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And OM Midlers ? A Veteran De/ende
Kim Against Ilia Action ( Bloaitil?vlllc
ii. A. II. P?i(-rh? Beat and Truest
Friend of lb* Soldier.
To the Editor of the Intelligencer.
tilit:?Soma days ago the O. Al H.
post at Moundsville, took occasion to
denounce Governor Atklneon. Now let
us carefully look Into this matter and
fee who it emanates front whether
from the soldiers as a mass or from six
or seven soldiers, aided by outsiders,
who are not friendly to the governor;
and who hunted up these six or seven
soldiers and caused them to denounce
the governor as tfcey did. In the first
place the G. A. It. la not a political organization,
consequently this Action cortaken
with the annroval
of the post. How this unjust work was
done, ?H good G. A. li. men wish to find
out. and the commander-in-chief of the
c; A. R. will surely Investigate and expose
any such work, whloh Is calculated
10 ruin the G. A. R. Of course it does
not Injure Governor Atkinson, as the
soldiers, widows and orphans, as a
anas-4, will spurn anyone who attempts
to Injure him or any oil**- man who hus
stood by them ut all times and places,
lit'it to our lamented Logan. The lndisjiutable
proof of It Is that every soldier,
widow and orphan that ever asked a
favor of Governor Atkinson while he
was in Congress, received a reply. He
never shirked, but took up their case,
end wont In person to attend to it.
There are now about fifty soldiers tilling
places In Washington City, who weru
appointed by Governor Atkinson, more
than any other representative from this
state secured. Thousands not hundreds
of the soldier element of this stute today
will soy if It had not been for the
governor they would not be drawing
He did not confine himself to his own
congressional district. He was the only
civilian who was ever invited to speak
*>t rhe> Arlington National Cemetery.
jI* hart made more Decoration Day uddresses
than any man who ever lived In
West Virginia. He Is never Idle on that
day. but with his own hands, helps to
j-l.ice llowers upon the graves of comrades.
While In Congress, he appointed doctors
who had been soldiers, on all the
pension boards, anil demanded that
they give the soldier the benefit of all
doubts. He also appointed a soldier
postmaster at all the best paying po?tofllces,
at New Cumberland, Wellsburg,
Wheeling, Moundsvllle and Weston. At
Clarksburg no soldier asked for the office,
and In all the small postofllces he
appointed soldiers If he could do so
without raising a fuss. He had more
than 5.000 claims of West Virginia soldiers
made special because of the per'
sonal attention given them, and this is
why I say no six or seven soldiers nor
their backers can Injure the governor,
or turn In the least any one against
him. They know their friend and will
I'ver stand by him.
The soldiers, widows and orphans
have gratitude, and have n warm place
1n their hearts for the governor that
cannot and will not be disturbed by the
few who seek to Injure him.
Now we will s^e what he has done In
the way of appointments In the state
since he has been governor, and this
will show all that he has not Ignored
the soldier. West Virginia has a population
of about one million. Of this
number there are Kl.000 soldiers. There
are two soldiers on his staff, seven at
the Moundsvuie prison, two in me capital
to look after It. one soldier doctor
at Weston, two fllllnR- places ns labor
commissioners. These make fourteen
thnt I know of at present. Could the
governor do more nnd keep peace with
the remainder of the million of people
of the state? He had only twelve state
offices to Rive, and put In two soldiers,
consoqufntly any fair minded person
? ? ... ,.n _.m ,i,?, ,lwi
wnn can m;ui>- ut nu nm ate umi w,v
13.000 soldiers have the best of It as far
ns appointments are concerned. At no
time or place has Governor Atkinson
ever slighted the soldier element, always
giving them preference or representation
when he could do so. and
many times caused n fuss by nppolntIng
soldier. He has often said to
the soldier belongs the spoil." when they
are capable of filling the office*. There
1s not room for all, and all are not capable.
On different state boards he has appointed
soldiers to give them representation.
In one of Governor Atkinson's
speeches five or six years ago. he said
the time had come when every Union
soldier ought to draw a pension, whethIer
disabled or not. Now when these
fellpws of the Moundsvllle 0. A. R. post
and those who were urging them on.
and running around working ngalns:
j Governor Atkinson, where was he? At
Columbus, Ohio, with his staff to bring
the reunion to Wheeling. Me spoke for
over an hour to 5,000 people on the heroism
of the soldier. And vet these fallows
of the Moundsvllle O. A. R. post
pnssed resolutions denouncing him.
The soldier element as a mass will
denounce in the plainest of terms the
conduct of the Moundsvllle G. A. R
post. Also the similar conduct of Rend
G. A. R. po??t of Gnfton. in denouncing
Senator Klklns and Representative
Dayton. Suppose Atkinson, Klkins
Dayton ami Dovener should notice thllittle
work.to whom wouldthesoldler element
turn for better friends? They hnvr
none. No one would take up theii
cause for fear of similar treatment
The soldiers will pay no attention tc
this Clique.
The G. A. R men nnd soldiers ol
West Virginia will not stand mute wher
their best nnd truest friend. Governoi
Atkinson is nttacked and denounced
nnd for what? The governoi
has now no government appointments
to make; they alone resi
with Tnptain Dovener. As far n?
Moundsvllle |? concerned the directori
of the penitentiary make nil appoint
ments there. The governor cannot ant
would not think of trying to urge thl/
or any state board to favor any man.
T have a letter from the governor, If
which he promised no man, nor woiih
not compromise himself in such a man
tier with any l?oard for any man. Ii
would not be good policy on his pnrt
and a person with a grain of sense wll
admit It.
Consequently, the soldiers nnd theii
friends will now do all In their power
nnd heyond doubt succeed in defeatInf
the governor'* enemies who are work
Inn this game to oppose him for th<
United Htntes senate. They will sent
hlrn, their bent and truest friend, to tin
senate a* sure as he lives. If for no oth
er purpose than to show him thai hi I
loyalty to them Is appreciated and tha
a good, honest, true man should no
be abused nnd wronged.
Not a one or two year soldier.
Wheeling, Sept. 2-1.
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The Feature* of llm Ploitij and Stork
NEW YORK, Sept. 21-Money on call
firm at 303 per cent; la9t loan 2 per
cent; closed at [email protected]%c. Prime mercantile
paper 4%@l5 per cent. Sterling exchange
steady, with actual business In bankers'
bills at $4 844 84% for demand and
at 14 82%@4 82ft for sixty days. Posted
rates {4 83ft4 84 and $4 86. Commercial
bills J4 81. 6i)ver certificates
56%$p58c. Bar silver 56%c. Mexican dollars
The recovery In prices which began
yesterday was continued to-day during
the earlier part of the session 4)f the
stock exchange and the advance of
prices of all stocks was apparently in
full force again until the afternoon,
when the support seemed to be withdrawn
from the market and prices fell
away to a general level below last
night's close. The rise was stimulated
by the announcement that a local bank
hnd engaged 51.000,000 in gold in France
for import to this country, making a
total with yesterday's engagement of
J2,500.000 gold due to arrive. Receipts of
gold reported from Han Francisco as arriving
there from Australia also helped
iijc recovery, i lie u? nun m uic mum
of England In advancing Us rate of discount
Vfc per cent to 2,,fc per cent, was
anticipated In view of the continued
depletion of its gold holding* nnd the
additional strength of yesterday's withdrawal
for shipment to this country.
Yesterday's rise in prices had stimulated
the placing of some outside orders
with commission houses nnd their execution
was the sustaining factor during
the morning. The strength of Sugar
which rose nearly four points on the
reported extension of the treasury department
to apply the countervailing
duty on "Dutch refined sugars," helped
along the rise. There was support afforded
the market all through by heavy
buying of some of the hull operators,
who have been conspicuous In the recent
rise. The effect of the gold Import
movement was largely dissipated durImr
the day by a skepticism as to Its
, natural character. The exchange bankers
who usually handle the movement
of gold, both import and export, were
unanimous In the opinion that at the
ruling rate of sterling nnd continental
, exchange here and of gold in London
and Paris, there was no profit in the
Importation of gold and the figures of
most of them would indicate fjulte a
heavy loss on the operation. Much curiosity
was expressed an to the Identity
of the clients for whom the hanks are
making the Importation and the opinion
was quite freely expressed that the operation
was designed %entirely to Influence
the price of stocks. The failure
of the exchange market to hat den under
the announcement was quite noticeable.
Equally so was the continued
firmness of rates for rail money, which
I became pretty well established on the
, basis of .'I per cent. As these conditions
became more clearly defined the upward
i movement of prices became checked
r and there was periods of dullness fol1
lowed by a steady decline to the close,
the upward course of the morning being
almost exactly retraced In the afternoon.
so that the net changes for the
. day only exceed ? fraction In a small
number of cases. The advance of the
morning ranged from 1 to 2 points in
, nearly all of the active shares. Besides
the sharp rise In Sug:tr, Consolidated
f 'las at one time was C'4 points up and
, Brooklyn Union CJas nearly 3 points.
There was other gains exceeding the
iverage, but none of tli"in W"ro retain
od, except Hocking Valley, Delaware .s.
. Hudson. Pittsburgh, Cincinnati,Chicago
l '& St. Louis, LaClede Gas and Susquoi
lianna Se Western preferred, which
, gained n point or over, The los?et? also
which were numerous were confined to
I fractions except In the case of Brooklyn
t Union (las and Baltimore & Ohio among
the active stocks. Among the less ac,
tlve stocks gains of a point or over were
I shown by Cotton Oil preferred, Lake
Shore, Minneapolis & .St. Louis 2V4; do
t on s?Tond preferred; Norfolk & Western
preferred; Oregon Navigation prej
ferred and Pullman. Humors were disseminated
late In the day that further
engagements for gold for Import had
been made, but they exercised tio Inj
fluence on the market,
! Healing la bonds showed a falling off
In volume and prices moved In syniI
pnthy with stocks. Total sales, $2,800,,
United States new 4's advanced Vi per
i cent
I The total sales of stock to-day were
t 541,400 share'.
Evening Post's London financial cablegram:
The change In the discount rate of the
lianl< of lOngland announced to-day bad
no effec t on the stock markets, having
been fully anticipated. Indeed, It Is believed
that the rate would have been
raised to .1 per cent, but for the fact that
t the treasury bllh amounting to $2,000,f
ooo in" to bo litfuod next week*
Tim feature In the markets to-day
' was tin- speedy revival III Americans,
tho disposition /is cabled here and on
. lie- continent to buy on n decline being
unmistakable* to-day. Prices closed at
the lust. Union Paelflc and Reading
were especially strong, (hand Trunk
' and Canada Pacific were also good.
Mines were belter,
"pinions tin to the date of the ii"xt
shipment <>( gold i" New york differ
widely. IOvery one Is saying that the
i movement i ? entirely exceptional and
win probably fvl be ropeatnd, but the
tuewd once pilfer to hold their opln*
I Ions In siiKpMise pending the COtirso of
th" New Vork money market,
Details uf the gold movement for the
=, |? This *
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week Allow the receipt of 10,000 from
Australia, the export of 150,000 pound*!
to the continent of 26,000 pound* to
J'l UUU ?W,w ww jxiuiiurt in nvuui ??...?
lea, and the Bale of 704,000 pounds in
bars and eagles. Of this latter amount
about 500,000 pounds was for Russia,
where a considerable Industrial revival
Ih said to be going on.
Local discount market Is unsettled by
the change in the bank rate, but is still
comparatively easy.
The Paris and Berlin markets were
U. 8. new 4s reg.125% |Ore. R. & Nav. 38
do coupon iz.ru J'ittsburgii It.a
U. 8. 4a 112 llr
do coupon in 13
, do 2da W ,wC."VCTi.. .* *>?
tJ. 8. 5s reg 114% do preferred..144*4
do 5s coupon.. 114^ IS t. P. & Omaha.
Pacific Us of 'D5..1B2 | do preferred.. 144
Atchison iSTf,(Southern Pac... IK)
do preferred... 337i .Texas & Pac... 13M
Pal. & Ohio ls\ Tnlon Pacific... 24
Can. Pacific 75V4 Wnbash fiH
Can. Southern... 53 I do preferred.. 22%
Central Pacific.. WifWlieeVgft L. K. 3
Chea. & Ohio.... 2,7'n uo preferred.. 14
Chi. & Alton....164 [Adams ExpreBB.167
Chi., II. & g.... W741 American Kx...ll7
C. C. C. tfSt. L SSfclt;. 8. Kxpresw... 44
do preferred... 83^ Wells Fargo....101
Del. & lludNon. .llK'^jAin. Spirits 1SV4
Del., Lack & W.lfiO^ do preferred.. 3?
Den. & Rio G.... 13%?!Am. Tobacco...
Hn i?r..fi>rr?n| JUI.l /In 112U
Erie (new) 17t? Chicago Clus....l06
do first pro 4JV4 Col. K. & Iron.
Fort Wayne 170 do preferred.. W)
Illinois Central. .10t?x4 Gen. Electric... M
I-ike Erie & W. 2o2Illinois Steel;... 4?
do preferred... 7sv,i Lead 4&4
Tjtke Shore 176*4 do preferred.. 106\i
I /on. & Nash.... 61 Pacific Mall 36
Mich. Central...108 Pullman I'al?181
Mo. Pacific 3rt Silver Ccr 564
N. J. Central.... Sugar H714
N. Y. Central ... 112 do preferred.. URVj
Northwestern ..12STiJTenn. Coal & I. 32^
do preferred... 164V<U. S. Leather...
Northern Par... 21 I do preferred..
do preferred... MH!Western Union. WVi
h mdilnfT* and Provision*.
CHIVAQO?Tho wheat market seemed
to have been played with by the
bull clique to-day. Shorts started In t<
rover, had to bid prices up l^c be fori'
they were filled up. Then heavy offer*
broke the price to a point %c below
yesterday's close. December closed at n
V4?%c decline. A weakening factor wu?
the widening of May discount. Corn
followed wheat and closed 9??>Hc lower.
Oats closed a shade lower and provisions
declined 6?7%c.
Wheat at the Immediate opening wai
easy. Curb prices were Inclined tc
weakness on account of a rather sharp
decline at Paris, but the higher quotations
from Liverpool caused the market
to turn strong at once. December,
which closed yesterday at l?2^c, opened
to-day at irom to y-VfcC. nnoru
started Tor cover but ran up against u
snag in the shape of scarcity of offerings,
t ho price being hoisted to 91%c before
any wheat of consequence came on
the market. The northwest receipt?
were again heavy and that caused holders
to exercise caution so that when
the price had risen to 98*40 plenty of
wheat showing a profit was unloaded.
The receipts at Minneapolis and Duluth
were 1,1.1.1 cars compured with 901 n
week ago. and 80(1 the correspond!?^
day of the year before. Thos?? cities,
however, are still paying 2c to 2>4c premium
for Immediate delivery. Chlcagr
receipts were 2.19 cars, only thirty-three
of which wore contract. The quantity
inspected out of store was 95,185 bushel*.
The previously exploded rumor
that Russia Intended prohibiting the
export of wheat was revived ana In
alout the time closing Paris cable?
were received, showing n complete recovery
from the early d"cllne. This sent
December skyward again, the "price
climbing with hardly a halt to IKl^c. At
that price n big trade was done, large
quantities of wheat boin? dumped on
the market The offerings wore readily
absorbed for a tlmo. but In the end the
weight proved greater than the market
rould boar, the market becoming quite
weak when explicit denials of the Ttus.?lnn
reports were received. A notice,
nble feature during the advance was
the refusal of May to respond except in
an extremely u:nvllling and backward
fashion. When December was readily
brlniMng 9l*ic, the May delivery barely
touched 91 Tic, and a house with close
Liverpool connections sa'd they had
liberal sollinc orders from the latter
place for May delivery. Export ctenrnnces
of win at and flour from Atlantic
ports were equal to 440.000 bu-hols. Th?
receipts for the day at the four principal
outside winter wheat marketsKansas
City, St. I/mis, Toledo and Detroit?were
only 182,000 bushels out o(
the total primary market receipt*
which amounted to 1,276,00ft bushels.
The latest trading In December was at
There was a smaller business In corn
The market averaged firm all forenoon,
starting V higher on light receipts ami
tbe steadiness of Liverpool cables and
njovlng rood support as Ions ns wheat
kept strong Toward the end, however,
when wheat commencod to slip, corn
followed very willingly. Receipts were
4R5 cars. Atlantic exports were 343,591
bushels. There were claims of accumulation
of stocks at eastern points. Thi
shipping demand was slow. December
ranged from flljfcc to .TOtyc, closing %?
^c lower, at .loftifrxotif.
Oats were steady, up to the Inst hour
of trading. Then that market struck n
slippery place, too, and dropped vltli
the rest of the markets. There was ar
excellent shipping demand, which wa?
mainly responsible for the buoyanc>
displayed. Sympathy with wheat am1
corn caused the decline. Receipts were
ion cars, charters were for (1.15,000 bushels.
December ranned between 21 He
and 20%c, closing about %c lower, al
The Incubus of the yellow fever e, *
I' mlc weighed down the provision market
prices wtarted weak on that a.,count
and through sympathy tvltft n
weak hog market, and the market ruled
heavy all diy, Cash trade wis onlj
moderate Thsre was -very little out?ide
Hading A moderate Hue of lour
pork was liquidated At the close July
pork was seven ami a half cents lower*
at H H2Mj;December lard five cents low
? r at It OU'fc, and December ribs flV
cents lower , it t4 90.
RitlttiAtea i tctlpt ipi Id i)
Whtut, 110 oant ooriti mni naf?
.TJf? cars; hogs, *1.000 bead
Oisli quotations were as follows;
FlOtir quiet
Whofli No 9 "i" Ing 4^\0 j
spring Mfl92c; No. il red 9WIHV4C.
Torn-No. i. 2S*,?294c; No J yellor
Oat*?No. 2. M?20Uc; No 2 whlii
!JVWS<'': No. 3 White 22462540.
Uiv- No 2. 484649c
Barley?No. 2, nominal; No. 3, 32040c
No. 4. 2S4?36c.
FUxsecd?No. 1. il 0381 054.
Tlmothyaeed?Prime. 12 65.
Mesa Pork?Per barrel $s 25<jH 30.
l.ard?Per 1.10 lb? . K 65.
Short Klbs?Sldea (loose) ?5 00?5 M
Dry aalted ahoulders tboxed)
Bhort clear sides (boxed) [>4tt5fco.
Whlakey?DlatllleiV Jlnlahed goods
per gallon. |1 X '
On the produce exchange to-day, th'
butter market waa tlrm; creamerUa 17C
l?4c; dairies lOeioc.
Oheeie?Steady at Sfi9c.
Kggs-FIrm: freah 14c.
/rile leading future* ranged a? follows;
\ Op?n-|Hlffh-lLow-Tcloa_
Article!. I Ing. I e?t. | est. I Ing.
WheaCNo. !.| I I I
H?|,t Ml 94 KV 92'
Dec W mi ?2 9S
May >141 SI'tl J041 Hi*
Corn. No. I. Ill
Sent 9H 34: 2B?1 ?
Dec II Jl\ su*' W
May 334 ?44 334 14
Oats. No. 2. I
Kept IHi 2" 1M. W
Dec 21 I 214 20<< 3D1
. May 234 23% 334 S3'
Mess Pork.
Oct ? !T4 8 274 ? K * ?
Dec S 35 * sni * ?*? IB
Jan # J5 9 35 S 311 I S 32<
Oct 4 B 4 r.TU 4 55 4 55
Deo 4 ?s 4 nr, 4 no 4
Jun 4 M> 4 81) | 4 75 4 77'
Bhurt Ribs. I
5 12*,* 5 12" j! 5 0^, 5 12'
I>e.- 4 91 i7 4 WVj 4 87\t 4 W)
Jan 4 'JO 4 IttW 4 -4 'JO
NKW YORK- Flour, ivcvlpts S6.44
barrels; exports 35 barrels; market oper
ed steady but closed easier on late brea
I In wheat.
Wheat, receipts 147.52G bushels; ea
* ports 135,492 bushels; spot weak; optior
I opened firm; closed n?*t lowei
sales Included No. 2 red September close
t at December closed at 94%c.
Corn, receipts 413,525 bushels; export
31,589 bushels; spot easier; No. 2, 36c; op
tlons steadier; closed tt?%c lower; Set
tember closed at 34c; December closed f
Oats, receipts 325,000 bushels; spc
1 steady; No. 2. 24%c; options were moi
active and steady; closing unchanged
September closed at 24%c; Decembt
closed at 25%c.
i Hay quiet, fllops quiet. Hides stead:
Leather steady.
1 Beef firm. Cutmeats steady. Lar
easder; western steamed $4 85; refine
quiet. Pork quiet. Tallow nomlna
Rosin steady. Turpentine steady. Hk
firm. Molasses steady. Cottonseed o
! Coffee, options opened steady; close
, steady, R points lower to 10 points #n<
higher; sales 13,750 bags.
rnikur, raw diiuiih, inmui nv.
BALTIOKE? Flour quint, steady an
unchanged; receipts 8.485 ba,rrels; ej
ports 4,221 barrels. Wheat strong; sp<
and month U6%fy'96%c; steamer No. 2 re
\ 90Vii<&90Vic; receipts 21,392 bushels; e)
ports 105,600 bushels; southern wheat h
sample 90?97c; do on grade 90%^96^
Corn strong; ?pot and month 34%@34%<
: December, new or old 35tt036ttc; steair
er mixed 32'[email protected]%c; receipts 71.691 bus!
i els; southern white corn [email protected]>37V4c; (
t yellow 37H0S8C. Oats firm; No. 2 whli
256>25%c; No. 2 mixed 23c; receipts 5,1!
bushels. Rye firmer; No. 2 nearby B2^(
No. 2 western 53c bid; receipts 52,4!
bushels. Hay quiet and steady; choli
timothy $13 [email protected] 50. Grain freights li
\ active nnd unchanged. Butter, egg
' cheese firm and unchanged.
PHILADELPHIA?Wheat weak an
, ->ic lower; contract grade Sep t em hi
, 94%?95c; October, November and D<
cember nominal. Com llrm; No. 2 ml)
ed September [email protected]%c; October, Noven
ber and December nominal. Oats, No.
white September. October, Novemb<
and December 27?27ttc. Butter flrn
1 fancy western creamery do Pennsylvi
[ nla prints and do western prints 21
1 Eggs firm; fresh nearby 18c; do wester
17c. Cheese firm.
CINCINNATI?Flour heavy. Whei
! quiet; No. 2 red 93094c. Corn quiet; N
2 mixed 31c. Oats steady; No. 2 mlxt
20)&O21c. Rye ??asy; No. 2 47c. Lai
quiet at $4 50. Bui km eats steady i
$5 65. Bacon firm at $6 80. Whisky fin
at $1 21. Butter quiet. Sugar firm an
| active. Eggs steady at 12c. Cheese flrn
TOLEDO?Wheat lower and actlv<
No. 2 cash September and Decemb(
I 9f?V4c. Com dull and higher; No. 2 mis
ed 30c. Oats dull nnd steady; No.
mixed 20c. Rye dull and higher; No.
cash 48V&C. Cloverseed steady and ur
changed; prime cash and Octotu
*3 57%.
Mvf Stock.
CHICAGO?Cattle arrivals showed
big Increase and a decline of 5<&l0c too
place In prices for fair to good natlv
beeves. Biff rough cattle were almos
unsalable at 20(ff25 decline from Mor
day's values. Veal calves went at tli
late high range, choice lots up to $6 00(
7 00 and few calves of good quality bt
low )6 25. A bunch of fair 1,040 poun
Texas steers brought J.I 50 and som
good little heifers wold at $3 25. Wester
rangers sold slowly but about up to foi
mer prices, but bulk of stock steers sol
at $3 40?f4 10, choice steers at $3 60 an
cows largely around $3 00. (Jood to ei
tra native steers were quoted at U 75<
5 45 while common grades brought $3!
<tf4 70.
Hog receipts were considerably largf
than expected and a slight decline r?
suited, carrying prices to lowest level t
the week. Some fancy 394 pound hon
sold up to $4 10 nnd extra 360 pound hop
at $4 05, the sales of big hogs abov
$4 oo were rare, pockers buying chlefl
at $3 SO(f(3 95. some rough lots aroun
$3 75. Most of the choice radium butcl
ers went to shippers at 14 1504 20 an
choice bacon pigs at $4 30{f4 35.
l?rlces of sheep nnd tftm'we we*
stronger for all good stock, many cholc
lots selling 10c higher. Many rw
strong ewes and wethers sold at 70(
3 85 and some extra breeding ewes /1
high ns {4 00. Most of the mutto
grades sold at 13 65?4 00 with extra lot
around J4 10. Several bunches of cholc
lambs went at $5 15,but most of tlu goo
native lambs sold at $5 00(1(5 60, fair mi
tlve and western feeders around $4 t
and some thin culls at about $4 00.
Receipts: Cattle, 13,000 head; hog;
31,000 head; sheep, 14,000 head.
BAST LI HERTY?Cattle recelpi
light; prime $5 00{f& 10; common $3 50'
3 80; bulls, stag* nnd cows $2 00fii3 7
lings slow and lower; prim# light an
best mediums $4 55(jf4 60; common 1
fair $4 45{j4 50; heavy $4 2504 35; grast
i ts and stubblers $4 40(fJ4 45; trough
$3 0003 85. Sheep steady; choice }4 20<
4 30; common $2 50ffn 40; choice laml
$5 50(f5 85; common to good lambs $4 (
fu 5 25. Veal calves $7 00(?i7 50.
CINCINNATI?Hogs dull and lowt
at U S804 40.
, rrlinlfMm,
OIL CITY?Certificate market opene
weak, but closed firm with 72He blr
Hales 1,000 barrels at 70%o. Credit ba:
ances advanced to 70c and refined mark
ed lip ten points Shipments 107,561 bat
rels; runs 164.KU5 barrels.
NPJW YOlUC?Petroleum ? Pcnnsjvanla
crude nominally 85c,
l)rv Onnili.
1 NTJW YORK The dry gi>ods marlo
1 shows no features of moment, the dull
liens of the Week being fully as markc
as at the opening. The market remain
r firm except for print cloths. Print clotli
are nominally quoted st 2%c.
MttW YORK IMg Iron warrant* ban
ly steady at 97 00 bid, 17 ir. asked, Lak
coppi 1 quiet At in IS Tin mill 1
. $1:1 HOfrh Hpelter dull at $4 20*14.1
1 I I . > I. .in- fli Ml Ml H .1 !'t?' 4
brokers firm at 14 00
I Wool
N19W Yonit-Wool llrni.
, O. LAMB. Prw. JOS. 8EYBOLD, Guhltr.
J. A. JEFk'EKBON. Alf't. Cashier. '
Allen Brock. Joseph F. Psull.
Junes Cummins, Henry Bleber*on#
A. Reymann, Joseph Seybold.
Gibson Umb. j
. Interest paid on special deposits. j
Issues drafts on England, lrclsnd and
* Scotland. JOSEPH SEYl'OLD, f
inyll Cashier. |
C API rAL mm.9300.OUO.
. J. N. VANCE President
JOHN FREW Vice Presldsul
J. N. Vanes, Gsorjce E. Ptlfel.
J. M. Brown, William Elllnghaow
14 John Frew. John L. iMckey,
John Watcrhouse. W. E. Stone,
W. II. trunk.'
14 Drafts Issued on Enaluml, Ireland. Boot*
1 land and all points in Europe.
, L. E. HANDS. Cashier. .
API? A 117 fl,000.
% MORTIMER POLLOCK.. .Vleu President
* Draft* on England, Ireland, Franco and
^ Germany.
, William A. Iaett, Mortimer Pollock,
J. A. Miller, Robert Simpson,
i- E. M. Atklnsgn, John K. Hotsford,
l Julius Pollock.
_4aJ| J. A- MlLLERl_CMiil?._
BE^^NS :
,1 ?TO?
Kansas City, Montana, 1
3 Colorado, Faoific Coast,
. Utah, Washington, Omaha.;
? St, Paul, Nebraska, 1
; Black Hills,
f; ?via? '
i- St, Louis or Chicago, ,
A fMPjl xij&j BI
m I "| "ft I I *1 I I I "m B i
id t a 1 Bl'pm1!
liv 11
A A H11 k f i vS?!?0
Jm ,7ilJ w iilL m urM J J "i j
ii jiti iftTmiB
81 BifVlilKliiMLB
io tiiy^iidB'iihii/'d^gf*ii
Kj^frw ' wf? ^3
d Arrrl** COM'MRl'S 2:25 p. in.
Arrive CINCINNATI C:n5 p. in.
Arrlrve INDIANAPOLIS Will P. in.
e Arrlvi. FT. LOUIS 5;? a. m.
n CHAM.! . .
,? For Steubenvllle and Pltteburgh 7:25 a.
m. week daye. for 1'lttnburgh and ihe
l" Kant and for rolumhu* and Chh-ngo ut
?0 l;26 p. ir.. week day*- for Pittsburgh, llarrlnhurg.
Baltimore, Washington, PhllndcU !
u phla and New York at 3:.r?5 p. m. dally; for
' Hteubenvllle and Pennlnon at l:B6 p. rn.
dully; for Pittsburgh at 7:00 p. m. wwk
* day*; for Columbus, Dayton. Cincinnati,
Indianapolis and flt. Louli at 9:30 p. in. ,
f week day*. City time.
Parlor Car to Pittsburgh on l;M p m. and i
? 7 p. in. Tralna.
0 Persons contemplating a trip will find i
' It profitable In plenaure nnd ronvenlenre ;
im to communicate with the undersigned. who 1
ff will mnKc all ncoessary arraiiKements for i
a delightful Journey. Tickets will be pro- I
vlded and baggage checkcd through to dee- I
w tlnatlun 1
Passenger and Ticket Agont, Wheeling. ?
'r W. Va. o.l I
On and after Hnturdny, February 1, 1WS.
<1 trains w<ll run as follows, city time:
' Leave Wheeling | I^eavo IJIm (lrove
Ti n T'mel'Pr'n T'mr Tr'n T'm.'Tr u T'tnu
No. n in. No. p in No. h in No. p m
2 ... 1? 00 ?e 1:0" I Ifim\ l!> ... |;Ui 1
4 ... 7:0" 23 4.<v .. <;(i I
. ? ... fl 001/4 ... 6:0U b . m* J ... J
'* k ... fmo.^i .. r. <* 7 ... 1l? im ? ? ... ft '
10.... 10:00 SH.... 7:00 10;00?37 7:01' <
12.... 11:00 *0 .. *:*> U.. .. 1I:U0 Jfl ... *>, J
p in .12 IsOt' |? in |>l . . 9:n. I I
,, 14.... 112:00 34 10:00 11.... ll:0i)M. ... 10;t0 ,
HI.... r.oosr. ... ii:0uifi . i:00t9ft n 00 !
in... t:00 17? IW| !
tft*nV?~**c*Pt"Wun(iay. ]
H Hunday rhurch train* will leave Mlm <
i" drove at 9:41 a. m. and U heeling nt ll:Jl |
I p. in. 11. IE. WKIKdMIUIlBR.
General Manaav. I
R* POM AN A CO., i
I (
and MANiirAOTimriw or mahinm ;
toll i\heeling, W. Ta I
Arrival and departure of trains on and
ft?r May 16, lttf Explanation of Refer?u?e
Marks: Dally, fDally, except Sun?
ity U>aily. except Saturday. IDally.es*
ept Monday. (Sunday* only, *l^iturday?
?niy. Eastern Standard Tiro a. *
Depart. B &G.?Main Una East. Arrive.
12 ? am Wuah.. Hal, Phil., N Y !:? am
6:?W pm Wuah.. llul., Phil., N.Y *7:00
am ...Cumberland Aecoin.. <4:10 pm
6:00 pm Grafton Accom *10:10 am
10:58 am ..Washington City Ex.. *10:20 pm
Depart. (B AG -CO Dlv., Weat Arrive.
7:55 am I For Columbus and Chi. *1:11 am
t?:? am'...Cambridge A< oon>... <7:Vpm
10:40 am1..Columbus and Clncln.. 15:05 pm
11:40 pm). Columbus and Clncln.. 15:06 am
3:15 pm Columbus and rhl. Ex. 111:60 am
7:35 am' St. Clalrsvllle Aivom . <11:50 am
^3.25 pm .St. Clair* vllle Accom, t 7:3ft pm
10:40 am| Sandusky Mall *5:05 pm
Depart. B. & O.-W.. P B. Dlv. Arrive.
, 1510 am .. For Plit?5*ugh *10:35 am
7:10 am Pittsburgh **:60 pm
*5:10 pni..Pittsburgh and East *11:30 pm
tl:16 pm Pittsburih *12:16 pm
16:10 pm Pittsburgh ||10:46 am
Depart. IP., C.. C. & St I- Byl Arrive.
17:25 ami Pittsburgh . '3.15 pm
9:45 am'SteubanvlHn and W*?ll Il ls nm
1i?:45 ami Htuuhrnvllle A^com .| tf :16 pm
tl;2ft pm PittvburKl? and N Y... |?3.26 pm
3:6.? pm .Pittahurvhand K. Y.. Ml Vara
t7:00 pni .. .PUtuburgh Accom... t9;S0 am
t9:45 amlKx., Cln. and St. I.ouia t7:1* am
T*:3u pnilKK.. Cln. and Hi. Loula 1?i:16 pm
tl:SS pm).. Ex.. Sieub and Chi.. IS :5ft pm
1:55 pro{..Pm?. and Dennlaon..|*11 :S0 am
Depart. C. ft P -Bridgeport. I Arrlvo
1L:53 am Fort Wayne und ChU pm
15:63 am ..t'anton und Toledo | 13:35 pm
15:53 um Alliance and Cleveland! 1336 pm
1.1:33 um SieubenvlUe and Pitts. <*:36 pm
10:0M ain Hteubenvllh* and Pitts. |U:05 um
12:l?) pm Fort Wayne and Chi. 1?:10 pm
12:10 pm ..Cantun und Toledo 16 10 pm
72;10 pm Alliance and Cleveland 1115 pm
13 pin Si cube und Welluivlle t*;M am
1f:S4 pm Philadelphia and N Y. Mio pm
15:54 pm ..Baltimore and Wmth. tfl:IO pm
15:?4 pm Steub'e and Wellavllle t?:10 pm
Depart. | \v ft t!. F I ArHva
a 00 am Toledo und Wcat.. ; " Pin
um lii llllant und Stenbcn'pl *' ,?m
4:40 pin Muealllon and Canton.I*1A;0*j ain
4 ;40 pm Brilliant and Steuben'* 10:60 om
*:00 am;Cleve , Akron ft Cantonl *6 4u piy
Depart. |C, L. ft W.?Brldgp't.l ArrKa.
17:06 am'rieve., Toledo und Ck!; 30 pin
M;2S prnji'level. Toledo and Cnt.i 11:00 pm
\SitA pm I .Muealllon Accoin ..||U:0fl ain
lh:0l am)..St. ClalravilUt Accom.. am
10:t.h um' St. Clalrfvlllo A' i om .1 tl:!' pm
|2:36 pm Hi Clalravllle Accom. 16 15 pm
t5:?? pin Si. ^luiravllic Ari om.. 17:11 pm
11:40 pm| Loral FrHght !111:60 am
Depart. Ohio Hlvar R. R. I Arrlva.
0:30 am Park, and Way Point* *10.60 am
17:3<I uin Churloalon und Clnrln *1:40 pm
12:05 pm Clnnln. und Islington *11:60 pm
4.15 pm Park, and Way Palnta 19:M pm
iHlalrc.l IBHIalre.
Depart. I B., Z. ft C. R. R. I Arrive.
I0;0o am Mall. Expres* and Paaa I 3:W pm
4:40 pm Fxprrs* and Passenger 9:40 ant
2:10 pmlMlxcd Freight and Pr\im|1:10 pm
Departure and arrlvXrj?fc?B&.Vryy<A
*' ?' lralnB * Wheel,nK
Eastern time.
fiR Sh#MK1M Bchedulo In elTect May
For lJaltimore, Phllad'
l^hla ^ and ^ New
m. arid 5:00 p m. daily.
Cumberland Accommodation, 7:00 a. m.,
Sally except Sunday
Grafton Accommodation, 5:00 p. m. dally.
From New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore.
h:!iQ n. m., dally.
WashlnKton Express, 10:20 p. m. dally.
Cumberland Acoommodatlon. 4:30 p. m.f
except Sunday.
Grafton Accommodation, 10:10 a. m.,
For Columbia and Chicago, 7:35 a. m and
B:2S p. m.. dally.
Columbus and Cincinnati Express. 10:41
B. m. and 11.40 p. m.. dally exccpt Saturday.
Sandusky Mall 10:40 a m.. daily.
St. Clalrsvllle Acoommodatlon. 7:36 a. m.
and 3:23 P. in., daily, ex-opt Sunday.
Cambridge Accommodation, 7:35 a. m..
L'xcopt Sunday.
Chicago Express, 1:15 a. m. and 11:60 a.
in.. dally.
Cambridge Acoommodatlon, 7:30 p. m?
except Sunday
Cincinnati Express. 5:05 a. m. and 5:05 p.
m., dally
Sandusky Mall, 5:05 p. tn., dolly.
St. Clalritvlllo Accommodation, 11:50 a.
m. and 7:30 p. m.. dally, except Sunday.
For Pittsburgh. 5:lu grid 7:10 a. m. and
6:10 i). ni. daily, and 1:15 p. tn.. dally accept
For Pittsburgh and the East, 6:10 a. m.
and 5:10 p. m.. dally
Frnrn Plttsburfh. 10:35 n. m., 6:50 p. m.,
nnd 11 p m.. dally, and 12:10 p. m . except
General MrtnaRrr. Haltlmora. Md.
Paaaenper Traffic Manaijer. Haltlronre.Md.
]\ P A.. Wheeling. W. Va.
Tlmp Table In Effect
Dally tDally Except Sunday.
South'llimnd. | *9 I tl |"*l I~ii~
l'l? P..C..C.&BLL.RI o.m p ra.
Pltubureh. Pa.-.Lv On. 8:10 12.41
Whoellnp Afl Line 11:H| IM
Leave. a. m.;a in.lp. m. p. ra.
Wheeling 6:3"i 7:30, 12:06 4:1J
MouSd"vlll?? 7:00 7:6C 123; 4:4t
Now Martinsville... <:MI 8:381 1:31 5:W
gist ere VI lit? 8:161 8:5iI 1:66 6:11
VVIlllamstown 9:?6 9:-?l 3:14 .:41
{'nrkorxbuiK 10:00 10:10' 3:43 8;0?
Itavenswood 11:1$ 5:06
Mason City 11 :W 6:12
p. tn.
Point Pleasant 12:27 6:61 <
Via K. & M ny "J j
Point Pleasant... Lv *2:? t.:10
Charleston Ar| 6:07| fl:2o a
CJalllpnlls Arl 12:3Ji 7:3
Huntington I 1_:? 6:40 ,
Via C. \ O. Ry. I JVm
I.v. Huntington ... t2:So, *2:?
Ar. Charleston | 4:271 3:45 ^
) p. m |p. m.
K?uiova Ar( 1:60
Via C \ O. Ry |
I.v Kenova *1:65
Cincinnati, O Ar 6:(*;
Lexington. Ky ...Ar o:20
Louisville. Ky. Ar| #:li?
1 JD11N J. ARCHER. Q. P. A. _
Dlefeland, Lorain * Wheeling
Central Standard Time.
Time Schedule of Passengar Tralna la
Iffect 8unday. May 16. 1897.
Cleveland Depot Foot Bouth Water Street.
T~i~ "i i ?J_JL
a. ra. ?. m. p. m. p. m.
[tfllalre 6:60
llrldgepnrt 6;?t0 12:26 4:*
Uhricliavlllo 6:.10 8:10 2:36 4:1T
STew Philadelphia... 6 47 K:26 2:61 6:61
'anal Dover 6:64 M4 l:W
fuatUa t:U ? tfk l:f? 7:ji
Vlasslllon 6:40 ?.? l:?l 7;U
Warwick T or. 9 it 4 0
't?rlltif <:?7 14:12 4:IJ
tevllle . 7:44 14:11 4:#
Medina J:g l#:g l|g
l.fHtcr I:6? 10:60 ?.44
Irafton * :? jj:fj } M
Klyrla t:10 1:?
Lorain J:-? 11.16 6.11
I.eater Junction .... I 101 104J jijl
Jleveland P:10, 11 4? ?-l?
la- m.jp. ia.|parrive.
?: i 11 * i i n:
p. m. p m p. m. p. n*
lrttalrn '.jjj }!;8
rli 1.1d?..ort 1:10 :? ":JJ
hrlch?*lll? !1:K IK !:? t'H
<;,w in u ?;? SK i n
,n.l l>ov.r IMl J 1 j? };?
Fuatua '0 h ! 2 ?:Ii 18
Maaxlllon J:J5 J:!| I a ?Warwick
J-JJ ? ? S'fZ
Merllnf J;1' [] !;{!
lavljU }?j }* !!!
Ill IS >jj
Jrlf". :::: 541 j* j"
:: I I I
l,r?i?r Junction .... J ? IJI "!!
I.v.l.nd ' ".'i?.
a tn p. m p w
' Nn? I. s I ami bflw??n CI"*'*"*
mil I'hil. Il.vlil. Cittifr li?ln? uilllf ?
7 .'"m b.lwf.n WhMllMi.il'Qjj!!
Pfny. llrll.lr. anil lirlda?p?r>. '?*
r,e <1 CA?MM.U
I'l.toUnil. Chin.
(i n wood, r r. a.
WhMHtll, w, v#

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