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PaMMrt telly, Uc>I tartar, fcr
The lotelltgeflcar PubiMiag Co.
39 MB 27 rOUtlUMM 51*11.
Tifiu< Pir Y?ar? by Mali, tin AAunoi
Postage Prepaid.
I. ^ltt th* w"k) 1
Dally Six Months U.f<
Mir, Tfcvoe Month. ? 1.3<
Dally (Three Days 1m UitWctk) 3,01
Dally (Two Daya lu Cke Week) Slot
Dally (One Month). 41
Weekly (Ou. Year la Advanc*)...^ MM
Weekly (tlx Months) ?H
. ered by carriers In Whoellng and ad
Jacent towns at 10 cents per week.
V Persons wishlnjr to subscribe to-THI
by sending in their orders to the IN
TELLIGENCER office on postal card!
or otherwise. They will be punctual^
served by carriers.
Tributes of Respect and Obituary Notice]
fiO cents per Inch.
Correspondence containing Importani
news solicited from every part of th<
surrounding country.
r- , Rejected communications will not be re
K* turned unless accompanied by sum
olent postage.
L. ' [The INTELLIGENCER, embracing Iti
^ jufltlnna itiiturM In th? Post
Iofrico at Wheeling, W7"vi.,~ Mseco'nd-claai
fawn ai31 co?u#q tt?m. sr
WHKittiao.~M~*KCH 11, un.
The PrNldiat and the People.
An opposition newspaper publishes i
picture of the palace car In which Majoi
McKlnley goes to Washington and th<
ordinary coach in which Mr. Llncolr
made the journey* The idea is to shun
- that Mr. Lincoln was a plain person, oni
i' of the people, and that Major McK tales
gets as far away from the people as hi
pi When Mr. Lincoln went to Wathlng[ ":
ton to take his scat as President the palk
ace car of to-day had not been developed
|| His Journey was made thlrty-?lx years
t ago. when railroading conveniences wcr<
| in their Infancy. He had no more chancc
; to go to Washington in such a car as Ma?
Jor McKlnley use* than Ge.?rge Wash*
ij: : ington had to steam into the national
i; capluil on a gravel train,
p Appeals of'thij sort are wasted on th<
|v American people, who are glad for theii
te chosen Chief Magistrate to have all Che
comfort he.can get. There has been s
guoU deal of banging at our President*
for using government dNpateh boats foi
thejr pleasure. President Cleveland has
been a flne target for that sort of thing
(! but the people have had no sympathy
ivlfh it.
i'v So long as the President docs his dutj
the people are willing that he shall hav?
| the best that is going-, and If he desire tc
J:; use a government boat not needed at th<
time they are perfectly willing that h<
| shall do so.
And when the President has occasion
to make a Journey by rail the people dc
not ask that he shall be at pains to rid<
!;. in the shabbiest and least comfortabh
car he can find. The great Americas
| public is neither mean nor craxy.
I_. Better Hnilnea*.
Business is looking up. The country
[-. has confidence in the Republican party
i the distinctive business party of th<
country. Producers and traders of a!
sorts know that whatever else may "hap
l:' pen the business of th? country will con
; tlnue to be done on a solid monetarj
basis. Then there Is the assurance thai
[. the Republican party will pass an Amer
lean tariff law if it can get the votes, ant
the hope that It may And the votes to d<
| so at a very early day.
r . It Is known that the new Preslden
^ will call Congress to meet in extraordi
% nary session on or about March 15, foi
[ . the purpose of considering the tariff bll
j prepared by the ways and means com
p mittee of the house. The confident ex
? pectatlon that the Republican party wil
1 live up to Its pledges and Its record fill:
| the country with a buoyant hope that ii
reflected fn the general Improvement I:
[ .Itisnotasyctai'crymarkedimpnn'e
meat, but tt is a welcome indication o
an early return of the normal pulie-bea
of our industries and exchanges. Wi
re going to have better times, and wi
are going to have them soon.
Japan and the tiold Standard.
Japan, determined to be In the proces
Ion of the progressive nations, give
notice that she is about to adopt the go!<
standard, and the relation of her silve
coin to her standard gold coin will bi
a 32K to 1. The monetary ratio Is Jus
about the present commercial ratio.
This means that Japan has seen th
folly of the silver standard. Her wage
earners have felt it. Pricea have ad
vanced twice as much as wages, and ii
nany industries wages have not ad
vanced at all. The Japanese laborer ha
icored a distinct loss under the sllve
Our own country would have lookei
well dropping to the silver basis at a dis
honest ratio while Japan Is about to hav
for her monetary standard that of th
highest civilation.
While Mr. Bryan Is talking he woUli
do well to address himself to this lates
chapter ,in the history of the nations tha
have repudiated the sliver basis.
On to C'harleatou.
Governor-elect Atkinson, accompanlei
by a pariy of friends, leaves to-day to
Charleston,' where he Is presently to tak
the oath.of. office 83 governor of Wea
Virginia. Many years have r*ssed sine
Ohio county borrowed Mr. Atkinson froti
He was then a promising young mar
Being a man who keeps his promises, h
goes back to his native county the chosci
tftfolnf nf fhl<4 MllCh 9
Ohio county re*ret* to lose him even to
a time, she lend* him to Kanawha fc?
four years and expects him to be return
cd In as good condition a* now, reason
able wear and tear excepted.
With affectionate regard Ohio count;
speed* the governor-elect on hi* wa>
wishing for him and the Mtnte a succew
ful administration. West Virginia ha
never had a governor who knew her poo
pie so well, and certainly none mor
earnestly desirous of promoting the wel
fare of all the people.
Tlie ConimlMloiiera ami th? F'IIm.
The county commissioner* went wronj
yesterday?and thou tvent rucht?on tli
proposition to hpond more than $#.009 n
the county's money on new files for th
clerks' ofllrcrt. The second vote, b;
which the measure waa referred i<? th
finance committee; might well have come
?] flrst.
This vote la understood to mean the
death of the project. It should meun
i juat thaU tilnco the expenditure la not
Justified by the public needs, It cannot
be Justified at all.
, If there were any need of new fllea the
proper proceeding would be to ascertain
> wh*rethe county may buy <*>lhe boat ad>
vantage. In tho present case but one
> concern haa been consulted, and tho rep*
' reaentatlve of that ono seemed to own
[ Ohio county for the moment.
( It will be creditable to the county com1
mlseHoncrs If no mure bo heard of this
. matter.
Nevada's High Art Spirit.
2 Tho great state of Nevada 1s going In
> strong for art To accommodate the tls
tlo artists and to elevato tho tone of her
1 people, she made the prise light legal on
p her sacred aoll. The effect of thla waa at
. once seen. Immigration was stimulated
as It had not been for years,
t Pitsslmmons and his party and Cor1
bett and his gang moved In and camped.
Capital came. All the aporta brought
' more or lesa money. Business boomed.
: chiefly tho telegraph business, but any
I sort of business boom la welcome out
> there. Now the art sense has taken a
: higher tllirtit. v.
A bill to appropriate $3,000 to buy u
! champion belt for the winner of the Corbctt-Fltxslmmona
flght has been Introi
duced in the legislature. The amount 1s
: small, to be sure, but It shows tho spirit
of a free. Independent, high-minded and
ambitious people.
Nevada may be as a cundle that Is almost
burned out, but she haa made up
her mind to attract the world with one
mighty splutter before she gives up the
ghost. *
The lnaagaral Pageant.
Newspapers that complain of the
great cost of the Inaugural festivities in
.Washington are barking up the wrong
trie. All that Congress luu? appropriated
is $5,000. The rest Is raised by popular
Subscription apd the sale of privileges.
The subscription Is In the nature of a
guarantee fund. It 1s believed that
about $75,000 will be realized. Any balance
remaining after paying expenses
will be given to charities In the District
of Cilumbta. Outside of all this a large
amount of money will be spent by visitors.
but they are glad to spend it and are ,
not proper objects of sympathy.
So long as the people make the display,
.at, their own cost and in their own way, ,
a pageant at the time of Inaugurating a
President will not necessarily suggest
that the underpinning of the republic is
being knocked away.
Unless all signs fall the Cretan trouble
will prove to be the beginning of the end
of the Turk In Europe. The powers will
fall to lighting. Turkey will be driven out
of Europe and confined in Asia, what Is
now Europcnn Turkey will be spliced up
and divided among the powers. Crete
will be Joined to Greece. There will be
hard fighting with great loss of life and
treasure, but that will be the price that
, civilization will have to pay to get the
Turk out of Europe.
The official who stands next to the
r President, heretofore called the private
secrethry, Is hereafter to be called the
J secretary to the President. This what he
I Is In fact, not really the President's prl.
vate secretary. The office Is an Import.
ant one, but not so important as Private
f Secretary Thurber has thought. The int
cumbent Is not really a bigger man than
. the President.
1 Charleston will not have so large or so
J grand a demonstration as the national
affair In Washington, but the Charleston
' demonstration will be ahead of anything
of the kind West Virginia has had; and
r it will all be In honor of a worthy man
who will be a goo# governor if he has t"
work twenty-four hours every day to be
J fliaL
i "A. R."?The Spanish word "Incommu9
nlcado," In the dispatches from Havana
i means "solitary confinement." Why it
li thought necessary to use the Spanish
* word wc do not know.
f 1
t President McKlnlcy will be more inB
terested to get necessary things well
8 started than to distribute tho pap. Let
the hungry take notice and govern themselves
If-money were more plentiful more of
* Wheeling would go to Charleston.
J Enough will be there to show good will,
r and those who can't go will send their
6 kindly greeting.
Mr. Olney mifiht get a place on WeyIcr's
staff. Probably he. does not speak
Spanish, but Olney and Weyler speak the
common language of sympathy.
1 Before Secretary Olney goea out of
" office he should make a confession In the
9 Consul General Lee matter,
r m
Praf. 91 alley's Account of Ills Warfare
With th? Weed.
6 Exchange : At a debate on smoking
e among the members of tho British association
many speakers denounced and
" others advocated tho practice. Professor
' HlSloy said: "For forty years of my life
1 tobacco had been a deadly poison to me.
(Loud cheers from the anti-tobacconists.)
Jn my youth, as a medical stu]
dent, I tried to smoke. In vain! At
r every fresh attempt my Jnslduous foe
* stretched tne prostrate on the floor. (Rcl
pcatcd cheers.) 1 entered the navy;
0 again I tried to smoke, and again inet
u with defeat. I Imtcd tobacco. I could
almost have lent my support to any iuL
stitutlon that had for Its object the putc
ting of tobacco smokers to death. (Von
clferous applause.) A few years ago I
ft'Bi? In Brittany with some friends. We
went to an Inn. They began to smoke,
r They looked very happy, and outside it
r was very wet and dismal. I thought I
. would try a cigar. (Murmurs.) 1 did so.
(Great expectations.) I smoked that
* cigar?It was delicious (Groans.) From
that moment 1 was a changed man, and
v 1 now feel Mint smoking In moderation
I? li comiorutuiR ami lamiam*.* inavuvu.
and It productive <>f goo' J. (Dliimay and
> rnnfufcion of the amMob-icennlHl*. Koavs
h of laughter from tho timokerc.) There la
no more harm In a. pipe than there In in
ii cup of tea. YOu may polnon yourself
c by drinking loo much green tea, and kill
- yuirxolf hy eating too many beefsteaks.
For my own part. I consider that tobacco.
In moderation, I* a mveetener' and
equalizer of temper." (Total rout of tha
nntl*tobncconl?iH and complete triumph
t of the smokers.)
' PKKMATPIlK baldness may be prevented
and the hair mud" to grow on
.. head# already bald, by the use of
I rail's Vegetable Sicilian llalr Renew"
I ?/ : .i . .
As follow*:
4 Flnt Prfns, aaoh of S100 Cnli'
:: "iWW
Cuh ind Prins glvao aioh month
Total given during 12 mos. 1897, |4j
i^iasssa'iws e&Z
dnsrampis; ZW*
a The New England Mflcs. .
falo, Ho?tonM?1 Now York. Kittedwith!Uftitford
Tlr??t Flril Cliu Nlekls Lsmpu Nw DiDMjjri
Boll. Standard UycloQKtf, and Hunt Lsosbsddls.
In AU Tntlcurt Many Trlrks, mid Sonic
times In Politics.
Detroit Free Press: "I'm what you
might call a retired statesman," said
the old lawyer, whose practice is chiefly
that of a counselor. "But before the
was I was in politics up to my eyes,"
and his face grew younger with the
"I was in Kentuck, and the first time
I ran for Congress 1 beat one of the
best campaigners in that state, Und no
state has better. He was a veteran who
had been over the course several times
and sneered at the thought of my being
a serious opponent. He had the old
system of being a hall fellow well met,
gossiped by the hour with the women,
kissed the babies while he was filling
them up with candy and Jollied along
with the men as though each one was
his especial friend. I knew It was no
use to'fight him at his own game, so I
Invented some new tactics.
"Without the fact attracting any
particular attention, it was made public
that there were to be from three to
five shooting matches and ail around
tournament* in each county of th?' district.
Nothing Is dearer to the heart
Df the real Kentucklan. I was an athlete
and a good shot, und 1 was at every
one of those contsts. 1 knew Just who
to beat and who not to beat When the
county had a champion it was proud of
I managed it so that he always
got the best of me, and I
sounded his praises till the male population
were lighting friends of mine. My
opponent did not shine in feats of
strength or skill and 1 smoothly managed
to create a sentiment wherever I
went that the women had belter send
one of their own number to Congress if
they were to run the elections; for my
part I believed that the men should run
the government. I won easily* and 1
kept right on winning until 1 left the
A newly designed hanger f<?r shade
rollers Is made of metal. In sections, slidably
connected ivith each other. ?o that
the holder will take any length roller and
the curtain can be hold outward from the
wall any desired distance.
A current water wheel recently patented
is composed of two floats fastened together
and holding a horizontal shaft, tc
which V-shaped buckets are attached In
spiral lines, a portion of the. buckets l>*.
lng always In position to receive thi
A new medicine timer consists of a
metal frame to clasp a tumbler or neck
of a bottle and an upright portion, holding
a number of dials, which can be sel
at any desirable time, also indicating the
sijje of dose and lapse of time between
An apparatus to operate torpedoes foi
the blowing up of ships recently patented
consists of a trolley line running on
the river or ocean bed, on whlfch a torpedo
Is fastened, sliding along on the wire
until it strikes the bottom of the vessel.
To keep a coat from wrinkling and getting
out of shape a new hanger is made
of two tfprlng wires crossed X-ahaped
two upright wire bowa connecting the
ends of tho springs. the shoulders of thf
coat resting on the bows to keep thorn ii:
Tho combination of a rurtain pole and
bracket recently patented is formed by n
ball to whidi two rods are fa*tonrd al
right angles, tho shorter rod ending In n
wall bracket and the longer one running
to the other aide of the? window to hold
the curtain.
For use in catching mail bags a now
device has a lever running down on th?
aide of the car truck to engage a block
which Is only in position when a mail
pouch is hung on the discharging arms,
the lever throwing the catcher Into posttlon
on the car.
To prevent extravagant use of gas bj
turning it on full force a new tip is hollowed
out on tho under side to hold a bal
and spring, a thermostat, being plam
Just inside the tip to raise the ball aw
'decrease the gas pressure as the burncj
becomes heated.
Tho use of pneumatic pressure to run i
bicycle has recently boon patented, th<
pedals being mounted on Jevers to compress
the air. which is stored in tw<
drums surrounding the back axle am
runs through pipes to two air motors attached
to the hub of the rear wheel.
Yon Can lie Well
When your blood is pure, rich and
nourishing for nervi-n and muscles
The blood is the vital fluid, and wher
K Is poor, thin and impure you niusl
either suffer from some distressing
disease or you will easily fall a vlctlir
to auddrn changes, exposure or overwork.
Keep your Wood pure will:
Hood'a Sarsaparilla and be well.
HOOD'S PILLS are th<? best afterdinner
pHl: assist digestion, curc
headache. 25 cents^ 2
President!*! fnangtiratloii nt W??hlng<
ton, D. C., March <1, l*U7.
For the above occasion, the Italtimorr
& Ohio Company will sell excursloi
tickets, March 1, 2 and .1, at reducer:
round trip rates, good returning Marc!
4 to 8. The Baltimore & Ohio is the mils
direct lln?! from Wheeling to Washing
ton, D. C. Trains leave Wheeling al
12:2a, 5:10 and 11:00 a. in. and 3:40 an<!
r?:to p. m. Through Pullman Sleeper or
the 12:25 a. m. train from Wheeling, re
turning this sleeper arrives at Wheeling
at 8:20 a. m. daily.
Holler In Nix Hour*.
Distressing kidney and bladder diseases
relieved In Hlx hours by the "NKW
NKY CUItR." This now remedy la t
surprise on account of Its exceed
lug promptness In relieving pain in th?
blnddwr, kidneys, back nud every pari
of thu urinary passago In male or fe
male. It relieves retention of water nni
pain In passing It almost Immediately
If you want uulck rellfcf and cure this
In your remedy. Sold by R. H, List
druggist, Wheeling, W. Vu.
IF you have ever seen n child In tin
ngonv of croup, you run appreciate tin
gratitude ?>f the mothers who knov
(lint One Minute Cough Cure relieve!
their little ones ni <tulckly jih It In ad
ministered. Many homex in Mils city an
never without It. !?. Oootae, cor
ner Twelfth and Market street.;; Howli
& Co.. Hrldgeport; lreabody & Son
Heinvood, &
3,800,00 WRAPPERS
1. Kvevf month dorine 1W7 o( tbe4dl?UleU
.h. Md.1. lb.
SrSfiSS^fllM Vjuih wotlit at winner'*
W option a lad)? urgnDtlaroan'a Fierce
2. The Competition*willCtoee the Uil Du of
of bnr Urol here, Ltd., and their families, wede*
t?r11 vrTitadfl^ofwinomlo CorapXIlnt'lilUtrlot
will be forwarded to OomptUlora io about SI dajra After
each competition clooea.
A. I?v?r Brutbara. Ltd., will endeavor to award the
prTiea lair)/ to the beat of their ability ud Judgment,
but It i< underatood tbat all whoooinpetea?t?o to accept
the award of Lever Brother*. lid., aa flnaL
l.KVBtt BUOH., Ltd., New York.
What file L?(lalatara Did for It?The I rial
itntloit Never Before In KncH Favor.
I Special Dispatch to the Intelllgencer.
CHARLESTON, W. Va., March 1.?
. So much has been said In the newspa,
pers conecrnlng contemplated action of
the legislature affecting the University
t that it is well, perhaps, to state what
was done, now that the legislature has
f The board of regents will remain
i composed of nine members, not more
, than live of whom shall be of the same
party. *
1 The preparatory department was not
i disturbed, everybody being of the opin
ion that we do not have enough high
I schools yet in West Virginia to prepare
our boys and girls for the University;
and the preparatory work at the Unl
versity is or sucn " '?k? oiun
: that here is nothing yet to fully take Its
Appropriations were made for the
1 building of a wing to one of the buildings,
th<* purchase of more grounds,
etc.. besides for the operating expenses
of the University.
The report of the joint committee of
the legislature that visited the University
concludes as follows:
The West Virginia University is a
great institution, and the more we Investigated
its magnitude, management,
and the work of each department In detail.
the prouder we were of the great
; achievements and powerful Influence
for good gone out from this noble Institution
into all parts of our state and
country, and as It would require too
much time and space to report sepa,
rately each and every department In
detail, we will only add that the recent
management has been exceptionally
good, and we recommend the proper
i support and encouragement of this Institution."
This report expressed the sentiment
and Judgment of the entire legislature.
The University never before stood in
such high favor w ith the people of
West Virginia and the country ut large.
Wool Trad*.
Bradstrcet's: The market remains
! strong, with purchases free, when tho
: large business dnoe since the year
| opened Is considered. Boston wool
! sales since January 1 foot up 59,264,500
pounds. The business tHe past week
was in excess of 6,000,000 pounds, over
half being foreign fine wool. The latter
> Included 1,600,000 pounds South Amerli
can cross-bred, of which 1.300,000
pounds were taken by one manufac
turer. The sales also included 870.000
pounds Australian and about 1,400,000
i territory grades. This business is all
; due to the expectation of a duty being
put on wool, and manufacturers are
: storking ahead. General prices are not
materially different, and are based eni
tirely on the cost to import. Quarter
and three-eighth blood unwashed
. fleeces are about He higher, however,
the range being from 17Hc down as to
, quality. Teh next London auction sale
, of wool will commence March 9.
Tli? Fourth of March.
, Impatiently we're waiting for the Fourth
, of March to coin?;
For the creaming of the trumpets and
the clamor of the drum;
' For the serried ranks of soldiers all along
> the avenue;
i For the merry, tramping stragglers who
will there bo gathered, too.
What though the ksles 1>? stormy and the
I blustering wind be chill?
i 'Mong*t the many thought* awakened, one
Indocd will gaily thrill;
[ 'Tin but h step from that time to the gentle
rule of Slay,
; When the mercury will trun around and
1 run tho other way.
Ah, then we may expect to see our cherished
land advance
In aelrnre, art and morals and especially
; finance;
I That day will be the threshold whero we
, leave a tloomy past
And walk through Kolden portals to a
place whore none may fast;
And the chimneys where the drifting
smoke Is hung like sable plum**
Shall breathe an incenso sweeter than the
1 orient's perfumes,
I And best or all!?to this at least no ukeptle
shall cry "nay,"
\ The mercury will turn around and run tho
other way.
?Washington Star.
We offer Olio Hundred Dollars Re>
ward for any <cas?? of Catarrh that
1 cannot be curtd by Hull's Catarrh
F. J. CHUNKY & CO., Props., Toledo,
"We, the undersigned, have known F,
I J. Cheney for the last fifteen years,
and believe him perfectly honorable in
J all business transactions and Unaticit
ally able to carry out any obligation
> made by their firm.
Whole Druggists, Toledo, O.
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo. O.,
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally.
acting directly upon the blood
, and mucuous surfaces of the nystPtn.
Price 7f>c per bottle. S<yid by all druggists.
Testimonials free.
ON15 iMInule Is all the time nccosk
sary to decide from personal experl|
ence that One Minute Cough Cure does
I what its name Implies. C. R. Ooetzc,
, Corner Twelfth and Market streets;
, Howie & Co.. nrUlgeport; I'eabody &
Son, Ren wood. _ 1
Ullnw in l'n? .til Kblll
1 Simply apply SWAYNB'S OINTMENT
1 No Interna) medicine required. Cure* tot
tor, eczema,, Itch, alj eruption* on the
? face, hand*, no*?\ etc., Icavlnu tho skin
clear, white and healthy. Its croat healIhk
and curative pow?r? are pmuieaaed l?y
no other remedy. A?k your druKKlni for
' K. 15. TURNER. of Complon, Mo.,
writes \is* thni after nurferltiK front
piles for aeventccn yearn, he complcte
ly mired them by iislnR three boxen of
DeVVltt's Witch Ilaxel Solve. It cures
t eexema and Revere Hkln dlHonaes. C. H.
J Gootxe, corner Twelfth nnd Market
1 Htreetn; Howie A Co.. Bridgeport; Pen
body ?Sr Son. Ben wood. C
For Infants nnd Children.
lit f?e- /y
: 'B,.
J, 8. RHODES * CD.
This Week's
One case of New Printed
Dimities at 10c, the 15c grade.
75 pairs Hansome Tapestry
Portieres, with heavy fringe, at
$2.50 a pair.
80 Chenelle 6-4 Fringed Table
Covers at 39c.
Another lot of those extra
large Crcihet Quilts at 85c.
They look cheap at $1.25.
New Dress Gxjds for Evening
Wear. Silk Striped Ettamine.
Handsome and inexpensive.
40 inches wide?50c
a yard. Colors, Cream, Pink,
T ___j JTU> Dl,.?
JLavenaer ?uiu wjjih wiuw.
j. s. rhodes & go.
Embracing the latest designs in
Wall and Ceiling Decorations.
We are confident we can
satisfy you, both in our goods
and prices, if you will kindly
give us a trial.
The Nineteenth Cenlury David Garrick.
?Detroit Free Press.
The man who made "A Texas Steer"
famous. In two artistic achievements at
each performance. Tho laughing success
in thrco merry acts, . v
Funnier than "A Texas Steer," and the
dramatic sensation. "SIR HENRY HYPNOTIZED."
A grand doublo biil at each
Prices?O.00, "5 and GO cents. Seats on
sale at C. A. House's Music Storo Saturday,
February 27. fem
Swept SiiiRnr Hweet singer
In his Grand Comedy,
Largo and Brilliant Specialty Companv.
All Original Scenery Carried. New Comedy
Scene*. Beautiful and Catchy Music.
New Tyrolean Dances.
Karl Gardner's, Latest Songs*. "The
Lily." "Hunter song/' "Karisinvitation,"
"Bachun and WmV "Soap Bubble."
"Boballnk," "German Swell, "Spinning
Wheel." "Alpine Choruses."
Prices?11.00, "5 and uO cent*. Seats on
dale at C. A. Ilouso's Music Storo Tussday.
March 1'. fe2G
Three nights, commencing Monday, March
1. Matinee Wednesday.
Special limited engagement of the Sterling
Soubrotte, Miss Lillian Kennedy, supported
by a company of first-class artists,
presenting Annie Pixlcy's
Night prices?15, 25, 35 and 50c. Matinee
prices?15. it. and 35a g fc20
Thursday. Friday and Saturday and Saturday
inatlnee, March 4, 5 and 6.
The Famous
Always something now. First and only
appearanco hero this season.
Usual prices. mri
Who nro anxious to accomplish the
best results, for the leant money,
should examine tho Cinderella Ranges
before they buy.
Tlioy are good bakers, perfect roasters,
and have every now feature of
practical worth.
They havo pleased thousands of
housewives and will pleaso you.
Nesbitt & Bro.,
1313 Market str??H, CXy Agmt?.
rlmnbltip anil (lot Fltllu;,
Sleam mill Hut Wator Heath;.
A Full Line ?1 lUc Celebrated ??
? -~Kei?tfou*ti>iitiv oil lined.
Practical Plnmbsr Gas anil siAimUiiis?
rCMwid KMotrli iniinudoUora. Kllior.t. nml
Taylor Um ituriicr-a n.,yinity. lUrl
^yjLLUll lUlUi A s>oX
Practical Plumbers,
No. 33 Twelfth Str?or.
All Work Done Promptly ?t Koftioiubta Prlaii
\\rasti:n- fwi> j:<j(>ms vi (Tif :
WiltWHto family. Addr < ** Box u
1 r%L*TMJj?A GOOD (Jim. lY,17np*
W YrAL housework. Only a '0?'
tent person need apply. Call atVlntiiJJ
"fool.-- _ inri'*
AjII> Iron una Htee| Company hh<i til!'
lalraBteel Mill*. WW. A. Mc.vh;c?m>v
Ht. V^rxvllle, Ohio. Tel. &
On the Ocean Front. Hall ,I\r?
Iioumim Kleviiuir. Room* en -mt, , f*
attached. Booklet on upiili#Mti<.ri ' 1
_J*ftOCr- so.va.
All psmons who may have rluimn us
tlit* f state of Ocor?o A. Llvin^m,,,, 2
ceauea! will please present tfc?- num?- u.L
at o?co for puymcnt.
*? ' O. W. ATKINSON.
WfemBnir. W. Vn.. March's."'/^;''
QPERA jiousi:.
Friday, March r..
Wfl/n University of JVnn8v:v.v.
OlrerlwiJo and Mandolin ciiil. t, r ,l
six qWIhth In a splendid proKtummmusnSTrid
Prices?3Tic, fiOc and 75c. Seats ;,t y \<
Baumcr Co.'s Music titoro WY<in?>M.
M?reli|<t mr:
Tho regular mating of tho w ,
Hosptia 15Association will : .
Hospital on Wednesday. March
3:30 j?. in. A full attendance i mt^. j' 4,
the election of officers and other Im^urr*,,.
business will com# before the a > .
mr^,. ..r;
AVlll ij# S0CIETV*
ThJI rAfular monthly m? etlnt' of k
Woman's Union Benevolent So ,.
t?e. h?# 3tt tho. Y. M. C. A. to-tnono*
/U'<.i1nntfdav\ gfirrannn af ' /.VI, .
, ?
* ' MRS. W. J. W. COW I M,\'
mrgjfl ^ T? 'ary.
All members of Whrellnc Lo'Iro No *
Hhb'I?P4>f Jlonor, an- requested to
their halt. < orner of Forty-third und Jj
streets, Wedn*.?day, Marrh 3. i> ._it
o'clock p. tn. uhnrp. for the jmrpo . o' ,v
tending tho funentl of our ?! cwim
brother, William Bom. Members of n.>...
lodges uro Invited to attorn.
WM. I>. R K<" K KIL, W. 1L
AUG. 0. REMKE. i: s
Q price enables u* to civn you ?or;!,yg
Q goods ho low as to make It worth vmir ft
Q while to buy for further need>.
Q a lot of Parlor Brooms. the ^ ft
Q you'd pay Zic 1'or anywhere u< r,fr,.rA
6 then^i^ls week at 17c. Anoth?r lotn
O at 22r. q
O 'Phone C31'. "251 Market Street. 0
-yyALL. i>aper cleaner.
A Fresh Supply of Wall Pap*r
Cleaner now In stock. It b!m
cleans Fresco. Water Colon
Window Shades.
Just rccelvcd.
2217 Market Ptrr?t
Now ready. All they cost is a postal in?
1210 Main Sf f
$1.50 * PER DOZEN j> SI.50
Cabinet Photographs.
Hi gains' Gallery.
$1.50 > PER DOZEN * SI.50
In ?o$ume, will be given at ths
''jS o. V. W. HALL.
Of the I^otO-th Street M. E. church. Solutions
from?*The Courtship of Mibs StandIsh"
will bo read, and the tc*t illustrate
by tableaux. Refreshments will bo served ]
Admission ccnis. n...
IF YflllP FYF^n^ attention v-?'t
11 lUUK LI LJ mir Optical Do.ps.rt:.T=z
Wo have aocured tb? sarvlre* of Mr. H.
W. EwaJt. of Cleveland, Ohio, a* optician,
and can guarantee Hat In fact ion to outxuv
tomers. _____
Dillon, Wheat & Hancher Co.
Intending to close out m.v Business en or
beforo April 1. l$97. I offer niv ftock of
goodu, tortures and entire equipment lot
sale, InBlu&njr one pair brown mules,
years n?. thoroughly broke; also wagoi
and halTlcifft complete. The building <**n
be lean?*d for a term of yearn, and It iJ
completely tilted up for the business. TM
local ioii i.^ii very deairabJo one.
f?S4 l.'.tO Main St.. Wheeling. W.
Reduction in
Crepe Paper.
Wo have just received 4
large stock of the lies'
American Crepe Paper made,
tvfiich we guarantee to be
full length. This lot goes at
rpnvBWirs SAI.E.
Hv virtue of a deed of trust tnn?!e
\\ llllnn \\\ Klpley and I'nrollnn KIpIOlib*
wife, let nu\ as trustee, da tod iv.vm*
1mm- iz.rwt recorded in the otiiee of
clerk ?tf;t'&> county court of Ohlft court >
Wont VTrelnlu. In Deed of Trust Rook
34. paRe .V\ I will fell nt tlir north fron*
door of tho court house of wild county, ou
MARCH, 1897.
commencing at W o'clock a. m.. th? fo|*
lowing described property, that is to p,>;
l.ot number seventeen and lot luinii"'Huh
teen In Belvedere addition to ?"?/
ot Wheeling. Ohio county. West VtrK?',,*#*
The coal underlying said lots In excepted
and will not he conveyed.
TERMS OK SA Id: -One-thlnl *nd "<
much more as the purchaser elects :o im.*
In cash on the day of sah. the Imlim '
two equal Installments at one and
years, notes hearing Interest from the d?x
of sale to l>e Riven tor the deferred p?f
\\\ ,1. W. t'OWDEN. Trout e?
\V ? HA1.1.KYI. \m tlo? w ' J.
O " O+O
A Send In your order,'* nt oner O
O hyj^iistal card or Tclophona Q

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