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The cyrl-m' |i ' rati Kchodulod
f>r t! Saturday, Juno 13.
i, . npit t)i. ? JVC Intrrut ot the
eni ' "? upiiiy nml II Is al
in i . \n etl tM tlw parade on that
t\ n<; uvuM'b? v PjpKc one and demonstrate
satis Wfar great ami
grains street/.i <jf the wheelmen?
and i? the w? fd "wheelmen" b} deluded
the not 1rqTjgpiid|erablo numbfrr of
frbcelioibex 4-'iM'igtff most enthusiastic
devotees of t) cycling pastime.
Althouirh i? parade would be a brilliant
wcoeftflf J the date mentioned, the
comrnlftVln mar^e. composed of repre?ent4tlf|s
*jt th<' four local tore ling
cluK<. fr * "Importuned very!gencrally
-to .ch;u?gfc the date. It hiu been
imprest [?<i^d t* the committee that tho
jwrsdc sftwilurday would bo without
jl: ,rvo niftciber of wheelnu n who are
. J inl the retail stores, They
number probably r>00, and to a mim almwi
will participate in the demonstration
should ft he held on jufy evening
but Sa\utday. For this ;>*a,son a
special meeting 01 inc tximiuifijrc ?ni
be held ?t the Jptellltfencer this
; uX S ''clock. at which tfi* proposition
to ^hangethe date of <jh?parade
t,? Friday. June 12, will be e?n>pldered i
And acted uj^n favorably. ?*
__________ _ ___
W. I.. Prt Mayl?OftnLoss I
rr Wayne... H.J .E< .7? .?5 ....
Wheeling ....II I .7<<; .i-M !".p .
.\ . tie... I I .t:> .w-vli .1"7
Jarkaon t If .CI .Off .. .
.... I 10 .??
\V i '"virion .. 7 ' 9 .48$ (45 .
Youncft'n .... S U .113 .273 c*?0 ....
Saginaw i il JT.t .ar :.<1U ...
To-day* gi'wil' fort Wayne ill Wheel!-c.
7. :.'in at Waahlwrton, Jacki-on at
New Castle; Saginaw at Youogatown.
from YtdUtMawti by 4UhrdliiK<
I >.irr?U> Ktu* Work.
G 1 luck tfavt'WlHM'lIni; Saturday's
pain'*, which. tva* full of oxeftement
*n?l marked by good m>-hll)vi>faying of
t.V ! u-als. Wheeling tried u~aew pltch?:
Kane. of llellalrt'. a younger brother
of 'Tolly" Kani??lut b?% wifrtrlld, and
< in the flffh inning* th" Vb*&gaU>wn?
*>r? leading by a *.?re <>f 7 tn?.. Timely
tatting with the. vUltdrs' errors ami a
t -r.je run by I^arrah avW Wheeling
in tlv* Seventh. Youmjsfown
1 : klv r - oreneA and rmdi1 tbe ."core
3 " In t!n<r favor Ir the* seventh by
c -!:fblnlng t'.fl bid frith a b.m- on balls
and thrjB? Ci^bnu In the nlgth Haxen
i r die li: the boa. but-i.wo l>as<
: a hViW1 pitch r a.r! Uarrah's
timely ingle. Kith Berry'.": witf throw,
nv. 'V?ic?*Unff the lead amL the game.
!n this tonjeg n&rrah a #t!8 t ? havut
tiling but Umpire ? ?'l<Ucn did not
i it, U8 be ym watch tfrf the play
! mut flW oJh<n,!;in.'i' was 1.000
nd th cnthuxiMm w.w unparalleled.
Darrah's fine >tork at the bat waa th:
- Art He made two homers over left
Mi f? nfce: . ?."tlhale. and scored on-th!rd
?f nins. J?)f)*eorv:
V TM.IPfa AO. K. BH. PO. A. K
W.ujn-r. Sfi... C 2 3 1 ti 1
Ot:!a?heii.b?f H 0 13 0 1
R!kert.If. 4 1 X .l o 1
A'hnlpy. H. 3 1 1 < s 3
V-l!ovr rtw.lb I 2 ,1 13 4 0
Shurr. 4 1 0 3 0 0
Pirrnh. "2b... "? 4* 3 1 3 1
:>rt?cM8r: fc 4 ? 1 0 0 0
Johrfon, p..1 0 ?0. 1 0 o
"i'.tv.-p.ul.: 4 i I o i ?
Eamtt. r. f l o .0- . o o o
T.^alu 42 12 12 27 17 7
Fto n. L f 5 2 j \ J- 2 0 1
liiiaAn. r. f end 2b..5 2?4v?l 0 0
1>.*?v|;?,'Cb and r. f.. I 1 o ft 0 3
Fllek. C. I " 2 2 3 0 0
7.inran. c * 1 * r? 2 0
\y inter*. lb... 4 1 o o u
Arda#/ lb... 1 1 -*?.1 3 1
Ii-rrjr, *. * 5 113 2 2
Spa<?. p 4 0 . ,1. ? 0 1 u
nrwfe. p J .U:; .. j o
n&tai* 4i ii if-'r: ii t
Whw?lfne *r!vv.....0 1 o 2 0 2 3 0 4?12
Youncatown 3 3 0 0 1 0 4 o a?ll
learned run?. Wheeling 4: Younjf*town
2. Ttvo-hn*o hits. Rlrkorf. AnJner. Home
runp. Parrab 2. Warner. Ptlrk. Stolen
ban**. Rlrk^rt. I'.crry. Sncrtfl<e hit. <#nllatrher.
Double play*. Whaley (unassisted).
Hase on hall*, off Spade 4. off Kane
5. Ftruck out. by Kan** 1: by Spade 3: by
Hro4l* l. Wild pitche*, Kuiw r . Time,
2:2'. Umpire. O'Brleii.
Tort Wayne Again Down* the Hwamp
AAgel* Prom Toleifn.
h'UHl WAi??i, yiay rmrn. tan;*.Sunday
crowd saw the ? ?Farmers"
soundly trounce the Toledo "Swamp
Angels" thin nfternoon. Mpenan wan
hit hard and often and Mras^r"ple" for
Tebeau ?ft Company. Kn?*U, too, was
t a ptUBle to Torn'ys ?n34 f&ng, who
rot eleven wife drives off the Cleveland
man. The fans here are dtaHnrasIng the
prospect of Cleveland calling in lt?
?lire.> tKwt men on the "farttf." Tebeau.
Knoll and O'Mwn The team left tonight
over the Fort Wayne road for
Wheeling, when? It op<*ns Monday. Captain
Tehran expects to capture two out
' three at Wheeling. !!>>;%vlll pitch
S'vflJm or Carrlck In tn-morrow's
Srorn: R If K
Fort Wayne 17 20 r,
Toledo Yi II 7
natterl?M??Fort Wayne, Knell and
'Meant; Toledo. "Kid" Keenun und Arthur.
Thr "Funnew" tvlll b* at llir lalaml Park
llil* Aflrritonn.
Thin afternoon the nr*u Important
V-: s of r<un?* of who K<uj#<'n In thill
; -jtn.to leaguo will opi?n? The Nail'
opponents w?.l bo the Tort Wayne
r'"" -ti." who are holding down IIiti
nation In tho race f"r tbt pennant
' . Krlp that In difficult t<> Irf-'-ak.
^ l. "If anybody kin do It. we kin."
I' dky'-s game tho Wheeling twlrhr
wlii be Garvey, who is unddithNI)' the
l-**- man In th" Whirling pitching
to-day. Arulrmt hlr?i T-Ik-uu will
uji f?lth?-:- CarrlcK or Hwulni,
rr- .haMy th?* latter. If th?> Tu.-ra.ru hi*
i 1 not Improved vu/tily ov?*r hln
1*' f>rru. h? will lx- nn nsy mark for
tJ " N ui -n*. Four of Ui-- Nailer*' rrowd
tenm matot* of Hwiwlui und will
iilm from A to '/. Cjuriok will
I - ' i-ltiij on Tuesday, and Kn- ll.
i ' velnnd l- :iffu'-r. <?n W?'dnr*day.
F V. fi'-iuiK Garv<y will plt<h In two
k < ,f tli- Fort Wnyn?- '.-rl' K. t '-day
' I' <- >L lit I,
' '?!!.rtJiu imn-.tt .....
<i row. Violi n will U? In th?' u'HUHfor
irr fifBt tinir Hln<v wa injured
'tt YountfStflwn nearly two wookH ago.
W. I.. I' I May 17(Jain J.?>
r!fiV+1*rWi .... IS & .*557 .879 ,021 ....
' inuitl ... &1 II ' '' > .<K* ....
Mini .... H II .'.I .OS 01
rich l? II 5 .' J .W2 .
' iin.ro ... I'J l? >? '
i?o 17 H .Ms n:
l-lpa ... 16 H .117 .ft* (; ;
llf.KlON.. II I ft .l".t .<? > .W? .
fi .... 12 17 .<H .*17 <
Vorh .. ii h "? <'
lyjuli II IS ,Xi .W'-O ,Wt ....
U . -villi? ... 7 2i .m .390 .Wtf ....
Tf?-'iny'ii - N>w York nt HallImore,
lioHtoit at Phllndclplila.
CU': INN ATI, May 21. TJi" Rod* h :
f?oiji*v|i!< Vi:iv.< r, hard nr.'.
n w ithout 'Jtfllt-ialty. Khfn*r? wna Injr<"l
in th< third and wuh MUPo"'d<?d l>:
foreman I. ?iiJjivIII?* could not bat '
thor pitch' i 1'eiu wuu hurl In tlu
I Z'
i fourth and Vaughn look..hi* place. K\v
>ir win? to flr^t. Attendance, 9.C00.
curt: r? ?.
? IM'INNATI. All. 11/1JH. I'O. A. K.
uurko. I. f i a r. > i
Hoy. c. f 5 1 1 o o (i
MllW. r. f a u. 2 2 .? 0
Vaughn, lb und c.. 4 0. 1 ii ii c
Urn.v. 2b 4 1 ' ? o ; o
Smith, :i. ? 4 .1 2 2 7 U
Irwlt), 3I?. 4 0.\. 2 2 2 0
IVIt*. i- 2 *Jt 1 3 1 (l
i:\vinK. lb - <i 0 7 <i 0
HhtQft*. p 1 0 1 0 1 0
Foreman, p a o 0 o l o
' Totali? 37 r, n 27 18 ~
I.oriHVIl.Ll-;. AM. IL U1I. I'O. A. K.
Shannon, a 3 0 0 1 2 1
1 taster, c. f 4 0 1 2 <i o
lurk. I .f 2 0 0 ? o
Miller; lb.. 4 fl Oil 2 0
Warner, t u o 2 u 0
U'Urlrn. 2b 3 0 0 0 tl i
runt nun. ab l ?? i o r? o
McCre?nr. r. f 3 0 2 J o <
Fraier, p.. 3 o o 3 0 0
Totals ..27 0 I 24 17 2
Cincinnati l 1 0 2 l 1 o o -?
]<OUisville o oouooooo-o
Knrncd run?, Cincinnati 3. Two-lmw
hit llurke, Hoy. Hhlnes. Vaughn, .Miller,
IrWiii. Stolen 1'Hsch, Pelts. Hoy. Kacrlfieo
bit* Clarice, Miller, McCreary.
Double play.. Irwin ?tid EwIuk; Fraaer
and O. Miller. First bane on hills, by
Foreman 2. Hit by pitched hull, by
Khlnes 2. Struct; out, by Khlnc* I: by
Foreman 1: by Fraser l. Wild pltohca,
Fraaer 2. Time, lsfi?. Umpire, Keofe.
CHICAGO. May 21?To-day's game. u
pltehern' buttle. *im won bv tho Colts In
the tenth Inning?Kyan led oft with n
triple, hls'only hit ??f the day. and ncored
the wlnnlnu run when Cart wrlght fulled
to .-top Itellly's Hot Krounder. l.anw was
very hum* and retired after tho third.
Crooks wan brought In to but for German
In the ninth. Silver Kins doing tin* twirl*
Ing for t h?- senators during the last two
Innltu;.*. A sensational ono-handwl ratrh
by Itellly was tho feature. Attendance
Score: R II K
Chicago ....0 0 0 0 1 0 0 2 o 1-4 It 2
Wash m 1 0 0 L 0 0 0 1 0-3 6 r.
Karned run?, Chlcutfr/I: Washington 1.
hou' mi w ? iiic.'iku. rnrii'i nnu murium*;
Wa.'hitu.'ton. Ucrmrni, Kin* hiu! M<:Uulr<\
Time, 2:06. Umpire, Six rldan.
ST. I,nriS, May 24.?'To-day's Karac Ih?twueu
the Hrownn a nil Chr llrhlc/rroomtt
nan a plt?'lw<rV Until*'. In which Pnnahue,
for the home team. had a little the better
of It. Roth pitch#1*! first-clan* Imll, but th?*
Itrown? were al?li* to wake 0110 morv run
than their opponent* Tho visitor* put
up a superior tlcldluK Kame. Attendance
Score: I.' RHK
R' Louis 2 0 o (l 0 ! ii D - J i; :i
Brooklyn 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0?2 5 1
Karncd run*, St. I.or)* ' Hatterlcn?St.
T.oul*. Donahue and, Slfrurlund; Mrooklyn,
Daub ami <Jrim. 'Ffmv. 1 :? ?. I'mplre.
Wntrru l^asiie Itranll*.
At Mllwnukee? Detroit 7, Milwaukee "
Pitchers, Ciayle; Clausen and Barne*.
At Hansa** City?Kansas City 9. <5rand
RmildM Pitcher*. I'allalutii. llewctt aiui
I Walters.
At St. Paul?Rain
At Minneapolis?Haln.
llow tlir Intliit DrfKiUril tlir hhainrnck*
The W. W. Irwlns defeated the Shamrocks
Sunday afternoon on the Tunnel
Green In a w?U played game of ball.
J he feature of the cam'- the
itching of Whlssen, of th-' Irwlns, who
held the Shamrock" down to three lilts
and struck out twelve me n. The Shamrocks
should have been *hut out. but
for the errors made by th? Irwlns. at
(ritlcal times. Smith was battel out of
the box In the fifth Inning. After that <J.
N'au went In and h?HI the Irwlns down
to one run In the Ijw four Inning*.
Seore: It I! F
W.W. Irwlns.3 1 0 0 4 0 0 1 0-9 14
Hbamrork* . .1 <? 1 1 1 0 0 0 0?4 ?, f.
Batteries?Irwlns, Whlssen and Kartell;
Shamrock*. Smith. CJ. Nau and Miller.
Struck out. by WhK-en 12: by Smith 4: by
Nau 1 UitM on lut))*- off Whlsm-n J; off
Smith 1: off Nau 1L ^Ut by pitcher. Wills*i*on
1: Smith 1. Karned run*. It win* G.
Shumrock 0. Tim** of uutn<\ 2:03. Umpire.
Stimcll. Attendance l.?n).
I^mumv Arcldrnt.
Word hua been rfp^lved In this city of
an accident sustained l?y "BanunS*"
Nichols. who It playing with the Kansas
City team During Wednesday's pinu*.
while he was running baj?es he tripped
and hodiy sprained his ankle and foot.
He will be laid off for some lini". much
to the sorrow of the Kansas City "fans."
Amalmr Ilair llxll.
The W. W. Irwin base ball team defeated
the Shamrocks yesterday afternoon
? t.? 4. Whissen pitched a great
game for the Irwin*. Nau, for the
Shamrocks, also twirled a good game.
The Bethany college team defeated
the Carroll Club.-fof Wheeling, Saturday.
at Wellsburg."7 to 2. It was an
exciting content.
? riliii mla}'? II?ihII? ap?.
NEW YORK. Mtfy l!4.~Thir following
are the welgths fqr the handicap* on
Wednesday, at \lurrln Park; ihs last
day oithe spring meeting:
Onind International Mtet-plechasc
handicap, four miles? Lady Kuymond.
J ;l*; The i'?*er. 163; AJax. 15#; Sjxirt. 156;
Sayonara, 140; JBodain Captain
Brown. The Hake.'140; Woodford. 13f,
itnyon. 138; Adalbert, Todmnn, 1S7;
Firebrand, 136; Spread Eagle. Col.
South, May hlos*?ta. 125.
Knickerbocker hurok. t*vo miles and
a half over ten Lui dies -v?arac*?H, ihO,
AJu*. 157; Sport. I -5; .Marcus. J53; Poteen,
Abbey, 1Judge Morrow, Annie
Bishop, 147; ' C., I4<; Captain
Brown, Cheaap.'ak* *.41'; Woodford, !?0;
i>?< niu>t/ i.T>- Ijiiliv 117: Firebrand. 1?2.
Amphibious fclgn weight I'.at rae\
WUhori, mil? lOtOiwa. J?; Mitftgr.
139; Kcnm.'t. Cheaa'jieak?\ 12j: Pay or
Play, 1 antu*S\ 11*. Fugitive. IJ>; Jilelbert.
124. tfaollla, TJ: Flrebraud Wor
Lonn.n. h)'. in. iUx*. 100.
Opera n? !?lo*?rt l??rk.
There were lurgt? crowds at Mozart
Park y>-sti-nl??y tu rnj??y tin: :<a> ml con
Gladness Comes
With a better undent anding1 of the
transient unturo of tlio many physical
ili?, win h vanish before prone r e fforts?pentle
efforts?ple^ant effort n?
rightly directed. TJierc is comfort in
the knowledge, that so many forms of
sickness aro not due to any actual disease,
but simply to a consti pated condition
of the ?y:.tein. which t ho pleasant
family laxative. Synip of Figs, promptly
rtunovch. Thut is why it is the only
remedy with mlllio/?aof families, and is
everywhere esteemed so highly liv nil
who value ftOOd health. Its benelndal
e fleets are due to the fnct. that it i.?. the
onu remedy which promotes internal
' ill.,,nt dcbilitutinif the
i .rpma on which it note. H to therefore
all important, in order to Ret It* benellclal
effeeta, I" wl,, n V"u P'W
cl,aH?'. that yon have the irenulne art
wlrieli In innnufueturco '>v the Csllf,,rnln
Ittif Svrup t'o. only iumI koIcI by
all reputable ilrnRlfWx.
II in the enjoyment of grml health,
.1)4 the system lareinthir, Inxativesnr
rronicllefinro then not nciih <!. If
nlicteil v.ltl. any nctiinl ill),en*e onij
,v he fimnneniletl to the inos. nkilUuI
, hnlelmis. hut if in neeil of a l?"tive;
'me should have the lK?t, nnRJ'''f
well-informed everywhere, hjrnp
|.'|(riistniulHliighent anil iHmnM larpulJ
\*:d umk'ivcH iuoi?t general nututfoot ion.
An Opportunity Worthy of i'oiir
If you suffer with kidney disease or
any ailment arising from an' Improjw
action of the kidneys ur urinary organs,
this offer we make to thfl peoplo pf
Wheeling and Bridgeport should Inter:,
Ht you. in tin- advancement of medical
science, the kidneys, being a 1 moat the
organs of the great est importance to
human health, have not boon neglected,
and In placing before you such ii euro a*
Doan's Kidney Pill*, the proprietor*
recognize how far s<? many atatumems,
of the makfiH of similar preparations
have fallen short of Iholr claims, being
oonvincctl that no remedy "for kidney
complaints In existence i-quals Donn'a
Kidney Pills for such allrneuts;
strengthened In these conviction* by
letters that arc dally received of tho
work they oro doing for mankind's benellt,
old backs and young backs are b<Ing
constantly freed from newr-cc using
nches, and many a lame and shattered
one. stooped and contracted. Is strength- |
en-d, Invlsorated and Infused with new
life. With such a medicine, an offer of
this kind can be made without hesitancy.
for while we lose the box we give
to yon, we make a friend that assists
us In the sale of many others.
of Donn's Kidney Pill* will be Riven
away free to every p?rson suffering With
kidney ailments at the undersigned address.
First coma, first served, and
only this one chance offered. Remember
this Is not n sample box. but a. regular
size box of Doan's Kidney Pills.
II.- .1 EA Vnr >hn?? 111
the country who cannot call In time, a
full box will bo mailed on receipt of 11 vo
cents In either coin or stamp*, to defray
ex pen Re of pottage and mailing, in response
to all lettera received up to and
including May 28th.
Free Distribution One Day Only,
Bridge Cor., Main St., Wheeling,
J. C. Dent, Apothecary,
OglcbnjN Block, Bridgeport, 0.
Cut this advertisement out and name
| paper.
| Solo agents for the United States,
[ Co.. Buffalo. N. Y.
j cert and selections from the "BoheI
mlan Girl." by the Gonzalez comic opera
company. There will be ho performance
by the opera company this evening
but to-morrow evening the company
will perform the romantic opera "Fra
DIavola," which will be repeated on
Wednesday afternoon and evening.
There will he a change of opera on
Thursday and Friday and two different
operas on Saturday afternoon nnd
evening; ulso Sunday afternoon and
What People Arr Doing ami Saying iu
(lie ImlNafrtalTown.
John F. Tobln. of Mannlngton, state organizer
of tho Knights of fit. John, held
a meeting In tho St. John's hall In this
Ijlneo yesterdf^y afternoon -and or+ianiztd.
a commandery of the St. John Cadet*
The following officers were elected: John
McGce. president; Jo*> Kelley. first vice
pruddent; Willlura Garrey, second vice
iirrxidetit: John HIkkIuh. secretary; William
Cucran, financial **?cr'lary: JamesSands,
treasurer; John Watson, serifcant
? ltvmi> mMuu?nirer: Joe
Millet), guard. Thirty members were BecureU.
on next Thursday night ttitt Nntlorjal:
T'nlon will Initiate ten eamilitates at their
hall, lit connection with* tltfa they win
give u social entertainment for the members
and their families at the city hall.
Music. speaking by eminent men uf
Wheeling and Sloundsvlllc and refreshments
will be the order of the evening.
Some lien wood residents will have to
pay u heavy line If they do not stop
throwing garbage on the %'ucant lots and
In the streets. The city lurtilshres a collector
of garbage, who call*,every, other
day at earh house.
The people who are Interested 1ft the
Kenwood electric light plant will meet In
the Building and Loan nail to-night. The
liulldlng and I^oan Association meets this
evening also. ... .
Miss Lottie Price, who was operated on
two weeks ago, has so far reeoven-d a."
to 1** able to return to her home on Water
Miss Annie Meyers, who has beeu visiting
here for some time, has returned
to her home In Pittsburgh.
Hettwood lodge No. 3, A. O. U. W.. will
,-"1 " ~?n?ll/ln??.a nt lilt, ra>irillnr
meeting Thursday night.
Montgomery, Grey, Burchnell and
Doyle. candidates for sheriff, wen- In town
James Farmer and Paul Kcldle returned
from a few days' sport at Proctor y?sterday.
Horn. Sunday morning, tolMr. and Mrs.
Fred Oatcho. of Main mrpcQ a <bilighter.
Miss lielle Martin, of Moundsville, Is the
guest of Mlxs Anna Pellcy, on Main street.
Charlcn Currans ha.< returned from a
two weeks' lishlng tr'p to Proctor.
Olllo Reed, traveling salesman for u
Richmond house. Is In Hip city.
Frank Blgeloyv, of BarnesvJIle, Ohio, In
hero on u buslnesft trip.
Mr. William Pelley, of Mingo, Is visiting
hi* parent* in thin place.
Frrd Canity anil James O'Roke spent
Sunday In Moundsville.
.Mrs. Fanny Newton, of Slstersvlllo, Is
vlHitlng friends here.
iWIH. HimtHI' >?iuiwr .a ? .....
ont* in Si. <'liUrwv!ll?\
Miss Sarah Muliood, of MoundHvllle, is
vIsltliiK friends hwv.
MIhs Kiln Lull, of Moundsvllle, Is vlHltIni?
friend* here.
TTk- Infant child of Irnoc Johnson Is
Beriously III.
MIkh Lottie Lewis, of Aloundsvlllc, Is In
C*. U. Sprouts ppont Sun-lay In Slstcrnvlllo.
KlrelHo lUHrr?.
Electric Bittern In u in.'dlelne suited
for any seanon, hut pcrhupn more g?':i-.
( rally neided when the languid, oxhaustod
fe< ling prevails, when the 1Iv?t
Is torpid und sluggish and the n<?ed of
a tonli* and alterative |p felt. A prompt
u.v of this medicine has often uverted
P tijf and perhaps fatal bilious /evors.
No medicine will art inoie surely in
counteracting and freeing ti?? system
fi-.uii the malarial po|*on. Hendnche,
Indigestion, ConstlpatToni jDInUnoia
y I i.t. KP? trie Bllteir. and $100
per bottle at Logan Drug C'o.'o Drug
Store. 1
Use Pr. Miles' Nerve Pl4*t<Shi for Splm:|
V. . . i i. 11' All r i; ^I Inull Vm fori.
f Wheelmen's Lanier
f lo '). W. Cor.lir.in, P. 0. Box 549, Wf
V I will rido in the Whoc
L Saturday, Juno 13, In tho-Name
[> No.
L tear I ill hliinks nnd m.iil to ubovc <i
? Mkt, r tTi
All Sottl of I. > i! % ?*! t-i | '; ???! from
ilir Ulnii L'Ur.
Ilrv. y. Karl DiilioUl will go to 8nminrnuJiJ
to-day. vhoro In- will l<- tuorrleil
tc-iiiorrow to il. -i* HHlis 1'jinfotd. tin? :iocoinplltthfd
da tighter of flqulre Joxeph Uunford.
Tiny will romu io tlil? olty In the
evenltiK. and uJt-T a reception at tin- j
lioin?- of the it room V father, ? A-i1nyor |
HuIIoIn. will leave lor tbrir futuro how
in Xehranka. wht-ro liov. Mr. lmliolti lia- i
accepted a call to preach,.
jucjk?- a. j. Pearson returned . from ;
Washington City litM Saturday. nit* r i
H.timllni: lUu ucckM omit thru. Tin- in
Ulcations now ar?? that Jud?;o Jv.ir*on and
ilon. A. (>. liarnu* will be tin* delegate* to
the national Democratic convontlon from
tltls district, the Drat being u alngle standard
man ami the latter a free silver man.
Tho Chicago Journal of the 20th hM
an editorial on the curfew ordinance
passed by tho Bridgeport council, and
commends Dr. Wagner's xuKKcstion to require
married mun to be homo as early as
II o'clock, except that the Journal thinks
i t o'clock would Us better In cutting ofT
an hour of temptation.
James T. Kelly returned from tho country
Saturday and will bo here for a few
days h ttlln?c up some business nutters. It
I* altogether prol>abl? that the First National
ilunk will grunt him a leave of
absence for a few week* longer to upend
in the country, as he is greatly Improved
In health.
The mhIt of Dr. D. W. Long, ex-health
officer, for ItW obiimcd to be due him
from the city because th?> board of health
voted to give It to hbn. wu? urgacd l*?fore
I Judge Driggs la*t week by City Solicitor
I Armstrong and John A. Gailahor. No decision
has been Riven.
Ex-Slierlff Cochran Id home after his
first week out gathering etatlstlca for the
atate labor commissioner, ile took in
Newark, Zanettvllle, Cambridge and
i iuriP'sviiii" me pdHl with, umi win ni'?v
dovote some time to the matter In this
I Tho school board will m^t this evening
I to further consider the muttor of a now
t superintendent. Superintendent tiregtf,
i of Quukt-r City, viu in tho city Sutur!
day evening Interviewing member* of the
board as to his prospects
Now then? In talk of testing the constl|
tutiunalltv of the law under which pikes
were hulit in this county at such cost.
The payment of the oontK will go upon the
county if the law Is Invalid.
Tho rot urn contest of the pupils of the
31ariJn'x Ferry and Bel la Ire schools will
bo held here to-morrow evening, and each
one will In- graded for points Instead of
grading each side.
John A. Gallaher and wife leave to-day
ami ib-v. j.t. Foster leaves to-morrow
for Springfield to attend the diocesoau
convention a" delegates from Trinity
Episcopal church.
Miss KIlua Carmit'hael will Rive a muglcalo
In tii.- near future, it will takpplace
.in the High d?-h??ol room and be composed
T. A. Rodefer, of Rodofer Drew'. glaxs
factory, win go to Pittsburgh this week
to attend the national convention of the
The middle ferry went to Sl?tor*ville
Saturday tu bring tlx* (louts up, and it
will probably bo running by the middle
of the week.
Mesxrtt. John Duvlsund Frank It. Archer
came up from 8Jstcrsvllle and spent Sunduy
with their fumlilnH here.
Rev. If. A. L. King preiiched a special
sermon last night io the ci. A. It. ut thu
First Presbyterian church.
J. W. Oarber and futnily have returned
home ufter spending a few days with
friends In West Virginia.
Lou Emery, formerly of this city. Is
now working ut Glenwood, Pa.. In the
Uultiinore At Ohio office.
F. P. UurlK-r and wife will move into
Mrs. Sanders' property, on 'iniriy-eihui"
street, this weok.
Dr. J. 1*. West loft Saturday for Detroit,
Mich., where he will attend u meeting
of physicians.
cuku. where !>c haw secured u position.
fcverett Godfrey in Bp??ndlUK the week
with his parent* at Mingo Junction.
Th?- trustee* of the Plr*t Presbyterian
church will meet thin evening.
A number of people went on tho excursion
to Slstursvlile yesterday.
George Kiwer Mpnt yesterday at his
hoim- in Pittsburgh.
Charles Dunlap and wlfo are visiting
friends at Portland. _
tfr sisypbua
# was tb?- aucient
hero con*
demned by the
gods to push a biff
boulder up - bill
v?t. lest it abonld
down and cru?h
ten tbe myth makp
that Htory they
must nave been thinking of
dyspepsia; for there is certainly no other
trouble on earth that keeps you so everlastingly
struggling against being crttshca
into utter despair. Anything that cures
dyspepsia lifts abont half the weight of
misery that eruabea mankind, ? and womankind.
The trouble with moat of the so-called
dyspepsia cures, is that tbev don't cure.
They give only temporary relief. Indigestion
usually extends all through the digesir.M
b..m ili.. ptenr rlnwn In
the Urge intestine ; the liver too is frequently
involved in the trouble being torpiu and
inactive. For a thorough, radical, permanent
cure you must have the whole digestive
organism set right.?Not violently
tirTed up. but regulated. Doctor Pierce's
Pleasant Pellet* will do it They stimulate
the digestive juices of the stomach ;
invigorate the liver und help it to actively
secrete the bile ; and act cently on the
bowels to promote a regular healthy movetnent.
This means a complete and lasting
cure of tligestivc troubles.
The " Pellets " are not a severe cathartic.
They act on the bowels naturally and comfortably
though surely. The dose can be
reirulated to your needs, and wh?n the
'* Pellets" have done their work, they can
be discontinued. You don't become a
slave to their use, as with other pills. If
the druggint *uggeM some griping nill that
given him more ptofit, think una/ will
profit you moil.
MRS. n. 1j. LAMSON. of FalrmounJ.
Illinois, says: "My sister tis??d Chamberlain's
PuJii Balm for muscular rheumatism
and it effected a complete cure.
I keep It In the house ut nil times and
have always found it bencllclal for
aches and pain#. It is the quickest
cure for rheumatism, muscular pains
nnd lameness 1 have ever seen." For
sale by C. R. Ooot?c. W. W. Irwin, C.
Schnepf, C. Monkcmeller. John Klarl,
\V. II. Hague, 11. C. Stewart. It it.
Hurt. J Coleman, A. E. Scheale, William
Menkemeller. J. O. Khole. WheelIhk:
Bowie & Cotnpuny, Bridgeport; B.
F. I'eabody & Son. ttonwood.
IlriiiralIon I>11 y nt Uriifton, WrM Vlr
UliltM. Snliirilnv. M?J' .'10. IHNi.
For the above occnalon the Baltimore
& nhlo Company will Hell cxcumlon
tickets from Wlieellng and intnrmodlat?
stations nt very low round trip
rat's. Tickets on sale May and 30.
good return In until Jun<- I.
n Parade Coupon, j
r. jrrjjsrEi 10. |
iceling i A
ilmen's Lantern Parade, 4
Division, j
Street, I
ildrcss. 4
l i. iKll.l t.^. ^ A- - ii^l
^JuIGBQDd ?1
Figured Bl
Sicillians and Mohairs
Skirts are made frorr
securing some special
appearance and servic*
celled Late patterns ;
40c t
Light Kid
and Chamois Gloves, the
very newest offerings by
manufacturer and importer
in Glace, ButterColor.Tans,
Slates, Pearl and Cream,
and in Chamois. Our new
two-clasp WASHABLE glove
at Sl.00 is the swellest on
the market: also a washable,
button Chamois at
69c.. 'HI
Black (Hermsdorf dyed)
Cotton Opera Hose are a
cnprinl feature in ourHos- I
iery Department; also full
lines of Ladies',Misses' and
Children's Silk. Lisle and
Cotton Hose in black, fancy
and tan.
lioniton Laces
and all over in Black and
White for epaulettes.
d??a !! ?G
There are BICYCLES and Bicycles.
Jtist an th?-re nro "Nancy Ilanks"
and dray horses.
Hi! Htycklj
lb decidedly not a dray horee. On
the contrary, u u a winner tu mv
Ik not in the column!!
of the nownpaper, though wc
appreciate the value of "Prlnter'H
Ink." When looking around, intending
to buy a wheel, don't full to
look ut
ANOTHER THING?See riders* of
If a combination of "Talk" for the
In-nt wheel made that will convince
you die people you want to eoo uru
Geo. W. Johnson's Sons
a for our bicycle" You could aurt A
f on a thoit?au<1-ntlle trip ullb <?i.o f
ol our UMchliic*. mill l.vl con
A MnotlvMiroof relurnliiK In mkoimI A
J ?bti>o ? you nut If you want r
p a ivhoel thul won't <liMti|>oint you,
con", to up for It. When you buy 0
ft a btcjelo r'iinuno.1 one m a Imr
t j?rlr.v We buv.? the machine yrtU
n M'lflit l<* rid* tills si twin Vnii I ri
U' youiwlf tf yon ?trop in nt
u.ir lljcyclo Hv?tlqu?r(crv O
1523 Market Struct, ?
ro<l?iHoo> C
A complete line of Bicycle c
Suits, Bicycle bhoes, Sweat- 2
er.s and everv other article of
Bicycle Apparel, in all styles
and prices {
& ?($)
are what those stylish Dress
i, and we're very fortunate in
values in them, also in CREPE
VELTIES that for richness of
eable qualities cannot be exmy
way from
o $4.50 a yard.
Suits and
In Linen, Duck, Dimity,
Covert, Scotch Novelty,
Sicillian, Jacquard and
Children's Waists,
Suits and Dresses.
Shirt Waists.
These hardly need mention,
as the merits of our
line is known by all. See
the new ones.
& ??p
to loan.
Monet to loan-cash always
on hand In minis to suit, from $10 and
upward*, on real estate; also on furniture,
ctc., without removal; easy payments. No
charge unless loan la mad.*. Confidential.
ftl'q-tnth&sa JULIAN. Ho? 1U7.
TION by first-class mechanic; marrlyd:
Address \V. ear?* this ulllre. myi'"*
"TIT ANTED?A position hy a young lady
m stenographer and Typewriter. Reference
given. Address "M. F. S.." 2300
Vh.ipllti" hir? ? t. - Ity. _ _ my!2 _
"W" ANTlil? - TRUSTWORTHY 1* Cliff
SON to travel. Salary JTSO and expenses.
Reference. Enclosed *i-lf?addressed,
stamped envelope. SECRETARY.
l:o.\ "1'." t'hlcaKQ.
general notices.
a^OT7OE^-TO AM. TO WHOM"it mat
<Joncorn: All uerson* are hereby no
tlfled not lo noil any good*- to D. W. Mar?
iln In the name of the llrni of Martin A
McKown: that the undendKned will not
be responsible for any hills contracted
and made aft?r this 20th day of May. 1S91
II I.. M'K< >\V.\ tny2L**
1 in the City Bunk liuildlng. Inquire at
the City Hank of Wheeling mr20
I the city: large and plenty of llRht;
centrally looted in best advertised buildin
i: In the city. Al*o largo hall for rent.
Apply at lit*It CLOTHIEKS, Fourteenth
ana Mark?" street*. JaSl
FOR RENT. ??r "f
t uit nuu it winil tlo<)r c rooni?. jirn
Main utreof. Itawtnont mtlng hou?t>. with all
ilxtinvinnd furnlimc. rssdr for buMOtitt.
'IO <'ii jfo?d rv-tl ?*tnte.
FOIt MALK.?UUntl iir<?{??rtv mylncl2pcr
cent. JAJIK* I. 11AWI.KV,
Uvnt KfltMui iiihI Fliiinirlnl Aff-nt,
turn l"'.. Mfll'i -itr.'nt.
<lood kvutlou and trade, t'nti bo bought
cJ.esji. lu^uirc oi S. O. nOYCB.
I Itftl ?'hupHneHrvM?t.
^ uu SALli
Cheap aud on Vji<t T?riiu
?'itv n.mk Ituil.lltie 1 u? Mnrki>t_st!twt
1.V U( ' >11 KENT \\ 1TH VERT
Unit raonoy you can buy or rent a
lino property ihakery), with splendid storo
trade or all kind* o( baked kuwIh. confectionery
and stationery; tine horse and
wagon All hake-housi- and More fixtures
Included The l>o?t custom in town of
10,000 Inhabitants It's a bargain. Address
MAYFLOWER, euro of Wheeling
Ini'-UlHi-iiif r. myH
Stocks fob sale.
.'*> shares Junction Iron Company.
3 Wheeling Potter/ bonds. ii 1 wr cent.
20 shares Block's Mull Pouch To ha ted.
. o shares Itelmont Bridge Company.
Go shares Wheeling Bridge Company.
W shares Dollar Savings Bank, of Bel*
la I re.
SO shares Aetna-Standard Stool and Iron
100 shares Wheeling Stool and Iron Co.
:o shuns Fraiil.!;n in .iir.uico Company.
K. 8. IRWIN. Broker.
ap|S No. Z! Twelfth Street
O Warwick China Co.
nitreh Bros. Tobacco Co.
Wheeling Steel and Irou Co.
Cent ml < Haas Co.
I.uBollo Iron Co.
Wooil Bros. Planing Mill Co.
Franklin Insurance Co.
BlvorsMo tilosi Works.
Wheeling Hallway Co.
Wheeling Ice and Storngo Co.
Provident Mfo Insurance Co.
Wheeling Park Association.
Arloti Mall Association.
West Virginia State Fair Association*
Aetna-Standard Iron Mill.
New Steal Bridge.
' Itoyal Clav Manufacturing Company. *
ii'-rimi, ^niuiii r oinmry vv>
WhiH'lltiK lClootrlcnl Co.
Nu 1311 Alarknt Stroot
Stocks, liwuila and lnvovliUQUU. aplV

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