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Special Safe of
Fine Plaid Cheviot
Bicycle Si
Bought to sell
week we offer
ure of
The best made
J^We hi
Bike Hose, etc
Joseph C. Aldernon vs. Loch Lynn lieicl
Hotel Company et a!.
In the Circuit Court of the t*nlted Stal
for the district of West Virginia.Equity.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue
tne authority vested in mo. by a con*"
d'-orr* rnterrd la said cause on th?? 14
day of January. 1^6. J. the underolgn
receiver, appointed In said cause by ?
court, will on
at Iv o'clock a. m.. offer at public auctl
to the hiireet and ben bidder, on t
Swnlar* at Loch Lynn Heights, n?
ouniain Lake Park, in Garrett couni
Maryland, th* following described pre
rtv ?hlcH >4 mAntlnnod ?nd dH^rib
in the bill and proceedings tn Mid caui
First-All that lot or parcel of rrou:
stuated in th?- Mid county of l*arr?
and ?tate of Maryland, and known a
described as "HotH Reserve" on the pi
of fir Mountain Home Company, as i
cordrd in Litter E. X. T. No. 1. folic
om of the plat record# of the said coun
of <2arrett. and described by the folio
!r.g men* and bounds, courses and J
tar.ce*. to-wlt Beginning at a point nor
?' ?a*t at feet from station "C": then
north 5?" IS' w*?t lTi.J feet: thence nor
XT3 ?* IS *aat X) feet; thence south 2D'
-ast IK.: feet: thenc? north W west :
f?t to the beglnnln*. containing 1.138
an acre.
Seconds All that lot or parcel of grou
situated in the said county of t?arr<
ar?d ?tat* of Maryland, and described
the plat of the said Mountain Home Coi
pany as "Hotel Uwn" and described
th* following mete* and bounds, court
ami distance*, to-wlt: Beginning at
stake iituated north 3*V east 405 feand
soatl- east C from Station "E
one of the permanent stations of Lo
I.mn Heights; thence by a cunratu
whose radius is 11*.a feet and one-half ci
cumference Is 375.4 feet: thence north ?
!T> feet: thr .~*i by a curvature who
radius |k ns.s frrt and one-half clrcui
f?-rence 1* J75.4 feet, thence south fi?V w?
feet to the beginning, containing 2
Third-All those lots, pieces or parci
cf cround situated in the said county
Oarrett and state of Maryland, and t
scribed on the plat of the said Mounts
Home Company by the following met
and bounds, courses and distances, to-w
Beginning at a corner of lot on Bene
avenue and corner of lot on which t
White stands, and running thence sou
OS' east 130 feet. with 3?4* west TO fe?
south Cjy fast 243 feet, north 2*V
H2 fe*t. north ?JV nor
2M?* *a*t 2M feet: thence north ?S* w<
>' feet to the beginning. contalninc 1
acres. rrore or l^ss.
Fourth-All of that lot or parcel
ground situated In the county of Gam
and state of Maryland, and described
the plat of the Mountain Home Com pa
>y the following tnetea and bounds, coun
and distance, to-wlt: Beginning at
**ske situated on the south line of J.
Alderson's addition to Loch Lynn Heigh
Mng south OVa* east XB feet, and th
>Auth Sh' west JO feet from 8tat?on" t
one of the stations of Loch Lynn Heigh
and the rentre of Tallleee street, and ru
ntng thence south OH* r*?t with the cent
of Tallisee street 447 feet to the centre
street; thence south 31V west 1.
f*et with street to the centre of A:
bsira ?treet extended; thence with t
r-ntre of Alabama street north Oy w<
44" feet to White's line; thence wi
* I lto*a line and "Alderson's addltlo
aorth 2*y east 1.30 feet to the berfnnlr
< staining 12 M acres of land, more
There is situated on the said tract No
a large, elegant and well arranged mc
ern new summer hotel, three stories hit
containing about 10" guest chamhc
urge, elegant and well lighted and v?
tilated dining rooms, reception roon
Vail room and parlor, furnished throuc
out with elegant new furniture, supplj
*ith modern water closet* and other c<
venlence*. and also with an almndar
of water, and surrounded on three sk
by a wide and beautiful veranda.
This hotel was opened to ruests by M
7a B. C. List for the first time last y*
and during the summer season w?? co
pletely filled. The said tract No. 1 and I
*al?1 hotel bulldlnc and Its furniture a
appurtenants will be sold together. 7
raid tract No. 2 will be wold by Itself. n
t .* aaid tracts Noa. 1 and 2. touether w
the said hotel building, furniture a
appurtenance*, will be sold subject to t
t?rm?. provisions and condition* of a c>
tain l^ase theroof, executed by tin- und*
slirned receiver to the said Mr*. !?. B.
I?l?. on the tth day of June, IJOj. for t
t^rm of two yarn, seven months a
t*?nty-four days, beginning on the sj
Sib dsy of April. 18H, and ending on 1
first day of April. In the year 1K98. for 1
sum of four thousand dollars <54.WW); nl
hundred dollars of which was due a
*? paid on the 1st day of October, 1*
fourteen hundred dollars of which will
du- on the 1st day of October. 1W. a
seventeen hundred dollars of which ?
be due on the 1st day of October. 1W*7.
The term-, provisions and conditions
th* said lease wlli bo more partlcula
stated on the day of sal?. and n ec
thereof may be s*?n at any time at I
law office of J. B. Summervllle. In i
Cltr of Wheeling. West Virginia. 7
purchaser of the said property will b*
titled to th? rent ror'-rved In said lei
from and aftrr the day of sal?\ and I
said leas* will he wanned bv th*
celver to the purchaser, who will be ?
titled to and will lw? required to take I
plar* of said receiver as landlord of 1
rmj^rty embracfd In said lra??v Th* *;
third and fourth trac's are laid out a
dlvifjuj |nto lots, streets snd alleys, n
will first be offered us an entirety, a
ea'h of th?*m will also l?e offered se|
ratHy. and the said lots will then
offered separately or In pairs, and si
property will be sold In the way In whi
it Will produce the most money.
TRRMH of SALE-flald >ale will
ma'I* n|K>n the following term* and r??n
Hona, t.>-mil: One-third. or no much m<
a* th* pnn hn?fr may elect. ouh on i
any of aal*. one-third In alt months n
on?--thlrl In on* yeur from th? day
aal*. trlttt Inti rent from that day at i
rat* c,f r. pmr , ,nt p?r nnnutn, ami I
purah**er ?hall have the option to fi
th* <W*rr."l iny'.oimeniN at any time I
for* th* ?ame .?f.all t>e flu*, with Inter
to th#* tlmo of payment. the dcffiTwl
atallmenta to l?* aecuT'O hy th* purrhi
r'? note* nml th* title to l?e retained ur
th?> not' * are paid Th* porchaaer of i
hottl and furniture will t>?* required
*nrry not lean thnn flf*? i thouaand d
lar? (flC.Onro inauranc" (hereon. for i
ff<*lver'a benefit.
_ Iluctlvci
Wheeling, W. Va., May 14, IS07.
* <* I
at $7 50; (or the balance of th
them at the surprisingly low fij
and most stylish Bike Suit in towi
Lve a full line of Sweaters. Belt
,, at very low prices.
m & co
Mallei af Minor Muiiimt In and Khx
IU? lily.
The Orpheus singing society I* ra
JdJy coming to the /runt as a music
organization, and ha* In contemplate
If a concert for the near future.
Mlralon B, of the Flmt H*pll
church, gave a very successful music
and literary entertainment last nigt
at the mission building, on South E<
its street.
Yesterday the city firemen recelvi
'J* the blue polkadot shirts, adopted f
summer wear by Chief Klleves. Tl
f shirts are natty in appearance, are tl
f:! i product of Stlfcl s calico works, at
ih J were made by McFadden. the furnlshi
T*! I The gospel wagon was out last nl#t
ua holding forth In the vacant lot nei
the Pythian castle to a large crow
97, Rev, Mr. Bartiebaugh made the prli
on clpal address. The wajfon will be us<
he again Flday evening at the lower ma
ar ket house.
[y* Charles J. Sturgiss, the victim of Be
Magee's knife In the circus row at M
Mechen some days ago. is about reco
ered and will leave for hi* home In Cli
nd clnnati in a few days. He is still <
>tt the home of Dr. Smith. McMecben, wl
Is attending him.
w Strangers In the 1 ity *>iu ?Ttoe?Ung Pell
l?- * A brtMMt.
ice Mayor W. F. Hlte. of Huntington,
th * guest of the McLure.
J? I*erey A. Sha nor. is a Slstertvll
* J lawyer at tlie Windsor.
Colonel Robert McEIdo-.vriey. fx sar
n i pllng the hospitality of the Windsor,
on Luther W. Doggett. of Fairmont,1
m- ur<?l on the McLure's register la
by night.
Haltlmoro & Ohio Superintendent
Pt M. Sh'-ati*. of Grafton, was In the cl
?/ yesterday.
ch John Clator. of the East End. leav
? to-mornnv evening to attend coc
menc??niem at Buckhannon seminary,
** S. L. Parsons. Point Pleasant. J. ^
Hughes, Mannlngton, and R. Vr. Do
'?j sey, of Hurricane, are Windsor guesi
Miss Maley, matron of the Westi
els asylum, and Mrs. Minnie Clark,
ot New Martinsville, are stopping at t!
;ee Kennedy F. Frew has moved his r*
it: idence from the corner of Twent
ninth and Chapline streets, to ThI
p teenth street.
th Dr. John R. Pipes, upon receipt of
t. message from Cameron, left last nig
ft to visit his brother there, Hon. T.
JJJ Cameron, who Is very ill.
l-? 8eeley Dinger, of Parkersburg. w
i- ?>.* on* \-+*r*riin v. visitln* his br
ther at the'city hospital. who und?
"* went an operation yesterday,
ny J. B. McDonald, of Charleston; J. ^
?ea Dunlevy. of Cameron, and 11. 3. Lanf
* Blacksvltle. were among the West VI
ginlans at the Stamm yesterday,
eri Prof. A. P. Morgan and wife.
Washington. Pa., returned to th<
tr' h?nne yoterdar. after n pleasant vi?
!{?" of several days with friends on the 1
of land.
Colonel "Charley" Caldwell, of Pa
'* kersburg. and Judge J W. Knglish.
Point Pleasant, arrived In the city <
th legal business last nigh:, and put i
n" at the Howell.
Harry Jackson, for three years ele
or in Harry C. Stewart's pharmacy.Sou
L j Hide, resinned yesterday, to accept
id- position with the La Belle tin mill. H
fh. successor is Charley Aitmeyer, an c
J"*, perienced and efficient drug clerk.
Coss Alblnger. the Eighth wa
rh^ heavyweight. received painful Injurl
led Monday, while driving out Wbeelli
>n- on-?*K ..n a fishing expedition. T
?* *ngon brok?? down.throwlng him to t
ground. His lip is badly lacerated,
rs. ^
ar Cliallrng* for a Cake Walk.
County Constable "Oa" Gray wish
-i., Ul-.tllaannan ?rt th.1t h* h
nd 1,M* *?*? ???'
h* 1100 to wager that there I* no couple
nd West Virginia, who can take :h<? ho
Ith ors from Arch Johnson and Mini LI
"d *1* Fletrh*r. of the Virginia Star*. Ir
j}* cake*walking content
C Bookml Air Euro pc.
b* NEW YORK. June 1.?Atnonp t
j"|j passengers booked to aall on the lln<
Majestic to-morrow from thin port
.he White!** Held, the special ambaf>ad
ine to represent the t'nlted 8tates at t
nd queen's Jubilee, lie will be occompa
Ird by Mm. Reld, Miss Jean Reld a
Ogden MUM Reld.
Amonp other pa?*engor? booked
H.iII on the Majestic are Bishop Doai
of of Albany. N*. Y . and Mr. and Mrs. i
rl> H. De Young, of San r'ranclnco.
PV ? ?
llrakft K?il.
'h* NEW YORK. June 1.?Grin wold
n- Glllpt. banker* and brokers, have ma
,'?0 .in afslfinmcnt for the benefit of th<
ri? creditors to William F. Tufts. T
^n" firm la composed of Wayne Grlsivc
iho "nd Jerome D. Glllet. The capital
.. f"00.000 to 1300.0
II" lllf CUUKVIII nun ? ? ? - -Rid
Homrlhlux to Know.
J},'} It may be worth something to km
)a. thai t i vary bent medicine for r
hn atorlng the tired out nervous ?ir?t?
il<l to a healthy vigor H Electric Hlttei
Ich Thl* medicine I* purely vegetable, ac
. t?y giving tf?ne lo the nerve centres
,|r the stomal .1. gently etlmulatcfl <
Liver uii<l Kidney*, and aid* the*e c
ih? gans In throwing off Impurity* In t
m* Mood Electric flitter* Improves t
of nppetlte, nl<ln r1lg<-?{lon, ami lit pr
fc* nour.ced l y (ho?<- who have tried It
[? the very beat bl<?o>I purifier nn?l ner
J1/ : ;;jlr. Try !t : f. r r,*c ,?r 11 00 t
?,t" bottle, at Logan Drug Co's Drug Stoi
In- 3
at"] NOT only ncute lung troubles, n hi
he m*y rrf>ve fafol In a few day*. bui <
to rhronlc COUghs ar.tl throat troubl
may nicelvv !i;>mcdlat'> relief and
;"c permanently ei>re.l l-y Of) a Mint
Cough Cure. Charles It. CJoetse, ct>rr
Murine* nr.c! Twelfth street-!. I!onl??
Co.. Hrldgeport; Tea body & Son, He
8 Wood. I
Open* Us June Term In this City
Beginning Wednesday.
And the Term will Nat ha a Lengthy On*.
JaUgea UcWhorUr, Uranism tud Bag11
ah Arrival Laal Nlght-Thla Is Judge
MelVlioricr'a first Milling In Whrallng.
IS Mwtcto Of tit* Latest Addtl tuu to Wul
Virginia's Mnprrni* Co art*
This morning in the chamber of the
first branch of council, in the city
building, the June term of the Weft
Virginia supreme court of appeals
opens. The docket is comparatively a
small one. no that it naturally follows
that the term will not be lengthy.
I.?ast evening Judges McWhortcr,
Hrannon and Kngllsh had arrived in
'* the city, together with Clerk O. S. Long,
of Charleston It was expected that
Judge Dent would arrive this morning.
S, Tills in Judge McWhorter's first appearance
on the supreme bench In
Wheeling. It will be remembered that
he was the successful candidate at the
polls last November, defeating the
brilliant John II. Holt, the young
Huntington Httorney, who ran on the |
Democratic ticket. Jurtge McWhorter's
ftrst official a*? was t<? swear In Gov- I
ernor George W Atkinson last March, i
he H. C. McWhorter has been r resident j
'<* of what is nu* . si Virginia since
fr' 1841. and since 1863 has resided In
Charleston. where he haa been a leader
. at the bar. In 1 >&-??? he was proaecut- I
' Ing attorney of Kanawha county. He
was a member of the legislature from
ltoane county?ln J865 and from Kanaw- [
ha In 1866. '67 and '6s. and at the session
of ' ? was speaker of the house of d?ilert
gatea. Again in lv<i and *87 he wot a
c_ member of the house of delegates from
v~ Kanawha county. In 1888 he was the
n~ Republican candndate for the supreme
111 bench.
k| Martln*? Ferry lltn Hum Parchtwd thr
llnmphrtr Glass Monte, at ftuabtic
vlllr?Will be Pat into Operation.
Last night, Messrs. 8. O. Robinson
lje and W. T. Garrett. of Martin'* Ferry.
returned from Steubcnvllle, after comn
pletlng an Important ileal.
They signed U?e papers* late yeater's*
day afternoon that make them the new
** owdts of the Humphrey glass house,
^ at Steubcnville. an establishment that
ty hus not been In operation for severai
V?*ar*. The figures of the deal could
es not be learned, but It la thought the
q- plant was secured u* a very low price.
Messrs. Garrett and Robinson will
y prepare to place the plant In operation
|f* as aoon as possible. and expect to start1
^ up about the first of August.
Mr. Garrett In president of the Unlop
Gins* Company, of Martin's Ferry, and I
It Is said that he will retire from that
Qt> company when he assumes charge of j
the reorganized Humphrey. Mr. Robs'
inson wu> formerly the secretary of1
y- the old Elson Glass Company. In Marr
tin's Ferry, and as both have had extended
experience In the glass business
a It is thought their new venture will
ht prove successful.
C. *
11 Xapllala Ocrarrtd Lut Rtrnlnt-Bolk
?r\ art Wall Known loan* People.
I*ast night In the pariors of the reslV.
dence of Rev. J. H. Llttell. pastor of
the United Presbyterian church, was
lr" solemnised the wedding of Mr. William
o( M. Windsor and Miss Annie A. Bremer.
fjr There were no attendants, only the
ilt Immediate relatives of the happy ecus'
pie being present. The ceremony was
performed at 8:20 o'clock by Rev Mr.
Llttell. after wlilch Mr. and Mrs. Winds??r
were driven to their newly furnlshed
home. No. 103? Market atreet. Her*
p they were met by a number of inllmato
friends and relatives who showered
rk them with best wishes and congratulate
tlons. A sumptuous wedding repast
a was served, and at midnight the wed1,9
ded pair left over the Raltlmore & Ohio
x* for Washington. Philadelphia. New
York, and points east, and will be gone
rd about ten days.
es The bride Is the pretty nnd accomng
pllshed daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Willhe
lam Bremer, of South Boff street, and j
he Is a social favorite. The groom Is a I
member of the Register* eb-rlcal force,
and a host of friends Join In wishing)
Mr. and Mrs Windsor many years of |
happy married life.
j' The People" Want to Know wh.l a i
|a llrtoiatlou Jltaua.
To the Editor of the Intolligencer
SIR:?Reading the proceeding* of the
council committee o.n ordinances In
plf your Issue of this date I observe thHt
id Mr. Hazlett offered a resolution re- j
-r stricting the Wheeling A Elm Grove j
railroad to Ave cent fares within city, i
"" I wonder If Mr. Jiazlott lf? not aware I
0,3 that the Wheeling * Elm Grove Company
never charged more than Ave
10 cent* within the city. What then Is the
'*' object of his resolution? Little by play
iI* dust thrown In the public eye. We
were promised a Ave cent fare from the
city to any point on the line of the
road. Are we going to get It or are we 1
A to be put off with the ilazlctt resolu- i
de tlon? Tht* Influence which a few pamflr
pcred corporations ??em to have over
h-* c? rtaln members of th<* council Is amas- i
dd inc. Gentlemen of council, you will be
of settled with later by. |
Wheeling, June 1. ISO". j
I'mirwrif KHIrrf.
* CENTRAL! A, Tun.. June l.-J. W
Roberta, wife and two children, were I
tn struck l?y a Northern Pacific train atj
in Alrrn. fifteen miles north of CentrWa.
Me to-day, and nil were in* antly killed.
?r- They were drlvlnir In a wagon and
he were caught at u crossing,
> I) utk >. n.
OMAHA. Neb.. Juue I.?A special to
the llee from Lincoln. N V. raj? tiie
Merchants' Rank cl.^ed If io>"t<* ,?i
r' luion. The IwiitK nan ?? cupiun ui *?v,*
>lJ CROUP and whooping coufh nra
- * childhood's lorrori: hut lik.> pneumonia.
hu>;.? miu, and other thivni ?,.J Sung
lie houMei", enn h? quickly cured by u?inir
;r One Minute CoUKii Cure. Ohiri<>< !:
Clootie, corner Viirket and TivcL'th
n- *?ti< ot>>; Bowleg Co.. Bridgeport; PeaI
body & Son. Denwood. 1
Tk? Well Kmwn Clilttii IuImm
Man Pmni A\r*y.
Yesterday mornlna.at 8:30 o'clock. ?ftfr
an l!!n?-?* of on* occurred
the deather of Peter J. Altraeycr. at hla
home. No. 4214 Jacob street. The deceased
wm a prominent furniture
dealer and undertaker of the South
Side, and hla death caused universal
expressions of sorrow.
Ills ailment was typhoid pneumonia,
and m strum: was Its attack Monday
morning that he was supposed to have
succumbed, an.l the bell of the Church
01 ine immacuime .'inrrjuiuw, ??* otmivu
he ?u & devout member, was tolled.
He rallied, though, soon after, and
seemingly appeared to grow stronger,
but Monday night nod up until the
time of hiit d?-ath he grew gradually
weaker. He was forty-nine year* of
age. and surviving him are his widow,
and three children: Lucy. Samuel and
Stella .
Mr. Altmeyer had been In business In
the Eighth ward for about eight years,
and hi* uprightness of character and
genial d la position endeared him to all
claaaes of citizens. He was born In
Butler county. - Pa., and * petit many
years of his youth In Steubenvllle. but
was a resident of Wheeling for thirtyfive
years. Until th?* nailers' atrike, hU
early occupation was that of a nailer In
the Hemvood nail factory. In 1887. he
became the senior partner of AUmeyer
& Zimmerman, undertakers, doing
business in Benwood. Two years later
the firm dissolved, the deceased going
Into business in the Eighth ward. In
the firm of AUmeyer & Meyer. Upon
the dissolution a year or ao later Mr.
Altmeyer wa a in business for himself,
commanding a large patronage.
The funeral will occur Friday morning.
Services will be held at the
Church of the Immaculate Conception,
and Interment takes place at Mt. Cal
vary cemetery. *rne runerai win ?>c
largely attended as the deceased was a
member of many fraternal organlsat
on*, embracing the following: La
Relle lodge No. 2. A. O. U. W.. La Belle
conclave. Mogulllans. Fort Henry
lodge No. 2. Shield of Honor, and Its
*tde order, the Grand Orient. Union
Ruling, 223 Fraternal Mystic Circle and
St. Alphonaus Society.
l?*?al?IUhr?l by lb* W. C. T. U.-It U
Hoped to Aerompltalt Nach Vm4.
Under the auspices of the W. C. T. U..
Mr. 1L Hampton and Evangellat W. H.
Swartx have opened a gospel mission at
the W. C. T. U. mission hall, on Marker
street, one square south of the post
office. Meetings are held every evening
7:45 to 9:15 o'clock. A thirty minute'?!
open air service 1? heM first, with
a meeting in the hall later.
The object of this movement Is the
salvation of the lost, the quickening of
christian believers and the developing
of practical, efficient, christian bible
workers, a* soul winners. The services
consist of brief, pointed, spiritual, gospel
appeals; tender, persuasive, hearty,
gospel song; testimony to the *avlna
power of Jeaua and direct personal
work among the unsaved.
A meeting, also, is held every afternoon.
from 3 to 4 o'clock, excepting
Monday* and Saturdays. These meeting*
are for the deepening of the spiritual
life of christians. They consist of
bible readings and united prayer. All
christian people are urged to attend
these very helpful afternoon meetings.
This movement Is of the Lord, and by
faithful christian effort, will be permanent.
A goodly number hear the
gospel on the street, the hall is well
filled; souls are receiving Christ every
night: others are being re-claimed and
christians greatly helped. Earnest
members of the W. C. T.U. organization
are rendering efficient aid.
Kvery true, earnest follower of Christ
will be heartily In sympathy with this
movement, and will aid It by prayers,
influence and when they can. by their
presence, personal efforts and financial
support. All these are cordially Invited
to Join In this most Important and
successful movement.
Kvery unconverted friend will receive
warmest welcome, kindliest fellowship
and help from the mission worker*.
It is desired to make them feel
that the mission hall Is their home and
that these meetings are for them.
Cincinnati....KEY8TONE STATE, 2 p. m.
Parkernburjr.ARGAND. 11 a. m.
Matamoras ..LEXINGTON, 11 a. m.
8later?rille...RUTH. I:? p. ra.
Clarinaton?LEROY. 3:? p. m.
SteubenvllW?..T. M. BATais, swp. m.
Charleston...KANAWHA. CJO a. m.
Pit tabu rah... BEN HUR. i p. m.
SlstersvlTle...RUTH, 3:30 d. m.
8teubenvllle..T. M. BAYNE. 2:36 p. ra.
Pittsburgh..,1L K. BEDFORD. 1:30 a. m.
Parkersburg-ARGAND. 11 a. m.
Mat a moras... LEXINGTON. II a. m.
Slater*vilie... Rl'TH. 3.30 p. m.
Clarlngton....LEROY. 3:30 p. m.
Steubenville. .T. M. BAYNE, 2:30 p. m.
Along th* Landing*
The mark* at 6 p. m. eh owed 4 feet 6
Inches and falling. Weather, cloudy and
Itlrrr 'Irlrgram*.
OIL CITY.?River 1 foot 6 inches and
falling. Weather clear and cod.
WARREN?River three-tenth* of a
" fair, and rrtol.
I IOt?i. nrmii' i
GRBEN8BORO.?River" fMtl Inches
and stationary. Weather fair and cch>1.
The Adam Jacobs is due up and down
on Wednesday.
MORGANTOWN.?River 7 feet and
stationary. Weather clear and cool.
8TEUBB2CVILLB.?Rtver : feet 11
Inches and falling. Weather char and
cool. Passed down?Th?- Kanawha.
PITTSIU'ROH.?River 3.9 feet and
falllwc at the dRtn. n??ar and cool
PARKERf*BURO ?The Ohio river Is
d feet .8 Inches and falling. Weather
cloudy: mercury f>?. Passed down?'The
Valley Belle, Ben Hur. Keystone State.
Little Kanawha Is falling. Locals on
PAITLT'B?On Sunday. May 30. 1W. at 9
o'clock p m . OKORtiF. J. PAIJLU8,
?v?m1 <2 year*. 4 month* and M day*.
Funeral from hi* late residence. No. J7.10
Wood street, ato'clock i>. in. Wednesday.
June 2. *
ALTMKTKn- On Tueadnv. June I. H37. at
*:.V. o'clock a. m. PHTBR J ALTMKYKIt.
In the 49th year of hi* mr??.
Funeral from ht? latf r?*sldenoe, No. CM
Jacob atreet. on FrMay mornlnic at 9
o<!ock. Kequlem ma** at Church of
the Immaculate Conception at 9:*)
o'clock. Friends of the family are invited
to attend. Interment at Alt. Cal-1
vary cnr.g'-ry.
"louis bertschy,
(Forcnulr ot Fm * Bcrtartin
Fimml Hiwtar jwI Arterial Embalmer,
Call* ??y telnphon* nnnwrrpd day or
night fitore telephone. 635. residence. 606.
tTSSSy r. fRtwT
XV Graduate ol li. S. (ollrqr of embalming.
IHophonr 229. ?_
lor ff Market end 226 Streets
Telephone 207. Open Day and Nlrrht.
m/ii |
This Cool W<
Eft Has caused a number
H manufacturers to be ?
W ious to dispose of goo
M and so given us
? chance to secure some
rare bargains. We
ft had the pick of
Si a very large quantt
tity and took none
W but the best. This af
M plies to all kinds
?3 Suits and Thin Under;
Remnant Salt
?t O P
Fine C
WE have accumulated a big lot of n
sell on above dates at a fraction of
are small enough for rugs, others L
an entire room or hall. We will;
lot of slightly soiled Rugs and Art
G.Mendel <
See our large size, double twist, Si
very desirable for indoors or porch.
Geo. R. Tayl
With Ladies' Stylish White Pique Si
Colored Linen Suits, Light-weight CI
pleased with the style and fit of our
viceable as well as stylish.
the first of June. SPECIAL B.
WAISTS continued this week at 48c,
We open on Monday P. D. Corsets
Elite in pink and white, also a full lin
onlv the best fitting and most comtor
FERRIS WAISTS for Women an
New Printed Foulards, Figured Tafi
Plain Black All Wool Taffeta, Black
dines, Moric Velours and Moscovite
On Tuesday another lot of those hi
at $6.50, $7.50 and 58.5a
Geo. R. Tay!
ImiHah BMda a raltaMa, Mlklf, racmlatlBi
J tiapamtdrufiikaaM II
JV ' A Dr. Peal's Penni
/^s V. Tk?t an provipt. nit mtUIb 1b malt. Th?
^ bomt. S?at *nr?b?r*. fl.tC, Ad&nsa l'*AL J
For sale by CHAS. R. GOETZE. cortirr Market and T
- ? O-O
|CTcalIIC^ M
? Spring Suitings Xg huebel
| SI5.00 Up. j| &? ?
!jj Trouserings ;? ENTIREL
| S4.00 Up. ?8
jp C. E. CALL1GAN. H. ^ E
'&88888888888888S88828888. jwsm
______ _____ THE WICWA
t - - winn m??.i
jt 1741 Market Street. rMtni.rnnt i
practical shoemakers. jSntrnnc* on
nratlv repaired and halt aole-1 MwhiWt*'
whilo you wait. e'.n** French
rkookit .wc, rnhi; int
17U Market SlretL A SstAbUah
01 M
inx- u
is, jj
vear. ]Q
as co.
JNE 3 AND 4.
rmnants that we will
their value. Some
irge enough to cover
ilso place on sale a
& Co.,
traw Matting Rugs,
or uo.
nits, White Duclc Suits,
oth Suits. You w31 be
dresses. They are ser>
at reduced prices from
reduced from $1.00.
, French Model Corsets,
e of Parisian. We keep
d Uitldren.
,'ES in black and colors.
otas. Black' Brillianteen,
Melrose, Black Grenas
in All Colors.
NEW STYLE RIBcmstitched
Damask Sets
or Co.
: BWMM. On IT limlMoi
7?B nit Om Mat, (?t
/royal Pills
(uuua (*. Omlud, o.
'wrlftfi street*. mrl
Van Cimp*? Mactroa! and?
Cheese. prepared with T<rY
imto Sauce.
12V ttertot Strict 4
> ? ?o?o?o
y new:
mrT.mv finEEN'S
)E?Hr?BNS co:s.
ST Maricet Str**t..
viiiKrr ?TRrRT.
I* ptrved in thrlr t?#?t
? ro?r and ?nup. All ehort.
und r?a<?onabl?. Only
ihit provide* * ftreSrlaaa
Oentlomen'a TMnlni? Parlor.
Fourteenth tr**t.
TMnner Pally, 16 cent*. FlmtChef.
. 1IR17BAKER. Proprietor.
ment??at, Accurate, prompt.

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