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Th? Grind omilla Begins?'To fnrr?tlgafe
(he *fati? Printer's (harges-ftjiort 8c - !
Ion of (lie Keuate.
Special Dispatch to tho Intelligencer.
CHARLESTON, W. V?.. Jan. 18.- I
The senate convened at 10 a. -m . prayer j
by Rev. J. C. Barr, D. D. Mr. Farr of- j
fercd a resolution for the distribution J
of the governor's message Jo the var- |
ious committees, which w'erit over until
The following bills were then Introduced
and referred: J:
By Matthews. 8. B. No. 13. directing
the board of directors of tho West
Virginia penitentiary ?o have constructed
the dry closet syateth, etc.
By Hen.sley. No. 32. to prevent lynching
Irt this state; and No. 33, relating
to the re-location of county seals.
By Cook. No. 34, concerning the dull-*
of boards Of education.
By Young. No. 35, to authorize tan.
- v < Tonics to purchase larger |
tracts of land than are allowed under
the present law.
By Hughes (of Jackson), No. 36, to
prohibit superintendents and membera
nf boards of examiners from teaching:
select schools.
By Coles, senate bill No. 7, amending
the code relating to the county In
which proceedings are commenced. The
senate then adjourned till 10 a. m. tomorrow.
The house convened at 10 a. m., with
prayer by Rev. T. C. Johnson. The
appointment of the following commute.'
clerks was announced: Hoy Collins,
??f Putnam; W. B. Matthews, of Marshall;
F. C. Cook, of McDoweJl; W. H.
Brand, of Marlon; Holmp.i Curtis, of
Brooke; W. T. Qrose.oC Nicholas; Reed
t'rano, of Preston; A. H. Stollings, of
Grant; H. G. Pauley, of Lincoln.
Also the following pages: C. W.
Moore, of Harrison, mall and banking
page; James Leroy, of Cabell: Kenna
L. Hunt. Edward Young, Hollister
Rummel and Charles Neale, of Kanawha;
Barbee McGIII, of Putnam; Willie
Leach, of Marshall; Freeman Llnville,
of Lincoln.
The chief clerk, -Mr. Hood, announced
the appointment of the following assistants:
J. B. Flovd, of Kanawha;
J.'chvard Conlon, of Roane; Edward M.
K-atley, of Mercer; Joseph Sparks, of
Cabell; T. W. B. Duck wall, of Morgan;
C. Summers, of Kanawha; "W. E.
Crooks, of Mineral, and as stenographers:
R. P. Caruthers, of Putnam,
and W. B. Parkhurst, of Preston.
The speaker announced the appoints
went of S. M. Davis, of Fayette, to be
cloak room keeper and Fred. Huskins,
assistant. The speaker announced the
a: polntment of the following standing
committees: un rules, MesSrs. Staples'n.
Hahti, Garvin and McClung.
On enrolled bills: Messrs. Hahn.Darst,
Pack, Hock and ICenney.
on taxation and finance: Messrs.
G1 Behrens, Hughes; (or Kanawha).
Harvey, Brohard, Childers, Pack,
Payne. Kiser. Hunter, (of Morgan).
Mansfield, Arnold, McClung, Kester
o id Hurst,
<>n the Judiciary: Messrs. Garvin,
Hons ha iv. Hunt. Jones, Payne, Staple
toil. Curtis, White, Hughes, (of Tyler),
Ha vd, Harlow. Brown; lTmstead,
Kenne) and Kester.
The committee on privileges and
I ti n submitted it* report of the
mileage due the members which was
Mr. Cllne offered the folio wing:
Whereas. The public printer, whose
t has recently expired, haa a
claim against the state for a sum of
m n ' In excess of the appropriation
for printing; therefore, be It
Resolved, That tin- committee on
taxation and ilnance be. and Is hereby
directed to make close and careful Investigation
of the said claim In the
light of the law under which the contract
was executed and report to this
house the result of its Investigation.
The rules were suspended and the
resolution was taken up and adopted.
Mr. Collins offered house Joint resolution
No. 3, expressing it to be the
b< of ths legislature that the state
nf West Virginia doe.-? not owe one cent
?>f the so-called "Virginia debt." and
that this legislature la opposed *o any
i gotlations on the subject. The rules
were suspended and the resolution was
taken up and adopted.
Mr. Garvin offered house Juint resolutl<
No. 4. j rovlding for furnishing
the Journal of the West Virginia bar
oss atlon wllh advanced copies of the
net* of the legislature.
Mr. Parsons offered Joint resolution
K 5. raising a j<?int committee to
X'isit, insj t and Investigate; the management
< [ the Weston hospital for tho
Lnd the second hospital at Spencer,
the penitentiary and the reform
Mr. McClung presented the petition
< f E. a. Balling and others asking for
the establishment a ?jchool of normal
grade at Lewlsburg.
Mr. Toler offered house Joint resolu.
7. providing that the governor
call -I special session < ;' the legislature
t< a mble nol later than th- flfrst day
?>f August. 1S97. for the purpose o*
framing an ! c mpleting a ipw constitution
for t he Btat
Mr. Jackson introduce! hou/so joint
I - lotion No. 8, ip
?i i< to the con tit utlon, wrach provides
for the election of n surveyor .>f
la ... is utlng a11 >rnej. a sheriff
and < ounty treasurer for oneh county
if the
Mr. Staple ton presented the. petition
id 1 mi v. asking
<o have refunded : > him license tax
I il i by him
Mr. Brown presented the petition of
v T. Jolc an 1 fll F-th <
Randolph couo asking that a law be
i i ised t" prohib t parth - from patting
: dust lut" thi treau of th tate.
Also by the samf gentleman a fx tltlon
. !: !(utton at I twen j 1 ut < of
Ri idolph counts*, asking that r KI11h
a : deer for Ave years be prohibited
i i
Mr. Dnrst offered a resolution provld!
. | tl appoi itm tnl o : i. Ru1jnan
of Jackson ?ounty. as i . ommit - j
be ai u< i > the iommlt
' 11 ih?* Judiciary at >4 per AAy. and !
iker appoint an ad lttl nal
clerk, wli fhall 1 a si Igno
the p faker, anl that
lei authorized to api
' ii.- the supervl slon 6z th
I l
ill pres< ntid the p tit! fa of J.
F. Duuan and sixty-eight othejfy of
B ' y, asking for a < opi ra
Mv< Ian a | the i tat >i Mat 'J tnd
Cor l e pn : tlon flsh In the Pototn
Tii'- following bills wore Introduced
; '
"y l?cach, hotiao hill No. 1. to crente
the office <>f dairy nn?l food com '
- > >ner. No. to amend the ch u Mo
ind HI i i itlng to the
IntoxU itlng liquors.
i ^ Toler, No. i I , . t' lte the West
ja service m rn i i m a ad prei
nn tiio rate of tax -"i hAwkereand
Ko to
: . . ! 1 prociedMg!.
concci nng mine v? t In t
i Inspection; No. 9, to | ?teel em
In th 'i il ii i for
' Hansford Mo. 10, for tho nppolnti
.t i ii/.. and Huh warden; No
prohibit attorney)* from gdlng on
.. to authorize a
1 i lien on . 11 f n i il product*.
" ii.ilui, No. 13. ronpemlpgr tho mit
r tho etato; No. 14. to authorize
. ; [Inoral <ounfv to
the boundary Miih Ivtwcn tho
r Independent Fohool district nnd
tho number of acrog of land
b< owned b? a i ?rj irat Idri
Cnrtle, No 11, concerning Joint
puilea; No it. for the prori
of person* dealing In mlnn-nl
1 o efund i ' CJ r Moa
Woi k and Jame i i >
train Ik'ens* tnx erroneously a*'
J Hunt ? of Moti'.'mi. N'.' "0. to t.?'
and outhorlx tbo
l^ase and agreement by the trustees if
Berkcles' Springs of the property under
their chirge to John ! :. Herrlll.
By Hughes, (of .Tyler)..No. _i. relating
to fines imj>0*ed for th? unlawful
selling ci? IItj't** <s:"
for th? relief of George Atkinson.
By Collins. No. .23, concerning offences
against property and extending
the jurisdiction to justices in certain
eases; No. 24, concerning the publication
of the names of pe^ous and persona!
property relumed delinquent;No.
2ii, relating to the adjustment of damages
and costs where the stock law Is
In force; No. 26. to prevent the spread
of contagious diseases among domestic
animals; No. 27. to provide for the
printing in book form ox the records of
the West Virginia soldiers *n the late
By Hess. No. 28, relating to the duties
of assessors; No. 29,to impose taxes
on dogs fur the protection of sheep iu
the county of Harrison.
By Stapleton, No. 30. to prevent
cruelty to animals; No. 31. relating to
the duties of a guardian of u minor;
Xo. 32, fixing the liability of Insurance
companies; No. 33, relating to the
return of summons Issued bv justices.
By McClung, No. 34, to divide the
West Virginia schools for the deaf and
blind and establish a separate academy
for the blind.
By Glover, No. 35. concerning the
seventh delegate district and to restore
to Morgan county a delegate as
provided by the constitution.
By Gawthrop. No. 36. authorizing the
Judge of the circuit court for Barbour
county to appoint trustees of the burying
ground known as Mount Olivet
cemetery; No. 37. to prevent saw dust
from being thrown Into the creeks and
rivers of Ihe state.
By Hunt, No. 38, to authorize the
filing of Interrogatories to an adverse
party claimant 1n a case at law; No. 39,
concerning dentistry.
By Darst. No. 40. to take the sense
of the people upon the question of calling
a constitutional convention.
By Laisley, No. 41, defining the width
of lawful county roads and where
damages may not accrue against the
By Stover. No. 42, relating to the
re-locatlon of county seats.
By Taylor, No. 43, concerning the jurisdiction
of Justices In the cases of unlawful
sale of spirituous liquors; No.
44, for the erection of meridian monuments
for the purpose of securing uniformity
In land surveys, and preventing
litigation: No. 45. to allow mileage
to county commissioners; No. 46,
relating to trial of Justices.
By Garvin, No. 47, relating to stationary
engineers and others in certain cities;
No. 48, to form a new county to be
called tho county of Augusta,out of the
terrltorv of Marlon. Monnncallu. Har
rison and Wetzel counties; No. 4'.*, to
regulate the maturing of cases In
equity; No. 50, relating to license to
persons to practice law; No. 51, concerning
the action of ejectment; No. 52,
for the preservation of certain useful
By Chllder9. No. 53. Tor the protection
of laboring men. who .are husbands
and parents, ngalnst being deprived
of the exemption to which they
are entitled, under certain sections of
the code.
By Hahn, No. 54. concerning levies
for the support of primary fre? schools;
No. 55. to encourage attendance and
punctuality in the free schools of West
By Pack, No. 57, to amend the charter
of the city of Bluefleld.
By Brohard, No. 58, relating to the
weighing of coal.
By Harvey, No. 59, amending the
code providing for the appointment of
a board for the penitentiary.
By Mpnsfield. No. CO. to nmend the
code concerning relief from erroneously
^assessed taxes; No. 61. concerning
special commissioners; No. 62. concerning
commissioners in chancery.
By Mansfield, No. 63. concerning the
sale of delinquent lands.
By Blon, No. 64. relating to mine ventilation
and mine inspection; No. 65.
exempting old soldiers from the payment
of peddlers' license.
By Morriston, No. 66. relating to the
killing of partridges, etc.
By Bock, No. 67. to abolish days of
grace on promissory notes.
By Henshuw. No. GS. to prevent
Jumping on and off trains.
By Brown. No. fi9, relating to the assessment
of taxes No. 70, concerning
the killing of deer.
By Kenna, No. 71, providing for reducing
the levy for slate purposes to
twenty cents on the $100 valuation and
Increasing the levy for school purposes
to fifteen cents on the $100 valuation.
By Parsons, No. 72. concerning county
courts, their Jurisdiction und powers.
By McCoy. No. 73. to enforce work
on public roads.
By Hume, No. 74. to charter the city
of Hlnton and Include in its limits all
the territory now embraced In the
towns of Hlnton and Upper Hlnton.
By Cline, No. 75, to prevent lynching
in the state.
By Small. No. 76, concerning me- j
chanics' Hens.
By Harlow, No. 77, to provide for a
state board of dispensary commissioners
and to further regulate the manu- j
fact tire sale and disposition of Intoxicating
By Vickers, No. 78, concerning executions
for specific property and writs
of flerifaclas.
By Doddrlll, No. 7i?. concerning entries
on the docket of Justices of the
By Kelsall, No. SO, concerning t.ie
service of processes from Justices'
courts: No. Si. concerning the service
of writs of attachment and garnishment
iisrnlnst boards of education and
Mr. McClting nrose to n question of
personal privilege and desired to have
read a newspaper article which appeared
yesterday in the West Virginian,
the new Republican 'tally published In
this city, and which reflected upon n
member of the house. The article was
partly read when a resolution was
adopted providing for the appointment
of a committee to Investigate and report
upon the matter. <*
The speaker appointed ns such committee.
Messrs. Carvln, Hahn, and McClung.
Tin- house then adjourned. The
committee on privileges and elections
if the senate were 1n session to-day
an.I heard arguments In the contest
case of Getzendanner vs. Shatter.
Without completing its work, it ud- i
Journed over till to-morrow.
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The Feat arcs mt th? Money and Block
NEW YORK. Jan. 18.?Money on call
easy at [email protected]% Per cent; last loan 1%
per cent: closed offered at lft?2 per
cent. Prime mercantile paper 3^6-4
per cent. Sterling: exchange steady,
with actual business In bankers' bills
at $4 87%@4 87% for demand and at
54 85(8)4 85*4 for elxty days. Posted
rates *4 85*r4 85% and 14 88?4 88?A.
Commercial bill* $4 84. Silver certificates
647{[email protected] Bar silver 64%c.
The stock market lo-day was quite
animated and the volume of business
considerably larger than Qn any dav In
a number of weeks past. The movement
of prices was Irregular, owing to
heavy realization of profits, which was
again partly offset by fresh buying for
long ucoount. The Initial and early
trading was characterized by a resumption
of the acllvlty and buoyancy
that had marked the close of the previous
week. The condition was assisted
by purchasing orders for foreign
account. The deulings were well distributed
and Improvement was generally
noted. Foreign purchases were
extensive and included large blocks of
speculative bonds. The upward movement
was soon stemmed on sales for
both accounts. Effective support was
evident, however, In some instances
and buying of the hlpher priced Investment
stocks bn a fairly large scale
was a feature of the dealings.
Following up the selling to take profits.
the larger professional bears utilized
the news of several bank failures
in the southwest to emphasize the renpMnn
ami tvlth fair unomua \lnnhnl.
tan was offered freely and fell 3>4 per
cent to 90%. Sugar was depressed 2:
Burlington 1% and other stocks 101%
per cent from the top figure*. Wheeling
& Lake Erie stocks again suffered
from liquidation, the common yielding
l and the preferred 394 per cent. In the
late trading the selling pressure Increased
and the traders seemed to meet
with little or no opposition In their
raiding tactics. The closing was
weak at sharp fractional net losses in
most of the active stocks.
Evening Post's London financial cablegram
The stock markets were quiet, but
good to-day, the favorable factor being
cheap money. Consols were up >?
Americans were good, although the
buying of shares seems principally
from New York. The situation here Is
peculiar. Money Is cheap, yet the
causes whloh make it cheap are tho
very points helping to check market
activity. The Bank of England has yet
to be repaid 2,000,000 before the position
of the money market can be properly
gauged. It was rumored freely today
that the bank rate will go down
on Tuesday. I do not think II likely,
but uncertainty as to the monetary
outlook 1m unmistakably evident. Japan
bought 300,000 pounds in gold today.
The Paris bourse was dull on rumors
of the czar's illness.
Thft Prtrl1,1 mapL'At n.uu otan.l..
5o r?ur(T4 rti ror rea sieere.
Prices for hogs firm a: Saturday's ilguree,
and In some cases better. Eastern
shippers, too, took hold freely and it wan
a lively market. Sales ranged a,t $3 150
3 50 for the poorest to the best lota, with
trading largely nt $3 3003 45. Light
hogs sold at the top and big hogs averaging
400 pound** and upwards were the
worst sellers.
In sheep there was an active demand
once more and prices were stronger.
Sheep were wan-tod at $2 SO?4 00 for Inferior
to prime natives, with western fed
Jlocks selling at $3 40ft3 85. Yearling*
were in demand at $3 8r?ft"4 GO. Mexicans
going the highest, and lam Its sold at $3 Co
?5 23. according to quality. Receipts,
cattle 16,000 head, hogs 52.000, sheep 15.00>.
EAST LIBERTY, l'A-Cattle n\ow
and 10 to 15c. lower; prime $4 65tf?4 85;
feeders $3 <>0tfi4 00; bulls, stags and cows
$2 0003 CO.Hogs fairly active; prime
light and best mediums 13 6503 70: common
to fair $3 6003 65; heavy $3 405?
3 55: roughs $2 2503 10. Sheep steady;
prime $3 85ft 4 00; wmmon $2 4003 00;
choice lambs $4 9005 10; common to
good $3 7504 75; veal calves JG 5007 00.
, CIXCINNATI-Hoga strong at $2 75?
I 3 50; receipts G,700 head; shipments 1,200
Met. It.
NEW YORK-PIg Iron dull; south rn
$11 00012 00; northern $1100^13 00.
Copper steady; brokers' $12 00; exchange
$11 K.lft 1200. Tin slrong: straits
$13 40013 50; plates osier. Spelter dull;
domestic $3 S'.fi4 00. Decided strength
for lead remains a feature of the metal
market.with ;? loading brokerage house
quoting domestic at $2 80 for round lots,
while the exchange gives n range of
$3 O7V403 10. l*rivat? advices from
iibroad arc favorably
Dry f?o?ita.
NEW YORK?An Improved demand
for sissies, colored snd fancy cottons,
dress goods, underwear and hosiery was
the feature of the market, and considerable
volume ot now business was ef
Among the inactive shares, however,
gains were numerous.
Illinois Steel figured for 2; Tobacco
preferred and Delaware & Lackawanna
The bond market maintained decided
strength throughout.
Governments were quiet, but Arm.
The lotal sales of stocks to-day were
New U. S. 4s registered 120
New U. S. 4s coupon 11M
IT. S. f>s registered 1127<i
IT. 8. f.s coupon 114!),
1'. 8. 4h registered Ill
U. 8. 4s coupon 111%
U. S. 2a registered 95\
Pnclllo C? of '% 102T4
Atchison 14%
Adams Kxpress 136
American Kxpress 108%
Baltimore & Ohio 13%
Canada Southern 4S%
Central Pacific 13s;
Chesapeake & Ohio 17^4
Chicago a Alton l?r,
ChicaKO. Burlington & Qulncy 75%
Chicago Gas 78%
Cleveland. Cincinnati, Chi. & St. I,....
Colorado Coal Hr Iron %
Cotton Oil Certificates 14%
Delaware & Hudson 111%
Dolaware, Lackawanna A Western?1;V.
Denver & Rio Grande preferred 43%
Erie l,r>
do IIrst preferred... j 34
no roconu (jn-ierri-u
Illinois Central W'i
Kansas /t Texas preferred 31
Lake Krlu ft Western is
ilo preferred ??t
I.ake Shore ]." <
I,ead Trust 26
Louisville * Nashville CI 14
Michigan Oni nil 90
Missouri Pacific 23}i
Nashville & C'hattnnooKU rts
New Jersey Central 102
Norfolk A Western preferred ITJi
Northern Parlllc 13%
do preferred 34ty
Northwestern 101)4
do preferred 1G3}?
New York Centrol 94%
New Yoik K New England 4.1
Oregon Navigation l"
PacTiic Mall
Pittsburgh l?j
Reading i?4
Rock Inland
St. Paul .
do preferred 131'j
St. Paul He. Omaha ?>*?
do preferred 134
Sugar Rollnery 11?_
Tennessee Coal 4* Iron -' <
Texan Pacllle - J,ta
Toledo & Ohio Central preferred ifl
Cnlon Pacific
United Stated Express...... 7
Wabash. St Louis &.Pacific >**
ilo preferred '!iT<
Wells Pargo Express
Western Cnlon. ... *>,
Wheeling Si I.a he I2rle
do preferred
General Klectrle
1! H leather preferred
Tobacco .11 ?
do preferred
ItremlatnlT* mill Provision*.
CHICAGO?Wheat started strong today.
I)iit turned weak and clowd at u
decline of fv from Saturday's closing
prle?\ The foreign demand and weaknres
of cables wre feature's, the decline
I In cnrn also having wm- elTeet. Corn
ami oats were both very weak, closing
'itfSr lower. Provisions started the
same way. but turned stronger, closed
nt slight advance*.
Flour steady.
Wheal?Cash, No. - spring 77%c; No.
3 spring 74{t7fic; No. 2 red 87t/8No; January
dosed at 77^c; May 8O>{i081U0
8o4c; July 76i/7fi7%C'76c.
Corn-Cash. No. 2. 22^?M*c; No. 2
yellow 22^/22%*". .lautHiry dosed at
22?fcc; May J4140:M%Cf24%*24Vitf24ftc;
rer |
rinia j
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s good enough.
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of the exceptional quali
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od Bread, and How to Make it."
? ? ? icrssll
July 25%025!t026*0&Ho; September
2&\02G-fcef 26*026*40.
Oats?Cash. No. 2. 16*4c; No. 2 white
t o. b. 20021 Vic; No. 3 while f. o. b. 16*40
20c; January closed at 15%c; May 18*40
1&7h&18*4018?4c; July 18*i019*ei8%0
Rye?No. 2. 37037*4c.
Barley?No. 2 nominal; No. 3 f. o. b.
25?33c; No. 4 f. o. b. 23026c.
Flaxseed?No. 1, 74*4077*4c.
Tlinorhyseed?Prime *2 65.
Pork?Mess,#7 9007 95; January closed
at 57 87k: May S8 02*408 12*408 07*4.
Lard?J3 97*404 10; January closed at
13 97*4; May *4 1004 12*404 12*4.
Short ribs-Cash, sides. $4 02*40 4 27*4;
January closed at $4 27*4; May 14 150
4 2004 17*4- Dry salted .shoulders 4*40
4*4c. Short clear sides 4H04*4c.
Whisky?Distillers finished goods per
gallon SI 18.
Butter?Market firm; creameries 150
19%c; dairies 9017c.
Cheese?Quiet at 909%C.
Eggs?Weak; fresh 13c.
KKW! YORK?Flour, receipts 11.800
barrels; market dull and barely steady
on all spring wheal brands, but firm
on winters, which are scarce. Wheat,
receipts 6.475 bushels; exports 8,343
bushels; spot market weaker; No. 1
hard 96*?c, options opened stronger
and closed 14014%c net lower; No. 2
red January closed at 89*hc; May closed
at S6ftc. Corn, receipts 93.600 bushels;
exports 26,700 bushels; spot market
dull and easy; No. 2, 2S%c; options
opened steady and closed *4c net
lower; January closed at 28%c; May
closed at 30*j,c. Oats, re&ipts 145,200
bushels; exports 5,100 bushels; spot
market easy; No. 2. 22*io; options dull
Hna cuuer, -/m- h? iv?vi, -....
uary closed ut 22c. Hay steady. Hops
Arm. Hides steady. Leather firm. Beet
steady. Cutmeats steady. Lard steady;
western steamed $4 23: refined steady.
Pork dull. Tallow steady. Rosin steady.
Turpentine steady at 27%@28c. Rice
steady. Molasses steady. Coffee, options
opened irregular. with prices 5
points higher to 5 points lower; closed
quiet al 5 point j lower to 5 points higher;
soles 10,000 bags. Sugars, raw quiet;
refined quiet.
BALTIMORE?Flour dull; western
superior *2 7503 20; winter wheat patent
$4 90tfj<5 15; spring wheat straight
$4 40?4 80; receipts 12,497 barrels; exports
1.603. 'Wheat unsettled and easy;
spot 91*io hid; May 87%088%c; receipts
9,275 barrels; exports 10.684; southern
wheat by aample 92093c; do on grade
86%c. Corn weaker; spot and month
26^4026',^o; steamer mixed [email protected]>24*6c;
receipts 94.129 bushels; exports 19."..062
southern white corn 22%?27%; do yellow
[email protected] Oa?.'s quiet and steady; No.
2 white 24^25; receipts 68.219 bushels;
exports none. Rye easier; No. 2 western
[email protected]%c; receipts 6,215 bushels; exports
none. Hay Arm; choice timothy
$13 50014 00. Grain freights quiet. But
ter steady; fancy creamery 20{i2lc. Eggs
weak; fresh [email protected] Cheese Arm.
CINCINNATI?Flou:* In moderate
demand. Wheat steady: No. 2 red 92Vj<ii<
93c; receipts 3.600 bushels; shipments
3,900 bushels. Corn firm; No. 2 mixed
[email protected]%c. Oats barely steady; No. 2
mixed 18%c. Rye steady; No. 2. 8Gc.
Lard firmer at $3 82%- Bulkmeats firm
at $4 2504 37%. Bacon firm. Whiskey
active; sales 1.009 barrels on basis of
5118 for spirits. Butter dull and easy;
fancy Elgin creamery 21c; Ohio 15016c;
dairy 6(ft7c. Sugar steady. Eggs firmer
at He. Cheese steady; good to prime
Ohio fiat 9?9Vic.
TOLEDO?Wheat lower and weak;
No. 2 cash 9214c: May 93*6c. Corn easy
arid dull; No. 2 mixed 22c. Oats active
and weaker; No. 2 mixed 17Vic. Rye
dull; No. 2 cash 37%c. Cloverseed dull
and steady; prime cash $5 27%.
PHILADELPHIA?Butter firm and
In good demand; fancy western creamery
21c. Eggs dull and 1c lower; fresh
nearby 16c; do western 16c. Cheese
firm and In fair demand.
Lire Mock.
CHICAGO?In cattle there was a good
demand for tho best grades; others were
neglected and barely steady. Sales were
on a bawls of J3 5003 75 for the poorest
Ureas beef steers* up to $5 0005 20 for
strictly choice cattle, with fancy cattle
so scarce as t ? be little more than nominal
at $2 50(25 GO. Export beeves were
in demand at $4 4005 00. There were
no Indications of any falling off in the
stocker and feeder trade, and as the supply
was not excessive, prices remained
steady. Butchers and canners were lu
good demandand prices were unchanged.
Texas cattle were In good demand at
fected by ?po( purchase*. t?? which mall
and telegraph order* Added a much
larger amount. A mucli Improved ton*?
was .1 fpjiur.* of gr? a: importance. and
although ngagremeritt wen- tor modorate
?|uantlti*'? than usual; at ;he coriv*- j
ponding jw?Hnd nf piutt years.' In th.* aggregate
th-.- takings wen; important.
Printing cloths In quiet demand and
Arm at 2V4c.
OIL CfTY?1''redIt balances 88c; certificates.
no ; shipments 159.75- barrels:
-runs 115,522 barrels.
NEW YORK?Pennsylvania, crude
weak; February 83c bid.
NEW YORK?Wool <|Ulet.
plumbino, etc.
Plnmblur and <Jbj Fitting,
Meaui aud list >T?t?r IImUuj.
A run Line of lbs Oeltbntcd
Kept Consuntlr on Hied.
Practical Plumber, Gas and Steam Fitter,
*?"Guand Electric Chandelleri. Fillers, and
Taylor Um Burner* * specialty. mri
Practical Plumbers,
No. 88 Twelfth Street.
AH Woric Dour Promn^rat Be??onabla P'-k-M
CAPITAL? $175,000.
WILLIAM A. 1SKTT.~~. Prudent
MORTIMER POLLOCK ...Vtcr 1'rewldent
Drafts on England, Ireland, France and
William A. Isett, Mortimer Pollock,
J. A. Miller. Robert Simpson.
E. M. Atkinson. John K. Botsford,
Julius Pollock.
JalS J. A. MlLLER. Cashlor.
G, LAMB. Pres. JOS. SETBOLD. Cashier.
J. A. JEFFERSON. Au't Caahlor.
CAPITAL 1200,000, PAID IX.
Allen Brock, Joseph F. Paull,
Jamea Cummins, Henry Bleborson,
A. Reymann, Joseph Seybold,
Gibson Lamb.
Interest paid on special deposits.
Issues drafts on Knfrland, lrelnnd and
myll Cashier.
CAPI rAL.? $300,000*
J. N. VANCE President
JOHN PREW Vice President
J. N. Vance. George E. Stlfel.
J. M. Brown, William Klllngham,
John Frew. John L. Dickey,
John Waterhouse. W. E. Ston?,
W. II. Frank.
Drafts Issued on England, Ireland, Scotland
and all points in Europe
L. E. BANDS. Cashier.
1ul7 Wheeling. W. Va.
Departure and^rrly
SrhPdulo in effect Nov.
Ml VjQf+rJSi ma i N LINE EAST.
For Baltimore, Philadelphia
and New York.
12:25 and u. m. and
Cumberland Accommodation. a. m.,
dally except Sunday.
Grafton Accommodation, 8:40 p. m. dally.
From New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore.
8:20 a. m., dally.
Cumberland Express. 4:25 p. m., daily.
Cumberland Accommodation, 7:25 p. m.,
except Sunday.
Grafton Accommodation, 10:10 a. m.,
For Columbus and Chicago, 7:35 a. m.
and 3:43 p. m.. dally.
Columbus and Cincinnati Express. 10:15
a. in. daily, 11:40 p. m. dally, except Saturday.
and 2:40 n. m. Sunday only.
Sandusky Mall 10:15 a. m., dally.
Newark Accommodation, 3:10 p. m.,
daily, except Sunday.
St. Clalrsvlll? Accommodation. 10:15 a.
m., and 3:10 p. m., except Sunday.
Chicago Express, 1:15 u. m. and 11:10 a.
m... daily.
Cincinnati Express, 5:05 a. m. and 5:30 p.
Sandusky Mall. 5:30 p. m.. dally.
Newark Accommodation, 10:55 a. m.,
dally except Sunday.
St. Clalwvtlle Accommodation. 10:5.-, a
m. and 5:30 p. m., dally, except Sunday.
For Pittsburgh, 5:10 nnd 7:00 a. m. and
5:40 p. nv. dally, and 1:35 p. m., dally, cx%^or8Pittsburgh
nnd tho East, 5:10 a. m.
and 5:40 p. m., dally.
From Pittsburgh. 10:10 a. m. and 6:55 p.
m.. dally: II:? P- m.. dally, except Saturday.
and 2:30 a; in., Sunday only; 12:30 p.
in., except Sunday.
CHA8. O. SCULL, G. P. A.,
Baltimore, Md.
J. T. LANE. T. P. A..
\v heeling, W. Va.
Time Table In effect July 12. ISM. Dally.
1 Dally except Sunday. Kastern Tlnn-.
" Mouth Bound. 1 I | 3 | 5 | 7
Via P.,C.7c.&St.L.R.I ja. m~ p. m7|
Pittsburgh, Pa..Lv.( *9:10 M2:45
I )a. m.Jp. ni l
Wheeling Ar.| n:m; tr,
Leave. ~ h. m. p. m.ip! m.i
Wheeling C:25 * 12:01 *4 .is
Moundavllle ......... 6:.".;
Now Martinsville... ?:UU 1:25 5.MG1
Hlntf-rnvllle X:2I 1:17 fl;i5
Wllllamstown !*:34 .i:'.;: 7:Mii m
Purkernburc l?:oo 3:.to! %s:i?o, t7*i5
Ravoimwood 11:i?) 4:40 p.m. s ;: ?
Mtion City 12:li: m jK.
& M. Junction... 12:150 6:38i
point IMnaaant1:10 6:a| j
Via K. Sr M. Ry. ipl m.jp. ifTi iTTTrT
K. & M. Junc....Lv.( 1 .."1,
IP- m. p. m.J in "m
Charleston Ar.| t5:07| 9:251 /
Gallipot Ik fl:aW 7:10 MvG2
Huntington 3:20) J?:20 !.'11:57
via ?\&"o. Ry. Jp, m.ji. m. p. m
Lv. Huntington : t2:3T?i *2.no 2:35
]p. m a. in i). ni
Ar. Charlc.Mon.W. V. | 11.7 V. 4.', I::;
Kenova ..Ar. *#2:40M$:4d |>l2:15
p. ni. jp, m.
Via C. ft O. Ry. p. in m a. m.Jp. m.
Kenova Lv. 2:55' *4:4.'. *2:55
la. m. p. m
Cincinnati, O Ar. 7:00, *s:*5 j.-oo
a. in. p. m.
l-exlnglon, Ky..,Ar. 7:5) S^OOa. m., T im
J<5||N j. ARCHKR. A. (J. P. A. ~
Arrival and departure of trains on and
after November 21', )W6. Explanation of
Inference Marks: 'Daily. tDally, except
Sunday ;Daily. ?*c?y?t Saturday. '.Dally. I
except Monday. {Sunday* only. 'Saturday*
only. Eastern Standard Tlrae.
I ?-P?rt It ^d-4dla Lino"tSSCTatA\'C
1air Wash.. Lai.. Phil.. N Y. *?J0 am
-* <? nin Wash.. Hal.. Phil.. N Y.,.. . *
?:00 am..Cuml>erland Acoom.. -7:25 pm ;
3:<0 ytn ?Ira ft on Acrom *10:10 am
|y:c am).. Washington City Ex { <:? pm
l*|*rt. W.&o-Cio. Dlv.; WoVtl AJTiTe.
?:? nmiPor Columbian and Chi.) *!:1S ?m
I..";? on -^Columbus and Clncln..( '530 pm
{11:40 pm ..Columbus and Clncln..| *5:06 am
**:yi sm ..Columbus and Clncln..i ,
3:46 ptn.Columbu* and Chi. Ex. -11:10 am
if'1? ,,m Zanesville Accotn... ?? : :? ?m
110:1.. cm ..St. Clalrsvllle Accom..|tl0:? am
3:P? pm;..St. ('Ia1r*vtlle Accotn..t t5:? pm
um| 8andu*k_y Mail .... i *3.30 pm
Denart. !!! .(. n _*ti? r> i> ni.v ?Vhv?? . I
3:10 am' For Pittsburgh....am
-1*5? 511,1 PlUibuith * :*?? Ptn
<>:<o jim ..Pittsburgh and Kan.. Jl!#) pm
Pittsburgh and East..: am
J1.-*- Pn> Pittsburgh ,tl2:30 pm
Depart. (p., c.. C. A 8t. I,. Ry Anrlve.
ii'.t- amL Pittsburgh :05 pm
j-Mj am)8teubenvlUe and Went t?:15 pm
J?;lf l,,; .8t*?iil>envlll? Accom.. pm
;i tJ Pm|. Plttaburgh and N\ Y.. t3:S pm
*7.Z Prai-P't"?)urgh and N. Y.. *11 ;M am
T<.w pr ...PJttfh^rKh^Accom... ;3:3Q otr
J2;i^ ar? Cln. and St. Louis t7:13 am
T?.30 I'm Hx.t gin. and St. Louis IMS pm
II:pn> ..K*.. Stf-ub. and Chi.. ?J'JB P?
- -I"D and Dennlson.. *11 :?> am
! C. & P.?Bridgeport. Arrive.
-.O am Fort Wayne and ChL pm
Jam ..Canton and Toledo.. ;i>:35 pm
TJ.M am Alliance and Cleveland *9:33 pm
iX:S um S^ubenville and Pitts. +9:R pm
iH> W am Stenbenvllle and Pitt.-*. tH:1? am
0 pmiFort Wayne and rid. 1?:10 pm
J- 10 pm .Canton and Toledo. i?:10 pm
PmlAIllanc? and Cleveland *1;35 pm
If f pm 8teub> and Wellsvllle ;9:83 pm
tfiJSj pm Philadelphia and N. V. *?:10 pm
I* ?. P,n'"Paltlmore and Wash.. W:10 pm
JfiiLPmlSteub'e and Wellsvllle 16:10 pm
Depart. ,W. & L. e7 Arrive.
!?& um Toledo and West.... ?:}? P?
in' ani r!,'v''. Akron & Canton ?:J0 pm
10:00 ain Proliant and Steuben'e **i:10 pm
j:o?? pm .Masxlllon and Canton. *11:}$ *m
li*f? P_m|Hrllilant and Steuben'e ll'JO am.
Depart. C.. L. &"W.-Brldgep't. Arrlva.
.. Eastern Time.
t.:05 am Cleve., Toledo and Chi. 12:30 pm
tl:? pm ClevH., Toledo and Chi. t8:00 pm
*i:59 pm Musslllon Accom 111:00 am
t#:01 am ..St. Clalrsvllle Accom.. 1?:2S am
tI0:(W am ..St. Cialr.-vlllo Accom.. tl:30 pm
pm ..St. cialrsvllle Accom.. it:*0 pm
pm ..St. Clalrsvllh; Accom.. ifi:M pm
. ' i" pm Local FreighttU:80 a?
t?<'|>nrirI Ohlo Rlver It. "R. Arrive.
*fl:2.? am! PasseriRcr *10:46 am
12:01 pm] Passenjjer 3:25 pm
*t:lu pint Passenger *tl:&0 pm
Bellalre. | Bellalre.
Leave. J B., 7.. & C. R. R. Arrive.
10:10 um] Belia l re, 4:10 pm
5:15 pm Woodsfleld 9:45 am
2:25 pm| and Zanosvlll*. 1:25 pm
TbeClevelaail, Loraia 4 WbaelFag R. R.
Schedule Effective November 21 1896.
Cleveland Depot Foot of South water St.
Stations. | |p. m.|p. m.ja,m.
1 3 " fi?TT
Cleveland *7:30 1:00 *4:30
Beren 8:04 1:84 8:06
Lester Junction *8:35 2:00 6:50 a.
I/oraiu C:35 1:05 *4:10 J7;40 &
Elyrla 6:50 1:19 4:28 7*3
Grafton 7:08 1:36 4:46 8.11
loiter Junction .... 7:27 1:53 *5:05 iS;IO
Medina *X:44 2:09 5:49
Seville 9:04 2:29 6:09
Sterling 9:10 2:36 8:15 7
Warwick 9:33 2:'?s 6:37 a.m.
Masslllon 9:59 3:22 7:04 6:80
Justus 10:15 3:39 7:21 6:49
Canal Dover 10:45 4:09 7:52 7:16
New Philadelphia... 10:52 4:17 8:00 7:23
Uhrlchsvlllo *11:25 4:52 *:t0 7:44
Bridgeport 1:30 7:00 10:00
!p. m. p. m. p. m. a. m.
Stations. |a. m.[a. xn.|p. m.
2 4 6
Cleveland 8:40 *11:50 *8:15
Berea 8:04 11:16 S:41
Lester Junction .... 7:86 10:49 6:15
Lorain 9:25 *11:35 ?:?
Elyrla 9:10 11:21 6:21
Grafton 8:56 11:07 8:08
Lester Junction .... 8:37 *10:50 *5:44
Medina 7:21 10:37 6:00
Seville 6:59 10:18 4:89
sterling 6:52 10:12 4:33 S
Warwick 6:32 9:49 4:10 p.m.
Masslllon 6:10 9:23 3:45 7:12
Justus 9:06 2:30 6:65
Canal Dover 6:25 8:36 3:00 6:2?
New Philadelphia... 6:18 8:28 2:53 6:19
Uhrlchsvlllo 5:0U *8:10 *2:35 6:00
Bridgeport 6:05 l.:25 3:50
a. m. a. m. p. m. p. m.
Electric cars between Wheeling, Martin's
Ferry and C., L. & W. Depot In
Dally between points mnrked *
ISunday only between polnta marked t
Other trains dally except Sundity.
On Sundays Train 1 runs to Uhrlehsvill*
only, and on same days Train 4 and 6
starts from Uhrlchsvlllo Instead of Bridgeport.
. .. . .
TliroURll cuiinccuuiia mm kiituuiii
to all points. Call on agents or address
W. R. WOODFORD, Gen. Manager,
Cleveland, Ohio.
M. G. CARREL, General Pan*.,
Cleveland. Ohio.
Arrive COLl'MBUS 2:2.1 p. m.
Arrive CINCINNATI ?:06 p. m.
Arrive INDIANAPOLIS 10:lS.n. a.
Arrive ST. LOUIS 7:00 a. m.
For Steubenvllle and Pittsburgh 7:25 a.
ni. week days; for Pittsburgh ana the
East and for Columbus and Chicago at
1:25 p. m. week days: for Pittsburgh, Harrlsburg.
Baltimore. Washington, Philadelphia
ami N>w York at 3:56 p. m. dally; for
Steubenvllle and Dennlson at 8:55 p. m.
dally: for Pittsburgh at 7:00 p. m. week
days: for Columbus. Dayton. Cincinnati,
Indianapolis and St. Ixjuls at 9:30 p. m.
week days. City time.
Parlor Car to Pittsburgh on 3:55 p. m. and
7 p. m. Trains.
Persons contemplating h trip will find
It profitable in pleasure and convenience
to communicate with tho undersigned,
who will make all necessary nrrangementii
for a delightful Journey. Tickets will b?
provided and baggage checked through to
destination. .
Passenger and Ticket Agent, Wheeling,
_\\\ Va. oc8
On and after Saturday. February 2, 1695,
trains will run as follows, city time:
nu^llnit ' T ani'i Clm llrAVi
i.eave ?? iu'viiiim. , .... -
Tr'n T'nu'Tr'nTmolTr'n T'nieiTr'nT'mn
No. u m. No. p. m.lNo. a. in.'No. p.m.
2.... ir.:00i20.... 3:00 I.... ffi:00|19.... 3:M
A.... 7:00'22.... 4:00, 3.... 7:00|21.... 4:00
?.... K:?X> -4 r.:(K> r?.... 8:00 23.... 6:0*>
k.... s?:00 -t; 6:00| 19:00C.... (:oo
lu M:tv T:"0 J??:00'27.... 7:011
11'.... 11 :(v 30.... 8:00)11.... i 1:00129.... 8:0*1
p.m. 3-'.... !?:00i p.m. 31.... 9:Q<)
H.... 112:00134.... 10:00; 13.... 12:00 33.... 10:00
Hi.... !:tV3C.... 11 :cu;ir>.... 1 :<? 35.... 11:00
lk.... 2:00| 2:00j
tDally, except Sunday.
Sunday church trains will leave Kim
Grove at 9:43 a. m. and WheelliiK at 12:17
p. m. H. i:. WEISGERBER.
, . General Manager.
(*. O. RRKW8TER, Receiver.
Time Table No. 13. to take effect 12:01 a. in.,
Sunday. November 19. 1895.
Leave Whwllni:- s;0<). <9:43, |li:40 a. m.,
f2:20, *3:15, 14:50, |3:00 p. m."
l..ave Peninsula ?t9:Bl. 811:46 a. m.,
2:26. *3:21. t4:3?>. |9:0C p. m.
heave Martin's Kerry?tS: 12, I9:G7, |11:32
a. in.. <2:32. *3:27. tl:42. |f?:12 p. m.
Arrive Terminal Junetlon- :17. 10:0?,
|I1 :M a. m? <2:38, *3:32. ?: :!< p. m.
i.eave Terminal Junction 7:22. 19:00 a.
m . *12:40 a. m . |1:G9, J4:o3. 15:14. *:? p. m.
I.eav?? Martin's l-Vrry -t7.:"\ !'.?:07 a. in.,
12:16, |4:03, t4:10. f5:19. i^V! p. til.
I.eave Pcniiisula- .7:34. 89:14 a. m., *12:51,
14:11. t4:17. tH>:23, tSi.'.s p. m
Arrive Wheeling- r7:l0, J9:20 a. m., *12:57,
14:17. <4:25. tr?:3l. 19:03 p. m.
Dally. 1 Dally except Sunday. SStmdaya
All trains will run on Eastern Time.
-t R. TAUSSIG. Superintendent.
!5 and 27 Fourteenth Struct.

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