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r-oooooooooo oooooooooo
? IHt URf. fl 8 OWtlM. a
vim nyjalt 1st nnvlhlno
KX-l-'mmyiuu unit vwr? ?
but the ' back-numb/' wme peoplu
Imagine tie became ww the ?un ?f St.
Patrick day of '97 set Ua halo of Borrow
and defeat /or the blg/alifornlan. Corbett
? -n recovered $>m the pangs of
m< il anguish thai Mlowe4 the knockout
blow he receivedrom Fltzslmmons,
#nj . .i b?tir man physically
ami a manlier man nmien are Judged by
tfrelr fellovv.s. The dpe of adversity administered
at Cargo! City waa really a
good things, for he ijia "braced up" and,
In w? lb<t nlohft In pub*
I lie opinion, descrlM by the 9ognomens
I ''Gentleman Jim" (nd "the gentleman
I of the priM ring,'* ?y which he became
popularly known ejrly in his pugilistic
| career.
This summer, whje not engaged In futile
efforts to brlifr on anuftt6i* battle
| with "Fiti," Corbet has been figuring
on the diamond, anj his essay at the national
game is a bllllant auccesa flnancially
and by no aeana a failure from
the vk w-polnt of tie game Itself. In the
old bank clerk d.fs on the coast, Jim
whs an enthuHlaetlc base baJUst, who
showed marked Hiding abilities for so
Iarg?* a man and (Mild always be counted
on to "swat the bather" for keeps. His
In >me from baseball this season Is said
t ) be greater that anything in which he
lias figured be for/. Recently he played
' '** aflerno oi pt/nd* In the cities of the
Inter-state leagie and his "ante" ever fofi
?.?vprni Kindred dollars a day
Kverywhere hisreceptlon ha<i been llat*
t ring In the ertreme an J It id doubtful
If he couUI hnio chosen a shorter rut to
it restoration if the popularity it is asfciinu
J he lo? last March.
That he is fet a popular Idol cannot be
denied. Kveiywhere the ex-champlon in
the cynosure of the eyes of-the sporting
Inclined. Til? wan strikingly exemplified
the other day in the big Union railroad
station at Columbus. Ohio. The
writer was listening to an entertaining
account of the difficulties chut attended
the efforts of Corbett to start ^Brother
Joe" in the vocation of professional base
ball . when the conversation WAS interrupt
I by the passing of hundreds of
boys in blue, who were marching aboard
a 131k Four train that was to carry them
from the Columbus barracks to Fort
Thomas, Kentucky, opposite Cincinnati,
for work before the target range. It wos
the Seventeenth United Statee Infantry
?one of Uncle Sam's crack regiments,
but It was amislng to observe the way
the soldier boys turned their heads to
l.)ok at Corbett, for the word had passed
along the line In the mysterious way
news Is flashed through a crowd that the
ex-champlon was sitting near-by. Tho
officers were kept busy holding the line
In anything approaching alignment.
However, when the regiment boarded tho
train an.I restraint had ended, the enthusiasm
of the boys was unloosed In a rousing
cheer that awoke echo after echo
through the great vaulted train shed.
Ami li was Sunday, too. The racket was
kept up until Corbett stepped to the railing
and repeatedly acknowledged tho
compliment. The latter was evidently
pleased with the reception accorded him i
s.? unexpectedly, and remarked:
'Those fellows must come from the
In connection with this Incident there |
was an amusing bit of unconscious comedy
on the part of a gentleman of mature
3'ears. w hose attire, from cowhide boot i
to slouch hat, heralded him In no unmh- ]
takuble manner as a resident of the rural
community sometimes called Hayseeds
vilie. The old fellow was standing next i
to Corbett nnd In s<?me way l?ecame im- !
t>ued with the idea that the boys on the
train below were giving their vigorous
f xhlbitlon of the "glad hand" for his par- I
tlcular benefit. Someone kindly enllght- j
ened him, and then It was even more
amusing to observe the look of awe with i
which h?- took In the great man beside I
him. The old fellow brought the chap- j
ter to a end by volunteering a hearty
hand-shake which Corbett accepted with
the affability that has replaced the former
arrogance that alienated some of his
"Ye?," Mid Corbett, after thetraln had
pulled out. "1 had quite an experience
getting Joe Into the big league two years
ago. When we were at Asbury I'ark
and I vras training for the flght with
"Fits" that was to occur at Hot Spring*.
J??e Joined ua at the training quarters,
and frequently boxed with me. I liked
to go up against him because he was so
quick and hard to hit. While not assisting
In my training ho frequently played
ball on the grounds near-by, nnd very
soon I got wonderful reports of his pitching
abilities, but didn't pay much attention
to them. Joe is a great fellow to
'string' one and one day he made me
laugh by declaring be could pitch a ball
with such a tremendous curve that I
couldn't catch It. Tho result wan wp
wont out to see what ho could do, hut 1
didn't dream he could do whafhe claimed. |
Put. sure enough, he put 'em over with i
whisker." to burn, and tho curve war. s<> |
great that I was actually unable to get
In front of the sphoro. I Iminedlatoly saw i
that the boy was a wonder and told the
boys at my quarters that I would land |
him In tho National league nt the llrel I
whirl?no minor league training was
necessary for the man who could do what
ho had shown mo.
"First 1 struck tho Iioston people, but |
th y gave me the turn-down and I could
fo they thought 'Jim's daflfy.' It was
the same story at New York and Philadelphia.
and finally we struck Washington.
i went to Warner, told him alnjut
T >' , and suggested that, as tho Senators
woro nt tho tall-ond anyway and ano!h"r
gam" lost wouldn't matter, bo give
tho hoy a trial. Tho Washington nmnnuement
saw the force of my nrgumont
and consented. Tho opposing team wan
the Orioles, so Joo's was a baptism of
fit" Hut <ay, he niado monkeys of Honl"n's
men from start t<? flnlsh, and tho
n?-xr May when I asked Hanlon to sign
J')" Ik- vvjis glad of the opportunity to get
snoh a promising younKstor. Tho rest
It Is an undeniable fart that nil wheels
curried over from one year (o nnothor iiiiihI
be fold at a reduced price, and rather thrin
carry any of our 'l?7 wheels over to 'W, wo
will make that priee now, vis;
All *1?7 model Hamlders, except No. 21,
|M.M; No. 21 (special), f7r?.0Q; Tandems (all
styles), $110.00. We have nlso a fow model
O'n ('W wheeli) which we will sell, while
they last, at $00.00. This Is a ehaneo for
tho ladles.
All others will he sold at auction. Hnfn
will begin Monday evening at h o'clock,
and continue oho hour each evening durliiK
the wet-k.
Jason C. Stamp,
192I Market 3t? Opp. Potloffke.
?? ?
you know; he's the best twlrler in the- m
country to-day without exception. He T
leads the league In victory, and there's p
one feature of tlie boy'# work N
I've noticed thU year that E
Che scribes d??n't ?eem to m
have caught onto the fact that In only
one game this year has the opposing
team earned as many runs as Baltimore
In games In which Joe has pitched. Had
there been no errors in the gumes he's
pitched, all but one would have bwn victories
for his team. I don't believe this
recoid has ever been approached."
Before very long it is likely lovers of
the manly art will be treated to a bout
between Will Donaldson, of this city,
und Mike Kelly, of Cleveland, both colored
heavyweight boxers. They are
anxious to meet each other, and will if H
some club will bang up a purj^or guar- H
antee a share or the receipts. There is Jb
no doubt but what they'll put up a
lively contest. Kelly has been in the
city for over a week. Donaldson
sparred three rounds at Jack Bowen's
fistic entertainment at Washington T
Thursday night. He went on with Ed
Violett, who claims the colored ehamplonship
of Canada,and he didn't get the
worst of it by any means. The liowenHtelzer
contest, by the way, was stopped ?
in the fourth round by the police, 8telzer
had the best of It all the way T
through. Donaldson will go to Washington
again to-day to get on a match
with VloMt, to take place wherever
there Is an ussurance of the Klondike.
Sprints, fast and furious, were the or- ^
der of the evening at the Ladles' SJx f.
Day Bicycle Race, last evening, the
leaders riding more laps than on any g.
previous evening. Wagner and Allen jj
seemed to have It In for one another and r
the way they chased each other around
the saucer at breakneck speed was terrific.
Vine, Howard and Hartley also
had their sprinters with fhem, while __
Young, the local rider, shows remark- ?
able Improvement over her riding of im(|
Wednesday night. She stayed with the run
bunch it good part of the time and set
seemed to have no trouble in managing 8??'
her wheel. She will learn to be a "Famous
Flyer" yet If she keep9 on. The KJf
race will finish Saturday night, cutting pa(1
the time down to ten hours. Rain pre- ami
vented the continuance of the race on Hot
Thursday and the management at first Hot
intended to let the race continue until {'j'^
Monday evening In order to get In the g?l
entire twelve hours. It appears, howev- Kill
er, that some of the girls have other engagements
for next week and there- '
fore must leave town Sunday. On this ST.
account the race will finish this even- ?r?
Score for the eight hours' riding end- (jru
lng last night, Is as follows: Lai;
Rldors. Mll?s. J.aps. H?1
Allen 163 7 Hai
WaKtj.-r . 1(12 fi Mui
Howard 159 3 Sud
vine )y, ]0
Hartley 119 fi
Young 82 10 Pitt
Mr. Will Matthews, of Wellsburg. W. 8l^
Va., who had agreed to meet Miss Allen Ki
would not race on the saucer track, and
"his offer for a race on the state fair CrJ
grounds track was not accepted. R0t
Another well known rider has. 1.
however, agreed to ride Miss put,
Allen, and a matched ruce i1.'4!!
of seventy-five miles to be ridden In j,'uri
three heats of twenty-five miles each, Mcl
has been arranged. The race will be gj,
ridden Monday, Tuesday and Wednes- pj,j
day evenings of next week, best two out por
of three heats winning. This race will Pad
be something of n novelty and the re- 8ml
suit will be watched for all over the ??|
country. Miss Allen has, within the Jj?{
past si* month* developed Into n regu- my,
lar wonder on wheels and well deserves Hro
the title "Jlmmle Michael" bestowed up- Mer
on her. Has
Miss Bertha Wagner, of Cleveland.has ,
stated that she Is willing to meet C. P.
Clark, also of Cleveland, who has challenged
her In a matched race and ar- croi
tides or agreement will probably be Hur
drawn up to-day. If satisfactory nr- Tur
rangementB can be made, the contest 9j"?j
will probably take place at the Island {JJJ,
ball park. In connection with the other j|ar
match race. Har
Jesse McCausland. who was to have r
made a match with May Allen, has decided
to remain permanently off the PHI
racing track, as he announced recently, 8l*
so the proposed race Is off. Ei
fort* fhr Ulmicr.
Special Dispatch to the Intelligencer. jj{!L
8TEITBKNVILLE, O.. Sept. 17.?The Cro
six mile blcycle road race,for eolored
riders, which took place here this even- 2. >
ing, was won by Thomas Farls In 17:40; bun
time prize by Dave Howard In 18:10.
Won. Lost Per. won
Toledo Nfi 4.1 .(Tr| iiny
New Castlo "0 4!i fKl j,jm
b.iytou 73 M .uRl /0r
>Ut!K|.eld M U .f<* whl
Fort Wayno CI CI .TiOO one
Youngstown M no .492 Hcoi
Hprlngtleld 41 7m .IT*
Wheeling 38 87 .304 mQI
Toledo 12. New Castle 3.
Wheeling 7. Fort Wayne fl. par
Sprlngfleld 14, Youngstown 5. nnc<
TD-DAV'ft nAVKfi
Wheeling nt Fort Wayne. pj
New Cantle at Toledo. niic.
Man*fWl<l nt Dayton.
Youngitown at Springfield, teut
Wheeling Won, any
Special Dispatch to tho Intelligencer. 'on
PORT WAYNE, Sept. 17.-WheeMng was ,
out-batted to-day, but tho hit<* of the Nail- v0V
th were tin timely an the Fort Waynes' or- ^?n<
rorn wero contly. Score: Ki
JlHR J;m|
Wheeling 7 fi .1 "an
Fort Wayne 6 1* r. ?*et
Itatterle*- Wheeling. Campbell and Donnhue;
Fort Wayne, Allowny nnd O'Mraru.
? n(
Othrr lutfr-Mi?l* (limn, Nov
At SprlnKflrld. Score: n II R fj?
BprlnKllehl ...2 1 0 0 4 2 0 4 1-14 If, 2
Youngnto n ..<) o u 1 0 1 2 0 1-b 12 0 {[j
Hatterlea?Springfield, Madden and Vet- the
I ter; Youngntown, Jordan uid Zlnram. ?nd
At Toledo. Rrore: TIHR Jh
Toledo 0 4 0 0 2 2 0 1-12 14 J!
| Now I'antle ..I 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0-.1 4 fi RoJ|!
Hatterlen- Tolwlo, Illue nnd My em: New n
('untie, Hmlth, Knrcnn. (IrallliiN and Dono- ?
v""' o I
Won. font. Tor. ?
Ilaltlmnrn ? 34 .714 .
I lout on ?l iwj .70S ,.ooH
New York 77 4.1 ,A4J ?'?y
Cincinnati ?7 r.i .mn f???
Cleveland fil ?? .frf* ne
lirooklyn M w ,4fix J*"'
WumIiI union Mi 03 .ir.H
Pittsburgh M 07 .44(1 Hco'
Chicago M 'W .4.11
Philadelphia R2 70 ,4M Malt
l^ulHVllfe Al 71 .41* Phil
HI. Ixiuls 11 iH .223 Kr
lirooklyn R; Wn?hln*ton 4 Btttl
n. vilind I4j Ctnolnnaitl 2. hlioxlon
1"; New York 0.
Pittsburgh 10; HI. l.ouln 1
I'lllNblirKh 0: HI. liOUlU 2.
Hnlllmnre ll; I'hllftdelphU 0. J'
phllndslphla 2; llnlllinoi 1.
. A m<
Philadelphia al llallltnora,
Now Vork at Jloston.
WiiMblnKton nt lirooklyn,
< 'liH'Ififni11 al Cleveland.
Hi I.oiiIn nl I Ml I nlmi ?h. jyf
IfOiilavlll'i al Chicago, ^ ^
I'lTTHIlUltClll, Mepl. 17.-Pllt*hur*h jPf(
took both mami*n from the Islbender*.
Them weri tin pecisl feature? in eltnsf ?W
t itw Htidhoff Pitched a nice nnw, but told
Fifty Years AfO.
kit U the stamp that the letter bor?
Which carried the atory far and wide,
I ceruia care tor the ioathtoae sore
That bubbled ap from the taiatcd tide
( the blood below. And 'twai ver'f name
And his sarsaparilU, that all now, know,
hat was ju?t bc|iooln( Us fight of faint
With its cares of go years ago.
Oyer's Sarsaparilla
i the original aareaparilla. It
as behind it a record (or cures
n equalled by any blood puriring
compound. It is the only
arsaparilla honored by a
ledal at the World's Fair of
393. Others imitate the
imody; they can't imitate the
60 Years of Cures,
poor support. Smith made two long
nlng catches In the second game, whic h
tho bleachers wild. Attendance, 2,300.
Irst game:
tovan, r. f 4 2 3 2 0 0 i
den, 2b 4 o 2 :( fi 1
th, 1. f 4 2 2 :? o 0
hfUBS, lb 4 1 0 11 0 0
fmelHter, 3b.. .. 4 0 2 0 1 1
, h. h :t o o l s o
die, c. f 3 1 0 1 0 0
den, c 3 0 0. f? 0 0
en, p U 0 0 1 0 0
rotals ; 32 0 !? 27 14 2
LOUIS. AB. R. BH. PO. A. E. ,
US, H. H 3 1116 1
tm?n, 3b 4 113 3 0
ner, r. f 4 0 1 0 0 0
dy, lb 4 0 I 15 1 0
|y, 1. t 4 0 2 1 0 0
iseman, 2b 4 0 0 1 4 0
ley. c. f 4 0 1 1 0 0
rphy, c 4 ft 0 2 1 1
hoff, p 4 0 0 0 5 0
rotals 35 2 7 24 20 2 i
,aburgh 2 0 2 2 0 0 0 0 ?6
IXJUIB 0 0002000 0-2
srned runs, Pittsburgh 1; St. Louis 1.
3-base hits, Smith 2. Sacrifice hits,
, Sugden. Stolen basea, Donovan 2.
us. Double play, Ely, Padden and
hfuss. first ba.ie on balls, off Klllen
lilt by pitched ball. Brodle. Struck
, by Klllen 5; by Sudhoft 2. Passed
. Murphy, Iwft on bases, Pittsburgh j
t. lx>uls 7. First base on errors. Putsch
1; 8t.I?ouls 2. Time, 1:40. Umpire,
cond game:
tovan, r. f 4 1 0 3 0 0!
don, 2b 4 1 3 7 1 0
th. 1. f 4 1 1 3 0 0'
hfuss. lb 3 2 i 3 0 0 (
fmelster, 3b 0 0 4 0 0 1
dner, 3b 3 0*111
. H. 1 4 ? a i
ill*, C. f .11 12 0 0,
rftC. C 4 2 1 I 0 0
itlngH, p 3 1 11 2 0 |
Total* 22 10 11 27 7 *3
LOt/IS. A If. R. DH. PO. A. E.
IglaSH, C 4 1 13 1 1 I
**, ?. S 5 0 114 0 1
(man, 8b. 6 0 1 0 2 1 ,
ner, r. 1 4 0 0 1 0 1
fly, lb G 0 2 10 l 0
y, I. f 4 1 1 3 0 0 1
iceman, 2b 5 1 1 3 3 1 i
Joy, c. f 3 I 2 1 o 0 ,
t, p 4 0 l 2 3 0 j
Totals 39 4 10 24 14 4 <
sburgh 2 2 1 0 2 0 0 3 *-10 1
Louis 1 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 0-4 <
irned runs, Pittsburgh 1: St. Louis 1. J
>-ba?e hit, Gardner. Sacrifice hits, '
lb, Gardner, Hastings. Stolen bancs, i
th 2, Rothfuas. Double plays, Hast>,
Ely and llothfii.?h: DouKlasx and
fs. First base on imlls, off Haatlngs 1
fT Hart 4. Hit by pltchcd ball, Doug- 1
. Struck out, by Hastings 4: by flarl <
Vlld pitch, Hart. Ix?ft on hanoH, Pitts- i
?h &; St. I^oiiIh 12. First base on er- .
i, St. Louis 3. Time, 1:50. Umpire, Mo '
Ilronltlyit Dffruli \Vn?liliic(nii, I
lOOKLY.V, N.'T., Sept. 17.?Brooklyn 1
, another game from Washington to- 5
In the ninth inning. Swaim has only t
self to blame for tho loss of the game,
after ho fumbled Dunn's grounder,
rh would have retired Brooklyn with '
run, enough hits wero made to win. <
n h k
iklyn 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 3-5 12 2
tdilngton .1 0201000 0?4 12 1
irned runs, Brooklyn 1; Washington 3.
terles, Dunn and Burrell; Bwalm and
rel. Umpire, Hurst. Time, 1:40. Attend;,
Down CJn tlx I led*.
.EVBLAND. O.. Sept. 17.-Bhlnes
hed two Innings for Cincinnati. Ehret
rent of the game Belden, a local nma ,
<11(1 well In right for Cleveland. The
feature was the complete absence of
wrnnitllng or argument Kelly's decls
wcro unquestioned* Bcorc:
It H K
eland ....3 4 fi 0 0 0 1 1 *-14 19 1!
Mnnatl ...3 I) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0?3 10 2
irned runs, Cleveland 7: Cincinnati 1.
[>lro, Kelly. Time, 1:45. Attendance, 7W.
terles, Wilton and Crlgcr; Bhlnca, Ehand
IToril of I he Sftaou,
MTON, flept. 17.-Bo?ton defeated
r York to-day In the most one-sided
to of ball leen hero this season. Sullleould
not control the hall In the ArM
np and SSeorfoas was way off In his
iwlng. The Bostons scored six runs In
tlrst Inning and settled the result then
there, in tne eighth Boston had anothattlnb
carnival. Nichols' work was mi)
and his support was perfect. Scorei
ion ? 1 s n o l o f. *-17 ir? o
r York ...0 00000000-069
irned runs, Boston 4. Batteries, NlchItergen
and (Jansel; Sullivan and Zear.
Time, l;W> Umpire, Lynch. Attend\
Titer llrohf K?in.
itSTtMOtlK, Hepf. 17. The chumplnn*
i th?? flrst game from the Quakers towith
comparatlvo easo, hut in the
ind they were unshle to hit Dunkle,
visitors new pitcher. The work of the
nr and novernl snsppy douhtn piny*
i* the features. Attendance, 3,445.
u ir i ',
Imore ...1 4 000 00 4 2?11 10 0
sdidphla 0 0 0 0 4 1 I nr.ll 3
irned runs, Italtlmorn Philadelphia
latteries, lloffer, llohlnson; Orlli,
ker and Clements. Time, ]jft6, Umpires,
die and Carpenter.
cond game:
n it t:
Imore ,,,.1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-| 1
rtdelphla 0 10 0 1 0 0 0 0 2 7 2
irned runs, rhiladeiphla I llatterleft,
1 If find I'lot he; l>unkb- and Movie
ned runs, I'hllsdelphln I. Time, 2:00.
dres, Carpenter and Emails,
esweM tins been released by Mflnnger
rrymm, ntid In now In the city, having
the team nt Fort Wayne. lie was
high piled, ? Mating'r T<tii>> ' mi i
Mm, snd a rlienpor bank stop was se
cured for the rest of the aeason. Mes6ett | ?
sty# he will seek President Young's ad- J
vice if there id any way he can secure the
$130 due him under the Coyte manage- w
znent. Next year Messett expects to |*
catch on in the Eastern or A'Untlu /}
League. and his many friends in this city I
will hope that he secures a good berth. ^
According to Messett. Manager Torrty- <jr
son will reserve only Lucas. Bates,
Campbell and Bradley, of the present J|?
make-up. FOOT
Manager "Bub" Edwards, of the
Wheeling foot ball team, is rapidly getting
his boys in shape for the opening of Pjj
the season on the local gridiron, Saturday,
October 2, when East Liverpool's B?
eleven will be offered up as a sacrifice. tf,
This fall an unusually large number of ru
applicants for positions on the regular otj
eleven are at work ufternoons at Bridge
park, Island, where the preliminary ju
practice is being done. Players to the th
number of twenty from Wheeling, Aet- ?r
navllle, St. Clairsvllie, Bridgeport and
Martin's Ferry are candidates, and from lh
these it Is certain Edwards can pick an
eleven that will cut quite a figure in the '
tri-state radius this season. The candl- go
dates are: eB
Wheelimr-E. Cook. W. Hand]*)), J. ,'j|
HandUn, Echols, Alexander. Klncheloo, >|
Puul. Heck. lai
St. Clairsville?A. McFarland.nurdett. he
Aetnavilie?W. Speeiit, C. McAnlnch,
J. Edwards, W. Edwards, * Edwards, ,
R. Edwards, J. Clynk.
Bridgeport?Barret!. JJJ
Martin's Ferry?M. Grey. T1
80 far, only two guinea have been wl
scheduled for the Wheeling grounds, tu
the opening: game mentioned in this nr- ?!
tide, and one on Saturday, October 9, ;!?,
with Union College. Manager Edwards to
Will schedule more games for the nit
Wheeling grounds than wero seen in <
past seasons, uml the opposing attrae- th
lions will Ineludo the best aggregations Jo
af the trl-state nectlon. }*
- of
A Kfltcellaneona 9ft>aii|? of jtftnor Mat su
tera from SUrilull'i Metropolis. j
Yesterduy afternoon the people . of hn
Moundsvilie and surrounding towns he
witnessed the most interesting ball JJJ
Came of the season. The lawyers lined tei
up against the newspaper men. The f.
following were the players: Lawyers? {Jj
Hits, pitcher. John Bryson, catcher;Will 0?
Ewlng, first base; Stldger. second base;
Parsons, third base; Will Melghen,right ;
Meld; Tobln, centre field; Showacre.left or
field; A. Hooton, short stop; Evans,sec- JJJ
and catcher. Newspaper Men?Man- fo
ning, pitcher; Taylor, catcher; Blair,
first base; Conner, second base; Lalng, ha
third base; Gallaher, short stop; Mayor nr
Purdy, right field; McElroy,centre field: lni
Burchlnal, left field; Shaw, second
catcher. All played their places In a
professional manner and the only oxcuse
for the score running up was the
excellent batting. Tim Stilwel) umpir- rn
ed the game and showed himself to be jlc
an impartial umpire. The umpire do- j
clared the game off in the last half of to
the ninth Inning, when the lawyers, Bi
who were at the bat. changed the order ]
of their men at the bat so their best so
batters would always do the work. The 1
score stood 21 to 27 In favor of the on
newspaper men.
Mayor W. R. McDonald and Marshal
Albert McGary, of Cameron, were ar- ai
rested and tried before Squire Mann,
last Thursday, for trespass. Simpson &
Showacre appeared foi* the prosecution vvi
nn<] J. Howaril Holt for the defense, vll
The town council had passed an antl- Sc
club ordinance and the mayor and mar- '
Hhal under the authority of that ordl- {"<
nance, arrested the proprietors of two JJJ
clubs and fined them each $50 and thirty
days In Jail and closed up their es- 6V
tabllshments. The club men wnen they \y
had served their time In Jail had tho nli
mayor and marshal arrested. Tho <
squire decided the ea?p yesterday and ha
bound tho mayor and marshal over to wl
appear before the grand Jury. I"1
Miss Ocle Dakan's musical class gave ]u*
i concert ut the opera house. Thursday an
night. The heavy rain kept many peo- (
!>le at homo and consequently the at- dn
endance was small. But It was given ntt
jver again last night and a good house J
was there to get the benefit of the feast frc
jf iTiusic prepared for them. The enter- rel
lalnment was first class and Miss Da- 1
nan deserves great credit for the way
ihe has brought tho class out. J
Daniel Simpson, now of North Dako- no
:e. but formerly a resident of Blair's In
Ridge, this county, passed through this I
?ity Thursday, on his way <o his old Mi
home, whore he will remain a few rat
nonths with his parents and friends. ^
The grounds about our new high mc
school building have been put in fine j
shape. The new brick walks and pave- no:
rnents along with the nicely graded hi?
pard, add much to the appearance of \
ho beautiful building. na
The Epworth League gave a social at J
:he home of William Blake, Thursday v"
svenlng. Owing to the heavy rain there 1
ivere not very many present, but those a
that were present report an excellent
Misses Kate and Agnes Hnlpln are
homo from Cairo, where they wero enraged
In the millinery bualnea*. They
Have closed out their stock at Cain),
und will open up a store at Williams- 81?
:own. CI'
Tho miners are at work In forcc and
ill orders are bolng filled at the coal
jhaft. The farmers will haul away ,1 t J
?reat deal of coal next week for use an,
luring the winter. I
The Woman's Christian Temperance tlx
Union of this city, is making extensive <Ju:
preparation* to entertain the state con- C
/ontlon, vSeptember 20 to October 1. Jjjjj
Rev. 8. J. Cotton will preach to the
Independent Order of odd Fellows to- fxi
norrow evening at tho Methodist Epls- n
. opal church. J
Dr. W. J. Curney left yesterday morn- in
Ing, on the early train, for a few days' of
,islt wlfh friends at Fairmont and Koyler.
Mrs. Jessie Harris, of Turtle Creek. J
Pa.. haH returned homo, after a week's jt
,'lslt with her Bister, Mrs. C. A. Weaver, rl*
C. C. Mathews Is attending tho Marihaii
county flunday Bohool convention, *
which Is In session at Iiowman'a Itldge. ^
Miss Mottle Justice and her sister, ('Jr
Laura, both of Ohio, are visiting Dr. ~
EV. A. Williams.
Miss Etta Court wrlght will return tlo
,'rom Grafton, to-day, for a few week's (Jnl
/Im11 at home.
The Demorost Medal Contest nt the am
Woman's Christian Temperance Union r
liU to-nlKbt. tl0'
Th?* bricklayers arc at work putting
ip tho walls of If. Kearnon's new resl- (
lence. vol
John W. Crow and wife, of Pleasant
Galley, were in the city yesterday. ^
Hohool opens Monday and tho chll- wo
Iren are preparing to enter. He
John Ooudy, of Limestone, was a call- ,ul
?r In thn city yesterday. Jf1
P. H Hlalr won In Wheeling yosterday |.'r
in legal business, k),
Miss Anna Iloolon I* visiting friends lat
n Pittsburgh). no
Mrs. J. II. McLure Is visiting In ft'!
EVhNllftg 1 n
Miss Ifilla Harris whs In Wheeling f
. ?' i <ln v. nci
Colonel lien Wilson was In (he clly sul
restenluy, 1,11
OA?TOniA. Ml
icuninti*m~cbrou ?'. luiuculsr auJ H-italca,
ith Nauralaiti due it will quick- D U p
remove til loruia o! bodllv (>eiu ~
jjfjUU Moati.r 26 ccnU. Wb#n io doubt,
lie to Prof. Muoyon. M*A Arch * treat, Phil*
Iphia, Pa.. (or free m?qjf I advice.
ma llama from the l?lveljr luduatrlnl
With the dawning of next week thli
wii will after several cloud-hidden
oona jump into the full glare of proarity.
All the mills and Industrie* here
tout* will be in operation, and a glance
iross the river to the anioke atacks ol
ellalre, or those at the Riverside 01
wer steel works, will cheer the heart oi
e mout disconsolate. Tho Wvaralda la
inulng to beat tho band, is building u
iw plant, no matter what It la, but on
Bclal authority will employ & large nuinr
of men. The Wheel!ng steel and iron
irks will b? in full awing Tuesday at the
lest. The puddlers went on yeaterday,
e steelworkera are billed for Monday,
id the local coal banks have resumed,
the prospects scorn as good for this Inlatrlal
town as out in tho country, where
e wheat-grower ia king.
rhe old street lamps have been put to
od advantage by the cltlsens fortunate
lough to secure them, and have been
ed In majiy eases to shed light along
e dark uMey?. fn front of one house or
Cantucky Heights" there Is an eleotrlc
mp and two old-timers, and this rockwn
avenue at night Is as light oa day,
hen Tienwood Incomes more opulent the
{eights" may be part of a park,
rho two Uenwood sohools, under the
w principals, Profs. Carrigan and florin,
have completed their aecond week.
10 attendance has been only fair, not
fiat It should be. A feature In tha fure
will be the reorganisation of the Mceohen
and Benwood school aysttms, so
at a pupil who moves from one part of
wn to another can enter a clasa similar
me UUO HO ICII) WIUIUUI Hituinoence.
Julte a share of tho legal business of
Is county Is falling Into the hands of
slah Sinclair, of Sinclair & Felley, who
now devoting more of his time than
recent years to his law practice. If?
engaged In several Important criminal
bos which will come up at the next term
court, as well as a large grist of civil
1 damage suit against a saloonlst hero
s been entered in the circuit court by
woman, who claims he sold liquor to
r son, a habitual drunkard, after being
imed to the contrary. The papers In
e case were Issued by Sheriff Doyle ye?rday.
rho M. & W. Deegans cross bats with
a Drovers' Home Stars to-morrow mornk'
on the Riverside grounds. Jack Mc?e
will pitch for the former team, nnd
>d Landers says the 8tara will bo a
rhe property known as the Jerry Flynn,
Uad*r. located on the east side of Main
ar Sixth street, will be sold this mornK
at the Moundsvllle court houso at a
reed sale.
rho three gypsy camps at Hoggs' nin
,ve been located there now over a week,
id have done a thriving business, tellK
fortunes and swapping horses,
rhe sewerage contract of Walter Du?
,n for sewering the various streets and
leys specified Will likely be completed
Is evening.
The Robert Morgan farm, near fiherrd,
will be sold at tho Moundsvllle court
iuso this morning.
Ed Iinebcrger has returned from a visit
Warnock. Ohio. Sho used to live nt
Fresh paint Is being extensively used on
veral Main street business houses.
3. M. Melghen, of Moundsvllle, was here
i business yesterday.
I Sort* of Local Niwiaud Gossip From
the Glaia C'Mr.
Hie Capitol base imll team, of this city,
II play two exhibition games at Harm-silo
next Friday nnd Saturday Jacob
hlndcwolf will manage the team.
rhe public schools, which have been dialled
for the pas? week on account of
e heat at noon, will be kept in until the
ual time hereafter.
rhere was n danco In Armory hall last
onlng, a nnmber from Bridgeport and
heellnir attending. Anton La Hoche fur
inea me music.
?harlea Bralnard and William Wyatt
,ve returned from Washburn's cirrus,
th which they have been traveling the
st seaaon.
him. Edwin Thomas and children, of Conbus,
have roturned home after a pioust
visit with relative! in tho Fifth ward.
?. W. Dickena returned homo yeatery
from Toledo, O.. where ho haa been
ending tho bankora' convention.
.Ira. Mary Sutton has returnod home
>m Iowa, whero sho haa been vlaltlng
atlvea for several montha paat.
Z. W. Yerlam left yesterday afternoon
New Waterford, O., to remain for two
*ks with relatlvea.
larry Steele, formerly of this cliy, but
w of Rlatersvllle, la the guest of friends
tho First ward.
t. B. Wllklnaon haa bought the Mrs.
iry Olnkeney property, on North Del>nt
V. F. Lltten haa returned hom? from
ickshurp, where ho has been for n
>nth paat.
. N. Grafton will leavo shortly for Mlnsota.
where ho gooa for the benefit of
i health.
'eHterday was pay day at the blast furce,
and for the men at the steel works,
ohn M. Davla and wife, of this city, ore
iltlng friends In Chicago.
nem nan oeen a newiy orgunizcu root
II team In this city.
irlngton....FAlR PLAT, 6 p. m.
itersvllle.. ,OU YANDOTTE, 11 a. m.
trlngton....FAIR PLAY, 3:30 p. m.
Alonf landing.
rho mark? at fl p. m. showed 1 foot 2
ho* and stationary. Weather, cloudy
il warm.
.ast ntght a slight rise was felt here,
result of Thursday's rain, which was
Ito general In the upper river country,
'aptaln John Crockard, of the wharfit,
has returned from Parkersburg,
ere he superintended the repairs to the
larfboat The boat has received such
enslve repairs Mmt she Is fully as good
[ raft us she whs six years ago. when
> first entered the raging Ohio. She will
brought to Wheeling as noon as there
rnouKh water to allow the navigation
a totvboat.
Hirer Trleframi*
fOROANTOWN-River <? feet r, Inches
1 stationary. Weathor fair; mercury 70.
'ARK KRJJRURG?Ohio river 2 feet and
lug. Weather cloudy and mercury 75.
tie Kanawha Is stationary.
IROWN8 VILLR?lUver 4 feet inches
1 rising.
VARRiaN?River at low water mark,
>IL CITY?River 4 Inches nnd station\
Clear nnd pleasant.
IR1KN8DORO 'River I foet and stanary.
Fair nnd cooler. The Adam Jais
and Florence llcll due down SaturJames
<}. lllalne and Hudson up.
TB)U HRNVILLE?River 1 foot 4 Inches
1 rising. Cloudy nnd warm.
'ITTBOtfROH?ltlver 1.6 foot and stanary.
Clear nnd cool.
)WINO to overcrowding nnd bad
nidation, the air of the schoolroom Is
en close and Impure, and teachers
d pupils frequently Huffcr from lung
<1 throat troubles. To all such wo
mid say, try Chamberlain's Cough
medy. For coughs, colds, weak
igs and bronchial troubles no other
nedy can compare with It. Hays A.
Freed, superintendent of schools,
alrle Depot, Ohio: "llnvlng some
owledgo of the efllchcy of Chnmbern's
Cough Remedy, I have no hcsltnn
In recommending It to nil who suf
from coughs, lung troubles, etc."
r sale by druggists.
40 man or woman can enjoy life or
otnpllsh much In this world while
Toting from n torpid llvor. l>oWilt's
tIt* lCnrly Risers, the pills that cleanse
it organ, quickly. Charles R. Ooolsn,
irket and Twelfth streets; (Minthum
ulslr, Forty-slith nnd Jacob streets;
10. Schsele, No. 007 Main street; Km
Itros., Penn and Bane streets; Howie
Co., Bridgeport. I
, ! WKAP8- QEO. E. STIP1U, A CO.
Geo. E. Stifel & Co.
Are You Looking for a
tit's almost too hot to think of wraps,' yet there
are those who are going away or wanting
wraos last now. To these we would say that
fwe now have .?? j? jt j?
in stye and color, and in such variety that we
will fit both person and purse to your entire
Black Dress Goods.
There's a vast difference in blacks, and
as the best is sold at the same price as the inferior, insist on
the best being had. New Repps, Cords, Diagonals, Bengalees,
Mohairs, Mohaircnes, Basket Goth, Jacquards, Serges,
etc., 48c, 55c, 65c, 75c, $1.00 to $3.00 a yard. Handsome
Silk Grenadines cheap.
what ^ In Silks******
Colored Dress Goods There's such: a variety that we
Do you want ? can hardly speculate on any
We are almost prepared to one weave. All handsome,
say that if it can't be found new and in assorted colors,
here, it's not to be had. Hun- Specially new just now is the
dreds of pieces in the new Bayadera, Roman and Bengaweaves
and colors, Armures, line Stripes, plain Renescure
Ponnc Camel Hair. Scotch Benealines, Fancy Taffetas,
4,vrr' ? r _
Novelties, Barre, Bengaline, etc. A special line of 19-inch
Carreau, Plaids, etc, at 45c, two-toned taffetas for lining at
55c, 68c, 75c to $2.50 a yard. 50c a yard.
Geo. E. Stifel & Co.
Is surely coming. If you can't see it,
there is something wrong with your eyes, flave
them proDerly looked after by
AN I) BUILDERS. can set type. Apply at this office
The Board of Directors of the Industrial "IITANTBI^-OIRIj FOR OENERAL
Home for Girls will receive at the Traders' ?T housework; small family; good
Hotel, Clarksburg, W. Vi., on or before wages. 140 South Perm street selG*
10 u. m., September 21, 1897, proposals for -J....?~?f?7the
erection of the Industrial Home for . HOUSEOIrl?v
according to plans and specifics- a ?OTBPvU,n^ .e*PcrJ'
tlons, and blank forms of fclds. which can J?0"1 5? "; J*?'??,?0? glvon. Address
be secured where plans are on exhibition. - E> ** ' care of Intolllgoncer offloo, aslg*
Drawings and specifications may be seen "\I7*ANTBD?AGENTS 130 TO t5* a
?? ??< ?' Fmnihclm. (!le,cy ft FnrK !o wrk, cSfpiU*
Wheeling \V \ a.. omen Or Necroiary ui nrpiwj, new kuu<ih; iiuw |iiiui; ?iiu ? .
Stale I'h'urleston. W. Va.; ihoc store of ?lnht: every Family m?1i It. J10UBEBa.toblo
ft Andiraon. Parkonbure, W. HOLD BPEC. CO., Cincinnati, Ohio. ]y*4?
Va ; nhoriiri olDC. MarUnabul*,, W. V?.: "*tVanted?ONTS LIVE, ENERGETIC
at tho odlco of jamaa "CW*{. >Y man to aril fllnjcr Mucklno* and
Huntington, W. Va.. andW \an tnko charge of cnliectlona-ln a town of G.000
"SL" (? r,0rr- r to reflect Inhabitant. In Ohio. Call on or addraa.
The board rcunrvl thjirljfcl to W? THE B1NOER MFO. CO.. No. 70 Twelfth
KSldukl? XjXlrZ to'TJi. ?"?' Wheeling W. Va. ?? ??
All qucHtlonx in reranl to the plan* and * AA-WANTKP MEN AND WOMEN,
peclrtcatlon* should be addrefjed to the jy younte and old, to work for u# In thejr
architect*, Fransheltn* Olewy A: hurls. own homea In vparo tlm?, day or ?v*nln*.
Wheeling, W. Va. "Wo pay 110 to 115 per week. No canvaw1URRIET
B. JONB8, rro?. jnfC Any child can do the work. 8?nd
JEROME HADDOX. B?v y nddrwB to-day. We tend work at once.
BTIL.LMAN YOfMO. Treai. A. ORIPP. Dept. 272. Tyrono, Pa.
MRS. R. 8. OARDNBR. 1 1 11
Convict Labor to LgL t??r salk-onb and one-half
V/UIIT ,Vi LUUUI tv UV/U lot In Or??n?ood cemetery; fin* loca
Uon; corner lot; adjoining best Improvement*
in cemetery. Addreas CEMETERY
Sealed bid* will be received nt the We*t lot, euro Intelligencer office. aplt
Virginia Penitentiary. at Moundsvlllo. W. __^0 OA, ?
Va.. until 12 o'clock meridian, on the LrUrt bALL,
twelfth day of October, 1OT. for the labor J.'
of 100 to 125 male convicts for a period not
from""""h ,lay * few choice lots at edqihgtor.
w"h ?tai5hwith4?i?Srtty,,|o KTSffiSS! tUEAP AND 0!? EA" IERH1
tlon of the board of director* that the bid- .. urine
d??r will comply with the term* of hl? bid, ** v*
If It Is accented, and be Wiled up and ad- ^
dre**ed to the warden, Indorsed "Bid for flank Ilallrflnf, 1.100 Market St.
Labor." '
Second?Each bid ahall specify the nrll- Q A T ~m
cle* proposed to be manufactured and the -l-\J KJJTa?i L.J, H I,
number of square feet of ihop room which _____
will 1h? required, and If steam power 1m ktw tini'SF *
required, tho amount of power and prlco i* Ronth kumn Stri*??
per day they are willing to pay therefor, JS
and ahall bo unconditional liniH Itoom
Third?The price per day for each ron- Stone Fminrfittlrm
vict ehall bo apeclrfed. and If a different Hiiui fw ^
price per day la atated for different periods, Diai" oach
period and price mur>t be ao alated. ? . ^ ^ j"** maoia.
that one may be accepted and tho other Possession given Octobcr 1
rojeoted. ?
Fourth?if the person bidding desires to , _ _ _ ______ ^-nrr,
mnnufni'luro different clafnes of article*. u|fj\A/ADr} l-l ATI F I I
the labor to he employed on acn must bo ? iv/rvniit/ 1 \r\c*1 1 9
b Fmh-ConNMcta^wlll labor nine (9) hour* Exchange Bank Building,
a day. rroma, itoNita awi> inte*tsikwt?.
l?y order of the Board of Director* 1 - - - 'mm,
sel& & A. HAWK. Warden.
I .ion HKNT-LAROE rit< ?NT I? -?-M ?. _ ,
} at fc> South Broadway, both n.** *. Office of Oty Tax Collector,
Enquire on Ih. pr.n.t.?, ->? Wh^fnlr". hSp?U' II*.
171011 nKNT?BBVKHAT, noon ftOOMfl Nn! Irn I. hereby irlvcn thut th. city lur.
1 In III. nty n?nk Ilullitlng. Inqulro nt for 1*57 will It* du. nml [?yib)? nt th*
the Ctty Htnk of wnMUItf. inrW _ offlon ot t?n> Clly ColUctnr, ruhllo nulla.
I.I.Ht HKNT-IIRHT Of I'iri: ftOOM IN !5*. J*Jr.fVH/HL"fS*
1^ the rltv (area ana nii-ntv of light: 'n,f n'* their toxea nn> da) during tho
centrally locatedTfn t>e*t advertised build- Month of October will l?ei entitled to n dl?Inx
In the cltv. Aluo lan:- hall for rent, omint of 1 per cent onclty taxea.
Apply at Iftrff CLOTHfERfl, Koiirleenth Tho taxes on real Mtate will bear Internal
Market Ntreete Ja?l e*t from Noveml.er .L 1WT. ?t 10 j>er cent
11 . per annum until paid. Save 12 per cant by
paying on time.
. ' ae!7 <*u>- dollectM
E. E. WORTHEN. i>Ki>r.Mrri(>N oi' IVWIWOK
E.. c.. wwninun, BLECTIUC LWUTLOAM.
The holder* of the above named bond*
DENTIRT. are hereby untitled that the follow ing nutn >
: 3 ber* have been called, namely* 17, ?*, W,
m . i m M?. m ? Mi 2'. It. U "f otto hundred dollar*
P^body BulMhif, Room No. 301. each; 111 n*. >v. 119, if?. 199. ry w, Ud,
lrtl. US? 170 of five nUndfM dbuaffl each;
1120 Mnrkct .Slrool, ,.. Wheeling, W Va,. ana of one thousand dollars, and are payable
October 1. W7, at which dale they will
-riat rt?vAt(irr Ivl) eeaae to bear Interest, llotidft and coupon*
miii I-., paid at the lunk of the Ohio ValrplIK
1 l:.l?l)Uiblmnt-N??t,?.cululiMii.Miipl. .rll Ki.Ut-rilK' 1.1UI1T J.OAN.

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