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Stone &
Well Worthy of Y
New Veilings.
Alt tho Latest Novelties, embracing
plain Mallgncs, Tucks, Brussels, Neta,
also all the Latest Fancy Dot Veiling,
Saturday from 15c to $1.00 yard.
Fancy Hosiery.
Ladles' extra long Roman Stripe Hoho;
also Scotch Embroidered Plaids and
Fancy Lisle Hosiery, Saturday special
at 39c and 49c. I
Toilet Department.
Saturday's Specials:
Woodbury's Facial Cream for the Complexion
at 19c. I
Lettuce Cream 23c.
Belezalre's Flno Triple Extracts, all
odors, Saturday at 19o oz.
Silk Waists.
Figured Taffeta Silk Waists, all colors,
white collars, a special for Saturday
only at $4.45.
Ladies' Skirts.
O? Brocaded Taftota Silk, yards
wide, perfect liangineu, Saturday at
Stone &
PICK.... ??ly5!ofa
mirr,ur Bowsform'
'4'-' 1 V>l\. medium and
Instead of ONE, we giv<
Umbrella Weather I
Is here. Wo buy umbrellas,
not by the dozen, but by the hundred. g
Serviceable ones at 73c, 98c, $1.29, $1.47, '
$1.69, 11.89, and up to your hlgheat ex- '
pectatlons. Among the new ones tire the '
fumoun DENT. Those arc positively
guaranteed to bo crack and water-proof.
Lightest, strongest and closest rolling
of all umbrellas.
After the Rain,
Cooler weather. This means
Increased activity in tho Cloak and
Dress Goods departments. Wo have n
pretty good opinion of these two stocks,
would llko to have yours also?think It
would coincide with ours. An entire section
of Plaids?greatest variety In
year??12%c'yard to $2.50 ynrd. .
Short Fur Capes In entirely '
new and decidedly novel shapes, nil the
way up to $50.00 for Ileal Seal
New "Top Coat."
Covert and other suits Just In I
tor tn 11 wear?$12.90, $13.75, $J5.H5 and I
118.75 per suit. All handsomely, lined, | (
JZj^No let up to our Chinas
from the "War
Geo. M. Sn
FA till HATO-I
J j I Wt Mil Ml VS WOMMO CAM nm UK.
Ill _
7 1320 and 1832 Mark*
I3-ST0NM & THOMAS. _____
Thomas. i
our Inspection. |
Fall Ribbons. j
'lalds, Checks, Roman Stripes, Molret, i
etc. All tht? newest colorings. Satur- I
day at 19c, 29c and 39c.
New Plaid Belting.
.ateat Novelty Beautiful Colorings,
Saturday at 35c and 39c.
The Jouvin.
,adloB' 1-button, Fancy Embroidered
Stitching, In Rod, Tana and Green, j
Special Saturday price per pair 75c. *
Jewelry Department, i
Selegant new styles In Ladles' Hal j
Pins with jeweled centers, Emeralds, j
Rubles, Amethysts, etc., 50c and $1.00 j
values, Saturday at 25c ond 50c.
Dressing Sacques. ]
lade of Fine Flannelette, In checks anij i
stripes, ruffle all round, all sizes, $1.00 ]
value, Saturday at 75c. j
Wrappers. \
Jest Foulard and Simpson's Grey an;1 ^
lllanb- Hrlnlu 1\HaA llnlna* flnlahrtri J
seams, extra wide skirt. A Saturday 4
scf'if at 03c. , J
:en here?Figured China Silk
in, women and boys. Dark, 1
light colors.
2 you THREE for 25c. r
Druggets and Rugs.
Entire now lines. Here are
ome of them: Bromley Druggets, sizes g
1x9 fret, 7',6x9 feet, flxlO'/j foot and 9x12 J.'
'eet. Smyrna Druggets, sizes 6x9 feet, J
'Vl-XlOH feet and 9x12 feet. Rugs and t
Mats In the following: Mohair Plush, t
Daghe.Mtan, Byzantine, Moquette, Wll- '*
on, Axmlnster and Jnvanoese. It will *
niuniy i> 10 your iniorcBi 10 sne mn *
low lines before buying. Prleei?, wo bo. ^
leve, are lower than elsewhere, but even
t price* were Just the same, the mas- <
llfleenco of our variety In GOOD <|
STYLES ONLY should Hecure ua your J|
Ituj? find Drugget buslnoaj. J
Even in Notions ' j
And Bmnll Wares, Newness f
s the watchword. Roman Htrlpo and
rartan Plaid Hosiery, Hells and lllbi
mihh, Clasp Kid Qloves with puffed fln* ,
<? rn, Fancy Veilings, Collars find Cob '
an-tti'H, Corsets, I Inndkorrhlcfs, J,
1i'lim, Chatelaines, I'ompudoui *
?ornbs, etc.
varc busin:ss. New things 1
wick" daily. }
look & Co.'
i?i f
It Miy Have Sccri J"| j
Bolter Days. 1 >< >
(M (
\V? humii tli" MuiMiiM-r 11-it but II , .
Iiiolti' 'If I dolly "off" now hotliT '
miiim' in ii ii< | fn'ub'Mi up your out fit i ?< >
with nti? i?f our Hiwsnt fnII styl" <M.
hiii--oIIIk t ?.?Iff 'ii noft they're o
tl < eorn i t New York styles tin* Ou ,
l Ii III nil'.I th< kind of hat" Mint ( I, >
?1 Wh>m unir kooiI mid look nlni IN
lor Only'IH(, SI,HI and SI,90. |M |
Kvery h?i in Union made, (y ( ,
t Btr-int, Whittling J ' J,
tzttxtttzstttttz 88 1
# I
4 At the Tennessee Centennti
11 be Observed Handsomely
< >
Goes to Nuhvllla a Few Days Uefoi
( Time Set for the Mouutaln State, I
i , htr '40, and will Make Arraugen
< I forth* Ceremonies?Gov. Atktuaoi
( ? Htairare to Atteuil, a nil the Kuoall
( > to Make au A dilrcn.
, \
* * Though there Is no organized r
* * ment on foot toward a large repres
} tion of the dweller? of the "Mau
Slate" at the Tennessee oentennlal
sillon, at Nashville, on Wednesday
^} tober 20, "West Virginia Day," It 1
( , unlikely that before the event ooc
, > goodly number of West Virginians
{> resolve to visit the southern city
5 day. If the railroads hang out suff
?* inducements It Is certain a large ni
will go from this state for "West
ginia Day."
% Governor Atkinson has issued c
? to the members of hJs staff to repi
Huntington, Monday, October 18, lr
to take the train which leaves the S
City over the Chesapeake & Ohio
road at 1:30 o'clock Jn the afternoor
sides the governor und his staff ther
go Major Randolph Stalnaker an
other of the West Virginia fair
ml sal oners, twelve In all. Major
naker is president <?f the 'board ot
inissloners, and will personally sup<
the arrangements for that day. He
" * present in communication with the
>nJ timore & Ohio railroad relative to a
oat ing low rates, and hopes to meet
ips. success. The Ohio River road, too,
tilt) malra o /innnrtaulun Ha will If?av
[ EBusiness
\ hhR Sensible.
> KaaSjuM Inglish fnamtl
[ H Heavy Vid Kid
gmmoo* Calf $3.JO.
^^^BwGr Equal to any
Kmtffl five Dollar Shoe.
? $ ' ,-$y Shoe Seller.
>t IQ49^Mal^St^
" "w-, *'
Do You
A great ninny rases of hei
che aro caused by some defect In tho
ractlon of the eyes? It is u fact: c
th?BO C?SI>B (an b0 relieved aim
riHtanUy by the nun of proper glaan
M'o1} c"nil,,'"ion ?<
'Ptlclon for Dillon, Wheal I Handler I
I. 0F P1AN0S'-^' i
Wo have Just placed an j
ordnr for anothor carload S
of Ludwlg Pianos. Thoy 5
will arrlvo within a week
and may bo seen in our ;
Wo havo already proven
that when we advertise
ordering a carload of pianos
or three carloads that '
tho pianos corao.
F. W. Baamer Co. j
Otllcu: Nun. 30 find 27 Fourteenth Stro
New Advr rtlacmrnta.
For Rent? Jamer L. Hawley.
A Particular Housewife?Geo. W. Jol
on's Sons?Second Pago.
List of Letters.
Adams Express Company,
Bright Men and Women.
Notice?C, B. Colborn.
West Virginia Stato Fair Premiums.
T^a & Perrlns* Sauce.
Now Independent Cincinnati Packet.
Mount do Chantal.
New Holland Herring and Russian 8
Ines?H. F. Behrens Co.
Tho Strange Schemes of Randolph ^
City Tax Notice.
Fresh Supplies of School Books?Sti
on's Old City Book Store.
New York Polish?It. H. List.
Pick Quick?Goo. M. Snook & C(
Ilghth Page.
Saturday's Special Rems?Stone
Tjomas?Eighth Page.
You'll Like Our New Suits?Leo Bar
eighth Pace.
We Will Tell You-Prof. II. Shei
eighth Page.
To-morrow til* Opora llouio Hand hn
prrlnl innate pr??yrnninir, comnienrlli|(
I.1U p. m., null the I'nrk, with Its in
iltr, liluyclo excuraton liont niuuu
rut Caalno and many natural nttri
loua, 1?m? unlurit for It the ri'putatlou
lie Pride of the IM1I0 Valley.
Flrit dan Dlrali and Ilefreahinei
Tli?? \V. & R. G. It. It. Will make lionc
rip*. Ilountl trip. Including ailmlaali
a cent a.
Npeclnl arrangements for plrnlra, Im
T. ... 1 llnlr.fl'll
milh atrrrf, and for tenpln parties I'm
elephnue 047*4*
We have jnit opmrd our fall aim
otti|ii-<nlnv nil the ne*r nov?lllri fit Nh
iiu* Trouaerlnga, Fmiff Vratlnga a
Ivrrrnntliiitiii illicit w* are preparrd
link** up on nliort notice. The atyllali
irarancr, ??imI 111, durability mul nil
illafiM'tlun of onr Karmriilala our re|i
ulIon. I'rlrea of our Suiting tlila t
t ill lie 940.00 antl up. Tronarrlnga $5,
ml up. Our^riiti' Kuriilahlng ilrui
unit la roinplelr. The brat gooila
nwrai price*. Ageiita for the Fame
fnroa llyglclllfl Ultdertrenr.
C. UK** A. HOXH,
'aahlonalile Tallora and l^rnta' Furula
era, 1341 ami 1.T4.I Market Mtient.
'nttaril hv reading the artf-pralalng a
it aclf-natue.d optical eiperta (I), di
or* (l)i profeaanra (I) and clairvoyant*
mi be cured without publicity liv *,
nihil, Optician.
Wafer Kent Notice.
'o water consurnora owing water ronl
Notice In hereby given that on Oc
?or 1, 181*7, tho water will bo shut
mm all ronBUtnora, owing two or hi
IIIh, "Wo nro now having the ml
Itv lnnpoctod rind havo found novo
Kindred hydrantN out of repair, und
mi i be Immediately repaired on
lolpt of a notice dollvorod by the
pootore, or the wut.or will ho shut ofl
John io. Bohnllhane, Becrotary.
til t.'lerlt Hohrrlann's Office.
YeBtorday In <"*l'?rk TtolmrtNon'H ofl
ho following trnnntcr of rntl r/rtato w
Ijfi-d, nrnde floptomhor 1(1,1RI*7; by ,T.
iph J. Powtor and wife to \V. ,1. Cli
in in; consideration IraiiHfer* pa
r |itin I und 2 in equare I'o, in .Iok<
'it Id well addition.
tlrnl F.itafe Valea.
H. N on hit I, Jr.. Mold tho Dean propo
n Myron fit root t<? Mm. Mary Hpru
tank and Win. Hhorfeno for
looro farm, iwnr Itonoy'H Point, !< M
lendomou i Ion toll f"r $000 J tin* .four
i*?iMi"r property on Twenty-ninth nit
o Win. (Iraiiain; tho Krodorlak I
roporty on Twenty-ninth ntrnet to Jr
illrkolN for $1100; tho noiltIt luilf of
</??. ,'l mi Wllfton frftei't, for .John W
o Wllhelm Mldmlller, for $M0| four I
n Hchoolilf & l?'?la iiihlltIon on L
itreet forfswoj pun of lot No, 0 on V
irot i, for Henry (\ ('aidwell to Fi
rlok t'onraU, for Siioo.
H'Knwim the | U'eilcy EufrrtaliiiiieiU
at I lie .HccoiiiI Proiluclluu-utytu wltll
" Morn Ftulali?Matinee To-tlay.
The Opera House held a much larger
audience last night for the second proifrii
ductlon of the historical entertainment
AEI\ "Life and Times of John Wesley," given
for the benefit of Zane street church,
e the under the direction of Mrs. H. E. MonDoto
roe, of Philadelphia. And the entej;talni?ni?
ment was also a greater success, artt?tlci
>ud ally, being rendered with more finish, i
iv? la large attendance was as much a
pource of pleasure to the promoters as
the efforts of the performers were to (he
nove- audience, which filled the theatre, exenta
cePlln? a small space In the gallery. This
ntaln afternoon a matinee performance will be
given at 2 o'clock, and It Is almost nsexpo
eureti that It will be well attended. The
Oc- committee In charge has every renson to
is not be thankful, and It doubtless Is for the
nra ? liberal patronage and to all those taking
urs a part.
1 way The audience last night was delightthai
fully entertained. The explanatory lecIclent
tures ot Mra' Monroe were In themselves
. a treat, Interesting and Instructive, and
m her remarks were fitting Illustrated by
Vlr- the splendid etereoptlcon views. The
trend of the entertainment has been pretrders
viously explained in these columns, It
art at being typical of the eighteenth century
i time and reflective of a great religious period
econd Q( that age, when the Methodist church
rail* had its birth. The principal characters
?. 13e- mo (he Wesleys, John and Charles, the
e will former taken by Mr. Hentley Jones and
d the the latter by Mr. S. Elson Brewster, both
com- of whom repeated the successes scored
Btnl- on tho former evening.
Nashville October 16.
The programme for "West VIi
Day" has not yet been outlined.
Co. will be attended to by Major Stall
? long before the pilgrimage Is mad
fact, It will be the first thing arrt
upon his arrival at Nashville. It
I ready settled that Governor Atk
will mako an address upon this oca
and that there will be addresses
some of the West Virginia commit
Thp present excursion rates
Wheeling to Nashville over the
River, connecting with the Chesa]
& Ohto, Is $12 80, on three days
week.Thls Is A. low rate, but It Is po:
IfiL that the effort to do better would I
fif compllshed If a sufficient numb
kiF pledged to make the trip for this p;
ular event. It would seem approj
to have a big crowd.
A Phase In the ( nan of William E
Who Stole n Illcyolr.
William Davis, who was arrest'
Wheeling by the police for selll
stolen bicycle to IT. Vale, In Bellalre
given a hearing yesterday before ft.
Williams, at Bellaln. It seems th
B. Chambers, of West Alexander,
for whom Davis used to work, haa
sympathy for the young man and d
his Imprisonment sent him small
<?f money to procurc other things
the prison fare afforded. This gem
^ ty was rewarded by Davis eteall
u1l7wid liuni v^iuiiiiut is mat uau
? night.
Mr. Chambers got a cluo nnd
r Davln arrested In Wheeling Thur
He confessed hie guilt but refused
to Pennsylvania, but was willing
? to Bellalrc. He had made an affl
oL before the mayor that he was the !i
= owner of the bicycle before Mr.
bought It from him, hence two ch
were placed against him there,
in- Chambers got Ills wheel and Mr. V.
the loser of $15 and the thief lose
liberty. Davis was fined $25 and
and given sixty days in Jail for obta
money on false pretenses. In the n
time preparations are being made tc
him back to Pennsylvania and sent
to the penitentiary.
ar* The Coal Theft..
la- As stated In the Intelligencer n
days ago, arredts would shortly be
m- In connection with the recent thel
coal from Baltimore & Ohio cars o
loop at Ben.wood Junction. Ther
four men Implicated, and ycsterdnj
Si of them, William Schrump nnd VI
droves were each fined $10 and cop
r? Squire Riddle. This morning P. H.
dricks and the other man, If sec
will face the music. The thefts wer
of the results of the coal strike,
cars were depleted of their ronl
which were delivered around Ben
m by P. H. Hendricks & Company, hu
?w coal dealers, as river coal, and to
J1^ trate the turn of fate, the first load
sold to Marshal Portcrflold. Susj:
gradually began to hover over
coal dealers, and Baltimore & Ohl(
. , tectlve Short soon took a hand In
proceedings. The railroad com pan
' said to have been robbed of abou
bushels of coal.
rk n? tvn, fined.
Squire Riddle last night fined Ai
Frederick, of Bridgeport, $2 and i
upon a charge of assault nnd bai
ful preferred by Mack Roberts. Botl
ml Riverside tube workers.
to ^
'P| In fit* Court a.
n- Yesterday, In the criminal court,.!
Hugus on the bench, In the case c
n- state vs. George Kmblen nnd Wi
tua O'Neill, after argument a dcmurrei
submitted by counsel for hie def
Criminal court adjourned until
h- day.
In Part TT of the circuit court. I
case of Timothy McCarthy's adn
trator vs. Ellen McCarthy, Mary
Gannon, et al? the cause was ref
to Q. It, E. Gilc hrist, commissioner
w. "*
A I) remit of t'nlr Women.
Tennyson's beautiful poem, "A D
of Fair Women," Is being reho
dally by the young ladles of the c
dral and some remarkable talent I
Ing brought out under the guldnn
irp tho tutor. The play will bo cost
nij historically correct and tho robes
(i11 are belnjj made fur the occasion
rr?. magnificent and will be shown 1o
in. faction with tin- Mid of the calcium
The peoplo of Wheeling will once
be given an opportunity of seolng i
Amateur performance, September
NO need to fear the npproael
i( croup If you have Or. Thomas' Kelt
Oil In tin' house. Never was a case
',N It Wouldn't euro If used at the outs
nn. RUNNING sores, Indolent ulenn
m- similar troubles, even though *?f i
rin years' standing# my be cured by
DeVVIIt's WltOn llafl Hnlve. It fo<
strengthens and heals, It Is tho
pile euro. Charles H, floet*e, M
and Twelfth streets; Chatham Sin
riv Forty-sixth and .lacob streets;
Hebeeb', No. r?(i7 Main street; 1
' I iron., Penn and Zano slrcets; llo\
tho CO,, Hrldg'-port.
,I,h FOR RAIiM?UC South Front, clu
i'i.i M. It. WOL
lu 1 '
,),,, $1 SO. IMIIaliiH'Mli Mini Itrllilll. I
lot Saturday, September 1*. tlu> Main
est a- Ohio will >" )! oxcnrMlon ticket
oIm IMtlsbut'Mh nnd return at rate of
ind | i rituinlng Mitio dny.
''d* Tli lit tfttn m liar ft efiM bn rurrtl
. l)r. nlllim NKItVlu I'LAHTICIt, UnlyW
com- Judge Crunmer, Mr. J. P. llogera and
irvlse Col. Itobert White, an the Judges In the
t Is at "trial scene," could not be Improved
Hal- upon, and Prof. O. Doehn and Mr. Robert
lecqr- Darrah as Dr. Doddridge and the Vicar,
wltb respectively, were beyond criticism,
may Bpace forbids other Individual mention. (
e for for all participants, male and female ret
llected credit upon themselves. The var glnta
loua scenes, the solo and chorus singing,
This and the different allegorical processions, I
laker coupled with the striking costumes, suple;
In plemented very clever acting. The pnmgeil
tertalnment should draw well this after- .
Is al- noon.
inson ' '
tslon* Oli, U'ltat ? inference t
islotv- What a tremendous difference there
was in the weather yesterday and the
from day before! Thursday was hot enough ,
Ohio for July, while Friday's temperature '
peake was rather cooler than is usual in the
each m|ddle of September. The hourly temsslbla
perature record for the two days, shows 1
?e ac- that at 1 p. m. the difference was
er to twenty-two degrees. The record:
"JJ?" Thurs- Frl- DlfTerinate
j Tour. day. day. ence.
7 a. m 72 72
S a. in 78 70 8
9 a. m K2 GO 13 I
10 a. m SS 72 10
' vis, 11 II. m 92 7.1 19
Noon 9.1 74 21
1 p. m % 74 22
ed in 1 n. m ?? "jr. >.<\
incr a 3 p. iti .* i>7 7i>
K 4 p. m 0.1 74 19
. wo? r? p. m do 72 is
I ay or !' m ^ ^
T 7 p. m S2 71 11
ittt J. m
Pa., V. M. C. A. Item*.
gome The gymnasium classes were started
urlng for the w,ntor this week.
Bumf Members ore selling the tickets for
than tht? annua! lecture and entertainment
srosl- cour*eng
>v There will be n watermelon social at
irday the asosclatlon building this evening: at
8 o'clock.
An interesting address Is promised J
sday.' for the young menV meeting at four
to go o'clock to-morrow. All young men will
to go .foe welcome.
Lwful The towllng alleys will be In splendid 1
Vulo 8^aPQ for thf> winter season next week.
_ L They aro belnir re-planed and will bo
"S? suPPll0(1 H0n10 11 ew balls and pins.
J,eh{J BUCKINGHAM'S Dye for the Whl?rost"
kl>r" 18 a P?Pular Preparation In one
Inlnu bot tie, anil colors evenly a lirown or
,??r, black. Any person can easily apply It
1 him Card of Thank*.
We wish to return thanks to Drs. HlldroTh
and Rau, friends, neighbors and
f acquaintance* who have so kindly ns1
slKted us in the bereavement of our eon.
made j^o Hugo. We also desire to thank those
'ts of who attended the funeral and contribt
the ute<* flowers, and Wheeling Lodge No. 23,
e are A* 1T- wfor wordB of consolation.
, fwn All hereby have our heartfelt thanks.
by COCK. t
ur'eVl" Klmlrrunrlf ?i.
e one Mlsi C. L. Tafel's Kindergarten will reTho
open, Tuesday, September 21st, at the
ents. corner of Twelfth and Chapllne streetswood
idden People'* 91 00 Excursion to Cleveland Toillus
I was v|ft Pennsylvania lines from Bollalre on
Jlcion special train at l? ft. m., central time, retheso
turning from Cleveland 7:30 p. m., same
) De- day, Sunday, September 11). See Cleveland
and I<ake Erie In all thMr charms.
It 250 Free to llm Krltool Clilldrrn.
We will make n present to each school
boy and girl who will rail at our store.
. We'll not tell you what it Is. but will
say It is something which will Interest
josts, vou verv much.
ttory, F. W. IIAITMER CO.,
:1 ore 1310 M.irkct Street.
To Colntntinnf Olilo, Account f*rrmait
UdgC Cnflmllr lleiirvolmt Noddy of flirt'. 8.
f the Reptember 10, 17 and 18 the 13. & o.
lllam will sell oxrurBlon tickets to Columbun
. and return nt rate of 14.40, good until
ense September 2fith inclusive.
94 Wheeling f?> CnliiinlMii, O., JVrit
n the Hiimlny.
ilnlH- via Pennflylvanln linen, Kpeelnl trrtln at
Ann < a. ni., city time; return from Colunierred
bus at 10 p. m., name day. $12 round trip.
Mtlllllliy ICtrilllloit (o flrvdi.oil 91 AO fttptcinlirr
roam From ftellalro via Pennwylvnnla lines on
, Hpcclal train nt 0 n. m., central time,
>1 r?o round trip; returning leave Cleveflthe
land name day nt 7:110 p. in.
it be- ** ??
Cp nf IK y on have ever Been a Utile child In a
limed pnroxymn of whooping* cough, or If you
I,,,, have been annoyed by a constant tick.
nro Dim In the throat, you can appreciate
tho value of One Minnie Cough Cure,
lirhi which give* quick relief. Charle* It.
m, r,'. OfictRO, Market and Twelfth ntreetii;
.11.,!, Chatham Hlnolalr, Porty-Hlxth and .)nmo
col) Htrectn; A. I1'. Hchoele, No. 007 Main
nt re. t; Kxley Wron? Penn nnd Zani
, nf atreelM; Howie ft Co., Hrldgeport. r?
?alS' if your heiidoelu M coino from woak cyrn;
!; . ''' a J no ii rin"'"" "in frliove num. Do you
9Xley tinve licndache? I?o your rye* water,
Vie & Mini11 or burn? Horn tho print run to4
gel her wliru rendhut? I'?? IIiIiiiih appear
double, or mixed up? Have n doHim to
>np. rub the e.M'M? TwItoHltl#? Korrihv trouble
irjr or your c.veH ooitMUlt u?. We nuilti' i>I..
ni populnt i"i-11 mhko ii enwftil exnmMl
no lUfillon free of ehnrfie. mill rely oil our
w ' own rkIII nnd not our patleiil.t' fudiiimnt
Imnro or tittHwern,
m to I'onmiltntlon nnd examination free,
$ I 00*
Pnoip, II. MIOIFF,
! ,?ith The Selinltfic OplUlan,
^ / Corntr Main and lOltvontli Blrootl*
We are now showing by far the largest
line" of Boys Clothing ever shown by any
three houses in this state, anc. in almost
every conceivable style, from a strictly AllWool
Suit at $2.00 to the finest hat can
be made. Our special Suit this season will
be our line at $3.l>o( with double seat and
knee and our great Golt Combination Suit,
consisting of suit, extra trousers, cap and
extra buttons, at $4.98. Out of town buyers
upon request will be sent by return
mail sample swatches of these great suits,
and if favorably impressed will, upon request,
express suit with privilege of examination,
and if not satisfactory to be returned
at our expense.
Clothiers, Hatters and Furnishers,
You'll Like Our New Suits,
l v
You'll like thorn for more reasons than we can name here, but
principally becauso they're bo good In look? and quality. Of
course If you don't care what kind of clothes vou wi>nr. vnu
ran buy nn ordinary ready-made suit anywhere and pay as
much for it as we would ask for our finely tailored
If you don't core what you pay, you pen give a merchant
tailor twice our prices for a made-to-measure suit that may not
lit half as well as ours. Our Suits aro designed by artists and
made by skilled tailors. The seams are sewed with heavy
Bilk thread, the Roods are all sponged and shrunk before cutting.
The patterns aro stylish and you can depend on the
wi'urlng quality oL the cloth.
m Lee Baer's ?
Street. CLOTHING HOUSE, Street.
*we mve' made' our reputamn for good*values I
I.mllra' I'lnr Kleillil* l)?i?unln Sltnta, llntfnti mill I.nrr, nil ityln f'4.00 A
1 . >!?'n> Cnlf Hl??r?, foilgiraa mill l.ncr, onr own make ?'4.00 T
' mil 111 111 PHI I VAII Mrii'ilUnvr Nnlr, Rilfinlon Kil(? Nlinri, Ultirli A
> W K VV I lil i jlililj lUU "MiM'olora, for *.??. f'J.fttl, M.OO, M.UOrlglil 7
II u H1UU wuuu ,vw ,||, lo Htnry A.I.mii- *. i o.'? mnltr, llir toral alior
In (lie world for f.1.00. ^
"" T.!S?Hotel Metropole
Warm menla served In their t?rnt atyK (Ml asi mum WW YORK AVI HIT.
Dining rooms cosy and iliug. All snort- **,-..*?? ?,Tv/ m i
irderrooking, nnd prlrra rni-onuliln <miy ATLANTIC CITY, N. JI'HlnUrailt
that provltlt'N ;l flrM-elllM airlrllv nr.| ..Imit In nil III appoint*
"! j'?"assl'",lor' ?.."itVWfirr'.V*
'Mpii-Iihiuh' Hot I.unrh dally. itnnpt Hoof , I RANK II. STAMMi Proprietor*
iini Potatoi , C'olTos, 11 read nnd Uutter, , , ...
n renti. inn < hanged dally. "
J"ir> H, Ultl'HAK i:it, Proprietor. STATION Ell Y, D001C8, WTO.
HWFIllomHATOttfl, ETC. (J 11 QUIMllY, m ||r||t
RHxrniaBiuToi*, ^ fop pl|(fbJ|r.h dm iJgft
* ' , buiith foininoirtnl-Uaaelte, ' ? no
Wo have a few fielding U'ifrlgeralora loft mill Knqulrer, Cominorclal-11 "V l\ ?atarn
mil If prlf" Will move thorn thlH work N< w York nn.l ollior Mn-'li-m nn?i I"1 hoy
will go. I milieu, lilteraiy and Fnahion Mana?mM
III S KS. :IS " I".'? ?(MKjfflf,
an" intm.^atkgQ
1210 Main Btroot. riilN'ilNU OlTICK,

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