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fcV. ?
That is Cavorting About Over the
Western Count rv.
Or,M UMl?Tkaf hr nv OM-ltr?a|?
Mffcti AlliMt AUMUM latlMkwti
BHMiiTtWM, -4 Knlto ImMwU mi
Mm W?Wly CUjr-Pitfc Ha?gk? Uw At.
UWlr, lai n*ry.
CHICAGO. April ir-Th?t "air ship'
has bm Mn assin-iiiat is. In this vicinity.
to b* surr. It was slau awn Ir
Xaakakcr. Mount Carroll and o(l?i
plaor* at the sain* tlmr. but thr propU
* *" -'** ? n mlalaVnn
IB UJWW Clliew muH h><? ?.
or else there tea. whole flock of sir ablpi
: cavorting about through the heaven*
The real "air hip." tb? om? that was
aeen here. seems to have a fondness for
Ev&nston. for that classic city enjoyed
Its sreood eight from an orchestra seat
while Chicago strained Ita eyes from th?
second balcony. There Is no doubt thai
Evans ton saw something, and what els*
could It be but an air ship? There is
also no doubt that Cvanstou was t<*
?tcited? and inside the four mile limit
Ths first man who saw It gave th?
alarm. Tbe alarm spread, and within
half an hour the streets were crowded
with excited people, with their facet
turned up to th? sky.
In Chicago tn?* excitement was not m
great, but hundreds are willing to make
affidavit that It wasn't a vagrant stat
whose sole mission Is to convince rnunkind
that the problem of aernal navigation
has been solved. Men who work ai
night climbed to the roofs of sky scr??;>
ers and gaaed at the strange sigbl
throush Held glasses, marine glanses
amoked glasv ? Officer 8tev* Howon
went up on the Cireat Northern ?heate>
roof garden and looked at It \\<- *a>*
It la a diamond detective's Btar that wffl
be presented to blm for making th<* arruet
of a 'atrong-arm" woman the oth'*r
nlffit. Democrat* were convinced It
wa a a resplendent platter contalnlnc appointment*
to city offices Various newspaper
men. stal<l. aober J mtlbli, ai
other time*, wouldn't go homo on their
regular nlicht cars, but hung around until
daybreak Just to aee th?' end of ih?
The light was flrat seen In the heavens
about t o'clock. It waa apparently cloaer
to Ev&naton than to Chicago. it?
first visit to Bvanaton waa on April 3,
That nijrht Chicago didn't get a gllmpw
of It.. It waa aeen at ?:40 o'clock, going
weat-north west. The light waa ver>
bright, more like an electric light thar
any other, and gave out curious flasho;
at Interval*. It ww apparently onequarter
of a mile high At S:U it
mounted high In the heaven* and tvai
soon loot to aight.
Ivuatratuu Who law It.
Friday night's appearance of the phenomenon
at Evanston gave rise to si]
manner of speculation In that suburb
Most of those who have read and laughed
at the accounts from Nebraska. Kansas
and Iowa, about the supposed airship
which has been taking a Jauni
about thooe localities did not think If
any lapghlng matter. Those who witnessed
the passing of the lights in th<
heavens describe the sight much In th?
same way as the telegrams from the
other side of the Mississippi river hav<
done, and some of them are serlounlj
wondering If some Inventor has not sue
reeded In getting a big Joke on the country.
One who was among the first to observe
It says that the object had all Ok
appearance to him of being composed o!
two dgar-shapMJ bod leu attached bj
girders. He aaya he recognises the fact
h?i hie Imagination may ha%'e played
no little part, and he wam reiuciam
about committing himself.
Robert Lowen. who Uve? at 1920 Sherman
avenue. Evanstoa. noticed the movlng
light in the sky. The light appeared
to be over the lake and wis moving
In a westerly direction. Lowen got
a field glaas and waa able to discern fou;
lights a short distance apart and moving
In unison. The first was a blight whit*
light and appeared to be operated like
a searchlight. Behind it was a green
light, and further in the rear were green
and white lights set closely together.
V. Newland. employed In Hill & Garwood's
drug and candy store, saw tht
ship. So did R. C. Libberton of th" Evonston
life saving station, who was on
duty at the station at an early hour in
the evening. T^he large glass at the station
was called into use and each person
who looked through It declared that
lights both white and gram could be
plainly seen.
While all this waa going on In Evanston.
persons in the northwest section o!
Chicago were taking an Interest in th?
aerial mystery. A great crowd gathers
near Milwaukee and Oakley avenuei
and gazed at the object trying to discover
what It might be. It waa callec'
tnr lack of a better nam*
It mi Mid that the object looked like a
balloon, but the "red light" was plalnl)
dlactrnlble. Many mounted roofs In th<
neighborhood, and all the (letd glasses
In the vicinity were called Into play.
Nearly an hour after the strange llghi
had faded In the western heavens
George Clem, of Nile. Centre tele
phoned to the Evanston police that th<
residents n.' Nllea had aeen the lljrhi
pasting westward, a abort dlatanc<
south of the village.
It waa decided to notify Professoi
Hough, the aatronomer at the observa
tory. and learn If the peculiar phenomenon
had been seen through the olwcrvatory
telescope. At the time Professoi
Hough waa taking an obaervailon of Ju
niter and had hi* Instrument pnlnlH
ji llu .??naa lk? 1aW<> Ml> fRlfl fhfll
the object had ncit croaaed the range oi
the Inatrument and that to change th?
telescope would be the work of several
Professor Hough evidently did no
take any atock In "alr-ahlp" theories
nnd advanced th* opinion that th<
strange light wai? caused b ythe effect ol
ihe atmosphere on the star Alpha Orion'
ua, which la of th?* flrat magnitude and li
In the constellation Orion. It rlaen ??Hrlj
In the evening, and It* course across
fhe hmvrnfi is about the nam** aw that o
the moon. In Chicago It In first vlalbb
about 7 o'clock this time of the year. Ii
reachea the zenith he says, about th<
time the myaterloua phenomenon de
scribed aa an "air ship" waa seen Frldt]
night. The profwsor aaya the stnr Ii
unusually bright In a clear atmonphnrc
and appears to be close to the earth. Th<
star gradually disappears during the ev
' rilng. and as It grows dimmer the r?f
feet of the atmosphere causes If appa
rently to change color. Professor Hougl
made an obn*rvatlon Iat?? Friday night
hut the conditions wre not favorable.
The Enemy Is Ours!
nn*" ?lABvna Ihn enf.
ferer In a Tory feeble condition, with a
penis tent courh and other premonitory
symptom* ot pulmonary affection.
Dr. Bull'* Congh Syrup promptly
administered at the beginning of aa
attack of grippe, will forestall that don
gcrous enemy 10 iue?connuuijuiou.
Mrs. Maggie Tulga, Ironton, Ohio,
says: "It afford* me much pleasure
to bear testimony to the merits of Dr.
Ball's Coagb Hyrup. I had been a
ouflorsr from the grippe for a week, I
tried a bottle of Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup,
gad after taking It, was completely
:urod of the dreadful cough and disease.
I cheerfully recommend It to all suferern."
Dr. Bull's Cough fciyrup ii
told everywhere for 25 cents.
Munyon's IlbHimatli'm Cur* If guaran*
frd to curt amir or rnu?culur rbaumatum
in from on* to Ave day*. Sharp. ahootlng
pain* in any pari of Uw body *topp?<l by a
f?*w fioM" A prompt. Mnplitt and f??riuan*nt
cur* lor lanirnr \ roirnn-n. . ...t
bark and t?ii pUna In hlpa lotu
('hronl?- rh?un?aiUm. ciatica. lumbuso or
pain In th?? bock ar? apeAdlly currU. It
Mddom faUa to gfn rch*f from on<* or
i two dof^a, ami almost invariably curr* b*?
. for*? on* bottle has been u>rtl. I'rlce S5c
Improve! Homoeopathic Horn* Rfmnly
Tompany put up n neparate curr for each
A * nil rimcirlat* nmfttlv B reilU.
<?uid* to lf?alth fr*r.
, PrraonaJ letter* to Prof. Munyon. 150j
Arch mrert. Phliadr-Iphla. Pa.. iumw*red
r with fr?e trwiloJ ad vie* for any dtiu?a*r.
10AID 07 TEAfll
1 Orgaaiud fcy tha Iwtatat 1m mt X?w
' Special Diapatch to the Tntetllfeneer.
I 12.?The bualneaa men of th!i city held
> a meeting at the court house Saturday
evening, to organize a board of trade.
J. W. Mclntyre was chosen president,
and George Vf. Cmatead *rcretary. The
i following dlr#KSor? werv chosen John
, St^nd.-r. B. M. Welch. S a Martin.
Srp Hall. II. R. Thomp-ort. George H.
I'mat^ad, r. 0. Wells, Jarob K<?orjtz.
, Joaepf.ua Clark, J. E. Bartlett. F. K.
i McKldiiwiU'v. Jamea Charliue. L. J.
' William*. T I'. Jmcoba. N. iiandl. M.
A. Ilrast and Captain It. JklcKldowney.
, Th?* director* adjourned tn mod on th?
. 14th of April for the purpose of selecting
a permanent president ami tfccrc*
:?ry of the board of trad>\
Interfiling l/llrr From an American
( I In <Ure?c?.
letter ha* been recclvnl In this city
| from Itobert L. Jenkins. United State
consul at Patra>. Greece, dated March
23. from which the following extract-*
are mode:
I'air as lias h-en comparatively quiet
for th?? past for da jr. for all Ui- ?ol'
dler? and peasant* have gw to the
frontier. For several weeks every
f Greek steamer and every train from
Pyrgos were loaded with awer. patrlotlc.
fnthualaatlc Greek*. r?.*ndy for war.
A large at earner Ik now lr? port. loaded
u. 1th ~.lriii?r? ami hursei. hound for Ar
ta, and when the noldler* were arrlv,
ing In graat numbers. all the small
, boats In the harbor were busy conveying
them to the steamers. Ten men got
, Into on? that holds only five eorafort,
ably, upset. and. In the con fusion that
followed, they were drowned In sight
of the crowd on the quay. The bodies
j were recovered wrapped In the Greek
flair and burled In the cemetery here. Ii
was vry sad and the city la In mournloir.
"There la on Italian opera company
I here this week. The flrst performance
waa given last niitht and there were only
ten people In the audltnce. Eight of
there were foreigner#. The sentiment of
the town was again* allowing the opera
to be Hlven.and out of respect to the
feelings of the people. 1 remained away,
though I wanted to hear th?- music very
"Business (sat a standstill. The cur
? rant vineyards are neglected and the
nurlnts of the world will have to de.
pond next year on th?? 1S.000 tnn? which
r remain in the kingdom unsold."
Of tli? Xlcancui Gmramtiil?DUcrimk
Mtlue AntlmtOar Lard.
f WASHINGTON. D. C.. April 11?Th*
^ attention of the state department has
! been drawn to the peculiar official cont
duct of Colonel Torres. the acting Intendente
general of Bluefleldi. toward:*
American merchants there, and his dlscrimination
against them probably will
be made the subject of a protest by our
government. From th?? account of the
matter which reaches the state department
through Consul O'Hara at San
Juan del Norte, the Nlcaraflu.in government
decreed that lard ahould be
admitted duty free for nix months This
decree was to become effective on promulgation
which was November 20.1ast.
In Iilueflelds. nnd th" merchants th?re
sold and ordered their goods on that
assumption. But upon liquidating their
entries they found the duty added and
were told the decree would not became
effective until December 1 In answer
to their representation* they were promined.
as a set off by Colonel Torr< s.
that xh" operations of the decree n uld
be continued during May of this year,
to as to give them the full six months'
exemption, and avoid a refund of the
VnU?m?i?r Th? morrhanti nr?
I c*pt*d this compromise In irood faith
, but December 12th. Colonel Torre* took
. a new Stead, anil holding that the dtI
cr?><* applied only to Pacific ports and
not to Blu*flel(J?. has since collected full
[ duty on all lard Imported from the
, United State*.
. From a Romantic Dr*?m A walla Ihla Calf'ornta
SAN FRANCISCO. April 11?Mrs.
Jeanneanlne Young. the woman who ax*
Mimed the name of Mrs. D. M. Delmars.
Is not a baroness after all. Th*? man
she married In Oakland on Saturday,
and with whom she 1? now speeding
across the continent on her wedding
tour, i? not the Baron Robert Ludwljr
von Turkhelm. He Ih not a member of
I the royal Kiuiril* of Germany, nor doe*
i h? ?u-n mtjif. * In MnnnhHm. county of
r Baden, Germany. Fie la plain Chirlei J.
Von Arnold, alio* Baron Carl von fltefnI
tnotx, :i private detective In the employ
of Charles J. Htlllwell.
t 'This rascal entrapped the woman In*
, to a marriage with him," said II. W.
? Button, attorney for Mr*. Youn?c. In th?*
f presence of chief of police I>**?m la*t
nlffht. "It wns a trlrk of Attorney Del
mas to Ret her out of the stat?>. Von
t Arnold was In StlllweJl's employ a:nl
? the money h<* upent bo lavishly on the
f day of the wedding, a* well as the 11,000
? h? paid the woman for her Interest In
t the property Delmas bought for her,
came from Delma*
"But the trick will avail Delma* n?th,
Ing. The wedding party will be stopped
n at Ogden, or some place this aide of
. Qtrdon and Von Arnold will bo brought
' i ... U nrilpr Af r*hli.f
- of Police Drew, of that city, to answer
a rhftrEo perjury. Ono<? Inalde thin
h" will f?e held. 1f h?* e*cape? the
i chargeofikrJury,to await a r?-<|ul?ltlon
, from Kentucky. whore he Im wanted for
a forgery committed In Louisville The
- marriage rcr-tmmy with Mr*. Youris
wan Illegal. Von Arnold made
mlnr?*pn;Mentatlon* to her."
cured hundred# of cane* of deafneny
that were Kupponed to be Incurable. It
never full* to cure earache. 1
ItftfL"V thi. t.rlnv lima rnmitl "tri>u.
11* Annl<\" M<? an olh*?r aonalhl* perHonn,
will clennae ?h#? liver and r??noxjiit
th?* ny?tom with DeWltt'a "Little
Korly Rlaara, fnmoun little pill* for thu
llvnr and atomach all th?: year round.
Charlo* H fioeize. corner Market and
Twelfth gtrteta; Howl" A Co.. Brldfreport;
Peabo<ly & Son, lion wood. 7
LIVER Complaint* cured by
FilMt PIImI Itching PIlMt
Symptoma?Mol?tun>; interna Itching
and Minting; rnont at night: wor*? py
scratching. If allowed to rontlnue tumor*
form, which oftan Illicit an ulccrate. l???comlng
V"rjr nor*. BWAYNKH OlNT.
MM NT utopa tha IMiIng ??nd bleeding.
heala ulceration. unit In moat caien rot
moves the tumora. At druggist* or by
mull, for M ccnta. Lr. Bwayna & Bon,
A *c?n* at 11*11 Fight (bat \V??M't uu
lh? Frvj(rim?r>
TTTMA, Artaona. April l?-la? Grand*
Fieata d<* Yuma wound up lait ninht
Mrlch Mild wi*nt aporta and Spanish bull
lighting which constituted a crowning
feature uf the fi?> ?)??#' Wvriry. The
feature of the tbow which drew th*
crowds, ujij? thf Hpjnlah bull flg:>t.
headed by the re no wood bull fighter,
Captain Carlos Garcia from Juar?*x.
Mexico. Captain Carlo* Garcia and hia
troupe of toreadoren and plcadorts. including
La Carlotu. a fernale bull tighter
illt'ilAffrl ivun.trrfiil bill In flithlinc
fierce nnlmab. but a tnagniOoent l>la?k
bull, Porflero Dlax. proved hlnuulf almost
Invincible, and before he wm? dispatched
in tb# third fl^ht In which lie
w.i# uwd he caught Captain Garrla upon
hi* long slender horns and rlp|>ei
open the man's Jaw. Captain Garcia'*
wound may prove fatal
After gorlnt: and badly mutilating
Garcia, the bull, ptung to frenay by the
torments of the (Ofttdl rtS a:?d ploftdores.
charged full at the bull pen and
thoagfc it wai ttrongljr built, after several
deflperat*' attempts, he smashed Into
kindling wood the jmn-1 of the pen
and charged Into the grounds surrounding
the amphitheatre which were lined
with people. Many were Injured.
The roulette table, stacked with gold
nd silver coins, was tossed high In the
air and the money scattered in the dust.
Straight through the crowd the etirtKed
animal sped, oui Into the main street
of Yuau. but fortunately no more people
were In the way Aft?-r a long r-hna*
and hard work, the bull was returned.
"The art of painting." Mid Millal*.
"consist* in electing the right colors
and putting them In the right place."?
"The way Id win a battle." ftuiti Napoleon.
"U to ma.M your troops at the
crftlcnl moment against the weakest
pot In the enemy's line."?"The way to
cure many ailments." aa!d the threat
Dr. Abercromble. "Is to purify the poisoned
spring In which they arise. generally
the torpid and inflamed dlgestlve
Thus wUdom and experience Hlmplify
and condense Thus the tfhHkers of
Mount L-Lanon reasoned when they
sought and finally found a remedy for
Indigestion and dyspepsia. H'her* one
person has tomething else, they argued.
u thouiand have this. To cure this
ilone will almost rid the world of sickness.
Why should we rex ourselves
wkh confusing definition*? A good digestion
Is life and health: a bad one
disease and death. Hence, from the
healing tind stimulating mountain
hcrtos, they extracted the principles
which make the Shaker Digestive Cordial.
the rorcst and most effective of
medicine* for one disease, and one only
?Indigestion and dyspepsia.
anv l\f thM^ ml*.
ia? jtuu iuuci iiuiu m:,
erabJe feeling ??depression of spirit*,
heaviness and pain In the stomach after
mml*. bad t*mte In the mouth, wind
In the bowel*. Irritable dl.?po??tlon. nervous
weakwf* and alarm, worry and
weariness, costlveness or irregularity of
the bowel*, nausea. palpitation. elck
headache, heartburn, los* of appetite
and sl*ep. dry skin. etc.??
Don't lodulgv in fifty foolish fancier.
You have Indigestion and Iycp*>^*M
and nothing els?- Set the disordered
atomach rlqht with the on?? medicine
which will surely do it. Shaker Dilutive
Cordial, and these symptom* will
vanish with their cause. A good effect
will follow the ftrst Jjaca. Even chronic
oases noon yield.
Test the cordial, at practically no
cost, by taking a ten-cent trial bottle.
For aale by nearly nil druggist'.
To RitIm the CoiiiiiiiIoh to Begin Work
Tills W'Mk.
Charleston Mall: The upetlal joint
committer appointed at tho recent sesalon
of the Ieglalature to prepare urnend
monts to the state constitution win me?
In the Plat* house next Wednesday to
begin their work. So far as Is known to
the public-, the commission has not formulated
any special mode* of procedure.
Th^y will probably do this when they
m< et The commute at Its la>?t mrftIng.
In the state house Just before the
adjournment of the legislature, appointed
n sub-commlttc consisting of
on-" member to represent each congressional
district whose duty It should l>e to
Inform th" people of his district of the
object of th<* Joint committee and to receive
suggestion* ns to the amendment*
to the constitution desired by the people.
It Is presumed that the committee
will sit for several days to hear suggestlons
from lawyers and others before
the work of pp-paring amendments is
Since the appointment of the committee
a number of amendments have been
discussed. Amonc thee* are provisions
granting civil right* to women, providing
for the registration of voters,
providing for an educational qualification
for voters. lner?*af.ing th- .-.ilury of
the governor, supreme Judges and oth?*r
state officers, removing the constitutional
limit from the sessions of the legislature.
abolishing th?* permanent school
fund, and so on. There is no doubt a
number of changes in the present constitution
of the mate are badly needed,
but we would caution th?- committee
against too radical changes Every
amendment proposed should be carefully
studied and all Its possible effects
carefully weigh?*d and considered. We
would respectfully say to the committee,
Do not undertake too much, but what
you do. do well, and we will promise you
the commendation of the people of the
whole state.
ONE to Ave applications of Doan's
Ointment will cure the worst case of
- ? -i ? - hi., e-..
IlcninK I Ii " iiifi'- v u>i juu
afford to suffer tortures wh??n a simple
never-failing remedy Is at hand? Dunn's
Ointment never fall*. 4
PERSONA L.?The wntleman who
annoyed the congreiiatlon lost Sunday,
by continually coughlnn. will find Instant
relief by unlng One Mlnut** Cough Cure.
,i ??p?H'0y and harmless remedy for
throat and lung*. Charle* R. (Joetxe.
corner Market and Twelfth streets;
Howie A Co . Bridgeport; Peabody &
Son, Henwood. _ 3
Iff It* ll?by U (Sttlui Tcetli
Re sure ?n<l u.v that old and wIMried
remedy. Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothlnjg Syrup,
for children teething. It soothe* the
Child, softens mo Burns, ouays aw pain,
cures wind colic and is the best remedy
for diarrhoea. Twenty-Uve ccnts a
bottle. mvrfAw.
WHEN n cold Is contracted, cure It
at once. On" Minute CouKh Cure will
set you on the road to recovery In a
minute. It will euro pneumonia, bronchitis
rroup and .?Il forms of lunjj mid
throat trouble- Charlei R. Ooetse, corner
Market and Twelfth Ktreets; Howie
A Co.,Brldgeport; I'cabody & Son, Jtenwi
Who can measure a I I
l.hn inflnonre of a IIAfllllr
Byg It lait* through til
>gr9 mud entera the
M confine* of eternity.
/f/~WA2ff <Ml w"h w'lit c?re,
(/ VlHatfa therefore,nhouldaha
1 1 vSCuBQ ',v guarded and how
11 7 MelPar fTrr"t th? effort be to
^Uf make her life happy.
f ^iSB Friend
I I fnWB makes cblld-birtb
' IMC easy, aiiiflte nature
in its sublime effort, leaven the Mother
?troiig*r after than before confinement,
and robs the trying hour of ita terror.
No Mother can afford to neglect its use.
or drugglata at 91.00, or i#nt by mall on receipt
or prto*. Writ* for book containing rainabU
lurorm.ition for all Mother*, mailed free.
Tki BrailiM B#fiUtor Co., AllMta, Oa.
AlllhrU?f Unl liMito * ?<?m
Ihr tilutt Clir,
Mr*. I.'iuni Cook Don ford. tvtfe of Dcvlt:
D*n.'? ;?J, tiie .1 kn<mn uliurr*)
of this ? ty, and t>rol!ur . ?f Cons rem*
man Danford. <JW .it their home hen
yesterday morning. u-t-r an Illness ?
jl-"W two month* Mr? T!.?ifnrd sr.ij
:? d**vou( Christian, but always a veri
delicate woman and duririK h"r last ill
nviit. she louffeO Ii?j- il?e . Kin.^tiue an
contemplated " vl?,. to the <->'iti:.)
when the brlf^ttfr tiny a came, hut tin
shadow of death fell upon h?*r when few
i>ave the devoted httKlund and Kon *-x
pected It Of Such delicate form Ihej
had always a fear that d?-n;h rnlich
conic* ftt any lime. The hlwbAMl ?i~v
one son. Cook Danford, now ? younj
man and (Mietklnf attorney nrith k"
father, survive the mother. The ftinera
will take place to-morrow at a time no:
net fixed. Interment In Raw Hill - fin
The new members of the council wrll
take their ?f?U to-night and ther?* nil
1** four bran new members, there belnt
t-n altogether. Messrs. f\ Rumbach, S
Wlmroer. M. T Came* and Gtorg\
Plersol or*? the ones wh . retire and I.
B. Wllaoo. John L. McCaffrey. K. J
Sieger and AJ. Lint take ihcir place*
The old council will wind u? ?om?' unfinished
bu?in??xs and udjourn *ln?* die
after which the new council will organize.
August Schick yesterday sold hli
clock In th" j:nf?-r;r. WlodOW ffla*)
company, now of Dunkirk. Ind..but for
mesiy of this city, to T. H. Johnson
secretary of the company, at two dollars
for one. Mr. Schick held S2.7S0 an<
nold for *5.500. The ntock has been prim*
for some time and haa paid large dividends
the pant three year?.
The Women's Relief Corps fair and
f.\?t;vul closed lam evening a successful
week, which would have been beti?i
had not the weather be**ti so bad. MI?m
Lilly Davis, of tho Second ward, held
the lucky dumber that drew the flni
bed-room suit Saturday night. Tb?
ladles have worked hard for its nucce**
and they have been an.-tiited by th?
members of the O. A. R.
I)r. J. w. vonpci icn imi ' Tuxit, ,w.
Silver City. Fl:i . where his wife ha?
been for some lime past for the benefll
of her health. Mrs. Cooper now ha* inrtamatory
rheumatism and the doctoi
ivlJ! remain with her until ahe Is able
to be brought home.
The university class had a very in
terehtln* meeting last evening a: th->
high school room In the Central school
buildlnn There are about on#' hundred
nnd fifteen i>- longing to the clnss now,
Ellsworth Hibbs is the local organizer.
I ?m requested to Invite the people ot
B?.llalre to look at the stock of Clothlnk.
Shoes, Mattlnga. Rugs, Curtains,
etc.. etc.. at South'* new store, on
Twelfth street. Wheeling, next door to
Exchange Bank. '
The steel works went on yeatr *1ay
momin* and the plate mill resumes!
liat evening it b thought they will
run all week, unless a mishap ia xnei
The Junior Order T'nVted American
Mechanics held * very Important meeting
last evening, at which time a new
member was taken In.
Misses Nellie DeVan and Ella McCaffrey
will l?*ave Thursday for East
Liverpool nnd Pittsburgh, to visit
friend* and relative*.
Andrew Tohnle came down yesterday,
from Clevdend. and is spending a few
days with his family. In the Fourth
D. D. DuBoi* has returned to New
Conoord. where he utt<*nds college, after
spending (no weeks with relatives here.
George sstepnvns iuu ;nui mm
Pittsburgh. after upending a few days
with friends and relatives in this city.
Mr. William Carlisle and Mis* Nannie
Giflin. of Flynn City. Pa . are Ui?
guests of relatives at High Ridge.
The regular weekly meeting of the
Choral Society will be held to-night at
the First Presbyterian church.
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart McPeake and
son. of Venice. Pa.. are the guests of
D T. McCloy. at Hich Ridge.
The funeral of William Jiurke will
occur ot 9 o'clock this morning, from
the St. John's church.
fharle.-* Fowler and wife, of East Llverpool,
ht-- ruesta friends and
relatives In the city.
The old Catholic church and Fchool
building on Guernsey street, la being
torn down.
Miss Jennie Howard, of Parkersburg.
Is the guest of friends and relatives In
thin city.
John Stnibel went to Mansfield to accept
a position as guard at the reformatory.
W. H. Thompson and wife are contemplating
moving to California to reside.
James Dolan shipped his household
goods to New Castli, Pa., yesterday.
Mrs. John O'Neill Is dangerously ill
at her home in the Second ward.
Presiding Elder Osborne, of Baruesville.
was in the city yesterday.
Dr. G. A. Keepers, of Reall?vllle, was
In the city yesterday morning.
, Mrs. R. L. PfafTenbach I* quite 111 at
her home In the Third ward.
The medical board will meet {o-mor
row in regular session.
George Scott is quite 11! at his home
in the Fourth ward.
William Oberraan has moved into the
GUI property.
AMERICANS are the moit inventive
people oo earth. To them have been Issued
nearly 600.000 patents, or more
than one-third of nil the patents issued
in the world. No discovery of modern
years haa been of greater benefit to
mankind than Chamberlain's Colic.
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, or has
done more to relieve pain and suffering.
J. W. Vaugn, of Oak ton, Ky., says: "I
have used Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
?nd l>!arrtioen Remedy In my family
for several years, and find It to be the
best medicine I ever used for cramps In
the stomach and bowels. For sale by
druggists. _
AFTER utlng u 10 cent trial size of
Ely's Cream Halm you will be sure to
buy the 50 cent size. Crenm Halm has
no equal In curing catarrh and cold In
the head. Ask your druggist for it or
?end 10 c*nts to us.
ELY TIROS.. 56 Warren St., N. V. City.
I I suffered from Catarrh three years:
It got no bad 1 could not work; I used
two bottle* of Ely's Cream Balm and
ntn entirely well; I would not l>e without
it.?A. C. Clarke, :141 Shawmut Ave.,
Manila nt thr I If ml.
Aufr. J. Bogel, the leading druggist
of Shreveport. La.. says: "Dr.
King's New Discovery Is the only thing
that cures my cough, and It is the best
seller 1 have." J. F. Campbell, merchant
of Safford. Aril.. writes: "Dr.
King's New Dlsoovery Is all that it Is
claimed for It; It never full*, and Is a
sure cure for consumption, cough* ami
colds, I cannot enough for Its merits."
Dr. Klng'w New Discovery for consumption.
coughs and colds Is not an experiment.
It has been tried for a quarter
of a century, and to-day stands at the
head. It never disappoints. Logan
Drug Co. _ 1
TT should be made ? matter of public
knowledge that DeWKt's Witch Hazel
Halve will Hp^nllly cure piles of the
longest standing. It Is the household fa*
vorlte for burns, scalds, cuts, bruiser
una rfore* ??i at 11 Kina?. ? nmi n.
corner Market and Twelfth
niroctn; Botvir & Co.. Bridgeport; I>a1x>dy
& Son. HMiwotftT i
For Infants and Children.
}BmBUa^BSaSMBmBSuk 10 HI uflUi ft ifl&MHIlsn
j Out of I ha bMrili of II?r bomg Uft ??*
LadieirVuo suffer from poor fr-alth
I mny *ain valuable Information bjr
f I reading ??f the avtunlnhinK discovery
' rc ?r.:Iy mada by lb" I^>:>doo World.
1 T*!j - j"ornal h?? lat#*lv Iwen lnv#???l
! Kutli u the caune of Quetn Vlctorta *
; \ i.;d?rlul health and utrenifth. and ha?
.Ji 1 ovcnfd iba-t it Is due to the fart that
' I ?Jx? drlnfc* orlW?K dilut-d with water.
" I HJlo does thl* OK tne aovice 01 m?- court
I physician.*. The whinkey *h?- drink* 1*
obtained from a private distillery and
I*, of count*, perfectly pure.
The fuei* above ijlvcn prove two
things; first. that medical men universally
recognize that pure whiskey austalns
the hi'ttltb and prolongs life; and
second. thai in order to do good, th*
whiskey must be absolutely pure The
leading American physicians have always
endorsed the** view#. It Is on thla
account that they have so strongly recommended
Duffy's pure malt whiskey
to people whose systems need to be
Mtrengthened and built up. This is because
it i?. the only medicinally pure
whiskey produced in America, and In
thia respect it Is totally unllk** all oth? *"*.
So true Is this tbat while many
temperance people de.iounce whiskies
In general, they acknowledge the superior
merit of Duffy's pure malt. There
at", hourevc r. many inferior imitations
i sold by dealers and. when purchasing.
-----IJ " ? <. '"Ifun IA ur*t*
i ? n ! anuuiu iitncivit; ? . .. ?- thjt
r; ?r;? ?-f N ?;iM:Uut
r.LY'fi f'RFJltf BALM ! po?IMrfr0rr.
App1/ Soto noatrll*. It W qnickly ?btort>e<l. M
mil M Drcrxicti or by xxuil; Mnplet 10c. by mall.
ELY BKUTHEnB, U Wirm St, Kew 1 ork City.
mahf mt a man
ALLXTma iHw+-Y*lilac Mac
fifzil ?rr,Im?o!?aejr. HIhvInmwi.iU.. c*oa*l
I *y| br Ab?m or otLar and Ittfir
> JBL rratlen*, T?*y ijuUkli/ ana *nr*l\f
Y"W rmtot* Ltft Vital it/ in aid ?r yooa?. and
^SCV fltama?for?tadj, bctlaawor tarn***
laaaatU ud OosaompUoa it
For sale in Wheeling, W. V*., by Logan
Drug Co. reS-Uht*
M CU*Ma^? Efcflafc ilw) BruA
Pennyroyal pills
I _ Q_ Htlaal?<OalyCaaalaa A
VjTL/N aart. iJtin rJiMi u?t?? Ml OV
?J\ MM l>HfM ttr OkWri Bofak Th? <0l\
rWroi ir rnwiii "' ^inf
mW vt<* wa? nMM Taka Vy
7*V kUMMkw
p7 iyimiwUlMMiiiiH ilPtHlWwiielU
I W 1M U naaaa >r jankmn. iwrf^im ul
\? 0 - Katiaf IW La41<?." ? !?< *?
M to aU Laaai Pntfuu. ^ Fa.
IJiTurin* niv fiipr^l.*
UHP* Ch IWTwni w?m "Tinirr
W9u nln, PwUiBlinlM mi lai
C7"jloraia. F>Etaia. TmSrriaf*.
Alilin nicrru and all PftiVAf s pmxsxs.
41 OnnM, r mi to (Mn*. r? I L?|.
MALYOOHKirC.COM UmoMtar, O., U*8?A
Cinderella Ranges.
Material and workmanship enters Into the
construction of the Cinderella Ranees.
Made in all styles and utaes. with a view
of nultlnc the mo*t critical, at a moderate
cost. Call and examine them,
Nesbitt & Bro.,
1312 Market Street. City Agent*.
}{ $ 19 Suits. ft
$4 Pants, {j
Hade to Your Order, ft
AGENT. ? ^
Wives and
To All Whom It May Conccm:
The undersigned have purchaned Tfamtlton's
Improved Feather ltenovator. und
ali?o an improved Carpet Heater, which
in guaranteed to neither rip nor ravel,
and are now prepared to do work promptly
and at roanonaMe prtcaa. Work called for
and delivered frr? of charge l-eijve order*
ai II. Luke'# Llvory, No. 1 ii) Market
atrcet. or address
Corner Eighteenth and Chapltna Street#.
Uh?ll nr \V Vm
Ifyoti ptirrhMe or mak?? lotn fla ml
ritair hittf tba title .nmreJ br Uis
Wheeling Title and Trust Ci.,
NO. 131 tt MAUkK.T ftTRRICr.
_ VJor I'maitfont. Att't.^mur /.
o. *. K. UlliCHMST. Kstmlntr ol Tltl*? .
? room*. bath. all lmj)rov?tt:<nt? .?
L*atb?rwoo4, n*-*r st?tJorj *
; room* No. 72 fndlanu
room*, bath, No. 1S4 H Proa-l*, ?
6 room*. bath. No *7 N o*k ' - "
i room* No. ZX& Charlr* *tr*-*
f? rooms No. #fi Boutk Huron i!r*?t
o room* No. ile\'-ataamh ?tr?e
0 room*. bath. No * 'Zan*
& room* on Ert* strict. |n .
& rooms No. 44 Houth Jiro*-!*-*y
9 room*. bath. No. HO Kourwvt
t rooms No. 13! South Kim *?r??1
rooms and bath No 3 Thlrr. -,?? a.
4 room* No. 2f Bouth Wahaah ?tr?J
>-rooin* bouse. 10 acre* of iar.'i a V
6 rooms No. 131 Virginia, stmt.
No. JO Fourteenth Str**
4 share* Exchange B.inl> Stock.
20 share* Riverside Irom Con.
patty Stock.
$2,000 First Mortgage Bondi, 6
oer cent coupons, payable Oitohir
1st and April 1st.
Red Eitate* Fire Insuring, Surety Bond*,
fxchamje Bank Building.
No. 124 Ninftwnth ---ft j$w
4 rooms SflU-rt Hom-*i?: i .. i: ?
4 roorr.h Scll?*rt Horn- <x*n'l . . k oc
No. ?>17 Chspltnc *t . roorr.* . ; ?
No. 141 h street 3 or,
So. tUC Alain, ?tfd?t ? >,
No. 4^2 Nutkittul' Roai . i
No. 71 8*vcni??nt*? - ?: <
4 i con;* on .*!]? >' *n 1' -ir of I-1* ; " ?*
temth ntre*t. I g
No. 1420 llain -troei. room? . ?
No. 138? ChAplfm- >tr?-t :; <?
No. 1M4 iliuu street, i room*, both
casea . 13 ft)
No. 225 Main strict. 2 rooms, t./.h
gtw* furnubeO, for .500
No. 117 Fourteenth atr
No. 06 Seventeenth both " :o
No. 135 Fourteenth street. Loth git 14 ti
No. !C2 Main afreet, uxor* room, both
km*- 4 :? n
No. 337 Main ?C. saloon and * room*., fi to
No 34 Sixteenth stre*;. store toorn . .s&j
Rptridence Ktiglngton Lan<. 11 rooaii,
3 u<thi ground. fruit trr:** ... ?.
No. 2^)4 Main street .. . ?M
Saloon (n Martin'* Ferry !J to
4-itoomM house, Crescent PUcu . 7?
3 houses near Manchester Co*l
Works. east of Mt. d" Chantal J!*Mh
2 room* Selbert property, on Wheeling
cr*ek 10TNo.
2312 Jlarkat street, blacksmith
shop ?.
Stable rear c! German Bank.
Ground 100 ,f<e*t square on Twenty-Mr?
enih street, with buildings th?*r?f.n
7Je*id*n< ' on Jarob street for 11. M
No. .'JJ7 Cbafftln* street. fT
Flv^-rooroeft hous? southeast comer of
Elizabeth ami Twelfth streat. JI.1V
Real eatala ol every deacriptloa
Real Estate Agent. Collector. Notary Pub.
lie and Pensjon Attorney. No. lfli Mnj
street. * apl.i
'C South Yorfc?reet, 7 room?.. J.f "4
SS Ohio & rooms lj <A
73 Zane street. S room* 19 ?
4J? South York str**?. T room* ani
bath .:: >!
OfIlr?- rooms with elevator service, bd|
n'l light. centrally located.
Money to loan on city real estat*.
'Phone gT. ' 1M3 Mark*; Strwt
Houses and Rooms for Rent
No. 70 Indiana street. 7 rooms. Hi rt.
Offlc* rooms Hlbberd Building.
2 room* No ilia Morrow allej
Stable rear No. 60 South Broadwa;.
No. 35; Main street, s rooms and bn-.h.
i No. Ill Thirty-third street. 5 rooms
3 rooms corner Indiana and Enc ?:r?eU
2 rooms comer Twelfth and Mark*: St*
No. 5-J3 Main street. 7 rooma aad UUl
No. 722 Zane street. 9 rooms.
No. !?7 Ohio street, 5 rooms
[ No. H03 Chapilne utrett, S rooms, U'.i
anu iauiiui>.
No. 1M5 Main St.. E rooms. **conii flxi
No. 64 S Broadway 7 rooma and batt.
i No. La S I'-snn st.. S roomi and fcatt.
! No. 1011 Main St.. storeroom.
No. 127 Fourteenth at.. 7 rooms ani Utt
1 No. 227 l?h at, 7-room dwelling.
No. K Zana at. * room?.
No. M Ohio at". I room?.
No. 37 j7th ?t.. S rooma.
No 55 Ohio St., 3 rooms. $7.6?.
OClre or sleeping rooma. Lut* Building
furnished or unfurnished.
Storeroom earner 3d and Market sts
Not. 2242 and 346 Market ?L. stores izi
Nos. 1545 and 1347 MrColloch it
Houses and Lots for Sal*. Money t?
Loan on City Real Estate.
T*l?plt?n? 319. Boom No. * t
House. S rooms and ball, lot 41xl7S. NortS
Main street, cheap. .. . _
House, S room?, lot 34x1%: Teet, MariM
Jtrejt, between Eighth and Ninth >tre?u,
[ House. 4 rooms, brick, and stable. Eighteenth
street. 11,150.
I 2 lots. XxlJQ feet. Thirtieth street, 1109
each; J'O'cash, balance In one year.
House, t rooms, hall and )irR? lot. Eighteenth
street; cheap, on v?ry easy term*.
One of Um best corner lots on Llnd ?tre?t
for J275: one-third cash, balance la ono asJ
two year*.
Corner lot on Cherry street for en*third
cash, balance In one and two yean.
Lot on Cherry street for fl50: one-third
caah. balancc In one and two year*
Two houses on Main *;r*et. near Seventy
street; cheap; on easy terms.
House t rooms, brick. Sixteenth itreet,
terms easy, &5Gd.
Snlendld building site for dwelling Tour*
. teehth ;Hwt and on Sixteenth street bis
. House 5 rooms and 4-room house in rear, H
Fifth ward, lerroa ea?y. U.M.
J ho Lamb property. No. Chap'.lnf I
I street, cheap, terms easy.
l House I rooms. Jacob street. between I
Twenty-fourth and Twenty-fl/th street* H
chcap. fl.juo.
2 lots on Jacob street. North Brnwoo^
J2M each.
Houae, 5 rooms. Elchteenth street. Jl.I'A
850 wt? buy a nJoe lot front in* on Lind M
street; one-third cash, balance on easy I
S300 wflt buy a rood two-roomed hoc?* I
frontlnir on Chapllne street. m<?r Tenth
3S25 will buy house of 5 rooms on WlUoa I
street.'Ucfct ro Wheelin; *ICO cash, baltnc* H
In r-nt.
I.ots on Lind street. Chrrrv strset anl
McCoroch street at from Jort'to JSW eacb I
| Monayto loan on city roa! cstete.
No. 1TC3 Mark**! fltnvt. . I
plumbing, etc.
riumbiu? and (Jaf Ftttfrt?,
i*?cam mid Hot Wator lleall i;?
A Fuji Line rfthr Calibrated
Kopt Con?t*?t|T ^*-1: I
Prictica! Plumber. Gas and Steim PilWi
nsr, mjipkft STREET. |
*0a? and Klectrle fhanriellcrs. Fi!wri >'|1 I
Taylor Um Humeri a *tw?ciaUr ^yiLLiA.M
Practical Plumuers, I
No. 38 Twelfth Street.
AH Wftrt. l>"m? Prontmlr at I
r!'[(! : INTBUJOKNCm rRlSHS? H

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