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Headache Destroys Health
UnuliiME m (*?' ? >?rsr- lrrkab""T'
r.?d Intellectual c*h?uitlon. It
(ftdo?. other forra? of <ll??ue,.uchu?pl.
hp>J heart "poplelj. Ituinltr.etc.
Dr. Miles' Nervine Cures.
Mrs. Cha*. A. Myers, 201 ITnnna 8t., Fort
Wiyne. Ind.. writes Oct. 7,1894: "I suffered I
terribly with sever? headaches, dizziness, i
backsvbe and nervousncia, gradually growing
worse until my life was dwpaircd of. j
tod try what we would. 1 found no relief
until I commenced uainjc I)r. Miles' Nervine.
I have taken fire bottles and beliove I am a
well woman, and I bare taken great comfort
in recommending all of my friends to
use Nervine. Yon may publish this letter |
if you wish. and I hopo It may bo tho means
of savin* some otbor sick mother's life, as It
| did mice."
| On nale by ill drujfjflsts. Book on IIpart
and Nerve* sent FREE. Dr. Miles Medical i
| Co.. Elkhart, lnd. I
Dr. Miles' Boaedfea Restore Health.
f be Best *
^*of all Cough Medicines
is Dr. Acker's English Remedy.
It will stop a cough in
one night, check a cold in
one day, prevent croup,-relieve
ssthma, and curc consumption,
if taken in time.
It is made on honor, from '.he
purest ingredients and contains
neither opium nor morphine.
If the little ones have
croup or whooping cough,
use it promptly.
Three Sire*?25c^ 50c. and $J per bottle.
At Druggists.
t(J ard Chombcra Street, New York.
fomvlr ftr <o?t;hi. iratdf. ore^ihroa' tn<^J,or
io^wri^iblr cieluikk
rivi? benefit from
xi^r^v ho
For inurrh u*e Ely'* Creaia Balm. Both
rrmedlMtM ple*?aut to use. Cream Balm. Mo
i P*r bottle: I'iueola Balaam. 23c. Sold br MruirI
<*> Warren str^L .s>>v York.
Time table In cffect December 16, 1K1
NOTICE? Ple?#? take notice thai trains
of th? Ohio River R. R. will run bjr Eartfrn
6tat 'lard Time on and after Septembft
29. b:?3.
Dally. '.Daily except Sunday. Eastern
South Bound. 1 1 | 1~| 5 | 7
Via P.O ?&Bt.L. II a. ?ri. pi m.
Pittsburgh. Pa..L'e T9:li? 112.45
Strubvmvillc.... L*e *10:A> *2:<fJ
Wheeling .-..Arrtve 11:35 !3:3>J
, la. in. a. m. p. m.
Whirling 7:00 !1I:45 *:?0
l>n* >od 7:16 12:01 4:15
Mouniivlllr 7:35 12:16 4:35
New Martinsville .. 9:4oJ 1:1: 6;3;
Hi?rer*villo 9:0C 1:25 6;fV)
FHendly 9:17 1:45 ti l:
St Mary* 9:45 2:11 n;<3
W1U1 amstow^ 10:23 2:50 1:26
Ptrkemburg 11:00 3:25 S:V< "7:16
Belleville 11:23 4:ic 7:33
p. Ji.
Raventwood 12:07 4:3t *?
Klpley Landing .... 12:29 4;5f* bM
'irnham 12:51 6:22 9:J2
W* lUv*n l'.Ol 6.27 9:30
Jiartfi ril l:ui r.M 9:84
Mason t'lty l:lu 6J7 9.10
Jl'ftoi 1:15 6:41 9:45
Pt. Pl^a*.tnt l:4v 10:17
'iallipollp Ferry .... 2.17 0:5o 10:3*
iuyandotte 3:15 7:5: 11:4.1
Huntincton 3:24 !>:<* 7:20 12:03
K*nuva 3:45 tt:2S life 12.23
Via K .AM. Ry. *p ni. p. m. p. in.
X. A M. June... Lv !2:K 0:42 2:35
< I arl^wton ..? Ar !6'05|*ll:35 5:05
'iRlilpolls ~12:4&j 7:35 looi
Huntington 1:50( S:50 11:45
Via C A O. Ry. Ift. in. p. in.
l.*ave Huntington. '2:.;> 2:15
Ar Charleston. W.V !4:l? *3:45 4:19
K?-nov* Arrive 2:03) ?9:lo{ ! 12:06
Via C. & O. Ry. fp. m.ia. m. p~m.~
K*nov1a Leave! *2:251 *4:45 *2:25
Cincinnati, O....Ar| *?:50 9:^ *C:50
Lexington, Ky...Ar| *7:00| 9:33 *7:00
W J. UOUIKdON, (1. P. A?
?P<mn?yl7acttt HhtUona
gnnsylvania Lines.
Trains Run or Contral Tir?jo.
ti'irr OrriCtt at o>
w?rr? hT.. Foot or P.t.rvii*<T?i vt . '.Vnsti.^o,
at Ml i.nnx Urate, wttrtuw, r un mi wi
I'nnmiuiiu PrtTw*. :'r n>nr.
9ocni*it?THt?TMf?1"P?? llf.Tif ? Route
Dally. :Dally except Hunday.
From Wbueliiitf to Leave. Arrive
WeUsb'g and Uteub'e.. 16.23 am '.3.35 pin
Mi-Donald and Pitta.. !?>:25 am pin
New Cumberland...... 6:23 a in 10:35 pm
Indlanapoli* an 1 at. L. !<?;23 am !3.;15 pm
Columbu* and Clncl.n. !6:24 uin 15:.1S pm
Wellab'g and titeub'o.. !fl:2S am !3.33 pm
Phlla. ami N. V. .12:23 pm !2:30 prn
Hteub e and Pitts...... 12:25 pm '::S0 pm
Coiumlmn and < hlco. 112:23 pm !2.2<> pm
Pblla. and N. Y....... *2:33 pm *10:35 am
Baltimore and Wash. *2:35 pm jo:? Uln
Hteub'e and Pitta. *2:43 pm *10:35 am
Bteub'e and Dennlnon. *2.-3 pm *)o:;& am
inaianapu"*""" ok. i* .f-.-ipm uln
Dayton and Uncln.... f*:0o j??n !h:i; um
HtMib'a and Columbua !JJ:09 pm jj a,?
NorUw*?t Mynifm- ?Jkvo a |?nt?. lJiv
. lain* ruu duliy. **c*pt Hundny ,m follows:
i'rom Hr1dgppor? to L*?avn. Arrive.
I ort \Va> n?t and Chicago &:?* am * if, pin
'.if ton and Toledo . L.-n am k-.iti |*rn
JMicburgh and Htrui/n.. 6:'iS am ?.:05 i>m
.wnvilla and I'ltta.... 6:01 a in h;0J pm
and 1'lttahurgh.. 9;ii) um 10:<? am
' t-wland and Chicago... 1:10 pm s.'u pm
and Top-du. 1:1ft pm sn'. prn
Ai,.nnra and Cleveland... MO pm 12 35 pm
and Wallsvlllc. .. n 1.1 pm 7:5S am
I'Mia and New York.... 2 H pm k:>6 pm
Itiltlmoro and wanh.. . IMI pm 4 :w pm
bttub'n and I'lttaluirrli . I"II pm h;05 pm
J. (J. TOMLtNR'iN. 1'uan Agant,
station Foot of Kl?vt?nth and Wntor flta.
ttiUBT and TAHTY WOUIC. Hand I or price*.
'JO tad n Kourtaoalti rUrtsL
The Flan of Rebellion Oncc More
Flouts In Nicaragua.
it tt.Tiii i iii' ir* nnnn tmri\
JUAKIIAL l./\>1 Id I'nULLAimcu
And the Work of linprriuliig Mm Into the
Army U ItrliiK Piwlied Porwnril ltnpltlly?President
Zrlnya SiipiHirtrd liy n
Win# of Uir Liberal Party?Managua
Kk|MH'tril to Up Attackvil To-day by the
IlelwU-i'ity Uelug Made Ilraily for Defeme*
(Copyrtgnt, isrx; by the Associated Trow.)
MANAGUA, Nicaragua, via Galveston,
Feb. 25.?The flag of rebellion has
once more been raised in Nicaragua,
anil reports received here from the
north to-day show that the whole district
north of Lake Managua including
the departments of the west and the
north, are In open rebellion against
President Zeluya.
Martial law has been proclaimed und
the Impressing of men into the army is
being pushed rapidly. The president is
supported by a wing of the Liberal
party, and 2,000 men are already under
arms. This town, the capital, is being
actively made ready for defense as the
insurgents, whose headquarters are at
Leon, the old capital of Nicaragua, and
the center of the old Roman Catholic
population ax opposed to the Catholics
of modern views, are expected to make
an attack upon this city. A strong de
tacnment or Leomstu lias aireaay icri
that town, and it Is believed that Managua
will be attacked to-morrow or the.
next day. *
The Insurgents are supported by a
portion of the political party In power;
but, up to the present, what Is known
as the opposition party has not Joined
the rebplit. The antagonistic feelings
of the people of Leon, and Its vicinity
and those of Managua, date from away
back, and are founded upon old Jealousies,
having religion as their hauls
and more modem Idoas. on the other
hand, an their excuse.
Unhappily for President Zelaya. a
large consignment of modern ormn and
artillery, purchased In Germany, which
arrived here shortly after the occupation
of Corlnto by the llrltlsh, and
which, at one time. It was feared would
fall Into the hands of British admiral,
have, owing to political Intrigues, found
their way to Leon, and are now to be
tf!#fl against th?< president and his supporters.
The excuse for sending the
arms to Leon was that a certain party
here was In favor of a dictatorship
being d?*clared and that, therefore, it
was advisable that the modern arms
and ammunition should t*? stored at
Leon when*. It was asserted, there was
less likelihood of a demonstration for
or against the government. The LeonIsts
were powerful enough to have
their way In this matter, and It would
seem from th?> present developments
that this was only one feature of a plot
to overthrow the government of President
11 it?l?ns>?l n ml Wife Pom ml ItlfrlrM, U?vlug
a Irfftfr Intimating Mnleldc.
MADISON. Wis., Feb. 25.?A. terrible
tragedy, resulting in the fatal shooting
of Mrs. A. W. Pattero?n by her husband
and his death by his own hand
immediately afterward, occurred nt
midnight last night nt their home in
this city. Whether It wis not practically
a double sulfide Is a question.
A letter, ostensiby by both parents,
was left to the children, saying husband
and wife had premeditated suicide for
some tlm?' and resolved to die together.
This declaration, however. Is opposed
by the fart that when found the wife,
who had retired and was In her nightrobe.
had one arm thrown across her
face as If to shield it and a bullet in
her arm. while the husband was still
fully dressed. Both with other members
of the household had attended revival
services being held here by H. Fay Mills
during the evening, and had gone to
th?'lr rooms apparently in the best of
spirit?. They came here from Algonu,
W??t Virginia
Speelal Dispatch to the Intelligencer.
WASHINGTON'. Feb. 25 -Pensions
have^been granted to West Virginians
Butcher. Wildcat. Lewis county; Henry
Wheeler, Huntington; Benjamin
Evans. Greenland. Grant county: Edward
Robertson. Wheeling; Warren P.
Andrews, Parkersburg; James A. Hager.
Spurlockville. Lincoln county; Caroline
Veiton, Moundsville; Tamer Norman.
Auburn, Ritchie county: Martha
A. Craig, Graysvllle. Marshall county;
Alexander H. Osborn. Clarksburg; Sarah
C. Shot wen, New Cumberland:
Ellxa J. Martin, Cold Streum. Hampshire
county: Hannah Russell. Smlthvllle,
Ritchie county: Matthew E.
Mooney. Montgomery, Fayette county;
Emily Taylor. Berlin. Lewis county.
Additional?John 11. Gibson. Hurricane.
Ritchie county; Archibald J.
Wiley. Ella. Marshall county.
Increase?Elijah Slaughter. Cottagevllle,
Jackson county: William Belcher,
fVdar Grov?*. Kanawha county: John
Short. Clendonnln. Kanawha county;
James M. Stuck. Shoals. Wayne county:
Christopher C. Turley. Roroe. Kanawha
county; George L Wiseman. Matvllle,
Raleigh county; Ellaha A. Hartman,
Haxleton. Preston county.
Reissue?William Lemasters. Clyde,
Wetxel county; Calvin J. Eckard. Arloe.
Mnson county; Henry V. Daniels. Harper's
Restoration and supplemental?Absalom
Everly, Herring, Preston county.
\V*?t Virginia Pontal Affair*.
Sperlal Dispdtch to the Intelligence.
WASHINGTON. Feb. 25.?F. E. Davidson
has been appointed postmaster,
vice E. L. Bock, resigned. Caldwell,
Greenhrier county: J. A. Glenn, vice J.
B. Kerr, resigned, Upland, Maaon
The contract for carrying thn mall
from Fry to Poca has been awarded to
A. J. Loyd. of Fry.
A postofllcc has been eiitabllshed nt
Jack. Webster county, and William B.
Morris appointed postmaster.
James C. Crawford has been commissioned
postmaster at Watson.
Doubt IVanwii'i Clalm?.
NEW YORK. Feb. 25.?A special to
the Herald from St. Petersburg says:
In the course of conversation Captain
Wlgftas. the well known navigator, of
Kara 8m fame, gave the Impression of
not being; by any means convinced
t'hntt Avis friend, J >r. Noti sen. *had reaoh...1
iihe oole. He wild: "Nansen told
mo -that ?ho proposed returning by way
of Greenland. n<nd he would at nil hazards
"have avoided the lalands about
Nljnl Kolnnsk. It 1? possible ho la
sending t?ome of frls men to Yakulsk.
but so <w4ld an 4dm la scarcely ndmi*sKble.
Tf i't 1s his er/.lrc party ?the
Fram rnunt have been wrecked, for
Nansen would lhave uoarcely have left
(told Ilrtrka nil llir Ptflflr C'onat.
HAN KltANTISCO. Feb. 25.?A well
dreewd /nun foi?!y years of ago who In
known 1?y Me name* oi F.dward
Thompson, Charles Gordon and Addison
Mrtlls. is under arrant In this city
on i rturge of giving tjvo worthless
K'?ld bricks to M. O. IWtchlc. a Napa
county Vineyard let. flu security for a
loan of $5,000. Mills paved Hie way for
the loum by tollfnnr a fairy ntory of
the fiYbtikniH fortune -that oouW bs obtained
by devrbipiitig a rich tnlfr* dlsoovered
by on Indian. H?? was assisted
by a verm Ms confederate, who posed
ftrrtt an nn Indlnn iwospeolor and later
v mi ikinvrr frmn t'h" Philadelphia
IMPOVRIII8HKD blood causes that
tired feeling. Hood's Harsaparllla purines.
enriches nnd vitalises the blood
and irlvca vigor and vitality. 2
2T~ia rzz:Z? Wfo
uiiwmjjiiwwUrtinTtiAarri .
MlLU S lXTI1<l FlNC. ,
Has stood tho Test ot Time
Weekly ('hauge of (^nutation* lu All
Xjtiie* of Loral Tmtlr.
no\i'a nf tho Int^lllirpntpp.
Wheeling. Tuesday, f'Vfo. 25.
Wool declined on fine washed grade.
Butter advanced on account of cold
weather. In oOher lines only slight
tSrocrrle* nml Provision**
Flour?Fancy roller mill winter
wheat, wood, at $3 90 per barrel; paper,
J3 70 per barrel; spring wheat. Minnehaha.
$4 00 In cotton Hacks, *4 00 per
barrel, 13 80 in paper sacks. Old wheat
(Famous $.1 60 In sack, $3 80 In wood;
Galaxy,. |.l SO in paper sacks, *4 00 pe?barrel.
Plllsbury Hour. $4 25 In wood
and one-eighth cotton. $4 25 In paper.
Buckwheat Hour l%6>2c per lb.
Syrups?Choice sugar syrups . 27c,
fancy drips, 28c; sluver drips. 18c; New
Orleans molasses, choice, 3.1c; prime,
32c; fair 30c; mixed good, New Orleans,
30c; bakers' good. 28c.
Provisions?Large S. C. hams 9*4c;
medium S. C. hams 10c; small S. C.
hams 10^e; S. C. breakfast bacon 7-%c;
S. C. shoulders 7c; sides 7c; ordinary
beef lie; ham dried Iveef 12Vfec; knuckles
13c; family mess pork, 5-Ib pieces, $12 50;
bean pork. bl?ls., Jll 50.
Lard?Pure> refined In tletve, C->ic;
50-Ib tins 6%c; Chicago lard. In tierce.
6Sc: 50-Ib. '.ins, 7c; tin palls. 3-Ib..
S'*c; tin iMils. 5-Ib.. S?ic; tin palls.
10-Ib., 7*;c; tin palls, 20-lb., 7%c.
Sugar?Cu?tlaif, 5.85c; cubes 5.48c;
powdered 5.48c; granulated standard
5.23c; American A 4.85c; standard fine
grahulatcd IUOc; standard confectioners'
A 5.17c; Columbia A 4.85c; standard
Windsor A 4.85c; American A 4.S5c;
white extra C 4.54c; extra C 4.41c; fruit
sugar 4c; refined N. O. 3J4c.
Coffee?Green coffee?Fancy Golden
Rio 26c; fancy green 24c; choice green
224c; roasting grades 20*~c; Java 28',?c;
roasted In packages. Arrow 19.73c; Panhandle
20.79; Arbuckle & Co.'s roasted
18.79c; bulk roasted 20.50c; Old Government
Java roasted 31c; Mocha und
Java 34c; A grade Rio 23c.
Teas?Young IJyson, per lb. 30tfKc;
Hnnnowdcr HOfrSOc: imnr-i'iul 40$/55c;
Japan 28Gf75c; Oolong 27??0c; Soui
chong 27<&70c.
Candles?Star, full weight. ?>c; Parafllne.
per 12l?c; Electric Light, j?cr
lb. Sc.
Vinegar?Choice cider, 12014c per
gal; standard city brands. lOfjllc per
gallon; country [email protected] per gal., an to
Choose?Full cream lie; Sweltzor 11
U*?c; Llmburger 12e; factory 17%c.
Fish?No. 2 mackerel, 100 lbs. 112 00;
No. 2 extra mackerel. H bbls.. new. 100
lbs, 112 00; No. 2. SO lbs. 110 80; No. 3.
small. 19 50 for 80 lbs; No. 3, large, 100
tbs.. $9 oo ?
Seeds?Timothy, Zi 90(f?2 10 per bushel;
clover, small seed. $5 00# 5 23.
Salt?No. 1. per bbl.. 90i:;extra, per
bbl., $1 00; dairy, flne, flve-bushel sacks
$1 50 per sack.
Seed Corn?11c per lb.
Dried fruits?Evaporated peaches. In
boxes, 10c; evuporated peaches. In bags.
Canned Goods?Standard 3-lb table
poaches. $1 75; pie peichea. 3-Tbs.. 95c;
pie peaches. 6-lt)s.. *2 00; No. 3 tomatoe*
, 85c?fSl 00; corn. II 00; 2d gnule. 2 tbs..
| 80c; strawberries. 2 lbs.. $1 10; blackberries.
2 lbs.. $1 10; raspberries. 2 tbs .
SI 00; damsons. 2 lbs.. 95c; lima beans. 2
lbs., 90cfj J1 15; cove oysters. 1 lb., light.
fiOe; do. 1 lb., full weight. 90c; string
l>oans. 2 lbs., [email protected]; succotash, 2 lb#..
9Or051 25; early .Tune peas. $1 35;
?- - tuna O
Itn*., SI 15; pineapples, SI 50; gooseberries,
lbs.. 90cQ>Sl 00.
Wooden Warc-.Vn. 1 tubs, SS00; No.
2. Si 00: No. 3, 54 00; 2-hoop pnlls. $1 2.*.;
3-hoop. Si 4."; (tingle washboards. SI r.o;
double do., S2 50; flnt? crimped double
do.. S2 75; single. S2 25.
Oil?Lard, western extra si rained.
75c; carbon. water white. S&c; 150 degn'cs,
8o; 110 dpRrecji. 7c.
I. rnl it mill Kfril,
Grain?Y\ hent6"<8?0c per buj^iel. Cum
per bushel, 35c. Oats, out of store. western
crop. 3".c per bushel; oats, (home
crop)32c |M?r bushel.
Feed?Bran,S14 00 per ton; middling*
SI." 00 per ton. Hay. baled. $17 00 per
ton; loose liny. S17 00; prairie hay. No. 1.
S13 00 per ton; prairie bay. Upland
stock, SI4 00 prr ton. Straw, loose and
baled, S8 00 per ton.
PrulH mid Prmlnrr.
But ter ? Creamery choice 20J? 22c;
country choice jfer lb 10ffl5c; country
Kood, 6? 8c; country fair, 5c. Ilutterine.
C. C. brand. 12ftl4c; common. 10c.
Eggs? Frcsdi In esse 14(7/151 per dozen;
In barrels 13014c per dozen; Ice
hause eggs 105/12c per dozen.
Poultry?Price per pound: Old roosters.
per dozen $3 OOfc.1 60; 5f/ijc
per lb.; chickens, spring, per dor...
S2 [email protected] 25, or 7<ff8c per Hi.; geese 40fft'5flc
#>a? b: hens. 7i/ao; ducks, (young) [email protected]
Turkeys 7W?c per lb.
Tropical Fruits?lemons. S2 50^3 00
per box; banatins, ?l 00>.t2 00 P-'r bun."!.;
Jamaica oranges 00 ?f, 00 per barr<*!;
pineapples. 10fftl2\ic each; Jnnialca
oranges S2 BOffS 00 per box; California
oranges t: 7S4f3 00 per box; Messina oranges.
12 25ff2 50 per box.
Fruits?Apple*$2 0002 25 per barrel;
as to qUalltv. Cranberries. $2 6502 S5
per crate; SK 00?9 00 per barrel. Malaga
grapos. S4 OOtf?5 00 per barrel.
Vegetables?Irish potatoes, SI 00ft)
1 23 per barrel; Baltimore sweet potatoes,
3 3603 50 per barrel; Jersey
sweet potatoes. $4 2504 50 per barrel.
Yellow Dan vers onions SI 75?>2 00 per
barrel; 75c per bushel. Celery 30c per
bunch. Meets, 60c per bushel.
Lettuce 75cff$t 00 per bushe!.
Carrots, M&7&C per bushel. Parsnips
$1 7f?fj2 00 per barrel. Turnips,
"ftcifll 25 per barrel. Kali?, 76c per barrel.
Oyster plant, 30c per doz. Cabbage
$1 2r. per barrel.
Nut*?Hickory nuts, $1 OOiffl 25 per
bushel; walnuts 40c per bushel.
Hoots and Harks-Ginseng, dry, per
lb., $2 MW.1 00, none In market; passufruss
bark per lb., 8(l9o; sassafras
oil, per lb., 30ff35c; May apple
root* per lb? yellow root*
per lb., 5<ff6c; Beneca snake root. per lb.,
free of top, 30W35c; West Virginia
snake root, per lb., 2M?3r?o; pink root,
per lb., fine. 30^3.ric; elm bark, per lb.,
7e; wild cherry bark, per lb.. 12<if3flc.
Heans?Prime new hand-picked, medium
$1 25<W 1 40/prlme new hand-plcked
navy }l 25<ff 1 40.
Wool ~ Fine wnshed 17<W 1 So; onethird
off for unwashed; one-fourth off
for unconditioned; medium unwashed,
lfc^MGe; medium wnshed, 185?20c.
Honey?In the comb, per lb.. 12%@lGc.
Burs?Country mixed, %1f\c per lb,
Wlirrlliig MvrNtnfk Murkrt.
Cattle, extra 1,000 to 1,200 lbs., 4ffi1
4%c; good, 900 to 1,000 lbs., 3^W4o;
ROOtl. P>0 to P'O Ihw., WW#ic: fair. 700
to SCO "in., 3^3,ar; roumon, 000 to "00
L*-$r.V: bulls l"0cow*. W'iiMbc.
]fofT?*? *?T\fr*. n ?WI.C*>e: uood. 4.30#
romtron '(>tv ;< .
Hhefp?Extra. c: Rood,
common, lamta. iiHi 0/41*0: fre*li
cow*, $:i? WCi30 w); calvui, f.% oo??o oo.
TJlr IVnlnrr* of ttir Moiirj- nuil Ultirli
NEW YORK?Mom?y on call 'any at
3SM per rent; last loan 3? i?r*r ct*nl;
cl<wd at 3?f3'/6 per cut. Prim" mercantile
i?a|?fr r>tl 7 per cent. Sterling
exrluuiKo steady, with aetiml lnudnpH*
In linnkcra' I>IIIm nt St KTlifiH 87^ for do
mand and $4 86V?tir4 85*^ f< r sixty days.
Poster rntcs $t sTCf I SM'=*H s:?. Commercial
bills $1 851* Unr silver 68ftc.
Sliver certificates CS'/SfiTfiflc.
lb-action wuh tho order of to-day's
stock speculation, the Initiative coming
from London, whtere a lower market
for American securities wan reported.
Tin* boar element Uot<*ct^??l Indications
?>f liquidation nml pressed the market
to the fullest practicable extent. TinIndustrials
assumed tho leadership in
point of activity, tlie combined transactions
In Tobacco and Leather preferred
footing up one quarter of the entire
dealings. Ths downward movement
was accelerated by the catching of numerous
stop orderH. A brief funeral
rally occurred about the end of the
first hour. In which, however, the only
Important gain was that of l3i per cent
In Missouri Pacific. The improvements
were short lived ns a renewal of nggressive
tactics by the traders brought
about a selling movement at mid-day
in which most of the rally was lost.
Tobacco suddenly assuinet) prominence
In the last hour by decided heaviness,
resulting In a rapid break of .'I per cent
on heavy dealings* The weakness nr
this stock was communicated to the
general market, and started a selling
movement all along the line. In which
declines up to 1 per cont were scored,
with Sugnr and the grangers the chief
sufferers. 4
The closing was heavy in tone, with
severe net lottos In some shares and
fractional declines general.
The early dealings in railway bonds
were atended by decreased activity, but
a firm tone prevailed. The market
closed heavy. The agRregate dealings
? /? > tt ?? > ? ?win
Government bonds easier
State bonds dull.
Railroad bond* easier.
Kvenlng Post's London financial
The settlement reveals a rather large
account, with slightly stlffer contangoe*.
A larger account Is shown In
Americans, and contangoes on them arc
3 per ccnt.
The markets were Irregular In tone
to-day. Consols and oth<*r Investments
were easier. The speculative markets
were rather pood. Argentines are still
American bonds were in pood do*
mand. l?ut shares were Irregular, but
better on balance, closing steady, but
without much business.
The Paris market was firm and the
Berlin market was dull.
New I*. H. 4s registered ! 11T?4
New V. H. 4s coupon 1174
U. S. .'?s registered lt*4
\1. S. 5s coupon .112*%
1*. S. 4s registered
V. S. 4s coupon 11"
1*. S. i's reRisHTod S5
I'act tli of '95 102
Alt bison 173?
Adams Kxpress MX
American Express 1JA
Baltimore & Ohio 7.3
Canada Southern 61H
Central Pacific 134
Chesapeake ft Ohio 1?4
Chicago & Alton 155
Chicago, Burlington & Qulncy srt-%
Chb'auo Gas C'-i
Cleveland. Cincinnati, Chi. * St. 1 3?4
rolorado Coal Ar iron 24
Cotton Oil Certificates 17\
Delaware & Hudson 129
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western... 1C4
Denver A: Bio Grande preferred r*jl?
Distiller*' ft Cattle Feeders' Co IS**
Erie V}'*
do preferred Zj'/i
Illinois Central [|?
Kansas ft Texas preferred
Lake Erie ft Western 2JH
do preferred 7*'.it
Uke Shore 149
I.ead Trust j-'S
Louisville * Nashville 64H
Michigan Central
Missouri Pacific 24Si
Nashville ft ChattanooBU 0
National Cordage
do preferred IP*
New Jersey Central lOiJi
Norfolk ft Western preferred ST*
Northern Pacific 4H
do preferred
Northwestern lWH
do preferred H?
New Yorlc Central
New York ft New England 46
Oregon Improvement 2
Oregon Navigation 11
Parltic Mail a*
Pittsburgh Kg
Heading 13H
Itoek Inland !!?
Sc. Paul
do preferred 129V*
St Paul ft Omaha 42'?
do preferred 134>*
Sugar Refinery 117'?
Tennessee Coal ft Iron Xt
Texas Pad He 9
Toledo k- Ohio Central preferred &>
t'nlon Pacific
t'nlted States Express 4f
Wahash. St. I.otsls ft Paciiic 7\
ilo preferred l^'i
Wells Fargo Express '.?7
I'nlnn V\t .
Wheeling .V Lftk* Erie 11%
do preferred 3SH
General Klertrlc 3?4
Tobacco "xS
do preferred 10J
U. S. leather pr*?fiTr.?| LV?i
HirniMitU* and frovUlnut.
CHICAGO?Cables again played an
Importunt part In wheat prices and
much i?f the rtrenittli displayed to-day
in attributable to the higher ft. eign
market*. Trade wai heavy and the upward
tendency seldom Interrupted. May
closing at an advance of cents wince
yesterday. Corn and oats reflected
Home of the strength of wheat, closing
*ft<4c higher respectively. Provisions
were weak and closed lower.
WKeat?Cash No. 2 spring 65'iC6CVic;
No. 3 spring C."5i6."c by sample; No. red
69Kfr7"c; February ?3VfeW6r?H?'
6r.?ic; May ?i?i,fr67i&fi-fi?*ic: June
t>7?t}i?:\c; July 657;4iC7^^67^c.
Corn?Co* h No. 2. 29Vic; February
closed nt 29%c; May 30'?fj31#?3lc; July
MMl32*/3!%! ; September 32*i?33633c.
Oats-Cash No. 2, 2014c; No. 2 white
2lfc<?22e; No. 3 white 19'4621>ic: February
closed nt IO^c: May 21U(?21|/?{?
SP.ic; July 2lU{f2lH?21I/?c; September
Uye?No. 2. ?Hc.
Barley?No. 2 nominal.
Flaxseed?No. 1. 90?90%c.
Tlmothyseed?Prime $3 70.
Mess Pork?Cash per barrel $3 [email protected]
0 SO; February VJ Gr.tfO 77Hs?ff? 70; May
$9 80?9 02HO9 S5; July $10 OOfllO 10{j>
10 02' ?.
Lard?Cash per 100 pounds *r> 35ft
fi 37>i: February $5 S5?j r? 40fl5 3ft; MAy
r.Ofiu5(K? 50; July $5 62KG6 C7V4W'
& ?2Vj.
Short Ribs-Cash $5 0005 05; February
$4 97%ffr. 02405 00; May $5 12fe9
5 17Ht?"> IB; July $5 IstyOB 27HfiT. 25;
dry salted shoulders 4%^? T?c; short clear
able* 5UGr.V\iC.
Whisky?Ulstlllers' finished goods
per gallon I! 22.
Sugars?Cutloaf SS 87; granulated
$r? :r.; standard a jr. 12.
Butter Market firm; dairies [email protected];
creameries HCf21c.
ChtW QOlot nt 84CM0u.e.
Krrb?Weak; fresh lUflP.ic.
NKW YORK?Flour, reooipts 20.000
barrel h; exports 21.90c? barrels; market
tlrm n<t a l>et<cr inquiry; spring parents
also tlnn and 1)eld tic higher.
Wheat, exports 24.000 bushels; spot
market strong; No. 1 hard 78%c f. o. b.
afloat; opUona opened Armor on bolter
cabbt new* and closed IttOlHc n?-t
higher; No. 2 red February dosed ot
7G?ic; May 72%073 ll-lflc, closed n<
73*Hic. Corn, receipts 7.800 bushels; exports
41.4(H) bun ho In; spot market Arm;
No. 2, 37Vlc; options ruled generally
firm. closing HffHc net higher; Februury
closed at :i7Uc; May 3tiiifc0.17c and
olMod ?t 37 c. Oats. receipts 38,400 bushels;
exports 31,100 bushels; spot market
firmer; No. 2. 26Kc; options dull and
closed unchanged to higher; February
closed at 26'4c; May closed at 26c.
Hay firm. Hops quiet. Ilidee firm,
leather steady. Deef ateody; hams
$1C Wil/ilfl 00. Cut meats dull. Ixind act
ive h-rul lower; western *team clonal *>t
>."?65; refined lower. Pork n>ady. Krrs
weak; SU.Ki> urul JVnnaylvanla lift?*
1.1c; iff houMt* II 7Ht" OO.wet'.ern fr^li
i2frl2Ur. lionlii wteady. 'rurjitnitirnj
Muloi. nice Arm. Molaaaof Hteady.
CoMm.wj oil dull and nominal. Co.fr...
option* opf:n?d barely rteady. and
clr>",*d p.Mdv ti< 1 rif/25 point* nit decllne;
aale* 18,250 Tiaga. Sugar, ruw
qu1?'t; refined quiet.
iaai/j iMum .?r n?ui mm (>u<. ....
changed; receipt* 17.8C6 barrels; shlpiiu'iitM
530 barrels. Wheat strong: ?p?>t
71 %c bid; May 73%?73%e; southern
wheat hy earn pic 7Gf/77c; do on grade
72%<fi75!?<\ 1 Corn llrmer; spot nnd
month 33%$34c; May .1C%0S5*c; receipts
101,929 bushels; shlpjnents 5.10
bushels: southern white ami yellow
corn 23&Mc. outs quiet and steady;
No. 2 white \v< stern 27l{[email protected]$tc; No. 1!
mixed do 25'.?(ft)2Gc; receipt* 18.4K1 bushels;
shipments 750 bushels. Rye dull
nnd easier; No. 2. 43? 44c near-by; Mit
4Gc western; receipt* 048 bushels. llay
firm: cli<?lce timothy 516 00 asked.
Grain freights dull, demand slow, rates
steady and unchanged. Butter very
firm nnd unchanged. Kggs weak nnd
unchanged. Cheese steady and unchanged.
Whisky unchanged
CINCINNATI?Flour tinner. Wheat
firm: No. 2 red 74c*: receipts 3.600 bushels.
Corn active; No. 2 mixed 30c. Oats
steady; No. 2 mixed 22Vic. Rye steady;
No. 2, 41f?42c. Lard steady at 1.125.
Bulkmeats quiet at $5 12V&05 25. Bacon
steady ut $5 87%. Whisky steady;
sales 475 barrels nt $1 22. Butter strong:
Fllgln creamery 23c; Ohio 1.1ft 18c; dairy
10c. Sugar firm. Kggs weak and lower
at 10c. Cheese steady.
TOLEDO?Wheat active and higher;
No. 2 tush and February 75c; May
75fe;c: July 71 %c. Corn dull and firm;
No. 2mixed 29c; No. 3 mixed 28?sC. Oats
dull; No. 2 m4xed 20%c; No. 2 white
22c; May 22',?c. Rye Arm and dull; No.
2 cash 41c. Cloverseed steady; prime
cash and February J4 45; March J4 42V4.
I I11 bAUCiUril ? uuiin nuunn -i-u
higher; fancy western creamery 21 22c.
K^gs steady and fairly active; fresh
near-by 12c; do western 13c. Cheese
dull and steady.
BOSTON?The condition of 'the -wool
market is not materially Indifferent
from last week. Prices being maintained.
bint if anything, there is a
s.lgbt falling ofT In aotlvlty, business
ih<* past week being k*a than any week
this year. In territory the long staple
wools than ca-n be combed maintain
a steady tone ?" : hough recent sale3
haw be^n slow. There has been a little
business tin fleece?woo1s,but the markot
Is alow at law: week's prices maintained.
Th? market for Australian
wool continued llrm and <the demand
holds up well under 'the dull conditions.
The following are the quotations for
leading descriptions: Ohio and Pennsylvania
fleeces?X and above [email protected];
XX and XX above lSVj&L'O'.fcc; No. 1
combing 23c; No. 2 comb 1-nK 23f?24c;
delaine 21fi21Hc. . Michigan.Wisconsin,
etc.?X Mlcblgin 16K$1?c; No. 1 Michigan
combing 22c; No. 1 Illinois 21c; No.
2 Michigan combing 22&22{?c; No. 2 Illinois
2-!?c; X Now York. Now Hampshire
and Vermont 10fcfcl7c; No. I New
York New Hampshire and Vermont.
20ti20?ic; delaine Michigan 19?lfV4c.
I'nwasihed medium?Kentucky and
Maine (jinrt^rblood combing 18$'19c;
Kentucky and Maine thoc-elgbth blood
combing IS? 19c; Indiana and Missouri
fjoartcrblood combing [email protected]: Indiana
and Missouri three-eighth blood combing
[email protected]; braid 17c; I^ake a-nd Georgia
l7lifllSc. Texas wools, spring medium,
(12 months), [email protected]; scoured price
32c; spring fine (12 months) 11 ?Xfl3c;
scoured price 3i?35c. Territory wools.
Montans, fine mediwn and line [email protected];
scoured price [email protected]; Montana No. 2
medium Hf?16c; scoured price 32Cf33c;
I'-Jab, Wyoming tine medium and line
10f?13c; fevoured price <M026c; Utah.
Wyoming, etc., No. 2 medium 12fil4c;
scoured i>rlce 32c. Oallforaia wools?
Northern spring llftlSc; scoured price
[email protected]; Middle county spring ll{jl3c:
scoured price 32? 33c. Australian,
roniirn^ Ititula Tl ?T l?linr?rfln<? 47Ct
50c; oimbint: good 43'J46c; combing
a vera 40fH3c.
Live SlOfk.
Baltimore. Monday, Feb. 24.
Swine? Receipt* thin week 15,539
head. There is rather a light supply reported
as being on the market, and a
moderate demand prevails at about the
values ruling Isst Monday. Good to
prime western hogs sell at $4 7604 90
and others $4 40?4 7r? per 100 lbs gros*;
roughs $3 0003 75 per 100 lb*, gross.
Steep and Lambs?'There Is a fairly
good demand for good sheep and lambs.
Sheep sell at 2(J3*4e and extra 4c and
lambs 3^^4?ic per !b. gross.
Calves?There 1m a good trade reported
for good calvcs. Quotations for
veals C{j6Vic. No rough* on the market.
CHICAGO?Cattle. Hjrht receipts and
demand fair; eales to-day were on a
basis of *3 30C4 40 for common to
strictly choice native dressed beef and
shipping cattle, few selling under S3 63
or over $4 15; butchers' and feeders' u<
$3 20(f375. Hope. prices lower; packers
and shipper* $4 00(74 03. others were
In fair .l*min.l n? tl fin Uhft.Xi
price* showed no particular change,
there beln* a fair demand with r*ceirts
aboiH the average; common to
choice native sheep were s-\lable at
$2 .'0^3 63; western shocp were warrted
ut 3503 65. Lambs S.t 5003 90.
EAST LIBERTY?Ca*tle very mil:
prime |4 2504 40; good butchers *3 W?
$4 00; bull*, staffs and cows 31 736'3 r>0.
Hogs weak and lower; prime selected
weights S4 45fr4 50; best Yorkers and
pigs $4 3004 40; roughs $3 00fc"4 00. Sheep
slow; prime 13 605/3 SO: good $3 5003 60;
common 33 6003 00; lambs 13 60{jf4 7f?;
veal calves J6 0006 f?0.
CINCINNATI?Hoffs weak and 6c
lower at <3 6604 SO; receipts 3,000 head;
shipments 1,500 head.
Dry ( ooil*.
NEW YORK? Agents Will advance
the price* of Lonsdartes, Blackatones,
Hope.*, FJtOhvllle u:id Forgo:-Mc-Nbt
36 Inch bleoohcd cottons Uc each Wednesday
ivnd Fruit of the l?oom 36 and
32 Inch bleached^ are advanced to value.
Agents have reduced the price of Pequot
wide sittings on the basis of
10-4 bleached to 20 cents. There was
considerable new business effeoted as
the rcsuK of spot purchases, but chiefly
wire orders, the latter having called
for good quantities of blue gov#ds amd
handsome offerings were declined ot a
small concession from new prices,
FALL RIVER?Print cloths dull at
OIL CITY?Credit balances $1 S3; certificates.
March delivery opened at
$1 31: highest $1 31; lowest $1 29%; closing
at (1 29\; sales 4.000 barrels; clearance
22.000 barrels; xhlpments 19,59:.
barrels; runs 104,507 barrels.
NEW i OUK?Pfnroioum steady,
cloned ul $1 32 bid.
NEW YORK?PiB Iron dull; mutown
$11 73trl3 northern $12 00(j>13 30.
Copper llrm. l<cad Arm. TNn barely
wtcudy; atrnlt* $13 35013 40. Flnte*
\v?uk. Spelter firmer; dume*tl<^$4 OOtf
4 05; unit's on 'Change 25 tons; March
ton $13 40.
raBHQBjy 1 ^ 111 ?.TNKW ORi-l'ANS
and interim.'*
v5 jflBlgftemr7 T '"ate polnta tnk? painvW*W?3r?/
1,1,1 "''''"iit* of tha
N^VmP|7 PHtubnriih & cinelnnntl
Packet Line, leuv'"ft
Humiuottt* foot of Eleventh street. hh
.Sl'-nmor KEYSTONE STATE. Charlr*
?. Knox. Master; Henry J. licit. Clerk;
every Tuesday, ft a. m.
Steamer HtJIJSON, Hobert Annow, Man*
tor; Jumrtf Alexander. Clerk; every
Thursday, K n. m.
Stnunu-r VIRGINIA. leaves every Sun.lay
?! ? ? m. T. a. CaUioon, nmntor;
Rot?ert II. Kerr, clerk.
For frvlffht or im?*aen telephone MO. i'ROt.'KARD
JM2E A??ntm
Arrlvn) and departure of train* on and
after Jan. 1M, IW?. Explanation of Refer*
once Marka: Dally, ?Daily, except Kur..
day. JDall;-, exrep' Sa?urd?\' tfDaflv. ?>v.
oept Monday. jKundayx only. Monday.-,
only, "Haturdaya only. Eaxtr-rn Standard
Depart. IB.AO.?Main Mnr.E'ati Arrive.
12:25 anii\VaMl?., Hal.. Phil.. N.YI *?:20 am
3:40 pm Waali., Dal., t'litl.. N.V
17:00 am ..Cutnuerlund Accom..i 17:0f? pm
M: W pin Grafton Aerotn *10:10 am
1K:n> am ..Moundaville Aecoin.. i7:fr? am
13:30 pm ..Moundaville Accom..| ' 1:? ? pm
ll:'W j?m ..Mounditvllle Accom. j *7:40 pm
11:20 am Washlntfon City Ex., tl:25 pm
Grafton ExprctiH. 4:25 pm
Depart. lir&O. ?C.Q. Dlv..Wcatl Arrive?"
*7am For Columbu* and Chl.j 1:15 am
rvilumhua and Clncln.l 5:30 i?m
Ill MO pmj.Columbus nnd Clncin.i *4:60 km
imi Columbus and Chi. Ex.f"12:10 pm
3:JU pmi...ZunesvlIle Accom...ti0:55 am
110:15 um St. Clairsvlllo Accom.,H0;r#5 am
13:30 pm St. Clalrsvllle Aceom.j 15:30 pm
|2:40 am Columbus and Cln. Ex.
10:15 om .....Sandusky Mall....Jj5:30 pm
"ficpflrt. H. & (J.?N".. P. 11, f>iv.| Arrive.
4:53 am For Pittsburgh *10:10 am
7:lfl um ....... Pittsburgh *7:00 pm
5:15 pm ..Plttahurgh and Kant.. 111:30 pm
f3:25 pm Pittsburgh tl0:00am
Pittsburgh Express.. 92:25am
Dcparfi P.. C.. C'& St. L. RyT*| Arrive?"
17:25 um Pittsburgh I .6:35 pm
17:25 um Steubcnvllle and West 16:35 pm
11:25 pm ..PittuburKh and N. V.. t3:20 pm
3:15 prn ..Pittsburgh and N. Y.. *11:35 am
'7:25 am Ex., Cln. and St. Louis t7:J2 am
1fl:O0 pm Ex.. Cln. and St. Louis 16:35 pm
<1:25 pm ..Ex., Steiih. and Chi.. 13:20 pm
*3:55 pm ..Pitts, and Dennlnon.. *11:35 am
I)?-part. C. & P.?Bridgeport. Arrive.
16:uS?am Fort Wayne and Chi. 15:58 pm
16:iw am ..Canton and Toledo.. t9:05 pm
'1:08 am Alllanre and Cleveland 19;05 pm
1?:0S nm Steubeiivllle and Pitts. 19:05 pm
tl0:09 am Sfeubenvllle and Pitts, til :05 am
t2:10 pm|Ft Wayne and Chicago t5:5S pm
12:10 pin;..Canton and Toledo.. tr?:S5 pm
12:10 pmfAlllanre and Cleveland tl:85 pm __
13:44 pm:Philadelphia and N. Y. 15:58 pm
VJ:41 pm; Baltimore and Wash. pm
1?:!4 pm fltetibenvllle and Pitts. t5:M pm
17:1.1 pmlflteuh'e and Wcllsvllle 18:68 am
"Depgrtri W. & J4. E. Arrive.
19:30 am ....Toledo and West.... 16:05 pm
19:30 amlCleve. Akron & Canton t6:05 pm
19:30 am Brilllant and Steube'le 16:06 pm
17:30 pmjMa*MlHon and Canton fl0:40 am
17:30 pm|Brilliant and Steube'le T10:4Q am
"Don?rl.I.. 4 W.-Brld*MT Arrive.
17:15 amlCleve., Toledo and Chi. tl:22 pm
11:40 pmiCleve., Toledo and Chi. 17:50 pm
15.00 pmj....Ma?slllon Accom.... tl0:fi0 am
18:01 am'St. Pfnlrsvllle Accom. t9:28 am
1jO:OS am|St. Clairsvlllo Accom. tl:31 pm
t2:32 pmlBi. Clalrsvllle Accom. ,1:45 pm
15:33 pm Si. Clairsvlllo Accom. 17:02 pm
tl:0f> pm Local Freight 112:45 am
"Depart. Ohio Jtiver R. R. Arrive.
7:00 am Passenger *10:46 am
111:45 am Passenger 12:05 pm
*4:00 pm ......_^Pass_enger_. *6:45 pm
~*L*ave~ I B.. A C. R. R. Arrive
Hellalre.i Bell&lre.
10:10 am Bcllalre and Zanesville 4:20 pm
0:15 pm) Woodsfield 9:45 um
yrfSgjgfe*." BALTIMORE ft OHIO.
Departure and arrival of
j|?nRBBQ (rflins at IVhtwllar. Eaat*
|fiv%T^SRBl''n tiuip. Schedule ia ef?
[pff gcSfi# K31, cl Jannary 2rt, 1899.
vtf?ro&urc?8B^r For Baltimore. PhUadalphia
and 5eir York 12:25
mid 11 :v*0 a. m., and 8:49 p.
Cumberland Accommodation. 7:00a. m., dally
except Sunday.
orafton Accommodation. S:I0 p. m., daily,
Mouudwlllc Accommodation, 7.-09 and 8.-43
in. and .v.30 p. m., except Sunday, and 1LM
1?. m., Saturday only.
From Now York, Philadelphia and Baltimore,
ISO a. m. dally.
Cumberland Exprew, 4:25 p. m.,dally, exoap.
(iradon Express. 4.2.*> p. m.. Monday only.
Cumberland Accommodation, 7:05 p.
oept Sunday.
Cratton Accommodation. 10:10a. m.. daily.
Mouudirillo Accommodation. 7:45 a. m.. ex*
cept Sunday; JOrl" a. m.. dally. 1:40 and 7.-3*>
p. in., except Sunday, awl 7:40 p. m. Saturday
For Columbus und Chicago 7:35 a. m. and 3:45
p. tn.vdally.
Columbus and Cincinnati Express. 10:15 a. m.
dally, lino p. m.. daily, except Saturday, and
2:40a. m Sunday only. .
Sandusky Mail. 10:15a. m.. dally.
Znursvllie Accommodation. ifcJO p. ra., daily
except Sunday.
St. Clalnvllle Accommodation, 10:15 a. m. and
8:iw n. m.. cxct-pi Sunday. *
A KltlVB
rbfefiRO Expr-w. 1:15 a. m. and 12:13 p. m.
Ciueinnali Exprofts IV) a. a. and 5:30 p. m.,
Haudmky Mall. 5:30 p. m.. daily.
ZaiiL'^vllie Accommodation. w:55 a. m. dally
cxcept Sunday. \
St riaicwUIe Accommodation, 10:45 a. m. and
5:30 p. m.. daily, except Sunday.
For'Fltttbureh. 4:56 and 7:10 a. in., and 5:45 p.
ui.. dally; and3:ii p. in., daily, exceot Sunda*.
For Fitubtirxb and tbo east. 4:55 a. m. and5:41
p. xa., daily.
From rittJbarjjb. iw.10 a. tn. and 7:03 p. m.,
daily, 11:80 p. u . daily, except SanirJay. 10:00 a.
ui.. except anaday. and 2:25 a. m.. Sunday only.
TbeGtBfelaDd, Lords S Wtiasllog R. B.
Time Table 1:> qfTact Mondav. Norember24,IBM.
Cleveland Depot. Foot of-South Water Street
ConiraTrimr'a.u.7iTTii imlji, a.m a.m. p.m r.x
Cleveland.... 7:3njl.-00it-35 * '
Letter I fcjH ?0B|ta?
l^irain. d?|iJ 7:00 1:00! 1:10
Klrria 7.r,Ji:i9 t-js
Grafton 7:K 1:9611:46
l.Wfctcr , 7:'iO 1:5:1 5:Oj
V.-iiltU 8:.H 2.-W V49
? hip.* Euko... >: .'(2:? 8:01
SierlliMr- : fcW&Sfi.'fctt
Warwick s fc-ji;2^8M0
Ma?oi!lon I 7:10 &3t
Jtistiu _..;KHK;9:R? 7:M 6:46
t anal Dorer. H&iV4:09 7:37 7siai i i
NewPhllmJ. 10:4214:17,*05
IhriclHTlllO Ilni4 4:5.',?:a 7:411
r. M.IA.M; I I
St.Cialrsrillc l:.*l7:4l? 9:tt>.7:?) Il:fl0j8;05;5:2?
P.M.I P.M.;
Hriiltpport... I:&'l6:5fl ...._ fc50!S:? l?:8l!Si48?:0J
Belliilre. | l:37|7:te:..-. Hhl0.fttf|l2a0|4.-0S!? \
Electric cnn between Wheeling, Martin's Ferry
?n.l 1> it W Depot in Bridgeport.
Central Tlme. A.*|A.*.|p. *.|p.h|i.jiL* p.* r.u
BelUIra- | *
Bridgeport 0:15 1.L40|4.<WI7:01 5HJ8 1:*2 UO
St. CmtPtVllle..' 9:50 2-.T0 Mr. 7:40 9*50 2:20 5:15
UhricburW" ..^'.20 8:10 2::tt?-.Q(? k.M a.M r.K P.St
Xmv Fbllndii. . 8:'.S 2.?6:17
CanalDoTer.... .1-4?l s.os
Jn?m? ifrl4| V-.lte 3:30 6:53
Mfttttllon firSOl 9f& 3:45 7:10
Warwick J&M thfO 4:10 r.U
Starling i7:15,10:l?| 4:W
OhIpp'w?l Jlt?|7:.Tj|10:26' 4: IS
Medina fcimfctf .MM
Lwfler JCI 'X:27|l0:50; 5:41
(irafiOU IS ll:07j 6:W
Kiyrla .WlkSI .&3I ?
Uraln t.nillAV fr.M
l<e?lor J?K- ,7:..4|10:45' 5:15
Cleveland, A r.. WO 11:80) 6:15
1a.M|A.M.|P. M.
7:201. ni. from Cleveland to Uhrichctllla. 2: Si
p. in. (nun Ubrlcb?vllle loClovuland runs dally.
Through connections and through ticfeeCato
all point* ('all on our ajjontt hr ad draw
M. 'i. CAKKKL (icneral Pataenf r Agent.
Wlieellnn & Elm Grove Ratlroad.
On and after Saturday. Kebraary'J, W?, train*
will run at follow.*, city time
,v<> i !nvr tt.wn?nvi
Tr*n T too Tr'n TmeTr'n. Ttue 7"m Tma
a.nt.1 p.?? . *.m.| p.m.
Na 2... 16:00 Na M.J:WNa Uf6:Q0Na 19....TO)
Na 4-..7:?i0Na 22...4.-00 Na 3... 7,-OO^a H..AM
Na 6 ...S ik) Na W....V00 Na MMKa M...4:A5
Na 8?...fcW Na 26...6-00 Na 7?.<fc00 Na 2...AW
Na in 10.00 No. ?S...7;0Q No. B-lChOQ Na 27 ..7:03
Na 12.1l.-U0.Ka Na 11.11:00 Na 29 ..fco)
p. Ill Na 8-'...9.D0 p. mjNa SI..>00
Na Hfl-'WNa M..1000 Na MJiiO Ka &U&09
Na ULJ-OilKa aC_ll:00|N*a li...lK).i Na &Ul:09
No. jNo. IV . jtlir
1 Daily, evccpt MJud*y
SiitKlny church tr*ln? will lo?r? Elm Qrorai;
fc?na ui and Wheolln* at 1?17 p. tu.
n. K. Wt.lSUKRUKK Q#c. Maotmc.
Wheelluu Brldfle & Terminal Ry.
c. o. nuEWSTica Receiver.
Time Table So. IS. to take effect 12:01
n. in.. Sunday, November IV, UK&
Leave WlieolinK?tfc;U0, |U:40 a. m*
12:?>. *3:15. -.4:20, ?!>;?> p. m.
Leave I'eiilimula?f9:61. 111:16, a.
m., 12:26, *8:21, f4:36 |9:0C p. m.
Leave Mnrtitt'a 1'Vrry-j.ttilJ, t9:57. Ill.oS
*3:27. *4:42. |P:lb p. m.
Arrive Terminal Junction?tS a?, tlO:Cl
111:u8 n. ro.. .2:38, *3:32. U:it, |?:1S p. m.
l?oave Terminal Junotlon-?7:22, 19:00 a.
m . 12:40in. m.,13:88, ?4:05, tS:i4. I?:43 p. m.
l.?ave Murttn h *>rry-f7:2S, |9:07. a. nv.
12:45. t4:10, 15;1J|. t8:R2 p. m.
Ai,:U m-,u:5u
- %
Dally. tDaily excapt Sunday. |8un- '
days only.
/n"T?';K, XtObSSU
.. -2i i .a. \Jj. !?!?'. . ' &*!

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