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nOOOOOCCGO.) -xjooooooooq
8 bast bali, b o bicycling. 0
8'x)00000008 boooooooooo
jOE>o??ol tEQ
Won. Lost. Per.
Toledo .662
Dayton 80 54 .537
New C'astlu 71 53 .573
j ,n Wayne 64 ?>i .512
Man afield 64 s 65
Younfflown 69 65 ,47?l
BpringfU'ld 4S ho .375
Wheeling 40 91 .305
Fort Wayne 10; Youn?Btown 9
Springileld 14; New Custle 4.
Wheeling at Dayton.
New Cantle at Springfield.
Munsileld at Toledo.
Youngatown aty Fort Wayne.
Oflirr IuIki-MmIc (jantca.
At Springfield. Score: It II E
Sprlngtieid . .y 2 ? a I i 0 2 0?14 m .1
New Castle. 20000 1010-47 10
Uattcrles-Springfield, Dolun and Stevlek;
New Cuatle, llewltt, Donovan and
At Fort Wayne Score: II H E
Fort Wayne.u 2 3 11111 O-lo is 3
YounK8t??'n ..0 00 'J 07000? 'J 74
UafferJe*?Fort Wayne, Ilerr and Campbell;
Youngstown, Jordan and Klnram.
A11 Kililhllloii (inmr.
MANSFIELD. Sept. 23. - Exhibition
game; ManMluJd 12: Cincinnati 7. Battorfes.
Ely und Lynch; UreltenHtoln and
Won. Lost. Per.
nitlniore S7 30 .707
H?ston S'J 37 .71 ?'
New York 70 45 ,687
Cincinnati 70 Di .r^^l
Cleveland 60 59 .528
Wa.shlnKton 57 U7 .KM)
Brooklyn 57 69 .453
Pittsburgh 56 9 .4IS
Chicago 55 71 .437
Philadelphia 54 72 .42*J
i .OII1SVI11'" XI .ill
at. Lou la -7 W .'Jl'U
Cleveland S; Chicago 4.
Huston at Baltimore.
Philadelphia ut Brooklyn.
Washington at Now York.
Oilllmttril thr (nil*.
CLEVELAND. Sept. Li-To-day's game
was without special features. Both clubs
nut up a fair game In the field but Cleveland
outbutled the Colts. Score:
Cleveland ft 0 0 1 2 r, 0 0 -? 10 3
Chicago 0 1 S 0 0 0 0 0 M 111 1
Earned runs, Cleveland 4: Chicago 2.
Batteries, Powell and Crfger; Griffith and
Ponohue. Umpire, O'Day. Time, 1:43.
Attendance, 400.
l'rcaldeitt I'ower .*cii<U Ills Lltlle Illllrt
Uoiix to Mck Yoiiiiu.
President Powers, of the Interstate
league, has forwarded to N. E. Young,
president of the Nntlottfil league, the 11st
of players reserved by the various clubs
or the Interstate league. The list Is as
New Castle?Paul A. Russell, Fred M.
Donovan, W. G. Grafllus, Clarence
Smith, Jacob Hewitt. Hurt Miller,t ronK
,M|l!(-r, W. W. Nattrous, George Ross,
Peter Somers, Thomas Fleming.
Wheeling?William Ciitnpbell.Edward
Bradley, .J11 n Donehue, Samuel Vetter,
William Taylor. Creed Hates, Daniel
Shay, James Lucas, Albert Miller,
Maurice Justice, C. W JcBtup, Pitcher
Fort Wayne?Fred Cooke. Edward
O Meara. .1 P. Sharp. Charles Babb.
George Klhm, Harry Mlnnehan. Jay
Parker,*\. Alloway, William Patterson,
Kdward Herr, James McKeavltt,Frank
Fitch. Thomas Campbell.
Dayton?C. K. Brown. 15 Rosobrough.
W. H. Piatt. George Kletnann,
"Doc" Greentvald, Albert Kellner. Joe
Rleman. W. S. Wettel. E. Mnngnn,
James Mcfihane, E. Flick, Freil Frank.
Frinlt Carroll, Charles Hemphill.
Charles Cargo.
Sprlngtleld--Lew Whistler. James
Stevlck. !v Poole, James Kuhn, Josh
Rellly, E. Ashenbach. Phil. Vetlers.Johti
Dolan. IJ. Madden, M. Woodlock, John
Farrell. George Brady. Al Whltrldge,
Charles Coggf'well, Oeorge Schelble,
Toledo?William Uassamer, Bade
Myers. Erve Reek, Robert I.angsford.
Jerry MeDonouHh, S. I' Arthur, William
Smith, Hob. rt Gllks, W. O. Tlaru
man. John Blue. Harry Keenan. Oeorn*
Kelb. Charles Ferguson, Robert Ewlng,
George Darby.
Mansfield? Bart llmvard. W. A. Latham.
15. Lynch, J. Ely. Emit!. R, C.
Miller. E, Beam. Joe Warrick. Thomas
Francis. Joe Burke, Charles Slpler.
James Robinson. Joseph Kate, John
Toungstown?John McAleese, Euward
Zlnrani. Marty Jordan. Joe Rlckert,
Frank .1 Musser. Van Patterson. William
Martin. I. L. llrodle. Joe Steen,
Jumes Cooper, Hodge Berry, w. II.
The Wheeling Tiger* have nomo excellent
material to select from this year,
end it Is certain they will have the best
nggregutlon ever In their history. There
nre twenty mnn trying for positions
and the practice at the Hrldge' park every
evening bring* out a good crowd.
Thin H?'anon the Tiger* promise to cut
fjulte n figure on the gridiron, and
ninmiK the tinmen arranged are the folio
October 2-Kant Liverpool Monarch*,
at Wheeling.
October ;i Mount Unlo/i College, of
Alll.inee, Ohio, at Wheeling.
October K-Tiger* at Alli ance, Ohio.
October 2.". - Tlgors v.*. P. A. C. at
October HO?Tiger* at Gremnbtirg.ra.
Mr. <'ari Lang, of thl* City, will otllclate
as referee for the Tigers this seu on.
To-morrow the Junior Tiger* go out
1(? Ht. Clolr*vllle to try conclusion* with
the team of that town.
TAUNHTON, .M it . Hept. 23.?There
wue a bad mix-up In the one mil" open
bicycle nice nt the Mrlslol county fair today
Tom Ittltler crossed I be tape flint
with Ma.l<?r Taylor second and W. II.
Jlrccknr third. After the rider* hail fluInh'
il. Mi'-i'lter wheeled lip behind Ta\lor
and grabbi'd him by th hIi-iiiI b-r. Tho
eolored rnau wan thrown to th" iu<?rid
mimI lleeker choked him Into a Mate of in i^imlblllty,
and tb- poller wore oblige 1
in Interfere. If wan fully fifteen inlnut- <
before t jylor " covered conflolousno is
Atld the crowd WAS very threatening U??
ward Hreekef. The lattei rhlllU'd Hill*
Tavlor crowded him to the fence durltic
the race. Ib-cker wiim dlsrpiiilltlcd nn i
the i ace run over again, Tom Hutb't win
"lug. .
lUlllirua Ihr W IMIIM.
The refeiiw in Hi-- match > in m
M ?y Allen and Will MflttheWH.h mi given
his decision, which la th ?i M nth w* la
tho winner of the third ami decinlvo heat.
Hue lire 14 Ordered to Houolulu, auil wlli
Start as Soon a? she C an Ua Prepared for
Ilia Voyage.
WASHINGTON. D. C., Sept. 23.-Orders
were sent from the navy department
to-day to San Francisco, to have
thq gunboat Wheeling aent to Honolulu
a^ soon as she can be prepared for
the voyage.
Tho Wheeling has been put Jn commission
recently, and was about to start
in a short time for Sitka, taking stores
and relief men for the gunboat Concord,
now on duty In Alaska. She Is a small
but well equipped modern gunboat,
somewhat smaller than the Bennington,
now at Honolulu, but together the
two boats will make a good forqe. The
Philadelphia will remain at Honolulu
until the Wheeling arrives.
Whether the Yorktown will then be
detained Is not certain, but it Is likely
that she will not atop at Honolulu on
her way home from China longer than
Is necessary to secure coal and stores.
The Philadelphia upon reaching Mare
Island,will place most of her men on the
Baltimore, which has Just been extensively
repaired, and the lutter will go to
Hawaii an Admiral Miller's flagship.
The admiral will remain at Honolulu
while the exchange is being made.
The gunboat Wheeling sailed for Honniulu
to-nlirht. She was obliged to till ,
vacancies in her crow by drafting forty
mun from the Marietta and Monadner.
The Wheeling carried dispatches to Honolulu
in advance of the regular mall
IIS Trite lillls I'oniul?Seiuatlonal Indict licitI?
llronght In.
Special Dispatch to tho lntelllgoncer.
HTEIJBEN VILLE, O., Sept. 23.?The
Jefferson county grand Jury made lt? report
'to-day after having been In session i
for nine days and having examined 240
witnesses, covering 174 cases, finding 11$
true bills and Ignoring 56. The present
grand Jury has been in session longer, =
examined more witnesses and found
more true bills than any grand Jury In
the history of the county. Al
The large number of Indictments has
caused a sensation as they cover violations
of the gambling, liquor, brothel and p(
house of ill fame laws, and quite a num- ..
ber have hurriedly left the city. Very
few of the Indictments have been made to
public, and the uncertainty us to who bc
are Indicted Is causing much uneasiness tj,
In many quarters.
Klnylug of I'Ir Iran Conttnnra with a
KllflVtilug In l*rlcca. j
A ????? OO Tl,n Tv/in u
y~i-t 01:4/1. ?o.? Uiu 4iv? ,?
Trade Review says: The buying of I3es- L
semer plpr Iron In the Pittsburgh and ^
other central western districts has kept
up, the total of the past two weeks being
estimated at close to 100,000 tons. (J
Further purchases are pending since It
Is well known that large steel corapanles
are consuming considerably more _
pig Iron than they produce. While $9 85 1
In the valleys was the highest transuc- U
tlon reported last week, $10 has been th
done since this, being for 1898 delivery, r,
and $10 25 is now minimum with most .
sellers. Gray forge has gone to $9 25 in
the valley and $9 GO to $9 75 Pittsburgh til
is quoted, this representing an advance W
of about $L 60 from the lowest point. h*
Northern sellers of foundry Iron have 01
stiffened their prices in sympathy with
the advances In other grades and south- hi
ern sellers, finding order books well fill- 0]
ed for four months ahead and orders qi
steadily coming in, have held firmly to in
the advances noted last week. The Ai
Tennessee company It Is estimated, will Tl
make a further advance of twenty-live th
cents this week from the Birmingham
basis of $7 25 for No. 2 foundry and No. of
2 soft. $7 75 for No. 1 foundry and No. 1 M
soft, and $6 75 for gruy forgo. M
It Is evident that southern Iron la In
now very close to the point at which Its he
export will be prohibited. This would
have boon the case now, but for the re- in
cent advance In pig Iron In England.
The foundry buying of the past week ),|
has been of good volume. Some buyers Gf
hesitate in the face of the higher prices m
asked for deliveries in 189S and sellers ,
are likewise chary of business for next ai
Ilolil* n ConaiilUtioit ivllli Tlmt Portion
of III* 4'nlilnrt with lllni. ii<
ADAMS. Mass., Sept. 23.?President ^
McKlnley and the other membep of his ' |
party rested to-day. It was nearly 7 j,f
o'clock when President and Mrs. Mc- of
Kinley made their appearance at the
breakfast table at the Plunkett residenee.
The night's rest had worked "I
wonders in both and all traces of wear!- Pi
ness and care had disappeared.
Shortly after 10 o'clock, Col. Albert S<
Clarke, secretary, and Major Charles A. of
Stott, of Lowell, prcfildent of the Home
Market Club, and other well known He- ^
publicans, called on the President.
1 immediately after their departure, the
President called a meeting of that por- ,
Hon of his cabinet which Is In Adums
with him and for two hours they were
in secret consultation in the parlor of w
the Plunkett residence. After the meeting
adjourned the President and Secre- es
tary Long went for a short walk
through the Plunkett estate.
Wourirrfnl Torpedo Atlnrlunriif.
WASHINGTON, D. C., Sept. 2J,?The
naval ordinance bureau has been securing
some remarkable results from
certain experiments It has been making
by direction of acting secretary Hoosevelt
with an attachment for torpedoes,
the Invention of an Austrian named
Obrey, This Is a kind of gyroscope, and
the reports from the torpedo station,
where the lests have been made and nre
to be continued, show that it has the
property having once been directed at
the object to be hit, of actually restoring
tin* torpedo to which it i# attached
to a straight course towards that object
even after It has been deflocted. This N
addition of this device Is Mild by the p
experts to make the torpedo almost a
weapon of precision,
ftliot III* Fnllirr-lii |,n%?
niDOKFIKLD, Conn., Sept. 23.?
James Kelley, about 29 years of age, residing
in Lewlsboro, N, Y., shot and Instantly
killed Charles Mead, bis fatherin-law,
aged 60 years, at the hitter's |
home In le wlsboro, last night. Accord- g
Iuk t" I"' story which hao reached this tj
place, Kelley three weeks ago eloped *
with the eighteen-year-old daughter of
Mead, The couple returned to Lewlsboro
after their marriage, hut failed to
receive the blessing of the bride's filth- nt
, r. A quarrel took place last night and K<
the shooting resulted, Kelley was ill*- oi
rested soon after the tragedy. ot
jr m oi
llntllnuc III' < t'l'llllir III llnl)', ll
DfUNDIflft, It. The damni." !*
' done hy the cyolotw In thn province of
Lecco on Tuesday evening last, will w
I (imuiint, according to the official estlI
mates, to over 26,000,000 lire. In the ?IIh- J
11 let of Tnrento alone the damage in estlmited
al l,( ,000 tiro, ot
Milt iiy,'* OM?*f lli'thlrill IIr,III, ni
, f'ltlCAOO, Sept. 2.1. James Lane, ML' bl
| years old, familiarly known ns "Uncle Jj'
Jlinmy" Lane, one of the oldest resl fu
I deutii of Clih ii'.", died to day of old age jy
I ll- >mih born In Inland on Halnt Pa- ni
trick's day, I7!"i, and came to America fit
I In IS.!.l; eoinltlg to Chicago In 1836. ?t
Beautiful eyes grow dull and dim
As the swift years steal away.
Beautiful, willowy forms so slim
Lose fuirucss with every day.
But she still is queen aud bath charms to
Who wears youth's coronal ? beautiful
Preserve Your Hair
and you preservo your youth.
"A woman is as old as eho
lookB," saysj the world. No
woman looks as old as she is
If her hair has preserved its
oormal beauty. You can keep
hair from falling out, restoring
Its normal color, or restore the
normal color to gray or faded
hair, by the uso of
Ayer's Hair Yigor.
nil ('oualderablo of It wa? Lost I'pon
Ills Atirilnncr.
COLUMBU6, O., Sept. 23.?About 3.000
;oplo attended the opening meeting of
le 'Democratic campaign at the AudiHum
to-night. Several thousand per>nal
invitations had been sent out by
e local committee.
Hon. Allan W. Thurman presided,
lie chief speech of the evening was that
' Horace I,. Chapman, candidate for
jvernor. Other speakers were Gen. A.
Warner, of Marietta; Mayor James A.
ice, of Canton, and Congressman J.
entz. Mr. Chapman read hlu speech
id considerable of it lost its effect upon
e audience.
up* and Mlahnpa In thn Tl?rlvli?c City
Actual tlie Illver.
For the accommodation of Martin's
srry people who desire to take In the
50 excursion to Cleveland Sunday via
ie Cleveland, Lorain and Wheeling
ullway a special train will leave Marn's
Ferry station at 6:f?0 a. m., city
me, and stopping at Hanover and
rashlngton streets. Tickets can be
id Sunday morning at the station or
i the cars.
The teachers of the public chools
ive been asked to write a brief synisls
of their views on the following
lotions: What Is the weakest point
the professional training of teachers.
re teachers underpaid, If so, why.
>u-lr dlHcusslons will be presented to
e next round table of superintendents.
Mr. George Miller, the young barber
Broadway, was married last night to
Ism Martha Tlver. of Bellttlre, Ohio,
r. and Mrs. Miller returned last evenK
after the ceremony and will go to
tusekeeping on Broadway.
Boyd Williams, who hns been spendB
a few days visiting his uncle. E. C.
jyd, leaves to-morrow for Phlladelpa,
where he will enter the University
Pennsylvania to take up the study of
The funeral of the Infant child of Mr.
id Mrs. Frank Anthony took place
sterday afternoon at 2 o'clock, Itev.
>Kle officiating. The remains were Inrred
In Mt. Wood cemetery.
Miss Hlpus. who ha# been visiting
v. E. 0. Bailey und wife for the past
iree weeks, returned to her home In
enla, Ohio, yesterday morning.
The class of *91 from our high school
'id a reunion last evening at the home
Miss Jessie Charlton, on Fifteenth >
reet, Wheeling.
The Orbus Club will bo entertained toght
at the home of the Misses Glllcs?>,
on West Walnut street.
Rev. H.'W. Tate, former pastor of the
jcond M. K. church, is here the guest
Mr. M. F. Wems.
Rev. John Morton, the new pastor of
e M. E. church, will oc :py the pulpit
xt Sabbath.
Prof. W. H. Stewart left for Plttsirgh
yesterday to be gone a few days.
It Is rumored that another shoe Btore
ill locate In town.
C.eorge Smith spent yesterday In Zanvllle
on business.
Mrs. B. T. Ong Is visiting friends In
inton, Ohio.
Eternal Vigilance.
11 Eternal vigilance Is the price of liberty."
# - * ' * "'t worth having.
Bit i? the ^ricc
man needn't be
always looking
t a Pwise man
il forui ft habit
care about the i
.Mant things of
I trouble to take
of yourself as it
jt to. A man ,
follows regular,
,hy habits, feels
all the time. ,
1b worth living
im. But n man ,
"don't want to
cr" with taking
of himself has
pain and misrowded
into oni
than n good
thy, hearty man
lives t if III
Id ever know of
When M man's stomach is out of order,
id his dilution don't weak; when hlslivei
?ts to be ( biKKish and won't clear the bile
nt of his blood, It is time for him to look
lit for himself, lie gets no nourishment
it of hi* food. His blood nets thicker and
lickcr with Impurities. Hlsncnresget itriited.
He loses energy and fighting forrr.
lie may say, " I can stand il, I will frel
ttcr t<? mot row;" but the chanres are he
ill (Vrl wnt^r tomorrow and worse still
*t day. lie ought to put himself right at
ice. lie need* Dr. IMeree'sGolden Medical
iscovery. It in made for Just tills condition,
mm the ttjitiuvi ua tiutritlv?
guns, and give* them power to extinct
om llie food all the nutritious elements
id transform thriii into rhh, nourishing
lood. It enables the liver to cleanse out all
lllous Imptltlllea and notlt into llie circulami
nil abundance of highly vltallred blood,
ill of the lib' giving red corpuscles which
ii I id up healthy fl?*>h( muscular strength,
id nrrve-euei^v II does not make flabby
rsh ft I4* the only suitable tonic and
icnglli bulldet fot corpulent people.
All Sorts of l?oo?l .Vetvs nutl G.iailp Prom
(lie Gla?a Mtr.
Morris V. Miller has disappeared from
Jiis home in this city and nothing; had
been heard of him since Tuesday until
last evening. He was oue of the oldest
engineers In the employ of the Pennsylvania
railroad company, but had been
oft work some time on account of sickness,
and his mind was Impaired for a
time, but he seemed to have recovered
from that, and on Tuesday was allowed
to walk about without attendants.
The last seen of him was when he was
walking north toward the upper end of
this city. From that point he disappeared
as completely us if swallowed
up by the earth. His wife and family
were in sore distress and sent everywhere
for tidings of him. He was a man
ubove uverage height, walked erect,
but would not attract especial attention.
So far as known he had not provided
for an absence from home and his appearance
in any community would soon
attract attention. He was found at Roberts'
brick yard,near BeJialre, last evening,
and was taken to his home.
The Bellalre steel plant is now in full
operution In all departments and with
business enough on hand to insure a
good run. All of the machinery in the
steel department is new and the rolls
ure new, so mai cuuuuu ia uam* m me
operation. Besides the presence of a
soaking pit and many other modern
features ore new nnd the workmen are
not crowded until they Ret used to the
new appliances. Hut everything so far
is moving along smoothly and in order,
nnd the product hero will to almost
double what it formerly was when the
newness wears off. The second furnace
will also be started up and this mill will
distribute fifty thousand dollnrs or more
In wages each month. This added to tin*
other Industries here, will put Bellalre
In glorious shape for the winter. There
is the Novelty Stamping Works running
full and adding to Its capacity.
The Stewart enameling plant U doing
the same thing. The Oellalre Bottle
works Is running with on increased
force and Rodefer Bros, glass factory
has more men at work than since the
flrat of July. The Bellalre Stove'Foundry
Is as busy as It ran be and tho
workmen there have nil they can do.
The new enameling plant in lower Bellalre
will take lu more capital and enlarge
Its capacity. Every industry of
whatever kind in the city has n fair
business in hnntl nnd bright prospects.
In a little while more money will be put
into the hands of wage earners than has
been distributed In that way for a long
time. In fact the outlook is better for
Bellaire In overy respect than It has
been for years and all the people hero
appreciate this fact.
lion. Charles J. Howard, who Is a
candidate for re-election as representative
on the Bepublican ticket, was In
the city yesterday mingling with Home
of the people here. He Is an Intelligent
and capable young man, and is esteemed
most by those who know him best.
Ills election is only a question of how
much majority he will have.
John Strlcklin was a switchman In I
the Baltimore A Ohio yard here, nnd |
was regarded us a good one. He is also
a married man and has a wife and two
children here. Monday night he disappeared
and atlthe same time a Mrs.
George Peterson also disappeared. The
latter leaves no children, but her Industrious
husband was robbed of nil the
money they had saved. The deserted
wife is a delicate woman, with two
small children to provide for, and an effort
was mtde yesterday to Rccurn tor
her what money Is coming to the recreant
husband and father, from the
Baltimore & Ohio company.
Itrllnlrr llrlrfi.
Edwin Boone, the hypnotist, who
appealed at the Elyslnn theatre Inst
evening, put his subject to sleep Wednesday
evening In La Roche's store
window, and last evening the subject
was brought too. Yesterday afternoon n
committee composed of Dr. Piper. Will
MJlUgnn, John Fish, O. P. Mason, H. W.
Bahra atid Richard Riley, went to the
postofflce In a carriage, mailed a letter
to Charles Arnold, the druggist, after
which they went to Bradley's undertaking
establishment, where they hid the
key in a crack in the building, returning
to La Roche's they blindfolded the
hypnotist ond mind reader, nftpr which
he drove the carriage containing the
committee to the place where the key
was hidden, finding It with ease. He
took his place on the carriage and drove
to the. poHtofflce, opened the box containing
the letter, and took It to Charles
Arnold. The fent attracted considerable
attention, and a great deal of talk. He
had a good house at the Klysian theatre
last evening, and will no doubt
uraw won to-nlgnt.
A large number of Quakers paused
through the city yesterday, on their I
way <o Barnesvllle, where the annual A
meeting of the Quakers Is being held.
l)r. P. W. Boone, O. P. Mason. Dr.
W. O. Pipes nnd Fred Wassm&n have
returned home from a hunting trip out
the Baltimore & Ohio railroad.
Mrs. II. E. Munroe has geno to Marietta,
whore the "Scottish Reformation"
was given l^t evening.
A. L. Bumgarner, of St. Clalrsvllle,
was in the city yesterday.
Electric III 11 era.
Eleclrlo Hitters Is a medicine
suited for any season, but perhaps more
generally needed when the languid, exhausted
feeling prevails when the liver
In torpid and sluggish and the need of a
tonic and alterative Is felt. A prompt
line of this medicine has often averted
long and perhaps fatol bilious fevers.
No medicine will act more surely In
counteracting and freeing the system
from the malarial poison. Headache, Indigestion,
constipation, dizziness yield to
Klectrlo Hitters. DOc and ?t 00 per bottle
nt Logan Drug Co.'s drug store.
WINNING sores. Indolent ulcers nnd
similar troubles, even though of many
years' Standing, my be Hired by lining
Do Witt's Witch Hazel Halve. It soothes,
strengthens nnd heals. It Is the great
pile cure. Charles It. GootSC, Market
rind Twelfth streets; Chatham Sinclair, |
Forty-sixth nnd Jacob streets; A. 15.
Bcheele, No. 007 Main street; Hxley ,
Pros., Penn nnd Zano streets; llowle &
Co., Bridgeport. 4
"My boy came home from school one
[lay with hlH hand badly lacerated and
bleeding, and suffering great pain,"
nays Mr. E. J. flchall, with Meyer Bros.'
Drug Co., St. Louis, Mo. "I dressed
the wound and applied Chamberlain's
Pain Balm freely. All pain coined, and
in a rimarkably snort time it healed
without leaving a sear. For wounds,
ipralns, swellings and rhtuniatlitn i
know of no medicine or prescription
equal to It. I consider It a household
necessity." The and CO 00nt slses for 1
Male l.y druggists.
1a the o
| PIOIl WEEK. !|!
| H?nd In your orders by Poalsl 1 [ 1
ji Card of Ttlephofie Ho* tt <[
Geo. E. Stifel & Co.
Opening of?
- FALL and
Jackets ! Suits
# Never in the history
of our stores have
we presented to the
exclusive manufacturers,
we can offer the high class goods
at prices uneqalled by any other house.
(W F Stifpl & fn.
WW kV w iwi vw w? -W -w w
Is surely coming. If you can't see it,
there is something wrong with your eyes- Have
them proDerly looked after by
.1: house near city and motor line. Term* housework. Apply 2349 Market St.
easy. Possession nt once. Apply to J. C. ^
HERVEY. UK Market St. acZ! 0r,r"nww'
? . Vi 1 ,Lv. ]n! inp'n '' KEEPER l?y u competent, oxperl|j
lot In Green w oodcomot cry, IJnelocn- 0I1C(.(J womnn Reference Klvon. Address
KKI/i^mSinr'^Adir?., CEmS?E?HV ?! j^^?r^oMnldll^cr^nicc. ?H?
LOT. euro Into'.llgenccr office. ap!3 "IIT"ANTED?AGENTS. 120 TO fC A
CAI XT weok sure to workers: no capital
/wli oALti needed; new Roods: now plan; polls nt
slffht^ every family needs It. H0U8E
CHEAP A Sit os EASY TEBHi. man to ?H Slniter Machine. nnd
take chance of collection* fn a town of fi.000
W. V. HOGE, Inhabitant' in Ohio. Call on or nddrotfl
? ' , THE 8INOEII MF(I. CO . No 7>1 Twelfth
City ?nnH lliilldlng. 1300 Market St. ?lwl. Whoi-llnK. Vn. .idi-tnw&f
FOR SALE. Fos rent.
fc?r*tir tr/irra? l??n RENT?SEVERAL GOOD BOOMS
1' B M iTi,r?n sir??i * in the City Bank Building. inqulro at
|Juron Street, iho City Rank of Wheollng. mrtO
With Furnace, ? ? ?
Stone foundation. the clly, InrKo nnd plenty of light;
81ate Boof centrally located In best advertised buildami
Oood Stable. |ng In tho city. Also large hall for rent.
Possession given October 1. Apply at HUB CLOTHIERS, Fourteenth
and Market streets. )?n_
~ , r. i n tf j? FOf? Market street* as u whole or
Exchange Bank Building. 'ut* In part. Foiseulon Arpll 1st.
- - a fine second floor residence.
f)f NT Immediate posscsmIoii.
? ? Real Estate nnd Loan Agent,
st * i ? i < IOCS Main Sired.
Convict Labor to Let
Sealed bid* will bo received at the West PITY TAY NDTlPP
Virginia Penitentiary, m Moundsvlllo, W. 1 MA ,N^ 1
Vn.. until 12 o'clock meridian, on the
of lUOtVll? maloVonvfct* 'for aVrlod not O ffl cc^ '1 *nJ/jJ,Col loc 10 r,
KSrfm""fro"'y Wh?iIS*. Sep?.'"?: m
Flr.l?Bo'cli iild muet bo accompanied Nolle# l? hereby given that the clly taxee
with n bond with security to the aatlafac- for 1M,; w(n |,? j,,,. nmi payable at the
lion of the board of director* that the bid- ?f ,r,? rut- collcctor, 1'nWlc llulldder
will comply with the torma of bin bid, |?Ki Friday, Oelober I. IM17, IVrnoiu nayIf
It la accepted, and bo nealed up and ad- |I1K nn tlu-lr Iiixch nny day during ih.
drm.ed to the warden, Indoned "Hid for month or October will be entitled to a dl?Lebor
'* .. .. count of 2 per cent 011 clly taten.
Second?Each bhl shall specify the artl- Tho taxen on real estate will hoar Interden
proposed to bo manufactured and the r?t fron, November 1. 1W7. ot 10 per cent
number of square feet of shop room which j)(,r nnnum until paid. Save 12 percent by
Will be required, nnd If at earn powor Is Joying on time.
required, tho amount of power nnd prlco * JAMES K. HALL,
per day they i?ro willing to pay therefor, *^7 City Collector,
nnd ehill n unconditional. Third?Tho
price jwr day for eneb con* taimm'Mptiov' AW RONDfl rtW
Vict shall be specified, and If a different kMI > F 11 ? r or
prlco per day Is mated for different periods, **' LLhl 1 Kit MUIIT LOAN,
each period and prlco must ho ho stated. The holders of tho above nnmed bond*
that one may bo accepted and tho other are lieroby notified that tho following numreleotod,
her* have been culled, namely: f?. 7K. <9,
rourth-If the person bidding desires to W. M, X. M. ?*, *. f,? of one hundred dollar*
manufacturo different cinsses of articles, each; llf?. IOC. 200. H'-'. 122. 199, 1*8, 1P?. lid,
the labor to be employed on each must bo Ml. If, 170 of Ave hundred dollars each;
bid for separately. 201 of one thousnnd dollars, and arc payaFifth-Convicts
will labor nine (l?) hour* bio October U 1W7, at which date they will
a day. cento to bear Interest. Bond* and coupon*
I iv order of tho Hoard of Director*. will bo paid at tho Hank of tho Ohio Volsol&
H A. HAWK, Warden. ley.
JNBUJlANCi, ^ Kl-^-ritir I.IQIIT I.QAfr,
If you purchase or make a loan oti real and Composition
estate havo tho title Insured by tho
Wheeling Title and Trust Co. ::::::^ZMnr/;:,rHn;^
at small expense. A competition
no. lilt MAitKicr amtirr. f,? ehttnntsa, nnd not f-r tied*
II. M. RUSSELL.. President letieeof workmanship, I* the moat
k f:0ma :.v:::::::.vicete!?d?S "ml ,,r'nl" !,h'
M M. II. TltAt'Y A-M t Het-iotary rapid decay an.I entire destrucU.
R. E. UILCIIIllflT. MlonHni r of Tltl'n Hon of artu and maaufnclurea.
For holt (which I* Iho chwput)
rIVilli INTHI.I.UIKNCKIt 1-HINTINO woiMbe l.tinllljren.erJebMiilX
Kslabllsliment-Neal, a< . lii.itr, piompt. but Olllee Is the plAM t?

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