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WHISKIES. ______
^ OLD &
| EXPORT.. .?
R5 is the fluent brand of Rye |>jM
*M Whiskey in America for
medicinal use?is strong- rjO
Hi |y indorsed by physicians \IT1
as a strengthening tonic, gm
FULL OUARTS, *1 r^gr
^ SIX OUABTS, to trA
a few Freight paid on aU $lo Jj^
orders or over.
mmlfd free ll7 1
j?j[ id all applicants.
KJb Wholcwl# and Ratal)-Drugslata, flyJ
Sold by JOHN KLAHI, cor. Sixteenth
hd Market gtreef, Wheeling, W. Va.
K It's pure? 6
1 that's sure 6
K Klein's 6
? Silver Age 9
i Rye Whiskey. X
Hn Csed In Hospitals, recommended by A
t the best physicians and sold by all Y
n dealers at S1.50 Par Quart. A
p sad for Catalcmu or CorfliaU, Wines, Lie. O
f? ?1 I
No Air, No Life.
suffocates, I
because the
W ypWIswol len
.1 r !&) ^ jgfia tubes get
eolid, and
lungs. Dr.
Acker's English Remedy |
j reduces the inflammation, f
::so the patient breathes j
jjffreely, aud is soon well, f
* -jpi. *r t
: .MissK.Kay,354 >v.szaou,?. *.,
rr.ys: "When threatened with
pueumonia, I took one bottle of Pr.
I Acker's English Remedy, and the
; pain and cough disappeared."
| 3 sizes, 25c.; 53c.; $1. All Drorrlstf. j
; ArKCt:3:*mn:.VCo.,lC-18 Chambers St., N.Y.J
orr. of Brain Po"*?r.Ileadscb<).WnkefaIness,
k.o?t -Vitality, liUhtlf emission", otUdreams,
Impottnejand mutingdI?**? c*u?o<3 by yoatofal
error* or cxcessre. Contain* nooptatas. Is
nerve tonl? awd lflood builder. Makes tha
pale and pnnystrona and plump. KafUyaarrled
in vottpooaou 91 perbox: o for S& Br mall
prepare with a irrit^n cxurantM to eon Criaonty
refunded. Prce medleal book, naaled. plain
wr*?per. utta U'sttmonlals and financial refer*
crocs. Xo ctorrm for vr. (uitat lent. Btxcare fif imb
"HLvii. >?oid br "or adrcrttscd scents. or a?irtn*ss
e *erA Co.. Temple. cbtcasw
Sold In Wheeling, W. Va., by. Logan
Drug Co., corner Main and Tenth street*.
t fl new]
IL 1. C. Tiers BZ171 AKD MAIS 71U7HWT
is fold under poaltiro writUn *narantee, by
mthnr^nd a*onM only, to cure Weak Memory i
I/>* of Brain and Ner*e Power: fx*t Manhood:
Qaicknesa: Night lasses; Kril Dreams: I*ck of
<.oof.(]9rice; Nervoanness; Leseitudo; all Drain*;
1/m? of Power of the Generative Orson* in either
wx.caused by oYor-*xnrtion, Youthful Errors, or
Kxcewive Um of Tobacco, Opium or Liquor,
which leads to Miaory. Consumption, Insanity
r.-d Death, By mall. $1 a box; six for $5; with
vnttpn cnaranfee to cure or refund money.
Haraple package, ror.fain Intc live days' treatment,
tfith full instruction?. i*? cents, Ono sompl*
nly sold to carh per?"n b- mull.
McLaln'a N*ew Pharmacy, Sole Amenta,
Eleventh and Market street* (Kgerler
lUoclt), Wheeling, w. Va.
fcfc BI1PW d This remedy being In.
^ Jected directly^ to the
?*L BTftt or tuone aineanm
F5 0 Ql11 ?r th? Genlto-Urfaary
Bfrl Af laiOrsftnN, reaatro* no
U UU EVrhonge or alou Cnrr
ganrantcr*! In 1 to 3
iliijn fHmnl! plain pack.
iP'TTWE*^- b> niallt 1.00,
** sJ only bv
McUJn'a New Pharmacy, Sole Afents,
*.lfv^:ith and Market atroeta (fcgertor
hlockj. Wheeling. W. V*
V 7 SteelS Pennyroyal Pills
I 3 aro tho original and onl>
J C FHENCH. ?af? r.nd r*Jial>!n cure
y >Casl n"?r^n,? Price, $|.(*H mint
r \by Trjr.i I. < '' ' I iml? by
McUfn'e New Pharmacy, Sole Amenta,
gteventh and Market atreeta (IJucrtcr
Block). Wheeling. W. Va. Joltt-d&w
A| Prnoifs Bromo?!i.
I BnlwiHIfl carat! v* n/mit for Smom or file k
Drain IUUIWIIOD) niMD|?anr?,
or ertirntl .' cautJctii; Ixtfor lUirumuiam,
Gout, Ki<2o?r pi order*, Acla.ty*
W*l*. Amrralu. AntMoMt for Aloobollo
ret (iti^r t'rlco, Jfl.CJaudWo?nU.
C? fSf fi-'-nP*, CHICAGO.
-~^or by all flrugglwtj. jyll-dftwy
i'?{U loH IULB N lJ? H'
LAI ASH and Intorinu*
MffiflBflBfirT (iiute point* mk? painIPWY
tin! ntoani'TM uf tho
wffVHHr ),lit?burflb At cjurjn
. -?r nail racket Una, leavfoh.^arfboat.
toot of Eleventh street. aa
ni.rvn4?x- Master; Ifonry J. Best, Clerk;
V7> iiwlay. H a m.
, waiver HJfDSON, Jtobert Affuew, ManYh.'ir
Alexander, Clork; ovory
s . u>- * a. in.
wtfwrnor VIRGINIA. leave* every HunR,
"? T H. Cnlhoon. ma?*.ur;
2IH ' K,,rr. clerk.
or freight <> iinw-uuM (i>lc|?liorif 9Jf).
C'1:OUKAI<L? & UunTH,
Aurora. *
Cameron certain
rhat He will bo the Next President
of the Country.
Aa Ula Platform?Senatorial Colleagnea
Know Of Ula Ambitions and Plana.
Will Lure tbe Republican IUn)u mud
J Form au Affiliation?General Warner
Dctlroai of the Democratic Nomination*
bat Cannot Get It.
' v
..i ii .X
Washington dispatch In Philadelphia
Times: It arrows more and morp
.apparent that Senator Cameron will be
nominated for the presidency by the
Republicans from the silver states.
Senator Mantle, Senator Teller, Senator
Dubois and others who have long
been prominent in the Republican
party intend to leave that party. They
will attend the St. Louis convention,
and some of them will participate In its
deliberations. But as soon as it shall
be demonstrated that the Republicans
will not commit themselves to free
coinage of silver, the delegations from
Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Utah, Nevada,
Wyoming and some of the southern
states will leave the convention and
hold a convention of their own. Their
platform will be protection and allver.
It will be remembered that Don Cameron
gave tho silver league at Denver
that platform two years ago. He was
I then a presidential candidate, and lie
has been carefully attending* to his
candidacy ever since.
It Is probable that the Democratic national
convention at Chicago will declare
for free silver. In that, event Don
Cameron's name will be taken and considered
as a proper candidate for the
"Cameron Is in earnest," said one of
bis senatorial colleagues. "I was dining
with Cameron one evening two
years ago when he said: 'I am going
to be the next President of the United
States. 1 will not be elected as a Republican,
nor as a Democrat; I will be
nominated and elected as a silver advocate
and a protectionist of moderation.
My administration will be partisan,
but will be one of individuality.
My cabinet will not be geographical,
but national. It will not be selected because
of former political affiliations,
but because of the character and Jndi
vlduatlty of the men to oe cnosen. xi
will be the administration which will
mark the beginning of a new political
era In this country.'
"My memory is clear as to the substance
of Cameron's remarks," said the
senator, "and I think that I repeat almost
his exact language. Inasmuch as
I am fully In harmony with him on the
silver question. I expressed grauilcation
at his determination, and have had
1 the pleasure of helping along his can!
dldacy. Therefore I know that It Is
| genuine."
I "I am not surprised at the talk o*
I Cameron's candidacy," says Senator
Davis, of Minnesota. "Senator CamI
oron Informed me in 1892, before the
| Minneapolis convention, that he Intended
to be a candidate for the presidency
, in 1836."
It Is known that Senator Cameron Is
now engaged in bringing together the
I lines which lie has been laying for the
I past tour years, nis irip to ?ie*icu
In the interest of silver and of the presidential
candidacy. Just what he will
do in Mexico Is only surmised. He will
I pro to California, and pass through all
of the silver states and receive an ovation.
He declined to be a candidate to
succeed himself In the senate because
he Intends to leave the Republican
party this year. By taking the course
thus pursued, he Is available for consideration
before the Democratic state
convention of Pennsylvania.
It Is believed now. that because QT-hls
knowledge of the situation Quay was
induced to become the Republican candidate
of Pennsylvania. Politic* In the
Keystone State would be rather warm
...hi. .. h.I riimu mi n>inr>vlmr
Willi (.OIIILTUII U41U miuj Ul- V|<|<VS...Q
, tickets. It Is apparent that the friends
of sound money In Pennsylvania should
stand solidly by Quay, and that there
should he no defections in the Republican
ranks. Cameron Is a very likely
presidential candidate, and will be In
the field at tho head of one of tho
"I wish that you would note the fact,"
says Senator Stewart, of Nevada, "that
Gen. A. J. Warner, of Ohio, president
of the Bimetallic League. Is horsing fo*
.the presidency. He used to be a Democratic
member of Congress, but for
years has been president of our league.
He is a silver man, a Populist, and
! again becoming a Democrat. He thinks
that the sliver men will control the
Democratic convention and he wants
the nomination. He will not get It Ho
will first give an account of stewardship
as president of the Bimetallic
League and then he ought to seek an|
other Job. The l?est silver man spoken
of for the presidency Is Don Cameron,
I and our silver people are for him.
Warner will not be In it."
Srtr natrhrairn.
' It Is reported that Queen Victoria had
, arranged with Lord satisoury at nice
! for the creation of her daughters, Prin
cess Christian, Princess Beatrice and
, Princess Louise, as duchesses In their
| own right. It was reported shortly after
the death of the husband of Princess
Beatrloe, Prince Henry of Battenberg,
j that the queen would make the princess
| duchess of Kent. This earldom and
duchy Is one of the oldest In English history.
During the half century before
the conquest It had formed one of th?
great Saxon earldoms and had been
ruled by the house of Goodwin; It continued
to give Its name to a succession
of great Norman lords, after Its Inhabitants
had proffered their fealty to the
"'Allen King." Odo, bishop of Bayeux,
and half brother of the conqueror, was
the first Norman lord, snd his Immediate
successors were William of Ypres
and Herbert de Burgh?the "gentle Herbert"
of Shakespeare's King John,
whose life was one long romance, and
whose resolute defense of Dover Castle
against Louis of France saved the country
In all probability from the accession
of a French dynasty. The duchy was
first created by Queen Anne as a reward
for the political services of Henry
/i?w j.tit it infined with him. and it has
only one subsequent occasion boon revived
an titular designation for the
son of George III., who became the
father of Queen Victoria.
ROSS T. CHEW wells Wall Paper.
Itncklrn'a Arnica N?lvc.
The bent salve In the world for cut?,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fnvor
sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,
corns, and all sldn eruptions, and positively
cures pilet, or no pay required.
Jt Is guaranteed to givo perfect satisfaction
or money refunded. I'rlcn 25
cont/i per box. For suJo by bosun Jjrug
Company. _
HOUHK Painting by Hoss T. Chew.
/mm <?
How \9 Atimlvi It"
H A Ml J A Wonderful New
Aj (L k\fitk\ M?dlo?l Book,writ
Wrnfll for ?n,jr< ^no
v*v/i /*V i( \J C,,PT ,,,Br l?n free
g| J1 Vv 0U
\1"""" buffalo, n. r.
. . r 7(1
Protest Against u Fashion ButA on lb# gtmflcrlag
of BIrdi.
Those humane workers who are l*boi - 33
lng to dissuade women from using whole JC
birds to adorn their hats and bonnets *
are now turning their attention ?wlth *c
equal energy against the use of the alp- :<
rette, Says the New York Times, No u
woman, certainly no mother, would ever .
buy another aigrette If she realized
what Its providing for her use meant
In a circular sent out recently this is
"These little feathers." says the clr- g
culor ,4wero provided by nature as the
noptlal adornment of the white heron,
or egret. 'Many kind-hearted women jy
who would not on any account do a 5
cruel act are, by following this fashion,
causing, the contlnuanoe of a very great \
cruelty.. The aigrette In nearly all cases' 4
Is maxle of the slender decomposed
fealhers that grow at one time of the
year on the birds' backs and drop
gracefully over their sides and talis. p,
The less flne plumes with shorter and
stlffer filaments are from the squacco
ha>v%n M-hlfh (a nnt nn otrrM Th<? br?St #1
time to attack them is when the young
birds are fully fledged, but not able
to liy, for at that time the solitude of b
the parent bird is the greatest, and, for- q
getful of their own danger, they are p
most readily made victime. When the v
killing Is finished and the few handfuls 0
of coveted feathers have been plucked t,
out. the slaughtered birds are left in a a
white heap to fester in the sun and i
wind, in sight of their orphaned young a
that cry for food and are not fed. There a
is nothing in the whole world so pitl- 7;
able as this?so pitiable and shameful? p
that for such a purpose human cunning
should take advantage of that feeling fl
and instinct which we regard as so h
noble in our own species, and as some- ?
thing sacred?the tender passion of the el
parent for Its offspring:, which causes IS
it to neglect Its own safety and to per- a
Ish miserably, a sacrifice to its love. A
"It is when in this gayer dress that q
the birds are most valuable for the pur-s E
poses of fashion, and for other forms of fl
rlnnrttuHrtn. VrtP la this nil? It is then a
that they are most easily found and T
taken. Tho Bhyest, moBt secretive tl
kinds lose all their wild instincts in C
their overmastering anxiety for the oj
safety of their eggs or young. And 6
when the poor bird is uttering piercing- a
cries, Its sensitive frame quivering, Its bi
bill gnp?ng, as if the air could no longer
sustain it In its intense agitation, and cm
fluttering its lovely wingB to make ^
them more conspicuous, and by such 73
means draw the danger away from Jta t,
treasures and on to Itself, It la ruthless- H,
ly shot for its feathers." 31
Are Yok Oue gr
Of those unhappy people who are suf- N
taring wittfi weak nerves, starting at 4,
every Blight sound, unable to endure *rany
unusual dlsturtjunce, finding it lm- *1
possible to sleep? Avohl opiate and B
nerve compounds. Feed the nerves up- si
on blood made pure and nourishing by el
the greait blood purifier and true nerve
nnlf TTanil's Sfl-raanarilln. B<
HOOD'S PILLS arc the best after- $
dinner pills, > assist digestion, prevent jj
constipation. L'Sc. 6 l
CHEW sells Wall Paper exclusively. Jj
Tli? Features of (he Money ami Stock
Murker*. *
NEW YORK. April 17.?Money on 31
cull easy at 2%@3 per cent; last loan 3 st
per cont; closed at 3 per cent Prime 21
mercantile paper per cent Sterling- su
exchange dull but steady, with actual J-l
business In bankers' bills at 14 88te<&
4 88fc for demand and $4 S7\?4 88 for u
firt days; posted rates $4 88%#4 89 and F
U 89^04 90; commercial bills U 87.
Bar sliver 67%c. Silver certlllcates ?
C7*?C8%c. ' e*
The speculative temper to-day under
went ft cnange rrom immediately previous
conditions, illustrating the pro- w
verblal uncertainty of affairs In "Wall t(
street. The course of prices was gen- p;
orally downwaru, reflecting the effect of
realizations on Wednesday and Thurs- w
day and the periodical elimination of
the short interest Tue bear contingent J
exhibited aggressiveness, being: further tc
encouraged by liquidation in American rc
securities by foreign dealers. There Ia
was hardly a trace of the commission 4
house buying, which within a day or Fj
two past has been an encouraging 54
feature. The railroad list moved within
a narrrow range and nothing was
done of Importance. The closing was y
weak at about the lowest of the day. *
The railway bond market displayed
aggressive strength on sales of $1,854,000.
Governments Bhowed Improvement
on 1180,500. J
In state mortgages, $2,000 Louisiana 3 <
Consol 4s brought 3S%.
Evening Poet's London, financial ca- M
blegram: 41
The feature of the market to-day was
the rise in Consols to 112. There was bv
also a further 6harp rise In home rails. h<
Americans closed a trifle weaker. $4
The Paris and Berlin markets were he
a | 1/v
Clovernment bonds strong:. W(
State bonds dull. ct
Railroad bonds firm. 4
The total sales of stocks to-day were lg
New U. S. 4s registered...... 116% <
New U. S. 4s coupon 11 *
IT. S. 5s roistered a 112*1
V. 8. 5s coupon JJ3>
IT. 8. 4s reentered 10*%
IT. 8. 4s coupon iren4 ?
I'. 8. 2s registered ?, m
Pacific 6s of '53 1M4 "J
Atchison ljj? JJj
Adams Express 14 -V
American ICxpress 11J
Baltimore St Ohio IS's
CanadA Southern 494
Central Pacific 15'i
Chesapeake & Ohio 16%
Chicago ? Alton 154
Chicago. Burlington & Quincy 77% til
Chicago Gas 6Sfc cjt
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chi. St St L... 34% ru
Colorado Coal & Iron 2
Cotton OH Certificates 12?i
Delaware & Hudson 127 cli
Delaware. lAckawanna & western;.,158
Denver & Rio Grande preferred 47%
DbUlllers' & Cattle Feeders' Co 1814
Erie 1W?
do first preferred *?V4
do second preferred 24 1.1
Illinois Central W',4 Tl
Kansas A Texas preferred 27*4 $4
Lalce Erie & Western W
do preferred
Ijtke Shore 1471,*
Lend Trust 27
Louisville St Nashville 5Hfc
Michigan Central 95 ]
Missouri Pacific 25%
Nashville St Chattanooga t?
National Cordage 4%
do preferred 0 ( hi
New Jersey Central 1WV* m
Norfolk & Western preferred f?'s 80
Northern Pacific Hit iy
do preferred 10 n*
Northwestern 103%
Jo preferred ...14B 11
New York Central W?3 **
New York & New England 48 W
Oregon Improvement 1 Bi
Oregon Navigation 20
Pacific Mnll ,?U
Pittsburgh iy"
Heading J)'*
Rpck Island n
St. Paul <?* .
do preferred !?''? 1
St. Paul & oniaba ,??7>i
do preferred "*"!ss. 1,
Sugar Refinery 1?|H J"
Tefrnewo Coal & Iron W% "
Texas Pacific 8J? Jr
Toledo .V: Ohio Central preferred 73
I'nlon Pacific
Ifnltotfl States Express 40 'V,
Wabash. 8t. LouIh & Pacific 7
do preferred 1*%
Wells Fargo Express ' " .
Western Union 81 v;
Wheeling * IJiks Erie ?S f?
.1.. 34U r
Cl^noro! titeetrlc 37'* ?
U. 8. heather preferred fin** f"
Tobacco Ini
do preferred Jtf
Itrradafnf1< find t*rovlatana.
CHICAGO?Report* of killing front#* ?
arid chinch bug damage to winter wheat
made a strong wheat market to-day.
It cloned Arm lit IWJic for Mfcy. nn advance
of ir over yos?ordny'? close.
Corn, ontit mid provision* all shared In
in.- Htroiivih or wheat uud closed Arm
and uteacly.
Flour nominal. I
WJivat?VM?h. So. 2 ?prlni fifWc. No. I ^
. .
ftprlnc No. 2 red- 6M4O
*c: Arril ?5>4?5!14???shc: May ?*6
1te?8%c; liiy c?se?uen*c.
Cora-rCaah. Xo. 2. ;?0Ur; No. : yellow
iJl?i April SHte^nta-*": ""or ?HC?
July SH4?3l-jJ?SHSei Sep mbcrW?40K?ie!2He.
Oats-Cash. No. 5. 20c: No. 2 white
ic: No. 3 white WKGIOc: May 19%e
)'i02Oe; July 20W?20Kffi20?ic; Scp mber
Bye?No. 2. 3714 c.
Barley?No. 8, nominal.
Flaisaed?No, 1. K%c.
TlmothysMd?Prime, S3 25.
Mess Pork?Oaflfi. per barrel. tS 700
75: May J8571468 S508 72?; July
Ijrd?Cash. per 100 lbs.. (4 9D04 37W:
lay J4 930 5 0004 55; July J510?5?O
Short rlba? Caah, aldea, S4 40^4 45;
lay S4 375404 4504 <!?; July $4 52??
6064 55.
Dry aalted ahouldera 4^404%c.
Short clear sides 4K04%c.
Whiskey?DlatUlera' finished goods,
er gallon, 1122.
sugars nominal.
Butter?Steady; creamery ll?15%c;
airy [email protected]
Eggs?Steady at 9010c.
NEW YORK?Flour, receipt* 11.800
arrels; exports 20,800 barrels; market
ulet but firm; buyers adhere to the
oltcy of filling only Immediate needs;
winter extras $2 [email protected] 00. Wheat, reelpts
37,700 bushels; exports 32,700
ushels; spot market firm; quotations
re for lake and rail; No. 1 hard 77Hc
o. b. afloat; options opened steady,
nd closed [email protected]%c net higher; No. 2 red
prU ' 7C076%076Kc; May 72T40740
$%e. Com, receipts 30,200 bushels; exorts
5,200 bushels; spot market easier;
to. 2, 39c elevator; options quiet but
rmer, and closed unchanged to %c net
Igher; April closed at 37K& Oats, reelpts
110,400 bushels; exports 300 bushIs;
spot market Arm and more active;
ro. 2, 25$io; options quiet but steady,
nd closed unchanged to %o higher;
lay closed at 25c. Hay dull. Hops
ulet Hides steady. Leather quiet
;eef steady. Cutme?ta steady. Lard
rmer; western steam closed at $5 30
sked; reflned higher. Pork firmer,
allow steady. Rdsln firm. Turpenrie
firm. Rice steady. Molasses firm,
ottonseed oil slow. Coffee, options
pened quiet, with prices unchanged to
points lower, and closed barely steady
t 5?15 points net decline; sales 11,000
digs. Sugar, raw Arm; reflned firm.
BAL/TIMUKE?riour uncnangca; resipts
6,700 barrels; shipments 15,900
irrels. Wheat firmer; spot and month
!W72%c; May 72072Hc; receipts 300
ushels; on grade 72<g>76c. Corn firmer;
[>ot and month 85%{$3M?c; May 35%@
>%c; receipts 23,500 bushels; shipments
{.500 bushels; southern white oorn
itf>@36c; yellow [email protected]^c. Oats steady;
[o. 2 white western 26c bid; receipts
700 bushels. Rye dull; No. 2 western
!$43c. Hay firmer; choice timothy
? 00 bid. Sugar strong: and unchanged,
utter weak and unchanged. Eggs
ieady and unchanged. Cheese unlanged.
CINCINNATI?Flour firmer. Wheat
rong; No. 2 red 74%; receipts 500 bushsi
shipments 1,000 bushels. Com firm;
o. 2 mixed 31%@313ic. Oats strong;
o. 2 mixed 23c. Rye steady; No. 2,44c.
ard quiet at $4 80. Bulkmeats stronger
t $4 50. Bacon steady at $5 50. Whisky
ulet; sales 519 barrels at $1 22. Butter
eak. Sugar firm. Eggs weak at 9c.
Heme steady.
TOLEDO?Wheat active and higher;
o, 2 cash 74Vcc; May 74%c; July ?0*ic.
orn active and steady; No. 2 mixed
c; May 31%c; No. 3 mixed 30Vfrc. Oats
,eady and dull; No. 2 mixed and May
,%c. Rye dull; No. 2 cash 39c. Cloversert
steady; prime cash $4 SO; October
PHILADELPHIA?Butter dull and
: lower; fancy western creamery 16c.
ggs dull and %c lower; fresh nearby
)V?c; do western lOfcc. Cheese dull and
Lire Stock*
EAST BUFFALO?Cattle, receipts
ere light, only a few head which sojd
> the local butchers at weak former
rices: the general outlook Is not very
N>d for any kind. HogB, receipts 52
ire; market fairly active; Yorkero,
x>d to choice. $3 90*J>3 96; roughs, coralon
to good. 13 00&2.80; pigs, common
> fair, $3 [email protected] 90. Sheep and lambs,
colpts 35 cars; market fair to steady;
mbs, choice to extra selected. 14 65(3)
1)5: culls, fair to good. $4 0004 25;
leep, choice to prime export wethers,
00(0)4 10; cuiis and common *2 [email protected] 60,
EAST LIBERTY?Cattle strong;
ime |4 [email protected] 35; good butchers' $3 80(&?
30; bulls, stags and cows [email protected]
ogs dull and lower; prime medium and
?t Yorkers $3 90^395; common to fair \
orkers and pigs J3 [email protected] 85: heavy
>t wanted at $3 [email protected] 70; roughs $2 50(0*
75. Sheep steady; prime clip $3 50? I
>0; good J3 40?8 50; common $2 [email protected] 10; |
loice lambs U 30$* common to
tod lambs 13 5004 25; veal calves (3 B0&
CHICAGO?Fat export beeves $4 00;
rt'chers cattle $2 50$3 50; prime I
Hfera $3 6003 90; calves 35c lower, j
$064 GH. Hogs S3 00Q3 85 far heavy j
igs: packing lots 13 60; choice mlx<sl |
la 33 so: mnnum lvetKnta n id; ngni
eights S3 Mtn 00. Sheep 12 0003 ?5.
Molly at S3 1063 M. Lamlm S3 76?
SO. Recclpt*: C?ttl- <.000 head; hoss
.000 head: ahwp S.MO head.
CINCINNATI?Hofffl stead}- nt 13 100
RO; receipts 4.300 head; shipments
(00 head.
Dry ('noil*.
NEW YORK?There wan a wider
neral demand for ail classes of Burner
goods and considerable business
as effected. Printing cloths dull at
PAUL RIVER?Print cloths quiet and
?ndv at 2MtC.
OIL CJTY-Credit balances $1 20: ccrIcates
opened, highest, lowest and
>sed at $2 21; shipments 84,733 barrels;,
ns 102,258 barrel*.
NEW YORK?Petroleum weak and
>sed at U 20 bid.
NEW YORK?Pig Iron steady:
uthern $10 75?13 00; northern 111 00?
50. Copper steady, l^ead steady,
n steady. Spelter easier; domestic
NEW YORK-Wool dull.
HOUSE Painting by Ross T. Chew.
J. W. PIERCE, Republic, la., says: "I
Lve used One Minute Cough Cure In
y family and for myself, with results
i entirely satisfactory that I can hardflnd
words to express myself as to Its
erlt. I will never fail to recommend
to others, cn every occasion that pronts
itself." Logan & Co., Wheeling,
Vs.. B. P. Peabody, Benwood, and
swie & Co.. Bridgeport, O.
CIIEW *el1?,Wall Papor exclusively.
Pllnl l'llrfi: lulling Pllu.
ivmntomn-MoHtiiro; tntann itching
ill .'liming: niuttl ut night; worno by
Stichlng. If allowed to continue tuo?r
form, which ofttm bleed and ul?r<
h#romlnu very sore. 8WAYNK 8
VTU1CNY 101" Itching and bleed.
fliwl. ulceration. nnd In moat caws
movie th? tumor.. At dreggleta or by
Jli for Si Will. Or- Bwayne ft Son,
<'IIiv1i>^i"*AIIKkln DlMMMi"
limply apply 8W AYNK'S OINTMENT.
hitnd? nosp, CU\. lesvint inu ?mn
Llghtnlno Hot DropeWhit
Funny Nemel
Very True, but It Kills All Pain.
Sold Everywhere. Every DeyWlthout
Relief, There le Ne P?*i
Dr. B. E.
The Celebrat
?nu BE
Sherman llonse, Bridgeport,Tuesi
Globe llotol, ltellairo, Wednesday
Ho Money U Boqalrod of BMpoatlbU P*rU
The Moat Successful and Scientific '
of Mankind
Tb? mort widely and favfrably known Bp
ence, remarkable a* 111 and nnlreraal saccese.
blmto treatallCHHONIO, NERV0U8, SKI)
ttflo principle*, and entitles blm to tbe fall coi
DR. OTTMAN hrrtuUle*^Mad
Catarrh, Diseases of the Eve, Ear, Note, Tbr
l)iab?tes, Kidney. Liver, Bladder, Chronic 1-e
treatment that has never failed in thou*an<lj
hope. Many people meet dead every year w
bad they placed their cases in the bands of ez
the greatest cure ltnown lor an a i teases pccuu
by tie new remedy, OLIVE BLOSSOlT T]
harmless and easily applied. Consultation
DR. OTTMAN operates successfully and
painlessly for aquint eyes, pterygium, Iridectomv,
turning in or out of eye lafthea or lids,
cloture of tear duct and all other 9jt operaCHS
0X1C SOBS EYES and ffrans>?
fated lids qnickly cured.
for the awful effect* of eat^T rice and the
numerous evils that follow la its train.
DISEASES sneedily, completely and permanently
DISORDERS yield rapidly to his
Iklllful treatment.
T7LCERS guaranteed cured witbont pain or
detention from business.
Spermatorrhea, Seminal Weakness, Lost
Manhood, Night Emissions, Decayed Faculties,
Female Weakness and all delicate disorder*
peculiar to either sex, positively cured,
at well aa functional disorders that result
from youthful folliea or the excess of mature
SPECIALTIES: Catarrh, Skin Diseases,
Sores, Pimples, Scrofula, Blood Taints,
Eczema, Cancer, Pile* and Diseases of "Women
Qnickly and Permanently Cured by the latest
approved treatment as pursuod by leading
specialists of America and Europe.
meat should send or bring from 2 to 4 ounce*
ferred), which will receive a careful chemical a
a'writteu analysis will be given. Persona rt
keen trifling with them month after month, giv
or express, bat where possible, personal consul
JV* Cases and correspondence confidential.
Llit of ISO question* free. Address, with post
For mle by CHA8. R. GOETZE, Drugglut i
Bargain s: G-rooi
We must close out our entire stc
in order to do so we offer everything
FIXTURES at cost
Come in and get the BEST GO
Aim mm UUKO. ant? to core or n
? I0TS6.OO. JU*.
For Sal* hyJohaKlart. Wholesale and
Tbs Cleveland, Lorain 4 Wheeling R. R.
Time Table in cffect Monday, November
M. 1895. Cleveland Depot, Foot of South
Water Street
Cent'l TlmeTja m|pni|prn|a m|am|a m|pu>
Cleveland .. f:20 l:i? 4
Lester June. 8:22 2:00 6:39
Lorain dep. 7:00 1:05 4:10
Klyria 7:161:19 4:28
Gtafton .... 7:32 1:96 4:46
Lester June. 7:50 1:53 S:0.i
Medina JiSl 2:09 f.:49
Chip. Lake.. 1:42 2:20 6:01
Sterling .... 8:57 2:36 6:17
Warwick ... 9:202:586:40
Mcpulllon .. 9:47 3:22 7:10 B:?
Justus ...... 10:06 3:39 <:2b 6:46
Canal Dov*r 10:35 4:09 7:57 7:161
New Phil*.. 10H2 4:17 8:o3 7:23J '
Uhrlcbsvllle 11:2T. 4:52 7:441
8t Clalrav'e '1:28 7:40 .... 9*0 7:60 11:60 3:05
pm i> m
BrMgeport. t*.? 6:50 .... 9;S0 S:28 12M i-m
Bellalre .... 1 :J7 7:05 .... 10:10|3:45 13:60 4:06
St. ^lalravftle-^^ p. m. Bridgeport?
6:03 p. m.
Electric curs between Wheeling. Murtin'*
l-'errjr and C.. JL &. W. Depot In
Central Tlmejamla" m|p ra!pm|am|am|p_rn
liflialre I I 0;i )112;(3:4:451K?5311:1.*
Bridgeport .. 8:16 13:40 4:00 7:01 9:081:31
8t. Clalravfel I 9:5u| 2:S?j5:i57:4019:50 3:30
Uhrlcliavlllo |B:20i,8;.0| 2:3.V'r?:(?|am am pm
Nfiw Phlla...15:38] S:?) 2;raifi:l7)
Canal Dover 5:45 #:M 3:oo?:2?
Juatua W:M P:0?
Mannlllon ... 6:30 ?:23l 3:?&}7:Z0)
Warwick ...,(6:64 0:501 4:lo(pm
Htrrlliifc 17:15 10:12 4:23
Chlp'a Laka. 7:32 10:26 4:4.1
Kotllno |7:44 10:37 6:w
*ter June. S:27 10:50 5:44
Grafton 3:4611:07 8:03
Klyrla 9:00 11:21 6:31
Lorain ?:> ? n:? ?:?i
Lwtor June. 7:54 10:<5 6:15
Clevol'd, ArJfW 11:50 6:1.,
^ 1 ?m|a m|p n>| | ) _
rieTl?lr?*-4:l'? 1?. m. lirldgeport-4:S~p' tn.
Si. C)?i"ivlll??5:15 p. m .
7:N a. m. from CH?v??land to Uhrlchsvlllo.
2:35 p. m. from uhrlch villi to Clevoland
puna dully. . _ ^ ...
Through connection* and through ticket*
to all points. Call on our nucnt* or
address M- I'AUIIKU
flcnoral i'awpnK?'?- Awnt. V
:ed Specialist, 1
lay, April SI, f?om!> a.m.toS?SjsjE
, April 23. from i> a. m. to 8 jfiiwffl
each month. ifcil?.?
rreatment ol All Diseases and Wjet? t
Possible to Obtain.
cclallit lotto ColtMRtiiMfc Hwlon*?jij?lr'
la tlu lurk-but 'bospluili in the world MMMfi
V mil HlU)UDl>l>rMM upon Ibe laujitUmttHli
ifldenco of tne afflicted everywhere. tVXM
m dl&no*tnff treating dl??*aw? nod 1
ileal kud Hurmeal Macaw*, Acute and Cbronic I ;
out dud Lungs, Dyipepoiot Urtgni's uuiMfc' ]
main and SoxuhI Licenses speedlly curid ?' i
i of ease* that had been pronounced beyond 1
no might huvo been restored to pertect bealtb 1
?MAN, after yearn of experience, ha* dlRcoWfiii' ']
iar to tbeee*. Female dlieaaes positively cand
tie cure is cffectrd by home treatraeut. LuUralJr 1',
Free and Strictly Confidential. dHH
DEAFNESS. 1 cure 'JO per cent, of all I
case*. Manvf cases cured in one treat megU vf; 1.1
' DISCHARGING KARA cure* lu?T?rf |'
and lunjr troubles, canscd from CAUrrbiposL ,
lively cured.
A C1IDC PI1DC The awful effect*ofiarlr
A uUnL uUntli rice, which bring* ; ojy
panic weakness, destroying both mitjd aa4 ?
body, with ail its dreadlul ilia, pcrmaaeatljj. ;
paired themselves by improper iudul|#Rtt!X,
and solltarv habits, which ruin both mind T
and body, ^nfittini; them for business, (tody, I
society c?r marriage.
MAIvRIKD MEN, or these *nteriitf M..'!
that happy life, .aware of physical depUttri 1
quickly assisted. tfJMrlfil
Debility,Failing Manhood. Syphilis, Varico-j J1",
ccie^b'uictnre, Gleet, Unnatural l>i?chagpjggf
IJVC.-uscs and correspondenceeoafld^ttwLL
bnt personal consultation preferred, mr|
JUTS,?Each person applying fsr mpdicsuttgjjljii
of urine rtbnt passed tfr?t.in tlie mornitrapnMij
md microscopical examination, and if reojpslttCfU
lined io iieaith by unlearned jir.-t.mi>rs, who)
lag poisonous aau Injurious compounds, 4m?Ui1>
case* wbicb bare been neglected or unskiDftttrcl
eriroentn or failures. Parties tA-ated bj nil
Itation is preferred. Curable cases paar*M0M(r r,
Treatment scat C, O. I>. to any o! U?Okl;
255 E. Broad sr.. Pol?mhus J.j
i^gtL When in doubt v.bat to use (be I
Hif^WV Nervous Debility. Lots of Powp*-,' i
H 25! ra Impotcnrv.Atropar.VancooeleaM
r ,_Yl otber weaknesses, from any cafe, j
f . use Serine Pills. Drains cheqMkH}
IV"*"?* and full rigor quickly restored. r.?
kfwyj tf n>*\etttit. ?oeh iwtfcln ttwiU Mift i*
lii^ isr Mailedfor$1.00;Cbo*es$j.0.t. With
pdsmbf $5.00 orders v.t cu e a kuarantaiwjj^i
fA] JSflB cure or refund tee money, AddHMV^ ?
!?.?. MEOtClfc- CO- ClCTthllME^-j
luccessor to McLnlns Phtirmncy. W/' 1
srios! Bargalnn
iclt oi GROCERIES by Mni> iffgraft
in our store, including STOCKslld I
ODS at absolutely COST.
:0., 1306 Market Streeby j |
lor nervous prostnitea and all Borrow dlfcAgwi j
?naofoliUc. Prx.snclio-'horvounrroftratlp^yMyJ j
oO, lipotoncj. Nisli' ly EmlMlons, Yonthfol j
ce*?lvouseorTobacmorOjilaiu.wliicbieaatbuDO*J j
inlty. tVilh oTorjr lift onK-r wo phrc a wrlttfMflPgJ t]
Retail Agent. j
Ylino table in effect December 16, UN.;{, i
NOTICE?Plcoac lake notice thai trains t
of tho Ohio Jtlvcr It. It. will run by Ka*t- f
cm Standard Time on and after Scptem- <
brr 23, 1*55. }J i
Dally, tDally except Sunday. F.aiWra ,
Time. ' ^ |
South Hound. 1*1 I 1 I 6 ?220 9
Via "P.O,C.&$t,l* It. la. rn.p. m. , S9 3
Plttahursh. Pa..l/c 9:lOM2;rI !
Stoubrnvillo I/e l*10:2f?| ?2:f>9 jMOK j
\Vheeling ... .Arrive 13:20 - J 1
a. m.ia. nUp. m. FaKa ^
Wheeling TtOOltUslS 'I'M '.33? $
Kenwood 7:1s 12:01 -1:1.1 ' j.
Moundnvlllo 7:3:. 12:10 <:X1 M 1
Now Martinsville... 8:40 1:12 5:37 itfjN K
BlKtrrvllIe 9:06 idfi EKfi *
Friondly 3.17 1:15 6:12 Egg 1
St. Mary's l?:45 2:11 ?:? |
Williamntown 10:25 2:50 7:20 fflp? TParkornburg
11:00 3::3 S.-OO yititt'. i
lleilovlllo ll:? 4:02 C 7?
p. in. * \J a
Rovonnwood 12:07 4:3 . 8:2 {
lllpl* y landing 12:2s 4 , |tM J
Crahum 12:a4 f?:r: 9:21 \
Now. Haven 1:01 f.:;'T -1:30 j
Hartford 1:04 6:31 (w A
Mason City 1:10 1:40 t'llfton
1:15 6:ii .
Pt. Pleafwnt 1:40 ?!: *; IW? ,
niillipollp Ferry 2:1? ?:o?u lOOT A
Guyandotte 8:1ft 7:.v. ll;<5 I
Huntington 8:21 8:ftT?| 7:Jv lltfl Kuuova
3:451 8:2S|^J7:&( .
Via K. A M. Ry. ||?. m.p. m.i~~ p.3h. "
K. A- M. Junc....Lv: t2:35 K:J?| 2'45 .
Ctiarlotton Arj t5:0fthl:ift| 648
itolttimU# ............fl2:4Hj 7:S5 . iU'.U
lJuntliiKton_ .........j b:5o|
""Yin *t. X T). Hy. I a in.I j>. ??.* <
Lravo Htintlntrton' *2:3 S:1S ?f
Ar mitrieston.w.Y. t4:K? M:c. ,:4U?
Kenova Airlvrl 01:08 [I
\ I.: C. ,'i U. uy. ,P lii n |VJB. if
K?*nova Leave] *2:55! ?:<;. 1^.
Cincinnati, C> Ar! v,:#)! *0:00 ?:?
I^xinirton. Kv... Arl *7:00 9:33 TrtJO I
" W. J. KOHINSON. o. P. iix
If you psrehw or rankon io.mnur .nl
Mtatt hare Uio title br tit > \ IF|
Wheeling Title and Trust Cj,, |
NO. 1313 MA lilt FT ftTMCKT.
II M. BUtfBKLI. L. F. bTlPl.L
l'lrtnUont, J*crcUffcrf*"jt?
C J. RAWLINU. a L 8IKii1.1710% V|itf
Vloo 1'poiUlont. Aw't
a & E. U1LC1IU1ST, Bxtmlaor of TUlov^ IJi
Arrivnl ahd deporturo of tralJil on and
rtftr Morch 11 WS6. Explanation of Rolarncc
DaJJy. fDally, wcopi Sunny,
xDolljri excopt Saturday. {Dally, exTt
Monday fHunday* only. 'Saturday*
nly.. Bastorn Standard Ttmo.
l:? pmLWaah.. Bal.. PhlL. NX
3K:00 oraf..Cumberland A?com.. t7:4$ pm
grow pmi.riMurauon acvoiji rwaw
8:SD am ..Moundsvljle Acoom.. 1<:10 am /.
?: *) pu) r.Moundavfllo Accom.. tl?-pm
l.-W pm ..MoundsvlUs Accom.. *10:40 pm
1:10 am WashUyrtpn City Ex. M.* pm.
>oi*rt^?>^7oTT)iv W?t( An?.'
am For Columbus and Chi. *ld? am
0:15 am .Columbus and Clndn. 6:f0.pn*
1:<Q ptta .Columbus and Clncln. am ,
S:<5 pm Columbus and Chi. Ex. *ll:g am
3:30 pm ;..Zane*viH? Accom... tlO:g am
0:lS ara St.- Clairsvllle Accom. tW:jg am
J:J0pm8t- Clalrsvllls Accom. tf:ft pm
2:40 am Columbus and Cln,.Ex. HIS
am Sandusky Mall..... *8:w pm.
SpaTtl* BTft'O.-W.. PfBT'DlvT Aryfvs.
flu #m For Pittsburgh *10:16 am
rao um Pittsburgh *
$146 pm ..Pittsburgh and East.. fll:g pm
i& pm Pittsburgh tlfl:W am
*7. Pittsburgh Express., >3:? am.
vt&c >rcTa~orcnry. ^rgr"
??p am ...... Pittsburgh ....... t?:*n>n*
Jffcfi am Staubenvllla and West tfl.W pm
liffS Pro ..Pittsburgh and N. Y.. t*:g pm
[jPjW pm ..Pittsburgh and.N. Y.. *11:11 am
am Ex., Cln. and St I?ouls t7:l| am
ifjw pm Ex., cm. and St. Louis tf:Upm
?|J25 pm ..Hx;, Stoub. and Chi.. |f:g pm
I"** '* uin. niiu uriimcuii.. "? ?
part. C. & P.?Urldffeport. ArHve.
& am Fort Wayne and Chi. fl:B pm
08 am ..Canton ami Toledo.. ti>:M pm
08 am Aluance and Clnvoland 3:05 pm
OS am Steubenvtllo and Pitta. H>:0 pm
09 am Bteiibenvllto und Pitt*. 1 1:05 urn
10 pm Ft .Wayne and Chicago 15:61 pm
10 pm ..Canton and Toledo.. 15:51 pm
10 pm Alliance and Clevoland ' 1 :S pm
44 pro Philadelphia and N. Y. 5:H pro
44 pm Baltimore, and Wash. t5:? pm
44 pm Steubenvllle and Pitta. 5:M pm
11 pm Btcub'e and WcllsvHIej f8:5i am
part ; w, aTL. E. Arrive."
SO am ....Toledo and West.... t6:0i pm
30 am Cleve. Akron & Canton t?:0# pm
SO am Hriliiant and Stcube'ie 16 :Gi pm
30 pm Maftslllon and Canton (10:40 am
J^pmfUrtillaat and flteube'le tlO:4Q am
parC'lt.. L. &*~W^Brid?ep't. Arrive.
15 am Cleve., Toledo and Chi. 1:21 pm
40 pmlCleve., Toledo and Chi. t7:M pm
00 pm]....Mas?lllon Accom.... t *):50 am
01 am St. Clutrsville Accom. 9:28 am
05 am St. Clalrsvllle Accom. 1:31 pm
H pm St. Clalrsvllle Accom. 4:43 pm
6 pm St. Clalrsvllle Accom. pm
j?w pm| rTeigai iim?e ?w
~&'pnrt~l Ohio River B. R. Arrive.
7:00 ami....... Pastenrer, *10:? am
ra:45 am ....... Passenger ....... tl:06 pm
JjkOO Pm|.^.... Passenger ....... *6:45 pm
jBeav? | B.rz. "it C. R. R. Arrfve"""
Mlaire.l Bollalre.
J&io am Bellalrc and Zanesvllle 4:20 pm
^15 pm) Woodsfleld 9:iS am
Departure and arrival
of trains at WheelKKWWWH
Injr. Eastern time.
Wfj Bchedulo In effect Mar.
V'or Baltimore* Phil*
adolphia and Now
H/ York, 12:23 and 11:10 a.
, ^mpp^ ro and 3:40 p. m. doily.
Cumberland Accommodation, 7:00 a. m^
dally except Sunday. xGrafton
Accommodation. 2:<0 p. m. dally.
linnnriBtfilift Afrnmmnd&tlon. 7:00 and
hS> ~a!~m. and 8:00 "p7 m., except Sunday*
kod 11:00 p. m., Saturday only.
tWrom New York. Philadelphia and Baltimore,
S:20 a. in., dally.
^Cumberland Express, 4:28 p. m., dally*
(Cumberland Accommodation, 7:45 p. m.,
sxcept Sunday.
Grafton Accommodation, 10:10 a. m,
Moundavllte Accommodation. 7:10 o? m.,
nxrept 8unday: 10:10 a. m., dally: 1:25 and
Mr, p. m.. except Sunday, and 10:40 p. m.,
Saturday only.
-For Columbus and Chicago, 7:35 a. m^
and 3:45 p. m.. dally.
i"Colutnbus and Cincinnati Express. 10:11
a. nt? dally, 11:40 p. m? dally., cxcept Sat'
Ultiay. and 2:40 a. m., Sunday only.
3 andusky Mall, 10:15 a. m.. dally.
? laneavllle Accommodation, 3:30 p. m*
Billy, except Sunday.
ffi It..' ClalravUlo Accommodation, 10;15 a.
mi and 3:30 p. m., oxccpt Sunday.
' Chicago Express, 1:15 a. m. and 11:59 a.
U . dally.
! Cincinnati Express, 4:50 a. m. and 5:30 p.
tju. dally.-,
Nfi landuaky Mail* 6:30 p. m., dally,
t&anesvlllo Accommodation, 10:50 a. m.,
Mlly, except Sunday.
rot. ClalrMVllle Accommodation, 10:80 a.
at and 5:80 p. m., dally, exccpt Sunday.
:tFor Pittsburgh, 4:65 and 7:10 a. m. and
Etl5 p. m.. daily; and 3:25 p. m., daily, except
iaFor Pittsburgh and tho East, 4:55 a. m.
and 5:45 p. m., djj
From Pittsburgh. I0:l0"a. m.and 7:00 p.
m dally; 11:80 n. m.. dally, except Satur
day; ioTod a. m.7 except Sunday, ana 1:23
a. m., Sunday only.
Baltimore, Md.
J. T. LANE. T. P. A.,
Wheeling. W. Va.
P Pennsylvania Stationsennsjlvania
> Trains Run by Central Time,
jjeket Offices at Pennsylvania Station on
| Water St., Foot of Eleventh St.. Wheeling.
at McLure House, Wheeling, and at
i. the Pennsylvania Station, Bridgeport.
Southwest System?"Pan Handle Haute."
r.fDally. "tUally except Sunday.
Prom Wheeling to Leave. Arrive,
ittniuh'r mid Hteub'e.. K?:25 am t5:35 Dm
I Donald and Pitts... fC:25 am tB:3S pra
w Cumberland 0:23 am 30:35 pm
lannpoll* and tft. L 16:25 am t5:J5 pm
umhua and Clncln.. <6:25 am 13:35 pm
U*b'* and Steub'e.. f6:25 am 15:35 pm
la. and N. Y... 112:25 pra 12:20 pS
ubenvilio and Pitts. <12:25 pm t2:30 pm
umbua and Chi.... fl2:25 pm t2:i{0 pm
la. and N. Y *2:55 pm *10:35 am
tlmore and Wash.. *2:55 pm *10:35 am
iibenvllln and Pitta. *2:35 pm *10:35 am
ab'c and Dennlaon.. *2:55 pro *10:35 am
lanapollfl and 8t. L. tS:00 pm t?:l2 am
rton and Clncln.... 18:00 pm 16:1$ am
ib'e and Coulmbus. tS:00 pm t?:ia am
thwcat System?Cleveland and Pittsburgh
-Trains run daily, except Sunday, aa folBom
Bridgeport to Leave. Arrive.
Port Wayrio and Chicago f*:0s am 8:05 pm *
2anton and Toledo 6:<W am 8:05 pm
Htt*. and Stmibenvillo... R:ftS nm S:0S nm
heubenvlUe und Pitt*.... D:Cfi am H:0o pm
KeubrnvUle and Pitts.... am 10 05 am
Sevelaml and Chicago... 1:10 pm S:05 pm
Janton and Toledo 1J10 pm 8:05 pm
Ullanco and Cleveland.. 1:10 pm 12:85 pm
tjpub'e and Wellsvllle.... 6:13 pm 7:5S am
Pfclln. and New York 2:44 pm 8:05 pm
galtlmom and Waah 2:14 pm 4:58 pm
Moubenville and Pitta? 2:41 pm S:(g pm
J. a. TOMMNSON. Pnsm. Agent.
Station Foot ofEleventh and Water gta. ^
peellno & Elin Grove Railroad.'
On and after Saturday, February 2,18Mb
li^lns will run aa follows, city time:
-*?v? i LeaVo"HTrn Grove. "
rT'mo''TrnT'me T'm~~TIme)T' rn T'm*
a. m. No. p. m. No. u. m. No. p. m.
I.. .. f<:00SO.. .. 3:00 l.. .. 16:00 19.. 8:00
4.. .. 7:0i) 22.. .. 3.. .. 7:00 21.. .. 4:00
(!'. .. S:0024.. .. 6:oo 6.. .. 8:00 23.. .. 5:00
t.-. .. 9:00 M C:00 7.. .. 19:00 25.. .. 6:00
K. .. 10:002S.. .. 7:00 9.. .. 10:00 27..... 7:00
?. .. 11:01' 30.. .. 8:0011.. .. 11:00 29.. .. 8:00
5 p. m. 32.. .. 9:00 p. m.|21.. .. 9:00
4.. ..115:00 M.. ..10:00 IS.. .. 12:00 S3.. ..10:00
B.v 1 :<*?.. ..11:00 15.. .. 1:00 35.. ..U.-O?
|J. _2:00t 17.. .. 2:001
[{Daily, except Sunday.
Sunday church tralna will leave Elm
Jrovo ut 9:43 u. m., nnd Wheeling: at 12:17
?. in. U. E. WEISOERBMR,
General Manager.
Mieellno Brlflae & Terminal Ry.
^ C. O. BREWSTER, Recolver.
Time Tal>lc No. 13, to tako offcct 12:01
jcJ n. m., Sunday, Novombor 19, 1S9S.
14-uvc WhwIiiiK?H>:4* 911:4u a. uu,
MO *3;1 j, Tt:w. S'.':w n. in.
Ccnvo V?nln?ul?i?fs:06, 19:51. |U:4i a.
ft., '2.31. "SiXl. 14:J? IH-.06 p. m.
Ltavf Martin's Fcrrv?tS:ll 19:57, 111:53
J t<:?. 89:12 p. m. 4
Arrivo Terminal Junction?1S:l?. flO:OX
U?S a! m.. ?;K. 1:32, 14:46,1'Jj.lS P-m
IAave Tormina! Junctlon-??:2L #3:00 a.
n,. *12:40 a. m.. ?3:59. |4:tt.J5:14. 18:45 P. m.
LMtvo Martyrs Ferry?t?:SS, |9:v?, a. m..
U:4I. H-.05. t?!w. t6:W. 18 :5J P- m. ..
Lsavo Pen*uuil(i-T7:3?. a. m.. *11:51,
IflLWl?.15:15. 18:58 P m.
Afrlvi? Whoellnjc--17:40. |9:S0u a.
itimt*26. l?31- J3-U5 P- "?
Dally. tDally. except Sunday. |8un?
ill trata will run on Eastern Tlma.
.T? " J. E- TAUSSig Superintendent
Jfc Artificial Mmb MP*. Co. CS9l
^^M*uut?ctur?? ttie betlfooUa on the^^BV^
. market. Urab?,Truu?*3upport?r?, W
IV- 'CnuchM?tc. lUoappllMCM (orc?rreet1n|td?^S3ti,<&2,R23S!'6i0'USta,fi:

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