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{ ' Thl AUgnificent Concert ot the
Oratorio Society.
i Grwieft bp ? Lar|C atul OnlUvatid Audi*
f/j ?iic?-llr. 1'arU R. and th? Socl^
grCoHininlftlidoft (Uo Smmmm oftli*
. Kvanl?Tti* HoloUU, BIImm Cl?ry mud
IKUkft and Dlcur*. SlcKluley and
llRflin Win luinU-A D(l!|hl?d
| Audlcnc?.
; Wheir at 8:15 last oven Ins* the curtain
wu rolled, the Opera Hou*> irtaije pre;
] otrited a brilliant scene, to a brilliant
pj audience. After the evidence or delight
from those acaemtoied In the auditorium
subsided, tho Opera House orchestra
artistically opened a concert which had
been eagerly anticipated.
Mint Mary Louise Clary, America's
?*- ??* contralto. was the first of tin*
evening's soloists to appear, and hep
;>v wwuttful voice, at once appealed to all.
Her selection, "Noble Slgnore," from
"Lea Huguenotn," wa# splendidly ming.
. and to cnthusiajttic applause, she rosponded
with the now famous "Ben
BoK." and she ?ung it well. While Mis**
Clary did good work li> the latter part of
the programme?"The Holy City." she
tvas at her very beat In the first number,
7Noble Slgnore."
' Mr. J. H. McKlnley. the tenor of the
fojj quartette, fairly fascinated the audience
with bin exquisite rendering of
"Swallows," and as encores "Dream*"
and "Tatters," the three recalls scarcely
satisfying. Not in many a day has a
; : stranger received such on ovation, and
vnly because of much work, yet later to
r be done by him did the audience desist
In their wild appreciation.
MIm Katherlnc Illlke sang "Villa.
utile, & son* requiring much execution.
The encore deman Jed, was very pleasing.
' Her voice is/a clear soprano nnd her
enunciation remarkably distinct, but
Mlsa Hllke appeared better later on In
the evening.
The last number of thin part of the concert.
was a quartette from Higoletto.
sung by Miss Hllke. Miss Clary. Mr. MeKinley
and Mr. Henry W. Hughes. It
wmm well given and enthusiastically re
ceived, because of Mr. Hughec. wno ??
nobly came to the rescue of musical
Wheeling and Its reputation abroad. No
apology, however, for lack of time, for
atudy Is necessary, as His part throughout
"The Holy City" was excellent.
Wheeling has Just cause to be proud of
him. His voice is magnificent and his
innate modesty on all occasions Is simply
! . After" the Intermission* Dr. Parjs 15.
Meyers, to whom the highest praise of
' nil music-lovers Is due-, took his place,
and at the lifting of the baton, the orchestra.
with Miss Schroder at the piano,
and Mr. Sommcr* at the vocation,
began the beautiful prelude to the cantata.
and the work of the evening was
on. The solo parts, as before stated,
were In the keeping of Miss Hilke,
Miss Clary. Mr. McKLnley uml Mr.
Hughes, and all were well taken. Miss
ttllke's solo, "Out of Great Tribulation."
was very feelingly sung, perhaps
her very best work. Mr. tfcKlnley
entered Into the very soul of the
music, drawing all his hearers with
him and his solo *To the Lord Belongs
Mercy and Forgiveness." was a perfect
gem. Mlsa Clary's rich voice showed
to good advantage, and Mr.
Hughes delighted his many friends
with his creditable rendition of the
bass solos.
These soloists were admirably assisted
In various parts by Mrs. Peebles
Tatum. whose pure, sympathetic voice
fcinnriod cxauisltely in the trio sung
wjth Mlss HUke and MIm Clary, and
later on Mr*. Frank Lc Moyne Hupp's
clear and true soprano, together with
Mrs. Tatum. proved that Wheeling can
lay claim to vocal executants of real
The chorus work, (the foundation of
the concert), was a revelation?Intelligent
throughout, and at times artistic?
and while the ladles and gentlemen
composing the Wheeling Oratorio Hoclety
deserve their share of praise for
the success of last night, to Paris It.
Bleyers. the director and projector, oil
honor is due. D.
Gilbert AStrillTan'a Popular Op?ta to be
Sang at Mount do Cbantal*
One of the mort Interesting musical
events of the season will be the production
ot Gilbert and Sullivan's "Mikado."
by the young ladies of Mount
?!e CJrantal. ax the Academy to-night
taand it la assured that the large auditorium
will be packed with the rela
stives and friends of the pupils, who
;>rtll leave the chy on a special train
r on the Baltimore & Ohio promptly at
6.*<0 o'clock.
The various characters will be taken
< Jhy the young ladies nnd an the cos
tumea or toe opera are ot me picuir!
' ??que Japanese pattern, and the mu io
of auch tuneful nature, they can
i>e relied upon to do their respective
characters ample Justice.
The dramatic personnel or the performance
has been arranged as folloirs:
The Mikado of JapAn
Mis* Mannette Joyce
Xankl Poo, his son....Miss Carrie Gutman
Ko Xo, Lord High Executioner
Miss Benxic Pomtroy
Poo Bah, Lord Hie h Everything El*w.
Miw Eleanor McCracken
Pish Tush. Noblo Lord....;
Mil's Sara Godchild*
Turn Turn Miss Elsie Gundling
Plttl Bin* Miss Ida Rice
Peep Bo Miss Clara Uraderger
(Three Lit tin Maids from School.)
Katlshs, an Elderly Lady
Miss Emma Portion
Court Attendants, Chorus. o?c., by other
member* of tho Academy.
A large number of Invitations have
been sent out to the friends of the
pupils and tho school. The train taking
th? visitors to and from the entnrtainmerrt
has been chartered and will
leave the mount immediately, after the
in sponging or "nana* a crow the
Ges," which conw?s to the Opera House
to-rtfrht, to-morrow matinee and nigrht,
the Haverhill Gazette, of a recent date,
"Haverhill theatre-goers did well lart
night In giving to "Hamto Across the
Beg," one of the greatest melodramas
ever placed on the stage, the reception It
Ueservvd. Kvery neat in the house wan
Id. Handing room ,wa* well occupied,
wild a large gallery was present. Kvery
one will remember the thrilling play an It
was presented Ins: y?'.ir, with Its wonderful
scenic and mechanical elTfCta, the
plot with the bright comedy linen. The
play presented last night was Just as
powerful ha ever, and was well appreciated
by the audience. The company l?
the same an presented the attraction last
The play Ik o;i- that makes a great Imprewlou
(in the audl4nfo, as was shoivn
in many Instant i last night. At the
olo**? of the fourth arc the curtain wan
rung up and th?* landing character/* pas*
I across tii- scene. They weiv loudly
applauded until Holier; 8t 111 wood, the
vllla'n "C ti. pie.;., appeared; the audience
forgot the actor, and. thinking only
of the character, hissed vigorously. It
%\.i* th- h.-Vt compliment Mr. Flcrson.
who plays the part, could have desired.
The weenie effects were very fine, and
the play in every way ia one of the
strongest presented here."
?11? Tornado."
The uaual order of neenlc melodrama
I has been cart aside by Lincoln J. Carter
I In hia new play, "The Tornado,'.' which
1 will be the attraction for the first part of
the week at th* Grand Opera- House,
oommsndnr on Monday evening, February
8th. It is customary >i?? have some
on* great ?c*no or mechanical contrivance
and exhibit it at the proper time In
the action of the play, and with it is
shown Just how everything la coming;
out, and mi audience need really ttay
only until they have neon the if rent feature.
Mr. Carter haa not only given hi*
great tornado acene at the cipllb of tho
flrvt act. but ho follows It up in the second.
with three more "special features,"
and in the third act a couple more, and
with all this you cannot loao sight of his
Htory, nor can you noe how It will end to
every one's satisfaction. You must wait
and see all tho realistic vesture of the
play, and get the ending In the lovely
jtuinmn garb with which Maple Grove
la dressed in tho last act.
A better pleased audience than that
which saw the opening performance of
'Town Toplca." at the Grand Opera
House laid night, would be hard to find,
and a better show, and one which
abounds in real comedy and laughable
situations, could not be found, no matter
how far one would go to look for it. it
Is simply immense, and the packed
houses it will draw during the remainder
of the week, will bo an evidence that it
has given tho greatest satisfaction. It
would require the aid of the Roentgen
rayfl to And the least semblance of a plot
in the play, but one is not necessary, for
the fun comes so fast and furiouH that
the audience never thinks of such a
thing. Specialties of the finest kind are
introduced in every act. and they Include
not a single chestnut In the way of
songs, jokes or "business." Beautiful
costumes are worn and many elegant
musical numbers rendered. Luella Miller.
Beatrice Norman. Nellie Sennet t.
Lillian Heckler and Elsie Nugent are
n -# *>ntf?aur>a ma h:ivn hoon
11 * r ?"l !? * *.???? -? ?? ..... ......
neen in farce comcdy here ?> ?- 'n,,? time.
John Queen, William Keller, Harrington,
James Tenebrooke. Frank Cavarly.
John World and W. II. Macc are
the male membero, and they have the*
ability to make a far le*? attractive show
successful. "Town Topic*" will be related
Fred Iloey, manager of the Elliott
comedy company, met the members of
'the American Vaudeville Company at
the Brunswick la?t night and engage1
three of the male member* and one of the
lady members f?*r his company, which
will re-open Its season next Wednesday
Higbt. a: Bradford. Pa.
Uniform Rank's Impaction on tk? 17ll?.
Hlia.ttav funilun* Ktrrlk.
On* week from next Wednesday night
promises to be a brilliant one in I'ythlnn
circles, especially to the members of the
uniform rank. On that evening the installation
or*ofllcers of Coxier de Leon
Company No. 3. will take place, and the
annual Inspection will occur on the same
night. The event will, of course, take
place in the elegant room in Pythian
Castle and will be attended by an unusually
large crowd both from this city
and surrounding towns. The Installation
will be especially attractive Inasmuch
as It will be the first time the new
ritual has been used here in this connection.
The ritual was changed at the
Cleveland meeting and both the form of
Initiation and installation was changed.
Bernard Shanley Company No. 21, Uniform
Rank. K. of P., held the annual
election last night, which resulted as follows:
Captain, Frank B. Lisby; fln?t
lieutenant, W. F. Beck; second lieutenant.
W. H. Rose: secretary, Erne*t
- * ?i. ? ? -
humm; m'ssiirer, i^oius nonuuA. ???c
company la In a flourishing condition
and a number of applications for the Sir
Knight degree where presented and will
be considered at the next meeting. The
The installation of officers and the annual
inspection will take place at the
regular meeting In March.
Fire B?g>Aroand.
lASt night before midnight, fire was
discovered in the stable In the rear of
the residence of Mr. H. C. Caldwell
on South Chapllne strre:. A still alarm
was sent into the Niagara and that
portion of the department responded
promptly. Investigation showed that
a ran of oil had been thrown into the
stable and set tiro to. Fortunately the
blaze was discovered in time to prevent
what might have proven a serious
Ayalnat Plttabargh Paper*?Mark llan*
ua'a Depoatttnn In the Case.
PITTSBURGH. Feb. 4.?When, the
libel cases of State Senators Magee and
Fllnu against the Commercial Gazette
and Presa of this city, were called in
criminal court this afternoon D. F. Patterson,
attorney for the defense, asked
for a continuance on account of illness.
The deposition of National Chairman
Mark Hanna. who wan present a* a witness
wan taken and the continuance
In his deposition Mark Hanna denied
that he ever had at any time an agreement
wtth tho plaintiffs and any one for
iham by which they agreed to give their
support to the nomination of William
McKlnley for the presidency of the
United States; that he never had any
conversation with them as t<? a pecuniary
reward for their support of Mr. McKlnley
and never in the most remote way
held out any money Inducements to them
in return for their ruppor:.
To the question whether the defendant.*
had asked for the control of patronage
in return for their support of Mr.
McKinley. either before or after the
election, Mr. Hanna replied: \
"They never did."
On the day of the alleged libelous articles
were published Mr. Ilanna said he
was a: home and had been there constantly
for some time.
Ktate Hnprrin* C'onrt.
Special Dispatch to '.ho IntrlllKenecr.
CHAKLESTO.V, W. Va., Keb. 4.-Th"
supreme court disposed of the following
cases to-doy:
Davis, ct ul vs. Davis, et al., from
Wirt county, siibmitied.
Hoopen* v*. iievaugnu, irum t?wu
county, submitted.
Archer vs. Baltimore Ilulldlntf and
Loan Association, from Wood county,
writ of certiorari awarded and case continued.
Miller vs. Hare, from Wood county,
ParkcrsburK. Iml. Co. P. K., vs. RhulU
ct al, from Wood county, submitted.
Conn way's administrator vs. Stealcy
et al. from Pleasants county, submitted.
CrniK vs. Craig, from Nicholas county,
dismissed, agrreed.
Adjourned until to-morrow at 10 a. m.
Vetmlnr Wolnotl'i .MIhIhii.
PARIS. Feb. 4.?Senator Kdward o.
Wolcott, of ('(dorado, who is now visiting
Kurope In the Interests of hl-mctnlllsrn,
had an interview yesterday with
Premier Mellnc. The corres|M?ndent of
tlii! Associated Press k-nrns on authority
that the Interviews which he has had
so far have l?voii wit limit, the result hoped
for by the smtator. The interview
with President Fautv on Sunday was
short and formal and afforded no encouragement
to look for n tangible result.
I'll* Trnr Itriiirdt .
W. M. Repine. editor Tifllklwa. III.,
"Chief," mjh: "\\v ?von't keep hoime
without l>r K Inn's New Dlncovery for
ConHumptlon. Cough# and (,'old*. Kxperhnentrd
with many other*. but
never R<>t I!?*? trnr- remedy until w:
*1110(1 Dr. IvItiK'rt New Dlacovery. No
other remedy e.in take It* pla<"" In our
homo, ns In it we have a certain And
sure oure for Coiiithx, Colds. WhoopIn*
Cough, etc.". If l? Idle to experiment
with other remedies, even If they
lire urged on you mi Just us good n<
Dr. King* New Discovery. They ore
not hm good, becaime thin vm-dy ht>* <
record nf euro* tind hi-sldon in guaranteed.
If never fall# to -atlxfy Ai
| Logan Drug Company's Drug Store. I
Ohio County Will be Wall Represented
on March 4
A Meeting of(lw Ohio Cunnljr Republican
Club will 1>? C?l!< <! Neil Week, at Which
ArraiiKtmriiU will he Made for the Trip,
A One-Fere Hati* and n Hprrial Train
Can be Secured-I'rotpccle far a Good
When Governor-elect Atkinson begin*
hid inauRur.il address ut Charleston, nt
noon on Thuraday, March ho will be
listened to by tho largest crowd of
WhMlngltcs that has ever Invaded the
sacred precincts of the state's capital.,
For ^he punt few weeks not much has
been said regarding the trip, and from
the surface It looked an though the proJect
hall fallen through. Not no, flowever,
for those Interested In the trip were
working up the affair quietly, and now
they come to the front with the assurance
of enough cltluenn who will g<?, to make a
respectable showing and secure a one
fare for the round trip.
President Bentley .Tones, of the Ohio
County Republican Club, has been diligently
working up Interest In the matter,
and to him will be due a great deal of
the credit. He has decided to call a
meeting of the club some time during the
coming week, for the purpose of appointing
committees, and arranging the pre- 1
llmlnarhs for the trip.
It Is the proposition that each of the
Ohio county Republicans wear the ordinary
dark clothes, silk hat and cane, and
In this uniform, the 200 men who are expected
to go. will make a handsome and
dignified appearanee. A'bra** band will
he engage! and nothing will be lacking
to make the trip a pleasant one In every 1
particular. The crowd will leave here
sometime during the afternoon of the 3d,
and will have a special train right
through. If the proper arrangements
ran bo made sleeping cars will take the
Wheel In ir delegation down, ana tney win
deep in the earn the night 'they stay In
the capital. Hy this arrangement, it will
do away with the bather of hustling
around after lodging in the crowded city.
Charleston i* malting great preparations
for the event, and as it will mark
the induction into ofllce of the first Republican
governor in- many yearn,
the Republican.* frcm all over the state
will be present in force. As the governor
comes from Ohio county, it is only
proper there should be more go from this
county than any other in the state outBide
of.Kanawha. The fare will be low
and all those who can, should arrange
matters to go lo Charleston on the 4th of
Stole florae mill flaggy.
A man named Nixon, who lives out the
pike, hitched his rig to at post in Fulton
last night, and when he came to look for
It. his mare and buggy were no where to
be seen. The toll-keeper on the hill reported
having seen the animal driven by
an unknown man and coming' toward
thl.H city. The police were notified, but 1
up to a laite Itour had seen notning of the
thief. The rig is described as follows:
Grey mare, with light mane, and weighing
1,100 pounds; top buggy, In good condition.
Entertalulng Heading*.
This evening at the elegant show
rooms of Mliligan. Wilkin & Company,
Miss Katharine Oliver will give a series
of entertaining readings from fa- ,
vorite Scotch authors.
Till: RIVER. <
The 1ce In the river remains intact,
and no break has occurred excepting <
the one mentioned In yesterday's In- '
telllgencer. when the ice moved for (
about a hundred yards, and then stopped
The break occurred above the f
bridges. Similar movements of the Ice
took place at different points along the (
river. If the present mild weather continues,
a break mnfr be looked for soon. ;
It Is not thought that the sudden .
loosening of the ice will do any harm ,
here, as those likely to s?uffer have taken
all the necessary precautions. ,
River Telegram*
WARREN.?River .8 of a foot. '
Weather clear and moderate.
MORGANTOW'-N.?River closed and i
rising slowly. Fair; mercury 35. i
OIL CITY.?River 1 foot 10 Inches and
stationary. Clear and cool. i
uRKENSBORO.?River froaen. Cool- | i
er and cloudy.
PITTSBURG!!.?River 4 feet feven- :
tenths and stationary at the dam. <
Cloudy and ool. I
rtTEHTBKNVlLLE.?River 7 feet 10
Inches and rising. Clew and cold. The
river is still cloned above ami below this
city. I
PARKERSBURG.?-The Ohio river its
9 feet a inches said falling. Cloudy; '
mercury 35.'Great Kanawha gorges '
went out (luring the night and this morn- |
log brought down thousands of logs,
ties, etc., but doing little damage. The
Ohio river is still frozen above this place. I
The Little Kanawha Is about clear of ice 1
and navigation will be resumed to-mor- <
row. t
- ... j
W it b Hood'a Barsapa- MM
rilla," Sale* Talk," and | JJ I If
show that this modi- Wi 1 Wk
cino baa on joyed public confidence and
palronago to a greater extent than accord- (
cd any other proprietary medicine. Thia
Js simply because it possesses greater ,
merit and produces greator cures than [
any otber. It is not what we say, but
what Hood's Saraaparilia does, that tolls 1
tho story. All advertisements .of Hood's
Barsaparilla, llko Hood'a SamaparlUa Itself,
nro honest. We havo never deceived (
the public, and this with Its superlative i
medicinal merit, is why tho peoplo havo <
abiding confldcnco in it, and buy <
Almost to tho exclusion of nil others. Tr^r It
Prepared only l?y ('. I. Hood Si Co., Lowell. Mass.
nri? tin* cmlv mils to t.ilio ,
Hood's Pi'ls Hi H'MMl'sHuriMPArilta. I
John Becker & Co.,!:
3f.?7 Jncob Nlrcnt, I
llnvo ^nsnRivj Mr. Joliu II. Coon, of lllinol?,
n Kradunte of tlio Klein < iplitliuliiilo
College, to luko i.'liarKo of Tr*tlw; tli? 1
Kyes anil I-'IiiIiik of Olnflties. WIicii you j
find youritelf In need of 8pactnclrn it will
pay yon to commit tut. we run glvo you
uood wervlcn uml wivo you moiioy on your
pit retinue*. Very respect fully, 1
Hrcaka Jail, mitt After Driving Off Ow
Poaip, I* finally Caplnrad.
PORT TOWNSEND, Wash., Feb. 4.The
steamer Alki from Alaska, brings
now* of a bloody chapter In the career
of "Bllm" Birch, the^ notorloua young
desperado, of Juneau, who, while
awaiting transportation to aerve n
three-year sentence In Han Quentln
prison, California, was released oy accomplice*
who visited tho Jail, overpowered
the Jailor, locked htm In a cell
and accompanied the escaping prisoner.
No tidings of Birch were received
until the closing days of January,when
Indians brought news to Juneou that
Birch and hln companions were sleeping
In a cabin, thirty miles from Juneau,
on an Island. Deputy Marshal
Hal*? at once chartered a steamer and
making up a posse, comprising Deputy
Marshal William Watts, Jailor
Llndqulst, Uuard Baysee and an Indian
policeman, started In pursuit. The
cabin was located the following day,
after a torturous trip over rough,
snowy cauntry, omld terrific cold. Bad
generalship In the charge on the cabin
permitted two of the Inmates to escape
to a rocky eminence between
wl\lch and the cabin the posse wus situated.
A terrible battle then began,
Watts being*shot twice. Hale once seriously
and Baysee wounded In both
legs. Ten minutes auccceded in starting
all the posse excepting poor Watts
on the back trail from the scene of the
fight, to where the boat was anchored.
'Watts being left at the mercy of the
outlaws, on the hill, they shot him
several times where ho lay half dead
between two logs. The steamer made
all hnste buck to Juneau with the
wounded men and n posse of twenty
men started out, returning the next
Watts was found dead, frozen stiff In
the snow, where his cowardly companions
had left him. The search was continued
for two days without success,
but the desperudo<>s were finally located
by Indians, lying asleep In u dense
underbrush. Word was carried to two
herculean fellows named Cheney and
Olsen, In a cannery, who made the capture
in a picturesque style. Unarmed,
they climbed a ledge twelve feet above
the sleeping and heavily armed pair of
bandits, and at a signal Jumped down
on them. Both men were manacled,
after n short resistance. Birch's lone
companion was also an old offender
named Snell, who robbed the Tredwell
works some years ago.
Both nre In jail at Sitka. Cheney and
Olsen will get the 15,000 offered for
Birch's capture.
Have llcfn Signed by the Untrit Regent.
Tenor of (he Provision*.
(Copyright, 1S?7, by the Associated Press.)
MADRID, Fob. 4.?The queen regent
signed the plan for tho reforms In the .
Island of Cuba. Tho text of tho document
will be published on Saturday.
Tho scheme Includes numerous and
elaborate decrees and will occupy several
pages of the Official Gazette. It In
understood that the reforms consist
chiefly In the creation of an assembly,
to be called tho council of administration,
composed of thlrty-flve members,
of whom twenty-one are to be Heeled
by the people and six by the different
corporations. The remainder will be
one magistrate, one university president.
one archbishop and Ave former
senators or deputies.
The council of administration is cmpowered.
firstly, to prepare a budget.
Secondly, to examine Into the fitness
of officials appointed.
Thirdly, to make a tariff, subject to
the conditions of Spanish Imports having
advantage over the general tariff.
The governor general will represent
the home government and will have the
right to nominate officials, who should
be Cubans or Spaniards who have resided
two years in Cuba. Nevertheless, he
may freely nominate hlfih functionaries
such as magistrates, prefects, etc.
Other decrees concern the organization
Df the provisional municipalities, which
we to be liberally representative.
The municipal councils general will be
szto powered t<? elect their presidents and
will have exclusive control of public education.
According to another decree the government
reserves to Itself extraordinary
powers In the event of any disturbance
of public order, and Cuba will continue
to elect senators and deputies to the cortes,
as at present.
Altogether the reforms are much
broader In the direction or decentralization
than those granted to Porto Rico.
The powers of the governor general are
much extended, while the council of administration
l.t fairly representative of
nil parties nnd Interests.
The Spanish government will continue
to vote budgets and treaties for the colo.
The Spanish products, according to the
reform scheme will b?? allowed a rebate
9f 40 per cent of The Cuban tariffs, compared
with other Imports.
Will Xoi Curtail Production.
PA^VTUCKET, R. I., Feb. 4.?It Is authoritatively
announced that the cotton
mills of the Blackstone valley, which include
the Immense manufacturing estates
of the Chances and Goddards. will
!K>t enter Into any nfrroement to curtail
production for the present at least. Kx[J.
8. Senator Jonathan Chance, who was
the chairman of the committee which
>rdercd the curtailment ??f production In
ill the mills In Che country last spring,
?ays the manufacturers of the Blacknone
valley would not nt present consider
any agreement for reducing the
>utput of -the mill*! "Business i.? bad
rnough," said Senator Chance, "but It la
rtowly recovering."
(' llforuU C'rop?.
SAN FRANCISCO. Feb. 4.?With almost
continuous rains for several weeks
the crop prospects of California are considered
excellent. This season's average
of wheat has been largely Increased
aver that of recent years and conditions
point to a bountiful cereal crop. Fruit
ulso promises well, but It Is too early to
predict the yield.
KlilpyariU llnriiril.
GLASGOW, Feb. 4.-The shipyards of
:ho Fairfield ship building Company at
3ovan, near here, have been almost
romp lately destroyed by tire. The danitgc
done is estimated to amount to 60.000
pounds ($260,000). Four thousand^per
?ons nave own xnrown (mi m wuiu.
Iitrirrtl I
LONDON, Feb. Lady William
Berosford, formerly Duchcss of Marlborough.
and previously Mrs. Louis
llammeralcy, of Now York, has been delivered
of a son. Mother and child are
ilolng well.
Drnllt of -Xmatgniuntrtl Official.
rtTTOMTRCIII. I'Vh. 4.?John C. Kitrallon,
secretary of the Amalgamated
\*v. (elation of Iron and Steel Worker*,
lied this morning, of consumption.
IP the hair Is falling out and turnng
gray, the ul.unlrt of the skin need
ulmulatlnff and color-food, and the
lest remedy and stimulant Is Hall's
I:alr Itenewer.
Navn Vnnr l.lfr
By uslnj? "The Now Great South American
Kidney Cure." This now remedy
s a grout surprise on account of It* exreeding
promptness In relieving pain in
llio Kidneys, I (ladder and Hack In nmlo
ir female. It relieves retention of
ivater and pnlti In passing It almost Itnmediately.
Save yourselves by using
!his marvelous cure, lit use will pre.
fc'ent fatal consequents In almost all
rases by Ita groat alterative and heal?iic
powers. Sold by R. II. List, druglist,
Wheeling, W. Va.
PURR blood and a k"<kI dlgcctloa
?r?? an Insurance uualnst disease and
ufforlng. Burdock Mood Hitters koeps
he blood pure, the*dlgestlon perfect. S
Ohlufo, St Lculi, New Yo:
~ '
^cgctaUeTr^iaralionfor Assimilating
the siomadis and Bowels of
I Promotes DigeslioaChecrful- E
nc;s and Rcst.Contains neither a
Opium,Morphine nor Mtoal. 0
Not Nahcotic.
tfounrs^smmmn 8
Dm/km SmJLJbcSatnm
Apafectnemcdy for Constipation.
Sour Stomach.Diarrfioca,
Worms .Convulsions,Fcvcrishcicss
and Loss OF SLEEP.
Tac Simile Signature ol
U pggsBsai'. ' f .. .. I, |
Har secured tli#? ??ntlro flrsi
* History of th?? United Sti
( clubs sells single copies foi
< J > price, and upon easy term*
.... Invited to take udvant&p'
J ^ J preparation
$ Scribner's H
;1 OF THF. T
{T 9%^# I
f L
{ H In complete, 3.&00 pages, 1.600 lllust
< m > than $100,000. It to the only 1??
<h > the many excellent small hlstor
. . down to date, superbly Illustrated.
^ of Intelligent American families. 1
< M > laid by William Cullen Bryant, the 1
{ H Howard Gay. Noah Brooks, Edwr
I lo E. Scudder. Rossiter Johnson, and
tt A larce Dart of the entire Hrst edf
boon subscribed for, but ulMrho Join
Ao con have the sol delivered for J2.<
i l months?about 7 cents a day. Rea
Iijb usually. It corfts $1.00 a. mo;
' NO RISK.?It if impossible to des
> We arc so confident of its value wo
> turn the books if not satisfactory.
.. . mall AT ONCE.
T? REM EM BRR?This set of books
V > Tribune has tho entire edition. Ord
On exhausted.
1 |i L O
, onit: titniun'k, nk?v yoiik.
Y Q I hereby subscribe through Trl
1 M i X volumes, i agree to pay $j.fio 0
. a Q J2.00 monthly for nine months.
2 Price In Half Leather, $1.00 A
|||| y Signature
1| Address
k l refer to
*1.1.1 mini V
;; t
$ 19 Suits. JJ
|{ $4 Pants. JJ
M Made lo Your Order. ^
agent. A
P08T. "
Insist on the
l\ Thebcst Washing Powder
II made. Best fa rail cleany\
ing, does the work quickly,
J. cheaply and thoroughly,
;est package?greatest economy.
1I1R wwinrnii ? $
rk, Boston, : Philadelphia.
*i J/"
' .??OF
Oaitoria is ptt tip in <m*-tiro Bottles oaly.^U
la not told ia balk. Don't allow aaycat to nil
yon oaytllng olio on tht> plea or prozin list it
Is "jait as good" and "will aoarer otarr
poif?" ^flto that yon get O-A-S-T-O-JULX
*lilt> ^ * ifi^Aiffc A rtOirffciffN
t edition of he now groat Standard IT
Ltcs. and >o'. forming subscribers into ft
r one-third leas thnn the regular
. ami renders of the Intelligencer ar* ik
* of this offer. After years of aX
.isiury jj
Inited States H
ration*. coating nlone more
tze work (notwithstanding
ies) w-hicli iH full, brought Ai
meeting all the demands '< aX
'ho plan of the History was
text written by Sydney ft
ird Everett Hale. Horace ff
many other Specialists. ^
iLDVANonxro. {
lion which the Tribune secured has J?
a Trlbdlie Club now (no club f*e> ff
K> clown and $2.00 n month for nlnders
have ordered the leather bind* AA
ith more, but It will last a lifetime u
tcrlbe this book In a limited space. JT
offer to send It upon' approval, He- ff
Fill out the following blank and ^
Is for ?nle nowhere else. Th*
er quickly or. the edition may be ff
?ooooooooooooooooooooooo JJ
bune Club to SCKIRXER'5 TOP- g Xa
:KD STATES, complete In five X ?
m receipt* of books and to remit ff
ON, Trjbqno BulIdJnr. New York, ^
: :::i::::::::: L
na to my responsibility. 2
KW VoitK TRIllL'XE, +?
'ribuiiv JtiiilUinsr, Now York.
Wives and
lEt.KI'HONK NO. *403.
To All Whom It May Concern:
Th?> unilcinigned have purchased llArri'.!ton
a improvud Fealhor Kciovaior. ? ?{'
nlno an improved Cntfpct Healer, wnica
|H guaranteed to r.ellhor rip nor ram
and nroiioxv prepared Co do work prompt'/
and at rrnxnnahiQ prices. Work called for
and deliv? i i'd free of ohargo. wave or*
d??r* ut It. l.uke* Livery, No. 1430 M?w*
street, or address
Corner Eighteenth ond Clinpltno 6troeta?
Wheeling, W. V*u

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