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In (lie Pittsburgh Tlnt^t-giie Charles
Klrner bowling club, of tho^yty, ls*ue?
challenge open to all com^ on behalf
t.f <i bowler said ti? be the^8ftlladelphU?
crack. Linn. Cor a game #j|fr regulation
alkvs. for 120 to tSOO a <lWr A WheelHi
g bowler may h.? pl:r-il^Main*t Linn,
f.>r the following was wired to the Times
lu?: night:
WllELLLVO, March 11 Snorting editor.
Timet! Mr. W. C. llandlan. jr.. ??f
xh'.t city will poat a forfeitwDf S2& with
,-ither your paper or the Wheeling Intellic-iieer.
to bind a .Merit*!* ofmaicli games
j>-tweon a Wheeling bowler ami the
Ivuvier baeked by the Charles Klrner I
bowling club, of your clty.TOhtuH soon j
..4 Mi- Identity ?>f the chalJ^Rer i* ills- 1
. 1 Kindly wire th< name ??f the
1 tiger.
Tin Wheeling bowling elnb Issue* the |
following counter challenge:
The Wheeling!* will play a aeries of
jcjnie* with any club In western Pennsylvania
or eastern Ohio, three games I
! e.ich of the home alleys and th?* de>,
!;ng one*. If necet^ary. on neutral al1
\ t?r a etake of $100 to $500. A forfeit
' ? *. hia been turned with the Wheeling
intelligencer. which ran ho covered by
r>i. lub or olub* accepting:. The drtalU
t.. i?~ comp!*'.Ml lator. Teams to bt* com- i
:>o.<cd of five pla?n?.~
Karly this morning th?CNI*otvin}i wa*
IMTTSUl.HtUI. Ma.ch 11-The Sport ag
Editor. Tin? IntHUgenccr:?The Auditonim
Howling Club. <?( PitisbtiYsh.
nil? accept th?* Individual chaJlenge
.' >! will -oii.*l'lor J ho flub challenge
ui a .?pcclnl mating.
Sporting Editor, The Time*. |
<outli Side l/HCRf.
Lost o\vnlng's games the surprise,
rf the seu?on-ln the Soutf Side Bowling '
Ixafu*. The F?mou.? team, th leaders i
in th?* r.nv f.?r th.* p> nuant. were up j
mi .tins'. ilie Ceramics, who have boon ac- 1
. >un:cd a fcooj rhance for f-venth plac*. j
f oour*o it was <nppot?rd ih.- Famous |
? .ys v.huH take three When
1; ii !r>.irr,rl that the l<fT5fi>. dropped i
v.u- i t > the "tid flA*i.?!on Cerai
> It will be i<?on that the surprl^
v.a. ft. : Jrprii"- that is a surprise." Th>* i
? !1:AM?0S. l?t M. 3d. Totni
Softra-f. - ?- >' >ci i?,
MMrn-itcir. in JT? i.t? o;
. s hulu I.'< . lit 13? w.',.
\V'.Vur . : !t? ?:1J5 II*. i'.i
HtmcrrmaM 15a 142 I'm.
i. Fctt^ IT: ST:. IK o
T;ot.ii.M cs s.v. :T(*
VAJTOrS 1"?f ""*W" I'1 Total
r \V?UMl Cm II? 171 IS:
l.-wllu Ill '! ? V. XC
Mur-.-hner ..... u: in mi *ti
ir 117 IV
<'amnb*ti- 121 -ri?1 I-'
H-vdhr m -~l? ti.
Total* N?; s-:; MT ?43S
'? s ft
1 M.C, X.l.r^llr.
In !.i?t night* c m. ?S C'the V M.
C. A hzih th?* lavi rn^ lih?l r.n
*1 i iu of I" with :. Munh?(ltu?. a.? ?? i
t by the- follo%vmg score;
WKflN KHS I- * .'i 3/1.
It" I It, -- Hi
II' J .14 1>
KFnij 129 I*
mi. < !? ' I>
w. is <?- nr. ir
Tom;, "* x'i' ?w
. "'I W
11A MU v ' ":12
VV#is'j : 11) ll?* 133
<>., 1-v-r- i rr i*.<
M. . - *1
!Ii jvcix! 7'1 *' Iff*
Toui-.. - c: ii"
SpTls * ! - ii U tti? !nyj_Hi{;enr?r.
M ilu? : li? TV -;.rln^
. If 1-. -f l.'i" ITI t -1 w h.?-?* I.all
l<*4ijruc t'"i b':-t ty Jn}j .'i? of ih'*
c'i:l> .:.'A '? i.ftVI."" MJKifcet
7". ?'; a no rf. vT??{jfj*iW i !t?*r H rringtou.
""ii: : a: ' Wheel Ins Hub
M.-tnuflcM w:t. admitted H/jflr.e of AKt
?ri. Stroi'.lb < h?? in;.*ia nurnbtf
of fnfloentfal NI^n.-<fl-_i?J-_iuv*?pl'fc lath-'
dab her--. ;r 1 K'.tmivs 4?*-*rIv?.? MansIloll
.i fi.\<r?cla*s ^sjp'egatlon of players.
TIu' fi'heilub'. Mii'nltit'X- !u??l n*?t enijirly
jm'j frc.tttil .i -<-heilOhCfend It will
Im- ftniah -tl b\ President PBv-r and an- i
nounCC'i) In 1 fe.v ?!:aj Thtf*f{?*ach ball 1
v&? .1. 'th V1l? was j
,.?*d by t \\ !?.-? I Iff man. but J
th'1-National Axr^t-meni sjjjrrlfles that'
>mU t?v Spauldius: and Reach balls,
?-.in ?; 11* J by jJsyJi*r the protection
of th? N*atl??n il "Agreement. "o
wejj: f : n<>(hi:uu . The n?acn;<i?}
would lik" ti.-*** 'thVVictor ball !
b?u cannot adopt It for'"the reaMD '
"tatfl. z:..cr . I
The le.ijrue mjnn;*? rs busy :t!l i
n ii" (ompletlnu by-ln w<^Ui?l con.'i ltu- '
tkms. which w?*r?* ?-??mpb-t|^J natlnfactorily.
The oimmittt??" ??h Hch?Miul?*
ma?J.' If? rc;>nrr l.?tc lii?pw nftemoon.
Afti-p c?in?ld? rablff It was
uloptr i ;vlth"i>i a d^iitifHit: voko.
.1 ' . .! ^i!; In f? r-w
dj>? when ?t i? completed. D??corati.hi
Dai nil! he played nt home;
K.?nrth "f July nt SprinKlHd; OjK?nln^
do^aK.Ri home. "~~~
1 ri ?>f tli" meaibers will remahi over
'inUI ti'-rn'>rro\v to ilrrf^lr up a few
inljor inattTm. The inembers preHcat
v. o-V Ii.-f.lctit rowet ." ' ^tlot'beI. of
Toledo; AJ \ : nf Fort w.lyn^:
"f ^j'rJrifftlcbl. Torriyson. of Dayton;
.\;)di<ryoif. VouiiKttoaa; I.amoree,
>' pfevv t'a^tle; s'tmuthf#/. <,r MansHcli;
S.';ylo and HerrlniH???h of Wheel*
liiff. TJie .m'hsoijh open? April 27 and
'.'Iohcs S< pt?'mb?'r 2.1.
^tiC. Ooyle.
Of lb* tttsteravllT# lloil Wo?f fJnn Clnb
NtU UVfk.
Special Dispatch to the lnttlllcenccr.
HI^TK'IMVfLLR. Alfjrftfi 11-The
tff-rlae tour?amo:,t ?,f hn*-Sijit.n>vlll(?
Rod an-1 fittn clul> will bo held on the
KioumJi of the* ol??l? otirftJfct W.mJiumilay
nrn! Thursday. Mnnh 17 miii! is.
in.l i:. u M i?- nfi" <'f ! i , ., .) r j
Oocooo-pj, 4 poooco
| bicycles. |
o BGH1x?ooc?^a3a>oo<^
No experiments lo pay for, and no
freak id/as to be exploded by use.
rifty Year* Ago.
Oraadfather'a hat! And within U you are*
Kraudfather'a favorite cough reuirdy.
Whether 'twaa AMhna, BrooiU'itla or
Or bahv at night waked the houte with a
With Ayrr'a Cherry Pectoral Gran'thef
waa aure
That no cold or cough woutd e'er fail of
Xb hata the atylca ckaogf. but the record!
will ahow
Cough* are cured as they were SOyeara ago.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
has no equal as a remedy (or
coughs, colds, and lung diseases.
Where other soothing
elixirs palliate, Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral heals. It is not a
cheap cough Byrup, which
soothes but does not strengthen;
it is a physician's cough
remedy, and it cures. It is
put up in large bottles, only,
for household use. It was
awarded the medal at the
World's Fair of ninety-three.
It has a record of
50 Years of Cures.
of theklnd over held In the rtate.Tlie
club H making gr?*at preparations for
?fie affair and as It newr docJ thing*
j ??y uaivcs u is mire to tin i;i?* sm-irss
anticipated. There will be an even dozen
vnt* each and to the prize** of .t 1!
of them then* has been money added by
r'je citizens of the city, and there will
I !! .t be .10 event that will not b?? worth
puing In nn all of the purses will be
I wortii considerable money, aside front
the records which ore expected to be
made. In all ofJtho events of che two
days there will bo 1150 added money.
The hooting each day will commem-*
as soon after 9 o'clock a.m. as possible
I and will be continued during the day
I tmtil all of the events have been dei
iltU.'d One of the most enjoyable and
I Interfiling event! of the two days shoot
I will b?? th?? team cont?-st between Sis!
tersvllle and Parkersbura on lit" ofter;
noon of the first day. While there I*
I i?.? prize offered fix- the b.-st work in
this contest. It Is beUeved that there
' have been some big side ben made by
| the members of the Iwi? teams.
The local gun club Is conceded to
1 ha v.* the finest grounds In UiL-? par*. ??(
j county. The ground* are sltutitej on
! she top of 11 large iiTYt on a plateau:
and have been fitted up with the latest
, and most approved trap* and other
appliances and everything. Ih kept in
first-class shape. Great ptcparatiotiK
have been made to entertain the vi?i!
tors who wil! be here: a great many of
the be?t shooters of Pittsburgh. Wheeling.
Cincinnati. Columbia. Chllilcoth^
and other points have signified their
intention of attending.
THE lllli Flli'ilT.
r ?
The construction Of the Marqu'l.*' of
Queensberry rule Riven out by fccferec
Slier continued to be th* chief topic of
conversation among sporting* men at
?'arson City yesterday. Tbo general
opinion is that it will require a conference
of the representatives of Corbett
and Fltzsimmons with the referee to
settle the matter, it Ik not likely that
Julian and Fitzs^mmors will agre* to
anything at the present lime. They
have said repeatedly that th** desire n-i
agreement on the right to strike with
one free hand and In breakaway** until
the men are in the ring, and It is likely
they will cormnu to nnm w?m
ih?- nam*.* time It Is very doubtful If
tUljcr of the lighters will he willing to
( announce how he really feels In relation
j to the matter. Both Corbet and Fltzi
.Simmons ere too chary of giving the
other the advantage to mak* known
what they actually wish In the matter
uf close fighting, for f?-ar that the other
Hid*- will strenuously object to anything
j'ropo.oed. Pltrslmmons haw said one
i ;r.M?n for not agreeing to hit with one
:?r r*i fr#.,. Hud |a breakaway** if that
Corbett can pradUee them* things from
now until the dntr of tin* light. As a
matte; "f fact Corbett haa been pra'c.
tie.lncr Just that sort of thing ever Hi nets
he went lnt<i (ruining. lie paid particular
attention to ldtiing with one arm
fre?*. and it wax in that manner that
lro floored big Jeffries Monday afternoon.
Corbett declared yesterday that
he knew FltzslmtnonH would never
?igr* e to Slier'* proposal, fur the reason
thn*. it was Just what he wanted above
everything else and was fearful if he
agreed Corbett would object.
Corbett. Charley White and the other
trainer* at Shaw's Spring have had h
long eonft rer.ee over tlie matter, and
the opinion of the members of th - Corbett
amp was to be given In a reply to
Slier whl' ii Corbett promised Would be
forthcoming in the afternoon.
Slier said that tt was Immaterial to
him bow the ni?Mi fought so long as I hey
agr'-e on a dellnlt* plan of combat. "All
I want Is an agreement." he said, "and
I care nothing for tin* nature of it. I am
merely trying to adjust matters ho that
I shall not l>" caftod upon to decide upon
i foul. That would be Hie most unsatisfactory
termination that could ponsibly
be reached, and 1 am trying to lessen
the danger of such o decision being
called for."
Ftixxlnimonfl decided yeMerday mornirj
, to chang IJto houra for rfejpular
work, nnd Instead of doing U in the
afjoMioi?n hereafter will take the hard*
. >t kind of exeVolne In the morning
! took hii usual run !o Car*oh yesterday
morning and wont throuah iiix
hard work Immediately after the return
to Cook's Rnneh.
Corbet t started out for n run fit on
. irly hour and by noon returned
i : maklm: :i ten inlle trip. Hp wont
lot" h indball eonrt fur no hour and
then took a rub down. Tin? champion
look* In excellent condition, and from
the i?: -cut indieatlons will enter tin*
ring h'Mivler theun In any flglit iie ha.*
fought. Talk of fighting under
170 pounds 1.1 thiuneiise The chance#
are Iim will til' til" ?cali?H at IH.". uti l
ma.vho over 1?\ a few pound*. To .ri
ippi iranci ht i - avli t tllfln wh^n ho
i? vMi? i<? 11:tln ait ieiugh the material
f i hi?* jihyHic.il makeup haw altered
verv nui- h foi the iwttei.
Fitzjimmon* will ti**t lie more than ! )
<>. j: poundn u i ! '?eim. From
now until the day oi the light ii I* like*
Ij tritxalmmonM will take ?"i a few
poundn lie 1 'Mif-rulU guarding Hi"
secret a' IiIm weight aud will not 0|hmi
Ms inuiitli when the xuliject in under
Vhe flrif ptml room In town opened
Invf night and l><n will be made on the
I fight Tic re l.? Hill- doiiht Corbet! will
be a -Utong favorite odd* running ubollt
in 8 V mi i'ii Aj .id> ntaud- i?? I '
quite a ?nm If t,orbett hook down and
It I'< :-h1<I that he will back him f?t111
more before the day of Hie fight. None,
of the ho AW betting men have arrived
and betting: will noi iv heavy for
Tli * town N lining: up rapidly. The
ilr?( xjieclol tuln reached Cawon yejterday
mooing from t!i" ou<t. Ii conMinted
uf all full. Due or
more apccial* are expected every da>
from now until tin- morning of the 17th.
ror u time yesterday it looked on If
there would !?? a regular row between
the oil in pB of the fighter*. nay a an A#*oelat-d
l?re?adlxpaUli t?ceivcd early thin
morning, regarding tlx* Interpretation
of ihf nilen of tin? ilng made by Mr.
Slier Wednesday. Dun Stuart, however,
took niniU'rn In hta own hand* and In
ii ?hort time in had managed to patch
up a peace and avoid the threatened
term. The main obntacl* In the way
of pulling off the light without ii miualil>l?*
was ritZHlinnmnH. who declared that
he did not Ilk** the r< ailing of the rules
made by Slier, and that he did not pro|n>ao
to agree upon anything until he
and Corbet t were lu the ring. Stuart
at once ordered a carriage and drove
out to Kltz>?lminoiiH' ranch and had a
talk with the lanky lighter.
Said Stuart:
"I Kuggi'xt that one of your men ami
one of Corbet t'a inon meet mo at my
o I lice Friday afternoon and we can talk
the matter over and nee if lonie agreement
cannot l*? reached."
"That milIm me," replied Fltxnlmmona.
He wanted to know how Corbett viewed
thi' proposition for a conference and
when told that it was agreeable to the
champion. ho UK"lit expreused nimneu;
"I don't know, though. Dan," he said, \
"as 1 will be ready to enter the ring t
on the ?lny agreed upon."
Stuart la pale from hi* recent Illness, ,
hut he turned about three shades paler i
when he heard Fltzsimmons declare
himself to this effect.
"Why can't you? What on earth Ix
the matter with you?" Stuart asked
"Well, you Bee." .said Dob, "I have
hurt one of my hands and I do not think (
that 1 can possibly get into shupe to
light on the 17th." 1
Stuart'* face f,|j several degrees, and I
Hob, set-lug his distress. danced around
the room like a school boy. I
"One must lutvo fun out In this country,"
said Hob. "I was only fooling-.
Dan, and my hand}* and all the rest of
nie are In the best sort of condition,
und nobody will find that out better ?
than Corbett wle n l ???e him on the 17th
of March." i
.fume* J. Corbott had Intended to send j
a letter yesterday to Slier, the referee,
regarding his opinion of the latter's construction
of Marquis of Queensberry
rules, but a plan for u conference
changed matters. t
"I am not going to say anything at
present." said Corbott, "but the conference
will settle things 1 understand j
that Fltzsimmons is kicking on the rules
Just as I said he would. I don't want
to say anything until I know Just what
he objects to in particular. All I care ]
al>out Is to keep Fltzslmmons from get- '
line any limine advantage. 1 want '
nothing myself that I am not willing to 1
concede to him. and there Is no use of *
my telling Slier that I agree to a thing *
or object to that thing until 1 know what <
Fltzslmmons is making it klek about." *
?? l
Mt?\cwi lt*in? 'torn the Lively lndtu- t
trial Town. $
A colored gentleman from Mounds- *
vllie was the only p?bblu on the beach '
lit police court yesterday morning. He 1
came up from the Mound City the previous
evening, and thinking the town ,
was going dry. got outside of a good c
load of liquids He Insisted or favoring *
the town at midnight with some of Ids x
vocal compositions, hut his hearers?the *
sleepy citizens?thought he made night
hideous. For his lag and noise lie was r
taxed the usual fine, which he paid, say- 1
Ihg as he did *< "Y >ii nebbah ketch I
me up heuli no moan!"
The following will take part In the F
entertainment .it St. John's church !
Wednesday evening, March 17. St. f'at- 1
ricks day: Mts. 'l*. H. Molghen, Miss
Ann! Felly. Mrs. Joseph Ward, M!ss v
I.IIlie La Koche. Miss Aggie Nolan. Miss ,
P. Deegan. Mr and Mr.-. ?.1 La Koeh?*.
Master Thomas Deegan, Mr. Heruard
Hero, II. L. Bowers, Henry Menkemel- l
ler. Charl?s Gilligsn. William Miller, 1
Charles Dick, W. J. Woltxel, James J.
Quinn c
All th"1 performers for the St. Patrick'*
day concert, using a piano acconi- r
panlment are req-ii-st* d t?? meet for re- I
hearsal at St. John's hall on Monday j j
Klectric cars will be in waiting: after
the LVithjuj ooixvrt. on Monday venlng,
it the Wheeling ti Opera Hous.?, to carry ?
Bcnviiod |K*oplc home.
Tho winter term examinations of On- *
tr?* ward school will take place on Fri- i:
Jay n?-xt. und the pupil* art* preparing
for the struggle.
Rev. A? Moore and Rev C E. Clarke *
were two Wheeling clergymen on the f
streets yesterday.
Mii.i Dunbar, of Wheeling:, was in 5
town yesterday calling on friends.
Miss Gertie Connlff. of Steubenville, i
is visiting Miss Maggie Ur*nna:.. i
Jacob I.Hbold made a business trip I
to Moundsville yesterday. ^
Tie- Rivenlde steel works dropped bot- J
torn yesterday morning.
Miss Rhoda Burse*' was In Mounds- villi*
Miss HattJe ?atlerfle)d in a sufferer
from the grip.
i \v a thief came
in the night to r
mrymm I steal away your
proprity, you r
sSsHwEjgBSsBmmjB' take
aWT ures to prevent
Kfw^iit. Why are ]
-vou n,orc eare- n
less wbeu ill. f
health comes to meal away that more pre- 1'
cious thing ? your life1 a
You ran see a burglar and yot! ran't see .
n disease germ, but the latter i* by far the. !
more deadly. It finds lodgement in your ,
body and multiplier with awful rapidity, i
It fill* your blood with disease breeders. ?!
It ?;ipi your vitality ? ruins your rest? ?
steal* your flesh. n
Vou may get at yotir druggist'* n rentety "
that will kill evrrv germ in your body?that j
w ill fill vom blood with vitalizing, purifying
material?that will stxengtbcn your nerve*? ?
bring dern and re*t~stop the lou of flr*h. I
It iscallrd l)r Fierce'* Golden Mcdical I3i<covery.
It1* record of cure* in the most mar- ('
vclou* in the whole history of tnrdicine. c
My wife win troubled with prolapsus or
'female wraknes*' for several year*,'' writes 1
lame* Ca?well. li?<j. of Oeheltree, Johnson Co .
Kan*. <1* <>. N4'* fc|)- "She wm not utile to ?!<
hrr work. she 1i.nl such hearing ilown pain*, and
patu in ihr '??ck "*r period* were Irregular
varying *11 tli?* way from two to nix weeks. At
t how time* she would have fainting spell* so bad
I thought ?he would not live. She wa* attended
|iv the best doctor* Iti the country They did hrr
no good. an<l she grew worse nil the iitne. 1 *
I picked ?p one ni y?mi advertisement* and 5
thought I would Iry y?ur medicines llefore my
wileTtad taken one N?ttte she seemed better. so
1 ;;r.t her H.iothcr. Uvthe time *lie had tnkrn
four bottles of the l uv .rite Prescription' nnd ,
(no ol Ihr Ooliten Medical Discovery' and ^
two of the 'Pleasant Pellets' she wa* nuu* J_
pletely ctn?*d No Irtore pain Her monthly
t>eii<?i* iitr regular uow and ?>hr i* stout ami H
strong When she cumtneuced taking your _
nirdiciues sli' weighed only about 135 pounds? I
now she weigh* i'"
The above mentioned medicine*, furnish
a thorough and scientific 10ur.tr ol treat* j.
went for all d.?a?ea peculiar to women u
All drmrght* guarantor TV. Miles' Paii? I
J'hj-u tohtop lleatlwoho. "Ouo ccuf 11 diwv." g
castohia. f
( urtlX'iviaiiil Uoi?)p Kkhii
III* (<IDH('1I)'>
Madge Tuiker unci e.impany showed
I ii crowded house lam night ut tliu
Clyslnu theatre. -Miss Tucker !h u clev r
actress nticl bun several other* in the
ant that say their linen well. The
ompany will play "The World." They
irrlved in th- "Ity Thursday morning
rom Rochester.
.Mr. Amos Corbett and Miss Louisa
iVugner, young people ??f this city, were
nurtifd Wednesday evening by Hev. O.
X. Holme*. lit his home. The young
nupfe went t<> housekeeping IrnmeI
There will be a cake walk und donee
ii the city hall on March 17. given by
l*. Ferry. A line gold medal will be
jlven to the couple thjit wins the watch.
The Gravel lllll literary und social
lull held a very Interesting meeting
ust night at the home of Mni.W. a. Mo*
'ollough. In the Fifth ward.
Harry Richardson. an ex-pollceman.
if thin city. In routined to the house of
lis niece, Mrs. Fred Mingle, In the Fifth
vurd, unite III.
Mrs. Frank Dougherty him returned
o her home In 1'lttHburgh, after a very
ilcasnnf visit with friends and relatives
n this city.
William Hhelly was reported at this
vrltlng um dying; it wuh not thought
hut he could live through the night.
Miss Clara Miller has returned to her
ioine In Heullsvllle, after a pleasant
Islt with friends in this city.
Henry ftlooin. the young man who
vus Injured at the steel works some
Ime ago. Is Improving.
The tJood Samaritan club will give
mother dance in Odd Fellows' hull on
March .'10.
Howard Heatherlngton. of SistersI'llle.
Is the uueMt of relative* in the
John McHenry. of Warnork. Is spewing
a few day* with relative* In this
Tlio Black Prince I?odge, K. of P,.
leld u very Interesting party last even*
Jaines Boggs. of Wamock. wan callng
on friends In the city yesterday.
The Progress clUb will dance in Arnory
hall on tho night of March -3.
Mrs. Thomas Mason Is confined to her
lome In the Pir?t ward, quite 111.
1>. D W. Long Is confined \o his home
villi the typhoid fever.
Kdward I.u Itorhe was In Yorkvllle
esterday on business.
There was nothing new at the may>r's
office yesterday.
T. C. Nicholson Is somewhat under
he weather.
Ilapa and Mlaliapa In tli? Thriving City
Across the fllver.
About twenty-five young men took part
>art in an Impromptu bicycle race on
lanover street yesterday afternoon,
igalnst time. The best time made by
my rld'T In amending the Hanover
'treet hill, from the Cleveland & Pltts>urgh
railroad to the west side of Ilan?ver
street, was by Ralph Heaton, in 21
teoonds. Francis Mullanev made it In
3 seconds and Th??maji Springer In 24**.
Several made ft In 25 seconds. Jamea
?rossley In 26 and several Jn 27. Tho
ime of Brady William* was 29. Th?'
lowort time was 42. If the weather Is
'avorable to-day. a hub and huh race
vil! take place at 1:30. between Joseph
Jenning'.on and John Miskell.
Preparations are being made by tho
Ilfferent lodge* of the Amalgamated Asrelation
of Iron and Steel Workers for
he national convent Jon to be held In Derodt
In May.
Tli#* iron addition at the I?uughlln tin
nil! will he completed mi Monday. Thf
;rj?'k work J> well along, Severn! cat
oad? of machcln-ry have arrived.
Quit** :i number fo wltnewx will go to
?t. Clalrsvlllfr to-day. on the case of J. B.
dontgomery v.*. the Standard Home an J
/oan Company.
The IlepubJIoan township primaries
Mil be held at Bridgeport to-morrow, beween
the hours of ^ and C o'clock.
Stow? <v Co.'s TTnele Tom's Cabin Comlany
will appear a: the Martin's Ferry
ipora house to-night.
Hiawatha Muncherr. Xo. 1596. liad sevral
candidates last night.
Mr. and Mrs. Claire Chamberlain have
etlimed from llellalre.
M J. Morton Vent east yesterday, on
Mrs. Thomas Stoup Ik improving
FOR earache put a couple of drops of
'homos' Eclectlic Oil on a bit of cotton
ind place it In the ear. The pain will
top In a few moment*. Simple enough,
sn't It? I
Save Vonr Lift
ly using "The New Great South American
Kidney Cure." This new remedy
o a great surprise on account of Ita exvcdlng
promptness in relieving pain In
he Kidneys, Bladder and Back In male
r female. It relieves retention of
vnter and pain In passing It almost lmnedlately
Save yourselves by using
his marvelous cure. Its u?o will present
fatal consequences In almost all
rases by Ita groat alterative and healng
powers. Sold by R. II. List, drug;lat.
Wheeling. W. Va.
Health?Wealth?and Happiness by eonultlng
Prof. Charles M. Leon, the cek> rated
Clairvoyant and Trance Medium,
le will read your futuro without intake.
(lives* valuable information on all
ifTalrs of life. Prof, l^eon has been prolounced
the world over as the greatest
iairvoyant In the l?th century. Through
lis aid and advice a great many peoplo
inve been made happy. He overcomes
our enemies, removes family troubles, retores
lost affections, causeN marriage
vltli the one you love.
Removes evil Influences, bad habits, and
vlll give you correct Information on lawmlts.
divorces, lost friends, etc.
Never falling advice to young p?opls on
nurrlage and bow to choose a husband
?r wife for hapidneas, and what business
M best adapted for speedy riches.
Mining Blocks speculation a specialty.
Also gives indlspenslble advice to young
allies on love, courtship and marriage,
md tells whether your lover I* true or
.ill"', and date of marriage. Thousand*
lave consulted him and found that his aid
lid advice led to prosperity and happiness
lie advertises nothing but what he can
lo. and does not wish to bo clnssed with
no muny rut-BM |? crciiuv. ? uu <>> r?ny
uy. All Who tire In trouble. whoso fond
lopes havfl I****" blasted. who have been
lecelved and disappointed by false nredlrIons
of other*. before kIvIhk up In despair
ri> Invllrd to call and be convinced of the
hove statement without delay. Hundreds
if person* have an evil Influent:* around
hem that they know nothing about,
lometlme* It In caused by other persona,
onto time* II cornea of Itself. Coma and
lave It removed and happiness ?nd auress
will follow. Uuslnasa strictly ronfllentlal.
People living out of city wishing
ii knuw particulars us to terms, etc., enlose
stnmn for reply.
Ofllce and residence. 10J. ("hapllne street,
loura from 10 a. m. to 9 p m. mr2__
%>? -:?V shorten* labor, lessens ptln,
1 dlmloUtiM danger to life of
oth mother and child and leave* her In comlt*
Ion tuoro favorable to speedy recovery.
Stronger after than before confinement"
ays u prominent midwife. Is the bcit remedy
Known and worlh the price for that alone.
Indoi- ed and rei-oiumenuod by tnldwlves and
u ladles who bave uhihI it.
licwaro of tiubstltutc* and Imitation*.
(lakes Child-Birth Easy.
sent by Express or mall on receipt of price.
I.Mi per bottle. Hook TO MOTHRRS"
tailed free,containing voluntary testimonial*.
Geo. E. Sti
lust back from tliQ. mclrop
LATEST lias been added lo 01
laden with the most liambomc S
' ever shown in this city.
Onlv a lew weeks hcncc. and t'
^ be sure voii will be ready for 1
** NOW. A planer into our larp
slight idea of what will be seen
represents one line, while inside
or Silk and Wool Novelty is t
To this wc add t
In Iridescent Gilt, Jet. Lacc, C
in Bands, Garnitures, Uolero cff<
Suits and Skirts in Silk, Satin, 1
Serge. Also .Waists aird .W raps
EH ^
Geo. E. Sti
?> Pf.Y at one? at 1408 Chaplin? atreet. \j
mrll* ^
ft Coffee, Spices and HakltiK Powder .
to familkf. l.llwral rotnmlMloii allowed. "
For ifrmn apply to GRAND UXIOS TKA
CO., 1405 Fifth avenue. Pittsburgh. Pa. ?
mrll :?al
- . . the
? to r
WHKBIJNG. W. Va . liar, li m. 1M.7. ?
The annual meeting of the stockholders *?'y
of Hie Pittsburgh. wliMllnit & Kentucky rf>
Railroad Company will he held at the prln
Html office of the company, In the city of
V/hcellngr. W. Vh., on"
at 2 o'clock p. in., for the purport- of hold- M
Ing an election for directors to serve for Athe
ensuing year, and efie transaction of *5?.
such other busine** as may property come T"l<
before the meeting. 11
H. B. LIGGETT. ?ai
irrlO Secretary. 4\o
lot of Male and Female Canaries at on
HENRY HELM BRIG I ITS, 60! Market verj
street. felS at s
Main street In Benwood. Marshall .1? 1
county, doing a good business. Address cenl
JOSEPH HERDKN, Benwood W, Va. In*
mrl ! App
???????????? ttMj
One very old Flax Thread Spinning Hon
Wheel. One wool rode Spinning Wheel; TO
also. Two one-cut snap crack Reels, will j?QJJ
carry four to six cuts each. For prlco canl
and further particulars enquire at nea
10 shares Wheeling Title and Truat Co. *
l Whltaker Iron Works bond.
60 shares Wheeling SteeS and Iron Co.
SO shares Germsn Fire Insuranco Co. c
60 shares Wheeling Railway Co.
I Wheeling Pottery bonds, 6 per cent
It Wheeling Steel A* Iron Co. 6 p. c. bonds, _
20 shares Hellalre Steel Co
60 shares Wheeling Bridge Co.
6 shares Exchange Hank. flot
R. a IRWJN, Broker, 3 Twelfth St.
W. V. HOGE. gp
City lUttk HuHrtlnc. 1300 MurkM St.
. coin
.. , . . ? . fron
rp RUST HE'S SALE. ?' *
By virtue of n de*d of trust made by begl
Frank <5. Thalmnnn and Mary n. Thud- rvsli
mnnn, his wife, to me. ? ? trusts', datiAl died
August ??. lfcOO, recorded In the 6fllce of the Pen
clerk of tlie county court of Ohio county. Froi
West Virginia, In I? <! of Trust Book No. city
31. paw 1 will ncll in the north front proi
door of the court house In wild county on proi
commencing at 10 o'clock a. in., the fol- nlgn
low I uk described property, tluit is to nay: and
A |?i? of hind In North Wheeling. In will
the city ot Wheeling. Ohio county. West pure
Virginia. allowing fifty feet for the width pluc
of Third street, and hettlntilm; at the and
uurthen>t corner of said Third street and of J
Main street; thence with th*? ea?t line of strei
Main street northwardly fifty feet; ihence who
ca<(wurdly one hundred feet, more or less, deuli
to a point on I lie west side of ii twenty- TlIIvp
lout alley, now called Wood street, chai
and thirty-three feet north on Third pure
street; thence south along Wood street the
ihlrty-lhree feet to Thlnl stieet: thnce two
with the north line of Third street to Mnln defe
fttnet at the nlaco of be^lnnlm; ?nd
TERMS OK SALE-One-thlrd and a?? on t
much more at the purchnser elects to pay
in c?sh oft if <<. c >'< ii" balance AdtT
i w I I ; .. I one and two Ja<
\ - t . i. - iinir.. Interest from the day
Iot ,! to 1 e ijiveii tor the deferred pay- Th
ments. day.
W. J. W. COW DEN, Trustee. plac
,W. U. HALLEK. Auctioneer. turi-C wold,
fel & Co.
?* El
Ities. .
iolis, where the \ ERY.
itr departments, alreadv
inie will not wait, so to
lie coming event Bl'V Tfc
;c window will reveal a '
inside, except this only
every new Wool, Silk,
here in black, color or
lie new
liiffon, Pearl, or Braid, ^
srts, eta.
loire, Cloth, Covert and
S ||
r. =3
fel & Co.
i ?
, pursuance of a decree of the circuit
pt of Ohio county. Went Virginia, made
cause therein pending, to subject tho
estate of James Alulroy. deceased. to
payment of his debts, you are required
iresent your claims against the estate
aid James Mulroy. deceased, for adju*
tlon to George E. Boyd. commliudoncr,
lis office in said county on or before
Jil day of April. 1897
It news: C. II. Hennlnc. clerk of tho
court, this ISth day of February'. 1&7.
l^f C. II. HENNINQ. Clerk.
In the City Bank Building. Inquire at
City Bank of Wheeling. mrtO
by a butcher, with stable in
; also four room* In same dwelling,
1347 Chapllne street. Address R. T.AR2244
chapllne street. fe!0
imfortable flat of 7 rooms. 3 fronting
Market street, over Rehrens' store;
convenient to cars each way. Inquire
tore. 2217 Market street.
;h? city; large and plenty of light;
rally located In best advertised buildin
the city. Also large hall for rent.
Jr at NUB CLOTHIERS, Fourteenth
Market street*. Jail
i RENT 4 rooms, S* per month, on
i ncni. island. In alley near 8uapen?
LOAN. on poo<S rcaI citate*
i QiTP Improved Island property,
i OflLD. paying 12 per cent. Also va;
River I-ot near Yacht landing.
1 Eitate and Loan Agent. 1065 Main St.
wo Front Rooms, second
or, over Stanton's Book
ire. Apply to
virtue of the authority vested In me
ho will of J it cob Berger, late of Ohio
ity, \V?it Virginia, now deceaaed, I
offer at public auction at the north
t door of the court house In the city
Vheellng, on
nnlnp at 10 o'clock a. m.. nil the family
deuce square of which Jacob Merger
felase*!. bounded by Zane street. North
n street. Maryland street and North
nt afreet, in the Seventh ward of tha
of Wheeling, togoth? with the Im ements
erected theroMj. The above
erty has been divided Into lots, u plat
thleh may be aeon at the office of J.
Uervov. auctioneer. No. 1426 Market
ct. or at the residence of the undereil.
northeast corner of Zane ntreet
North Vork atreet, und the property
be nold as a whole or In parcel a to RUlt
haaeri?. Also. at the name tlmo and
e, I will offer for Hale my homo place
residence, altuate at the conter north
lane street and east of North York
ft, being IS1 f**?t square, cither aa a
1? or iu parcels as purchasers may
:itM8 or BALK?One-third of the purie
money and an much more aa the
Imaers may elect to pay In cash on
day of salt*, and the residue In one,
and three years, with Interest on tha
rred Installments from the day of aale, . !
name to be aecured by deed of trual
he property sold. Title Indisputable. ,1
i:i.i:'.abkth iiuntbr,
ilnlstratrlx, with the will annexed, ol
?ol> Berger, deceased. fen
e above sale Is luljourned to 8atur>
March :>?. Isf7. at the s*tne time and
<y, at which time li will positively hi

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