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fc- hMM Mr. ban laafer. far
Tfcft totemlemr PtfbOtMai Co.,
- yu?iy raarvmmi ifui
r Tmnm Pw T?r, hf ? ?. ?* A4vmm*
? ;* PMUI*
OaUjt (Us Dtp la (k* W*k) I T?r4A.M
- Dally, ttxMoaUM .*.00 ,
I Mm.My, # _.
rf: Oailf (TIm* Day* Im Um Wwk) XDO
* OkUriTwtiHr* iBtiwWwh) a. 00
Mir (Ob* Mk) *J 1
Weekly (Dm Year la Advaace) 1.00
WaWj (Ms Maatfca) 60 <
J:'- end by carriers In Wheeling and ad*
My Jsceat towns at J0 cent* per waek.
I' Ftraoaa wishing to subscribe to THE
I';; by sending In their orders to the IN- .
?/ . TELLIOENCER oOee on postal card*
k'x or otherwise. They will be punctually '
p-- served by carrier*. '
| Tribute* of Respect and Obituary Notice* l
li'.V CO cent* per Inch. i
V-'. Correepoodence containing Important ,
news solicited from every part of the
$7- surrounding country.
g?? Rejected communications will not be re- 1
p; turned unless accompanied by sufflH
g?eot poetaire.
I (The INTELlToKNCKR. cmbrarTn* ita (
several editlona. la entered In the Poet.
oOce at Wheeling. W. Va.. as second-claaa
tu.ctmoxk ncxtsm
MmWlmi _ai I t?~U?t ho. TO
wnmixo, jcmi ?, im.
Tli* Bulam Oatlook.
m$. The pfospect tor an early passage of
Itfce tariff h III baa already caused a perceptible
improvement in busineas clrcles.
All the commercial reports cote a
I more hopeful feeling In nearly all lines
of trade. That the depression which ha?
existed la due In a great degree to the
t. ',' waiting attltode of the country la true
aad la only natural, for In tbe very na
lure of things there c&n be no stability
| while tariff uncertainty lasts. With the
[ end of unceruincy. every Interest will be
I able to see Into the future with more
[ clearness and wltf adjust Itself to the
j new conditions.
i This is no mere theory, nor is' it idle
|V; speculation. It is a fact that cannot be
. disputed. Added to those new condl'
tlons we have th* promise of abundant
I crops, and within a few weeks the move;
roent of grain and the grain exports will
f; begin. In spite of the heavy Imports at
this time, du* to tbe rush t<? avoid the
new tariff, the trade balance la even now f
in favor of the United State*.
| The Iron and -tee! trade, which in always
a safe barometer. 1? beginning to
how some improvement, though prices
I; are still too low and are forcing the
manufacturers t economise. It ts not.
^ . however, believed by experts that they
I will go any lower, but that with the general
revival that l.i gradually coming
/ will improve. Until tbls improvement
p comes there can tux be a satisfactory
adjustment of wage difficulties, but the
? manufacturerir express hope that it canIaot
be long delayed.
| Trade reports are to the effect that
(here has been a considerably larger inquiry
for pi* Iron for future delivery,
g The Philadelphia Pre*s, in noting the
unmistakable signs of the Increased business
confidence says:
Leading: concern* are maklnc preparar.
tions tor a tremendous tradr. The ore res'.
quirements o' the Caroeiclo <-omparl'-B are
now estimated at tons for this
year. Minor metals have generally iml
proved in price ar.d in the volume and
? , character of the movement. A movement
is cn foot by wire, rod and nail manufacIturers
to advanc* prirc*. Th?? prospect
of trouble with labor ha* not entirely van- .
^ ished. and there has been some further
restriction In the production If pig Iron
F which has been felt In the coke regions.
L,'v Bituminous coal is being delivered this
year at the lowest known prices. The
b situation in anthracite ooal is not changed. ]
It Is not proponed to Increase the output
$ of coal at thlH time, nor to advance prices. '
During the last half of the year there will ?
he a marked increase in production and .
the expectation Is that the coal will be 1
]?* \ UK^ii hy consumers u nunn >imu
hav? rcied thus far in MJ..
f.1. The volume (if general trad* Is no leas
Br;.-.; than it ha* been. Bank clearing* show
W as improvement of more than 4 per cent
af; over Inst year at the leading cities, the
Increase being made In New Tork City.
H? ? Thirteen cities, not Including New York.
P ; show m -!!uht decrease as compared with
H ' IS* and a decrease of 11.6 per cent as comS>
pared with !J?i The volume of trade Is
R,;, apparently about the same as last-year
r and is very largely ahead of 1K? and 1S94.
,v. RalSmnd gross earnings are better than
k1 last year and the improvement continues
|f.: this month.
rj: These indications have much In them
[ ' that are encouraging and are affording
' no encouragement to the political agitator*
who are d'ing everything possible
p:; to destroy confidence, and Co discount
I whatever good there is to be seen In the
?|IU?WUM. |
A Mllvrrlff- Hnnco Cam*. I
The sllverites when they found that
they were about to run Into a dangerous J
Mia g in New York city, changed their 1
tactics am! are now making an effort to
report to strategy which la so transpar- 1
ent that every ore can see clear through
It. Tammany, which la for free silver, la
also for the machine and is determined '
If po?slble to get Its plundering grip on
the government ??f Greater New York, (
; and to that end has been manoeuverlng
if to forec Itself to the front In the mayor- ,
Imlty oonteat. ' f
Sometime since the leaders were Indls- 1
Em creet cnoiisrh to announce that silver ,
l; would be made the Issue; that the ChlF.
cago platform would be re-ad?pted and
that no less a personage than Mr. Bryan
jhimself would b* brought to the city to
i;' open thrt campaign with one of hi* fifty
\'\ cent dollar apeeches. Then they began
to see their mistake.
A tremendously large faction of the
, Democratic party?that faction which
j represent* the trtio Democracy and re\
fused to support Mr. Bryan and his free
i silver heresy last year, served a notice
| which allowed Tammany that the proposed
undertaking would be rebuked at
the polla. The thousand;* of sound money
voters would never vote, even at .1
| municipal election, for a victory that
would be construed as an endorsement
of free ?Uv?r. So the tactics wore
changed and the thin strategy referred
; to above Is to be attempted.
It J* now announced that Mr Bryan
will not make a apeech in New York; ho
will not even visit the rhy. The Turn
many leaders hav* concluded that the
free silver rjucatlon should hi? kept In the
dark until after the election?thl* In the
hope that the found monry voters will
be caught napping and vote the Tammany
ticket. Then, If the Democrat*
succeed In carrying Greater New York,
which they may do. If united on anything
elac? than the allvor Iwtir, the maak
la to be thrown front the fare of the aly
tiger and It la t/? he heralded abroad and
throughout the country that New York, i
the great financial centre, the rery cltl- i
del of the heneat money men. ha? enloraed
the free and unlimited coinage of
Bftr cent dollars: and Mr. Bryan ?IU
tend hie congratulation* that the metro(win
haa been oonrerted to him mlnurd I
the<>ry. All thla U to be done for the I
"effect" It will have on tne unthinking <
people who are to be told that there are I
__ i ... nonwrat* #ven on 1
IIU Ivusn Bviu
Wall street, but that every Democrat is <
for the free and unlimited coinage of <
It la a beautiful scheme, born In the
brain of the national Bryanlte commit- '
tee. the chairman of which notified Mr. '
Bryan not to make a speech In New 1
STork and thereby imperil the cauao of
ftmntany and free silver. But we half *
inspect that the real Democrats will not
5e caught in the trap; they will not be
used as tools of the sllverites. The
strategy may not work. Neither the
tiger nor Chairman Jones, of the nation- '
il Popocratic committee, will be able to '
fool the Intelligent masves of the city of j
^ew York and of the country with any
inch pollticAJ bunco game.
DlaptHMrr Uw'i Black Eft. I
The federal court having decided that j
he South Carolina dispensary law Is in |
xmflicc with the national interstate j
?mmerce law. Senator Tillman, who is
:he father of the dispensary absurdity, j
has now another excuse for charging ,
ivlth bis pitchfork on the government
luthorlty, and he may be expected to in- (
Julg*> In some lurid comments on the ,
riritta of states.
There is a great deal of common sense,
is well as of law. In the decision, which j
says that when a state legally recogifxes
the manufacture and ?aie of alcolollc
liquors, and encourages their man*
ifacture. and even engages In the traffic
Itself, it has n? rltsht under the law to j
prohibit the Importation of such liquors
>r their sale for personal use. This de- ,
vision, of course, does not affect a state's '
right to prohibit the manufacture and
tale of liquor within Its borders. That Is j
i different proposition.
St 1? presumed that the state of South 1
Carolina will carry the Issue to the su- !
?reme court, and should that final tribunal
sustaJn the court below the effect i
rill toe to practically nullify the dispen- ]
ary law, by which the state now has (
in exclusive monopoly of the liquor I
traffic, much to the distrust of a very 1
large and respectable element of the |
population. <
Senator Elktu on Cmb?.
The full text of the speech delivered In
be senate by Senator Elklns on the Mor- (
can Cuban belligerency resolution will
>e found elsewhere in the Intelligencer
?f this date. A great many garbled re- J
>orts of the speech have been published. ]
ind In order that Mr. Elklns* constitu- i
?nts who have not the opportunity of
'eading the G>ngresslonal Record may ^
jeruse It. we present it in full. t
Mr. Elklns took a stand against the 111- 1
ulvised action of the Jingoes In the sen- !
ite ar.d the conspiracy of the silver fac- i
Ion of the Democracy to embarrass the
policy of th? administration to bring '
ibout the freed'?m of Cuba peacefully j
md honorably, and gave strong reasons l
tor his position. The speech will well 1
-i*nav a careful reading Like all o? the 1
senator's utterance* it is dispassionate,
onyrvative and full of sound common
sense. ]
Senator Elkins was not speaking for
the applaune of the galleries. but to the
reason of the country, as he always does.
Spectacular talk about war might have
been more "taking* f<?r the time being,
but it would not have appealed to the
sober Judgment of the people so strongly.
Til* Rational II* pa bl lean
The coning national convention of the
National Republican League at DetroK,
m July 13. promises to be of unusual Interest.
as it will be made the occasion of
the tenth anniversary of the organisation.
To this great aggregation of RepubHsan
clubs Is due tn a very great measure
the successes of the Republican party In J
recent years. It Is the training and re*
cruitlng school of the young blood of the
party, and one has but to remember the j
splendid work done by the clubs of the
:ountry In the last campaign to realize j
the effectiveness and the perfection of ,
the organization, nationally and locally. <
The Detroit convention, being held in 1
l year In which there Is no national cam- \
[>aign, will not have the significance that i
rach a convention might otherwise have,
but will be more in the nature of a cele
Oration and reunion of the working ,
force?. Some distinguished men wjH be
present, Including?, probably. President
McKlnley. and those who attend will ,
ind the occasion one of great enjoyment. ,
It la hoped that as many members of the {
Wefft Virginia delegation as can possl- ,
bly attend will be present. I
m i
What right has Senator Morgan. <?f 1
Alabama, to complain of dllatorlness on
the part of the senate, the house, or the
administration? There is no man in
either branch of Congress more open to J
that charge than the senator himself.
When Senator Morgan Is in session, and i
tie is in session most of the time, the en- 1
lire senate Is in a waiting attitude, waiting
to transact business while the Ala- I
bamlan is riding one of his numerous
The name of the leader of the Indian
desperadoes In Ontario who have been !
causing so much tmuble recently was
"Almighty Vole*." His volcc was for
war against the Canadian government,
but It wasn't almighty enough to save
him from being killed, which goes to \
show that there is nothing much In a
A train crashed Into a tally-ho coach
carrying twenty-two persons, not one of
whom escaped death or Injury. Somebody,
we are told, Is to blamr* for th?* awful
affair, but that Is all. Will the responsible
peraon be made an example of?
inni in u i|untii?in nuru hj nnnwri.
The first day of Juno wax more llkf? a
day In October than (ho dawn of a .<urnmer
month. It was not a day to mak??
glad the h?*art of the nuinm??r hotel man,
and oven'the ??vi serpent wan chllM.
Two jfamw won In ton flays In tho record
of the Wheeling banc hull lr
the ttam striving to win the "booby
The solicitude shotvn by the Democrstie
prcKH In West Virginia f.?r foar that the
Hepubllcan party ??f the f tat> \ylll to to
the boW'W</W9 It certain Itctiul/llcaris
fi'V. :V 1 w !v V. >i . ... M. ' '-AiM
irt appointed to oQIce, or certain other
ire not appointed. la truly touching. Th
Republican party ha* pawed throug
the patronage ordeal incident to
change of administration before. an*
baa stood U better than tbe Democrat!
p*/iy Iaj ttot mnt sriczl Tbe Repub
[lean party In West Virginia has been In
creasing continuously for twenty year
paaL Can our Democratic brethren rj;
they have made a corresponding in
.1 C?5T . It WU, KtlCIC IV IUC Ul| IMVJvri.l,
>f * few yean ago?
The Havana papers that are trylg t
Jiscredit in advance the report that wll
be made by Mr. Calhoun on the situatioi
In Cuba and the death of Rulx, will hav
do effect at the white house, and the;
mar as well save themselves the trouble
Loci llllllOHI.
New York Evening Pout: The break
lown of the great socialistic experlmen
In the Carmauz glass works, of whlc:
the Evening Post has given an account
la Important chiefly because the attemp
was there made to apply socialistic doc
trine practically, and under the mo*
favorable conditions. The capital c
(100.000, obtained by a lottery, was sub
Htuntially a gift. The Institution wa
hacked by the leading lights of Frenc;
Socialism; the furnaces were! ighted. a
It were, by the flaming oratory of &l
Jaunn All that sympathy and solid
arlty and fraternity oould do to mak
the works successful was guaranteed 1:
advance. Yet the whole has gone t
wrrck just as if were a cas?- of vulga
exploiting by private capital. Wage
?re monthn in arrears, heavy debts ?r
accumulating, th* workman and tb*?l
f.-imill.**it am ht'Firlnr In ?h* X
wonder thai thorn* of the men who hav
applied for work elsewhere. begin b
saying, "We have lout all Ulubtons."
Th? Ojrcl* COMiplrtMl.
Minneapolis Tribune: The history o
this country appears to show that pan
les and recoveries run In about twenty
year periods. There was the panic c
l?7J. followed by Ave years of depres
slon: the beginning of recovery In 1K77
th?? full tide of recovery In 1879. folio weby
a period of prosperity lasting untl
1R92. Then cam** the panic of 1X93. fol
lowed by the period of depression whlcl
we are now experiencing. To som
there are as yet no signs of improve
mont discernible, while to others ther
In already a faint glimmer of dawr
Many are looking forward to the pas
saxe of the tariff bill as the startlni
point of a new period of prosperity. Bu
whether from that or some other caus
or cause*. It is quite probable that hi*
tory will repeat Itself, and that In th
fall of the present year, or the begin
nlng of IMS, we shall witness a notabl
Improvement. followed by perhaps t"i
or a doxen years of grent prosperity
rhe cycle Is nearly completed.
A to Mr. Maton.
New York Commercial Advertiser
'Long may Mason wave!" exclaims th
Washington Post, referring to th* n?n
senator from Illinois and his red Jem
onade speech on the Cuban question
But the Hon. Billy Mason does no
wave. The Hon. Billy may heave, swell
bowl, snort and swear; but he does no
luctuate. He may throw languages a
:he birds, pound the atmosphere, shak*
the desks In the senate, and persplr
Ilk** a spring thaw, but he does no
wave. He may amble, he may cut th.
pigeon win*, he may roll forward, h?
may warble on the dudgeon, os th'
Hardeman Free Press would say. h
may chew scenery, dash high, tumbl
jpon himself, collapse from a puncture*
lung, hurl defiance, defy the lightning
r*>ln! with pride, and call heaven V
witness, but we repeat It that he doei
aot wave.
Suiftrnmiihipor Ihn WI|W?ri.
Hartford Courant: For months no*
the walla of the senate chamber a
Washington have been resounding wltl
big talk?and fool talk?about wat
One seator has even gone so far. In th
Intoxication of vocal jingoism, as to sa;
that if this country hadn't a ship, gui
or soldier to Its name it would still b
secure; no other country would dare t
attack a land so populous, so rich. am
so full of the raw material of lnvlncibl
armies. As one listens to these Mor
fans. Mlllses and Masons, he has onl;
to shut his eyes and give a flllp to hi
Imagination In order to aee an assem
blag<? of their aboriginal prototypes, li
rull fig or blankets, feathers, nnd wa
paint, gathered around the council fir
and vying with another In precisely th
lame sort of "big Injun" oratory.
Os? ofJiKinas'i llarlN.
Memphis Commercial-Advertlaer: A
% matinee recently given for the benefl
of Mrs. Blahop. Mr. Joseph Jefferso
told the following story: After one o
his performances of "Rip Van Winkle
he received a most complimentary let
ter. asking him to accept a beautlfu
spring bedstead. The letter oxpresse<
such extravagant appreciation of th
actor's talents that Mr. Jefferson's mod
tsty prevented him from repeating th
expressions. But. he said, the lette
concluded with this request: "I shal
be glad if. when. In the third act. yoi
awake from your long slumber In Sleep;
Hollow, you will say that you woul
have slept more soundly nnd mor
peacefully If you had had one of Boom
er's spring beds."
SfnwIfM and Rrmal.
Baltimore American: The Society fo
the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal
succeeded In having a prominent horse
man of New Jersey heavily fined fo
docking his horse's tall, attention be
Ing draw to the case by the cries of th
animal Itself under torture. It Is to b
hoped that In time this cruel and dls
figuring practice will entirely pas
away, and other states would do wel
to follow the example of Now Jersey I
hastening Its decay by severe lawi
Btrlctly applied to every proven cas<
The senseless and brutal Idea that mu
illation of our domestic animal* is or
namental needs n humane and etflclcn
check. _
IVrw Corporation*.
Special Dispatch to the Intelligencer.
CHARLESTON. W. Va.. June l.-j
charter of Incorporation wsi to-dai
granted to The Don Celery Companj
with principal office at Wheeling, nn
Incorporated by William L. Tripp, o
Wheeling, and four other* of Don.Ohlc
Authorised rapll.il. II'.OOO; subscribe!
1600. nnd paid In $60. Also to the Photo
Indentlflcatlon Company, with prlncl
pal office at Charleston, and Incorpor
nied by James M. Mason, James M. Ma
son, Jr.. nnd Clem Moore, of Charlestor
and two others, ??f New York. Au
thorlzed capital, $100,000; subscrlbci
nnd paid In. $.V).
Not Instantaneously, it in true, but I
si abort space of time* persona of ? bii
lous habit are saved from the torture
which a disordered liver Is capable ;
Inflicting by IJostetter's Stnmiich Hit
trrs, nn anti-bilious medicine and ap?-i
lent or the flr.?t rank The pnlna In th
rltfht side anil through the right ihnul
d?*r hladf. the nick headache, nnux";
constipation and s.tflfron hue of th
skin, an* entirely removed oy this estl
jn.ible restorative of tone to the organ
of secretion and digestion.
THIRTY years Is a long time to flgli
no painful a trouble as piles, but Jaco
Mitchell, of rnUuivllle, i'a., n?iuq?le
that Inng In-fore he tried DeWltf
Witch Hn/.'-l flalV?>. which oulcklv nn
permanently run <! him. It l.? t-qunli
,-ff??rt|vp In rmcrnfl nni) nil nkln affec
Hons. CharlM It. Goette, comer Mark*
and Twelfth Howie & Co
Bridgeport; Ponbody & Hon. Penwood.
Tliwt Lnpttr Rack mn 1>e currtt wit
I)r. Mllcr NEKVE I'LAHTKK. Only 25c.
Absolutely Pure
Celebrated (or iu mat
treurtb And bealtbfutue * A?u
food aKAin*t almuaud all form? u
turatiou common to the cheap I
t ROYAL NftU CO. ?C?
RilMrtoafWi Broken Down C
>t Are t'ntnif.
|f LONDON. June 1.?The fri
? Samuel L. Clemens, (Mark
b sink* the Associated Press to
stories Jn circulation regarding
health and impoverished cond
e cabled to the Associated Press
n 8, when Mr. Clemens was ref
? have dl*d suddenly, the disti
* American author is now 1i
h health and spirits than for ye;
r The report of last autumn t
0 Clemens was living in quiet
0 nnd working doy and night at
y In order to pay his creditor* i
vide for his family waa perfe
at that time. He had then
London, after the death of hij
,f ter, In a terrfbly depressed c
nnd In bad health, but he seemi
thriven on hard work. *\>r
months Mr. Clemens and his
if have been l!vftn?c In a pretty ho
i. ated on a charming square at
His book Is now finished and
I Usher Is on fcte way here from
II ted States, for the manuscrlj
- Clemens and his family leave
b at the end of this month to i
e summer In Austria. On Tfiur#
- Mr. Clemens dined with a few
e Including Mr. Nelson.the editor
u per's weekly, and the oorrei
- here of the Associated Press. ?3
K ens' hair is almost white, but
t has a good color, his eyes ar
e and his figure Is upright and a
- talked moat ntertalningly
e evening about his travels, his I
- hi* experiences In London. A
+ left Mr. Nelson, who is en old
? Mr. Clemen*, referring to the
'. ?ald: "I have never s<vn him 1
form. He looks far better thai
saw him In New Tork a fc
k To Mrs. L\ H. Gnal Mil Mrs. ?
Dsvl* In Common.
t NEW YORK. June 1.?A poe
I. led "Our Boys." by Alice S. ;
1 author of "The Liberty Bell." 1
' dedicated to Mrs. U. S. Grant i
c Jefferson Davis. The letters
t permission for the mingling of
ft names, follows:
P To Miss Mitchell:?Mrs. Gran
? me to say In reply to your let
j received, that she thinks it w
t very appropriate and a very
5 act to associate her name with
B Mrs. Jefferson Davis in the d<
of your song. "Our Boys." Mr
thinks you for the copy of the
the song sent her. Slncerelj
r M. t
For Mrs. U. S.
Miss Alice 8. Mitchell:?Acc
2 thanks for the honor you have
? roa upon roe ??> uruuanun ;?<<
& orlal message" in part, to me. '
e friend. Mrs. IT. S. Grant's nam
2 foclated with mine in the de
d gives me additional gratiflcati
e lleve mo. Very truly yours
p Gtaeralftd la (he Hainan Body ?
e >altoflmp?rflNt DtgMtln ot
Every living thing, plant or
contains within itself the germ
tain decay and death,
i In the human body these g
I disease and death (called by m
_ Ptomaines), are usually the i
Imperfect digestion of food; tl
of Indigestion or dyspepsia.
The stomach, from abuse, w
does not promptly and thorou
[J gest the food. The result is ?
3 sodden mass which ferments <
e process of decay), poisoning th
" making It thin, weak.and lackl
e corpuscles; poisoning the brain,
? headaches and pain in the eye*
" Had digestion irritates th*
II causing palpitation end flnall
? ing on disease of this very It
a organ.
e Poor digestion poisons the
" causing Bright'* disease and <
And this Is so because ever
every nerve depends upon the
BiMirUhmonl and
and weak dilation dhows Iti
8 only In ion of appetite and tl
- In weak nerves and muddy cor
r The great Knglish scientist,
wild the best start In life is
r stomach. Weak stomach* fa
n Rest food properly, because tl
the proper quantity of digest!
I (lactic and hydrochloric) and p
1c products; the most sensible
' In nil cases of Indigestion, is to
, ter each meal, one or two of
/ Dyspepsia Tablets, because tl
'* ply in a pleasant, harmless fori
elements that weak stomachs
j The rn?fllar use?of Stuart's
sin Tablets will cure every i
stomach trouble except cancer
Thry Increase flesh. Insui
. blood, strong nerves, a bright
clear complexion, because all I
y suit only from wholesome food
f. Rested.
d Nearly nil drupsists sell
f Dyspepsia Tablets at 50 cents I
' package or by mall by enclosl
, to Stuart Company. Marshal
but ask your druggist first.
!" A little book on stomach
mailed free. Address Stuart C
" shall. Mich.
IT should be made a matter
j* knowledge that DeWltt's Wltc!
Halv?? will speedily cure piles
longest standing. It Is the hou?i
vorlte for bums, sealds, cuts,
and sores of all kind*. Oh;:
n Cioetse. corner Market and
I- streets; Bowie & Co.. Bridgcp(
's body & Son, Ben wood.
Animal McrfliiK of the ( rrinnn
IIHnrril IIhImIo Prrrtrrlrk,
' On account nf the Annual M>
the Herman Baptist* (Dunkar
Baltimore A Ohio railroad will
curslon tickets t?? Frederick fr
kersburn, Wheeling. Plttsburgl
H stntlons on the Wheeling an
burgh Division for all trains .V
June 2. Inclusive, valid for ret
it sage until June 3ft. Inclusive U
it wnefMing, ?h ?K). ;?n? corrwp
d low rat or from other point*.
WHKM o cold In contracted
y nt once One Mlnut? CouKh (
: you ?m ?li' .< ''l to i ov<
>t minute. It will cure pneomon
chltls, croup find nil fornix i?f I
C throat trounles Ch.?rl? H R. Go<
nor M.irlii t and Twelfth itreet
h ft ro.,Urldceport; IVabody & ti
j. a. BHOPgs
[ BABY...
. 100
Baby Carriage Robes
| or*. Crib Blankets,
r?oimr WM
r? for 25C
:o?4iiiou .
lenda of
Twain), This bargain was securrTu
in- ed from the Thomas Novitioa.
a? eltv Co.. who failed.
on Moy
>orted to a ^
ngulshed """" ~
i better
and pro- ??
ctly true
. 2SSS? 1807 Models.
the pub*
the Unl- Get the handsome illustrated
''London "Ulogue, lowing aU th.
??s the different styles ..
id ay left
friends, ^
of Har- T~ \ A i
epondent 1 \\?\
I'l P?r?oK
100k and 1 CL
*x FnTED 9rn
m 0 & J
las been J J 1mN^7v-??
-is -v FW'Tiresthe
Every " Rambler" has Lap Brazed
"dMtrM Joints and Fish-Mouth Reinforceju?t
ments, making this wheel a stranger
rould be . . 0 _ , ?
graceful to repair shops. " Ramblers are
UhSlion D?t experiments, but are the result
? 5T*11' of 18 years' experience in building
nrordsof * _ r. . . ?
wheels. Elegant in design and finGrant.
kh. See them and be convinced.
ept my _J?
confer- WASHINGTON. D.C.
r "mem- 1 " 1 ??
That my n?
e. li as- wall paper.
dication, -------------------------on.
Be- 1852. J? J? 1897.
Th. b.. From 3 cents per bolt up.
irl'.i Gearance sale for one
,0,e": week. 12 1-2 and 15
:lenji*t?. cent Parlor Papers at
result of
ifhly dl- _
? heavy. _ _
?>? Baby Carriages.
; he;4rt Our stock the most comnportani
plete. From $4.50 up.>
stomach * j
renewal. no. ts twelfth street.
self not -?
a sound
II to dl
hey lttck
eptogen- ^ ?f Special PapCTS
remedy af
tnke af- ai
"> ?up- O A T 17 DDT/^T? I
H,;""10 nAbr i IMV-JC* ;
ihe The largest and best variety
r?* purr of 5-ccnt Papers in the city, 50,
ihMo'r"'! different patterns.
well dl?
* - Hit) MAIN ?T?KKf. I
:.s?. I Gail Bordan ;
-ssl Eagle|
't"cku; Condensed Milk, o
P,i"' O tittl*BootclHFANTHCAlTlTscnt FACE ?
ItaMiata HtwYonK ?OOCHKB Kiut Co. N.Y. <j>
c?*tlnB of 1 - - ?j
Irt'i,u '!!" DRCQQiaTS.
at? from r?r An,,t. LIcc on Plant*,
ondlnglv INSECT GUNS. v<
, cure il powerful DlMnfci*ttiitt< Antiseptic
?iiro will *nd I'< ii.lorir.i l
lunf niM u|
ptae. cor 0:nBC!
> 1010 Muln St root.
The r<srul*r monthly meetlnr of tb* xr
U. U. Society will be held at th> y if
C. A. thl? (Wednesday) afternoor. at 2
_ j?; . . a rj
Garfield Cattle No. 3. K. n. F: Broths
you are hrrrby notified to m<?-< M;
Can tie Hall, Wednesday, June i >;
j o'clock p m.. to attend the fi .
our !ut<- brother. Oi-orge Paulu> ? ,
Castle* Mre reque?t?Jd to attend Hv ,,
of J. N BALLIXOER, N. C\. pro - f
W. T. MAKHH. M. of It
/V. C. V.: Aaaerabl^aithe atori- of 5
n,4iicn?ov. ! ?1 street. /){1
Saturday. 6th Inal., at 2 o'clock p m .
narxl to decorut*> the irravrs of your -.a
comrades. Ladln ar?* invited to join a
Sou In the sacred memorial. Flov>-? a
a gladly received. Friend* arc
to mark th* graven of their d?-a<2
a marker of white ribbon.
ROBT. WHITE, Commander
Northwest Corner Main and Twentieth
Streets, Wheeling. W. Va.
r ;
To close up soma business
I will sell 5 shares of Paabofly
Fire Insurance stock for $125
for the 5 shares.
Room A. Exchancr? Bank R..11W1..
ihursday evening, jlne 3.
Gibson Pictures, Miniatures, The MirWt
Arch, One-Act Comedy ini
Prices?$1.00; children under twelve
years of age 50 cents.
Special Motor to Casino 7:30 p. m. Speriil
Motor from Casino 1 a. m. m >*:
Of the Bridgeport and Martin ? Ferry
public schools takes place Thuryday.
Juno 3. The appropriate and J
inexpensive custom of sending suitable
books as souvonlrs of the
eventful occasion, to each gradual?,
is now very generally observed. M>1
at the low price at which book.* ar?
being sold. Is no hardship.
Our stock is now arranged for displaying
these books.
The Union Building Association No. :is
Just starting. Shares $150; weekly pay
tnenia za cenu. mis Association -*3*
the Union, which paid at tho r*: of ll
per cent. Stock can be obtained from arj
cf the undersigned incorporators.
O. B. PORTER. myn
This has been an unusually
good year for
selling Good Refrigerators,
but we have
not sold out yet. Call
? r ?
or send tor a descriptive
circular of the.*
By virtue of the authority vested In nw
by a decree of the circuit court of Ohio
county. West Virginia, entered on th?* i-?n
. day or May. 1W7. in a suit In equity therein
! pending, in which William P.
| dlan. etc.. is complainant, and ?11'1*1"
I*. Kleeh and other* are defendants. *'n'cn
i decree l? entered In Chancery Order Boon
I No. lft. pa?e SW. I will fell at public auci
tlon at the front (Joor of the court houm
in me ciiy 01 v* neciing on
nt 10 o'clock a. m.. the south bnlf of tot
No. thirty-two situated in tint: part
1 of the city of Wheeling known ;i.? Jonathan
Znne's addition, ?ald lot fronting en Market
struct sixty-six ifity feet and maintain*
In/? the satno width one hundred and
thirty-two (13T> feet.
I TKIIMS OF SAUK?One-half ca-'t. and
one-half in six months, inking f:"0? m*
purchaser his note with approved eecurity.
Special Oommls?!or "
I hereby certify tfmt bond with ? urnv
I has heen Riven by the above mentioned
special commissioner, as required by the
decree appointing him.
julju Clerk of Said rourt._
English language nnd the one about
winch the most tender anil holy recollection.*
cluster is that of Mother??[
who watched our tender years, yet
life of every Expectant Mother is beset
I sE. Mother's Friend
! so assists Nature in thochange taking
place that the Mother is enabled to
look forward without dread or gloomy
. r,<MK?4it.m> ,? n.,. i,.... ..iian *be ex*
I neriences the the joy of Mothcrliood.
Its use insures safety to the lives ol
both Mother and Child. ami slie i.? I'"'*
j stronger after than before contlr.enienu
! Sent Vy Mall, on receipt *?f price, ?1 l?w
j tic. hook to Rxpectnnt Molhor* " viU l*
ctl five on rcqiicftt, to nnv lad?,
uablo information ami voluntary wittDOOUnTil*
Bradfleld Btfrulator Co.. Atlact*. G*
or PltlNTlNO carefully nn<l lnto!l;s?'; 'A
com nil t<?i at tlx iNTEi?LiaENC?J< -"J

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