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Won. Lost P*ot.
Jackson 2 0 1.000
Toledo 1 l .500
fort Wayne 1 1 .COO
Wheeling 0 0
Washington 0 0
New Cutla C 0
)v;.nn*iuwn U - 1
Saginaw 0 5 .000
Today's games?^Wheefliur at Washington.
Youngatown at Now Castle.
Toledo should have won yesterday
over Fort Wayne, the "Farmers" making
only four hits oft Pollard, the Bethany
college lad. The seven errors of the
t^ara behind him did the work The
"Jaxons" again defeated Saglnaw.makir.g
a hair-raining finish in the seventh
and eighth Innings.
Thr Jtcktou Team Won In lh* Sfvtnth
aud Eighth Inning.
Special Dinpatch to the Intelligencer.
SAGINAW. May 3.?This afternoon
Saginaw lost again to Jackson after
having the game well In hand, through
errors and opportune hittlnir by the visitors.
The features were St. Mary'?
flelding and C. Hemphill's home run.
Sajrtnaw 0 1 0 3 1 0 0 0 1-4 12 4
Jackson 1 I) t 0 o 0 ( I M ( I
Batteries, Saginaw. Ferry and Sprangrr.
Jackson. Miller and Meyers.
Dimh'i Mm wtnlil Have Whipped the
Waahlngtuita irtth Rate.
The Inter-state base hall season was
opened all along the line Saturday. Toledo.
with "Kid" Keemin In the box, defeated
the crack Fort Waynes. Saginaw
was defeated by Lynch's "Jaxons."
Younp*town was behind New Castle
when rain Interfered In the second In
- ? Ll ?l W?.l|nva
r.fng, ana ai wasmnsiua mc itii<?iiuD.
were In the act of giving Curran's men
a few point* on hitting when ona of the
heaviest rains of the year put a stop to
the fun. The crowds everywhere were
lar^e. ?The figures: Toledo. 3,000; Sjqrinaw,
2.000: New Castle. 3,000, anil Washington.
2.000. That would not be a discreditable
opening day attendance for a
more pretentious league than the Interstate.
The Washington crowd was swelled
by the 700 Wheeling enthusiasts who
went over on the special train on the
Baltimore & Ohio at 1:20 In the afternoon.
It was a noisy, enthusiastic but
thoroughly good-natured crowd, that
-lid hot cast anything but credit on the
town from which It came. The Wheeling
people were very much in evidence
daring the only two innings of the gaThe.
In fact, good plays by the Wheeling*
were received with heartier applause
than good fielding or batting by the
The game showed one thing conclu|
.?lvely?Wheeling has the best team of
hitters ever got together here. Johni
r=un's unsteadiness, Wagner's fumble
and Shaw's passed ball, together with
<tne hit, allowed Washington to score
three in the first. The first two hitters
for "Ours" went out on easy chances.
Th?n Gallagher got a base on ball?, followed
by three-baggers by Darroh and
McHoverter and a two-base hit by
Rlckert. evening up the score. Some
teams don't hit that way when there Is
no margin to sacrifice. Woshlngton
feored two In the second, but It was In
that Inning that Darrah's boys gave as
fine an exhibition of free hitting as the
oldest crank had ever seen. Hit followed
hit until five had trotted over the
plate. Then the rain cams down and
^urran's boys escaped a crushing defeat.
Here's a prediction?Wheeling will
come one-two.
The oold-blooded figures follow:
Martin, r. f 12 110 0
Kits. * s 2 1 1 U 1 0
Klnehart. 1. f 2 1110 0
n-.m.. 1 0 0 0 0 1
Tro y. e. 1 1 0 ! ! 2 S
Brie**, ? X 8 ? 2 ?
irr.n. Ih I 0 0 10 0
Kiihn. n 1 0 J 1 * 9
E'adlo. P 0 J j
Totals ? c 3 ? I 1
\V.i?N-r. 3h 1 1 0 1 J '
V ol.l. r.t 3 1 1 } 0 0
c. f 1 2 J J J 0
lu-rnh. :h 1 110 0 0
M-Hmarter. lh J 1 I J J J
Itlrkm. I. f 3 0 1 1 o 0
'.vtiaiiy, a. 1 o o 1 1 o
?.? r 1 t 1 1 0 I
Jnhn.nn, p 1 1 .H J!
Total* 13 S 7 7 1 !
'A 3
W!l~lln? ? w
t:?rn<<i rtini. Washington 1: W???'HnR
< Two-lam hlt?. Riu. Martin. RIcKCrt.
s: > , violet. Thrt-?'l'nF? hlta, 1'nrran,
1 }fov?rt<r. Htolan la*.*. Otlalbn1.
on foam*, H'aahlnaton 2: W neHInu
; PI r * t lm*? on ?rrori?. WiiMlilnatoiii 1;
'Vh??l'nc I en boll*. ?lnrtlti,
h-ito nrmlle. (Jallacher, Wa*n?v lilt
v r..r hed i,nil. Troy Htruck nut. Wholly,
ihi* s lav. Kit jr.. Kuhn ami Currnn.
ball. Khnw. Tim-.minute*. Attendance
2,000. Umpire. Mitchell.
A XtimHrr of Wl?wlli?? I'ropln will Oo
Over lo \VnBliliitftnu.
A number of the Wheeling people who
-T- "hented by Haturday's rnln nr*
i *insc t'? Waihlnirton to-day lo ??"? the
'Vn?iin?? put the WoahlnRton aiocreKJtlon
out of the builnef*. Barrett or j
M^iirry will ?? In the box f?.r Wheel- ;
" horn <.*urran hank* heaviest. will plteh
t -r the hom?- ton rn. Ther* Ih norm* talk
of playing two ?atn?*n to-day.
' he Intelligencer will bull-fin the noore J
' to-day'* frame Immediately after It |
H over, probably at 6 o'clock.
Name* that Slny Shirt# In llif 111k f^nyenr |
Ifafnrr .Hany Mooiia,
The following 1* the roster of the j
Interstate t??arii*. A* there are many j
'hange* ?i early In the aeaaon. It may |
' out of date In a week;
Wheeling Meffovert?M. llr*t: bar- !
rah. second; Wagner, third; Whalley, '
<<.?rt, ftallagher, ICIrkert and Violet, |
' I'fleld, Shaw and Nothwftn*. <afrit"rn,
Mi'{raver. MrOarry. ltaiTett?John*
pltchonr, Mertuch. utility man.
Ii'kion -MeCttlrk, flint. llardeaty,
neeond; J/*iikjI .nhort; Violet, third;
' ruy. nuts'-eld; Miller. Derrick, ISngle,
n.id ftrodl*, pitcher*: and Myers, eatoh
r Rrodfo Derrick and Mlll-r will play
In tlie out Hold when, not pitching.
N'mv r.i^ti" ( ' . ! i it Krnnk
t-tonC. .^<.1. : i wii \ ..'I. ililrd;
McFarlan ! . ,i. I .. nii.i I I; Karrell, .
Neyfklrk. Wilcox ajid Irwin pitchers; I
Gil boy and Hammond, catcher*. One
or the pitchers will play In the outfield.
Washington?MoIIvane, McCIeary.
Beadle, Riley. pltrhers; Briggs and
Prince, catcbi-rs: Curran, first; Kuhn,
second; Griffin, third; Itlts. short; Troy,
Martin and Rlnehart. outfield.
Saginaw?Ferry, Rutherford, Alien
and Helm, pitchers; Spruager and
Thorpe, catchers; Ganze], first base;
Calllhan. second base; Kathbtin, third;
Snyder,short;Frank and Charles Hemphill.
and St. Mary, outAeld.
F\?rt Wayne?George Tebcan. first;
Hamilton, second; Bioko, third; Thurston,
short; Gray, Sumner, Hoffman,
Genet and Walker, outfleld; Kagey,
Swlan. Carrlck, Dewald and Ramsey,
pitchers; Krelger, Boylan and O'Meara,
Toledo?Sims, first; Beck, second;
Murray, .third; Ilord. short; McGlnnes,
Vetter*, Schroeder nnd McLaughlin,
outfield; Pollard. K^ennn. Martin,
Cogswell and Donnell, pltchers;Cllfford,
and Arthur, catcher*.
Clubs. W. L. Per. Ap. 27 Gain Loss
Pfrea 9 2 .sis .fi4 .104 ....
Phils 8 4 .6*7 .857 130
Boston ... 8 4 .?7 ..rOO .197 ....
Chicago ..8 6 .SIS .Ufi .069 ....
Clnetn.. ..7 5 .fca .656 .027 ....
Wash 7 6 .6SS .671 ,012 ....
CI eve 5 6 .500 .571 071
Brook.. .. ?J 6 .500 .42* .ott ....
St. Louis. i 7 .462 .K* ?M
Halto 5 7 .417 .600
New York. 2 10 .I'm .123 .M2 ....
Louisville.. 1 12 .077 .111 034
To-day's games?Washington at Cleveland.
Baltimore at Pittsburgh. Philadelphia
at St. I.ouii>. Boston at Cincinnati,
New York at I.oulsvllle. Brooklyn at Chicago.
Two games were played yesterday.
Cincinnati winning in a close contest
from Louisville, while the Browns lost
to the Colts at Chicago, before 17.000
people. Commencing this morning the
Intelligencer will present tho standing
of clubs in the style given above
every Monday morning. In this
way Interesting comparisons of the
week's campaign can be made by the
cranks. It will be seen that five clubs
have decreased their percentage, while
seven have made advancing strides. Today
the eastern clubs open in the west
That game at Louisville should be the
star attraction of the day?Louisville
and New York, teams that have been
struggling together at the tall end of
the procession.
, Mad* ItTkrrcStrrigUt.
CHICAGO. May J.-The Colts made It
three straights to-day In a game full of
hard hitting and rather loose fletdlng.
The batting was about equally divided,
but Brlggs had the better of It in keeping
hits scattered, and the locals were
fortunate In placing the ball Into the
crowd with men on bases. The great
crowd accounts for the large number of
three baggers made, ground rules allowing
three bases on such hits btlng
agreed upon. Plynn easily carried ofT
the fielding honors. Dahlen the stick
work. Weather clear ami noi. Actual
attendance, 17,231. Score:
Kvprett. 3b J 3 2 1 4 0
L>uhl*n, a. a 4 4 4 6 I I-anire,
c. f 5 113 0 1
Ryan. r. 1 5 1 S ! i J
Truliy, Si 4 J 3 4 > 0
Anson, lb 5 1 J 5 0 0
Flynn. 1. f 3 3 1 4 J 0
BrlKB*. p 4 0 0 0 I 0
Donohue, 6 2 2 4 2 1
Totals ? If 15 17 15 6
ST. LOCI8. AB.ll BH. PO. A. E.
Coolry. I. f 5 2 : J 0 0
Howd. c. f J 2 1 2 0 0
Douglas. c -> 0 1 4 0 0
Qulnn, 2h 4 1114 0
Connor, lb 5 12 1110
Meyers. lb 5 0 2 0 4 0
Parrott. r. f 5 ? 2 0 0 0
Crow, S. S s 0 0 4 2 1
Hart, p d i J ^ i i
Totals 40 1 M *22 l5 2
Donovan out; hit by batted ball.
Chicago 2 U 0 0 4 2 } '-I;
St. Louis 0 1 2 1 0 2 0 1 0-.
Baronl run*. Chicago S; St. LouJ? 4.
Thrre-base hit*. Lang*. Dahlen 3. Coolly.
Connor. Hart. Dowd. Truby. Sacrifice
hit. Flynn. Stolen ha****. Hart. Ryan.
Flynn. Doubl* plays. Dahlen and Anson;
Flynn and Truby. Struck out. by Brlggs
3; by Hart 1 Passed ball. Douilas.^Bases
on balls, off llrlggs 3; ofT Hart .. Hit
with hall. Crow. Tim*. 2:?. Umpire.
Weldman. _______.
ThtiVs !*o Jay In Kentucky.
LOUISVILLE. May 3.-The Colonels
lopt another game to-day through their
Inability to bat at critical stages* and by
bad base running. Fraxer pitched good
ball, but received poor support. Attendance,
8.500. Score:
Clarke. I. f 4 0 3 1 . 0 0
Eustace, s. s 6 0 0 1 5 1
Holmes, c. t 2 0 1 2 0 0
O'Hrlen. 2b 4 1 1 6 1 0
Smith, lb 4 0 o S 0 0
Miller, lb.... 4 1 0 o 1 0
MoFarland. r. t 3 0 2 1 1 0
Warner, c 4 o o 6 3 I
Fraser, p 4 12 14 2
Totals 25 2 1 27 S 4
Burke, I. r e i s a w i
Hoy, c. f I i ; i o o
Gladness Comes
With u letter understanding of the
l ruiiHtctit nature of the many physical
ills, which vanish ln-fore proper rffortR?gentle
efforts?pleasant efforts?
rightly directed. There In comfort in
the knowledge, that so rnwn.v forms of
sickness are not duo to any uetual disease,
but "simply ton constipated ootidilion
of the system, which the pleasant
family laxat ive. Syrup of Pigs, promptly
removes. That is why it in the only
remedy with millionsof families, and if)
everywhere oKteemeu no nigniy nv mi
who value good health. It? beneftciiil
effect* arc tine to th? fact, thut it Ih the
one remedy which promoten internal
cleaiiiinesM* without debilitating Mm
orpanH on whi^b it act*. It is therefore
ail important, in order to get it* bene*
Holal effects, to wote when you purchase,
that you have the genuine article,
which in manufactured by the California
Kir Syrup Co. only nrid gold by
all reputable druggist*.
If in the enjoyment of good health,
nnd the system is regular. laxatives or
other remedies are then not needed. If
afflict''d with any actual disease. one
may bit commended to the most nkillfiil
physicians, but if In nred of a laxative,
one MliO'ild linvc the bent, nnd with tho
" id' i-'vr, Krrup of
hitfiu'K ?ind ii? m??M. Inrgcly
V.d aud gives must general butu?f action.
Miller, r. f 4 1 1 2 1 o
Kwna, lb 3 0 0 10 1 o
MrPhre. 2b 4 0 112 0
Smith, *. k \ u 0 .1 4^0
Irwin. 3b 4 0 0 *4 2 (
Vaujhn, v 4 I 0 3 2 0
Dwyw, p 112 12ft
Total 34 1 h 27 H 1
Louisville 0 ft Q 0 0 2 1 0 0?3
Cincinnati 0 o l 0 3 1 o 0 (Mi
Earned run*. Lousvlile 1; Cincinnati 1.
First on error*, Lousvllle 1; Cincinnati 3.
Left on bun**, Louisville ft; Clfltlnnatl C.
Firm on ball*. oft Prazer 5; off Dwyer 1.
Struck out, by Praxer S: by Dwyer 2.
Three-base hit. l)wy?r. Two-bann hits,
McFarland 2. Stolen buses, O'Brien. Miller.
Double plays, Mr Far land and O'Brien:
Frater, Warner and Miller, lilt by
pitched ball. Clarke, Holmes. Time, 2:05.
Umpire, Kmshc.
Ctulu. w. I.. Per. Ap.n Gain Lou
Delroll. .. ? 5 .mo .&? .joo ....
Kan. City 8 i m .mo Juo
8t. I'aul... S 4 S&5 ,2S0 .305 ....
MllwtiMke* 5 S .Gno .S3J .167
Mlnil'lls .. C (i .ro .500 0(5
O. Rapids. 4 S Mi .375 .068 ....
Indian lis.. 4 6 .40) .aj .067 ....
Columbus.. 4 7 .M .750 too
The feature of tlie week's campaign
In the Western league has been the drop
of Cplumbus from second place lo the
tall end. Looks as though the Ohio
team Is out of Its class. It might figure
in the first division in the Interstate,
though. The work of Detroit and
St. Paul has been excellent. St. Paul
going up to third place from the bottom
of the ladder
MnlUtiP Pntxlrd Tli*m.
ST. PAUL, May 3.~Baker was given
an awful slaughter while the St. Paul
batters fattened their averages. Milwaukee
could do nothing with Mullane
In the seven innings he pitched.
Attendance 5,600. 8core: R Ji E
St. Paul 0 I 0 4 7 1 7 G 1-28 M I
Milwaukee ..0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 2- 3 11 B
Batteries, Mullane, Phylo and Spies;
Baker and Spear.
Tt?? RlanWouOnt,
MINNEAPOLIS, May 3.-Mlnneapolis
and Kunaas City played a brilliant
fielding game to-day. Klce, the Chicago
man, let down in the eighth inning
and allowed Kansus City the winning
run. Kllng pitched a magnificent
Score: R H K
Mlnneup'lls ..1 0001 22 1 0?7 jj 1
Kan. City 2 1 0 0 0 U I '-111 J
Batteries, Rice and Shrlver; Kllng and
Lake. <
On Rough Diamond.
GRAND RAPIDS. May 3.?The game
was played at Algeria Park, outside
the city limits this morning. The
grounds were rough and the field work
8core: R H E
O. Rapids. ~.2 1 0 4 0 1 0 0 0?10 If 6
~ ' . ... A A i A 1? CUR
uoiumuua ...w Batteries,
Brown, Walter* and Smlnk;
Dolan, Jones and Wilson.
Game* From Wnitru Pennsylvania a
Bpecial Dispatch to the Intelligencer.
MORQANTOWN. W. Va.. May 3.?
The Weat Virginia University base ball
team opened the season on the home
grounds yesterday by playing two
games against the Western University
of Pennsylvania team. The home team
won both games, the first by a score of
8 to 6. and the second,a five-Inning contest,
by a score of 8 to 6. The exhibition
wns a poor one from every point of
view, but the superior playing, If any of
It can be classed as superior, was done
by the West Virginia team. Mitchell,
for the Pennsylvanians, pitched a fairly
good game in the first contest, but his
*upport was heartrending, and the team
behind him could not hit anything.
Hickman, for the University, pitched
well, giving his opponents but five hits
and striking out eight of them. But the
team work was not first class, but Womelsdorf
at short and Hill ot first did
some pretty playing, all that broke the
monotony of a stupid game.
In the seoond game Hill pitched for
the University and Anderson for Pennsylvania
Hill has a beautiful drop, but
could not use it, because of the poor
bock stop work of Harding. For that
reason he was batted quite freely, as
was Anderson, also. The second game
was very much of a farce, much of the
time being consumed In wrangling over
decisions by the umpire, the Pennsylvanians
faring very badly at the hands of
that official. They say they will never
again meet the university in any kind
of athletic sports. Good crowds attended
the games, as there was a curiosity
to see the work of the team. There
is some gooo material In It, but the bad
wrv nmminent and some good prac
tlce work will b<? neccssary to put them
In tho drat class.
Lost I Irr Prfwurr ofSltiiil.
Special Dispatch to the IntHllRencer.
HUNTINGTON. May 3.?Mrs. Mary
Shores wa* walking the Klkhom trestle
nt Burke, on the N?rfolk & Western
this morning, when an engine turned
the curve at full speed. The womun
lout her presence of mind and Instead of
stepping aside, she leaped to the oreek,
forty feet biow. She was rescued from
drawing, but received injuries from
which ahe cannot recover.
Who Owm Mellon U.
CHICAGO, May 3.?Owen Melton,one
of the crew of the filibustering schooner,
Competitor, captured by the Spanlards,
and who la likely to be ahot within
forty-olght hours unless Consul General
Williams interferes,/Is a western
man. Melton Is only twenty-two years
old and his home la at an obscure town
In Kansaa, aeven mllea from a railroad.
There hla parents live, and they are In
Ignorance of his whereabouts and danger.
All Sort* or Local ami Uonlp from
0 file Cilaaa Cltr*
Hon. J. E. Jllackburn Is at home now
wlthwlth cum palm buttons to spare. He
has be*n very active In socuring places
for a number of the boys In the reorRunIxutlon
of state Institutions, and nil the
while was not unmindful of himself in
securing the nomination for food and
dairy commissioner.
The receivers of the Scotch Preserving
Company offered the big hrlck factory
for snle Inst Saturday, but there were
no bidders. It was once used as a state
tobacco warehouse.
There are said to be "only seventy"
uppll'-MntH so fnr for supeiintenenl of the
city schools. Hut there Is time for others
Tho convention of the Sunday rcIiooH
of tho county will he held In the Firm
Prenbyterlnn church of thin city next
The property of J. T. Free*?, confuting
of n livery stable nnd dwelling houne,
wim *ol?l by tho njnljrnee. John A. OalUher.
to Mr*. Stewart for a totnl of $2,100
There If a rumor that tho mill will
Mart Mil* week, hut It I* not known to he
The telephone polo* for the new company
are expected t" rnaeh here to-day or
to-morrow, and work on the new line will
he commenced at once.
The milt of Pr. n. W. I.onif iiirnlnft
the city will l>f heard In the common plena
court The amount claimed I* 120".
About 160 ncraona will ink" part In the
"Story <>f the Information." which will
Bicycle Souvc
0. & J. OFFER NO. ?. '
To every rider who cover* 3.000
rnllen nn a Rambler Bicycle, fitted
with O. St J. Tlren. between April 1,
1896. nnd December 1, 1R08. we will
prpfent ? HAND80MI3 POrVFlN1R.
comly moiigh to !?* vnlufd,
artistic enough to bo proud of.
For full particulars see
1523 Market Street, (
be held at the opera house the last of this
week. A
few from this city went to Washington.
Pn.. Bttturdny to nee tho hall gome. ,
Hoy Hnedeckcr anil Charlr* Wultmofo
spent y?*terdny in 8l*ter*ville.
A number or Wheeling bicyclists were
down here yesterday afternoon.
(nhn tfnhlnann'a olroiia nulu>H nl'Df Iho
bridge yesterday morning..
Mm. Albert Deferbaugh spent yesterday
with relatives at Powhatan Point." .
The school at Pinch Hun closed .last t
Friday for the summer vacation.
Fred liberie In home for a few days
rroro Pittsburgh. where is working.
A. T. Stewart hud a narrow escape from
being seriously Injured Saturday evening
at the flour mill. He waft closing a large
door wh?n the strap broke and ho Ml
huckward* off a small porch, about four
and onchalf feet to the ground, and cntne
down upon the back of his hoad. llo also
received a sprained wrist.
Harry Mansell. of the Fourth ward, is
serloualy 111 and little hopes are entertained
of his recovery.
Ilapaand NUhep* lu the Thriving City
Arroa* the Hirer.
City Marshal-elect William Burns, of .
Martin's Ferry, who severed hi* connectlon
with the Bellalre, Bridgeport A Mar- i
tin's Kerry Klectrical Hallway Company
on Saturday after three years of faithful I
and efficient service, received a mcesage
yesterday to go to the office of the company
at Bridgeport at once. Supposing :
ihey were short of conductors for the J
day, Durns hurried down and found a
number of employes and officials. He <
was greatly surprised when Itlchard
Hendershot steppM forward and presented
him with a valuable diamond shtrt
stud and a five-dollar bill as tokens of
the esteem of the employes and officers j
of the road. Mr. Hendershot made a '
nice presentation speech, not forgetting
to refer to Mr. Burns' election a* mar- \
ahal. and wishing him success. Mr. Burns
thanked the doners in a few well chosen
word*, saying be appreciated the act <
fully as much ae the Drescnts. ?
The funeral of Mrs. Wllllapi Dixon, sr., I
from the family residence on the Burlington
road yesterday afternoon wan ,
very largely attended. Rev. S. J. Boglo, '
pastor of the Presbyterian church, of .
which the deceased was a member, offi- *
dated. The floral offering* were very ,
numerous and heuutlful. The pall bear- 1
ers were Fred K., Alex, and WlUlam T.
Dixon and Alvln Sedgwick. The interment
was ut RlverWew cemetery.
Orvll Gordon, of Clarington, Is visiting
George W. Hell.
The Martin's Ferry Masons will enjoy a
banquet at the new quarters May tt.
James Greer and Charles Johns returned
yesterday from Waahlngton. Pa.
The now uniform of the Independent
hose company for parado purposes will
consist of duck pants, blue military coat,
white yachting cap and red, white and
blue umbrellas. This was adopted on
Saturday night, and ?3. E. Moore, who
was in the regular army several years,
will have charge of the drilling. They
expect to do some nice manoeuvring.
These officers wero elected: Foreman. Dr.
J. W. Darrah; assistant foreman. Patsy
Moore; captain and trainer, Amon Poxson;
treasurer. William R. Joy; secretary.
William E. Thomas.
William H. Jones has taken a rolling job
In the New Philadelphia rolling mills.
The family of Leo White has returned
from Cameron. W. Va.
The Orion bicycle raffled off at the festival
given by Hiawatha Council, Jr. O.
U. A. M. on Saturday night, was drawn
by Jacob Myors with ticket No. Ill
Rev. Edgar N. Bailey and others will
represent the Martin's Ferry church at
the meeting of the Wheeling Presbytery
of the U. P. church at Belmont church
Martin's Ferry was well represented
at the meeting of the Belmont county
teachers' association at Bridgeport on
A 4 per cent dividend has been declared
by the First National Bank, St Clalrsvllle.
Two to nothing in favor of Martin's
Ferry was tho score of the game with
AetnavlUe on Saturday, it being called
In the third Inning on account of rain.
Yesterday a party of wheelmen rode to
Mt. Pleasant.
Harry Joy. Sam Childs and William
Clark, of McKcosport, Pa., spent 8unday
in Martin's Furry.
Mrs. Parker Elliott was at Wellsburg
over Sunday.
Thomas Stanton, sr.. Is very sick.
Work will be resumed at tho Belmont ,
brick and tile work* to-day. James Miskell.
who was elected street commissioner I
at the recent election, and who will be 1
sworn In to-morrow, will be succeeded
at the works by Newton Talbert. ,
Sherwood Koahrsen. who has been very
sick, was considerably better yesterday.
Yesterday morning Dr. A. R. Ong Ailed ,
a good sited tumbler with river water
? ?3 i? ..nliiit ? half Inrh nf muri
had settled In the bottom. That's what
we drink!
It Is understood that suit will be brought
ajtalrtat the Astns*8tandard for 110,000
damages by Mrs. Frank Wlgglngton for
the death of her husband, an employe.
Mrs. Frank Zlnk and daughter. Helen,
are visiting Mr. and Mrs. George W.
Chessell, sr.. at Cleveland.
Superintendent Stewart, of the public
schools, reports the attendance unusually
large. Another addition of flfty-three
volumes has been placed In the school
The Aetna-Standard made a big shipment
to St. Louis on Saturday.
The remains of Mrs. Pallg Hill were
burled at Riverview yesterday afternoon.
Saturday Mr. and Mrs. Clem Speldel.
of WSllsvllle, were at the bedside of Octavlt
Eatiuff the wrotur things, and too mod:
of them at the wrong time, gives the
stomach aud the other digestive organs
too much to do?gives them work that
they cannot be expected to do. Suck
things prevent the Tree and regular action
of the bowels, bring sick headaches,
biliousness, kidney troubles, restless
sleep, lassitude, nervousness, and plant
the seeds of disease in all parts of the j
body. Health comes just as easy as dis- I
esse. It grows up from those little sugarcoated
seeds of health ? Dr. Pierce's
rieasant Pellets. They are for nothing
in the world but to keep the bowels reg- :
ular, the stomach free from gas and fermentstion,
and the liver active.
They go about their business without
making any fuss. They are very gentle in
their action and cause no griping, or r
other unpleasantness. c
They do not take the place of Nature _
?they merely help her. No one ever "
becomes a slave to their use. When the
digestive action becomes regular and vig- ;
orous?stop taking the" Pellets." When
you have esten too much ?take one. I
when constipation shows itself and head- I
ache begina?take the 'Pellets" for a *
day or two.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellet*?it's an r
easv name to remember. Don't let a d
designing druggist talk you into " some* I
thing just as good." He makes more i
money on the "just as good" kind.
That's why he would rather sell them. ,
That's wh v you had better not lake them. 1
I ' II 2
U. & 4. OFFER NO. 7. ]
To show that we are interested tn
rider* of <1. & J. tlrea (though not
on Rambler bicycles) we will present
n benutlful souvenir?of n little
lots vitlue than the Rambler r
pouvenlr, htit yet one which will be
highly prised?to "aeh rider who ?!
shrill cover 3,000 miles on ANY hloy. .
cle other than the Rambler, hut 1
fitted with a A J. tires, during the
same time as mated In offer No. d.
)ppo.iIte I'ostolllco. '
?(B(Dd [EO
One of the Advar
[a tho Floeetta 8kiht
Retainkh, which is sew.
id on every waist, No
separation of skirt and
waist if this attachment
is on them?don't cost
mything extra either. /. ,
Almost 1CX) dozen /
Waists received within I
the past few days. \ ?
Will They M
Suit You ? m .
l'ry us. We have every
style, from the chintz
ihd percales to linen and
silks. I
T] 5 Cuff.
arllOQ Stud?
MIAVllvyw (joid
IIFv .
The Stanli
the ladies
will surely be
Newest styles,
fast colors and
50c t
I^?Futl lii
THiT Til,If ;
JLUX11 AUMU. . |
There ar* BICYCLES and BIcyMe*. V
Jum at there are "Nancy Hanka" ~
and dray horaea. I
?THE? ii
Hit Bicycle!'
la decidedly not a dray horie. On
the contrary, it I# a winner In the
Cycllnr Derby. OUR BK8T AD- _
VBRTT8EMENT la. not In the col- umn*
of the newapaper, though wo I
appreciate tho value of "Printer'#
Ink." When looklnf around, In- -j
tending to buy a wheel, don't fall to J
look at
ANOTHER THING?8eo rider* of ?
la a.combination of Talk" for the ?
beet wheel made that will convince f,
you the people you want to sco arc
Deo. W. Johnson's Sons.
- A
LVJL on hand In sumi to suit, from $10 and
ipwardi, on real estate; also on furniture,
tc.. without removal; caay payment*. No ~
iharge unleaa loan la made. Confidential. ?
ftS&mthAaa JULIAN*. Box 107.
YY typewriter for ofllce work. The ap- 11
tllcant will Mute age. qualification* and r
he aaaeit desired. Address P. O. Box w
33. rnyl*
HON to trHVul. Salary $7ft) and exlenses.
Reference. Enclosed self-ad- 7
Iresiod. stamped envelope. SKCKETAXY.
Box P." Chicago. k
TION Houso an experienced ealeenan
to travel the Mooreflold Valley and
.he Baltimore & Uhlo ralroad weat of
Ceyaer. Apply to M. II. HELLER A CO.,
W Weat Baltimore street, Baltimore. Md.
Hotel Metropole
Now open, wirlotlr flntt-cUti In all ita ap- *"
olutm<Mit?. Writ* (or rain
vm VIUXK It. STAKH. l'r?v'r. =
Michigan Avnnu*, n??r Uanoli, xv
tales $9 to ?I0 per Week. Heated. 8
wrsnnil for nooklou <
mrf* J*. TO. TtWBD. i
. uaiaUUahucni N?ai,aucur?if, prompt.
) a. STIFBb & CO. 1
]{J?D & ?(? .
' j Y UflCJt
Buttons. Hat Pins, Veil Pins,
i and Waist 8ets, in Silver,
and Pearl. All pricos.
ly Waist suita
the beat for the men to buy.
detachable collars and cuffe,
perfect fit, from
o $1.50 each.
ie of White Shirts.
. 'i
iU?D & (IB?-,'
r tn the City Bank Building. Inquire at
he City Bank of Wheeling tnrtft. ^
L ED or unfurnished. Possession j
Iven April J. Apply at 2S26 Market street, t
U room on llrst floor. Separate enrance.
Both gasses. SS Fourteenth
treet. ; . 51
I Main strwt. tlireo ?t ?rjr brick vnnjlwme.
uqniro ?if 1IKNKY K. LIST. The City limit of.
>'b??el|iic- drlO g
C the city; large am1 plenty of light; f
entrally looted In best adv?rti?ed build-,
ug In tne city. Also large hall for rent.'
ipply at HUB CLOTHIERS. Fourteenth no
Market streets. 'Jan j
Tlil?"?l floor, 1(M7 llttluntr**:, lire rooms.
1 <) I,?> AN~?.\,OOf> nn c??nl rril cvnt*.
Wilt HAl.lv? I'ropertf ?u lh? Island pay*
iCl'Jper cmil, .
Itrnt Kutnte < ?>?! Klnnnrlal Ag nt.
Jail !'> 'Iftiu
I . . I II 't
V Address "W. ii.," Martin a Ferry, O.
aplS. - * >
I? cart, saddle and harness. Apply U> a
frEYER BRQ8. a pa* , |
">'??? hnwr witeoni etc.. on- fia
a ay terraa. Good Mnnd. Addreaa B?. ;?j
me of !nt?'lllc?,nccr oll'.ce. mrzi .
|.-(6lt HAI.E - TIlXT HKdlHABLB.
\j piece of property Joining Mcxart Parle,
n th* north. Same will fct? aold tn lot? to.
uit puachowra. Also nine lot# oppoalto ,. '>
ft '/ten ?*emetery. on the Knirmont nlka. . Ji
'or further Information lnq\.?ro of J. O.- 5
[RAZIEK. Z~jr, chanllc.' ?n oet. a pit' ? j
i.'ikxI Kvatton ana trade. <'ajt b* bonght ;j
Leap. lixjulreoi S o. ROVGE,' "
ot'Ul i "V) t iiwpilueatrtot., *
^ UK bALIi.
kfew ciioicklqts it kdlslxtftojl *
(.'limp mi**1 on r*?y Termi
W. V. HOGE. .
orft HtrfUllt Hull-Hilt. 1 H? Mirkat Htr^tt. , |
i U VK KS KOll 8ALK.
^ .V* ahare* Junction Iron Comptuy. ,*?
S Wheeling Pottery bond*, 6 per cent y
SO almro* Mofli'a .Mall Touch Tobacco. .
Ju shares Belmont Urldre Company.
60 tdtarea Wheeling Bridge Company. .
SO aharra Dollar Saving* Bunk. or iieU
so aharca Aotna-8tandard Steal and Iron
Company. _ _ M
100 aharea Wheeling Steel and Iron Co.
X0 aharca Franklin Insurance Company.
H. 8. in WIN. Urokar.
apll No. 22 Twelfth Street "?
i Warwick China Co.
Bloch Bros. Tobacco Co.
Wheeling Steel and Iron Ca
Central Olaaa Co. H
i.nnfim iron v-o.
Wood Bros Planing Mill Co.Franklin
Insurance Co.
Riverside Glass Works.
Wheeling Hallway Co.
Wheeling lee and Storage Co.
Provident l.lfe Ineurance Co.
Wheeling Park Association.
Arlon Hall Aeaoclatlon.
West Virginia State Fair Association.
Aetna-Standard Iron Mill.
New 8teel Bridge.
Ttoyal Clay Manufacturing Company.
Wheeling Mould Foundry Co.
Wheeling Fleet i leal Co.
No. Mil Markot Strsot.
atoekii. Bonds and Investments, aplr . j|
1TPITQ The Electric * Mechanltttf In? 5
AI On Id. Htmmont Company Is fully
rovlded to do experimental work, model $
ork und to build an> kind of small maulnery
or Instruments In the most prompt :{!
nd economical manner. 4fe? Hmlthfleld ,,
L, fourth floor, entrance through atofe.
A Artlfli lal I.linb MTV. Co. ,
Manufacture* the t*it nw?d? ?-n the Cv
W market. tJroU.TruMe?,*uppott*ts. ?T > i
^ Crutche?etc. AI*oappll?tire? furoomcttsgdfc* Jt

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