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ManAftift CAylo ha* received Suiter
from ITcafJtnt Power, of the Int&ptate
leapt)*, RUtlng thai there will be^KOncral
meeting of {he lcasuo In on
Thur?dayi* March 11, at 10 a. lAi14 The
itieotltis: Will take platv In the ^llotel
Huchtel, and will br nttonded bf all of
die Jnter-stMo magante?. Tha tthtdule
Manas" Claml? Coyle,
Wheejiug Base Ball C;iu^.
commlttteo meets In Akron cif"IVedin'sday,
Maivh $, and will prepare a whedule
for submission to the league at the meeting
on Thursday.
President Power la very well pleased
w ith <ho protptvto for a successful *ea?.m
in the Inter-state. The leagu* never before
had such a strong ulrcultN Though
the Springfield council has knoptod out
Sunday'bnll there, it is believed tfre rivalry
*>citre*n that city nnd fkjjon will
make it possible to run a club successfully
without Sunday games.
Manager CJaude Coyle on^Seeretary
Walter Harrington, ot the Wheeling
*{ft tai-jr a'U.* HairiMgioi.
Wheeling Base Ball Club.
cfub. dr?* meeting with succe-jwTn placing
s"?a.? ^n tickets for the gam<*9 the coming
season. > '- V
Tom O'Brien, the hard-bitHnj: first
barman of the Nailers, will probably be
sclectv'd as captain of the team.
Pliyrri .Hnsl *oT tit tub.
YOIJXGKTOWX. O.. March 2.?The
directors of ihe Mahoning*1^FMlley Athi??u?
\uu.-.riiition at their annual meet
Ing last night decided tn change the
namoof Haacn park to MitH**iiiig park,
and xviH spend eonaidvrablc money in
.Improvements before the Opening of tlv
season. Captain Sch'eible was ordered
to impose a heavy penalty oiifiny member
of the Youngstown Interstate club
Indulging In liquor, and was ordered to
notify players to report Jriiti for practice
April 15.
The Harvest team sot a little nearer
the desired second position In'the South
Side Howling league race lu&l night by
taking tup of three same*.? from the
Aurora team. The feature of the evening's
play was the remarkable score
made by Harvest In the first (tame,
when they went over the 1.000 mark.
This means that they will sit down to
an oyster supper at the expense of the
proprietor of the alleys, the genial
Fette. Score of last eveftlnji's games:
\ncf?RA. im sd. Total
Jaekfon Hi t?7 142 4W
itoth , inrr Iw- im 4!.i
Wasmutl; 121 l.V) vn 402
U'kKitvr J.w J.']. 1K?
J?r?tt 12Z lir, 137 4JT
Schrcbe l?H litf 1KJ 4(W
Total-.... SO.". >uS- m 2.*J1
HARVE8T. 1st. W 3d. Total
Hpeidel ~...... 1W J A' 123 *v;
.BjMirlnger 'I21
ftarvsr 14X ?? Ill 413
Kallmann J:t." "1*i 127 M
ricamon 170 uu 212 Ms
Ua'ighan 177 187 l.i5 47a
Totals lOOC &5 KB 2782
1'mpln?-Miller. Scot era?Hobs and
Strobtl. L
"tub me mil
CARSON, Nevada, March 2.?The
principal toplo of conversation among
legislator? r/a# the bill lo be offered
by Assemblyman Dempsy providing
for a; championship belt tcr-'lie given to
the thinner of the coming fl.stlc contest.
Many legislators have expressed themselves
in favor of it. but It la not
thought that it will pass., _
Assembly man Dempsey said: "Such
n neftC would give the .stato more advertisement
than anything else that I
can think of. It would be known a?
the Nevada belt.' and would always
go with the heavyweight championship.'
1 am going to do all I can to
push It through."
Tim (nruKtnt* Im at present being
drafted by Hon. Thomas Tennant, oC
Carson, one of the brightest lawyers
here, and a man who has served six
term* in the Nevada legislature.
A hi;? crowd onsemWeiP'SO the r.ill
tvay etatlon before the? nnJval of the
3:80 o'clock train, believing 'that John
Jj. Sullivan was on board.-'In fact the
whole town turned out <o 'ftizc at the
ex 'Champion. The blR fcUaw was not
among tho passengers. hotfcuScr. D. O.
Mills, the well known fApttallst. arrived.
from San Francisco, tu complete
tho details necessary f(?r nifi transportation
of visitors to and from Reno,
over the Virginia City ami Truckee
railway. He bcllovcs the rand will !><
well abb* to handle tin* <-r<jwd hoth
ways and that thorn wlfl be no dlfTleulty
or delay In getting Pfty'fde out of
Referee Slier ha* fallen"a victim to
the treacherous Nevada cllmut*
He is not itrlouMy ill. however and expects'
to be around again l?v ? day or
An yet Dun Htu.irt had'hivt left bH
room. He sat up for two hours yesterday
but Is as yet very niflli and has
ter-elved no visitors other than his
buslne** representatives. Thitw* are
uolna quite as smoothJy,.;buvvevei\ a"
If Stuart iv;?s at the i)?iin. iJelaney
says that Jeffries ha* !? ?? offered a
J!.700' purse to flght Slefftpcr In San
Prariclsco and that JoffrWs 'iVlred hack
)jJs acceptance. how^ef,/, Stelzncr
said tli it th? eluli putting; up. the purse
wanted tie- flfcht for Apfll 1 and he
claims he can run be there lii condition
nt that time as It will be Impossible to
km ready so soon after the light lie*
tweon Flt/.almmons and Odrtiett. About
the middle ot April, lie wr*. he will
light Jeffries for money or jnarbles,
Speaking of FJttstmmons' work Mar
Fifty Yc?r? Ago.
Thi* Is the cra?lte in whieb thete Rrew
That thought o( a philanthropic br'aiui
A remedy that would make life new
For the multitude* that wert racked
with pain.
Tw?? aarmparilla, as made, you know
lly Ayer, aowe so yeara ?eu.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
was in its infanoy half a century
ago. To-day it doth "bostride
tbo narrow world like a
oolossus." What is the secret
of ita powor? Its curcH! The
number of them I The wonder
of them I Imitators have followed
it from the beginning of
ita suocess. They are still behind
it. Wearing the only
medal granted to sarsaparilla
in. the World's Pair of 1893,
it points proudly to its record.
Others imitate the remedy;
tkey can't imitate the record;
5o Years of Cures.
tin Julian said: "Bag punching Is the
kind of exerciso Hob wants. Boxing
does not do him much good ua he ia no;
a boxer. Ho fights very different from
the accepted style when ho goes into a
ring uud consequently we want him to
depend more on foot work and punching
the bag to put him in perfect condition."
As to his ability to stand punishment,
Julian gays: "Peter Muher la the I
hardest hitter in thn business, outsldo
of Hob and l?o hit Bob u -couple of
times at Langtry with two blows that
seemed to be hard enough to bring any
one down. F.nt Bob stood them both
and they wcro foul smashes nt that.
With dozens of ImHoncea of thl* kind
to guldo my opinion I don't think that
Corbett will hurt Bob very much before
he get* a crack himself "that will
bring him down to our man's weight."
Pnrkt'rslnirg. A HO AN I), it a. m.
Mntatnor?a...LKXlVGTOX, u *. m.
Slatorsvllle...Ki;TM. 8:30j>. ni.
CUu-iturton. -LEROy, 3:99 p. w. ,
Cincinnati....HUDSON, 8 a. m.
Charleston...KANAWHA. a in.
Pittsburgh... BKN HUH. ? p. m.
8>*lrr*vill?- .Jtl'TJI. 3:S0 p. ni
Clarington....M2KOY. 3:1aj p. in.
Pittsburgh...}!. K. BEDFORD, 6:30 a. m.
Parkersburg. ARCS AND. 1! a. in.
Matamoras...LEXINGTON. 11 u. m.
SlatersvHlo...Rt;TH, 3:30 p. in.
Clarlngton.,..LEROT, S:3?> p. ni.
AloiiffllK l.aiHllUK.
The marks tit t! p. ni. showed 10 feet 6
inches and falling. Weather cloudy an^l
I'l". * Hi.. want nn? with Cft?l On
the hwls of lh?? liood and )ia?l to' tie
up ar?* nil under way awiii, The Enterprise.
which wan caught at Letart by
the high water is on her way t<> Cincinnati.
and the l>lck Fulton passed
Vanceburg, Ky., Monday. The James
Moren has rvach?*d Louisville with her
tow In good condition.
Figure* of lite Flood.
The following table shows the limit of
the flood at all the Important points on
the Ohio river, with the danger lines and
the date when the limit was reached:
Danger Lino. Limit.
? Ft. Jn. Ft. In. I>at<
Pittsburgh 22 o ti Fell. 23
Wheeling V> ? I' Feb. 2:.
Pnrk?raliurp .... .Tt 0 ."7 S Feb. 2.1
Pt. Plen??ii " h 0 f.J 4 Feb. 25
Portsmouth .? 0 U? 0 Feb. j."? I
Cincinnati K o 11 2 Feb. 26
New river at Hinton went Inches
over the danger line^?14 feet 5 inches?
and the Kanawha river at Charleston. I
reached a stage of 41 feet 4 Inches. 14.1 I
over the danger line.
Klvrr T?lrjjr?mi.'
(iREENSBORO?River }? feet 3|
inches and falling- Cloudy and
MORGAN TOWS?River X fn?t 2
inches and stationary. Light rain |
failing; mercury 4S.
WARREN?River 1 foot. Light rain 1
OIL CITY?River 2 feet 7 inches and
stationary. Mild; I/ght rain falling.
STEUBENVILLE?River 8 feet C |
Inches ami falling. Cool. Raining.
Pawed tjj??1Catherine Davis. Passed
down?The Hudson and Kanawha.
1'lTTfiCrJRGH?River 7 feet nr/I
falling at the dam. Raining.
PARKERSBURO?*The Ohio river is
10 feet 9 Inches und falling. Passed
down?The Valley lielle. Due down?
The Ben Hur. Passed np?The Heatherington.
Raining. Little Kanawha |
Im falling. Paused up?The Hilton anil I
Lulu F.
Follow* Another ? Head anil Keep
The advance in medical science Is I
greater than In any other branch, i
The discovery of the X rays and the
finding of malaria in the blood l)y an- i
nlysis are'the most rrcent discoveries, f
but not the greatest by any means. The
discovery of a remedy or medicine that
will Instantly bring relief to almost any
form of disease we thfrnk is boyotnl
conception. A remedy that does not require
hours and hours of pnticnce nnd
pain h-fore mllef wmM hnn i" n discovered.
I'ooh! you aay. Would you
have believed a few years ago that the
telephone Is such a great Invention as
It is? Just so it Is with the great discovery
of Lightning Hot Drops, a remedy
that stands to-day without an
equal, without a parallel for the cure <>f
all stomach and bowel troubles, caused
by over-eating, Indigestion, dyspepsia.
JtefJef romes so quickly you wHI be astonished,
and the f:i?'t that it Jcaves
no l?nd results Is the beauty of It. The
aetIon of Lightning Hot Drops Is marvelous.
yet harmless, and you will ho
surprised to know liow many different
kinds of ailments you will find >r g.wd
for. iiikI if you once.use it you will hav?
no occasion fo keep a cupboard full of
different kinds of bottles, for Lightning
Mot Drops will (l.i ih- work of plasters,
pill", ointments, i ml . etc., and saw
you Jots of money, for h costs only 2f?c.,
and tho 50o sign holds two und onehalf
times am much as ii*? 2?rM* sijte, and
it In sold with the positive understanding
th.u ff If gives no relief your druggist
will give your motle y l.;nk. Made
by Herb McdK'Ine Co. only, Hprlngfleld,
IIhpk ami Ml?hu|ii III (lit Thriving City
ArruM III* Itlvrr.
Henry V'Hiii. who was stricken, with
parulyels while at work In ths galvanl*lug
department at tjie Actus-Standard
mills, iofft week. Ulea yesterday sit hi#
residence on Crawford street. lie was a
son of the late John and Elizabeth IUrlch.
waa born at Hliaron, I'.a.. oil March
, 18u7, was Uilrty-one years ?>l?i and wan
n married man. The funeral will take
place to-morrow (Thursday) afternoon
al 1! o'clock.
Tho Wheellrifr & Iaik?? Erie Coal
Company has ceased to ?*xl?tK. Thin company
has been f iling agent for the
Wheeling. Lake Krlt* mid Pittsburgh
Coal Company, which own* and operates
tho mines OH the line ot the Wheeling
road. The busings ba? been transferred
to Hanna & Co., of Clevelund.
Corlwtt money seems to be fulrly plentiful
In Martini Perry. One man offers
J-'."' to $:'0 that Corbett will whip Fltxslmmons
Inside of fifteen round#, $100 to
W& on Corbett, S10<) to $80 on Corbett. A
Hellalro man left word In Martin's Ferry
yesterday that he hud $100 to on Corbett.
Lost night an enjoyable young folk#
party waa given at the residence of Mr.
and Mr#. Matt Boder, on South Hecond
street. Must'* wax furnished by the Oriental
Mandolin club.
The social meeting of the young people
of the Presbyterian church, held at the
residence of Captain ui>d Mr#. I<. W. Jnglebright,
last night, was a pleasant affair.
llarry Joseph and Mian Mary N. Howells,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Noah
Howell*, will bo married on Thursday
The building of Wood & Wrigrht, at
(''adiz, wa? almost destroyed by Jlre on
Monday. It waa fully Insured.
Special services will be held In St.
fTnlonnr.nl rhnrrh this evening, to
Jay being Asa Wednesday.
A phonograph entertainment will be
given In the r. p. church to-night by
La lug Bros.
Albert Ltptthfirdt and hi* son Charles,
have returned from Pittsburgh.
Attorney J. c. Tollman, of Bellalre,
was in Martin's Perry yesterday.
Good progress Is being made on the additions
to the Laughlln tin mill.
Thomas Greer, esq., is critically ill at
his residence on Third street.
Edward CrossJey, of Hteubenvllle, was
In Martin's Ferry yesterday.
Sheet mills 8, 9 and 10, at the AetnaStandard,
resumed yesterday.
W. H. Fisher has taken a heating job
at Canal Dover.
Lenten services will begin In St. Mary's
church to-day.
Arthur Powell, of Hunter, was here
Arthur Dickson is on the sick Hat
Frank McCarty Is at Apron.
AMlietlUiironi Melange of Minor Matter*
from Marshall's Metropolis.
Moundsvlllo will be represented at
Governor-elect Atkinson's Inauguration
by the following, who left yesterday:
Senator ff. W. Mathews, who had
come home to spend a few days after
the legislature adjourned; J. D. Burley,
city clerk: John A. Hloyd. D. S. M.
Steele. H. 3. McConnell, J. E. Roberta
and Ti. F. MHghan. The above will also
represent the City Republican club at
the meeting of the state league.
The regular March term of the circuit
court opened yesterday, with Judge
Hervcy on the bench. The grand Jury
was selected and sworn and they retired
to their room to begin their labors.
Quite a number of witnesses were
examined yesterday by them, but the
Jury had made no report up to last evening.
it !h expected they will end their
work to-day.
The farewell act of Governor Macf'orkJe
in his pardoning power was performed
yesterday by the pardoning of
Georsy W. Hugffin*. Harrison Hugglns
and Henry M. Hugglno from the penitentiary.
They were each serving a
five-year term for inurder In the second
degree, committed in Wetzel county
two years ago. Friend Garner was
their victim in the charge.
Klchard Fleming, of Wheeling, was
befoi'H Mayor Purdy yesterday, having
been arrested by Officer Evans on Monday
night on a charge of drunkenness.
It appears that Fleming resisted the officer.
who used his inace upon uts head
several times. The mayor examined
ten witnesses, who testified to the sobemess
of Fleming, and the mayor dlsiniRscd
Mrs. F. H. Blake and Mrs. B. F. Hodgman
left for Washington to attend the
Inauguration. Among the other
Moumlsvilllans who have also gone to
the Capital C'lty to see MeJvlnley inaugurated
are C. E. Woodburn, II. Oehring,
K. K. Parkinson and Joseph Klee,
and Misses Pearl and Daisy Catlett.
The children will have an interesting
meeting at the court house to-night,
which all will be anxious to attend. A
number have been selected from each
school room to read their essays on the
paioon question. Come and hoar what
they have to say. Admission free.
Good music will be provided.
Miss Mary Elizabeth Hltehens, of Columbus,
Ohio, Ih visiting relatives here.
Miss Hltehens was formerly of Moundnvllle.
but in now engaged In work in
the < 'olumbus Capital School of Oratory
and Music, where she has made a greut
H? v. C. E. Clark, pastor of Thomson
church, Wheeling, was here yesterday.
LiveXrtva llrmt From tin Lively tmlnalilul
Mrs. I.ydlA Sharp, an old Marshall
county r sldent, died yesterday morning,
.< her r< ildence In the lower ward.
She underwent an operation some time
agv>. but It did not prove successful,
and d< ath < am after a lingering inness.
Mr. Will T.-h li. Jesse McMechen,
Prof. U. il ltlgRs. and Mr. I. V. ltart
ut will form a party that will represent
Men wood at the inauguration.
They tvJJI leave today.
The lower sleel works wont on yesterday
morning. It Ih hoped It will
have a steady rim. but It is uncertain,
of course, that such will be the case.
Mrs. Anderson, who has been very
slek t'<>r some time, and who took ii
relapse the other day, is convalescing.
Rev. J. S. Robinson and wife returned
yesterday morning from n visit
among friends in Gtafton.
La wren co Stipes will shortly accept
n position with the Baltimore & Ohio
railroad company.
Mr. John Lublc had a force of men
at work yesterday, baling out the wnI
ter In his collar,
MIm Hhoda Burs op was In Wheeling
yesterday. _
Wool ffnikrf.
UOSTO.V. Mass., March 2.?Bualnew
In the wool market contlnuca up <o the
average, out! flhOws no sIhus of w?*aknfs?.
Over 1,100,000 pound* of <errltory
wool if recorded on th*> week'*
Those wools ?ro linn <il old prlcv* and
many low .n belnii withheld from
ll)i? market. nhlo and Pennsylvania
Ib*?ce>? X and above, 1fc$i lK%c; \?t. [
cotnblUK illtfi'Jl'o; No. 2 combine; do. XX
and XX above. 30c; decline L'0{i;Mc.
DON'T dally with rheumatism. Purify
your blood tind cure If at one** by takliu;
a courts* <>t Jlood'a tfnraaparllla. fi
To Ortrr k Ittwaril or I OO Dollnr*
far 11 rn'f o( catarrh that o.innot 1
cured, rimv lead ? > the Male <?f the 01- I
tlclc. Itiii do V..11 know of any f?uch
I ' .v .u d bellHT 11:11 I ? Kly llroy do not
promlye iv wards li? ord^r lo * '!! tlndr I
?v??)I-l<nown "i'i- nil Halm." TIm-v -if.'
(In* most I v?? medio ml-. ! '|
In convenient form t?i um? . a is
absolutely free from nicrcuriala or oth- I
er harmful drugs, ]
AllSurli of l.ornl m hmiiiI Uoiilp Prom
liar (JlaMUIIy.
The following newly elected officers
have been Installeed by the Arlington
Division of IT. K. K. of P.: J. M. O'Brien,
captain: David McCIarln, tlrst lloutenunt;
Will Wassman, second llentenunt;
George J5. Morgun, treasurer; P. A.
Jackson, recorder.
Tlie June Agnott company played to n
good houNe lust night. The "Bowery
Girl" was the at iruction. Thin Im one of
the best companies that ev?r played In
tills city und the clnemetroscops Is also
un Interesting feature or the evening's
Mrs. Bur bum Patterson, formerly a
resident of Wegse creek, <n?ad Monday
night ut her homo at New Matamoras
after a lingering Illness. She was well
known In this city. The funerul occurs
this morning al 10 o'clock.
Kev. P. A. McKlnley delivered his
celebrated lecture, "Columbus," at the
Second Presbyterian church last night
to u fair sized audience. The bad
weather prevented many from going.
Hurry Mouth, George Long, .Charles
Wyatt and John Jiock, will leave shortly
for Patterson, N. J., where they will
Join the Washburn circus bill oar No. 1.
They were with this ear last year.
Jaines Wilson and wife went to Delaware
yesterday to attend the funefal of
their son-in-law. Prof. Nelson, who
died suddenly In Washington, i). C., on
M. S. Casto has gone to Washington,
D. C? where he will attend the Inauguration,
after which he will go to Rockvllle,
Md., to build a new water works.
Five plain drunks were run in Monduy
night and were before the mayor
yesterday morning. Several paid up
and the others still linger in jail.
The committee which had the demonstration
In charge for Washington's
birthduy, helu a meeting lust night und
flinisheu up its business.
It has been made known that Hurry
Barrett and Miss Sadie Monoghan were
uiiiiiKTU nini, amiuui}, amc ;uuiiB ^vple
have kept it a secret.
D. H. Darrah left yesterday afternoon
for Washington, D. C., to attend the in.
uuguration. L?r. Evans, of Arizona, accompanied
Mr. and Mrs. George II. Muth left yesterday
for New Matamoras to attend
the funeral of Mrs. Muth's sister, Mrs.
Mrs. Charles Cratty left yesterday
morning tor her home in Delaware, after
visiting the Misses Cratty In this
The road leading to the ferryboat is
being improved so as not to cause the
teamsters so much difficulty.
The funeral of William Sorg will occur
this morning from his late home
in the Fifth ward.
Mrs. Miller, of Yorkville, O., is the
&uent of friends and relatives In tho
Fourth ward.
William Bralnard, a well-known bottle
blower of the Fourth ward, is dangerously
Sol Weill will leave shortly for Dunkirk.
lnd., to go Into business with his
Jumcs Harrison, of St. Clalrsvllle is
the guest of relatives In the city.
Miss TiUle Vincson Is home from a
visit with friends In Pittsburgh.
The Daughters of Liberty held a very
Interesting meeting last night.
The Choral Society held a very interesting
rehearsal last night.
Mrs. William Dunfee is quite ill at her
home in South Bellaire.
"Darkest America" will appear at the
Elysian theatre shortly.
J. J. McCormlck went to Pittsburgh
yesterday on business.
Mrs. James Fltton is confined to her |
bed quite ill.
The Young Men's Catholic club have
The man who tries to live 730 days in '
a year is Jikely to find something giving
way before the year is complete. The '
human animal is a remarkably strong or- .
ganization. It is astonishing; 'nftp much >
abuse it will stand and still bold together. I
With proper care it seems well nigh indestructible.
What is proper care?
Right food at the right time, right
work, right sleep, right rest. Not one
man in a thousand can have these things
^-or will not, if he cau. Next best thing
is the remedy. If the machine is out of
order it must be mended. Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery is medicine '
/or the blood and nerves. It helps stomach
and brain and lump?particularly '
lungs. All weakness ana disease seems 1
to lead to lung trouble. Consumption '
kills more men than rifle balls.
The "Golden Medical Discovery"
straightens out the digestion?that's the
first step to pure blood. It scarchcs out .
every disease germ and kills it. It per- t
fectfy purifies every portion of the body.
It furnishes food for the tired nerves and
the fagged brain. It builds up health
and strength and flesh. Nothing else is
like it. Nothing else is "just as" good."
There Ia hardly a diseaie in the catcyory of
human ill* (hat m not cntued or aggravated by
constipation. Headache, heart-bum. sour stomach,
btliouanem, nod palpitation of the heart are
nil canned by ronntlpaiioa. That trouble if
promptly and permanently remedied by ftr. I
Pierre* Pleasant Pellets. Thev never jrripe. |
Your money back if they do. Cost twenty-five 1
cents at the dnijtRisfs. If he i? dishonest he j
will offer something said to be "just m good." 1
Health?Wealth?and Happiness by conHiiltinK
Prof. Charles M. Leon, the celebrated
Clairvoyant and Trance Medium. :
Ma will road your future without mistake.
Glvea valuable information on nil
affairs of life. Prof. Leon has been pro- !
nounced the world over as the sreatost
Clairvoyant in the 19th century. Through
his aid and advice a great many people *,
have been made happy. Ho overcomes -
your enemies, removes ramuy irounies, restores
lost affections, cauBOB marriage
with tiio one you love, i
Itamoves ??vll Influences, bud habits, and 1
will give you correct Information on lawsuits,
divorces, lost friends, etc.
Novor falling advlco to young people on
marriage and how to choose a husband ,
or wife for happiness, nnd what business J
is bent adapted for speedy riches.
Mining Stocks speculation a specialty, i
Also given Indfspenslbla advice to young ladles
on love, courtship and marriage. "
and tells whether your lover Is true or
raise, and date of niarrluw. Thousands ?
have consulted hltn and round that his aid I
ami advice led to prosperity and happiness. ,
lie advertises nothing but what he can 4
do, and does not wish to be classed with .
the many cheap pretenders round in every 1
oliy. All who are In trouble, whose font!
hopes have been blasted, who have been J
deceived and disappointed by false predictions
of others, 1. lot<> giving tin In <10* pair .
are Invited to all and he convinced of tin* I
above :?tut?-inent without delay. Hundreds
of persons have an evil Influents around '
tlx m that 1 hey know nothing about. 1
Sometimes It is caused by other persons. J
some times if ronton of llfiolf. Come and
have It removed and happiness and sueeesH
will follow. Ituglness slrletly con (Ideutlal.
1'eople living out of city wishing
to know particulars as to terms, etc., onclci!'"
stamp for reply.
0(fh*e and rotldoiu'o, J027 Chapllne street.
Honrs from Hi a. in. to !? p. m. mr2
Supplied with oil kinds of Plain and Fancy (
Printing. An entire New I .In# of Hampl?\i
of Hall Projrrammes, Tickets and Invito- [
lions, at all prlcoa, at tho lutelllj;cm < r I
Job Printing Oillce, 2: nnd 27 Fourteenth
utreet. 1
Geo. E. St
oQp J?5!
0000000000000 Ullllljl
<!? ??? ?<
We will close out several <
Grey Wcsolen Undarwear, al
fifty garments, consisting of
Also various lines of UNIO
was from 35c to $1.75 a gprnif
Your choice J
a a a a
Geo. E. Sti
American Queen and F&sliioi
IV private family. Address Box <4. k.
FOR 8ALP1. w
1 lot of Male and 1-Vmale Canaries at nl
utroet. felS
SAt .P. -J
One very old Flax Thread Spinning
Wheel. One wool rodo Spinning: Wheel;
also. Two one-cut snap crack Reels, will G<
carry four to six cuts each. For prlco th
and further particulars enquire at Pi
0 10 shares Wheeling Title and Truit Co.
1 Whltaker Iron Works bond. of
W shares Wheeling Steei and Iron Co. M
20 shares German Fire Insurance Co.
60 shares Wheeling Hallway Co. Sh
3 Wheeling Pottery bonds, 6 per cent. fr
3 Wheeling Steel & Iron Co. 6 p. c. bonds.
JO shares Bellalre Steel Co.
CO shares Wheeling Bridge Co. j
& shares ISxehang* Bank. ?
R. 8. IRWIN, Broker, tt Twelfth 8t. *"
W. V. HOGE, Jr
City Hank Building. 1300 Market St>
Intending to close out my business on or s!|
before April 1, 1SW7, 1 offer mv stock of msoods.
fixtures and entlru equipment for w:
sale. Including one pair brown muies. 7 pu
roars old, thoroughly broke; also wagon pii
iind harness complete. The building can an
l>e leased for a term of years, and It Is of
completely fitted up for the business. The at:
ocation Is a very desirable one. wl
fe24 1510 Main St., Wheeling. W. Va.
, ? ' S! eh
' with board. Unfurnished. Address L., r*
;aro Intelligencer oltlc*. on
1 in the City Bank Building. Inquire at At
the City Bank of Wheeling. mrtO
For rent-store room, now OCcupied
by a butcher, with stable In
rear: alFo four rooms In^ samo dwelling.
So. I!347 C'hBplHie Hircei. auuivm x\. unit- -KIN.
a? qhapllno street. tcsn ell
street, nil modern Improvements. both ctl
rases. hot and cold water, bath, Inside and 0f
intslde water closets. Apply to M. A. f0
wlIF.W. Wheeling Boiler Works ofWee, or wi
im Fifteenth street. jni2
i the city; largo and plenty of light;
entrally located In best advertised build- th
inir In tne city. Also large hall for rent. H0
Apply at HUB CLOTHIERS. Fourteenth ""
?nd Mniket htrfPla. Ja31 otj
PAU IH'NT 4 rooms, U? per month, on
1 Un nc.ni. island, In alley near Suapen* of
<|on Brldne. wl
TO LOAN. on *ood rcftl e~stal*SAP
QAftf Improved 1*1 and property, fr,
rUn DHIjCi. paying 12 per cent. Also va- ?t;
:ant River I.ot near Yacht Landing. flu
Real Estate and Loan Agent. )0fi5 Main St or
Two Front Rooms, second p:?
_ . th
floor, ovor Stanton s Book rq
3tcr.i App'v to tji
-rf ?- -- ' I "" ;
H. 8TIFBL ft 00.
ifel & Co.
Vy rni ooooooooooooo
add lines of Whits end
bout seven hundred and
N SUITS, regular ve&oa
ifel & Co.
as for March now ready.
The annual meeting of the stockholders
the Wheeling Bridge and Terminal Bailey
Company will be held at the cominy'a
office, room 1204, No. S2 Liberty
re ft. New York City, on Tuesday, the
nth day of March, 1637, at threo o'clock
tho afternoon.
mrl Secretary.
The stockholders of the Two Republics
rid Mining Company are hereby notified
at a meeting will be held in the city of
ttsburgh, state of Pennsylvania, at tht
Bee of Julian Kennedy, Vandergrlft
Jlldlng, Fourth avenue, on Monday, the
ih day of March, 1897, at 2 o'clock p. m..
which uiruuiiK u rrnuiuuoii mil on
fered Increasing the capital stock of tho
id company from one million dollars to
10 million dollars, and the number of
are of capital stock of said company
om one million shares to two million
ares of tho par value of one dollar each.
'eir-w Secretary of Said Company.
By virtue of the authority vested In ma
' the will of Jacob Bearer, lata of Ohio
unty, West Virginia, now deceased. I
111 offer at public auction at tho north
ont door of tho court housa In tho cJty
Wheeling, on
ginning at 10 o'clock a. m., all the family
aldcnco square of which Jacob Berger
fit seized, bounded by Zana street. North
snn street, Maryland street and North
ont street, In the Seventh ward of the
ty of Wheeling, together with the lmovements
erected thereon. Tho abovo
operty has been divided Into lots, a plat
which may b* seen at tho office of-J.
Harvey, auctioneer, No. 142G Market
rect. or at the re?!dence of tho under*ned.
northeast corner of Zone street
id North York street, and the property
ill be sold at* n whole or In parcels to suit
trchaser*. Also, at the same tJmo and
nee, I will otter for sale my home placo
id residence, situate at the corner north
Zone street and east of North lork
rect, being 120 feet square, cither as a
hole or In parcels as purchasers may
PERMS OP SALE?One-third of tho purase
money and as much more a* tha
irehasers may elect to pay In cash on
e day of sale, and the residue In one,
o and three yearn, with Interest on tha
ferred Installments from the day of sale,
id same to bo secured by .deed of trust
, the property sold. Title Indisputable,
Imlnlstratrlx, with the will annexed, of
lacoh Berger. deceased. few _
' Business Property and Dwellings In the
ty of Wheeling owned by the heirs of tha
to Robert Miller. ? . ,
.'ommenclng a( 10 a. m. on Saturday, lh*
I. .1.... ..f \lar?h IW? nl tlin front. flAAf
tho court houso 0/ Ohio county, the
Mowing property will be offered at nubile
le: Tn? iwo business houses. Nos. 14X1
id 143I Market turret. fronting 45 feot and
nchex, by SS M and Inches In length,
je two will b? offered ns n whole, and
ey will also be offered separately, and
Id for the highest price us a whole o?
parately. This property in situated in
i?> of the best business locations In ths
l*he right to use private alley In pea?
Nos. 1431. 1435 nnd 1437 Market street
II bo conveyed to tho purchasers of tn?
o premises ttbovo named.
I'he premises No. 44 Twenty-third street^
?mf?g 22 feet and 24 inches, and No.
Twenty-third street. fronting 34 feet ana
I Inches, each contains 7 rooms and widi
11. Hoth will be sold either as a -whole
separately; and No. 48 Twenty-third
,*ect, 5 rooms, fronting about 25 rest 2H
i'he?. The division and boundary linei
II be made according to the location ol
? present fences, and No. 2120 Koff street,
rooms, brick, and wide hall, frontlnj
ri:HM8 OF 8ALK?One-third cash and
much more us tho purchaser elects t?
y. The residue to be secured by Men on
o property sold, and payable in tw?
ual Installments in one ?nd two yeari
uu the day of niilo, with ? n*r oent Inrest.
HAMUtyl* NK81IITT. Jr.,
Nesbltt & Oovlne. Agent for thi
Children and Heirs at Uw of the Iat<
(tobert Miller, deceused, 1733 Marks',
itreet, Wheeling, ,W? ,Va? _ fell

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