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Yesterday afternoon the Wheeling!!
defeated the team of I'lttaburgh profusions!
ball tower*. commands by
the well-known one-armed pitcher,
George England. Not only ware the
visitors defeated? they were whitewashed,
and only mi weeded In making
iwo hits off "Ked" tSurvey, and both
were seratche!?. If Garvey'a work of
y,'sterdny Ik a line on what may be expected
of him throughout the *eawon. It
N assured that he will be one of the
fluent in the business.
The Wheelings went Into the game
determined to wipe out the disunion of
Saturday's ten inning defeat, nnd they
Hiicveeded In doing Jr must adinlrubly.
r?... tvnrk of the Nullera. both It) the In
rldd and outfield, was very fine. Of the
tlirtw error*. one, that of Taylor, ivas on
h most dltllculi chance and It U'fts nut
surprising that hi* recovery w as Incomplete
and the throw to Mrst w?* lo\s-.
The work of Taylor was the feature of
the gamo. ranking with the phenomenal
work of Uarvcy In the box.
lioth McCSInultin and Curtis <JiU clean
tvork In the outfleld. and a glance at the
iuore- showing four put-out* far AleNaraara,
tella the st try >>: tho g.*"l
: >1111*9 he accomplished In right-f*rd<*n.
JK-Steen put up an excellent gatru* at
firs': base. MwsWt's work l?*hlnd the
pla:e Justified ull the ?: xjvl words that
have been spoken fur hi'm
For tin? visitors. ?he future was the
d .-i'- catch <<r a iu- iii r.'i^r: ceotre
flold by Hart and Yenffle. and the return
of che.ball to first, muklng a double
play. 'This occurred In the seventh .
~ ' 4 ? ? ?-l? Alt? t?t?f
Inning. t?arvt?y nun nuu<.?
I Curtis Mud cracked out o nice clean nUVH
g|e ind proapMt run* ?v.*s
bright Then came the most peculiar
jV- . r ' ? 'm ih-- Inland tfrimtxis.
M. i;innlss batted out u My <n short cen? ,
I ; r th.it teamed to deep for Hart nnd
I too short fur YfBgte, the o?*i?tre fielder.
I In face It had the ear-mark* of it base
I hit Hart mad* a gr^t sprint for Che
I ball, hut ivqs short about half a foot.
I The Spalding struck his outstretched
hand and bounded out. It went up In
I the air* and wonderful to relate, settled
In Yeagle's hand ami wu? an out Cur
n?. on tirsl. uw Hart miss the rty ond
I m one* sprinted for second. When YeaI
pie threw to first for the doublu, Curtis
I ?i!> .1 very surprised young man, as
n'-iy l>e easily imagined.
Th<> game started off In rather ar un
premising way, from the Wheeling
I point of view. Doneghy drew free transI
porta Hon and Garvey failed to handle
I lUggerty's grounder. Another base on
I filled the base* Then Hori sent a
h->t liner to short, which Taylor caught
In beautiful style and ran to secona. n(ir(n?t
ffnjrcerty. Then he sh?>* the hall
?v. r to McStetn. but just it'second too
lute for what would have fweH a greut
triple play. As It was. Taylor had a
?k>uble to his credit unarmed. TIv
lnnlns was *nded by McMlHen belni;
rvtired from Ktmh to McSte-n It wa.? u
narr >?v escape. Hut for Tat'olr* lucky
dnuble the visitors would surely havo
ecorod one or more runs.
In the Wheeling half of the same lnninir
Curtis l.-<i off wltii .? bounder to
MeMlllen. which that plrfvcr- handled
cltin, but nwd'- at. a.viol mid throw
to Hagjrerty. Before the ball had been
to the dUriJwral. ClRtlS VU
perched on third. McGlnjiiss waa an
ut. hut on Taylor's InflHd hit. Ctirtis
was canffh: and retired on the lines t> tweet
t - i: > i and home. Messitt ended
th* Inning by nrlkinK out.
Thi sevex U InnlpKi that follow< until
the sixth, brought nonr of the play
- i- .1 In m< ftlxth, however,
th-> Nailers made their killing and won
t'it> game. On Brodl"'* error. Curtis
went to ?econ?l and i moment later ad -
.iti*t.*?! to third i?n a passed ball by
V!- .1
br ?k?? out with that old cry. "The best
.atcht-r ??n -arth." Bu: that didn't bot'ir
Mitchell?nothing fazes that tr-sh
v unjr mitr .iumuiuiiki .... ..... ..
single. scoring Curtis with th" first rurt
of tin g ime amid much enthusias n
Taylor was arf olil to Mo.Vtilien, but
Metsltt unci Lyon* ..opfcelrt j
r^putatictr or :h?* Ne'# England
gut. by pi.ik lie alngles apW
Ktvss was the second out. advancing
Lyons to aecond, Johnson fumbled
Mctfteen"* grounder. and by dar!
unn . M sltt in1
Lyons cam'* ncrow the p*in. bringing
the rum uj> to the tour mark. McN'lmara
ended the Inning by fanning
. ul
As stated a Sove, the two JjiQi ma.'" off
Harvey were scratches. The first was
ide in tin -: xt!: by BrgSle: and
trcond occurred In tho fnlKiwin*; inning
i?nd was made by Yeagl-. Vvho hit to
Tjj-1 r at deep short field. It was n
hard chance, but Taylor made th? stop
all right. but could not r*oov**r in tlnvIt
an accurate throw. Wh*n the l?<ii
reached McSteen the runner was at tho
'urtl*. cf 4 1 1 2 1 "
* ?' - " * ' i ? a ?t o
.ti'.itimiiBP. ?i... -? .7 - . ,
Taylor. M ? 0 " ' 1 1
M???ltt. r t 1 2-0-3 I "
i,vor.?, lb J 1 I . JL- 1 " 1
K rr*i*. 2b " ' '
Mrfi(o#n. Ih 3 0 11 0 II 1 "
McNammrm. r(.. 3 ft J " J ? ?
iitrvi-y. p 3 0 ft _0 0 3 _1
Total* c i s a 5 IS :
1MTTS AH. I!. Bit. Bll, TO. A. K.
I-iwthy. 31) 2 ? 'l -"t ; ? '>
IfKimr, lb ... 3 0 0 It 5 H I ft
i:ro<ll<\ If 1 ? 1 *? J ' '
Mart. p. ? J ' J
M<-Mill*n. 2b... 1 " " " 3 ?
Wtchrll. < < " ? " i 5
V. .?!? cf 3 0 1 0 2 - ?
Woodward, rf ... 3 " 0 0 2 o 0
ol,n?on, |? I 0 ft 0 . 0 ^3 1
Total 1 1 'I 2( 13 3
"SI - ft n 0 <r ? 4 0 0
1 i 11.? o 1 0 1 0 ?-?
' ft ft 0 0 0 ft 0 0 0-0
fff?? 0 O 0 it 0 1 10 0?2
?h run*. WbftUiiK ' Dojibl? pliers*
T i -lor iinauiiiml: Curtis. Mcnu?ltt and J.y
V-xKl? and Ikm^cliy. Hnrt W?kI.i'
! Ilaejcrty. lUiu-* "f> hall*. r_
vrv i 11 Kjnrxhv. liro'llo and McMillan):
V John?on 1 (Owy). Htrurk out. by
! '. . iIwifbT and Y? ;ik!' ); by Johri- n
K (M^Mltt. Kr#?*. MrNamara 2. <Sarpa?*M
ball. Mitchell. Wild pitch.
?;tirv?y Tim*'. Ilia. Went htr cold ConMi'
iilavlnir ttnld. ffiiiddt'. I'm Dirt'.
'lortSor ' ' ________
Th^ third and final jfame of the *orlo?
! (n-o?n (i'-ortee England'* tram of Pitt*"i.-gh
pn.fr-^lonal* nnd the Wh^Hns
^ Bicycles.|
No rxprrimenti to pay for, and no
freak vitxi to be exploded by u%r.
. . . . xnrMth&fl
ft ! <
Tfc ||
Min iff
TmyktM in
Ml ?:<
Fitly Yetrs A|0. il!
Oraudfathe r'a hat t And wlthta It yea itr, w
ttrandfathrr'a favorite cough remedy. Ho
Whether '(was Asthma, lroachitla or '*<
Croup. '
Or baby at night waked the home with a Hi
whoop, laWith
Ayer'a Cherry Pectoral Craa'ther mi
waaaitre |,?
-That oo cold or cough would e'er fait of a t,
hat* the atylea change, but the recorda lit
wilt ahow Ho
Cough* are cured at they were lO^aaraago, -Jj.1
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral ,,
baa no equal as a remedy for gj
coughs, oolds, and lung dis- y.
eases. Where other soothing j!f
elixirs palliate. Ayer's Cherry m
Pectoral heals. It is not a
choap oough syrup, which '
soothes but does not strength- "!
en; it is a physician's oough <ia
remedy, and it cures. It is "f
put up in large bottles, only, j',1
for household use. It was cti
awarded the medal at the Hj
?*j._ n.: m *1.-..
w onu a r tui ui uiuui>jr - j
It baa a record of
50 Years of Cures* :
Inter-stste team will take place this afterfloon
at 3:30 o'clock. Baker will pr>tii- i
ably pitch for the home tram, while
Woodward will be in the point* for the i
victors. He it was who pitched in the j
same last Saturday, when the local* lost
Ic ten inning*. An exulting gam** Is i
sure to be witnessed. The playing Held .'
will be In better Fhape this afternoon. a*
George Kndiand, the ono armed pitcher, *
will p]xo pitch.
O'Rrien. the first baseman. ia expected
to arrive this afternoon. His appearance *<
will strengthen the team, though McSteen
put up an entirely satisfactory j
game at the Initial bag yesterday. M
It Is questionable If Whaley would put he
up n? satisfactory a game at short as mi
Bill Taylor Is putting: up Just now. And w.
he's a stronger hitter, toe.
Mr. Herrington's two little children ftC
havi? made quite a hit with the grand
stand patrons. They are In the cushion ?'
business and are hustlers in their line, th
Another thing?they're good rooters for >*?
"papa's boys." sb
? pr
It J# likely Colonel Domlnlck Morris pi
wil be re-appointed custodian of the th
peace at the ball park for this season. Tl
His friend* were urging his appoint- fn
mcnt on Manager Coyle yesterday se
Domlnlck'* stentorian tones strike terror
in the heart of the small boy be- Oi
hind the fence, and in case of a rum- or
pus. l.? a police force In himself. His re- J?
appointment would And favor with the be
"fan?." ikJ
Secretary William Fette, of the South *j
SidA Row line League, has computed the w,
averages for the season's work. ami the
l'a.?t that can be wUd ]? that thf? South *,J
Hlderr have had the most successful sea- "j
( hirlx?.tr?brt?r. ^ ,li
President Soutn Mae isovninR u-hkuo. ..
- in of league bowling ?*ver had In Wheeling.
Not only ha* the league passed Jj{
through Its season *>f twenty-one weeks r.'
without a postponed gam?\ hut thf Intercut
ha* never for a moment lagged. Th?;
standing of the club* at the flnlth Is as N
follows. IlHrvf.it having beaten uut Ran- jj"1
dy B<*os for third position, for which they
were tied at the finish:
T'-ani". Won. Lost. Pt. A v. 'J1
Famous 4fl 17 .7?> >-7'> Js
Ti.IhI Wave* zt :t . 19 Mr? n<
Harvest & .?? xg* >>'
ItanJy lloos > Z'< .tftf M7 ?%r
Aurora* Z\ .<t*/ Si*,
Mall J'ourh 77 :r, .^.-9 ku,
< Vramlm 1M 39 ..>1 K.*rj
Aber-Nlt 11 Lz 17i ',Ji
The Individual average ucrc as fol- u,
lows: _
I'lnyer. Team Average. Games. '
Rahr. Tl-lul Wavrs l.y, ?? R
<*<imphelf. Fnmwfi 2~ "J
*Sus. WHtxel. Famous i;,7 M nt
Manwhncr. Famous \'f, ?5 R
Jackson. Auroras IVi CI "
.. .... U.rvNl i;,4 is if
(>'N?U1. Kati'ly Boo# ?M M .
Hall. Famou* ??* ? 1
Knotc. Famou*... V; *
I. F-'tt's (Viamlc*? 1 - * ; Tl
H< HrbroiiKh. Mall I'ouch 1G 3
(*rav?-r. Randy Hooil ] '? 7-'
Nolle. Mail Pouch... 161 jd
Hch#-?*hlf. Mu" Pouch J '1 ?
Si-hl. l, llarvot w
rjiiiiKhan, Harv??t j? m
W. butrr, f>ramic? JJJ -J ,
Ilowlln, Famou* J?* * J7
Arndt. (Uindy Iloo* m?
11 and Ian. Karnou* ;;{ cu
Haxl' t t. Tidal Wave* 147
Shrvr. Karvfut J* 'J .
8? a mon. Harv#?*t {? : *?
Turkt-r. Alwr-NIt JJJ "J
Mil It, Mall Pouch .. j? * nf<
F. Hraah. Randy IJooa i? w
Y.nkf. Tidal W?v? *? &
J Fctt*. Tidal v? jJJ J?
Hosl??y. F?mou? '?
il|r?wlli|t*r, lUnWl ^ ||r
W. I;ra*li. Randy ffoo? H-j l;.
KbHlruc. Mall Pouch ?- ?? h
Roth. Aurora* JV; 2i
Warner. Aurora" ]?
nnixt, ivuiimjt - dl
}trftt. Aurora* 1"
1 la u in a tin, Ilsn'*'!
Rox?. Mull Pouch 54/1 Ai
Wotift,' f ultfl-.r.* .. I?" *3 T)|
Patt#r*on. Tl?UI WavM IS* g.
Lone. ItAtidy Moo* jf
littahfrftr. Tlilol VVbvw 13; 5-'
Martin. Orarnlr* I IT IS CI
8t*vnt*on. K?mouii .. 13?I 12 t??
H< hro^lT. Ominl''* 13* .*,1
Nnnkmnn, Mall l'ou< h IH 3*
llnrMtiiiari. Aiironfr U?
\V?*rnuth. Auroiu* .. .. ..... fT? J*' foi
Hunir'Tman. Oritmk* !.;? 67 HV
IicMirtJKk'''. TJdal Wave* 5il 12 |Y>
S< lir? i??-. Aurora.* .. lit W
Muff. Alwr-NU I? IS
Turner, Kandv flon? 132 to
Ftftif. Kin'ty TioiiA* t- T)
HrhultS. Oramk* Ml II .
Kruiix. M?? Pouch 131 Zt tn
AwDrr. Ahrr-Ml !> *?
HorlnB#r, Hmdv l?oo* iw .Cl u,
Krlrt'-r. Tidal Wavo* VM 21
*Mimu|bach. Famous i?*
flhel, Aurora# , *129 i2 to
ha far, A#br-Nlt 12!? !?
ly, Aurora* ir.? ?
irtnlns. Tidal WaviN 11K
ihtf, A bar-Nit I2N
ill. Ilumly lloo* ISK "I
itun. Kurnnim I.'7 U i
)lif?t?*ttcr. A??br-NH 1-7 f>". !
iinnon. A!nil I'ourh 127
Ivmteln, oratnlca l?l Li
nni*y. PiBloiKi ?'? ?'
ik*r, Harv*?t li.*. IS
awl, Tldnl Wtven 1J4 *
i? WVItaH, Famous 171 ii
ilnvr, Aber-Nlt in 4s
Ivor, AIkt-NU 113 5'
iber, O-ruinlr* m i;
iirrln, Tidal Wave* 122 a
mnliiR, Aurora* ll!i 3
uIhoii, Curamlcit 117 ?
C. Fete*. Harvest 1H !<
hulta. Ab*r-Nlt 114 !
tin. Randy Boo* 112 3
ihnkf, Bandy Uoox 11<? 3
ilfh, Aebr-NIt loy ii
brooder, Ab?r-Nlt HCi 1.*.
IIlkl>V. IlAtlilv Knm I (14 - !
alter*. Aber-NIt 104 SI
hau. Mull Pouch lfll 3
)fr?ulor, Aurorun w 3
Die game* for third ponlrion, between
wveit and Randy IJoot, were bowled
<t nlflu and Harvmt took two without
uch exertion. The noore was um folffcRVEST.
Int. I'd. Total.
anion 133 144 277
uinRcr 175 lift 2!K
malum i:it it;.* >'.
lenH 1*7 173 S?i0
. Kelt* 145 140 2M ,
In J 141 H* ?? ,
Total* M vw 1744
INDY BOOS. Int. 2d. Total.
. Hranh ttl li>4 187
ilf 137 111 24#
ihnke Ill M 1"M 1
liter l!w 144 324
ankey 141' 1? l'7l
Ind 115 1*1 -:m
Totals s.TS 'US KH)
.Tmpli>?Patterson. Scorer*?Webster
id C. Noltr.
rhe prises are to b?* /riven next Thur*,y
evening and will have the ptaistng
cornpanlment of a f'*ui?t tendered the
xyerw by Colonel William Fette, of the
irvent Horn.- alley*, the gonial find eftl. nt
secretary vf the league. The prlza
nr.era are a* follows:
ream prixen:
First?Famous, |25.
Seoond?Tidal Wave, 520.
rhlrd?Harvest, 810.
fourth?Randy Book. 85.
Individual average prises:
Famous?Gu? WeiUel, 157. 8*.
Hdol Wave?Rahr. 158, $4.
Harvest?William Fotte, 1?4. $4
Randy Booa-*-Craver, 1.12, 84.
Aurora?Jackson. 156. $4.
Hall Pouch?Nolte, 151. 8?
_>namic*?L. Fett?r. 152, 84.
fcber-Nlt?Tucker, 144, 84. I
Highest Individual wore?Craver. RanBoos.
85. I
llghwt average of leuv --?Rahr, Tidal
ave, 83. _____
ftps Mil Mtsfcap* l? U? Thriving Olff
AeroM tha Ktr*r.
Last nlfht tho annual meeting of the ,
artln's Ferry fire department wai I
Id In the Opera house. About forty
embers were present ana me meeting
as a very satisfactory one throughit.
Considerable business was transtod.
Hatisfactory reports wore re- ,
ived from the different committees
id officer* and sll were pleased with
e reports made. These reports
lowed everything to he In first class
ape. and this pleased the members
went The old officers, who have 1
oven very faithful, were re-elected,
es* being: Dr. A. R On*, chief;
lomas H. Green, assistant chief; Alpd
Harris, treasurer; Thomas Pugh,
At the close of the meeting Dr. A. 71.
ig, who has served as chief since the
ganlxatlon of the Martin's Ferry flr?j
partment. announced that the memr
had a now place to eat and he Invlti
every man present to go to his res!nce.
where he would endeavor to enrtaln
them. The Invitation was ten red
In a most graceful manner and
1 went to his comfortable residence
i North Fourth street, where they
?re beautifully entertained.
This part of the programme was a
irprise to the tire laddies, but wa* a
ust agreeable one, and all left much
eased with the entertainment and
Try that every member of the departent
did not share In the enjoyment.
Tin riiu Orcaulzril.
The University Association class orinlzed
at the high school building last
ght with ft membership of fifty, and
ith !h?* following officers: President.
, K. McComba: vice president. Miss
le Copenhaver; secretary. Miss Mage
Ralston: assistant secretary. Jam?>s
veeney. treasurer. Charles K. W1IU
ms; music committee. Miss Laura
\artz. Mrs. R. R. Kerr and Miss Jene
Lytle. Thomas Mitchell was electI
loader for the first week.
KInImI Otflrci*.
Last night the general circle of King's
aughter* elected officers as follows:
rs. Frank McCarty. president: Mrs.
R. McClure. vice .president: Miss
irah Gray, treasurer; Mlsa Lillian
pan. secretary. The delegates electi
to the state convention, which meets
: Akron are Mrs. George W. Reeec
id Miss Lillian Dean.
Dfitta of Mra. NcAmImcI*.
Mrs. Rachel McAnlnch, aged 62 years,
ed on Sunday night at the family resence
on Zane street after a lingering
ness with tuberculosis of the bowels. ,
ie wan the widow of the late James
cAnlnch. who was a well known Iron {
r?rker and a Mason. She was born In |
ew Jersey in 1835 and the family came ,
Martin's Ferry from Pittsburgh In
75. The surviving children are Hen\
Mrs. Pet*r Ferrang. Oliver, and
unes. The Uereased was a sister of i
imea and Thomas Kobblns. The fu>ral
will take place this afternoon at 2
clock. The Interment will be at Rlv- ,
Tha Lrctnrr Court*.
The lecture course at the M. K. church
uler the auspices of tho Epworth
pague will be as follows: April 22, <
ev. Russell H. Poi>e, D. P., subject.
\s Others See Us;'* May 11, musical 1
id literary entertainment: May 17,
ev. A. W. Adkinson. Huhject, "The
and of Yesterday and To-day:" May
Rev. J. M. Stultx. D. P., subject,
rho Battle of Gettysburg;" Jim* 10. ,
fv. w. 1?. blarney, nuujcvt, ,v uvu,t,;
ilk on Home and Home*."
Martin'* Ferrr Rrlifk.
William Buttock had one nf hi* tin rs
badly injured while at work on
III No. 4 nt tho Aetna-Standard yesrdav
and will be off some tim<-. Kdard
Thomas. of mill No. 17. had his leg
it and is laid up In consequence.
Mrs. r,eor*:e Tweedy. who has been :
rk with typhoid fever, is able to be
>out the house. Mrs. Tweedy whs
k (hre?? week*. Iter son has been 111
ith the name disease for nineteen
Two of tne new tin pots at thn Laughi
were put In operation lust nlslit.
very thine will boon by to-night. With
ip new additions this Is one of tho
ost complete mills In the United
An enjoyable hop was given at the
Membly last nlaht. Music was fur- '
Mhetf by the Oriental mandolin club,
vrral out of town people attended.
The suit of Wllllurn M. Lupton vs.
iarbn and Jennl* Burkle. set far yonrday
befor" 8f|Ulre Theo. Koller, was
tiled before It came up for trial.
Peck Souders, who was hurt at Pitts. .
trail la*! *??? "5 ?
'in* while palntlnit. la homo and will
main until he * '? wrtl- !
The newly elected iiBMfm will have
atiDrar before lh? county auditor on ,
luriday at 10 o'clock ami receive their
The new < ounrll will organize on Salday
Th- people our town are all *oln*
|.u* CI^?hln*.^?ioea and Mattlaaa at
/\ a M?nr
f AV
- 30
1' ' II \ ' j^^Hj"r*t,uKhl
1 I'\< x\ (^^ JnjTVfs.
/ \ Bother women wbo
/f ' miifht be happy, ex?
* 1st in constant misery
f 4 I i ;wilb served strained
I I ) (aluioit to the snap1,1
pini point by rant
/ / II '.disease or derangeA
' 11 ment peculiar to
VN I \ their iri. The* fail
\ ^1 to realire, pertiapn.
> what i* the cause of
9 ^ " (all their wretched/
? \ nesa and weakness.
I Or thev shrink from
' IOC uiuiumj HiEiHwu
of " local treatment,"
which ! tiler ell generally uailesa.
All women should know that Dr. Pierce s
Favorite Prescription it a ^perfect unfailing
specific for their delicate ailments. It cures
naturally and scientifically bv removing the
internal source of the difficulty. It restores
health and strength both to the special organism
and the entire nervous system. It
it the most wonderfa) builder* op of energy
snd nerve force for young women and
prospective mothers.
It is the only medicine of it* kind prepsred
by a regularly graduated physician, a
killed, experienced specialist. Dr. Pierre
has been lor nearly thirty years chief consulting
physician of the Invalids' Hotel and
Surgical Institute, of Buffalo, N. Y. Any
woman may consult him either personally
or by letter, free of charge.
Br. Pierce's wonderful free book. "The P*o?
nff>'( Cum mod K/ntr Mrdlrll Adriur "ill thoil
auti and eight-nage volume, containing * clear
einlanation of tne human phyniolnjfv with much
information melally important for women.
Orer yoo ilJuafratioos. II wfll be went paper*
bound, absolutely free, to any one who aenda >t
rent* in one-ernt %tamp? to pay the coat of mailins
<M/r AddreM. World's Diapentarr Medical
Auociatlon, Buffalo. N Y. If handaome durable
cloth bound binding U preferred, tend ten
Ctntt more (31 cent* in all), to pay the extra coat
South'* new storo, Twelfth street.
Tho Junior Mechanics ftro much
( leaned with the sermon of Rev. W. J.
Williams ut tho Episcopal church on
Samuel Hoaton ha9 put up a beautiful
Iron fence in front ?>f the new residence
of Miss Minnie Watson, on Fourth
George W. Davis and Miss Margaret
r. Iturkle were married on Sunday evening
by Rev. Dr. J. W. Robblns.
Theodore Moor* Is making a number
uf substantial Improvements at his residence
on North Fourth street.
Quite a number of Martin's Ferry people
will attend th?? stock sale on the
Pine Valley stock rarrn to-uay.
John and Lizzie Plnkerton hurled
their seven-weeks-old son. Paul ('hapman.
at Rlvervlew yesterday.
Misses Alpha and Kate Davis, who
hav? beon visiting here. returned to
Pultney Bottom yesterday.
Henry Oauding, of the Commoner and
Glassworker, haa returned from an extended
trip in the phhi.
Rev. PancoABt has returned from New
Alexandria anil Brilliant, where he
preached on Sunday.
The Belmont brick works ball club
wants to play the Eclip??? club on Saturday
A business meeting of the Epworth
Leagur will be held at the M. E. church
this evening.
With ticket M7 R P. A Mender drew ?
fine suit of clothes at Joseph Jacobs'
and is happy.
Mary S. McMasters, of Ml. Pleasant.
ha? b??en granted an original widow's
Mr*. 11 P. Allender has returned from
ji week's vlult with relatives at Pittsburgh.
Alex Linn is moving his family from
Pasco to his property on Hanover
stride t.
Dr. O. H. Fennarh was fined $200 and
costs at Cadiz for violating local option
Lyman Hnnes returned to Pittsburgh
yesterday aft?*r a brief visit with his parents.
Carl Baker is able to be out aft>?r an
eight weeks' sickness with typhoid ffver.
Mrs. Charlotte Davis, son and brother.
returned to Benwood yesterday.
Mrs. Frank Masters. ?-i Dlllonvsle.
was in Martin's Ferry yesterday.
If you want a first clasi Iron fence at
a low price go to S. H, Heat on.
Charles Whltten, of Whltten's Landing.
Is visiting friends here.
The newly elected township officers
were sworn in yesterday.
Llewellyn Lewis will return from
Shawnee to-day.
Common pleas court will convene on
April 26.
IIALL'S Hair Renower enjoya the
confidence and patronage of p?-uplc ail
over the civilised world, who use It to
restore and keep the hair a natural
color. _
WE see South'# new store on Twelfth
Btre^t will be open on Wednesday. April
14. They have u new stock of Clothing.
snoes ana .\ouoni i nvy menu *p?*rlnl
Invitation to Bridgeport people to
CONSTIPATION* Is a deadly enemy
to health; Burdock Blood Hlttern In a
deadly enemy to constipation. 3
PROF. FIELD'S worm powder# aold
on a guarantee; try (hem; at druggist*.
NOT only acute lung trouble*, which
may prove fatal In a few days, tout old
rhronlc cough* and throat trouble
may receive immediate relief and b<?
permanently cured by Ono Minute
Cough Cure. Charles R. Goetze. corner
Market nnd Twelfth street*; Howie &
Co.. Bridgeport; Peabody & Bon, Benwood.
New Goods.
Fresh stork of all kinds of Mlllinrrv
on Tuesday at 1145 Main
Will be found in the Gymnasium,
Y. M. C. A., during the
Bicycle Show.
1210 MAIN SfRCU. 1
Geo. E. St
Easter V
Full of desire, am
eventful advent of
to that day, whieli i
and beautiful sprin
and after Easter w
' f??1l onetMtnn ??*?!
U Hill Watlllliv, J '
incidentals, such as
Linen Department. \
Offer* many bl* value* needful Ju?t nowjj
for the replenishing of hounelwld linen*,\
towels, sheet*, spread*, and pillow caaes.J
Especially amonp: them la on* lot of full-5
*i*ed Hemmed Crochet Qullta?elegant#
pattern.**?a t C
79c. S
which In a regular dollar value. c
Our largo ?rixe Crepe Towel au s
15c 5
1* the cheapest towel In the city. *
Utieu mid Mohawk Muslin Sheets /indS
Pillow Cases, ready made, for JuatS;
about the cost ??f the muslin. /
Table Linens.
Exceptional pood lines a* (
25c to 75c
in white and red; also, extra wide no-4){
whit- l>amask. suited for ihe new widthS
tables. Matched ?et* of hemntltched/
cloth and dozen napkins, at from r
$5.50 to $25.00 Per Set i
To close out quid
Silk (jimp. Just ri
Trimmings in Perj
Ribbon Trimmings
a yard, for the oni
Also at the same c
I'.itffnnt ivnrt* ?It* (i
WMUV"") "v,v - J
Geo. E. St
Health?Wealth? and JJopplne** by ronRultlng
Prof Charles 3d. Leon. th? rolebraltJ
Clairvoyant anil Trance Medium.
ili' will read your future without mistake.
(llve? valuable Information on all
affair* of lift. Prof. Leon has been pronounced
the world over n? tho greatest
Clairvoyant In the 19th century. Through
his aid and advice a great tnany people
havH i.mh made happy. Ho overcomes
your enemies. wmovw family troubles. restores
loat affections, causes marrlasa
with the one you lor?\ ...... ,
Remove* ?vll lnfluonc ?r. had habits, and
trill alve vou correct Information on lawsuits,
Ulvor^o. lost friends. .-to
Never falling advice to young peopl* on
marriage and how to choose a husband
or wife for hapj.tneas. and what business
U best adapts for speedy rlchas.
Mining Stocks speculation a specialty.
Alto rives Indlspeiulble advice to young
ladles on love. courtship and marriage,
and tell* whether your lover Is true or
false and dute of marriage. Thousands
have consulted him nnd found that his aid
and advice led to prosperity and happiness.
){ advertise* nothing hut what he can
do and does not wish to he classed with
tho many ctw>?P pr?m4?n round In cy.ry
pitv All who are In trouble, whose fond
deceived and disappointed by falae prediction*
of others. before rlvlnir up In despair
are Invited to call and ba convinced of the
above statement without <May. JIundredt
of Demon* have an evil influence around
them that they know nothlnr about.
Hometlmee it I* cauted by other prr?on?:
wS'ttmw It oom<-? of Com. and
have It ramoved and happlneaa and *ue<o??
will follow Bu?ine?* Ktrlctly confidential
people living out of city wishing
to Know particular* as to term*, ctc., enCoS?
anS &M2& ?W rh.pl.
A mmliiK of the tookholdera of tli?
York Manufacturing Company will bo h*ld
on Tueiwlay, Arpll 2U. nt on* o'clock
p. m., at the ofllcn of Hubbard & Hubbard.
No. 1421 ChapMne *triet. in ihe city of
Wheeling. W. Va.. for th*? purpoe* of electing
a bowrd of director*. making by-lawn
and transacting any other bunlnees which
may arise.
c. \v. jEPFKna
ap<M3 Corporator*
I; lot of Malo and F"malo Canarle* at
treot. fel5
O 10 ?hare? Wheeling Title and Truet Co.
"l Whltaker Iron Worka bond.
CO Bharea Wheeling Steel and Tron Co.
H> Rharea Oerman Fire /miurance Co.
CO ehares Wheeling Railway Co.
2 Wheeling Tottery bond*. 6 per cent
3 Wheeling Steel Se Iron Co. C p. c. bond*
?0 *hnrofi Relialre Strel Co
E0 ahoro* Wheeling Bridge Co.
b Hhnrrx Kxchanrw nana.
H H. IK WIN. Uroker, a Twelfth St.
HIT Hunk llnlldlnc. ""> SI.
10 share* Bank Ohio Valley.
IS shares Riverside Glass Co.
IX(N4VGt Bm IU N 01*..
tho city; Ury* mid plant? of light;
centrally located in bf?t adverttfied building
in the cit7. Al?o Unto hall for rent.
Apply at IIUu CLOTHIERS. Fourteenth
and w*rkei atreeta JUl
O. E. BTIFRL it CO. _
ifel & Co.
icipatlon and preparation for tha
Eastertide. Every lady looks forth
livides somber winter from glorious
g. For the immediate festivities of
c have everything in dress lino, bo
ket, shirt waist, or any of the many,
i veils, ribbons, gloves, purses, ctc.
Boys' Blouse Waists.
Several odd l!n??j? (Hllfchtly aoi W In <Maplaying),
containing urhlto and colored
percales, ttylet, at
Mothers' Friend
Boys' Waists.
N1S97 f?tyle? In white ajxl colors,
wtth *yar:ati detachable colHtr*, In ail
sizes, aido wuistrt with shirt boson front.
Infants' Department,
^Special Jin'1? of Sljp?, HkJrta and
|U/ro;>jK.'?, aisu sun aiui * ?uMimmn i iiun ivesta,
Booties. Socks and Shoes, colored
and whh?\ MULL liATS, CAPS and
! DIAPERS on sale at our In&aU' department.
;. We've several hundred yards o!
ight for cloth suit trimming. Drop
ian and plain; also Marabough and
, worth irom i&c a yard up 10 $1.50
: pricc?
8c A YARD.
oiinter seven lines of Pearl and Jet
0 63c a dozen, for
;ifel & Co.
serond-hand bookoa*#, forlaw^book*.
woflifu cneap. /luurcra n. v. sm., ?n>
man a* traveling- salMtnan or In
xtore or oAlois Strictly temperate, good
aUdrens, Htroi.jr and not ufrald of work.
ExcHlent reference. Addrets HUSTLER,
lnti-HiK*m-er otnee. t?Lm
400 per cent profit. S3 to T> a day aure.
Every man and woman a poealble cua*
tomer. Bond silver dime for 25c sample.
CHICAGO COUPON CO.. Chicago. a pi*
?| Indelible Check Perforator; retails
at JO.00; large commission. WESLEY
MFG. CO . >i Park Row. New York. ap3*
N<?. to handle a necessity for alt lines
of retail trade. fi.oo per day and widmki.
I.ljrht sample*. Addree* HOL., 3^3 Market
etreet. Philadelphia. P>. ?PS
Agents wanted in evert
county to ?ell the only authentic etory;
of the Hatfleld>McCoy feud. Sell# for 16c.
Good nay to active worker*. For term?
and territory write BARCLAY A CO.,
Publlehert. Cincinnati, O. mrg-tthAa
T? man to sell and collect In a cood
country town near Wheeling; aleo 1 man
for Wheeling end vicinity. Call on or
dreea Til E SINGER MFG. CO.. 70 Twelfth
street. Whaling. W. Va. apfrtthAe
FOR rent.
1 In the City Rank Uuildlng. Inquire at
Thm cif* Vmtik nf M'healfn* mitt
Hotel for rent and furniture
in kftmr for m!? cheap. En- 1
qttir* of H. T. Howell or W. V. Campball,
Ohio. Wiy7
5 floom* anil Haiti 100? Main ?t.? f'4?.
0 ItiMiini, with hall aitd bath, 100* Slain
St., 9*3.
4 Umonuam Itlanil, ?.
JA4I1SH uiuwiRr.
Rnl Kftateand lUal KitatolM* AgtMfi
1063 WtmHrwt.
1" pOH RKNT.
' Month.
4 room*, cottac*. 2R Kentucky .....111 00
3 thrte-roomtd irnriiMnU, 62 Main it.. C 00 J
Z ihreo-roomed tonrmentc. CA Main *U. 8 SQ
1 fotjr-room*d ttmemont, 70 Main ft.... a W
2 wtoro room* ami c*llara, 04 Main at..* 10 W
ti rooms So. 1011 Morrow street lu 00
Lot* No. 3 and l" Baltimore ?t.. |S*1 eh.
Lot* In R. IL Cllloapy'a addition. H'V? <*ach.
mall-tf R. H. GILLE8PT.
OtIW S^H-ond ward Market bouaa.
-A \ ^
Tha Htat# Board of Health will rout In
< nnriAHion .ipru ?tj, it, ami u, (irukiiuw,
for tho examination of applicant* for th?
board's Certificate tn practice In the ?tata?
N. D. BAKER. M. D..
_.tnrl7 Secretary State Board of Hwlth.
NBltfMlP-Notlre t? hereby given
that the co-partn?r*hlp bo t ween the urv.
<ler*l*ned in the woodan box buxlnera, under
the firm name of "The Anno Box Com*
pany." oarrled on In the city of WheelIrifr.
Writ Virginia. h4i been dlasolved by ;
expiration of the term* for which euch
co-partnership we* enteral Into and no
lohRcr exist.-. tiio undersigned v. j. rarr
will continue the hurt nest* at the **m?
place an that formerly occupied by th?
Acrno Hox Company. and be |? alone
authorised In eoilect lh<? drbt* <5t>* Mi<fc
Int* co-partnership. (?KO. U. PRYPEN,
J. K. I'A KK. April &, 1W7. ^
R. K. Giffen & Co.,
Sucoaon to jamcs Lr angle*
To My Friend* and Patroni.
Havlnf closed out my bu*tnees to the
reliable mid well known Arm or R- K.
?jlff??n A Co.. I tak* thin method of thankIn*
my friend* and th* trad* it?n*rally
for the kind j.?trona?a
in the paau end ??W for my fit * t WWR8
the liberal patron*** h#r?tofor? a*
lorded wc. Vary reepecitally,

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