m. p. m."
Kenova Leavel *2:18 *1:45 2:25
Cincinnati. O....Ar *6:50 *9:00 *?:fio
Lexington. Ky...Ar| *7:00 9:86 *7:00
I " W J. ROBIN8QN>iri?'X~
?Pennsylvania station*.
snnsylvania Lines.
Trains Run by Central Tim?.
ticKrr omrw at *Ytnnm.*AKu .Htatiov o?
Vat** 8t.. Foot or Kpvumi mt . WnviMrfa.
at MrLrwt Hoot*. *wn at ti?i
numiLftvu Ht4tiow. Pr.itMV.roKT.
8oCTawMT8rrrwf-,'PA>i Homi* Kotrrv "
Dally. iDolly except Sunday, v
From Wheeling to tj>*ve. Arrive
Wellab'R and Bteub'e.. C;iio am !ft:36 pm
McDonald and PUta.. hl:25 nin *6:36 pm
New Cumberland...... 6:26 am 10:35 pm
Indianapolis and8t U !(;Uim !&:tt pm
Columbua and Onoln. t:tS am !5:s3 pm
Wollabf and Hteub'e.. !5:96 pin
Phtla. ond N. Y tJ*:J? pm !2:ro pm
St rub e and Pitta...... M;to pm 12:39 pm
v?i? - ...... |iiu pin
Phlla. and ,,m *,0:3fi u,n
Baltimore and Wa?h. .ijC pm *10:S6 am
gtrub'e ttiiA im?. *2:65 pm #10:."5 uin
Bteub'e and IVnnUon. *2:65 pm *10:35 ain
Indianapolis and 81. 1* |k:00 pm !G;iJ am
Dayton and clnein.... !8:otj pm !b;i2 atn
BtVube and Colunibua !K:oo nrn If;it am
Northwem tfyjtem?Clev?. ft Plttf< JXv.
Train* run dally, excopt Sunday an folFrom
Bridgeport to Leave. Arrive,
p-ori Wayne ami Chicago B us am *:<# pin
Canton and 1 oh'do....... am 8:i?5 pm
ruwburglt and 8teuU?.. f?.0S am fc:06 pm
Bteubenvllle und Pltti.... 6:08 atn 8 06 p,u
Btoub'e and Pittsburgh.. !?:?9 urn 10:05 am
Clovolund and Chicago... 1 :lo pm 8:o6 pm
Canton ami, lolmio....... 1.10 pro ?:i4W put
AlllnHot und jUavoland... 1:1# prn 12:35 pm
Btoub o und WellMVlfte... ?:18 pin 7:68 am
I'hlln. nnd New York.... 2:44 pm 8:06 pin
BaUlmoro and Wa*h 2:44 pm 4:68 pm
Btoub'e and Plttaburah.. 2:44 pm S:Ud pm
D J. a. TOMMNSON. Paw Agont.
BUtlon Foot of Khiventh and Walor 8la.
Arrival and departure of trains on and
nft?r Jnn. 26, 1WW. lixplanntlon of HofcrMirU?r
Dally. Tj>g||y, 0'ir
day. tLfally. except Saturday. tDally. except
Monday. (Sundays ouly. i Monday*
only. "Saturday* only. Caiitern Standard
Depart. IB.AO.?Main I.lnc.JTwtl Arrive.
12:5$ aroJWa*h., Rat., Hhll., N.V ?:?) am
.5:40 nmlWonh,. linl.. Plil!., N.Y
17:00 am)..Cumberland Aeuora.. <7:05 pin
jiml Grafton Aerom *10:10 am
|S:to am ..MoundnvHIo Acrom.. t*:U am
1&:3>? pm ..Mound^vlll* Aceom., tl:40 pm
J 1 :f?0 pin ..Moundavllle Aecom.. *7:40 pm
11:20 urn WttMhlnRton City Ex. *!4:23pm
(....Oration gxpr*w?i.... >4:26 prn
"Depart" B.AO.?C.O. Dlv.'.Weat Arrlvw.
7:io am i*'or ColumbsiH and Chi. *1:15 am
10:15 atn .Columbus and Ciocln. *5:30 pm
JII.1V |nni-V.VIUUI"UB ?' ? V UK III. -I ..m um
3:50 pm:Columbus and Chi. Ex.|*12:10 pm '
3::*1 pm;...ZanoMv!lle Accom... jtlO:S5 am
tl0:l5 um St. Clalrsvillo Acoom.iTlO:ii5 um
13:30 prn St. Clalrsvllle Accom.1 15:20 pm
12:40 um Columbus unci Cln. Ex.|
HKluum BanOu*ky JMa.ll I '6:80 pm
"Dopart. U. 4*0.?U'., 1'. B. Clv.j Arrive.
4;55 am For I'ltt^burKli *10:10 am
7:10 am Pittsburgh *7:00 pm
5:45 pm ..Pittsburgh and East.. $11:30 pm
13:20 pm Phtaburgh Tl0:00 am
Pittsburgh Express.. >2:26 am
'Depart "P., C.. C. &"Bt.~L. Ry. Arrive.
17:2.'. am Pittsburgh 16:25 pm
17:20 am SNubfinille ami West t*?:36 pm
11:23 pm ..Pittsburgh and N. Y.. 13:? pm
3:53 pm ..Pittsburgh and N. Y.. *11:35 am
17:25 nm Ex., Cln. and St. Ix>uls 17:12 am
pm Ex.. Cln. and Bt. Louis K5:35 pro
11:26 pm ..Ex., Steub. and (Mil.. t3:20 pm
5:86 pm ..Pitta. ?nd D??nnl?son.. *11:35 nm
Depart. C. & P.-?BrldKcport. Arrive.
1<J;0< am Port Wayne and Chi. 15:51 pm
1C:<? am ..Cunton and Toledo.. <i?:05 pro
am Alliance uud Cleveland 1J|:0G pro
16:(iS am Suubonvlllo and Pitts. <9:0.1 pm
110:W am SfeubenvllJe and Pitts. 111:05 am
12:10 pm Ft Wayne and Chicago 15:6'? pm
t2:10 pm ..Canton and Toledo.. 15:^ pm
12:10 pm Alliance and Cleveland tJUS pro
*3:11 pin Philadelphia and N. Y. l5:o? pro
t3:44 pm i:ultlmor?' and Wash. tf?:68 pro
. 13:14 pm SK'iibenvlllfi nnd Pitts. I5:tf pm
,7:13 pm SteubV and _\Vullnvllle 18:58 am
"Depart. W. 2TE E. Arrive.
15:30 nm ....Toledo and West.... tT':0u pm
"w-.so air. Cleve. A'atotv & Canton pro
19:30 um Brilliant and Hteube'le T?3:o5 pm
17:30 pm Mn.Hstllon nnd Canton 110:40 am
17:30 pm Brilliant and Steubft'le 110:40 am
"Depart TZ & W.?Brfdgep't Arrive.
-.7:15 am Cleve., Toledo and Chi. 11:22 pm
11:40 pm Cleve., Toledo and Chi. 1<:5o pro
15:00 pm ....M&sslUon Accom? 110:M am
1H:0J nm St. Clalrsvlllo Accom. 19:2S am
1l0:fW am St. Clalrsvllle Accom. 11:31pm
12:32 pm St. ClalrsvlllH Accom. 14:4H pm
15:23 prn St. Clalrsvllle Accom. i.:'/ipm
11:0ft pm Local Freight 112:45 am
"Depart. Ohio P.lver H. 11. | Arrive.
7:o0 am Passenger ,*10:4r? am
111:45 am Pass^ng^r 1 ?2:0:? pm
4:00 pm Passenger .......| *6:4^ pm
"~j.~eavc U.. ?fc C. R~H. 1 Arrive
Belial re. ? iBellalre.
10:10 am Bellalre and Kanesvlllel 4:20 pm
5:15 pm Woodsfi'-lJ I 9:45 am
Departure aud arrival of
nt Wheeling Hut*
ijiutL Schedulela ofFor
Baltimore, Pblla-Jel*
\^V' v?<vi'fty *u'' NuwP Vork lii}
j,nu 11:.? a. m., and no p.
Cumberland Accommodation, 7;00a m.. dally
except Sunday.
Uraftou Accommodation'. ": It p. in., daily.
Uoundwille Accommodation. 7.-OJ and 8:43
a.m. mitt j:iW p. in., except Sunday, and 11:im
p. m., Saturday only.
From Ne-.r York, Philadelphia and nalilmore,
fgOa. m.. dallr.
Cumberland Kxprtm. 4:23 p. ra., daily, exoop:
(iraftnn Express 4:2.'? p. m.. Monday only.
Cumberland Accommodation, 7:0.) p.
copi Sunday.
(irattou Accommodation. 20:10 ?. in., daily.
Mouiidarllle Accommodation. 7:15 a m.. except
Sunday; Ifclu a. ra. dally. 1:10 and 7:3 4
p. m., except Stiuday, and ":io p m. Saturday
Tiuxs-onro nrvj'ios*.
ForCoUiinbuautid Chicago 7.i'> a. to. and ft 4}
p. in., daily.
Colutnbus aud Cincinnati Express 10:15 a. m.
daily. 11:tu p. in., dill/, except .Saturdaf, aal
2:Wa m snndnyonly.
Sand us1, v .Midi. !<> I > a. in., dally.
&we#r|l.e Accummo latum. U.JJ p. ra., daily
"St. Clnirirlllo Accommodation, 10:15 a. m. and
S:S0 p. m., except Sunday.
nhlcaRo Kxpresa. 1:15 a. in. and 12:13 p. m.
Cincinnati Kip res* 4:50 a. m and 5:33 p. m.,
Kundiulcy Mall. 5:30 p. m.. daily.
/Huvsvii.o Accommodation. w:5"? a m. dally
cxcept Sunday.
St. Clalrsvilit Accommodation, IQ:S5 a. bl aud
&30p. in., dallr. except Snndar.
For 1'iUsburzU. 4:"?innd 7-.10 a. in.. and 5:15 p.
m.. dnily: nud3:l5 p. in., dally, except Sunday.
For Pittsburgh and tho wut. 4:55 a m. and j.U
p iu.. dolly.
*?:?: JVB.
From Pittsburgh. 10:10 a. m. and 7:03 p. ra..
dolly, 11:33 p. m . daily, cxcept Saturday. jotfOa.
in., except Sunday. and gym in.. Sunday only.
Tlie Clef eland, Lorain & Whaeliag R. R.
Time Table in eflfcl Monda*. November 24.180*.
Cleveland Do|>ot. Foot of South Water Street.
CcntralTiuic|A.M.~p.>i i-.ji *.*. a.m a.n.Ip.h r.x
Oeratand. ...I 7:20 i.or? l:r. s
Lvlrr Jn... fcK
KIrrlfl 1
(ttaUdn IMS
Uittfjt't- 1' * *)1
fSllp. Uke.. !:l
Warwick !-? ?. ? ??
M?L?l! on_... fclTflbt.'.stO fc*?
2:?5 ??;!
CMul l>?T0r MfeSbUstt -:j; y\&
Uhricluvlllo UrJ\U:M6:i> ?:4I
Ktanlmllle ? fcHpD 11:90 fc?jfc8
Ir.M.I P.M. I
Hriilrfport... l:?2+S0 .... WO ?:?*
Uciiflre. ugfroM umq.ms Kaouaal?
Electric car* betweim Wheclluc. Martln'i Ferry
andC. i? it \V Dey*>*. tu Bridgeport.
Onttfll Tine.jji.NjA.il.jr.St.jr.M i.sii*.N|r.N mi
juilalrc 6KM ISA**U 10 fctfjfcME 4:13
BrldgeiK>rt ft!3 ISWHAo
si. Cmif^lllo- P:.VJ SM &19 7:^W0 2:2? fclo
ruriftmllN* .. ' 'J1 fcltr t.:C. *:<W i.MU.M r.N P.N
New Phtlida.. * S:?
Cantilever. . * * .imwji
jnut 11* !e n WH: tsolws
Hamilton jfcav V:i*i] 3:*"? ":'.0
Warwick NkW W* 4:10;r.*
HtorliOR- 1*16 ItfcL* 4:JO
CJilitu'wtLnfcO,lOrW, 4:1S
MrdiVm 17:44 IttjfT Wo
]^?ior Jet IC:^1
Grafton. ;ftg HHJ7I Ml
Hyrifc- rtWWllsSl fc?l
Lonua ftis n?| ki\
Letter Jet- 7:^10:16; M5
Cleveland, Aft. 11:501 C:lS
72& n. ui. from Cleveland i<% OhrtehcvtUe. t %\
n. m. fmm ITHrlcbrrillo toCl?n?l*n?l rnn? dalljr.
Through connection* and through ttokettte
all point*. Call ou out acenti or address
M. U. CAllItKti General hmumger Agent.
Wheellna & Elm Grove Rallroal
On and after 8?tnrdiy. Kcbruar/-. IWj. traius
will run n? follow*, eltjr tltao:
Tr*n TmalTi'n Tmc.Tr'a. Ttne.'frn Two
a.in I p.w. a.tn.? p m.
No ?...1G:OjNa 50.. ::.OJ Na UfMOfN* 19~*03
No. 4 7ri?0 Na 2-'...4:?>Na n... T.Oo No, 2|...4:00
Na ?... jt:?? No J4....V0H Na ?... ?:0o Nu
Na 8u~.fcW Na 2J...CSM Na 7...10:00 Na 2?...*.A1
Na Id 1MB Na A.W Na W.-.KWO Na 27,..7Kn
Na 12.1l:vO,Nu M...fc'MNa IMInK) Na S9..M1
ru tn INa Jf ...!)<? p. m Na si...9.01
l2;(/0,Na 94.1II.UQ No. ?..I2:iO Na *1.10:01
No. 10,-1:03 Na 38.11:00Na l.V.lOi Na 3Y.ll :0i
No Iti.. ?i| |Na 17....
1Dal|V. Sunday.
Sunday cliun'b trains will lesre Rim Grove w
fcl. a. in. and tvneellng at 1M7 p. ui.
ILK. VVcllHGRKHlCK Gen. Manager.
Wlicelina Brldne & Terminal Ry.
C. O. BKUWRTEH. Receiver.
Time Table No. 13. lo take effort 1S;01
n m . Kundiiv. N'nvmnlirr 1U. lvft.'.
W:a IU:?. *s*?wi^tewf
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