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~ - ? -
Stone & Thomas
AUTUMN, 1897.
New fabrics for Dress wear. Thousands of yards of new
French Fabrics on our counters.ready for your inspection. It is
easy to give you. the names of the weaves, to tell of the colors and
to quote prices, but not easy to describe the great variety and the
splendid values. Come and SEK. The first choict*o( the season
is best; you are sure to get exactly what you want. If you desire
an IMPORTED DRESS or a NOVELTY now is the time
to make your selection.
In COLORED DRESS GOODS the choice shades of the
season are old reds, greens, natural blue and prune shades. In
BLACK DRF.SS GOODS the choice weaves are crepon effects,
corded materials and poplin effects. All the beauty, art and fashion
of the best manufacturers of DRESS GOODS at home and
abroad are represented 011 our counters.
tuiuiru ut C33
Choice Goods, Low Prices.
36-inch All-wool Mixtures, in Tweed effects, Monday at
40-inch beautiful New Fall Novelties, representing the celebrated Folwell
and Jamestown mills at
38 to 42-inch neat check, All-wool Mixtures, French Imperial Serges,
a superb collection, at 1
A world of pretty weaves and mixtures, 40 to 50 inches wide, all-wool
and silk-and-wool, at
Exquisite Crystal Cheviots and Poplin Cords, new Fancy Ottomans,
new Covert Mixtures and Meltons, 500 styles for your selection, at
per yard :
Dress Goods at SI.25, $1.50, $1,75 or
urn/ rill CM i/C Thousands of yards of new Fall
HH-TT I rtLL OILHO" Novelties now on our counters
for your inspection. We rely on the great variety and less
price for your trade. We ask your inspection. Ii this stock
merits your patronage, we'd he pleased to sec you. If not, we'd
like the privilege of showing them. Will you look?
cnrpi ii o New line of Waist Silks at 29c, 48c, 75c and
Lvl^%Lo""ggc that we'd like you to see. Silks on up
to $3.50 yard.
The Black Brocaded Silks advertised a couple of weeks ago
1 met with a ready sale. More of them here for Monday. Price
59c yard Some stores get 85c for no better.
See the new Evening Silks. Special exhibit Of elegant ?ilks
for reception and wedding gowns?75c to $2.50 per yard.
Stone & Thomas
Rnnok 8l On
PICK.... Only 50 dozen here?Figured China 5
_ . _ _ _ Bows for men, women and boys. Da
medium and light colors.
Instead of ONE, we give you THREE for 25c.
Umbrella Weather Druggets and Rugs.
Is here. We liuy umbrellas. Entire now linns. Here
not by the dozen, but by the hundred. Komn ?f them: Bromley Druggets, i
Serviceable ones at 73c, 98c, $1.20. J1.47,
J1.C9. 11.89, and up to your hlghoet e*. 6*!' fcot' 7 *x!> twt' 9*m foct ani1
pcctatlons. Among the new ones are the feet. Smyrna Druggets, sizes 0x9
famous DENT. These are positively "VixWMi feet .and 9x12 feet. Hubs
guaranteed to be crack and water-proof. Mats |? tho following: Mohair PI
Lightest. strongest and closest rolling nnKhnBtnn, Byxontlne. Moquette,
of all umbrellas.
ton, Axmlnstor nnd Javannese. It
# ' certainly bo to your interest to sec
After the Rain, new linos before buying. Prices, w<
Cooler weather. This moans "eve, are lower than elsewhere, but
Increased activity In the Cloal: and If pfleet wore Just the same, tho r
Dress floods department!;. 1 We have n nl/lcenco ?f our variety In a<
pretty good opinion of these two stocks, STYLBf! 0NI,Y Becui.0 u9
would Uk? to liavo yours also? think It
would coincide with our.. An entlm ^ Drugget business.
tlon of Plalds?Kreateflt variety In '
year*?yard to J2.no yard. .- . N
Short Fur Cape? In entirely l vtn 111 NUUUI1S
and decidedly novel shapes, nil tho . , a Tff. ir
... *m .. . , And Small Wares, New
way up to $u0.00 for Heal Seal. , .
J 1 Is thd watchword. Roman Stripe
Tartan Plaid Hosiery, Ilelts and
Wow JiTnn Pmf " hons, Clnsp Kid Gloves with puffed
Kors, Fancy Veiling", Collnrs and
Covort and other suits Just In larettes, Cornet*, Ilondkercl
for fall wear?512.00, $1 n.7(?. $10.86 and Purses, nags, Chateldlncs, Pom pa
$18.75 per null. All handsomely lined. Combs, etc,
JIo?*No let up to our Chinaware busin:ss. New thi
from the "Warwick" daily.
Geo. M. Snook & C(
88 zxxzzzxzzzzzzxxxmxxxxxzxxxxxxzt
' '' ' Wl bill MlN'!> wiikkim; CAPS I0R Itlc.
"" It May Have Seen
,. k Wr tnonn the
(')tW' i itofbtcriiy "off" now hrtl/i
<' MiiJ;'?*' mmo In nnd fntslien tip your out lit
ou with (hie of our oIpkiiiiI full iityln
BatTEf>xi'K!fll.yjK'"*"11 hat" ollhor ntIff or sofl ?hi?y'r?'
' V"I hi* j-orfft New York Hlyli" tin
{ ? ?- u][v^; u'il'v H?:ht colors the kind of Imtn HimI
tih-.M'. Willi i;ih"I II ml look nl
)M> Kvory linl Ih Union imulo.
:ImcFADDEN'S hat store,
I ?;iO and 13,!.! Mnrkat Btr,j?i, WhnollhM'
II Sensible. "
I ^ BjfflBlh| English Enamel { to
?K^^jwa fi>e Dollar Shoe. "(,r]
Shoo Seller. 4 olc
I 1049 Main Si. X Di e
^siiS&'iSstS&a^ <11*
T' er5
Do You ??'
__ Gu
KllOW.. tor
A great many casos of head- w*'
acho are chum d by some defect In the re- UtJ
fraction of the eye?? It Is a fact; and 1b i
most of thosa canes can ho relieved almost un,
Instantly by the uho of proper glasses. c,,r
Wo mako a thorough examination of the p,
eyes freo of charge.
?r H. W. EWALT, ?...
25c T pla
Optician for Dillon, Wheat & IKmrher Co. of
?? eve
39c i^ii
49c jp$$i)'?
75c f ANOTHER I &
9U8; I OF PIANOS?- I <
Wo havo Just placed an jg? cm
?$* order for another carload jra 80'
of Ludwlg Pianos. They x!?
Iwlll arrive within a week ?9,
and may bo aeon In our Ijgcr Coi
ware-rooms. in
Wo have already proven *? f 1
that when wo advertlso En Jur
ordering a carload of pla- g$ ; cea
noa or three carloads that thi |ss
the pianos coine. W. oos
F. W. Banmer Co. i f
?kc 3ntcl!incitrcr *
I ha;
' 0 Offlcoi No?. ~'G and Ji7 Fourteenth NtroeU It
New AdvertlaeiiienU. w|
Preuh Supplies of School J3ooka?Stan- in
Ion's Old City Hook Store.
For Rent?James L. Hawley.
Elocution and Dramatic Culturo?Mlaa an
Hen nig. mi?
Grand Opera House?A Paper City. Jol
i For Halo?a. O. Smith. He
Redemption of Pittsburgh, Wheeling & T ..
f Kentucky Hallroad Bonds. .
M Opera House?Mr. James Young.
Base Hall Park?Great Match Race. mr
Star Lobsters?II. F; Uehrens Co. 9 c
None Hotter?None Cheaper?D. Gundllng
& Co.?Fifth page.
,lf*( Dross Goods Season?Stono & Thomas?
)llk Eighth page. or
Suit* and Waists?Geo. E. Stlfel & Co.- "r
i Third page.
rk. When the Weather Changes?Tho Hub? r
Eighth page. __
The Change In the Weather ? Kraus an
Bros.?Eighth page. ral
?. rct
We Imvr jn?t oprnnt onr full Mock, be
roiuprlftlni; nil tho lletv noveltlea In Hult- tot
Ilia, Tron?riiiiu?? Fancy VrntliiK* mid (|J(
Ovicdntlnun, uliU'ti Wp urr prepared to ....
are make up on ahort notice. The tyllah ap? .
prarance, ???mI lit. durability mid entire
9lZ0fl ftatiftf/iftlon of our Karmenta la our rrpu- til'
inllon. I'rlcra of our Sultlnu tlila full
9x12 M ill lif S'.O.OO and up. Tronarrlnca 95.00
and up. OlirCiniU* Furnlaliliif< departIGCt,
mriil In complete. Tim l>cat uooda at |(||
. liMvrit price*. Audita tor the Famoua
ttn" Jarna Ilyclrnlc Underwear.
lluK C*. I1KHS A NOXH, ]
Faalllonalitr Tallora mid tJcota' t'urnlallWll
IDra' al>(' Market Ntieot. till
t th?l C'auaeil by reading the self-pralalng nd?. rjj
of aelf-nauied optical ripert* (l1, don)
bo- tora (]i, profeaaora (1) and clalrvofanU ft) ,
cuii hecurNl without pnlillolty l?y ?! W. 'r*
GVeil <.rul)li, Optician. tll<
nftg. ** l"*
Water Unit JVotler. (a1
OOP To water coftsumcrit owing water rent. wl
your Notice Is hereby given that on OctO- 'y
tier J, 1897, tho water will bo shut off
from all consumers, owing two or tnoro
hills. We are now having the entire kc
elty Inspected and have fount! several bo
hundred hydrants out of repair, and nil hi
must be Immediately repaired on re- nt
eelpt of a notice delivered by the In'n,'SM
iipec'tors. or I he wnt.er will be nhUf Off,
Rib* John E. flchellhaso, Secretary.
^'J TlitrGtoloRlenl Honed* ,
'' ' Governor Atkinson hnn Issued a call ;itl
1'' for the first meeting of the recently leg- ,.y
(011' Mated state geological board, for co
Wheeling, on next Thursday, when tint 10
body will organize. Tho principal work 00
ngS of the board will be I lie preparation of 1111
it geological survey of the state.
('rippled for I,lfe. p(,
At Centrovllle, Iielmont county, Norn, hr
wife of Rev. A. A. Jlrown, of West
Qulncy, Mass., while walking along the u'.!
) jit roe I, met with rt distressing acoldent. G?
0 Charh m Carter, of Glencoe, was walking
!i short distance behind carrying a (run.
He stumbled and Ml and the gun was
discharged, the shot taking effect in ?
Mrs Brown's knees. Mho will be crip <
fgo l'l?l M Iff; ^ V
(Ml I' ir tile Orphan*.
< m ? Billy Williams, the well known mln0<
? Ktrel star, who Is making Wheeling his /
< ?Y home this fall and winter, has partial- ?
{11 * 1y arranged for a benefit entertainment
'"> within Urn next two months, with Ibe
*(< 1 hi, Vincent Ifome for Orphans as the
< M > beneficiary. Mr. Williams says Wheel- |U1
i < >6 lag has so much promising nmnleur tal- hm
oil ,liil thai he will not find li dimrult to ? ?
4)i} get. iiji u first class mlnslrel or vtiudeJkik
vlllo Antertiilnment, ' V
00 m of
1 >. i " i
b'trr In the Mrliool (iilldifii, III
*1 We will make a preseni to each school
OO I to y and girl who will call at our store. ?'i
OO We'll not tell you what II K but will
<ii> say It Is something which will Interest T
<ut you very much. *
*00 Mi? Market HiiM,
ens Its September Term ill
WliculiiiK This MoniiiiKiRSHAL
0111 poll led by Charley Elliott, wlio
? Not .Succeeded lu Having Ilia IJem*
rrtllo Deputies Ousted?The Mailer la
i Come He fore Judge Go ft, However,
id n llcveraal of Judge Jtvkiuu'a Ue*
Ion la Hoped for by Sir. EUlolt.
he United Statee district court for
at Virginia, with Judge John J. Jacki
on the bench, opens its September
m in this city to-day. The term will
, be one, of length, the anticipation
ng that it will have ended next Sntlay.
Aside from the well known
omargarino cases, which have hung
i for these many moons, are to come
"dead sure" this week, and the outle
will be awaited with interest. The
trict attorney is to muke his light on
y ono of the many casts, this being
Unit Hubbard *Vc Paull, the WheelArm
of wholesale grocers. The oth.
of course, hinge on the decision in
i coses selected for prosecution,
ero are one or two counterfeiting
es to be heard and some liquor vlolu18,
but all will probably be completed
the end of the week.
imong last night's arrivals werfl
lied States Marshal John K. Thompl,
District Attorney Joaeph H.
Ines. Clerk Avis, of the dlHtrlct atney'a
otilce, ond 'Charley" ICUlott,
o has been slated for the chief deprshlp
under Marshal Thompson, but
jrevented from assuming his position
ler the decision of Judge Jackson reitly,
by which it was adjudged that
lef Deputy Prlddle and Deputies
ndolpb anil Ayleshlro could not be
ited without cause?In other words
clng these men under the protection
the civil service regulations Howr,
Mr. Klllott hopes that he will sucd
Mr. Priddle in the near future,
e case is to como up before Judgfl
ff, of the United States circuit court
appeals, and "Charley" hopes the
?kson decision will be reversed. In
' meantime, Messrs. Prlddle, Rani
ph and Ayleshlro are holding olllce,
t the comptroller of the treasury deles
to honor orders for their salary,
ige Jackson Is shortly to pass upon
t matter of compelling the comptroller
pay the trio.
iovernor Atkinson will be In Wheelf
during tho week to look after soma
ics in the district court. He is coun
lor mo Qieouiurgtu uiu iu?v uumwiei
ivenci Again till* Morning After a liereal
of Ten Dayi.
'his morning the criminal court grand
y convenes again after ton days' re?
a. Additional summonses have been
uod since the grand jury took Its reig,
and the Indications are that the
ttors to ho considered relate to the
dations of the liquor license law,
Ich stirred up Buch a general feeling
unrest among saloon keepers weeh
'ore last There Is no Indication as tc
> time of the report which the grand
y will make to tho criminal court.
:nrreri Yesterday, and was Largely- Attended
liy Friends.
festerdoy from his lato residence, 7f
rhteonth street, occurred tho funeral
the lato Jami'H Healy, whose death
s been mentioned In tho Intclllgoncer,
was largely attended by the friends
tho deceased, who was liked by all
th whom he came In contact, elthei
business or socially. Rev. Fathei
tmeyer, of the Cathedral, officiated
d paid a Blowing tribute to tho doaii
tn. The pallbearers were Messrs
fin C. Miller, M. J. O'Kano, RobeH
ilmes, Jamon McAdams, Mlcbae
ftus. James McQInlev. Patrick Pltz
nmons and James Dlvlno. Requleuxr
ikp will bo performed this morning ai
'clock In St. Joseph's Cathedral.
the rijy'n Fire Alarm Hratam to bi
Miiln To-morrow.
ro-morrow afternoon there will b?
other tent of the city lire alarm nppatus
In conformity with the agreemoni
iched at the last meeting of the councommitter
on fire department. Mem
rfl of this committee and a commit
> of tho local underwriter*! will noli
? results. and should the system prov<
satisfactory, the recommendation wll
nmdo that an expert electrician pu'
d system In shape a? soon as possible
tiglilln Company Una Scoured Rrnl Ei
tntr. anil will Ilr|(l|i Work Sooii.
Last week the Intelligencer mentioned
9 plans of the Laughlln Nail Com pan;
the direction of building a now tli
ute plant, doubling Its present rnpn
y. giving employment to S7f? addltlona
)rkmen nnd Involving an outlay o
>m $100,000 to $200,000. At a meeting o
f? Martin's Perry city council, the com
ny asked for the condemnation of cer
In streets and other concessions, all o
llch will be granted, Insuring the ear
construction of the new plant.
RUCKINOHAM'S Dye for the Whists
Is a popular preparation In one
ittle, and colors evenly a brown 01
nek. Any person can easily apply n
iprclnl anlr of Itlmiketa nt
I.. N. ?IW>D A. CO.VS
Mnyrr'a llitinl ( oniitrl.
The opening concert of Mayor's Bam
id Orchestra will occur on Wednesda;
enlng, at the K. of 1*. Auditorium
mmendng nt R o'clock. Those wlshlni
purchase season tickets for (hes
ncorts can do so by applying to an;
omber of tho organisation.
TFyouhnvoever seen n little child In i
roxysm of whooping cough, or If yoi
ive beon annoyed by a constant tick
ig In tho throat, you can appredat
' value of One Minute Cough rim
lilch gives quick rellof. Charles ||
wise, Market and Twelfth streets
intham fllnclalr, Forty-sixth and J a
b streets; A. 11, Rcheele, No. 007 Mali
reel; r.xley Urns,, I'enti and Zan
reels; Howie & Co., Utidgoport. ft
your headaches poinn from weak oyer
to If glftwi" m will rslleve them. Ho yo
vo heitditrho? ltd your eyes <walei
nt11 or burn',' Dors the print run t(
Hot when rending? I Ml thing* unpen
?tilor ntl*?m| up? I in vf a desire t
I. the eyeit? Twltehlng? I'or any troubl
your eye* enuruilt tin. Wo tttn It?? Mlti?"
popular prices Make n careful rxun
IttIon free of (hitlMe, utld te|y nn on
Ht mUIII and lint our pallentit' Juduun n
I'onniillutlon nnd exmulnntlon free,
Tlir Scientific Oplid.tn,
Corner Main and lOlnvonth Ht rents.
When theE3|
W r ii I STORE I
Weather bHl
Changes I* 11
C J uxxjoooooooooS I
You'll change to heavier weights. It's a convenience not to I
have to botlu-'r until then?the mercury drops?you drop in I
here?five minutes at a time?and out ajjain?with a hand- I
some Suit or Overcoat, or both?and a quarter?maybe a I
third of the money you expected to spend in your pocket.
~ ' J an?act Hio?,
follow tue uesi uiwsci.1?o" "'"-'V b- ...w..,
they'll tell you?it's no secffct?The Hub Clothes are a
standard?the highest standard. It argues good judgment
to come here?it means a saving, not only at the expense of
quality, but by reason of our facilities. These mild days are
good days to look?investigate?compare?decide?and
our variety deserves time to be carefully reviewed, even
where all is good. There's a better and a best?par excellence.
IN SUITS, ask to be shown our Heavy All-wool Black Clay
'Worsted at $8, $10.00 and $12.00, and our Fancy Plaid at
$7.00, $10.00, $12.00, $15.00 and $20.00.
IN OVERCOATS, ask to be shown our Great All-wool ^|uc and
Black Kersey at $6.50, our fine Blue and Black Kersey raw
edge at $8.00, and our great leader, the Grayrock, Blue,
Black and Brown, at $10.00.
This is by all odds a better coat than some houses are offering:
at $15.00. Parlies living out of town and wishing to
compare this coat with anything offered by any other house,
will upon request receive sample swatches of the cloth by return
mail. iWe have others at $12.00, $15.00, $20.00, $25.00.
We're not going to ask you not to let yourselves be tempted
1 below $2 for Short Pants Suits; $5 for Long Pants Suits.
Values draw the safety line here; better grades rise from .
these honest beginnings. Money back for the asking.
Clothiers, Hatters and Furnishers,
New Fall and Winter Goods, j
; uLU, n. lAYLUn UU.
Dress Goods.
In all the new kinds and styles of Imported and Domestic Silk
and Wool, and All Wool Dress Fabrics, will be opened and |
ready to show Monday and during the week. The ladies arc
invited to call and see the new. lines as they, appear on our
i Dress Silks.
On Tuesday morning we expect to receive our new stock of
Fancy and Plain Silks. This department has received special
attention of our buyer and will be unusually attractive.
' Small Furs.
Early to talk of Furs, we know, but when you want to buy a
i new Collarette, and there is only one of a kind in stock, those
who buy early are best suited. Our small Furs will be ready
to show on Monday.
Geo. R. Taylor Co. j
i . .
He hhe mde our Dotation for gomTvalukI
: ; with these shoes at these prices: !
* < > Y
I.iiriIra' rinr ririlttlo l)ottgnln tflinra, Mutton nml l.ncr, nil atvlri . .f^.OO A (fj
V ' ' Ncu'i ('air Bliotii cuii||itii Allil l<nur, onr own m%kr $<.00 Y J
!! UIP III 11 I ori I VAII W*?*?llmvyHo1c. ICtlfwtlon ICil** Hlioei, BUrk A
11 Ej hILu ulililJ IUU 11,1,1 forii.OO, $J.f?0, 9.1.00, $1.00 n??M T
1 ( > wp to Hlncy Ailnin* A <'?. ? innU?, (li* bill iiio* f
H ( > lu IIia world for #5.00. |
n HKliTAUlt
' "SSSTHotel Metropolis
Warm menll norvoil In thrlr l??nt *ty1f>. <)( i w im> of n?\v york aMSW,
I Mhiiik rooms uowy ami *n\ik. All HhortI
ordor ciiokliiK. nml pricfrt i?U'ionnliii' ("?ly ATLANTIC CITY, N. J?
> routiitiruiil Unit provldi-n u fii?t-oln ? n. , , . ... ... nmiolnt*
' I.ndlcn' nn?l <lrnll? imn> Plnlnir l'nilor. Atriifll # I f .
ISiitrnhoo on F?niri?'?Mitli ulroci. unlit*. \> rltn for futon.
Mrreniniin' lint Uiiolti dully l(ni\?l Hoof y HUNK II. STAMMi Proprietor.
nnrt 1'otnini'n, ( nffi'". Ilri'ml iintl ilutlur, ' ??rZ
SO rrllln. IUU I'luiliKcd dally.
li -j"16 H, lintniAKKll. l'mprlnlor. BTATIONUMY, nOOKB, bto'
nntmiamiATonB, into, / 1 it. quimiiy, . , .
1 V . ttH Murkol t1"0"'
- J|t?rni0m?ATOMH. A ,,,,,,
< bur*|l Cntnmprrlnl'diiMllr, Tlmci". IIIU "
i Wo hiive n. f?w lioldlnif HofrlRorfilnn lofk mm iciuitiit-nr. rnminprolftl?TrlUuil?; 111 "
ir nml If ni'lon will inovo (linn iiiih wn<k Nrw Vnrh nml ollu t I 'n mim n nii'l " ' .
it thiy will K?? IinllU'H, Minnry nml Fnnhlon M.n ' ??
119 flA nilnil d iui ilnH VN ot'Ullo*
jjjsj;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; l,, $ nnm? n*t) < ioo<i? nn.t him ?
$22 *<> I'lii'm !! ., fir, i>i ? ,. .?.?m i
12ft.Mi iiiicn $17 mi / \1IHF.UH FOU TflljI MOBT <J
1110 Main KuN&*NO ?

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