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i City Legislatora? Traniaet Much
Routiue Bustnou.
(MiUBM W?S iu?d OM TtNM Is ItcMi
:lnMk ud M|| (Km Umtll lk> Rut
. 'JMkcte Attempt ? M ?ha Mitap
OutMdVklla-Tlu State of til* City's
EE ; ?Hw? Wis/ Ceaeadtteee Repart on
mass Mm.
'A' reful&r meeting of tho city .council
? m> held last evening. In the abaenos
B'yVt Mayor Caldwell Mr. C. A. Robinson
. prtaldmi In ths lint branch, president
Jama* P. Mm wall, of tha second branch,
"r ni alio absent; Dr. W. XL Slathers
presided. Thar* vera present in the
Iihmh Kvannti twimfVathrMk mumhsn.
>\ Um largest attendance within nvml
| months. Ten One branoh members
were present
The city clerk reported balances as
: foUowi: Board o( publlo works. SSSS S7;
| Are department. |S,MS 60; health departn*?nt,
SS.S18 44: markets, 3300; police.
' Am TO: city prison, till 31; scales and
Sr weighing, U01 S3; real, estate, Mil:
m cemeteries. S3S? SI; salaries, HOI 13; conSf
.tingent expenses, II. US OS; compromise
IB lean. $9,SSI ST; water board. l3S.3tr 84;
lu board. 1343 10; collection of taxes,
ntrllM 11; totaI. ?41SSO St.
The committee on petitions and reft1':.
mnnstranoes reported having recom.1-mended
the application of Morgan A
Crumbaohftr, Sixteenth street, tor a
6 Uqaor lloense. Cor approval. The license
..was (tasted.
as' The committee on lire department reported
bills, 118S SS: which were ordered
.. paid by council. The finance committee
X1 .was Instructed to look Into the advlsablllty
ot an appropriation of SSOO tor
Soar new fire alarm boxes.
arc The finance committee reported that
% on account of the state of the city
re finances u would be better at this time
K? not to build a new Atlantic engine
? house, but Instead expend SSOO In re V.
pairs on the present bulidlpg. Referred
"; to the committee on fire department.
" The real estate committee reported
r- btDa aggregating J77 SO; ordered paid,
ffis The rent of WIllLun Falkes for city
B property wss reduSed SS per year, msk
I lux tin rental 3iu per year. Junes
.. Signing iu ordered to remove hi*
kitchen from Alley ?, between Ninth
ad Tenth streets.
The polloe committee reported police
bite (US 33: ordered paid.
Henry Pape. through hi* attorney.
I*k(d an tmmedlat* settlement of hi*
dalm against the city of <300.
Petitioners a*ked that Madame Fox
be allowed to do bnslnea* a* a fortune
teller without a city license. The petl tlon
was laid on the table.
llr. Fair aaked for an appropriation
of 3900 for Impmvlnx Bait End park;
,.1, referred to the finance committee.
: , Daniel O'Brien wanted to put a cellar
> . under the street at his place of bualneM
on Chapllne street. South aide; referred
*- to the board of public works.
llr. 8tathers asked that an electric
light be placed at McCulloch and Fortleth
streets; referred to the KM trustees,
it.',. City 8oUdtor 8. O. Bnyce called at;
tentlon to the fact that the contrast of
v' Charlea Becxer with the city for the re!
moral of garbage expired April 30.
S&Jtackcr continue* to do the work, but the
' city c)*rk haa no authority to Issue order*
In his favor. Dr. Taylor and Mr.
" ' Brltt wanted to go Into an election of a
garbage collector but Dr. Stathers said
S a ruling of President Maxwell precludfjr
ad lb* oonstderatlon of any bids already
rejected. Mr. Brltt spoke at length on
the subject. and favored accepting one
QJ me (J |HH 4L V VCTCTEU iiiu un T1 __ v. w
/ vote on bids* that bad not b?n he<vto$s>fO*e
considered by coundL Mr. Waterhouse
moved that the communication of
fere tbe eily solicitor bo referred to the commlttee
on health. with Instructions to
it advertise for new bids to handle the
. city's firtxiKr.
; Aiftsr further discussion the dork was
Instructed to read the names of bidders
: whose bids had not received consldera,
Hon. but in the meantime Mr. WaterJg
boose's motion to refer the solicitor's
^.Communication to the health committee
Isfcoiune ud and was passed.
6 5 The Sixth wart councilman aaked for
ln*JTOVfmerit* u follow*: Retaining
curb on Twenty-ninth atreet: brick
JfTtng on Tblrty-flrat atreet, between
hi Boa and'Jacob atreet*; newer on Jacob,
ftwa Twenty.thin: atreet to Alley 20;
cobbleetone paving on Alley E. Twentyaeventh
to Twenty-elirhth atreet: curbI
las on Wood* atreet. between Twenty
aerejKh and Twenty-eighth atreet*:
curbing on Twenty-aeventh atreet. Kntr
to Jacob atreet*: pevlrig of gutter on
v Kofi atreet. went altle. Between Twenty
P*frfh and Twenty **ventn sweets;
iit., cor bin* and paving flitter with robbings
toaan on Twenty-sixth street. north
vi&te, between Eoff street and Alley F;
? brink pavtmr on Twenty-third atr*et,
& . between Chapllne and Eoff streets;
macadamising on Twenty-ninth street.
jfipBeftrred to the board of public works.
HijP> In the first branch the resolution pass*
% ed at the last ineettn* by the second
S'' branch, appropriatlnir 1500 additional to
i?'V. the committee of counrllmen and cltl
sens ensured In the work of construct??.
lnjr a new charter for the city, was confc;
cm red In.
& *' In the eerpnd branch. after routine
/ boelneu had heen dlnpoeed or. the clerk
reed (or Uie flret time the new bulldlnir
inspect loo ordinance which ha* been
m. kudo* Ire for anme Mmr. In It*
r printed form It 1* a pamphlet of twenty!'<
aI* pacta, and Clerk I>annenberir occu
pled more than forty minutes In reading
It Council then adjourned. At the
- ' next meeting the ordinance will itn to IU
Laeoond and third readlasa and be
" rpaaaed.
I xus coxnroBD'i funeral
Was Lugalf AtUndrd -Th* DmiumI wu
fa NiMmHAcIiii Ralarc.
The funeral of MIm Anna A. Comerfortf
took place from her mother** re*!;
dencm on South Chaplin# ntrr+i yesterday
afternoon about 4 o'clock, and nn?
f , J. jimix attended. Rev. H. Ruth Hwor*
pr?ched the funeral permon and dwelt
Upon the lovable and aelf nacj-lfloln* nn?
iC tore of the deceased. Th?? pall-b^nrrr*
p.: were Dm. Heed Balrd. F. LeMoyne
Hupp. JBugene HIIdr*th, John G. Wal|
den. E. L. Armbrecht and Harry CbnmMIm
Comerfnrd e#>rv*d for quite a
"f While an nuive at the City honpltnl and |
eras one of the beet at that well known |
b Institution. During the amaJJpox near* [
$?. of la*t year, iitie volunteered to fo to
> Bridgeport to nurse the patient* there.
A few week* ago ehe waa called lo
ft, Em*worth. Pa.,-where her alater, Mm.
f;. Tuttle, wo* alefc. and there became wuddenly
III and died Sunday afternoon.
| Iff** O>rnerford had a large cirri* of
;V frlepd* who will mourn her loan and Join
In extending sympathy to the family.
In the Circuit Court.
'/ In part I of the elrcult c?eirt ynater:
day the Carey caa* aiminat th?t city took
if tJp th^ entire day with only on*? wlt!''
neaa being exomlned. The oppoalng
omin?ela oomwm?d th? lime with ob;;
Jectlon* and unpim'-iiu, and the (rial
I five* prom I** of continuing a w??k or
two yet
In Judge Paul!'* cdfcrt the raae of M.
F. Drylen, truaU-o, v?. Johanna Me?.
GamclJ. wu given to the Jury at .1
!\ o'cUmk yeaterday afternoon and aft*r
f tome time returned a verdict gfvlnir the
platntlfT poawealon of tho property In
The Rork of Olbr.Jl.r
li not steadier than a *y*t*rn llberatfd
|. from the wharkele of chill* and ffvm. Mllf
oue remitters or dumb ague by MoatntOir'n
t. fltcmach Bitter*. a perfect untldota to
% malarial pnlaon lit air or wainr. It le aJno
an iineiamblnd rw'iy for blllatjf, rhmfc
matle or kid nay ' oivplnlnt*. iyRpopria
ii' and nervounnef*. It Improve* appetite
and sieve and-haalent convalescence.
on TO CLAMS arao,
Ttu FUklludh D?lr|pttiaii X>?rca IhU
Morn lug-All Halld Mr McKluHy.
'At 7 o'clock this morning the deletmtm
to the Itepublloan dtstrlot unit
gtat* detegatn convention* to b? hold at
Clarksburg tu-day and to-morrow, will
leave o*?r the Baltimore ft Ohio, and It
li sxpected that about on* hundred delegates
representing Hancock, Brook*.
Ohio and Mar?hall counties, wilt bo on
the train. The oompany has mado a
, special fata of one and one-third (ore
for the' round trip, and n special illspatch
received by Capt. J. T. Lano last
night from Baltimore Mated that the
api-clal train from Orafton to Clark*burs
had been arranged.
Ohio oounty will be represented by a
full delegation numbering about fifty
MoKlnley boomer*, and the cltliena of
Clarksburg may exprat the greateat d?legate
convention ever held In tho stale.
Laat night the delegate* from Brooke
and Hancock countle* arrived and will
leave with the crowd thl* tnornlnir.
Among them are Gen. I. H. Duval and
Samuel Jacob, of Wellahurg: Senator
Lyman Steadman. Thomas Price, chairman
Hancock county committee, and
Hon. J. P. Bradley, ex-con*ul to Bouthhamptnn.
of Hancock county. They are
all going to vote for MoKlnley delegates.
and Mr. Bradley told an Intelligencer
reporter laat night that the PanHandle
delegate* would vote solid for
The train will arrive at Orafton nbout
10:45 this morning ana trie Rpvcim in
Clarksburg will leave immediately upon
Us arrival, reaching the convention city
at noon on plenty of time for dinner.
Matters of Minor Momeut la ud Aboat
the City.
This afternoon and evening at the
Grand?Tho Gonzales Opera Company.
In another column the city asks for
bids for paving the Fifth ward market
The 8mlth Brewing Company's new
bottle wagon made Its first appearanoe
yesterday and certainly Is a beauty.
ctdcer Michaels ran In a "vag" last
night and at midnight he was the only
offender on the "blotter" to appear before
his honor this morning.
Tho Ohio county Republican oiub
will not meet again until after the conventions
have been held, the next meet
lng being subject to the call or uio president.
The Trladelphia Republican club will
meet at the Honey's Point school house
to-morrow evening and transact business
of Importance. Prominent speakers
will be present and a very pleasant
evening Is anticipated.
Reliance lodge. A. O. V. W.. will give
Its annual outing at Wheeling Park on
Thursday, June 4. The committee on
arrangements is composed of Messrs. <#.
W. Clifton. L. D. Bonnell and Louis
Grosscurth. who are now at work on the
Quite a number of complaints have
been received lately from residents all
over town about people cleaning dry
vaults In daylight and the general Impression
Is that there Is an ordinance to
prohibit It. Such is not the esse, however,
and th* health authorities can do
nothing to prohibit it. t .
The King's Sons, of Zane street M. E.
church, will give a moonlight excursion
on La Belle Riviere Wednesday evening.
May tf. The stesmer Liberty has
been engaged for the occasion and will
ri to 8teubenvlUe and return, leaving at
p. m. The Zane Street "sons" are
noted as good entertainers and will no
doubt have a large crowd.
H(nm|?n In Um City and Wheeling Folks
T. M. Phillips and A. Gerney, of Slsat
the 8t. Charles last
R J. Richardson, of Fairmont, was
In the city yesterday, quartered.* t the
St Charles.
Mrs. Robert Horkhelmer, of Denver,
Colorado, is visiting her daughter. Mrs.
Charles Stalnhouser. on Sixteenth
Miss Parrle Frohme. of the South
Side, Is seriously 111 with pneumonia.
Her many friend unite In hoping - for
her rapid recover.
C. E. Crasiford. Sistersvllle: O. M.
Gardner, Sistersvllle. Geoqre He Bait.
Fairmont; E. M. Davis. Clarksburg,
and George Taylor. Mannlngton, were
at the McLurv yesterday.
At the Windsor. T. A. Orr, Salem; A.
H. Fleming. Faignont; Mrs. John A.
Myers. MorgantowtL and: $. P. -Klshler.
Smlthvtlle. were the West Virginians
on the register last night.
The West Virginians at the Stamm
last night were W. W. flullng* and
wife, and E. H. Kenn^y, Sistersvllle;
Samuel Jacob and I. H. Duval. Wellsburg
and Thomas Charlton, Huntington.
The Howell House had a large delegstlon
of West Virginians .last night
Among them were: W. C. Moon?, Mannlngton;
T. C. Gerllng. E. W. Van
Metre, and W. M. Hollls. Martlnsburg;
J. F. Dixon. Keysrr; O. W .O. Har?lman,
Mlddleboume; John Hopkins.
Thomas Potts and F. M. Klser, Mannlngton;
W. N. Llnch. Martlnsburg;
Robert Saffonl. a=d H. H. Flack. Sistersvllle,
and A. M. Crow, Littleton.
futnnm W_ Soeldrt. a young wheel
man from Braddock, Pa., arrtwd on
hUi wheel from his Pennsylvania home
yesterday and spent th* night at the
McLure. He is en route to St. Louis
and will take hi* time In getting thoro,
*o an to reach that place about the time
of the Republican convention. He
I is making the trip alone, and Is keeping
! a record of events as they occur on the
; trip and threatens to print a book about
Pittsburgh.. .HUDSON. S *. m.
Ptrtieroburir. LIBERTY, 11 n. m.
M?tamor??.. LEXINGTON, 11 ?. re.
Cincinnati... KEYSTONE STATE. 1 p. m.
Clartnicton.... JEWEL. *:*> p. in.
Ch?rl#?ton...Rl?TII. <1:10 a. in.
PltuburKh...ELAINE. * a. m.
CI* rt nut on...JEWEL. I JO p. m.
Pittsburgh... LORENA, 4 a. m. ^
Pittsburgh... If. K. BEDFORD, # a. m.
Cincinnati...HUDSON. * ?. m.
Parfcarnburg. LIBERTY* 11 a m.
Matamom#..LEXINGTON. 11 n. re.
Ciarlnfton. ..JEWEL. l;90 p. m.
Atonic lb* Uniliit|.
t. . Ilb.lu *K?? ?l.~ I.',.,. ....i.lllr, tt.lll
I 11 II* nut nam um a* ?....? > <,
be aur<y?eded by another "boat In th??
[ Wheeling and Newport trade, at |ea?t
I not noon.
A number of Wheeling people will
! mnk?? 1hf trip to MnmphlK and return
j provided the river continue* at a nnvlgnhl#
The Keynton? Hint* wnn late yeiderday
on nrroiint of h?'avy freight offering*
abor* Whaling. Mho too., aboard
ni?v?rnl pamwngnr* nt thin port.
To-morrow'* Cincinnati pnokot 1* the
hlKh-fif?wl'"1 Ifudnon, with <!fy?liiln
"Bob" Agnew. the young?*t commander
on wontern water*, on the roof. 8 he
will h*v? h*r initial good trip,
f'aptnln Martin, of th? David Inland
darn, nay* the wicket* will entirely
nil*?*d thin evening. Thin will make th??
tiNijaJ mo*" of n f< < t of water In the
harbor by WadnetMlay, ?m It will tata
until that time to pot the pool* filled.
The river ban fallen two feet during the
put forty-eight hour*, and unlc** there I
Is a h'-avy ruin awn navigation will bo |
entirely suspended. The raising of the
wlukotfi will cause thb river to fall considerable
below tho dam thin ovcnlnjr,
and a alight else below will take place
after tho pool is flllod.?Chronicle Telegraph.
Tho Den Hur lit taking an excursion
of Knight* Templar from several Interior
town* from Parkersburg to
Charleston. For this reason the Klaine
will bo up this-morning for Pittsburgh
in pluce of tho Ben.
Tho murks at G p. m. showed 5 feet 2
Inches and falling. The setting of the
wlokcts at Davis Island can noil a
rather sudden fal], but now that the
harbor at Pittsburgh ha* filled up again
there will 1m a slight rise here. But the
navlgablo stage is too scant for comfort.
and It is generally hoped there will
be a good soaking ruin soon so that an
eight or ten foot stage will be the result.
Silver Telegrams.
GREKN8UORO?River 7 feet 1 Inch
and falling. Fair and warm.
WARREN?River 1 foot. Fair and
OIL CITY?River 1 foot 10 Inches and
etattonary. Cloudy and warm.
PITTSBURGH?River 3 feet eighttenths
and falllQg at the dum. Weather
cloudy and wurm.
8TKUBENVILLR?River 4 feet 2
Inchen and falling. Clear and warm.
Up?Hudaon. Down?Ruth.
PARKERSBURO? River fi feet 10
Inched and falling. Cloudy and warm.
Up?Valley Hello, Elaine, Bob Ballard.
Down?Keystone State. Ben Hur. Due
down?Liberty. Little Kanawha falling.
Dintrtct to Hold Convention
t Cameron 48 and XO.
Cameron had emerged from her ruins
of doveral months ago and Is now a
thriving little city. She has extended
an Invitation to the Epworth Leagueni
of Wheeling district, and they have accepted
It and will asaemble there on
May 2k and 29 In their dlxth annual convention.
The dCddlotiH will be held In the
M. R church, beginning at 1:30 o'clock
p. ro., on Thuniday. th.? 23th, and closing
on the evening of the day following.
A reception programme If being prepared
by Cameron chapter for the first
evening, which will be the means of
bringing about the acquaintance of the
visitors with one another The convention
programme id out and promldes to
be quite Interesting.
A commute* on homes has been ap
poiniru ay me iut.111 nmpicr in \.auicrt>u
and they are at work soliciting entertainment
for the delegate*. Bach chapter
secretary In the district In especially
urged to forward the names of the delegates
from hla chapter to Mr. Harrison
Hick* at Cameron, at once, ho that
ample time can be had by the committed
to loeatc the visitors conveniently.
Coleraln Oil
Oood report? were received last evening
concerning the Bstler well. Oil
men say It wit! do fully what wo*
claimed for It in yesterday's Intelligencer.
The Bailey well at Coleraln is down
400 feet. It I* on the Eli Bailey lot
near the Bracken, and Wheeling,
Bridgeport and St. Clalrsville parties
arc Interested. The drillers say it will
be a producer.
In the cam* of the Hundred Foot Oil
Company against the West Virginia
Gas Company, holding the lease on the
Bracken farm, which has two producers.
the attorneys for the plaintiffs
aye N. K. Kennon, C. L. Weems, L. J. C.
Prwnnen. George C. MoKee and James
Tallman and those representing the defendants
are George Duncan, and
George and Albert Caldtwcll. The
case will likely be reached this morning.
IVl.r Philip. DMd.
This morning at haJf-paat one o'clock
Mr. Peter Phillip*, one of Wheeling's
oldest and most r~*pooted citizen*, passed
away at his late residence No. 2920
Chapllne stseet in the eighty-third year
of Ills age. Mr. Phillips was well known
all ovrr the city, and wa^ai one time
one of the moflt prominent citizens. Arrangements
for his funeral have not
yet been made, but will bo given later.
Karly Morning Drank*.
Officer Schnupf ran In Dick Ulura for
drunlfceneM this morning, and about the
same time Officer Gardner found a little
German with a largr Jag up In the Second
ward and thought it best to take
him In for the night.
PHILIPS?At hit lut? iv?i<1etice. No. 2M0
Chaplin* ?lre?l on W?dn<M<tay. May
II, 1 <X. at I-JO a. m.. PETER PHILIPS.
BfTcd 83 jrww.
Funeral notlc# hereafter.
Stomach, sometimes called waterbraah,
and burning pain, distress, nausea,
d)K|>cptia, are cured by Hood!* Sffrsaparilla.
Thin it accomplishes because
with it* wonderful power ax a blood
purifier. Hood's Sarsaparilla gently
tone* and strengthens the stomach and
digestive orpins, invigorates the liver,
-"? ?? innnHto irivM rnfnuhinir
deep, and rai?s the lifalUi tone. In
eaten of dyipcpaU and indl#otion It
eeiua to have a mnfr1<- tourh."
" For o??r 12 year. iauBcred (ram tour
with nevcre pains across my shoulders,
and great distress. I hsd violent nausea
which would leave me very weak and
faint, difficult to get my breath. These
spells came oftener and metre severe. I
did not recelvo any lasting benefit from
physicians, but found such happy effects
from a trial of Hood's Harsaparills, that I
took several bottles and mean to alwsys
keep It in the house. I am now able to
do all my own work, which for six years
I hsve been unsblo to do. My husband
snd sou havo also been greatly benefited
by Hood's Barsa partite?for pain* in
the hack, and after the grip. I gladly
recommend this grand t>Iood medicine."
Mm. Petkh Hubby, Leomlniter, Moss.
!?tlio?>no True Wood Purifier. All druggists. |L
,. ,, " fl core nil Um 1U< and
Mood S Pills Wick Hfadacbo. 2&oaota.
After House Gleaning...
You will need n kimm! CLOCK to help
brlahtrn tlio PAulXJH We have In
etork u larffo *?nortment at very low
I'otlinpn you nr? ahort on BPOONB,
KNIVKH or KoltKH We can help
you out. Our STOCK Ik largo. Wo
i'iin null you b?v*t quality 8llvt>r Knlvoa
nii'l Korku lit I'rlrMi Unit It would bo
climpor to uNe than Knlvo* mid
Korku you uro contlnunlly urourlng to
keop brtK'litTo
wtlrmilato trado durlrur the dull
montha of the year, wo will noil our
good* at trn-ntly reduced prion*.
Wo oi*? now receiving noma nleo
T11J>UHIC HE Tit and UISI,T8. Thoy
will bo In griMit donmnd thin eon eon.
Ritvo tnonoy nnd trnd<> with a lloune
tlint buya itoodw for Cfl*li.
* uamv
ft iiflni/i
For Room, H
G. Mend
tot Sale by John KUrt. Whokaala and
I - L"
_ OUR.
The Largest and Finest Line of
At all prices, from the cheapest to
the finest. Special attention given
to contract work.
You Cant Tell...
IIy ike looWa of n tnml ho?r Air It ran
Jump, or hjr the *lu> of a row (hi
atranicth of lla pfrHimit neither ran
yon pnimrl)' J?tl|?.lh? m#rlti or d??
merit, of m inm liUir iiiIhn )-n? gfl ?r liininteH
with ttoml n?? It. Try all
other irufwrltiri If yon will, bm before
ron hoy, try the Wll.LI AM*,
wh|rh atnnriaoii Ita merits.
The liitrlllaenoer naea anil recommeiitla
III** Wllllnina.
(II.M'.tlAI. Afil'.XTH
X Mubu.limauu No* I, aucurcl., praam
" You will And one coupon
^gf;r lualde each two ounce bag
?f andtwoooupoMlnafdooach |
wjlf] four ounce bagofBlackweU'e
Em Durham. Buy a bag of tlili ' I
celebrated tobacco and read
tbo coupon?which gives a |
lint of valuable preicnt* and
j how to get them.
I#?? I
[all or Porch.
Can be Used as a Stool, Taboret
or Palm Stand.
16 Inches High, 15-Inch Top!
Substantially Made. Heavy
Brass Feet.' Finished in Oak,
Mahogany, Ebony and Green.
HS^ra?e55nKo5!ffn5roBs oimmm of
f*n? of elftrr MX. Spell mNotom
RoUll A*?Ct.
9 i
?ieu s Mirigeruon.
Wblle loontain Fteiiers.
Gas Stows.
Gasoline SUres.
Portable (fens Tor Gas Stoves.
RnbberTablngfor Gas Stores.
Ice Staves.
lee Picks.
Water Coolers.,
Water Cooler Stimds.
Lowest prices for only first quality
In iIim on<w two, thr*?. four. Are
and six foot widths. Any quantity
you want.
(jtO. W. JOHNSON'S 80NS,
1210 Main Street
A powerful disinfectant for sewers,
vaults and Closets, Also
PURE and CRUDE Carbolic Acid,
Copperas and other disinfectants,
Flnmblnr and Cm Filth*,
NUam and ilat Water llnntlu;.
K Fttil Linn o( Uto Calohratod
K?pl(\m?t*ntW on Ilaud.
Practical Plnmbar.Qas aid Steam Fitter,
Tfiau and Kltctrin Ctiamlallora. Filter*, and
Taylor Cm llnrjirr* lL!!E?,J*li!L mr.'
"yy ILUAM 1URK A bO.V.
Practical Plumbers,
No. 38 Twelfth Stro?t.
All Work linuo fo?mpU? at IU ??<nuble IVin??
Ji Book, Jul). N?w8pw?nrnm| Poster
Printing ?ton? ?t lUuouahU* Itatn nt tho
luTBixtorNCM Jun Pnmtxo Oriira Modern
and Kftplu 1'roaaov New Typo andVoiltua. <
f-t r A Month.
So. r.i?~Slain ?tr??t, 8 rooms. both
King. . Jlhw
No. aft-Main ntwt. saloon wlUi bar
Itxtiy.oa anil Xour room*, both
HUsir.-.. .. . .1
No. 2.VOlain itr*ot
No. 14U Fourtoonth stroot
No. SMTOualu rtrrot ;. li ,
4*roomed houHo in rear or No. l'Jtj
Fouru < nth street
No. 64 rSlKhtucntli ?;tr??t 1..
No. M lilKMfenth r treat ti.:
No. 2'.? SovMitnunih street, 3 rooms
No. llOHjMllauibfili street '
No. Vi\'J IfiCollorh Ktreet, 2 roomn...
No. Main Mtreat, 2 rooms
So. IVifr- M? Cyllocb street Jlr.
No. J2I5-aW H.... .
No. CI Auth York streot M
No. M SduifcYonntreet is u
No. r*ltf Alley H. 5 rocnm :> >.j
No. 147 Fourteenth streot, both gsaea,
hot waJ'T unci bum *.... 20 o
No. 2C02 Main street. 3 rooms
No. 34 Sixteenth street. store room. .. 20 , j
No. 101 Thirty-third street, more room >; t,
Four-roomed houses Crescent Pla'? . 7 .j
Twelve-roomod residence. 3% acres
ground. F.dglwcton's Lane ?.
No. rr/iS Afiey 11........... ? w
2 rooms- rear of Mission Sunday
school. Eighteenth "treet. < ^
Three rbotas, Pleasant Volley 5?
No. 22 Zano street, store room and
dKesldfe$ Fifteenth street, $4,000.
ItesldenOs Fifteenth street. {2,000.
No. 1Mb Main street. $1,700.
No. 42? and 422fc Market street
No. M Seventeenth street. ? rooms, beta j
gUK'-M. .
No. 2530 Main street.
Sixteenth,street residence, $4,500.
Nos. 422 and 454 National road.
Counters and shelving. No. 101 Thirty
third street.
No. 92 Sixteenth street.
Lot on South Front street.
Six-roomed house. Peninsula
Real Estate Agent, Collector. Notary pui>.
llo and Pension Attorney, No. lei Mar.
Ret street. royj
Splendid;house, 12 rooms and largo hall,
with large? l"t. Chapline at.. Fifth waru;
cbcup on easy terms.
House. S rooms, brick, and hall, 14th
st.; easy terms, $?.O0Q.
House. 4 rooms, 29th st, $700.
I t iaiui.. r. rnnmi. Jnnnh IL. Centre
in*, easy terms, 91.600. ''
I Hou?c. 6 rooms and hall. Market street.
Centre Wheeling, choap, 91.2UU.
Splendid Did*, site for dwelling, 16th sr.
Splendid bids. site for dwelling, Utn ?f.
House. b looms. 24th St.. 91.400.
House, S rooms and hall, with all modern
Improvements. Chapllno st, . Centra
Jlou*e, 7 rooms and hall, 18th St., <2.700.
House. 6 rooms, 13th St., 91.400.
House. S rooms. In Belvedero add..
House. 14 rooms and storw room, Ma:a
st. near Est St.. lot 44x122 rt.. 99. HQ.
House, 9 rooms, hal and large lot, 14th
st.34.Srt. House.
.7 rooms and 6-roomed bout* to
roar; lot 90x130 ft., 18th at.. 93.?o.
House. 7 rooms, brick, with hall. Jacob
t. Centre Wheeling; cheap. S2.3W.
House, 9 rooms, brick, Eort St.. 5th ward.
"ffiU 7 rooms, N. Market at.: cheap.
2 lota on Uijd st. Belvedere. S22S each.
House, t rooms. Wilson at. Centre
Wheeling; easy terms, 9H0.
House. 4'Ydoma and attic, Jacob st. Cth
WHouw,'rrooms. brick. 15th st. 16.500.
Hotel, 94 .rooms, Martin's Ferry, O.,
cheap, on easy terms.
House. 9 rooms and 8-roomed house in
rear. Market st. bet 7th and 8th sts..
House, 8 rooon and hall, bath and both
gssos, Jacob st. bet. 15th and ICth. 9S.I/A
Busines property on Market at at mod*
crate price._ ,
1200. $300. $00, 9900. 9X000 and 12.500 to loan
otf real estate
House. foOf.room and storeroom. North
Main street;. Cheap, on easy terms. J2.SM-.
' New honmv.9 rooms, with large lot. at
Edglngton Lane 99,800.
Tel. 6U 1739 Market Street.
A very dosirable residence and business
property, corncr Main and Tenth streets.
No. <1 Fifteenth street 7 rooms, brick.
No. lC Sixteenth street lot 30x210 feet
A tine residence In Pleasant Valley.
Nos. 100 anu i?2 Bevemeemn buocu
No. S Kentucky street. 4 rooms. .
7 storeroom* and 2 dwellings rentln* for
tlSl 00 per ^ridnth, comer MarketT and
Twentieth rtwti, pays 12 per cent.
No. ? Kentucky street, lot 30x140 feet.
A flne residence on Virslnta street. All
modern convenience; price low.
So. 2212 ChapUne street, lane bride
'"iBttFmb street. 7 rooms and stable.
No. 196 17th *treet. S rooms and stable
Lot corner Main and Sixteenth street.
No. 121 14th street. 7 rooms and bath.
No. 1602 Chapline street. 7 rooms.
No. 1212 Chapline street. 9 rooms.
Lot on MtflH St., between 22d and JM 8U.
I tots on Ndflth Wabash street^p>
No. a South JJroadway. reildeace of J.
E. Huches. Esq. Jf?
Lot 4CX120 North York straet. #
Lot No. 20 Indiana St., 7 eoomajtnodem.
No. 27 N. WaSnsh St.; 6 rooms, cheap.
A flne lot In Pleasant Valley.
No. U Vermont street 4 rooms; lot 25x109
feet; II.M0.
The Bloch property on North Main 8L
The City Bank Building.
Tolonlinnx 3ld. IP2i
12 mn mcdQ)od?rn dw<^ Iot lO>xT [W.
nt l'husant Valley; two minute#' xvalk
frm motor'platform. The whole prop-ny
cun 1k? bouKht on a quick deal for R'?"
A now 6* roomed house on South York
st reft for ll.Sflu.
ltiAldlng lots from $150 up. If you have
not money onouch wo will furnthh the
balunco nt 6 per ccnt,
Kn fntv H.ix?a to Lilt. HIV)
Building loUi in the Borgcr addition to
tb? iKlnntl.
llulkdliie lot* In tho L. C. Stlfel aldltlon
to iho island.
Building* lot In Fink'# addition to tho
Building lot* In Water'* addition.
Building lots in C.lMulM addition.
T>l?t|>lim>f?.ll|>t. yn. Ultt Mirln?l ''tr-m
u ff|mHi|| ud.lourtuHl nw<'Unn ?f
ptorkhold?r? of tho rnltod Toko anil ? <
Company >v|U bo hold at the Philadelphia
oflleo of tho company, 604 Bourso Building,
on W?dnn?dbv. .VI of Juno. UW. at 1'
o'clock a. m., its which nitoting a wo;-.:
Hon will be offertxl tuoro>ii?lnK tlie capital
utock of tlw company from |2.t?>i.'".
divided Inty jKOOO nhMtoH or th? par \ - :
of $100 wuiuto I2.wx\ooo mio rv *\i
hare* or tTv jpai vaiufl of $100 qach An>
part of which may bo lamicd as common or
a* preferred mock.
By order of tlio Hoard of Director*.
myfrw r.-i-u'
Merciinnt Tailoring.
A. W?.f;hrith. (ho fimhloimM* M
chant tailor, ha removed to tctO :
Htrwt, ami ItUlte* everybody to cull "" '
Inspect hij? ..it'irunt line %?f nnrtntf ni l
*utntn<?r Roodf? Per fee I rtt ami anUnfu
tlott i;umun\ov.l, at tho loweat pi
apSOu 4 . Market 8irc?L

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