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?hc($lhcclmq 3ntclligcnrcr.
The Templar Knight* Stormed
mud Captured the City.
'twas a conquest of peace
Whose Victories are More Renowned
Than Those of War.
grand commandery meeting
Took Place In the Afternoon, Having
Been Preceded by a
In which S?m?l HwUrwl Brilliantly
ITatformvd and Perfectly Eqatppad and
Drilled Knlghta Took Part-OMxpOoMi
b r the Two Local Commaadartaa Occur
rnl Lut Night?A Joint lUuplliB
and Dane*lift* Concluding EvMl-LoHta
!(.Tartnn?r?of Parktnb?r|, tha Xiw
Grand i'onuuandar ? Oilrla Temple,
Xfilk Shrinf, will ^Ilald I ha Btaidt"
tkli Aflaraoon and Sight.
mJm HK Knight* oft hi
^?1 **niple ? The
V-u~/ I iiranil Cumiiunrv
\ : r>' of W? Jt VirvvV.
r/fflLl i:i??la. Knight*
- I T?-m|?l.ir?tvtTtf in
- ,yjP z| potfsenitkin of iht.*
^r\Vj| NailCUjr yestcr\r
Hr \\ Uay. l lit- <*on/ViNCGA
Q'J.-st. hotrevvr.
r 1 was one of jw.ice.
mightier than war un.l Wh.-HIng !
p^.?pJo tvould like nothing better tliun
to t?e conquered by the Templar every
Tlie creation was the annual meeting
of th~ mwt sucrfssful and enjuyublo
meetings ev*r hold In West Virginia,
and the vinttorit are unanimous In
pmlK* of Wheeling and Cyreno comnianderles
for the elaborate rceptlon
and entertainment accorded them.
TV meeting practically came to n
ekwe Ins*: r.Jnh: In th?> joint reception
to the visitors tend-r?l v>v Wheeling
I* *. Tmr?nnrr.
Grand Commander, Parkcrsburg.
and Cyrene comrnnnd**ri<'s at the MrLure.
hut the Grand Commamlery did
not finish all of Its business yesterday
afternoon and will convene this morning
for a ahort concluding a.sslun. The
election of officers nnd mo*t of the Importance
business was completed yesterday.
To-day many of the visiting knight*
who ar?* members of Osiris Temple. Ord*r
of the Mystic Shrine, will remain l.i
town to take part In tho afternoon parade
and the initiation <>f a class of
forty candidates this evening.
3o(hta|(Don? bat KI*ctlon ofOinc?ra-A
PrraciiUliou <?nrprlir.
The Grand Commandery. Knights
Templar. of West Virginia, met at noon
yesterday, with all the officers present.
Very little business of a public character
was transacted Th* reports of the various
officers were of the most flattering
character, showing a large Increase In the
number of the fraternity nnd a gratifying
condition of the finances. At 3
o'clock the Grand Commandery took a
recess to participate in the parade.
l.'pon reassembling th<* election of ofTl
R. C. Onnulitcfon.
Oranfl n*cor?l*r. Fairmont.
' ts wan imineaiacciy pmcnu-u wun, ?c ultlng
In (he following neUMitlonn:
Right Kmlnont Grand (V>mmftmler?L.
N T.-ivonnw, of Parkcraburg.
I'Tuty 'trand Ommandcr?John A.
torn, of Wh.'cJIriK.
ram] O^nHrallsnlmo?Goorgo PeBolt,
" ran'! Captain General?F. II. Markcll,
of Charleston.
Graml I'rHate?Jamn A- Bryan, of
' rand Honlor Warden?J. K. T. fltcele,
of HramwMI.
<?rand Junior Warden?Wllfiam Camp?"
ll. of Charlfl*-Town.
Grand Treasurer? D. W. Kmmonii, of
f?ran<I Itecorder?B. C. Dunnlngton, of
Grand Standard Bearer?J. 8. VandcrVort,
of Wrrfton.
Grand Sword Bearer?Gcorgo W. Crwl,
of Grafton.
Grand Warder?Charles H. Ahrenii, of
Grand <'ap!aln of Guard?B. N. Myer,
ft Martln^burg.
Bof?.r? the Installation of the officer* a
, Very pleasant epltode occurred that lift
ed Past Eminent Commander George Yi.
Creel. of l>e Molay Oommandery, of
Grafton. completely off his feet. Right
Eminent Grand Oommandcr-eleet,
Judge I*. N. Tavenner. of Parkeraburi?.
had something concealed up hli sleeve
when he called Sir Kolght Creel to step
forward. and In a graceful speech on behalf
of the Sir Knights of Do Molay Commandery
presented him with aooatly and
beautifully wrought l'aat Eminent Commander's
Jewel. Mr. Creel, although
taken by surprise managed to express
hla gratftude for the gtft of auch a handaome
testimonial ftvm hit frlenda In the
After the Installation of the offlceraelect,
at 6;30 o'clock, the Grand Comraandery
took a reccss until 9 o'clock this
morning. __
THU tAtlAV*.
Ovw 500 Kittfhli lit Llno-IUndiomNt
Ota play KvitIni 1m tit* Clly.
Dcapita the heavy raina of Tuesday
! night, continuing In the early morning
j hours of Wadneaday, and threatening
clouda ami light sbowera up to noon yesterday.
the ekles cleared about 2 o'clock
! and the sun shone brightly, giving the
Knights Templar almost ideal weather
far their parade In honor of the meeting
of the Graud Commandery of the male.
Had the weather not been so dlscourag-1
.John C. IllhtlrfaflVr.
rast Grand Commander, Wheeling.
ir.c there la no doubt but what the lift or |
visitor* would have been swelled to a
much larger number than materialized. |
As it wan, however, there was a most J
gratifying response to Invitations extended
to Ohio and Pennsylvania
The parade was on eminent success. It
was composed of the finest locking and
mi'*t handsomely uniformed body of men
that ever traversed the streets of Wheeling:.
The scouring rains itad swept the
brick pavements freo from ?U
debris. presenting a surface a*
smooth and clean as a well
kept floor. Flunting, decorations and
Templar emblems were displayed by
many private cltixena along the line of
march, and a great cumber of the business
houses were tastefully draped and
festooned. The depressing rains prevsnt d
a more generous acknowledgement
on V-half of the people In honor of the
Besides the commanderles from Grafton.
Fairmont and Parkersburg. those
from Bellalrc, St. Clalrsvllle and Bridgeport,
Ohio, nnd Pittsburgh nnd Allegheny
assisted in making one of the largest
and finest processions of the Mnsonlc order
ei*er witnessed In West Virginia.
After the visiting commander!'^ had
been received by deputations of Wheel
Dr. John XV. Mnrrli,
Chief Marshal, Wheeling.
fn#r and Cyrene commanderles and properly
pmvided for. and the sun had shone
Its fare In smiling approval of the contemplated
display word was sent out
from Chief Marshal John W. Morris for
the mobilization oftiie various oommanderles
at the place designated In his seneral
order through the Intelligencer yesterday
morning. The marshaling ?>f the
hosts to form In line was one of the most
Interesting events of the day. Each
commandery ns It marched to Its place In
the line was headed by a brans band and
was che individual attraction at the time
nf passing the Immense crowds that
thronged Market street from Eleventh to
Fourteenth streets .The balcony of the
McLure House, headquarters of Cyrene
Commandery, was a veritable picture of
feminine lovellnets. and an exposition of
' *>'? milliner ami man tun-nut
k'-r. It proved to be tho most attractive
I ton the line of march for the gallant
It was about .1 o'clock before -the column
wan In shape to move. In tho meantime
Lieut. Huppler wMM busy. turning
penlitnt driven of delivery wagon*
wwt Into Fourfe.-nth Htreet, some objecting
strenuously to hl? order. Common
courtesy and the proprieties of the
occasion ought to haw Inducer! them to
do till* Kracful act without bring forced
to. When fh?? hend of the column finally
mov??d from Fourteenth street onto Mark"t
th?? way was pretty well cleared. Tho
line up of the parade la subjoined;
f.lnr-np of ProcrMlott.
Chief of Pollrn Thomas I). Hmnett In
command of a platoon of th?* following
patrolmen: Hit*. Walker. Hnbb,
8I)IH<K Kverrtt. Wolf, Knnho
MnJuljran, TroutwHn. Allen,
Devinnvy and Michael*.
Four enrrla?en containing officers of tho
Orarirt Commandery of Went Virginia.
Chief Murshal. John W. Morris.
John K. List, Conrad lllrsch, Alfred Paull
and II. R Mown.
Opora House Jlnnd-I* tnuslclens.
W heeling I'nmmflinJrrv -M men.
Knlffhts Templar Hand, Allegheny, Pa?M
All^aheny Commandcrr?W men.
IlealhcrltiKton's Mind, lIHInlrc? II mtislslclans.
Hope Commandi-ry. Ht.f'ialrsvillo -tr. men.
Knitter's Hand, f'nlontown, Pa.-25 mu
Contlnnrd on ttocoml Page*
Comes Before the Senate In an
Unexpected Way.
To Bring the Sugar Trust Witness
Before that Body to
As m Pr*nq?UIU to Pardon-Seaator
Qoajr Prop mm to Modify Om or PtmIdaat
ClortUn^'i Civil lirTlc* RalU)
Which will b? Endorsed fcy Tfcoao
Awaiting lha Frnlta of Vletory-Tha
Allan UrtcUa Ilaaolotlon K?[K)rM AdVttMlf*
WASHINGTON, May ll-In the enate
to-day th* sugar Investigation of 1894
was recalled by the Introduction of a resolution
by Mr. Allen, of Nebraska, renting
the clrcunwtancca of the lnvestl 'Atisin
th* refusal of Klverton 21. Chan
man to testify, his conviction In tha
courts as a contumacious witness, and
the present effort* toward his pardon.
The resolution proposes that Chapman be
brought to the bar of the senate to purge
himself of contumacy as a pre-requlsltc
to pardon.
Mr. Allen sought to secure Immediate
action on the resolution, but It went over
on objections from Mr. Qalllnger, of New
Hampshire, und Mr. Hoar, of Massachusetts.
The latter criticised the resolution
as giving away the authority of the senate
and said he would propose an amendment
wtth a view of having Chapman
punished unless ho purged himself of
contempt, without reference to the question
of pardon. The consideration of the
resolution will be In order to-morrow.
Senator Quay to-day gave notice of hla
Intention tooffer amendments to the sundry
civil appropriation bill removing
special Indian agents, deputy collectors
of Internal revenue store-keepers, gaugers
and examining surgeons In the pension
office from the classified service.
The amendment provides for the nomination
of the special Indian agents by
the President and their confirmation by
the senate, and for the appointment of
the other officers mentioned by the heads
of their respective departments with or
without examination.
The senate committee on foreign rela
tions to-day decided upon an au verse report
upon Senator Allen's resolution expreseitiff
sympathy with the Greecks in
their war with Turkey on the rround
that the subject had been covered In the
ctlon of the senate of last session on a
resolution of which Senator Cameron
was the author. The Cameron resolution
was agreed to without reference to committee
on February 20, and when the Allen
resolution was Introduced on April 20.
a promse was made that If It should bo
permitted to #co to the committee It
should have Immediate attention. What
delay there hss been was due to the fact
that fh.? committee meeting were not
regularly held. The only material difference
between the two resolutions Is that
the Cameron resolution waa an expression
of sympathy with the Greeks In their
Intervention In Cretan affairs whernaa
the Allen resolution expressed sympathy
with them in their struggle against the
advancement of the Ottoman empire and
expressed the opinion that this sympathy
should be tendered by the executive.
The committee also took up Informally
the Cuban question and decided to oak
the secretary of state to supply the ft?lleet
possible Information In regard to the
situation In Cuba. The opinion was expressed
that Secretary Sherman would
be willing to put the committee In possession
of all the facts at his command.
Will n+ftn Ita Ctrrrr tn the Penal* !f?xt
Tnmtlif-flalllnitr'i Amendment*
Special Dispatch to tho Intelligencer.
WASHINGTON. May 12.?Senator
A Id rich announced to-day that he would,
on Tuesday next, call up the tariff bill
for ita first consideration In the open senate.
as originally provided for. Nothing
has occurred, he said, to cause a change
In the programme.
Senator Galllnger's amendment to the
bill, to forbid the Inclusion of convict
made goods In Importations under the
m^asuro. was presented by him to-day.
The senator's Idea, I* to prohibit altogether
th?? Importation of goods manufactured
by convicts, and In order to accomplish
this his amendment will require
a sworn statement that goods suspected
are not the product of the prisons, before
they can pays the customs officer.
Th?? provision will, without doubt, meet
with the favor of the senate.
tfrlectle Medical NoclHy.
Special Dispatch to the Intelligencer.
WASHINGTON. May 12.-The Eclectic
Medical Association of West Virginia
convened In annual session In this
city to-day. Those In attndanco are Dr.
Horry M. Campbell, of thin city, president
of the association; Dr. L. S. nigj?s,
Dr. MVtry Ilnron and Dr. J. R Manly, of
"Wheeling; Dr. George Snyder, of Froomansbtirg;
Dr. J. A. Monroe, of West
Alexander. Pa.; Dr. George McKlnley, of
Cold Water; 1*. N. Yost, of Fairmont;
Dr. Wado Gaston, of this city, and Dr.
W. S. I toss, of Waverly.
lUvriuwnoil 4l Nprnrrr Itnari.
Special PUpatch to ths Intelllgcncer.
WASHINGTON. May 12.-A meeting
of the stockholders of the R., S. & G. rail
way was hold In this city yesterday, nt
the general offices of the Ohio River railroad
The following men were chosen to
net upon th<' board of directors:
Bll Knulgn. of Huntington; I>. W.
C'lmpman anil O. I*. Ston<\ of Spencer,
and <Jeor?v A. Hurt and II. P. Comden,
of I'arkersbur*. The hoard has not yet
organized and will not dw so fur eeveral
Mnjor "SIiim" Wrlghl PromntMl.
Special Wnpatch to tho Intelligencer.
WASHINGTON, May 12.-Major M. B.
C. Wright, formerly of Wheeling, n clerk
In the pi-n^lon office, has been promoted
from the third jrrad?* to fourth, and will
hereafter receive $1,800 per annum.
Palrnl OnlrrMotllflnl.
WASHINGTON, May ^.-Commissioner
of Patents Iiutterworth has modIfled
the six-months order an to patent*
lliued Under the last administration.
Commissioner Seymour's rule poltlvely
prevented ?!? admission of an amend,
merit to an application If presented
more than six months after any action
! In the cuse. The new order repealing
the fonner. provides that if an amendment
to an application be presnted
more than six months after any action
of which notice must be given to the
upplicant, It may not be admitted, except
upon a showing duly verified by
good and sufficient reason why it was
I not earlier presented.
Lodged Against lb* Itoaeburg Soldiers'
Home, and (he Latter Is IbiOHented.
WASHINGTON, May 12.-Complalnt
has been filed at the pension bureau
against the soldiers' home at Roseburg,
Oregon, alleging that it is violating section
4745 of tho revised statutes, making
it a misdemeanor for any one pledging
or receiving as a pledge the mortgage,
sale, assignment, or transfer of any
right, claim or Interest in any pension
certificate, or to hold it as security for
any debt or promise. Somo Inmates of i
the home called attention to the matter I
and It was taken up by several Grand
| Army pouts, one of which at ltoseburg,
has made formal complaint.
I The bureau has made an investigation J
and exonerated the management of tho j
)>nmn Thnro nr* Iftiral n lit hnrit Inn both I
ways, and a decision construing strictly
the statute cited would, it is Plated, j
be not only unjuxt, but lead to serious |
consequences. The evidence shows that
the home director* have required all
pensioner* to surrender their pensions i
to the treasure of the home. Four dol- I
lars per month are then allowed each
pensioner for personal expenses and the
remainder i? paid to dependent relatives,
or If there are none, the money is
accumulated for the benefit of the pensioner.
This practice Is substantially I
similar to that in operation at twenty[
one other soldiers* homes. The pension
burcnu takes the position that It is not
expedient to Intervene in the case, as
the act of March 3, 1893, by Implication,
sanctions the requirement which has
been in force In most of the state soldier*'
| Their Bodies Foand Daugllngtoa Tree*
! W?r? Actiitd of Polionluc a Family.
HUNTSVILLE, Ala., May 12.-The
| corpses of two negro girls, Nellie Smith
and Mandy White, are dangling from j
the limb of a live oak just on the out|
skirts of the village of Jeff. They wore j
j banged last night for poisoning Joehua
Kelly, a well-known citizen. They con- |
I fesaed to two attempts on the livee of
! the Kelly family. The first attempt re- j
suited In the death of Mr. Kelly. Sheriff
, J. 1'. Powell has gone to the scene to cut I
down the bodies.
Nine weeks ogo the first attempt on I
the lives of the Kelly family was made. |
The family sickened shortly after eat- I
Ing supper, and Joshua Kelly died twen- ,
ty-four hours afterward. On May 1 the I
family and tenants of the deceased were |
poisoned again In eomo mysterious |
manner. There were six whites and
eight negroes affected. Messrs. D. E. j
and Lamsun Kelly became critically 111,
a? did Mrs. E. Kelly. Oakley Woodward,
clerk In a store, who came near
dying from tho other poisoning, and a'
Tennessee drummer who *pent the
night with them were two other victims.
The j>olson was rough on rats, and
placed In biscuits, which all the affected i
I ate. The lynching occurred at an early
hour thin morning and was participated i
| In by a mob of twonty or thirty persons, i
Thoaiamli of D?lt|a(u art on (land
and Mors or* Kuroate.
I/OS ANGELES, Cat, May 12.?More
I than 2.000 delegates to the twenty-sixth
j session of the Order of Railway ConducI
tors arrived yesterday and before sun- |
| rise this morning an additional thousand
! had arrived to swell the throng now
surging through the hotels. A targe
number of the delegates are accompanied
by their wives and daughters and the!
streets ore gay with fluttering badges. I
Tho St. Louis special arrived this morn-1
lng and the Chicago special yesterday I
afternoon in two sections. The Pentrsyl-1
vanla division Is delayed by a washout
near El Paso. It Is In two sections and I
It will probably be a day before it can
reach Los Angeles. The train bearing j
the Now York delegation. Is expected 1
Friday morning.
Promptly on time the delegates con- I
vened at Music Hall, Grand Chief Con- I
duotor Clark occupying the chair. The I
roll call showed a majority of the delebo,m
The mores of the grand i
chief conductor and other officers occu-1
pled the whole of the first session which j
nru followed by a public reception tendered
to the visitors^
A Hcrloaa Battle ? The DMhnintUndi
LONDON, May 12.?A special dlspatch
from Capetown announces that a
! fierloua engagement has taken place In
I Bcuchuanaland. Chief Toto has been
! captured and six volunteers have been
I killed. Seventy Bechuans were killed
I and many were wounded. In addition
to the wlx volunteers killed, thirteen
| whites were wounded.
! Brutus Clay, of Kentucky, will probably
bo appointed to the Swiss mission.
The President yesterday promoted
Brlqndlor-General Forsyth to be major
The report thnt United States consul
Alger was killed during the revolution
Is untrue.
A break In the levee nt Baton Rouge,
La., will cauno the overflow of one of
the richest sugar districts on the Mississippi
There will be an advance of $2 per
1,000 feet In the price of cottonwood on
account of the great destruction of cottonwood
by thu floods on the lower
0,..,B?ul,.anln kntffht* of the Ooldptl
Eagle. In amnion nt Hnrrlsburg. There
are 42.000 members in the atate. The
amount paid out la at year from the relief
fund was $12'J,600.
At the national convention of chiefs
of police In session at Pittsburgh It was
resolved to ask the police commissioners
of the respective cities to test the
Pertlllon detective system.
Miss Nettle Leib, an Insurance nnd
real estate agent. aged 24. at Akron, O.,
committed suicide because she could
not make good >100 entruated to her by
ii friend and which aho applied to her
own use.
Tho South and Central American
delegates to the universal postal congress
are dissatisfied with the Arrangement
of committees and may bring in
minority reports, claiming they are not
properly represented.
General Nelson A. Miles arrived at
Southampton. Kngland, yesterday. He
says ho will continue his Journey to
Turkey, deaplte tho end of the war. He
wants to H".? the Turkish irmf and the\
urmb'S of Europe generally.
At the supreme < tunrltof the American
Protective Association. In session
at Washington, the lecrctAry'a report
showed the order In good condition.
34&chArtera having been granted to new
i Judges during the past year.
Turkey Asked by the Power* to
Arrange Armlutlcc,
Which will Result In the Ending
ot All Hostllltlei.
Amd PUce Himself Entlroly In (hi flanla
of tli? AmbautdMi-PtllM feat to LarIim
to OrgonUo TarkUfa AdnlnUtraHod
la Greek Territory Row Htld by
Troops or the Sollau?Not Believed that
Any More fcirlou Flglitln( will Occor.
ambassadors of the powers held a prolonged
conference to-day, at the cloae
of which they presented to the Turkish
government a collective memorandum
proposing an armistice between Turkey
and Greece on the ImmjIb of the
negotiations for peace oow to progress
through the powers.
The memorandum, which waa preRe
mod to Ahmed Tewflk Pasha, the
Turkish minister of foreign affairs, by
the dean of the diplomatic corps Baroa
de Callce, the AustroHungarian ambassador,
enumerates the conditions
which have been accepted by Greece
and begs the porte to issue the necessary
orders to arrest the progress of the
Turkish troops.
It Is officially announced that the
powers have notified the Greek government
that the Greek troops may leave
the Island of Crete end that the admirals
of the international fleet will release
the steamers which have been
seised during the blockade.
A decree issued to-day by the council
of ministers, orders a battalllon of
gen'darmes to be dispatched to Larlssa
and also appoints the former Ottoman
consuls at Volo, Larlssa and Trlkhala
to be kaimskas, or administrators of
those districts, with powers to organise
Turkish administration In these parts
of Greece.
The sultan will personally defray the
cost of the war menials which are to be
presented to the Turkish troops which
have takon part in the campaign
ugalnst the Greeks.
LONDON. May 11?The Rome correspondent
of the Dally Mall says:
"I ascertained at the Italian foreign
office that Turkey will certainly accede
to the request for an armistice and will
place herself In the hand* of the power*.
Th#? general conditions ore Indemnity
and a strategic rectlocation of frontier,
upon which Turkey Insists, have been
already acquiesced In by the powers.
It Is probable that the powers will land
additional troops In Crete."
Gunboat and Torpedo Moat Hake a Valaatl*
ATHENS, May 12.?Advices received
here to-day from the Island of Sklathos,
off the east coast of the Volo peninsula,
say that the Greek gunboat Penus and
the Greek torpedo boat No. 14
captured yesterday, off the island of Tcnedos,
on the west coast of Asia Minor, a
Turkish st??amer having on board 100
Turkish soldiers, six officers, 300 Martini
rltl??, several thousand cartridges, six
quick Are guns, various military stores
and 4.000 pounds in cash The money
was found upon a Turkish major who
was one of the officer* captured The
Greek warships took the prite to the Island
of Sklathos.
Startling, Iff Tra?.
LONDON, May 13.?The correspondent
of the Dally Telegraph at Constantinople
says the sultan resents the mediation of
the powers and desires to negotiate with
Greek directly. If this Is refused the
Turkish demands will be exacting.
Th? s?nrrAarvind<?nt of the Times at
Athens Bays:
Acute anxiety in felt hero because of
the absence of any news from General
Smolensky column. Owing: to the delay
In arranging the armistice the government
has addressed a strong protest
to the powers, declining to bear the responsibility
should further bloodshed occur
and lead to serious complications
Rffrlvrd wlih Mlliflietton,
ATHENS, May 12.?S:45 p. m.-The
Astyr approves of tho decision of the
government to accept mediation, and
urges calmness and obedience on the
part of tho press and the people.
Tho Acropolis asserts that tho decision
of the powers should be respected and
dlscusscs tho chances of an honorablo
It is officially slated this afternoon
that there wore German officers on the
Turkish steamer which was captured
yesterday by the Greek warships off the
island Tenedos.
t.'nmtlueMMt A thru*.
ATHENS. May 12.?The fact that
there is no news of renewed fighting
must be retarded as good news, but an
uneasy feeling exists here.
The Turku ore trying to outflank the
Greek position ut Domokos, and the delay
In the Porto's reply is also Interpreted
to mean thut Turkey does not
intend to cease hostilities. Telegrams
from the front report th.it both armies
ore concentrating In anticipation of an
flratltnde of Orrrltni.
CHICAGO, May It?Mlra Wlllard has
received a cable from the duchcss of
Sparta requesting her to "warmly thank
American ladles" for the money sent
from the W. C. T. U. to help secure
nurses for the wounded In the Grecian
Hl?trRnprfm? Courl.
Special Dispatch to ths Intelligencer.
CHARLESTON. W. Va.. May 12 ?
The supreme court met to-day and allowed
petitions for rehearing* In the
following cases:
Gvvlnn Hros. vs. Ohio River Rnllr-Miil
Comply, from Cabell county; Hubbs
v*. Sivatxicker. from Marshall county:
Conway vs. Stealey, from Pleasants
Petitions for rehearing." were refund
in the following cases: llacr Son* vs.
Williams, from Mason county; Price
nnd others vs. the city of Moundtivlllc,
from Marshall county; Foley et al. v*
Ruley, from Doddridge county; Hopes
vs. Devaugha.-i, from Wood county;
Scaggs vi. Hall, from Hoone county.
A petition \vn* filed In the case of
O'Conner vs. O'Conner, from Randolph
county, and the court tskes time to eonslder
It. Conner vh. Hanks, from ?Tonroe
county, petition for appeals and
supersedeas refused; McCoy vs. Harris.
from Mingo county, petition for appeal
refused; Job E. Thayer vs. the Chesapeake
A Ohio Railroad Company, from
Kanawha county; writ of error allowed,
bond 1300. Adjourned till tha first
day of the next regular term, wkSoh
will begin In Wheeling on the first Wad*
nesday in June.
Amthnr IU* atrlk* in KitchU Cevaty?A
Krttk Wall's P?rfara?iM,
Special Dispatch to the Xntolllgenesr.
Ritchie county came to the front again
to-day with another big well This time
the lucky company waa the Flaher Oil
Company, operating: on the Gilbert farm
at Cornwallla. The well la their No. 1
Gilbert, on the bluff opposite the Batttmore
and Ohio depot The well started
to flow at a rate of thirty or more barrel*
per hour. It kept this gait up all night
and to-day la flowing at a rate of 400 barrels
per day. There Is a strong gas pressure
In the well. It Is acting about like
the Biff Douglas* well drilled In two
week* ago. While the well 1? a great
thlnff for the field. It add* no new territory.
, There 1* production within a few
hundred feet of the location but nothing
that will compare with this well. The
strike proves conclusively that the DougUwm
well waif not a strike producing from
a pocket of oil, as was declared by some,
but that the Comw&llls pool Is & biff on*
and 1* destined to have a great future.
Two wells, both doing over twenty-five
barrels an hour. Is quite a record for
Ritchie county for this week.
A telephone message to-day from Cairo
states that the Clark Oil Company's No.
7 Carroll Is holding up to about twenty
barrels per hour. The well hat attracted
great attention and has snore than renewed
the oil excitement at Cairo.
The U. 8. OU Company's No. 1. Masters,
was drilled In, In the Hendershot field
yestorday, and was shot to-day. 11m
well Is showing up for a splendid producer.
A well on the WUlten* Ingrahm farm,
in the old Cooper field, wheh ha* been
completed almost a year and which never
made over two barrel* per day, brok*
loose night before last and since than baa
been flowing at a rate of seventy-five
barrels per day. The freak ha* caused
no little excitement and wonder. There
had been no one around the well and the
owners are at a loss to know what caused
the great Increase in Its production.
The Moore Hlchardson well In the Offdin
extension, which te being drilled by
Bamsdall & Co.. Is In and 1* doing la th*
neighborhood of 100 barrels.
Th* Pollock Oil Company's No. 4, in th*
Calf creek field, was drilled in yesterday
and Is showing up for a nice well
The Calf Creek Ofl and Gas Company's
No. 3 Irwin, reached the sand last
night and Is showing up weO. It Is
located near the "Preacher** well and It
owned by the same people,
A Blow to UarUnibsrc,
Special Dlipatch to the Intelligencer.
MARTINS BURG, W. V*., May 11?
Positive orders have been received look*
In* to the removal of the Baltimore 4k
Ohio shops from here by the 24th. At
one time about 300 ekilted meohanios
were employed at the ehope, with a
monthly pay-roll of nearly $100,000, and
they were the chief Induetxy of this city.
It 1? thought that the building* vaeated
will bo used a* a store-bouse and ehope
for tho maintenance of way and bridge
budding department In the event of
which from two to three hundred nun
will be employed.
Boy Killod.
Special Dlipatch to the Intelligencer.
TERRA ALTA, W. Vs., May 11?
Frank Mason, aged about eighteen, a
son of Peter Mason, was killed this
morning at 8 o'clock at Rinard's switch,
one mile east of here, while trying to
board a westbound freight train. His
foot caught and he was thrown under
the wheels and killed almost Instantly.
Of America In Session ?t Mobil*?The Or*
d?r In Splendid Condition.
MOBILE. Ala, May 11?The second
day's session of the biennial council of
the Catholic Knlchts of America was *1
most entirely taken up with the reading
and discussion of the report of the committee
on laws, which was a very rol*
umlnous document and required three
hours to read. The first report submitted
was that of the committee on supplies,
reporting that 40,000 copies of the
constitution be printed In English, 7,500
copies In German and 800 copies of the
proceedings of the eleventh biennial
convention, 100 copies to be reserved tor
the supreme ofllccrs and a copy to be
sent to each branch of the order. The
report was referred to a committees on
The committee on returns presented
the number of members from each stats
and tho votes to which each state Is entitled
In the convention, showing a total
membership of 23,696 and a total vote In
the council of 477 by statea The report
was adopted;
THE A. 0. H.
Union of tho Two Wings offht Ordor Is
NEW YORK, May li-The fortyeighth
annual national convention of the
Ancient Order of Hibernians, Board of
Erin, wns continued to-day. The all
paramount topic la the proposed amalgamation
of the two wings of the order.
Tho conference committee had a protracted
secret sessoln last night, and resumed
Its sittings early to-day. The,
great majority of the delegates, especially
those from Chicago, Ohio and Pennsylvania
are said to be pronouncedly In
favor of bridging the differences whloh
have nrevalled during the last thirteen
years." This policy la said to have for fta
opponent* certain New York delegates.
A .?? D*|wrlnr?.
WASHINGTON, May 12,-The bureau
of the American Republics has received
reliable information that In the latter
part of April n. commission composed
of fifteen cavalry ofllccrs and six veterinary
surgeons left England for the
city of liuenos Ay res. for tho purpose
of buying a large numl?er of horses
In the Argentine Republic to be used
in the cavalry service of the English
The circumstance Is significant only
In the fact of showing tho development
In that part of the world. It Is the first
time than any European country has
had recourse to the markets of South
America for such a purpose.
XVralhfr KnrfMii for To-4ay*
For West Virginia?Occasional showers
an<l partly cloudy weather; variable winds.
For Western Pennsylvania?Showers in
the early morning, partly cloudy weather
during the day; cooler; brisk westerly
For Ohio?Partly cloudy weather; cooler;
variable winds, becoming northerly.
l.or*l Ttmpfia S t.
The temperature yesterday as observed
by ('. 8chnepf. druggist. corner Market
and Fourteenth streets, was as follows:
7 a. m M I 3 p. m 7S
9 a. m W I 7 p. m 74
12 m 71 | Weather?Changl*

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