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Is Now the Battle Cry of the Dp- ,
worth League Workers.
Convention of 1*05 to lie Held t? Wheel liiK?Expected
(hat 1,000 VI* it or* will
he Il?re-Plrit Mcrilnc of the (ieiicral
Committee fo be Held thl* .Horning.
The District Embrace* PtiiniflvinU,
Maryland, District of Columbia and
West Virginia.
iTho "Wheeling,'9$'" committee of the#
Epnorih League, which was selected'
on EpWortli League day . ?t th<Moundaville
camp meeting: last ! August,
will meet ot the Fourth Street church
this morning at 10 o'clock., The committee
consists of all Methodist pastor*
and EpjvoYth League presidents In .
thp Wheeling district. The objfict of the
meeting . Is to outline plans for
"Wheeling, 'OS."
What docs that moan?
Simply that the great Epworth 1
League convention of the Fourth gen- ,
-ilBaA n* I
IIeral.confere/ico district, compose . ,
[Baltimore, Central Pennsylvania, Erie, I'
I Philadelphia, Pittsburgh. Washington, I,
Innd West Virginia conferences of the i
Methodist Episcopal church, will meet ?
[at Wheeling In the summer of 1898. 1
I Of course <he district conventions 1
will bo held and tht* conference conven- i
[tlon, at Charleston, on the 25th, 2tith
ami 27th of next May. but the great '
convention of "98, is fojnething that
West Virginia mu?t work and prepare J
for. long in advance. The lirst at Har- '
rinburg, Pa.. In 1892. was attended by !
only forty-novon delegates; the second >
at Washington. D. C. by .T42; the third '
at Pittsburgh, by 442; the fourth at i
Philadelphia, by over f>00, and the fifth
last year at Harrlsburg was the best
of the seri<-!J. It Is hoped to have the
* hfibful one of all In
I. 'l"" "'"*** ??
1*08 at Wheeling. With a proper effort I
the attendance can bp made an even
1.000. It would be too much to expect
Wheeling t<> entertain so many, gratis,
so boarding w ill cost Jl pec day. Each *
I chapter should pay the expenses of its 1
1 Many details will have to be arransrd.
and to begin this great WQfk Is the
purpose of to-day's meetiug. Stale
President Mathews Is expect?d to be
present. In the afternoon ntl o'clock
the board of control of the .Wheeling
district league will meet in the Penwood
M. E. church for the transaction
of important business.
Knima Sprecltles Returns liar Mllllona
ud Jf?rrlM the Man of Her Choice.
SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 6.?It 14 currently
rumored that Emma Spreckles
Watson hft? deeded to her father the
bulk of her property, voluntarily ma'k
ing herself, comparatively speaionK, ?
poor woman. Mrs. Wat3on consulted
her, husband about the step before she
took It and he gave his unqualified
It is said ithat before the wedding
look placo Miss Emma Sprepkles informed
her Cither that she wished to
marry Thomas "Watson. Claus Spreckela
would not hear of it and upbraided
his daughter when she told him ?ht;
Iniended to marry Mr. Watson whether
he lfked it or not. Persuasion proving
vain. Mr. Claus Spreckels is credited
with having resorted to taunts.chldIng
hi.? daughter for her ingratitude
and pointing out how much he had
done for her.
Yesterday, Mrs. Watson told her husband
hat she thought she ought to
d?ed back to her father all he had given
her, Including the United States
bonds to the amount of 11,000,000 and
nrnnorlv nn MVirlfAt known
I as the Emma Spreclcels building. With
rharactcrlstlc force Mr. Watson Is said
o have told his bride to do what she
thought right In the matter; that he
had not married her for what she had.
and that he would have married her
long ago If she had been a poor girl and
lie had been able to support her. This
occurred at noon. Within an hour the
property had changed hands.
Refnrna to Canton and Again Com to
CANTON, Ohio, Jan. 6?Presidentelect
McKlnley reached Canton'about
10 o'clock this morning. Major McKlnley
on reaching the city, ordered the
[carriage awaiting him to stop at the
I home of his mother, whom he greeted
[before going to his own hom?. Senator
Allison came here from Pittsburgh on
la morning train, hftvlrig gone east during
the night. At Pittsburgh he met
[General Felix Agnoi, of the Baltimore
[American, who came with him to"Canton.
Senator Allison left for the eas* at
L':0fi p. m. and General Agnus wont with
Major McKlnley to Cleveland at 4
Nothing Is given out concerning the
nature of the conferences. General Agnus,
it Is understood, came to confer on
the proposition of a southern man for
?he cabinet, but Is not himself .*in "aspirant
to that or any other position.
UffnKil in Kfaitlie Hilile.
TOPEKA, Kansas. Jan. 6.?The custom
of klsslim the Bible at th* Inauguration
of state officers which has
I prevailed In Kansas since the admission
of the state Into the union, will
not be observed by the Populists n?;xt
Monday. C. Clemens, chairman of
the arrangements committee, objected
to the cuntom on the ground thru the
gerins nf disease jnlght lie carried from
"ne person to another, by kissing the
Bible, and a resolution to ?lo away with
this part of the programme was adopt
NoTratk In l?.
PARIS, Jan. 5.?II was seml-ofllc.lally
announced here to-day that there was
Jno foundation for the report made public
by the Tagrrblatt of Berlin yesterday.
saying thai Frame and Russia
would Intervene at Washington in order
to prevent a breach between *he
United States and Spain.
M?n .Ifft.
i CTNCTJTNATI. Ohio Jnn R -~Th??
I protective leaRtio of American nhowmon
of the United Stotw began a three
day's session her - to-day. One hundred
delegates arn present. Johr. H.
Roblnjion, of Cincinnati. presides. VnrIouh
matters of deep in*?-rest to showmen
will come before tho meeting.
HAVE your earache, toothache. sore
throat, pains or swelling of any novt? A
t?-w application* of Dr. ThomaH' Kc|f*ctr1c
Oil will bring relief almost Instantly.
1 THE old way of delivering message
toy pout-boys compare.! with the mndrrn
telephone. lUustrates the old tedious
bnethods of "breaking" colds compare 1
Iwith their almost instantaneous rure i
Iy On? Minute Couch Cure. Charl?j?
L Ooetx4, ^ornrr Twelfth nnd Market
tr*?U; Howto & Co. Br Idee port; IV#.
ody tc Hon. Bontrood. C
riir** Heart Dusky Invert at Mn, French
Mlirlitou'i Feet.
Si. Paul CJr.br: .iirfca 1- ?hr crents*t
phipe In the world for the new; woman
and the old maid. For <1ie former
It ha* ?:fearm* that would pur the
Bol* de UouJogne In u total eclipse,
and Tor the old maids it i?.a tropical
paradise, where young. unmarried
men blocm in wild, tangled luxury the
year round. Mr*. May French Sheldon,
the African explorer, writer and
lecturer, i* neither ? new woman nor
an old maid, and yet she had sixty
proposals of marriage in one day from
sixty separate and distinct ahlaft, euc'.i
of whom was more stalwart and ardent
than the others, and Mrs. French
.Sheldon was compelled to give each
separately the marble heart. And as for
?hv the African ex
tue ne?v
plorpr says they can Rive, our brandnewest
bloomer-rlgfced specie."* any
number of card? nnd spades and then
discount them. Bebe Btvana, the woman
master, or the white queen man,
;is the merry sultans and dusky chiefs
called Mrs. French Sheldon, has penetrated
farther Into the mysterious
heart of ?ha? dark continent than any
jther white woman has-ever done, and
the other day she told a reporter . a
number of interesting experiences
ivhich she had among the mauy tribes
all'* visited.
The sixty offers of marriage were,
made one afternoon after she had formally
received the sultan of one of the
Interior districts In her tent?which
tent, by the way, Mrs. French Sh?ldon
llways arranged as near like a boudoir
In a well-appointed private house as
ivas possible. She was the first white
tvoman who had ever invaded that
iistrict and the sultaln appreciated the
lonor and In his poor weak way tried
to give a sort of torchlight procession
and strawberry festival In her honor.
His resources, however, were extremely
limited, and after he had sacrificed
a double portion of goats and
had salaamed before her until he was
threatened with curvature of the spine
he felt that something was still lacking
and that his guest was not thoroughly
enjoying herself. Whenever a straggling
white man had wandered into his
^reserves It liad been his custom to
unload sixty or eighty wives upon
him and then dismiss him with a sullanlc
"Bless you. my children." Whv
not reverse the ceremony with the woman
master? he argued to his secretary
of state for war. The secretary
thought it was a capital Idea and tho
chiefs of all the tribes or assembly districts
were ordered before his majesty
nnd ordered to propose to the Bele
Bivana at once.
Didn't Cover the Ground.
Atlanta Constitution: "I reckon I'll hev
ter quit a-scribin' ter yer paper, editor,
so Jest scratch my name off, an' call it
"Why. what's the matter? Don't it*
politics suit you?"
"Oh. ml"
"You like Its editorials?"
"Fust class!"
"And its news features?"
"No fault ter find with 'em!"
"Then, my dear sir, what's your reason
for Quitting?"
"Well, hit's holiday times, you know,
an* the gals air puttin* their hair up in
papers?curiin* It fer Christmas, as it
were, an' seein' that thar's fifteen of 'em.
all told, yer Journal ain't big enough ter
pro round. What they needs now Is one
er these here Sunday papers with * red
supplement throwed in!"
A Michigan Idaii Otter* to Send Ills Discovery
Free?Claims to be a Benefactor
to Weakened Mankind.
There Is always mor? or less suspicion
attached to anything that is offered free
but sometimes a man so overflown with
generosity that he cannot rest until his
discovery Ik known to the world. In order
that his fellow men may profit by
what he haa discovered. It Is upon this
principle that a resident of Kalamazoo.
Mich., declrea to send free to mankind
a prescription which will cure them of
any form of nervous ceblllty; relieves
them of all ttw doubt and uncertainty
which such mfn <we peculiarly liable to
' nrL'Miu in natural ?lz<?
UliU IMWIW" ? -- "7
nil vlror. As It costs nothing to try
the experiment It would scorn that any
man. suffering with the nervous
troubles that uiually attack men who
never stopped to realize what ir.lght be
the final result, ought to be deeply Interested
In a remedy which will restore
them to health, strength and vigor,
without which they continue to live an
existence of untold misery. As the remedy
In question was the result of many
years research as to what combination
would be peculiarly effective In restorwould
seem that all men suffering with
fcny form or nervous weakness ought
to write for such a remedy at once. A
request to It. C. Olds. Box 1766, Kala
mazoo, .Alien.. buiumk mm juu nvi
sending for the prescription out of Idle
curiosity, but that you wish to moke
use of tho medicine by Riving It a trial,
will bo answered promptly and without
evidence as to where Information came
The prescription I* sent free and although
some may wonder how Mr. Olda
can afford to give away his discovery,
there Is no doubt about the offer being
genuine. Cut this out and fiend to Mr.
Olds so that he may Know how you
came to write to him.
Thn I-Valurri of tll? Money ?iul Stock
NEW YORK, Jan. 6.?Money on call
easy iU [email protected] per cent; lam loan 1% P??r
cent; olosed at V?<82 per cent. Prime
mercantile paper Per cent. Ster?
ling exchange strong, with actual business
In bankers' bill at $4 861^4 8G?i
for demand and M 83%?>4 83% for 60
days. Posted rai?*s $4 84fj4 84l/4 and
$4 S"{04 88. Commercial hill $4 Bar
silver Gl%c. Silver certificates dVYSw
65*? c.
The general market during the forenoon
displayed increased strength and a
grnater degree of animation than ha*
been recently noted, partly owing to
v. hot \vj.? I-'-;;.cdi -l as the virtual .shelving
of the Cameron resolutions. The
prospect of a peaceful settlement thus
taken for granted by the trader**, caused
a more cheerful sent.menL which was
reflected In a wider distribution of business
at advancing prices. The dealings
were subjected to considerable manipulation,
and the more favorable character
of the railway retUTIW received, encouraged
operations in the Grangers
and Southwestern* for the long accoiint.
The trader* disregard lower
prices for American securitteirln London,
and some selling for i.iat account
Jipm ?nd worked nttulnst the eborts in
dome of the stocks that have recently
displayed the greatcat heaviness. The
anthracite coal share* w<-re actively
dealt in at advancing prices. Delaware
& Hudson particularly r??e \\ piM- cent
to 121% on rumors that the 7 per cent
dividend rat?- would be maintained.
Tho action of the director* In reducing
the 1397 disbursement to & per c?*nt was
not announced until near the close of
business and caused n temporary d?%
ctdod revulsion of sentiment. Affecting,
alH'? the K-neraJ list- Delaware A Hudeon
f? II nt*r rent to 113Vj. anil th*
general list yielded sympathetically.
umoago ? ??)?, uowevr. wan iven .-<t:p?
!? >i < ??!. New Jerafty Central oid ofl
1% j?? r cent on unfavorable comparlnonr.
??f the eoniimny'* naming power with
tna? of DhI.iware fir Hudson, which In
now on no Maino dividend hast*. The
market Homtl w??ak at alight net
change* In either direction.
Hallway bondn Improving.
(jovernmnnt* tdlghtly improved.
The total tub* of Htock? to-day were
149,690 xhan-v.
Evening Poat'fl London financial cablegrn
Tho Ht??ck market* wi?re belter <oday,
connnU hading the advance; but
little buciniHN wnn done.
American* w?ro good, chiefly on
Now. York buying, Thoro waa ?omq
washed. Suppose you're the
labor; the absence of rubbing;
work made easier and pleasant
But suppose you are mistres:
your own work. Then there is
why you should do every bit <
with Pearline.
Somctiaea nwdi a rt) Itblr, no
I Uxe purnvdrugi tho
gs Dr. Peal's
They in prompt, ?*< *nd oerti
oolnt. Scot tnywbere, (1.00.
For tale by CHAB. R. GOETZE. Druggist.
Insurance ofllce buying of the better j
class of bonds, but* the buying of I
shares here is very slight. i
Brazils were Rood on the belief that
the arrangement ubout loosing the
railways will soon be carried ?hrough.
With regard to the sale by the Bank of I
England, some two months ago. of the
new American loan. I understand that
the amount, namely 800,000 pounds.was
paid for in sixty days' drafts. If so.
their maturity a few days hence means
the transfer of that amount from the
market to the bank, thus further aidIn*
the rise In money rates.
The Paris and Berlin markets were
New U. S. 4s registered 120*4
New IT. S. 1* coupon 12014
U. S. fix registered 114
U. H. 5s coupon 114
I*. S. 4s registered 110*4
U. S. 4h coupon Ill1;3
U. S. 2s registered a
Pacific Ca of 'Si 102
Adams Express loO
American Express 10#
Baltimore tic Ohio 1J
Canada Southern
Central Pacific ] ??,
Chesapeake & Ohio 16v*
ChlCBKO & Alton ljil
ChlcaKo. Burlington &. Qulncy !
Chicago Oas / J.*
Cleveland. Clnclnnutl, Chi. 6t St. L...
Colorado Coal & Iron J4
Cotton Oil Certificates 13%
e. I>...1u,.ti 1U
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western...155
Denver & Rio Grande preferred 41*4
Erie M'/j
do first preferred 33*?*
do vecond preferred 19Vi 1
Illinois Central 92
Kansas & Texas preferred 29VJ i
Lake Erie & Western 17
do preferred W
Lake Shore 152'.4 I
head Trust |
Louisville & Nashville 4S}3
Michigan Central SS
Missouri Pacific iO?i I
Nashville & Chattanooga W I
New Jersey Central 100*6
Norfolk & Western preferred 16}i I
Northern Pacillc 13th I
do preferred 33 V*
Northwestern MM I
do preferred 152
New York Central , 92%
New York k New England 4.?
Oregon Navigation H
Pacific Mall 24 |
Pittsburgh ! >'> 1
Reading 27
Rock Island #>%
St. Paul ?4
do preferred if''*
St. Paul & Omaha 4SV4
do preferred 130.,
SiiKar Relinery 110%
Tennessee Coal & Iron 2J>H
Texas Pacific r)[U i
Toledo & Ohio Central preferred W i
(Jnlon Pacific JJh
United States Express S|
Wabash. St. Louis & Pacillc ?4
do i/referred Jgn
Wells Fargo Express #JC
Western Union
Wheeling & Lake Erie n
do preferred -i'i
General Electric .. ? *
American Sugar preferred 1 [HP*
U. S. Leather preferred 60%
do preferred ,w
Brradatnfft and Provisions.
CHICAGO?"Wheat to-day tor tne
first time in months came under the
control of Hie bears. Short seller" caused
the unloading of long wheat in
large quantities and the result was a
very weak market and l**c net loss
for the day at the close. Corn lost V.
oats *Ac, pork and ribs each 5c and lard
~ Flour easier. u
Wheat-Cash. No. 2 ?Pring. 78?i8Uc.
\o .*! spring 73078c; No. 2 red 811,^
Sic; January JlSwHCTactftay 81*?
83%?81%c: July 70^#i8%?iC5ic.
Corn?Cash, No. Sic; No. 2 yellow
?v January closed at 23c: May a?*?
25H#25>.i025%c; July 2?V4^2?^^n^cnnu.'.'iiih.
No. 2. 16(&'16?ic; No. .
white f o. b. 19tfr20c: No. 3 white f. o.
l> 174019c; January 15%<o?16^4^15%c;
May 18%?19%?1*%?WC.
Rye-No. 2, SJVfcc.
Barley?No. 2. nominal: No. 3, r. o. b.
20ft34c; No. 4. f. o. b. 24025Vic.
Flaxseed?No. 1, 72*4f*75c.
Tlmothyaeed?Prime. 12 60<C^<0.
Mess Pork?*7 6007 (56; jftnwuy
$7BMrrC607 65; May *7 80<S7 87%?7 80.
l,ard?Cash. W 80^3 January
cloaed at J.I 80; May 13 95?.1 9i^j>3 9u.
Short Ribs-Cash, aides, $3 65?3 9o;
Janiiart' closed at J3 8i>; May $3 9o(t
4 0003 '97%. ,
Dry salted shoulders 4Vt(?4?c.
Short- clour sides 3'i0>4c.
Whiskey?Distillers' itnished goods,
per gallon. 51 18.
Sugars unchanged.
The butter market Arm; creameries
lD?19c; dairies [email protected]
t.'heese?Steady at 8^@9&c.
Kgw?Firm; frenh 18c.
NSW YORK.?"Flour, receipts 11,186
bartvls; exports 14.674 barrel*; market
dull und weak, with buyscs and sellers
still further apart; Minnesota. patents
14 8504 8.1, Wheat. receipt* 61.050
bushel*; spot weaker; No. 1 liwd 95Hc;
Options opened firm und cloi^d ?t 14W
l%c net decllns; No. 2 rod January
cloned at 89%c: May closed Ht 87%c.
Corn, receipts 65.32a bushels; export*
14.R94 bushels; spot steady; No. " 29*;c:
options opened easy and ruled dull und
heavy all day; Honed net lower; January
closed at 2?ttc; May closed at
'I') ma
iil'AC. 11-*-Tii"- >"?
porta 13.025 bushel.*; ?p??t ?lull; No. 2
22*4o; options depressed with wheat and
corn and closed 'Ac net lower; January
c losed tit 22o; May chawd at 22%c. Hay
?t>*ady Hops quiet. Hides quiet.
<?r steady. Benf steady. Cutmeata
dull; pickled hams 8^c. Lard weak;
western steamed $4 07V4; refined easy.
Pork quiet. Tallow dull. Rosin
steady; strained, common 10 *ood,
Jl 72%. Turpentine tirm at 27M6Z8^4c.
R|o? quiet. Molaenes nte.tdy. Cottonseed
oil dull amd weak; prime summer
yellow 22%92Sc; <>rr summer yeiiow |
22-\W23o; hotter grades 26V4C. Coffee,
option* opened irregular at unchanged |
prices to 10 points decline, closed Irtvpiilar,
December 5 points up and others
ft and 15 points lower; sales 19.500 bags.
HtiRAr. raw firm: fair.refining -I ?-16<<i)
centrifugal 90 tent a ;[email protected]?ic;
refined firm.
BAL/TIMOR& -- Flour quiet ntul
stead}' and unchanged; receipts 13,540
barrels; exports 11,407 barrels. Wheat
dull and slower; spot 92%?93c; May
.S9%#89l.4c; receipts 1,648 bushels; exports
17,401 bushels*. southern wheat
t?v sample 95?96c; do on grade 89%
W%c. Corn steady; spot and month
27\kW7%r; steamer n^lxcd 26H? Uilfcc;
receipts 192,#75 bushels; exports <7,814
bushels; southern white mid yellow
corn 234021c. Oats steady; No. 2 western
26025^c; receipt* 7;',,962 bushels;
exports 136,065 bushels. Ryo Arm; No.
2. western. 42M4M3Kc; receipts 16.315
bushels; exports none. . Hay steady;
[istress and Maid
i have their part in the great
es that come from Pearline.
ippose you're the mistress,
fhere's the economy of it?the
saving of time, etc., and the
v actual money that's saved by
/ UUIII^ ana^ ?uu wiui. okvuu^
wear and tear on everything
maid. There's the saving of
the hardest part of the houseer.
s and maid, both in one, doing
certainly twice as much reason
of your washing and cleaning
nthly, rami*tine medicine. Only hanal?
uldfceuw*. li you. wtat th? Umi, set
Pennyroyal Pills
Ja Id T?ralt Tha r?b?1o( (Dr. Fail's) o?T?r dlis*
Addxm tZAL Muksxk Ob.. aortUnd, 0. '
successor to McLsln's Pharmacy Js7
Rood to choice timothy $13 [email protected] 00.
I Butter steady; fancy creamery 20?21c.
| Eggs Arm: fresh 16c. Cheese Arm.
| CINCINNATI?Flour quiet and easy.
Wheat pmv: No. 2 red 94095c; receipts
.*00 bushels; shipments 400 bushels.
Com firm: No. I mixed Sl?ie22o. Oats
dull: No. 2 mixed lOlfcc. Rye dull: No.
;. 36'-. Lard steady at W 6S. Bulkmeats
steady at (4 00. Bacon ea?y a) *4 8214.
Whlskev active: tales 920 barrels on
basis of J118 for spirits Butter easy,
snjrar strong. Eggs strong at 1-HcCheese
quiet and steady.
TOLEDO?Wheat lower and active:
No. 2 cash 930: Hay 94Kc. Corn dull
and steady: No. 2 mixed 22c. Oats dull
and easier: No. 2 mixed 17Vic. Rye
. steads-; No. 2 cash 38c. Clover-weed dull
nn?l easy; prime cash $5 32%; March
I *5 87%.
PHILADELPHIA?Butter steady;
fancy western creamery L'Oc. Kggs firm
and 1c higher: frfcah nearby 19c; do
western ll)c. Cheese firm.
Mva Stock.
CHICAGO?In cattle the Increased
offerings caused some weakness, but
I there was a rather good general demand
and the decline was only about
1(V* per 100 lb*. Sales were made at
i %\\ 60<&4 00 for the poorest natiw dressI
ed beef steers. $4 1004 50 for medium to
good, {4 60?3 00 for good to choice
| and $."? 10&o 23 for choice to prime,
with fancy cattle scarce and worth
r? .'i0?5 40. The stocker and -feeder
trade was again lively at *2 [email protected] 10,
with prime 1,100 lb. feeders wanted at
J4 25, the highest price reached In a
long period. Butchers and canners cattle
were active, cows and lielfers selling
at *1 S0?4 oo. with a few fancy
heifers at $4 I0ft4 25. Stags and oxen
sold at 52 5ufM 20 ana bun* orougnt
J2 10^3 so, white good to ptime caW??
were In good demand at 15 5096 05.
Texas fed rattle sold at $3 40J}4 20 and
cows ?t $2 5003 40.
In hogs, prices did not show much
change on the whole, though heavy hogs
were a little lower than yesterday; common
to prime hogs sold at $' '? 05?3 5>5;
light and medium weights continuing to
Htfll the highest, ana heavy packing
hoes tlx* lowest. The bulk of th* hoirs
crossed the scale* at $3 [email protected]>3 45. In
sheep tnude wo* active at steady prices;
common to choice aheep sold at $2 [email protected]
3 75. a good many westerns going at
13 00<03 75; yearlings sold at 13 6004 45;
Mexicans Balling at >4 2504 43. There
was a good lamb trade at 13 7505 50, a
few Inferior lamb* bringing $3 2503 50.
Receipts: Cattle, 18.000 head; liogs,
30.000 head; sheep, 13,000 head.
EAST LI BERTY?Cal tie steady;
prime $4 9005 10; feeders 23 6004 00;
bull*. slags and cows 22 2503 60. Hogs
steady: prime pigs 23 7503 80; best
light Yorkers and prime mediums
23 7003 75; common to fair )3 6003 65;
heavy 23 45Q3 60; roughs 23 2503 25.
Sheep higher; prime 23 8003 90; fair
23 00?3 30; common 22 0002 65; choice
Iambs 25 2505 50; veal calves 2G 50?
7 00.
CINCINNATI?Hogs active at 22 850
3 50; receipts 4.900 head; shipments 1,400
Dry Good*.
NEW YORK?With more buyero
present there was considerable done In
the way of purchases of moderate
quantities of seasonable fabrics for
Jobbing and manufacturing purposes
that collectedly took a very good total.
Staple cottons did better in a small
way through orders and spot engagements.
Print cloths unchanged In demand
and quotations, though more inquiry
was reported for odd goods.
NEW YORK?Pig iron quiet: southern
211 00012 25; northern 211 00013 00.
" ... 1... KHnUoMl* 11 t/,.
$11 50. Tin steady; atraKs *13 f.u.
Platef vteady. Spelter easy; domestic
U 0004 05. PI? Lead ffhonrs continued
tlrfDRtb; offering? by boldcm are cau
tlOUSjy oruncrv arc www vj tuning
52 90, while the exchange quotations remains
93 00&'J 05 for small lots.
OIL CITY.?Credit balances 90c; certificates
88Vic bid; offered at 80c; shipment*
85,336 barrels; runs 98,317 barrels.
NEW YORK?Petroleum, Pennsylvania
crude steady; February 90c bid.
NEW YORK.-?Wool quiet
TO cure all old sores, to heal an Indolent
ulcer, or to speedily cure piles,
you need simply apply DeWltt's Witch
Hazel Salve according to directions. Its
| maglc-Uke action will surprise you.
Charles R. Goetze, corner Twelfth and
| Market streets; Howie & Co., Brldge|
port; Peabody & Son. Benwood. 4
Relief In lloari.
Dlstr*s*lw? kidney and bladder dl*I
eas??H relieved in six hours by the "NEW
CURE." This new remedy la a
' great surprise on account of its exceed
lug proinpuirsa ??? ???'? ?
bladder, kidneys. baok and every part
of the urinary pa??age In male or female.
It relieves retention of water and
pain In passing it almost Immediately.
If you want aulck relief and cure thla
Is your remedy. Sold by R. XI. List,
druggist. Wheeling. W. Va.
All dniintUt* *uaraat?a Dr. Mile*' Paw
I'lU-s to stop Headache. "One ceut a dose."
f'ifra J Pllr* t Itclilii* Wlfi J
Symptoms-Moisture; Intense Itching
nn.i stinging; most at night; worse by
acratchlng. If allowed to continue tumors
lorm. which often blind and ulcerate^ becSntng
very eore. BWAYNB'8 o/NTMKNT
mops the Itching and bleeding,
heals ulceration, and In most cases re-,
moves the tumors. At drugglsta or by]
mull, for GO cents. Dr. tiwayne St Son.
llowtoCiir* All Nkln llliraifi."
Simply apply 8WAYNK H OINTMKNT.
No Internal medium. required Curea tottrr
crxrinn. Itch, all eruption* on the
fare, hands, none. tW., Icuvlnn the cktn
H?-ar. white ?"d h?althy. It* great hrnlIne
ami curative power* are ppaa*M?I byno
other rftiBMly. Agk your UrujcRi?t f?r
For Infants and Children.
?i!H- ...
Technical l*epartment--The 'following
hrani*h-s will bt- taucht: Rudlmental, M??chunlcal
and Architectural 4-?r*wiug. Uiicrs
untl Si;: meriting, Designing for Fresco
PulnterH, Cabinetmakers, Carver* and
Stonecutter*. Madeline in Clay.
Business Department?IUtolck?*eplng, 8te?
nography. Typewriting, 1'enmanshlp. Cor.
rt*pondenee aud Modern languages.
Tuition f*e in Technical Department, I:
per month, admfrsion to all classes.
Buslnens Department?Modern Language*.
12 per month: Bookkeeping. Correspondence.
Penmanship. J2 per'mbnth;
Stenography and Typewriting, 12 pei
month. No scholarship* sold. Student*
bind themselves for one month only. Special
classes for ladies In both department*,
Classes in session in evening, ?:? ?:*). For
particulars apply direct to
_ dell Egertsr Building, Second Floor.
Now that thf excitement incident,
to the political campaign 1? pver,
you should find time to attend ths
evening sessions of the
Wheeling Business College
and jjrepare yourself thoroughly
lor active business by studying
Arithmetic, Spelling, Writing.
Bookkeeping. Commercial Law,
8horthand, Telegraphy, etc. All ths
branches taught as practiced 'In
business houses.
P/ease call and we will talk ths
matter oven
wro aw 1519 mamu i mru.i, wuiew, it. va.
This school offers a complete and thorough
education In Practical English,
Mathematics. English Classics, Dutin,
Modfern Language* and ElocuUon.
ART STITDIO. conducted by Mrs. Eva
Hubbard, offern superior advantages fot
Pencil. Charcoal. Water Color, Crayon
Drawings and Oil Painting.
Boys received in the Primary and Intermediate
Departments. For circulars or Interview,
apply to
MRS. M. STEVENS HART, Principal,
C, lamb" Pres. jos. sbybold. Cashier.
j. A. jefferson. Ass'u Cashier.
CAPITAL 1200,000, PAID IN.
Allan Brock. Joseph F. Pauil,
Jumea Cummins, Henry Blebersou,
A. Reymann. Joseph Seybold.
Gibson Lamb.
Interest paid on special deposits.
Issues dra/te on England, Ireland and
myll _ Cashlar.
CAPITAL ? : j$!7B.OOO.
WILLIAM A. I8ETT... Praeldent
WILLIAM B. SIMPSON...Vice President
Drafts on England. Ireland, Franca and
William A. lsett, Mortimer Pollock,
J. A. Miller. William B. Simpson.
E. M. Atkinson, John K. Botaford,
Julius Pollock.
Je4 J. A. MILLER. Cashier.
CAPITAL. $300,000.
J. N. VANCE President
JOHN FREW VIco President
J. N. Vance, George E. Stlfal.
J. M. Brown, William Elllnghao,
John Frew, John L. Dickey,
John Waterhouse. W. K. Stona,
W. H. FraKk.
Drafts Issued on England, Ireland; Soot*
land and all points In Europe.
L. E. SANDS. Cashier.
Departure and arrival
of trains at Wheellug:.
Eastern time.
Schedule in effect Nov.
For Baltimore, Philadelphia
and Now York.
12::? and 10:36 a. m. a;.d
1:40 p. m. dally.
Cumberland Accommodation, 7:00 a. m..
daily except Sunday.
Grafton Accommodation, 8:40 p. m. dally.
f-n.n w?? York. Phlladelohla and T)m1.
"cumtertaiS p. m., ??Ujr.
Cumberland Accommodation, 7:26 .p. ra.,
except Sunday.
Grafton Accommodation, 10:10 a. m.,
For Columbua and Chicago, 7:36 a, m.
and 3:45p. m.. dally.
Columbus and Cincinnati Express, 10:15
?. m. dally. 11:40 p. m. dally, except Saturday.
and 2:40 a. m. Sunday only
Sandunky Mall 10:15 a. m., dally.
Newark Accommodation. 3:lo p. m.,
dally, except Sunday.
St. Clalravlllo.Accommodation, 10:15 a.
m.. and 3:10 p. m.. except 8unday.
Chicago Exprrss. 1:15 a. m. and 11:10 a.
WcTn "nniitl Express, 5:05 a. m. and 5:30 p.
"Wffiicy Mall. t:S0 p m.. flatly.
NVwurk Accommodation, 10:55 a. m.,
dally except SUhday.
St. Clalrnvlllff Accommodation. 10:55 a.
m and 5:30 p. m . dally, except Sunday.
For Pittsburgh. 5:10 and 7:tX> a. m. and
G:40 p. tn.. dully, and 1:35 p. m., dally. ?xc^?or
Pltt'ij'urfb and the East. 6:10 a. m.
and 6:10 p. in., dally.
From Pittsburgh, 10:10 a. m. and 6:55 p.
in dally: H:2u P- dally, excrpt Saturday,
and 2:? a. m., Sunday ouly; 12:J0 p.
m except Sunday.
m ' CHA8. O. SCULL. G. P. A.,
Baltimore, Md.
J. T. T.ANE. T. P. A..
WhrHlne. W. \i.
Time Table In effect July 12, law. 'Daily,
tDally except tiunday. EaaternTlnie.
' South Bound! T?J 33Z!Q3Z
Via P.C.C.AHti L. Hlj la. m. p. m".
Pltciburgli. Pa..Lv.( ( ?:lOtlS:?
) m. p. m.
Wheeling Ar.( fi:X
Leave Ja. m.lp. a. P- m.
Wheeling f ?:2A fl2:0l M:16
MoumlBvllle. . . . . C:??. l.*:? 4:60
New Martinsville. . h:00 :?? j:?
Hintersvllle S.-j 1.4? J.Jj
Wllllam'town. . . 3:0? i.32a. tn.
rark'Shuri: 10:0? 3:*> *8:00 17:14
IUven-woo3 11:10 4:40 p.m. i:K
Mason City 12:16 6:fu 9 MS
M. & M. Junction.. 12:60 6:3S l0:fi
T?olnt l'leaeant. . . 1:10 j>:58
" viu K. a M. ity. p. m. Pj.ro. p. m.
K. & M. Junc...Lv. tS:? *7:12 1:U?
p. m. p. m. p. in.
r'hnrloMton Ar. t??:07 0:^0 6:it.ri
ij.mi.oii. Ran# aw
Huntington I -J0| *:20 tll:57
Via & 0. Tty. IP- ni.la. in p.m.
. Lv. Huntington. . .1 W:U( 2:30 2:J5
p. ni. a. ni p. m
AT Charleston. W.V.| 14i27| *I:ll 4:17
K#nov? Ar.l *2:401 tS:4<>| tl2:15
]p. in.jp. m. p. m.
Via C. & O. lly. IP-a- p. m
Kenova Lv. !?
] |n m p. m.
Cincinnati. O...Ar.f
L?jtn*ton. KT..*r.l i:20| ?!8ik m.J KXi
JOHN J. AScueBTA. Q. K- A.
Arrival un?l departure ol train* on a?tf
after November 22. i?*5, Explanation of
Roforence Mark*: Daily. -Dally, except
Sunday. JDally, rxrept Saturday. *Dalljr?
rxcopt Monday. jSunda.vx only. 'Satur*
wyi only. Eastern Standard Tlma.
Depart. |R~.&oT?Main Um Emi. Arrtv*r
12:25 am ftath., Hal.. PUU., N Y H:20 am
*'.*> prn VVani).. bo 1.. Phil., N Y ;;
:w?aai .Cumberland Accom.. ><:2?pm
3:16 pm; Grafton Accom W W am
l?:23 um].. Wushlngton <'Uy Ex ., M JS p m
: Depart. IR.&O.? C.O. Dlv.. West! Arrive.
T:3i unilPor Columbus and Chl.j *1:15 am
, urn' Columbua and C|ncln..l *f-W pn?
tll:4i pmi.Columbut and Ctnctn..) ?'.<> am
52:40 am ..t'olumbuit and Clncln..,..
, *3:46 pm Columbus and Chi. Ex. *11:1? am
V:10 pm'. ..Zanenvllle A?vom... *10:??a am
110:15 am ,.St. Claim-ill* Accom.. 110:86 art
fl:lo pm ..St rialravllle Aeeom.. t$:g P?
JO:IS am| Sanduaky Mall *j:30 pm
"Dej?art. jB. iV^ArmST
" 'u ?u? *?r rut?ourcn p?:iu *n?
, 7:00 nm Plttaburch :& pm
1 *5:10 pm Pittsburgh and Cant.. *11:*> pm
..Plttaburgh and East..: 12:30 am
_U:ISpml Plttaburich tl2:? pm
Depart. (I*., (T. c. ft St. U Ry Arrlra.
t? :2a am Plttaburgh t9:0Spm
am Strubenville and Weal t^ltfpm
j?MC am ..So-ubenvllle Accom.. t?:15 pm
11:S pm ..Pittaburfh and N. Y.. tS:25 pm
2:K nm ..Plttaburnh and N. Y.. *11;*) am
1<:00pr ...Pittsbm-gh^Accom... t9:30atn
am Ex., an. and St. T.oGl* t7:ll am
t?:30 pm Ex., Cln. and St. Loula tS:ll pm
1:28 pm ..Ex.. Strub. and Chi.. P?
pro [..Pitta. and Dcnntaon.. 'llJOaaj Depart.
| C. ft ^Bridgeport. Arrive.
am Fort Wayne and Chi. t>:35 pm
to: 53 am ..('anton and Toledo.. pm
t6:53 am Alliance and Cleveland t*:J5 pm
5:53 am Steubenvllle and Pitta. KM P?
tl0:09 am StoubonvllJe and Pitta. Hl:? am
t2:W pm Fort Way hp and ChL *C:W p?
*2:10 pm ..ranton and Toledo.. '?:10 pn>
t2:10 pm Alliance and Cleveland I'.B P?
pmjSteub'o and Wellavllle t9:IS pm
*5:54 pm Phlludulphla and N. Y. t?:lO p?
pmi..Baltimore and Waeh.. *5:10 pm
tS:5< pm.8teub'e and Wellavllle t :10 p?
Depart. | wTft L. E. Arrive.
Ift-.W am ....Toledo and Weat.... P?
10;U) wnil>ve.. Akron ft Canton 6:1# pm
I *10:00 amlBrllUant and steuben'e *l:? pm
pm .aiaaamon and canion. **"
J4& pm]Brilliant and 8teuben'e *11:10 am
Impart. C.. L. & W.-Brtdcep't. Arrive.
Eaatern Time. _
|7:05 am Cleve.. Tolado and Chit tjJO pm
71:25 pm Clave., Toledo and Chi. tl:00 p?*
t<:60 pm Ma amnion Accom tH:00 am
78:01 am ..St. Clalravllle Accom.. ?n?
110:08 am ..St. Clalravlllo Accom.. tl:J0 pm
t2:26 pm ..St. Clalravlllo Accom.. t<:40 pm
5:26 pm ..St Clalravllle Accom.. t?:52 pm
<i:?? pm Local Freight am
"Depart. Ohio Rlvar R. R. Arr4*ra.
6:$5 am Paaaenger *10:46 am
12:01 pm Paaaeniror i U?
*4:15 pm Passenger *d:W pm
B?lSire. "Bellas.
Leave. B.. liC.HH Arrive.
10:U) am Hellalre. 4:10 pm
E:15 pm, Woodifleld 9:?S ?m
. ari^^aneevlHe^^ltt^m
TbftCleveland, Lortio S Whaeltnj R. B.
Schedule Effective November 22, 1196.
Cleveland Depot Foot of South Water 8L
Station*. | lp. m. p. m.la. m.
r -i?s?jr
Cleveland ?& 1:00 *4:30
Bereu 8:04 1:34 6:05
Lester Junction *6:tt 2:00 5:39 a.m.
lioraln t:K 1:? *4:10 V'M
Klyrla 6:50 1:19 4:21 7:3
Grafton 7:08 1M 4:41 111
1.enter Junction .... 7:27 1:53 *5:05
Medina *8:44 2:09 5:49
Seville 9:04 2:2> 6:09
Sterling 9:10 2:16 6:15 7
Warwick 9:M 2:58 6:37 a. m.
MatttUon ?:59 8:22 7:04 6:*
Justus 10:14 3:? 7:3 t:4t
Canal Dover 10:45 4:09 7:52 7:1*
Nnw Philadelphia... 10:52 4:17 8:QQ TM
Uhrichavilla *11:26 4:5! !:? 7:44
Bridgeport 1:80 7:0P 10.-W
p. m. p. m. p. m. a. m.
BTitfoaiT |a. m.|*. m.|p. m.
2 4 I
Cleveland 8:40 *11:50 *?:15
Berea ti:M 11:16 5:41
Letter Junction .... 7:38 10:49 5:16
Lorain 9:25*11:35 *6:15
Elyrla 9:10 U:2[ 0:21
Gratton *:S5 l&j! %M
Leiter Junction .... J :? }?:? *5:44
Medina I:S J2:f2 S:S ?
Seville 10:1* 4:*
Starlln* **:12 4:33
Warwick ?? ?:?
MaaalUon f-JO J:g 2:45 7:lj
Juatua C.54 9.? 3J0 (J
Canal Dover G:2o 8:30 3:00 6:20
New Philadelphia... 6:18 2:? ?|19
T'hciohavitl* E:0Q *8:10 *2:25 CM
Bridgeport ?:06l 12jd 3*8
|a. m.|a. m.|p. m.|p,
Electric car? between Wheeling, Martin's
Ferry and C.. L. & W. Depot la
Daily between point* marked
glunday only between points marked |
ther trains dally except Sunday.
On Sundays Train 1 runs to UhrlchsviUe
only, and on same days Train 4 and f
utarti from Uhrlchsvllle Instead of Bridge*
^Through connections and through tickets
to pointH. Call on agents or address
W.ll. WOODFORD. Gen. Manager.
Cleveland, Ohio.
M. O. CARREL, General Pass.,
Cleveland. Ohio. t
univ llivnic TJftTTTP.?
*I A.I iia.ivuu
LEAVE WHEELING 9:48 a. M., cit*
Arrive COl.l'MBUS 2:25 p. m.
Arrive CINCINNATI 6:06 p. m.
Arr.ve INDIANAPOLIS 10:15 p. a.
Arrive ST. LOUIS 7:00 * m.
pennsylvania dining cajl
tutt.t.man cars from wheeuno
For Steuhenvllle and Pittsburgh' 7:21 ?.
m. week days: for Pittsburgh and tha
kaat. and for columbus and Chicago at
1:1S p. m. week days; for Pittsburgh, Harriuburg.
Baltimore. Washington, Phlladelphia
and New York at 8:65 p. m. daily; for
Bteubeavllla and Dennlson at MS p. m.
dally: for Pittsburgh at 7:00 p. m. week
days; for Columbus, Dayton. Cincinnati.
Indianapolis and 8t Louis at l;? p. J
we?k daya. JClty time.
Parlor Car to Pittsburgh on 346 p. m. and
7 p. m. Trains.
Persons contemplating a trip win And
it profitable In pleasure and convenience
to communicate with the vinderalgnod,
who mill make all necessary arrangement*
for a delightful Journey. Tickets will ki
provided and buggage checked through la
Passenger and Ticket Agent. WheaUy,
wheeiina & Elm Grove Raiiroafl.
Ob ?nil after Saturday. February I 1Mb
train* wll ruu aa follow, city tlm?:
trave WTiVallng. j Ua?? Elm Org...
T'rlT l*me T'rnT'mr t'rn T'mrifTn-f^
v. - m No. P- m. No. a. m. No. p. m.
V- le^o .. s.? 1.. .. .. *M
J-- 1;SS .. 4:00 s.... J.-ffla.... <*
1" " i'ocit.. t;? 5- ?:00 3.. .. 6:00
" s;00IS . .. ?:? t*:t)025.. .. M
,i- ,0 00 a.. ?> ?.... ?:oor....
!' " u:00 30.. .. 1:00 11.. .. 11 job.. .. t:M
14 few":: ".win.. ..fj.Sp..'
jj":;a*'"U!WIit:::: IT""3*
?floVuPrch? tnSnil will IfJtve Elm
Wheeimo Brian? & Terminal Ry.
C. O. 11HEW8TER. lirfh-rr.
Time Table No. J3, to take effect 13:51 a.
ni., Sunday, November ]y, 1?5
I.eave Whoeltnr?tlKW. t?:(A |ll:? ?. ?
tl:?. *1;1S. tl:W. >:?p. m. ^
Leave ronln?u[;-?J:0t t?:Sl. Ill:?, a. a
tS'.A *3:11. 'f-M. ?*? p. m.
L*ave Martin a Fi rry tt:U t?:j7, |iI:Sj
a. in.. ?:8. J:K. .4:12. js:l2 p. m. .
Arrive Terminal Jumtion?tl:lT, tll-M
|1I:S??. m.. }*.<**. ! :?. IMUp. m.
I.iavo Terminal Junnlon-1. (9:00 a.
> ?- ... ?i.i? ii-na wu ? J*
"'iUVv^Mirtln'"" 'Knr-ti'iS V:? ?Tm,
1U*4!?? 14:05, MS*?* 16:1!*. p. in.
L2vV renlnculu?t":H. |9:14 a. m.
lt-11 14:17. t5:25. fS:5S p. m.
Arrive Wliwllt.r. <1M. I?:M ?. m.. U1:B.
14:17. tl:25. :3J. 19:05 p. in.
Dully. tDally ?xeept Sunday. ISunftajf

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