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We Are
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- -
By virtue of u deed of trust made by
Jackson L?. I'orter and Jano C. Porter, liis 4
wife, Joseph H. chambers and ltuchel H.
Chamber.-, his wife, to me, as trustee.
l<earlng date on the twenty-eighth day or
March. 1S*6. und now of record in tho
clerk's office of the county court at Ohio
county, West Virginia, In Deed of Trust (
Book No. ?2. page 28. I will on 1
APRIL. iSS?7, C)
sell at public uuctlon at the north fror.t
Ooor of the court house of Ohio county,
West Vir^iniu, commencing at ten o'clock
a in . the following described property,
to-wit: All that certuin tract of land
situated on the waters of Middle Wheeling
cwk, la the district of Liberty, ^ounty
or "nio, ana oi n>n>( tMHiuw .......
within one mile of Wnt Alexander, Pennsylvania),
and bounded anrt described as
follows; hymning at a chestnut tree on
the top of a knob or knoll, and running
thrnce north M* west .14 poles with the '>
line o? lunar Davis; thence with lino of 0
Crow north 2 V east 21 polos to a stnko
In the edge of old road, corner to Crow and *
Whilhsta brothers; tpsnce north k " east <
as poles; thence south ?9* east 22 poles;
thence south to" east 10 poles; thence south t:
TJ" east S poles to a point below a spring; .
tnence north ?4" cant IZ poles; thence "
north 12\' east 22 poles: thence south S5' t
east IS poles to a post (the courses hereinbefore
given being by a survey made ?:
on January SI. 1S77, and those hereinafter r
given bejnc by a survey made In a
ISlvi; thenco south 71* east fl.2 poles to a f)
po#r. thence south J6* east Si poles to a "
sugar tree in the state line; and thence
by the state line south 3)1 poles to a white t
oik. thence sooth S4* west 173 poles to a a
white oak; thence north 26* west lO-ii ,
poles; thence north 22V <!ast JGr> P0'^ 10 j
piaco or oeKinmnK. <.u?>ui..-'B
tfiw hundred and eleven (311) acres. more o
>. This being what Is known an the 3
Porter farm (and Ik on? or the b*st farms ^
1* Ohio county). There ar* ?wo first-class r
farm dwePing houw* on this property, and ^
other farm buildings, so situated as to 1
nuk? tho property susccptlblo of division
into tlm-claxs farms. t
TERMS OF SAI,E?Onr-thlrd of the pur- t
ch.x>" money, and as much more as thn 1
purchaser may elect to pay In cash on day ^
of *ate; the balatu-e in two eqnfcl payments S
kt onf and two year*, with Interest frotn t
day of sale, the purchaser giving his not??s j
for the deferred Installments, with the In- Xtrtti
on the j?*'cond deferred installment '
rayable annually, the tltlo to be retained
y the trusteo until tho property Is paid n
lor. W. M. DUN LAP. ,,
mrl5 Trustee. r
rpr.rstkks sa:.k <?;* nnio county
By %*lrtuo of a deed of trust made by t
7?mc? W. Dlnch and Nancy E. Pinch, his
wife, and John Dlnch. to me, as trust**, j|
hearing date on tho first day of April, 1R>3, e
?r.1 now of record In th* clerk'M office of
the county court of Ohio county. West
Virginia. In Peed of Trust Book No. 37, c
ligf I will on I:
leu ai PUOUC ?ucuvii iifc uw huiui
door of the court house of Ohio county.
Wen Virginia, commencing at ten o'clock
a. m . th?? following described property. s
to*wit: All that certain tract of land situ- j,
K'f! on thn water* of Cast Ionian's Itun,
In the district of Liberty. Ohio county.
Y+si Virginia, and adjoining ands of *
Joseph O. Curtis, Joseph McCauslln. John P
r,. Rodgero and others, and hounded aa c
follows; Beginning at a white oak In h
Jo?eph McCsuallirS lino, nnd running 1(
thence north 16* east 31 polea to a stake;
thence south "9* east 40 poles to a stake ?
r.sar ths barn on said land; thence south n
I?' ??a*t 40 poles to a black walnut, corner n
to lands or Johnson L. Garrison and oth- f|
ers ;thence south Sft* east lfiT'i 5?*'? ,0, n n
Kerh. corner to lands of Jos??*nh O. Curtis;
thence north lfc* 30. west 14G polee to a "
sugar tr"?. corner to lands of Joseph Mc- ?
Cans land; thenco north 12' west id poles
and 15 links to the place of beginning, and 0
containing forty-six <4?) acres and two (2) q
mods, more or less, tti? t>olng the same
property that was conveyed to James w.
Dlnch and John Dlnch by Julia A. Prall ['
and Robert L. Prall. her husband, by deed t
bearing date March at. 1W3. and now of y,
record In the clerk's office of the county K
court of Ohio county. West Virginia.
I fVrtJin <./! gi\liCS~vur-iiiiiu w ?iid
cha?o money and as much more as the 51
purchaser may elect to pay !r. cash on clay s
of sale: the balance In two equal payments
at one and two year*, the purchaser ^
executing his note* with approved security .
for th* deferred installments, with lnt??rr*!*t 1
from day of snle. the Interest on the second *
<!*fnrred installment payable annually; the I<
til * mid property to bo retained until w
paid notes are lifted. ti
Trustee. ^ ^
rrnusTEtrs sale. c
! v
Ry virtue of a deed of trust made by p
Thomas p, Porter abd Mattle Porter, his I
w:f?. to mc, as trustee, dated June 17, 1N&5.
and rftrorded In the ofllm of the clerk of .
th* munty court of Ohio county. West
Virginia, ir> i >? ' ?i of Trust Book No. ?
P-iK>- **. I will sell at tho north front door n
of t';? outt house of said county on e
APRIL. 1W. "
comnvnofng nt 10 o'clock a. m.. the fol- k
IowIhk described property: A part of Jot j,
numbered fifty-two, on the west side of ?
Jlii'n street, in the < Ity of heeling. Ohio
ronn", Went Virginia, at thu northwest
?:< n?-r or hhI'1 Main street and Alley 1#.
j.art hereby conveyed in bounded ax
fo11r?w? iVimniPiicInu at tho southeast .
corn.- of -.-iij lot No. 51!; thence nlonu "
v.i w< j?t ?|rj.. of Main atrect to tho centre "
the partition wall between *ald prop- ?<
Tiv ;iml the property conveyed by llanT
il Frirltern ;in?l wife to Jacob J. Font or \!
t i ?>l ?I?t? ?! January t, 1*77, recorded In t
'""I Uoofc No. 01, paw ?M. twenty feet,
more or I*?*, thence by a line parallel with
th'- j"?uth Hum of nald lot one hundred
f : I twenty.two feet ty the ea*t line of
<V>\; them e with naId line southwardly 0
twenty feet, more or lew. to t|ie nouth- i,
' orr:?,r of Kald lot at the line ??f Alloy
< There e by the Mouth line of nald lot on '
.. . lun-v is rnFiTwnrniV onn mjnurrfi aim two
; at to ih? ploco of botrinnlnir 1
ti;rms of HALIS-Ono-half and a? ?
i ii morn nw Ihn purrha*?*r clcct* to pny 1?
In I'unU tin thf <lny of nth*, t)io haliiri'"
iti two ffpinl inntnllm'-ntK ?? onn ami two n
M not** bf-nritiK IntrrcHt from tho tiny ||
of to l*. alvan for th?' defrrrrd imymenu.
)! HAf.f.KIt, A??? tl??n?-*r mr77"
HDl Market Ij
Warm mriii? B<-rvcd In their l>o*t atyln. ,,
r'ir,lng rtiomi cowy and iuiuk. AJI abortr'r<l*r
rooking, and pricoi reasonable. only
that i rovldi > fli : la '
Hi"*' i,ml iiiriiIrrnan'H Pining Parlor. j\
1 on i outtaenth irwt
M-t. iumta' IJlnnrr Dally, 36 cant a.
lirrt<claia French t'lwf ?
HMO U UHUUAKliK. i'roprlelof. H
" 1
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ck of Children's Wearing
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applications for tlia Twenty-six
1'cnltciitlary Appointmciits
>f (he Penitentiary, who Met YttUrdmy \
mi t'r|t?uiz??i iiy E.IM.UUI Jin
tun, of Klkhorn, I'mWmt-th* l?o?ttloua
Ml tli? I'm" will be Filled br the
lloartl To-day, auil ore Effective ou
Mar 1#
The board of penitentiary directors
as twenty-six appointments to bestow
n the faithful who contributed to the
plendid victory of last fall. That the
althful are aware of the penitentiary's
xlstence and tho positions to be filled
* attested by the number of appllealons
that have been received by the
lew board?800 Republicans want to
eplace th<_- twenty-six Democrats who
re slated for retirement from public ofice
on May Day.
The new board of penitentiary direcnrw
held its first meeting yesterduy
fternoon at the "pen" in Moundsviiie
,nd organized by electing Hon. T. K.
louston, of Klkhorn. president. Tho
thermembers of the board present were
iessrs. M. R. Wolfe, of Wheeling; J.
V. GilKeson, of Hardy county; Arnold
Schorr, of Grant county, and J. A.
Hoyd. of Moundsviiie.
The meeting was called to order In
he afternoon at 2:30 o'clock and coninued
until 6:30 p. m. Adjournment
ras then taken until this morning at
o'clock. Very llttlo business was
ransncted In addition to electing Mr.
louston president and examining the
00 applications for places at the "pen."
No action was taken on any of the
.ppllcatlnm. It is intimated that the
laces will bo filled by the board at this
uorning'j meeting. The places to be
lied arc as followa: One clerk, one en
ineer, one pemicm.?i /
reasurer and twenty-two guar-lK.
With 800 applications for these places
t can bo seen that the board has no
asy annp In making selections.
Superintendont f?arn Hawk, of Cabell
ounty, and the employes chosen by the
nard to-day will assume office on the
rst day of Slay.
Carrie Chapman Cat, New York: For
omo time the New York legislature has
*y?n considering the charter of Greater
,*ew York. This charter Is the produclon
of a commission of gentlemen appointed
for the purpose and called the
barter commission. After It left their
and*, tt must perforce be ratified by the
>{(19ta\UlC| IVim.ll IMOU ...w? wc t-v ?.
mend it. For rome time the legislature
ias been kept busy with hearings and
memorials presented by thus? not satLiled
with 1i* provisions. Among the
last interesting of all the petitions pr*?ented
is one from the New York City
chool teachers, under the heading of
The plain statement about the salaries
f the women teachers of New York
!lty." Among other things it said:
There are in the city of New York 4,000
pachers and 256 principals of schools. Of
hese, only .100 are men. They are the
nost poorly paid employes of our cKy
:overnment, this in spite of. the fact that
hey are educated women upon whom Is
:nposed the sacral trust of properly Intructing
the youth of our great clt*'.
To sun) up, there are in our schools toay
1,347 teachers who receive less than
he poorest paid elevator boy in the city
erviee ($600), 2,118 teachers who receive
?.?s than the street-sweepers ($720), 2,417
-ho receive less than the stable men of
he health 'lejmrtmnt ($730), and not one
f the 4.000 women teachers receives pji
iimh n?th?? ?tJihlA forermm of the street -
leaning department. Not one of the
romcn principals receives as much as Is
aid to the police sergeant* or to the
ircmnn of a hook and ladder company.
Under "these circumstances the te.ichr*
of Now York. the metropolis of A mer:a.
do not feel that they are asking too
juoh when the petition tho legislature to
nact a law that no teacher ohould be
aid a less mim than $<'>00 a year, nor
hall any teacher after t*n years* ex perl nce
receive !?-<? than 1800, and that the
alarles <?f the women principal* shall
e Increased by the addition <?f S260 each
car until they have reached tho limit,
2,500. '
DR. HULL'S Cough Syrup has always
oon kept up to th*' standard. It is the
nme It was forty years ago, the best
I'lUP Fancy Ribbons up to Mr yard?a
'"'"special line at l'.r?c p#?r yard.
UNCONDITIONAL mirrondor. Is the
nly terms thane famous little pills
nown an DeWltt's Little Karly Itinera
111 make with ronsUpatton, sfek headohe
nnd stomach troubles. Charles K.
lortze, corner Market and Twelfth
tr??ets; Howie k Co . Hrldgeport; Peaody
A Son, nentvood. |
t I' T ''11,1,1 worth 1BC?
lU UIl Alternation -m! price. l>c yard. :
?!! ;<?. M SNOOK & CO.
WHRN ilir 8prJriK time ronv.*. "Renin
An??l?\" Ilk'* nil other *en*lhl<' per
i?n?. will clemme the IIvwr and renoa(?'
th?* *y?tem with I ?? Wit t*h Idttlc
Inrly Itinera, f.imoiM little pill t for tii<- i
ver and Htomnrh . II the year round.
harlcH H. C k-I**-. rornor M.irkd and
'wlflb Howl** ?\r t???. llrfilK*'i?rt.
ivalMKly & Hiii, H?nivoo?! 7
f;4 Iff L\\'Fa)>i Itltck Htbho,{ Top //< l<
\ ?llil.? . -I. for ivonvn. worth 18c '
llcrnatlon Halo prlw. 1>
?1R?> M. HNOOK & ?'i). |
'hat stojw Nournlislu? 1'r. MiloV Pain XMIU. |
An Extended Session o( the City
Legislature Lust Nl({lit.
Placing Mr* While Under a Salary of
WiUOO, i'a?ae? Both llraiiclira, anil la a
I.?w-Tha Wheeling *- Kim Urore llallway
loiupaiif Ailu for lh< Uh of Slreeta
for Electric Car Llue?~Mecond Ward
Market Ordluanre fall* of Pmmhi.
The capttol clock was just tolling the
hour of 8 o'clock last night, when both
branches of tho city council had secured
quorum*, and midnight when the
session waa over, Thero was a goodly
attendance of spectators on hand at an
eaHy hour. They were men who had
their eye on liquor licenses /or the coming
In the second branch, President Chew
occupied the throne, unJ the following
members answered to their names: Ahl,
Arndt, Beckett, Berry. Bradbury, Bucey,
Connelly, Fair, Qartley, Hahne,
lilgglns, Hoe, Klndelberger, Meehan,
Knoko, MolSadden, Miller. Neabltt, Travis,
Megrall, Watson, Meyer, Welsgerber
and Mr. President. The absentees
were: Bronstrop, Kaiser, McDonald,
T?o ..I
On motion of Mr. Bi^cey, seconded by
Mr. Iiohue, the reading of the minutes
of the last meeting was dispensed with,
In order to receive the report of the
committee on petitions ond licenses.
Clerk Wntkfns read his monthly report,
which showed: Appropriations,
112,129 15; expenditure* *W,24S 97; balance,
$40,049 98,
City Collector TIall reported having
paid to City Receiver Forgey the following
amount*: 60-cent levy, $10,091 35;
10-cent levy, $2,737 41.
Clerk Watklns then <ook up the report
of the committee on petitions and
remonstrances, and read the names <>f
those who hud been recommended for
licensee. The names of the fortunate
ones have been previously printed in
the Intelligencer. The committee's report
was adopted without discussion.
A resolution that the bonds be Hpproved
In a lump, and authorizing the
mayor to take the acknowledgements
any time before May 1, was* introduced
by Mr. XVelagurber, and also adopted.
This method considerably facilitated
the approvals of license, which heretofore
has been a lengthy* and arduous
undertaking. Credit of the new scheme
is due 1o President Chew.
Following this resolution, ? grind
IUSI1 ??I uie PJ't-l iaiLn n mm uiuuc ?v?.
corridors arid the second branch thus
being cleared, Officer McGuigan then
barred the door.
The coramHtee on accounts submitted
Its report, which audited $115 72; udopted.
To Anlil IIip Solicitor.
The committee on claims submitted
ft report with bills, amounting to S3, and
recommended the assistance of other
attorneys to the city solicitor In some
damage suits against the city. Some ot
the members of the council thought
that a stated sum should be paid the
assisting attorneys. Other members
showed that I: was unprofessional for
lawyers to state their fees before a
suit. The report of the committee was
adopted by a vote of 18 to 6.
The committee on cemeteries submitted
a bill for $14 75. Messrs. Hoe and
Bueey of the committee, did not remember
ever seeing such a bill before, and
the report was accordingly referred
baek to the committee.
The committee on fire department
submitted bills auditing *323 iW; and
recommending the appointments made
!iy Fire Chief Kllevcs, since his last
report. The committee's report was
adopted without a dissenting voice.
The commute* on health submitted
bills totalling 5145 15, and recommendJ
riff payment of same. Tho report was
Bills auditing $14S 38 for the police
department, and 5320 88 for city prison
were submitted In the report of the
committee on police and city prison;
The committee on real estate had a
string of items aggregating Sl.'l S'J; ordered
The committee on ordinances had an
extensive report. The annual license ordinance
was submitted nnd "Charley"
Watklns reqd It twice, like the veteran
that he Is. without tiring. He got hh
second wind before he gave the license
ordinance its second reading, and ever
and anon gave his voice a pleasing rise
nnd fall that acted as a lullaby upon
liir uutiliK liBivuvio. 1UK ? r-vlded
a rax on peddler*, clairvoyants,
merchandise brokers, bowling alleys.
j?ool Hellers, and others "too numerous
to mention." The only amendment wan
offered by Mr. Berry, who wanted the
West Virginia Fair Association to pay
130 per week for the privilege of selling
pools ?t the fair. The ordinance called
for a lax.of *5 per day.
Messrs. Welsgerber and Hahne opposed
the amendment, because the pools
wero only sold for a few days. The
amendment carried by u standing vote
of 14 to 8.
The ordinance wanting the board of
frns trustees $1,500 for the month of
April. In addition to the amount previously
appropriated, was adopted unanimously.
Another long document came up In
the ordinance, ddlnlng the duties and
ualary of the city engineer. Its second
reading ran smoothly until section lfi
was reached, which provides for the
employment of assistants by the city
engineer, Mr. Miller thought the clause
too Indefinite; It might mean that he
could employ any number of assistants,
u-twxm uni.irii>n wmilil hnve to be i>a\d
by the city.
Tlir ICnulnrrr Ordinance.
Mr. Huhne moved to amend by Inserting
thnt the assistants should not
receive over WOO per annum.
President <'hoiv. who had previously
railed .Mr. Hlgglns to the chair, favored
leaving the clause as It was. It provides
that the appointments may ho
made by the city engliwer, but the sajiirles
hnve to be appropriated by council.
The amendment was lost.
The clauy fixing the ?*lty engineer's
salary at $2,500 ]>??r annum, brought
forth an amendment from Mr. Iiahno,
who moved t?? substitute $1,500. Ho
thought the $1,000 saved to the city
would come In handy for the board of
public works In employing: many Idle
men on tin* streets. This amendment
found tin- grave of It* predecessor.
There being no further objections, the
ordinance whh adopted hy i unanimous
vote. The ordinance now stands
on previously outlined In the Intelllgen
It waa nftcr 11 o'clock when the ordinance
i.'Kulritlntr tin- houm of the Second
word maiket wnn read. After lt:?
ftocond readlnp. a motion to lav It on
the table wan defeated, the Month Sldera
getting 11 ? ? the in in favor of the motion.
The ordinance wasn't adopted,
however, an the vote of H to 10 did not
conntttutc the two-tlilrdu vote required.
The first branch netit In an amend...
.? npilliiniii*!! r...lti.-l Mi'
IIWIl Hi lilt* in ' It-.-- ?
(ho inx on small priced shows. The
second branch concurred.
A K??ner.il hiujrh ?:is created hy -the
petition of tho r<?*id?*nt8 of Allev C\,
from Sovenfh t<? Tenth streets. They
wanted o sewer pipe nlonx iho alloy
within the specified limit*. Referred i,<
j board of public works. Tho Home foto
j followed the petition for n fewer on
Thlrty-m .md t South ('huplino
I street residents between Thirty-third
nnd Thirly-sovcnth streets wanted i
! new pavement: Hit* board of public
work* (; >( nnofhor Iti'tn ?>/ business.
The petition of F*orty-flfth street residents
for a new newer wont the same
Mr 111ukin'1 offered n resolution that
a Joint committee of three from cneli
branch bo appointed to investigate tho
propriety of funding the entire city
debt; adopted.
Residents of Belmont street wanted
it graded and tha work bo dons by th?
boarder? at the workhouae. This looked
llko prison contract labor to Mr. Hoe,
who wanted tho -work done by cltlsens.
Referred to tho board of public works.
A resolution by Mr. Hoe, for the improvement
of Wood street, was referred
to the committee on finance. The petition
of residents of Forty-third street,
wan referred to board of public works.
Air. Fair offered a resolution that tho
employes of gus board, excepting those
paid monthly salaries, be placed oik the
elght'hour system, and puid per rata;
Other minor petitions for street Improvement
were referred to board of
public works, etc.
The absentees In the first branch
were: McKelvcy, Otto, Strobe!, "Wledebusch
and Zwlcker. Mayor liutt* wielded
the gavel, and "Tom" O'Brien rattled
off tho communications.
The People's Telephone and Construction
Company, of West Virginia,
presented a petition for on extension of
Its franchise for another year. This
was declared out of order, tho franchise
' ' 1 "" -u "< . l.nronnnn ntl I
naviug i'Xi?rcu aiuiwii ?
ordinance was drawn up extending the
desired franchise for another year. Mr.
Ebellng objected, and the ordinance
*va? luld over until next meeting of
A petition and accompanying ordinance
wa? presented by the Wheeling
& Kim Grove Kailivay Company. The
company desired to give the city a better
service, and will ahortly use the
electric nystein Instead of steam, and
prayed the granting of the following
concessions from the city:
That the petitioners be ollowed to
construct a single track from the Interaction
of Sixteenth and 'Eoff streets,
north on Eoff to Twelfth, and from
Twelfth and Eoff, down Twelfth to
Water, thence oti Water to Fourteenth,
thencv* on Fourteenth to South. thence
on South to present entrance to old Baltimore
& Ohio depot. Also, a Mingle
track from Intersection of Twelfth and
Chnnllne. souih on Chanllne to Six
teemh, and there connect with present
tracks of the company. Also, a single
truck on McColloch, leaving present
track at a point opposite McColloch and
Fifteenth, thence following McColloch
to the foot of the hill at tho stockyards.
For tho above tracks electric
cars will be used only.
The company also wants the right of
way granted for ?i single track from a
point opposite the gate of the Peninsular
cemetery, thence under the viaduct
of the Wheeling Bridge and Terminal
railroad, and across the bridge over
Wheeling creek to Intersection of Baker
and McColloch.
Also, the privilege to lay a tiouble
track from Koff to McColloch, thence
alomr McColloch street to Fourteenth,
and through alley along which the company's
present line runs, to h point
where the present line cpmes back to
McColloch near the stockyards, thence
along McColloch to where present line
of road leaves McColloch street at a
point where the street turns toward the
Penlnsulur cemetery.
The company promise to operate electric
cars on all the streets not before
used by the company, and eventually
n<.ra on Its line through
out. The petition was referred to the
committees on streets, alleys and
railroads, conjointly.
The ftr*t branch concurred in nil the
business done by their neighbors across
the hall, with the exception of the minor
amendment to the license ordinance.
It was 11:45 p. m.t when council adjourned.
Far \rw York, Wliere He will Receive the
Hydrophobia Preventative Treatment.
Thnraitay'a Knlrrlalnmrnt.
Richard Kenney departed yesterday
afternoon on the 3:55 Pan Handle train
for New York, where he will receive,
through the Instrumentality of tJie Intelligencer's
hydrophobia relief fund, the
fifteen day's course of treatment at the
Pasteur Institute for the prevention of
hydrophobia to which, like ooveral
others, he was exposed by being bitten
by the mad dog on January 2S, last.
Harry Freese, the first of the suspects
sent to the institute will leave New York
this evening at 6 o'clock for Wheeling
and will arrive to-morrow morning.
Speldel, the second suspect sent, trill return
In about a week, whon his llfteen
days expire.
The entertainment to be given to-morrow
evening by the William H. Oooke
circle. King's Daughters, at Arion hall,
for the Joint benefit of the Intelligencer's
hydrophobia relief fund and the Day
Nursery, will no doubt be well attended,
as the young ladles are preparing a programme
that will be quite enjoyable.
The objects to which the proceeds will be
devoted are ones that appeal to one's
charitable feelings, and tho sale of tickets
should be very large.
Itacklen'i Arnica Halve.
The best salve in the world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
eoree, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,
corns and all skin eruptions, and positively
cures piles, or no pay required. It
is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction
or money refunded. Prlos 25 cents
per box. For sale by l?gan Drug Co.
PKTPHKld Gloves?Our 98o l!n? is un1"
vf cvnoir a rr>
vir.w *?? w?vv?- ? ?
THIRTY years Is a lonn time to flftht
so painful a trouble as piles, but Jacob
Mitchell, of Unlonvllle, Pa., itrugglej
that InnK before he tried DeWltt's
Wltoh Ilniel Salve. which quickly and
permanently cured hlni. It Is equally
effective In eciemn and all skin affections.
Charles n. Gootze, corner Market
and Twelfth streets; Howie & Co..
Bridgeport; Peabody & Son, Benwood. 6
FOR Morbid Conditions take
01 nnfrir stttknllne Summer Comforts, at
O'J " " IJEO. M. SNOOK & CO'S.
COI.RMANN-On Tuonlny. April 13. 1S97,
lit il o'clock p. m., WIIil.lAM f. COLICMANN,
lit the 44th year of his a*e.
Funeral from the residence of hi* brotherin-law,
M. lvlrchner. No. Twentieth
strdet, on Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock.
Friends or tho family JnvJted to attend.
In torment at Mt. Calvary cemetery.
ALEXANDER?On Tuesday. April 13. 1S?7,
at 7:45 p. in., ZEDA MAUD, daughter
of John and Ellon Alexander, aB?>d 14
yearn and i;i days.
Funeral Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock
from the residence of parents. No. 22
Delaware street. Inland.
COTT8?At her home. 424 Main Street.
Tuesday. April 13. is;i7. in 11:50 p. in..
MARY ELIZAPKTH, wife of William
p. Colts, a?cd 02 years.
(Formerly of Frew & Dertschy.)
11,'.,,,. nuiJ \i>inn!iil Kmliilmn*
I'll I In ft I inn-ilvl ?"? aliuiui uuiraiuiu,
Calls by telephono annwcrrd <lny nr
nijilit. Ktore tt'lcphonn. 635. n^lilt-ncc. U)1
r.rnduAlP ol U. S. <allfqr of I mbalminq,
1 olfotionr 229. itcwpof<ir? Qu?ftrr%.
ji 1741 Market Street,
practical shoemakers.
Hhocit neatly ropalrtd nnd half aolod
while 3mi wiili.
I'ROUKU 00c.
I'll Market Btrcct.
jviuiuu Jiviiiiui/i ivuviinnUi
Correct ! K J Correct
W ^ Tlftcaunn rvorv mittftl ami
1 Becauno made by tb# beat X a a ' every stylo IB new* neat
T f\ I anil nobby.
tailoring llrmo In this coun- f
try. 1 U J Correct
Correct 1 8 j Because the price# are no?
I J higher than (lomo atonr
A I charge (or aweauibop prod*
Because cut and mado only * ucta.
vy Kmca muut? _ _
Correct J R !
^ ' Shirks for Dress and NegU*
, . . ^ < > gee. Largeet line of Man*
Neckwear, bceau.o wo pt I g J[ hatmn aad SmlUl WI<
In a new lot evory week. ^ i facture.
1 VI 1/-& WW WA > W w,
Strictly One Price. 1319 Market Street
mw u
Your Terms
j ARE > *
Our Terms.
After you have secured prices on
Furniture. Carpets, Etc., at other
stores, call on us and we will
give you an
In Bargains.
The weekly, bi-weekly or monthly
payments we ask, you will never
miss. Credit given everyone.
2245-47-49 MARKET STREET.
Geo. R. Taylor Co.
Talking About <? <.*
Having: secured the agency for this celebrated make of Kid Gloves for thin
elly, we can supply you with nny kind, color or size you may desire at the
Rome price charged at headquarters in Now York. Not necesanry to My anything
about the fit of these Gloves, for It la generally known to be simply per"*
' ? -nlnr.nl r?l.*ln Ufllrhlntr uml lariro buttons is Sl.SL.
led. I'ricc 1U1- Vile o*?uvv?.., .
lilack and embroidered coat a little more. ,
<? Mourning Goods. <? Wo
make n ppecialty of the hefter prnAo.* of Dross GnoiJ* and Veiling* for
mourning, and experience In nolllnflr them lias taught us that our trade demand*
Priestley's manufacture Jn nearly all cases, which Induces us to keep
a choice line of
AND 42x60.
ALL PRIESTLEY'S GOODS AND JET RLACK. Whether you come yourself
or send h friend to make the selection you ure sure to Ret the best and
v"** Ti?:irtr Uitiin nrAscoB nnd Dress Skirls Opened This Week*
Geo. R. Taylor Co.

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