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Muditm'c Otrrcno Captured Her
Wheeling Audleuce.
; That Conld Appreciate III* Iteantlfnl
ClaMleal tllMitnThat Mull* Cp tliaPri.
inmnw-Rucorfi ttlven (he Great Art*
Sj lit lit the Couclatlnn of Every dumber.
Nitif Came Prom 8Nrroan4l|| Cam*
Mnnllln-Tlie Mm!o Hn IiwiiI.
me: Teresa Carreno was at Hie* Ojwa
House last night.
IrV . All that ponslbly could bo conjectured
on reading that sentenee hold#; never
i b?(oro did a musical audience leave that
< . building with all expectation* realised?
and expectation ran high. Musical evo
lutton In Wheeling Is on from to-day,
r: and for this credit Is due the Woman's
E|Js Musical Club and Its earnest endeavors.
The programme as printed was not
jp/ carried through and the select Ions renp
^ dered left room for disappointment only
because of the omission ofk the others.
L'y Teresa Camnos reputation, of course,
0':~. htrt prtmitMl H??r, iirniMmncu^vnePK
fi'. In* otami'U It"* htariteflt *n<lor??etneiit un
fe thin reputation. It dot* not acem necoaaary
to paiil.iii.uir> la>t nlglii'e p?r
Matlnmr r*
Ph* Scowl a ?1reat Artlt
i'1 forroar.ce. for all prwmt that
[v Carreno. in the mako up or the programme.
showed h?*r great volatility,
t? nnd of course p?*rf"ctlop. throufhi?ut.
T0.th05?- not present a p.*sum?'Ojf beau-'
v. tiftil'te^hnlcaliti*-* \vltn? would du
no good, aa the opportunity of u life tltjio
fy waa mis?t.*d. Th.* "Chopin suit*."
i; though not given it full. proved the
performei m reputation of individuality'
of cc*nr ntjon. The B?r!i and Beethov?r.
numbers showed inoxt intcllectual
Ity. Th.* "Soiree do Vlenne" of Sehu^
bert-Lls/.t. whh a gem. but th?? "Camp/
nello" and "Rhnpiuidle Honjrroise No.
6" took the Mtidiotic hy atom. t)o ?roat? :;
er .tpplauHf nvtry having becu given r.
musician in Wheeling.
Although vncon** wer asked aftpr every
selection. only thr*' were responded
to. A Chopin "Bercruse. ' a Sohu|:
maun Lied ami her own beautiful wait*. |
!> ; "Tergal ta." wc given?in aeknowled'?p
ni*nt of which the Woman'; Muaiea!
Club, of whom she wa* the gurat. roar. I
The audlene,e last rvvnlnj? represented j
the culture of Wheeling and the per|*>
- formaner am. it* appreciation reflects
'/ th* highenf. credit.
v- This evening at the Opera. House, Mr. |
Roland Reed will present for the ftrst !
time in Wheeling tin ordinal roniedy
It bv OiKirire II. Broadhurat, called "The ;
. Wrong Mr. Wright." The scene of the
* play Is laid at Old Point Comfort, Va..
the first and second acts showinj the
I reception room of the hotel,\ and the
third act the parade grounds at Forp"
tress Monroe, with the White Squadron
r lying at anchor In the distant'*-.
Seymour Sites, played by Mr. Heed,
[ . a wealthy but intensely penurious mer'
/ chant of San Francisco, has been robbed
by an employe of $50,000 by means
of a forged check. He has placed the
case In the hands of a private detective
agency, offering a reward of J5,0o0 for
!?.' the arrest and conviction of the thief.
Kites has learned from some business
friend that Bailey, the clerk who committed
the forgery, has gone to Old
f Point Comfort, so he hastens east with
the Idea of intercepting him and saving
the reward. Sites arrives at the hotel
and registers under the name of
"Wright. Here is confronted with his
!, nephew and niece, who are at Old Point
Comfort on a pleasure bent, to whom he
explalnst he situation and they promise
to assist him. He pusses through
several amusing situations in his endeavor
to conceal his Idemltj-.
A crisis comes when there arrives upon
the scene Henrietta Oliver, u fin de
? siecle detective, who has been put upon
:. the forgery rase and has traced the dep
faulter to Old Point Comfort, ho having
been posing as Mr. Wright. The llrst
* person she meets is Seymour Sites, who
becomes smitten with her. and she In
turn Imagines him to be the forger, as
lie is pnxinK unuur ?! iiuim- ??? ?. >1*111.
With hi* Introduction to Henrietta,
Site*' oh tiro nature changes. Prom being
Homo and moan he Incomes liberal
to a fniilt, throwing money right and
left. His action l?-nd.? credence to the
theory that he Is the defaulter, and aft?r
many wild and amuttltif? complications
ho Ik Anally arrested ns the thief.
After nonie highly entertaining sftuatlons
everything Is satisfactorily explained.
Th?*r?' aio many clever characters
Introduced and several 'Intnrestlng
und?*r plots. Mr. Heed In surrounded
with.a mont capable company. The
cant Ih as follows:
Seymour 8lti>s, of Han Francisco, who
assumes tin* name of Mr. Wright..
Mr. tSolmirl Heed
Wayland Clingstone, who wan one of
\ ' the boys loriK aico..Mr. Sheridan Tllpper
Frederick Morel*, Bite's nephew
Mr. ? 'harles H. AbhG
Captain Cro.ibv, in the Second Knlted
Btati-s Artillery.. .Mr. Ilolbrook nilnri
Lord llrazenfdco, an KtmllMhrnan
Mr. Charhs Coote
David Clews, a Detective
Mr. .lohn II. Bunny
Front, who run** the Reashoro Hotel..
Mr. Julian Heed
!. Henrietta Oliver, a fin de n!ecl?? detective
Miss ImikJoi-c Itutdi
Julia Bond*, Bite'* nicer.
Mfi's Monte Do ft Ico
Tlllio Bird, her maid.. .Miss AleHi?a faice
Anihella Clingstone, an I'nauproprlated
Angel Misa Miry Myers
'Durkrit AnirrW-M."
"Darkest America" combines comedy*
minstrelsy, hiirloi?|tie, opera, and a
genuine luck dsncing contest. It Is hy
h < - .
far the moat elaborate production of ilia
season, two carloads of ppvdn! srenery
being used during the progress of tho
spectacular series of tableaux representing
negro life from plantation to
palace. A radical departuru haa been
made In treating the subject. Real negro
actum have been employed and the
mont skillful of buch and wing dancers
arc seen. Tim realistic steamboat racu
between the Natchcs and the Kobert K.
Lee In reproduced with marvelous fidelity.
This Is without doubt tho only now
and original production of the theatrlcalsoa*nn.
It will Wieen at he Orand
Opera House three nights, beirinning
Thursday, .March IS, and Saturday nmlInec.
HrriiiftMit III,
Herrmann the Third, nephew to
Herrmunn the brent, bus astonished
and delighted the people of inuny lands.
Ho will appear in Wheeling for the first
time at the Opera Mouse next Saturday
night with u brilliant programme of
pew marvels, -ills oriental production,
the Asiatic Trunk-Mystery, Is not. only
the most profound and unexplaluable
problem, but It Is the must pleasing
1 and picturesque spoctuele. The hypnotic
wonder. "Trilby," Is one of the:greatest
of stage triumphs. Tho "Artist's
" ? 11 mnfflivcnmedv.
1'ivtlllli B|"iJ ?
I* presented with the moat elaborate
?n<l expensive stojie settings* It Is k
motion of the most poetical and fantastic
fancy. One of the most brilliant
part* of the programme Is furnished by
Adelaide Herrmann, who hu* given to
the worlrt a new art. Iler marvelous
spectacular dances, I#e Etolle do Null.
1.4i fiance do Veslvlue. L? Rayon du
Soldi ar.d the Lily of the Orient, have
ru r?rr#no. I
tie Triumphfl.a*t Night.
presented new and startling pnnjlbill- I
tl?H in the combination uf color and mu*
lion. _
31 r. Snyder I?ltiger*.
Mr. Jacob Snyder, the well known iron
mtrcaan:. who has been .sick alnco last
October, was not cxpectcd to live through
ih?? night. but was still alive at an early
hour this mornfosr. The family phyal
emu (imv ?? .. i,au ?
Improvement. Bright'* disease is liis>
Elcctrlclljr Rf^HlatM (he Kpeetl of Printli?(C
CHICAGO, March 15.-Thc application
of electricity a# the motive power
of a newspaper press in such manner
that the speed can be regulated at any
time has been demonstrated for the |
first time to be a complete success, and
to-night part of the edition of cm* of
Chlcag)'* dailies will be run off on &
press driven and governed in the manners
bove stated.
Mr. Irvln.: J. Stone, mechanical superintendent
of the newspaper in question.
ha* Just perfected an electrical
device by means of which the speed of
v. newspaper press can be controlled
and placed anywhere frotn five to one
hundred and sixty revolutions per mlnut?.
By a series of six pneumatic motor
controllers, which are -distributed
around the press in different locations,
the operator can Increase or decrease
the speed of or stop the press entirely
at will. There are also six automatic,
controllers throughout the preRS, which,
should the pa|H'r break either before
entering the press on Its \wi> through
or after entering the folders, bring the
pf*?ss to an Immediate standstill.
Mr. Stone has a device for carrying
the paper Into the preps controlled l>y
eumptes?*??d air, by means of which a
freah roll of pap?-r can be Introduced
into the press without the prew corning
to an absolute stop.
VTijcn a woman
_!7Tj h petulant and unloving
with those
loves bent
^^^4y/^^J"~V*omething is
y wrong. The best
^ of women may be
natured when
her nervous sysnr,.
| tera is strained almost to
"is fS the (mapping point by
H I some ailment peculiar to
^*w I her sex.
The average doctor sel.
|i I dom undexotands the variw
ntis complications of these
f delicate complaints. He
has no time or opportunity to become a specialist.
He gives the regulation conven.
tionnl "local treatment" aud that's usually
all the cood it does.
No wonder women sometime* make tue
mistake of resorting to some advertised
preparation compounded by an uncducated
nurse or other tnrompetent person. But
there Is no need of all these diflicultier..
Dr. Pierre's Favorite Prescription cures
these ailments in a natural and thoroughly
scientific manner Dr. Pierce is a regularly
graduated physician, a skilled and eminent
specialist of thirty years successful experience
in treating dibcases of the intricate,
feminine organism.
No other physician in the world has better
earned tne confidence of suffering women:
and no other medicine ha* ever done
so much for them as his "Favorite Prescription."
Its sale is greater than the
combined sale of all other medicines for
women. It is the only remedy of its kind
devised by an educated physician and
expert physiologist.
Dr. Pierce's thousand -page free book
"The Common Sense
yaLyj Medical Adviser" conI
lM'n" *fVpr),l chapters
?n *',c frm*l,',,e physIP
in,?Kr nl,d is a store.
P*-* [f ju house of valuable information
for both men
Kttld Tl n,u' *5",nr"- It will be
I *Uut [H ^sT/sln j sent "absolutely free on
l*}?* ill J | receipt of twenty-one
rottrt 'i jyJ]rpn' in one-cent stamps
I 'pny the cost of mailUR/
i,lw 'w,y- Address,
World's Dispensary
^ Medical Association,
Buffalo, N. V. If a Iwndiinme, cloth-bound,
beautifully stamped binding is preferred,
send ten cents extra (u cents in all) to pay
extra cost of this handsome binding.
ItOHH T. rilKW'H Wall I'upor Storo
la open In tho evening*
- ' i
How (Ha tRMMl of Ufi May bi lUile Sloil A
There arc many elderly ladles, who*? H
strength Is feeble, Whoso dlpjstlou la
poor and for whom llfo 1ms no pleasure. I
There are others who are the very pIC- c
ture of health. l>o you know why? d
1 It Ih not dlfllcult to answdr. The truth ?
in that healthy old people arv those who
possess the most vitality ,nnd whoso 1
distentions arr Rood. Wom*u who are 0
weak in advanced y<itrs, laok'.thls vital- r
Ity. If they would bo strong. ahoy munt
gently stimulate the system. Thousands "
or eldrrly people have discovered a way t
of doing thls.MUKl Mpme are giving others H
the benefit of their experience.
Air. Alfred P. Chapman, of 29 Ilunovor "
street, Baltimore, says: "My grand- fl
mother, who In now psst.nlnoly year* of s
nice. has bran using Duffy'* purr* mult t
whiskey for some time pust. ami It has ?>
acted almost like a charm, giving her e
an appetite and allaying '.all disorder* *
of the stomach. I urn convinced that n
it In a splendid thing for elderly people ?
who require a tonic us well as a mUiuii- "
laut." "
Dr. 8. "Weir Alftchell recently said:
"The sufest drink for peoplo who wish a
t?? enjoy a halo und hearty old age Ih *
pure whiskey." It should bo remom- 0
bercd, however, that there Is only one *
absnlutely pun? whiskey and that la 1
Duffy's pure malt. It la a pure, health- "
fill stimulant which builds up the ?ys- ?
t?'tn. restores lost vitality und makes J1
weak people strong ami well.
< ,i
At St. l.onit Currim PfiiUi ivilli tt-Piri' II
Proof n?llrtiii|c lluriiMt l.lka fitrmw* J
Star k~91.ft00.000 I?oaa. J]
ST. LOUIS. Mo., M<v*ch 15.?Fire broke \'t
nut In the store of thefEly Walker Dry n
[ Goods Company at 7 o'clock to-night. v
The firm carried a stock valued at J1
$1.500.0410. wllh an Insurance of $1,000,000. ii
Tin* slock has already lnjen destroyed, n
and It If probable thai the building.
which Is valued at $200,000, will also be <?
destroyed. D
At midnight the flrc wan still far from p.
being under control. There is a chance Cj
of 118 involving other buildings. At ll n]
o'clock part of the oast wall fell, kill- pi
Ing one tin-man. Injuring two and bury- w
Ing a street ear and un extension lad- pi
der truck. The street car had been
caught between lioso linos and was do- ti
sorted. w
The building occupied by the Kly
Walker Company was at the southwest
corner of Kighth street and Washington
avenue. It was owned by the Llonber- h
gi r estate. The structure was seven
stories high, built of granite and steel,
and was considered one of the Pest examples
of flre-proof construction extnat.
It burned like n strawstack. w
The casualties at midnight were: ,
George (iutewald, fireman; caught un- 11'
der falling wall. ^1
Injured: jj
Patrick Cardmore. fireman: fell down s
shaft; legs and arms broken; Internal '
injuries; will die. cd
Jerry McCahan. fireman: thrown from A
ladder; back broken; will die. tJ|
One thousand persons will be thrown
out of work by the tire. 11
m w
Pr limited lo tli* Crcuut lijr the Power*.
Canon's Statement.
I.O.N DON*. March 13.?John Dillon. !!
chairman of the Irish Parllmentary *f
party, in the House of Commons to-day ?i
asked by whatrjght the admirals of the
foreign fleet* in Cretan waters had ox- .?
polled Greek subjects from Crete. <t1
The parliamentary secretary for the n,
foreign ofllce. Mr. Curton In reply said w
that the admirals were acting under the tl
Instructions of the powers and that the ij
latter had assumed the responsibility
of maintaining peace and war. r>
Replying to further questions on the tn
same subject, Mr. Curson said it would n,
be made clear to the Cretans that under
the autonomous government which
it was pro|K/?ed to establish, they would
not remain under Turkish rule.
imp* aim .nunapi in in* Thriving city "
Arroa* Cl??* nivrr.
A beautiful homo wedding occurred at ti
the residence of Mr. and Mrs. M. Liar- ti
tholomew, corner of Walnut and Seventh M
iitreets. yesterday afternoon. Their af
charming daughter, Miss Bertha Carrie M
Bartholomew, was married to Mr. e:
Charles Kleber Na*h, of Akron, precise- hi
ly at 4 o'clock. The ceremony was per- tl
formed by Rev, S. ,T. Bogle, pastor of the
Presbyteran church, of which she is a
The bride was attired in a lovely blue
taffeta silk, trimmed with blue satin and
lace and she wore white carnaflonj. The p
groom was attired in a light brown suit.
A splendid wedding dinner followed the t|
wedding and something like an hour was gj
spent In discussing the many good things
on the tables. The guest*: numbered
thirty-five, and consisted of relatives und f
immedate friends. "
Tho bride and grpom and a few of their j:
friends formed a theatre party at the n!
Martin's Ferry opera hous last night,
where the June Agnott company, for 1
which the groom Is advance agent, played
"The Ranch King." The n<iwly married
couple will go to Pittsburgh on the
idea me r Hudson this morning, from .
which city they go east on a two weeks ?
trip. They will reside at Akron.
Rev. Dr. J. W. Robin?, pastor of the
M. K. church, ofliclated at the funeral of
Charles W. Klxor, yesterday afternoon.
The music wa< rendered by Mrs. George
Robertshaw, Miss Laura Iiipkins. Myron
E. Cole ami Stephen Haughton.
Local Union No. 15. A. G. W. U., of which
the deceased was a member attended in
a body and the pall bearers were Frank
Seah. William Horcher, William Arbaugh.
Harry Keller, Alton Phillips and
George Waro, all glass workers. The interment
was at Rlvervlew.
Judging from the many volumes of
smoke and steam Issuing from the
Aetna-Standard Iron'and Steel Works, it
surely looks like the advance agent of
prosperity had reached that big establishment.
Addition mills will start today
and the outlook Is better than fur
some time pa.-i. With a new tariff law
business will be still bettor.
A game of base ball will be played on
the Seabright grounds this afternoon at
1:3ft. between the Phoenix club and a
nine composed "f members of -the June
Agnott Company and others. "Dick"
Pndden will play.
Rods J. Mitchell leaves ror aiacomo.
II!.. to-morrow1, where ho will attend
school and assist his uncle, James F.
Greer. He will be succeeded in llayward
Look's hardware store by Verne
The third and fourth departments of
the Epwortli League, will meet ut lln? M.
K. church to-morrow evening to consider
the question of giving a series of lectures.
An oratorical contest w he held m
thr Presbyterian church next Friilay
evening, under the auspices of the Third
A number ?>f Martn's Ferry people heard
Teresa Carreno, at Wheeling lairt
.Mrs. Oscar Farrow and her daughter,
Mim. Fred Jones, ore visiting at Sttiubenvllle.
Mrs. John F. Miller, of NVellsburg, Is
visiting Mr. and Mrs. George H. Smith.
Damon and Ppthius at TtrhJgeport last <
night drow well from Martln'.i Ferry,
Miss Mary Cariniehael, of NVellsburg,
was in Martin's Ferry yesterday.
Mr?. Martha J. Applegarth, of Shelby, c
O.. Is visiting relatives here.
J. It. PIpkenH has koiio to New York to
secure an artificial lew.
Mrs. Ida Ochonblt'ii Is vIbItin^r her par- I
entu, in Second Htreet. n
"Itanch King" had a big house lust
night. n
Jtobcrt Mot'leary is on the sick ll.it. ?
AUCTION "i Hhrft Hi"*'. Jewelry '!
Store to-day al 2:u0 and 7:80 p. m* J
L Nolabtn Republican Victory III <!>
m renter Town?Am Uicltln* Co,.fe?l.
poclal Dispatch to tho Intclllgencer.
GRAFTON, W. Va., March 15.?One of
ho most cxcltlng .municipal election*
vcr liold in Grafton was held here to- ,
ay. With the consummation of the
Gr<*at"i' Qriflon" was conceived the
rlca of following the example of the
thor lurgcr towns of tho slate, notably
llarksburg, Parkersburg and Wheollng.
nd run the flection on political lines,
linn making (he unsuccessful party reponslblc
for the administration of city
ffalrs. With thin object In view the
lent time In the history of the town a
truight Republican ticket wax put In
Im field. Opposed to thin In the hopo
f minut ing the city council, the Demorat*
brought out a mixture which they
tyk'd the "Cltlxonn' ticket." with a dlsTtiullcd
Republican at the head and
no or two other Republicans for the
alitor offices, taking good care to notnlate
Democrats for councllmen.
Tho fight wan n hot one .and what
dded to the excitement was the InterHt
taken In the ratification or rejection
f an ordinance authorising the city tu
Mlabllnh It* own electric light plant,
'lie light over this proposition overhadotved
the party vote, and prevented
fair test of the experiment of Introucing
politics Into our locul elections.
'Im result of the election was as folnvs:
Mayor. C. V. Oough. Republican; sereant.
C. M. Roach. Republican; preslent
board of educutlon, Clurk Madera,
lepublican: school commissioners,
aim s W. Holt und W. IS. Piper, both
[epublicans; councllmen. First ward,
leorge K Orecn. Democrat, and a tie
etvreen Luther Abbot and John Hickuin,
hoih Republicans; Second ward,
t'llllani Clark, Republican, and John A.
IcCab?, Democrat; Third ward. J. C.
pencer. Republican, and 8. W. Wilson,
democrat: Fourth ward. Henry Faw tt.
Republican; Fifth ward. Dr. A. It.
'order. Republican; Sixth ward, Frank
. Moran and Frank A. Rauschtr. both
emocrats; Seventh ward. Aloiuo Bart
it nnfi jacoo jenerys. 00111 Kcpuoiiiiiji.
Thin, with th?- hold-over*, will
lake the new council stand eight Reubllcans
and six 1 mocrats, which,
Ith a Republican ?. ? . makes a Reubllcan
majority of tbre.
The vote on the lectrlo light queson
and the question of saloon license
us overwhelmingly in favor of both.
la Klcctloii m Kfiulor Mailt Sure by Alliionuceniriit.
FRANKFORT. K'r.. March IS.?Tnere
<ro large crowd* In the senate cham- K
r and the hall of the house to-day In n
itlclp.it Ion of a. ballot for United Cl
latsenator to succeed .Senator 0
lackburn. but In respect to the late n
nator Sialyer both branches adjourn- fj
I about noun without any Join: session, p
t the executive department, and at
ie Bradley headpuarters In the hotel. tj
Is denied that there Ik any coalition n
Ith the DitTJOcr.ita to fleet Gov. n
radley senator over Congressman t
unter. the Republican caucus nom- n
ee. * a
Attorney General Taylor has filed a g
ngtby written opinion In which he p
olds that a ballot for United States
nator may be legally taken at any n
me. He suggests that a ballot be d
iken -to-day and again on the twenty- p
ilnl. the day set by Mr. Worthington. r
i order to make binding. It will have
r> effect on the legislators, however. H
hich will not ballot until March
venty-third. Taylor Is an ardent p
unter man. r
Senator Hissem says he will support b
r. Hunter. In view of the latter'* writ- e
n and published statements. This, re- a
oves all doubt of Hunter's election.
Will ffire Rrllur Tltla Tim*. f
WASHINGTON. D. C.. March 15.? s
he four appropriation bills which fail- Jj
1 to receive President Cleveland's slg- '
iiturc were to-day reintroduced In the (
f>use. The lndlun bill was Introduced (
y Mr. Sherman, who was chairman of
ie Indian committee of the last house. '
jo sundry civil and deficiency bills by i
!r. Cannon, chairman of the appropri- ^
Lion* committee, the agricultural by
lr. Wadsworth. All are unchanged,
Koept the general deficiency, which <
its ben altered by striking out almost <
te entire list of senate amendments. (
Rank President a Forger.
LOriSVI.'-LK, Ky., March IS.?A {
jeclal to the Post from Paducaii, Kv.. <
tys: M. <?. Cope. ex-President of the <
Irat National Hank of Paducah is *
itsslng and has forged $13,000 of negoable
papev. He made confession, re- {
gucd and left town. His bond Is g'ood. <
? i
IK you have a piano you value and in- ^
nd having It moved this spring, let us
u>ve it for you. Borh of our truckmen
ave been with us fourteen years and *
now how to move pianos carefully. Our i
rlccs are no higher than others. <
131U Mar koi sir ecu
ROSS T. CHEW'S Wall Paper Store \
i op?.'n In tIn* cv^nliiRw. j
Are worthless names forged?
Or unpopular goods imitated? <
No. ;
Because it isn't worth while. ,
Therefore the extensive '
counterfeiting of our labels '
and capsules is the strongest
evidence of the merit of our '
Beware of these counter- '
feits, and write us regarding (
anything which you suspect. ,
The quality of .*. i
is always fully maintained. j
imitations are always
Walkerville, Canada. <
handling the genuine J
whisky apply to u?. j
Becker & Co., '
3AU? .Inroli Slr?*l,
fnvo engnireil Mr. John ff. Coon, of fill- _
oIh, n u in * 11 in t ? of the KIkIh Ophtliiihnlo i
oIIprc, lo tnk* chargft of 'lY*tlnft the |
,'yc* and Fitting of CIiixhch. When you
ml yonrnolf In need of Huectnclew It will
my you to coiinuM un. \\?? can Rive you
no?l wrvloo nml wive you money on your ,
urchane*. Very r*tt|i?M?t fully,
Paine's Celery Cei
Nervous Bi
Spring has come. "t
It is tlmo for all persons to think se- 1,1
i'UHly of their heulth. pf
Hut that doesn't mean taking the first oh
uing remedy that happens to bo of- Is
i ed.
Persons who make It their business to JJJ
et the most effective remedy to be had v;
ro aure to carry home Puine's celery
impound. Xo other remedy Is capable jjj
f cleansing the blood, nourishing the ,j<,
ervea and regulating the bowels and wi
Igestlve organs like Palne's celery com- ar
ound. |n
If you are troubled at all by rheumanm.
neuralcia. headaches or sleepless- an
pss, even If these attacks come only pr
ou' and then, now Is the time to purify th
10 system of them. Don't procrastiate
and dally till frightened Into doing
omethfng when you And the task of ve
siting well has assumed desperate pro- su
ortlons. vl:
Palne's celery compound will euro kid- I <
ey trouble, heart palpitation and dlsor- wl
krrri Hvpr --ruramlT. lnK-lllgiMlUy and ve
ermanently when other remedies only; to
aisp hopes that are never fulfilled. foi
Paine's celery compound. which owes ne
origin to the most distinguished Phy- cii
Iclan and investigator this country ever wi
roducod. Prof. Edward E. Phelps, M. in?
LL. D.. of Dartmouth college, has on
een publicly Indorsed nmong medical ne
xperts as the only spring remedy Jn (
ny senie entitled to that name.
It can be said without fear of contra- ]
let ion that no other remedy can truth- mi
lly rsfer to men and women so re- tcs
ponsible, so trustworthy, no convlnc- wl
ig. lx?caui*e of their straightforward, be
> Has secured tho entire first ed
H History of tho United States
N > clubs sells single copies for o
l ? price, and upon easy terms, or
. Invitod to taka advantage c
J preparation
jj Scribner's Hi:
i suss Uj
^ * Is complete. 3,500 plages, 1,600 Ulustratl
M > than 3100,000. It is the only large
> the many excellent small histories)
u , down to date, superbly Illustrated, mc
' of Intelligent American families. Tho
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^ > E. Scudder, Rossi tor Johnson, and ma
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H > X volumes. I agree to pay 32,00 on i
h > 32.00 monthly for nlno months.
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' '
k, , 11
( S[ signature
| I | Address
>o S
><> '5
b 5
t# B I refer to
' Sooooooooooooooooooooootoc
2 Address: THE XEY
4 Tril
1402 Market 8treet.
Warm menla rerved In their beat style. L
Jlnlng rooma coaey nnd anug. All abortrder
cooking, and prions reaaonnblo. Only
eatauront that provides n hrst-clas*
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npound Prevents
ithusiastfl and easily verified t?rt|.
Dnlals in, praise of Palnc's celery coraund.
It is foolish to take poor health "phllophically"
these spring days. Tbw*
no reason. why anyone should sit
mds In lap and submit to headache?
or appetite continual tired feHlri:;or
n?IJpatIon. Jf every disheartened ir,ilid
will .go right at getting well h-ing
J'ai tie's celery compound, that
rson wlItvli" astonished and ?i? Il^ht
th the qukkn'-ss with which thh wonrful
remedy in able to call a halt to
isting d I tenses. diseases of debili'./
d a "rmvdown" condition.
Painc's cciery compound does wooden
making people well.
Here 1m what a woman, an ambltlou.*
d hard-working member ??f the legal
ofession lu New York City, says o'
is great remedy:
1120 Fourth Ave. New* YnrV
lYhile a student in the New York un!?
rslty law school and utider great pr??re
from work and study, f was s<J.
<ed to take Pal lie's celery compound
lid so. nnd Its beneficial results to or?
lose nerves aro under the trial of
re mental effort. I am only too reassert.
Alter taking three bottle*!
twd that it produced quietness
rves and induced sleep, very l>en'!iil
to mjr health. For those troubW
th insomnia 1 can heartily recom;nd
it as a harmless inducer of d*
account of its quieting effect on tf.rves.
Your very truly.
Signed) Florence H. Dangerfielil
Attorney and Counsellor at Law
'aine's celery compound, whW
ikes tbi? weak strong, has rcceM
itimonlals from thousands of peoj*i10
hnd almost despaired of ever asjalu
Ing In perfect health.
Itlon of the new great Standard ft
, and by forming subscribers into ff
no-third less than the regular ^
id readers of the Intelligencer are
if this offer. After years of Xa
story ?
lited States S
ons. costing alone more H
work .^notwithstanding tf
which.,is full, brought M
eting all' the demands ai
plan of the History was
written by Sydney ff
Everett Hale, Horace
,ny other specialists. ^
i whlch-the Tribune secured has J?
Tribune Club now (no club m ff
lown and $2.00 a month for nine ff
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for sale nowhere else. The
quickly or the edition may bo ff
>c cii/b tn scriuneu's for- 5 ?!
) STACKS, complete in live K ;
ecelpt"bf books and* to remit X ff
. Tribune Building, New York, ft ft I
8 ft
8 w
8 H
> > %I'M to my responsibility. o
woooooooooooooooooooo ff
tiiiuv "itiiilcliiiir. Now York, jj
A. ^ ft A A A A AAA ftfl
?w? - ?"~
Vives and
! ltKI.?:iMIONK NO. ?OI?.
I All Whom 11 May Concern:
rile tindornlRUcU luive puroliRJwl "*53
n il Ituprovrd Keftlhor Uonnvntor. ? .
so an Improved C?rp?t Jto*trr.
KttnratUaed to noltner rip .1*
d are now pi*ennred to do work P^'"pf f
d at rt'aKonuhlp prior*. Work eallW '
id delivered free of charge. Uayt ej
rn uvJV l.nke'H Livery, No. 1430 Mar*
reet, ,<>r.oddre??
>rncrEighteenth and t'lmpllna fltrttt*
Wheeling, W. V*.

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