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IMr Equity nod Public Value DlsOMWd
by Georg* R. Blnnclmrd.
WHMMiUt* IntarJNtl* Cmmhm Law.
nairtif Ud W*tk r?i?U-Ui^ail to
tfce RmAi-Omi Not DmI AdvqaaUlf
Wttk IMeerimlaatleaa UttwriH ImII
Art lei* III.
A* conditions which led to the Inter
state law were dealt with in the windom
report of 1178 and the H?aRan bill of
2179, And were reported upon fully by
the Cullom committee tn 18S6. which
held the railway system to eighteeu
counts. eleven of which related to discriminations,
the other to undue rate*,
capitalisation. management, classification,
and engaging In extraneous busiMa
Time has non-suited the seven
j?: toagriaints.
That report anticipated what ezpcrlanoe
ha* fully confirmed when It declared
"that a problem of such magnitude,
importance and intricacy, can be
summarily solved by any master etroko
of legislative wisdom, is beyond the
tmnds of reasonable belief."
The Interstate uct has nevertheless
secured more publicity of rates, lessensd
open rate wars, equalized long and
short haul rates, has exercised beneficial
warning or police powers, tillenced
much unjust clamor against railway*.
2ms been mutually educational, and has
been Judiciously administered, but as
secret discriminations and open wars
have continued, the law has failed In
Its chief^object
Hon. T. Al. vwiry miu, nuvu .
man of the inter-sUte commission: I
'Thi Uw wa? best observed At the out- I
set. but in a few month* It began to be |
noticed -that many persons In railroad
service were given other attention to
contrivances for evading the spirit and
Intent of the law than they were to
obeying it Any misconduct of
this sort on the part of one road is imitated
at once. In the end the
aooount of psoIUs and losses shows
fains by no one It is all loss, and all
the roads share it."
Mr. W. M. Acworth. author of "The
Railway and Traders" (London. 188$).
wrote (1WJ: "Tour inter-state commlssisn
was larely modeled on our ralltvay
oommission since IS7S. and the
undue preference clause of your act to
regvlate commerce is copied almost verbatim
from an English act passed as long
goas 1SS4."
There our law unwisely stopped. It
was as If consulting physicians had
adopted the discredited cures known to
earter science, but discarded the latent
and best discovery for the disease treated.
and then blamed the patient for hi?
relapses; or. as If Congress had failed
to enact the leading recommendations of
the best army and nary experts as to
matters In whloa they were skilled and
which were undeniably for the public
welfare. This primal error made other
- 1-Uall_
mistakes oruwta more mm
way officer* and patrons otherwise disposed
cannot be legislated Into mutual
rectitude, especially when their gains
are thereby lessened. Even the divine
law baa not dor* tbat In any calling.
The act did not Intend to protect railways
and was, therefore, unjust. To
stimulate "competition" It exempted parallel
water carriers. It regard*! the railways
aa alone responsible for all the condition*
condemned and devolve their
correction upon them alone, although it
applied theoretical penalties to shippers
who produced preferences. None of Its
provisions were remedial, nor did It crcais
mutual Interests be!ween government
and carriers. It h**Id tc the perversion
tbat railway warfare is synonymous
with peaceful business competition. It
fostered the fallacy that while rates
must be alike via one railway, it was
publicly desirable and should b* ma.le
. legal If tbey were different upon rival
' railways, or elsewhere, that. hoew.xver
different In facilities, rival railways
eould obtain equal rates. Finally, it encountered
legal reverses which induced
laxity In Its observance.
The Qantlou of Ilcb?(??.
Railways do not pay rebates unask
4, and the solicitation* for them ar# Incessant.
Government hat not helped the
railways to educate forwarded.* to reCard
freight rates at firm as pontage
rates. The opportunities of some shippara,
tbelr adroit Intimations as to wh&t
other carrier# will concede, and their
own suggestions that they may concentrate
or divert their shipments unless
their wlahes are conceded, all devolve
upon some companies, not only constant
and strong moral opposition to thfm and
to the carriers disposed to yield to such
persuasions, but also losses of business
and the protection of their tariff-paying
forwarders. That such resistance sometime?
gives way is therefor* true, because
no company will allow the large
and permanent depletions of its business
when it can be retained by like rates.
.When, for example, a new railway opens,
former reasonable rates are clearly more
justified, because more railway* ?haro
(be traffic. The newer line being usually
breaker, offers reduced rates u? divert
business from older routes, and shippers,
withhold freights from th?* latter to Induce
or compel them to like or greater
concessions, and they usually succeed.
Favored shippers, therefore, ?ppos?? all
methods to defeat rebates; weak lines
will not remain without business, and the
strong lines will not permanently los?*
theirs. Devices and concealed rites,
therefore, inevitably ensue, and are lllogIcally
urged as "competition" and publicbenefit.
If. further, the ten lines from Chicago
to New York each Issued different public
grain rates ranging from 2o to l'.'^ cents
per 100 pounds, e.ich rate would be legal
to its own line, but the result would be
os discriminating to trade and aa hurtful
to adjacent and Intermediate points as to
make such different rates secretly.
Per contra, if they all held to equal
rates and conditions, some of thein
could not secure the shares of traffic to
which they deemed themselves entitled
by their necessities for business and
Ten years of such nctunl practice
and result*, clearly predicted bofore t
act from the amplitude of horn'4 and
foreign experience?, have ngaJn demonstrated
that It In for the public interest
that due and reasonable ratr* be upheld
by legally empowering pom* llno.s
to concede portion* of th*lr traffic to
others who will accept It, especially
while shipper* may combine to shuttle
their traffic from line to line and divide
the proceeds of their combinations to
defeat such due rates.
It la clearly more desirable to practically
regulate than to theoretically Increase
auch miscalled competition, but
pllahed without th# aid nf law or the |
removal of it* prohibitions.
What lh? ftallf oa<la Atk.
The railway* therefore n?k that If
ome lines concede part.* of their tonnage
or uarnlnc to otlirr companion,
and both they and disinterested shippers
asrree that that method will beat
realst th* persuasions of worne shipper*nd
the waverinn of some railway*,
they In Joint contracts for auch deHraV>l?
purposes should be legalized. ThH
policy will sooner make weak linos and
aMppers stronger. All forwarder* may
continue to use th* routes they desire
nnd all lines may make economies
which will better Justify th?- low prt??ent
charges and bcttsrmcnla and exten
Our fashion plate I his week show* a
Paris, and Is, according to Harper's Baa
styles. It is of foulard with sun-pleated
The pleating Is gathered on the belt. J
double ruche of Mack lace, and on elthe
lace, which separate, and show t>K pleat
In tiny tucks with entredeux of *he lace,
tiny hooks. At the bock the waist Is cu
of guipure lace, embroidered in bright c
ing. forms epaulettes over ihc slaves. A
but the lower part fits tight the arm.
with a ruffle of moussellne t.e sole at t
The hat Is of fancy straw, with silk c
ban, nnd the parasol Is of striped ullk w
siona of their facilities. If smaller shippers
assent thai their freights may be j
used to so equalize the Joint tonnage |
because they thereby secure the desired i
parities of rat*?s with large forwarders,
which are their right and necessity, it
Is a potential nnd conclusive argument.
The largest shipper* now get the best
terms, while the smaller ones must need
It is because the Interstate act has
thus and so far failed to deal adequately
with *uch discriminations and their
remedy that the railway contention
seems understandable and unanswerable.
If the government reserves Its approval
to rates It should also aid in
their uniform collection. Whatever
rates receive Its sanction sJioulu receive i
It# strong support, like Its own tariffs, j
itH arbitrations. Its treaty obligations.
Its International postal unions, etc.
Government Is Justly jealous of Its faith
in nil those rtupects. and should be
equally so for Its carriers, because they
have done and are doin? more for its
extension and power than all other
The reasonable** of rates Is now
rarely questioned. and hardly touches
th.* present discussion. Mr. Nltnmo
"During the year ending December
31. 1893. only sixteen cases came to ?
formal consideration and hearing. In
only one of the cases decided was the
reasonableness of the rate?* - called .In
question, and In that single Instance
the claim was decided to be not well
.Some assume that the railways create
all their own difficulties, and that only
their mutual determination to observe
Joint tariffs is required. This is true If
they all will, by law or agreement, observe
Ilk* rate* and conditions, but no
Inws and no agreements are universally
observed in any business or between
nations, hence the pultlpllclty of contentions
and courts, and uII such critics
should more fully realize thet essential
differences between railroad rivalries
and environments, wherein the weakest
and worst company may moke rates for
the strongest and best.
Mepnen*?on, wie ;vu>ib?,
said to a rommlttee of jMirlloment:
"What we n^k If knowledge .
All we 05k is a tribunal that Is impartial
and* that Is thoroughly Informal,
and if Impartially ?nd Intelligence are
secured we do not fear the result."
We believe thai the pooling clauses of
the act of 1SS7 were not enacted because
our leclslAora were not thoroughly informed.
A distinguished senator told
his colleague* in the senate debate of
18S7 of the "uter and lamentable Ignorance
of what pooling contracts were."
We will endeavor to explain them
r.EORcin n. blancitard.
To K?w Incorporators liy Kcrretary of
NUIr Dtuion.
Special Dispatch to tlio Intelllgcncer.
CHARLESTON. W. Va.. May 14.?Secrotary
of State Dawson to-day lisued
Ave charters to domestic corporatiow, as
Masonic Temple Association. with
principal office at SlstersvlUe. and the
rltfht to build a Masonic Temple, &c: an- ,
thorlzM capital $-0,000. subncrlbcd $1 500
rwi'l paid In J4.10. E. A. Durham. W..J, |
Ncunschwander, F. D. McCoy and others
ara named aa Incorporator*.
The Pltt?bur*h and Fairmont Oil and
Oaa Company, 1 ncorpernt??d by John o
Gould. John O Hewell, F. Wilson and j
i others, of Fairmont, at which place th<> 1
j rorporatlon'H principal ??f!lr>?? Is to be j
kept. Authorlz-d capital J2.000.000, sub- I
I scribed $70,000. paid In $35,000.
R*H Short Line Telephone C"rnpnny.
with principal office at Conaway. Tyler I
county, authorized capital Jfc.Tf.O, nub- ;
flcrib^d J8S0. paid In $87.">, The Incorporators
are J. N. Lascar, 11. A. Martin. II. II. I
Kiddor and ei6V6tl other*.
Tnlon Building Association No. 2. with j
principal office at Wh^eiintr Authorised
capital $750,000, subscribed $1,350 and paid
In $135. Joseph Lawfon. Henry F. Jonc*.
H. T. McGrcjr.,r. O. R. Porter, J. H. M? Fadden,
<\ W. Klnfr. J. F. Dick. Ralph
k'llnc nnd A. fi. Ifai . nil of Wheolln/T.
ar* lh?? Incorporator*.
Turn Vereln Concordia !? the unmo of ,
an Incorporation organized for thf purpo*e
of promoting athletic aporta. musical
accompaniment*, . amonir jh*? ?'mpjoye*
of th? 8fntca Olaa* Cdmpany,
wirh principal offlc* at Morgantown. Ah
thorlaed capital nuhwrlhi'd $.*.oo,
paid In 150. Bochl?*r. Krnent Vorbark
and others, of Morjrantown, are the
II la (tip ll*?t mi Karth."
That la what Edward* A I'orker.mrreh/int?
of Plalm, G?*.. nay of Chamberlaln'a
I'aln Halm, for rbeumatlam, la mo
back. d?ep seated and muscular palnii.
Hold by druffKlfta.
promenade costume that come* from
;ar, one of tlip smartest and n*?M:ei?t
1 akirt, forming godets at the back.
Ground the bottom of the skiri lit n
r aide of the skirt are laid Hat pieoea of
lng between. The blouse-waist in |jld
and is fastened a little to on* side with
it in basque fashion. A rtat wide collar
olors and edged with narrow lacu edjekt
th??topof the sleeves art* I.itr" puffs,
It laid In pleats and lace entre-deux,
he wrist
rown <rimm?*d with feather* and rlbrith
numswellni' <! * woi* rufflo
May 10, IH07. ArUXIV. 11 M.
(Copyrighted. Davit VV. Clark.)
!* ! Preaching lu Hit ticnUlti.
Here Is a fine Illustration of the point
at which Paul ceased to be "all things
to all men." A principle was Involved.
He could not for an instant receive Divine
honors from these rustics, even
with the motive of using it a a means of
malntalnlngan ascendency which might
later enable him to further enlighten
them. Though this should be the only
avenue to their evangelization, he will
not take it. it is no mild-mannered
prolettt he makes. The moment he espies
the garlanded victims, ar.d dlvlnea
the purposes of the priest and the people,
with r*nt garment:* and loud cry
he hurls himself Into the van of the
sacrltlcJal procession, asserting the
thorough genuineness of his human nature.
. . . llaviug arrested attention.
he makes this contemplated lut
the very text uf his sermon, of which
we have here an epitome. Now, without
tho breach of principle he udapta
himself to the mental status of hi* am).
Iters. He wastes no time In quoting
authorities of which they knew nothing.
Among Hebrews he appealed to their
Scriptures, among cultured Greeks he
quoted their own classics, but among
these wild folk* of the Wolf-land he
cited that "universal manuscript ex?
pnns<t] upon the eyes of all." He would
fain turn them from such vanities as
Jupiter and Mercury, non-existent figments
of the Imagination, to the living
God. This Creator of the unlverso,
though he had not sent a written revelation
of himnelf to all nations as he had
to the Hebrew, yet caused nature to
testify of him; of his goodness and benevolence.
The rain and fruitful
sons were his unfailing witnesses.
There Is a sudden, rlmplete revulsion
of feeling In the multitude. Illustrating
well the fickleness of our degenerate humanity.
As once the cry. "Crucify!"
followed sharply that of "Hosannah!"
In the streets of Jerusalem, so now
stones take the plare of roses. In the
long inventory of his sufferings, Paul
says, "Once wa? I stoned."
MomIc From ?hr Commentaries.
Barnabas, Jupiter, Paul. Mercury:
Barnabas. majthtlc, dlgnltled, a suitable
Jupiter. Mercury The younger,
eloquent Paul.?Whedon Unto
the gates: The vestibule of che house
of their host.?1Cambridge Bible
When the npostles heard; They were
within, and. from the structure of oriental
houses, did not se? tin* procession
coming.?Meyer Kent clothes, ran:
Leap nnd cry us If In a conflagration.?
Bengel Why these thing**? Delicate
sensibility to that which affects (he
honor of God.? J., K. and B Of like
passions: How unlike 1injK>*ture!,IIow
high above sclf-eeeklng!?Ibid
Heaven, earth, sea: From these were
derived tho three classes of Gen tils
gods?Bengel Left not without
witness: Several heathen philosophers
bernm* acquainted with God through
the light of nature.?Gloap Come
rhither Jews: Furious **al that would
travel so far.?J.. F. and R Drew
him cut or th* city: Tm?. not ror t>urlftl,
but #-xp(?suri?.? Alexander As
the dUcipltjH wiood around: Doubtless
curumltlnif with what obsequies to honor
him--Wh^don He roM up: Thn
Every Wife
feels an indescribable dread of the
danger Attendant upon the moat critical
period of her life. Beoomine a
mother should be a source of Joy, but
the nuiTering and danger of the ordeal
makes itaautioipatlou one of misery.
Mnthflr's Friftnii
thoroughly t??t?d remedy, gently
pn-pirea the ayatem (or tbia poriuJ,
Itin thn pain, and remove* all
danger. It* uae I nfiures a aafe and happy
termination of the dreaded event.
11.00 PER BOTTC.E at all Drue Btorei,
or aant by mail on raoalpt of price.
Rnnrc Containing Inraluable Information of
rnrr tntarMt to WotDOO. Will l*n Mnt tn
rRcc *njr upua applloaiiuo, I>j
Tk? BrUltid BtgvUUr U., AUuta. Ca.
best Interprets understand tllfr worfl'
to fflgnlfy a miraculous restoration.?1
J., F. and B Caino Into city: Noble
intrepidity.?J., F. nnd It In order
to show hlmnvlf allv?? uutu thf dlsclplo*
and confirm them in the faith.?Qk>ug
Kxhorting to continue in faith:
Not merely in the belief that Jesus is
the Messiah. but in the llf?* of fnlth.?
Abbott iniiHfKii niauy tribulations:
The tribulum wuh the itjmat)
threshing Instrument.?'Trench.
The Trnchrr'1 Qntv?r.
1. Nature Is an ev*r-open Bible,whose
pages testify uKalnst men that they do
not do us well us even it teaches
them. ... 2. The gospel Is u remedial
agent .It may not always straighten
club-feet and strengthen withered
limbs, nor remove the thorn nnd cup,
but It never falls to supply grace sufilclent.
It helps to the submission which
cries. "Even so, Father: for thus it
seemeth good in thy sight.". ... 3.
The loyalty of the apostles hus a beautiful
exemplification. They look with
horror upon an ovation that diminishes
by an lota the honor due to (lod. . . ,
4. It Is an open question whether hon
or* paid 10 irmiiBtcin uj i?tinv..B ....v
have no Intelligent convictions of the
truth preached should not be declined.
I The Mattery of unrepentant sinners In
dubious compliment, and fickle an dubious.
... 6. The scene at Lystra recurs
In every generation. The moral
r reformer must expect mud. If not
stone*. Sometimes, like Paul, he Ilea
prostrate. Hell's laugh Is short; for.
like Paul, the reformer rises and renews
hlii work; or. If not in very person, some
0n6 take* his place. The apofltollo succession
may be broken, .but the noble
line of moral reformers is not. . . .
6. This flrst missionary tour, In spite of
contradiction, blaspheming, expulsion,
and stoning. was a glorious success. The
door of faith was opened wide for the
Gentiles. ... 7. From Derbe, the
short?t and safest way homo would
have been via Tarsus, with uii it* attractions
for the heart of l'aul. Hut the
apostles heroically turned backward on
their course; for new converts are to be
confirmed and exhorted to continue
through tribulation, and elders are to be
ThvllMt IUmtdf for IUichiujUUiu.
From the Falrhaven, <N. Y.) Register:
Mr. James Rowland, of thl? village,
states that for twenty-five years
ills wife has been a eufferer from rheumatism.
A few nights ago she was in
.?uch pain that she was nearly crazy.
She sent Mr. Rowland for the doctor,
but he had read of Chamberlain's Pain
Halm and Instead of going for the physician
he went to the storu and secured
a bottle of it. Ilia wife did not approve
or Mr. Kowiana s purvuasv ?*i mm. oui
nevertheless applied the Halm thoroughly
and In un hour's time was able
to go to sle?*p. 8he now applies It
whenever sho feels an aehe or a pain
and flndu that it always Rives relief. He
say* that no medldn" which who had
used ever did her as much Rood. The
25 and 50 cent alte* for sale by druggists.
m .
Auditor La Pollett* Awards a Contract for
which 910.000 was Appropriated and
<i*ia (he Work for bass than |i,000.
Special Dispatch to tho Intelllftnctr.
CKAHLB6T0K, W. Va.. May 14 ?The
late legislature appropriated 15,000 from
the levy of 18S#S to purchase metallic furniture
for the systematic filing and preservation
of the Important papers and
reorrds of the auditor's office, which had
!>een in a bad state of preservation and
liable to be damaged or destroyed. The
110.000 appropriated was placed at the
disposal of Auditor L&FVJllett'* with entire
authority to make the purchase uc
cording t/> hi# discretion. With the view
of procuring the furniture at the least
possible oo9t to the state and awanliiR
the contracts In an entirely Impartial
manner Auditor LeFollett? advertised
the work to be let at public bid, and associated
with him a* a commission to
award the contract, Hon. M. A. Kendall,
state treasurer, and Hon. J. R. Trotter,
state superintendent of schools. The
bids wer*' made Wednesday by representatives
of Ave different concerns and
were considered by the commission
named. There was spirited competition
for the work and the award was made
Thursday at a total c*?st of but $3,974,
with the result of a saving to the state of
JC.025 out of tht? total appropriation o!
110.000 made for the purpose. The (lender
Paeschhe Manufacturing Company,
of Milwaukee. Wis., secured the contract
f.ir the metallic cases for book vault at
$1,874. The Fenton Metallic Manufacturing
Company, of Jamestown, N. Y..
was awarded the contract for the metallic
cases for file vault at $2,100.
The manner of conducting this matter
reflects irreat credit on Messrs. LaFallette.
Kendall and Trotter, and presents
the commonwealth a rather unusual
sjiectacle of public officials saving to the
.-"tat* the greater part ?f an appropriation
placed at their disposal.
Krllcf tu Mx Hoar*.
Distressing Kidney nnd Bladder dlsease
relieved In *>lx hours by "New
Great South American Kidney Cure."*
It It a great surprise on account of Its
xceedlng promptnesf In relieving pain
in bladder, kidneys and back. In male
or female. Relieves retention almost
Immediately. If you want quick relief
and cure, this If the remedy. Sold by
R. II. List. Druggist. Wheeling, W. Va.
PUrat IMIral Itching Pile*!
Symptom?? Moisture; Intense Itching
and stinging; moft at night; worae by
u.ntfkln* If oll(iu't>d trt ninl nnK tumnr*
form, which often bleed an ulcerate. becoming
very sore. 8WAYNE'S OINTMENT
stops tho Itching and bleeding,
heala ulceration, and tn moiit eases removes
the tumors. At drugrisi* or by
mail, for M cents. Dr. Bwayne & Bon,
If Ihr Baby U Cnttlug Teeth
Be pure and um that old and well-tried
remedy. Mrs. Wlnslow'a Soothing Syrup,
for children teething. It soothe* the
child, softens the gums, allays all pain,
cures wind colic and Is the best remedy
for diarrhoea. Twenty-five cents a
bottle. _ mwi&vf.
THE Wesifleld, (Ind.) News prints
the following in regard to an old resident
of that place: "Frank McAvoy, for
many y?ar? In the employ of the L., N.
A. & C. Railway here, say.": "I have
used Chamberlain's Colic. Cholrra and
Diarrhoea Remedy for ten years or
longer?a in never without It In my family.
1 consider It the best remedy o'
the kind manufactured. i xakg pieawuro
in rftcoinincndlnR It.' " It Is a np?"clflc
for all bowel disorder!. For sale by
An dru relit* junrnntw Dr. Mile*' Pais
Pn.iit tohtop lluaducho. "Onu ccutaduaa"
Plnmblut and Gas FltUnf,
(Mmui and Hut Water Heating.
A Fail Line of tbe Oel?brat*4
?KepUy>n?unUr on Hantl.
Pricttcal Plumber. Gas and Stum Fitter,
voMind F-lactrlc ChandalUra. Ftltart. ant
Taylor (laa Burn art a ipeotaltf. igri
miLLUU UAJUfi <k 80K,
Practical Plumbers,
No. 30 Twelfth Stroot.
All Work Done Promptly at Raaiooablo Pri?9t
A Wonderful Medicine
*cr uoi ous ana Nervous aisoranrMUcn as w ina
and Fain In thoBtomacb, Sick Iloadacbe, tilddl*
ness, Fullness and Swelling after meals, Dlainess
and Drowslnoss, Gold Chilli, Flushings of
lleat, Loss of Appetite, Shortness of Breath, Coo- 1
tlronen s, Blotches on tb o Skin, Disturbed Sleep, j
Frightful Droams, and all Norrous and Tremb>
ling Sensations, Ac., when these symptoms are '
caused by constipation, as tnmt of them are. j
MINUTES. This Is no Action. Lrery sufferer la !
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- ia?(%iOiur I
A WONUtHhUL wtuiuint.
DBECIIAn'fl PILLS* takeo udlneUd, |
will quickly restore Females tocompleto bealtb.
Thfly promptly remote obstruction* as lrrogtt.
laritlos ofthe system. Tors
Weak Stomach.
Impaired Digestion
Disordered Liver
they act like maglo?a fow dose? will work won.
dors upon tho Vital Organs; s:rengtbenluc the
muscular system. restoring tbo long-lost com*
ploxlon, bringing bock tbe koen edge of appetite,
nod arousing with the Hoa*l>ad of
Health tho wholo physical cnerjy of I
the human fromo. Tbose are facts admitted by I
thousands, in all classes of society, and one of
the beatguaranteea to the Korroua and Debilitated
la that Boecliam9fl Pllla bavo |bo
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free upon application.
When I siy I care I do not mean merely to
Stop them for a time and then lave them return
ajain. I mean a radical cure. Ihavemade
the disease of FITS, EPILEPSY or FALLING
SICKNESS a life-lonn study. I warrant my
remedy to cure the worst cases. Because
others have faileJ Is no reason for not now
receiving a cure. Send at once for a treatise
and a Free Bottle of my lnullible remedy.
Give Express and Post Office.
Prof. W.H.PEEKE, F.D., jCodarSL, NX
Uul J-h& W
if 1 ALLNwrrmta i/(MvuM-F?iila| Memv-issv^&xssi'ss}
^VfV ? m*.M w?r Mud'> kuiiaj* or
la?aitr ao4 Cotunrnptloa if
IS!? willCTOT|oa.fe |mm!
*chokMor n&alt&jaQuet.~frimOUUIOijgr
pMk?f?( ?r !* pkgm (ftUltrMiiMntt for IU0. Br
^'aJaxTJSmSJy c8.t
For nalo in Whe?Unc. W. Va.. by Losan
Drue Co. fea-ttli&a
M KmtUh DUMN4 Br?s4.
Pennyroyal pills
V Orl(lnil ud Only OwalaA A
A/TK% U'(. ilnri i^UW?. i?n?? u? a\
? 4\ (L^kU Uriiclit ?nr fxlrk/tltr* />>? ff\\
<B Hea u>i uJd
JIhRmw, fi.Kl *iut bU* Hbboo Take Yy
4B #^KJM?lkrr. In>Mi<Mr?rw< ?U??.
I / ~ 4Yltc%4 41 U(B(|!MI. OIMO4 4*.
I W JW ID HtB[4 ht Mfiltilut, inilunmUU *sJ
\ V JB "IWUT br U4I?." W lm?'. 6' rHtn
my29-mthfts-w/cp y
Ict r . ! < --? * - ? - - ?? w
Cy Morale. IfaEuin. FretoWiafo.
?KT*yTS 9TRicrc7isaiulaJl i-nxvA+a pircifiSS.
tyiALYOOR MFO.CO., Lanoaattr, O.. I'.SJt
jt Jewett's Refrigerators. ?<
With Bemovablo Ici? Kox. Economical.
Durable. llan<l*nmr, Cheap. Call and see
them or sand for catalogue.
Nesbitt & Bro.,
. Jfrnti pnrcbaw or makes lo*a on nil
ratato htvo tns title itwtirM br ttu
: Wheeling Title and 'frost Co.,
NO. IStft 1U11KBT *TItF.KT.
President Secrotarr,
C. J. RAW 1.1 NG 6.L SINfi I.KTON.
VI or -Wi .^ccrourf.
U. B. H UILCUlU^r. Ivxainiuorol Tine*
In I lca?(it Hotel. >iroh?? Avenue end (bp
Hatch. Atlantic <it%, h. J
Luxuriously appointed. Every modem
convrnteiu-p. PAMPiifjcr elevator* to "treet.
900 tnaiitlftil nutter, having two to nix
window* each. Many wllh bath attached.
Special weekly rate* for *prl?K Wrltn
for booklet, showlnp hotel. tiliuirntn of
city, otc., <*t?\ Coach meet* all trains,
myi CHAS. IV <"<">1*1'. l'top: lrtor.
(|]T Wlinllwt. W. Ta.
E?tabll?hmem~N?at. accurate, prompt.
ily virtue ol a deed of trust rnarl? i,y
James W. Dlnch and Nancy 12. Dlncj,. t '
wife, and John Dlnch, to me, ..
bearing dat<r t>n H'*' a"v "r Ap
and now of record In the clerk i- ofjj., ,
th?i county court of Ohio county. w?g?
Virginia, in Dead ot Trvit Book So. m
paxe SNr I via 00
OF MAY, 1W7,
sell at public auction at (he north front
door of th? court mum 'f.
Wont VlrKlnia, oommencinK at t-n .,v\,t&
a. ni., the following described prop, n,
td-wlt: Ail that certain tract of land ?itu!
atcd on the waters of Castl^man i jtuil
in the district of Liberty. Ohio county'
Wait Virginia, nnd adjoining land* !,i
Joseph o. curiji, jowepn McCtuUia, j0hn
O. Rodger* end others. and bounded
follows: He ginning at a white oak in
Joseph MoCauslln'* lino and running
thence north 1? east 31 pol.n i?> H . r:,
thence south TO* ''net 40 pol?*s to * ??|,i
near the bam on said land; thence south
H9 east 40 Doles to a black walnut rn?r
to landN or Johnson L. Garrison jtnri r,th.
?rs ;thence south 8*4* ?-.??t I67*i pole* lQ a
beech, corner to lands of Joseoh O. Curtiathence
north 1*" 30 west J4<; nob - to ?
nugar tree, corner to lands of Jo*<r>li .\jr.
Causland: thence north 12* went 15
and 15 links to the pla'e of beginning. kn,i
containing forty-id x (46) acres *n<l t*o <2>
roods, more or less. tins being th* hhr,.
property that "was conveyed to Jutnr* W
Dlnch and John Dlnch by Julia a i>rflji
and Jtobert L. I'rall, her husband, by i\ny
bearing date March 2*. I?3. and row 0f
record In the clerks office ?.f ths ".unty
court of Ohio county. West Virginia
TJSRMB OF 8AIJB?One-third of t chase
mon?*y and sh much more ;,n tr>?
purchaser may elect to pay in cash on day
of sal?: the balance In two ?:qu.,i j,ay.
nients at one and two years, the p'irrhaw
executing his notes with approved jrity
for the deferred Installment-, with in*. rttt
front day of sale, the Interest on the v < ond
deferre?l Installment payable annually; th?
title to iutld property to be retained until
said notes afe llft'-dJOHN'
apt "' Tf.'1'**rpliUSTEK'S
By virtue of a deed of trust made by
Joseph lirciin'r and Lena bremwr. m? wifr
to me. as trustee. dated Jun.- i&m, r?*
corded In the ottlce of the clerk of the
county court of Ohio county. W?*t Vir.
Klnla. In Det:d of Turut Cook No. r, pa*,
isi, I wUl sell at the north front door of
the court hon*? of said county on
WAV. 1W7.
commencing1^ 10 o'clock a m . u certain
pleco or paredl of land situate In tho
of Wheeling.) Ohio county. Wtut Virginia,
und more particularly descried f0|.
l<.w*: HckIunIuk at the *outhw?*t corner
of lot So. Ti It) the C*ldw*U addition u
laid out by Ijimb and Rueael), special cow|
nUssioner*. thence with tho south Hn* of
( aid lot 27 HUttrardly U> feet, thence southwardly
with tle? ast line of said lot ^roJi-cted
71 feet; thence weatwnrdly and parallfil
with nultl first line Iti f??:t. th#*nri
| northwardly *1 feet to the place of beginning.
TERMS OP 8ALE?One*third and at
much mora n* tho purchaser electa to pay
in cash on the dny of Rah', the balance in
two equal Installments at sir and twelve
months, notes bearing Interest from :h*
day of sale to bo given for tto deferred
W. 1 f. CALDWELL. Trusts.
W. J. W. COWDEN. Attorney
, W. H. HALLEK. Auctloft-er.
6 per cent Bond*, coupons payable semiannually.
Safe investment.
Note for $1,600; secured first leln on deilrable
city real estate that ts worth ovtr
twice the amount of note. Interest 6 p?r
cent semiannually for three years; good
as government bonds.
Deelrnble seven-roomed house at 97
North York street at a bargain. <
Exchange Bank Building.
Phone C9.
We ofTor for sale at a bargain the late
residence of Jacob Snyder, deceased. ?ttuate
and known as No. 915, on the west t:6?
Ol isoruj .nmn Binrcu mo uvun ..r
pant. large dwelling of three stories. vr* i
lighted and ventilated, with all modern
Improvements, and In flrst-claa* order.
The grounds are spacJ6us and well k?pt.
extending to the river, and the view aloe*
the Ohio liver Is one of the flncnt in th?
city. Will soil the property either furnished
or tmfurnlshed. A rare chance on a
<julck sa(r. " For particulars apply to
Telephone 21?. City Bank Building
No. 1063 MeColloch street
No. KOa Wood street. 3 rooms ' M
No. 2817 Chaplin.- street, S rooms 7 #
No. 37 Seventeenth street !0 (4
No. ZQb Alky B S W
No. 1614 *Maln street, 4 rooms, both
nns.-??. hot water IS 00
No. 1SU2 Slain street ? W
No. 2S10 Main street. 2 rooms .r "
No. 73 North York street II 50
No. 127 Fourteenth street ?*
No. 13S Fourteenth street 24 ?
No. 141 Sixteenth street 3 W
No. 6?; Seventeenth street IT 00
v.. i. ci..?- tl. itAM is CO
No. 163 Main street. store room 1? W
No. S3u Main street. 3 rooms and both
Kases furnished, for '00
8ummrr residence, 4 or 5 rooms. SHbert'homestead
No. 2S0S Main strwt J ?
No. 451 National Road * w
No. W7 Main street, saloon and 3
20 09
Rseldehce Edglngton I>ans, 11 rooms.
Z acres ground. 200 fruit trees ?-*
No 15W Main strict
Saloon In Martin's Ferry If
?-room?*U house Crescent Place ? A
2 house* near Manchester Coal
Works, east of Mt. dc Chantal . .15 each
I room* Srlbert property, on WheelIns
chsek b("
No. UU Market ?trtet. blaclcimlth
shofs ?'
Stable rear of Herman Bank ?*
^ An Twenty
seventh Ktrrft. with ImlUhng* thereon.
No. S3U Chapllne strret. tf.OOO. .
Flvwoomwl house tout houst corner el
Elizabeth nnd Twelfth street. 11.100.
Real estate of every description.
Renl Estate Apron, Collector. Notary Public
and Pension Attorney, No. 1612 Msin
streot. mXLREAL
HulltHns lots on the Island.
Houso on North Main street.
House on Llnd street.
House on the Island.
Housft near Twentloth street, with <
rooms. 1750 on a quick aale.
Money to loan.
Phone ?S7. lm Mnrktl frf":
Wives and
To All Whom It Mar Concern:
The undersigned have purchased HaraWf
ton'? Improved Feather Renovator, an?
alio an Improved Carpet Heater, whicn
In guaranteed to neither rip nor ravel,
and are now prepared to do work promptly
and at reasonnhle prices. Work called fer
and delivered free of charae. I**)'*
<Jern at It. Luke's Livery, No. 1430 Markel
street, or address
Corner eighteenth and Chaplin* Streets
Wheeling, W. Va. ~
OF PRINTING J carefully and Intelligently
Mmpl.ttd ,1 Hi. INTliUUO*NCKH JOB

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