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Are Watching thfe Progress ol the \
Dla^ley .Tariff BUI \
_______ i
They ?r* Kxertin* No Improper '
Influoncea, However.
\-7 -i. ~
tni UmUMf a* the ,
Tlews the JtoM?
a iu*.rt eft*. mil jui. i. iiu umIm ,
CI?a-?MS?*?dO?rwrP*hjgl4lt*- '
wlM >pal? ghswtag uttle (Mm. I
J.j??*rmM.fIU,?U*TnJ* - {
v?' r-??
foreign embaaalas ant legations In
Washington are watchlor ths progress
ot th* ttrltt bin with gr*a< c*m,\u it *
materially tCHtt all commercial Da- '
tions.. Report*, ar* being forwarded to ,
the various' foreign offloas, idI IIkh t
in torn arp being mad* public _<d>road I
for Um luTornwtloo of concern* ship- 0
pint good* to tl>* United Btatat NU- t
urally th* feeling among the' diplomat* j
It not favorable to the meaaure, a* It a
wlU reetriot many of the line* of (oralga
trade with this country. Among n
the representative* of th* larger coun.' I
trie* <?* upreutos 1* general that tiros' u
will be a large Increase In imports and t,
that tkla In turd will be followed by an o
Incraue of duties against American ?
gooda. Th* repreaenatlTe* of nation*- p
which ar* most, concerned with recipe
todty de not re Card the Teelproclty fe*>
tons of the present bill with flavor. * Without
exception, however, -membeA
of the diplomatic corps are retraining
ftom exerting any Influence toward' ?
tteping down the dntlea. The prtnclpfc *
^"'-Ttfue Tj?oli??p,J^gbtT?*J,, bO* \?l
Kuuve oraocn " ??"? ?
Influence ou the leflilatlve branch toward
keeping down tarifC ratea. __ A
Th? Brillrt embaiar Urtctl/WliefM tl
to the rule thai it hwoowBCttn with m
macten ot Internal lefUiaUoo^ A. toll ?
report on the bill-1? being made 1)0 ^ o
London foreign office and the foverniMnt
will take etepa to clra tha widest ,v
publicity to the meaaura aa a meant ot tl
s??ap jsaPS*^5
SillreU^tw tb?pu?K?*
' tfteiione covarBment and the people.
country, no mpiweirutlon* or-proleete *
of an v kind have been made by the
Enfllah rovernment. ' H
AltllMU mt OUwt Canlrlw.
Atth.w*h Canada la a British colony, 8
U makes lti own tariff laws, which op- '
cnt* axaihst England a a welt as the d
relied States. The. talk of retaliation ]
oo (ha part or Canada 1* cum lined to t
dominion quarters, and aoeh retaliation a
If resorted to. srauld not require the ap- a
proval of the home government. I
At theQeraan embassy no Inetruc- /
tleu hare been received from the borne ,
sovenunerft relative to the tariff bill, r
and there la bo deviation from the ylew
that the iUtaiatlon of a tariff la entirely
a domestic matter. At the aajne time. _
the (net stride* made by Germany ai 1
an Indoatrtal nation, glvea special Inmen
to the present legislation, aa It
wlD affect many lines of Oerman foods 0
comlnc to this country. It Is considered .
likely that a commercial warfare will 1
result, which will lead to an Increase of i
tariff rates In Germany. As Austria- J
Hungary,!* closely allied with Germany i
In commerce as well as foreign ml- I
fairs, it Is said that a tariff increase by >
Germany would be followed by Austria- it
Hungary'and other central European 1
couQtrtefe j t
t The French .officials here are waiting J
action on the WU by the senate, retard- I
Ins tho present condition of the ideas- t
ure as very Imperfect They take the p
tame view .aa the British and Oerman ?
officials, that there Is no ground for i
protest as [be tariff la a domestic affair.
It Is felt that the effect of the Dili o
will be particularly severe on: the fine t
woolen roods and silks comlnc from o
Franc*. , ? steu. t
Opsin's Interest la the bill'" Is due >
__nmlnly to the trade between "Copa and {
the United State# on fltffaT. tooaco^eic. p
Thus far, however, the offlcW* have
been too bu*y with italrs rint\ng^ o
the Insurrection to glve miich time to
the tariff. A report on the bill wgM*
lent to Madrid, mainly for the purposes J
of information* tot here, too, there U J
tv> purpose to question the right of n
everjr country to make it* tariff, a# it o
,eTheflflouih American countries are t
most affected by the reciprocity rea- a
i?>.. ti..i mIhWm fpwm IhMA sec- ii
tuies. UUL lltv UlUlimviB 1.1 UIU ^
tlon* uy that little la expected In the o
*? of practical reciprocity from the
!>m>ent meteure.
Brain la mainly affected In Ita product*
of coffee, rubber and bide* and
Argentine Republic In It* wool nod t
Prr*n report* from Argentine *tale
that representation* concerning the tar- 0
If bill have been forwarded to the mlnl*t*r
here, but up to the prenent time <
iliey have not been received. The mtn- I
later. Dr. -Marou, baa (lied no proleat, 1
and his taik* with government official*
her* have bean unofficial. I
The Japaneee authorities feel that 1
?om? Of (heir lndu*trle??prlnolpally i
Ilka, allk handkerchief*, itraw matting
and lute ruga?will aoffer aevenly ,
by th* bill They have made no pro- '
t"?l. however, although the extent of ,
lie mutual trade gradually being built J
'ip between tbe two couatrle* may le*d 1
<1 some repreKntatlooa belnc aubmltttd.
mainly for th* purpo**a of Infor- 1
nation. - j
mmnwmiaat 1
Rankniptay HIU llu <lu rioer-genaier <
Bikini'aklvptas H1IL '
WASHINGTON, D, C., April 4.?The j
bankruptcy bill will b* given flrit place <
i? ....I. BwernMM nut week.
but It will five way ?o the approprta- <
tlun bill* nftar Tueiday. It tho cnmmlt- J
tea on appropriations report them u la r
'ipi-cied and urgn couMartlton. ?
Senator J.lndaay will open tha detmte
ou tha binlcrtiptey bill In It* favor and (?
It la preanmed that Sana tor Nelson will a
follow In oppoalllon. , . "
The appropriation bills will eselte a
more or lese debate whan taken op, a
hut they are leheditled to pais With li
eompamthfely faw change*. ?
Tha outlook ) that the week will not
be a busy one and that.tbe'iatlj' ??
Ism will bt diort. Many MnatodwjJjj.
* abMnt. "The flnano*
if tho'Mnaie commtttw*. ^m??ittwi%?S:&16SX??Z
rtil not ij? ?oy ?nort to *'*^S?:U?SS'
t durlartb* wwlt. 8?wMr BIWm wUI
iDMk Mondir on bill tor dltorln)**
WW. ?SSioS ?poto c*rrt?d In
Imeriaan VMWl?. '
WASHINGTON, Aprlh <.-Tta? faouu
m,. niitmn* imHav nnn>'
Hiruwwwwuw IIUUUJ HI^
ed oat by tteleader;, adjoarned yeeter r
until .Wednesday and on that day
111 Immediately adjourn actln tar three
eye, the oooatltudonal limit of adiurnmen(
without the coneent of th*
mate. Menjr of the member* Jiave mme
ame ?ubj?et to call in the event- they
urald be needed. In oaaethePreeMent
mild decide to eakConfreee for epeclal
(Mattoo for relief ?the Mlolnlppl
ood iufnn'11 It li anticipated be
Xfcit VlntlKUBl In Wukln|t?,
>ecUl Dlipatch to the InutUcenoer.
WASHINGTON, April l-PraMent X.
. Davit, of the Weft Virginia
epoUtlun, bee extended to'CoiapboBer
oketa, of the.tnaaurydepartbeBt, an
ivltatlon to'deliver an addnw before
le UMelatlon at tbe June meeting In
nrkenfburg. Jt 1? believed he will adtpt
Hon, Qeorfe C. Sturgle* ot Uorganiwn,
and Attorney L. M. Wade, ot
rax ton. Court Houee, are In the city,
rrlvlng o-day.
Bon. A. O. Dayton 1* obliged to leave
IcAt ot thffj&beu corpus proceedings
i tit* cue of Esstbani. who Is Mrlrtnc
) bo rvloawd from JiUU ? Is
r the murdrfW Ur. Thompson. It Parmi,
several cVus aco. Mr. Dayton exwtato
Pil^Jlo ??l Vlrflalaai.
pcclttl DlHButah to the Inteillfttlosr. '
WaAhIMVON, April 4.?Pensions
> W'm yrfgsw applicants lurv? beep
OriKlnal?William R Evans, deceased.
KftttoraUon and Increase?Charles W.
ireon, Braatin county. ,
Original widows?Fannie Hutchinson,
credo; Laylna Green. Braxton counts:
[ary XJHCM Llnooln c&onty.v -
Rk-lijut^fltara. Wallaoe. Blued eld.
Ann* K. EllltrtU, ot Bridgeport, Ohio,
u received a, certificate for widow'*
KMT Admiral Bamray ? KaUra.
WASHINGTON, D. C? April 1?Rear
dmlial Francis M. Ramsay . holding
e most Important office In tha naval
mric*. that ot chief of tha buraau of
tvlgttlon. will be retired on account
t ap, to-morrow. ?,
He w** born (Ixty-two year* ago in
raahiogeoa, Z>. C.. coming" from miliiry
stock, hit father having beep a
uurtl in tha United State* army. .He
as a graduate of the.naval academy
1 hi* first sqa service wa* on the frl?*
At Lawrence In
win at" mm**. .
he Oham Wlttir Wwefal to be IM
Sew Terk.
NEW. YORK. April 4,-The United
late* authorities here -bav* Information
tat CoL Emtlle None*, who 1* w*nt*d
ir organising and taking part in- a
izen or more alleged filibustering axpeItlons.
has within the past few day* retried
to thl* eountryfrom Cuba. It I*
l*o hinted th*t Nunez I* hiding here-'
Soot*, having come to New Tor It with
r. Poaqnln D. Cm*tltle. who after for
itttas hla bond, aornndertd UBUUK till
eek and wu allowed to jrtve new ball
nxnwxsra foilkd.
h? cralaar Tmhti? Pnnali a Cakaa
JACKSONVILLE, Fla.. "April 4.-UM
ruiser Vesuvius prevented a Cubaptexedltlon
tram leaving Fernandloa lu:
Ight and oaptured the tug Alexander
urn, of Wilmington, S. C, Tho craUer
ant down the river aad anchored oft
emandloa Bat. About 11 o'clock a tug
IChonlr f*fi> lltfhta burning at the mast
pad, was seen to approach and the flash
irht of the Vesuvine waa thrown upon
er. The tug proved to be-tha Alexander
ones and the captain gave aa an excuse
>r Ms presence (bat ba was waiting tor
m. An ofllcer from the Vesuvius waa
laced aboard and then the cruiser want
ill to am In aearoh of th? Bermuda,
Mob was expected.
The Bermuda wheordtsoovared waa
otalde of the three mjle limit and under
ie British flag, ao that the oommaader
f the Vesuvius bad no autftonty to miln
her. The Jocee w*? escorted to me
ort of Fte?M?n? and towed ov?r to
MtcUir "of Customs Bartietl. ?)>0
laced a deputy aboard.
On 1 rial for ThtlrI4?w.
CHARLESTON. W. Va., April t-The
irelimlnary trial of Annl* Light and
mil?? and Vlrgle Nunlr, chatted with
nurdering Myrtle Egfletton, a cousin
f MmtUfci, begins hare to-morrow,
rlth e*-OoTernor Wilson appearing for
he defense. Vlrfle Nuniy. one of U|?
ceused, Is only lifteen years oil Owng
to the atrocity of the crime, the
ssc will attract much attention.
Rslna ore reported throughout (lie
imlne-strtoken regions of India.
RimMV, the American eallor (mpr'lsned
In Umt, Peru, fwm been released,
great excitement prevails it TJskabud
ver the newa of a.battta on the frontr
of ttontentgro. between Monttoerlna
and Albanians.
Dr. Jsme? H. Walton, a well-known
lubuque, Iowajhyaklaaout bis throat
1 Lincoln park, Chicago, yesterday,
'bile temporarily Insane.
Starving nrorklogmen In Mglaga,
pain, created disorder, d octroyed proprty
and secured a large amount of moey.
Lack of work cauacd tha outrsak.
Oeorge Ulller, of Xlncald, Kas., reentlyreleseed
as cured from an In ne
asylum, shot three women nelghors
yesterday, and (ben attempted to
ike bis own life.
Itepfeaentatlves of one huridrod Bryn
and Bewail cluba In New Tork met
unday and organised the "Progressiva
Mmocratlc League of New York City"
lh. ?
Senator lftnna, who hna arrlvM la
Steveland to vote to-day, ?nr? lie retarda
lh? TXnglar bill as moomire song
tar enounh toward protection and
erenue and.ihat the arbitration treaty
rill be confirmed by A cloeo vote.
Fit* thousand union m*n, connected
rlth building trade* at Cleveland, will
trlka to-day for eight hour* and* donaod
that only union men be employd.
The former demand mny be grantdr
but than may be trouble over the
attar. No wage question la Involved
Uracil?. - - '
^ a lalta^Cbl^%
On the European Cheas-Bohtd will
Now pe Made.
That la lh? Brat ot War th* A,nulr
2 v. ?
JUapiha JUvaataga ofVWtij tiim
will fee Told that Turn* Pmun ln
Cr*<eU Otraexlau-Tha Blaaka4a Cam'
tl*a?o-OMa Fewer Wan'l Agrae to aa
-UadetMairiUag ? 0*Ui>c Fnvatmfele la
LONDON, April 4.-Th* Tlm?? will
'to-morrow publish a dlipatch from Vienna
which ?ayi\
At lea*t one power will not agree to a
direct undemanding being reached between
Turkey and Greece,< thouih It
may be confidently Mated that some of
the power* would retard It aa an acceptable
leaue out of the preeent lmlirolled
iltuatlon. Both the porte and
Greece 'will'receive one more warning
agalnat a dlaturbance of the peace. Thla
warning may be followed by a notification
(hat In the event of hoitllltle* the
(Cireaor will not be allowed to nap
the advantage of eventual victory. In
the caae of the Turk* there might aeem
almost (tiperfiaou* as In any dreamitances
they can gain nothing by war,
but It might aerve to check the bellcoee
enthuaUum of the Qreeka. '
The next move la likely to be a proclamation
by the admiral* to the Cretan*
Intimating that the only ob?tacle to
pacification Is the preience of ColOnel
Thbi and the Qreek troop*. It wlU be
made clear lo them that their present
misfortune* are chiefly do* to the armed
Intervention ot Greece. It it evidently
hoped that If the Cretan* can
only be convinced of the** fact*, half
th* taaka of the powers will be' accomplished."
Th* correspondent ot the Times at Caaeawni
say to-morrow:
"Six Christian* were killed and eleven
wounded on Saturday. The bodies of
the dead were savagely mutilated by
Mussulmans. The garrison of Canea
was under arms all night long, and th*
town was strictly patroled because of
tears ot Incendiarism.
?. 'The blockade ot the Island continue*
to be enforced closely. Already complaint*
are coming In that sign* are not
wanting ot less hope by the Insurgents
In some sections of th* Island. In those
district* the speedy end ot the pnaent
unsettled disastrous situation would t*>
lulled with rejolnclng. A majority, ot
the Christian* wi*h for annexation.
They attribute the cauae of the present;
struggle to the porte, and therefore desire
to *ever all connection* with the
sultan, but In the mind* ot many who**
Judgment can be relied upon, autppomy
under International guarantee* is the
best form of government the powers
can confer upon the blander*."
The DaOy'chrtnkle will print the
following to-morrow from It* Athena
^AMU^Sto^'thi evening (Sunday),
i*?*.?l -untiii ?* haw nr..
curred. France baa agreed to the blockade
of the Quit at Athens. . The admiral*
were discussing the detail* to-day
and ioddenlr the whole matter to a (tin
adjourned tor several days, while M.
.Haaotaax produce* hi* mysterious
'plan. The French foreign mlnliter has
assured Kin* George that then to no
Immediate prospect of a blockade and
ha* belted him not to take action. Nobody
here lias the slightest notion ot
what the bitch to."
A gal tost the Appelatamat or a Batehsr as
Governor of Tokal*
ambassadors yesterday made strong
representation* to the Tnrklsh government
against the' appointment aa gov.
ernor of Tokat ot Haann Pasha, who
was governor of Joddah at the time the
Bedouin* attacked the consul*. They
pointed out that Hakki Pasha, commander
at Tokat, bad not yet been dismissed
nor put on trial, as had been agreed
by the port*. They reminded the government
that the governor ot HadJIn
had on one occasion threatened to burn
the, town and that when Mr. Terrell, the
United States mlnliter, told the porte
that the American government would
require the governor** head If the
Amerloan missionaries, three ladlea,
were molested.
Ooard Iha data af Can?a-Tryl?g ta DMarm
lb# latat^eat*.
CANBA, April 4.?The European
troops guard the gates ot the town. The
Arab quarter atoo to *am>und?l by European
pickets- A proclamation has
Kn lis tied announcing that all who re>
to yield up their arms will be shot.
In response to this only one hundred
have aa yet surrendered their arms.
The insurgents have succeeded In exPlodlng
heavy dynamite cartridge*
I upon the wuisoriiMiortBt iwiwuub.
An Inaplrtd llnnlw Mmtll.
9T. PETERSBURG. April 4,?The
Journal de 8t. Petersburg (seml-omclal)
says to-dayt^'The tnrewlve and provocatlvo
attitude that Greece maintains
with such deplorable obstinacy compel*
the potferi to blookade the Gulf of Ath...
nraan* ?tv ktftnln* Colonel Vmsos
In Crete, Is expoalng the Cretans to ell
the disadvantages of a blockade there.
She frustrates the restoration of peace;
she prevents the powers from learning
the real wishes of tha Inhabitants of
Crete, which can only be ascertained by
?bs power* after the removal of the Influence
of an Interested pressure.
"After the powers have exhausted all
possible means at their disposal to
spare Qreee* the sufferings she ha*
drawn upon herself, they are not bound
to disturb themselves further. Their
complete agreement Is the surest guarantee
of the Una) victory of order, right
and rairneaa, iiu uip uni kiieuge iui
the maintenance of the general peace of
Europe,even In th* event of partial dl?turbanc"?.
created by Greece, which the
powers will know how ?o localise anc!
If necesaary, to auppresa."
BletkaUr U ImmlMfwt.
ATHENS, April 4.?Nothing potitlvo
Is Known here, but the blockade of the
Piraeus la considered Imminent The
pma teema with Indignant protests
agalnit the reference to autonomy made
by M. Hanetaux yeaterday In the cliam.
bar of deputlea. A great meeting la being
organlaed for Tuesday next, the an.
nlvoraary of til* oomuieucement of tho
war of Independence In U1L to protest
against the action of the powers and to
pledge support to the Greek government
A "Pnlil" Blaekaile.
ROME, April 4,?A dispatch from 8uda
?ay* that the powera have ordered
the admiral* it the International fleet
to begin a paoMo blockade of Athens;'
... ?
and It is understood at 8u<U that the
admlrala ar? now considering the beat
way of carrjrlnt .out the Instruction!.
Thi Pop* Mar Inlimavi
PARIS, Aptjl -C-maulela reporta-todair
that the Fopa Intend* p Intervene
between thV powers ihd Greece with 'a
view of affectlnr If possible, a peaceful
solution of the Cretan difficulty.
la hanrltaala Dalai Gnat Dua(i.
P**|^ Prajrlif for Hata,'
BELLEFONTE, Pa., Anrll 4.--The
forest Area In the aurroundlnf mountains
are apreadlnf.at an alarmjnjf rate. All
efforts to ofieclc the flames haye proven
futile and unless a heavy rain sets In,
many t&sqaand of acres of valuable timber
will coup In amoke. The Ore orldnated
In the middle seetlooof the Nlttany
mountains from a spark from a locomotive
falling on i traot of dry frtai.
Heavy wind* have prevailed for almost
forty hours and th* llam.i an- nwi-fulnr
fiercely along the mounttns from top to
bottom. The approach of the Are* to the
lumber r.tmpi !jm caused great excitement
and (he woodsmen have left their
workings. The
course of the flames Is constantly
changing, making back firing useless.
Different crews have been sent out to
flgtot the fires, but thus far th^yhavf accomplished
little and their efforts an
now being directed (o confining the blaxe
to tho mountains and to protect property
In the clearings. .
The worse damage has been done In the
timber lands sfveral miles north of
MUesburg and atnlght the flapnes Illuminate
the sky a* far a? the eye can eee.
Another fire has broken out In the
Seven Mountains near here, and Js burn- ,
Ing fiercely to-night. This blaxe Is In
the heart of (he hemlock dUUTltl U19 U
doing ?om? damagi. HwdrtenU alone
the base of the imiuntslna are praying
for rain, which la the only thins which
can now stop the tyurse of the names.
tax AT CCToiyyiTi,
A early Half a Million Dollars Worth of
Property Destroyed.
CINCINNATI. Ohio, April 4.-At 1
o'clock this morning an automatio fire
alarm notified the Central Fir* Tower
of a blase starting In the George P..
Olte Company's carpet (tore on the
outb aide of Fourth atreet, one door
west of Race atreet. The entire fire department
traa called out, and a battle
royal began. Otte'a entire atock, valued
at 1300,000 and iriaured for $110,000,
waa destroyed in less than two hours.
The entire interior of the Otte building
waa burned out and the rear wall (ell
' into Baker alley.
The Br* communicated to the root of .
Henry Koeenbauto'a cloak manufacture
JUT establishment at me corner 01
Rut and Fourti streets. It was confined
to the top atorr, however, and <
otherwise Rosenbaum's damage Is t
wholly by water, fully Inturedt The
Maader Furniture ware roomi adjoined
One. a great tailoring establishment
was separated from Otte'e by an alley
aira across the street from Rosenbaum's
'was the 8t. Nicholas hotel. None were
IBJSred. The total lost to *01ldlnga and
stock will be MDO.OOO. The buildings
; belong to the Eckstein estate and are
fettr-liwured-.The Are smarted in the
top story o( Otte 4 Company's carpet
store next to Baker alley.
at Oliver1! Hill ? Sin |I to Otten U ,
Jtuiapt U JXm4U to Mart To-day.
PITTSBURGH, April Pa.. 4?A* announced
last nlfht several mHlaand factories
made redactions la wages which
were not accepted by ths man ana now It
fa expeoted the United Labor League, the
Amalgamated AaeoolatJoa ot Iron and
Steel Woritem pattern makers Iron
motdera union, and several 'other organisations
wm b? drawn Into the labor troubles
which will start to-roorrow at Oliver
Bros., Tenth street mill. The puddlers
have refined to,work at the reduction of
fltty cms per ton, which rfoes Into effeot
In the morning, and the owners will attempt
to start the mill with whatever
men apply. It la bared trouble will follow.
A. H. Byeeis ft Co.. who made a atmllar
reduction, have closed tbetr mill, as
they had signed with the Amalgamated
to pay 14 sa They will await the result
at Oliver's before deciding on further aoHon.
, %
TKa man .1 MaaHne/nh A TTemntiHr.
men, who have been cut 10 percent, with 1
an lnareaae In "hoUri from nine to ten.
hive tin decided not to aocept, their
(pedal MM being m*Si again* the lactmm
1q hours.
In the endeavor to restore wages to
their tormer ba?U U ia bellered the several
unlona the striken belong to, win be
drawn Into the pocteat a? urganliatlons.
Kaaaai IMpallata ?MUagBeedjr la Mart*
Mew Uavimmt Agabaat Capital.
TOPBKA, Kit, April i?Ex-Lleutsa.
ant Governor Percy Danlola. has succeeded
In lntereatinc moat of the lending
Democrat-Popullat itatcimen of
Kansas m an oi'jdMiuiion, in# uujhi ?i
which 1s to operate * bureau of information
concerning hi* scheme to tax
Inordinate wealth and ultimately to secure
an amendment to the federal constitution
giving Congress the power to
levy such tax. The organisation Is noW
working on a plan to arouae public Interest
all overt he country on this subJect
The Kansas legislature took up
the question at It* recent sessslon, and
adopted a resolution asking Congress to
submit a proposition to amend the federal
constitution providing for a t?t on
Inordinate wealth to a vote of the people.
The legislatures of all other states
was asked to adopt similar resolutions.
The promoters of this scheme look tor
local organisations to spring up
throughout the nation and make a national
organisation that will sweep tho
country aa the farmers' alllanoe did the
west a few yean ago.
la the ClaelaaaU OlMttea?Charge* aud
CINCINNATI, 0? April 4.?It Is believed
W-ntfbt tfiat there will be trouble
at the municipal election here to-morrow.
Charges have t>een made that certain
firms have been blacltmallcd for funds by
Agents of the "bosses" and aa' Investlgalon
toy the /state feed commissioner nnd
others will follow the election. While
this election Is purely local. It will havo
such a bearing on the election of members
of the legislature next November
(hat the friends of Mark Hanna and
John It. McLean, the candidates for
Hilled Stales senator, are taking a very
Active part. Senator ForaKer Is home
assisting the Republican managers.
Immigrants arrive.
N'BW TOKK, April l-^The steamship
Pliant BinwtroK, wmcn arriveu. irom
Mediterranean porle to-ilay, brought
nearly one tUounni} Italian lrnmli
,WU.li PAS^Jo?b?n atCbMTC 1 ^
?? i
l* itha Flooded Diltrlct of the
Lower MLnMppi. .
btk< law H?u Taaloa-WUl'PMwMr.
b? tiu Km! OMtraeUvt of Aay?Ca*4l'
tloa of (lu Poorer Oliiw Criiktl-A
Ornt Aroo will bo Cororwt la ArkaDMi.
Bmwi Boats PkUsK Up Hssdndo of
JUffcfo?o~Blc , jn?d Along Um Jim
?? Ml *
MEMPHIS, Tenn.. April 4.?Another
OUutrotu break In tbs MUalwIppl leva*
ocoutytd thl? monitor at ? o'clock,
at Flower lake, six miles below Tunica,
Miss. The orevasse, while not yet
of great width, la fully fifteen feet deep
and the water is pouring through the
opening with fearful velocity. Tlila
will probably be the moat destructive
break that baa occurred la the delta.
The most -fertile farm laodi of Mississippi
lying In Coahemo, Laflore, Quitman
and Tallahatchie counties, In the
northern part of the state, will be Inundated
and the newly planted corn
crops will be laid In waste.
Fortunately no loaa of life Is reported,
the Inhabitants of this stricken section
having made preparations for jatt
such a catastrophe as exists there today.
The condition of the poorer classmi
throufhoaH the flooded area 1b in"
1m4 critic*! to-night, thousands of refugees
are being huddled on levees and
ipota oC land waiting (or relief. The
towns of Rosedale and Tunica report
that everything possible la being done
tor time poor people, but that funds
tnd provisions are fast becoming exhausted.
In the little city of Rosedals
ilone 1,200 refugee* ore being cared tor
>> the cltlsens. Half a hundred toirns
o-nlght itand In six feet of water and
be yellow stream Is creeping np slowly,
>ut surely.
Advices Just received tell of a break
n the levee two miles south of Helens,
Ark. This Is the'levee tor which the
teople of Southeastern Arkansas have
made such a desperate light. The watirs
from this break will flood a great
irea and in all probability will back up
Into the streets of Helena. The relief
iteamer, Ora Lee. arrived at Marlanna,
Ark., late this afternoon, having made
in expedition up (he St Francis river.
There were on board one hundred and
Ixty refugees and two hundred head
if oattle. The steamer went up the St.
"rands Yiver as far ss Custeff. and then
irorked her way down stream, rescuing
wople from perilous positions. The
raftering alone the St. Francis river is
Lppalllng. The water throughout the enire
neighboring county Is to-night from
tlx to fifteen feet deep.
The St. Francis Is rising from three
*? <"<*? '"""v :
Ju Memphis to-night the river la
lowly rising again, the IIUre registering
*M feet '**EXPECTED
If BiMMfMiu-imi Mb > <
tile JUdMt MuteUoiu t> Um lauli an
HELENA', 'Ark, "April Tl>* ezpeot>d
happened after weary day? and oigtrta'
>t walohing, working and wtftlng^Aftar
lighting the floods tram wKhoot, die
irlad* and rains trom above and the deep
rater and black water from behind, our
erctt have com to piece*. This morning
at 7 o'clock the Williamson levee,
two miles below this etty, gave way at a
Mint 1.000 feet north of Long Lake levee.
In an inconceivably abort time, the
?... ?mi tu*t wlj? at fleet It
was confined to a depth ot about three
feet, which 1* the height ot the rmperfloial
crown, but gradually It won away
the main levee and la now running
through to a depth ot ten teat, the full
depth of the original levee. A very ntlfr
current sets in at thla point and Mr.
pillow fear* the long like levee will be
reached and washed away. In which
event several ot the Bneat plantations
In the country, including his own, mignlOcent
place, will be badly washed and
almost ruined. _ . _
The reHet steamer. Titan, oiraed by
government, went back to the Williamson's
store. Just below the break, and
brought op nlwty-two souls from that
and adjoining plantations, all ot whom
were taken to charge by. the relief committee.
Laageat CaaavlgaMe Hirer Itt the WsrM
on a Kampage?Haell Property Threat"
YANKTON, a D? April l.-Four
Inches of rain Tim fallen during the isst
week and Is still falling. Jim river, the
longest unnivtgnble river in the world.
Is now on a rampage, covering the bottom
lands from bhilt to bluff and
threatening to mh aw MM aw
Northern. Northweitem* Milwaukee
road bridges, which crow the stream at
this point.
Over three miles ol tree* oI each road
has washed out so fsr. thus plaolw
Yankton without railroad facilities. The
river Is atlU rising rapidly, causing general
destruction throughout the Jim
river valley. Farmers are as a rule vacating
their homes and (arms and those
still remaining are now being moved
by boats. It Is thought here that the
worst of the flood Is yet to come..
New Dengue Reported.
OMAHA, Neb., April 4,-Speclol tel
I t. .L. n.? fmm nnlnta In Qflllfh
purpura iti mu mu iiuui fiuiuin
Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska bring word
of Increased flood* In all the rivers.
Rain ha* fallen almost Incessantly (or
the hut seveaty-two hours over an area
at more than one hundred miles In radius
from Omaha, the fall being fully
four Inches for that time. Along (he
lames river In South Dakota, a great
many farmers have cone back to their
homes when the water receded early
last week. and are now caught In this
Hood. A Missouri river steamboat has
been sent from Tank ton to rescue the
ufferera along the James river. Sioux
City reports that the Missouri has
)ansed the danger line there and Is overflowing
the lower psrt of the city.
Other cities send similar reports.
The ladles of the Arlon will give a
Lenten KafTea visit* at Arlon hall, on
Thursday afternoon and avening, which
promises to be as enjoyable as all tl)C
functions trtven by the ladles' section.
Pwrt Mehlnmit'a Fiwrel.
The funeral of Fred Mclilmun, Jr.,
tnafc place from hi* late realtime*. ISO
Eighteenth street, ycaterday afternoon
at 3:30 o'clock, and It wa? largely attended.
The deceaaed waa a member of
the Jr. O. IT. A. M.. the Shield of Honor
and the A. O. IT. W? all of which nrganlaatltma
turned out, headed by Mclater a
band. The Interment wa? at Mount
Zlon cemetery
WALL PAPER lc a bolt at ChoxVa.
CoueladlBg B?lom or th? . mhm* Or.
Kantiatlon lleld an |IIUAV-1? la. i
and Inatrocllra XnOi?. " Vv^S
The left teuton of the meeting of thgi'Jfji
Round Table at Houndsvllle was caUwajaB
to order by the president at 9 a. m. Sat- $
urday. The first subject discussed vcaa
that ?f Child Study, which waa opanedTwsj
by B*. H. Crafo In a few words. < Ha'
stated that all (pod teachers made the
study of the child an Important factor V.Hg
In tl)?!r work, but the misfortune la we
have not been careful In noting the re. ' Og
suits. He ssld that In Ritchie solum '($8
the teachers have been notlnc down ak
peoullaritles noticed In the child, L ?, > wl
they are trying to systemlzo the mattery
and the results are good. Superintend- . - . j
ent Shields spoke a short time on the '',^8
same subject, and he also mored that '.la
all speeches be limited to Ave mlnutea, , 's
lUM ?|W HtllMM UUMUIUUUUJf , . . y\
Prof. Deahl, of W?t Liberty, on as < ''v;Vffl
Interesting talk on the subject Super- >
iatendent King ,ot IfcMechen, talM -q
onthe same subject Child study Is as
old as the Christian- era, still In our
schools It Is In lta Infancy. Mr. Taylor
thinks that child stndy has caused us
to study the parents or patrons ot tho
school, ana then to study oarsuVta.
These two results ot themselves in t great
help to our schools. - r'^Jgjj
The topic "Have we an Ideal ks our . -..Sa
Work? If so What Is That Ideal?" was .W3S
opened by Mr. A. J. Wilkinson In a
short, but very earnest talk. Mr. King jKHB
spoke pleasantly on the same sobjsct. . J
He was followed by Merrick, Deahl ' J
and Oesch. Miss Marlln, of the
MoundsviUe schools, spoke on the oh'
Ject. ursine that unless we have the pupll
all through the school oourse we cannot
reach a perfect ideal; the mlsfor- -. .A]
tune Is that wa*do not have the chlldrsa -.
long enough. . U'jaH
The chairman. Superintendent Boyd,J
closed the discussion In a very pertinent
talk, and ha then, at the
of the association, discussed tlw toplo,
"cminrn Kixxiu In the Detroit "I
School*." They are endeavoring to dei" j?j
velop the child Inst as the human lice ha*
been developed. HI> talk throcgfc- A
out was very interesting. Words are iTOH
taught the child by the use ot the
tence method. The words taught suit - , .190
the are of the child, or rather salt the o I
different epochs ot the child's lit*. Il? I
effort of the teachers Is to foUoir n*.' '
ton's method. From the first year pu- j; a
plls, all through the different grade*, ; 5J
the work Is carried on most ?nthasls??>.- jai
tlcally. While there may be maay.-^Sa
things in the conducting of the schools - ,:.'J
that .might be criticized, still th?r are
doing a great work. They are creatia* I
an enthusiasm that la not often created. ,
Mr. Boyd closed by urging that m en- .'Ail
thusiasm Is necessary in all school work - I
and asked the teachers to so to their I
school rooms with an enthuslsam that 233
will make their schools betta?fthan^??si ' SB
before. >jaaWI
Mr*. Spurr being called on for some 'gm
remarks, responded saying her heart I
was In the great work, but exooaedher-, I
self from saying further. Be*. B. IK "
Spurr, at the urgent request of ail pre#- I
ent. spoke feelingly to the teachers. He . :S|
has been a teacher himself and he ?ytn- I
pathices with the teacher In all hia. I
work. He was enthusiastically up- I
plauded. . '/jSal
The meeting has been we of the
ever held. The discussions Indulged In 'i-a
w*ra very-thottahtful. Therewaa no
effort on tha p?rt or anyone, to
dlapUylntheway of orator* bat every
ona seemed to be searching for the a
tree la the great work of uplifting ha- |
inanity. The many lubkcta bnodit |
before the body were lire question*
that are of moment to every taacher, *j?al
and those who were present and Baten.. a
ed to Ujo dUjcuaalona cannot fall to be
than they otherwlae would iawe.been.' Mat
As mind Influences mindly coanlnr Iff a
contact, so will these discussions kelj. Ml
the' teachers and through them tha j
IkdMatrtal SotH.
The latest deooratlon made by jtliaMxi
Beaumont Glass Works, at MartaVijM
Ferry, Is the "X-Kay" pattern tnemVUS
erald and gold and It la abeauty. n>r 9
this large orders are being booked anat St
It promises to be a fast seller. ThS 'Sj
"X-Rar" In crystal with otter deoon- ,?SI
tlons, has been on the market soma
time and it has proven one of the best
sellers ever manufactured, It Is also
made In canary and gold..Tb?;*Uaam-.
plon" line In gold la an exoallant.salte;
They are receiving thetr full share of
the bnalness and expect a good ran' hx , ,
the future. They are selling to (be largest
trade in the west. .
At the Union Glass Works, Martin's |
Ferry, orders are plentiful and every-.. *9
thing Is moving along smoothly.'' The I
"Defender," with a gold decoration,
** 1?t ? *? ? ?! * mfcik jSB
"Princeton," "Elite" and "Wnverly," all I
In gold <Jecoratlonii. Th?e are all nl? R
line* sod the decorations are llrat-elui.
There la a food steady sale (or Ofe, 1
goods made with enameled deooiwtlonSSM
The tar good* are in request IkmS
force of decora tort on at work alxdaya SB
In the week. ' " '- 'aSiM
Blon Williams; and Chariest Jamas 18
were elected defecate* on Saturday, af- -SB
ternoon, by Mountain City Loiln, Na. SjM
M. of Martin's Ferry to attends tha.HaM
National convention of the Amalgma^xuB
ted Association of Iron and Steel -Work-' - ?H
en to be held at Detroit In Ms#. Ttia "J
alternates elected are Michael BUm) ;J1
and D. A. Morgan.
Stephen "Hlptdni, the Martin's ?teife>'s$jH
mould maker. Is a candidate for coutlell
on the Republican ticket la tin SM
Fourth ward. .
The Laughlln tin mill, Martin's Pet- ->f|
ry, Is doing a big business. The carpen-. f
ten who hare been working on the ad*, ,'HjO
dltlons will be through this week. r -?tM
Commencing to-day, the section M
hands on the Cleveland A Pittsburgh .$?
railroad, will work ten hours a day, at jfl
tl IS per day. . -.'ISM
EJ*titeen thousand dollars was
bursed among the employes at the Aet- jg
na-Standard Iron and steel works; on ":S
A. B. Gllmore, of Spencs A Son, MaN '
tin's Ferry, Is the proud father of a HH
fine luge new boy baby. '
A portion of the Aetna-Standard win a
be oil the foro port of the Week, owing
to the shortage or bars.
M. F. Earp has taken a ahoaring "j#b 39
fl^the^Laughlln tin mill, at Martin's
' W'Mthcr Fonout l^r To-d*jr. VjH
For WMlVlrjInla. olrarin* in Ux> mom. ! 3sB
Inx: (tenwally fair during tho day; warm- . *29
ar: aouthtrly wlnda,
For Waatem Pcnnnjrlvanla, ahowara In ;> IT
thn early mornlnit, followwl by nnnllir J|
fair ana warmor dtirinjc tha day; aonlh-. ; ?
WMIarly wlmia.
Kor Ohio, niwrally fair durinc tha days
ssk w0*"1 on"?? ? sfg M
total Tcmpcratar*. . . .. ,'i^H
by^C U riOT^U|^,comM,eiPrlS ; ".S
and JTourtMstK tmta.'fru^u^oUowt: 'is
J ? SI} P- m f ? ;$

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