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Will Have Tholr Meridians Defined
and Established
Of lh? ll?lc anil Economic
hurv*y?The CorainlMloit Mel Ytftltrdajr
miOigauUtil-UBVi Atklusou DltcUil
Prcslileut-Dr. I. V, White Appolutod
SaparluUudciit of Ibi Surrey, and
Prof. !>. U. Urawii) Vlrtl AuliUiil )
ologUt tuJ Curator?HtadtiaarUra at
The state geological board pursuant to
call of Governor Atkinson, convened
yesterday morning at 10 o'cloclf, In the
law offices of Atkinson & Flick, Chaplino
street, with aU the membera of the
board present. As this was the first
meeting since the law creating the
commission was tfMsed, the first thing
in order was organization, and consideration
of other features continued the
cession without Intermission until two
o'clock, when adjournment was taken,
to meet again at the call of the president.
The members of the board are members
by virtue of their offices, and were
not selected as individuals. They are
the governor, G. \V. Atkinson; state
treasurer, M A. Kendall; president of
the state university,Dr. J. II. Kuymond;
' director of the West Virginia agricultural
experiment station, J. H. Stewart,
and president of the atat<* hoard of agriculture,
Professor T. C. Atkeson. They
effected an organization by electing
Governor Atkinson president; M. A.
Kendall treasurer, and T. C. Atkeson,
, secretary. After reading the act of the
last legislature, bearing upon the work
before them, steps were taken Jn conformity
with its provisions.
The law provides that there shall be
superintendents and assistants for the
survey of the state. The board ap
?1... CMnnHlntonHanl r>f
JMJI1IU W UIU lUIIUUI?h> wu|?.limvn?>.i>ii v.
the survey, D:\ I. C. White; first asplst^jit
geologist and curutor of the collectpins,
Professor 8. B. Hro?rn#. superintendent
of biological dlvlrton, J. H.
Stewart; executl.e olttcev, Dr. J. H.
It was ordered that Profossor Brown,
who hold? the chair of geology at the
state university, should collect and prepare
for publication a sy4.~. ds of all
the works bearing on the geology and
biology of West Virginia. With this ac*
compllshed there will bo a certain
amount of datu to start with, and then
the geological survey of the state will
be carried on as funds will permit. It is
thought the work will take about ten
years. The legislature appropriated
56,000. and If succeeding legislatures
continue to appropriate the survey will
proceed until comply/ Ml. It is proposed
to cooperate with the United States engineers
now In the state. The value to
the state of a complete geological survey
showing the formation of the stuto
with reference to Its products and resources
Is unquestioned. The real purposes
are set forth In the act passed
February 28, 1897, creating thci sur.ey.
It Is as follows:
An act to establish a state geological
and economic survey, and to make provision
for the preparation aud publication of
reports and maps to illustrate the na'.urai
resource* of the state, together with the
necessary Investigations preparatory
He it enacted by the legislature of West
Tnat there Is hereby established.* stato
geological and economic survey winch
shall tie under the direction of a commisslot}
composed oi the governor, the treasurer,
the president of the West Virginia
university, mo presiueui ui mo dime
board o! agriculture, and the director ot
th<- \v est \ lrgliua agricultural experiment
station, who shall servo without compensation,
but shall l>e reimbursed (or actual
expense* Incurred In the performance of
their oiticlul duties, and the .said commls loners
shall have general charge of the
survey and appoint as :>u|>eriuiendent ot
the same a geologist of established reputation,
and such assistant* aim employes
as they may deem necessary; and they
shall aiso determine tin* compensation of
all persons employed ny the survey, and
may remove them at their pleasure.
Tnat the survey shall have for its objects:
An examination of the geological formations
of the state, with special reference to
their economic products, namely: building
stones and other constructive mate
rials and resources, clays and other mineral
substances and tusls, the prevention
of their waste, and tho utilization or byproducts.
An examination and * lasslllcatlon of the
soils knd a study of their adaptability to
pariicuiur crops.
An examination of the forests and timber
lands ol the state with reference to
the economic utilisation of the same and
the preservation ol their waste.
An examination of the physical features
of the state with reference to their practical
hearing upon the occupations ot the
people, the industrial development and the
material prosperity of tho several portions
of the state, having duo regard to their
varying resources, conditions and needs.
The preparation ol special geological
and economic minis to illustrate the resources
of the state.
The preparation of special reports, with
necessary Illustrations and maps, which
shall embrace both a general and detailed
description of the geology and natural resources
of the Stat*-.
Tho consideration of such other Hciontlfic
and economic questions as In the
Judgment of tho commissioners shall be
deemed of value to the people of the state,
and the Immediate establishing of the
proper marking of tho meridian points In !
the soveral county seats of the stale.
That the commissioners shall eauso to
be prepared a report to the legislature be- I
fore each meeting of the mime, showing
the progress and conditions of the survey,
toyither with such other Information us
they may deem necessary and useful or as (
the legislature may require
That the regular and special reports of
tho survey, with proper Illustrations and
maps, shall he printed as the commissioners
may direct, and that the reports shall
be distributed or sold by tho said coinmlHsloners
In the interests of the state, tho
diffusion of practical Information relating
to the development of the state, ami the
advancement of science may demand; und
all moneys obtained by the unle of the reports
shall be paid Into the stato treasury.
That all materials collected, after having
nerved tho puroose of tho survey, shall
be distributed by Oie commissioners to tho
educational Institutions In such manner ns
to bo of tho greatest advantage to the educational
Interests of the stato; or If
deemed advisable, tho whole or part of
such materials shall be put on permanent
That tho sum of 13,000 annually, for (ho
years 1M7 and 1KS8, or so much thereof us
may I*- necessary, Is hereby appropriated
out of the funds of the treasury, not otherwise
appropriated, for the purpose of
currying out tho provisions of this act.
Amonu the business transacted yosterduy,
tho offers <>f the state university
und exp< rlm-ril station to furnish
free of charge suitable rooms for the officers
of the survey fov maps, collections,
nppjirntiis, etc., were accepted.
The committee Is to meet twice n yesr,
nnd the president was authorised to
sny that the friendly old of leaders In
the state's higher educational Institutions,
and of all other enlightened million*,
will be appreciated by the commission
and gratefully acknowledged.
The headquarters of tho survey will be
nt Morgantown, and within one year
must begin the work of ? *< ibllshlnii
and marking the true meridian points In
the several county seats.
The commlifdoncrs are enthusiastic
In tho benefit" that will accrue, otico the
survey Is completed. As stated yesterday
In these columns, (lovernbv Atkinson
Is full of enthushiHfn for the survey
and will give It great attention.
Af Slut* 1'tiivrMlir fir (lis l.mK"< Mam
In His flUtnry of Hi* Sellout,
The school of agriculture at the stfile
university at Morgantown, Is beginning
the most (successful year In Its history. ,, r
There ate twenty students enrolled in
this department, which is In striking
contract with last year, when one solitary
student comprised the class. In Sclir
conversation with an Intelligencer re- t
porter yesterday, Professor T. C. Atkeson,
of the chair of agriculture, and
who wan In the city attending the meet- , iji
lng of the state geological hoard, huld A III
that the prospects were decidedly encouraging
to him, for Judging by the
weak attendance in previous years, he VISll
was prepared to face a vacuum when HE
he began his duties in September. IN(
Another gratifying feature la Uiat
nearly all the students are taking n
thorough course In agriculture, while SCI
formerly it has been the custom to take ?
up but n few of the subjects, Just duo- '
bHng in the course. FOl
That .James Young will be greeted by "Dlvii
<wo large and enthusiastic audiences to- to coa
morrow afternoon and evening Is un- one b
doubted. Mr. Younu la growing rapidly morni
In public favor, and though only twen- mldnl
ty-llve years of age, many of the critics city 1
are predicting that he will soon become seen,
the greatest of the American traged- him t.
lans. For his Wheeling engagement he rented
la to produce "David Garrlck," In the "bleat
afternoon, and "The Merchant of Ven- it
Ice" at night. In these has achieved T?rkee
signal triumphs, his Impersonation of
Claud Melnotta here last season being |he *v
received with enthusiastic favor, by th<
Speaking of Mr. Young's remarkable "JJJ1
success, Is a reminder of the equally re- '*/ ,l?
markable unanimity with which his fel- ,
low Thesnlans have nronounced him a B 1
tragwdlan who will hind ut the top of JJJJ"'
<he heap. It is so seldom this Is in evi- lfV|
denee, when one actor speakH of another,
that there is no doubt of the l>ril- Jv [j*
liant career in store for the young tra- ,
_ mSlde
New 5
llrookc'a Mai Ine Hand. t^e rf
Every person who expects to hear the last J
great Brooke and his famous Chicago her al
marine hand, should lose no time In se- once I
curing seats at House's music store, for rest,
they are going at an astonishingly ra- The
pid rate. The work at Selbert's Garden notice
where the band Is to appear is progress- resem
ins and by 4 o'clock to-day everything the S;
will be in readiness for the big affair. resem
Mr. T. P. Brooke, the conductor of the terlor
famous Chicago marine band, has mode sturdj
an impression upon the public, where- a full
ver he has appeared, that will not be browr
easily diverted, and he is everywhere sock
admitted to be the most popular and aroun
successful general bandmaster in Amer- red ci
ica. With Impetuous ardor and brilliant from
conception Mr. Brooke has gathered cross,
together a band of the very best music- presst
ians that can be obtained. Mr. Brooke boned
has few equals and, is the one Krrat eyebn
conductor in the country fc)-day who He w
knows how to get those iwtonishing, region
sweeping crescendos, explosions, crash- spent
eft and terrific dl&nlnya of brilliant ex- (
ecution which create sensations, and he afi,i
make people declare that the life and w, PJ
spirit in his concerts are not*equaled. neighl
Mr. Brooke Is a young man, but his sue- *jchni
cess has been such as to entitle him to a hn
high place on the ladder of fame and f"lr' n
musical distinction. mirac
The afternoon concert will begin at body
2:30 and tho evening concert at 8. news
"The Pn?? Mull." luTa'l
Lincoln J. Carter, the young Chicago- home,
an, author of the melodrama "The Fast only t<
- - - - y||.4n'f
Mall, is a remarkable young reiiow, on j**.,. >v
the La Vlncl pattern, In variety of ac- g('jn'f0
compllshment. He wrote bis own piny w|th (
?and It's a good one of its class?he acts tj,u
a principal part and docs it well, ho ported
paints all his own scenery, constructs ClJtlon
all his elaborate mechanical effects, and the ru
designs all the pictorial work used for j,|h j)(
advertising "The Fast Mail." Tru\y a tended
bright youup follow, who creates his other
own carrer without trampling over any- talker
body else." "The Fast Mail" comes to r|ely
th?? Orand the first half of next week wltho
with tho usual V '"esday oiatlnea daled
t Amerl
*>A |Uy." His a<
Ono bf the latest inu?leal comedies,en- of the
titled "A Paper City," opened an "n- weeks
pavement of three niphts and Saturday dead,
matinee at the Grand last evening. The porno'
audience was larpe and appreciative,snd trust
there were many wplendld opportunities His
for outbursts of applau/w?clever special- Mouni
ties enacted by member* of the cast fe&tur
throughout the action of the play. The pose 1
cast Is headed by Elolse Wlllard, Mur- 'n
phy and Moore, n trio of first class come- the M?
dlans and musicians. It If a merry pot- co
pourrl of mirth and melody without n white
dull moment. "A Paper City" will be night
repeated to-night, and should have a stated
large audience. der to
m that t
1)1(1 Young People. Very (
People age quickly In this Amerlcan
lift-, and Instances of preservation ..p??
of youthful strength and vigor In ma- . *;
ture years are pointed to as remarkable. .
We are educated to believe In parly de- V".
ray of physical beauty and strength, cs- J*1''
peclally in our women, and permit the ..
decline to continue with a passing sigh, j
Most women have a* worn look In . the .
early twenties, the figure loses Its gomei
] roundness, the face the glow of youth, I1(,nnj(
and from that time on they age rapidly. J Vf?
| All this Is wrong and unnecessary. Let Jnnc,
everybody to whom this word may tftjnsl
come, men and women alike, consult
Dr. Greene, and learn from his great ex- s
perlence the cause of your trouble, and ' 'pj,,',
secure his Invaluable advice. Dr. j)llt cn
Greene, discoverer of the famous Nor- h<1 mP
vura. and many other wonderful reme- tn|n ,
dies. Invites consultation at his ofllce, *'||oal
.'s'6 West 14th street. New York city, elth- rontln
er by personal call or by letter through f,,| j,
the mall, and In either case he will give onrno!
you advice absolutely free of all charge. i?Kl
This offer Is for everybody, old and ,'.rank
young, rich and poor, and thousands of no 0|,
happy people testify to-day to the practlcal
nature of the experienced advice ns he
of this great specialist and the marvel- nj|y r,
ous curative power of his remedies. j1(.
Don't be stlsfled to grow old prenm- pro!
turely when the advice of this famous y^ter
physician Is at your disposal for tho man i
asking, wholly free of charge. straw
* Heaie
Injured l?v ?m w
OHBBTRR, Pa., Hept. 2.1-Durlng n leavli
life this nftcrhoon In H. C. McCardell's or<1cal
grocery store,at Third and Penn streets,
six persons were seriously Injured by "Ye
the explosion of n barrel of gasoline, h/ind.
which blew out the side of the building. The
Following are the names of the Injured: made
J. N. Hhanafelt, Jr. ? boy who wns pulm
watching the fire; Frank Cobtirn, clerk the ol
In the grocery store; ICdward McCarey, later |
Robert ICIIIott, John H. Mel,urn and Jiu- left l>
cob Hnuer, all firemen. operai
otiim s
Hklm oti flro with torturing, disfiguring, Inr n
Itching, burning, bWrdlng, nraly,mid pimply glided
humors, Itistmitly rnlltrsd l?y a warm hntli Heir
with CuflOVOA HOAh a Hingis api'llentlon of chtirel
CoricnsA (ointment), thn gm?t nklti mrn, ".[ 11
Attd ?full dots of CuncMM HKKot.vv.Ht, '"J1
Itt<ilil0ir< ii|tioijl|h? vntM. t'oVTM t).AtMJOif .*iU ... ,
I'mfi,, tlmlAfl. " Mow In Cum I oftunhl Ituinnn," f- ?. 11K'' IV
nKDVlQ CV|U HMlnani)tltttMltHM ItrtuUllDl
0 OMR iiImn/QfiiuoiA *"*r. Wlint?
ailer, the Western Miracle
IVurkcr, Ilcrc fur u Day,
;ust Schrader, whose fume as thi
ne Healer," haa spread from eoas
st, visited Wheeling yesterday fo:
rlef day, arriving here yesterdaj
rig from Columbus, and leaving a
ght for New York. While In th?
to attracted a sensation whereve
and several visitors called upoi
it 1325 Main street, where he ha<
I furnished rooms, and wen
was his intention to remain ti
ling for some time,curing the blind
eak, the halt and the lame, merelj
t laying on of hands, but a dlspatcl
his wife, wh<? Is editing his paper
ni.fi,>.. iui)illHh?>il at New
recalled him to that city. HI;
n Columbus also was of short dura
hut he Intends visiting there an<
ity again In the near future. Hli
It will be remembered, married hin
lavIHe, Indiana, in the opera house
three weeks ago, and tin* ceremonj
vltnessed by a full house. Hei
n name was Mian Daisy Roberts, t
Sralander by birth, but engaged It
nl estate business in Iowa, when
une, it is said, sin* was cured fr^n
Iments by Schrader. Correspond
followed and the preacher did th?
"Divine Healer" would attrac
anywhere. Ho bears a striking
blance to the accepted likenesses o:
ivlor, and he seeks to carry out th<
blance in every detail, so far as ex
appearance is concerned. Ho is t
mun, thirty-one years of age. hai
beard and long flowing hair, darl
i In color, and wears a black cas
similar to a prist's, over whlcl
d one shoulder Is thrown a strip ol
Jttoii, fastened again at his bolt
which Is suspended a small meta
His German ptfrontage Is exd
In his features and sturdy, rawframe.
while from under heavj
mvb gleam bright, dark-grey eyes
as born In the Wisconsin lumbei
in. and nearly all his life has beer
in the west.
ilalms to have divine power, which
iortxi first manlfes tod ItHolf In hln
he wiu> thirteen years old. A
wring woman dreamed that young
iler could cure her If he would Jaj
nds upon her. The youth was s(V>l
nd as ho say*, he performed th<
le of restorliiR her from a crlpplec
to n sound, active woman. The
spread like wildfire, and soon th<
Healer" held court to throngs ol
! daily. His father whipped hln
result, and one night the hoy lefi
Pour years la tor he returnee'
0 receive similar treatment, and h<
?.) h??m?* again until last Decern
hen after hearing of their famoui
r years, the parents welcomed hln:
)p*n arms. /
s he stated to an Intelligencer re
1 last night In his room. 1Mb edu
In almost a minus quantity, anc
idlmenta he has gained are due t<
ursonal efforts, never having at
I a school. He speaks German an?
languages, but Is not a flucn1
In English Ho first gained noto if
a national order In 18fl4, wber
ut food he crossed with his s.in
feet and uncovered head, th<
lean desert from Utah to Nevada
)le subsistence was the aalt watei
i desert, and hln Journey of olph
found him nearly naked and hali
He ascribed his success of till)
lis itiHK in nis win power, una in:
In God.
font of forty days In th" Rocks
tains In 1805, Is another well knowi
o of hln career. The apparent pur
0 pattern after tho Savior Is shoivr
1 fart that Ills fast OOfUITOd nrai
aunt of the Holy Cross, and that a
uoluslon he rode hence on a snow
mule. Ho wouldn't admit Ins
that ho copies Christ <>n earth, bu
: that he took the fasts, etc.. In or
obtain spiritual power, and ndde.
ho first nine days of a Ion* font an
llfllcult to undergo, the rest belnj
iratlvojy easy. 11" Intends start
i another fast In a few months,
iwds," said ho. "have been blessec
c all through the -west, from th<
llan to the Mexican line, and 1 havi
on a platform for hours laying mj
on the pooplo. and blessing then
y passod by In an unbroken lino
> healed thousands. and don't know
y that I fallod to cure. There I:
hlng In mo different from othei
?, but 1 don't know what It is.
no fear like other mon, and for In
. when I slept out In the moun
panthers and other boasts passec
without threatening harm-. Inn'
reporter didn't vouchsafe answer
igltated within himself that shoub
et the "Healer" In a lonely moun
iass. the sprinting powers of th<
or" would bo called into service t(
mo tho meeting. Ho Is not barm
owevor, and speaks with decider
itnoss regarding his work. He I:
,vhat Is popularly known as i
; and lives by It. Though he make:
arge for his healing powers, thi
fnt may contribute his mlto. or no
chooses, and the recipients goner
ontrlbute. It Is his mission to heal
rs, and It will be his llfo work.
Iiably a dozen colled to see hln
day. During the reporter's visit i
ind his wife were admitted. Thi
re personality of tho "Dlvlw
r" noticeably Impressed both, one
oman hung on to the door knob
ig her spouso to undergo thi
I, The performance was the nam
r>n all occasions.
you wish to be blessed?"
I," answered the visitor, hat li
n tho miracle worker advancing
a pass or two, then pressed tin
of his hand on the visitor's brow
thcr back of his neck, a momen
placing Ills hand first on the man'
roast and then on his right. Th
lion hardly took a minute, and th
eyes wen- glued to her pride, whll
inrod nervously to and fro betweei
porter and the healer. The sllonC
token with the Annie; which onnv
lirader asked for the man's hand
lef, which he damped "Schrader
i' If- iler," and dismissed 4ho mai
i "Ood HI ess You."
ordeal over, the "blessed" and III
fldgotted n Utile, then withdrew
porter retiring shortly afterward
d they were m(III In the hall, so the;
have desired furlher consultation
0 the g.ni.l Wife needed a "b|e?*
And there were a few others com
p the stall ? iis the SCtIbe getltlj
rader, of course, in organising i
it. It Ih called the Divine Church
as ii"',v about Ifio members In lu
and llllii"i" They believe In heal
v ih" laying on of hands, and th
I libit*, ?u\ the "llealor." II
1 ' ' II "T hl? htirch She mini-'
altneklng him, but that the modi
lor linn iloo'Ml't Interfere Will
If ill m -mbf rs of hh flock are no
in-I Itli Intelligence, It In hardl
that it u ill fail to exist for nwltllr
topi Nenruliiln/ J>r. MIIm' I'uIii l'llli
Not a cheap photograpl
$2.75 '** ot
i at
Our specialty: Genuine Curb
| society] g
Last evening at the Island home of the
bride occurred the wedding: of Mr.
s Adolph Laret and Mist Ida B?uraer. Mr. ??
Laret is well known in the Wheeling Bmusical
colony, through his connection I (
with the F. W. Baurner Company, and
Miss Baumer is the accomplished etcher
of Mr. Fred W. Baurner, whose wide circle
of friends and acquaintances extend
to the newly married couple their best
wishes for a life of uninterrupted happiness.
The residence or city cierK u. **. ailender,
on West Hanover street, Martin's
Perry, wap the acene of a brilliant NCW
reception last night. The affair vvaa In
honor of Miss Fern, of Allegheny. About
twenty couples were present and with New
numerous other features of enjoyment
provided for by the hostess, the Oriental ..
Mandolin Club furnished an inspiration IMGW
for a thoroughly good time.
iimrnnm A Dailiy'i Urulcat Show on
I'.'.urth Arrives Kruui Mittersvlllo Ihla
Morning? A Orcnl Mrrat I'urnilo to l>e
(Hvoi-lwo Perforinmicrs To-<luy.
The Barnum & Bailey "Greatest Show
on Earth" arrives In Wheeling at 4 ?^
o'clock this morning, coming from Sla- | ^
terHVille on the Ohio River railroad. Before
daylight the big show will be at
home at Bridge Park, Island, where two
exhibitions will be given to-day, afternoon
and evening, at the usual hours. a
The return of Columbus to the City of M
Barcelona after the llrst voyage of dls- ^
covery has b?*n seized upon by the (Jg
manager of the Barnum and Bailey j ^9
Greatest Show on Earth as the subject j
for reproduction In the great free street (
parade given by that circus. It proves | ?
. to ho a most wonderful and stupendous 1 or
. spectacle of men, worr^n, children,
r horses, elephants, wild beasts, chariot, and i
cars and floats. Columbus himself, as No b
r well an scores of other characters fa- WA
i mous In tin* annals of the time, are all Light
truthfully represented costumed In the oil
i same rich manner then In vogue, In tlona
i royal robes of state, on horsebuck sur- I'll
k rounded with their escorts. In costly fuiiln
; uniforms, singly and In groups, and in
r picturesque and charming style, and all
t historically correct. Preceding this pori
tlon of the pageant Is one of the most How
I magnificent sights Imaginable, that of a
i team of 40 flne bay horses driven by one ARI
* man. Preceding the Columbus portion gtat0J
f of the proceeslon are rare displays of f
i open dens of wild beasts and carved 'rom
L golden chariots, containing the splendid this a
I zoological collection, followed by ^4 ele- hogar
! phants, the allegorical chariots illus- .
- trating nursery rhymes and children's
i fairy stories. The whole affair Is new,
i grand and Inspiring, and utterly unlike ftn(* ^
those free street parades offered by lit- otely.
tie shows having nothing but "queer" morn
material. The parade will take place Wills
1 about 9 this morning in the following
> manner. WA
Platoon of Mounted Police. meml
1 Buglers and Manner Hearars. Kllgo
i Grand Military liand. In pu
Stupendous Forty llorse United Team. hi
. Open Don of Five Tigers and Trainer. ,.
Open Den of Four iJons and Trainer. w><ie
Open Den of Six Leopards and Trainer. Cong]
1 Open Den of Seven Panthers and Trainer, door i
Open Den of Six Hyenas and Trainer. Sneak
r upn wen or i*ivo Hears hum Trainer. ,'
. Open Don of Six Woivea nnd Trainer. ttrin*
' Novel Melecholr Chimes, drawn by Ten rum c
Horses. suppo
' Lady Performers anil Side Saddle Experts. 0nd a
i MounK d Ladle* of the Hippodrome. fu ,?
Gentlemen Hippodrome Riders. ; ,
. Two Two-Horse Roman Chariots. Lady Judge
Drivers. a ma
1 Two Four-Horse Roman Chariots. anfj ^
Band Chariot "Euterpe," drawn by Ten 1.,,,.,.
i Horses. I.#
- Seven Golden Chariots containing Ilare his fe
[ Wild leasts. killed
1 Triumphal Chariot with queer Musicians nssun
and Comic Heads. .....
t Caravan of Sixteen Camels with Asiatic
i uidcrH. throu
Twenty-two Performing Elephants.
. Two Elephants with Howdahs and Oriental
Beauties. T,._
* Santa Claus Chariot, drawn by Six I'onion. 1 11
; Hint' Heard Chariot, drawn by Six Zebras. In cnt
Old Woman who lived In her Shoo.
Japanese PniKon ('harlot with performers, receiv
i nmlorellii'wFalry/Vmrli. agsod
Slnbnd the Sailor Chariot.
" Little Rod Rldlnc Hood Chariot. No. 31
f? .Mother Goose Chariot. trlhm
l' Blue Band Chariot "America," drawn by
Ten Horses. flMOc,
Seven Golden Canes containing llaro c?IIIc?*i
Animals. and c
Mammoth Organ Chariot. mmn
? Grand Triumphal Float.
I Representing the reception tendered Columhus
nt Barcelona 400 years ago.
Royal Mace Hearers. t. the fi
Sqund of Right Hoyal Trumpeters. posln,
. Grand Triumphal Throne Chariot of Ferd- for ai
1 Inand and Isabella.
Mounted Grandees, Nobles. Cavaliers, ??
Knights. Embassadors and prominent on th
j personages In correct, elcKant and
costly historical costumes.
The great discoverer Christopher Colum- ^ ?<
bus. 1A|
> Emblematic FioaUBrlth fruits, plants nnd Unite
living evidcnc^BT the new country,
I Steam Cnllopc.
^ whlcl
? , ??ry
' 8l?tpr?vlllp...OlIYANDOTTE. noon. *!?<
' clurliiKion..I'l.AY, ? p. in. cl.itm
ClnrlnKton....FAIU 1U.AY. 8:30 p. m. uliiloi
I. 8l?lpr?vllle...OtTYANDOTTE, 11 ? in.
ClarlnRton....FAlR PLAY, 3 jo p. m. ntnte
. ? * rooco
Along thr liKiiitlni. on .if
The uinrks at fi n. m. showed 1R Inches their
p and falling. Weather cloudy and cold.
The Guynndotto, running In the
Wheeling and Slstersvlltc trade during WA
t the low water, departed nt 11 a. tn. yea- day's
terday with a good trip. tronH1
The Fair Play was delayed on nccount |21M:
f of low water yesterday, not arriving ?*
here until 4 o'clock In the afternoon,
f Captain Thomas la giving his patrons
s the best service possible during the low ^
' water, and deserves the commendations
' he hits received.
'' Captain Howe tried to lake the T. N,
II Barnsdall from Parkers burg, where she <
had a seance on the dry docks, to M11rleltn,
but nt Vienna the boat received
such a rat-a-tat reception from the bottom
of river that the captain was glad
' to turn about and return to ParkcrsM
htirg, when be tied up until there la a
\\ When I ho Iieroy comes off the Pary
kersluirg dock she will hardly be recogI
ni/e.i by her patrons In the Wheeling
and Clarlngton trade. In addition to V
receiving nit entirely new wheel of lm?
proved pattern, she has received a
"ai Iff" doso in I ho hamla of the shipr(
builders (lint lakes out that old shaky CfJ
_ motion. Hhe has also been iteavily Oil
e ftlvrr 'I'Mrurinii,
GHIOKNSIlono lllver fl feet 2 Inchen
and falling Cloudy and cold. Adam
.Incohs iiikI Hudson due down Friday.
II James <1 Hlallie and Florence Hello up.
1 HTMIHIIONVIM.K lllver If* Inulii'H
4 nml rnlllMw. I'lniiily nml oonl, I.vl
MnllOANTOWN IIIVIT n foot (1 Inill- J"1
es Con) and raining. JH
1. I'AllKH/lHIIUIIU-ltlvcr IB liMinn ,i#iii
h, but the BEST CARBONETTE made.
^ 1?1 ' CommenciQi Sept. n
OB Market Street,
ons, the h:ghest grade Photograph known to the art.
The chilly weather behooves one to look about for Fall and win.
ter Clothing. We invite you to call and examine our new Hue of
all and Winter Goods
This is our first season (or these goods, and remember
that all the goods you see in our store are new and comprise
the best the eastern markets afford.
Dress Goods. | New Hosiery.
Silks, Black and Colored New Handkerchiefs and
Cloaks. Fancy Goods.
' Tailor-Made Dresses. ,New Linens and
Furs. N Household Goods, etc.
ieo. R. Taylor Co.
'W'J BomaUxnaanc?daareliable, Monthly,regulating medicine. Only hirul??uM
T thepuieitdrugaahaaldbeuaod. 11 you vast tho beat, get
r A Dr. Peal's Pennyroyal Pills
Ther are prompt, ?*fo and c*rUin in remit. The teaelne (Dr. Pml'a) never
* ^ ooint. Sent anywhere, $1.00, Addreu 1'jui. JisaiCM Co., Clerolind, 0.
buIo by CHAS. R. GQ13TX13. comer Market and Twelfth Btrccts. mrl
falling. Cloudy and morrury 59.
oata. Little Kanawha falling. . au
iHHBN?River at low water mark.
j CITY?River 3 inches and sta- >\ s r# )
ry. Cloudy and pleasant. \ ? / I A /)
TSBURGH?River 1.6 feet and SmTb \ fr 'A A]
g at the dam. Raining. |ll y/JI. - " || _Vtf
lie Unlnrfl tlir ?oi>riqn?( in* '/ V l\ Iff/
Flfly-flr?t Congreft*. \ V?. s/glA
DMORE, I. T.. Sept. 23.?United Jv f I \ ?* ^/fru)
it Judge Kilgore, ex-Congressman \ III
Texas, died here at 1:10 o'clock I I L? m &
.fternoon, after a short Illness. He
i sinking <hls morning. He regainisclousness
at noon and after callis
wife and children to his bedside *? Tiprn AIIT
Jsslng them, died almost Immedi- ^LL llliLU UU I.
Tin* funeral will take place to- Women aro (rood orono>w,
the remains being taken to mists of money, but they art- p<tn#rtnly
Pnln? TrmN for burial extravagant with their time and nerve*
i oint, lexas, ior ounai. aml strength. Kvery woman who -1o* any
c ? ??.? *? work in a kitchen, ought to ha\> that
SHINGTON, D. C., Sept. 23.?Asa kltehon convenient?ought to have plenty
>er of Congress from Texas, Judge of utenalls of the right *nrt. A dollar'*
re was one of the best known men worth of handy helpers will nave ton do!hiin
iiro ito tviiu r ithxi "Piirlc" ,ar!< worth of work and worry-and ?ome?
bile life. He was called Buck tlmM a do(.tor.8 bm t00
is intimate friends and attracted rrr\ wt inukicAkDC cavc
public attention In the Flfty-?r.<t ULU. U. JUHIiaUll 3 oUi>3,
resa by kicking in a green balie pin *TAt?j STRFFT.
ivhlch had been locked by order of Ifcl? MAliN 2>1K?ai
;er Reed, during one of the flllbus
j scenes that made tlie llrst quo- J. 8, RHODES & CD.
'ntinflnir Pnnppciin mnmnrnhto llo -
rted Prefldent Cleveland ardently I IF fl \W
fter he was retired from Congress. || \
resident appointed him one of the * *
9 for the Indian Territory. Ho was f A
n of distinguished presence, tali V B
leavy framed, with a kindly. Rood jQ A \F M
red face. He was well liked by J W
How members, notwithstanding he |
many of their pet projects by his g
iption of the role of objector when _ _
? attempted to push measures |\/| || E<
gn rapiaiy i>y unanimous consent. l A A * I -*
A*kr<l for * Itrrelvcr*
T8BURGH, Pa., Sept. A hill When yOU can buy New Fall
jlty was filed to-day, asking for a
rcr for the window glass worker.*' Styles of Wide Percalc at 8c.
latlon, of America, local assembly tt ? Xxr r* ..
x), of tiie khikji.b nf l^abor, to *iis- Handsome Wrapper Patterns
0 the funds and property of the Jr? short lengths flintlillP from
latlon. The hill was tiled l>v the 111 ailuri lcI1bUK>? ruilliuig iiuw
ps of the window glass flatteners o t_ i/ vatvJc
utters' associations and Is the out- ? lu yarUd*
of the recent dispute over the setnt
<?f the wage scale. The plaintiffs
' that there Is now In the treasury Anf* l T31
)0 and they demand a division of Z,UUU KCltinantS DlCaCnCa
jnds among the four trade* com- t tt i i 1 t /- r-i
n the association. They niso ask and Unblcachcd Canton Mana
injunction, restraining the de- . f . ?
nts from settling the wage scale nci 6 1-4C, WOrth O J-3C. YOU
c basis proposed.
can find any length you want.
Will Kiiow.iIh- Itennon Wliv. ' ? 7
SOIER, Morocco, Sept. 23.?The
d 8tates cruiser. 8an Francisco, r* J 1 c cl- \T7 *
ilp of the European squadron, liood StyiCS 01 bhirt WaiStS
.arrived here on Tuo,day lo,t to j [( { 98c?$1.50 to $2.50
tlgate and obtain redress If neces- ^
for the reported flogging of Amert- p-r^rJc
Itlsens at Monador. and support '
promised settlement of former
s of the lTnited States against _ _ ?A
roo, left this port to-day. It I I Q DTTAnDQ Of I'll
1 here that If the claims of 11., J ( jj, UllUl/Lllj Ol llU.
1 States are not settled within a .? ^
liable time a squadron of United * 9
s war vessels will be sent to Mo- 1IOTEL3.
. The sultan of Morocco has sent - - *wy
eorpa to punish the Ulfflutw tur METROPOLITAN HOTEL.
several recent acts of piracy.
Condition of (lie '1'rrnattrr.
.SIIINaTON. l>. C.. Sept. 23.?To- Nor,hw<u" Corncr M"|D ,nd TwcntHtb
statement of the condition of the Btrccts. Wheollng. W. Vs.
iiry shows: Available catdi balance, ?? CAl,'ti AND liAlt ATTAI'IIKI'1
1I0.7<?2; gold reserve. $140,745,178. ' inytf^
m T Iff ^ PITTSBURGH, PA.. >
NJI V'A X. s /1 \\ lias bern improved throughout with
XIX " v,''w "f 'iterlmr ?*? \)\< rnmfo"
f of Itm uneniH. Kverytlilnn hoiueliVo.
i > New Furniture. New Carpel* New
j V Deeoratlons Now MnniiKcinont.
/ location liseit in Ihr City.
/ Convenient In All Knilroarf Motion*.
/ , loblo Strictly I lr%l-? l?%%.
/ RnlP% $2.00 sndSI.W Pof !>??
f ; \ ?T. CIHRLLS IIOIll CO.
ttni. Rntrbur<|, PrM. 0. II. Pain*.
I wui?n?it?_
ck Pins Are Handy. E!JSTIS.TI,Y: .at7,pv.V"S.rt\..%,i
iIoiiho tlie most parlleulnr Wonnn.
We linve a belter varlily nrMTiQT
Ibmi most mores, mid enn ?lvo UBW l I.
ton Ktyle iiihI I'kebiMlve d?nluiis
?ii very lit I In money. ... ? _ ., ...
PiAbodv Building, Roo;n No. 301.
i ii a a 1120 Market Nlreel.. . Wheeling
lin lieckcr & Co.,
tlaeoH Str*?i, W hot Hug, H. Vs. 1 Kalftblliliuuni Nost.ii. urstv.piOH'P''

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