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Which l? to be Rullt (rom the
Monongahcln to WheelluK.
b Denied by the Promoter* of the Com
puiy-Thrjr Rxpect to Go Ahead with
the Couatrwcllon of the Flret DlvUlon of
[ the Road this Mprtng, and Ultimately
wtU Tap the Terminal ttyrtem - Me
Creerjr'e Yertloa of the Affair*
K -
Joseph Gainnlnl, the contractor, of
? Pittsburgh, to whom the construction of
the Pittsburgh. Monongshefa & Whaling
railroad was awarded some months
. ago. came out Saturday In a statement
In which he charged that the officer* of
the company, or the 'promoters." as he
? called them, did not have a cent In any
financial Institution that they could use
for building the road, and that ten ptr
5 cent of the capital stock had not been
\ paid up aa required by law. The latter
I waa one of the reasons, he said, that he
'J had not begun the construction of the
road. The burden of Mr. aianninl'ti
aomplalnt waa that he had not been
'fairly treated by the railroad company,
which has notified him that the contract
has been cancelled.
James H. McCreery. the general counsel
of the railroad company, decided to .
answer Mr. Glannlnl's statement, and
produced the construction contracts en- .
tered Into by Giannlnl and the com;
pany. which was printed In yesterday's
| Pittsburgh Post, an follows:
The company agrees to pay to the con- .
?tractor 12.000.000 In first mortgage 5 per
cent gold bonds, the entire Issue, and
_ $1,788,800 worth of full paid. non-asaesss'>
able capital stock.' The commencement
of the work is to be no later than March
,-Vr 15. After the work of construction hns
m been commenced the certificates of stock
iy shall be delivered to the contractor on or
, about the 8th day of each month, on estimates
of work done and msterlal furnished.
In proportion to the whole
amount of the consideration. Time In
V the completion of the contract Iff the essenoe
of the agreement, but the contrac.
tor Is promised the ususl extension to
make up for time lost through clrcum
stanoes beyond his control."
t With reference to the Giannlnl statef
raent. Mr. McCreery said:
, "My associates would scarcely justify
t any publications regarding this question.
but I feel that the truth should be
tfcld. Prior to Decernb?r 12. 1895. Mr.
Giannlnl was one of four contractors
??:' who submitted propositions for the cont
structlon of the Pittsburgh. Monongafv
hela & Wheeling railroad. Mr. Glan?:*
nlnl was not known to my associates in
t'. this matter, but my de*|r?? to have the
p work come to Pittsburgh led me to
g- throw whatever Influence I had In favor
E; of Giannlnl. As a result of negotiations
jjc with Mr. Giannlnl on December 12. 1895.
the company entered Into a contract ,
with him for the construction of th*
first division of the railroad. Before
| aiming (he contract Mr. Glanntnl
brought the contract to Pittsburgh. subr
mltted It to his associate. Mr. F. N.
HolTtot. and returned to New York with J
" Mr. Hofftot on December 19. at which
y time we gave Mr. Hofftot and Mr. Olan- !
i f nlnl possession of our minute hooks and
, charter. A full examination was made
K of them. They subsequently stated that
? everything was satisfactory, and the
:j contracts were signed. The railroad or- j
yi ganlxatlon was examined by the legal ,
; Arm of Bullitt * Dickson, of Philadelphia.
and pronounced perfect. Under
the terms of Mr. Glannlni'* contract
Si work was to be commenced not lat*r |
Eu* tnan March 15. 1S94. Mr. Giann:nl was
5: advised that a contract for the sale of a 1
large tract of coal land had b**n mad*,
to become operative wh*n the work was
k; commenced on the rallro.id. and we ?ti>
promised from time to time that work
would be begun on or before that date,
g March 11. 1*M. Mr. Glannlni having 1
SH mode no preparation* for the commeno*roent
of work, one of the director* of the
^ company. Mr. Bmadbent. of Phllndel ,
E? phla. cam* to Pittsburgh and inquired
jte. of Mr. Glannlni If work would lx? com- 1
U- rnenced. The reply was No."
& "The company. In view of his refusal. 1
L haa notified the contractor that his contract
was cancelled snd will proceed to
i- construct the road through oth-r con- 1
tractors. Tf Mr. Glannlni has any rem??,
edy. I am sure the"rourt* will g|vi? It to
r,-' him. I have advl.sed the company that
? he haa none.
? "There has been no sort of mlnrepresenfev
tatlon made to Mr. Glannlni. H* has
been invited to make the fullest Inquiry.
The gentlemen who are engaged In this
enterprise are men of the highest personal
character. William G. Dacey. th*
president. Is a well known railroad man.
p; with over thirty years* experience. He
f* la president and largest owner of the
? Burlington ft Hlnesburg railroad comt
J*gny In Vermont; h? Is now constructg.'
Ing the Virginia railroad, a line over 20<>
![ miles in length, or which C. w. Smith,
tfte nscrtver of the Atlantic & Pacific
railroad. Is president; he built the Old
Colony railroad In Massachusetts and
among his later railroad work he con t'ructM
11? mllM of tho Knnwva A Midland
railroad In 160 dayi. General
i Charles C. Dodge. the vice president. Is I
the son of Wllilnm E. Dodge, for many I
yfcars the president of the chamber of I
commerce of New York city, whose
statue, erected by the city, stands In
Herald Square. R. C. Broad bent Is a
broker of Philadelphia and New York, i
and a man of undoubted standing and
integrity. Mr. Percy M. I^wl* was for
many years (he pn??ld?'nt of the Third
National bank of Philadelphia, nnd Is
now a broker of South Fourth street.
"The members of the board In this city
are George H. Anderson, superintendent 1
of. the chamber of commerce; William
Vonklrk. commission merchant: M. P.
Kowley. real estate denier, nnd T. L. i
1 Kennedy, white lead keir manufacturer.
They are too well known to need any
'The railroad company ha* kept Its
contract with Mr. Glannlnl; he has not
kept his contract with th.* railroad comK
pany. The matter of the roil rlahtu hns
Nothing to do with the Glannlnl contract
We have tsken steps to secure a
delivery of the coal by the pttrtlcs who
own the option. If by any rennon Doty,
Cleaver A Co. fall to keep their contract."
Knthroned et iiir ffrw Itwler ?f 1
Ptrila "Bwlom" lo IIU fnhjri fi.
THHKRAV. Pprxtn. Mrv 1?Muur.
fer-Ed-D1n. Mlwwt Vallahd. *oe*nd non
ot th* late Hhnh and nurr??Kj?.?r dvjiljcnated.
tviui enthroned on Saturday
rftrtrnln* at Tabriz with lh" title of
ahah-lnnhah (klnc of kin**.) Ho will
atart f??r Teheran forthwith.
The body of Nazr-F.d f?ln. th* ?nur- 1
tiered ahah, hna been enbalmed nnd will
bo tak*-n fo Room for lntorm??nf, after
the arrival of th* n*w *hah. 1
Owln* to thi* pr??mpi nnd energetic
action of the grand vlalcr, perfeft order
r^lans everywhere. The Hhnh'* ord*-r*
on Chin eubjert were rend to the
prlnr#* and rhlof pHeatM of (ho court
At tho central telegraph offlr.? on Saturday.
Th* rhlef pr|e*t at Telienm alao
proclaimed thorn .together with tho
announcement of tho auc-roaalon, In th?*
groat moaquo. AM tlio prlnroa. governor*,
inlnlatara and ofll'Uil* have telegraphed
their congratulation* to Mur.aT&MMn
on Hi'- aucceaalon, who*"
replle* hive been Very ararioii*. ?*
peelnlly To hi* eldest broiler. Zll-K*6ultan,
of who*/- arqulettrenr.? in hi*
younger brother'* .n-reaalon anme
doubt a had boon e>prf**od.
THPVlRCT day of our flllk Utile w?* an
C riluil unqualified *ijorc**. Come
/ verybody, and bo aurprtaed.
Of (ho WIiHIiik Pretbylery of the United
Pmbylcrlmi Church. \
The Wheeling Preabytery of tlic United
Presbyterian church meets In annual
session at Belmont. Ohio, to-day.
In this connection the report of the
financial agent of the presbytery. Mr.
J. M. Brown, will be found to be of Interest.
It was printed and distributed
anions the churches of the presbytery
yesterday. The report is for the year
ending April .10. and reads as follows:
Balance $ 76 M
('onsrrcailonh 4,111 M
Habbuth Schools 413 M
Woman's Missionary Societies.. .. M22
Young People's Societies 4* 88
Junior Youmr People's Societies.. 5'J (rt
Individuals 00
Special collection, llomn Mission.. MS l'J
Total. 15.30! <9
Receipts for the year ending April SO. 1R95:
Balance $ 227 ir?
Congregations 4.14ft 21'
Sabbath Schools K2 07
Woman> Missionary Societies.. .. 349 06
Mission Rand 7 90
Young People's Societies 01
Individuals 370 00
Total 45.517 61
To Robert L. Latimer, for Foreign
MI??ton* $1,514 06
To George M. Reed, for Home .
Missions 1.514 20
To George M. Reed. reserve fund,
Horn** Illations 158 13
To H. J. Murdock. for Freed men's
Mission* 753 63
To C. P. Dean, for ehnrch extension
?9 09
To W. P. Schall. for education.. .. 130 54
To \V. T. 3chall, for colleger and
seminar It** 206 38
To Jam*** Walker, ministerial relief
92 58
To Thomas Jamlsen. for Assembly
fund.. . 65 ?0
To R. R. Maxwell, for Synod 10 00
To Thomas Ralph, for salary ai
8. C 10 0(To
A. E. ByoVvnlee. salary an F. A. 10 0ft
To Sedgewlck A Son. printing.. .. " TM
To Rev. Thompson, expenses to
General Assembly. WW 4 00
To L. McWIIIIams. expenses to
General Assmbly. IfiK 2 20
To Joneph Clements. expense to
General Assembly. 1W5 2 50
nalam*e to Prewhyterlei fund.. .. W R6
Total I3.M1 49
Preabyterles quota. $?.7fi6 M. or JJ l? per
member; amount received from congregaLlons
and societies. 15.314 34. or an average
of 12 so per memoir; five congregations
exceeded their quota 1751 74. l.a*t year
ae had eight quota paying congregatlona;
Wheeling the highest per'tnember. >1 91:
New Athens next. 14 ss. llarrlivllle and
Roney's Point the lowest of the settled
. nnnraoiitlnna T*. iv.itx unH SI IM m>r
Only seven congregations contributed
to nil the funds of th?* church. Of the
twenty-one conjugations. only eight responded
to the order of thv Presbytery
Tor 5 cents per member for the Presbytcrlal
fund. Two congreKHtlous made no
contribution to any of the boards. last
rear one. To the appeal In behalf of the
reserve fund of the Home Minions (and
not counted In the quota); Wheeling. S10O;
Harrfevllle. $T5: St. lr*\-1lle. 121 79;
Buchanan Hill. 112; Unity. J9 W; Caiislille.
Woman's Missionary Society, contributor
to the board $?M. Thanks-ottering,
Wheeling. Jl'O: Martin's Ferry. 151;
Brownsville. J20; Roney's Point. 970. Cadiz.
C7: Mm. Robert McFarland. flM; total.
f???. Lart year's thanks-offering. 1300.
W. M. 8. contingent fund. |?1 ?.'> prewbyterlal
Society collections. W13; High
Rldg*. O. Y. P. C. 1* to Ravenswood Mission,
|3. Two Sabbath schools contributed
to the memorial churches. Pa;sadona
and Centra! Fall?, vis: Wheeling. $30;
Martin's Ferry. JIT.
U the ToledffFort Wnyuc flrnne Yralrrrtny
3peclal Dispatch to the Intclllgcnccr.
TOLEDO.May 3.?Flv?* thousand people
saw this afternon'i* game ut Hay
View park between the Fort Wayne
Farmers and the Toledos. Neither team
put up a good fielding,game, fourteen
errors figuring on the score sheet. Pollard.
the Toledo twlrler. pitched great
ball. Fort Wayne getting but four safe
drives, but the errors of the men bohind
him destroyed his good work. Carrie
k. TofT^nrt Wayne, also did well, the
locals making only e|*ht hits.
Fort Wayne took the game after
nearly precipitating a riot on the field.
Both teams played hard ball and the
Fort Waynes Indulged In considerable
>f the dirty article. Tebeau assaulted
Umpire Stellberger and was ordered out
if the gam*. He refused to go. and was
forcibly removed by a policeman.
D'Meara taking his place at first. The
nam-.' contained so much wrangllnjj
that many left the grounds, disgusted.
Toledo 3 ? 0 I Q o n 0 u-l S 7
Ft. Wayne. . l l 0 o 0 3 o ? .. 4 ?
? - - - n.iu.,< ..n.l Arthur;
nauen??r. ioiwih. i -
Fort Wayne. rnrrlrk nnd CrJg?T. I. m?lr??.
ntt?burith . RKNHrR.?n m.
Pittsburgh... RI'TH. !< n m.
ZnncuvHI*..I/lRENA. 3 a. m.
Pittsburgh ..RUTH. lrt?. rn
Pittsburgh. ..KEYSTONE STATE. 11 *. m
Cincinnati....VIRGINIA. II a. m.
Blst?r*vlllf... JEWEL. 7: 30 a. m.
Blst*rflvlllc...I.lIJEi<TY, s;#i j\. m.
Ciarlngton....JEWEL 1:3ft p. m.
Parker* burg. REN IIUR, 4 p. m.
Cincinnati....KEYSTONE STATE. 8 a. m.
Plit*bur5h...Hl'D80N. * u. in.
Park?-rftbiirg. LIBERTY, II ?. m.
Newport EVANSVII.LE. II a. m.
Clarlngton....JKWEI.. 3:30 p. ni
A ioiir < ?*
The Raymond Horner paused up with
empties nt 1 p. m.
The mnrlta at 6 p. m. nhotved 8 feet 3
Inches and rising. tV wither, cloudy
itnri warm.
Captain "Hilly" Goodwin may have a
new Immii in the Wheeling and Newport
trad* this week.
Hot.i th* Jewel and Liberty took out
w?ll patronized excursion* to Sintersvllle
yp* tenia y morning.
The Virginia, for Cincinnati. departed
ut 11 a. m. nnn wan detained at the Top
mill landing, where *he wider! a l>lg lot
r?f manufactured Iron. She hnd her
umial ldg fthin list.
To-morrow the Keystone Mate will
he the regular Cincinnati packet. Cnptaln
Knox, who It In whlnpered, will
nhortly accept an engauement an n midget
In a Cincinnati dime museum, In on
the roof.
Itl?rr Trlrsrnmi.
ORKENBRORf >~Rl ver 6 feet and falling;
fair and pleasant.
MOROANTOWN River 0 fe..t, etaiinnnrv:
inin la?t nluht. fair and nleaa
PlTTFBmaH?Klver 7.fi fool ami
rl.ilnif nlowly nl the dom. Woollier,
Hear and pl?n*ant.
MTKPBRNVlLhK-Hlvcr R feci 0
Inehe* ;?11<I rlflnir. Clenr an'l worm.
I'p- Knymond Horner, Ruth, Keystone
Htnte. Hon IInr.
PAKKKIlHHrilC -River K fort 10
Inchon and falling. Clear nnrt cooler. Up
?I.llierty. Down?Virginia. t'p and
down?Columbia. Uttle Konnwhn
Wlir 11 it IIII r
Nebcin a?<i|Ntnn?-'' It moy be bent to render
It promptly, hut one nltouW remember
tu tine **ven the moat perfect remedies
only when neodfd. The heat and
most s|Ht|>l** mid gentle remedy In tli"
Syrup of KIkh. innnufactiirod by the
California Flic Syrup Company.
|| If MI ('I Silk*. Hindi us Hnook &
Willi l'lj.lio offer at 98o and II 111
* yard, ore the grandest values over offered#
Will Come Up llefmr llin Slrtlincllat Ctrl'*
rnl ('oufrrciue To-dny?A 111# t'oi?tr?t
CLEVELAND. O.. May 3.?There wu
but one session of the Methodlut general
conference to-day. That wan held In
the afternoon at tb? nr;nory. Bishop
Fowler, of Minneapolis, prenlded. read
the scripture and preached the sermon,
pray it being offered by Rev. Dr. P. 8.
L'pham, of Drew Theological Seminary.
Bishop Fowler's sermon wan a powerful
arraignment of the higher critics of the
Bible, the speaker allowing by biblical
and scientific arguments that the moos
of the criticisms pawed upon the scrip*
ture* were without foundation. The
address was listened to with marked attention
by a larir?? audience. A large
number of the ministerial delegate* to
the conforencc supplied pulpits In CloveIn
ml and surrounding towns thlj morning
and evening.
The delegates are expectantly awaiting
the contest over th<' woman question
which Is to come the first thing to-morrow
morning In the conference. It Is
understood that the majority and minority
reports of the committee on ellgi- I
blllty will be submitted at 10 o'clock.
The minority report, which will be sign- j
ed by twenty member* of the commit- ,
tee, will probably be submitted by Rev.
Dr. A. G. Kynett, of Philadelphia. It
will hold that the woman delegates are
eligible to seats In the conference.
The minority report. It Is understood,
will be submitted by Dr. J. M. Buckley,
editor of the New York Christian Advooate,
and will consist of arguments
based on biblical and constitutional
I grounds ugalnnt the granting of. the
pi I vllege of delegates to the women. The
j concensus of opinion among the deleft,
a is that the majority report will be
adopt-d. If It Is. the conference will
say, It Is asserted, that the constitution
ought to be changed and n precedent
will be established which will result In
giving s?*ats to women in all future conferences.
While It Is admitted that the
women will win n victory, wnslderabje
apprehension Is felt rejMrdluK the probfionnun
/Inlniralou til
tho event of Huch action, it in well
known that the German* are almost
solidly opposed to Riving women so.its
and a voice In the conference proceedings,
their opposition being based upon
the declaration of Saint Paul against
womcn'q participation In tho aifalrs of
the church, and some doubt Is expressed
aa to whether they will submit to the action
of the conference without nprotest.
It can bo atatcd on excellent authority
that the report of the committee on prohibition
will declare In favor of combining
to fight the liquor traffic In any
way upon which all friends of temperance
?an agree, regardless of creed or
politics. Tho report will also Indrose
tho work of the American anti-saloon
league. ^
Thr Snnday Olrhmtlon? A (JorKrom lit
BI* DA PEST. May 3.?The ceremoniM
attendant upon tho millennial celebration
were continued to-day. Emperor
Francis Joseph and Empress Elizabeth,
tho members of tho court, the diplomats
and a large number of aristocratic personages
attende<l a solemn thanksgiving
service in the Mnthlas cathedral.
This was called the most brilliant spectacle
seen tn Austria-Hungary since the
coronation of the emperor.
The procession through the streets
was a brilliant pag?Ant and was witnessed
by thousands of persons who
lined tho thorvThfare at every available
point. M jy of the equlppages
had been mad?* especially for this parade
and were splendid with Kilt and
color. Th* Hungarian ladles who rod* In
them wore the national magynr festival
costume, with high laced bodice, an
apron and a veil fixed ulth a diadem.
At Mnuirt Park.
Mozart Park wa# visited yesterday
/ifiernoon by large crowds who were in
xearrh of relaxation and amusement.
Myen*' hand rendered the following musleal
programme doting the afternoon:
March?"Humlln's Klf1/?J?'* llall
overture?'"Captlno" Brooke
Waltz?"Remembrance of Naples" ..
: Rennet
Medley Overture- "The Woolen Stocktnjr"
Auxtrhn Retreat?"Soldier"* Llfe"...Hela
Serenade-"Pleasant Drr?ro!." Ripley
A Comic F*ntu*U?"Bruddar Gardner'i<
Picnic" Rolllnxon
Galloo?"rvnion" Sousa
March?"King" Pryor
Overture "Manoii" Welxnnhorn
Waltx?"Citadel" Querrle
Medley?"Around the ?*lty" neWItt
Vnn-Recurdo "A Halam.tnce" Aralyo
Overture "Ijuircl Wreath" Ripley
Around the Metropolis" DeWItt
Rider*'%Gallop Ripley
VAT I VIRH of Silk In stock but what
l\UI ;\ |:Ull? will be sold this week nt
n great reduction.
>;eo. m. snook & co.
Anxiously watch declining ^ealth of
their daughter^. So many iire cut off
by consumption in early years that
there is real cause for anxiety. In
the early stages, tfhen not beyond
the roach of medicine. Hood's Sarsupnrilla
will restore the quality and
quantity of the blood and tints give
good health. Rend the following letter:
"ft is but just to write about tny
daughter Cora, aged 19. She whs completely
run down, declining, had that tired
feeling, and friend* Mild mwould not
live over three month*. She had bid
and nothing ncemed to do her any good.
I happened to read about Hood's Pnmapariila
and had her give it a trial. From the
very flint done ?he began to get letter.
After taking a few l>ottles she wan completely
cured and her health has been the
beat ever aince." Mils. Addik Pkck,
12 Hailroad Place, Amsterdam, N. Y.
"I will aa.v that my mother haa not
atated my caw in as strong worda as I
would have done. Hood's Saraaparillo
haa truly cured me and I am now well."
Cora Pkck, Amsterdam, N. Y.
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The only afe, sure and
L~ 77 n reliable Female PILL
PJB | ?l ever offered to Ladles,
lis I especially recommend*
B BLiIbVI od to married Ladiee.
BT7TXOTAL FILLS and take no other.
Prlco $1.00 per box* 6 boxes for $5.00.
MICALCO- - Cleveland# Ohio.
Hetatl Agent.
A powerful disi fectant for sewers,
vaults and closets. Also
PURE and CRUDU Carbolic Acid,
Copperas and other disinfectants,
42 Twelfth Street.
2151 7?HI!N STRBBT.
Pursuant to the ln*truf:tlon* of th?
Htuto K<-})iiMlca!? central commlttf- cf,j
the mil ol the national Republican rom.
mlttee, a ntate convention of d?I?ratM
repri*Hentntlve* of tin- H?'publico:i nartv
of Wont Virginia will be held at the ,-|.y
of CiarknbtirK. in th" county of Harrison
on Thursday. the 14th ouy of May. , <12
o'clock noon, for tli* pur|?OM- of <*l??cT*lriir
four dele>?at<'i?-at-1?rj:c au<l four
1 natrx-iiMarifn to represent tin* vat. in
tin* national llepuhlh-an cenvi-ntlon, ?
held In the city of St. Loulx, Missouri
on th?? 10th day of June. IK*.
ii in K'viiinnirtiuru iiimi iri?? nasi" ,.{
representation In said *tut?i convents*
lie one vote for each 100 voii-n. and fra.!
tlon thereof greater than fifty.
President P.cnjamln ltarrlson mi 1V-:
It Is recommended that each ro<inty
choose as many d?lrMite* to hnwl . rlT{.
ventlon as will equal the number of v?.?M
It will be entitled to rant therein. and th.it
the chairman of each K*publlran Po-mry
committee rail a convention In his coun'v
or other proper mu tiny, to <>hoos<>
Kate* to tin- state convention; In whlcn
county conventions or m'-etinjrs the r-?.
operation of all petrons In Invited *(?
purpose hereafter to art with the Hfpi.r,.
ilcan party In Its efforts to promote prij.
tectlon to American worklnameti. Am*r:.
ran agriculture and American Industrie*a
t", stein of reciprocity. good Kovernment
!n the slate ana nation, and a return of
To County Chairman.
Please make proper arrnncm^nt* to
hav? your county represented In th? nut#
convention of Slay 11.
The state convention to nominate tho
State ticket, presidential eler:or>. fr
will be* hold at Parkershurg on WHneJI
duv, July 22. at 11 o'clock a m . at which
the basis of representation will h. on*
vote for each 10? votes, and fraction
thereof greater than fifty, east for vov.r
Republican nominee for Conjrre?s In i?34.
The formal call will be Issued Intrr.
You will not overlook taking measurst
to have your county properly represent^
In your senatorial district. Judicial <i?.
trlct and congressional district convert.
Hons, and also your deiocate rjintrlr* oon.
vontlon if your county he In a delegate
district. Very truly yours.
(County Republican papers please ropy.)
first District Republican Convention.
By the authority vested In m* as chair,
man of the congressional executive rornmlttoe
of the First congressional district
of West Virginia, and In pur?uanre of tr.?
wlshas of the committee. I hereby rail a
convention of the delegated represent*,
lives of the Republican puny of th? said
district to meet in the city of Clark*l>ur*,
in the county of Harrison, on Wednesday,
the 13th day of May, 1K?G. at I o'clock p m.
for tho purpose of electing two delgaf-fl
and two aJternatea to represent the dls.
trlct in the national Republican conven.
tlon, to be held In St. Louis, Mo., on thi
16th day of June, 18W.
trlct convention will be the nam* a* at
the htatu contention. one vote for each
100 vote*, and fraction thereof greater
than fifty, cant for President Benjamin
Harrison in 1?1
It li? recommended thnt cnch county
chooee an many delegates to raid convention
as will equal the number of vot?a
It will be entitled to cast therein, and
that the delegates be chosen in th? usual
way, by county convention, primary elettlon
or other proper meotln*. AH persons
who purpose to art with the Republican
party In future are Invited to participate
in such meetings. H. C. RICHARDS.
roposal8 for cutting and
Sealed propsals will be received at the
office of the Board of Public Works
the city of Whaalln# until It o'dock noon.
Saturday. May J. 1896. for cutting and
setting new curb and dressing and renetting
old curb during the "year 11K
SpecincatlotM caa bo seen at the office
efthe board.
The successful bidder will U reguirM
to furnish hpnd?4rv?he sum of Five Hundred
(MO) Edllars, wkh surety to be approved
by the board.
Proposals to be marked "Proposals fo?
CutUxw and^Settlng New Curb and Dresstog
and ReseKlng OhlCarb.*
The board reserves the rlghl to rejeel
any oral] bids.
board of public storks.
W. H- HORNISH" Clerk. my? ,
Proposals vor hauling?rick,
Sealed psoposals will be received ftt thd
office of the Hoard of Ptibllo Works of tha
cltr of Wheeling until 12 o'clock noon,
Saturday. May , 1S96. for hauling brick,
sewer pipe and curbing during tV year
1?*. The material to be unloaded froni
the cars and delivered along the street^
and atles* Where the sanxto are to be used.
The brick must be passed by hand J*oirt
oars to vehicles, and neatly and carefully
piled" on the sidewalks. The sewer plpd
to l?e laid along the Unee where wenched
aro to be dug. and the curbing along thd
lines where to be seL All iwKarfal rmiM
be delivered to the satisfaction at tha
The successful bidder wilt N> required
to unload the material from, thenars
within 41 hours after the same "have^n
placed'on swRch. lie wiUbe held liable
for any breakage or damage during the
time the material Irln his chance. He will
be requited to furnish bond In the sum
of five Hundred (1500) Dollars, with
I surety to be approved by tne ooaru.
Bids on brick muat bo per thousand, and
| curbing per linear foot and sower pipe
I per ton.
The board reserve* the right to reject
any or nl! bid*.
W. H. HOBNISH. Clerk. m>:
By virtue of a deed of trust made by
Mnry B. Hoaklnson and George \V. H^;
klnson, her husband, to the undersigned
trustee, dated the list day of January.
I A. D. 1891. and recorded In the clerk's of*
! flee of the County Court o( Marshall
. County. West Virginia. In deed of trust
book No. 10. ?>ag<*i 103 and 104. I will on
j A. D. IWfi.
| beginning at 10 o'clock a. m.. of Mid last
l mentioned date, at the premise* to l>e sold.
I sell at public auction to the highest ana
| bent blader, the following described real
estate, that la to say, Lot number nine|
teon (ll>) aa plnted by 13. B. McMechen i?
the Town of McMechen, In the county oi
I Mnrshull. In the state of West Virginia
I Said lot fronts fifty feet on McMechen
I avenue nnd extends back one hundred and
twenty-three (123) feet and eleven <1!>
I India* to a twelve-foot alley, nnd Is the
I same property granted and conveyed to
the said Mary B. Hosklnson by deed dated
I November 4, 1890.'and recorded In said
clerk's olllce In deed book No. 3*5. folio >3
The said lot number nineteen (1!? ??:! be
sold subject to the provision contained in
said deed of trust, that no unfinished
building or out-house lt? to bo built en
Ktld lot within twenty (?> feet of tho
street on which the said lot fronts.
TERMS OF PALE?One-third of the purchase
money, or n? much more as the putchaser
may elect, In cash, and the balane*
In equal Installments, pajahla in one and
tn i? years, respectively, from the day of
sale, the purchaser giving for each of th?
deferred Installments of the purchase
money his note, with good personal security,
hearing Interest from the date of
Hale, and the title to the property sold to
hp retained an aecurity lor too payment
nuch nolo!* until pnld In full, or the payment
of enld notes to be .n'onred by deed
of trust on the property Hold.
np7 Trustee.
You Cant Tell...
I'y 'lie look* of n fond liow ftr It r?"
Jump, or l?y the al?e of n row th'
Klrruutli nf'tli prrfVnuei nrltlirr
yun proprrlj- ,|ml?r llir merlin "f rfr*
mrrlt. of n tunrlilne uitleM .voiisfl *?'"
qualiitnl with It nuil me II. Try
otlirr irpcv r It era If von u-lll. l?ol !>'
f<Mt you l?ny, try iltr WllMAJIS
wlilrlt tnnil*ou Ita turrit*.
The littdllfiruri'r me* onit recoiit"
mruiU Iltr William*.
Practical Shoemaker..
sin*** nemly repaired mid bait eolc?l
y\lilio jroii wnlt.
I'lCnOKI) <?3e. MIWKI) IM)e.
11(10 Market Slrret, Cor. FourteiMilii
CI HI'AT I'At'lLlllKs FOU Till:

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