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The Sixteenth Ohio District Republican
Tile 'lutrlltvr-ncrr uiri aUil rriuuimriiUa
(he Wlllfumt.
^ o p r^sTdbv o r e.
IbleTlutz company,
Fluinblu; and Ga* Fitting,
btcniu and Hot Water llouilagr*
i Fuil Linn o( the Celebrated
___ K<*ntr-?n?t*miv o?
'radical Piambar.Qas and Steam Filler,
find t?loo:r1o ChAitdcUori. Filter*. *?.!
ivvlor <<? > Hurnon a mecUlty rorJ _
^yiLUAM 11AKK ? bO.N".
Practical Plumbers,
No! 38 Twolfth Stroot.
ill W.rl ns.u, IImhiiiiIv at 1'
How to Attain It."
A Wonderful
Mwlical Uoofc. written
for Men Onlycopy
may l>r hml tret
oo application.
t DurrALO, N.v.
The Weekly Intelllueiicer
o nTTFa r.
i ;
*tate, that 14 to say. Lot number nineten
CU*) ua Dinted by B. J!. McM -i n
he Town of McMecnen. In the county of
iarshall. In tho state of West Vlrmn:a
Said lot fronts fifty feet on McMechtn
venue anduixtends back one hundred ar.d
wenty-thr?*5r*T123) feet and eleven ?:.?
nchea to a twelve-foot alley, and lr- .;?
nine property granted and conveyed to
ho said Mary li. llosklnson by deed daied
November 4, ISSv. and recorded In . 1
lerk's ofllce In deed book No. 2$. fc-li >
The said lot number nineteen <l?j wi'.i t->
old subject tho provision contalr.i-d in
aid deed uf trust, that no unilnfehtd
funding or -out-house is to be bull; oa
aid lot wiThVrv twenty (2v) feet o: tho
lieet on which the 5*ld lot front*
TIJRMS OR 51 ALE?One-third of the purbase
money; or as much more nr. th'has?*r
may elect, in ca*h. and the bai;.;..?
u etjtjal installments, payable in or.f and
wo years, j> pectlvely. from the of
ale, the pu&harer giving tor each oi thi
aferred installment* of the purchase
uoney tils note, with good personal
i?y, bearing interest frcr.i tho dat? oi
ale, and tho title to tho property sold t.->
e retained as security for the payment of
uch notes dntll paid in full, or the paylent
of snicf notes to bo soured by deed
f trust on v!i?r property sold.
ap7 ' ' Tr.??-tef
/ou Cant Tell...
He d?f lpoI.?of a load liow far it i*u
Jump, or t?y llir ?lzs of n ro?r the
?lrn?4*tt>^??f *ll? perfnme; licitlirr can
you pro "?crtv Jnilsr ?V lurrlu ??i demerit.
of atiinchliu '/drnyoucri ? ?"*
<|Mnluted ' with itn/i iur 11. Tr\ nil
other tyiWwritm it yon will, b?t
fori' ^iin: Iihj-. try t.Me WILMAJIS
nlttee of tnc.rirst congressional district
>f West Virginia. and In pursuance of tr.*
nlshc* of tho committee. I hereby call a
convention of. the delegated represent*lives
of the Republican party of the yaid
Jlstrlct to meet-In the city of Clarksbun:,
n the county of liarTlnon. on Wednesday,
he 15th day df May, 1SW. at 1 o'clock p. m",
tor the purpotu of electing two deiuat?-i
ind two alternates to represent the din:rSft
In the national Republican conven*
ion, to be lurid In St. Louis, Alo., on tho
,6th day of Jupp. lfc>6.
The bails of representation In *ald district
conventlqo will be the same a* at
Lite state convention, one vote for each
I no votes, and fraction thereof greater
:han fifty, east for President Benjamin
Harrison In 1??.
It Is recommended that each county
ihoose as nuioy delegates to Raid ? m,-cntlon
03 will equal the number of vc.t?-?
it will be entitled to cast therein, nr.l
.hat the dehnmtes l?e chosen In the usual
nay, by county convention, primary *1* Jon
or other/proper meeting. All p*riou
?'ho purpose to act with the Repuh:;.?t:
jarty In futdrc are Invited to parti- irate
n such meetings. H. C. RICHARDS
' *f -ilrr:
Hjr virtue voi!" a deed of fri.?t mad.- iy
llary U. HosRlneon and Geo:*,' V."
klnson. her'husband. to the undi^ cr-1
.rustee, datra the 31st da> of Januiry.
V. L>. 1S91. awMrecorded In the cler'. v < rIce
of the County Court *f Maraud
:oun:y. W?js} "Virginia. in deed o: * 3:
>ook No. Ik iuige* 101 and I'M. I will on
A. D. 11%
>rg lnnlnc d( 1& o'clock a. :n.. of wild
neutloned <Su<a at the premise:, to b- solJ.
ell at pubile-auctlon to the hlghcv. nnl
H'st bidder^the following descriied ri-il
II I* ri-'-niTigitfiuci mat-ine naid* rf
representation*^ said state convention
!>?- one vote for ouch 100 votes. and frnrtion
thereof jmati-r than fifty, east v.r
President Benjamin Harrison In ISM.
It Im recormnended that ?-ach county
choose as mtuy'delegate* to said ryri.
vent Ion a* wllj y<junl the number of vot?i
It will be entliAv<l*to cast therein; and ttm
the chairman ??< each Republican county
committee t :i convention in hln county
or other prop?& meeting, to cIioom- d?l??I
rates to th'i *Oi$e convention; In which
county conveniens or mc?ur.gs tj... ,Y>.
operation of - ajl "persona is invited *-k',
purpose her<-&?<<? to act with th<- R< j[lean
party li> 1W. efforts to promote pro.
lection to American workingmen. Am- ri.
r:an agriculture and American lnd*j*tr>>
:i .system of r?cJj>rocity, good government
In the state and nation, and a return of
prosperity. V
ro County Chairman.
1'lea no make proper arrangement'
have your county represented in the Hate
convention of Muy 11.
The state convention to nominate the
state ticket, prenidentlal electors'. *tr
will he hold "it ,'Parkersburg on Wcdnt*
i!ay, July 22. at 11 o'clock a. m , at whi^h
the baMls of representation will bo one
vote for each 100 votes, and fraction
lliereof greater than fifty, cast for y< ,r
Republican nominee for Congre** in P:-t
rhe formal call will be lutuM later.
Vou will not overlook taking measures
io have your county properly repn lent) l
In your senatorial district. Judicial di*.
trlet and congressional district convenJons,
and al.no your delegate district convention
If your county be In a delegate
Ustrlct. Very truly your.-,
wit II. o. Dawson,
(County Repobllcan papers please copyj
irst District Republican Ccnvcntion.
My the authority vested In me ns chair.
Tii'.n of the congressional executive < orn
Pursuant t?T*tlio Instruction* of jv.
*tnt?- nepuhllcan'contrul commit'".
Hi'" cull of tin* n;Ulonu: Republican
mltlee. u utato /onvntlon of d>;ropr-s/.-nt-tlvti
AjX the Republlran
of W? Vir/uJjfctvtll be h?Md ut th.- . ,
of ClarkHuir^i JlClh* county of Hur-Jvj'
on Thursday. day of May, j'.'
L' o'clock noon? Wir the purpose or ritrtW
four delT lUrwit-larfii! nnd four alior.
n/it?K-at-lari;?< i?k represent thin Ma*- ,n
the national lufcahlican cenventlon to , fc
held In the ?JiyjS>f St. I?ul?, Mis:
on the IGth day-of, June. lS&i.
XCHANQti 1J AN iv.
jCapital i=: sjoo.ooo.
J. N. VANCR rmnldont
JOHN FKISW Pronldont
J. N. Vance. liooruo U. Stlfel.
J. M. lirown, William KlUnghura,. /
John Frww. John I* Dickey,
John Waterhoniie. W. K Stone, 1
W. It. Frank.
Draft* ImumI <>n Knulnnd. Ireland, Scot* i
land and all point* In Kurone.
4 L, E. BAiJDS, Caahlsr. *
y.L N
Siwclal ?i!vnu:*?-a m.IommI craduate* (mm
Eul>lle?chooi? and other* who de?lro to ptmuo
It Iter hrutiehe* o( study.
Methods and coor?o-of instruction compare
favorably with tho besft fcmlnaritt* iu tho country.
% ?>
fioes received in the Primary ami Intermediate
Department*. Tot circular* or interrtcur.
apply to ,
1'rlndpal. Wheeling. W. Vx
oTEaMuTPre?. Jn& SEY IiOLD^Cashicr.
J. A. JEFFKHSQN. Aae't Cashier. p
Allen Rrock, Joseph F. rami. i
James Cummins, Henry Ulelu-rnon.
A. lteymann, Joseph tfeyboid. I
Gibson Lamb
Interest paid on special dep3?li?.
Issue* drafts on Kn^lnnd. 1rr?lun<? nnd
myll Oa-hiHT^
CAPITAL -.$170.000.
WILLIAM A. 1HETT............rret-ldent
WILLIAM ii. 81MHH0N ...Vlce F resident
Drafts on England, Ireland. l?ranco and
William A. lMlt. iU.rlliii'-r PolU.i-k.
J. A. Miller. William 13 Mmpson,
E. M. Atkinson, John K* Bots.ord,
Julius Pollock. Vic tor Rosenburg. (
If, Fori..-*
Jiusiuess Ltliic.s, ctc.,
an well a* everything that Is short ntid I]
practical In Bookkeeping and Arithmetic. 11
Thtso subjects are taught exactly an prae- r
tlccd in our best and most successful bus- f
Inf.tM llOUflfR. 1'
Hundreds of Its strident* cftch year cx- *
empllf>\the methods taught In this school n
in Business house* In thin and oihor cities c
In good position* secured by the manage*
ment of tho school ajid through Ita reputation
for thorough practical work.
This school nt all time* gives Its stu?
dents the latest and best practical work
that con be obtained from the counting ~
room. Its teccher* know what business is ?
and how to tcach it.
Wheeling Bnsioess. College,
WHEELING.W.VA. jill-wwry
Young Ladies <
and Children.
331ft Market St., Wheeling, W. V?.
Filth sonusl ?e?l6:t begins MONDAY. ~
SKHTK.1IKKK 10, Tbi* ?ehooi olTor* n r]
eoraplctoand thorough educntion In Practical J
Knoumi. M athkm atic* Kkolisii Classics, latin,
oUDStaniiaiiy maae. neavy j
Brass Feet. Finished in Oak, <
Mahogany, Ebony and Green. )
i i
*1 ? 1 The only safe, inn and \
*Female FILL
I fl over offered to Ladles, 1
f II I A oapecially recommtad- I
m I ILaLVl od to married Ladles. .
nrrsOTAZi FXLZa and take no other,
rice f 1.00 per box, ? boxe? for 95.00. .
MICAL COm - Cleveland, Ohio.. r
Retail Ageot *
j gPaCATlONAL. f
Business College! I
is the best school to Atten'l tf you want
to becom?- practical bu?lue.?s men unci s
women, for It Is the:only school In the %
city that drills its students thoroughly in t
Commercial Lair, *
Husiuess Correspondence, r
five you FREE- Ort" tood
iply of OENUlNE DURHAM at
e, and loaiit on getting your > ::
p. One bar ol Soap FREE with
h pound yon buy. Soap It
;red for a limited time, so order
lay. Yours very truly,
Icalty In procuringyour imummi j! I
lolic* and ?end It with
vhnfmU d*?tcr.
Ia.ll or Porch.
Can* be Used as a Stoo], Taboret 1
or Palm Stand, (
i6 Inches High, 15-Inch Top! ;
ict or '
AM, N. C.
sr Sirs
You are entitled to receive
IEE from your wholesaledealer,
HITE STAR SOAP ?""> all ::
> ,; '
tlackwell's Genuine ;;
lurham Smoking
tobacco you buy. One bar J
soap Free with each pound,
ether 16 ox., 8 or., 4 oz., or
iz., packages.
We bave notified every wholej
dealer in the'United States
t vvfi will suddIv tham with soaD
nnd nix foot widths. Any quantity
>oU vnnt.
1210 Mnln Strnnt.
fckJ 1 UI.LHTS."
Pocket Kodnkx, Kllnw nnd &
it*norul lino oC l'hotosruphlo
*- f v i * J Old III OL#
Jewett's Refrigerators I
. IMt*llOVr.l? FOR 180(1.
UiiiurpmiitU for Koononijr and Klnlalt.
In Kirn* otic. two. llirr?o. four, flvn
i v ri niun . ?n.
flk.DR. BXO
flKFB8w^?Aek for DX. KOTT'S FQ
&3ras9a?^rlBr 8?nd for circular. P
wrffirda mottb chtc;
For a*iu by John KUrl. Wholesale and
I' you hnvt any diffJ
oap. cut out thl? r
yrt'l* ft"'*" ? ? (??
For Room, h
t Oft
* Blackwcll'o durha
To EL ]
Uerckts \
Whn Retail *
To ftllmulatft Murine Urn dull
monilri of I In* y?-nr. **? will m il mir
RoimIh ul RH'tllly rr?lliri-?l price*.
Wo i?ri> now irorlvlMK noma ni?*<?
III.OUHI; BI'.TH ami III5I/1V. They
jvlll 1m? In rtffnniid tliH Ufa?oii.
Snvn innnoy nml tffnlr wllli it llotiso
thnt liny* it?w<1h for Cwh,
Hood's Pill* with Hood'ii Sartmparilla,
ami they have done mo much' (rood. I
will not ho without them. Ihavotakenl3
bottles pf Hood'sHarsspariiia.nnd through
tho (dossing of (Jod, it linn curcd mo.
I workod ad hard as ever tho pant Hummer,
and I ain thankful to ony I sin
well, llond's Pills when taken with
Hood's 8ar?ni?aril!a help very much."
Mbh. M. M. Mkhsenokk, Freehold, Penn.
This and many other cures provo that
In the One True IWoAd Purifier. AlldruKplnt*. $!.
Prepared only by CI. I. Hood * < ?*., I^iwell, Man*.
u 11 rfc'ti art easily, promptly uud
rjOOU S PlllS cflc-ftlyfiy. ? cents.
After House Cleaning...
You wilt need n good CLOCK to litlp
brlichten the PARI/OK. We have In
stock u lurgu (iMMortmunt at very low
l'frlinpx yoti ore short on BI'OONp,
KNIVKH or FORKH. Wo van in lp
you out. our STOCK In lara" Wn
ran soil you be*t quality Silver Knives
Htxl Korku nt Prims tluit It would bo
ch'iiipvr lo line than KhlV'S nfld
I'm Im you are continually m-out'lnu to
hcfti briiclit.
From Pacific Health Journal: First,
get a wife; second be patient. You may
have great trials ami perplexltlej in
your bualnesa, but do not therefore, carry
to your home a cloudy or contracted
brow. Your wife may have trinls.
which, though of lean magnitude, may
!> hard for her to lx>ar. A kind word,
a tender look, will do wonders In chasing
from her brow all clouds of gloom.
?To this we would add always kfrp.a
Iwttle of ('hamlx-rlain'H Cough Remedy
In the house. It Is the bent and Is sure
to !?? needed sooner or later. Your wife
will then know that you really care for
her and wish to protect her health.
ONE Mlntue Cough Cure touches the
right spot. It also t?uichc? It at the
right time If you ?.*ike it when you have
a cough or cold. See the point? Then
don't cough. Logan tic Co., Wheeling,
W. Va. It. F. Fe;ibody. Bcnwood, and
Bowie /fc Co.. Bridgeport. O. 4
People find Just (lie help thev so much
need, in Hood's Snnutparillu. it furnishes
the desired strength by purifying,
vitalizing and enriching the
blood, and thus builds up the nerves,
tones the stomach nud regulates tho
whole system. Head this:
"I want to praise Hood's Sarsaparllla,
My health run down, and I had tho grip.
After that, my heart and nervous system
were badly affected, sb that I could not do
my own work. Our physician gave me
some help, but did not cure, I decided
to try Hood's Hariaparllla. Boon 1 could
do all my own housework. 1 havo taken
production will bo given In Ilellalre. at
Kysiau theatre, next Thursday anil Friday
evening*. May 7 am! 8. under the
direction of tht* same talented lady,
Mrs. II. 1?. Monroe, of Philadelphia,
who conducted th?* entertainment referred
to with jjuch brilliant success.
Leading characters will be sustained
by soinc of the finest local talent of Bellaire.
The rehearsals, are in charge of
Miss Laura Munshowor. of Indiana. Pa.,
who is proving herself to be an excellent
Instructress. A full dress rehearsal will
b<? given to-night at the theatre in Hellaire.
when every part will be perfected
and proficiency will have attained When
the time for'efforts before a critical
audience has arrived. Many new costumes
have been added since the entertainment
was given in Wheeling, aa
well as some new features in the five
different scenes. f>ne hundred people
from the various churches make up the
cast and twelve mem hers of the Knights
of Pythias, and u similar number ?f the
Knlichts of the Golden Eagle act us
guards of honor. Over 200 Mats will
be reserved each evening. Icavinc a
large number of good seats for general
admission. Chart opened yesterday
morning at Henry's drug store, in Uellaire.
A Trtulty of KvlU*
BiHousnea*. sick headache and irregularity
of the bowels H'company earh
other. To the removal of thla trinity of evil*
Hoptetter'* Stomal Bitters is Specially
adapted. It aluo cur-* dy*pci>Kia. rheumatism.
malarial complaints, bilioUFnesN.
nervousness and constipation. The most
witlnfactory results follow a fair in*!.
L'ae It dally.
low to Trral m Wifr.
bright and refreshing In itfl newness. In
the short time the show hn8 been on the
roud, however, the praise of both the
press and people has been flattering In
every city where exhibitions have been
given. Press notices From other cities
pronounce'the Forepaugh & Sells Bros.'
circus the mo^t up-to-date and clean
cut of the jenlly few big traveling
shows. Every feature represents u fortune
in Itself and the whole an enormous
expenditure of money.
The menagerie contain* contributions
from the four corners of the earth, ferocious
and domesticated animals forming
a collection unequalled under canvas
and, finding few If any superiors In
the atationary zoological gardens of the
world. The performances proper are
given In three rings and on elevated
stages and feats of skill and daring follow
each other In bewildering succession.
Thf? acme of perfection Is nttalrfcd.
In animal training In the performances
of the educated seals and sea
lions ami the original Forepaugh troupe
of dancing elephants.
The show Is concluded with a series,
of thrilling hlppodromatlo events. This
morning a grand street pageant will
travarse the principal streets of the
city, leaving the circus lot at 10 o'clock.
The Fumoii* "Diet at Woniu" will lx"
HrprrufUird 1m llir Slory of Ute lie*
formation" Hy Britain* Talent.
Several years ago two large audiences
in Wheeling witnessed with intense
pleasure a finely staged representation
of stirring events in the life
The I'orrp?UK!>->* 'I!" Combined Mliimi
will Kklillilt |I?U Afici uaou?Hi 3Iai?y
Uiirlvnlted K<?lnrc?.
To-dny In circus (lay ami there Is undoubtedly
much Joy lit the realisation of
the fact, Drilllantly Illustrated poster*,
lavish In the colors, have heralded the
coming of the show, aijd, barring unforeseen
accident or Incident, the combination
of the great Adam Forepaugh
and .Sells Brothers* shows will have
pitched huge tents before the majority
of the |H.'oplo of the city have breakfasted
The show has l>een on the road but
two weeks and cornea to Wheellmr
Though we mny no>r meet ntrnln
On Ihl* rough nn?l erairgy short*.
Ithl? ever he our motto, "Htlll
strlvr upwnnl morn and more."
!^?t us flRlit for nil thm'H nobleThough
o'er nil the worlil wp rpnm.
All that's Krnnd, nnd ?ood, and holyLet
tin win n fnlrnr Horn*.
After the henedlrtlon the gradual en
and teachers rerHved tho congratulations
of a h???t of friends nnd acquaintances.
County Superintendent James
C. 1?cwls, has h?-?*n prlnc'pnl of the
school durlmr the pout year; Mini* Kssln
Ferrel, first aM*|*taut; Ml an Nellie
Krumme, second asalHtant; and Minn
Minnie Wallace, third assistant.
In tho class organization. Mr. William
Thornhum 1* president nnd Ml** 1
Mxxlc Holts, nenrfctnry. The elan* wnH
mimed In honor of the American |hh?i,
William Cullen Hhyunt. Several ??f
class expert to return to the graded
school next winter; four or Ave think or
entering the Went Liberty Normal, and
two-or thrf?o expert either to teach or
to attend Mchool during the coming
Nobody need have Neuralgia. flet. Dr.
Miles* Pain 1'llls from druggist* One
cont a dodo."
r^rml, (hecourm of xtudy.whlch i
the eloss had completed, uAtltllug them
tn the diploma* which he presented,
nnd to th?? satisfactory work of the |
! school In general during the past year.
The class song. of whleh the following
la a copy, wm romposed by a member
of the Miss Jennie Molt*, and
sung by the class to the tune of "The
[ Went Virginia Hills":
Class Sonic.
All our kind fr1en<lii horn to-night.
We now hid you nil farewell;
Mow our hearts sr* grloved nt parting
More than any tongu<> ran tell.
If k?'iit you watting lone
\V> now uxk your pardon please,?
For our parting with our follies
And our errors now shall ceaso.
Now farewell, A ln*t farewell.
How wo grieve to nay a In^t fraowoll!
If we never mfet again.
Httil more friendly cheerful then.
i Ought to l>e thu uaylng of our Inst farewell.
Though w< may ne'er meet again
[ Ht III our h'-artft will ne'er grow cold.
Hut will always have n warm place
I For Trladolphla f traded H<-hool.
Thouuh wo may ne'er moot again
Mav ne'er sr?- our teachers true,
Ht III our hearts will always love them
As they have been wont to do.
pfnyf "w. P. Klnjr
Recitation.."Adam and Eve Over Again*
Mis* Mary Etta Wlckham.
Biography Abraham Lincoln
Mi?* Flora Wheeler .
Recitation t .. ."Our Goal
Minn Daisy Frnxler.
Recitation "The King's Picture'
Miss I .a lira Ren*lmw.
Biography . "Robert b. Im
Ml** Kate Hamilton.
Recitation -Hover Meadow
Mia* Nettle Craft
Essay Why We Should Read
Ml** IJttlr Belt*. .
Recitation "The Vulture of the Alps
Ml** Birdie Wheeler.
Original Oratlon."l.lfnl> U'hm we Male II
Mlsa Jennie Helix.
Recitation "Tim*'* Hllent Lesson
Mlas Jean McCoy.
Essay "Our Mountain atuto
Mr. William Thornburg.
Prenentatlon of Diploma* .. .
J. P. Week*. Pre*. R. of E.
Class Bon*.
Benediction. Mualr.
The graduates all Acquitted themse|v**
with honor. In present In* the
diploma*. Mr .Week#, president m the
board of education, referred briefly to
th?? excellent opportunities afforded the
youth of to-day In aecurlnic an eduraj
tioti, and asked the very pertinent question.
"Why are the youmc men not more
fiillv f?.i.r..Hent<Ml In ttit* class?" He re
I and for the i?eople of the famoua old
Sixteenth district.
I The CImIuk Rxmlm wtra Very Suceni
fnt-riRH Moor t'onipotctl by Silu Jenlilt
The first annua) commencement of
the Triadelphia graded school was held
in the M. R. church nf that place on
Friday evening. The house was crowded
with what was said to have been the
largest audience It ever contained. A
ward drill preceded the exercises of the
graduating class. Eighteen young girls 1
of the Junior class, all dressed In white. :
marched down the aisle to the sound
of music and. taking position on the
stage, went through the evolutions of i
a drill, consisting of four series of move- ]
\ ments. keeping time to the music. j
! After the Juniors retired, the orches,
tra struck up a inareh and the gradu- I
I :?tlng class preceded and followed by i
y ?ung girl marshaJs. marched in slni
gl* flic to their places on the stag**.
The cla?f was composed of eleven :
young ladlns and one young gentle- |
I man. The Indies of the class were arrayed
In white, the young gentleman in
, th* conventions I Mark. Th?? clasa co|- I
! ors were orange and purple. On the platform
were seated the principal, with I
l Rev. 8. King, of the M. B. church, and 1
Mr. J. F. Weeks, president of the ,
' " "l wlvrjllnn FolIoft'lnC Is tllC I
just what this meant, but Mr. Holllngsworfh.
one of Belmont county's prides,
stepped to the front and neatly announced
that If he was the person
meant he desired to say he was not a
candidate In any sense. He paid a high
compliment to Major Cunningham, of
Cadis, as tho man (or that place.
Here Hon. S. K. McLaughlin, of Harrison
county, took the floor and In a
great speech named Dr. S. II. McOavran.
Miles 8aunders took the'floor.and
protested agninnt the politicians ruling
against the voice of the people} they had
not been treated fairly;-he was one of
the people and the popple appealed, to
the convention to name a delegate from
this dlstrict.to tho national convention.
This was so heartily received that the
sixteen McOavran men withdrew. The
convention went on and before they got
back Belmont county cast her sixty-five
votes for Major Cunningham. Then Dr.
McOavran withdrew In a splendid
speech that was manly, and ho paid a
tribute to the victor in his own county.
The balance of the vote of the counties
was then taken without formality, and
the major was nominated by an unanimous
vote. AH was harmony at last,
and everybody cheered for everybody
else. It was a harmonious climax to
what threatened to be a bitter tight.
The committee reached the hall with
Captain Danford at this point, and
there were cries for a speech, but the
rink was hot and so were the people.
| Congressman Danford added to the enthusiasm
and interest that had been
| shown but a moment before with a brief
but candid and earnest speech touching
only a few point*, but doing so In his
characteristic way. The cheering was
as enthusiastic an at any time during
the convention.
J Hon. A. T. McKelvey named Col. W.
A. Hunt for alternate. H. II. Thompson.
of Steubenvllie, moved to suspend
| the rules and nominate him by acclamation.
and It went through with a
I whirl. T. B. Rouse, of Monroe county,
was named as the other alternate and
was elected In the same manner. A moI
tlon authorising the committee to nil
any vacancies was pnssed, and the
| convention was at an end.
t? ?.-n? n vinrlnux dnv for McKlnley
without a single vote agalnnt It. There
were loud calla and cheers for Danford,
and the chnlr appointed J. M. Lewis, D.
O. Rutau. It O. Richard*. Hon. D. A.
Haley and Frank Tyier to escort Captain
Danford to the hull.
Benator Kok! >'. of Carroll, named
Judge Tripp, of that county, for prudential
elector, and he was nominated
by acclamation.
\Y. W. Hanlon, of Barneaville, presented
the name of Hon. Joseph J. GUI,
of JefTerson county, for delegate to th*?
national convention and moved It he
made toy acclamation, and It carried
with a hurrah.
At this point thi?re was some confusion.
An unknown delegate named
Jimm i. Moiiitimwnrth. N'n one knt'W
. > grentMt llvlnir American l"*u??-*nroteetlon
r, ? who??> candidacy for tli* l'rf*irlency wif
mo?t cheerfully and henrtlly endure*. mid
we hereby lnntr?iot the delegate* choneri
from thin in the KeiiuMirnn national
condition to Hiipport him n* our
j only choirs.
There woe the greatest pnthtmlnum
Aurlng the reading "f the above. and
Captain f win ford hnd n full sheiv >>r the
hearty npplaUM thai Kr*??i??.j th* uniin1
ImoiiN adoption of the richly dciwrvcd
( commendation of the two *tntej<men
l loved by the people of the old Sixteenth
( (lintrlrt.
N'ornlnetlon* for Con^re** being In
? order, Judge John H. I'earue, of Cadi*,
aroa* end In n neat tribute rnfcved thut
the rule* l>o mmpended and Hon. I?orenno
Danford be nomineted by ncctliniatlon.
It went through with cheers
r Grmy: or"
ganlxatlon. W. W. Ilanlon: rules, M. Aid*
redge; resolution*. E, R Armstrong.
' Carroll?Credentlnls, J. C. Oray; organl,
uUon, Dr. E. E. Tokr; rule*. William F.
' Butler; resolutions. J. II. Fimple.
Harrison?Credentials. Col. J. 8. Pearce;
organisation, J. C. Dyiart; rules, cjen. P.
; A. Holllngtworth; resolution*, M. J. Haun'
Jefferson?Credential*. II. W. Allison;
i orfanlxatlon, Hon. John L. Means; rules,
|O. W. Thompson; resolutions. Lt- Clov. It.
O. Richard*.
Monroe?Credential*. r. J. Hurtling; organisation,
E. B. Ortlllth; rule*, NV. it.
O'Nell; resolutions, J'rof. Charles Troy
Congressional committer ~ Belmont,
Theo. Keller: fTarroll. !"?. A. Rutan; Ifarrlson,
fi. K. McLaughlin: Jefferson. David
W. Bell; Monroe, T. It. House.
In the afternoon Dr. O. A. Keepers, of
Monroo county, presided, with <?. W.
Glover, of Harrison, as secretary. The
usual committees reported, but nothing
of consequence otinie until the committee
on resolutions reported as follows:
Resolved, That wo most heartily endorse
our rcpre*r>ntntlvr In ConKren*.
Hon. Lorenxo Danford. for hi* aide and
fearless,advocacy of the Intercut* c?f nil
Clauses Of his constituency; and We r?p?r.
fally commend his *frort* In behalf of the
wool growers, to brlna before ('on^r#-**
the "Bill of the National Wool Grower*'
Association," the parage of which would
secure to flock master* fair prires for
their products. We also c*rncMly commend
his services as n rn?-mli?r of th*
house committee on InmilKrnilqn In endeavoring
to secure the p? snail" of n law
to restrict Immigration of und?slrnhle
peraons to the United Htat??:?. nnrl a faithful
friend of the old soldier* and ever
watchful and attentive to their lutor?*tN.
We recognize In William McKlnley, the
favorite son of Ohio mid the United
Htnten, a broad-minded, patriotic, sound
and generou* representative of the lw*t
type of Republicanism, and the most air- |
aresslvc nnd profound champion of th* I
I ute for all. iron, copper. lead. silver and
(.gold: nnd It was th? province of mant.
kind to determine the u?5. A man for
; hill own purposes and uw* might mak*
li""a yard of thirty. thirty-three, thlrty-slx.
or thirty-nine Inches. ?>ut when he
v, cornea to deol tvltli others there munt 1??
- a unit. That unit waa determined by
i the civilised world. Thcrr must be
some common denominator, sin every
V man who receive* a dollar mo? receive
& the same value whetner In business.
mine or factory. He paid hi?h tribute*
<ri to Congressman Danford. to Governor
v .' Bnahnell and to Major \McKlnIey, and
*. concluded:
"And no part of our land la more Interested
In placing thut *reat apostle of
protection where h*? can help us than
;.ithi? Sixteenth district. Wh.it la known
as the Pittsburg section la ev<?n now the
Lvgreat workshop of the counirv. and the
n tipper Ohio valley, with lt? fertile fields,
S?Jt* cheap fuel. It* abundant resources,
t ' and Its Intelligent and Industrious artlfans
and workmen, haa a great destiny
J. before It It Is no Idle dream that the
v time will come when th* smoko of the
mill shall be in sight of that of th* facf'
tory all the way from Rellnlre to Pittsburgh,
and we shall be the moat im.'
portant section of what shall be. at no
Kdfatant date, the greatest Industrial
f* canter and wrokahop of the world."
The convention then pot down to busIness
and the following committees
'-were reported by th*? varioua counties
>/. that had caucused prior to the meeting
of the convention*.
Il\ did audience asked to allow the reading
f of the resolution before It could be flnlshed;
and when It was there was fully
a minute's uproarous applause.
The convention was called to order
f ; about 10 o'clock by Hon. E E. Erskine,
b: and prayer waa offered by Rev. O.- W.
ii*' Holmes. Then Hon. Joseph. J. Gill was
|r : announced as temporary chairman.
Li Upon taking his place he was greeted
f,'. with hearty cheer* and after thanking
' ' the convention for th# honor he pro,
ceeded with a neat nnd timely speech
j'-'-that was well received. He said:
k.' "This Is a time of unusual Interest; a
time to rejoice over the departing
i night and the dawn of the coming day,
gj near the turning point nnd at the beS:;
. ginning of an epoch. The destinies of
r - this great nation are soon to be enr
trusted to our party, and after March A
KJ Democracy will disappear for a generar;.
.tlon. Democracy can only serve the
country when it happens to he in a petit
ulant or angry mood; then it can only
;* tear down?it cannot construct. Democrac..
cannot be trusted to be true
even to Its own principles. "Free trade"
V la surely their child, but they strangled
Ri their own offspring, and adopted in its
i&place a crocs-eycd foundling?a no!:
body's child."
?' After proceeding in the line Indlcatrd
by these extracts from his speech, he
Struck "freo cllver" and handled the
Jp subject in a thoughtful, considerate
B way. but boldly declared for the gold
f.; standard. . He falrl there was danger
j;. lurking in the* ward "free." ns many had
[ found In the matter of free trade, yet It
p. seemed to span the heaven In somo
minds like a ralntow of promise. Th?re
are different ufor the different
m*tn1a nlnrw! In th#? *?arth. and there is
*v Wltfcont OppMUIon.lt U Not Mor? than
til* OrcMhe-Ulvfr fUpmenMiUra Dc.
errcc?Rluglng RwoInUom Instructj-'
lng fbr Major McKlnley Pum4 Amid
A" Wonderfat EuthdiUiu-OiftUi of U?
, Convention.
Th? Convention's Work.
h Representative?Hon. Lorenso Danford,
E,'v- of Belmont.
|is Presidential elector-John Tripp, of Carv
if... Delegates to St. Louis?Hon. J. J. Qlll,
; of Steubenvllle, and Major David Cunnlngham,
of Harrison.
?7 A finer convention than that of the
ft Sixteenth Ohio district Republicans nt
> Bella!re yesterday would be hard to
?And. It was a commingling of old men
and young, an lnalcatlon that all the
? people of the district must have been
, thoroughly aroused to the Importance
of the occasion. It was distinctly a
representative convention of the people,
v and it seleoted distinctively representa&'f
tlvo men In the persons of Hon. Lorenzo
Danford. of Belmont, for Congress;
Judge Tripp, of Carroll, for elector;
J Hon. Joseph J. GUI. of Jefferson, nnd
? > Major David Cunningham, of Harri- !
* son. for delegates to the national Republican
convention at St. Louis; Col.
?V"W. A. Hunt, of Belmont, and Hon.
?. Thomas B. Rouse, of Monroe, for alternates.
There was Juaticontcst enough to
$ make It Interesting to a degree fa$ beK
yond tho anticipation of anyone, and
the flfht waa to a finish and the vlcp
tory complete. There will never be any
1^. claims of doubt as to the loyalty of the
--. Sixteenth district to William McKlnley
-for President. His name could not be
^mentioned in any way without arousing
t" the greatest enthusiasm. This was
: most forcibly demonHtiutml when K. B.
Armstrong presented the resolutions.
Three times he read "we reoognize In
gVWUliam McKlnley." and the ronven?v.
tlon went wild as many times, nnd it
i was necessary to pause and the splen

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