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pr<?p?t? Now Brighter than for
Months Cut.
on* or ?>? AfficllM
pmlatu-TlM |analkol?rlR| Onilook
Grow* Brl|lil*r and RalldU| KnUr*
|i(Un M?r* Xnm*r?M-Sl|aiorKtl?ru
I! 8 Ur.ltb.
*<i>ii,j.uku I Tha rrnn ?1111.
ation has come to the front as the
leading influence affecting business.
The healullon noticeable two iveeks
ago. as the result of excessive Imports,
crowded tato * f* weeks. U giving
may before It. Ileal progress has been
made by the senate In the discussion of
the tariff bill, and the prospect that it
will be parsed by both houses of Congress
by the time the early crops ore
assured has assisted in strengthening
the reeling of conftdwct that is undoubtedly
gaining ground. Rut the
main factor is undoubtedly the crops.
Thai ekpertaac+4 observer, Mr.
Thomas, lias completed his preliminary
estimate of the wheat crop of the country
for UVK He estimates the probable
(top at 530.000.000 bushels, a total th.*t
has been exceeded but once in the
h fetor J* of the country. In the spring
wheat states, which had a short crop
last year, there Is an increase hi acreuse
of 19.4 per cent, and weather conditions
have been almost perfect. Ordinarily.
wheat crop estimates nnJune
1 are to be accepted with caution, but
the danger of future damage is much
)< this year than usual bcOlttlse ?>f the
abundance of moisture and the excelIfn:
growth made at this time, which
will enable the plant to resist drought
I and Insects that might otherwise injure
it. In any event, however, we may
reasonably count upon a erop far above
the average, and there is no question
as :o our mamnf. ? nr :?? -? m
make the French crop W.oot'.ooo bush? l<
abort of an average, damage has been
done In Austria and Russia. in Argentine
then* ?re Insect pests. in India
famltfe. In Australia drought. The
w:rkT? visible stocks are the small?:
j in Are years. With this outlook it is
ret surprising that wheat fell btie one
cent a bushel last week, although the
probability of an immense American
crop ten* fully known
large receipts of corn and the tavorsble
weather In the corn be':, that render*
another lari?- ctop likely, depress?"1
Jit' price of that "train half a cent
Oit* fell as much, and pork and lard
w -e weaker Cotton was unchanged
the reports of favorable weather and of
a good stand of the staple being' about
balanced by the effect produced by the
shrinkage in the visible stocks.
Rut even with, declining prices, the
condltkm o? the farming cliases will
almost certainly be better than it has
Seen la yetrr. Wheat ts now selling
thirteen tyiM a bushel above the price
ralinj* at this time last year, and Its
fami value Is not much tw-low the average
farm price received for the 1S?S
crop, which the agricultural departn??nt
estimated was 72.6 cents But
the UN <r*>p was worth but 30.9 cents
* a the farm, th?* J?94 crop bu: 49 1 cents
aal th* 1MJ crop but MS cents. Even
If wheat falls below its present l*?vel. It
almost certain to be better than in
the three years of low prices and light
crops ending with 1WS. As 47 per cent
of .->ur population i? dependent upon
agriculture, we have an Immense class
ready to come in as heavy consumers
as soon as the'r favorable crop prospects
are realized.
I: Is this probability that is overshadowing
everything else hi the buslr-ss
situation. It i? easily deducible
that the present depression In manuI
'- m?iwtr lemoorarv. and
tna: when tli? Immense demand from
the farming population wt? in it will
sweep away the present stock* of manufactured
goods and the $100,000,000
worth of imported merchandise brought
over in anticipation of the higher tariff
duties. At the pratnt time manufacturers
have not felt this tmpulse.and
the severe experience of the last four
yearn renders th??m unwilling to take
any venture. Still the situation seems
a little brighter even as it is. With
steel : rodocts down to the lowest level
e;*r known, building enterprises are
mor* numerous. and consumers with
capita 1 are buying more liberally than
they did. Wool has fallen In price one
cent a pound, but manufacturers are
hnylne a?atn. as they find a fair volurr.*
of orders coming In. Cotton goods
manufacturers report an Indifferent demind.
but they ar* sending more good*
broad and are limiting the output and
holding prices.
Stock* have risen nearly one per cen:
in th? week, but we always look for
Wall street to anticipate the future.
St?rlln^ <-x"haage lias declined one-half
Jn the ?v?und. but we exported
J!.?CO.OOO cnM ****-Iy in the w*ek to satisfr
a <l? mand Hussia is making upon
Berlin. Our Imports have fallen off
Kiarpty, although San Francisco is
ru#h ne In tea. while our exports show
irative x j!n? over a year ago. The
million Is healthy everywhere. With
the farmers It Is most promising.
Photographs in Nkl Air (hat will bo sf
* twice at Im and In iTmr.
VFIW YORK. Jane t.-William A.
Eddy has just taken the first double
v t graph In mid-air that lias ever
be*n secured. He did this with special
PI iratns after a year's stu-ly. By his
Invention it will be possible to take
*' <m mi.'-flir a nerfect ohotograph of
tht entire horizon line. With such an
iipparaiuf. Eddy claim* that n photocra;>.?>
c ?n he taken at sea. which will
f1' ? a ship approaching when It I* ten
miles bey Md the bqriaoo line, an seen
from a ship's deck The Inventor l?
cool t hi* api irattss can be nwd to
tr r advantage during war. The pho?rip!?*
to-dov were taken with two
but It Ik proposed to arrange
ight. -o th?%t they will photograph the
Mire horizon at once.
Man I Irani From.
DETROIT. Mich. June l.-CharfrtH.
P*nilb has returned to th!? country. ?n
V?v n, us?. Mr. Smith, then a proml*><
"t business man of Detroit, mysterwsly
disappeared. Ills "Ktat* wm
i ' i e it 1890 i r.<i ha was de'
'arc-l If jraliy dead. Six months a?o
hi. ! friend. Jam^ Vernon.heard
' m h*m and yesterday Mr. V?*rnon returm
! from New York, where he had
m-t him F.nanclal reverse*. it I* said.
'Inive Mr. Smith awiy and h<? .?ayi he
w.m rit'Vfr come hack lo Detroit. Mr.
: \ |. formerf*- :? member of rhe
' m of ptngree A* Smith He l*ft De"
* "n? nljrht on a Mllinf vessel. He
h"4 visited South America and China.
*r> until to-day his family wft-i kepi in
'*n?,ranee of hi* whereabouts.
r?*?t rant and Hi* Mother.
SAN FRANCISCO, June 1 -The main
Idem ?>f the Durrant tr.ijfedy yesterday,
wan the visit paid him by his
mother, who Informed him of the gov rnor'M
refusal lo Interfere with the
"' ntenee Durrant lost h!a self cond
entirely and wept Ilk*- u Utile
' I'd He tea* removed from hiK cell
-i' rday and plat I In the chamber of
d*ath, a? St Ik railed. wh*-r*? h?* will re?" ?.:
iif.nl t i.- end. Announcement
tJiHf Mr* Outrant would attend thf ei>
' jrio.i hn? cxclted *n ext-nonllnwry
amount o' vwimenf Hh<- ntlll malnt*'n<
Jir?- drterminall n to tw? n**ir her
*"n when th* fln.il m>rn<,nt arrlv**
?JEECI!AM'8 PILL3 for Btotnacb
od Liver ilia.
W'*kly (Thane* of Unnlalloui In All ?
llNN or Local Traito. t,
Office of the InteUlffenror. n
Wheeling, June 1. ii
Urowrlrt and l*ro?telona. <1
Hour ? Fancy roller mill winter J
wh?a;, w.od at It T: per barrel: p?p*r 11
f< 55 per barrel; uprin* wheat. Mlnne- n
liaha II S5 In rotten na? k?; S4 S5 per P
barrel; $4 85 in paper aarka: Old wheat *
Oalaxy. >4 #5 in paper narks. 14 85 per 1'
barrel; Plllabury. Hour 14 65 In wood and *
one-elsbtlt in cotton; W <5 In paper. J
_ Syrups ? Choice aucar eyrupa, 27c; t
rancy unps :oc; silver urips 15c; ->?*?v 1 *<
Orleans motiwi, choice, 35c; prime ti
33c; fair 30c; mixed Rood. New Orleans, ! r
SCo; bakera* good 18c si
Provisions?l.arge S. C. hams. ?Vac; e
medium S. C. hum* M?c; amall S. C. li
hams 10^c; 8. C. breakfast bacon 7|f h
8c; shoulders (Uc; fid*# ?Hc; ordinary v
b*ef 13c; ham dried beef 13Hc; knuck- J>
lea 14*?c; family mesa pork. 5-lb pieces ij
810 00; bean pork. bbls.. 89 00.
l*ard?Pure refined, tb. tierce. 5c; 60- n
!b. tins 5^c; Chicago lard In tierce 0
5c; 50 lb. Una 5%c; the advance j
for smaller [vickages is as fol- n
lows: 50-lb tins Vic over tierces; .
fancy tubs %c; 20-Ib tlna %c-, 10-Ib tins 0
&c; 5-It? tlna "ic; 3-Ib Una lc. ?
Sugars ? Cut loaf 5.37c; cubes 4.99c;
powdered 4.99c; granulated standard
4.74c; American A 4.49c; standard rine
granulated 4.74c; standard confection- :
era* A 4.Cc; Columbia A 4.49c; atandard .
Windsor A 4.49c; white extra 4.18c; ex- f
tra C 3.99c; Trull sugar 3.62c; clarified ?
X. O. 4*%c.
Coffee?Green coffee ? Fancy Golden n
Rio 38c; fancy green 34c; choice icrecn ?
33Hc; roasting grade* 18^r; Java 28^c; h
roaated in packages--Arrow 12.29c: Pan *
Handle 12.39c; A r buckle * Co.'s roast ??d r
13.39c; Lion 12.29c; bulk roaated 18c; Old ?
Government Java roasted 22c; Mocha
and Java 13c; A grade Rio tic. f
Teaa?Toung Hyson, per Tb., 30055c; c?
Gunpowder. J'VtffrOc; Imperial 40055c; r
Japan 380?5c; Oolong 37080c; Sou- W
chong 37070c. ei
Candle*?Star full weight. 8c: Para- a
fine, per !t>.. 9^c; Electric Light, per
lt>.. 8c. a
Vinegar ? Choice cider. 12014e per g
gallon; standard city brands. lOOUa per ti
gallon: country, 13015c per gallon, as t)
to quality. I
vim***? ruu cream iu^uu^c; ?w?riixer
liyil^c; Llmburger 10c; factory' *
"V ti
Fish?No, 2 mackerel. 100 tb*.. St 50;
Na S extra mack err I. 4 bbls.. new, ZOO p.
lbs . $6 75; Na J SO lbs . 15 25; No 3
small 54 00 for 100 lbs.; No. 3 large 100
lbs. S? 00. *
Seeds?Timothy. 11 50?1 ? per buabel; J
clover small wed. |5 10$ 5 40.
Salt-No. 1 jxt M>1. 90c; extra, per ?
bbl.. SI 00; dairy, fine, five-bushel tacks, y
SOc per sack J
Seed Corn?11c per lb.
Wooden Ware?No. 1 tubs S5 50; No. n
2. 4 75. No. 3 St 00; 2-ho<?p palls. SI 15;
.i-htop, SI 35. ninul** washboard*. SI 50;
double do. S2 50; ftne crimped double do.,
S3 75; single do.. 82 25. ?
Grain autl Feed. u
(Quotation* by Walter Marshall.) f"
Grain-Wheat. 70C75c. Corn 30tf35c *'
per bushel. Gats, out of store, western
crop. 30c per bushel, oats (home crop).
25c per bushel.
Fe*?d?Bran S13 00 per ton; middlings *
S13 00 per tor. Hay (baled) S13 00. bay ?
(loose) S10 00; prairie hsy. No. 1. St 00
per ton. Straw, loose and baled. S3 00
per ton. J
Frmita ma t Pro;i?er. !,
(Quotations by Walter Worls & Co.)
Butter?Creamery. fancy 15617c; ,
country choice, per lb., flfcrioc; country B
good. (88c; country, fair. 5c Butterlne.
C. C. brand 10ft!2c; common 10c
Eggs?Firm; fresh in case, 10c per
Poultry*?Old rooster?. 4c per lb.; n
spring chickens. 8c per lb ; hens. 8c N
per lb ; geese 40c each.
Fruit*?Apples, per barrel. fancy J-]
3 00; common. 75?'ftSl 00 p??r barrel. J.
Strawberries. Baltimore. 8c per quart. I.
home strawberries. >610c for fancy p
stock: watermelons'. S50 per 100.
Vegetables?Irish potatoes. 30c per a
bushel. Onlona. Bermudaa, S3 609? 75 A
r\jkt- . rat*' Kpvntlun 11 75 tl#P bllShM. "
Lettuce. 75c per bushel; kale 75c per bar- ?
rel. Oyster plant. 30c per dm-n ^
New Vegetable*? Kadishes 15friOc per c
dozen bunclies; onions 15c per dozen c
bunches; cauliflower. 12 50 per dozen; C
rhubarb. 15620c per doaen; tomatoes C
SI 7562 00 per crate: beets 50c p??r do*- *
en. New cabbage II 7502 00 per crate. V,
Peas. SI 7561 90. b*ans. 11 751*1 90. J,
Tropical Fruits?Lemons 1250?300 per I)
box: bananas SI 5002 25 p~r bunch: ploe ?
apples 7610c each; Jamaica oranges
S3 7564 00 per box. California oranges
S3 25^4 00 per box. ji
Roots and Barks?Ginseng, dry, per
lb.. S3 50CT3 00; *>me tn market; sassa- '
fraa bark per lb.. SO>c; sassafras oil. '
per lb.. 80035c; May apple root, per
lb.. VriG'c; yellow root, per lb.. 506c. j,
Seneca snake root, per lb., free of top.
30635c; West Virginia anake root, per
lb., 25635c; pink root, per lb., fine. 300
35c; elm bark, per lb., 7c; wild cherry
bark, per lb.. 1203Occ. n'
Reans?Prime new hand-picked, roe- ai
dlum 85c6Sl 00; prime new hand-picked w
navy S5c6Sl 00
Wool?Fin" washed. 18620c; one-third la
off for unwashed: one-fourth off for w
unconditioned medium unwashed 15? c)
16c; medium washes 1 1S02O.*. f(
Rags-Country mixta. **frxc per u? v,
tthnlluf Lire slack .Hark*4. v
(Quotations by Goodhue A Co.) a!
Cattle-Extra. I.OOQ to 1.200 U 5004 75;
Rood. 900 to 1.000. *4 0034 25;good. S00 to c?
S00, 13 COiti 75; fair, 700 to S00. *3 25? o
3 50; common. 600 to TOO. $2 75fc3 00; ?
bulla. 2?3<*c; coma, 14?V. r
Hogs?Extra 13 65(*3 75; good |C 50fc jr
3 65; common 13 25(23 50. AJ
Sheep?Extra. 34?4c; good. 3{j34c; lf
common 2ftejr; lambs 5*iCr64%c. S
Freah oows?|2?fj30, calves 4,*G5?ic. ff,
The pMtatM of the Money and Sloth ^
Markrla. J1
NEW YORK. June L?Honey on call
ea-wy at lfc m per cent: last loan lVi ai
per cent; ctoaed a: l?-4 per cent. Prime tf
mercantile paper 3%?4 per cent. Ster- 11
ling exchange steady, with actual busl- |n
nest In bankers' bills at $4 S74 for de- w
mand an-1 at $4 S5\t(4 86 far 60 days. N
Posted rates |4 864?4 87 and $4 UQ JJ
4 88H: commercial bill:* $4 85*4. Bar sil- ,-r
ver 60^c. Silver certificates 60'^j;60^,c. v
louring the cessation of trading ?n the w
stock exchange yesterday Li>nd.?n t<>ok 7<
hold of American rallrosd stocks and *1
brought up the prior of all those which m
are Internationally listed to a point ma- r<
terlally above New York's close of Sat- d!
uriay. Promptly upon th<* opening of e<
th" market h??r?* this morning large or- el
ders to buy for London account were "i
execut?*d to cover Hale* made in London
a( the advance. Th* consequence was a I.1
Jump a\the opening to the London pari- ai
tv fnr nearly all the International*. St. w
Paul was the favorite Jn these arbitrage oj
operatJons, but there were purchase* of
all International* l^ondon report* Indl- to
cated that th- trader* there laid much ?
stress upon the speech of Secretary of li
the Treasury Gage nnd hi* optimistic si
opinion* of the huslness outlook . Some h.
r' actum followed upon thi.? early Jump tt
in prices, the depression spreading *yin- T
pathetically from one or two centres.
The Cleveland. Cincinnati. Chicago A w
St. Louis shar.-s continued to sag with- T
out any fOQd buying t" sustain them, fr
Adml??inns that th?- earning* have been l?i
Insufficient to cover th>* dividend on the w
preferred stock have led to suppositions 1.
that the dividend rat" will !* reduced. 2'
The additional fall in the common stock 22
of 34 points waa a drag on the market,
though a lat*r recovery left the n<*t loss <1
oniy l(a l>"r cent. This was supplement- b
ed by som?- heaviness it? th?- rranger I t
group, caused by reports of crop damage di
by fr.??t*. Hurllngton's Increase in net L
e jrnings -?f over JIUO.OOO was compared. J
in the mind- of dealars. with Ihe greater 1*
increase xce'dlng 1300.000 shown last cl
month ami caused a reaction In the
flock. The (tears also fell bark upon k
ihelr old resource of attacking New Jcr- p
fey Central and the Gould shares, and a;
thus worked a reaction In the general m
list t.? below th' opening ratn?. Th fmarket
fell Into dullness at the decline, w
Sugar showing a loss on Washington cl
' . ' i;... i /. ' y ;
port* of danger to the aujrmr achedub
f the tariff bill. RHllllnf sales In Cbl?
ago Ua? helped (he r-action to some t%rnt.
1W lament# failed to hold th"
tarket from a rl*lnjt tendency and clo?if
prices warv, u a rule, the beat of the
ay. Th<- buying by the comml**! -n
ouse* wu on quit" a Urge scale. and
he outside interest In the mark-t was
lore in evUence than for tnan> cnuuui*
aat. The <l?-allnfr.-? were remarkably
rell distributed and the speculative low
rlced stock/. i?pcclally those of re??ranixed
companies, were In special dc
luntj. ? nion I'MCtna I'-atiuiK in *ne ac*
Ivlty of this class of securities. with
lies of over 11.000 "hare*. The detnan<l
rom London for this line of stocks was
artlcularly marked. The number of
hares bought for Lundon account Wtn
tlmated to exceed ro.000 share*. The
ncreaae In the net timings for April
elped to ?trenirthen the market. Dener
& Rio Grande and Louisville Sc
'ashvlUe and Southern Pacific all showiK
substantial jcuin.H.
Th.? total *al??s of all stocks mpproxllated
JSO.OOO share*. Some stocks essped
entirely the early reactionary tenency
of the market, and In others It did
ot exceed fractional llmiu. but extendd
to IV, per c^nt in Sugar, with
nly a partial recovery. a point In
lurllnjctun and lfc per cent In Omaha,
rhlch also closed Vi per cent below* Satrday's
clo.se. Net rains were the rule
fjroujfhout the list, losses being confined
;> a few case#. Stocks showing a net
ain of a point or over were: Burhogton.
'hlcajf-j Has. Northwestern. St. Paul,
lock Inland. Lake Shore (2 points), Mineapolit
6t St. Louis. Norfolk A WVitern
reft-rred. Heading first preferred and
lubber preferred. New Jersey Central
:a? selected for attack after an Initial
law and was forced down 2 points, but
nly lust a fraction on the day.
Manhattan and Western Union were
jrced down at one time 1^ and 1 per
ent rfipcctlvrljr, but a subsequent rally
ctluoi J the ne: 'hang* to a fraction, a
*93 for Manhattan and a gain for \V.?strn
Cmon. The rising was strung and
nlmat-.l at top prices generally.
The bond market displayed considerble
strength and animation, with the
ulna very pronounced In some of the inrrnati-nal
ahaTes. which were helped
y foreign support. The sales were
Government bonds tended upward,
rlth the new 4a rising per cent. The
ransactlons were IT.OWO.
The Evening Post's l?ndon financial
Business in the stock markets here
as very slack to-day. Disappointment
i expressed at the absence of a response
rom Wall strvet t?i the higher prices
uoted here yesterday for Americans,
peratcrs here were quite cheerful prior
) the arrival of the New York quotaions
and every preparation haa been
lade for an active session.
Secretary Gage's a*.-u ranees regarding
He intention of the United Sta:??* govrnment
on the currency question was
lamly responsible for th?- Improved
>ne. although th?* expanding ra.lroad
irninga were not overlooked. The marrt.
however, closed dull and dishearteni.
The Japan loan wai applied tor loay
about five times over.
Three hundred thousand sovereigns In
old. due to arrive from Australia in the
>ur?e of the neit week or so. have been
ought in advance for export to Itussia.
A small decrease Is shown in the
locks of cupper during May, while deveriea
have exceeded supplies by about
? tons.
The Parts bourse opened dull, but
loaed comparatively firm, while the
erlln marker was teady throughout.
The total tales of atock? to-day were
II.H3 shares.
fw l*. S 4? reg.134 Nash. & Chat ... ?
en r. 8. 4?cou-in^ N. J. Central.... T3H
S. :? rri?. ,.iw? Nor. ft \v. pre..
. 8. jm coupon Jir4 Northern Par .. u?,
. 3 in r.. ex-lnt.liu do preferred...
8 4? roupon.. 1X2^ Northwestern
. 8. 28 re* i*? do preferred... 1m
acifle 6s of *9S..?n<4 .\\ y. Central...100%
tchl>on . Jl?, N. y. & X. E 57
dam- Express US Orecon Nav 14
m. Express IIP, Pacific Mail Zj*4
al. ft Ohio ... Pittsburgh K2
an. Southern... 43 Pullman Palace.lis**,
antral Pac i>\ Heading l?i,
hes. ft Ohio JC>? Hock Island ...S7S
hi. ft Alton .1 sj. Paul ... T?v,
hL. Ilur. ft Q.. TV, do preferred .ISP*
hlcaao ?Sa* M^St P. * Omaha 5R%
C. C. ft St. I.. 3 do preferred... 1*?
o!. Coal ft Iron. S Sucar Hertmry..H5*
otion OH Cer.. Jo Tenn Coal ft J.. W
el. A Hudson..la! Tex*-* Pactftc ... 9*.
el.. Lack. ft W.14?4Tol. ft O. C. pre. 40
en. * R. O. p.. Union raclflc.... 7*j
rie 13 l\ S Expr?>*s . 2<
do flrst pre.. . 3P, W . St. I- ft P.. 3*,
do eecond pre.. 1? do preferred .. 12*,
linols Central". 97?4 Well* Kanro Kx.KW
an. ft Tex. pre. 2S?l, Western I'nion .
akeErleft \\\. 13 Whwl'g ft L. E. ?-j
do preferred .. do pref?>rr*d... 5Vj
ake Shore l?7 r>n. Electric ... 3114
ead Trust ... Vi\ Am. Surar pre I'm
ou. ft Na*h . IV S leather p.
ich. Central... 5"'3 Tobacco 71^,
o. Parirtc <}o preferred ..103
Itrrnililnffi aud Provlthun,
CHICAGO?Speculative markets did
nt all go one way to-day, while wheat
ud provisions were weak, corn and oats
ere strong. Weak cable* and a total
ick of cash demand caused a decline in
heat of ^c per bushel. Corn on the
ther hand advanced Sc. frost damage
ar* driving shorts to cover. Oats adinoed
ViCiAc f?.?r a similar reas?>n. ProIsions
closed at a decline of about Sc
II around.
Wheat was weak at the opening in
ip.sequence of the filing up of the re?iptj
since Saturday morning and the
eakness of the Liverpool markets. The
iarket was the m??"*t potent ??f the .^penis
factors and although dry weather
ad sharp frosts have been the charac ristles
of the climatic conditions since
aturdav that had but little effect in
aylng the hand of th- short seller. July
hea: which closed Saturday :?t tt^c.
Jen#*! to-day at 67%tji67^4r and after a
mporary recovery t<> 6S?i^t<vS?4c. It
arted <>n a decline which by 12 o'clock
?d carried the price to G64. The little
>urt following the opening decline was
II the effort :h<? reports <>f frost had on
le market, it being considered that lit
or no vJutnaK** w 'uiu iwui. <L..v> v.. v....
Liverpool was 1M lower at the openg
than it closed Saturday. Foreigners
?ta <aid to have been solars of Decern?r
whf.it in New York. Wheat on pasiic
decreased 1.440.000 bushels Kuro an
stock according to Beeriv>hm*. debased
1.5*8,000 last week. Th" Kntrll^h
(sible In ores fed 193,000 bushel*. The
orld's shipments for the week were f?.>5.000
bushel*. The domestic visible
lowed a decrease of 1.399.000 bushels
gainst 9SS.OOO bushels decrease the cor spondlng
week before This wan a
.-appointment, as the trade had expectI
a decrease of at leant 1.750.000 bushs.
Chicago received 24 cars of wheat
id 161.760 buBhela were Inspected out of
ore. Minneapolis and Duiuth reported
097 cars received since Saturday.
;ain*t 1.453 for th* similar day* of the
*ek before and 1.484 cars the like days
f last year.
The poor rash demand resulted in a
?tal loss of premium* here. June selling
t July price. This wa* a factor In the
'quldation which was general and
teady all morning. During the last
,mr shorts covered to a certain extent,
nff.trt* rntiainc a reaction to 67V4c.
h.' latest trading was at 67g?<>T4r bid.
Corn ?ii* strong and active compared
ith the usual dullness of th?> market.
f.'.nr of extensive damage by the
o#ts started general buying, shorts twic
?trong even when wheat was at its
oake^t. Receipts were very heavy.
G01 ear." July opened higher at
IVc, "old at 22>4c, th??n advanced to
1%,' That was the closing prlr?*.
Oafs were Arm. helped by n large cash
rmand. by good ailed clearance and
y the fro.-t reports. Trading was not
rge but the market was by no means a
nil one. Ificnl receipts were 1W3 cars,
ocsl stocks decreased 9W.OOO bushels
uly opened a shade higher at 17\tf
?V and advanced at 17*ic. where It
Provision? were very erratic, the m?irct
moving up and down within a oomaratlvely
narrow range, but without
rjy npjMir?-nt reason outside *calpera
lanlpulatjon. The market ultimately
It th?' break in wheat and final price*
#?re close to the bottom. July pork
oaed about ic lower at $7 90. July lard
n^oui 5c lower at S3 iT'jfls 60 and July
rllrt about 5c lower -tl 54 3004 32^.
Kstlmated r?c?lpt? Tuwfey:
Wheat 20 cam: corn 1.500 car*; oats
725 cars, lio** 35.000 h*a<l.
Th? leading future* ranged as follow*.?
~|Open-| lllah- Ivow- I Clo?Article*.^
i inf. } w?t. I cat. | l*Ug.
?? nr? i. *. i i
July I CV ??4f C?4' <7
8?|vt OV CMtl ?4* 44
l?e. tnew).. * ?% W **
rr?Vs'0..:... V.! H a* SS
July as &'? 2*U 2%
Sept H'trl ? ) *S ?
0-t.?. No. 2. j
July 17%] 17%) 17H J7*
Hrpt 174 17%; 1.4 17%
J* I ?? .IgJ i?
ami ;?*. iMh J* TW?
July ICO t C 3 57'/ 3 W
Kept 3 70 3 75 3 <74 3 70
Short Ribs. \ ,
July 4 JS 4 V* 4 ? 4 H4
Bipt; IMM 4*1 4 3341 4 C
Cash quotations were as foliowa.
Fl?Hjr quiet anil ea*y.
Wheat?No. 2 ?prin* 674??c; No. 3
spring t306&c; No. 2 red 77c.
Corn-No. 2. 23SC23!ic; No. 2 yellow
meatc ?t/^
Oats?No. 2, 174c: No. 2 white 20?iW
22c: No. 3 white 184021c.
Rye?No. 2. 324c.
Barley-No 300304c; No. 3. 26tf
22c: No. 4. 260274c.
Flaxseed?No. 1. 7?ttfJ77c.
Tim.?thyseed?Prim#- <2 75.
Pork?Mess, per barrel |7 &Ofi 7 93.
I*rd-}*rr 100 lb* *J 524?3 55.
KK/W rlh??RI<!?* OoiMH> It 1&64 40.
Dry salted shoulders (boxed) 5fy5V*c.
Short clear sides (boxed) 4SCt4\c.
Whisky?Distillers' finished goods. per
gallon SI 19.
Butler?Firm: creameries U014H;
dairies 7012c.
Cheese?Weak at 7?*?7
Errs?Steady; fresh 8c.
NEW YORK?Flour, receipts 27.9M
barrels; exports 1.715 barrels; market
dull and easier. with wheat; Minnesota
patents $4 00fc4 20; winter extras *3 301r
3 Co.
Wheat, receipts 257.100 bushels; exports
213,775 bushels;spot market weak;
opened weak, closing at TttCMHc; No. 2
red September 62# 9-16&70 9?16c; closed
at 70c
Corn, receipts 224.500 bush?!*; exports
44.5S4 bushels; spot market steady; No.
2. 2$*ic; opened steady, closing dull;
September 29 11-ttC3?c; closed at 30c.
Oats, receipts 435.900 bushels; exports
129.825 busheJ*; So. 2. UHc; market
dull and nominal, closing He net higher.
Hay steady. Hops quiet. Hides firm.
Leather steady.
Beef steady. Cut meats steady.
I-ard steady; refined quiet. Pork |
steady. Tallow steady. Rosin quiet, j
Turpentine quiet. Rice steady. Molasses
Coffee, opened steady at SfiriO points
lower; closed quiet at 5&15 points lower;
sales 8.750 bags.
Sugar, raw firm; refined firm.
BALTIMORE? Flour dull and unchanged;
receipts 29,291 barrels;exports
ZSO lvarrel3. Wheat dull and easy; spot
76?7GUc; receipts 2.900 bushels; exports
none; southern wheat by sample SOfi
81c. Corn quiet; spot 2SVi?28Hc; September
steamer mixed
2fi?%c; receipts 42.390 bushels; exports
27.000 bushels; southern white corn
32*t#33c: do yellow 30c asked. Oats
barelv steady; No. 2 white :Sc: re
ceipts 49.551 bushel*- Rye easier; N'o. 2
western 39? 394c; receipt? 43.72S bush- I
e!s. Hay stttJy; choice timothy
$13 50?H 00. Butter and eggs steady j
and unchanged. Cheese weaker; fancy j
New York 9*4c.
CINCINNATI?Flour dull and lower; I
fancy $3 90V* 10; family $3 9504 50.
Wheat easier; No. 2 red 60c. Corn ac- |
live and lower; No. 2 mixed 25?25Vic.
Oats aetlVi- and easier; No. 2 mixed
20>*4?21c. Rye easy: No. 2. 35c. Lard
eaay at $3 41 Bulkmeats *asy at
14 T0J?4 SO. Bacon <?sr ?t $3 40ftS 45. |
Whiskey quiet at $1 19. Butter easier
and lower: Elfin creamery l >4c; Ohio
12?13c; dairy 7c. Sugar steady; hard
$3 .r??5 25. Eags steady at Sc
Cheese steady; good to prime Ohio flat
; 54fr94c.
TOLEDO?Wheat active and steady;
1 No. 2 cash 76\c; June SS^c; July 69!%c.
1 Corn dull and higher: No. 2 mixed
26Hc. Oats lower and steady; No. 2
, mixed ISc. Rye lower and dull: No. 2
cash 35c Clov.-rseed dull and ateady;
prime cash $4 15.
PHILADELPHIA?Butter firm and |
In gorvi demand; fancy western creamery
I5<*154c. Eggs steady; freah nearby
lO*-c; do western lOfefjFllc. Cheese |
? ,,! lnwAP
Lift *>lnck.
CHICAGO?Prices for cattle remain- (
*d steady under the influence of a fair- j
1 y active general demand. Native beef I
steers sold at 14 00?5 15: chiefly at
$4 35W4 83. with an occasional sale of j
something extra In quality at 15 20 tr ,
5 30. There was a fair call for good
feeding cattle at high prices. This was )
"calf day." and there was a liberal run
and an active demand, the best bring- |
In* 16 25. Butchers and canners stuff
was active and steady. Bulls sold
mainly at 12 50(jT3 75 and cows and
heifers went largely at 13 00^4 25. Texas
cattle sold mostly at S3 25{M 35 for j
steers and at 12 5o?3 15 for cows, bulls j
and oxen. Trade in hogs was animated j
with a particularly good demand from I
Chicago packers and prices ruled j
stronger with the better class selling
largely 2Hc per 100 lbs. higher. Sales
were at an extreme range of 13 30?3 65
for Inferior to prime hogs, with sales
largely at 13 556 3 60. Pigs sold mainly
at $3 25? 3 60. Sheep were again in excellent
demand at 12 75ft4 65 for Inferior
to fat heavy lots, with choice scarce
and strong at 14 75(if? 00. Shorn lambs
sold at 13 50fM to and large numbers of
wooled Colorado lambs sold at 15 30?
5 50 for good to choice. Sprlmr lambs
much plentler and were In active de.
-- tr inrt W.* u-MU I
maim ai who mi >n . ... .
Inferior lot# sold ot 14 25&4 75. Receipt
s?Cattie -.000 head; hogs 16,000
head: sheep 11.000 head.
31. 1S97.?Strlne.?Arrivals thlji week 13.017
head. Trade In hop* Is quite slow.
Th?? receipts are some 1.200 head more
than they were last week and value# a
shade lower than they were then. Good
light far-western hogs well at 14 154?
4 20 jht 100 lbs. gross and others at
IS So??3 90 for heav* and 14 00&4 10 per
100 lbs. uross for light hogs. Sheep and
L:?mbs.~ .Both .ire dull. .Sheep sell at
2ii3\c and extra 4o per IT? Lambs 54?
6c p?r It). showing bul little variation
In the prices of either. Calves?Veals
are In fairly active demand and values
unchanged since last week. Prices 44?
5?*c per IT). The quality Is better than
that of the offerings last week. Roughs
nominally S4 001/6 00 per head.
EAST LIBERTY?Cattle firm at last
we?k < quotations, to-day's run light,
market steady. Hogs slow, prices unchanged.
Sheep steady, prices unchunk'ed;
choice Unit* $3 00|*5 15; common
to good lam!>.? $4 OOC?4 75; spring
lambs 15 000600. Veal calves $6 00tf
6 50.
CINCINNATI?Hogs active and higher
at *3 OOH3 674Drr
NEW YORK?The market for dry
goods showed n sllcht gain in the hulk
of business done to-day. Staple cxittons
Inactive. Coarse colored cottons continue
dull. Print cloths are said to be
flrmrr nr F*nll River, though no chanqes
In quo tat foil* ha ve been made. Prints
are generally dull.
NEW YORK?PIr Iron easy: southern
99 23# to 25; onrthern $W OOfgliOQ. Coppar
Muiy: brakiri1 UHc; exchanco
11090fi 11 25. Tin easy:*tral*hU |1S40?
!.i : <>. plates quiet. Spelter firm a:
$4 2004 no. Lead ateady: broker if'
S3 12**; exchange 13 !503 30.
NEW YORK?Wool Arm; fleece 110
2Sc; pulled 13(jf22c.
NEW YORK?Prtr. leum. Pennsylvania
crude steady: July SSc bid.
At tho Wat VlnlnU U#lw?lljr. All th?
Liw Faculty Instructor*. Begine June a
1?7. end? Auguat 4. 1?7. Kend for circular
giving full information. Addra#*.
Mcrgaotown. W. V?.
May 4. !??;, r~>:
The only school In the city with established
reputation. Why talce any risk 1
Th#>n paironlre the one responsible ftnandally
and otherwise.
Only LATEST Business Method? taujcht,
and JUST AS PRACTICAL as in our most
modern hu*ine?a bouses. ?%</,
_ .
Tuitions low as In any other school. .
Roth sexes: ent*r any time. Call or ad*
*-* ? for catalofie.
roKwi MAH *? muni smns.
Oft AMD 130 UUtttf STKIT. Hd* wSDCTH
Thl? Khool ottm a ??? ?J"?
Mj5f? BnJEtf*Mlidue?e4 fcj ?u5,^55
fsss^asrvss ?srsys
Drawings and Oil Palnjtng. _ . . #
Boys m-HTMl in snw r
mediate Department*. For circular* or loterrtew,
apply tm
O LAMB. PrM. JOfi. SETBOLD. Caahl*.
J- A. JEFFEBSON, An'L Cashier.
CAPITAL 000,000, PAID I*.
Allen Brock. Joseph F. Paul!.
James Cummins, Henry Btebersoo,
A. Rcymacs. Jo??ph Seybold.
Gibson Lamb.
Interest paid on special deposits.
Imu?i drafts on Encland. Ireland and
myll rashler.
CAPITAL M300.00*.
J N* VANCE President
JOHN FREW Vice Preside**
J. N. Vsnee. Oeorgw E. SWfel.
J M. Brown, William Elllnrhwa.
John Frew, John L Dickey,
John Walerhouse. W. E. Stone.
W. H. Frank.
Drafts Issued on England. Ireland. Scotland
and all points In Europ
L. E 8A ND6. Cashlor.
WILLI AM A. I8ETT President
Draft* on England. Ireland. Franco aid
William A. Isett, Mortimer Pollock,
J. A. Miller. Robert^ Sampson.
?. M. Aiainson. jonn iv. ouuivni,
Julius Pollock.
Ml? J. A. MILLEfW_gajbL?c_
gga I Wra Intermedin# points tako
rati Packet Line, lcmvIn*
wharfboat. foot of
VMHw Kkevsnitk street, as folSteaaajrvIRQINIA?T.
a Calhoon,
Master; R. H. Kerr, Clerk. Every bunCat.
la. a
bteamer KEYSTONE STATE?Charles
W. Knox. Master; Dan Lacejr. Clerk.
Every Tti**day. 1a.m.
*- l"Uht SSKBffffSS&S
feao Agents.
n* *t*t AtiAnm r tiinn
Arrrlve COLUMHt'S 2:2S p. ra.
Arrive CINCINNATI 9M p. m.
Arrlrve INDIANAPOLIS 10:15 p. m.
Arrive PT. LOUIS 7:00 a. m.
For Steubenvllle and Pittsburgh 7SS a.
m. week days; for Pittsburgh and the
East and For Columbus and Chicago at
1:2S p. m. week days; for Pittsburgh. Harrlsburg.
Baltimore. Washington. Philadelphia
and New York at S x p. m. dally; ror
Steubenvllle and Dennlson at 2:55 p. m.
dally; for Pittsburgh at ":<*> p. in. week
days; for Columbus, Dayton. Cincinnati.
Indianapolis and St. Louis at 9;3u p. m.
week days. City time.
Parlor Car to Pittsburgh on 3:55 p. m. and
7 p. m. Trains.
Persons contemplating a trip will find
It profitable In pleasure and convenience
i to communicate with the undersigned, who
will make all necesnary arrangements for
a delightful Journey Tlckcts will be pro,
vtded and baggage checked through to destination.
Passenger and Ticket Agent* Wheeling,
C. O. BREWSTER. Receiver.
Tim# Table No. 13. to take effect 12:ffl a. m?
Sunday. November \f>. 1*S5.
I.eava Wheeling-ft 40i |U:40a. m..
t2 .20. *1:11 !:?. f? 00 p m.
Leave Peninsula-tt.Ot. *:?. |U:tf a. n?,
tj* i a. u.m. i? ot p. m
Leave Martin i Ferry?tf:12, t9:57. |ll:Q
?. m. tS:B. *3:17. t4:42. f?:ll p. m
Arrive Terminal Junctlon-*S:17. 10:(tt,
111 M. a. m . ?. *3:32. tea. p is p. m
Leave Terminal Junction?17:22. |9:0o
m . *12:40 a. m . |S|4:0S. t$:!4. *1:45 p. nv
Leavr Martin's Kerry??7 JR. |3:07 a. m..
*12:45. ?4 (A. t4:10. T5:l?. tt.52 p m
Leave Pentrsula-t7:34. |J;14 a- m., *11:51.
HI J. N:I7. t5.2S. t?:> p m.
Arrive Wheeling?1?:40. i?:? a. m.. *12:57,
4:17. 14:25. 15:11. t9:(* p. m
l>al!y. tDaily except Sunday. {Sundays
| All trains will run on Eastern Time.
| J. K. TAt'SStO. Superintendent.
| On and after Saturday. February 2, ISM.
trains will run a* follows, city time.
|*ave Whoellngr*~| l?oave' Bm drove
Tr'n T'meTf'n Tme TrVTmeiTr'n Tme
No. a m So. p. to |No. a. m. So i*. rv
: ... t?i?w ... roi'i .. i.-oo
? ... 7 001.' . . 4:0? I.... T OOT. 4.-M
n ... *nc ?4.... I. <v 5... *.?,,? 5:f0
I.... t.-OO*.... *? 7.... tf:0O? ?:M
10... 10 :00|&... 7.00, 9.... lo^r 7:00
| 12 11.00IU.... irn... U:MV ft.m
p. ro. 12.... S:0i> p. m. ll 9:00
14 ... tl2:00 34 ... 10 .. 12:00;S 10:u)
14 1:0?X.... 11:0?H1S.... 1.??!? Xi.00
W.. . 2:00' 117? 1:00;
| Dally, except Sunday.
Sunday church trains will leave Elm
drove at 9:U a. m and Wheel In* at Ujl
p. m, U. ?. WEISOI2RBER.
Oaaaral Mtciw
Arrival and departure of train* on and
? after May IU. \k/,. Explanation of R?f?r nc*
Mark*; Oallv. tDaliy. exeept Bun*
<Jay. 1 Dally. except Saturday. 'Dally. ?*
. cept Monday. iSundaya only. 'Saturdays
, only. f'Jaatern Htandard Time.
"i^part.t'lfkroT^MaJn 1,1 n? EaaLi Arrira.
!*:? nm Wa*h., lial . Phil.. NY ?:? am
KM pmjWaali.. lial.. Phil. N.Y.,
t7r D a in Cumberland Arrom..! MMpm
S:t? pmi Grafton Acoom i'W:iO mm
L *10:56 um ..Wanhlngton City ffx..|*10:tt pm
Depart. C.O. Dlv..W??itfArrive?*
*T:3S am;For r'ultimbua ami Chl.l *i:lfam
1i:t5 aml...Cambridge A?c-om...j T7M pm
l'-.W am {.Columbus and Clncln.. #i:C6 pm
11:40 pm. Columbus and ('lncln..| *S:<& am
S^S pmiColumbua and Chi. Kx.!U:S0ftra
r-XT. am *it CLI.^111. *??... *HK/? >M
t3:B pmj.St. Clalravtllc Arcom.j+ 7:*> pm
1<i ? > am Sanduaky MalL. ...| pm
"Depart! ,u. Ac O.-W . V. B Dlv Arrive.
3:10 am' For Pittsburgh ' lr.lSara
7:10 an Pittsburgh ! I.Zi pm
*S:10 pm...Pittsburgh and Eaat...*11:30 pm
_tl li pm ... Pittsburgh tI2:14 pm
Depart. IP., C.. C. & St L. Ryj Arrlre.
f7::5 am .. Pittsburgh t*:ll pm
*M5 am StwubenvHl* and Wast: rfM pm
1f:IS am,. StruU-nvMIe Arcom.f t$:ir? pm
tl:S5 pm[..Pittsburgh and X. Y... jti;*') pm
2 J5 pm'.. Pittsburgh and N. Y .(*11 JO am
17:00 pm . ..Pittsburgh Accom. j t?J0 am
! west.
15:15 am Ex.. Cln. and St. Louis' 17:11 am
t<j-M pm Ex.. Cln. and 8t. Louial t<:lS pm
TlJSpmi. Ex.. Ste.jb. and Chi.. *3:23 pm
3:63 pm .Plttf. and P*nnlaon._.Wl:? am
Impart. i ~C. & P. ~ Bridgeport.' I'ArrtveT
15:53 am'Port Wftjrne and Chl.j r*:2S pm
t5:2t am ''anion and Toledo.. , pm
5:43 am Alliance and Cleveland! ?JX pm
t5:5J am!Steub*r.vll!e and Pitta.} t?:35 pm
fl#;? M/n'Steubc/ivW# and Pitts. am
n:J0 pm'Kort Wayne and Chi. *<:10 pm
t2:10 pm Canton and Toledo..'if:! pm
fJ.l'J pm Alliance and Cleveland tl:Upm
t5:Ij6 pm St??ut?> and Well*lvlle tf:5i am
t5 'M pm Philadelphia and N Y. lo pm
pm|. Baltimore and Wash.. **:10 pm
jS-54 pm.8tcub'e and Wellavllle 1f Jf pm
"Depart." W. AU E. Anlve.
*9:00 am ....Toledo and West.... *5:40 pm
9:00 am Brilliant and Steuben'e *5:40 pm
*4:40 pm .Sfasslllon and Canton. *10:00 am
*4 40 pm Brilliant and Strubcn'e *lu:00 am
_ mj :00 am (Cley e^Akronft Cantoni *8:40 pm '.i
"DfPVt, JC-. L. k W,?JBrldfp'tl) Arrive.
i^uSam'CI-vr. Toledo and Chi ' ?; jn pm
<1:25 pm'Clevel., Toledo and Chl.j *VG" pm
1S:2S pm ManMillon Acrom.. .|t11:?Vam
**:f?l am ..St. Clalr*vl!!e Acrom.. t?::3 am
tio^x am'..St. Clalravllle Accom..| <1:3" pm
12-2* pm.. St. Clainville Accom..| tSJSpm
Hsi pm ..St. Olalravllle Aocom.. *7:23 pm
_tl Local Freight |111:50am
"Dispart. 1 Ohio River R. R. { ArrlireT
im Paasenjrer :*10:.'.0 am
12:U". pm: Paiwntfrr S;4A pm
M-JS paal Paaaenger | H-M pm
BellaJra. J 'nHlalre/
Depart. B.. 7.. 6 C. R R. i Arrive.
l<?:tf} am Mail. Expren* and Pa.*.? ; 3:30 pm
4:40 pmKxpree* and PaasenRer.i >:V? pm
2:10 pmi Mixed Frelrht and Pa*?; 1:10 pm
Clereland, Lorain ? Wheeling
Central Standard Tim*.
Time Behedyi* ?f Pi?iMj*r Train* la
efface Sunday. Ma>- 11, Ui7.
Cleveland Depot Foot South Water Street.
LTM I <11
a. m.ia. rn.lp. sB.jp. m.
15c' re | <:?
Hj *,i>on 6All 12:25 4M
t'hr.ehsville fi?l S.16: 2:ti tJt
Ne* PhUadP'.pWa... 5 <7 *:3j 2:?< t'M
Canal Dover 5:M l:K 3:W TM
Juatu# 6:21 *:<*; 7-M
Maasillon 6 ? ?:23j 3:44 1J3
Warwick 7M 9.??i 4:10
Sterling 7J7 lv:ir 433
Seville 7:J4 lf:ll 4M
Medina 7:B 10.37 5:00
Deeter i r le-te S:H
Grafton ? il; It*? <43
Elyrla t:ld 11:31 1:31
Lorain 9.3511JS (?
Letter Junction l ift! 5:11
Cleveland 3:10 11 :M; (at
( la. BMP. m.m ?.
> 1 I ? I I 1 7 '
I p. m.|p. m ip. m.ip. m
Bcu lire 7:1* ...<=
Bridgeport ltiej:* W*l
Uhrtchnville 11:? 4:12 1:20) 7:44
New Philadelphia... li/.tC 4.17 i.M 7:3
Caul Dover 1?:4S| 4*? 1&\ ?:1J
Justus M:tfj IM 7A| C:4f
Maaalllon :**( J ? 7:HI ^
Warwick ?:? 1?
Sterhn* :*?( J-* f*H|
Senile ... ?:M J:? fiB
Medina 1:44 !:? I|4T|
1 tester - I:M l:g 1*8
Grafton 7:?l 1*
Elyrta I'M 10J <M
LoraJa 7:05| 1'? <-l||
Lester Junction .... 132 1:57 1:541
Clovaland 'M IM
]a. m.?p. m. P- o.1
Not I. 5. 4 and I dally Iwwon Cl*vrt?nd
and I'hrlch?nil? Other train* daily excapt
Sunday. __
Pi??enr?r* between Wheeling. Martin
Ferry. Bellalre and Bridgeport. take Eleotrie
Bail way ? ? .
Cleveland. Ohio.
O. R WOOD. T. P. A.
Wheeling, W. Va- yflBfix
Departure and arrtral
or trains at Wheel*
|H| in* Eastern time.
FB uiJy^M Schedule In effect May
gg bHWB 14. 1S57.
KHh main line east.
For Baltimore. Phil
vfH^Hanr aat-ipnia ana .>ew
XflHWy York. u:!5 and ? ? a.
ra. and 5*0 p. ra. daily.
Cumberland Accommodation. 7:00 a. m*
daily except Sunday.
Grafton Accommodation. S:00 p. m. daily.
From N*w York, Philadelphia and Baltimore.
4.20 a. m.. dally
Washington Kxpw. lfl-3H p m daily.
Cumberland Accommodation. 4:19 p. m..
except Sunday
Grafton Accommodation. 10:10 a. m.,
For Columbus and Chicago. 7 :3i a. m and
l?S p. m . dally
Columbu* and Cincinnati Express, 11:41
a. m. and 11:40 p. dally
Sandusky Mall 10:40 a. m . daily.
St. Clalnriilp Accoramodar.'on. 7:25 a. m.
and S^o p m. dally, except Sunday.
Cambridge Accommodation. 7J5 a. nu
xcept Sunday.
Chicago Express. 1:15 a. m. and 1I:S0 a.
m.. dally.
Cambridge Accommodation. 7:30 p. a*
except Sunday
Cincinnati Expros. 5:05 a. m. and l.- B P>
m. daily
S&ndutky Mail 5:05 p. m.. dally.
St. Clalrsville Accommodation. 11:59 0.
m. and 7:30 p. m.. dally, except Sunday.
For Pittshurgn. 5:10 and 7:10 a. m. an4
5:10 p. m . dally, and 1:15 p. m.. dolly ?*
cept Sunday.
For Pittsburgh and the East. 5.10 a. m.
and 5 10 p. in., daily.
From Pltt*burg*v 10:JS a. m. 1:50 p.
and 11:** p ra.. dally, and U:!S p. m.. ex*
cept Sunday.
General Manager. Baltimore. Md.
Passenger Traffic Manager. Raltfraorr.MdL
T. P. A.. Wheeling. W. Va. t
Time Table In effect May If. 15*7.
Daily, tDally except Sunday. Eastern
Time South
Bound. I 1 t 3 | S I T .?
V5TP..C..CftSCkDR a m. p. to.
Pltuburgh. Pa..Lv. *t:10 'H:15
Wheeling Ar. lllflSj g'ttl ,
I>ave. a. ir..ip.?. gffl
Wheeling S:4S;T15?* *4:11
Moundevllle II J8 4;4l
New Martinsville. 7.1J 1:50. 5.10
Slstsrsvtlle 7* l:g *15
WUHamstown S:C .:? a. I*
1'arknrsbun: I:1S 3 * *f:tH t?:0#
Kav?n?wooa 10:34 4:0 p.m. I.OJ
Mafon CMj ll'-f
Point Pleasant - v.. 11 14 7:<
"Via K A M. Rv. jp ro p. raj p.
K. * M. June ...Lr' ::?i ?:!* 13*
Charleston .......Ar.j
(fcliipMle ri:J0j 7:101 Hf:*
Huntlnirton WO 1:10 tllw
Vi. C. A O Ry. 'p. ny*. mj p. ?.
l.v lUnOntton 2 X*
Ar CharlMlon.W. V.! tl'IT! *1 *5,
Kirov. "'.rAr.f?J:?H"?-?0| ?t:?
Via C. * O. By p m ? ml p. to.
Kenova Lt.l a ml! m
Cincinnati O Ar.l : ?)' |!Ss! "WS
l*llntton. Ky Ar . ? ?:<W _ JJSJ
p?r? far ? Year'*
I I Subscription to tho. ..
| CJ51 Weekly Intelligencer.

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