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To-morrow's Flcctoral Battle U
Inciting Much Interest.
Jlre Strong, Without Exception* and That
Th?r? will be Anything Bit * Proonnccd
Victory for that Ticket Is Not
Believed?'The Clean and Efficient Ad.
mfniairaUoM or Um aMlclptllir'i Alfklri
ll (he Part/'* Beat Arjumeut
The city election takes place to-morrow
and the Interest felt in the electoral cont?t
f? becumJns quite pronounced. It is
believed that a very heavy vote will be
cut. perhaps the record for municipal
election* will bo broken.
There la not the least doubt. If the Republican
vote is out, but that the Democrats
will be whipped decisively. That
party Is making: just such a one-man
contest aa it wa^ed last fall when Councilman
Irwin fell short on the sheriffalty
by euch a close margin. This time the
Chlrf of Police Keimetf.
Demmiea are centering their rftrength on
their candidate for mayor. ex-Chief of
the Fire Department Frank J. Healy,
It <s said they are willing to trade almost
anything for a vote for Healy.
but this time the Republican* are thoroughly
wide-awake and will not be
caught in such n trap
Nearly all of th?* ??i?ctlon booths have
been taken out of City Clerk Dannenb#rg'n
hands by the election officers, and
the few not taken already will be given
out to-day.
The prospect of Democratic defeat is *o
obvious even to the Democrats themselves.
that they have *not pinup any
candidates Tor the office* in th?? gift of
the councilman!^ caucus of the party
ucce*sful at the election.
Aside from the fight for the mayoralty
the Democrats have centered their eon
wards. They arc making strenuous efforts
to elect their councilmahic tickets
In the Fifth and Sixth wards, but their
prospect for success in either ij no:
The Republican candidate for mayor.
Mr. John Randolph Butt*. of the Third
ward, has mad* an excellent campaign
and will poll his full party vote. His
record as a member of the first branch
of the city council, is a sterling testimonial
to the character and ability of the
man, and will have its effect in the election
to-morrow, notwithstanding the
Democrats arc making a hard fight to
town the Republican candidate.
The administration of the police department
under Chief Thomas D. Bennett
for the past two years, has been so
satisfactory to the citizens of Wheeling
that he will receive the votes ??f hundreds
of Democcrats to-morrow. In addition
to -the unbroken support of his own
party. Some are predicting that Captain
Bennett will receive the largest Republican
majority of the day.
Mr. Charles H. Watkins, the candidate
for city clerk. has made an enviable re
cord during his two years' service as assistant
clerk under Mr. Dannenberg. and
will poll a tremendous vote to-morrow.
His campaign of "scrap" has been most
effective. Mr. Watkins Is a capable accountant
and would make as good a clrek
as he has made an assistant clerk, which
is saying a great deal.
Mr. John W. Norrington, the present
efficient wharf master, is a candidate fur
re-election, and there Is little doubt but
that he will be triumphantly re-elected.
In every ward the councilmanic candidates
are making a vigorous canvass,
and although it would be a good deal to
oxpect such a large Republican majority
ns there is in the present council, it would
not be at all surprising.
Bnt.Votao Cold an Monday's?Thr Day'*
Wheeling experienced another spell
of extremely cold weather yesterday,
but It was not nearly so cold an Monday'f.
The supply of natural gas continued
very good, much to the satisfaction
of householder*. On account of
frozen i>Ipes some of the industrial establishments
did not employ fuil forces.
The record of the temperature at
Schnopfs was as follows:
' a. ra 2 below I p. m 1.1 above
7 a. m 2 below ! r, p. rr. 13 al?ov?>
* n. m 2 b"low ! 7 p. m above
9a. ni zero. S p. in 13 above
30 a. m 2 above ! !? p. a II above
31 a. m s above j 10 p. m 10 nbovn
J2 noon *?u aooveiii p m anovn
1 p. m 11 above , 12 rhMnight, ? ibovt
2 n. m 13 above l a. m ! above
Z p. in 1* Jiliovo : a. m X above
4 p. m 14 above | 3 a. ;n 7 above
From th# Kilrnnrly Cold Wmtlirr - Ai?
Appeal to the l*nIdle by tli* Writ Virginia
Humane Society.
The extremely cold weather of the*
p***: three days has beben the causo of
tnurh suffering among -the d.-stltute of
ho city, who ore not prepared for the
rigorous weather and its\onsequcnt demands
for fuel and heuvy clothing.
Mr.*. John K. List, president of the
"West A'lrgiirfjfe Humane Socialy. called
at th* Intelllgcnccr office lar;! night, and
stAted that the society has bt?en called
upon In numerous ca.?c* t-? extend sld
In the way of clothing and fuel and
fool, but has not "been able t<? do nil
hat should b?? done. An appeal for uld
from J he public In made by Mr*. I.bst,
?n<l all donation? should Ik- sent to her
at R" 1 Main rtrcet.
Heavy clothing and provisions are ' spTially
needed '.:i I' work of oxtetiding
rsHef, but money v.lll !><* received gladly.
Th*iv *r<- many cas^i .if destitution and
suffering that tlu? Jlum~.>* tvwlety has
already relieved, but unless a generous
public eomes t?> It* rilst.inco, there will
ho much Buffering that cannot be alleviated.
Mirjlr mid Klftl*.
Margie West nnd Elaie DufT. two frail
Inmat'-R of an East Wheeling hoiMe, appeared
before Hquire FJUpatricft last
night. The former aivore out a t race
warrant for Ml** Kink*, who, nhe claimed.
wni constantly beating her. Mian
Duff gave $r/i bond. A charge of a?-ault
nnd battery wa* diamlfHod.
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Bitten orstimor lomeat la all Abtal
Ihu CUy.
Grand to-flishi?Pete Baker la "Chris
ml Lena."
The Top mill which has been, idle
since the early- part of the month, will
resume to-day.
A pig roast at Guh Dueker's saloon,
corner of Twenty-sixth and Chapllne
streets, attracted a large crowd last
Manager C. It. Tracy has about completed
the work of placing (synchronized
clocks In the several ward school
The heaters 1n the Belmont Iron
works have been considerably delayed
In their work during the cold snap of
the past few daj's.
In another column will be found the
advertisement of property for rxlc by
Edward W. Brues, who can be addressed
at Moundsvllle.
Henry Vocke. u tenter !n the Itlverride
tube works, became sick yesterday
nt noon, and was removed to his home
in the Eighth ward.
The first annual bal! of Vis Bavarian
Society was held last night at Arlon
hall. The member.* and their friends
spent a very enjoyable evening.
An Want child of William Seabright.
an employe of the Riverside bar
mill, died early yesterday morning at
the family residence In North Wheel
Although there 1* lots of ire around
the city, there Is but one sp.>t suitable
for skating. It is out Bongs' run and
is the daily resort of large numbers of
The Udora Circle. a German beneflria!
organization, gave a masquerade
l?all *t Mozart hull last night. A large
crowd was present and enjoyed themselves
until an early iiour.
"The Willing Workers" of the Wesley
M. K. church, will give a jthonographic
entertainment in the church
on February 8. An improved Edison
phonograph iiag been secured, and a
rare treat is promised the public.
Strangers la tb* CUy ami Wheeling Folk
13. Jl. Blackburn, of -Parkersburg. Is at
the Windsor.
Mr. WiJlism Harper, of Twenty-fifth
street, is seriously 111.
Miss Mary Murray, of Weston, Is a
guest at the McLurc.
.Tame* A. Martin, of Fairmont, was at
the McLure yesterday.
Chancellor A. C. McKeever, of Bethany
college, Is in the city.
X. E. Seal, a SIstersvlHo merchant,
put up at the Staimn yesterday.
Congressman C. P. Dorr arrived in the
city from Pittsburgh last night.
H. S. Whit vwb a. visitor from Wateman,
who was at the Windsor yesterday.
Rev. F. If. J. King, of Sherrard, was
In the city yesterday on his way to St.
Mrs. Franz Berger. of Twenty-seventh
street, has recovered from the grip anu
is able to be out.
D. A. Dorsey und William Boyle were
Moundsville citizens who stopped at the
Howell yesterday.
Mrs. Rev. Dieckoff, 0/ Find lay, Ohio,
is visiting her mother. Mrs. George Carroll,
of South Jacob street.
Rev. John F. Woods and wife, of
Moundsvllle, left over the Pennsylvania
road for St. Louis ldst evening.
Polk Miller, of Virginia, the celebrated
southern entertainer and exponent of
plantation folk lore, was In the city for
a few hours yesterday, and registered at
the Stamm.
Roll! Theft.
One of the cheekiest bits of thieving
so far performed by the light-fingered
fraternity was that committed on Monday*
evening at the residence of Mrs.
Brand fa's*, in Manchester. She had
just finished the family washing, when
three men walked boldly in, and coolly
gathering up' the household Articles of
wearing apparel that had been washed,
walked "lit. The police were notified
shortly after and found the men's tracks
in the snow, over the hill back of Reymanil's
brewery. a?n<t continuing to
Caldwell's rum where they were lost. No
arrests have been mad?* yet, but thj
-11-.. xtinnnatwl tn belontr to Wheel
He Was Lucky.
Lieutenant Supler, shortly before midnight
last night, discovered a man lying
almost unconscious in the doorway of
Mr. Joseph EI?on's house, on Chaplin*
strent, opposite -the city .building. The
officer soon learned the man was a
stranger. and besides .being intoxicated
was nearly frozen. When he got thawed
out at the police station, he gave his
name as It. S. Dunn. He comes from
near LafTerty, Ohio, and had a considerable
sum of money in his pockets. Mr.
Dunn has reason to be thankful that he
still has the money, and did not freeze.
Tlir LI very of It!ltou?ur?fl
la a pronounced yellow. Is visible in the
countenance and eyeballs. It if accompujil"d
with uneasiness beneath the right
rib# and shoulder blade. sick headache,
nausea and irregularity of the bowels. To
the removal ?f each and all of these discomforts.
as well as their cause, Mounter's
Stomach Bitters Is admirably adapted.
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remedies malarial, rheumatic ami kidney
complaints, nervousness and debility. Jt
promotes appetite and sleep.
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m. sxp. nc & ro,
In essential to 0^1
health. Every nook B**k 8
and corner of the V v vl
system is reached by tbo blood, and on
its quality the condition of ovcry organ depends.
Good blood means strong nerves,
good digestion, robust health. Impure
blood means scrofula, dyspepsia, rheuir.atism.catarrh
or other diseases. The surest
wuy to havo good blood is to take Hood's
Sarsaparilla. This medicine purifies, vitalizes,
and cnrichcs tbo blood, and sends
the elements of health and strength to
every nerve, organ and tissue. It creates
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Mood S Pills tnko. rmvtoopent". ?*>.
John Becker & Co.,
:tiV!7 .Inritli Struct,
Hove engaged Mr. John II. ''oon. of III!r.o.'H.
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Oratorio and BelUln Choral IhMIm.
Many WlMUaf V?calMi Participate*.
A magniiiceut audience greeted the
Bellalre Choral and Wheeling Oratorio
Societies at the Hlyslan theatre ia
Bcllalre last night for the great musical
event of the season. The Wheeling
Oratorio elngers and especially,, the
soloists from this city rendered their
parts with exquisite taste and fairly
captivated the audience, while the
Wheeling society's chorus added Imposing
force to the BeJlalre Choral
society, ^making if decidely the greatest
musical event ever witnessed in
Bcllalre. The musical genius of Alfred
P. Gaul was never better displayed
than In the ladies' chorus. "List, the
Cherubic Hoht." and other selections in
"The Holy City."
The programme as rendered was as
Solo (Soprano)..Mm. V. J. LeMoyne Hupp
"I Would Tarry"?Ch. (Jounod.
Solo (Tenor) Mr. W. M. Clomana
tT^ VioIlnjObllgato?Mr. Irwin Paul!.
rur ah r.iprnu/ ?Aiigciu Aiinvuri uiu.
Solo (Contralto) Mr#.*Feebles Tatum
"A Winter Lullaby"?Reginald Do Koven.
Solo (Baritone)...Mr. Archibald A. Taylor
(Lo Mulcticr de Farra gone)?Hcnriau.
Introduction (Instrumental)
Chorus, Tenor Solo, Quartette
"No Shadows Yonder"
Solo (Tenor).."My Soul is Athirst for God"
Trio (Unaccompanied)
"At Eventide It Shall He Light"
Chorus "They That Saw In Tears"
Solo (Contralto) "Eye Hath Not S?v*n"
Chorus."For Thee. O Dear. Dear Country"
Chorus "Thine is tho Kingdom"
Intermezzo (Instrumental)
(a) Solo (Baritone)
"A New Heaven, a New Earth"
(b) Chorus Sam-tus...."Holy, Holy, Holy"
(a) Chorus Let the Heavens Rejoice"
(b) Solo (Tenor)...."To the Lord Our God"
(a) Solo (Contralto)
"Come. Ye Blessed of My Father"
(b) Chorus.."Tho Fining Pot Is for Silver
Solo (Soprano)
"These Are They Which Came Out ot
Great Tribulation."
Duct "They Shall Hunger No ?.Iore" |
(a) Quartette...."List, the Cherubic Host"
(b) Solo
...."And I Hear tho Voice of Harpers"
(a) Chorus
"Great and Marvelous are They"
(b) Quartette Works, Lord God"
Promenade Conceit and Ball to be Given
at Arlou Hall, February.
One of the enjoyable pre-Lenten
affairs will be the annual promenade
concert and boll given by tiie wneeiing
Opera House Orchestra, at Ariou
hall, on the evening of February 3.
The great. attraction of this event Is
that every year some novelty Is sprung
that has not been anticipated by those
who always look forward to this event
with the most pleasurable anticipations.
This year the members of the orchestra
promise to make the function one
of the events of the season, and as a
consequence great preparations are
making to excel all former accomplishments.
In the first place the orchestra, "per
se." will offer some of the most tuneful
numbers I: has yet presented to the
public, and that means a great deal.
The concert programme has not been
completed, but It is known that several
exceptional solos have been arranged
for that will be sure to please the
"listening throng."
The Opera House orchestra never
does anything by halves; it runs the
whole gamut of hospitality and the
scale of good-fellowship and the extra
tickets for admission to Arion hall on
the evening of February 3. are eagerly
The full concert and hall programme
will be published In the Intelligencer
as soon as It Is completed.
A Timely Snirgeitlou to the Musical Organisations
of Wheeling.
To the Editor of the Intelligencer.
SIR:?When will the musical societies
of Wheeling awaken to the necessity of
giving to the citizens the opportunity of
hearing a finished artist? Do they not
see that the demand 53 becoming very
pressing for such an occasion?
If the different organizations feel that
im-v I'AiiiHit uuuriunc vuc uuuiii.uu nsponsiblllty
singly, why d(? they not Join
In bringing: to our city some one of world
wide reputation? The united effort
would succeed. The work being done by
the different musical club3 is highly
commendable, and the members should
feel much encouraged from every standpoint.
but. what do they hear to arouse
ambition, give them a higher aim, and a
high ideal? We nr.' very much behind
the artistic reputation of even small
cities not far distant. They have Sieveking
in Cumberland, and have engaged
him for a second recital. He passes
Wheeling. In Parkersburg they have
had Corinne Moore Lbtiracm a number of
times, besides numerous piano recitals.
in Pittsburgh on Friday evening, the
great .Teresa Carreno, will be heard. She
has been here a number of years ago.
but. how long shall we have to wait for
her return? There is William Sherwood
nnd Leopold Godowsky and Genevra
Johnjtone Hishop and .Mrs. Genevieve
Clark Wilson in Chicago, boide--. an array
of musical talent from which it
would be hard to choose. There is In
Cincinnati a supply of finished musicians.
Can we not hear sonv of them?
Are we to have no Rosenthal. Fannie
Bloomfleld Zelslor. A dele Aus Der Ohe,
or Davlcs Watklns Mills. Risphaue or
any of those who are delighting the musical
world? Is the season going to pass
and leave so much undone? The artists
of Chicago are only mentioned because
they live comparatively close, and it
would certainly not be rixklng a fabulous
s?urn of money to bring uome one of the
number here. Xo risk, no gain.
We need an incentive to work. Some
one with overwhelming vlrtuouslty.
It would surely be u benefit to those
who are seeking Improvement, and a
pie mot remembrance to those who desire
only entertainment . Let It be remembered
that thoje named are not
mentioned to excite criticism. Which
nuuical club will be thi? first to bring
about a new state of affairs? Hope they
will n <t be so long prospecting that all
the artists will have gone to their summer
quarters. TKCIIXIC.
Wh^olbg. Jan. 26.
A Itarr Treat.
The citizens of Wheeling have a rare
treat In vtore for them In the coming of
HI.Ian lv.-ithiirinf* Oliver, who will fflfo an
cntertalnnnfttt on February r?, under the
auspices of the managers of the "West
Virginia Home for Aged anil Friendless
Women." Miss Oliver Is of Scotch descent
and jH'XMeKso.4* a thorough knowledge
of Scotch dialect. She noon ivlns
the sympathy of her audience by her
graphic portrayal of Scotch character.
All admlrcra ofMaclaren'swrltlnjpmhose
who have smiled at the pointed saying:*
of "Jamie Sou-tar," longer) for the wjme
siveet spirit that animated the soul of
"Marget," or have followed with the
humble friends of "Dr. McClure,"
through the snow drifts to drop a tear
upon his grave, will live It all over again
In Miss Oliver's vivid Impersonation of
the** character*. The recital will take
plare nt the music rooms of Mllllgan.
Wllklns & Co., Friday evening, February
r?. Those present will not only be highly
entertained, but will have nil added
pic ture in the consciousness of giving
their aid to a worthy object.
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3*oti any new remedy for colds, insist
on having Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup.
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" t
Legal Muddle Has Recn Cleared in
(he Courts.
That Hm But In Sheriff Richard*' Cutody
Hare Been Tvnid Over totheBeoelvere?The
Claim of Uae Hat on Dock
Company was Settled, and the Attorney
far the Company Anthorixee the Sheriff
to UellnqaUh Pocaeeeion of the Cars. . .
The novel legal muddle which wa? created
by the action of the Huron Dock
Company in garnishments issued from
the Ohio county circuit court against the
Wheeling & Lake Erie Railroad Company
for the settlement oC the claim of
>6,700 held by the dock company against
the "Wheeling, has been cleared, being
settled out of court.
It will be remembered the action was
taken on Saturday January 16, when
Sheriff H. C. Richards, of Ohio county,
attached and took possession of fortysix
freight cars of the Wheeling & Lake
Erie, found on the tracks of the Wheeling
Bridge & Terminal Railroad Company.
Since then the sheriff has retained
possession of the cars which were
guarded day and night by two deputy
The settlement of the difficulty, as
stated, took place out of court, and the
first Intimation was when Sheriff Rich*
ards received a request from Mr. W. H.
Hearne, counsel for the Huron Dock
Company, requesting that possession of
the cars bo relinquished by the sheriff.
The esse was formally dismissed from
the circuit court of Ohio county on motion
of Mr. Hearne.
The terms of the settlement arrived at
by the contending corporations were not
And Tbclr Friend* were Oat lu Force at
the Woman's Relief Corps' Entertaiu1
meat Lait Evening. N
The second of the series of three entertainments,
given by the old soldiers of
Wheeling and Benwood, to raise funds
for the stat? encampments, which are to
be held In Wheeling in April, was given
in Odd Fellows hall last night, by the
Woman's Relief Corps.
The evening's entertainment consisted
or a supper anu u<i2u?t, mm ?u. success
In every particular. Notwithstanding
the cold weather, tho attendance was
Rood, and the patronage bestowed upon
the various booths was also good. The
committee will doubtless realize a goodly
sum. Supper was served from 7 o'clock
to 9. and the ladie3 in attendance Uvre
kept bu?*y replenishing the wants of the
Inner man. A tasty and substantial
meal was spread, and the onslaughts on
It were so strong that some of the provlshms
ran short before "lights out" was
There were three booths tastefully and
elaborately decorated in the national
colors, and a museum, the latter containing
a varied assortment ofi curios. The
refreshment booth was liberally patronized,
as was the "domestic" booth, but
the "fancy" booth did not do quite so
well. Many homemade articles for
household use were disposed of at the
domestic booth. There wa? but one lottery
scheme, "a chance for a nicket for
the doll." So the visitor was not plundered,
as is so often the case at bazaars.
The famous Girl* Drum Corps, of Bellaire,
made excellent music and did much
to add to the enjoyment of the evening.
Much credit Is reflected on the committee
of arrangements, whioli worked hard
that the balance might be found on the
right side of the treasury. The following
ladles of the various corps constituted
the committee:
Holliday corps?Ella Connelly. Susan
Stringer. Jennie Morris. Julia Taylor,
Delia Taylor. Theresa Wise and Ida Cox.
Stevens corps?Lizzie Weidman, Rose
Hancock corps?Elizabeth Whlte
V-. , TK,>moa
uiaii, AUIC IUU.U...
This evening at the Odd Fellows hall.
U. S. Grant Camp. Sona of Veterans,
will give an oyster supper, followed by a
dance. The boys expect to have even a
mere successful affair than those given
by their fathers and mother*. Supper
will be served from 5 to 9. and dancing
will be from 9 to 2. Prof. Long will furnish
the music, and a very pleasurable
event w411 doubtless mark the closing of
the three nights* entertainments given by
the boys in blue.'
Generated In 111* Hitman Body-The Result
of Imperfect Dlge?ttou*of Food.
Every living thing, plant or animal,,
contains within Itself the germs of certain
decay and death.
In the human body these germs of disease
and death (called by scientists i
Ptomaines), ore usually the result of
Imperfect digestion of food; the result
of indigestion or dyspepsia. ,
Th<- stomach. from abuse, weakness,
does not promptly and thoroughly digest
the food. The result is a heivy,
sodden mass which ferments (th(? first
process of deoay) poisoning the blow!,
making it thin, weak, and lacking In
red corpuscle?: poisoning the brain,
causing headaches am! pain in the eyes.
Bad digestion irritates the heart.
causing palpitation anu nuun.v mi inline
on disease of this very Important
Poor digestion- poisons the kidneys,
causing Brlght's disease and diabetes.
And this is so because every organ,
every nerve depends upon the stomach
alone .for nourishment and renewal,
and weak digestion shows Itself not
only In loss of appetite and flesh, but
In weak nerves and muddy complexion.
The great English scientists. Huxley,
said the best start in life Is .*? r-ouml
stomach. Weak stomachs fall to digest
food properly, because they lack
the proper quantity of digestive acids
(lactic and hydrochloric)and peptogcniQ
products; the most sensible remedy In
all cases of indigestion, is to take after
each meal, one or two of Stuart's Dyspepsia
Tablets, because they supply In
a pleasant, harmless from all the clements
that weak stomachs lack.
The regular use of Stuart's Dyspepsia
Tablets will cure every form of
stomach trouble except cancer of the
They Increase flesh, insure pure
blood, strong nerves, :i bright eye and
clear complexion, because all the*result
only from wholesome food well
Nearly all druggist4* sell Stuart's
Dyspepsia Tablets at 50 cents full sized
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your druggist lirst.
A little book on stomach diseases
mailed free. Address Stuart Companv.
Marshall. Mleh. 29.
Itlvrr Trlegram*
oTT: CITY-Itlver 1 foot 11 Inches and
falling. Cl??ar and very cold.
WARREN?River 1 foot. Clear and
GREEN'SRORO?Rlver frozen. Wea
tner ciear ana coju.
MORGANTOWN?River closed with
5-Inch Ice. Mercury 6 degrees below aero
nt ft a. in. unci 'J above at C p. nv.
PITTSBURGH?River 4.1 feet and
falling nt the.dam. Clear and cold.
STEUBENVILLK?River 4 feet 10
Inches and falling. Clear ?nd very
PARKER8BURG?The Ohio river In
R feet Inches and falling. Cloudi' and
mercury r, abovo lira. Both rivers
frozen uolld. No bvutfl.
Paine's Celery Compo
cles in Cnri
Palne's celery compound is working.
miracles in the cure of disease!
So eays a recent article by the foremost
medical essayist In Boston.
"Nothing shows more conclusively,"
he adds, "the astonishing capability of
Paine's celery compound than .the
thoughtful, open-minded class of people
who use it and recommend it, both in
public and among- th??lr closest and dearest
friends and relatives. Among us
(physicians) there is no longer any hesitancy
in recommending this greatest
remedy without stint of praise."
About the same time the above article
was published there appeared in the
Boston Journal the following letter from
David K. Chassej*. of 452 Windsor street,
Cambridgeport, a suburb of Boston:
"I take gr*>nt pleasure in testifying to
the extraordinary merits or Falne'a ceiery
compound. For some time paat I
have been under the treatment of two
well-known local doctors, but their combined
efforts proved of no avail. I have
been for years a harsh'skeptic in regard
to advertised medicines, but having aufTO
Daily S
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ling the Stomachs and Uowels of j
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ncssandRcst.Contains neither !
Opium.Morphme nor Mineral. M
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w* ''
sod is Wording Miring
s ?* r
fern! *$crjiciatin^ pains In the heal,
which the doctors informed me were dun
to neuralgic symptoms. I determined to
try Pal no 3 polory compound, on tho advice
of a friend.
"To my surprise I found an entire
change going on after taking a little
over three bottles and I began to f*#i
Jiko a now man. I have for the past
ten or twelve years suffered from j>aini
in thr? bnr-k and other svmntoms of d*?
ran gem en t bf the kidneys and bladder,
and have sjpent many steeples* nights In
conwquoflc*. hut now I sleep sound,
thanks to the common sense which induced
me t'> try Paine's celery compound.
I will ever pr&iso th?* marvelous
potency of this valuable medicine, and
at ar.yMtme will be clad to give |>ersonal
testimony at my address, should
any sufferer care to call, as I consider
It selfish to keep such a blessing housed
up. and thtn'k the proprietors of Palne's
celery compound deserving of niorthanks
thafl I can convey In words, for
making me H new man."
J\. word to other sufferers:
Go to yoilr druggist for a bottle of
Painos celetjy compound, and allow him
to s?'ll ymi nothing else!
Ten Cents
Per Week.
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not aeld ia balk. Don't allow aaycat to till
is aavtfiisg ol*? oo tbo plea or promtn that it
; "J..: as cood" and "will aaira nrjvv>
2tr S*a tlit yoa gat C-A-S-T-0-S-I?A?

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