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On hand for, this season of 1
them over till next season, wi
$18.00, $16.00 and $15.00 Ovei
They arc all new, desirable eo
and were the. cheapest Overc
prices. At $12.50 they arc tli
this or any other town.
Have been selling lots of
Still a few left;' sEasy worth dc
Fancy Manhattan Shirts 98c
n.:u \xrl:^ u.u
v^iiuurcn s> vv aiais uau
Bargains iii every departrae
I ? ?? ? ?>?<
Houses and RoomsJor Rent.
Tho building now occupied by Vane?
ohoe Co., No. 1208 Main street.
No. 1QU Main st.. storeroom.
Na 127 Fourteenth st., 7 rooms and bath.
No. 43 loth it., 8-rooin dwelling.
No. 1 a 14th st., 7-room dwelling.
."Vo.imH main hi., biuic tuuiu <u?u unuumi,
No. 122 S. Elm St., Island. 5-room dwelling
No. 2163 Main St., 2 rooms, 3d floor,
No. X Zane St., 7 rooms.
No. 2902 Chapllno St., 6 rooms.
No. 91 Ohio st, 3 rooms.:
No. 37 37th St., 6 rooms.
No. 1314, front office, second floor.
No. 1*27 McCollooh st.. tirst floor.
No. 135 S. Penn st., 8 roomff and bath.
No. 95 Ohio St., 8 rooms. $7.50.
Two nice rooms centrally located.
Offioo or sleeping rooms," luu Building,
furnished or unfurnished."
Storeroom corner 23d and Market sts.
Nob. 2242 and 2246 Markdt st., stores and
Storeroom corner 18th and Woods sts.
Nos. 1345 and 1347 McColIoch st.
Ifouses and Lots for Sale. Money to
I.oan on City Real Estate.
Telephone 319. Boom No. O.
House. S rooms, hall and large lot. Eighteenth
street; cheap, on very easy terms.
One of the best corner lotion Llnd street
for $275; one-third cash, balance in one and
two years.
Corner lot on Cherry street for $175: onethird
cash, balance In one and two years.
Ix>t on Cherry street for $150: one-third
cash, balance in one and two years.
Two houses on Main Mtroet, near Seventh
street; cheap; on easy terms.
House 7 rooms, brick. Sixteenth street,
terms* easy. 33,500.
Splendid building site for dwelling Fourteenth
street and on Sixteenth street.
House 5 rooms and 4-rooin house In rear,
Fifth ward, terms easy, $3,200.
The Lamb property. No. 2009 Chapllne
street, cheap, terms easy.
Houso 5 rooms. Jacob street, between
Twenty-fourth and Twenty-flfth streets,
cheap, $1,200. ~
2 lots on Jacob street. North Bcnwood,
t:n each.
House 4 rooms, brick. Eighteenth street,
House, 12 rooms, wide center halls, modern
conveniences and large lot. No. 2009
Chapllne streeft; cheap and terms easy.
House. 5 rooms. Eighteenth street, $1,150.
$250 will buy a nice lot fronting on Llnd
street; one-third cash, balance on easy
$200 will buy a good two-roomed house,
fronting on Chapllne street, near Tenth.
$525 will buy house of 2 rooms on Wilson
street. Centre Wheelln; $100 cash, balance
In rent.
Lots on Llnd street. Chert-y street and
McColIoch street at from $50 to $300 each
on easy terms.
Money to loan on city real_estate.
No. 1739 Market Street
' f r I
No. 183 Fourteenth street....*.. $24 00 i
No. 2318 Market street 20 00 I
No. 1622 Main street, store roou\ .and
dwelling I.*..... 30 00 i
No. 2?*'4 Main street, 4 rooms 10 00
No. 23k) Slain street, 4 rooms... 10 50
?-- n on
No. 2340 Mam Si reel, a _
No. 2504 Main street fl 00
No. 2TtOi Main street 9 00
No. 71 8?vcntornth street . 20 00
No. 1005 McColloch street 15 00
Residence EdRlngton Lane.
Store room. Market street.
No. 237 Main street, saloon, with fixtures
25 00
Saloon In Martin's Perry 15 00
4-Roornod house, cor. Market and
Sixth street 7 00
4-Roomed house, Crescent Place 7 00
No. Hoi Warren street 'J 00
3 houses near ManchesterT Coal
Works, east of Mt. de Chantal....SO each
2 rooms Scibert property, on WheelIn*
rreek ?. * 5 00
3 rooms Bedlllon property, WheeHng
<-reek 5 00
No. ZUZ Market street, blacksmith
shop .? ?Stable
rear of No. Ifilo Market .street.
Stable rear o? German Dank.
Saloon and dwelling, Martin's Iftrry, O.,
$3.noo on.
Lot No. 70 Cherry street, with lumber
now on lot. for , $220
Re?| estate of every description.
Residences on Fourteenth street, Fifteenth
street, Sixteenth street. Seventeenth
street, ?nd other streets too numerous
to mention.
Real Estate Agftit. Collector, Notary Pub
He and Pension Attorney, jv?- .......
Jcet street. Ja23
Now brim; built by Mr. Alexander Lalng,
on the south side of Fourteenth and Jacob
street*. They Will have all the latest Improvements.
and 'will be completed on or
about July 1, 1W7. The plans ran be seen
at our office, and anyone renting now can
have such changes made an would meet
his approval.
30 Fourteenth Street.
_i Telephone C66.
1121 liofT street, 4 room- jjo
1121 KofT street, 5 rooms J',,'I. jr,
.TO.' Alain Street, a rooms 1',
Ohio street. 7 room* and bath 20
2h Ohio street, 5 r< ums K>
:i North Broadway, rooms i"
IB Houlh York sir# rt, 7 rooms ??1H
U, Mouth York street. 7 rooms IS
AI*o store rooms and office roojns.
'Phone H7. 1113 Market Street.
. Oflleq Op?n I'.eulns*.
** t40? Sl tHKET KTItKKZ,
Shot* really tepalrfd end half scloil'
while you wait.
ii.u.r s mix. < nr?a
mi f!j;i;jr,i.vti. i*KWi;i> .U04
1 Mi Market street, corncr Fourteenth.
3UTMAN & 00.
. . ;
he year. Sooner than carry,
11 give you the choice of our
'coats for
iods, well made and trimmed,
oats in town at their former
e best values ever offered in
those $2.50 Children's Suits.
ublc. ,
They, were $1.50 and ?2.00,
AN~1 CO.
I Tl?e 0,000 Sill* Book.
General Passenger Agent E. AT* Ford
has issued a lengthy article telling
why the 6,000-mile Interchangeable
ticket was adopted. It appears from Mr.
Ford's argument that the book was
demanded by the commercial travelers.
He presents convincing argument to
prove his assertions, and concludes us
"We believe commercial travelers to
be honorable and upright men, and
their pledges concerning the value and
use of this 5.000-mlle ticket will be
made good?if the railway companies
interested can adopt the consistent
plan,which seems to in every way commend
itself, of expunging the interchangeable
feature from their 1,000mile
tickets covering a limited territory,
and surround them with equally
as wholesome restriction^ as ta transfer
and misuse as now appertain to
the Central Passenger Committee's
5.000-mlle ticket, which embraces nearly
20,000 miles of territory. 1 candidly
believe that I voice the sentiment of
every honest commercial traveler
when I undertake to predict that he
will eay 'amen* to that proposition. I
also feel certain that the objection to
confining the sale of the Central Passenger
Committee 5.000-inlle tickets to
the commissioner's office ut Chicago can
be overcome. Arrangements will un*
* 1? ~"'1~ ?<? .tnno #hnm nn
sale at prominent points in the territory
as soon as the demand will Justify
The W. Sc. L. ?, FaIIarc.
Concerning: the financial difficulty of
the Wheeling: & Lake Erie, the Kailway
World says: "No one seems surprised
nowadays to hear that such and
such railroad has been placed under
the protection of the United States
court, because such action has become
so frequent since the panic of 1893. In
the present instance we had official denials
only a day before the appointment
of receivers that such action was
even in contemplation. But Wall street
has had such denials before?and paid
, little attention to them: for the 'tickers'
I in brokers' office?, which print quotations
for securities dealt in on the
I stock exchange, told n different story
i ?they foreshadowed that which later
| came to pass, lie-organization of the
| property will, of course, be necessary,
but whether severe or not remains.to
be seen. It will depend largely upon
the accuracy of the annual statements*
of the company. If they have been
truthful, security holders will not suffer
greatly; if misleading, then the severity
of the re-organization will depend
upon the extent of the misstatements."
Iuangarallon Travel.
General Passenger Agent Scull, of
mo uaiumorc cc umu, icumij v?M..w
ted that the inauguration travel would
be nearly double what U was four
years ago. The Central Freight Association
will allow no special rates for
the transportation of military equipment.
The idea is to force military
companies to lease a special train for
the inauguration.
Edit Bound Slitpmoiita.
Chicago east-bound shipments last
week were 71.497 tons, against 67,130
for the preceding week and 77,704 for
the corresponding week of last year.
The roads carried tonnage ns follows:
Michigan Central, 9,285; Wabash, 4,886;
Lake Shbre, 8.335; Btort Wayhe, 10,944;
Pan Handle, 8,971; Baltimore & Ohio,
."..809; Grand Trunk. S.70f?: Nickel Plate,
8,379; Erie, 4.418; Big Four, 2,774.
A .Michigan Mail OfTera lu S'enil Ilia l)la?
covery Frre?C'lalma lo_l?e a Ilenrfaclor
to WrakriiPtl Mankind,
There Is always more or loss suspicion,
attached to anything that Is offered free
but sometimes a man so overflows with
generosity that he cannot rest until his
discovery 1h known to the world. In order
that his fellow men in Ay profit by
what he has discovered. It Is upon this
*%*i.r9inin ?>?-*? ?? cgaidgnt of Kalamazoo.
Mich., dwires to send freu lo mankind
a prescription which will cure them of
any form "f nervous ueblllty; relieves
them of nil the doubt anil uncertainly
which such men fl.re peculiarly liable to
and restores the organ* to natural slse
an<l vigor. As it cost* nothing to try
the ?'Xperiment it would seem that any
man. suffering with the nervous
trouble^ that usually attack nu n who
never stopped to realise what might be
the Una! result, ought ? ? be deeply Interested
in a remedy which will restore
... .... . . !./. ? I Mi nJivn-rih an-l vlcor.
mum to if
without which they continue to live ah
existence of untold misery. .Ax the remedy
In question wjn ih- result o! many
years research as t ? wi.a: !*?n
would be peculiarly effective in restoring
to men H>o Htrength they need, it
would seem that all men suffering wi;h
Any form of nervous weakn??M ought
to write for such a remedy uc once. A
request t ? II. C. Olds, Box JTfifi. Kalamazoo,
Mich.. ntatlug that you nr.; not
sending for the prescription out of Idle
curiosity, but that you wish to mnko
use of the medicine by giving >t a trial,
will bo Answered promptly and without
evidence as to where information cumo
Th.> prescription Is vent free and although
some may tvonder how Mr. obis
can ufford to ?lve away Ids discovery,
there Is no doubt about the offer being
genuine. *'ut tills out and send to .Mr.
Olds f > that h" may Know how you
came to wr.'to to him.
75bu> - Sin. ic i ' i'H. rine-: Jackets.
SOOT Hf NO for burs.-. sea hi*, oltapp. :
hands mm! Up.', lbullnr for cuts anil
i r -M. li v!.'" t relief for pi! . tttopn pain
: i " i Them an ; f Dov.itf.
ivjfch ; s.ih . j:. dotftft,
Cor. Twelfth find irk?t streets; Bowie
& <*o., Bridgeport; jvaUody A Hon, Benwoo
iL 2
Of thcOutgoing City Council Was
Held Last Niglit.
By Ik* Mulclpftl Legislators?Ballillug
Ordinance Not Considered, and Sow
Goes Over to tbs lnoomlng Coanell.
Rssolntlona Thanking Mayor Caldwell,
Clerk Dannanberg aad Assistant
Clark Watklns?'The Mayor Makes a
Farewell Address - Ganboat "Wheeling"
Bills Ordered Paid.
A regular meeting of the city council?the
last of the present body?was
held last evening. Them was some
difficulty in obtaining a quorum In the
lower branch, but at 8:30 p. m., both
branches were at work.
In the first branch those present
were an follows:
Present?Brltt, Davison, Ebellng,
Fan-oil, Hahn. Horkhelmer, Irwin, McKelvey,
McLure.Otto,Robinson, Zwlcker.
The following was the result or the
roll call In the second branch:
Present-Baird, Brltt. Che;v, Earp,
Elliott, Hahne, Hamilton, John Hess,
Hlggins. Kern. Lindsay, Loos, Muegge,
Taylor nnd "Waterhouse.
In the second branch In the absence
of President Siathers, Mr. Baird, of the
Seventh ward, was called to the chair,
rhe minutes of preceding meetings
were road and approved.
City Clerk Dannenberg made the following
statement of expenditures oi;d
balances for the first month of the new
D? purt- Approprla- Expendl- Kalinents.
tlons. turew. ances.
Board of public
works | 5,750 CO $ 4,444 43 | 1.905 57
I'Jro department
8,19125 CIO 31 .7,580 W
Health department
2,750 00 14 00 2,730 00
Markets 701 71 257 S3 44S Mi
Police 6,707 SO 211 ho 6,495 70
City prison... 1.U75 00 2*2 61 (32 3G
Scales and
weighing .... 162 50 38 00 12150
Real estate.... 450 00 25 00 425 oo
Cemeteries.... 250 00 250 00
Salaries 1,825 00 1,825 00
Contingent expenses
4.117 87 3,430 12 683 75
Loan Of 1S77.... 9.330 00 9,330 00
City water
board 26,071 20 691 00 25,380 20
City gas works 25,500 00 8,732 19 16,767 81
Collection of
taxes S75 00 375 00
Totals .$*3,759 03 flU.bal 34 174,90:. CO
The appropriations are on the basl.i
of one-fourth of the amount appropriated
Tor the whole of 1896, and are for
the first three month.; of 1897.
The elections committee reported a
number of changes in election otttcen
who will serve In to-morrow's city election.
The ordinance providing for the
election of a cremators' superintendent
at the first meeting of Incoming .councils,
was read, and passed In both
branches without opposition. Heretofore,
by custom and without being actually
provided for, the crematory superintendent
has been chosen at the last
meeting of outgoing councils
The committee on petitions ond remonstrances
reported changes In liquor
lieonses as follows:
John irusciien \o A?umS.-? -..v,...*..-.
G. G. Gans to Flowers &. llalncy.
Council rossed upon ths recommendations
The committee on streets, alleys and
prudes recommended the purchase of
the Gerke property in the Fifth ward,
so as to enable Jacob street between
Twenty-third and Twenty-fourth
streets, to be opened. Council acted favorably
on the resolution.
The gunboat "Wheeling:" committee
reported the purchase of the following::
China ware, 1200; glass ware, <300; sliver
ware, $400. A resolution authorizing
the payment of the sum, $900, was
passed. There was some difference of
opinion when it was learned that there
Is only $673 in the city contingent fund,
but as the new council will soon pass
an annual appropriation ordinance, the
amount was ordered paid.
The city water board recommended
a change in section 2. chapter 19, of the
acts of 1893. by which the board will be
authorized to furnish water to outside
municipalities and to persons and corporations
outside the city. This is already
done by the board and the resolution
merely legalizes the practice.
There was some talk of taking up the
building ordinance, but its chief defender,
Mr. Hamilton, consented to It
being laid over for consideration by
the new council.
Resolutions were introduced by Mr.
Thomas G. Britt, calling attention to
the faithful performance of their duties
by City Clerk Charles E. Dannenberg
and Assistant City Clerk Charles H.
Watklns, and extending to them the
thanks of the second branch of council.
The resolutions were passed with
a hurrah.
It was suggested that the minutes of
the meeting might be read, but it wos
decided this was Impracticable for the
reason that It would Involve considerable
Bills were ordered paid as follows:
Real estate $ 72 23
Elections 12 W
Finance fi 00
Streets, alleys and Krades 51 00
Uunbont "Wheeling" ?.... 9j0 00
In tlie first orancn ine pay mem 01
the bills aggregating $900 from the gunboat
"Wheeling" committee ordered in
4he second branch, was concurred in,
the Only opposing votes being that of
.Mr. Invln. and later Mr. Farroll
changed his vote and voted with Mr.
Irwin. Before a vote was taken. Mr
Invln moved for the adjournment of
the branch, but there was no second,
and the motion was not put.
The following resolution was introduced'by
Mr. Halier, of the Third ward
and passed with a hurrah:
Resolved, That the thanks of the
member* of the first branch of council
lie extended to His Horror, the mayor,
B. F. Caldwell, for the uniform courtesy
and impartial manner In which he
has presided over this body, during his
Incumbency in ofllce, and extend to
him on parting, our best wishes Tor his
future welfare and success In life.
The mayor, who retires the last of
this week In favor of Mr. Butts or Mr.
Ifealy. was called upon for a speech.
.. .. i.~.i f.?. fj,? uniform
SV UIBIIIiL-ii luuiiv., .... ......w....
kindness with which ho had been treated
during hi* four yearn* Incumbence
In omce. Any errors that Jie had nude*
had been error-? of th?* heart which ho
hoped were pardoned. He Would always
remember the pa.'t four years as
nmotjg the happiest of his life. He had
been born and raised In Whwling and
was proud to have served the municipality
two ^erms as Its chief executive.
He took the ores.v ion to l!iank4he people
of Wheeling. Its churches and all
organisations by whom lto had been
accorded courteous treatment without
exception and at all times. HA would
retire from ofTlc*."? with the kindliest of
I- lings for every man. woman and
i ild In tho city of Wheeling. The
tnay.-r's remarks were received wltli
i:."nt enthtialnHm by the members of
:*.? llrst branch and the lobby from
tij ( -in.1 Joined In the acclamations.
At 0:30 o'clock council adjourned.
HncKIrn** Ariilm hnlvr.
The beat salve In the world for' cuts,
bruise.-, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
n .i' h. letter, chappcd hands, chilblains,
corns and all skin eruptions, and positively
run r: piles, or no pay required. It
is guaranteed to glvo perf-'t satisfaction
or mon?y refunded. I'ricv cents
j.tv box. I'oi* sale by I.oga,u Drug Co.
A T.onWl> Hver mean* a bad complexion,
' ?l breath. Indigestion ond fre
ineui headaches. To avoid such com*
, Mfce DcWH'e Little liatly
11l^'Ts. Ibe famous little ! . -. C.
fj.ii't*", Twelfth .nd Market sM?-t.-;
Howie <\ iv?? Bridgeport; Pcabody &
Son, Hen wood. 3
Com ml (a ftnlcld* at H?r lloiu* la JftlM
A IlUtrMilng Affair.
The tollow'n? pr*** dlspstrh tells of
the death by suicide of Mm. Jacob
Kemple, wife or Colonel "Jake" Kemple,
formerly oC Wheeling, at her home
in Maine:
The suicide of Mra. Jacob Kemple at
Farmlngton Falls, Tuesday evening, has
3et the town all agog. At 6 o'clock CoL
Kemple entered his temporary home at
the village of Farmlngton Falls and
found his tvife dead, with a sponge and a
big wad of cotton saturated with chloroform,
over her face. A four-ounce bottle
with a small quantity of the liquid stlU in
it was found close by. The body was on
the bed in a nearly naturally position.
Colonel Kemple had been away for a
week or more, and for several days his
wife had been staying at Hotel Willows
in Farmington. Tuesaay noon, tne colonel
returned and took dinner at the Stoddard
House, after which he went to the
other hotel to see hl9 wife. Late in the
afternoon she told a friend that they had
quarreled, and that he did not speak a
single kind word to her. She said that
she had asked the colonel to go home
with her In the sleigh she had but that he
refused, and said tie would go on the
stage later, which he die?, but only to And
his wife dead on arriving at the rented
Mrs. Kemple was the daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. John H. Goodwin, of this city,
and was ab<?ut twenty-eight years of
ngo. She was of prepossessing appearance.
Col. Kemple's home is in Wheeling, W.
Va. He i.? a good talker, and lias taken
the stump for the Republican party during
several campaigns. It was in this
capacity that he first came to Farmington
more than twelve years ago. He remained
In this vicinity some time and
became acquainted with the family to
which the woman who has taken her life,
belonged. Not lpng after he married
Miss Nellie Goodwin, a cousin, who was
ai?o a member of the family. She
lived only :i short time. Not long afterward
the colonel took another member
from the family, this time marrying the
daughter, Miss Evangeline Goodwin.
The couple went south to live, and for
a time everything appeared to be satis
factory. Two children, a son ana a
(laughter, were born to them. Then Mrs.
Kemple came home to her father, who
liven on a farm a few miles out of this
village; where she received oreasional
visits from her husband. She also wont
south several times, but In the main her
home was with lier parents for several
years, until the house at the Falls was
rented and the couple again took up
After 'the Interview with the colonel.
Tuesday afternoon, .Mrs. Kemple told an
intimate friend that her husband wa9 angry
because he had found her at the
hotel when he reached home, and that
he had used abusive language to her in
public, on that account, and had not
said a kind word to her. She also said
that when he went away he told her that
If she was lonesome she had better not
stay in the house alone, but* to go anywhere
she chose and make herself as
comfortable as possible. With that end
in view she had gone to the hotel. She
said her husband seemed to have the idea
that she was hiding from him. but that
that was not the case, and she had been
perfectly willing to meet him.
Soon after this she went to a drug
store and asked the clerk how much chloroform
it would take to kill a dog. She
was told.that two ounces wuld be sufficient,
but she finally purchased four
ounces, to be sure of a fatal dose, as she
said. She appeared -to be downhearted
after her In ten'lew with the colonel, and
went home to the Falls village soon after
the purchase of the chloroform. The
next time she was seen was when she
was found dead by her husband.
Manx Dauccs Last Night.
There were more entertainments and
dances last night, in this city, than
probably ever we're held on any other
night, excepting holiday occasions.
Many of the festive gatherings were
for the benefit of organizations, and so
many coming together on one night
may have been a coincidence, or an
oversight on the part of the various
promoters. The proximity of the city
oiooftnn mav be said by some of the
cynical to account for the numerous
affair?, as there was hardly a hall In
the city that was not in use. Of course,
there were some candidates in attendance.
A Revelation for Weak Women.
Weak, nervous women who suffer
from female complaints, Irregularities,
discharges, backache, etc., get no sympathy
because they "look well." No
one but tho physician knows what they
suffer, and no one but a great specialist
in female diseases like Dr. Greene, 35
West Fourteenth Street, New York
City, the most successful physician in
curing these complaints, has the knowledge.
skill and remedies which never
fail to cure. Women should know that
Dr. Greene can be consulted toy mall
free. Writo the doctor. You can thus
gut his opinion and advice in regard to
your case free. Write now?it may result
in your cure.
m\TAT invoice a single Jacket, if
ill/I extraordinary values have
any merit. GEO. M. SNOOK & CO.
TRY a free 6 oz. can of "Good Luck"
Baking Powder from the wagon.
TUB "Smith Family" is a musical
wpnder, see them at St. Luke's church*
Island, Thursday night.
WE have too many second-hand organs.
Our third floor is full, our annex
crowded. If low prices will sell them,
they should all be sold this week.
Prices talk.
Taylor & Farlfcjr $lj? 00
New England l!S 50
Need ham L'8 oo
Shoninger '. "4 00
Ma*oti & Hamlin 37 00
Smith American 42 no
Clough & Warren 65 00
Story & Clark 67 50
Stellng 75 00
Estey 75 00
* F. W. bAUMER CO.
LOST?A dear little child who made
home happy by Its smiles. And to think,
it might have been saved had the parents
only kept in the houseOn<>Minute Cough
Cure, tho Infallible remedy for croup, C,
R. Giietze, Tor. Twelfth and .Market
streets; Howie & Co.. Bridgeport; JEVabody
& Son, Ben wood. 4
If I lie llnliy t? < titling Teeth
IJe sure and use that old and well-tried
remedy. Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup,
for children teething. It soothes the
-.i.ii.i unrtnnu tin. minis, nllav* n!l nu 1 n
cures wind colic a:iil Is the beat remedy
for diarrhoea. Twenty*Ave cents u
hot tin. mwt&vr.
SftABltlfJHT-On Tuendav. January %,
ai ( o'clock o. m.. MABEL U, Infwilt
daughter of William K. and ICminu
SenbrlKbr. "JfCd 7 week*.
Funeral services at parents' residence. No.
National Road, Wednesday aftQrnoon
nt 3 o'clock. Interment at fled
Men's cornet cry.
1108 LEY?On Tuesday. January 26. 1S97.
in I .: , i ? i . i 'ATI ll>:HI NIC, wife of
Pct<r llofley.
I'nt'cnil n?itIn-ir:if|rr
(Formerly of Frew & Rertsclxy.)
Funrral llirrclw ami Arterial 'KinWiurr,
Calls by telephone itUMwercd day or
nlclit. titorc telephone, CU; rtsldonce, 601
Reduction Sale*
r"| jl . 20 .
%jfc w Per Cent
* Reduction
Durine' fs^l fwli
w '?/&&
?'t J[ * !-'a
J Entire Stock.
No Reserve.
CHOICE |fj m.
Of entire stock at InV" mm '
20 per cent off reg- P^Y?' \v ww /
ular prices for WVi? \\
^ f?, ~w
In our display window
and see the
We are selling for
Appropriate for the hall or
any room in the house.
G. Mendel & Co.,
'* I
Our Wrap Sale lias been a great success, hut we still have more
than desired. Special reductions offered to-day.
One-Half Price
On all Tailor Made Jackcts and Capes. A few odd lines
at about one-third former price.
Reduction in priccs of Suits, Wrappers, Waists, ctc.
*v i i A1 1 A
Parisian \m uorapany,

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