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fiUitil Mr, Unpi 1 < ?. kr
Tke. Intelligence!" Pvbfithiflg Co., i
25 am) 27 louttfuni sraui.
Ttrnw Ptr V?r, br Hall, la A4*uht,
P??U|# Pwyali
Daily (Six Dtfi la Uw W*t*) 1 Tmt4>.M
1M1I;,Mi X?nlhi U.60
Dktljr, Thnt K? .... I JO
Dallf (Thm Par* la lh? ffali] XM
ttotty (Two par* la Um Wwk) *-00
DallyiOm 9l?ath> _ t. . ?S
Utf klriOiuVMrla A4?mn) l.OO
Wwkir <?u MmUui eo
by carrier* la Wbecllnjr and adjacent
lo? o< at 10 ceata per weak.
Persons wUbitur to ?ubeci1be to TIIE
by sending in their order* lo the IN- i
TKUJGK.VCKIS office on postal cards ;
or otherwise. Thfy will bo punctually )
servtd by carrier*.
Tributes of Respect and Obituary Notices %
W cents per Inch.
Correspondence containing Important '
news solicited from every part of the
surrounding country. 1
Rejected communications will not be rr- ]
turned unless socompanled by suffl- i
clent posUKi-. |
I The INTKLL1GKNCER. eMbracln* 1U :
several editions. Is entered in the Post- ,
office at WheeUnr, W. Va., u ?econd-cla*a ,
matter.) ** . (
nunioNc ^CMVKU
(4DtorUI Ibooh *111 C?aUt b? $22 .
wnmnu, afhii. 14, im.
Th? Wool filar.
Th? wool liar 1 s again ccmlr.jr to the
front and attributing the great Mom In
th* eastern mark*?.* to th* advance effect
of the Dtajeley Mil. lie forget* to state
that th?- iKtom altogether In Torelgn
wool, which l?? b#*ing i>un--ha*rd by the
Shipload to escape Dtngl??y <Jutl?s: in otfi^r
word*. the wool m?n arc protecting themselves
against I jingiey.--Wheeling Keglstcr.
We are surprised that the Register returns
to thissubject. It ? 5o delicate for
our neighbor that we think It would
rather handle dynamite. It Is not so
many years ajro that when anybody used
ttiA Kirm "wnnl Par" fh? W?*irti?r rM*n!.
ed It as a personal reflection on Itself.
That was about the time when the ;
Register was buying?In its mind?all '
the 15 cent wool of this region at the very 1
cooifortiog price of -t? cents a pound as a 1
minimum. The Register's hradquartcri 1
tor this business never jot nearer home
than Woocfcrtleid. In the ''dark hills of 1
Monroe." in Ohk?. There an enormous '
business was done on this Inflated basis?
probably to th? extent of fifty pounds of
wool, scoured wool at that masquerading 1
u the common, every-aay anicje in ine
So Chat when the Register informs us
that "the wool liar Is again coming to the
front." we are amazed at the f^mknera 1
with which it states Its position. In this
same delicate connection we are obliged *
to remark that the boom. ?>called. Is not
altogether In foreign wool. The advance
Tln price is very much in domestic wool,
as will be shown by every market report.
Including the Register's own.
Our farmers In thi." region are to-day ,
getting from IS to 2') cents for the same .
wool as that Which brought them 13 cents
Isot season. It would be idle to tell these '
farmers that the advance i* all in for- .
clgri wool. Just u.i it wan insane to tell
them that they were getting 26 cents a
pound for their wool when they were getting
no more than 15 or 16 cents. Cer- ,
tainly it Is a wast'* of time for the Register
to tell the farmers hereabouts anything
about the price of wool, the Regis- (
ter being known for Its bold persistency
In adjusting the wool market to meet Its ,
Ideaa ol its party exigencies.
It may be that the editorial paragraph
above quoted from the Register was clipped
from some other newspaper and In
the heat of debate Inserted without reading.
These things are always dangerous,
sometime* fatal, as the Register has good
reason to know. i
Mr. Wtuuuiirr la P?lltlc*.
Brother John Wanaroaker has thought
It all out and concluded not to be a candidate
for state treajmrer of Pennsylvania.
He says he went into the contort
for United Btates senator because he
thought that In that way he could render
a"kind of service to the state and nation, J,
hut thln*? did not go bis way and he |
vu Induced to think about trcetreasurershlp.
The more he thought on this line
the tes he was attracted to it.
The facts seem to be that Air, Wanamaker
saw the hopehwiess of a fight
aginat the Quay organization, which was
determined th.it he should not be the
nominee forirtat? treasurer. Since thia
new public service was Huggested to Mr.
IWanamakr-r, there have been many developments.
and all of them in favor of
the Quay people. In Philadelphia, for
[ example, the combine ha? almost gone to
pieces. It la true, tiome very nice gentlemen
support Mr. Wanamaker, or anybody
opposed 10 Quay, but have no
power to do much In the matter of convention
Senator Quay saw th<? opportunity to
disintegrate the combine forces and he is
Junt the man to know an opportunity of
th.'J kind when it comes along and to
irrasn it with great vigor. In Short, Sen
a tor Quay seem a t'? have knocked the
props from under tho opposition everywhere
except In Pittsburgh.
There 1s a suspicion that Mr. Wonamaker
feels called upon to ffird up his
Joins for a mighty dash at the Kovernoruhlp.
the contest for which o?mes off
later. Brother Wanamaker Is a nlc*
man with a Rood deal of money and uome
very respectable burking, Injt If he shall
become governor within the lifetime of
Senator Quay that will be the result of
comliiff to an understanding with the
able senator. Mr. Wanamaker and his
friends cannot whip Senator Quay and
his friends. They do not understand the
fenalnoaa nri,! th<r<* ar<? HOt onouifh <if
Kliotilil I hi I'rnrrfH.
The article whi' h will bo found eluewfcere,
over th': ?jgnulur& of Mr. A. VV.
Campbell, and ba.^d on a recent vlalt to
ex-Oov??rnor Pl?rpont, fit bin home In
Fairmont, 1h of unusual historic Interest
to all Wejft Virginian's, an well aa to the
country In flrcmral, To the younger
Wi'M Vlrj?lniim, ?'*pecll1yt li in of valu*\
an affording them a proper knowledge of
one of the moitt r?mark?blf? fplnoderf In
th* hlwtory of the war p'-rlod ami one
which faulted In th?* cr?*atlon of their
native atate.
TIjh article l? particularly Interesting
as correcting many existing fahc lnripre?
alona regarding ih?> regularity of th
formation of the state and the organlsA
tlon of th ? restored or Union <?overn
meat of Virginia. and Is worth can-full.
An latonulkiul NtMlaif Agrr?ra?Mi
While the free aiJvrr men were de
claiming against the wickedness of th
Republican party and declaring that I
hud no Intention to make any effort t
bring about an International monetar:
agreement. the President waa quletl;
jetting into shape a commission to un
Jertakr thla very work.
The personnel of the commiifirton a
created by the President under an act o
Concrete, la decidedly fair at to partle
and aa to shades of opinion. Senato
Woloott. of Colorado, la a Itepublicai
who did not bolt hla party on the moot-;
question but la deeply interested In bl
metalllsm, and haa recently been In Eu
nope to feel the pulse of men of Influanc
In reapect to thla very matter.
Mr. Paint*, of Massachuietts, ?> un
Jenrtand to be a stralghtout R<>ld stand
ird man. Mr Stevenson, who has Jus
passed out of the vice presidency-, is t
rtraight-out free silver man and strict!;
In line with the Bryan wing of the Demo
jratic party.
The composition of this comntlssloi
shows that the President earnestly de
rires t<> bring about an agreement on .
monetary system, and that the Rcpubli
caa party, gpeaJctag through its chose!
chief. Jntends to keep this among it
>ther promises.
What t*je commission may b* able t
accomplish, l? anything. Is another ques
Won and haa nothing to do with the sin
cerlty of the Republican party and c
the President in this matter.
fwolttg Omt ofPmbile Lift,
Golnjr out of public life Is a very differ
ml thing from *v>lng Into it, and usual!:
It is much Ie*s attractive. The late Sen
%U-r Voorheei* would natural!/ be rc
farded a* a man <rt very successful pub
lie carter. He was to public life tor abou
i iteration. When the new Ooogres
ame In Senator Voorhees went out. Jus
before hi* term expired he told a frien*
that he had no property frocn which h
XMltd derive a living ood that all th
money he had in the world was In hi
pocket. J!? wiw too old to begin lif
igain and did not know what he km go
ng to do for a livelihood. Uts case wa
ro diiruesalng that wm? frt<?nd?, not al
ii his party, were considering what the;
might do to a*;??st him In his old age.
This cue is not ingular. There ar
nan j nv?re like it. There is a great dea
of glamour about going Into a publi
Dtttce, especially m> high a place as lh<
?enate of the United States. Many i
nan finds thai wh??n h* comes out he ha
to face the stem realities without know
Ing exactly how* to deaJ with them. It Is i
hard thing to say. but the cold truth 1
that a fx-or man usually does himsel
and his family a great wrong to get Jnt<
public life. As a rule a poor man woul<
So beter to serve hla country in a prlvat
situation and leave the so-called honor
to men who can afford to pay fi?r tha
kind of luxury.
A Vflrraa'i .>1*4*1.
Mr. F. V. Williams, of WUJtainsporl
flrant county, writes to the Intelligence,
that he Is In possession of a war meda
panted to Reuben Calhoun. Company 0
Sixth Regiment Infantry Volunteers
The medal bears the legend: "Honorabl;
discharged. Presented by the State o
Wk*t Virginia. 1W1-1MS."
Mr. Williams desires to hand over thi
medal to Reuben Calhoun or his family
and with this view oommunlcates th
matter to the Intelligencer, saying: "
could think of no better way to And par
lies, should you feei enough Interest li
the old "Yank" to trace him.
When the Spanish press censor in Ifa
irana gets through playing on a telegran
with the blunt end of Jtts blue pencil, in
said telegram looks aa though it habeen
struck by lightning. a cyclone, j
tornado, a hurricane and a battery o
artillery. This is one <* the reasons wh;
the Spaniards continue to gain so man;
victories In the newspapers.
Greater New York is a go In spite o
very strong oppoottioa In the territory v
be consolidated. The project has captl
vated the Imagination, but whether 1
will work out well Is a good deal of <
question. Lesser New York has been to
big for its property and intelligence ti
govern it.
So far as your Uncle William McKin
ley is concerned Republican promise
will "be kept. Witness the Internationa
monetary commission.
Wheeling needs a new theatre and ft I
to bo hoped that the long-felt want i
about to be filled.
Death of Mrs. Vlrctnlal .Moody, Former
If Mlu KofT? at Wheeling.
Sp^Ial Dispatch to the Intelligencer.
STEUBENVILLE, 0., April 11?Mr*
Virginia 9., widow of the late Rodericl
S. Moody, who was a prominent tnem
l**r of the bar here, died nt IVnahingtoi
City to-day of apoplexy, aged 77 yearn
She was bom In Wheeling, her maid
en name 4>elng EofT. and they wen
married In i?40. Ten children w??re bori
to them and all Hurvlvc. A brother
Alex. Eoff. and a ulster, Mrs. J. J'. CJil
Christ, of Wheeling, survive.
F.l'ctloii I)lanil??etl.
Special Dispatch to the IntelllRcnccr.
HUNTINGTON', W. Va., April 13.The
three IndictmcntB found agalns
United States Commissioner John T
(Jlbson for having Captain John Dlek
son. J. J. < I rover and > Kirliey, elw
Hon Judg'-s, arrested at the election la*
November, were awrniaHen "> jii'ik
MKllnnl* In th<- criminal court to-day
The Judge ntatcd that were such Indict
nu-ntH fiuHtnln<*(I It wnuhl l>e linj>"SHlbl
to have a Justfce In thu mate.
Rrfnrnn ?td More tlimi R Day
To bring them about, and nro alwAy
more compute nnd lasting when the
proceed with uteady regularity to
can .summation Few <>f the ob?ervnti
among u* can have fall.-d t < notice thu
permanently healthful cImnK?-H In th
human pystem an- not wrought b
abrupt nnd violent m?'an?, and thu
thr?"? orr th?- most nanitary nic-winf
utilrh or- iin>gr>-inh-" ||<>.*tWl?T'
Biomnch Bin. t !? I* th?j chl?*f ?>f tn< m
Dynpfpiin. n dl<M>a?p of obftlltiate chin
actcr, Ih obliterate! l?y It.
AO-Wrapper*?gon<i fiiotiirh to ?<-ll fo
uOvfl 50. M. HNOOK * CO.
"THE; Whirling A Laic* Erie Kali
way will grant to (ill purrhiiacni "
tlckota reading to N?w York on
point* iv?Kt thereof i ?tnp-nver of t?*
fJnys at Washington, 1? C. Hco Wh<*?.|
Inx A- Lako Erin railway aic-nl* to
full Information, or rail on or <i Idr**
|{. E. Lawrence. genernl ag?ant Wheel
Inn Erin railway. City Uanl
buUdlDg, Wheeling, W. Vsu
Ilia Bills ? %mit? lb* CaniigU and BMhlf
y hvm PUiila for lit* Umumml I* Make
lis Own Armor PltlM.
r> WASHINGTON, April lJ.-Senator
Chandler to-day*' Introduced his billM
e empowering the secretary of the navy
t to take possession of the armor plants
0 of the Bethlehem and CaroeRle coinpa..
nies. There are two of the bills, on?
applying to eurh of the Institutions, the
>' provisions l>?lng the same In both.
- Senator Chandler says that It is contemplated
that only the Bethlehem
works shall tw* taken. unless In cas* of
necessity, when the Carnegie Instltu*
tlon should also l*? seised. The prlna
c-ipal section of the bill authorizes and
r directs the secretary of the navy to
take possession forthwith of the land,
buildings and machinery as constitute
y the armonr-maklng plant of the two
- companies. He Is directed "to hold and
use such land, buildings, and machinery
for a period of time sufficient to en0
abl-t itaid Mcrettry to manufacture at
the works embraced by said plant such
. portion affce may ?ce fit there to manufacture,
of til# armor plate necessary
for the completion of the battleships
' Alabama, Illinois an*! Wisconsin, now
a In process of const ruction for the United
.. State*, and thereafter to return the possession
of said land, building* and ma"
chlnery to Skid Bethlehem Iron Company,
to be held by *aJd company as Its
n own property, aa if the taking hereby
authorized had not been mode; and the
aforesaid taking hold and using of said
2 land, buildings and machinery by the
- said secretary of the navy for the pur?
purpose aforesaid, whall be deemed to
be a taking thereof for the public use of
5 the United State* under an obligation
to make Just compensation therefor, In
o accordance with the fifth amendment
to the constitution."
The bills provide for the adjudication
* of any claims that may arise against
f the government out of the transaction
by the court of claims, whose Judgment
In the case I m to be final. The award
"sufficient to equal the damage by tho
wear and tear of the plant and the In>*
terest upon its actual value, and such
- additional Rumi a? may be fairly due
. for each year'* use of Bald plant."
Successive suits are authorized for
" each year that the plants ar?- held, and
t Jury trials are authorised unless the
a right to Jury trial Is waived by the ow n,
ers of the plantI
? Adopted tor Pabllc School* lit Knrop? to
Provtdo for Poor Children.
' WASHINGTON, April 11-CoflJUl
Germain In a report to the state department
from Zurich, la regard to a plan
U W- *V*IK1(A Mii niu kin
rcgciiujr iiuivATuixu iu tuv |<wuuu
' of several European dtles, says:
In Brussels tho children attending
t public schools were requested by their
j teacher* to gather up. on their way to
and from school all such apparently valc
ueless objects as old metallic brittle cape
sules. tin foil, tin cans, paint tube*. rei
fu?e rrwtal. etc., and deliver their oollecB
tJi*n dally to their respective t?-achen?. In
th?* period fn>m January 1 to October 1,
" 1395. or within eight months, the follown
InK amounts were collected:
3 Tin foil, 1.9J5 pounds; old paint tube*.
, 220 pounds; bottle capsulea, 4,415 pounds;
scraps of metal, 1,221 pounds; total 7.7SJI
5 pound?. This apparent rubbish was dlsJ
posed of and the ppx-eeds applied so as to
e completely clothe 600 poor children and
send &Q *. :ck ones to recuperation colon9
lea, and there still remains quite a balt
ance, which was distributed among the
poor sick of the city. ,
Mr.Sew&ll More Fair Tti?u Mr. Bryan In
r niKM<lH? He cent Krentt.
1 SAN FRANCISCO. April 11?Arthur
Sewall, tho Democratic candidate for
' vice president In the last campaign, arf
rfved f'-orn the east via the Istbmus of
f Panama, last night Sir. Sea-all h.u
i>r**n on the water ror me past unny
(lays and consequently Is not familiar
3 tvith the political happenings of that
l".Tiod. He said: "I place no special slg'
nlftcance upon the recent Democratic
success In eastern cities. They were
* purdy the result of local Influence. The
- p*?ople of the <*a??t are inclined to Rive
t President McKinley and his administration
a fair trial. Business is very much
depressed there and should It not improve.
I think the Democrats will pres*
*nt the same silver Issue four years
,1 hence and I have no doubt they will he
successful. Of course everything will
' wlli depend upon the financial condition
* of the country during the next f-->ur
? years. The people have been promised
f better tlm?* and If they do not pet them
they will ftf*ln demand a change of administration."
, Greater Xtw York BUI Puim the Lt|UUtan
Ortr the Veto.
" ALBANY. N". Y.. April 15,-Tho
* Greater New York charter bill has panst
cd the senate over Mayor Strong's veto.
x by a vote of 34 to 10. It passed the
(J house over the veto yesterday.
5 Ifardcrer Mackin llancrd.
JERSEY CITY. N. J.. April 11?John
Mackin. Jr.. was hanged a: 10;08 o'clock
- fhl? marnlnir.
s John Mac kin, who was twenty-four
, years old. killed his wife and her mother.
Mm. Bridget Connors, on February 27,
18&C. lie married Marry Connors five
year* npo. Ho wm out of work most of
* the <lmo and w*uf not welcomed at his
3 wife'* home where ?he lived with her
parents. Aft^r he had been refused admittance
to the house on tho day of the
murder, he secured a gun and returning.
nhot his wife and her mother and almost
, succeeded In killing' hl? father-ln-law.
Hr? wok nrrostod and rut h!.t throat the
aumo night with : razor he had oone"ak?d
In his f hoc. Mackln recovered and plead1
ed guilty, but according ? > New Jerw >
c proceedings, lhl? plea was not accepted.
PlntlngnUhfid J?pann? Vlattori.
J SAN rilASCISCO. April 13.-A l*irty
1 of distinguished Japanese visitors will
2 leave here for Washington, D. C? toI1
morrow. K. K(>maU<u and K. Kakawu
i have boon appointed delegates to the Intorimtlonul
nostal consrreflR in. Washing
ton, by the Japanese government.
The other member* of th<* party are N.
Kutaoka. K. N'tuijl, L?r. T. Konto and Z.
The IIrSt tbreo um respectively the
t prudent, vice president and secretary of
_ ?h" Nippon l>lfe Insuranre Company,
who Intend to Inspect steel and Iron
building in this country with a view to
" furthering the use of structural Iron in
ri Japanese building-.'.
Klvctrtr ltlltrra.
Q Electric Hitters 1m a medlelne
suited for any season. but perhaps more
generally needed when Ihe languid,
hausted feeling prevail* when the liver
Ik torpid and .ilugglwh and fhe need of a
M tonic awl alteutlve !? felt. A prompt.
y u*e of this medicine has often averted
" long and perhaps fatol bilious fev?>rs.
1 No medicine will act more Mirely in
(t counteracting and freeing th<> system
e from the malarial poison. Headache, Iny
digestion, constipation, dlxxlne.HH yield to
t Electric Hitters. 50c and $1 00 per bottle
nt I/OK?n Drug Co.'m drug store.
T\|)TSl)k IMaldH for Waists at nlternn
I ml M?iii nale price*.
r THE n?v. w. If. \\ cnvcr, pnntor of
th*' l?. M church. DtlUiburK. I'n.. roc iKntv.***
the value of C'lmmherhiln'n
Coitgii H-nu'ily, nwl ?locn not hesitate
<T i.. s !l nihfth about if "I have inert
I ('humbrrlaln'!4 ('uiip)i Ui-medy." hri
.i\- "ami find H nn '*< lletit mmllclno
- for cold'. courJih Mil'! hoiii i |j. ^Ho
r <| >i'M . vi iy i H' who gives It a trial. Hold
;? by OruMKinm. _
k moF. FIELD'H worm powders snlrt
on a KU?u*&nt?o; try them; at druggists.
Absolutely Pure.
Cel*brtt*1 for ft* imt Irtrenlnr
.inotih knd Anttft* vr.?
foodagaiatt alum and all lormiof adulteration
rota inyn v> tiie chetD brand*.
Th? Work Jow On Xa Hlmpla Job.
Urtal Improvement la ictoallflc Appa<
William E. Curtis In Chicago Record:
The longest distance ever encompassed
by the human vision, eo far as
the records go, is one hundred and
eighty-three miles, between the Uncompaghra
peak, in Colorado, and Mount
Ellen, In Utah. The feat was accomplished
by the surveyors of the United
.States coast and goedetic survey, who
arc* now engaged. In conjunction with
ranrMj'ntittivfs of other nations, In
(nuking <4 new measurement of the |
earth. The observers on the Pacific I
coast have been able to signal fi'orn i
.Mount Shasta to Mount Helens, a distance?
of one hundred and ninety miles,
but have never been able to get a resr?o
Between the other two peak* communication
has been continuous for an
hour or more on aeveral occasions. The
Uncompaghra Is 14,300 feet in height,
while Mount Ellen Is 13.400 feet. The
longest distance that the human eye
ever reached until this record was mad?
was between Algiers and Spain, oue
hundred and elzty-clfbt mile*.
The measuring of the earth, which Is
now going ou, is no simple Job. The
width of the ocean can only be ascertained
by astronomical observations.
The observers at Greenwich aod at
Washington note each night the exact
moment of the rising* of certain *tars,
and then, by mathematical calculation.
- ? ?? - < ixln Aim
turn we omeirncc in
tance. This la corrected aod corrobora.t<*d
by oth?*r observations upon other
stars. a:.J by a series of experiment*,
which furnish iin average 4hat la approximately
accurate. The difference is
seldom more than a small fraction of a
second, and is attributed to atmospheric
phenomena. The Pacific ooaat
measured In a similar manner by Joint
observation* by the Uck telescope in
California and that of the Imperial university
of Japan at Tokyo.
The distance across the I'nlted States
H found to b* 2.625.3 s??oirnipMeal rolk*
fr.?m the llKht bouse, aix mile* north of
Cape May. New Jersey, to the lltfht house
six ml left s?uth of Punt* Arenas. folloarinf
-h* ?kk naraliel of latitude a*closely
aa possible. This is conceded to be About
the mun width of the country. A glance
at the map wfll show that th? United
States It much wider toward the north
on?l much narrower toward tike Kulf
coast. but the 25th parallel Is about a*
fair an average as can bt? drawn. The
measurementa were made by tr'.an^u fatten?that
is. by taking observations
{rx?ro fixed landmark* and verifying
them by astronomical tesZB. The distance
acn>ss the continent thus obtained
la 140 feet I mget than that reported by
Hessel's In 1^56, and ninety-eight feet
lonK?-r than that reported by Prof. Clark
In 18#5. It baa alao been discovered that
the radius of the equator ia twenty-six
and one-hajf miles greater than when the
earth waa last measured. This is attributed
to errors In former calculations and
defective lostnunents, rather than to any
material change In the globe.
Ther?> ban been very Kreat Improvement
In scientific apparatus during the
last few yearn, both as to accuracy anil
convenience. The Instruments now used
or? uo much superior !n every respect to
those employed thirty years ago that
more confidence may be placed In the re
suits of iho recent survep. 1 n*? <nui.rq
of the cdn.?t survey we making ?om? interesting
discoveries in resurveylnjj the
coast of the United State*. They find,
for example, that Coney Island In a mile
nnd a half to the WMtvard of where It
was twenty-ftve years ago.
A Pleaiut, Htiuplct b?t Rah and Effectual
c*rf for If.
Catarrh of the stomach has long been
considered the next thing to Incurable.
The usual symptoms are a full or
bloating sensation after eating, accompanied
sometimes with sour or watery
risings, a formation of gase*, causing
pressure on tho heart and lungs and
difficult breathing; headaches, fickle appetite.
nervousness and a general playout,
languid feeling.
There is often a foul taste In the
mouth, coated tongue and if the interior
of the stomach could be seen, it
would show a slimy. Inflamed condition.
The cure for this common and obstinate
tnoublo is found in a treatment
which causes the food to be readily,
thoroughly digested before It has time
to ferment and irrltotc the delicate mucous
surfaces of the stomach. To sccure
a prompt and healthy digestion Is the
one necessary thing to do and when
normal digestion Is secured the catarrhal
oondltion will have dlsappenreij.
Aerordinc to Dr. Harlansofi, the saf
est and bent treatment Is to use after
each meal a tablet, corniced of Diastase,
Aseptic Pepsin, a little Nux, Golden
Heal and fruit acids. These tablet*
can now be found at all drug stores under
the name of Stuart's Dyspepsia
Tablets, and not belli? a patent mediclne,
can be uaed with perf<??t safety
and assurance that healthy appetite
and thorough digestion will follow their
regular use after meals.
Mr. X. J. Hooher, of 2710 Dearborn
Street, Chlcano. Ills., wrltrs: "Catarrh
Is u local condition, resulting from a
neglected cold In ihe head, whereby the
lining membrane of the no?o becomes
Inflamed and tho poisonous discharge
therefrom passing backward Into the
throat reaches the ytomarh, thus producing
catarrh of the stomach. Medical
authorities preserll <-<I for me for threi!
years for catarrh of ntomaeh without
cure, but to-dny I am th?> happiest of
men after using only one box of.Stuart's
Dyspepsia Tablets. I cannot find appropriate
words to express my good fueling.
I have found flrsh. appetite and
sound rest from their use. ,
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablet* Is the
safest preparation as well as the simplest
and m;>Ht convenient romedy for
any form of indigestion, catarrh of
- -
ni'imavn, whii biuhmivih
heartburn und bloating after meal?.
Send f*r little book, mallei! free on
itomnoh troubles, by nrldres-lnff Stu:?rt
Co.. Marshall. Mlcli. The tablet* can bo
i tiirwt :tt .til <li nt:
Gail Borden]
i Eagle Brand
: Condensed Milk. j j
fph 4? ysars '
; The Llaoing Infant Food. v
X EatabH?hm?nt-~Heat, accurate. prompt*
J. 8. RHODES * CO.
Easter .
Kid Gloves.
Price $1.15. &
Equal to any dollar and a hali
Kid Glove on the market. Black
and Colors.
Half I'ricc Sale of
Fringed Lunch Cloths.
This Season's Goods.
An Importer's Odds and Ends.
Wafl Paper,
One-Half Price.
Nice Delfts and Reds, 10 cts.
50 Patterns JOc Paper.
Gilts and Glimmers at 5 cts.
Borders to match.
Mouldings from 2 cents up.
AC roivrct CAW
no. TWTKX.Krn strkkt.
j{ $ 15" Suits. fj
' $4 Pants. {J
Made to Your Order.
williams typewriter.
The Williams
Typewriter < *
Prints like a press, and you can
tee every letter and every word
the moment printed.
The Intelligencer uses and recommends
the Williams. Jt ot
Denxn&n Thomson's Famous Play,
The Old Homestead. J
Under the Management of
Frank Thompson and Wm. Warmlngtnn.
The .Original Old Homestead Double
Quartette. Select Company of Twcntjthree
Players. Wonderful Electrical Effects.
Reserved seats Jl.C>: admission 7." and GO
rents. Ssats on *alo at C. A. House's
Music Store Saturday. April 10. up;
Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday and
Wednesday matinee, April 12, 13 and II.
Augustus Thomas'
Presented _ by # the ^ Clement Halnhrldge
01 .uhii'iumiiuii i-msi'i-M,
Nicht ?>rl<v>5?IS, ?5. '?> un?l 50c. Matln<?prlrcs?
IS. 15 and 35c. npft
^Carroll Club Auditorium..*
Adml*"ion 85 c*ntf. Hciorvpd urat*
r*ntn. Krmrvod noaf* on unW- at MllUjntfi. i
\\ llkln & Co.'h on nn?l aft?-i April ! '? .ii'li'
Blank Books,
Office Supplies,
Stationery, Etc.
?1 H. QL'IMUT,
l)c*lrr In
Hook*. Stationary. Periodical*, Newnpiiper*,
HIMrn, llymn Hooks. Goitpcl Hymn*.
HMfl HflU Stork. Foot 11*11*. Hnmmock*
HI I MnrK-t Sim'
Pone nt rr>n*onablo ratca ut
THE inti:i.!.kh:n('Er
S& and 27 Fourteenth Street
S'tdhage FOli MM:.
hOBithoJd good*. At 2X1; iU;: ? /#*,
FjlJ Twelfth *tf?.? t#." or. it, "
twototbook. cootuittU.v- a v
Kinder will b# r?fir?rd.-4 by l> n
at n< of!
-\t- ANTED-TV,..
>> nnd h'iu(M?oal'l?\ry .t
n ]i'j! ernood
will ??-? reuuircd. < ,*U Thumd ?
.it No *' Hov^h i r ,
? ^
?0R A rtw D4VS. 0\u. 4
4 Om l5-po*nd P?a of Mfv 1* .... it,, A
! One Mm P?il of *ppi- 8?tt?r . ' ^ "
^ 22^1 Market fitr?W. I
?* ? + + ?
4 T7*HOMAGE UK lift!!:.
+ -A- CA-M KMH KKT r j . . J
PHI I..A DKI J'H; A / ? ; *'
^ and NEVKriiATEL ..i I
4 H F. BEHRENS CO.'S, * i |
A KIT Market a-.r*** J I
? I
???? ? I
^ An elegant tonic?Hi. .. *
^ recommended for ira; ^
2 e-rlvhcd blood and general + I
X debility. Prepared frotn *
X tho purevt materials bjr X I
PV * T <V I ?
K, n. Lib 11 maS-V
Easter Cards
and Booklets.
We h*y a x+ry rboJre JJn* '
ar.d DVTTOS'8 Cards an4 - p,-.-,
and adviaa thow wl;
CLASSES or 8CHOOUB to ' ?xin
caaa our stock of any
not lance nouich to All your - . ,
have tlicxa gent from the ; .
Whaling. W. Va
j ^ ^ ESTABLISHED 1*4 7. ^
I We manufacture by the Old procts^steam
heat and hydraulic pressure. *zi
product guaranteed pur? from n^xu^i n
linstfd only.
of any paint or white lead?thwf ? >
I ?ure that your painter gel# "Tbocpsosi
OIL" For saJe by.
W. H. CM4PM4V 8, SOSS, P-i-1^% ?< W^
- - ??- erV S?ppl>tt.
m rl- - * i f
Tills is to notify our patrons That : ?
followrtn* schedule of prices ? *?;
adopted by the Ice Exchange, for one ytu.
from April 1. JS3T:
Saloon*. butchers. drujr store.*. Ic* creua
saloons, ^mmlaalon haus^. fi*h
creameries and dairies, Zt cents j?r IS
| 10 to 20 pounds, dally deliveries. 30 c?n;j
per JK) pounds,
25 to lfXi pounds, dally deliveries. <0 ceaa
per ICO pounds.
Hereafter no Ice will be deliver^ or.
Our patrons are respectfully r^qu^nM
to note the following comparison of &tav%
schedule With prices per 100 pounds prevailing
At Pittsburgh:
Hjiloons, botchers, drtic store?. ??rWhcettng
price, 23 cents; Pittsburgh pnrt,
3u centf.
10 pounds to 20 pounds dally?Wheehif.
50 cents; Pittsburgh, so cent*.
25 pounds to 100 pounds dally?Wheeling
40 cents; Pittsburgh, 6t> cent?.
I The National Collection Agenpy. o!
Washington, D. C., will dispose ot the feilowing
Belington Cpul and Coke Co., Belinr*
, ton : 10 13
Gilpin & Son, Berkeley Bprlngs O r?
J. F. Giliesplo & Co., Brets <7 a
Parrel, Norman & Co., Brookvllle.. 401 >3
J. P. Bowermaster. Bruceton ?3:
Auk. SehulK, Charlestown 15 Tl
G. M. Christian, Dingesi Ui w
Q. E. Benedict, East Bank 1ST j)
G. B. Hamy. Elkina i*. *
T. J. Baker, Fetterman m -j
C. Rogers; Frametown K3
Q. W. Shiner & Son. Freed ?j ?j
M. & W. E Evan*. Fayettevttle.. :t ?
W. T. Lilly. Grafton V, M
B. Carpenter, Gap Mills 3? 00
B. W. Cowan. Greenwood zu ?
M. Pareona, Hendricks ?
H. J. Hughes, Hlnton ss B
J. R. Ha maty, HofTraan IS :i
P. A. Lyona, Lyons ti :i
C. E. Hare wood. Martlnsburg 44 :i
Lutz A Bennett. Nestorvlll* ?3
n. Kennedy, peeryvlHc 3 ? o
Payno A Beaver. Peeryvllle 3 37 a)
B. Parsons. Petersburg >?
E. IP. Pharos, Peck's Run a a
J. M. Woodford. PhllUpl :n :s
C. W, Wheeler, Rowleaourg JfT 5)
Stone, Bowman & Co.. Row lea burg.. 7XJ IS
J. D. CoWRf r & Co., Ruddle 75 i)
T. A. Douglas. Rusk S3 5J
C5. A. Ofidcn. Sard!* 13? 4?
H. E Bland A Co.. Sutton
Barilrtt Bros.. Trlnlott OH
M. Schefslncer. Wheeling 11! 00
J. D. Adklns, YoTkvlHft ST M
Washington. D. C.
Who ran measure 11 ^ ? I
the influence of a RNAfflnri
AL IflOllioli
13SA? _ all
fit casta luruuftu ....
age. mil enters tbe
conflnej of eternitj.
Witb what rare,
therefore, should she
be RuarJ. il and lion
great tbe effortbeto
make btr life Ji?rPJMother's
makes child-birth
easy, assists naturi
in its sublime effort. leaves the Mother
stronger after than before con'ltn'ment,
and robs the trying hour of its terror.
Mother ran afford to neglect its use.
Of <!nij:cut? ?t $1.00. or wnt bT tntil on rwflr?
or nrlcK. Wrltr tor book containing.
ablo information for mil Mother*, uialicu n?
Thi> RridtlfU HtgaUlor Co.. Atl*at*.
Nl.u' YOKVC, N'-V
T.? rni> ..II . ' I. 1> f ? t.ruCwl lnvMlif1 ''' '
nn abnotute CURlv for CONSUMPTION""
HronchiftL TliTcat. Clic#t nntl
<irncTft\\Vr?Xnr**, PteallRml?{
tionti nf Wiittlng Awi\v, Ily lt? tiro ' f
thiMnnml* of apparently* bopete** cos"
nlrrmiy l?p?n I'khm*m nti v ci'Kip. - rf )
s-ipr<?')(-vo?lttvenm in!it*^>wvY i it v 8
wMl wml MlM to nriyon? afflict??.. ^
r.?vri!.! sritCC?,f' ,,v ' \
KrmiMi**. upon melpt of K*prc*?
oittrefoUlren*. AWvav* nlnceftle ?
T A. ST.OCt'M, M. C., iBi Pearl S*. ^
Wfcta writing '!> Doctor. '' '
i dew- x*f
t ..!3.'T

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