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;* v.- - - - CvV^te)GELEBRHTED
TT liLlUlrfUl amy T I V-ll ?? | 1
' . -
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ivirvr am ni n
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" I y
If the lines in this diamond figure do no
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meridians, it indicates a defect of sigh
I -1 U. ..J nit mill
that <*u?e? mttoh '~?
bo corrected at once. ijM tested Jr?c.
mrt manager.
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Transfers Recorded.
The following transaction In real es
tate was admitted to record in Clerl
Hook's office yesterday:
Deed made April 3. 1896, by W. F
\. urster to Carolina Wureter. his wife
for the east half of lot No. 94. Indian!
street, miana, xor anu iuvo auu aua
Their Bailor Offering.
Mrs. Hart's school visited the Chil
dren's Home of Wheeling yesterday at
ternoon, and according to their yearlj
custom, made a most acceptable Easte
offering, consisting of Easter eggs o
many hues and kinds, together with i
variety of good things to eat and amuse
Exercises were given by both the vis
ltlng pupils, and the children of th
home, and a thoroughly enjoyable tlrn
was had.
Colored Republican Club.
The colored Republican club of th
Second ward met In tho Market hal
last night. There was a very large at
tendance, and among the visitors wer
a number of the Republican candidate*
The members decided to dispense wltl
nil formal business and have a sort o
a Republican love feast Brief addrosse
were made by T. C. Moffatt, Rlchar<
Robertson, 8. O. Boyce, Charles 1
JJBCIllllillill UI1U UUICIA) w>u Mm. ? .
good, spirited meeting.
ThU Afternoon** Recital.
At the tenth recital of the Woman'
Musical Club, to be given at the A. C
U. W. hall this afternoon, the followlni
programme will be rendered:
Overture, E flat (opu* D5)....MendelBsoh;
Meidames Bertschy and Haaauer.
Ever with Thno (vocal) Ral
Mrs. Harry Fltsgerald.
Tar&ntelle (Instrumental) Thorn
Miss Maud (larfoer. Martin's Ferry.
With the Stream (vocal) Tour
Mrs. John Turner nnd Miss May Thoma
of Martin's Ferry.
Hondo (opus Itt) Beethovei
Aim. C. P. Flick.
Selection (vocal)
Mrs. Harry Travis.
Waken! Waken! The Day Is Dawning
Choral Club.
Comity Clcrk'a Office.
Testerday Edith L. Wilkinson, ndmln
istratrlx with the will annexed of Luc;
Wilkinson, quallfled before Clerk Hool
Bond $1U,OU0, with James P. Wllklnuo
'Vianklln C. Holmea qualified as a no
tary public.
Mary Horan qualified as admlnlstra
trlx of the estate of Michael Horar
Bond $100. with John Waterhouse n
""/^marriage license was I?sucd yester
day to Washington Hobson, aged 3ft an
Ida Jordan, need 21. both of Wheeling.
Rev. Joseph Speers, pastor of the Sec
ond Presbyterian church, was author
Ited yesterday to solemnly the rites c
marriage. Bond $1,C00, with R. H. Dal
cell as surety.
Tilt) Religion* Holidays.
Yenterdsy was tiood Friday, and wa
celebrated In the Catholic and Bplsro
pnl churches with very solemn hit
vices. At tnft catnearai more wer
ronnrpffnllons nt all tho service* whlc
parked tho large churrh. The mai
feature* were the station* of the eras
and the celebration of Christ'* thrc
hours' agony on the cross.
To-morrow In Krister, and In all th
churches the joyous feast of tho Resut
rectlon will be observed with flower
and mu?ic. in mum ?u uhmii uiimoumu
1 elaborate programme* have been pro
f pared, and If the weathor 1?? good thcr
1 will bo sure to be large congregation
' DVlTQ C3oM and Silver, Bralo and Tei
f Ulan, Mile and leather.
| 0KO. M. SNOOK & CO.
I REYMAWJ* HI-WIIIR CW? ???*"*? ; ?
' draft gafardaf >ml M?n?!ar? tl?? 0ntlira
' - m
i u i n
Frightful and Fatal Accident on I
Bellalre Bridge.
In a Collision, on tho First Span of the
Railroad llrld|c. Next to Bcnwood, Between
a Yard Engine and a Portion of a
Freight Train that Became Disconnected?One
of the Xen Frlghtfnllj
^ Hatred?Frank Salzfarer and Patrick
Flaherty the Victims.
^ Last evening: shortly after 6 o'clock a
shocking and fatal accident occurred on
th?? Roiifiiro railroad brldtre. just a short
distance from the West Virginia shore,
" and by which two men, Prank Salsgaver
and Patrick Flaherty, employed at
' . the Baltimore & Ohio shops at McMechen,
and residing In Bellalre, lost
r their lives almost instantly, the latter
being horribly mangled.'
= Freight train No. 99, west bound,
leaves Uenwpod at G o'clock p. m., and it
f has been the habit of the workmen, forty
or fifty in number, employed at the
? r\ut? ehnnn Of XTnWooVion tri
nilllllllUlC Ob UUIV Blivya H* w-w
take this train for their homes. A yard
1 engine ahvayn follows the freight, and
when the freight Is missed the men pile
on the yard engine, many riding on the
1 front of the engine. Last evening some
of the men were on the yard engine, No.
- 1104, Harry Drummond engineer, the
others having taken the freight When
on the lirst spun of the bridge next to
* the Ben wood shore, the freight train
broke in two. the caboose and three cars
s running back towards the approaching
yard engine. For some reason no one
on the engine saw the approaching cars
soon enough to give the alarm that
might have prevented the loss of life.
P Charles Zeigler and Coleman Ney were
. sitting on the cow catcher of the yard
d engine, but were paralyzed with flight
c when they suddenly looked up and saw
the swiftly approaching train. Th?y
could utter no Bound. The men in the
caboose of the parted portion of the
t freight realized the danger and Jumped.
1^ many clinging to the Iron frame work of
the bridge. Frank Salzgaver and Pat
Flaherty, however, commence^ to climb
up the ladder at the end of the caboose,
' but before reaching the roof the crash
' came and both were crushed to death In
collision with the yard engine.
Just how Zeigler and Ney escaped they
themselves cannot tell. They were on
frr?nt nf th#? nnaine. but manavsd
" somehow to drop In safety at the eriti;
cai time. They were literally bathed In
the blood of the vlotlms.
The bodies of the dead men were
brought to this city and removed to
their homes. Both men were single
B and about '24 years of age. 8alagaver
is the son of the day foreman at the Mcj
Mechen shops. The news of the accident
attracted thouaands to the scene
j from Bellalre and Banwood.
" The Presbyterian Ladles Close Their As?
[ nnal Session Here Yesterday.
The second and closing day of the
Presbyterian Woman's Missionary Association
was held at the Third Pres"
byterlan church, In the Eighth ward,
{ yesterday. As on Thursday the attendance
was very large. The session
* opened at 9:30 a. m. with devotional exerclses
conducted by Mrs. Frank Fish.
1 Mrs. W. H. Lester made a very Inter'
eating report on the work abroad, and
x?iM at nr. brio 1 a mvs a. nrrirltefl and In
structlve talk on missionary literature.
Miss Hays made a report on medloal
- work in connection with missions, and
- read several Interesting letters from
/ missionaries. A recitation by Miss
r Curtlss was a pleasinr feature, and
f there were short and Interesting talks
* by Mrs. Swing, Mechlin and Touxeau,
u all returned missionaries. After de
votlonal exercises and several talks
e Mrs. D. A. Cunningham closed the exii
erclses with an address.
Tlte Democratic Primaries Set.
Last evening the Democratic county
e committee met at the office of ProsecutII
ing Attorney Howard to decide on the
- matter of method and time of selecting
e the candidates for county ofllcors, etc.
i. It was decided to nominate by primary
h election on Saturday, April 18, a week
f before the Republican primaries. The
s nominations are generally regarded as
1 largely a matter of form, and not a
groat deal of interest was manueaieu
x In the meeting.
Sum Humll fo I/Ntiirt Here.
On Monday evening Rev. 8am 8mall
s will lecture at the Grand Opera House
?. on Good Government. An admission of
S 15 cents will be charged, and SS cents
for reserved soats. No doubt he will
n draw an audience which will pack the
home. He Is always entertaining, and
t nobody ought to miss hit lecture here.
0 When Traveling,
s Whether on pleasure bent, or business,
? take on every trip a bottle of Syrup of
Figs, as It acts inost pleasantly and
n effectually on the kidneys, liver, and
bowels, preventing fevers, headaches,
nnd other forms ?>f sickness. For sale
In 50 cent and $1 bottles by all leading
druorgists. Manufactured by the California
Fig Syrup Company only.
Tiim utlic llock Beer ?cnfont ftchmnl
- hitch'* la til* h**! Hork llccri on draft
y rrrr/whrn Friday, ftatnrday and Man*
" ?|JV,Bklrt* "Apron Front" Skirts,
vLU.l and all the other new styles in
Separate Skirt*. Figured MjoJialr
. Sklrta $2 68 up.
" nRY.VAN.\>l IIOIK on draft trtm
M'hrre Katiiriln)* and Monday. The beat
T hrrr. Mitre to plena* yon. Do not fell (o
try l(*
i- RCIINULBAC'II Brfwliif Company**
.. Bock Hrrr on draft In all saloon* In the
lf vicinity Friday, Saturday and Monday.
PAIKCN Olove Fitting, Jt. and O. SonlAMuimo,
nett0 and other popular
makes. 6 hook Comets 49 cent* nalr.
- Til K h*it nock U Beltiitnlbach'? on draft
Friday. Nntnnlny and Monday. Try It.
o Von will Ilk* If.
ti ONE Mlntue Cough Cure touches the
* right spot It also touches It at fh#
o right time If you take It whon you have
n rough or cold. Bee the point? Then
p don't cough. Logan fit Co., Wheeling;
W Va.. B. F. Tvabody, Benwood, and
* Eowlo & Co.. Bridgeport O. 4
y nVVH??VR Ixitlv ooimlur Bock lUer
" wlillK. o ..lmn waUHMM l? Wheel0
luit, Xarlln'n tVrrj", Hrlil(M?rt< Uellalre
n1t.l Hf uwuutl MMIinUf Md Slouila)'. A?k
fur II.
WIinr.UNO nml eubiirban lownii
> cnn (n)k by long dl?t?nc9 telephone
Kith citlra anil townn 111 nineteen New
i;ngl#nd, Middle. Wcntrrn iinil Houthern
Mtatfu. Why go away from home? Oo
? in the office of the Central Dlitrlcl
I. Printing & Telephone Company and
transact your biulncu by, telephone.
A CddmM Cu> on Trl?l-*wt.??7
Charpd wllh Pulli( ComnUrftlt
In the United State* district court J?terday
morning the case of Elmer Foster,
charged with a violation of the internal
revenue laws, was tried to a Jury,
which returned a verdict of not guilty.
Foster was defended by Attorney John
A. Howard. ' I
In the circuit court the case at Joseph
Sweeney, charged with passing
mnnav In R?nw<ind find thifl
city In April, 1894. waa put on trial before
ft Jury, and when, court adjourned
last evening to thla morning the cause
was still on trial.
There was a cloud of witnesses that
swore positively that Sweeney was the
man, mainly Benwood saloon keepers,
on whom he worked off spurious 15
hills. This waa on the night of April
2, 1894. The most positive evidence given
against him was that of Madeline
Hornbrook, and of Charlie Prince, a
hnrk driver Tfr annoara that Sweeney
encouraged by his aucoees in Benwod,
thought he would raise the ante, and selecting
a good looking 110 bill, he wended
his way at 3 o'clock on the morning
of April I* to Madame Hombrook's
house on Eoff street, where he purchased
a bottle of beer, and tendering
the bad bill received 19 in change. Madame
Hornbrook suspeoted the bill was
not all right, and in consulting Prince
was confirmed In her suspicion. She
sent Prince to polloe headquarters, and
an hour after Sweeney was arrested
near the Stamm house by Officer Wilkle.
He was afterwards identified by
the madame without any peradventure
of doubt, alio by ex-Offlcers Scally,
Crelghton, WUkle and Gaus. At the
conclusion of the testimony for the
government, Sweeney took the stand In
his own behalf and denied the charges
in toto, said he was not in Benwood on
April 28, and that on the morning of
the 24th. while acknowledging to being
in Wheeling, denied being the Individual
who passed the counterfeit on Madame
Hornbrookr-glving what he claimed
to be a circumstantial account of his
whereabouts In this city up to the time
of his arrest by Officer Wllkle. At the
conclusion of his testimony court adjourned
until this morning. CoL W. W.
Arnett la defending Sweeney, who halla
from Bim Grove.
The Rogeraon Well Still Pamptng and
Turning Omt a O004I Prodact.
By word received from the Rogerson
well yesterday it was learned ;that the j
pumping is yielding Ave and one-half I
barrels per hour, with a alow motion. |
The second tank of 2M) barrels, which
was begun being pumped Into Wednesday
night, is now over half flUed. It I
is predicted that if the pumping was
pushed the output would be from seven i
to eight barrels per hour.
Increased excitement has been crea*
ted over it and many oil men were on I
the srround after mere leases.
At Erskln Lee Company's hole which
is being put down on the Hammond
farm, on Tom's run.east of Moundsvilu},
the drillers are ready to put In the ten
inch casing.
The tools are still stuck at the North
Penn't Viola well, and the prospects ?f
recovering them are very meagre.
Y. M. C. A. Meeting*.
The Saturday evening young men's i
meeting at the Young Men's Christian
Association is a wide-awake service.
The meeting will be held as usual to- 1
The meeting Sunday afternoon at 4 j
o'clock will te addressed by an Armenian.
The annual Easter social will be held
on Monday evening. The Easter social
is always popular and thoroughly
enjoyed by the young men who attend.
Mr*. Jensen Miller.
Mrs. Jenness Miller will lecture at the
Unlttd Presbyterian Church on Monday
afternoon, April 6. Her subject
will be "Dress for Health and Beputy."
Wheeling Is highly favored by the coming
of this marvelous woman. The
public career of Mrs. Jenness Miller has
been one of unusual interest to her sex.
Her health and grace are the strongest
arguments that can be made for the
general adoption of sensible dressing.
Her appcarance in any city Is the signal
at which women of all grades of society
drop everything and go and learn
of the wisdom that has made this beautiful
woman what she is.
irm fiTAVRS special Easter line-all
illlJ ULViEid. the new things. 98c and
up, GEO. M. SNOOK & CO.
"Leah, the Fomken."
Seats for the "Leah" performance
go on sale Monday morning. April 6, at
9 o'clock at C. A. House's music store.
Reserved seals down stairs 75 cents.
Reserved seats In gallery SG cents.
REYDlAVflV RrtwIuK Co.'n Bock Beer on
draft Saturday and Monday, the Aral time
this uaiou.
All pain banished by Dr. Milts' Pain PUla
ORDBJR the Pittsburgh Sunday Dispatch
from your newsdealer Immediately
to get the handsome cut-out art
Mr. Paris R. Myers, organist and
choir master at St. Matthews', will recolve
pupils In the following branches:
Pipe Organ, Pianoforte and Voice Culture.
Mr. Myers (formerly from Hoston.
Mass.). studied under the bent
masters, both In this country and
abroad. The Now England conservatory
and the llehnks Italian Method used
respectively. For terms address as
above. _ tt&s
MlPimn Green Purses and Purses of
LJlDluiblJ dUu Brown Klephants
Leather just In.
PROP. SHEFF'S rlmies will relieve
and In many caae? cure nervous heartache.
Consultation and examination
free at 1110 Main street.
KVBRYBODY wiii\a Sckntnlliarli'a
Buck B*tr. You can (M It III all saloon*
Friday, Saturday ami Jlonday.
aIIWds of eyes fitted.
Ifyon iifr<Mpre(arlri, eyea lire or limit
aclias wlifit reading ora twin*, roiianttua
nun iif i o 7 w? ? r??iiiuirii iur ^niiira
tVee ?I ?ltu|?, nimvult VMM* n ivw litlty.
If y?n have tried other* and Rilled t?? |
flnUKltiH* lo?.ui| your eye?, com* to n* I
mid w? will arliul apet'lNl glaoe* Ihr y?? ? |
ra?e. S#w leu*** pot In any ? j I- fmntr.
All MAltof rIdum repaired. Uolil rUhu-i
Inki-Ii III ftrnatipe* Nolld (Jolil ftpcetatir*
flllHl to tliceye* from $.1.50 up. meet from
f I.IJO nil. I'ltoi'. MllCfK,
Hr U it tide Optician and Mpecla IUt In refmrtlnn
of the eye, 1110 Main ilreet. H?adauarters
for A rt Metal Byes*
f. Vlmton Mmtm. K?pl? tjmj l? i?^
baUgtSoaaadqasftMEUL \
< T"*^ T H* BBHHHNa
4 L__^ I J I _ Wlhrt???, .
f *mmm^ -^" * ?."ffl2ii H252Jt^i'?ftS2L84lB"%
, a y PHigDSat
' 1 C. V. HARDING & CO
' A J. A , . .
> mrt 1M Marktt Rtr?y
' 1
? -3
rr i irnincr
? 'O
We buckle down this week to six of the busiest days ol th4
Season. At Easter time winter is forgotten, and everyone1!
thoughts and habits are turned to chime in harmony with re.
viving nature. Never since we have been Outfitters to all
mankind have we been in such perfect shape to answer every
call. You never shopped among such a variety as we in
showing this Season. Two?three times as large as any otha
ct-vlrs?in Men's. Bovs' and Child.
rcn's Clothing, Hats and Furnishings. Every feature hit I
won a place in our assortment because of its superior value I
The shortest purse can make both ends meet a round, ?oli^I
serviceable qualities here?for less is asked and more is five; I
tlian in any other store in this city.
You are buying of the best makers when buying your Clothkf I
here. We've made a stir among the merchant tailors this season witn I
our elegant dine of Suits, we've got them on the griddle of competition. I
Their customers arc flocking to our variety by the score, and art I
being suited in pattern, fitted in form, satisfied in fashion, for less?tl? I
most half?than they have been in the habit of paying. The man difl I
not walk we cannot fit in Suits, and the entire variatjr is from I
$5 to $25. I
Confirmation Suits for Bovs and Children, the nhraap I
seen?prices you've evec heard,
Our second floor is crowded full of new, neat and nobby IHngljp*
the Boys' and Children's wear. Easter is the changing time. U
us have a hand in dressing hira and he'll be the admired of all ob?enr?
ers, most of our novelties are to be found nowhere else. MU'valcept
them to ourselves for you. Quality has not been sacrificed a
farthing's worth to effect, and yet such original designs we've never
shown before. Old or young, big or little?so Jong as tbfy, are
boys?we can show the largest variety that was ever gathered under
one roof in the State. There are thejunior Suits, the Efcns, Sailon,
the Middy, the Duplex, the Double-Breasted JKeeter, arngte-Breurea
Reefer, the two and three piece Short Pants Suiti, and Golf Combination
Suits, tly Single and Double-Breasted Sack Suit, with long pint)
for the big boys. It's a long look through all the different patterns,
colors and designs of each style. With all our variety, exclusiveness
and guaranteed quality, we're the cheapest clothiers?less than other
THF HIIR Clothiers, Hatters I
RBI i? V LF diiu i unii9iici s>
Market and Fourteenth Sts.
RAFD'Q . if I
LJr\i~11 i v-j, TientnsiretLi
There is no longer any question about not being
able to be fitted?and PROPERLY fitted?with
Ready Made Garments. We make a specialty of I
stout, slim and extra large sizes, and can give the H
best custom folks points about fitting most any
size and shape man ; give you as good garment, I
too, as they can, and at considerable less cost. I
Try us when you are ready for your Spring Suit
and judge for yourself. Our garments are the.. I
strongest arguments we can make in their favor.
Look at our SIO, $12 and $15 Suits. They are
DTTii: HD'CL 9.0tl,i"I
JLJ JL \ 1 X ^ y J nuusoB
a Uf course you will want one, ana ? ? M
4 ffBSjnWMHra almost unnecessary to say that we can jfl
supply you. No fancy prices. JustthlB
&gH8jSwlKBjP^ Best and Newest Huts for the Least H
11 Money. Neiv Shapes ! New Colors! H
VmgBi- -1 ","?l i, . jjvi.oo. $3.00. m
I A Look will Coat Yon Xolliliig, * H
1 ^ J <3 * ?'? A? A Tin' An CUaU/1 i|
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