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newed on th? same baels of digging.
79c per inn, for two years, ending September
15, 1895. 1Mm? siUd Henry Florfr
sbelm w?u to deliver the ooal at works
[ f6r 11 81 per ton.
P.t The within oootract between Henry
Florahelm. of FiiriayvlHe, Pa,, and the
I ctty or "WlweHng. W. Vn.. la hereby renewed
for the term of two years, com1
menolng the lotfh of September, 1M3,
i and ending September 15, 1896. Price
3 $134 per ion delivered at Work*, chty
$ . weight, and subject to all it* provisions
i In evrry respect.
v. W+tnesa our band and soate this 6th
j day o<t September. 1893. _
W.M. H. 8HAFER.Trustee.
r Trustees of the Go? Works of the City
|| of wa??aing, w. v?.
I* We And th?t ?the trustees hove been
paying the hauling on raid coal and
r- therefore we hove charged the wild
w Henry Florsheim for the hauling sold'
| ooaQ from September, 15, 1893, -to Seps
twnber 15. 1895. with interest to Jan}
nary 1, 1S96, according to the contract,
he agreeing to deliver said coal at the
works; we have also charged him for
. the difference in rhe price of digging, as
"IV* have it from a reMatole source that
' Khe price of digging came down from
78c to as low as 55c In -the time mentioned
in sa-ld contract from September
IS. 1893,"i;o Sept?mbtr 13. 1B95.
We also find an account opened In
the Ledger on pages 150 and 154 as fol\
IT h JOT*. II, riA/rinoiinini.
To C. W. Rlxey, for hauling } 1? 50
| To cash, paid freight 95! 20
By coal account .....11,120 19
[ ; \ March?
! To C. \V. Rlxcy, for hauling $ 171 27
P To C. W. Rlxcy, for hauling 158 12
t To cash 2.M3 10
, To cash, paid freight W7 08
? By coal account 13.500 57
To C. W\ Rlxcy, for hauling $ lOfi 2?
h To C. W."Rlxcy. for hauling HS 01
1 . To cash l.SC W
r To cash, paid freight 26
[ By coal account 12.101 23
' Which you six* was clotted In to the
coal account and proves that Ur Floershelm
was to pay the hauling.
We And on March 1st, isyil, settlement
; a mistake made by the secretary that
Henry Flocrsheltn could not have overlooked
and would not have done so if It
had been against him. In this rase, the
secretary In copying from the weigher's
book forgot, or did nol. take off the
weight of the wagons, but allowed for
the grpss weight, making an over-pay
of 77* tons of coal at ?l 14 per ton. (this
was to be run of mine coal for electric
light plant) making $S 98, but It seems
to be the same old thing, nobody looking
after the Interest of the city; in this
settlement then* was 355.65 tons nut coal
which was paid for as run of mine coal,
which In all of Henry Floershelm's bids
that we have been able to find in the
gas office, was 5c per ton less than run
of mine coal, and therefore your committee
have charged the said Floor
sheim hack with the difference,
Amounting to $17 75 with the overcharge
of $8 98. making 126 73 with Interest
to January 1st. 1896. We find nut
ooa! charged up as run of mine <'oaI
charged beside* the afrocwaid mentioned
nut coal in April 15th nnd .10th. May
f 15th and 30th. In July settlement we
find an overpaid of $7 16 and on overcharge
of 2.76 tons at $1 30 per ton, making
U 19 a total of |1? 65 with interest
to January 1st. 1896. The trustees, who
are, or should he. looking after the interest
of the city, continued to pay the
price of run of mine coal for nut coal
j delivered to el?ctric light plant, as we
find in the 15th day of September rettlement
an overcharge for nut coal;
same In September 30th settlement, and
!y so It continues up until the 31st day of
Maruh, 1894. To cap the climax. the
i, trustees paid him for car No. 290?20.71
tone nut ooal (that Teasdale would not
receive, for reasons we do not know)
' but we do know It wan received and
weighed at the gas works and placed on
the weigher's book as ear No. 290?20.71
tons nut coal ar.d a statement made by
the assistant secretary and In said
it i* i..,rv nlnlri n* h?? not* It.
car No. 290 (nut) (No. 40.710. tin* check
mark in red ink is Henry Floershelm's
\ check mark for correct a* checked by
him) make* 20.71 tons and pays him
SI 34 per ton. the price paid for clean
coaI delivered at the gas works, and
overpaid charge of 25<* per ton. To
make .this plain, we return .March 31st,
18M. settlement for examination.
Just here we will .state that Henry
Floersheim Rets from th'? weigher at
the works a statement of the ears unloaded
and weighed every day. the
weigher sending him n postal with the
cars unloaded and the amount got out
of every car. which enubles the ?*ald
Floersheim to check up and see wherever
there Is a mistake In his favor, or
not. and in the six years thut we have
gone over the books we have only found
one time when there was any mistake
against Floersheim. and that was for
only one ton of coal, and we have his
letter notifying the secretary to make
' that good In the next settlement, which
he did. But we have found where the
secretary. W. H. Fee, ha* copied from
the weigher's book and made a mistake
of 1,000,000 pounds of coal, making 500
tons, and Mr. Henry Floersheim checked
that up after receiving the dally
statement. Ho did net notify the city.
(This was In the monthly statement,
rendered October 31st. M94, by the necretary.
W. H. Fee.) N'o. but h?> claimed
it, ana maueinc mj i??.> mm ?ih;
for the 600 tons of coal ho did nut do.
, llvor, hut made the city pay hlrn Inter'
e*t on the amount. We have charged
him hark whh the amount of the coal
and the interest In harsed th?* elty.
BOO tons* of ooul ut $1 34 per ton. $070 ?M),
- ' Interest paid on sum* to January 15th.
.1895, $8 37. making JOTS ::7 with Interest
to January tat, IR96. There are other
I overcharge* prior to tlila of xnmll
amount, which we have churned hack
to Henry Floerahelm. which we <-xp#?ct
to collect from him In final settlement
We find that on December 17th, 1891.
the truatec* charge*! tip to coal account
$30 -<9. which they knew the said Floorahelm
ought to pay. as it was for liaul\
lug coke, and paying freight on raid
coke for eald Floof*helrn, and here la
another Instance where the city has no.
body looking after It* Interest. We
have charged the amount hack to Henry
Floewhelm with Iritcreat.
June. 1893, the secretary, \V. .1! Fee,
nettled with the said Henry Floerahelm.
* by and with the consent of the trustee*
of the g?is tward, a? their record* show,
mid paid him $304 ?'0 more than tie* coal
delivered bjj "the said Floerahelm
amounts to. (See statement from hooka
n* to cash paid.) And mt the secretary,
W. H. Fee, from the day he entered the
office, never entered the amounts of
tons of coal or the price per fori on the
hooka. Hilt entered In lump, aa you will
nee below, we therefore had to go to the
atatemonf* to find what we have discovered.
the overpay of $'??H ?;o. and had
the city of Wheeling had aomo one jiHik*
/ luflr after her Interests, the overpay
could not have occurred.
April. To cash paid
freight, voucher $ ill 12
June. To eMail paid
rrni?)if. vniir!)i<r fifll 76
June." To ?a*M paid II.
Fioerahelm W,.V.'7 7G-H.MI <l
February 2S. My 1,7ft) M-200
ton* rottl. at 31 2* ...t2,l*7M
Mardi 31. My HODM?*)
coat. at fl 2"? "raw
April 30. ny 1.131 82-200 Iohm
coal, at $1 34 1,515 M>-*4,4M M
Overpaid $ 3CI ?o
Why we nay 1 !? ? In. tlio aecretary
Jay* before the trunt'ca th#? atntornontn,
tilao the vouchera jwild on nocount for
freight. You will hm from the above
m?t?*nient. had th?* Hty r?f Wheeling
had any one looking after her lnt?TontM,
the overpay rntjld not hnvi- occurred,
hut the record* of the ffna olIJco ahow
that the aecretary wan ordered to draw
n check to pay Henry Floeriihclni tin
amount of $3,627 70 and when they did
that they paid him Just $.'<61 CO more
!;/ ' s* ... .'*
' thnn they owed him, If they had the
vouchers before then that their records
show they have paid an freight for him.
and If they did not they are more to
blame for their neglect of duty m trusts.
We find that Henry Floershelm
thought he was still In It And Insisted,
and was paid, for two cars of coa! he
said he delivered In December. 1894, and
was paid for nald two cars In October,
1895, $61 24 and Interest, $2 85, amounting
to $64 09. We have found that Henry
Floershelm was paid for one of these
cars In the December, 1R94, Hettlement.
and that Mr. Teasdale has paid him for
the other one December. 1894, and therefore
we have charged him back with the
amount paid. $84 09 with Interest to
January 1, 1896. We also tlnd an overcharge
In October, 1895 settlement ftf
$63 93, which we have chargcd him with,
and here occurs another instance o(
where Secretary W. H. Fee shows his
friendship for Henry Floershelm. He
In nrtw ninoti'il niulltor and In auditing
hi* own statement for the month of Octol?or,
We want to call your attention to our
new contract for coal, at $1 15 per ton,
commencing: September 15, 1896. We
were paying SI 34 per ton up to that
time, and when the secretary, W. II.
Fee. made up hi* statement he made It
for 602 161-200 ton* of coal at$l .14 per ton,
when it should have .been 356 187-200 tons
of coal at 31 .14 per ton. making the
city pay to Floershelm $46 90 more than
she ought to have paid. According to
the weigher's books where we got the
coal weighed 4tp to September 15, 1895,
was ns above, 355 187-200ton?,and besides
the secretary, W. H. Fee. overpaid the
said Floershelm $17 03 In this settlement.
which could not be found without
going back to his statements. The difference
between the602 I61-200tons and
the 355 187-200 tons should have been in
when we put them In the settlement
made September 30, 1895. at $1 15 per
ton. but you can easily see why he
wanted It where he put It. was to give
Henry Floershelm the benefit of same.
We find the office of the gas works
has been run very loosely, as we find in
the delinquent accounts many accounts
marked "paid" and not entered In the
cash books. And we also flnd many
accounts not marked paid, when we
go to collect them the parties named
on the delinquent list show a receipt
for same, making It very plain that the
secretary and collector for the last two
vcarn have been using and not ac
counting for same; how much we are at
present unable to say. as we have not
got through checking up the delinquent
We find that the trustees have allowed
the secretary to get In $52 36 freight
on coal three times. We have also
found where the trustees have taken
credit for $376 46 three times and have
paid It buf once. They are therefore
liable, under their bond, for that
amount, They also ordered a cheek
drawn to pay freight for James Gardener.
jr., for $35 88. There is no voucher
for fame, and the amount has not been
collected frow James Gardener, Jr. This
amount was paid out of check No. 1812
to pay sundry bills, the bills being paid
out of .the cash In the safe, and the
check written and signed and deposited
to offset the cash paid out of the safe
and placed to the credit of the trustees.
We also find the trustees have overpaid
C. W. Klxey for hauling, the
amount of $161 82. *sjuly 7. 1891. they
advanced the said Rlxey $50 00. The
secretary had him sign a receipt for
.same and laid It before the board, and
had that amount included In a check
to pay sundry bills. He.had also paid
C. W. Rlxey. for hauling 14.376% bushels
coal at 7fic per 1(H) bushels, amounting
to $107 82. On May 31, 1894. and on
July 14. 1894, he settled with C. W
Rlxey again, and paid him for 32,939 2-8
bushels coal at 76c per 100 bushels,
amounting to $247 04; Included In said
settlement, the aforesaid 14.37G}|, bushels
coal already paid for. making an
overpay to the said Rlxey of $50 00 and
$107 82; total. $157 82. And on September
1, 1894 settlement he overpaid him
$4 00. making the total amount overpaid
C. W. Rlxey.$161 82. We also And thnt
Secretary W. H. Fee has collected
from C. W. Rlxey for coke. $S 13 twice,
and has turned it over to the city but
George H. Harvey & Co., for tho new
process. they were to put everything in
complete running order, the city to pay
for nothing until everything in complete
and satisfactory. Wo And In the
order book of the gas trustee# an order
to draw a check to pay C. I'. Hamilton
& Co. $170 r?S. Said check (which you
will find with this report, also hill for
name approved by the board), was
drawn for the above amount, payable
t'? "cash." and not to C. P. Hamilton
Sr. Co.. for $17o M. and endorsed by J. A.
Holllday & Son. Th?? money was paid
to the paid .1. A. Holllday tit Son by the
secretary, W. 11. Fee. and the check
depot* I ted to cover the cash paid out of
the drawer. We rail your attention tn
this for tho reason the city did not
order the work done and should not
havo paid the bill, an*., therefore, the
gas trustees have erred In their duties",
and should b<> made to cover that
amount back Into the city treasury.
We would call your attention to the
way the contract was given out. and an
Mr. Dunlevy has been In the board for
tho past six years, we tak<* it for granted
they hav?? been following the precedent
established by them. On February
7. 1X93, Henry Floersheim bid to
furnish coal for the electric light pjant
at SI H per ton of 2,000 pounds, actual
railroad wolghts. as weighed on Haitimore
& Ohio railroad ?rales at Finlayvlll??.
Pa.. (Floershelm's own word*
were that "h?* had the man at the scales
fixed to weigh to suit him " That was
jo cover something r?ls<\ but It suits
here). The bid of the Kim ('.rove Coal
Company, to furnish coal for electric
llwlu iilnnt Yt'iiit 11 12U. n??r ton tit "
pounds, "delivered In your coal iiouhc
at plant." Too east of hauling una
lfcfcc per ton, which innkes the Kim
Grot* Coal Company's bid Just jjn^e loss
per ton than Henry Floerahetm's bid.
}lut Kill) 111 board uf gas trustees ,
award* the contract for furnishing
c<>al for the electric llcht plant for that
y?*ar tb Henry Floershelin, "h?? belnK
the lowest bidder "
After this contract wan nward"d to
Henry Floershelin. wr have n letter
from the (tlcndale Coal Company saytn?r
they wou?? furnish run of mine
coal for R5c per ton
The minute of the hoard of Kan trusted*
of 8epteml>cr Ifi. lKi?fi. niiow thai
the contract wan awarded to Ilenry
Floersheim, "he being the lowcat bidtier,"
us per former precedents, only
worse. Hi.< bid was taken out and the
secretary. \V. 41. Fee. and Honrv Floortdieltn
went Into the ofllce of John A.
Howard, the prosecuting attorney for
this county, and there dictated a proposition
to mihs Kate Howard, which
she reproduced on the typewriter on
one of Henry Floershclm's letter heads.
The bin we found In the gas ofllco and
the bid he was Riven the contract on
as the lowcat bidder. The pi* works
ones clean lump coal. Here are the
bids. You can see how the said Henry
Floerahelm is the lowest bidder:
f'lean lump coal MS
Throe-?pjartftri? roal
Hun-of-mlne coal f?f?
Nut coal !?0
AvernRe fur four hldn I.MVi
It. II. P. WILMS' HIl).
flmn lump cohi 1.10
Threr-uiiarler* roal I.nr.
Hun-of-mlne coal 1.00
Nut coal %
sivrruK" "" nmr iiiu* i "-'a
Henry Floerehelm, the lowont, lUc
on the avernse of the four kind* of coal,
but on the con I Ht tin* city
iraa work*. Henry Kloorahelm In 6c per
Ion more thnn Wlllln* bid, w.noh would
make In one year. an we uae not
than Ifl.oao torn* of con I. fftno a year and
Henry I?'loernhelm sr*?t? tnat amount
mop* than bin com pet I torn n? "the low?f^t
Your committer ban culled your attention
to the i'ill of C. V. Hamilton \Co.,
for ronPtructlnp the bonne for th??
Harvey i'roroHft Company, whloh wan
paid by order of the board" of go* truaieea,
an nhown by their mlnuteii, PunI
Icy and Holllday belriR the only mem*
i hern proHont. Wo now call your at ton\
tlon to n bill which the city Is bound
for, and may be sued for, as tho party
has so threatened.
WMKBMNO, W. VA., 8ept. 9. 1KB.
To W. H. Fee, Secretary City Clan Works.
(Nome Issue an order for the following:
Isabel I a Porter Company. No. 245 Uroudway.
New York, for two 10-Inch valves,
with hub same us uut. with Inalde screw;
eight 6-Inch "F" long-lever valv?*. Ship
8. M. OARKAII, Superintendent. |
The secretary. W. H. Fee. liteued said
order ?n ft blank from 'tho jfaa office ordor
book. and falleddo Mil out tihe stub.
You never would halve known lhat auoh
an order was tna-do had nr>t tho Isabella
Pouter Company so notified the aecre
tary or tne noani or gas txusie?Mi tnai
tiiey held suph an ord^r. No. 3.763. (the
Kim'1 number as the unfilled stub) and
signed by W, H. Fee, secretary, for j
tlie valves, etc., billed on Octobcr 9,
1895, wihloh bill amounts to $277 00.
The valves, etc., were for George If. 1
Harvey & Compiny, who are putting in
the Harvey process at the works.
There are people who leave a deposit i
to seoure the city for aoiy gas\hey may
use. The deposit account Is credited
with same. They pay along and ulVrw?ards
drop out of sight, and their bills 1
are put on the delinquent list, the de- :
ponH not bHng enough to pay said kus
Mil. They never ask for -their deposit,
and therefore there was $66 30 on -the
credit side of the said account. The |
secretary, W. H. Fee, says ho called i
the board's attention to same, and they
ordered him -to close said aocount.
wbloh lie did by drawing a check for
same awl crediting the gas trustees and
paying said amount Jo nobody, which
was taken our of the'eajfh, and th* city
lost it. We -Mvlnk the trusteed are 11 ruble
for that. They should cover said
amount back lr.to the treasury. |
Cubic feet gas made HO,637.500
Cubic f?-ot gas wold 10O.i-97.4on
Used by city 12,589,800
Lohh 20 per cent Z7.820,300-H0,?57.5u0 |
IjiiKliels coal bought 381,028
BushelK coal sold 212
Hutdiel* coal used 37S,N>2 j
1?osm 2.014
Or so tons.
Cubic feet gas made 154,410,000 |
Cubic feet gnu sold....I14,738,390
Used by city JJ.2W.500
Loss 17 per cent 26.3S9.200?154.410.000
Itushcl* corI bought 4,421.80
itoshel* coal sold 7.56
nushel* conl used 4.27*.33
Lops 112.1*1
Or 872 tons.
Cubic f#et kas made 142,820,500
Cubic feet gas Kold....III,890,300
Used by city .*.379,700
f.o.?s IS per cent 26.050,r.00- n:,sd?..W
Mushel* conl bought 4,ll0.4f<
Bushels conl sold 6.79
4.103 67
Bushels coal used S.^IIGO
Ixiss 1W.67
Or 6? ton*.
Cubic feet ru? mode 98,260,COO
Cubic feet gas sold 63,963.700
Cued by city 3.539.SC0
Losh 23 per cent 25,757.000? 9K,2$)?500
Bushel.* coal bought 2.83). 18
Bushels coal used 2,771.IS
Loss 49.00
Or 15*1 tons.
Cubic feet gas made 122.906,WO
Cubic feet gns sold 93.144.400
Used hy city 4.632.700
Losh 2ft per cent 25.129,700?122^06.W0
Bushel* coal l>ought 3,114.03
Bushels coal used 3,096. &2
Los* 217.20
Or WJ9 tons.
Cubic led gas made ...126,'739.100
Cubic feet gas Hold.... 99.001,700
Used by city 5,547,900
Ixiss 1R per cent 22.186.S00?126,739.10H
Butthel* coal bought ?.' 3.976.52
Bushels coal used. 3,!'?'!U7
Loss 67.35
Or 365 ton?.
We off or for your consideration nnd
adoption, the following:
Resolved. Thu.! the city solicitor
with this committee be ordered to proceed
nnd collect the amount of this bill,
$12,c:t ;<j, from IIwiry Floraheim. or
the gas trustees.
Resolved, That the cKy solicitor
with this committee be ordered to collect
from the gas -trustees. (H. H. Dunlevy,
J. A. Holliday and E. Buckinan).
the amount of $1,516 86 being for the
following: $170 58 Che amount paid J.
A. Holllihiy ft Son for work done on
Harvey plant; $16182 overpaid C. W.
Rixey for hauling; $752 92 the amount
being for the $.176 16 which the g-ia
trustees' books credit for three times
and paid but once; also $52 36 freight on
coal wb-lch rhe city paid twice and
HonrV Florsh?>im once, the city being
charged once too often for same; $35 88
In cflKok No. 1.812 to pay sundry bills
said to b^ paid for James Gardener.
Jr..(no voucher);a4?o $66 30 check drawn
to close deport! account, and $277 00 '.he
city Is bound for to ihe Isabelle Porter
Company, of New York.
And Whereas. This council passed a
resolution ordering <ha present gas
ivn?*ivn<i ("n dfiiailt nil mmmv anil t<>iv
.ill Wlls unci mm on pay rolls by ch? -k.
This resolution they )m*e not compiled
wtth fully. We wouM recommend that
the above be complied
Your committee asks for further time
to report on ?Icctrlc llffh-t plsnt and the
jras office and work*, generally.
Resolved. That <.he cJork of the rtty
I*o authorized to draw a check for $400
us prort pay for George \\\ itohimton
for hm services.
Respectfully submitted,
nil. D. H. TAYLOR. Chairman.
The first resolution, ordering the city
solicitor to proceed and collect $12.03.136
due on "overpays." from Henry Floershelm.
won passed without opposition.
The second resolution requiring: the
city solicitor to collect from
th" n??'mlH'rs of tin- fotnn**- gas
Stomach, sometimes called wnterbrasli,
nnd burning pain. distress, nausea,
dyspepsia. are cured by Hood's Sarsaparilla.
This it accomplishes because
with its wonderful power as a blood
purifier, Hood's Sarsaparilla gently
tones and strengthen* the stomach un<l
digestive organs, invigorates the liver,
creates an appetite, gives refreshing
sleep, and raises the health tone. In
cases of dyspepsia nnd indigestion it
Brums to have a magic touch."
"For over 12 years I suffered from sour
with aovere pains ?cro? my ahouldoro,
and Rroflt dlitrow. I had violent nausea
which would Icnvn ran very weak and
faint, difficult to Ret my breath. Theso
apelli came oftener and more aevcro. I
did not receive any lasting benefit from
phj'flicianR, but found auch happy effects
from a trial Of Hood's Rarsaparllla, that I
took several bottles and mean to alwaya
koepit in the houso. I am now able to
do all my own work, which for six yearn
I havo boon unnblo to do. My hufl nana
and aon havo alHo I won grontly bonofltcd
by Hood'* HnrnapariUa ? lor palnn in
tho l>?ck, and nftor the grip. I gladly
recommend thin grand blood modlclnc."
Mm. PrtkR ttuiWY, Loominntor, M*S!?.
IdlhffOnn True niood I'lirlltar. AIIilnigRlnts.fl.
i-i it -kin n',n 1,11 I?lver I Hi ami
rtoou s I ills Hick iii'iiitnriio. 'A'lcciiii.
Fine Bed
In order to make room for i
cording to design, etc.,?01
Some have been cut very
tt iTiAMP .
ILLUS I Kfti tuna ;
Mahogany Chamber Suits f 160 00
Mahogany Chamber Suits 135 00
Sycamore Chamber Suits 80 00
Walnut Chamber Suits 135 00
English Oak Chamber Suits 100 00
Antique Oak Chamber Suits -150 00
Antique Oak Chamber Suits 115 00
Antique Oak Chamber Suits 65 00
Antique Oak Chamber Suits 60 00
Antique Oak Chamber Suits 80 00
Antique Oak Chamber Suits 55 00
Great savins await those c
lioutls will he stored and di
G Me
X^Stop and Se
board. Monrs. II. IT. I)unlovy.
K. M. Flolliday and K. Buckman, ?
the ?um of $1,516 Kt?. wus puxaed.
Mr. Frew wanted information on o?*rtain
Itoinn of the H?>cond resolution. The
rrors made, wild Mr. Robinson, expert
accountant, were erron* of tho memb?rn
or the hoard, not hip secretary, wno uiu
as directed i?y tin' board.
The third resolution, nuking Unit the
rule made by council, that all gas board
bills be paid by checks, Ik; enforced. ^
was adopted.
The fourth resolution. providing for I
the payment of $400 for servic<*s of I
George W. Uohinnon. as expert ac- J|
count, was adopted.
The tlrst branch concurred In the action
of the H?*o?nd as to the gas Investll
nation committee's resolutions and adjourned
at 11:30 p. m..
The present ?ras board owes Henry
Floershelm for coal. This bill
will not be paid by the pas board, the
committee having instructed the board
to withhold payment until Flovrshelm
j settled up the city's claim of $12,(KK?.
which Ih to be plaoed In the hands of
City Solicitor linyce for collection.
I The committee alleges that Floershelm
secured the coal contract in an
| invgular manner. During the Invest I- (
nation by the special committee It was
noticed that Flo* r? helm's bid. under
date of Pittsburgh. September 14. 1895. I
j was written on a typewriter, the typeface
of which was different from the
I one used on the other typewritten let- I
ters from him to the l>oard. Invention- 1
I Hon proved that the bid was written by j
it stenographer in the county building J
here In Wheeling at the dictation of
Mr. Floershelm. It Is alleged that this
revised hid was made in a manner unfair
to the other bidders. An otHclnl of
the lat?? gas board explains that the bid
was ehanged by Floershelm without
previous access to the other bids. This
1 phase of the gas works muddle will be
further Investigated by the committee.
W. W. KKPNER'S Photographic Studio.
In Peabody Building, will be open
to the public to-morrow. Come and Inspect
the handsomest gallery In the
State. Among the attractions Is a larg?- ?;
crayon portrait of the late Rev. Dr. W.
H Cooke.
Wedtiesiiay, February 2G.
Twenty people In the cast. All special
scanerv. A cenulne troupe of Tyrolean
Singers. Hoar Mr. Gardner sing "Apple
Price* 80c. 7oc and II 00. Scots on sale at
C. A. House's Music Store Monday, February
24. fe21
*'kI"."..;?'1 I Saturday, February 29.
First Appearance Here of
In his Dnr.zllnic Spectaeulur Production of
Mntflc. All the scenery. furniture and
properties used In flic entire renrcsontatlon
have been made from special designs,
and constitute the Most Magnificent Stage
S?>ttlnRs Ever Exhibited. Bow I Id er lug
Feats of Ma (Tie.
Matinee Prices?Roserved feats cents;
admission and cents. Night prices$1
CM*. 7"? and So cents. Seats on sale nt C.
A. House's Music Store Thursday, February
27. fe2<
OPHH.A EcorrsB =
The Great Racing Drarnn.
Thn Honhv Winn or
uiiuy vt iiiiivi.
A Company of Twenty-one Stuping.
PaurliiK and Acting People. Thoroughbred
lloniw, Jockey, Plantation Dancers and
Slimer*. Complete Scenic Effecta. .
Prlee.? $1 in, IS and .Vt tents. Seats on
Halo at C. A. Houao'a Music Store Friday,
February fe26
opeiia xiousia
x). -cyr. tbuss en oo.
Announce the Final Tour of the Most P'
Suecenyful of Anjerlcan Comic OporaR, .v
More Superb than Ever In Its Spocim-ular
Price*?All scots on lower lloor II 00; ^
admission T.*? cent a. Reserved aenla In ^
balcony 76 cents. udmlaalon ft) cent a. Sen la
on aale at A. Houao'a Music Store Sat
unlay. February y fel't)
TO LET. 4,
Ofllroa HxehattKe Hank Hulldlnc, furnlahed
??r unfurnished. Mont modern In
the city nl modern!* rents.
Retail liuslnehs house 1103 Main at reel.
Store room and riwelln* 21 Mi Main street,
three- story hulldlmr. Kont 125 per month.
Store room and dwelling 2111 Main street. 1
4 wood dwelling rooms. Store room IXxlfcO.
Hent lis per month.
8 rooms second Moor 1225 Main St.. 120. 1
Modern 9-roomod dwelling No. fa Six- E
teentb street. vu
8-roomed bouse, with .1',* acres of ground, '
on National Hood, a few minutes from the
city, at a motor station. 1/1
T-riininrit tirlr-k IniiiNC. with hnth. (nun. i
dry. Imdd* rlovut. ?nd Mnbh> in renr, 'J2
Houth !*onn utrent.
ft-roontncd brick houne, with all convenience*.
1M Sixteenth utrcet. ?
Modern G-roomcd hou*e, hath, nttlc. In- CJ
aide rloHol, etc.. HI South Front ntroct. Q
t-roomod lirlrk tiouae 923 Market utroet.
ft-roomcd brick house 18 South Wabash A
nlnjot* |? nor month; now empty. wll
room oil brink house nt 2fiOT? Wood ntroct i?i,,
for is j>or mouth. ,
I ronttiM Neeond Hoor ,11" Znno Ptront for ?l!
}7 per month, now empty.
3 room* Mw National Komi in per month;
now empty.
H room* 21*W Market St.; now empty. T~J
Money to Loan on I Inn I Kntate Security, p
on yearly or monthly payments. *
Room Ft
our immense new stock, we li
n the Cftamber Suits we car
liberaJly, others not so much
#140 00 Curley Birch Char
00 00 Curley Birch Chai
?0 00 Curley Birch Char
85 00 Combination Foldii
(>5 00 Combination Ghiff
J2.> <FU l^nna s roiums; qc
75 00 Oak Chiffonier
55 00 Oak Chiffonier
45 00 Ladies' Oak Desk
70 00 Ladies' Oak Desk
45 00 Ladies' Oak Desk
oniing promptly for the Bargains
slivered when wanted.
ndel <!
:e Our New Carpets.
furniture. C
When you can buy just as cl
ME NT PLAN. Your mo
you as anyone else. Our sto
ffite, Handl
2245-47-49 MAP
?? M J
Are made of steel and m
hand; made to last a lii
is the most perfect cooking;
The Maje:
no other S
better than
s ftonItube, Cil
han now. Don't wait for the
ices. Remember our loss i:
vely 'sold at cost for cash.
J. 1
Assignee of ALEX. Ff
j^| Stop a Minute j(
9gg? our
f 1 .... which
> 1 may
^ chnnco
| contain
... artlclo
you wish.
)on't bo afraid to look; won't cost
none cunt. jh
lion, Wheal & Hanchcr Co. ;;
#rwn Soil Diamonds. * '
" ii
photography. jj
II tlrkou Iwuod l?y HIOOINS* (5AM.KUY
I b?? nooojttcl ai ihclr fnen vnluo for C*blm>l
i>togmpl?. oho on each doioti. until April l ,
iw t. n. niooiNs. j
lave reduced prices?acried
over from last fall.
nber Suit ,<15000 $10,") (H)
nUaa< Cuif f\ r An It An
IIUCI ?JU'V w 4i 1 \j\)
nber Suit ;o oo j:j ()o
lg Bed 6; oo V> 00
onier 40 00 'JS 00
J 9 00 ti Oil
2; 00 is Oil
18 00 ! .? Hi)
16 00 10 00
7 00 00
18 00 11 00
1 we aro now offering.
& Co.
/ A O I I O
r uMonc
arpets, Etc,,
icap on the EASY PAYnev
is worth as much to
ck is complete in HOUSECREDIT,
ey 6 Foster,
ialleable iron; made by
fetime. The
S Steei
lpparatus the world has ever
itic is like
tove. It is
any other.
l, Wheeling, ffJa. .
TIME TO 8111...
spring rush and pay higher
; your gain. Goods posiC.
3EW. 1117 Main Streat.
Iripple Greek Mining Stocks!
If you doalrc to rcccivo reliiMe iuformaWJ
uii-.Tniiii? ('riimlii I'r.'ok minim: t?rrtpcrllR>
wlro 10 Invest in mining Mo?k?. nd<ln'v?
Member ol Colorado Mloiug Stock Kxd>?nScl
Ofllco: 910 Kqnllnblo llulldlOR.
Rernutcm-I'. n Itobbln., r.inler M'.V
ivlnpi Il??k Mbrclltiit. V? ; H'ur; K M?w
lOtliK'llt' !I> Hank nt .VtiMltnK. u \* tu 0.
nco E. Sands, Cmhlcr Kxcbmuro I""*, ,{
InvlliiK.W. V?.; WillUtu M. ,
muwrrltil B?nlc. of Whoollnx. W * * .'
en Oimrrlcr, l'r<**l<U*tit PelnpWltl ,
.... Wbwlinc. W. V? : T. II. Norton.
inker. Whcflllu#. W. Ya.: John Kr*?w
>>TM?IJ()R!<('KR. Wheeling, W. Vk : ?>.? I/
'iH'ellng W V?- 1 ??
- cit hicatucd crrclPS.
_4 L* L~ I VV l-n I I1L.IN ? ' ? '
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