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fiO piepea Now Veilings on sale at 10c, 15c and 25c. .
Qualnies that are way abovo what are usually sold
at the prico.
Several thousand pairs bought by our buyer in New
York tho past week. Four-button Black' and Colored
Gloves?unusual valuo at tho price, not dollar
stoves, but nearly, at Q9C per pair.
60 dor.cn White Chamois Kid Gloves, quality warranted,
at 190 per pair.
150 dozen real Kid, in White, Black, English Red,
Tans, also White Musquetaire with black stitching.
Wc doubt if there's better sold anywhore at (1 26 or
$160. Price 88c per pair.
Remnant lot of Winter Hosiery to bo closed to-day.
Ab?ut 10 dozen Ladies' Fleece Lined Hosiery at Jc
per pair. About 15 dozen Ladies' 26c Fleecfi Lined
Hosiery at 12 1-io per pair.
\ \ J IJ\/ Is this store doing the,Skirt and Caf>e
1/1/ r-"| y business of the town? You will know if
V I. 1 * you look around and then examine here.
Figured Imitation Mohair Skirts at 88c.
Oloth Skirts at $1.38.
Good quality Figured Mohair Skirts, lined and velvet
. bound, $1.98.
Better quality Figured Mohair Skirts, Taffeta lined, velvet
bound. $2.98.
All-Wool Jaequard Skirts, Russelette lining, velvet
bound, $3.98. >
Black Diagonal Serge 8kirts, Russelette lining, velvet
bound, $3.98.
Elegant Taffeta Silk Skirts at $9.85. Also Brocaded Satin
' in the latest geometrical and floral designs at $9.85, $11.85 on up.
200 Velvet Gapes at $2.98, $3.98 and $4,95. Silk (Japes at
$4.95, $5.90 and $U5 on up.
TH E-"
Spjivers and
i PMUOTIKatio fAmmittfla
sMMpiicii uui o wuiiuhigu
Appointed by the House of Representatives
will reach Wheeling March 21.
A grand reception at the McLure House is on
the programme, and this in many instances
will necessitate new outfits for the ladies,
who are urged to be present in force.
We want to suddIv some of these outfits?
Dresses, Skirts, Waists, Capes, iNeckwear.
Gloves, Handkerchiefs or whatever it may
be, as we are in better shape than ever to supply
Geo. M. Snook & Co.
' i ii r* l.' .1 . A . f
! Anotner uanctiuate ?
acftgEgUbL J/?? *wV? for trio f
r tlou, P'* Inll!* nt;.J U|> i<? >uio In evory parlfc- 4
! ..si.so Alpine Hat. I
?McFadden's On -Price Store, j
# 1320 AMD 1322 I ARKET STREET.
! '-' - ' ?flattgaBBfigga-.i-.n in n?t?
? ? *# ?
: A Premium of $4.50
J Art Iftdr wh<> ??n w?tr ?. ?!_. a. 4 ft- m? ?**? P*,f 01 ont 0#,#" $
j i>rat*l a.iK? f|M lx>.>*0.* IU\5U?iu?a?4t*,0**~wr 2
: One Dollar and Fifty Cents.
?_a IMI cywiiw nKW'
j c. i> avi> k widths opium |w" ,
??plain toeio"1;; t-jj.
the ophthalmoscope.
*?ho ophthalmoscopic rsnmlnaMon In of
Villi' to tfhuw th* condition of tliu r? frantior
media, ot Ih# optl** nerve pnd
letlne, and of the whole Interior ol the
ye. and to reveal the prMmu'? of any
pathoio?leal condition that may 1*j present.
thus explaining tile can*o of tho Impair*!
vlnlon and Indlcntltur whether
IImmii or medical treatment la needed.
I?rof. I?evttt haa inudn u lU>-lonit. careful
at tidy of the 9Xo ?nd lion* to cot reel de
No charce la mnd? If advice I? glvfcn you
ai to whether rtaueii t/lll l>enefU?r not.
8?fJ?raction UguarentccU In every case.
Dillon, Wheat & Handier Co.
f*?!\ rrof. >?. y.v.viTr.
<HHtet No*. Hflnml i7 I'mirftntli
X?W AdrrrllMtMiHU.
Cloilnr Out B?l.-KI?ht!i Pyre.
Ki>nrli?T??Htoti?? A Thome*?Eighth r?K*.
-An Kyt-Opcner"?I>. Qundllug & 1.0.?
Ylol.t Cr?anl-R. II. List.
Upward Cardi-Carlo Uron.
To Republican.?Alf.C. I'avU.
For Ha1*-N?tblll * Devlnr.
Kor R.nl?Two Koomt.
Maaonlc Fumral Nolle.
Salnman-On. In Kv.ry Slate.
Church Notlco?S.cond Pr??byl?rlan
CWanl?l-A (llrl for d.n.ral Houwwork.
Commicnlon?r*? Ba1? of City Property.
House* and*Lot? For Pale? Hln?h?rt A
TTobit-fml(t* * Dickinson.
Artificial Umto Manufacturing Co. ?
ipawo oPBiriNoorc. rasa * bons.
All th? H*wnt ??v?lllrt( roudatlui; of
iktUHttca, Tron*crlugti and Ovareoalliig*,
kmW (l% ilOf h<
HiylWi mnKfHp. firat-fluM workmwi hip
ami (It at lownl |?rlrr?.
In ??r FurittahliiK Dr|iur(mritf \xt arr
flVrlttf idmUI barjfnl?m lit rncUtwftr,
a5c ItoSV and Kanry ftlilrta.
C. IIMII * ?ON?,
Patlilnnable Tallar* and Gruff Farnish rt,
13ill and 13*3 Market UtfHU
' IIAVK j*onr fvc*
WMPMMh (rated for ilaMci irw
<?"i ?>r"elan.
Narlirl and
Twelfth itmU>
Matiera of Minor Homttil In and About
(lie City.
Matinee at the Grand to-day.
The Orand this evening?Ous HM*?
There was not a case for the police
court yesterday morning. Last evening
Ofllcer Kemple looked up one plain
( drunk.
The sleighing yesterday vras not good
enough to rncourage many people to
bring out their cutters. The sun shone
brightly all day.
A marrlacft license waa veaterdav la
Rued to Oustav Marx, aged twenty-six,
and Henrietta Kandemkl. a*ed twenty- j
two, both natives of Germany. and reiIdeaU
of Wheeling.
The private dance of the Minuet ctub
at Egerters hall, will be given on ,
March 23 instead of a week before, a? ,
hud been announced.
There are atlll a great many ?ide- r
walks about the city on which the enow 1
and Ice ha* not been touched. What if ]
that snow ordinance for? 1
The Moorwood tin pot, at the AetnaStandard.
will bo put In operation In
a few daya. Another now pot will be
started on Monday. making nine In ail.
Clerk Hook yesterday admitted to record
a deed made February 6 bv John
H. Dowm And wife to A. Ia Downs,
for lot 9 In Shriver's addition to
The LVmmon Oil Company yesterday
pleated T. M. Garvin its attorney. This
company owns valuable oil territory
In the Cairo field on which It has begun
operations. Its first well being drilled
almost to the nond.
I*ast evening Chief of Police Bennett.
Officer* McCausIaud and Kemple raided
three; houses of fit fame. At Flo
Cook's five girls and two men wore captured.
at Grace Henry's two girls and
at Lucy fjlelmont's four girls.
Strsugerif In the <*lty nwt Wheeling
Fa Ik. Altmsri.
W. J. t'rouhart, of Steubenvllle, was
here yesterday.
Mrs. Lou Helms, of 8teubenvllle. ts
visiting friends hero.
\V. H. Haskina. advance agent of the ,
"Cilnrlauu" company. Is h?ro ahead of ,
the show.
Mrs. \V. N\ Mnch. of Martlnsburg. ar- i
rived In the city ln?t nlnht to visit her I
mother for a short time.
Mr. Charles SWtwer, the well Known 1
tawrn oWft?f of Fairmont, was In the
city last night on his way home from !
He v. Dr. H. R. Swope. of Bt. Matthew's
church, jreach^d nt tlie Trinity
i:pl*copal church In Uetlalre last evenlug
to a large congrctrat'.nin
ittefaftnl Robertson, of Wheeling, was
h?re Tuesday. He I* n candidate for
the Republican nomination ror county
clerk of Ohio county, and seems to have
a good lead, gays the Moundsvltle Herald
of this week. .
Dr. A. P. Goamlre was yeeterdsy pre.rented
with a very flue specimen of thn .
"Big Injun" oil I Hearing sand, fi-om the \
MeLiire well, near Friendly. In Pleasants
county. It wfts the gift of Harry
McLure. Tt was blown out when a
*u-?v nnnrtx of nttro-eh'cer
In* hitd be?ii admin Itleretl. Tlio** who
have porn the *oll<1 mam of pebbl**
My It l? a remnrRably lino and large (
I??nlitinl from th0"I'm."
Yeaterday the penitentiary ofIlcl*ln ropflvM)
official notification of the gardening
hy Governor MftrCorkle. of Mra.
Viola Robert*, of P*rker*burg. who
wo* AentenreU to aorve a term of Ave
y**r? frtr burglary. 8he ho* wrved
nearly half of the **nt??nee. The ground
on witlrh th?* pardott wa? obtained wnn
the rf th* |?rlaon phy*lel*'i.
r?r. f? W. unic*. that the woman*
Willn w?j;, IWmWni.
IN thmo tlftya of Al*np|''-hitincnt? tt is
n KtntlNfAihm t?* knnw titnl ????* an
bur * imttft* "f KmtvsitHittOll rt>r 2i ctnu.
\TTFVnth,; oiwninic to-day.
Allbril' ONEtU-tf, 170T? Mnrktt.
STI irlt IMlDI.IIVP til l Vft
li? l.nnu.
Money to loan on real utatf?'Weal
Virginia Hovinc* ftnd Htllldlwt Aaitociaiiftfi,
m< tn tt Mnwonle Trtnpfp. owte?
houn* C.Ij to f :15 p. m.. every Monday.
Vfiavnr*lnu (a IK <% ' * A
O. '1 Itui-Brfn)', March 10, IHW,
1\onnd trip *10 trt, tlrkr?u Rood t?*n
day*. Train* laava Wheeling at 12:2f?,
4:W and 11:10 ?. in.; 9:10 and &:?& J? ">
Fur m^nlnn oar Kpore and dalalled Information
apply to Ualtimor?.& Ohio
. . i ;
Seeing to be ns Fur Away Now
It IlusUecu lit Any Tlinc.
Din Nffoml VrUiny of Kach 3lontb, 1
trad of On Wrdliriillj', M ftrfbre S?
Kfittd-Tbli I'hmiKt li Mad* (o Av?
ConlllatlliKWllli I'rmyrr IU?(tluRi-3f?
lirn? Are Atketl to Prnrnt In Writ I
any HtiCKfMliiiii thrjr M?y Have 1
Clunii<>i In Hi* Charter*
The npecfat comrfllttee of the cl
council, chamber of commerce, trail
HHflcmbJy, builder*' exchange and ci
tcna at large, which wan Home time u
Appointed to make amendments to t
'Itv rhnrfor tn?? l*?t nlirht. Tlif* re*
lor meeting should have been he
IVednesday ovtnlng. but owing to nor
misunderstanding kt was not held
that time. Chairman Uaslett Is
California and was toot prrscnt la
renin*. On motion of Mr. Hamiltc
L'ol. O'Brien was made chairman p
Mr. Hamilton said that several mer
liers of the committor wore pronilne
In church work, and Wednesday bull
prayer meeting night they could n
ivell attend on that evenlug. Later
ivas ordered that the committer m?
>n the second Friday of each mont
rhe minutes of the last meeting of t!
{ neial committee were read, and a
Mr. Davlsaon said he thought the su
lommlttee ought to meet, even If t
chairman was absent. Mr. Roberts*
made some remarks on the same llr
is did Nr. J. A. Miller.
Mr. Robertson moved that the su
committee be called to meet next Thur
Jay night. , t
Mr. Davlsson moved to amend 1
Imply recommending that the aub-coi
mlttee meet on Thursday evening
organise, but he afterwards wJthilrf
ihe amendment nnd Mr. Robertsot
notion waa carried.
Mr. Davliion suggested that all m*r
)em of the committee put any (deft*
elation to the new charter which th<
night entertain into writing and I'nrt
to the sub-committee. Mr. tUmllti
idvocated this and it was nnaliy adop
Mr. Tlghe made some very prattle
luggestiotm as to the work the comml
ee would l>e expeoteil to do.
As there was not much that the cor
nlttee could do before the suh-comml
e had met and reported, the oomml
:ee adjourned after a brief Inform
llscusaion. It U not Improbable th
here may be a change In the city Uni
to a? to mnke a "vlreater Wheeling."
While the suggestion of the comml
tee wan dimply that member* nhou
>reient In writing their ld*aa an to ui
leslrablt* changes In the city charter,1
Hvldoal members nald both at thla ai
\ rormer meeting that any suggestlo;
jn the MUae line from outalde oltlse
vould be welcome. Thsre are mai
people not on the committee who ha
dean on the subject. One of these In
nrttidA tetiffon and nomiibiv some oth
outlying territory In the city llmi1
f^ulton la already enjoying most of t
metropolitan facilities afforded by t
;lty. and her people probably would n
>hject to-being put on an eaual footli
* Ith those In Wheeling.
llraolntloiia or ItNpwI.
At a Tegular communication of Whe<
Ing Lodge No. 28, B. P. O. E.. h<!
rhursday. March It. lltt. the followli
resolutions were adopted:
Whereas. It has pleased the Exalt
Ruler of the Universe to call from o
midst our beloved and distinguish
brother. A. D. Harden,
Bo It Resolved. That while we deej
noum the loas of our brother, we hur
lily submit to the dispensation of t)
Exalted Ruler of all. believing that
eavlng this forest of care and trout
le was received to enjoy the reward
lis labors In that land whence no tra
?ler returns.
r> A Utm ?mm m anUnri
type of physical and mental manhoc
italwart, upriicht. temperate, genero
md Just, but he Is gone?tone from i
forever. Me died suddenly. He <J|.
ilmost with the harness on. Ills st
went down without a cloud upon I
disk, Its last rays were clear, brig
ind tranquil. His spirit we know i
trepld nnd unUrrlfled, resting with fal
jpon its Savior and upon Us Ood. w
borne safely through the dark valley
the shadow of death. And when 11
melancholy tidings of his mourof
Irsth wss whispered over this comw
rally. It nowhere touched a more r
?ponslve chord, nor will Its memory I
inywhere more tenderly enshrined thi
n the loving and sffectlonate hearts
:hf members of Wheeling Lodge So. I
tf. P. O. E.
He It Resolved. That, while we hur
idy bow In submission to the will of ti
Rxalted lluler of all. we do hereby e
I ress our heart frit regrets at the sufld*
lemlse. and In hi* death we lose a brot
rr ror whom the warmest Twin** *hi
ver live.
And be It fttrther Resolved. That
ihr bereaved family of tl?e deceaeed i
xt.?nd our deepett aympathy, and rw.
them the hope an It has bean aftld
their beloved one. "Weil done, ttv
Rood and faithful servant; enter nc
into the Joya of thy Un4."
And be It further liesojved. Th
Ihes** resolutions be Inatftrd In the dal
papers, a copy furnished to his txreav
israily. and the same bo apread up<
Lhe rt-cords of the lodge.
O, It. TRAf'Y,
Mualo Vlnlll
At th?? bi-weekly rtlwerml of t
Opera House .orrheitra at the Arl
hull to.morrow mniBt the follow!
i*ery attractive programme will be re
tiered Uy Prof. BpelV# musicians:
March?"Duepprl Bchanaen Sturm*'-..
[)vertur*?"Maruana" Walla
VValtt?"Bl'ie Dr.itul*" J. fltrm
Selection from "Hob Hoy" !>o Kov
"Hpanlih L>*nrv?" Moftskowe
Potpourri?"PM bene Ibl Paul*"....We;
American Ftnlula?"Qema of Steven
Tomer" Mo*o?-Tnhr
"Sound* from Home." tor 8trln? Instrument*
Quadrlllo-?"Doctor Piccolo" Btrat
It Mudr n liti.
The entert&lument at the Itrldgepi
opera house. tout night. under the at
piceaOT th?? Hrldgapttft lodifo, I. O. O. :
una a ?rcat all round micceaa, ami
doubt at Uh repetition to?nlKht th?
will bo an audience (arret- even th
laat night'*. Tin* title of the piece rv
denrd la "He, or the Myatcrie# of t
Hrat ufAII
To clonee the rvrivm In a gentle a
truly betieftclol tnaniwr, wheh t
springtime come*. nae Hio true and p?
feet remedy. Ryrwp ??f Flu*. One bot
will anaur?r for all the family and c?*
only W> cent-.'; tl.?* lanr* ?lao 11. U
tin- remilne. Manufactured by t
California Pip Syrup tympany on
and for tale by all rtrogvltts.
Mr. Pari* It Mycin, oncantit n
cht?lr mauler ??t ?*t. Matthew*'. will i
? i*lve In it>c toUowlnK branch;
1Mjh? oinmi. IManoforte wi*l Voice Ci
lure. Mr. Myer* t formerly from t?<
ton. Man). wtMdied under th?> 1h
manter*. both In thin country n
abroad. The New Krvl.imt onn?ervat<i
nml the llelm!^ Italian M^tho<l u.*
lewperilvely. Vor teim* iuMr<*t-.?
al>ove. '
A HIGH llvrr with * torpid Uvcr o
not l? n Ion* llv. r. Oorm t tho li\
with l^Wltt'M little K?rly Ulsero. lit
jtllU Hint cure dvrpewila Mid coimit
tlon. Uo*an A Co., WheeUn*. W. V
?. K. Pcmbody. l^nwood and Bowlo
Co.. Drldgeport. U.
g\ lllllKiiiHiiii. I? ? m
0|>jM>?lfloil to Ihr I'HDlflo Fuudltlff Hill.
SAN Pit A NCISCO, March 12.-C?JIas
fornla read the report of tho testimony |
given by C? P. JJunllngton yesterday
before the houso commltto.; on Pacific
rullronds with ihlnglcd feeling of
;t amusement and mdlKiintlou. in din- !
-I ensslng th?? public feci!np: In California
with regard to the Central l'neltlc funding
scheme. Mr. Huntington is said to
**- have remarked Hint there were per,c.
imps 100 people in the state who ore opponed
to the project. Ilcw near Mr.
,,,! Huntington's estimate Is to tho truth
n*. may bo Judged from the following
statement made by Mayor Kutro:
nR "Of till! 1,too,000 rx-monn In California
for It may bo safely said that 1,400,000 are
opposed to the funding bill. The 100,000
who favor the scheme are hankers who
hold thn bonds of tho company, and
tv peoplu under the control of the com7
pany. It Is outrageous that Huntlnglc<
ton should have the effrontery to tell
tl* such hart-faced falsehoods to a conjo
grosslomil committee. He would have
, . Congress believe that I am tho only
man In the state who Is opposed to the
u" funding bill when, as a matter of fact.
Id the sentiment here In ulmoKt tmaoln0
mously against It. It will he the grcatest
cnlamlty thntkever befell a state if
jn Huntington succeeds in hoodwinking
Congress to pass the bill. The funding
in scheme proposed by Senator Morgan
ro will bo fairly acceptable."
"g Collision on ?lt? VnmlnlU Line?TerrlbU
Ot Panic iu m Car.
It BRAZIL. Ind? March 13.?A pawienger
train on the Center Point branch of
jl(; the Vandalia line was wrecked at Center
p- Point, flouth of hero, at 7 o'clock. The
engine and miner*' car. containing
b- ft bout J00 miners, bad gone on the side
He trncK iu man>- a ruumuK n .
on the other section of the train, composed
\e, of a cab?of.e and passenger car, got beyondcontrol
of the trainmen, and shootb
In* down the heavy grade, collided with
a- the first section before the brakoman
could throw the Bwitch. The cabooso
by and miners' car was crushed in, while
u- the engine and passenger coach wero
to damaged. The miners In their car were
>tv thrown Into one end of the cor and the
i'a heavy seats piled on them. In their
wild efforts to escupe, they trampled and
n- tore each other In a frightful manner.
In Following J* a list of Injured:
ey William May, miner, right ankle brolt
ken and other injuries.
an Mitchell (*umm, miner, struck on head
it. and badly hurt; taken out unconscious.
William Lucas, mlnsr, hip crushed.
a| , Sheriff John R. Palno, of Brazil, was
t. In the caboose: serluuily Injured, one
ear torn from head.
n- Conductor William Kennedy, of Terre
It. Haute, foot mashed in terrible manill
aj Harl?y Henderson, baggage master,
face torn.
* I'?n< r>t Tprri*
Haute. Injured about leg* and bark.
H_ Nearly every miner sustained Injuries
lj of more or lewi serious nature,
jy ?
n. Muieliler ."Vol n t'andl'Uff.
nd EASTON. Pa.. March 13.?Ex-Conns
gressman Howard Mutchler to-day dens
nled the published statement that he
ly was a candidate for the Democratic
ve nomination for Congress from the
to eighth district. He does not. however,
er say positively that he trill not enter the
ts. race. Congressman Hart Is a candlhe
date for renomlnatlon nnd Senator
he Shull. of Stroudsburg. has also anot
nounced himself. Charles F. Chflder
ig Chldescy will be the Republican candidate.
Ktrnrk bjr an EiiRtnr.
i\. EASTON, Pa.. March ll-Archlbald
U C. Pnacoe, a*rt?d forty-eight years, a
tig prominent citizen of South Easton and
well known Republican politician, while
ed standing on the tracks of the I?ehlgh
ur railroad this morning, was struck by a
ed passenger engine and Instantly killed.
He leaves a widow and five children.
n- Mark Ttralii Vfiy III.
he NEW YORK, March 13.-A cable dls\n
patch from London brings the news
> * that Samuel L. Clements (Mark Twain)
ot Is dangerously ill at Jeypor, India. The
v" nature or his Illness Is not stated.
^ March April M.y
us Arc the months In which to give esus
pedal attention to the condition of
ed your physical health. If you pass safem
ly through these months and and yourts
Helf strong and vigorous, on the arrival
ht of warmer weather, you may reasonn
ably expect that you will be well In
th summer. Now is the time to take
as Hood's fiarsaparllla, because now is the
of time when the blood mum in? punneu,
ho enriched and vitalised, and becauae
Ul Hood'* Snrsnparllla Is the only true
u- blood purifler prominently In tho publie
eye to-day. Hood'a Santaparilla ha*
he power to make you healthy and guard
in your nyHtem agalnat dlaeaae.
s- cmsEn^zSr,n phMo
n- O N KILL'S, 1?5 Market
he m
Itnlflmorr A Ohio rhmiffr of Tlmr.
h- On and utter Sunday, March 15, IMS.
n\\ Baltimore Ohio ntftln line train* win
arrive and leave Wheeling na follow*,
to via Grnfton: ?
ve For Washington, Raltlmor* and the
nd n?at at 12;2& *;.d 11:10 a. m. and 3:<u p. m.
or dally.
rvi, Cumberland Accommodation. 7:00 a. nr.
except Sunday.
'w Orartob Accommodation, 3:40 p. m. dally.
M - in-isvllle Accommodation, s:Stf a. m.
it und |>. m., <x?Ncpt Sunday, and 11:00 p.
ly ni? ttmurday only.
** AHIUV5.
on From Washington, 1"). C.. and the East,
S:Jrt n. m. and 4:15 p. tn.. dally.
Cumberland Accommodation, 7:45 p. m.,
except Sunday.
Grafton Accommodation, 19:10 a. m.,
Mounrisvllle Accommodation, 7:10 a. m.
and 12:22 p. m., except Sunday, and 10:40
p. m , Ha tin-day only,
hf 1
QUICK In effect, heal* and leave* no
? *r?r. Burning scaly Mi In eruption*
quickly cured hy DeWltt'* Witch llasvl
Slave. Applied to burn?, scalds, old
- sores, It Is magical In effect. Ahvuy*
cent s plies. Lou*in <& Co.. Wheeling, \v\
lg? Vn . U. F. Pea body, Kenwood, and
P^ luwie & Co.. Bridgeport. O. 3
z J&k "Ccnplete
! "* How to Attain It."
IT ti A fiv y Wonderful N*cw
??. mIA, if Modlwil IIook.wrfttMi
hi* *xky'H lit M for Mi'U Only. On*
jSftfjA? vK c0^*D,a'" <M"ro*'
ho S^r " ' r jmao, n.y.
'it- Rjm JI\aminp.l for NIaum Free or
JJj CharffO.
m] Ifynw n?ml ipwIm'lM, fyM llr*? nr
,rv nrliM wimh rnmlliiiar ??wln(i coikuK ii?
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Uom ?r Hio ,yn. 1110 Mum .|rMl< lUfld1
quwUw for-Ar tlflrtnl Kye*
The New I
! Fashions are Astir,
According to the calendar spring is here, likewise the
Spring Suite and Overcoats. Tho prophecy has come
true. We promised to boost perfection up a point or
two higher?the trying has succeeded, if we do say it
ourselves. There never has been such a bang-up good
stock shown before?beyond compare now you'll agree.
Already you're speaking your appreciation?not in
words?in actions. Your satisfaction is contagious?it
has spread?new faces tell us how deep it has struck
in. The better we do, tbe more we do. We're done
our best, and we'll do the biggest business tbis season
we've ever done?that's our reward. Ours is a greater
variety to select from?a bigger money's worth. You I
can see that in our line of
|i* | C mM ouhh atith i
Mixed Clay Suits ^ A I
With French Tarings. diu.ysj
While everybody else ask 515 for as good. We show I
show you the correct goods, right in style, right in I
make-up. If you want them 01 other materials, no
sooner said than seen, higher priced aud lower priced, I
== I
The Suits are superb, the Hats, the Neckwear, I
r> 1- ! - ^ C? ? ^UiMnan'o o ?.? ?ll
oniric eUJU duyo aili4 viiiiuicii o gauuciu^ ai c ail H
ready, all flavor of spring and smack of the same I
TSJ W SJB B I STB Clothiers, Hatters
lilt H U15 and Furnishers... I
Market and Fourteenth Sts.
Kincr Winter!
JL IlII V V a* A ?vi |
Does not propose to let go his grasp so I
easily as we have been led to expect.
Overcoats and Heavy Suits will be I
interesting for many a day. The man
or boy who isjortunate enough to need I
them now will be able to wear the best
at the former price of ordinary ones. I
Owing to the low prices sustained by
this store all through the winter season
our stock is exceedingly low, but there's
many bright bargains to be obtained yet
in all lines. With Spring goods push- |
ing in we are making room by reducing
the already low prices still lower.
RAFD'Q ciothing Hois J
I CLOSING OPT gAUK-WAitraio, mu.
A. t.TiiDhiv luiirn u ',?in ?i?.
Ull Oftiuivwni, ..... Wll .... f,- |^_
gnnt slocit of Carpets at 1117 Main street, at prices far below tirsi
Good grade Body Brussels Carpet, regular price $1.15. "0*H
73c por yard. ?
Best grade Tapestry Brussels Carpet, regular price S5c, n?'?
5Bc per yard.
Medium (rrado Tapestry Brussols Carpet, regular price
now 40c por yard.
Cheap grade Tapoatry Brussels Carpet, regular prlco 50c. !?>*
25o por yard.
Best grado All-Wool Extra Super Carpot, regular prlco 63c. W H
40c pnr yard. .
r?..i _ U..U.I I Inlnn ... , rtif. nnr H
r.xira nuuv; wmw.? wu hwi? i v^uiur priuo ?tuc,now ^3" ','|0C H
Good ?rndo Cotton Carpot, ru^ular prion 250 und 30c. "< >?> H
and 150 pur yard. jl*
Runf. Art Squ.irus and ramnants of Carpat and a frncuo"
Sale begins Saturday, March 14, ends Friday, Mit'ch 20 ' jl
early, brlna measure of your rooms or lialls with you and save it
to 50 per cent on your put chase. Goods must bs sold.
jr. Et. h-A-XjT-. I
Asslgnaa of Alox. Frow. 1117 M.iin StrJ^
nte eence + + + job
1 "J-!*" 1 1 | Ne?tly and Promptly U I

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