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f-? ??f
? the triumph~p|~L6vT
? lurrv, FltCITFCL .11AJUtIAGE."
??rT Xon Who YVoold Kooir (ho
(mill TTBIhfc Iho rialo.J'ortj, iho
jctt DI?fcTcrl?i of "(iic.l Dclenco
u .lulled 10 ^arrl^.^Uo. Who
WoaU Aiodo for PixttiXfTan nad
Atoll] I'otoro rillblli, Mould Bocttro
tko Wonilrrfal Llttlo SooU Called
?Co?i?lrt? Maotaood. uad Uow to At*
?Hb? ?l 1?0S fa'or=?<lnn'frrnn a hlth
tidMlinurrotiut mux work, wondon with
StTcfwraiion of ra?n
TU bwll ,'U".T dcwrjbw . mttliod bf which
-.rt?ln lull vljpir aod suuilxjpower.
"jTSethod D)' wnico w H?? IMI UBU?t?nH
jj^jpioa the ejitem. ^ ^. ?
joeare nervousness, lack of sclf-control, de^ofxrhan^e
a jailed and worn nature for
meet brightness, enoyancy nad power.
ft enre forever cffecta cf c^ccacs, overwork.
*Tor'^ e full strencth, development and tono
u tnrr port lea and orrsm of the body.
Aw bo barrier. Failure iaponlbk. Two
tkesand rsfcrencefc
nSTbook Is purely raedler.l and ?elentlflc,
r~V? to onriosity cookers, lafalaablo to men
cfruhoreediL ifljT
AtopairicK inan, who had filled to us,
another wrote:
-Well. I tell you that flrrt day Is one I'll
iffT?r forge:. I Just bubbled with Joy. I
?nted to has everybody and tell them my
fu?fif bad died yesterday, and my new self
c.\j hern to-dsy. Why <udn't yon tell mo
rfc'3 1 tint wroto that 1 would fcndltthls
*Ao<l another thca:
-If jo* Hunped a cart load of gold at my
jret it would r tbrlnff such tlatinea* into my
ife as you r method has done."
Ma;* 5. V.. and a?k for the llttlo book
SSsl "COMPLETE MANUOup.** Refer to
liils l*per, and the company pfomtses to send
book. in sealed envelope. without any
cirks, and entirely free, until It ts well Introdswb
"Save My Child I"
, is the cry of
many an
ri mother
' \ * little one
writhes in croup or whooping
"cough. In such' Cises,
Dr. Acker's English Remedy
proves a bless&ig and
a godsend. Mrs. M. A.
Budce, of 309 E. 105th St.,
New York, writes:^ " Dr.
Acker's English Remedy
cured my baby of bronchitis.
and also gave instant
relief in a severe ta^e of
3iliu.23c.iMe.itt. MlDrwlitj.
{AcxuMsoicniK Co., It-II Ctmaibm 3L, X.T
ft. Lorn of Btfcln P01rtr.nwdicSr.WMef ulnae*
U*t Vitality, ntchtlr oaUiloni. e*!l dreamt,
a potency and waiting dl canted by youibft
rmrttroxeonu. Coutalntnoonfata*. li
1 t*rra toala and blood builder. llabeaiha
C* tad pony itrorj* awl plunp.
r??t pocket. 81 per box; forfb By b?U
K?p >ld-v ltba wfl tten roarm n t*e low fror Jaonay
*??n4ed. free mtdlral book. eeaiea. plain
?r??>er, with tattJaiontala and fincnoltl wfer*
iv*?. S*e**ri$]{rr crnrx"client. lUievtof imU
fi'wu. sold by asradrorttKHl addrert
??. Ov. v..0?i. r>'??.
Sold in Wbtelinc, W. Va.. by Logan
Drug Co.. corner Main aaU Tc&lh street*.
t' M NEW I
a 1.1 Tin trim in mat mitmkt
b *>ld aoder poeitiro written CBannte*, by
tr.lr>r.7~i lucanu only, to euro W?afcMeraorr;
of Brain and Nerve Power: I<oK"Sfanhood;
<p: kn***: Night Loeeea; Eril Draatnat l*ck of
Ces&donca; Nerroaineoe; I**?Uud*%. kU Drain*;
Power of the Generative Orgao* in either
ws.cu?e4 by over-exertion, Youthful Error*, or
ctf?MiTM Uie of Tobaeco. Ovinia or Liquor,
fcieh !?idt to Miaerr, Consumption, Innanlty
I'd D..,r:-,. By mnii. ft a box; ux for $S;witti
jnturo cuaranter to euro or refund monpy.
*xple iac kiff. containing At* day*' treatment.
HUt foil inntroctione. ?J centa. One aanjpl*
fit lold fr wh tv?-? - I"- "njl,
McUin*? N>w Pharmacy, Sol* Agents,
g*v?rah and Market itreeu (Egerter
> - . Wheeling. W. Va.
IE PfitfH O This remedy tMaff in^
SSTjected dlrceUf to the
of thoM dlseMM
10 B"?r CenlU-UriBary
Si &
y ?guaranteed In 1 to 3
~ day* Mmall plain ?ark.
cninj'w.b* miki|'
W U only by
M Lairr* New Pharmacy. Sole Agents,
"eventh and Market utreet* (fcgertar
?**), Wheeling, W. Va.
firit LADiitS Tcy kkci I
L l*'" DR*rELIX LB b*1 1'*
Y'\ StfielSPennyroyal Pills
i J ftr? tb" original and only
J r FRENCH, i*1o and reliablo cure
/ on Mm market. Price.fl.0Ds sent
A by maiu Qtwaino'"NtpO** by
JieLain's New Ptaarmacy, 8o|g Agents,
S"v*'??h nn> 1 Market streets (Kcerter
fi? ? Wheeling, W. Va J**3*2LA
IMS Bromo-eeierg.
BK&UtwlH cnnliv*ta?nt for Nairnm or Kirk
Drain Exhaustion, Hl??liwn""?,
or ( tnrrnrNagniU'tai alio for/tliau.
Gout, JCMmjt IHaonJtra, AflHty*
w',_. ,'na nila. AnlMoUt for Altehollo
1'rtc*, MASaaittc^ttfa.
' TwTiriirou) ohewicm. co.
' ist* cH'c<na.
J>r .Ji. br all ilmlilltf, IrU-d
Hotel Metropole
Sim Mnctlr Arat-rU?? lu *11 iU ?pw.nrnj?iun
tVrf'n for niei
r-"> husk ?l vrmii. rropv.
Hotel htclen,
31 *''??Afunn*, n?*r n???h?
*?<? $H in ?I0 per Week. Healed.
"a* ut lor (look lot.
1" .T. m nBWP. I
( ; A I l-MM.| | IKS l'"li THE
if "'I "Mi i.rii'fN or ORUWft ?| i
1 i> r. i i i'ii.Ni i:KJOiti'yixTi!(OOi'WcS '
Alleged to be in tlic Possesion of
an Englishman.
PapfNltltl to Prove that (liorgf IV. Left
an Heir, are Deposited tu a Rank?Ont
Oue Man Has the !Uglit to Open the
Packct, and lie Cauuot Live I?ong.
NEW YORK, May 4.?in a private
bank In London there la a sealed packet.
nlnnvl thnro l? !?? vao? 1S11
one man In all England has the right
to open that packet and make public tho
contents of the documents It contains.
He la the Rev. E. 8. Koppel. He has
hitherto consistently declined to sanction
the unseallng.of the package. Some
day, In the course of nature, Mr. Keppel
will die, and the ownership of the package
will go to his heir, lie Is old, and tho
time can't be distant.
When that time comes many of those
In high places in England will tremble.
No one knows what those documents
prove; but It Is not improbable that
they prove the existence of another heir
to the throne of England than the Prince
of Wales. Not only this, but that Queen
Victoria herself has no more right to
the position she occupies than has the
meanest of her subjects. No wonder
that Mr. Keppel hesitates to open the
package, and that those who know of
its existence are ftarful of the consequences
should the next owner desire to
do so.
How comes a collection of documents
of such surpassing importance In a private
bank and how Is it that an ordinary
clergyman holds such a momentous
matter in his keeping?
To answer these questions It is necessary
to go back to the history of the
reign of George IV. As Is well known,
this monarch, who was a rake of the
most reckless character, fell violently In
love with a beautiful widow named Mrs.
Fitzherbert. This lady, unlike the gen
and this fact only served to. increase
the then Prince of Walft's piss I on for
her. One day Mrs. Fitxherbert received
word that the pftnce had attempted to
kill himself from despair at her attitude
and her Immediate presence was requested
at Carlton house. She went,
and the prince declared ho could^ot live
unless she would consent to become his
wife. He put a ring on her Anger, but
the next day Mrs. Fltzherbert left
England. f * i
She remained abroad many months,
receiving frequent and Urgent requests
from the prince to return. At last she
consented to return, provided the prince
would marry her. That the marriage
in secret and at night, took place, there
Is not a shadow of a doubt. Several
Intlmatl friends of the prince and one
or two or the bride's relatives were present,
and the ceremony was performed
by a clergyman of the Church of England,
according to some reports, and according
to others, by the Abbe Sechamp.
In the press and the house of commons
the marriage was denied, but It
was admitted afterward that the denlnl
was considered necessary for political
purposes, the Prince und the government?of
whom, In passing. It may be
mentioned that only one ??r two knew
the facts?fearing a popular outbreak,
should it be konwn publicly that the
heir to the throne had murrled Mrs.
FItxherbert, a Roman Catholic.
Next Klncmi Amrrlcmi.
What, then, is the Important question
that the papers In Coutt's bank alone
can answer? Was there issue from the
union? The prince and his wife lived together
some time, and after his death,
he having become King of England In
the meantime, the-*lady was treated
with the greatest respeoc by King Willlam
IV. It was supposed that no children
resulted from the marriage. but
that there was some additional secret
of Importance Is evident from the fact
of the papers having been deposited by
Mrs. Fltzherbert in the care of Messrs.
Coutts & Company, who have the most
aristocratic business In London. The
lady was Affkert the question point blank
on one occasion, hatband this Is significant?declined
to reply "on the score
of delicacy." Had there been no Issue
it seems probable that she would not
have hesitated.
The manner in which the package
came Into the possession of the R*'V.
Mr. Keppel Is easily explained. The
Duke of Wellington, the Earl of Albemarle.
and Lord Stourton were designated
the custodians of the package by
Mrs. Fltzherbert. The executors of the
two latter gentlemen:Vwere a Mr. I*angdale
and Mr. Keppel The latter is now
the sole survivor. w
The constitution of Great Britain forbids
the marriage of the heir to the
throne with a commoner or n Itoman
" -'I- *?? ? C'lUhnrlmrf n'n* both
( it I Hi '!!<; ....... .
and should it transpire that there was
a chilii. a very Important and Intricate
constitutional question would be i.aAscd.
It w.i* rumored some time aftftlmat
a son of the prince and his wlfr-.wasntrIng
In thiH country/fat Washington. It
was also said thnt the .lenults had com-?
plete proof of his paternity. It I* a curious,
mysterious business. and should It
turn out that there was a child, it Is
difficult to tell In what way the question
will be settled. The most probable eventuality
Is that the papers will be destroyed
secretly, and the whole trouble
disposed of completely If not h<WITstly.
"A Free Prr?ft7 In Tni-kry.
newspapers here were authorized to announce
the death of the shah of Persia,
but without stating the cause. line
newspaper announces that the sha'h Was
nut for .1 walk, felt unwell and died suddenly.
Home apprehension Is felt In
official circles here, owing to the fact
thnt the newis?ln formerly lived In this
city, from which place, he communicated
with Sheikh Jem-Aleddln. who is
credited with having Jfrlnnwd the murder
of both the shah ahd grand vlxler
of Persia.
A Pntl Tragrtly,
CANAAN, Conn., May 4.-Edwln
Plant, of Clayton, Mass., three miles
from here, to-day shot and Instantly
hilled hla wife, Ada, and then fired a
bullet Into the breast of hla two-weeksold
child, killing It. Plant fled to the
swamp near Karknpot river and waa
surrounded by a posse. After a lively
exchange of shots with his pursuers.
Plant killed himself. Plant wan married
April 16. and the same day his wife
gave birth to tho infant.
Indiana on Wurpnth.
OTTAWA, Ont. May 4.?A dispatch
received at the Indian department here
says that the Indians In the Alaska district
are preparing to go on tho warpath.
Hriuitor 31 organ Better.
WASHINGTON*, May 4.?Senator
- * ?K..?
Morgan, or Aiaonmn, wnu ...... ......
quit* III. ban recovered and won well
enough to appear In the aenate to-day.
IMP0VBRI8HBD blood ettiflea that
tlrfd fertUi*. Hood'* Barsa-parllla purIflea,
emiche* and vPalla^s tho blood
ond bIv<?? vlicor and vitality. 2
J. W. PIEtlCB, Republic, la., aaya: "I
have uaed One Minute Cough Cure In
my fnmlly and for myaelf, with reaulta
ao entirely aatlafactory that f can hardly
find wordu to exprcim myself na to Its
merit. I will nev^r fall to recommend
it to other*. on every occasion that present*
Itself." Logon A Co.. Wheeling,
W. Va..- B. jr. I v abody, Kenwood, and
Uowlo ti Co., Bridgeport, 0. I
A Great Truth auil a Wanting UroiiRht
Otit nt the I.iuirh Table.
Two well-known hu*lne?M incn wcro
acated nt a lunch uiblo recently, consulting
the bill of ti\re. One of them looked
fresh and bright, the other wan pale and
lanculd. After n while the-sickly-looking
man threw down the bill and exclaimed:
"lt'ii no uae! J have no appetite. 1
can't eat." His friend looked up anxiously.
"Why, what'a the matter?" ho aaked.
"Well, I don't know." won tho reply. "I
have a bad rough In tho morning, a tickling
In the throat and difficulty In breathing.
My liulae la quick, my breath la
abort, und I have a tightness aeross the
client. I have tirea feeling*, una seem
completely worn out. Now, what do you
think In the matter with me?" .
"I don't think, but I know that you nave
the first symptoms of consumption. I am
convinced of It. because 1 wan once In the
same dangerous condition myself. You
mum do something nt once! If you follow
my advice, you will do an I do, and
take a pure stimulant regularly. 1 tried
many thin cm, but received no benefit until
1 took Duffy'* pure malt whisky. I have
been using It regularly for over u yeor
now. and it has made me feel better and
stronger than 1 ever felt before. 1 tun
not ho bigoted nx to let my health suffer
when I know whut will restoro and preserve
The above Is not an Imnglnary conversation.
It actually took place', ?ui'Manually
n* narrated. It Is u statement of
the experience of thousands of other people
throughout America. Duffy's pure
malt whisky will check consumption. will
prevent pneumonia, will build up the system,
quicken the circulation nnd give new
life, it Is nourishing, It Is pure. Every
grocer and druggist keeps It, but core
should be taken to secure only the
genuine. I
The Features of the Money aud Slock
Markets. w
NEW YORK, May 4.?Money on can
easy at 202% per cent; last loun 2% per
cent; closed at 2Vi per cent. Prime mercantile
paper 4>?05XJs per cent. Settling
exchange steady, with actual business
In bankers' bills at 14 SS9464 89 /or demand
and JI 87^Cf4 88 for sixty days.
Posted rates $4 88!?tr4 89 and SI 89^8
4 90. Commercial bills $4 86%<?H 87Vi.
Bar silver 68c. Silver certificates 68VUP
The only appreciable effect of continued
engagements of gold f?w export on
to-day's stock market was a contraction*
of business. The trading was
on a limited scale, but so rur an it went,
was fairly well distributed, rn no Instance.
reducing American Tobacco to
full stock, was the 10.000 share mark
reached. The Influence of the Kold engagements.
amounting to $2,160,000, was
offset by the extreme ease In money,
further reported Improvement In general
trade, more encouraging advices
regarding the progress made In planting
the crops and a higher market for
American securities In London and
moderate purchases In this market for
that account. Railroad earnings continue
mainly favorable. Speculative
Interest was chiefly confined to the industrials
to-day. The market at times
reflected realizing sales, but In a general
way the current of prices was upward.
and the closing was at about the
best figures and showing fractional
gains in most instances.
Bonds were quiet, but firm on transactions
of $912,000.
Governments displayed strength on
purchases of $109,000.
State Issues figured for $41,000, without
Important change in prices.
The total sales of stocks to-day were
Kvenlng Post's London financial cablegram:
The stock markets were Irregular today.
but firm on the whole.
American railways were steady . to
firm, but with no business.
The Paris bourse was fairly firm, as
also wns Berlin.
New IT. S. 4s registered 117H
New IT. S. 4m coupon li'S
IT. S. 5* registered 1124
V. S. Sn couj>ons 112*2
IT. S. 4s registered 1 <?
lr. S. 4s coupon 11<>
i . a. z* ,-vPaciflc
fis of D5 . ?....
Atchison v.:,!?
Ailamn Kxnres*
American Express IM
Baltimore & Ohio J?V*
Canada Southern Mj?
Central Pacific
Chesapeake A Ohio Jjh
Chicago * Alton. .. .. 1M
Chicago. Burlington A Qulncy K1U
Chicago (ias jW'i
CI*-..-land. Cincinnati. Cbl. A 8t. L.... -
Colorado Coal A Iron IVa
Cotton Oil Certificates W?
Delaware A- Hudson ?.... 127
Delaware, Lackawanna A Westprn...lfil '
Denver A Klo Grande preferred 49'.i
Distil lera' A Cattle Feeders* Co 13
do llrst preferred Mb
do second preferred 23
Illinois Central , }*?%
Kansas A Texa? preferred
Ijike Krle A Western IV*
do preferred
I.ake Short? ,
head Trust.. ... 2>7*
Louisville & Nashville. KP*
.Michigan Central ?>Vj
Missouri Pacific 2?i?
Nashville A Chattanooga 6S
National Cordage a
do preferred M
Now Jersey Central lO^'-i
Norfolk A Western preferred
Northern Pacific 1*?
do preferred 12Jj
Northwestern 1W?
do preferr^l H*'?
New York Central 9H4
New York fit New England.. 4?
Oregon Improvement 1
Oregon Navigation 17
Panrvn Mall
Pittsburgh l?>
Rcndlnff 1-;"
Rock Inland ?1*
Ht. Paul Tfl,,
St. Paul A- Omaha 4414
do preferred *22
do preferred J?*i
Sugar Hertner.v 124-?
Tennediicc Coal A Iron 30
Texan Pacific *'4
Toledd A- Ohio Central preferred .3
Tnlon Pacific SH
united States Express 43
Wabash. St. I*ouls A Pacific. ?
do preferred <. l*Va
Wells, Fargo Express W
Western Union sr.>?
Wheeling A Ijike Krle 10*4
do preferred 35%
n. r,..*nl rli?
r. 8. lather prof erred W
Tobnrco fi*
do preferred 93
llrrmlilnlt'? mid I'mvlalum.
CHICAGO?Wheat won d^phtesed and
easier to-day. owing to u luck of locnl
support, the absence or foreign demand
and flne weather. July closed eaaler,
but %c below Saturday. Corn was cany,
oatH steady and provisions firmer.
Flour dull and easy.
Wheat?Conh No. 2 spring 60V4c; No.
3 spring f?4W&9%d; No. 2 red S4fcc; May
June 60TifrHm?61Vie;
July GlftftG.dfClttc; September G2ttW
(Torn?Cash No. 2 28*4o; No. i. yellow
5814c; May July
<t1M\ic; September 80Vaff'30?t(2>30i*c.
Onto?Cash No. 2 18r; No. 2 white 19Va
ff'Jlc; No. 3 white 18tifrl8fto; May 174?U>
n%Ol7%0} Jtine ]8fc018K018)46* July
l*^01RTfc<ri8*c; September 19KV19V*#
Rye?Na 2 3T?V4c.
Harley?No. 3 2G$f2fle.
I'lax seed?No. I 8!H4e.
Timothy seed?Prime 13 3d.
Mess Pork?Caah. per bbl., $7 OOUrS 00;
May $7 ?r??7 97>fc</7 90: July $7 9:.#/>
8 02V4W8 024; Hepternber $8 121*08 37li?r :
H 20.
f>ard?Cash, per 100 lt>*., $4 75; May .
cIowhI nt 14 75; July II 02HQ
4 87tt; Boptember $4 071605 0*??>5 05.
Khort Itllm?CmIi mUIch $4 10#4 15; .
May $< lOflM 12U04 10; July $4 20Q> I
4 274ff4 26; Roptember S4 *21604 42%V I
4 40; dry united shoulders 4tt?4Hc; (
short clear aide* 4?4tff4?4a "
Whisky?Distiller#' finished goods per
Kullon |1 22.
Hugars?<Cut loaf 6.37c; granulated
l.7Cr. 1
nutter?Firm; creamery UfTlGc; dairy <
Ht 13c. .
Flggn-Htendy nt 74*90.
NP.VV YORK?Flour, reeolpts 19.ino '
barrels; exports 700 barrel*; market
dull and weaker. Wheat. receipts 221,800 <
bunheb.; oxporiH 106,200 bunhels; x;>.ji '
market lower; No. red 70^?71c; options
weakened to-day, closed H^THc
bulow Saturday; No. 2 red May
68 l1fCom. receipts S?,700
bushels; exports 102,700 bushels: npot
market Inactive; No. 2. 34??c; options
ware -falcly active, cIosm! '.iO^c net
lower; May closed at 34 Tic; Bepteni- i
b?r closed at 363ic. Oats, receipts 346,000 ]
bushels; spot market easier; No. 2,
24%c; options quiet, but generally Arm,
closed net higher; May closed at '
23%c, Hay Arm: goo'U to choice 90c?
31 00. Hops and hides quiet. leather
iKeady. lw?ef quiet. Cutmcats easy. J^ard J
steady; western steam closed at $5 OO^jp
r?03; refined steady. Pork steady. Tal- ,
low quiet. Rosin steady. Turpentine ,
quiet and easy. Rice and molasses i
steady. Cottonseed oil slow. Coffee, op- <
tions opened steady, closed barely
steady at 5 j?olntH advance to 5 points
dtjcllne; sales 8,000 bags. Sugar, raw i
uuie.t: refined oulet. 1
liALTlMORH?Flour weak and lower;
western super |2l0<j<3 25; family ;
$3 4093 60; winter wheat patent *180$ i
4 00; spring wheat patent *3 6093 90; re- I
celpts 15,800 barrels; shipments 25 barrels.
Wheat unsettled and lower; 8pot
67*?c asked; month 67%ft67V*c; July ,
67V?ft07Vii:; southern wheat on grade ,
67?>70o. Corn easy; spot and month <
33*fcft3Jc; June 3IV?<it34V&0; receipts 78,- 1
C00 bushels; shipments 34.200 bushels; '
southern whlto corn 35035%c; yellow !
3?H?37c. Oh is steady; No. 2 white west- j
ern 25%?2fie; receipts 3,000 bushels; /
shipments S0.00O bushels. Kye firmer; i
No. 2 western 43044c; shipments 17.000
bushels, lluy quiet, but Arm; choice ;
timothy $17 00. Sugar steady; granula- ;
tod 5.45e per 100 Jbs. Butter tlrm; fancy
creamery 16? 17c. Rgg? steady; fresh
9%c. Cheese steady; fancyNew York (
large 10?iffllc. i
CINCINNATI ? Flour dull; family
*2 01: fancy S3 SO. Wheat
dull; No. 2 red 67c; receipts 2.500 bushels;
shipments 5.5W) bushels. Corn dull;
No. 2 mixed 37&e. Outs easy; No. 2
mixed 22c. Rye easy; No. 2 42c. I^ird
quiet! at $4 (55. Hulknu uts quiet. IJacon
steady. Whisky quiet; soles 467 barrels
at SI 22. butter steady: Elgin
creamery IGVfcc; Ohio 124rl3c: dairy 8c.
Sugar barely steady; hard retinitis
3 15-1606 3-16c. Kgg? dull at 8a Cheese
steady: good to prime Ohio flat y&S'Ac. J
TOLEDO?Wheat active and firm; '
No. 2 <-ash and May 67%c; June 67&c: !
July 64. Com dull and steady; No. 2
mixed and May 2lMfec. Oats. No. 2 mix- !
ed and May lfliAc. Kye dull; No. 2 cash ,
37%c. Cloverseed dull; prime cash
i c;
PHILADELPHIA?Butter flrm;good i
demand; fancy western creamery 16c.
Errs steady; fresh nearby 10??c; do
western JOVfcc. Cheese unchanged.
LONDON?There was a large at- 1
tendance at the wool auction sales to- j
day. An excellent catalogue was of- |
fared and the bidding was animated for
all good clips. America was again an i
inactive buyer to-day. The nuinber^f
bales offered were 13.007, of which 1.2W)
were withdrawn. Following are the 1
sales in detail: New South Wales?3,004 ,
bales; scoured 6%d?ls 4t?d; greasy ,
5V?? lO'.id. Qeensland?2.727 bales;scour- .
ed Is Vadtfls 3d; greasy 2*01Od. Vic- ?
torla?2,268 bale*; scoured 7d?2s 6d;
greasy 5^?llVad. South Australia?625 \
bales: greasy Tasmania?509 ,
bales; scoured 8&#9d; greasy 6^t?<lld.
New Zealand?3.482 bales;scoured ?\*dW
Is 4d; greasy 5^i??10d. Cape of Good
Hope and Natal?290 bales; scoured i
7ted?'ls Id; greasy 5?6fcd.
NEW YORK?Wool quiet. ,
l.ive Slock.
CHICAGO?Common to prime dresied
beef and Khlpping steers $3 AOdfA 40. with
sales largely at IS 85? 4 30. Thore was
a firm market for butchers' cattle, and
cows sold largely at 12 S0?3 25; bulls
U 25? 3 00; veal calves were In only
moderate supply and sold readily at
strong prices. Hog*, the bulk of the ,
hogs sold at S3 45?3 50; common heavy
to fancy light $3 10?>J 65; prime straight ,
heavy $3 52'/*. Prloes for sheep ruled i
stronger; sheep were In demand at $2 35 |
ft>3 80 for Inferior to fancy; lambs active
at $3 75?5 00. according to quality. He- .
ceipts?Cattle 17.000 head; hogs 29,000
head; sheep 7.000 head.
EAST LiBERTY?Cattle, demand
fair and market higher; prime $4 30?
4 40; good butchers $3 90?4 20; bulls,
stags and cows SI 75?3 70. Hogs, dull i
and lower; , best medium weights and '
Yorkers $3 &0; common to fair Yorkers '
$3 4% 3 45; heavy hogs $3 25?S 35; roughs
$2 0002 75. Sheep active; prime $3 70&
;< 80; fair S? 40? 3 45; common 12 90?>3 15;
choice lambs $4 50tf4 80; common to ;
good lnmbN S3 50?4 25; spring Iambs
15 00? H 00; veal calves S4 00?.4 50.
, CINCINNATI?Hogs active and higher
at S3 00? 3 50; receipts 6,600 head; |
shipments 1,900 head.
f' 1'rlrolrnm. I
OIL CITY?Credit balances SI 25;
there were bids for certificates to-day.
Hlilpments 121.111 barrets; runs 149,420 (
barrels; oil was offered at SI 24 to-day. '
NEW YORK?Petroleum steady; closed
at SI 25 bid. t
NEW YORK?Pig Iron Qulot: south- i
cm $10 7&CTin 00; northern 511 oOfcl.l 60. i
Copper dull: brokers' 10"*c. l*ead j
steady at $3 0.>^3 074. Tin steady; 1
straits $13 30fl l3 40; platen steady. ,
Spelter steady; domestic $4 0^414 10. I
Dry (JihhIi. J
NEW YORK?A good number of new <
buyers are present and they have done j
much shopping. Printing cloths quiet, .
but firm at 2H?c. i
m I
Rm-Wlrn'a Arnica latrf, 1
The best salve In the world for cuts, \
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever ,
sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, ,
corns, and all skin eruptions, and posl- <
tlvely cures piles, or no pay required. >
It Is guaranteed to give perfect satis- 1
faction or money refunded. Price 25
cents per box. For sale by Logan Drug
Company. _
Save Your I?lfo
Hy using "The New Great South
American Kidney Cure." This new remedy
Is a great surprise on account of
Its exceeding promptness In relieving
pain in the Kidneys, Bladder and Baolc
In male or female. It relieves retention
of water, and pain In passing It
almost Immediately. Save yourselves '
by using this marvelous cure. Its use
wllUprevent fatal consequences In almost
all cases by its great oltcratlvo .
and healing powers. Sdld by R. H.
List, Druggist. Wheeling, W. Va.
Children Cry for '
Pitcher's Castorla.
IT not onlV la so, It must bo so, One 1
Minute Cough Cure acts quickly, and '
that's what makes it go. Logan Drug
Co.. Wheeling, W. Vs., B. F. Peabody, i
Kenwood, and Bowie & Co., Bridgeport, i
O. 1
Lightning Hot Drops?
What* Funnv Name!
Very True, but It Kill* All Pain.
Sold Everywhere. Every DayWlthout
Relief, There la No Ravi
~~ ^fjlVPW roil CINCINNATI.
V1LLE. ST. LOU 18.
itiilhB 11 mi:mr/i 18. new okS(jHBBlK3
J.fcANH and Intermix
BsW^ <1lnte polnu take palatlal
ateamera of the
\HBmBMSw PUtaburaU 6 Clnoln*
natl Paekwt Line, leav/ ^^harfboat.
f??t of Eleventh a treat, aa
Vl'.'Tmir KKVSTONE 8TATR. Charlm
W. TTnox. Maairr; Henry J. lleat, Clark;
Dvery Tuesday. H a. m.
Steamer HUDSON. Robert. A*new, Manler;
Jnmen Alexander, Clerk; every
FhtiraUay. s o. m.
Rtrnmi r VIRGINIA, leave# every Sun*
flu)* ni K a. m. T. 8. Calhoon, maator;
[<onert II. Kerr, clerk. . .
For freight or i?b*h*ko telephone 030.
|a? Afanta.
' v
Joseph C. Aldersoa m. I^cM Lynn
UelKlitn llotfl ComlQlny et aL
In Iha Circuit Court of the UnUrt State*
ror th? District of Wont Virginia.?In
''noUcV In hereby given 1 bat by virtue of
the uulhorlty vested In mo. by tt
iecre?* entered In said cause oni the Mtii
iay of January. 1?6. I. the un^c.r?'R";r{
receiver, appointed In said cause by aaiU
:ourt, will on
MAY. 1S9U.
it 10 o'clock a. in., offer at public auction
to the hlghe.it ana best bidder, on the
premises at. Loch Lynn Heights, near
Mountain Ijtko Park. In Garrett county.
Maryland, the following described proparty,
which 1m mentioned and described
In tho bill and proceedings In said cause,
Writ?All that lot or parcel of ground
situated In the paid county of Uarrett
and statu of Marylund, anil known and
described as "Hotel Reserve" on tho plat
iif the Mountain Home Company, as recorded
In Llebcr K. Z. T. No. 1. folio 2,
one of the plut records of the said county
of Garrett, and described by the following
mete* and boundx, courses and distances,
to-wlt: Beginning at a point north
east 33(5 feet from station "C": thcnce
north 20* 16' west 175.76 feet: thence north
175 89* 45' east 30 feet: thence south 20" 16'
earn 1612 feet: thence north west &U
fret to the beginning, containing L12S of
nn acre.
Second?All that lot or parccl of around
situated In the itxid county of uarrett
und state of Maryland; and described on
the plat of the raid Mountain Homo Company
an "Hotel Luwn" and described by
the following metes and boundx, courses
and distance*, to-wlt: Beginning ut a
stake situated north 2?1,** east 405 feet,
and south 63%* cast 42' from Station
"D," ono of tbe permanent stations of
Loch Lynn Heights; thence by a curvature
whoso radius is Jli'.G feet und onehalf
circumference In 375.4 feet; thenco
north fiHV;* cant 179 foci: thence by a
curvature whouo radius Is 119.5 and onehalf
circumference is 375.4 feet: thenco
south C9&* west 179 feet to the beginning,
containing iui acres.
Third-All those lots, pieces or parcels
of ground situated In the said county df
Uarrett and state of Maryland, and deicrlbed
on the plut of the said Mountain'
nuiuu \_uinyuiiy uy mc iuiiun..in .... .v..
and hounds, courses and distances. towlt:
Beginning at a corner of lot on Senera
avenuo and corner of lot on which
the cottage formerly owned by George
P. White standi, and running thence
Bouth 63Vi* eaat 120 feet, south west
70 feet. south 63 V4* east 243 fetfl, north
WV eaat 142 feet, north 6314* west 30 feet,
north 80U' east 206 feet: thence north 66*
west 300 re?-t to the beginning, containing
1 1-3 acres, more or less.
Fourth-All of that lot or parcel of
ground situated In the county of Garrett
md state of Maryland, and described on
the plat of the Mountain Home Company
!>y the following metes and bounds, courses
and distances, to-wit: Beginning at u
i?take situated on the south lino of J. C.
41derson's addition to Loch Lynn Height*,
being south 63V oast 302 feet, and then
south 28H* west 3S5 feet from Station "D,"
one of the stations of Loch Lynn Heights,
ind the centre of Talllsee street, and running
thence south 63*4* east with the
csntre of Talllsee street 4& feet to the
centre of streot; thence south XV?'
west 1.230 feet with street to the
:entre of Alabama street extended; thence
with the centre of Alabama street north
53U* west 44? feet to White's line: thence
with White's line and "Alderson's addition"
north 26V/ east 1.230 feet to the beginning,
containing 12 1-3 ucres of land,
more or less.
There Is situated on the s^ld tract No. 1
a large, elegant and well arranged modern
new summer hotel, three stories high,
containing about 100 truest chambers,
large. elegant and well lighted und ventilated
dining rooms, reception rooms,
ball room ana parlor, furnished throughout
with elegant new furniture, supplied
with modern water closets and other conveniences,
and also with an abundant
of water, and surrounded on three sides
by a wide and beautiful veranda.
This hotel was opened to guests by Mrs.
L. B. C. List for the first time last year
and during the summer season whs completely
filled. The sold tract No. 1 and the
i?Mld hotel building and its furniture and
appurtenance* will lie sold together. The
mid tract No. 2 will be sold by itself, and
the said tracts Nos. I and 2. together will*
the said hotel building, furniture and
nntmrtonances, will be sold subject to the
term*, provision* and conditions or a rrr- i
tain lease thereof, executed by the underKiicned
twelver to the said Mrs. 1* B. C.
Lint, on the 6th day of June. IV?"., for the
term of two year*, seven months ami
twenty-four day*. beginning on the said
5th day of June, IK&und ending on the
first day of April. In the year ltt\ for the
*um of four thousand dollar:* (it.ACO): nine
hundred dollars of which was due snd
wan paid on the 1st day of October. li!>5:
fourteen hundred dollar.-* of which will he
due on the 1st day of October. !*!*>. and
seventeen hundred dollar*: of which will
be due on the Is: day of October. I>?7.
The term*, provisions and conditions of
the said lease will be moro particularly
Mated on the day of vale. and a copy
thereof may be seen at any time at the
law office of J. B. Sommervllle, In the
city of Wheeling. West Virginia. The
purchaser of the said property will be entitled
to the rent reserved In said lease
from and after the day of sale, and the
aid lease will be usniRncd by the re.
-elver to the purchaser, who will be entitled
to and will be required to tnke the
place of said receiver as landlord of the
property embraced In said lease. The said
third and fourth tracts are laid out and
livlded into lots, streets and alleys, ar.d
will first be offered as an entirety, and
?ach of them will nlso Ik? offered separately.
and the guid lots will then bo
affered separately or In pairs, and said
property will be sold In the way In which
,t will produce the most money.
TERMS OF HAL.K?Said sale will bo
nade upon the following terms and condlJons.
to-wlt: One-third, or so much more
is the purchaser may elect, cash on the
lay of *ale, one-third In six months and
jne-thlrd in one year from the day of
ale. with Interest from that day at the
rate of ? per cunt per annum, and the
purchaser shall have the option to pay
the deferred Installments at any time before
the same shall bo duo. with Interest
to the time of payment, the deferred Initallments
to bo secured by the purchaser's
notes and the title to be retained
until the notea aro paid. The purchaser
t>f the hotel and furniture will be rejulred
to carry not leas than fifteen thousand
dollars (915.000) Insuranco thereon.
:or the receiver's benefit.
Wheeling, TV. Va. April 16. IS*.
And Manufacturer* of Marine and
Stationary Engines.
Time table In effect December 16, 1S95.
NOTICE?Pleaae take notice that train*
>f thff Ohio River R R. wilLrun by Kant:rn
Standard Time on and after Septem*
j*r I*. 1196.
'Dally. tDally except Sunday. Eaitorn
rime. _ V
South Round. j \ I | & 7
ffa P.C.C.&fluUTR. a. ra p. nv
Pittsburgh. Pa..l/o *9:10 112:15
iteubenvllle I/e *10:26 *2:09
Wheeling ....Arrive _ *11:15 13:20
a. in. a. in. p. m.
Vheelln* ?:<* 111:45
fcnwood 7:lf? 12:01 4:15
.loundKVllle 7:3T. ?:l? 4:?
Cew X1itrtln*vllle... *:4<> 1:12 6:37
lletervlllo 9:00 Jtff. ti:??
friendly 9:17 1:45 6:12
It. Mary'* 9:15 2:11 ?-i.t
YllUatnatown 10:25 2:50 7:2C
'arkernburs 11 :M 2:25 f:00 7:13
lellevlllo 1111 4:02 7:63
p. in.
tavenawood 12:?*7 4:1* *.*32
Upley luindlna 12:2S 4 *;&?;
Iraham 1SAJ 5:2J p
<>vr Haven 1:01 6:27 9:30
I nrt ford 1:W 6:31 9134
liftonI-K tUi tUr,
M. I'lrnmitit 1 : ? 10:!?
lullipoli* Ferry 5:17 fl:50 jo;:w
iuyundottO JilR II :4IS
Inntltiffton 2:24 7:2? I2:k1
vimiovr J MR 8:25 7 :T?S 12:23
VI* K. & M. Hy. P- ?? '?? hi. |R m
C. & M. Junc....l.v <2:*H ?n:i: 2:.--,
'hnrlotlon Ar t5:K?!,ll:.w _____ 6;(0
JalllpollM I'-'M-Jl 10:!*
ltmilnitt?n JiWI 11 :4.?
"Vln i' A O. Uy. in ?n p. m.
II mutation.. t2;l.M '2::?o 2 13
ir Chi?rlcntnn \V V. t4:l? >:<:. 4:13
>nova Arrive *2:00119:10 tU:06
Via ?\ & O. ny. Ip. m.lH. m. p. in.
C?*nova I.onvo' 2:2!?| *4:4R *2;25
Inclnnatl. n .Ar; U:.M| ?:?? 'K M
^xlncton, Ky...Ar| 9.35 *7:00
Arrival and departure of trains on and
after ?\iHrcii ti'ju. Explanation of Kjfor* J
nee .Maihi; -Daily. (Daily, cxcept Hun-*
day. ,L>ally, except Saturday. iDaliy.oxi
ci>pt Monday. iSunday* only. SaturdayM
only. i.aj.;??rn Standard
Depart. liUiO,?Main l.l:ie,K'?t Arrive.
12:i'G anij\Va?li., Ual.. i'hll., N.Y 8:20 am
*3:40 pnijWasli.. itaJ.. Phil.. S.X
17:00 ami..Cumberland Accom.. 17:45 pm
2:4') pnii <irujtun Accutn *l'>:10 am
jSrlo am l.MoundffVlllo Accoin.. 17:10 am
jfijW pm ..Mcr.nd.ivlllu A'com.. *1:25 pro
"ll:0u pifj ..Mutindwiilo Areom.. *10:40 pro
ll:!0 am U'anlilncton City Kx. *4:M pro
Depart. it.5(3PC'.U. Arrive.
7:&? am For Columbus and Chi. *1:15 am
H:I5 am .Columbus and Clncln. *5:3" pro
ill:4u pm .ColuinbuH and Clncln. *4:00 am
"E:15 prniOoliunbi/s raid Ohl. Ex. *11:33 am
mi: . .'/j\ villi* Arrom... . 10:.V) am
fJO:lf? urn St. nialrsvlHc Accom. tl<i:50 am
73:30 pmjSt. Clairsvllle Accom.J i5:3Q pra
|2:w ainjColunibus and f'in. Ex.!..
*iv:lSam| Hnndtwky Mall | *5:? pn
"Depart". |B.~4r O.?W., P.* II. Div.| Arrive.
4:?? am For Pittsburgh 10:10 am
. 7:IO.aui Plitxbuirh v7:co pm
5:15 pm ..Pittsburgh ar.d East.. 211:39 pm
' 3:25 pm Pittsburgh 110:00 am
Pittsburgh Express.. j-':25 ani^
Depart. P., C,. C. St St. lTIty. Arrive.
}7:2T? am Pittsburgh 16:35 pm
17:2? ain Steubenvllle and West 16:35 pm
<1:25 ptiif..Pittsburgh and N. Y.. 13:20 pm
*3:55 pin;.. Pittsburgh and N. Y.. *11:35 am
,?7:23 am Ex., Cln. and St. I-oiiIh 17:12 am
f9:?0 pin Ex., Cln. and H:. Louis 16:35 pm
11:25 pm ..Ex., Steub. and ChL. 1'.<:20 pm
3:55 pm ..Pittfl. and Dennlson.'. *11:35 am
Depart. C, & * P.?Bridgeport.I Arrive.
.C:0i< am Fort Wayne and Chi. |5:33 pm
16:03 am ..Canton and Toledo.. '.1<:05 pm
am Alliance and Cleveland 19:05 pm
.G:0S am Stmbcnvillo and Pitts. t9:05 pm
<10:09 am Stcuhenvlllo and Pitt#. 111:05 am
12:10 pin Ft Wayrio and Chicago 15:58 pm
12:10 pin ..Canton and Toledo.. 15:5S pm
2:10 pin Alliance and Cleveland 11:35 pm
12:11 pm Philadelphia and N. Y. 15:58 pm
.3Ml pm Haltimor* and Wash. t5:."W pm
2:11 pin Sttubenvlllo and Pitts; t5:58 pm
17:13 pm Steub'c and VVellsvlllo t8:58 am
'Depart. w. & L. E. .Arrive.
19:30 am ....Toledo and West? fC:05 pm
'9:30 am Cleve. Akron & Canton 11:05 pm
19:9) am Brilliant and Steube'le 16:05 pm
17:::o pm Mitsslllon and Canton *10:40 am
17:30 pm lirllllant and Steube'le )lo:4Q am
"Depart. C ..'L. & "W-Bridgen't. Arrive. ;
17:15 arn Clove.,'Toledo and Chi. 11:22 pm
Tl:40 pm Cleve., Toledo nnd Chi. 17:50*pm
iu:'"0 pm ....Masslllon Accom.... ti0:6n am
18:01 am St. Clalrsvllle Accom. 19:28 am
1t0:0X am St. Clalnvtll* Accom. tl:3l pm
2:32 pm St. Clnlrsvllle Accom. t4:48 pm
15:r. pm St. Clalrsvlllo Accom. t7:02 pm
11:05 pm .....Local Freight f!2:45 am
"Depart." Ohio Itlver R. R. Arrive.
7:W am Passenger *10:45 am
111:45 am Passenger 12i06 pm
4:W pm Passenger *6:45 pm
| ~ Leave B., Z. & C. ICR. Arrive""
I Bellalre. Bellalre.
10:10 am Bellalre and Zanesvllle 4:20 pm
5:15 pm Woodsfleld >:45 am
Departure and arrival
of trains at WheelSchedule
in effect Mar.
ndolphia and ' New
York, 12:2 and 11:10 as m.
and 3:40 p. m. daily.
Cumberland Accommodation, 7:00 a. m.,
, dally except Sunday.
Grafton Accommodation. 2:40 p. m. dally.
Moundavllle Accommodation. 7:00 and
8:30 a. in. and C.-tv p. m., except Sunday,
and 11flu p. m., Saturday onl*
From New York. Philadelphia and Baltimore.
6:50 a. m.. dally.
Cuml>erland Express, 4:25 p. m., dally,
Cumberland Accommodation, ?:45 p.
except Sunday.
Grafton Accommodation, 10:10 a.- m,
Moundsvltt* Accommodation. 7 JO a. m..
oxcept Sunday: 10:W a. m.. daily; 1:25 ana
7:45 p. m., except Stindny. and 10:40 p. m.,
Saturday only.
For Columbus and Chicago, 7:85 a. to,
and 3:45 p. m.. daily.
Columbus and Cincinnati Express. 10:11
a. m., U*lly, 11:40 p. m.. dally., exccpt Saturday.
and 2:40 a. m.. Sunduy only.'
Sandusky Mall. I0:ir. a. m.. daily.
Zanesvflle Accommodation, 3:80 p. m,
dally, except Sunday.
Sl Clalrsville Accommodation, 10:15 a.
m. and 3:30 p. m.. except Sunday.
AKKIV E. . . _
Chicago Express, 1:15 a. m. and 11:59 a.
m.. daily. .
Cincinnati Express. 4:50 a. m. and 5 JO p.
m.. dally. '
Sandusky Mall. 5:30 p. m.. dally. .
Zanesvllle Accommodation. 10:50 a.- m*
dally, except Sunday.
St. Hniwvllle Accommodation, 10:j0 a.
m. nnd 5:^ p. m.. dally, except Sunday.
For Pittsburgh, 4:55 unu 7;10 a. m. and
5:45 p. m., daily; and 3:25 p. m., dally, except
For Pittsburgh and the East, 4:65 a. ra.
and 6:45 p. n... ^?h|VE
From Pittsburgh. 10:10 a. m.and 7:00 p.
m.. dully: li:30 p. m.. dally, except Saturday;
lf:00 a. m.. exccpt Sunday, and zui
p .
Baltimore. Md.
J. T. LANK. T. P. A..
Wheeling. W. Va.
P Pennsylvania Stations.
enisjliania Lines!
Trains Run by Central Tim?.
Ticket Oflicea at Pennsylvania Station on
\\ ater Si., Foot of Klcventh St.. Wheal*
1?K. at Mr Lure House. Wheeling, and at
the Pennsylvania Station, Bridgeport.
Southwest system?"Pan Handlo ttoute.'*
Dally, tDally except Sunday.
Prom Wheeling to% Leave. Arrlva.
Wellph'g and Steub'e.. W:2a am t5;3S pm
m'Si& and Pitts. 16:26 am +5:85 pm
{few Cumberland...... 6:26 am !":?pra
Indianapolis and St. L 1625 am t5:35 pm
Columbus and Clncln.. 1J:3 am \bJ5 pm
\V.'llpb'ir and Sttub o.. te.? am J5:JS pra
Phil*. and N. Y.....? pra t2.J) pra
Ft" iibcnvlllo and Pitta. J 2:55 pra jStfg pm
Columbna and Chi.... 11!:S pra (2:20 pra
i*hiiu and N. ^ ^.5? pm 10.25 am
liSiumor" and Waah.. ?!;55 pm *10:srara
Bteubenvllle and Pitts. J!: Sc. pm ; 0:S5 am
Stent)', and Uennlaon.. *2 H pra "I0M am
^ JI SSSS fcfiS
8tcub> and Coulmbua. ^8:00 pm ffclZ am
Northwest System?Cleveland and Pitta*
nurgh Division.
Trains run dally, cxcopi Sunday, as follows
From Bridgeport to Leave. Arrive.
Fort Wayne ond Chicago 5:08 am 8:05 pm
Onnton ond Toledo 6:0S am 8:05 pm
Pitt*. and Steubenvtlle... 6:0S am 8:05 pm
Steubenvtlle nnd Pitt*.... 6:08 am 8:05 pm
Steubenvtlle and Pitt*.... 9:09 am 10 05 am
Cleveland and Chlcaico... 1:10 pm 8:05 pm
Canton and Toledo 1:10 pm 8.-05 pm
AIIIm.00 and Cleveland.. 1:10 pm 12:35 pm
Steub'o and Wellnvllle.... 8:13 pm 7:H am
Phils. nnd New York 2:41 pm 8:06 pm
Baltimore and Waah 2:44 pm 4pm
8teubenvllln nnd Pitta..., 2:44 pm 8:05 pm
J. O. TOMLINSON. Paaa. Agent
8tatlon Foot of Eleventh and Water 8U?
Wlieellno & Elm Grove Railroad.
On nnd after Saturday. Fobruary 2, 1
t?nln* will run aa follows, city timo:
l,oavcWho*llngT~~|~Lcavu Kith Prove.
T in T'niojT'rnT'meiT'rn TmeiT'rnTmo .
No. u. in.(No. p. in. No. a. m. No. p. m.
J.. .. ',C:OOirO.. .. 3:00 1.. .. 14:00 19.. .. 3:00
4.... 7:o? S . .. 4:00i I.. .. 7:00 21.. .. 4:00
C.. .. 8:WI24.. .. 6:00 5.. .. 1:00 23.. .. 5:00
K.. .. 9:00:W.. .. C:P0l .. t?:u025.. .. 4:00
10.. .. lu:00|2s.. .. 7:00 9.. .. 10:0^27.. .. 7:00
12.. .. H:00j.V.. .. K:00 11.. .. 11:00 28.. .. 8:00
p. in. 32.. .. p. in. 31.. .. 9:00
14.. ..112:00 31.. ..10:00 1J.. .. 12:<H>'S3.. ..10:00 M
ifi.... ltiwtoJ.. ..11:0015.. .. 1:0)|35.. ..11:01
is.. .. im )17.. .. 2:U0l
i Uuily, exccpt Sunday.
Sunday church train* will leave Elm
drove at 9:43 a. in., and Wheeling at 12:17
General Manager. Wlieclliifl
Briflae & Terminal R/.
a O. BREWSTER. Receiver.
Tlmo Table No. 13. to take effect 13:01
a. m., Sunday. November 19. 1895.
Leave Wtieciiwt;?t&>;u0, TSi:4j, |il;4U u. QL,
Mir. tl:SU. ?:i:0u ?. m.
Lea v? "i*pn In* u 1 ft?TS :06, f?:6L lllftl ft.
m.. 12:2?. *1:1L 14:X ?9:06 p. m.
Lenva Martin's I Vrry?18:12. t9:57. |U;U
a. m.. 4:12. p. in.
Arrive Terminal .;um'tlon--tS:17. tlO:WL
111:Ss a. m.. 1 ,3:.-C? t4:4?, |9:li p. tn.
Leave Terminal Jum tlon--t7:2L {9:00 n.
m., 12:40 a. nv. |3 13:14. 1S:43 p. m.
Leave Martin*!* IVrry?17:28, ?9:07, a. m.,
12; 45, |4AV M:lO, f5:19. 1S:M |?. m.
Leave Peninsula- .7:81, (9.14. a. in,. '11:61.
|4:11. 14.17, iittt, I*-.14 V m.
Arrive wlicellnjr?tt:40, 59:1*0. a. ra.,
12:.r>7, 14:17, 14:3b. 15:31. 49:0ft p. m.
Dally, t l->ully cxcopt Sunday. |8un?
days only.
All trains will run on Eastern Tim?.
J. E. TAU8S1Q. 8ui)crlntpml?nt_
A Arliflrlal Limb MPc. Co.
fur Manufacture* tlio lw?i |*.<?wla on tho \/T
if marhi?U 1<lmb?i,TruN?en,Hup|Mirtrr!v ~
VI CrutcliMOlc. AUrtB|.pluin-fs f.MivirrtvtlnprtoJ

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