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Cdtoorlel lies* 8231 Co?tlej teesi 822
WUKlLUti, A PHIL 7, 1897.
Ohio HhmIcI|wI Election!.
1(1 the municipal elections of Monday
oughout the state of Ohio the ca**Ui
. dates placed In the field by the Democrats
were successful in the majority of
Instances, though, with but two or three
unimportant exception*, no national
questions # whatever were Involved, the
Issues being: purely local. Of course our
Democratic friends, or at least that fiction
of the party that voted for Bryan
and free silver last fall, will mftke haste
to grasp at the results as indications that
the people of Ohio, if they had the opportunity.
would reverse their judgment
of last November and vote for Bryan,
free silver and all the Popullstlc fallacies
be stood for. 1
There la no reason whatever for be- 1
Hexing that such would be the case. In
eome of the cities tho results were so
mixed as to make it impossible to claim
a victory for either side, and in others *
both parties put up tickets composed of 1
representative* of both yides, as in Cin- *
cinnati. for Instance, where there were J
three Republicans on the Democratic 1
ticket, and the issue was solely against 4
the continued domination of a local Re- (
publican boss. The people of Ohio, add 1
particularly those in the cities, are just 1
a* much opposed to an unsafe monetary '
system and In favor of the sound princi- '
plea voted for last November as they J
were then.
In some of the larger cities It is doubt- *
less true that a very large element in '
both parties listened to the demagogic 1
appeals of local leaders, who made use of 1
the.fact that recovery from the pajt four 1
? * --.I JanpMriAn AM imt 1
Jl'arsui outnau; wiu uvf.<-??.w,. .
come with a leap and a bound the day
following McKinlcy's election.
These people comprise the unthinking
claas that is generally governed in its action
at the polls more by preempt conditions
than by calm reasoning. Tftis class,
as a rule, does not consider that a new
administration, elected under certain
pledges or to carry out a certain policy,
roust have time to carry its pledges and
policies into effect; that months elapse
before it can even have the opportunity
to do so, and that more time must elapse
before tbe benefits of the change of administration
can possibly be felt.
It Is among these people that the demagogue
and the office-seeker prey with T
the best success, and It is probable that i
t they found Just enough thoughtless vic'
tiras of this sort to aid them In effecting c
the result they desired?namtly, to gain j
control of the local offices. Further than c
this it la not at ail likely thft national i
politics entered into the local contest In c
Che Ohio towns and cities. ,1
In the few rare instances In which the 1
| national currency question was directly \
1 1 -*? ' >? iMmnalira fru alt. t
UrOUgHL |tnv ?' ?A4ii|?MO" MK -W ?
ver men accomplished little or nothing of t
consequence. A notable Instance occur* i
red In our neighboring county of Bel- <
| mont. In St. Clalrsvllle the Republicans t
E nominated a Gold Democrat for mayor
and the Democrats placed upon their j
ticket a Free Silver Republican for the j
same office. The Cold Democrat on the
Republican ticket was elected, and the f
i Free Silver Republican was defeated in |
J a Republican town. Martin's Ferry, i
which went Democratic last spring, this t
spring elected the full Republican ticket t
The city Is a wage working community, c
In the larger cKIes there was a large falling
off in tho total vote, which was favorable
to the Democrats In the local 1
contests. On national issues the*? cities i
are always depended upon to go Rcpub- 1
llcan. t
J Eighteen months will elapse before an c
election will occur In this country in *
which national questions will be involved. 1
By that time the country will have gone \
very far toward recovery and the pros- 1
perlty which is gradually dawning will, i
In the very nature or thing*, do a fact. a
Municipal elections, Involving purely a t
question of Ifcal ofllces, cast no discour- 1
aging shadows so many months In ad- I
vance. ?
The Hebrew Plax.
An Interesting ceremony took place at
a Jewish club house in Chicago Sunday <
night. It was nothing loss* than the un- i
furling and dedication of the HebreVna- <
tional Hag, for the first time in the ?
United State* or Europe by any society <
of that people. I
j Not since the fall of Solomon's temple
has the Jewish flag been carried, and it |
has been practically forgotten. The Leasing
club, of Chicago, has. however, had
a beautiful one made and has adopted It
to represent the nation.
There arc very few people who would
recognise ? Jewish flag w??re they to (
see one. It Is simple and emblematical, ,
comprising a double triangle of blue, nlgnlfylng
the shield of King David, stand.
Ing out In a field of white.
The example of the Chicago society <
will doubtless be followed by other He
brew organisation* in tne united mates, .
| and before long we nhnll probably wit- |
neaa the ancient emblem of thfn xt range- |
Iy scattered people, but once powerful i
nation, minf led with olliera on occaaioaa <
nrhen "the flags of all nations" are conplouout
In decorations, lea reappear*
uica after so many centuries will seem
ilmovt like a resurrection of the dead.
Tho National Association of Manufacturers
of the United States of America
Mibllshes a very Interesting report of Its
xurnnission sent to inveuUgate trade
^nditlons in Argentina, Uruguay and
Orasll. Aa one renult of rhe comminilon'a
visit to these fruitful countries, we
lnd this paragraph:
"There are many aids watch are need.ld
to supplement individual and personal
iffort. The principle of reciprocity In
trade la a powerful factor, and the application
of this principle by treaty In
>ur commercial relations wKh the naIons
to the south of us would help
mightily In opening those markets more
freely to our good*. The reciprocity
rcatiea which were negotiated under the
ustoms law of 1890 were pretty generaly
recognised as good policy and practl*1
business measures. The sudden and
inwarninieu auivsuwuu ui v>?n
lea has worked no little Injury to our
rade relations with South America and
heir restoration and extension would
freatly promote our commercial interests
In that part of the world."
The reciprocity treaties negotiated unler
the McKlnlcy law wen> producing
f*Kxl results. We were building up a
considerable new trade with the countries
with which we entered into these
reatles. Seemingly for no other reason
lion that his trade was coming to us on
he line of Republican policy, the Democrats
determined that they would have
10 more ??f it. and so they knocked reciprocity
In the head. At once a shrinkage
>egan. Not only this, but the countries
vlth which wc had had reciprocity treates
thought they had been trilled with,
ind resented the treatment accordingly.
The Republican party believes In recJ>roclty
as a useful complement of proection,
and the Plngley bill returns to
t. If the bill passes with the reciprocIV
nmvl(l,v< as ri.tuhUfita it Will. It Will
x? che business of the administration to
inter at once into negotiations for reclp ocal
trade.' If we get into reciprocity
reatit* with ail the Latin-American rembllcs
ami hold them for a decade, we
rhould find that we had opened up a conliderable
market for our manufactured
jroduct* and one that we could hold in
he face of all European competition.
The Klktna Bill.
An evening contemporary, whoae edi;?r
has evidently not read Senator Elkn?'
speech on hi9 whipping bill very
losely. H fearful that in the event of the
>assage of the bill, retaliatory measures
>y foreign countries would render it infffectual
Mr. Elkipa answered this
!ritielsm at length, and showed dearly
;hat foreign countries were not at ail
ikely to retort to a raeasttro that could
>nly result in injury to themselves. Relaxation
is only adopted when tt is an
idvantage to adopt It.
In the early days of the Tepubllc a polcy
similar to that proposed by Mr. Elkns
built up our merchant marine and
ihipplng interests and received the enlorsement
of our foremost statesmen. A
X?llcy of like nature now would restore
18 to our former proud position. BTr.
Slkina* bill ha* the endorsement of many
>f the greatest economists in the country
ind of the la.it national Republican contention.
In the opinion of the contemporary
above named. K is not a wise raea?ire.
Perhaps this outweighs the wlslom
of the economist.*, and statesmen of
:be past ccntury. and the lesson of the
rxpcrience of this nation in its early
lays and of other national And then,
tgaln. perhaps It does not. Sooner or
ater the policy which promises to build
ip ^mericnn commerce on the high seas
TtrUf?nd Strikes.
Hlfh tariff legislation and strikes against
'eductions In wages are Inseparable.?Reg
Labor strike como under all sorts of
renditions, but especially in times of de>res*ion.
Just at present we are having
tome strikes against wage reductions
vhleh arc not due to "hlgn tariff legislai?m."
The partlucJar tariff legislation
vhich is now in force, and haa been in
force during the past three years of adversity
and wage reductions, is a Democratic
tariff act which the Register and
he whole Democratic party promised us
vaa going to make the country prosperrua
and bring happiness to the home of
he working man.
The Democratic tariff haa not accom))ished
one thing claimed for It by the
larty.responsible for its enactment. The
'hlrh tariff" legislation the Register reera
to is, presumably, the bill now pondng
in the senate. It is not yet a law.
ro attribute the present strikes to it is
he veriest demagogy. The industries of
his country are utill subject to that wonierful
Wilson bill.
In Chicago the Free SMverUea. including
Populists, Democrats and all others
Vho believe In the Bryanite and Popu
talc vagaries, united on one candidate
or mayor, Carter Harrison, on a wide'pen
platform against reform and in tutor
of open saloons on Runday and glvng
the lawless element full rein. The o'pwsition
was *pllt There was the reguar
Republican, the Gold Democratic,
ind the citizens' candidate, all repreicnting
reform and opposition to free surer,
'Considering the peculiar situation
;he result wna expected. The opposU
;lon to Harrison, if united, would have
Jefeated him, but It Is now too late lo
liftcuss the matter.
"England will Join in the blockade of
3reek ports. If It Is necessary," is the
way Mr. Curzon puts it In the house of
ommons. There is not much enthuslism
In the utatement. The British government
ha9 heard something drop at
Senator Chandler's aen*e of humor
knows no bounds. HI* bill to abolhh
competition in trade In case the Foraker
nilroad pooling bill passes is quite up to
late as a freak suggestion.
A rabbit was raptured the other day In
the heart of Chicago. Nothing short of
m ti<mr hunt will itntlufv (tin TJrpiifi?r Now
Up In the stat?? of Michigan the "t*te
ifllcers elected Monday were a Justice of
the supreme court and regents of the
Ann Arbor University, In whose choice
partisan politics should not have been
permitted to enter. The free silvsrites of
the state, however, were determlnd that
i party test should be made and they
... . - '? , ; . tb.
forced the silver Issue. The result ur?*
ltepubllcan majority In (he state of 20.000,
notwithstanding there was a great
falling off In the total vote. Michigan
is all right.
The British ambassador to this country
refuses to attend social dinners unless
lie has nut rank and Jirit place. It
might be Interesting to know if he Insists
on having the menu submitted to
lilm beforehand by the hostess and If
he has first choioe of white or dark
meat.?Chicago News.
The Hon. Joseph Bailey, Democratic
leader of the house of representatives,
declined to attend a white house dinner
bcause he never has worn and never
will wear a dress suit. Tcxns will no
doubt be pa?ned to learn that the Juvenile
congressman has permitted dress
suits to scare him away from a good
dinner. He should have stuck hfs pants
In his boots and waded In.?Uaitlmore
Rev. Dr. Ratnsford, of New York, exactly
hits upon the cause of the Cretan outrage
in one phrase, "the money
power. l'pe great powers have their .
pockets cramrnI'd with Turkish bonds.
Cease to uphold the Integrity of the Ottoman
empire and who will pay the
|H D?.l- an.I T^n/lnnf" Thar ?
is pretty nearly the whole story.? [
Springfield Republican. t
Senator Jones, or Arkansas, wishes v
Democrats to celebrate Jefferson's 1:
birthday anniversary on April 13. A
(rood way to do It would be for certain h
followers of the level-headed Thomas to v
recant such antl-Jeffersonlan heresies c
as they Imbibed in last fall's campaign. ?
All Democrats should be Jcffersonlan t
Democrats, and while the lamp holds n
out to burn the vilest Jonesy may re- C
turn.?Philadelphia Record. f
At present there Is no duty on wool; p
the Dlngley bill proposes a duty of t
eleven cents a pound. Now. If this elev- o
en cents a pound bo add' I to the cost
of a suit of clothes It will be needful *
to put rather more than forty-five v
pounds of raw wool into a suit in or- e
der to add $5 to its present price. But t
very few men, perhaps no man except s
those who write tariff articles for the c
"Record," wear suits that weigh for- r
ty-flve pounds. Most men wear suits t<
that weigh between four and five <1
pounds, exclusive of lining and pad- s
ding. These men will pay between r
forty-four and flfty-tlve cents more s
than now for their clothes If the Dinglev
tariff be "a tax paid by the con- t
sumer"?which is a disputable propo- n
sltion. More amusement may be ex- ii
pected as more Is written upon tariff ti
and taxation in the pages of our esti- i>
inable contemporary.?Chicago Inter- a
Ocean. b
Now the Greeks said nearly every- h
thing that la to be said; and what they J
forgot to say was supplied by the Ellz- fe
a be than." and Montaigne. The chief la- ii
bor to-day should be in the Held of e
expression. Tills is why we hold Mr. f
John L. Sullivan In high respect as u
writer. He Is original. He 1* frank, n
Frankness surprises. It confounds. It
Irritates. To the smug It is like unto a
slap in the face. And so rare is frankness
that the man who writes without n
thought of concealment or the conventionalities
Is at once accused of affec- K
tation; he is called a poseur.?Boston J
Journal. jj
The Populists are broken up on the ?
tariff question. One of them voted for *n
the Dlngley bill, and many of them re- v
fused to vote one way or the other. !i
Probably some of these favored the a
measure, but were deterred from de- a
daring for It by f<*?r of their consti- o
tuents. It is clear that the protection ri
cause la Raining in strength ail over
the country. It is splitting all parties o
except the Republican, which solidly tl
favors it.?St. Louis Globe-Democrat a
There Is amusing naivete In the be- o
lief, credited to Japanese in Hawaii. r<
that the Japanese consul possessed tl
more authority than the Hawaii in gov- n
ernment. The Japanese consul had n
something behind him that is in truth tl
more than all the power of the Ha- CI
wailan government. The island repub- tl
lie appears unequal to the struggle with t!
Japan, which is slowly but surely, V
peaceably or otherwise. increasing o
Japanese Influence upon It The treaty V
between Hawaii and Japan is alreadv
too favorable to Japanese immigration,
and even Its lax provisions are difficult.
It seems, of enforcement. Annexation I*
would solve this problem. We could v
make a treaty with Japan that would
keep her coolies off the islands, and we J'
could enforce it?Portland Oregon lan.
Parker, of New Jersey. Protection J
and prosperity march hand In hand, and *
revenue follows after. ?
Gibson, of Tennessee. No government
can Uve without money, ns no human e(
body can live without blood. tJ
Olmstead. of Pennsylvania. The v
prosperity of the railroads Is a pretty v
good Index to the prosperity of the w
whole country. p
McRae. of Arkansas: I believe It was
an Irishman who said that If Mr. tl
??? ???, w
Ulcvci&nuB iipconu ????
be never would have had a ?econ<L
Adams, of Pennsylvania. The trade .
of South American belongs to us by .
natural conditions; they produce what ,
we want and we manufacture their nc- }j
cessltles. JJ
Hopkins, of Illinois. Our experience
In this house during the last few days
has verified the old statement that a ?
genuine Hourbon Democrat never for- _
gets an error and rarely learns a new N
fact. A
Dolllver. of Iowa. The late admlnls- V
tration has had Its trials, but amid ']
them all one persistent error hus vltl- ...
Hted all Its calculations, and that Is A
that a dollar borrowed Is tho fiscal m
equivalent of a dollar collected. V
Harlholdt. of Missouri. When a busIness
man nr good pater famillas tlnds A
that his debit exceeds his credit every u
week he will, if ho DC a wen-meaning
and conscientious man, cither curtail S
his expense* or Increase his revenues. H
Mr. Dlngley, of Maine. Mr. Chairman, .!
the past four years have l>eon enlightening,
especially to candid Investigators n
of economic problems. We have been
attending a kindergarten on a gigantic
scale. The tuition has come high,
but no people ever learned so much in J*
so brief a time. "
OroHvenor, of Ohio. If a political organizatlon
leaves the path of rectitude ?
and wisdom and descends Into the slums
and slime of bad politics and had gov- f
eminent, that political organization will _
be punished as Inevitably as God de- I.
crees the punishment of the man who K
abused his physical system. w
Mahaney. of New York. The gentle- r<
man from Ohio (Mr. Lent*) has ndmlt- el
ted that he "was once a gold fool, and o
that he Is now a silver crank." If there a
is any intelligence possible from such a hi
miscegenation of Ideas the gentleman
from Ohio 1h welcome to claim it.
Clrow, of Pennsylvania. Cheapness to *
the consumer In articles of consumption n
If made by reducing the wages of the
laborer who produces them t?? the rate c
mild his eomuetltors In other lands, c
whof6 penury sits at Uie fireside and r
sorrowing want surrounds the death- >
bed, Is not a desirable object.
Ihf I'm nil* mul Foil let of lh? As*
Are numerous, but of the latter none Is
more ridiculous than the promiscuous
mid random use of laxative pills and
other drastic cathartics. These wrench,
convulse and weaken both tho stomach
and the bowels. If Hostettcr's Stomach
Bitter's be used Instead of these noremedies,
tin* result Is accomplished
without pain and with great benefit to
the bowels, the stomach and the liver.
Use this remedy when constipation
manifests Itself, and thereby prevent It
from becoming chronlo
W W WW mm wmmm m
Absolutely Pure.
Celebrated for its great leavenitiff
Ptreuirth and bealthfulnii* Amu res the j
food agaln?t alum and all forma of adulteration
common to the cheap brand*.
royal biking toirpkft co. jtltf york.
ivold Petlr EconomlM thai Coat Mora
Than *1 hey are WorUi. .
Philadelphia Record: Many housewives
who are extremely frugal in other I
hlngs htfve no Idea of tho value of
Ime. A good deal of time Is dally j
ranted and much extra labor expended
n preparing the meals by having to
rash one saucepan In which to cook a i
ccond dish that could as well have
>een cooked with the same fire and |
ratehed ut the same time as the first, j
>r a towel must do duty as a collunder I
r strainer, no account befng made of
he time required to wash the towel, |
tor of its becoming worn or stained.
>r n silver spoon is used to stir or lift
ood for the lack of iron or wooden
Mft... ?.i?h l*o?t1na nnh i
nun. n 11/ nut nuviu ou. .. ??? ?. ?- ,
ans as ure really needed for ad van- I
ageous cooking and "save" In some
ther department?
Have you ever seen ?omo busy house- |
k'ife hanging out clothes on a cold,
bindy day, taking off a clothespin ev- j
ry time a garment is added to the line,
rylng to make the pin hold two and
ometlmes three articles? When good
lothespln can he bought at such low
ates it seems like very unwise economy
i> stand on the cold and damp ground
louble the time really required to
hake out and hang up the clothes and
un the risk of taking cold while doing
Could any mathematician compute
he number of half hours spent in a
imlly of half a dozen children in unty*g
hard knots In shoe strings that arc
oo short or so worn as to require tyig
in more than one place, and must be
gain untied before the little shoes can
o taken off? Shoe strings cost it may
e, 10 cents a dozen pairs. Could the
ours which some mothers spend In one
ear alone In managing worn out shoe
trings In order to save a few cents not
e better utilized In doing some sewtig
or some other work by which
nough could be saved to stock the
amlly with shoe strings for life?
Beware of these extravagant econoiles!
"SltKhtljr" Incorrect.
"Ex-Commissioner of Internal Reveu?
John W. Mason, of Fairmont, dlsulaed
by the loas of his beard, went
rlth Governor Atkinson and Senator
.'lklna to the white house to-day. where
e was presented to the President an a
andldate for register of the treasury,
lajor McKlnley had to inqulr* hi*
ame, although he knew Mr. Mason
fell In his full-bearded days. The
lugh was on the President. Mr. Mason
few days ago filed an application for
ppolntment as an assistant secretary
f the treasury, but has now shifted to
The above has been going the round*
f the newspapers. Mr. Mason says
le report of the interview is strictly
ccurate with the exceptions that the
'resident did not observe the absence
f hiit beard: that he did not fail to
i?cognlx?? him; that they did not get
tie Uugh on the President; that he
wide no application for the position of
Ulster; that he was not presented to
ne rrceiuuut t>y onmi"i i-mum or
lovernor Atkinson, and did not call on
10 President with either of them at the
I me mentioned or any other time,
nth these alight corrections the report
f the interview is all right.?Fairmont
Vent Virginian.
At if Old Trifles.
The reputation of the Wheeling R<?giter
is being strenuous!)' upheld, as
rltnes4 Its editorial on our city, cleclon.
The virtue of political lying has
>ng been reduced to an exact science
i the Register's crucible, bo long Ineed,
that it now* acknowledges and
ven recognizes truth by its negative
lone. Beginning the business os a faorlte
diversion, lying has gradually
eeome an Involuntary necessity. It
pgan because It wanted to. and connues
because It can't help It As to the
lltortal in question, with the subst'ituion
of Republican for Democrat and
Ice versa the truth would be equarely
indicated. The Register's lachrymose
.~ji -i ... n.ltl. Jl... f/illnti-lnir
"The election was simply a farce, a
r&vesty on the suffrage, and In no
ay doe* the result represent the will
f the good people of Huntington."
That, qh well as the entire editorial,
i nothing but "llorid, inflated, tauto>gic
balderdash," as Mr. Carly le
hrases It. but which nn Impatient pubc
more literally translates us "rot."?
[untlngton Herald.
An Important (Inratlon.
larper's Dazar.
ear Heaven's latest ?cfft to me?
ly baby?lay upon my knee?
little son?the second gift
rhlch Heaven had Bent, my heart to lift
i gratitude that to my care
e deigned another soul to spare.
N'nw have t two to lovo!" cried I.
nd smiled to think how by-and-by
ly baby's ulster?the wro maid
.'ho for three years had dally played
he part of quoen amongst us all?
t'ould rome ho gayly at my call,
nd welcome with a laugh of Joy
ler tlrst look at our baby boy.
he rame, and standing by me there,
lie viewed him with u wondering stare,
hen, turning anxious ga*o on me,
Did ho bring his mother?" questioned she.
r. King's New Dlirovrry for 4'onsnniptlon.
This 1h the best medicine In the world
>r nil forms of Coughs and Colds and
>r Consumption. Every bottle Is guarnteed.
It will cure and not disappoint.
t has no equal for Whooping Cough,
sthma. Hay Fever. Pneumonia. Hronliltls,
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>r Consumption. It Is safe for all ages,
feasant to take, and, above all. a sure
niv. It Is always well to take Dr.
;ing's New Life Pills In connection
Ith Dr. King's New Discovery, as they
gul.Ue and tone the stomach and bow
r return money. Regular ?!*<? 50 cnnt.i
rid $1 00. At Logan Drug Co.'b drug
lore. _ 6
If Hie llatly I* fntllMK T*etl?
le aur?? and um that old and will-tried
smedy, Mra. Wln?:ow'a Soothing Syrup,
rtr children teething. It noothei the
hlld. noftcna the gum*, allny* all pain,
urcs wind colic and In the heat remedy
or diarrhoea. Twenty*Ave cent? a
ottle. mwrf&wr.
16ailbcskh i
| eagle brand |
c condensed Milk. 3
3 JU! Mothers should h?v^
3 niwvouk coi(?tM$ioHiu<eo.ii.*. C
Camellia Flour.
Are Agents for (he above Popular Brand t
jt of Flour. J* i
?======= \
Printed Poniards.:
29c a Yard, worth 50c. !
Bee display In South Window.
Ladies Wash Waists.!
Made by tho best makers In the r
land?now opened. The styles 2:
and prices are right <
Spring Dress Goods.1
Plain and Fancy. Black and J
Colors. The largest assortment |
In our business history. 12&c to
M.OO a yard. I
Cinderella Ranges.
Material and workmanship enters Into th? I
construction of the Clnderolla^ Ranges.
Mado In all style* and nit**, witn a view
of suiting the most critical, at a moderate
cost. Call and examlno them.
Nesbitt & Bro.,
1312 Market Street, OUT Agents.
: :
The Moat Successful of American Comic ?
Operas, B
WANQ.. 0
More suprrh than ever In Its Spectacular
Matins price*-;;, W and 25 rent*. Night If
price*?tU,(?. 73 and 60 cent*. Seats on aalo ?,
at C. A. House"* Music Storo Thursday.
April R. apS
Penman Thompson's Famous Play.
The Old Homestead. J
tUn \t n nn>'Aniitnt nf C
Frnnk Thompson and Wm, Warmlngton.
The OrlKinal Old Homestead Double
Suartette. 8olect Company of Twenty?ree
Players. Wonderful Electrical Nffeet*.
Reserved seats 91.00; Admission ,75 and fio
cents. Heats on salt* at O. A. House's
Music Store Saturday. April in. ap7
Thursday. Friday and Saturday and Satunlay
matinee. April S, ?? and 1" ('oMgrove
A Orant'a comedians In the rollicking musical
farce comedy.
More dnxxllne than ever. A ?re.it cast,
comedians, singer?, dancers. NHjht prices,
in. ".V 85 and 50c. Matinee pjtces, j;,. ? ,
and ."wk- .
4 1403 Market 8treeL "
Warm mcali served in their bwt !?tyle.
Pining room* cofley and snug! All short*
order rooking. and price* reasonable. only
rmtaur.wit t hut provide* a fln?t-cl?ai*
I^udleM' and < Scnllfiuen'* Dining l'urlor. a
l'.ntranee ?n Fourteenth atreet. t1
Merchants' Dinner Daily. 35 cents.
Flret-clan? French Cher.
i nolo 8. i'KUl$AK.Llt. Proprietor.
ikiblnii i ( .iiL.Ciitii ii'ak&lsteiL
rlhouKchold gwoilH, at 1311 Main atr?*-t
TIT RE In name for Hale <hear. pn
g?tehrauorw-v- ^
Th? regular monthly meeting of th%
nromitiV t'nlon Benevolent H
to held at tho Y. M. C. A. tblu (Wed no.
lay) afternoon at 2 o'clock.
MAtf. W. J. W. COW DK.V,
ap7 Bfrrotiiry.
> ^
L By utdnir Anti-Rub Washing Prcpara-i
r tlon. will not turn the clothe
I low; will not Injure the finest fabrics. I
L 7Xa Market Siren .
? ? -? ?Q
And all Howe Cleaning Implement*.
H. r. BtHRtSS CO.,
2217 Market Strm.
One hundred dollar* reward will hr r,?M
o th? pontons, or pernor , recover]ne th.
wdy of William Falloure, who w!!
Irownetl In Wheeling creek, between c.
Market and Main street bridge*. on flay
night, March 5.
i Has moved his office and
lJ f O A ~H ir.
rcsiuence irom 1 weutn
? to 910 Main street.
Notickof dissolution OV part.
nkhbHIP?N'otJco in hereby 25m
hat the co-partnership between th?> unlertdgned
In the wooden box busln*.-*- unler
the flrnrname of "The A cm* Ho* Co?.
?anjr." carried on In the cltjr of Wheel.
ijk, Went .Virginia, has hi-^n dissolved by
'xplratlon of tho term* for which such
'o-partnernhlp wa? entered into anl no
onger exist*. The undersigned y. J. F'aric
tflll continue the busine** at th<- sam?
dace aa tliat formerly occupied \ v th?
^cmo Box. Company, and he l? 'alon*
iuthori*?d. to collect the debts due ui1
ate co-partnership. geo. b. dryden
r. F. PARK. April 6. !*
This Is to notify our patron? that th?
ollowlng. schedule of pric#-* ha* b?*n
dopted by the lee Exchange, for one yeat
rom ApcU I 1?T:
Saloons,- butchers, drug itor- .?, Ire rream
aloonx. rommlwilon houses. n?h dealer?
reamcrles and dairies, 25 cents per n
10 to 20 pounds, dally deliveries. 60 centi
er 100 pounds.
25 to 100 pounds, daily deliveries. 4" centi
>cr 100 pounds.
Hereafter no Ice will be delivered oa
j South York street. 7 rooms Jitn?
r. Ohio street, i rooms jrt.y
I Zane street. 5 rooms 10 9!
D South York street, 7 rooms and
bath 5P?
Office rooms with elevator service, hea:
.nd light, centrally locate.
Money to loan on city real estate.
beau estate agents,
Phone 6S7. 1143 Market StrwL
Extended "m
c._ td_t_
oavings oanK,
1521 Market Street.
This mmi that ail ?air tftaatitetf on
or bafara that day "HI share ?a the Jnl?
DivMead, tha hm as if dcpaiitM be for*
April 1st: Depositor* reteKf 4 par cent
a yaar aa thek qaartarty balance*.
10 shares Bank Ohio Valley.
15 shares Riverside Glass Co.
roots, bonds m wvtsTMtms.
3Iank Books,
Office Supplies,
Stationery, Etc.
lid Old
cc? *??'
Wo manufacture by tho Old rrrwv**tcam
hoal--ar?d hydraulic pro^nrr. rtTVJ
roduct Kim ran toed pure from flax?o<'J or
nnood onlj>*.
KOMPSOfl 4 CO. ?IM?>.
i any paiiu or wnite leau? ?"? " ,VM-:
uro that yotir j>hIiii<m pots Thompson?
Ml." For sale by.
1. H. CtUPMWt & SONS. '"'JT*
?.. rr* suppi'^
By vlrtuc,of a deed of a^lcntticnt
onled In Trust Hook IT. folio .<* .
ounty. \V, Va.. the iiniier*imio<l wi.l w
t public at the north front <?''
he court noose. Moundsvlllc. \N. ?
MAY 10. 1S9T. AT 10 O'CLOCK A M .
or the benefit of the creditors. *" ' !
rop*rty belonging to thr Springer ??n
Inn Company. ?* follows; ,
Two producing nil well* and one nniujw
ig gait wall, two dry well* with tit
ntf In them, four good *ub*tantl?i
i ll!", llll''' in??'iis i^>> iif. .
>*r numpft, about l.W*? feet of eaj>in*. ? ?!
ret or one-Inch and B.W0 feet
n>s? of two-Inch water, tra- an?l *?
flvc tanks with capacity for
Iltfli*. with atoeKa nn.l riles ami own;
ihi|" too numerous to mention. A
tafo out tit for till wells. Alao the h*
r acres or territory on iw
lurtonn farm, *Uu.uM in the h.-.irt ><
ho Moftornon oil field*. Also :
I'm' on Jim's Hun. nil In Marshall county.
V Vn.
TM umlers!cne<l raMrvn the right to ?"*
ourn the sale to another dny if. ? ',1"
ndjpnont, the Interest of the creditors ?<"
mini it.
Tonus of Half-Cash.
n. w iu:? k.
Assignee Sprlniier oil ami ( 0
All persons holding clnlms i?u*iln~?,
bove mimed company most present i'"'1"
i? nio at once for sotth'tunnt
N. W. UKOK, Assign*1
WhocllUR, \V. Ya., March

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