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"no grounds yet.
. Big Four" Try to Sccurc Ground
for the Ball (Sub.
m'kee remains in wheelin
To Uracil a Declalan on Ihli AlUlmpar
mil (Juration liniurillnlely?Tlio 8(u
Knir Uround* Are Ili-Ing t'oualiter*
L*?t Xlght'a Howling U antra-The A|
promliliiu Visit of tlie Llnilru Orui
Tram?A Juvenile Uotvllug Ltaguc.
Yosterday Mr. C. I. Mclvee, of Pitt:
burgh. who la the now owner of tl
Wheeling base ball club in the Into
slato Kugue, was In the city and pi
dsavored to close a deal for ground
tiut ax yet he Is unsuccessful, U?* wi
accompanied by Al. Buckcnbergi r, <
thf Toronto team of the Eastern ieagu
who I*, however, in no way conn ecu
with !Ji< Wheeling*. Later In the du
"Jack" Parrah. of Etuii Liverpool, wi
ha/ been engaged as manager and caj
tain l?y Mr. McKee, arrived in town.
Tln> "ISIg F\)Ur," Miliars. McKo
BuckenN'rger. Wright and l>arra!
gr>??nt a busy day in looking at posslb
(jItos for th" bull parK. mey nave tun
to the conclusion mat K will be impoi
slble to Ret the old park and are no
considering three sites, as follow
The Cllles property, opposite the o)
par*; the state fair grounds. and tl
old Irwin ball park on the South Sid
at Forty-seventh street. The Cllli
property has more points in its fav<
than th- others but Mr. McKee con
not close a deal with the owners yestei
day . The State Fair people talked bui
lness and that site may be selecte
though it i* somewhat Inconvenient i
acivss. McKee does not like the ld(
of selecting the old Irwin park, ns it
very low and swampy. If posslbl
grounds will be selected to-day. Du
rah returned to East I Liverpool la
night after having signed to mana(
the local club. Mr. McKee says he hi
twenty-six players to pick a team frot
Tlir I)?m- Hull MrrtliiK.
NEW TORK, Feb. 25.-The revlslo
of the playing rules occupied the mo#r
Ing session of the National 1/cague i
Base Ball Club*. As to the 'lining' <
players, the rules were changed as fo
Any player who uses vulgar or lnd<
cent language during the progress of
game shall be immediately remove
from the gumo by the umpire and in ai
dltlon shall be fined $25. Thin ru1
makes it compulsory on the umpire 1
uct Immediately.
Any player who falls to Keep with!
th?' limits of the coachers box. shall t
liable to a line of not less than $?"? n<
more than $10. after once being warne
by the umpire.
The scht*iule was adopted wlthoi
opposition. Tlie schedule for Pita
burgh at home is us follows:
Wlch Boston May 14, 15 and 16: Jul
13, 14 and 15: Brooklyn May 18, IS* un
M: July 9. 10 and 11; New York. Ma
11. 12 and 13; July 23. 24 ami 25; Phila
delphla. May 21. 22 and 23; July 16. 1
1 an J 19c; Baltimore, May 4. 5 and 6; Jul
20. 21ar?d 22; Washington. May 7. 8 on
9. 50-20; July 8; Cleveland. April 25. :
and 28; August 14. 15 and 17; Cinclr
nati. July 2, 4 and 4; September 14. 1
and 16; Louisville. April 21. 22 and 21
September 9, 10 and 12; St. Louis, Jun
14.19 and 20; August 11. 12 and 13.
Tlif Coming Visit of thr l.ltiilru CJroi
Team?Player* llriUK Nflrcltd lo Mf
III* Eaitfrurr*-U?l XI3IH'* Omnra.
If the offer of Col. E. M. Statler, pn
prletor of the Musee bowling alleys,
onwnf/wi ihnm will nrobnblv be a Jt
venlle bowling league organized th
spring, with teams repnuentlng tl
various district schools of th* city I
It. Mr. Statler proposes to make It a
inducement for the boys to organize
league. lie contemplates a league wli
ten or twelve club*. Including toon
from these schools: Washington. Mai
i*on. Clay, Clay Annex. Union. Centr
Webster, Kltchle, Ritchie .Annex ai
Llnsiy Inftitute.
If the scholars take hold of t!
scheme, the league season will open
a few weeks and will continue throu*
the spring. Game* will be rolled on
regular schedule, the contests to tal
place In the afternoon between 4 and
.' clock, so that nothing will be into
fered with eo far as the school work
? >nc?rned. As an Inducement the pr
prietors of the alleys will out the prl<
:>r rolling so that each player will !
l: an expense of only twenty-five cen
u week.
Mr. Statler will confer with some
tfi- school principals and wheth
th-y will favor the selvm*. whl't
?*-"ti!d foster the athletic spirit anion
the youngsters.
The visit of the I,ind?sn Grove Bow
Ing Club, of Brooklyn, to Wheeling, hi
l>e?-n slated for Friday and Haturd-t
March 27 and 2S. The eastern chan
plons will probably play In Pittftburt
just before coming to Wheeling as tl
people up there have at last awakem
i t the f.urt that they will miss seolr
gr^-at "ontests In the event ctv
Linden Grove puss** them by. Captl!
George Hervey, of the Brownies, w!
this week pick the fifteen or tweni
andldates from whom the plclu
Wheeling team that is to battle Ml
the easterners, will be selected. It
pretty eertuln that the team will li
elude Hervey. O'Neill, Campbell ar
Scott, with the fifth place undec!d<
Ij^uvwn Uselton. Hall, Hamllto
Handlan and others. There should j
no difficulty in getting together a t".?
who??#? average work will fo<^t up a tea
score of 8.7) on the basis of five men.
w. Tk rc
Urcwnles 43 JJ .7
i'*i?ios 33 n; .:
Nameless 34 17
Miiseo 2-> ?>',
Hoiltout 21 30 .1
H. C. Ht?h?rd? . ........... 1? 33 .3
Jn?J?ip?!n?Jpnt 13 2i> .2
1'rww Club 13 .2
In the: Mli8"P l'-afrue th?* H. C. Kiel
?rU* team wa* defeated Iwlc by tl
HeaboutH, and won one same. the flra
Club. Ifil '->1 3(1 Toti
H. C. KIc'mrtN >><2 ? :/ M". ?;
lieuboutH v".i : :i w: r,
IlftWffn Mtkr i<ruli Willi .folni Kltliirgn
to lir Pnllrtl Oir Soon.
Tb?? Ozark Athlorlo Club, of IJctiwocn
ho? ummgod for an nlKfot-round boa
Ing bout Cor point* hKxvcxn Mike
?*. the lfW-pou-ml amat-ur champlo
of f-h* U(vH?h1 **tat<?, <ind Juhn Fir
*?e<jan. tfu? woll known J'lUtibunc
twxer. Who recently diluted Corbie
tin'I who win aft?*r a rn;t?< h with S\v.-.
ncjr, the Ilfmvood man. There wl
ah*) -be ?otne Inu-routing i>reUmlnar
bourj* of four and *lx round*.
t>lo) <l nm Iv not Unl Out*
PITTOBUROH. I*L. *'< *?. 2.'.?In
:>rl*? flirhl at EI wood City, Pa., In I
i.iwt frirfnt. "KM" Lloyd, of HrasH. In I
" van k.i'tcktoJ out In Hi*? aewntwnt
nuud. i?y Mlk<? F.irr ikIht, of Youngn
J rfvr:. Ohio. Th?- fifcht wan for a pur*
"f Win arid a ?I<K? l*ti of $200. Farra&tw
I f'Cil Mi" flght/lpg from th?* Mart an
v-m c.r-lly. Atx?wt four liundrc'J p' ./p!
*.vltn?*i?rd t!i?* mill.
A < linllriigr for Onmlnc.
iTof. W. II. Thompson, of 2207 Ma!
trw?t, thlM city, dinlrw to rhalleni
' harioH J. Flnli'y, of Cincinnati, f<>r
nt*?t In rlofr. JIk or r? ? l dam-In*;, for
l"irm of from tr>0 t?? 1500.
w K. CIIIPCHASH:, 22I S crhnrU
'" t. Haltlmoro, Md., found Falvatlo
' >il a Hiire ?Kii? for ?pralm< and inllnn;
Cincinnati... VIRGINIA. s a. m.
*" M?tamriran.. LEXINGTON, 11 a. n?.
-e ZanesvllU*.. ..LORENA. 10 i?. m.
130ATS LEAVING TO-DAYFlttaburirh...
Clarington...JEWEL, 3:50 p. in. (probable).
?e Parkeraburg.LIBERTY, 11 a. m.
p. Ma tamoraa.. LEXINGTON. 11 a. m.
Clarlngton...JEWEl?, 3:30 p. ra.
jjJ Along G?r Uiiillui;.
t?, The Ckirtngton boat <*M not come
?d out yorterday. but is fcxpeotod to re!>
sunn* to-day.
>o The marlfi ait C p. ?n. ahswefl C feet 7
;>* Indies and alowly rising. Weather,
ok)inly qjkI ooltler.
There waa .nome Ice In evidence, yea,
* teretey, but it wan not very heavy and
Jj; did not inconvenience tho packet*.
s. The Keyatone S^ate pulled out from
u. her berth In the Big Kanawha and will
be here ithla afternoon for Pittsburgh.
Id The Resolute ait 9 o. m.; Pacific at S:30
le a. in., and Jim Wood at 11 a. m. paased
c. up for Pittsburgh with omptlea yester?n
The Lor.Mia passed down for Zaneslu
vHle and Muskingum river points at
r* 10 p. m. &h? had a good trip and added
jV" heavily here.
All of ?the Cincinnati boat* ore off
,ft their regular days now. Until further
llliutc UIL' Bl'JiniUIV mil ur 1U> .wii'-i.f
e< Virginia, up Sunday: down, Tuesday.
PI Keystone stn<\ up. Wednesday;down,
Kt Frhkiy. Hudson, up, Friday; down,
?t. Sunday.
is The Lexington oarrlcd out <he beat
n. trip ever known In -the Ma-taimoraa
trade yesterday morning. She was
loaded to *the guards with mlscvllan,n
eous frelR?ht. >Sho added several toacna
of txorM* and WHgun* a* Hellalw, which
,( goptoSlstersvllle. The cut rate on jxisa,f
a?t? illled tf?e boat's oa/bln wKh people.
1- The liberty will arrive from Parkersburg
"Wris evening and will depart
?- for.Parkersburg <o-morrow at 11 a. m.,
a mffAiim hour of departure as the Lex d
U*ftt->a .for Matamoras. This will be
I- the flrtft rime the two have got away
le on the jmsne day since tlit-Jr rate war
:o was inaugurated. There will be lively
times dwvn at the landing.
n The Virginia came down from Pltts,e
burgh for Cincinnati yesterday morn>?*
Ing on 'time, although she was late In
a going up on Sunday As the days
glide by the new boot's speed seems to
't be coming up to the requirements, and
' with the condensers she will no doubt
be very foM. The Virginia Is a remarks'
able freight carrier. Yesterday she
d had 400 tons on board and was draws'
Ing only four feet of waiter. This Is
t- something no other boat of the line can
' do.
d Klvrr Telegrams.
!* Oil City?River 28 Inches and falling.
Char and cold.
? IMLtsburgh?River 5.9 feet ajwl falling
' at the dam. Weather, clear and colder.
ie Steubenville?River 6 feet 4 Inches
and rising. Cloudy and oold. Up?
U. D. Wood. Down?I. N. Runton. The
Enterprise on her way up Is tied up
re here.
pt Parkernburg?The Ohio river Is 7 feet
2 Inches and falling, with loe clearing
out t-apldly. Weather, clear and t?n3
penature at 3'.'. Passed up?Liberty
Is with empties. The Sam Clark Is due
iid. also the Keystone Stmte. Due
. down?The Virginia. The little Kanls
awfra la falling. m>d navigation hna
>e been resumed. Pa#?*d up?The Martin
in q?tk1 tfae Om?idu.
rnda (vlllril.
th LOUISVILLE. Ky.. Feb. 25.?A speis
oinl from Bristol. Flo., eavs: After
j. shtxvtlng icuve men, M. F. Grlwwtt
<?, was kl/kxl yesterday. GriBsette was a
iti noted desperado and rtiot IC.o u logI
King camp with a ritle. W. R. Flowers
ie and Henry Calvin opened lire on <lr!sln
sett-'. The desperado rode at the two
jh iwn. firing rabidly. Calvin was hh<ri
a in the lejj and fell. bu?t eornlnued to
t,? shoe*: a?: UrlsaeKe frwn the ground. He
C fell from .h4f? honw and Calvin and
r- Flower.* continued to pour leaden misIs
^ in I" . ..in ."u- :) i.iy m. 11: i;r?iin 1.
3 Gladness Comes
\A/ith a bet.tur understanding of tbo
i- ? * transient nature of tho many phys1*1
teal ills which vanish beforo proper ofd
n. rightly directed. There is comfort in
* the knowledge that ho many forms of
nl sickness are not due to any actual dism
ease, but simply to a constipated condition
of the system, which trio pleasant
family laxative. Syrup of Figs, promptly
]y removes. That is why it is tho only
r>>'t remedy with millions of families, and is
everywhere esteemed so highly by all
j,J who value good health. Its l>cncucial
j j effects ore duo to t lie fact, that it is the
." 2 one remedy ivhich promotes internal
i* cleanliness, without debilitating tho
' organs on which it note. It is therefore
l" all important, in order to got its beneflcial
elf eels, to note wheu yon purchaw,
that you have the geunine article,
. which is manufactured by the California
y; Fig Syrup Co. only, and sold by all repiil
utable druggists.
If in the cnjoj'ment of good health,
ami tho system is regular, then laxatives
or other remedies arc not needed.
'* If afflicted with any actual disease, one
may bo commended to the most skillful
1. physicians, but if in need of a laxativa
[. then one rdionld have the best, and with
' the WWl-inforined everywhere* Syrup of
M Figs stands highest and 1h most, largely
( tUUMl ac? ^ ivch musK *?=??*
" Combination ? the-.
-'jewelry business.
i- Wo li tvc coiublno-l nit our ofTnrt* Ihltion*cu.
not for (lit* purpote of obtaining toltnr
prlcm. hut t<> kIioiv ouu of tbo flnwi ?ti?ok?
* of IMAMONIM WATrfim fltl'l KINK JJiVV*
lii.ltv thy mtrkott produce.
Wit will c'outliiu? t? *o!l nt tUo vcrjr low
price lor which wo aw nottfd.
! john becker & co.,
N. II.?tipccial caro In lliilutf louin.
( nnrnutml to Clivvk a Cold In * Fri
Honrs nuil Prevent Urlp anil 1'nrn
Co I (In lead to coughs, cough* to pnou
lll'UU.l <11111 l\IMnUIII|HI<IU| IllCICimv, * .
all Important to check a cold before 1
reaction tho lungs. Munyon'n Cold Cur
will positively break a cold Inside o
twenty-four hourn If taken an soon n
the cold manifest* Itself. When the col
rcachesthe lungs or bronchial tube* th
Cough Cure should be used alternate!;
every half hour with the Cold Cure. Th
Cold Cure Is guaranteed to proven
pneumonia If used In the beginning of :
cold. Pneumonia, or Inflammation o
the lungs. can be controlled by the us
of thexe two cures.
The Cough Cure positively cures bron
chitls, tickling In the throat, hoarse
n??bH, loss of voice, soreness of the chesl
dttllculty In breathing, hHcking coug!
nnd all pulmonary diseases where th
lungs are not too far consumed or cov
ered with tubercle*.
If you are ailing, step Into the nearer
drug More und get a 25c Via] of one o
Munyon's Remedies. No matter whn
your disease, or how many doctors hav
failed to cure. It will give you relief.
Personal letters to Prof. Munyon. 1U0
Arch street, Philadelphia. Pa., answer
ed with free medical ailvice for an;
disease. ^
One Man Mnkra Out He* I'mr Agatmt til
Fair Sr*.
A WTlter in the Westminster Gaxett
explains the wherefore of his averslo
to the feminine sex In the followln
reasons. I ha to women:
Uecaune she stabs me In the eye wit
her parasol, offers no apology, an
looks as If I did It.
Because she pushes for a place In tli
frnltiM i!ml (imnlhufoM. nnd. belni? It
never makes any room for anv oth?
Because she climbs to the tops of oni
nibuses, to descend from which Ue
mands grace and decency.
Because uhe thinks the only way t
make an omnibus stop Is to *>rod tli
driver, If she cannot reach the con
duetor. %
Because she mislays her ba?, ios<.
her handkerchief, and carries her purs
In her hand.
Because she recites, plays violins an
rides bicycles.Because
she walks three In a row upoi
the pavement, and expects everyon
else to make way for her.
Because she Ih "fluent, but not lucid,
and more concerned about the numbe
of her facts than the truth of them.
Because In nine cases <?ut of ten, sh
can neither sew, nor read aloud, no
make tea.
Because she is always writing letter*
and wanting me and others to answe
Because she Is the slave pf fashion
anq that not only In clothes, but In art
music, tnannera, religion, flowers, Jew
elry, language and furniture.
Because she does not value anythlni
simply because It Is "good" (followini
a fashion sot In the days before womai
existed), but because it Is "worn" o
"done," tr even "talked about."
All Soria of I?oml .\eivi biiiI (ioMlp frnn
tlir (ilaii City. #
The Ohio Valley Telephone Compan;
is now In full blast. The stockholder
elected a board of directors consistlni
of Charles Rosser, W. C. Bergundthal
H. Roetner. George Walters, D. H. Dar
rah. George W. Deyarmon and R. W
Muhleman. The board organised b;
electing Mr. Charles Rosser president
Mr. W. C. Bergundthal secretary ani
treasurer. Then' are 108 telephone
now subscribed for at S24 for busines
and 118 for private houses per year. Th
new company will proceed as rapldl;
as practicable to have the line con
structed. All the stock Is taken am
Charles Rotwer Is the largest stock
holder In the company, but everybod;
Is Interested In the cheaper sefvlc
The Belmont County Medical Soclet;
met at the Windsor hotel yesterday af
terrroon and discussed several paper
pertaining to the profession. Dr. J. ?
Boone, the retiring president, dollvere
a brief address, and Dr. J. C. NVorkma:
gavf a short Inaugural address jipoi
n?s limine the presidency of the soclet)
The attendance was very fair.
Among those who attend*] th
funeral of Senator Nichols at St. Claim
vllle yesterday, front this city, were at
torneys James C. Tullman and John A
Oallaher. Mw?rs. Duune and Mnrtli
Cowen and F. B. Archer,
Henry Fltton and bride will arrlv
from 1 ronton this evening ?nd a rocep
tlon will be given them nl t?e home o
his mother. Mrs. James Fltton. wher
a number of guests will be assemble
upon their arrival.
It is beginning to look as If the selec
tlon of memlwrs of the school boari
would again develop lnt?? a contest lik
thnt of a year uko. The women wll
vote on the Issue again Just as they dl?
lost spring.
Judge Drlggs came down fron
Urldgeport yesterday to hold court li
Mr. (iallaher's office, but the wise wii
continued until nert week on accoun
of the funeral of Senator Nichols.
The contests at the O. A. R. fal
brought In lots of money to the man
agemenL Miss Flora Blckell secure*
the diamond ring and Miss Minnie lira
ger captured the gold watch.
The city council bought COO feet o
fire hope for the Are department ins
night. There were several out of towi
bidders, as well as two or three hom
bidders on hand.
Owen Meehen. a prominent coal opcr
ator west of town, has been confine^ t
his home for several days, threatens
with pneumonia.
The Prohibitionists will hold thel
county convention In this city nex
week. T. A. Kodefer Issued the cal
Loti'.s Long was bound over to oour
in n i?ond of li'oo on a chanre of Sunda;
selling made before the mayor.
Owing to /i leak of the pipes there I
nn annoying mixture of natural am
artificial gas on Gravel hill.
The Knngaroo ballot may have to b
increase In slae this year to Include al
the party tickets.
The Good Templar* will hold an opei
meeting at their hull to-morrow night
The steel works will start up thl
evening or to-morrow morning.
TIIE great domestic stand-by, Dr
Hull's Cough Syrup, In now recognise*
to be a family necennlty. Keep It handy
"Nothing Venture, Nothing Ilnve."
Rev. John Rdd, Jr.. of (Jreat Pall*
Mon., recommended Ely's Cream Ualn
to me. I ran emphasise his statement
"It Is a positive euro for oabarrh I
ust'J as directed."?Rev. Francis W
I'aolo. Pastor Central I'rcs. oliurch
Helena. Mont.
It li? the medicine above all others fo
catarrh. and 1s worth Its weight li
gold. I can use Ely's Cruam Halm wltl
safety ami It does nil that Is cUtimet
for It.?H. XV. Hiwrry. Hartford, Conn
I'llrat I'ilvkt If dilute I'llr*.
rvmptomH?Moisture; intenao Itrhln;
and Mtinglng: moat at night; norso tn
ncrAtehlng. If allowed to contlr.uo tn
ir.or*: form, whloh often bleed and ulcer
nte. becoming very fore. HWAYNK'f
OINTMENT ?to|?H tho Itehlng and bleed
Irs. heals ulcerntloti, and In most <?a- ?
r< moves the tumors. Al drofglstn or bj
mull, for 'J) fonts. Dr. tiwuyue & tJon
"Ilntv to Curf All HUI11 Dlacnee*."
fllmply apply HWAYNB'S OINTMENT
No liitsrnal medicine required. Curoit tot
irr, ecsema, Itch, all erupih.nR on tin
face, bunds, no?e. etc., b-nvlng the akir
ri< ar, whlto and healthy. Its great heal
Ing and iniriitlvo powers arc ponxeMned bj
no other remedy. Ask your druggist fo
(fn|Minni1 Mlilupi ?u i n Tlirlylu j C ty
.tvriiM tlir 1 liver. . ,
The IcnJfe wound inflicted In tifte neeh
5 of I-^rurd Ma.ionc*y l?y Walter.^ono:
at the ISelmjr/ cjurfy Inflrir.-iry last
Thursday,rc*u:-.ed In his j&carti on Mtmir
(fc?y nhrht. ft will be rem?npber* .1 Hh 1!
thorn? i>a*o lr.*nntoa quarreled a!;out a
pifco of wnp while In Oho wut?h room.
The pall' boners &>: -Mie funeral of J,
\V. Niattols v.-or? J. C. (Jrny. of M ir.
<ln's Fc:ry, Nelson Mitchell, of St
- Clnijw.lle, J. C. H<einleln, of ttrldsc
port, Albert Kennon. of St. Cla'.ravlllo,
,, J. A. Gallaher, of BelWtlro, and W. J.
f fcfrr.Mh, of InrneavllJe.
s Throe dlfferen-t ctema wore hauled onl
d to Co 1 era J n from Martin's Ferry yesc>
tor (Jay <>vc;!(hiK. Several wagon loads
y of oaatop. rope, an<l o'Jher ?implies
e wero taken out- during tho ilay. The
t outioqk for the floid 1 a good,
n Martin's Ferry people are considerf
rvWy ln>terc*tfd In the (hnllea'Clon of -the
e fiphwlld nt?w Centrar srihool ^Md-lnfi
nexrt Hruturday. There wil 'be a paradf
- ?t 1 o'clock, headed by the Optrru Houec
- band of "WJicMn*?.
1" il. L". MUOnfll. U. <J? OCURWICK, IWUi
KeCler. J. c. Gray, Dr. J. L. Hervey. L?r
c W. I). Horo, B. K. Ilogo nTid c. K.
" Williams aitteiwlerl chv funeral of Ohe
late ex-Senator Nichols a-l tit. Ctairs*
vllle, yesterday.
. WMle t'he linemen were working or
0 't'he long distance telephone line or
Jefferson street a -wire was dropped or
5 the Electrical Railway Company's wire
nTid mvo or three telephones were quicky
ly burned ou-t.
J aim* Dorncy and George Scott gol
into a quarrel In TObalen's naloon Monday
nijpht and the bar-tendor used a
lead pipe on -both, curtiting and bruising
" them in a serious manner.
AH Odd Fellows are invited to moot
c wltfli Belmoii't City lodge at 1 o'clock
n sharp* on Saturday. t? take part In tiihi
g dedication of <the school building.
. Saldkeld'a ordhostra will play ?<t ?tti?
] home of M1m Anna.RCblnson, Wheeling.
this evening n-rw a masquerade al
c Tiltonville on Friday night.
lf Charles James, of -the Buckeye Pipe
.r Une Company, returned la.v. nls-nl
from a two weeks' visit ui Iris home al
i- Beaver, Pa.
Reserved seals will bo put on sale aif
noon to-morrow At '-Side Tracked" on
o Saturday night. It will draw a big
o house.
'* H. MeXash is in town making orraogements
tor the He-ward Wall Com*
edy Company March 15, 1C and 17.
Several Martin's Ferry parties are inrj
teres ted In '.ihe Heile wrtl a?t Sisters vllle,
expected in .this week.
n Hiawatha Council Jr. O. IT. A. M. hid
e work In the initiating degree last night.
George Burson has returned from
Middletown, Ind.
I' m
j* When a mm-owns a blooded horse he U
' ftlways carcful of iU health. He looks after
its diet and is particular that the feeding
ball be regular and right. While he is
v doing this it is likely as not that be is hitn5;
self suffering from some disease or disorder
* that if left to itself will go on and on till it
* develops seriously.
H When the trouble gets stfbad that he cannot
work, he will begin to give himself the
V care he gave the horse at the start The
* time to cure a disease it at the beginning
J and better than all is to so watch your
- health that disease will never come. Good,
Y pure, rich, red blood is the best insurance
c against disease of any kind. Almost all
diseases come from impure or impoverished
y blood. Keep the blood pure and strong
. aud disea.se can find no foothold.
s That is the principle on which Dr.
Picrcc's Golden Medical Discovery works.
[1 It clcansc3, purifies and cnrichcs the blood;
i, it outs and keeps the whole body in perfect
r, order. Makes appetite good, digestion
strong, assimilation perfect It brings rod
dy. virile health.
"I got a cancer on my tongue and had it cut
'' out.' I consulted fifteen different phy*iciaus
- without deriving any tteuefit. At la?i I turned
to Dr. Pierce'* Oolden Medical DUcovery. I
persisted in it? u*e fend my health is better than
n ever before. Formerly erery accidental wound
I received begun to fester, would notTieal; now,
such lacerations lieal thennelre* "
e Re?pectfully yours,
[/ Inman. McPhrnou Co.. Koo.
, Valuable Manufacturing Property.
i Dy virtue of n deed of trust inado by (ho
s American lrir? Clay Company (a corporat
tlon under the lawn of Wv?\ Virginia) to
the undersigned ati trustee, bearinir clnto
the twonty-rljjhth day of July. A. D. 1R90.
r nnu or recoru in me cutr w uiuco m i???
. county court of Hancock county. West
. Virginia. in Deed of Trust Hook "C,"
I folios *77. S78. 37!) and 5*>. I will on
TUESDAY. MARCH 24. A. D. 1S96.
? commencing nt 10 o'clock u. in., proceed to
: sell nt public auction at tho works of the
1 American Flro Clay Company, located
ft near N'aw Cumberland, In the county of
0 Hancock, In the ??tatr? of Went Virginia,
all of the following described property,
that In to nay: All that certain truct of
* laud lying u|>on tho Ohio river In liutler
i# district, Hancock county, state of West
,1 Virginia, bounded- nnd described as follows:
Beginning at a stake on the Ohio
river, corner to lands of Freeman lirothr
rrs. nour the mouth of Holdbert's run;
t thence down said river south eight de1
green west (south 8? west) thirty-nine (310
poll's; thence south sixteen degrees west
(south 16* went) fifty (50) poles; thence
t thence south eight degrees west (S* west)
i* fifty-flve (W) poles to n stake, corner to
lot of Freeman and Andorron: thenco
leavliiK the river south olehty-one and
s one-half degrees (couth Klty3) east, forty1
seven (47) poles: thonte north (Ifteen degrees
(lf?l) cost fourteen (14) poles; thence
with the line of Brown Brothers north
eighty-four and one-half degrees (84V)
I east ono hundred nnd twenty-six (120
iKiles lo a stone pile on the line of SwearIngen's
Innds; thence north twelve deII
grees (12") west one hundred and twentyulno
(12S0 polos to a sugar anil hickory;
? thence south eignty-slx degree* (S6*) went
one hundred and twenty-two |1Z^> poles,
to the place of beginning hforesaid, containing
one hundred and twenty-three
and one-half ucres (l23'-j acres) more or
;1 less, raving nnd reserving, however, tho
right of (ho Pittsburgh. Cincinnati & St.
Louis Tlnllway Company to a strip of lund.
conveyed out of said tract to It by Princllla
J. Freeman, sixty (Co) foet wide, l?o:,
Ing ten (10) foot easi of tho centro line of
, the railroad tract of said company and
fifty (GO) feet west from said centre line of
: paid tract, and extending along tho whole
1 river front of paid truct; also granting
to the said party of the second part all
, buildings. Improvements, machinery and
fixture* situated and l*'lng on said above
r described tract of land.
, TKK.MH OF 8 AM'??One-third of (he
1 niirnlinwo tnnlwv rash In hnnd. onn-thlrri
1 thnrftor with Inlrrmi In nix mouth*. ami
I tiio runldnu thereof with Intm-nt In una
yrur from th? ilay of wile, tho pun-hancr
being rrqulr? d to Rive hl? note* with rock!
iwvnirliy Tor tlw ?k-f? rr?nl payment*. tho
lriral tltlo bring retained nu further ?ecurlty.
oinsoN u CRANMr.n.
frl''. Trnsioo.
i i ii ii ? hi
Lightning Hot Drops?
What* Funny Name!
Very True, but It Kills All Pain.
Sold Everywhere. Every Day?
Without Relief, Thero le No Pavi
JL futabllHlHimut. Neat, uccurulo, prompt.
m ,-x. .-u .. Stii
Both yourself and your drei
get out your costume by Ej
glance in our north window v
i ability to furnish stylish read
| and a dress from our rooms fi
; had it maid to order at your
for less money than it would a
Mohair, > >g .
Brilliantine, \V ilriT
Sicillian, TTIlUt
Each of the same organizatio
' liantine is the finest, woven
brightest and most lustrous a
lower than Brilliantine, whil
by being a somewhat heavie
' either. Mohiair fibre in all-t
wiry strength, as well as dei
composed of it are esteemed fo
wilich fits them especially for t:
is the hair of the Angora goal
The foregoing definition d
fabric for skirts and suits for t
didly add that we have a few 1
' ' 1-1--1 J
plain or ngurea, m uuick. uuu
and from 60c to $3 60 per yai
FINET7A, that popular and
50 inches wide, at 76c per ya
fabrics much in use this sprk)
CREPE?Diagonal stripe <
inches wide, in black only, a
any former two dollar grade.
WRAPPER or Tea Gown pe
terial. Only four patterns lef
with brown, blue with dark gr
patterns sold at $9 60 each. We
On the special counter, 60
All-Wool Suiting, 38 to 48 incl
and mixtures?are 48c, 60c, (
yard, the price formerly being
Oak Frame Screens, smgl<
Silkoline, at all prices. See t
geo. OTi
URAL housework. Reference ro- |
guln'd. Inquire at 23-19 Market street. fe25
I~7<OR RENT-RO0 M 1802 MAIN .
. street from April 1. Now occupied by 1
Spoyer Brow. W.,D. JOHNSON. Com. fe2?
1/ OU UKNT. A PHI L 1, IStXI. NO. 1404 I
1 Main Mreet. three story brick warehouse.
Inquire of IIMNRY K. 1.1ST. The City B?nk ol
Wheeling. delO
1 house No. 76 South Penn street, denit
able locution, all modern conveniences.
Will rent cheap to good party. Enqulro
of WALTER MARSHALU 1012 Market
street f c20 1
JL the city: lanjo and plenty 'of light;
centrally locted In best advertised buildin#
In tno <"lty. Also large hall for rent.
Apply at HCH CLOTHIERS. Fourteenth /
and Market stroeta. Ja31
: rc?ldence. No. 112 Fourteenth street.
. Has 8 rooms, finished attic, bath room. *
basement laundry, hot and cold water, ?
both rusps. Enqulro at NESBITT &
UIU>.~. 1812 aioriift mrcet. yoit
Third Uour. 1007 Main street. Are room*.
To I.HAN-IS.OOO on good roitl eiiatr.
Full 8<1L1??Property on the Island pay.
iug Itt per cent. F
llcnl I'atntc nnd rinnncinl AfMit,
J.Tl 10?r> Mftln Street.
NI8HED throuRhout: a Rood Inveil- *
ment: paying business. Address POTTER
A LAYMAN. Horton. W. Va. fe2H* 8
you SALE. u
CJood location and trade. Can to bonght
chcaji. luquiroot 8.0. UOYCE.
ocJl 1400 Chapline street.
BERT Garden, nt Pleasant Valley.
fronting 270 foet on National Rond ?
and extending bark 720 foet. Can bo Inld 3
out in very ueslrnblo building Iota. For
Rent?Tho homestead of C. Selbert, ad- .
Joining S. S. Uloch'a residence, with a ten
nnd n four-roomed house on the premises. v
Possession given Immediately. Inquire of
F. HARPY, ttt Roymunn Brewery, or at r
I?retnMen. dc3l-oow
Cheap and on Ka?y Torma.
ocfl Cltr Bank nnlldlpg. 1XXJ Market Street.
e~* Tnpu-o von rallv
O 45 HhnrrH German Honk.
9 Hlutreti Klvoratde Clla.w Company.
3' Wheeling Pottery bond*, 6 per cent
10 nh?rr? Exchange Dank.
H) Pharos WrllHburg National Bank.
idiurtti Dollar Suvlngu Hank, of Uel? f
P0 nhnrcii Aetna-Standnrd Steel and Iron 0
100 bluirrM Wheollnir Stool anil Iron Co. .
? Bhuroa Franklin Inmirum? Company. ?
It. S. IRWIN. Hrokor,
fo!3 No. 23 Twolft 1? Strcer.
National Nn.nk of Went Virginia.
Kxohnnge Hunk.
National Hank of Wollsburi:.
ArMm-Mtundard Mill.
: 1-uIjoIIo Iron Works.
Whoellmc Stool and Iron Company.
Whoellnj; loo and Storage Company.
Now Stool Bridge- I.
Whwollnjc Knllway Company. 1
1Hv?thI?1?? illaw Company.
Crystal 'linn* Company.
lilorh ItroH, Tobacco Company.
Franklin Itmuranoo Company.
Wood Uros. l'lanlnr Mill Company.
Stork*, Honda, Invommontn, Insurance.
fo7 1211 Market Street.
4 ED.
asmakermay bo too busy to
ister, but why worry ? A
ill demonstrate-at once our
y-made garments and suits,
ts equally as wetil as if you
"modiste's," and!, we, think,
ost-you in that way. Try us.
Are They ?
n and construction. Drib
the closest, presents the
mrfacc. Mohair is a grade
e SiciJIian is distinguished
r and stouter fabric than
axtile goods is conducive to
sirable beauty, and fabrics
r their dustHiefying*jualifc|s,
raveling purposes. Mohair
escribes fully the pop?fei>
he comingspring. w"e canines
of each on hand, either
colors, 38 to CO inches wide,
[ showy material, in black,
rd, is one of the handsome
if Mohair and Silk?46
t |168 a yard. Eqoakto
itterri, in fancy wa<Jen nm?
t BJack with whrtejiink
een, red with black. These
i cl ose these outat$4<0O each,
pieces Novelties and Plain
ies wide, brown, blue, green
38c, 76c, 98c and $1 26 per
from 85c to $2 50 per yard,
s and triple, filled with best
7 storerooms and 2 dwellings renting 'or
ISl 00 per month, comer Market and
Twentieth streets. pays U per cent.
Nos. IMS and 1610 Market street, lot
0x134 feet. Cheap.
No. H Kentucky street, lot 80x140 feet.
No. 2212 Chapllne street, large brick
No. M 16th street, 7 rooms and stable.
No. 1W 17th street, 6 rooms and stable. '
Lot comer Main and 16th streets.
No. 12114th street, 7 roonm and hath. N
No. 1503 Chapllne street, 7 rooms.
No. 1313 Chapllne street. 9 rooms.
Lot on Main St. between 23d and 23d St*,
3 lot* on North Wabash street.
No. HI 8owth llroad way,-residence of J?
2. 11-Ufhes, Esq.
Lot 46x130 North York streot.
No. 20 Indiana St.. 7 rooms, modern.
No. 27 N. Wabash St.. 6 rooms, cheap.
A nne lot In Pleasant Valley.
No. 13 Vermont street. A rooms; lot 2&000
oet; II.5W. *
A tlno lot In Woodsdale.
The 131och property on North Main St.
Tho City Bank Building.
Telephone 219. ttU
House, 8 rooms aud halt, with til modern iraiMvtftncnu.
Cbaplino st, Centre Wheeling,
Hou?o, 7 room*and hall. tfth it, 12,709,
House. & rooms. llth at, lk*W.
House, S room*, la Belvedere add. S>W.
Botue. 14 room* sadatore room,*Main?t, near
inaL,lot444l'/2 ft.. 99.SC0.
For a abort tine one of tbo finest houses on
:haplluo sw.Coutre Wheeling: o rooms, with
tall and modern Improvements; cheap; terms
rooma, liall and large lot. 14th at.,
House, 7 room* and 6-roomed bouse in rear;
3t80*ia If, istbat.f'.ooa
House. 7 rooms, brlok. with hall. Jacob st,
outrn Wheeling; cheap f2.H00.
House, 6 rooms, brick. Boff at. Mb srd.,S2.50Qk
Home. 7 rooma N. Market at; cheap. II, 8J0. *
2 loU on Und at. Belvedere. 1223 each.
House. 2 rooms, Wilson at., Centre Wheeling,
asy term*. |3So
l?ot, ,'iO fMt front. Lind at. ISO.
House. 4 rooms and attic, Jacob st,, 6th ward,
House, 14 rooms, brlok. 15th it-. SC.M3.
Hotel. 24 rooms, Martla'a Perry, 0; cheap, on
asv terms.
llouuv 8 room*, and 8-roomed honso in rear,
farkel at. 1m I? eta 7th and 8th eta.. $180).
Hou?e, 8 rooms and ball bath aud both gases,
scob?t., botween 15th aud Itfth- $5,501
Bminess property on Market su st moderate
$200. in), 3ioo. $?J, 42,000 and $2,M) to loan on
pal eitate.
? ?? w III VJV I?' brf V I II Mf
Tal.?ll 1739 Markot Streot.
lis Ohio street. 7 rooron and bath.
6 Virginia street, 9 rooniM and bath.
CI South York utrwt, 7 room* and bath.
128 South Penn street, 3 r)omi.
And novoral others. Ilousca and lota
or *al?? on ??usy torma, Money to loan
n Real Kstnte.
'elaphone 087. No. 1143 Market Strtnl.
MiA.ii'-l H'i inr.h.l ill MtllRKCi
las a Tlioroutilily Equipped Jot>
Prlntlno omce.
A Snecialtv.

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