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PAS- FRANCISCO. Jan, 26. ?^!h? Corbftt-ritaslmmoim
glove c'lritcuc^vill take
pi n clone proximity to on^ of throe
> v.ula to.vna, Canton, Heno, or Virginia
r. A bill permitting fuch atfalrs ha*
:nulutvd In (!>? assembly xt Curand
there In every IndlctttUWrhat It
will become ft law within the nest day or
Hr.ln tr tlin naun II if un.i.'ttln .
t: i a.? to where the big mlU;wfJI take
j. may safely be said to hay^i evme to
an -lid. ' ,
i Stuart'a partner, K.
Wh?dock. haa been In Car*< n ratty wfeeka
j, : under, the guidance of Wll&m Kenyon.
Whether Wheelock's ari$?e was
of any assistance in framing jfe". measure
matters little. The fact reppjfys that
Nevada la in a fair way of the
o;,ntel'. and auch being thQL'?qjge the
H..;rta of San Francisco are Jubilant. It
| n the fir?t time that u match id. a flnlah
..f that magnitude has be*n l?*ia anywhere
close to California for y&irp and it
I.; safe to say that the San;.JFJ?ncljico
contingent of ring follower?rvarill be
larger than that from any otherAfty outtide
of Nevada.
Those Fnuuy Average*.
i Says the Toledo Blade: Granting that
president Power labored uiAer dlsad|
vantages* there are aomo decgtedly singular
features1 about the Fitting as
xlven. For instance, Kihm is ally credited
with a total of elghteWi'* games.
Who Is "Infield Smith," who is given a
perfect "bill of lading?" "When did
Powell play thirteen games tvlth Toledo"
Who Is Aul? Why is Hartman
only credited with nine games? The official
standing for the Toledo players
contain* many funny things, Indeed!
South KM*
_ Team
Teams. .Won. Lost. P'ct. Av.
Famous 25 r? .>03 878
Bandy Boos a) 13 ' .?n; X2S
Tidal Waves 19 14 .576 823
Harvest j:i 14 - ,67? 823
Auroras 15 15 ,;oo ?:*t
HSH roucn ?.? > ." ?
Ceramics 11 19 .2o7 E01
Aber Nit l '"J . J2A 752
Last night In the South Side League
race. :he Harvest team stlcc.eeded in
winning three games from the"tall-ender
Aber Nit team. Harvest is. now tied
for third place with Tidal Wave. Score:
ABER-N1T. l?t. 2d. 3d. Total
F tvbrader 331 US 127 .tTfi
Hnhntetter 1U 1? IIS 377
Kilvcr 121 113 I'M St<
Ruff 115 lfT^ia M!
oelner 110 ?5 113 3IS
W. Sohultz 7# Jg- 131 327
Tot?|K W9 7v3 7iC 2128
HARVEST. 1st. 2d. 3d. Total
Hpitdel 1? i"? iw 443
Sanrsr 153 17o 122 417
Haiiuiauu 1B0 157 112 413
(" atigimn 15U 151 17.S 4111
nf.iMlim ! "!? 1?"? !* ?? -I'M
12C 151 136 413
Totals WJ s.% in>2 rcso
T'njplrp ? Xordeiuan. Scorers ? Strobel
jiJ bchrader.
frit Virginia GIrii Company May Move
There From MarMn'l Ferry.
Last nlglit the following Associated
Press dispatch from Pittsburgh was
received by the Intelligencer: Henry
Sheets, of Charlero*. and J. L. Jones,
of Bellevernon, held a conference at
th-? Seventh Avenue hotel to-day, with
the ofllclals of the West Virginia tableware
company, a corporation which operates
u large plant at Wheeling. W.
Vu.f f?ir the manufacture of line glass
and crockery tableware. The. object of
tin* oojiferenco Is the proposed retnov(i
I of the Wheeling companyV-pl" to
a strip of land owned by Messrs. .ieets
and Jones in the Monongahelu valley
near Charlcrol. The deal has been under
consideration for some time, and
th> tfnal detail* were nj?giu;ed at
th-- meeting ti.-day. so It iVtSmerstood.
Th?: West Virginia Toblewjjfcv Coinpa.iy
operates :t large plant." and cmploys
over two hundred and fifty met:.
it was not known what the West Virginia
Tablewar.' Company was, for
there Is no surh corporation*here, but
hA| " - ~ ilViti&trii r#..
II > IIS t Il*r iuiiu?)iiin
reived later. It I- evidently Hie West
Virginia (llass Company, which ha.'
been operating the old Klson slam,
works in Martin's Ferry: Otllclals of
the West Virginia Glass Company, of
Wheeling, met J. I?. Jones, of Bellevr-rnor
and H?jnry Sheets, of-Charlerol,
I'rt.. to-day at the Seventh. Xivnue. hotel
and listened to a proportion to
move their clans plant from* Wheeling
Martin's Ferry) to u site adjoining
t'harleroi. The glass maim&w'tiircr.s
i"l n..t decide to .icecpt the offer, although
they said they were favorably
Imprewpd with Jt.
The Steel Coinpnuy, Hinge fominuij" ami.
Other* Klrct Director*
Ye?terday afternoon at 2 a'clock, the
annual meeting of the stockholders of
tiir- Wheeling Iron and Steel Compqny
"'k placo at the company's qtllce on
Fourteenth street. The fallowing
I' rd of directors, of which yfr. Oald'
II 1* the n-w member, was chosen for
i!i" "nsulng year: C. R. Hubbard, H. H.
Hornhrook, George H. Co!dwc41v W. A.
I -tr. George K. Wheat. A J. Clarke.
A W. Campbell. Joseph Bell and W. F.
sum. :
Weft Virginia Toliarco C'oiiijMiii.r.
The annual tpeetlngof the stockholders
the West Virginia Tobacco jmpany
held at the office of the comtUKjuy yesterday.
The following board of Srectora
' !> elQffcd: Augustus FolloclfaChuries
I-' HrandiViss. Hugo L. Loo.?.-^. W.
haaft>r, .! >)in L. Stroebel. David L.
it-it llfte and A. W. Campbell.
Tlic lllli;(F < mnpaiiy.
The Wheeling IIInK'' Comrtopy ^tookliolder*'
annual meeting ivjh 1*14 y?
rday afternoon at J o'clock? When
following board of din-flora was
? u'xen: f. J. Rawling. <\ R. HuMuml.
' M. Brown, C. A. Robin.vm. .1 M.
Cecil, JO"?j>h Brudy and (J. M. Ford.
Onlrn) MirrU
Th'* board of director* of the Central
f?Iji Work* m<*t ut tht? company'* of<"
In Kant Wheeling, yestcrd^ .tfter*
-n and re-eleetvd the pr? ;?t .'?ll- j
How Are Your Kidneys?
Ever Have Your Back Ache ?
Dr. Hobbs
/ v. 5paragus Kidney
. * \ ir.ttD II.. my
^ a art tfio Umcd ktrotlf.
(. v-^_ "''V ?.N Ifaaltbr Wmr? purffr th?
V. ..Vwiiim i?. bVw! Ur filter 11 til trotu li art*
' , * ?<</ an<( all oiliar | j or
. r * ?-\T\ lmpnruina.
\ 11 1 Hum 111 off) ip?an? ?.*rf*ct
MMth. By f&rlhItkg.hl'vw |
*??ar v.b. Dr. Hobba Spuruftf* Jtfrtr?/ 1
'" Ififl Hli?' rraflim. N>?irnl*!l?.C#oti'.7?ri?lit
'? ?. I>ialipt?j; Dmj'j'. WIWIIH. Anwil?,wli?ta A#?
* ?? ?!, lifiloar U*akuaM. anil H-iMam*
'' 'M.riof in# J'lr,?U h.im mid flni?*i?'? ia?
" ri'l tn*n.. ttV.a Irai. Tm|i?4nU)? from |
*? . !?. M'liii m ?mr <? . i iiu o.o a*d n* rm\i ma. i
//"a- in wovH^t.trrttVVm. Hoaia Jjttl*
Uvi* p|ti.n *? t prumi'Cr, Jt doa'l grlpa* |
Our l's and.... !
Other Eyes, j
Our r? ore ftflt an stroug as |
they were fifty ycart ago, when I
we have cause to ujvc them..
I But we 1iave less aiA less cause I
to praise ourselves, eince others ]
<Io the praisiug, aud we are
more than willing for you to see i
us through other eyes. This |
( is how we Ipok to S. F. Boyce, j
wholesale anil retail druggist, |
JJuluth, Wluu, who after a
II quarter of a century of obser- i
vation writes: 1
,1 "I have sold Ayer's Sarsapa. |
I rilla for more than 25 years, .1
i both at wholesale and retail,
I and have never heard anything I
but words of praise from my
customers; not a single com- i
I plaint has.ever reached uie. I ' ( v
believe Ayer's Sarsaparilla to I
be the best bloocl purifier, that '
1 has been introduced to the gen- i
eral public." This, from a
! man who has sold thousands of |
dozens of Ayer's Sarsaparilla, I
is strong testimony. But it
{ only ech6es popular sentiment ;
! the world over, which has, >
"Nothing but words of praise ;
,1 for Ayer's Sarsaparilla." |
Any doubt about lt?Soi?lfor4'Oir?book" 1
It kMte doubts and ctir?? doubton.
| Addreta J. C. Arr.u CO., Lowill, Mam. 1 .
t '
nuiuwii.iiu.ii i kj,
"Chris an<l Lena" "was seen by another
large audience at the Grand Opera
Hoilse last night and Pete Baker
was greeted with that same hearty
welcome as of old. All of his songs
were encored and his peculiar comedy
work delighted the crowd as It has always
done. Mr. Baker Js one of those
German comedians of whom one never
tires, and his clever impersonation of
"Chris" Is refreshing. Miss Eulle is also
very cfcver in the character of
"Lena" and deserves the hearty applause
her efforts draw forth. A matinee
will be given this afternoon and
the engagement will close to-night.
The Dig Sliotr.
The Boston Howard Athenaeum Specialty
Company comes to the Grand
Opera House the last half of this week,
and the reputation this company has
will no doubt till the theatre at every
performance. The company contains
some of the be?t known vaudeville artists
on the stuge, and many lately
imported features an* on the programme.
The company will appear
three nights, beginning Thursday,with
u matinee Saturday afternoon.
It u-ms a "Hoi1* Show.
The entertainment given by "Arch"
Johnson and "Bas" Miller in the Beethoven
hall last night, attracted a large
crowd of colored poople. The bill of
fare embraced u concert, dance, cake
walk and sparring contests. All th?
various features were spiritedly carried
our nml mirth and enjoyment rati
high. Local talent figured In the concert.
and the buck mid wins dancing
were creditable performance*. Quite a
number entered In the cake walk, but
the icing wan won by Mike Kelsey. of
Cleveland, and partner. Miss Ida Miller.
of Wheeling. After a few hours'
of dancing, glove contests closed the
festivities. Emerson, of Cincinnati, and
Jenningf. of Chicago, had a rattling
bout with honors even. Kelsey and
Klngley, the latter a local, had a few
lively rounds, declared a draw, though
Kelsey hud slightly the best of it.
Frtili Wnn I'olauneil.
terrible tragedy took place last night
at the home of George Madison, near
this city. Yesterday Mrs. Madison had
been out working, Mr. Madison being
sick. When she returned she brought
apples for the children. The family ate
supper, the children eating the fruit
with the peeling on. while the parents
peeled those they ate. Immediately ufter,
Artie, nineteen months old; Jamex.
four-year-old; Lulu, eight years old,
and a hoy of five, were taken severely
111, with si tins of strychnine poisoning.
Before a physician could arrive the
first two named children were dead.
Lulu died during the night and the boy
l.trcry ill. Mrs. Madison is alto ill.
IJveXetvi Itrma From the Lively ItitlmtrJul
The l>all given by the Crescent association,
at Its hall last .night was a very
successful affair. All the functions of
tiii ; organization have been well attend
I ed, and despite trie com wtMinwr iiij.ii/
vl tltors were present from outride town?.
, Everyone had a gnodL tlrrtc. Akmeycr
I officiate at the piano.
This afternoon at 4 o'clock. In St.
' John's church. Miss Viola Sauers will beconic
the Wife of Mr. Albert Sterne,
i Both the contracting parties ure of McMechen.
Rev. Father McMenamln will
, officiate.
Mm. William Hrannon. the matron at
the emergency hoHpital, has resigned
1 and will go Jn the confectionery business
on the South Side. Wheeling. Miss Fullerton,
la the new matron at the hoo^pltal.
I Mrs. Robert Sharp, who has been at
1 the emergency hospital for a couple of
weeks for treatment, has recovered from
| the difficult operation performed, and
was removed to her home yeeterdny.
I There were no prisoners confined Jn
the Jail yesterday, for the first time In
: a few weeks. flood H.unarlt.ms came to
their relief with the necessary money
, for their fines.
The young people's society of Si. Matthew's
German Lutheran church will
I ?lve a Martha Washington tea party on
' Washington's birthday, February 2lf.
| Several Benwood people attended tip?
concert given laft night in Bellnlre by
I the Jfellalre choral club and the AVhocilog
oratorio Society.
John Llnebergcr and Sam Hunter, who
have purchased the bankrupt .M<-Mastcr
grocery, will open up In business on
Alondny next.
Homer Allerton, or Pittsburgh. who
I na.-i lit' i VMiung reiaTm * utile, i)WTOffw
{?? hi4 homo yoaterday' afternooon.
Mix. Fannie N<*wt'on, of HlBter?vlHc,
who h.:.< vl.dtliiK frlPii'l.i here,
turned t<? li?. home yc.-iterday.
M. M. y 'I'.iyl ?r w >.* a charming ho/tt<?;?
nunib'-r of friend* Jurt night, nt
her home <ni W.it-r nJi- ? t.
Harry Murtln. of HtcutkmvlJIo, returnlUrned
V' .i:-'Ki.iv. nfter wiftidiny n few
day* with friend* here.
Thft ladies' aid aoelcty ??f the M. K.
church will give an eld folks' concert on
February ill'.
Mr. ?i;d Mr*. WHIJain Aniferjion. of
.MwundKVllle. were In town y-is>."day.
Mr. KJ Campbell, of .StmjbonvllJe, watt
In town railing on fri*tida y?Vi. i dny.
Mr*. H>?rah Muiiood, of. Mound*vlllc,
ivii'j In tin. city yMUjrd*y.
All BorU of Loral .V?wi RUilGoitip Abort (
fbo UlnwUtr.
The charge against Dick Davis hero
Is ajyault with Intent to kill. The wife
assailed will recover, but she will be
mvked. M-arshal Balira tried to get an
audience with Proaecutlng Attorney
Wcems yesterday relative to securing
requisition paper*, but Mr. Weems was
In Woodsflehl. The local officers want
the prisoner brought h. re for trial, and
those well acquainted with the circumstance*
of the wife beating anft of his
former cruelties want Davis severely
dealt with.
There was very little, If any difference
In the old that prevailed here yesterday
morning and that of the previous
day, except that .he continued cold had
penetruted the dwellings and frosten up
more pipes, as ? continued cold soap always
does. TJje water ut tnf park
watering trough had spread all over the
street at that point ??d made a glare of
Ice. This was shut off at noon yesterday
and will be left off during cold
Every manufacturing Industry of
whatever kind In this city Is In full operation
this week except the stove foundry,
-which is Idle only because Jack
Frost took snap judgment on them and
the sand Is froaen so that the molders
cannot work. There are few Idle men
about the city, however, and this condition
In such severe weather is In pleasInp
pnniM?? uMrh ?nm? winter* of the
recent past.
Charles Bradford, the coal miner hurt
at Neffs mines n week ago. by fulling
slate, had his left leg amputated below
the knee yesterday. Dr. J. W. Cooper
and Dr. J. S. McClellan performed the
operation. A jiortlon of Bedford's hand
wan amputated at the time of the accident,
and If he recovers, as now seems
probable, he will be left In very bad
Judge J. B. Drlgga closed up his part
of the term of the common pleas court
yesterday. The grand Jury has completed
its work and the petit Jury will
convene on the second week In February,
a: which time Judge J. W. Holllngdworth
assumes the Judicial ermine.
Men from this city, working c?t the
tube works experience considerable difficulty
In reaching their work and returning.
Several of them take chances
of getting a cold bath by crossing In
akhTs with the river running full of Ice.
Rev. Walden. of Kentucky, who
pre.iched at the Christian church several
Hundays.ngo, has been invited to take
charge of the pulpit or the church. Be
has accepted. Rev. Walden is a young
man and comes highly recommended.
The Crystal glass works at Bridgeport,
which gives employment to a number
of men from this city, is only working
one furnace this week and a number
of the men are off.
Mrs. John Llewelyn and children loft
yesterday for Braddock, Pa., to attend
the funeral of Mrs. Llewelyn's father,
who died quite suddenly at his home.
John Coulson, a former merchant In
this city, but now of Columbus, nas
been calling on friends In the city for a
few day# pa6t.
The CSIrl drum corps, of this city, played
in Wheeling: last evening, at an entertainment.
Several other Bellalre people
also took part.
The lee iitfhe river does not seem to be
bo heavy; U has gorged nt the piers of
the railroad bridge. All the spans are
open y?.
Jacob Garrison, of Meadvllle, Pa., returned
yesterday to his home, alter visiting
friends and relatives in the city.
Horned Martin returned yesterday to
his home In Moundsville, after spending
a few days with relatives in the city.
Miss Ola Sinclair has returned to her
home in the Fifth ward, after a pleasant
visit with relatives In Columbus.
John Motter returned yesterday to
Manning ton, W. Va., after spending a
few days with his family.
The new metal celling placed in C. M.
Wyrick's store is finished and improves
the appearance greatly.
Philip Starasaer, of Glendale, W. Va.,
Is sending a few days with relatives
and friends In the city.
The Chautauqua circle will meet Friday
evening at the home of Mrs. William
nrftvoj hill.
Rodefer Bros.' glass house is running
this week, after being closed down for
several weeks past.
John -Fisher, of Woodsileld. Is the
guest of friends and relatives In the
Ilev. W. P. Jones nnd wife, of Kent,
O., are the guests of friends In the city.
O. C. Kelly, of Armstrong's Mills, was
calling 011 friends In the city yesterday.
Carl Hook, of Now Martinsville, W.
Ya.. Is the guest of relatives In the city.
Mm. J.imi-* McDougal. of Ztneavllle,
Is visiting friends In the Second ward.
The "Tornado" appears at the Elysian
theatre a week from to-night.
Several of the trains on the Baltimore
& Ohio were late yesterday.
Miss Minnie Steger Is able to bo out,
after an attack of the g?"ip.
Stewart & Ward are only workingpiirt
of their force this week.
Tin* ferry wad not able?to leave the
landing yesterday.
Healthy men
don't commit suicidc.
The man
who his IniflnHl
life tue BlimnHu
run whose nerves
on edge-UiHr f
whose brain v? *
worn out with
overwork and worry?whose bad dilation
mike* him morbid and melancholy. A
man can commit suicide in more way# than
one. He can let hi* lick new kill him. If
he la losing flesh and vitality, he can let it
go on till be die* ?it won't be Ion?.
Manv men hesitate to take medicine.
They forget that sickness merely shows the
body's need for some material that is lacking
in the food. The right medicine supplies
this want. I)r. Pierce's ('.olden Med- I
ical Di-covery is the right medicine in nine
caws out of ten. It soothes the nerves and
make* them strong and steady. It furnishes
food for the brain. It helps to digest what
is eaten and assists in the assimilation of
nutriment. :It perfectly purifies the blood
and fills it with vitslizinfr properties It is
the one great and infallible medicine for
men ami women whose nerves are out of
order, who are losing flesh, losing sleep,
losing vigorous vitality. It brings back
health and strength with marvelous rapidity.
It has been sold for over thirty years,
and has a record of many thousands of
vfafwa record uuupproach- |
etl by any pthcrmeclicine in the world. j
For families living in the country, or far from a
physician. Dr. Pictcft'* book. "Common ftenae
Mr (heal Adviser." in an ever present reliable
helper. This ioo2i paje l?ook contain* more practical
and useful medical knowledge th.iu was
ever before condritM-d iulo that ftjiace. It baa
over .toy illustration!. It is wiitten in plain ev- i
ety-dny lunirtiii;T<r. There are no iechnirolitie.s. i
If yon want this J? V? l?ok in paper cover*, you j
nuyhave it fur the coat of mailing ji cents. If
you want it iu fine embossed cloth, you may have |
It for cents. Send thepricn iu one-rent stamps i
to World'* Dl?p*n?ary Medical Association,
*6j .Main iitreet, IJuflale, N, Y.
TIIN U'KKIt wind* ud the y*ar'ii I>uhI1111.1
.WIHift Tak- iMvitntnar* of
our great barfed Inn In every department.
IX order to make ftpaco for new ln,
jtrunvntn, we muHt thl* week, mHI ten
recond-hand organ* our ppvci.tl
prlcea. F. w. HA.UMER CO.
. That iMinr n?rk can bo currd with
1*. MllrVNKKVt PLAtfTKA. OulylBfc
l!a? Phenomenal Success in
M0r? ?!Mca Tlitu UhM * AtlcutUri.
Obliged ?u K-itcud IIU VUll-Wlll Kr
main Thl* Kullre W?*k-Wrrineid*y,
Thnridajr, Frldajr and Satnrdaf.'
What l.i your ultimate decision?
Is he worthy of your confidence?
He Invites Investigation.
His credentials are undeniable.
No experiments. No guess work.
Nothing ia left to chance.
Consultation costs nothing, and aided
as he Is with the finest scientific lnstru
lliVllia uiiu U|/iilaiiinu
with his skill anil twenty-two years' experience,
using the latest method?, hap
acquired for him a standing and prestige
whlcn few reach.
Consultation free at the McLure Private
Parlor, 149. Ladle*' entrance on
Twelfth street. Office hours, 10 a. m. to
4:30 p. m., and 7 to 8 p. m.
The successful New Turk eye expert,
gives attention to "errors of refraction."
Most people wear glares that fail to
correct this trouble. You may know so
If you have blurring, dizziness, neuralgia,
headache, spots before the eyes. Inflammation,
granulation. winking,
trembling spells, cataract, burning and
smarting of the eyes, various h?rvou3
i and brain affections, entailing not only
| positive injury to the sight, but untold
i misery. Call immediately.
Hup* ami Ullaliapa tit ttic Thriving City
Arroaa the Itlver.
I Joseph H. Dowllng. Internal revenue J
| collector for the First district of Ohio, J
I was removed at 6 o'clock last night by
| President Cleveland for violating the
, civil service law. The charge against |
! Dowllng Is that he received money for
campaign purposes that had been col1
lected by one of his deputies and the
penalty, If found guilty, is a flne of not |
I to exceed $i.000. or imprisonment Tor
a term of three years or both. It Is
thought probable that Mr. Cleveland ,
will not appoint a successor to Mr.
I Dowllng, but wfll allow the matter to
1 go over to Mr. MeKlnley'a administra- J
j Hon. Chief Deputy (Herman F. Cellarlus j
[ has been designated to act until an- j
I other appointment is made. Dowllng I
I say3 will contest, but he will find j
the President a pretty stubborn fellow.
He was a strong nBvocate of Bryan |
and this made the Presldeat angry. |
Will Entertain To-morrow,
The entertainment to be given bv the
fourth section of the Presbyterian1
church on Thursday evening, will be ,
a splendid one. "She programme will
consist of vocal solos by Mr. William I
Mann. Mr. Thomas R. Lloyd. Mr. Sam- J
I uels and Miss Spooner, violin nolo by ,
Miss CJeorglana Watson, quartette by |
! Messrs. Samuels, Krump, Thomas and I
Jones; recitation by Miss Blgser and
| chorus singing. The ladles of the fourth
aaetioM for church erection are taking |
I much pains In the social to be given In
I connection with thl? entertainment.
I Refreshments will be served and everything
will be flrst-class. The serving
of refreshments will take place between
[ the hours of 5 and 8 o'clock and after
the entertainment.
| . Against B. Ih Atiorlatloui.
There is evidently a determined efI
fort being made, throughout the state,
! to bring about a feeling In opposition
I to the workings of building and loan
associations and secure, through the
i ncx: legislature, ' the passage of laws
| abridging their powers. Upon request,
! the attorney general recently gave an
, opinion holding that associations of
this kind are not authorized by law
to establish branch boards In cities
I outside of that in which the principal
' office is located. The effort Is now being
diiected against these branch
| boards.
I Marilu'i Ferry llrlrft.
I Reserved seats for the Anna Louise
White engagement, under the auspices
I of the King's Daughters, will be put on
sale on Saturday at 1 o'clock. The
King's Daughters will charge only 23
cents for reserved s^ats. The prices for
I Miss White are always higher because
I of her reputation.
Mrs. Theodore Dyson and daughter,
of Centra! City, W. Va'.. who have been
visiting the afmlly of Jacob Rosenthal,
I left yesterday to visit at Tarentum.
| Pa. They will move from Central City
I to Grapevllle, Pa.
j Clothing,' provisions, edibles, etc., will
I be received at the M. E. church on
Thursdav and Friday evenings for dlsI
trlbutlon among the poor of Martin's
Ferry. The meetings are being largely
a tt tended.
Congressman Dan ford presented the
| conference report on the immigration
I bill on Monday and gave notice that he
would iuk the house to take It up today
and dispose of It,
The birthday of Charles, son of R F.
A1 lender, was pleasantly remembered
by a party of his friends on Monday
John C. Swindell, who represents u
furnace building company, of .Pittsburgh,
was In Martin's Ferry yesterday.
The newly elected officers of the Vigilant
Hose Company will set un the .simper
to the company on Saturday night.
Rev. Hunter, of Coleraln, was here
yesterday, lie has preuched thirty sermons
In a little less than two month*.
L. M. Myers, of Martin's Ferry, has
taken a rolling Job In the Top mill,
which will rosunte to-day.
Rev. Dr. J. W. Robins officiated at
I the funeral of the child of Mr. and Mn.
| Charles Riser yesterday.
| Mrs. Addle Barr, who has been vers*
irk ;it her home on Indiana street, is
pomewhat better,
i St. Mary's Literary Society will #ive
ii ilramu at Maennerchor Hull to-morrow
I James Winter*, of Hellalre, spent
yesterday with Martin's Ferry relatives.
! John Ooekroft, of the Fourth ward. Is
very nick.
I Harry Jump In laid up with the grip.
I Mrs, J. C. (Jray Ih on the sick list.
HHIrf III Dii Honrs.
! Distressing kidney and bladdot- dls1
eases relieved In alx hours by tho "NlflW
CURE." Thl? new remedy Is a
great surprise on account of Its exceedI
Jng promptness In relieving pain In the
bladder, kidneys, back and every part
1 of the urinary poenah* In male or female.
It relieves retention of water and
pain lp passing It almost Immediately.
If you want quick relief and cure this
Is your remedy. Bold by R, H, List,
I druggist, Wheeling, .W? .Va,
Geo. E. Si
The season of i8
Embroideries. A1
goods, and with 1
and White Dress,
increased. .We hi
and arc now read)
some line of SV
INGS, in single 01
patterns, ever bro
the tiniest edge up
Tl?is is our week <
iWc find entirely ;
for this season, the
but out, and th(
Fancy Suitings of
New line of Rid
Collars, and all Br
/ii- A .i ajj i:
uosiny uui uuu Line
of Muslin Inderwea
at Half Price, ue d
'Tliis includes Dr
Skirts of lines in v
Only about fifty in
with raffle, all Blac
All-.Wool Skirt Pat
Geo. E. $1
Having been appointed admlnlntrator-of
the estute of Alexander Frew, decerned,
notice in hereby given to all persons In- ,
debted to said estate to settle with thn j
undersigned without delay, and all persons
having claims against said estate will
preset!: such claims, properly certined by
affidavit, for settlement.
JOIIN FREW' Administrator,
. de21 No. 27 Fourteenth street. 1
ISES, No. 2303 Chapllno street.
For rent-several good rooms
in the City Bank Building. Inquire at
the City Bank of Wheeling. mrtO i
^ given April J. No. 135 South Petm
street, now occupied by J. E. Taussig.
Enquire of ALFRED PAULL, Peabody
Building. Ja4 ,
FOR RISN'J-WU. loo ririubinu
street, all modern Improvement;*, both
gases. hot und cold water, bHth, Inside und 1
outside water closets. Apply to M. A.
CHEW, Wheeling Boiler Works office, or
136 Fifteenth street. jgj2
For rent-best office room in
the city; large und plenty of light; |
centrally loeated In best advertised building
in the city. Also large hall for rent.
Apply at HUB CLOTII1ER8, Fourteenth
and Market stroets. JaM
Desirable rooms on Market street, suitable
for great variety of purposes. Will
remodel to suit tenant. Apply to
Ja23 1620 Market Street.
Mprurn 4 rooms. 18 per month, on
n&IU* inland, in alley near Suapen- 1
slon Bridge.
TO LOAN. 00 800<J rcaI eBtat(s
Mo 11 V Improved Island property. ;
OALb* paying 12 per cent. Also vacant
River Lot near Yacht Landing. \
Real Estate and Loan Agent. 1065 Main St. |
============== l
SPLEEN. St. Marys, Pa. de!4
termr. Call and see It. four miles out
from Wheeling on the Wheeling and Fairmont
pike. Fine buildings of all kindH
in goou repair, and fruit of all kinds. In
tine shape to mak? money. For more Information
call and se?? for yourself.
I Twenty-ninth street Toll House, Wheel!
lng, W. V"- del-tth&s
I o H> share* Wheeling Title and Trust Co.
1 Whltaker iron Works bond.
1 60 shares Wheeling 8teei and Iron Co.
' 20 sltaren German Fire Insurance Co.
to shares Wheeling Railway Co.
I ii Wheeling Pottery Donu*. u per ceni.
I 3 Wheeling Steel & Iron Co. 6 p. o. bonds.
CO shares Bellalre Steel Co.
I CO aharr* Wheeling Bridge Co.
5 shares Kxrhange Bank.
K. 8. IRWIN, Broker. 22 Twelfth St.
_ JaH
! j^OR SALE.
City Bank Building. 1300 Market at. !
"for salbT
Aetnn-Btnndard preferred.
Aetna-Standard common.
Wheeling Ice and Storage Company.
Wheeling Steel and Iron Company.
Wheeling Pottery Company.
Warwick China Company.
Bellalre Steel Company.
Wheeling A.- Belmont Bridge Company.
N"-w St "el Bridge.
Wheeling Hallway Company.
Commercial Savings Bank, Charleston.
W Va.
citizens' National Bank, Charleston.
Central Olasa Company.
Wheeling St col und Iron Company.
Wheeling l'ottery Company.
Now Steel Bridge.
No. 1311 Mhrk?t Strut.
SO. E. STIPEXj & CO. '
tifel & Co.
37 promises to be a special one for
ready there is a big demand far these
Jie arrival of the new light coloredFabrics,
this demand will be greatly,
ivc made ample preparation for thi
to show the largest and most hand- VISS,
matched sets, also Allouers.jo tetany,
Light-to our store. All widttys, Jfpto
i to the widest, at all-prices.
}f shelf emptying and stock/taking',
too many goods in this department
refore thc-y must be moved,;not back,
: prices will do it. CHEVIOTS,
.LTlfc.i>, L.^bf.UiNb, ana nam ana
all kinds.
Ii Dress Garnitures, Bolerds, Girdles,
aid and Spangle Trimmings, _
awcrs, Corset Covers, Gowns. and
k-hich the assortment is broken,
? _ ,
this lot?DL'ACK SATEEN, lined,
k Silk ones, together with a lot of
terns, at about HALF. PRICE
tifel & Co.
Rent list oFTiouses can be
hud at ROLF & ZANE'8. 30 Fourteenth
street. . Ja21
38 Baltimore street, Cumberland, Md. Ja4
IrJL a day Introducing our 25-cent household
novelties. North Mfg. Co.. La Cross*.
Wig. JafO
ED by examination, wants position.
Address DRUGGIST, care of Intcillrenctfr
office. Jal6*
Dl'STRIOUS men to introduce our
new premium plan. I3rln?; written refererence*.
F. ADAMS & CO., 1616 Main
street. South End Stone Bridge. Jail
ED pharmacist for general prescription
work. Must be competent and well
recommended. Address SMITH'S PHARMACY.
Clarksburg, W. Va. Jtl
Battle for Free Silver," With
biography of Bryan and wife: also speeches.
Bonanza for agents. Tremendous demand.
Commission GO per cent. Credit
given. Freight paid. Outfit free. Write
uuloU. DOMINION CO.. Chicago. ja20
The annual meeting of the stockholders
of the Riverside iron Works will be held
tit the office of the company, corner Main
and South streets. Wheeling, W. Va., on
Wodnosduy. January 37, 1897, at 7:30 p. m.,
for the election of directors and the transaction
of "any otlier business that may
be presented D CULBERT80N.
Ja 7 Secretary.
~r-nr-i -r.Tnn"1
I Business houses In wholesale or retail
Onicx-s In new modern Exchange Bank
I building. A new office, clean and tidy at
same rout of n dingy one.
Dwellings, largo and small. In all part*
of the city. Alxo dwelling rooms.
First-class 6 per cent gold bonds.
Dividend paying Mocks In one of the
most nuhstantlal bankH and* matiufaclur1
UK companies.
<3-. O. SMITH,
lixrlianp l!a k llnlldlng.
Wives and
To All Whom It May Concern:
The undesigned have purchased Hamilton's
linprowd Feather Renovator, and
alio an Improved Carpet IJratcr, which
Is guaranteed to neither rip nor ravel,
and are now prepared to dowork promptly
urn! ut rraMonauio price*. worn cauea rcr
and delivered freo of charge, Leave or*
tier* at R. Luke'it Livery, No. 1430 Market
atrtet, or uddrrss
Corner Eighteenth and Chnpllno Streets,
Wheeling. W. Va.
A strictly high grtde <85
wheel for >65. Call ?nd
tee it at
Dillon, Wheat & Handler Co's,

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