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Bnir l>?r 1,1 Bo,h no??i?-Snmber of
tfrfttnrr* VnwA and Hill* Advanced.
Y , |ai pispatch to tho lntettfgcncer.
CHARLESTON, W. Vn., Jan. 25.?
?r,. house convened at 10 a. in. The
Ci?ni^tttce on immigration ijnd agriculture,
reported back to puss house
Mil No. !W, to Ascertain and fix the
value of lands for the purpose of taxation
for the year 1897 and subsequent
tears. ' .v.1;
The committee on roads and internal
Improvements, reported . back .house
M!i No. M, relating to toll roads and
turnpikes: No. 6. to remove obstruction
from public roads by civil proceedings;
No. 4. defining the width of lawful
' county roads; No. 170, to* 'amend secI
tiozi 7 of chapter L'3. of the acts of 1895;
nlso not to pass, No. 98, providing for
the removal of obstructions from certain
rivers; No. 103. provlj)Ii(? for wide
Tlx- committee on the Judiciary, rej
orled back to pass house bill No. 53.
for ih>- protection of laboring men who
niv husbands and parents against beiug
deprived of the exemption to which
they are entitled; No. ISO. fixing the
time of holding t!%c circuit courts in
several counties; No. 1, tb create the
iftfo- of dairy and food commissioner;
N 68. to prevent the Jumping on and
off trains; No. 82, relating to paupers
tii'I public oeggars lounu in a cuuniy
where they have not a legal residence:
| concerning elections by the people; No.
17T. to amend section 7, of chapter 8 of
i h or 1895,' also without recommendation,
No. 5, concerning Hie rate
of tax on lnwkers and peddlers.
committee on education, reported
Igck to paps house hills No. llfi, to cxiriii
ill" tim?* to the board of educa:
of I'.ellngton to issue bonds; No.
].?. creating on Independent school dlsirict
in Mineral county; No. 161, to
mnend section'2, of chapter 4."?, of the
?y?tle. ami No. 180, relating to .education,
nj Ijrinating with the committee; also
ti ?t tt? pass. No. 115. concerning compensation
of trustees of free schools;
S'i. '-S. to abolish the office of county
superintendent of free eehobls in the
s;hti* of West Virginia.
The committee on military affairs
port 'i back to pass house bill No. 23.
.mcerning the military force of the
sr:it" with certain amendments.
i*!ie ommlttoe on labor reported
H.jirk house bill No. 9. to protect cmployos
and laborers in their claims for
The committee on the penitentiary
| i ported back to pass house bill No. 59,
relating to the penitentiary.
Mi. Tolerider Introduced house Joint
solution No. 19, inviting the press of
ihe mate to lav the subject of the fee
m before their readers, so that an
.imitation may b*? started as will expose
Us Inequality.
Slate I'rlittlnc Contract.
Mr. Hughes, (of Kanawha), Introduced
a resolution to direct the auditor
to report to the house a certified copy
of the estimates and the Wd. for pdblic
printing upon which the contract for
the public printing for t'^-state was
let in 1894, including a concise statement
of the total cost to the* state cov red
by the contract; also a like report
estimates bid and apparent cost
tinder the same for public printing
tn^de December. 1896. also to report
information concerning the contract for
stationary and printing- paper and
binding for these periods.
.Ml". A1III1 UUCICU ? IL'?UIIHIUII, auuiuilaing
the speaker to appoint Edward
Tuns ell. of Lewis county, -as assistant
HTgeant-at-arms at a salary of $4 per
day. a g
The speaker announced Tl*' appointment
of the following special committer's:
To visit the Weston hospital for the
insane?Molars. Hill, Ciino-ilrtd Groves.
To visit the penitentiary?Messrs.
Jones, headl and McClung.
To visit the West Virginia reform
'hool?Messrs. Hess, Colerlder und
linns ford.
The following bills were introduced:
By Mr. Garvin, No. 181. to fix the
itme for holding the circuit courts oZ
the first Judicial district, and No. 182,
amen# the act organising the circuit
courts of the lirst judicial district.
By. Mr. Hughes, (of Kanawha). No.
relating to the examination of
teachers. and No. 184, concerning witness
fees. ' ' '
By Mr. Kelsall, No. IS.".. .relating to
the commencement of action's before
J'istIces of the peace.
By Mr.' Curtis, No. 186, relating to the
1 .iso of property for immoral purposes.
By Mr. Hacen. No. 187, providing
f'tr the maintenance of county roads.
By .Mr. Lalshley, No. 188, concerning
Be Mr. Hughes, (of Kanawha), No.
lv?. to prohibit mining and manufacturing
wrporatlons from engaging in
the business of carrying on stores,
known as company or general stores
and supply stores.
Be Mr. Parsons, No. 190, relating to
evidence ill court.
By Mr. Taylor. No. 191, relating to
the rights of persons on public roods.
By Mr. Cremeans, No. 192, relating to
Judgments and costs.
By Mr. Hume, No. 193, to prohibit the
indiscriminate sale of opium, mor
phlne. chloral, cocaine ami sucn a rugs.
The following house bills tttte advanced
to their acoond reading:
MI1U Advaiirnl.
So. S. relating: to mine v^ptilatlon
n i l mine inspection; No. 1J?. relating
i'? intone persons; So. 2G. to prevent
tli* spread of contagioiis dlscasc.5
mong domestic animals: No. 21). to
impose a tax on dogs for the protection
of sheep in the county of Harrison: No.
relating to tho return of summons
t ?ued by Justices: No. ."9. <>?au?::iinj{
<! ntlatry; No. 43. concerning'tjty'fjuris<liot!on
of Justices in certain cases; No.
??' . relating to trials by Justices: So. 47,
tviatlng to the license of stationary enirineers
and others: No. 50. relating to
i:. license of persons to practicfe law;
N i. T.:. t?? enforce ivork on tli?v public
i "Is; No. 8"?. concerning limitation In
i-rsonal actions; No. 1-0. relating to
The following bills were introduced
; I referred:
My Mr. Stapleton, No. 19.". amend
the charter of the city of Parkers'
reference was dispensed with
' I the bill was ordered to Its second
; r-j'ling.
My .Mr. Caw thorp. No. 191, to amend
"Hons 1 and of chapter 1-7. of the
By Mr. Toler. No. 197. to aecurrf the
use::: of criminals and for the MiVfatvr
urity of life ?nd property within* the
IJ Mr. Blon, No. 198, providing for
td" igns. labels and trade marks for
" I-. rtlsing ixtZZ
My Mr. Stapleton. by request, No.
amending the code in relation to
i.iv i.n clWtii i,>'n nfi/1 nhnw-t
/louse MM No. 'J. amending the char'
r of tho town of Moundsvlllc was
i'?rl tho second tirn?*. the rule* wore
'impended and tho bill read a third
linn* and passed.
hlli No. "?7. to .'intend the <-hart<*r
or the town of Minefield, w-> ordered
i<> Ita nsro?Hment and third readhit;
The house then adjourned.
The senate convened at lo a. m.
The commit!"" 0:1 counties and municipal
corporations reported bnek senate
hlli No. M, to amend the rhaitpr
of Grafton and reroinmendlns Its passage.
The following hills were Introduced
1 referred:
\'.y Mr. Henfley. No. 99, relating lo
:.a.g#'s for railroad fare. :
My Mr GeUftidniinor. No. 100. relating
i?# t!u? diploma!* of teachers.
My Mr. riei.on, No. 11, Ilxlnw.^|ie
time* for holding circuit court* in .hpv ul
counties; No. liu. relating to vairidica
in county oflir**.
My Mr. Toole. No. 10.", relating to nor nal
school? <1
"na: bill IS. to protect the vfd-,
ing md driving public against the
- klesxneH* of bicycle rider*, on n
t.'ilrd reading. won rejtctfd.
The tollowing bills on the third r^ldIng
were panted:
No, 24, to enforce work on public
roads: No. 26. relating to talcing of land |
without the owners' consent: No. :% rr- t
lating to the unlawful galea of apirlt- I
uous liquora; No. 23, concerning ex- {
emptlon of Jurors: No. 37. Mllllns to j
ounry In u-hlch ptweedifiBS are i
Senate bill No. 20. in relation to the
drainage and ventilation of coal mines,
was advanced to Its second reading.
House Joint resolution No. 1-. raining
a joint committee or the two
houses to visit and inspect the institution
of the deaf and blind was taken
up and adopted.
The following bills were ordered to
their engrossment and third reading:
No. 5, in relation to action* before
justices of the peace: No. 14. relating to
compensation and mileage of county
commissioners; No. 17. providing for
the election of road surveyors; No. 31.
providing for the construction of a system
of dry closets ut the penitentiary;
No. 32. to prevent lynching; No. 43.
relating to offences against morality
ami decency; No. <*. concerning the
duties of boards of education: No. 73,
to prevent persons not naturalized citizens.
from being employed on any
work for the ?tate.
The following bills on their first
reading were advanced to their second
No. 89. providing for appointment of
guards at tne penitentiary; no. 48. relating
to cltl^M, towns and vUlafes'.Xo.
r?7, relating to the eligibility of trustees
in deeds of trust; No. 58, to create
an independent school district In Harrison
county; No.,64, relating to trials
by justices.
The following bills were read the
first time and rejected:
Xo. 51'. relating to the Jurlgdlotlon of
court! in certain cases; Xo. GL\ prohibiting
counsel from discussing law
IxHnts to Juries; Xo. 66. to increase the
levy for school purposes to fifteen
cents on the $100 valuation.
Mr. Young introduced senate bill Xo.
104; relating to usurious interest.
House Joint resolution Xo. 13, requesting
our representatives in Congress
to urge the passage of the bill
in Congress promoting the scheme for
the Nicaragua!) ship canal was taken
up and defeated. The senate then adjourned.
Love Is a disease and marriage Is generally
its best anti-toxin.
Application Is the ability to do work;
genius is the ability not to.
When a giri Is twenty she writs love
with an exclamation point: when she's
thirty she uses a question mark.
A girl may assert that she hasi never
been kissed, but she will never admit
that no man ever tried to.
When a woman says sometWng mean
about a man. she always says: "I like
him, you know: and If I didn't like him
so well I wouldn't sa,y that."
If a man doesn't kiss his wife when he
loaves her in the morning she thinks he
doesn't love her; If he does, she thinks
he feels good to be getting away.?New
York Press.
A Michigan Man Offers to Send ilUDIacovery
Free?Claims to be a Bcnefactor
to Weakened Mankind.
There Is always more or less suspicion
attached to anything that Is offered free
but sometimes a man so overflows with
generosity that he cannot rest until his
discovery is known to the world, In order
that his fellow men m^y profit by
what he has discovered. It Is upon this
principle that a resident of Kalamazoo.
Mich., desires to send free to mankind
a prescription which will cure them of
any form of nervous debility; relieves
them of all the ddtib: and uncertainty
which such men are peculiarly liable to
and restores the organs to natural size
and vigor. As it costs nothing to try
the experiment it would seem that any
man. suffering with the nervous
troubles that usually attack in??n who
never stopped to realize what might he
the final result, ought to be deeply interested
In a remedy which will restore
them to health, strength and vigor,
without which they continue to live an
existence of untold misery. As the remedy
in question was the result of many
years research an to what combination
would be peculiarly effective In restoring
to men ?he strength they need, it
would seem that all men suffering with
Any form of nervous weakness ought
to write for such a remedy at once. A
request to II. C. Olds, Box 1766, Kalamazoo,
Mich., stating that you are not
sending for the prescription out of idle
curiosity, but that you wish to moke
use of the medicine by giving it a trial,
will be answered promptly and without
evidence as to where Information came
The prescription Is sent free and although
some may wonder how Mr. Olds
can afford to give away his discovery,
there is no doubt about the offer being
genuine. (Tut this out and tend to Mr.
Olds so that he may Know how you
came to write to him.
Klirniunll?in t'nrril In a Day.
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Nuralgla radically cures in one to three
days. Its action upon the system is remurkable
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T. F. Anthony, ex-postmaster of
Promise City, Iowa, says: "I bought one
iinttw* of 'Mystic Cure' for Rheumatism,
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thaw any medicine T ever took."
Sold by H. H. List. 1010 Main street.
Charles Menkemellcr. corner Market
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Balm.) sufficient to demonstrate Its
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the month of October I
could neither taste nor smell and ? mid
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N. J. _
MINUTES seem like hours when a llf.?
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A "Wonderful New
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copy innjr 1i? hail free
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purrAt-o, N.v.
I is the
| World's Be
Not merely becat
most deliciot
But because it is
T!i? Featnrri of the Money and Stock
NEW YORK, Jon. 2.".? Money on call
easy m 1U02 per cent; la3t loan l^i i>er
cent; closed offered at per cent.
Prime mercantile paper 1 per cent.
Sterling1 exchange weak, with actual
business In bankers' bills ^it U 86U0
4 86% for demand and U 84?4fc4 S4>/4 for
60 days. Posted rates 14 S.">&4 851- and
*4 87?ie ; 88>~. Commercial bills *4 83.
Silver certificates 63ViC. Bar silver
One of the lowest records of business
recently established was made to-day in
the stock market. There were two divergent
movements in prices and the anthracite
coal sifcks exerted a decided
unfavorable sympathetic influence upon
the general list. The market opened
weak and lower, under the lawn of unsatisfactory
London prlce-.t for American
securities. Soon after the opening the
market had a general advance. The anthracite
coalers had been heavy but also
figures In the rally, particularly Delaware
& Hudson and New Jersey Central
which gained I^b and 1 per cent respectively.
Business was in small volume,
however, and confined to the leading
propertied. Trading after the first hour
become Intensely dull and prices showed
a disposition to sag. The expectation of
more favorable comparisons of railroad
earning.-* had previously strengthened
the railway list and St. Paul improved
a fraction despite a decrease for the third
week of *48.864, and sales by the arbitrage
houses. Later bear operations
against the anthracite coalers Increased
forcibly. Delaware & Hudson dropped
29* and Lackawanna 2% per cent, white
New Jersey Central suffered to the extent
of 2% per cent. The continued unfavorable
conditions in the anthracite
coal trade and popular outlook for business
facilitated the work of the traders In
depressing prices. The closing was
weak at general fractional net losses.
Railway Ixmda quiet and firm.
Governments strong.
The total sales of stocks to-day were
122.875 share*.
Kvenirig Post's London financial cablegram:
The stock markets were quiet and
featureless to-day. Consols were easier.
which, considering the ease in
money was rather a surprise. The decline
in New York exchange, however,
is said to have affected them. Japan
continues to absorb gold.
American bonds were steadily
bought, but shares were neglected and
the changes were based entirely on the
New York market. The Paris bourse
was unsettled, the copper mine and
Peruvian corporation shares furni<diiim
the only active market. The Berlin
market was firm.
New r. 8. 4s? r^Kistorc'd ....lul'i
New t?. S. 4* eoupuii ISFi
t". S. ."s registered 113*4
I*. S. ."s coupon 1141LI".
S. 4* rcfflKtered 1U\
1". S. 4s coupon .....IIU
U. S. 2? registered w
Pacific 6s of *95 IiCPi
Atchison 14
AdatnM Kxpres* 1.?
Baltimore & Ohio J.v;
Canada Southern
Central Pacific l-*i
Chesapeake .V: Ohio 17
Chloago & Alton IT.
Chicago, Ilurlington ?V: Qulncy 73%
Chicago Gas
Cleveland. Cincinnati, Chi. A: St. L... 'J7
Colorado Coal & Iron H
Cotton OH Certificates 12
Delaware & Hudson lM'.i
Delaware. l.ackuwanna K- Western... 1G0
Denver & Rio Grande preferred -fi'
Krlo Hv?
do first preferred 3f
do sccond preferred if
Illinois Central i'l
Kansas & Texas preferred 30
Luke Krle & Western 10%
do preferred 'S
La lot Shore 152
I.end Trust
Louisville Nashville ...... "'.i
.Michigan Central
Missouri Pacific -Irh
Nashville & Chattanooga fiu
New Jersey Central !?.
Norfolk .<: Western preferred Hi *
Northern Pacific 13ji
do preferred ?3'4
do preferred l-d
New York Central M
New York .< New England 40
Oregon Navigation l?
Pacllh Mall
1*11 iM?*ur?h 'Jp
Reading fSn
Rock Inland
St. Paid '?
do preferred 1;1
St. Paul & Omaha
do preferred ?.
Sugar Refiner.. ?*<?
Tennessee Coal & Iron
Texas Pacific ; -j!'#
Toledo A- Ohio Central pr* ferred A
I'nion Paeliic *
Called States
Wahanh. St. Louis A: Pacific ..?
do preferred / ,.
Welli* Fargo Jiipreaw
Western Union !>:: '?
Wheeling & l-ake 12rle : '?
lo preferred 1li4
(Joneral Ifileotrlc HMi
American Sugar preferred H?U
H. Leather preferred ill".
Tobacco 7??3
lo preferred HJ2
HirnUl nfT? ?nd I'rovlolon*.
CHICAGO?The opening ?>f < !? wheat
market to-day was at a might advance,
th* close at ?.?;< decline since .Saturday.
The Iom would perhaps have been
somewhat greater If II hat) not been
that Home of the traders nr almost the
IiiHt moment decided ft iiihvI?c to leave
the Moor short with a government report
to be encountered <o-morrow.
Other markets were dull and heavy.
Inn show only the shifting changes in
Flour steady.
Wheal? Cash.No. 2 spring 77Htt7S%c;
No. ? spring 78c; *?o. 'J red 88tfff891fcc;
January closed at 77r:i.c: liny 79U41
8O?KfSO\079^ff79ttc; July 75?4076?i?
Corn?Cash. No. 2. 2.'?221?e: No. I!
yellow L"-'ft>22Uc; January closed at
22fcc: May 23??024#24Kt|23T?e; July
2474|>2&,<4?23c; .September 20026#*!
OUts-Cash. No. 2. 16c: No. 2 white |
f <>. h. J9KI?204c: No. A whll?- f. o. I?.
I7f?l9c; January 'dosed at lfifcc: 'May
i7^tn?OI79iti>i7Tic: July 18?2tfi8Hff '
Rye?Nt'. 2. !5?%C.
Marley?No. 'J, nomlnnl; No. 3, f. o. b.
2:.#f24c; No. 4. f. o. b. 2Mf:?5fcc.
Flaxseed?No. 1. 7407ftHc.
TlniothyHeed?Prime, $2 7n.
Mess Pork*-S7 92!-i?7 95; January I
- ?1 rrTss-sjrsy?-?: ~ "^g
Best Flour !
jst Flour
tse it makes the whitest,
is and most economical |
pre-eminently nutritious.
closed at 57 DO; May 17 97^08 03?
Lard?}."! 95{f3 97?6; January closed at
>3 95; May closed at $4 07*3*
Short Ribs?Cash, aides. S3 93?4 20;
January closed at 54 05; Hay $4 10?
4 12^?4 10.
Dry salted shoulders 4'[email protected],/?c.
Short clear sides 4*i#4,4c.
Willskey?Distillers' finished goods,
per gallon, $118.
Sugars unchanged.
Butter?Market Arm; creameries 139"
19^c; dairies [email protected]
Cheese?Steady at 909',Ac.
Eggs?Firm; fresh 15c.
NEW YORK?Flour, receipts 18.11.1
barrels: exports 11,965 barrels; market
dull' and generally easier In sympathy
with wheat. Wheat, receipts 12.950 bushels;
exports 87.804 bushels; bpot dull and
weak: No. 1 hard 96?ic: options exceedingly
dull and easy all day. closing No. 2
January at 88'<,e: May closed at 85*ic.
Corn, receipts 39.975 bushels; exports 25.504
bushels; sprit dull; No. 2, 28',ic; options
dull and lower, closing >*c lower;
January closed at 28%c: May closed at
29%c. Oat.', receipts 97.200 bushels; exports
1,275 bushels; spot fiat; No. 2. 22c:
options quiet and easy, closing partially
ViC net lower: January closed at 32c;May
closed at 22V?e. Hay easy. Hops steady.
Hides firm. Leather firm. Beef steady.
Cutmeat* steady. Lard steady; western
steam 54 22'i asked; refined lower. Pork
dull. Tallow dull. Cottonseed oil dull.
Turpentine firm. Rosin steady. Rice
steady. Molasses quiet. Coffee, options
opened steady at unchanged prices to a
decline of 5 points, ruled generally weak,
cables being unsatisfactory, closed barely
steady, 5015 points net decline: sales
9.750 bags. Sugar, raw steady; sales
10,000 bag-<; San Domingo, centrifugal 96
test 33-16c; refined dull.
BALTIMORE?Flour dull: western
superior 52 75*53 20: winter wheats patents
J4 9005 15: sprLhg wheat straight
J4 wif4 ey; recepis ?,.m>u ouducis, i-ajju.w
14.1 bushels. Wheat dull and easy; spot
90Kc bid; May S7flS7Vic; receipts 1.143
head; southern wheat by sample !?1<& 93e;
do no grade 86<fo91c. Corn steady: spot
steamer mixed 2S%?23**c;
receipts 195.82.' bushels; exports 78.300
bushels; southern white corn 22027c;
do yellow 21?21%?26%c. Oat*quiet and
steady: No. 2 white [email protected]; receipts
37,241 -bushels; exports 224,12a bushels.
Rye steady; No. 2 western 43U?43%e:
receipts 20,650 bushels. Hay steady:
(food inquiry fnr choice grades; choice
timothy $13 f>0<&14 00. Butter steady:
; fancy creamery 21c. Eggs steady; fresh
15c. Cheese Arm; fancy New York (>o
pound 113;?1H?C
CINCINNATI?Flour ?iulet; fancy
U 25?4 family *l 60ft3 90. Wheat
quiet: No. 2 red. nominal. 92c; receipts
2.000 binhels; shipments 300 bushels.
Corn quiet; No. 2 mixed 22%c. Oats
quiet; No. 2 mixed 18'^e. Rye dull; No.
2. "36c. Lard easier at 13 80. Bulkmeat*
tlrin at $4 25#4 37^. Bacon firm at
$."> 00. Whiskey active; sales 1.213 barrels
on basis of II18 for spirits. Butter
in fair demand. Sugar easier; hard
refined S3 53?5 09. Eggs firm and higher
at 1114c. Cheese steady; good to
prime Ohio flat 9?9?ic.
PHILADELPHIA?Butter steady;
fancy western creamery 20(?20!|C. Kgg*
firm arid 1c higher; fresh nearby 15c;
do western 15c. Cheese Arm.
i.tve Slock.
; CHICAGO?Trade In cattle was falr[
l.v active and prices were steady, with
i the demand running chiefly to cattle
j that were well finished. Sales were on u
basis ??[ $3 *.0ff<;. 00 for th?* poorer dress"?I
heef Htefr.4. ji?? tci .<4 50 (M1'< 00 for PX- I
port unci shipping e.nth? uf good to
I choice quality, with limited sale* of
prltue beeves of heavy weight nt to l(ifi
5Su. Exports were fair buyers. The
Htocker anil feeder trade was animated
with sales mostly at $3 25 H 10.
Cows, heifers and hulls sold freely nt
unchanged prices, nnd so did calves.
Texas fed cattle were offered in moderate
numbers and sold' n? $3 f,0f/4 30.
I:?? advanced fa*. Sales t made nt
$3 &!{33 40 for h?nvy p !> >-r Jots and
light welchts sold at f?o. The
great bulk ?>f the hogs sold at $.1 40'ii)
:: 55. The cold was Intense and "frozen
backs" were numerous. In sheep, trade
was active at an advance of l(ij?]r>c in
prices. Common sheep sold at V Mift
3 fulr tn good nt oott-3 50 and
choice to prime at $3 f?jf<i4 (Hi: easterns
fetching S3 3 S3. Yearlings sold at
G05i4 40 nnd lambs were in good demand
at 53 [email protected] no for common, up to
$4 ?5(i.5 for the better class. The
offerings wore largely choice and fat
sheep, nnd sold freeiv nround 7.*. nml
fat lambs ?t $1 r, LTi. Receipts?
Cattle 13.000 head; hogs 40.000 head;
sheep 13,000 head.
EAST LI BE RT Y?Cn t tie active, and
higher: prime $1 S05i3 00: feeders S3 OOfi
4 00: bulls, tl.igs nnd cows $2 0063 oo.
Hogs active and higher; best medium
and prime light $3 80ffi3 8.".; common to
fair $3 70ij3 73; heavy <3 W)jt3 60; roughs
$2 "?oat?, 23. Sheep, strong: lamhj: ir?o
I higher; prime $" !?0fi4 00: common $2 40 ;
i 00; choice lamb* ?510'&." l'5; common
, to good 54 00?3 00; veal calves }t! ."Oft
j 7 00.
I CINCINNATI?Hog* ho live nt J2S.-.W
| rt (15: receipts 4,!<oo head; shipments f.oo
: head. I
NEW YORK?Pig Iron oteady: south- ;
ern *11 0o?12 00: northern $11 ooffn 00.
i Copper linn: brokers Si2 on; exchange
1 $12 00. Tin stead)*; straits Jia 7finj l3 y;,;
I plates weak.- Spelter dull: domestic
; $.*] OufiH iH). Lead continue* strong; lead
: brokers have raine d the price of domestic ,
i from Jl! SO to $2 f>0, while the exchange
j price remains $ '! 05Cf:i 10: on 'change today
fifty tons spot lead sold at SI 0."?. i
j Tin continues to show a steady front.
Dry Uooili.
NEW YORK- wiii1*1 number of reporls
of large houses aro In the market
f??r staple goods, principally, but
the day was passed ill looking for aeaponablo
specialties, such as dress
goods, printed fabrics, also plain und <
fancy colored goods. Printing cloths i
quiet and Arm at :'!jc. I
on* CITY?Credit balance* R.r?c: cortl- ,
gntn, mi hH?; nhipmcnta 171,40* liart*l>;
runn II,#00 iwrrtMWool.
NEW YORK?'Wool ttcady. ,
CAPITA! -$175,000.*
\?nT?TIMKl: POI.LCH'K.... Yfr?? PnnHdelil
iJruftf" on England. J re land, Franco and
WUlIaro A, I sett, .Mortimer Pollock. ,
J. A. Miller, Robert Sltnpnon, '
E. M. Atkinson, John K. Butsford,
Julius Pollock.
jalM J. A. MILLER. Cashier.
G, LAMB. Pres. JOS. 8EYB0LD. CashlCT.
J. A. JEFFERSON. Asat. Cashltr.
CAPITAL $200,0(10. PAID IS.
Allen Brock. Joseph F. Paull.
James Cummins, llenry Hleberson,
A. Reymann. Joseph Scybold,
Gtbion Ijtmb.
Interest paid on special deposits.
Iwuet drafts on England. Ireland and
myll Cashier.
CAPITAL - $300,000.
J. >?. VANCK President
JOHN FREW Vice President
J. N. Vance, George E. Stlfel.
J. M. Brown, William Klltnrham,
John Frew. John L. LUchey,
John Waterhouse. W. E. Stone,
W. II. Prank.
Drafts Issued on England, Ireland, Scotland
and all points In Europe.
L. E. SANDS. Cashier.
riambliir >ad Gu Fining,
Steam uul Uot Water UenUaj.
A Foil Line of lbs Celebrated?*
Kept Constant!r on Hand.
PractlcalPlnmbar.Gas and SteimFitter,
arGa* and Eleetrio Chandeliers. Filters, and
Taylor Gaa Burners a specialty. mri
-yyiLUAil HAKJ2 & SOX,
Practical Plumbers,
No. 3'8 Twelfth Street.
All Work Done Pmmptlv RcMonablo "?lce?
Wedding f
f Invitations. $
4 Examples of New Styles 2
0 can be seen at our 0
Counting Room. Call J
f and see them at i- .f 4
! Intelligencer,
25 and 27 -f r |
O lourieenin aireew ^
Departure and arrival
ui trains at Wheeling.
Eaatern time.
Schedule In effect Nov.
For Baltimore' Philadelphia
and New York.
11!::'"' and 10:1'.'. a. nj. arid
3:40 p. m. dally.
Cumberland Accommodation, ?;00 a. m.,
daily except Sunday.
cirafton Accommodation, 3:40 p. m. dally.
From New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore,
8:20 a. m., dally.
Cumberland Expre. . 4:11 p. m.. daily.
Cumberland Accommodation, 7:25 p. in.,
except Sunday.
Crafton Accommodation, 10:10 a. m.,
For Columbus and Chicago, 7:55 a. m. ;
ami 3:45 p. m., dally.
Columbus and Cincinnati Express,
a. m. dally. 11:40 p. ni. dully, except Saturday.
and L':I0 a. ni. Sunday only.
Sandusky Mall 10:1". a ni., dally.
Newark Accommodation, 3:10 p. m.,
dally, except Sunday.
St. Clalrsvllle Accommodation, 10:15 a.
m., and 3:10 p. m., except Sunday.
Chicago Expres*. 1:15 a. m. and 11:10 a.
m... dally.
Cincinnati Express, G:0o a. m. and 5:30 p.
m., daily.
Sandusky Mall. K:3"p. m., dnliy.
Nuwnt-K *</..*? a. m.,
dully except Sunday.
St rialrsvllle Accommodation, a.
in ami ''.5? P ?** dally. *xc*pt Sunday.
For FItt?l?iir*h, : 10 and 7:UQ u. in. and
5:U? p. in., dally, and 1:35 p. m.# daily, cxL'l?or
vluAmrnh and the East, C:10 a. m.
and 5:iw 1?- dally.
Prom Plttsi>ur*li. 10:n? a. m. and r.:3', ?.
m.. da?l>. II:? I'- m., dally. except Saiurday.
and 2:W " ?? ' Sunday only; p.
tn cxcciil 8unda>
111., cl">hclla!j o. scull. o. p. A..
Ualtluioro, Aid.
J. T. T.ANE. T. P A..
UhpelltH, W. \a.
Time Table in effect July 12, lfcM 'Dully.
,i>..u> axcept Sunday. Kaitcrn Tin
f&utirBound._ | 3 j H j ? '
I'll". |? C-St. I. It. i ,it. HI. |?. III*!
P ttxburgh. l'a. Lv.i 0:10|!l2:d
m. in. p. m.
Wh^ellnif *' i . 1 '
?* I,mivp. ? m.|p. in p. in
WheMliur ?:?l IJiS, '! r! 1
MoumlKvlllj' '' ;!! '-r :'} j: "
N>w Martln*vllle... *:i?0 .,:p; ,
DlHlemvlllo 1:47! ?j:l
SVIUIaniiitoWli .34 3:?2 m.
_.-i-..r?lituc lU.iMi .1 .at, viifl I
Ilnveiinwood i.o 4:4o p. m. ?;;
Nliison City *.:1? fi:5.V
Iv. Jt M. Junction... lS:;.o} k:-v ,
Point PleaMulil 1:111' >.;.s |
""VI* R. ? M.~ity. In. in. p. niTf ipTm*
k. & m. juhc....i.v.; 12:29 7:l- i1
p. ni. p. in.I
Charleston .Am f5:0.{ t>:2.v /
UalUpoll' ! 1 :-Uj 7:101 Mo'ijfc
IhintlnRtoii ^ ; 2:20| X::n ,'11:37
via <' * <> Ity. i' m. a. in ; n m
Lv. lluntlnuton 2:3?l i
il?. m. a. in.; i,.
\r. Charleston,W.V.! il:27 3j45f / 1:27
Kenovu . Ar.; *2:10' ':.'2:1?
jp. in.jp. in.; !p. hi.
Via <\ Ar <). Hy. p. in. a. in.jii. n>. p. in.
Keiiova Lv. 2:55; "4:45 , *2:58
v H. III. p. 111.
I'lnclnnatl, O Ar. 7:tK>? 8:K? \ "7:ot)
;0. 111. p in
I.exliiKton. Ky . Av T:'."' i in . . .
john .> .\nrni;n. a <; p. \
'pni'. i nt ::i.r.n; i :n< -Kit" pin NT i n <i
JL Ki?lul>II?liiiiriii?Neul, uccuruto, prompt.
-'xl-L a.:/;
Anlwil ?nd departure of train* on and
after November ZU 1SJ6. Ext?lanation of
Kftfrrtnre Marks: "Dally. tOaliV. **ctpi
Sunday. :D?||y, except Saturday. 'Dally,
! ifonday. ISunday* only. *8aturj
?mly. Butrro Standard Ttme.
I M.4U.-JMani LlMjuaLj AlrtVC.
l..? ain Wa*h.. Hal.. Phil.. N.Y. **:20 *ra
j W pin Wash.. Hal. Phil.. N.Y.
warn ..Cumberland Accora... pw
5"1' (iraftoo Accom ... *10:10 am
um;..\\ Us|)ini{ton City Kx..j M35 pm
l^I*artTl n.#fcO. ?C.O. I>1 v. Went! Arrive.
.:To am For Columbus ami Chi.J *1:16 Htn
Ju:lG nil, ..<*o!iunbu* and Clncln..! #S:3? l>a
ti'lif '"n "Columbia und Clncln..| *5:06 am
s-:iO nnr..<*ulumbus und Clncln..|
?H.? pmjColumbus and Chi. Ex. 11:10 am
" 2ane*vin? Aecom... tl0:65 *a
<10:15 an. ..St. Clalrsvlll* Aoeem.. ?10:S am
?:jo pin'..St. nialmvlile Accom.. ?:>J pa
J" !- Sandusky Mall 1 SJftpa
Depart. ,B. & ~0~\Y.. p. B. Dlv.l Arrtvt.
J:' u?? For Pituburich 1*10:10 ara
i:?> ?*?> Pltuburch i :?" l>a
*>J0$m;..PJt;>.iiurgh and Ka3t..;$ll:W pa
'"Pittsburgh and Katt..| |f:*> ?m
. 1 : ^.l"?; L. ..JPJusburgh_. ... 1112pa
' j* c., g. ? BI. it. rvjr y\rn?".
am' PlttKhursU .9:05 pm
nm Stf>u|ion\ill?' and West 16:15 Pin
ftfir un> SirubenifUle Accom.. tt?:lo pm
^i'zJ M"-. Pittsburgh and N. Y.. 13:25 pm
pmLPutubunth and N. Y.. *11:* am
T'.OO l>i: ...Pittshiirxh Accom... 19:30 am
??.? L WE8T.
19.45 nralKx.. Cln. and St. T.ouls tT:l2 am
'? ;? l?m Ex.. cln. and St. l-ouis *?:15 pm
*1:25 pm ..tlx., steub. and Chi.. 115:25 pm
"J-ou pruj..pitta. andPrnnUon^ *11:30 am
Dopart. | C. 4 P.~B7ldi;onort. "Arrive,
i amjFort Wayne and Chi. 19:35 pm
>a:j?3 am ..Canton and Toledo.. '9:35 pm
to:C3 anv Alliance and Cleveland 19:35 pm
>:*l am!St?-iibenvllIe and Pitta. 19:55 pm
>10:w am Steubenvillo and Pitta. 111:05 am
>"2:10 pm Fort Wayne and Chi. 16:10 pm
12:10 pm ..Canton and Toledo.. 16:10 pm
12:10 pin Alliaiu-c and Cleveland 11:35 pm
3:58 pmiSteubV and Wcllsvllle 19:113 pm
1o:5l pm Philadelphia and N. Y. t?:l0 pm
t5:.M pm1..Baltimore and Wash.. 16:10 pm
.:jSteub'e and Wellsvlllc 16:10 pm
Depart" j w. ft L K. Arrive.
. Kum Toledo and West... *?:10 pin
IK an',P?ev?.. Akron A Canton 6: <> pm
1,-2 um Brilliant and Steuben'e *?:10 pm
N.M pm .MaaMllon and Canton. 11:10 am
_ <:*! pm;iirilliant_nnd_8teubcn> *11:10 am
Depart. <*.. L. & W.-Brldjcep'L Arrlva.
Eastern Time,
t: :0-.? amjCleve., Toledo and Chi. t2:30 pm
11:2a pmlCleve.. Toledo and Chi. iH:M pm
t4:5u pni ilasstllon Accom til :00 am
tS:0! uni ..St. Clalrsvllle Accom.. 19:2* am
iio.-fs am ..St. Clalrsvllle Accom.. tl:30 pm
2:20 pm ..St. Clalr*vlll? Accom.. 14:40 pm
15:26 pm ..St. Clalrsvllle Accom.. 16:53 pm
tl:4U pm Local Freight , til:SO> am
Impart. oil To River R. R. Arrlvo.
am Pasnenjjer *10:45 am
11:01 pm Pasrenyer P"?
ILH Passenger *6:60 pm
Bellairo. ?ellalre.
Leave. B., Z. 4 C. R. R. Arrive.
30:10 am,Bellair . 4:10 pm
5:15 pm! Wood*field 9:45 am
2:25 pm! and Zanesvllle. 1:25 pm
"the #
Cleveland, Lorain A: Wheeling
Central Standard Time.
Time Schedule of Paasenicer Trains In
effect Sunday. January 3, 1897.
Cleveland Depot Foot South Water Street.
I 2~I 4 16 1 % '
[a. m.'a. m. p. m. p. m*
Hrldgeport ?J :0.~. 12:25 3:50
Uhrlchnvllle 5:30 8:10 2:35 6:00
New Philadelphia... 5:47 #:2R 2:5? fi:19
Canal Dover 5:54 K :3H 3:00 <?:26
Justus >:23 ?>: * 3:30 6:55
MaulIIon 6:4<> 9:23 3:45 7:12
Warwick 7:05 9:40 4:10
Sterling 7:27 10:12 4:33
Seville 7:34 10:is 4:tf?
Medina 7:55 10:.-!7 5:00
Lester 8:37 10:.^? 5:44
Graft on 8:55 11:07 6:03
Elyrla !?:10 11:21 6:21
Lorain 9:25 11:35 fi
Lester Junction 8:10 10:40 5:15
Cleveland 9:10 11:50 6:15
I a. m. p. m. p. m.
Ill 31 51 7
Ip. m.Jp. m.lp. ra. p. m.
Bridgeport 1:301 7:0o 10:00
Uhrlchsvllle 11::T,I 4:52 8:20 7:44
New Philadelphia...: 10:52 4:17 S:00 7:25
Tana 1 Dov?r 10:45j 4:f-9 7:52 7:1B
Justus 10:15 3:39 7:2) ?:<S
Masslllon !i:59 L':2l' 7:04 ?:."!0
Warwick 3:.'.s 637 a. in.
Sterling 9:10 2:3?; 6:1 r,
Seville :?:04 2:29 H:15
Medina 8:441 2:09 S:47|
Lester 8:331 1:531 6:0.1
Grafton 7:41 1:36 4:4tii
Elyrla 7:23 1:19 4:2#l
Lorain 7:0.*. 1:0.'? 4:1?!
Lester Junction .... X:32 1:37 ' 6:341
Cleveland 7:30! 1:00 4:3")!
)a. m.ip. in.jp. m.|
All trains dally except Sunday.
I'usaenpors between Wheeling. Martin's
Ferry, Hellalre and Bridgeport, take Electric
General Passenger Agent.
4 OVBH *
Arrive COLUMBUS 2:2.1 n. m.
Arrive CINCINNATI G:0.? p. m.
Arrive INDIANAPOLIS 10:15 p. m.
Arrive ST. LOUIS 7:00 a. m.
For Steubenvllle and Pittsburgh 7:25 a.
m. week days: for Pittsburgh and thn
East and for Columbus and Chicago at
1:25 p. in. week days; for Pittsburgh. Harrlaburg.
Baltimore. Washington, Philadelphia
and New York at 3:55 p. m. dally; for
Stfuhcnvill*' and Dennlson at 3:55 p. m.
ilullv; for Pittsburgh at 7:00 p. m. week
... ooiitmiiiiH Tjavton. Cincinnati.
Indianapolis and St. Louis ut 9:30 p. m.
week days. City time.
Parlor Car to Pittsburgh on 3:53 p. m. and
7 p. in. Trains.
Persons contemplating a trip will find
It profitable it) pleasure and convenience
to communicate with the undersigned. .
who will make all necessary arrangements
for a d?llgbtfill Journey. Tickets will ho
provided and baggage checked through to
! Passrnpcr and Ticket Agent, Wheeling,
I W. Vn. oc3
On and after Saturday, February 2. 1895,
! trains will run as follows, city time:
Leave Wheeling. I Leave Kim Grove.
Tr'n T'melTr'nT'me Tr'n T'melTr'nT'mo
No. a m. No. p. in. (No. a. in. No. p. in.
t?:W2o.... 2:(H? l... t?i:00|lf? 3:00
4.... 7:tw'22.... 4:00 3.... 7:0021.... 4:00
r>:omN:OO;:'3.... r.:i?
S.... 9.-00!2?!.... ?:00| 7.... tt;00 25.... !!.>*)
7:00; 10:00|27.... 7:0o
12.... Ii:00!a0.... 8:00]U.... 11:00120.... 8:0?
p.m."-.... 9:00 p.m.1;!!....
N ... *12:00)31.... 1(>:00'13.,.. 12:00|33.... 10:00
IB.... 1:00136.... 11:00.1.* ... 1:00135.... 11:?X?
' is ... l!:t??i 17..., 2:00J
Dally, except Sunday.
Sunday church trains will leave Kim
i Grove at 9:13 a. m. and Wheeling at 12:17
General Manager.
C. O. nHKWSTER. Receiver.
Time Table No. 13. to take effect 12:01 a. m..
Sunday. November 19. 1S95.
Leave Wh?-ling-?:00. <9:1f 11:10 a. m.,
M:iB. 489:00 p. m.
i .'-avc Peninsula S:06. 19:51, S 11:46 A. m.,
2:20, *3:2'. |I9:0# p. m.
Leave Martin's IVrr.v?iS:12, 19:57, 111:53
a. m.. .2:32. *3:27. 4:42. |9:12 p. m.
Arrive Terminal Junction?fS:17, 10:03,
fli,'iS a. m . i-:3S. *3:33, f4:46, {! :!* p, m.
Leave Terminal Junction-*7:22, |9:00 a.
in.. M2:40u. in.. *3:59. Ji:u5. t#:4.'. p. m.
Weave Martin's Ferry?f7:28, ?D:07 a. m.,
12:4.'.. it;4:10. 15:ll>. ;s:52 p. m.
Leave Peninsula?T7:34. |J?:14 u. m., *12:51,
?1:11. LIT. 5:25, p. m.
Arrive Wheeling?:7:10. |!*:20 a. m., *12:57,
14:17. <4:25. m-:?:0.*, p, ni.
Dally. TUany except suuuiiy. s .-tummy a
All train" will run on Kastrrn Time.
.1. i :. TArssni. .siip? iitn<Mi(l<;nt.
Dono at roaaonabto rates a*
?5 and 27 Fourteenth Street.

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