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\VI.?lln*> diatn?? for an Interstate
liax ball club are <1111 hanging ill lli? J>uliir.it',
anil no dtflnlte nrrangeim-iptir Tor
grounds Have been arrived at yilP Mr.
Coyle. the owner of tti? Wheeling franchlrn.*,
and Mr. Herrington.niio will manage
tlie local Kara, had a conference yestcrday
with the otrnera of iniflabla
ground*. and Manager Wright:;?# the
VheellnR streat rallnray company/- Th?
n-^ult of the conference will not It!) made
public, and 1* Immaterial. as no lirMngeinents
were completed. I^s
M?ars. (Soyle and Herrlngton Kfcve for
their lmmf? this mqrnlng, but^-Hl be
here ''train the airly part of nextweek.
They are anxious to place a good cluli In
\vh-.vlln*.and are cmlldent " ?[ the
question of ground* trill be setlMhtext
?-ek. Tnere Is some leiral work in be
liom' through In securing u certain piece
. which mavrleiatn them longer,
init if the street railway company gives
libt-rul encouragement aJl will be well In
a short time. The new magnates underhand
the difficulties In their path, but
lire not discouraged ,and speak hopefullv
of the .outlook. One thing Jiy*. ,f
WheelingjW In die league no if**# gen11?manly
manager* could be fou?l than
those now endeavoring to locate a club
here. During th*ir short slay In Wheeling
they have favorably Impccsyed all
lovers of the National game wlrtMvhom
(hay came In contact. All that remains
for the success of their venture Is the acceptance
.of the propositions they have
made to those likewise financially interred
in having a ball park on the Island.
The same of chess it of ancient origin,
the rtrst Ijook ever printed In th^English
language, being WHIiam Caxtiuw "Ye
Piayeof Chesse" publish** In th?? fifteenth
. -ntury. 'But be that a:< K ndb^lt has
never appealed s*0 strongly to Wneellngitcs
s? now. Its devotees are not the
insny. but the select few, and.^hpse few
nre so Infatuated wl^h Its delights that
\heir enthusiasm is becoming contagious.
The Arion ch<t*s club has within Its ranks
many good players, and exciting vontosts
Hiv fretiuen't. The Carroll dug '.u.h also
its ohc?s club, and <n the Y. *M.TC. A.,
there are several pairs of eye* nightly
Klued upon the blacks nnd whites The
Atlantic engine nouso nus ik-coius vne
Mecca f>T rtiany Individual >xporont3 ??f
the same* which is not to bejemdered
n:. for m an Indoor recreutlorf UOtt calls
forth mental .Virateyy and r<y?lfte3X che .a
K in the language of tho day, "The only
]x?bble ou the beach."
Th^rofc a movommi on foo?
tid a i-hqi* tournament, open ?*?'. to loe.il
player*. Already u have
asjraed t$ eonte>;, ami If the b?:&i>layers
In the city agree to play, the h?fstlon of
olmmplon of Wheeling may be dacldcd.
Such a schemo a* this la commonable to
nit true lovers of the gamt and l( each |
nould contribute a small sunj.t.a. handsome
trophy that would be an honor to I
the* victor, could be aorubrd. The tout- I
* N r.r?t a certainly yet. but -will be
if :h?? proper people- become Irrfer^rted. A
novel contcit between two gOovT^playor-*
wll take plnee ' :? Tuesday kvestfug n>xt.
r >U'.ier of tho player.? U2iii?ra.? same ,
1 a:\l. but bclu* at <Jlff*rem n^-ffens of
the H:y. r?Vof their ?nov?s*P*ng sent
t; t<lepJ?oo y?
Stilt tt? ontjret ?f tiauvtnwltim Amoiia;
It ICN0," XcV. J*V b. Ji?The i?rhr?* fight J
ftUi continues to bz the chl^fTr-pl: of
ci'jjvereatlon In all communing tho
western part of the state. Strenuous efTorra
are b*lnjf madt* again?.!? tfr'e priced
fljrht corn-In* off tn Neva U*. but
?h advocates ol.the ni/poaUloa anc w?>erully
In the mfflority. An ifc|i?uatloii
mcedpg wits .fond hrtv Sunday evening
hnd on Monday s-'Veral people from this
*>lace went to Car*.<n to see tvhafc could
bo ?lotH' to prevent Corb*u an^Fhsslr.i
OTOIT* mertinK in ini* i?u*.
The prep* of N'evndu, wfth perhaps two
or three exception^ Id entirely mm-coinmitcal
on -.he *ubject. and as the majority
of t'he people ar*.evidently'In favor
of the new law. ami a gnm many who
d<w*t bc'leve in prist flghtlng<.y?talwayn
want to be with the bigger: srfnfd, give
their sllerc: assent, the- reformers are
finding it somewhat difficult to make any
headway. ^
The CliK&en* of Keno genertStt regard
the flgfct as a (rood thing f-ir/Ue stat
and are working to K-cure the.attraction
at this place, for the advent of several
rhoupand grangers that may-reasonably
he expected t?? witness the great content
will In a rm u?ure advertise the date's
climate and th- health-giving mineral
>-printgs In which Vevada a^HAttids.
T.ir I'iral of* Merita Uetwreu W?t Alexander
m??l Potommi
Special Correnpondence.
The first series of checker gftme.* between
the West Alexander aricj Potomac
club* came off to-dqyjfit the
Lawflon house, this place and.resulted
In a decided victory for -Went Alexander.
that club winning thirty-three out
cf forty-five game*. The player* for
"West Alexander west: Olflln. Atkinson.
Allen, Hanen and F. TV. Moore. For*
Potomac: H. L. McCammon, N. E.
Murray and Elmer CurtifThe
Lawson houeo furnished a snug
room,, with chair* and tablet, to suit
the occasion. At noon a dIatTi?r. such
am that house Is noted fof,; friui appreciated
accordingly. The next meet
will be At Potomac, W. Wl.,M1n the
near future, when that cltjb -wll! no
doubt try to avenge themselves on
their adversaries.
Farce-comedy, that's the thing, that
In, of course, when the word In honestly
used, when a theatre-goer sees the
wrtr.I "farce-comedy" on the id J1-board
these" day?* ho cannot tell wiuther ho
i* going to see a dog-circus or a poulirj-sbow,
"Town Topics," *lf?t? now
furc--comedy padded out byf thp very
bent comedy talent to b? had, which
?-otne<? to the Gran'l lo-nlghrnml for
the rent- of the wnek, Is n. ftffrrj-com<
\y organisation of true myjt. It
come* to this city fresh and breezy and
If chuck full of pure.'wholeaotAe merriment
un a shad Is of bo n??H." Pacta nr<*
Htubhorn things, *Y>nHe?|UO0fljr, the
im-ntlonlng the names of the litdles nnd
gentlefflfen who are to serves up the
xn'Trlmeut, puts n quietus .-a nil ?rKumetot/foremost
among wB&m may
be mentioned William KellarSWllliarn
II. Mack. John Queen, Ten ?rook,
Phil Ott, JOfeph Harrington,
William Nelson. Frank Cavetlv, A. M.
Miller, Beatrice Norman. N>!M- Hennotl.
Lyllan Heckler. l.wHIa Miller
Kll*e Nugunt. Laura \Valn0f(MiFreda
IV*el jnd Mantle Welly. ' v
"fIntuit Arroaa lit* Hm.'J' I
The Chicago livenlin: JoufnM' of a
recent 'late, says: "All that ;has been
aid In prailft of "Hand# Aqrpni the
and tho company presentiuit It,
rj* more than jutiUflcd by,'(.Mii' fine
production last evening at the Alhami<rji
theatre. The scenery a hi# fully m??t
'xpcrtutlons, being plentiful, hrtpdaoni"
' l ff'-ctiw. (.'Specially where.. scnes
hnngrd um If by nmglc by the una of
' lllng scenes, Mr. Henry Plerson um
Tlobret Htllluoo'l. sustained bis role In
? mr*t admirable nunner. o'?til when
?ailed be,for* thi< curtain at Jb<\ close
of the fourth qet. pnfvod that bo ivsh
? Hucoessfpl villain by th<? storm ??'
mingled hUtii'M ami clapping of hands
w hich greeted him." "Hand* Across the
Fifty Years Ago*
Who could imagine that this should be
The place where, tu eighteen nlnety.thn
TU?l wnuc wgr?o.w#Bi?? w? *?* ?*
Should shadow the tut Ion>, polychrome.
litre at the Fair wan the prise conferred
On Ayer's Pills, by.the world preferred.
Chicago-like, they a record show,
Since they started-*o years ago
Ayer's Cathartic Pill:
have, from the time of the
preparation, been a continuoi
success with the ptiblic. An
that means that 'Ayer's Pii
accomplish what is promise
for them;' they cure whai
others fail. It was flttini
therefore, that the world-wic
popularity of those pills shoul
be recognized by the World
Fair medal of 1883a fat
which emphasizes the recorc
50 Years of Cures.
I Sea" will be ut the Opera House
morrow night, mid Saturday mat
and night.
? rtie Tornado."
Lincoln. J. Carter, who has mad
great deal of money out of the sc
melodrama, "The Fast Mall," ha# fo
outdone its mechanical wonders i
new piece; bearing the suggestive
of "The Tornado." that was presei
to a large and enthusiastic audit
that tested the capacity of Havlin'
l?oth Sunday performances. The pin
l>lentifully spiced with sensational f>
aliens. Among the scenic feature*
it collision at sea, a sinking ship, a bt
Ing house, and finally 9 tornado 1
displays to thrilling advantage the p
cnt possibilities of stage Illusion.
Carter was called before the certain
made a brief speech of thanks to
audience for their appreciation of
handiwork.?Chicago lriter-Ocexn. "
Tornado" comes to the ttiapd the
l"?l' ">*? U'nolf ?-Illi O1/1 Hi
Wednesday matinee. Scats at the
? ! , ?
A UI<crlUiiroN4 McUngn.of Minor 3
trri froui Xanball'i Vrtropolli*
A prominent citizen was h?*arJ to n
some remark a few day* ok*, in w
he usril the following* -language: "
city'* fibajree* are purely In great ?h
I haven't seen a llnandal tftatemem i
lUhed for ? numbjr of years. With
5-1.000 license paid by the saloons aitd
receipt* troth vther aonrtae* the lad
- 1r : pv.rtnl as miuh a* ever,
now, two year* afterwards, suit has >
brought a ralnrft the, bandsmen of
Marshal R.-beit U?xU>cker to recover
moling-4 of hl.? seal ;n?rnt with the ?
W'r need a little ftior? husines* man;
ment and not so much party politic
municipal aff.iir* ir. a city of our #!*?
should be published $6 In tho newi
PL-rs *
A distressing aecldont occurred at
("Jl.vndalt: coal mine yesterday nion
about 9 o'clock, resulting In Uie d<
of one oft he miners and the Injur,
another. John f*tereu!a, a Pollshr
a?fl Ws room-mate. George Lessko, >
working down In the mine when a h?
plt?ce Of slate fell from the roof In t
room. Btercula wss caught undenv
It and crushed to death in a hori
manner. Leesko hnd a hand cau
which was mn^hed badly ami necesj
ted the amuptail ut of one of his tin
by Dr. S. Bl. Steele, who went up to
mine after the accident. Btercola
rather an intelllegnt man of about tv
ty-four years of age. and unmarried.
The population of the penitentiary
Increatwd one ye.iterday wh*n Isaac
thien was received from Ohio oountj
gerve two years for grand larceny,
number will be 3,157. and the pre
population stands at fcX Two will b<
leased to-day. as follows: James Col
from Mingo county, who has served
year*, and J. W, Jlltchcock, from Kit
county, who ha* served three years, I
for grand larceny, Collins was in
first batch of prla-mera received from
new county of Mingo soon after Its
mat km,
Among the list of conJid.ites for
Moundsvllle posimastershlp Is no.v
nounced to be Mrs. Han-on Criswell.
chance of winning In the race are b:
upon the fact that In her husband'a
time Captain Crtewell was promlipT
party politics in this district. and be.i
being a clone friend of Captr.ln I>r?v<
he was a personal friend an.l on the r
Intimate terms then with Major Mcl
Governor MacCorkle's veto of the
to amend the city chnrter' nbw do
City Marshal W. A. Kidder from et
Ing the race for re-elation At the cor
election In March. Morshhl Kidder
b-?en a very clllclent oflluer the past
Dr. j>. J. States report# as having Iv
from <h* family of Mr. AddlBon l]a
of Turtle Creek. F'.i., t?? the effect!
Mr. Iiarri.i' condition to now very cr
al ond till hopes for Ills recovery 1
been given up.
The regular monthly bli?lne?s mep
of the Epworth Lenau" will be 1ielu
evening at the M. E. church.
City council meets this evening In
ular seaaion. _' *
I.lv* ZVriiB llri??? IfrIIIII llir Idtfly ll?i
fil il To mi. '
Tho Choral Club return* ItM thanfc
tho performers who no kin<lt.v ns?d
It In Um concert on Tuesday von
Those aaHlxtlng were: MIhh Llnna t
nlg, of Wheeling; Mr*. Joseph W
Mr. H. K. Htcvens, of Mingo, <
other individual performers were:
Dr. Melghen, MIhh Ilnllle lj. Mn
Profs. C. E. Carrlgan ?nd G. )I. 1
ond Mr. J .W. T.lni-tjon gor. Miss I
Davis efficiently prosined lit the pi
The above, in conJUuctlon with i
Anna f'elly and tie- other mem her
the club, tire deserving <?f much 01
for the Mueci*HH of the uffnlr.
There have been several case* of
Hons going through the lc<- In oro?
th'.f river, and the prevailing i
w?*ather will make erasing the lev
ther dangerous.
IUiv. Mr. Ib-hm, providing elder of
Clarksburg district, and formerly
Wheeling, whs a gti'-xf of,Rev. J. 8. I
Inson on Tuesday night.
Th" new building for P?ul
b<lng erected with surprlHlng fltilclti
and already proMentfl A g?"?l tipp
Mr. John Dcngnn and his wife
son John are unfortunately all rtflll
with the grip ul tie prudent.
H'.iv, .1. H. kdbinHon left for W
Ington, f). In hi night and will re
i>n Haturdny.
Officer Meatmen made his first ni
bint night, a plain, unvui nlshi'd dr
Tho Klvorsldo iron company h
force of men cleaning up Its yard.
' I i.'A
AllfforUof tllrin utitl UiiMlp %U
Ihr <1 n? I HV.
S Marshal IJcilua went to Charles
W. V?.. yJwttrduy afternoon with
rMiulmttnn Oovprnnr M?
noil upon the BpV?Pttor of West VirK
for Richard l>uvls. the colored man
mm ho bi n tally beat Ills wife here a s!
r| time i?K" because the wife had no mc
t?> give hiin When he demunded It.
vln Is the inun who In now confined In
Wheeling jail. When brought hen
will bo tried before Squire Miihoii.
A banquet will be given at St. Cla
vllle next Tuesday In honor of the
tiring Judges, J. H. DrigKs. of the e
mon plea* court, and Jume* F. 1
mun. of the probate court. Their to
expire on that date and they will
9 succeeded by Judge J. W. Holllngawi
id and Judge W. F. Smith In the oi
Dr. D. W. Moore was re-elected he
I officer by the local Board of health
other evening. In hln annual repor
the slate board he notes that there *
ir>r? deaths In this city during the i
year.'63 of which were under five y<
of age; twenty-nix of the death* v
due to consumption.
Rev. Samuel H. Wallace, formerl;
eastern Ohio, died February 2 at
j home In New Egypt, N. J? after u u
* illness. Deceased wus well knowi
many persons In this county, havlni
I one time had charire of the Pre?b
ir rlnn churches at liethei and Com
is nnd Barnesvllle.
,, Mr. Abraham Goldstein, of Pi
a burgh, and MIsh NVIlle Handel, of
Is city, were married Tuesday afterr
at the Jewish synagogue by Hi
<1 Htdddle. They will remain with r
lives In this city for u few days be
? leaving- for their home in Pittsburg
i, The members of the Choral 8oc
I will go to Wheeling to-night, as
10 also a number of other people, to
the oratorio given by the Wheeling (
t torio Society ut the Opera House,
fl Bellalre society will assist In the en
Mrs. Ida Grumback and sons,
1; Mucksburg. Ohio, who have been
Itlng her sister. Mrs. Frank Lltten, 1
returned to their home.
A. Wolfe left yesterday morning
hit* home in Cincinnati after vlsi
his daughter. Mrs. Harry Herxben
to- the Fourth ward.
Inee ^ Gordon Is able to be nl
the house after telng confined to
bed with rheumatism for some I
I? a Thomas Godfrey, of Mingo Juncl
enlc formerly a resident of this city, is
ilriy Wiest friends and relatives In
n a cllynil
A flat wheel on one of the reg
ited cars run on the electric line annoj
nee great many people along the line
s at people continue to cross the rlvei
>y the ice, without any mishaps so
Uu- It Is somewhat dangerous.
.JnV Melat'er's band was in the city
terday afternoon advertising the K
re*- L'J reauvaJ 111 wnuRfpori.
3Ur> John JRlley, the popular cigar dr
nnd mer* ?* Columbus, wuh calling on n
tbt, li) thfs city yesterday. his
Frederick Lelnforth has retume<
The th<s city from a visit with friends
first relollvea in Woodsfield. .
"JJM Mrs. Henry Jones, of Sharon, Pa
tho Ruest of friends and relative)
the oity.
Mi's. Sarah MM* has returned h
from a visit with her son Will in Mi
tut- field.
"The Tornado" had a pood aud!<
mice at the Elysfan theatre lost cvenlr
hieh Charles La Roche loft yesterday
The a business trip through the county,
apo. tj-|Jt, ppn8jon examiners met yestei
,l'j in mculur session.
i (hi! Miss Clara (.irltfith Is confined to
home, <iulte III.
And nrifTUh'.i "Paust" appears here
jeon Febr uar;* CO.
fx- William Melloti Is confined to his
Jgc quii- ill.
" . _ Ol'?ric< mljr c
" /jT^\ ,fne " they arc
fall destroyed bj
VKiaolJ health; sickness
the Mffir the touch at w
ulntr / '?^y\ happiness bursts
path / 'e /\ ? bubble. A sick
y of j raan cnnuot '
nan. happy wife or tuof
vcr* a r. Morc ?arriages
ivy homes are wre<
heir M by the wife's phyt
i\rth V jy/J I weakness than bj
rlble 7 [/ jJ \ other one cause,
ght, /yJfW a L Diseases incidet
iita- the delicate and
svrs p/ tricate, feminine
tin* g an ism need
.was 4 skilled treatment
i*en- //fJ, an experienced
J /fin cialist. Average
tens / V K tors have not
no. I I I opportunity to
to / l\i I ffl quire the neces
'hi? fi?\ M special knowlt
l|l\ a nnd skill. Dr. P
. r* I all m Pierce for nea
I " ? Ikirlv vruru (<hihf
\\\ | niitidit'phwilciit
1 Xtt I the Invalids' H
Kh.u I 1 ?"d Surgical In
* N1 tute, Buffalo, N.
? / \ 1UL1 ban devoted a
i the /\ j, vfcA time to thft treatt
/ ^VS ?f these delicate?
W ? plaints, and bis '
the y^\vor?te Prescript!
an- ?* the most succei
Her ^*-fc medicine ever
lined vised for women,
life- 'n?ne? Caswell. K*q. of Ocheltrre, Joh
it In Co.. Knur., (P. O. Bo* 01), write*:" My wife
rides troubled wit it proiapMi* or 'female weaki
,nt... lor several years She was not utile to d<
? work, ?he had such bearing down pain*.
J}?"1 pain* in the hack. Her period* were irrej
\in- varying ?U the way from two to aix weeks.
those times she would hat** fainting: apell* u
vjm I thought she could not live. She wr.? atte
.' hy the best doctor* in the country. Thej
ii.tr;* t,er no good, and *he grew worse all the tim
tier- picked up one of you.* advertisement*
fling thought I would try your medicinra. Iiefor
has wilr had takcu one bottle shr itemed bette
tu-ft ' ft her another. By the time *he had ti
four littles of the 'Favorite Pre*criptiou'
two of the 'Golden Medical Discovery' and
en I'd ol the 'Pleasant Pellets' she was compl
rrj^, cured. No more pain. Her monthlv pr
. !, nie regular now and she is stout and ?t:
tttS She weigh* t o."
lavii Dr. Piece's Pleasant Pellets regulatt
liver, stomach and bowels. By druggi
reg- -?Aches
and Pains When a Sim
Remedy Will Cure Yon in
, a Very Few Minutes ?
All manner of aches and pains, ex
ns4 nnd Internal, yield to the hea
;H t(? and soothing qualities of Lightning
*lea Dr6pp, whether '?f sclutle. neuralgi
iing. rheumatic origin. Toothache, eara
,len" fncwiche and headacho can all l>? qu
J * ly and easily cured by the use of
mio. wonderful 'remedy. It alio cures co
Mrs. bunions, chilblains and front bites.
I/"1, Lightning Hot Drops Is certalhl
ord | grand remedy to have In the house.
*,m is a? pleasant remedy to tire, and 1h v
ano. dorfully effective Iii all the minor ill
;M,K* man unci boast. If I* alwuys ready
9 !!a cxtornrtl and I rite ma I lire, and \?
edit MVeetenori the llttl?* folks llk?> It. ,
It .sfYords. rtut'li a quick and complete
per- leas* from the pain and misery
Hlh?r wounds urn! acute disorders and
mild HiM'trt of aohes and pains that .%fter
fur- Imve once got acquainted with lis ?
we buy It again and ag&lu. JJrl
the speaking Lightning Hot Drops |
,,f vents or euros all disorders of tliQ m
lob- !IC'1 and bowels.
Lightning Hot Drops kills any ach
. , pain. external or Internal.
''' m Llghinlng Hot Drops heals any I
!*?."' "''h'1 WiUhd, ftl,l Mores, etc.
u,r" Lightning Hot.Drdns neiitrallisoH
poison of tho bites of animals, mm
and Insects, etc.
ctod Lightning Hot Drops euros eo
bunions, ehllblalns, frostbites, etc.
ash- And thou Lightning ilot Drops <
turn costs J!C cents ?i battle.
.nni OABTOniA.
i?M C llnpc null MUUwjM ??? ! Thriving
Acroii III* Hlv?r.
ton, Among tho bookn represents! by
lho fiirem persons hi the took social ;tl
inb- fit tV .?f Mr nn'l y
Inlft J.uin'M A. Dickson, by the young
who dies of the Presbyterian church, ?
hort l In* following: "Jou'h Boys," 3
mey Josephine McCowon; "Hone In Hloo
Pa- Mini KlJa Jnglebright: "Not Like 01
the Girls," Allss Minnie Cox; "A Bow
> he Qrnngo Ribbon," Ml?* Leila Hf
"Pipes O'Pan," Miss lOmmu. Plotcl
t|rH. "Thorns anil Orange Blossoms," 3
n%- Leonora Drennen; "Befldr the Boi
om- Brier Bush," Miss Emily Hoge; "
nil- Hen of the Valley," Oeorge Coot
rmn "Under Two Flags," Mini Maj
I bi? Armstrong; "Hoy le's Books on darn
orth Charles W. Hoyle; "B. B. or LI
rder Wooden ffhoe," Charles K. Wllllu
"Lamp Lighter," Miss Marjorle D
..lh son; "Timothy Titcoms Letter*," }
Emma Hell: "Gold Foyle." }
'in Blunche Talbot; "Little Worn*
Misses Joy und Adalph: "Only 1
i\iiai Cents," MIsh Piere Coleman; "A I
LSri Orange Ribbon," Mrs. W. T. DU
v?ro Adam Hede,'* Mis* Sue Copenhat
"Innocence Abroad." Dr. J. L. Hen
. "Jinger Snaps," Miss Bertha B
"Middle March," Mrs. John Ton
nls ..iA parked Man," John Tun
t?ort "jjUcllle." A; a. Shaver; "Five LI
1 l? Pepper* and How They Grew,"
?.* way," "Grown Up," Miss Bthel &!
yte! dock; "Pacing the Flag," John
ord crooks; "Lucretla," Miss Claru She
"Not a Quarter," Ralph Heaton; '
Itts- Odd Number." Miss Madge Heat
this "Wandering Jew," Miss Verne Clai
inon "Cat and a Cherub," Roy McCIi
ifthl "Hard Cash," Miss Mamie Swa
cla- "Barnaby Rudge," Miss Copenha
fore Arthur Dickson guessed the grea
;b. number of books represented and
loty the prize.
will At the regular meeting of the
see council on Tuesday evening, resolut
)ra- 0f respect upon the deceased presld
The ]>\yIh Rothermund, were adopted
iter- David Llewellyn was elected presld
to succeed him and Joseph Hilton,
of president. It was decided to fix
via- bond of the electric light trustees
lave >3,000 and the salary |25 per year.
The board of directors of the Peoi
for Savings Hank elected B. P. Br
ting president, Frank R. Sedgwick,
r, Jh president; Myron JE. Cole, cashier,
. Charles K. Williams, teller.
)out Tlu mills Nos. 4 and 5 at the Ael
her Standard, resumed yesterday, aft*
:lmo month's stop. Sheet mills Nos. 6,'
9 and 10, and tin mills Nos. 12 an<
:lon, win go on to-day.
the Pearl Schofleld, secretary and tr
the urer of the co-operative glass wo
at Marion Indiana, came home* yes
ular day. to see his brother Kdward, wh
/b a very sick.
Sherman Clark arrived from M
p on cle, Indiana, yesterday, to visit
far. mother, Mrs. Mary Clark, of N<
Fourth street.
yes- The annual meeting of the Womi
of FoWgn Missionary Society will
held at the Presbyterian church
um- n"*rnoon.
rade Mrs. Robert Kerr and Mrs. H.
Pratt were at McMechen yester<
a (o Mrs. Pratt's mother accompanied tl
and horae
William < Montgomery was vlsl
relatives In town on Tuesday, the :
J' |n time he has been out this winter.
J. ,T. Klrby, assistant uasaci
ome "Sent of the Ann Arbor road, wai
?ns- Martin's Ferry yesterday.
George W. Reece ha* cold the T
rnce Mercer property on Eighth street.
,g Samuel Thompson.
f0r A large number of persons will
baptized at the Baptist church i
inv Wednesday night.
5 Mr. and Mrs. William Medlll
. daughter. Miss Maud, were In t
11 yesterday.
Miss Martha Miller of Mingo Ji
tlon, visited Martin's Ferry frl?
bCd, *?!??. f,1? tin- I
visiting here, went to 8teuben\ille
>lrti t<,rdR>''
ora* M,f* Lafk aml Alma Heed, of
nQt Pleasant, are visiting in Martin's 3
'ill. ryi
is Benjamin Flnley. of Mt. Pleas
hich was In -Martin's Perry yesterday. .
jfrH> Oscar Hampton, of Bellain
visiting her parents.
k-i" Mrs. Nathan Vale returned to W<
an<j vllle yesterday.
ked Mrs. Lem Duff, who has been i
deal slek, is better.
?ay Mrs. Indiana McSwords, Is dan
ously ill.
BtA? Miss Gertie Brand Is sick with 1
or. trouble.
the Harry Jump was some better yes
: of day.
8,pe- John Cockroft Is convalescing,
doc- ^
lie ware of Ointment* for Catarrh i
^ Contain .Hcrcnr)',
rdgc n* mercury will surely destroy
L v. sense of smell and completely dera
rly the whole system when entering
con- through the mucous surfaces. $
i articles should never be used excep
fotel prescriptions from reputable ph
Bti- clans, as the damage they will d
y., ten fold to tlto good you can posh
life, derive from them. Hall's Catarrh C
ncnt manuafctured by F. J. Cheney &
.'om- Toledo, O., contains no mercury,
'Pa- Is taken internally, acting directly u
on" the blood and mucous surfaces of
wful system. In buying Hall's Catarrh C
de^ be sure you get the genuine. It Is ta
Internally, and made In Toledo, O
n?n i by F. J. Cheney & Co. Testlmor
??S tret.
km ' Sold by Druggists, price 75c. per I
> her tie'.
and 1 ^
' ^ Ofan low. forty who w?? Cnred of 1
"tPd prpiU After NnflVrluK for Twenty*
e. 1 Yean.
c*my ^Irs* SaraJl A* Skcels, an est ion
r; no lady residing at Lynnvllle, Jasper
"and Iowa? was *or twenty-five years a
I two fercr from Dyspepsia. and her com*
restoration to health in so remark!
SSI" <hal wo present the facts In the <
g' for the benefit of our readers, man;
> . whom have doubtless suffered In
?lac same manner and will, therefore,
BW* interested In learning how nil stotr
troubles may lie avoided and cu
Mrs. Skecls says: "I used only
package of Stuart's Dyspepsia Tat
and r received such great and ut
? pocted henellt that I wish to exp
P my sincere gratitude. In fact It
been six months since I took the m
cine and 1 hnvo not had one par1
of distress or difficulty since. And
tor~ this In the face of the fact that
ling beat doctors I consulted told me
Hot cas0 WtX9 incurable as 1 had #uff<
c or for twenty-five years. I want ha
p'jc? dosen packages to distribute am
lu. mv here who are very anx
this (q try ttils remedy.
rnt,? Truly yours.
5 H n'aH(>^ why Stuart's Dyspe
on- Tablets are so successful in curing
H illgestlon and stomach trouble and
fnr reaxon why it never disappoints tl
i.pll who need It and use It Ih because n
And ,n* ,H for It except what It
ro. actually perform. It l? not a cuw
nf and no such claims ur?* mrfde for li
I4|j I?4 prepared for th? solo purpose of?
Wft ing Dyspepsia and the various fo
ork of Indigestion,
l,.,ly There Is scarcely a patent modi
i,r,.. made bat what Is claimed to cure 1
Din- I'OPHia as well as a hundred o
irOuuifK. '' nro an :i iii.tiu i ,. >
? remedy to cur.' Dvapepida mu?t
prepared ?ipecl?lly for that ami ni
.1.1 luir el?e; in hi iimuim nil the remix
patent no?truin?, bittern. etc.. so
,1,.. tenalvely RdvertlHed, you >vlll And
t,?V Stuarl'a Dyapepala Tablet* I* tin- <
line advert lied a* <> cure for Dyape
nml nothing elae. The remedy I*
|uir.><l liy ilie Stuart Company. of N
hIiiiII, Mich., and for aale by all di
' Klft? at Mi conta p.-r packuRt, and
you KtiffiM- from any r.inn of Hton
' derangement or lMdlK>'"tlun u trial
not disappoint you.
n A little book on utomach trou
'"T mailed fro.' Addren dtuart Comu
'W"1 Mian hull, Mich,
FUR3-OEO. E. 81
- Geo. E. Sti
itm ... " ~~ " I* a m I-...
Ll1" __ _ , _
.11 SI
:on; ,
j !': Handsome Fur Cajpes less
ltti? dollar. NOT our loss, to
it's a consignment direct i
a"; is willing to make the sa
ton; ,
$ ... 50
tent *
enf. i
28 * and J?
?r h
7. S
1 13
tI|g At less than the manufacti
<?. if there ever was an oppoi
hem FURS for little money in
n'r? CAPES, satin lined, or 1
itjor .figured silks or Siberian sq
i in
1 From and $4C
awn "
* Geo. E. Sti
Fer- FOB RENT- |
oni 1\ ISES. No. 2503 Chapllne street il
ani' deSMthAs* 3S_
' 1 in the City Bunk Building. Inquire at I
the City Bank of Wheeling. mr20 AO
*"* "171011 RENT-NO. FIFTEENTH ~
I street. all modern Improvements, both T1
rery gases. hot and cold water, bath, Inside and T
outside water closets. Apply to M. A. tic
CHEW. Wheeling Boiler Works office, or re<
S*r- ISC Fifteenth street. Jal2_ *L
* the city; largo and plenty of light; >
centrally located In best advertised build- wh
Ing in the city. Also large hall for rent, ex
tPr- Apply ?t HUB CLOTHIERS. Fourteenth elr
ana Market streets. Ja31 \\\
.. . Desirable rooms on Market street, milta?? !
ble for great variety of purposes. WH1 ?
remodel to suit tenant. Apply to
11,0 jax 1*20 Market Street.
mgo -J - ~-r :r Kit
it CAD DEMT * rooms. IS per month, on qu
tioh nUfll. Island. In alley near Suspen- :r
oll slon Bridge.
---/ TA TAIN ifi.000 on good real estate. ?
>;?! tv uvaii!
0 1,5 PAP QAIP Improved Island property, A
lbl> fUn OflLK. paying IX per cent. Also va? -*J
ure, cant River lx>t near Yacht Landing.
and ngnl Bwtatf'and Lo>n Agent. 106S Main St
ipon an
tlic FOR SALE. hit
,'jffo ^ SPLEEN, St. Marys. Pa. de!4 "T
,iai?s TjOR sale-a'kikst.class milli- a
.Ij nery store, established fifteen years. l
knr I.oratIon and trade best In the city. Sat- tht
l* Isfnetory reanons ulven for selling. In- no
quire of M. a. kemple, Hollnlre, Ohio. jo'
fe3__ hn
Stocks ron sale. m'
10 shares Wheeling Title and Trutt Co. f
1 Whltakor Iron Works bond. -I
W) shares Wheeling Steel and Iron Co. A
20 shares (Jennan Fire Insurance Co.
able W "hares Wheeling Railway Co. 1
_ 3 Wheeling Pottery bonds, 6 per cent. tht
t-o., s Wheeling Steel & Iron Co. 6 D- c. bonds, no
Suf. W shares llellalre Steel Co. do
, 60 shares Wheeling Bridge Co. un
dete y shares Exchange Hank. 80]
able It. 8. IRWIN, Broker. 22 Twelfth St. pr.
Mse ' JaH ufl
'the IT'OR SALE. _t
be x r
w. v. HOGE. &
Bank Building. 1300 Market St. 'hi
the rr
>ml My residence, No. 64 Flf- _
if ? teenth street Nina rooms, In- "
Iouk eluding bath room; all modern
conveniences; laundry and ?
' finished canar; largo yaru
i?. roar.
ios>* A! J OS- Speldol Grocery Co.
3 for^ALBT
PUr" Aetna-Standard preferred. ?
>rms Aetnn-Standanl common.
Wheeling Ice and StoruRe Companj.
oin.i Wheeling 8Wei and Iron Company. IT
u.l Wheeling Pottery Company.
Warwick China Company. 1
met n.-ihtire Steel Company.
t ? Wheeling & Belmont Bridge Company.
bo Sow Steel Hrldgo.
nth- Wheeling Hallway Company. X
Junction Iron and Steel Company.
'J' Central <Jlam? Company.
I hat
?nlv Wheeling Steel und Iron Cotnpnny.
unlit Wheeling Pottery Company.
pri Nnw 8tcH Bridge.
No. 1311 Market strut.
01 * or |.j(iNTIN(t . ... fully 1.1.(1 Intnlligontly ?
?"? romnl.t..! at tl... INTKU.IOKNCER JOB T
riFBL & 00. J
ifel & Co.
than fifty cents on the
ut YOUR GAIN, for
Erom the furrier, who . "" ;
criffce to get CAS&
' ' A
' . **.v' ?
trer's actual cost, and
rtunity to get GOOD
Wheeling it is now.
lined with handsome
"x .j, i - . uirrel?
| and up as &f |A
f high as .? q)IIU*
ifel & Co.
Knltlmoro street, Cumberland. Md. jal
ED by examination, wants position,
dress DRUGGIST, caro of Intelligencer
ice. Jair ; .
V ED pharmacist for general prescript
n work. Must be competent and wall
commended. Address SMITH'S PHAR%CY.
Clarksburg. W. Va. jal [7*ANTED
GINEER in private electric plant.
lere steam is used for power. Ten years'
perlcnce with steam; four years with *
ctriclty. Wheeling reference. Address
8. HOFFMAN. Moreantown. W. Va.
" " "" jay
AN'S Battle for Free Sliver," with
>graphy of Bryan and wife; also speechBonansa
for agent?. Tremendous deind.
Commission GO per cent. Credit
ren. Freight paid. Outfit fre^.'.Write
Ick. DOMINION CO , Chicago. U*f
"l>MlN*liTKATOIVs"NOTlCE. ' 1
k. . ' . ,
laving been appointed administrator of
s estate of Timothy Patrick McCarthy.- 1
ceased, 1 request all parties knowing ; 1
>mselves Indebted to him to please call '
d settle, and those having claims against'
n please present them for payment.''-.
e8* 101> McCoUoch st?^&?jj
laving been appointed administrator of
5 estate of John Walford. deceased. I i
tlfy all persons knowing themselves tnnted
to him to call and settle, and those
vlng clatms will present them for pa$rjam
ICS j. town all.- '
e3* No. 8529 Jacob street; j
laving been appointed admlnlstratpr of
i* estato of Alexander Frew, deceased, r-j
tlce is hereby-given to all porsons<ln*
htod to said estate to settle with thf
derslgned without delay, and all perns
having claims against said estate will
rxent such claim*, properly certified by
Idavtt, for settlement.
JOHN FREW. Administrator,. >
ic21 No. 27 Fourteenth str?tp /
'he firm of Sonneborn & Frldenhcrjr-ha*
is day been dissolved by mutual agree>nt,
S. S. Frldenberg retiring. The busies
of the lato llrm of Sonneborn & Prlnberg,
doing business as The Hub
othlers, will be continued by M. Sonnern.
who will pay all clafms against and
*cipt for all money owing the said flrra.
Vheellng W. Va.. Feb. 1, 1S97. fel
A strictly high grade
wheel for 65. Call andsee
It at
Hon,Wheat & llancher Co's.
'he Williams
Prints like a press, and you can
see every letter and every word
the moment printed.
The Intelligencer uses and recommends
the Williams. J*

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