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,' ?-p. - 1... _ .. . I I
Has Been Invited to Attend the
Moundsville Camp-Meeting
WhiR BUltop Fowler will IHllvtr IV U
Grwl LkIht* ou Abnham Lincoln."
fottfrrutnan Domtr and Otvcruor
AtkUuon ftlio Incited-Mr. J. W, Hod.
I#jr Th?re will b* No Prohibition
Awnbl7-CMip*M(f(lBf Programme.
The board of directors of the MoundsVllle
Camp Meeting Association hold
Its sxmuoi meeting yesterday afternoon.
President C. C. Matthews presided and
Secretary Thomas Finn was at the
t The dates for the 1S97 camp-meeting
were settled and an> August 12 to 22,
Inclusive. Presiding Elder A. Moore, of
.Wheeling:, was choaen by the boaVd as
chairman of the committee on public
iDuring the coming camp-meeting a
number of speakers of national reputation
will bo pre sen:. The programme
lias not yet been arranged, but one
of the speakers already engaged Is
Bishop Charles II. Fowler, the well
known New York bishop of the Mcth??.-*
*?_I ..I 'ir? ?vtn ?n?lrt%
UUlBk Cipi3l.iJiiat V1IUIVH. MW ?.n
several addresses, the most Important
being his lecture on "Abraham Lincoln."
and the day on which this Is delivered
Is to be made the most attractive
day of the cump-meetlng. On this
occasion it Is expected that several distinguished
public wen will be present.
Invitations have been cent to President
McKlnley. Governor Atkinson and Congressman
Downer. It is hoped that the
President -will be able to accept the luvttation.
The Grand Army, too. Is to bo
Invited to make this their day ut the
camp-meeting. ?vnd it Is likely the posts'
of Wheeling, Benwood, Bellaire, Alartin's
Ferry and other towns will send
large representations of their membership.
Secretary Finn, of the camp-meeting
association, has received a letter from
*v*? T w UrwMoi- the founder of the
Ohio Volley Prohibition Assembly, that
has been held annually at the campmectlng
grounds. stating that there will
; v N? no prohibition assembly this year.
He and Dr. Mead, who uan the manager.
will not have the time nt their dia.
po?a 1 necessary to make it a success.
uVoang Hot Ifrmtf*" will be Given Back
fkat bjr Older Rmployei, who Hope to
Effect a Satisfactory* SclUtmrnt.
A notice boa been posted at many
places in Kenwood. Bellaire and lower
(Wheeling by representative* of tho
many employes of the Riverside tube
works, requesting all employes over
eighteen years of age to meet at the Henwood
city building at.2 p. m. Thursday.
A tube worker, when t't'en last night,
aaid that the difficulty as far ao the tube
'- kn.'^riit'd. has-been aggra
vated by the* young hot-head?, who are
represented to be "lads under eighteen
yeans old," who have been taking the
morp prominent part at the m'-etlngs of
the employes. The older employes say
they are tired of tWs "child's play" am!
will be able to come to a satisfactory arrangement
with the Riverside management
after the meeting called for tomorrow
The men In the other departments of
the big works appear to be coming to an
agreement with, the management and it
Is predicted that the wage difficulties will
eoori be of the past.
1 Thi Pr? SI|vtr"En?mf of ilia Money
, Power" Connected with the Glob* Bank
Scandal ? Charged with Transferring
Property to Keep It Prom Creditors.
CHICAGO, April 13.-Addltlonal
charges are made In regard to the alleged
mismanagement of the affairs of
the Olobe Savings Bank in an amended
bill Hied to-dayT>y Charles E. Churchill,
r,t Hcfunn bank. The bill is
part of the receivership proceedings and
brings Into the case a number of persons
not heretofore Involved.
President Spalding's connection with
- the bauk Is dwit with extensively in
the amended bill. It Is averred Spalding
induced if. C. Haley to make three
* promissory notes, aggregating upwards
?f J15.00O payable to th<? order of Spalding
or the bank, upon the assurance of
Ppalding that he would deposit 140.000
In merchantable bonds as security.
Spalding. It Is charged, used the money
for hlj own benefit and set apart 140,000
in bonds. Property belonging to the
bank has been applied by Spalding, It
3s declared. In the purchase of real estate
and It Is charged that he caused a
portion of this real estate to be conveyed
to other* besides himself, In order
to conceal his interests. It Is also averxed
that SpnMinc has used the money
of tho bank to pay life Insurance premiums.
having policies to the extent of
- *t? --2.111
Anoiaer section ?n .imu<iU?i ......
says that Spalding, Edafard Hayes.
Charles J. Ford and John W. Lanehart
(deceased), the latter elthnr for himself
or ex-Governor John P. Altgeld, purchased
;i tract ??r land of eighty acres
Jn Cook county, and Spalding. It In alleged.
paid for Ills share of the property
out of funds of the Globe Having hank,
and It la also charged that Ford, Lanehart
or Altgeld knew this. Of th" sum
of 1103,000 which the state auditor ordered
charged to the profit and loss account
of the Globe Savings Bank, it Is
represented $17,000 was an Indebtedness
of John P. Altgeld and that 15.000 was
an Indebtedness nominally duo from
John W. Lanchart. It Is charged, howover,
th'it the l.'?8t amount was In fact
a loan to ex-Governor Altgeld. It Is
also claimed In the bill that ex-Governor
Altgeld has Ik-en transferring his
... -i.i. ..... nf k?.f>ninir
property 1*11(1 imr
It from the creditors of the hank.
Imprortng-Gold Drmiwrati will Vol* for
Itrpnbllran Itallicr tlian m ftllrer M*?.
FRANKFORT. Ky., April 11-The
gold Democrats In caucus to-night decided
to break no more quorums in the balJotinx
for United States senator. They
admit that Hunter 1h liable to be .elected
now, but they n:iy th.it the Blackburn
men who refuse to support Martin will
bo responsible for the result. If Hunter
Is not-elected after a ttw trials they will
demand that he retire. They are determined
that If they cannot elect a frold
Democrat, they wlU help elect a Kold Republican.
Th" Krnnd Jury Is not ready to report.
A state executive committee of the silver
Democracy to-dny called a utato convention
for thin elty June 2. for the nomination
of? clerk of the court of appeals.
The committee reiterate? Its approval
-r r.oMenu nlnl farm ml-.tili i! nt Chi
cago. hut Ih more Hln-raJ In the provlilonn
of the call with rff'*r..'nc(f to who fihall
jmrtlclpal? in county and Biatc conventions.
Km HO Rail for ffew Ctitlf.
PITTSnnitGir, Pa., April 13.?The
grime at Exposition park to-day between
tho Pirates and New Castle's, resulted
as follow*. Score:
11 Fl E
Pittsburgh ...o o n i n : o o *-3 <i n
Now Cutle ...? 1 0 0 n 0 0 0 0-1 0 1
Butlcrl**?Tnnn< hill. HnMlnjrfi, 1 (uglify
awl Bwcd'-n hii'1 Merrltt; C. Smith, Jllckman
and Donovan,
" ' ' L
Commit to* to RivIm If Mo?ts To*4aj.
KUmlMraoti IhctiroMnd. Sp'cfal
I>igp?tch to tho Intelligencer.
CHARLESTON, W. Va., ApflT 13.Tlie
constitutional commlHKlou created
by the recent Hettfllon of the lt>krliiln.turt*
will meet to-myrrow ut the capltol. Tho
conimlMtlon 1* Authorised to prepare
amendment* to the state conxtltutlon,
which will be submitted to the next session
of the leglHlaturo in regular or
special Reunion, us the esse may be.
The commlsnlon is composed of eighteen
members, feven from the senate and
eleven from the house, ten of whom
ii ro Republican* and eight Democrats.
The senators on the commission are:
President of the Senate N. E. Whltaker,
and McMsrs. Fast, Farr, Young, Baker,
Hyde and Dotson, all of whim aro In :
the city to-night with tho exception of i
Senator Young, who la expected In tho
morning. Tho members from tho house
uro nearly all hero to-night and the
balance arc said to bo on their way, ho
that a full membership la expected to
bo present when the commission convengi
for business. Col. It. E. Fast,
who was selected ns chairman of thu
commission, will call the body to order. j
HUJl at tt.. Wood Work.
Special Dispatch to th? Intclllgencsr.
CHARLESTON. W. Va.. April 13.Governor
Atkinson was again engaged
to-day in planting trees for the future
beautifying of the capitol grounds,
and he had with him this afternoon the
four supreme court Judges, each of
whom planted a tree. Each Judge se- 1
lected the tree ho wishes to plant, and
Ha location in the capitol grounds.
JudKo Dent plnnted a dogwood, Judgo
McWhorter an elm, Judge English a
mulberry, and Judge Hrannon an ash. j
Win(?d la Chicago for Mnrder and <'on*
fcun (o Killing Han In U?U Slate.
Special Dispatch to the Intclllgenccr.
PITTSBURGH. April 13.-Isaac Shepard,
colored, was arrested by Detective
Kelly to-day, at Tarentum, and brought
to Pittsburgh. Shepord is wanted In
Chicago for the killing of William Brady,
in April. 1836 .Shepard admits murdering
Brady and said they had a light over
a board bill. lie also confessed to having
murdered John Dougherty, in Webster
county, W. Vs., in 189L Th*? police
believe he is demehted. He talked of alleged
crookedness on the drainage canal,
Chicago, which he wanted to tell the
proper authorities, and claims his shanty j
was blown up by dynamite by those interested.
While on the train with the prisoner
Detective Keiley noticed two large colored
men enter the train nnd actions led
him to believe a rescue was planned, and
he Jumped from the train with his prison
er at ft suburtrin station.
Shepard 1s thtrty-*ix yenra old. He
naj-s that In '1*6. while working on tho
drainage canal at Chicago. he and Brady.
?>ne of the bosses. quarrelled over a board
bill, and its Shepard was getting the
worst of It, ho shot Brady three tlmcj,
killing him.
The murder of Dougherty, he say? was
the result of a tight over a came of cards.
Dougherty accu.sed Shepard of cheating
and shooting followed, Dougherty being
killed with the second shot.
Requisition papers from th<? Governor
of Illinois for the return of Shepard are
here and oflloers are expected In the
morning to toko him to Chicago. #4
One Wrat Virginia Democrat Dropped and
a West Virginia Holdler Kelalncd.
Special Dispatch to tho Intclligcncer.
WASHINGTON, D. C.. April 13.?Secretary
Bliss has dismissed twenty-one
special agents of tho land office, owing
to a lack of the appropriation for that j
branch of the service. Among those
dropped from the rolls was Frank J. |
Parke. (Democrat), of West Virginia.1
who has been in office here for twenty
.tin Pnnp rif rhA iiconf< umpo r<<tnl?j
ed, one of whom was Washington F.
lenders, ol .West Virginia, an ex-Union
PoitmaiUri .\amnl.
Special Dispatch to th? Intelligencer.
WASHINGTON. D. C.. April 13.-Congressman
Miller, of the Fourth West
Virginia district, has designated Frederick
M. King, son of J. W. King, of
Toppins Grove, Jackson county, for ap]>olntment
as a cadet to West Point.
Mr. Miller also recommended tw"6 appointments
of postmasters to-day, us
For Cairo. Richie county. Charles K.
Haddox; for Harrisvllle, Ritchie couiily.
J. M. Barbe.
These West Virginia postmasters
w^re appointed to-day:
J. H. McComns, to succeed M. If.
Brewer, deceased, at Breading, Mingo
C. Miller, resigned, a: Dunlow, Way no
county; A. M. Salvers to succeed J. II.
Martin, resigned. Midway, Putnam
county; Joseph F. White, vine Clarence
II.. Purgess, removed, Fayettevllle.
Wfil VlrfflnU l'r??lotit.
Special Dispatch to tho Intelligencer.
WASHINGTON. I?. C.. April 13.?
West Virginia applicants for pensions
have received certlflcates as follows:
Original?William V. McRee, Wilsonbur;:;
Charles S. Uobltison, Martlnsburf;;
Alexander Bucy, Pleasants county.
Increase?George W. Pachus, CottagevlHo.
Jarkson county.
lie-Issue?Samuel K. L?'mn.stors.
6ln?nmon; I^ewls 0. Ulackwell, Kana-1
wha county.
Original?Emmet S. Bright, Mason
county.Thomas Jame*, Kanawha county.
Stephen Brooks, of Armstrong's Mills.
o?i /.hi.. hi? ohl.'iimwl nn
Increase of pension.
WmI Virgin Ik I'rranimta.
Special Dispatch to tho Intolllgpncor.
WASHINGTON, D. C., April 13-Mr.
George A. Flodlng, was introductd to
the President to-day, by Iteprcsontatlvo
Millar nnd Senator Elklns. Mr.
Flodlng wants a ronsulnr place. Owin?
to tho press of visitor* at tho executive
mansion, bo was unable t" mention th?plaro
he has applied for, the Interview
belli* very l?ri?*f.
He piperita tlve Dayton went to Philadelphia
to-day on a business mission.
WmI VlrglnU liivmfor*.
Special Dlxpateh to tho Intellljienrer.
WASHINGTON, D. C., April 1.1?Patents
have been hsued to West Virginia
Inventors as follows;
Peter Hoyd. Wheeling, assignor t??
Riverside iron works, apparatus 'for
coating pipe; Kdivard C. Naphcys. assignor
to Klpctro Gas Company of yVest
Vlrginla,aootylpno ga? generating apparatus;
Charles O. Wright, HluefleM.
process of nnd apparatus for manufacturing
An Agrmitrnl nt l,n?l.
WASHINGTON, D. C.. April 11?An
agreemnt has been reachcd among the
loaders of the various parties in tho
nenatc under which the appropriation
Mil*, which failed to become lawn at
the lfU?t MrufiloM Of ConfrrcKN, will 1??*
tnken up and panned. The Indian bill
will be called up by Senator Pcttlgrew
to-morrow nnd a* noon an It In disponed
of, the agricultural nnd nundry civil
bill* will bo conaldercd. The general
deficiency bill ha* not yet been reported.
The Indian and agricultural blllii
are not expected to provoke much debate.
but Uito will In nil probability
be connldernblo dliicuRNlnn of tin; sundry
civil bill.
01 OQfnr handsomely bruldod fast blin k
V1 WHatlno VVrapp'TH.
- ' ** * '
Ma. Morgan on the Cnban Q,?e?Uo?-3Ir.
dlokrcll'i forcMW. A
WASHINGTON. D. C., April 13.-8cnotor
Morgan, of Alabama, to-day coneluded
hln long sjfcch on t^o resolution I
declaring that a stalo of war exists In I
f'uhn. Ho <ll?l not auk for a vote on tilO ?resolution,
but announced that ho hop- C
ed to secure a final voto at an early day. I
The bankruptcy bill wax taken up at
" o'clock, Mr. Lindsay, of Kentucky. do- c
fending the nn'ttiiure ttgulnat criticisms t
made against it.'
In the course of the presentation of
memorials. Mr. C'oekrell. of Missouri.
announced that ho held In his hand "one "
>f the stereotyped printed petitions <
from that distinguished Indianapolis '
conference in which they desire Con
graft to surrender t.? them tin? right of *
legislation." lie asked that it be re- '
ferred to <be finance committee. with *
the understanding that lie did not en- f
dornu it.
Mr. Morgan. (Dem., Ala.), then <*n- v
tered upon the fourth day of his speech j'
on the resolutlon.deelurlnHthatastateof ?
tvnp ovlHtH in Oohn. Ho said Snain stood ?
Indicted of reek lens violation of every <
treaty obligation. At the present time, <j
he $ald, we worn furnishing the Span- <1
ish army ami navy with all their hup- < '
piles and at the, seme time we were or- *
renting every one who attempted to c
send supplies to Cuban forces, lie fear- <j
ed <b?? American people could not be <1
held In chock much longer. but that
they would cross the Gulf of Mexico as 1
the Greeks were crossing the Medlter- 1
ranean f?i-a to avenge the' cruelties i
which only Turks nnd Spaniards were 1
culpable of Inflicting. T
Mr. Morgan read numerous lottcrs.lncludlng
one from the Cuban governor 1
of tho province of Orients, to show the \
complete establishment*of a civil government
by (ho Cubans.
Tariff Aiuendiucuta.
WASHINGTON, April 13.-Senator i
Nelson to-day gave notice of several
amendments to mo wriu um. un? ui j
these abrogates after one year the 11aItalian
reciprocity treaty.. Another de- <
Clare* trusts or combinations for the re- i
straint of trade Of enhpuiCO the market i
price of Imports or manufacture# by two
or more person#, either one of whom Is an
importer to ho "against public policy, Illegal
and void," and provides for the 1
punishment of tho offense by both line
and imprisonment. A third amendment
authorize# the President to suspend by
executive order the collection of all
duties levied upon any Imported article, r
the home product of which is controlled r
by a trust. t
Th? London Timet* Ignorance of the .
llciiitK S*a Qnrallon. (
"WASHINGTON, April 13.-The Lon- J
don Times commenting upon the ap- c
pointment of Mr. Foster to take charge
of the fur seal matters expresses sur- 7
I prise and disappointment at what it t
terms the reopening of the Bering sea
question. Mr. Foster, on hl? attention
being called to the Times editorial. sai<l
he reciprocated surprise that a responsible
Journal should, upon such an unsubstantial
basis, arraign the United
States Tor on Intention to impeach the
Paris award, and strike a blow at the g
principle of arbitration. The conduct
of the United States in the past hundred
years, he said, challenges comparison
with that < ( Great Britain or i
any other nation on the subject of ar- ,
bitrati'on. As to the Paris award, Mr.
Foster said, our government has shown 1
no indir.j?ositlon to accept it in good <
faith, nor is the recent action of the I
President in entrusting the seal ques- i
tlon In its present status to bis <Fos- 1
ter's) direction, any Indication of the '
Intention of the President to evade its *
With the President's Appointment of the j
lUmttalllc ComniiMion.
WASHINGTON. D. C. April 13.-The '
naming t?f throe commissioners by Pres- '
Ident McKinley under the act of the ,
last Congress to promote bimetallism, i
was the subject of considerable discus- f
slon about the capltol to-day. Almost (
without exception the selections were |
commended. Senators, regardless of 1
frarty, were pleased with the selection '
of ox-Vice President Stevenson. It ,
appears that this selection was the
President's own. no one appearing to
urge his appointment. The President ,
desired a Democrat who stood high in *
hit party and who was an earnest silver \
man. Ho sent for Mr. Stevenson, and j
after talking the .subject over with him, J
decided to make him a member of tl^e 1
commission. '
President McKinley desired that the ;
subject of international bi-mQUUHstn
should be lifted above party politics and ,
that the men selected should bo those who
would work In harmony toward
bringing about nn ogrecmeut. It was >
also believed by the President that the I
name of Mr. Stevenson would give the '
commission great weight abroad. I
Opposition to the scheme for Interna- ?
tlonal bl-metalllHm has developed from <
m:i unexpected source. Morton Frewen.
"i r.iiKiunu. HJIU HUD ..
of attention to tho subject and who has f
visited this country several times In the :
interest of silver, Is now opposing an
International agreement, and declares \
that the money question la one which :
one nation must settle for Itself. .Mr. J
Frewen will oppose any agreement and j
use his Influence against the new commission
when it goes abroad. j
Senator Wolcott said that there np- i
pears to he n mistaken impression that ;
the commission is appointed with the
purpose in view of having it represent t
th?? United States at /i conference only. ?
While the commission might be utlllz- ,
od In that way If a conference should
be held. Its first work is to bo of n purely
diplomatic character, looking entirely
to securing European co-operation.
The commission expect to leave this <
country about tho middle of May and j
Immediately upon th<-ir arrival In Eu- .
ropo will sot themselves to that talk.
Whether there shay be a conference at |
all will depend upon how tho advances ,
.f j.'j. commissioners are received by
the principal powers. The appointments .
Inspired little comment among tli .
1 'l.i kmion U'lirt U'nrp ill till' I .
mcmiinn ?<? * 111j uuu.M. ....v - ... ?
capItol to-day. Chairman Dlngtey, of 1
the ways and meim? committee. n.ild
thnt the nppolnteo* were all good men.
Thin verdict was endorsed by all of the
Kr?ut>llc;inH. 1
??? 1
WrYVI\TfiP?ru*ols for Easter, at Alter- '
011.?'?'' ''"u.itWin Hale priced. 1
? I
CROT'P and whoopltiR cou^h are
childhood's terrors; hut llko pnoumonla.
hronohitlH. and other thrn;it ond ltim? I
trouble*. can be quickly cureil by tisinK t
Ono Mlnnte Cough Cure. Charles It. 1
Cootzo, corner Mnrk<t #nd Twelfth t
streets; lloivle A Co.. llrldgoport; Pea- r
body & Son. Honwood. 1 ?
John Becker & Co.,
'Jfi'47 iTnnalt htr??t.
Have ?l)ffftfnl Mr. John II. Toon, of Tlllnol*,
n k"inmit * of tha Klgtn Ophthnlmlc
C'oIIcrp, to (nko chnrge'of TokHjik tho
Kym uiul Kitting of OiitRftea. Whon you
(IM.I t*fiiirarilf In 11oi*iI nf Hnoi-tn.!? II will
pay you to consult us. Wo can glvo you
good service and save you money on your purchases.
Vory respectfully,
kctlv* Campaign Aic?li??t lh? Iii??r|?U
Acrortllutf lo "<>?cUI lUporla."
HAVANA. April 13?Senor Fontauous,
the public prosecutor, who in to
>ush the trial of tho govern tnent oflllals
arrested at Clenfuegos by order of
'uptaln General \V ujrler at CMftteffofi
iitM arrived there.
A dispatch from Camajuanl announces
tho arrest th#re of a pollco Inspccor
and twelve gamblers.
It In officially stated that great actlvty
prevails among the troops operating
luninitt tho insuraonts In tho province
?f b'untJi Claru. Captain General Weyur,
on arriving at Sanotl Hplritus.learnk1
that Quint in Bandera, the well
mown Insurgent leader, had panned the
Military line ucrojn (he province of
'uerto Principe, The captain general
ian ordered the Alva and Vlzcay b;itallons
to pursue the enemy. A nklrmltth
iith the latter has already taken place
t Plcajo. The Insurgent** loft eight men
Illed on the Held, among them Lieuteni?it.
Datnlen Qoiuloi as well an one
iiousand cartridges, live Mauiur rlfleH,
k quantity: of medical stores and the
Ilary of Qulntin Bandera, commencing
n February 3, at Ventaa, and Casanoas.
province of Santiago de Cuba, and
ndlng on April C at La Llanada. Banlorn
was accompanied by only one hunlre?l
and fifty men.
The Barcelona battalion has killed
If teen men in a skirmish and It Is bclevad
that the latter formed part of
landera's band or of dispersed groups
ormerly belonging to the force comnanded
by Ocnernl 'Maximo Gomt'Z,
1'he troop?, In the engagement with
tandera'a Insurgents had fifteen men
Smallpox is raging at Culncs, a vilagc
of 8,000 Inhabitants. During tho
ast week there have been 1 DO deaths.
Tho Garellano battalion while near
>iKuanea came upon three women w;h?
ivere carrying a wounded Insurgent.
The Spaniards killed the Insurgent and
>rought the women to Slguaneau
Guerrillas killed ten insurgents at PeIrosu,
Matanzas. stripping tho dead of
heir arms. There have been other
ikirmlsh^s In that locality recently.
Sody Lies lu Stats la lha Capitol at In*
INDIA'S A POL19, Ind.. AprJ] 3 3.-On
ccount of a wreck on the Pennsylvania
ailroad, it was necessary to transfer tho
emains of D. W. Voorhees to a Big Four
rain and they arrived here an hour after
he time expected. At 1 o'clock they
irere pjaceu in uie ruiuiiuiv ???. n?c w?.?
apit.il under a military guard of honor.
Jovernor Mount, the suite officers, the
udgcs of the supremo and appellate
ourts, the federal officer* and the city
fflcera flrst flU d by the coffin to view the
ody and afterward came a crowd of citlens
parsing 1n single file on each aid** of
he body. There was a chant by choir
toys at the capitol after the body arived.
The body waa taken to Terra
I auto at 3 o'clock, In charge of \V. R.
IcKeon and John R. Lamb, represcntng
the dtUejlH of Terra Haute.
o Far thla Year the Trade Above the Normal
- Domestic Price* ItUlug.
BOSTON. Mass.. April 13,-Thero
s considerable wool beins Bold,
ho business for the past week footing
ip in excess of C.000,000 pounds, about
equally divided between domestic and
:orcip. since January j, me ??? ?
e ported have been about llu,000,000
x>unds, showing an increase in buslicss
of nearly 79,000,000 pounds over the
lame period last year.
This year is far beyond the normal,
ind of course. Is all due to the special'
conditions which have prevailed thus
ar this year, owing to the tariff proB?ects.
Manufacturers have loaded
hemselves with the raw material to
tbout their full capacity, while during
he past few weeks speculation among
(eaters has been quite a factor in the
lales. In this way a large amount of
vool has been sold of late that has not
cone out of the market, but has simply
changed owners.
The sales of territory wools show a
falling off from the previous liberal
justness, but this is due in part to the
itrongcr fact that stocks available have
>een considerably cut into. Prices of
leading descriptions are as follows:
Ohio and Pennsylvania fleeces: X
ind above 19020c; No. 1 combing J80
!4c; No. 2 combing 23024c: XX and XX
md above 21022c: delaine 22023c.
itiohii'.'itv Wisconsin. etc.: X Michigan I
Sc; No. 1 Michigan combing 22c; No. 1
Illinois combing: 22c; No. 2 Michigan
combing 22c; N6. 2 Illinois combing
:2c; X New York. New Hampshire an J
Vermont 27c: No. i New York. New
Hampshire and Vermont 20c; delaine
Michigan 20c.
Unwashed medium: Kentucky and
[ndlana quarterblood combing 19*?20c;
Kentucky and Indiana three-eighths
idood combing 19?20c; Missouri quar[crblood
combing 19c; Missouri thtve ighthx
blood combing 19c; Lake and
Joorgla 18c.
T?xns wools: Spring medium (12 mo.)
11613c; scoured price 31 ?32c;. spring
Ine (12 mo.) 10012c; scoured price 35?
Territory wools: Montana fine medlim
and fine 10&tfl2\ic; scoured price
15036c; staple 38||>39c; nun. wyomnp,
etc., tine medium 105? 12c; scoured
price 35?36c; staple 37?38c.
California wools: Northern spring Mfl)
6e; SCO tired priro 3i>$<37 c; middle counIry
spring 101/12c; scoured, price 320
Australian: Scoured bnsls, combing
tuporfl??n 4Sf/49c; combine pood ;
'omblng nvrregae 40lH2e; Queensland
:omblng 4::^4.*ic. ,
Twelvr v?tvr* I<ob(.
KNOXVILLE, Tenn., April 13.-The
harrod remains of O. W. Roberts, of
Pulaski. Tenn.. were taken from the
ulns of the hotol Knox to-day. The
learch continues and It Is expected that
?thT bodies will be found to-morrow.
Inquiries have been received for a
lozen men who are supposed to have
leen burnod. Of the fifty-two people
n tin* house, only about forty have
jeen accounted for.
Tommy Wh'lte Won.
IVhlte, of Chicago, nml Eddy Curry, of
his city, were the prlnclpnlii In the star
>out of forty rounds at the Broadway
ithlotlc club arena to-night, The re?
r?-reo decided In favor of the Chicago
Drufiiru Cnunnt Ih> <'*rr?l
>y local applications. as they cannot
each til- diseased portion of the car.
rhore in only way to cure Deafness, and
hat l? by constitutional remedies. I>eafless
Is caused by an inflamed condition
?f tho mucous lining of the Eustachian
\ibe. When this tul?e pets InllameH you
lave a rumbling sound or lmj>erfoot
iearing, and when It la entirely closed
DeafmiH Is the result, and unless the
ntlamniation can he taken out and the
ube restored to Its normal condition.
tearing will be destroyed rorover; nine
out of ton arc cauood by catarrh,
vhlch I* nothing birt nn Inflamed uondlion
of the vnuoous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Hollars for
iny cauo of ivnfntwM (cnu*od by catarrh)
lint cannot bo cured by Hall's Catarrh
'urc. Hond for circulars, free.
F. J. CHENEY & Co.. Toledo, O.
IT should bo made a mat tor of public
enow led jjo thnt DrWlu'a Witch HsipI
talvo will speedily cur<' pllo* of I ho
onK?'st standing. It Is tho household fa,**>plt?*
for burn*. scalds, cuts, bruise*
ind Fores of nil kind". Onirics R.
loetzc, corner Market nnd Twelfth
itreets; Howie & Co.. Bridgeport; I*eaH)dy
& Son, Kenwood. 4
mnroradfd Hllk* for Skirts. A
special line at 79c per yard.
SaccompH&iicd quickly and easily by the use of 2-mB
Washing Powderjbi
Largest package?greatest economy.
, -?, : 'VlduU ' XSewYork .Cotton, nuiadelpbu.
CWe?P>. 8t LouU ina-mw:.-.w, _
ro be righTip to date you must have the
n _ ! .d .*
1 I
jif Ten Cents
Per Week.
J J? J*
Send in Your Orders at Once by Postal Card or Telej*
j* phone No. 822. jc
'mmr==Ls......... JV jugsazaag?WMBW?M
, 5 4^?JUJU
AfcgcfablcPrcparationforAs- SIGNATURE
stailating dEFoodandRcgula'
tin? rtu? .Stnnmrh* and Rnwrlk nf ?OF?
!Eromotes L)igcsaon.^ncCTiui-||m ?-? -?
OpwrivMorphine norMineral ffl IS ON" THV
NotNakcotic. Ill
^aio.aBBaami ||l wrapper
???" ' i of eveeyii
bottle op
Apafcclflemcdy forConstiM- ije A B 4% HE B
tion. Sour Stonuch.DiaiThoca, |jg ^1 | II Ij I M
Worms Convulsions.tevmsli- n h
ncss and Loss of Sleek BIMbI I 1111 111
Toe Simile Signature of WBlW I " I Iff 1
Ts L>V "YORK. (kltorii li put up ia b-tt'iM calf. H
BBffWBflffffiTCTKfrMWd u sot tola ia bulk. D::'t allow tamt u iill
HlflHUUmiBBB 70S aajthicg clro oa tt. p]? or piraiaa tlx II
ktrfJI)XZKB4-V3MO li "jut aa pocd" and "Till acawer rrvj parpMt."
W 8t> tilt joo fat O-A-B-I-C-a-M.
txAcrcoprorwHAPPCB. ?
Por Blllo'oi Mil N'orroiia .||<or<ior?. iraeli > Wind and lulu In the Sinmneh. s. t
UiduiucM. r ullncM iin(I sitftiiiuK niter inrnls. Iiiuinosa nml Dnmslmsv rol.l cinis. Flush;
of Heat. lA>*e of Ap)>t'ii(o. HbortncM of llr<->ith. o??t|yeuei?. Ulotcbua on the fck; l':?tut'*J
| 8lcop, Krichtful DredJu*. aud All Ncrvoti* ltvmt?lln,' *?enaation? otc . when inwf ?utip?<?n?
are rawed hy conMiimUon. as rtiost of them an- THR Pfttsi" DOt ttil.l. KIVK IULUF
TWMTV Mlnlins. This if no ITctloii. Kvorv kiitlorcru earnestly iutilci to tr oce l*J*
those fills, mid thrj will hr at kiio^|r?|Ur<l to Ih?
BEECHAM'S PILLS, taken a? directed, will quicklr restore female* to eorapct*
health. Thejr promptly remove oh?tructlou? or Irregularitloi of tho ?y*tem. For <t
Iheyact like manic -a fewdoMi will work wonder* upon the Vital organ*. strengthening '*?
I ranacillar svatem. ITOtnrluir tho lnnchxl (mnnhvl.m lirinffine hnfl: th.? L.??n ol at'!"
nil'] aroiivlug with the Itnaehiul of llcltli |||.< whoU phy^lcm rnrrcv >{ the hutnw
Iratnu. TJie*?> nro l*cu admitted by tbnuiands. la *11 oIump* of Mclvtr. and one <i( ?b? *?? **
guarantee* to tbf NVrvoiixnnd l><?bllltatcd Is thnt lUrrliuiu'i Till* hjive the Lnr(?*t x?lr
*ny I'ntcnt Modleln* In tlir World.
WITHOUT A RIVAL. Annua! Sales over 6,000,coo Boxes. I
-'.' cat PruK Store*, or 'will be iiont by I S. Agisntii 11 F. ALLKS CO., 345 Canal St. N>? Vort
POM Mju upon receipt of nrif'V B??ol; fn*o Upoit nppllontfnti.
W^Lld /^\ BomaMmaanrtrttawlliblf, Monthly, mnlatioe wwllelna. Only html#*
/ ? X the pnreitdruflnJwuld ba uwsl. ifjoa tui lb* bm, |(ft
S'Dr. Peal's Pennyroyal Pills
f \ Thar ar* prompt, ?al? tr<1 wrtaln In riwolt. The c?ao!no(nr. UnaPi^'arilrap'
* ^ oolut. 6nt0P*wh*T0, AddTWO ilKOIOJIll Co., Clc*?l*od, 0.
For by rHAS It QOKTZE. corner MarUt and Tw<lfth Struts. "iri^
miiTi TiiTmnT t TnmiTnnn advertise
Tttfi llMbKIL ,=

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