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Stone & Thomas
IT ATTT 17 a 11 nn nnn ^AA/]n
new ran ureas uuuus
Tliousantls of yards of rich new Fall Dress Goods are
now on our counters ready for your inspection. Our ?
buyers have been working like beavers for the past three
months among the best American and European makers
to get this great array of Fall Dress Goods and Silks.
It is easy to give you the names of the weavx's, to tell
of the colors and to quote^ prices, but not easy to describe
the great variety and splendid values. Can we
count on a visit from you? We'll take pleasure in showing
the stock, and if it merits your patronage we'll be
pleased to sell you. 1 f not, we'll thank you for the visit.
Special Items bought away under Tile Cloak Department (a rapl
price. Five cases men's and la- tilling up with tne latest wi
(lies' Natural Wool Underwear. Ideas as they appear In New Yo
pearl buttons, Bilk taped neck, the We're showing ladles' tine Keri
ilnd that this store usually Hells Coats, also Boucle, that are nu
at 75c; they're to be sold a> right, In blue, brown and gre
rj-. with largo storm collar, at
50c. ^ ^
* $4.95.
is two cases men's heavy Fleece a h T/"VT*T TTTTl
Lined Underwear, a superb qual- jT\]NvJ 1 IaXUlv
ity that you'll agree with us In
saying that somebody is not muk- special 1b ladles' till wool (5
ing much money when such goods Capes, made of imported dou
are sold at face<l cloth in 1111 the new ftnd I)(
ulur plaid combinations. C
49c. ' price Is
They will cost you a good deal CDQ QP%
more later. vp w sJ O*
I. fi cases children's nibbed Under- il-UV.
wear, heavily fleece lined, taped We're showing !5 styles of eleg
neck, pearl buttons, all sizes, for |adl(,8. Coats nM(1,, of ,mpor
baya and girls. Price starts, site Molton, Broadcloth, Covert, etc.,
16 at 8c; larger sizes at an advance biacUi sreen. brown, tan and ro:
of 4c a size. blue. Many have Inlaid vol
?????? collar strap seams and are e
We've been trying to get the best la- lined throughout. They're 1
dice' Fleece Lined Underwear,possible best that money can get and /
to sell at 25c. We think we've succeed- marked as low as 1? possible fo:
ed. All the best known makes of under- cash soiling store to sell tht
wear aro here at department store j We'll consider It a favor to sh
prices. That means a good deal. them.
Stone & Thomas
pleated liberty bilks?oeo. m. KNOOK & co.
Q nnnl/ R.J Pa
Pleated Liberty Silk?
For Dress Fronts arc the newest arrivals in our trimming
stock. Some are pleated on rounded lines, other.',
on broken straight lines and both effects arc dccidcdly
more pleasing than straight line accordian pleating.
The leading colors in two widths, 21 and 26 inches; the
wide ones in shaded colorings. .When it comes to
In general. There's ,a stock here of ours should not cscape not!
which will Interest both dress buy- No new thing but what will
' ct'H and drewi makerB-nothlns found )n |t. For nnont roslun
fashionable lacking. Hraids and
beads from chenpot and plainest u?? Walorproof Changeable S
to finest and functcst. Dres? Facings. They come In w
vp, i/rrc ...... an<1 narrow wldth?' Inveatlgi
* "La Forma," Iho dressmak,
In all the new shades. We'll cut helper. "Alpha" VBNTILATII
them straight or bias as desired. Dress Shields are the on]y kind
Velutlnas and Corduroys also In use. Try ball and nocKet vent fi
new fall colors. A great line of tenlngs. Hklrt linings have 1<
novelties In "rustle" to them. Among the n
Q||(/c ?# .fc ^ block Rustle linings are Rom
oil iw ?. t i striped "Percasllks." Waist I
which, aside from dress and waist Ings come In itome very prel
purpose?, are also largely Used as printings on soft grey, cerise, ]
trimmings and lining!'. green and violet grounds.
Think we have said enough now to impress you with the
fact that our linings and trimmings arc fully up to the
high standard of our I Irrss Materials, whether of Silk,
Silk and Wool or All Wool.
Watch our five large show windows for the nrwrsl and
nobbiest Cloaks. Dress Goods, Silks, Household Linens
and Chinawarc are displayed in the windows this
Geo. M. Snook & Co
gSSL - ' '
j nxxxxxxxxxtzttt?xxttntttttxtttt
*11 OUR #rrCMl PHIIt 0NI.V $1.10. Oilier ?lorim.finr?n M forIntl.. ]
T) 1-130 find 1182 MnrUnt Htr?i?t, Whnollnir *
f$2*35 "
4 Bounds like a small price
A for u finest quality Kid*
A akin Welted Hoot mado
A up in tins very latest
shapes, elegantly finished,
? X extension Hole, button and
I 7 lace, 4 to JB, nil sixes.
! t $3.00
Y 1h what they were made
to veil for, but!?will,
we're selling them at J2.S5
J mh lung as their l(Uit. If you
f uru Interested wo shall
W ho pleased .to show them.
0 Shoe Seller. 1049 Main.
? ?
'py Do You
j^e Know..
A great many cases of hen
acho aro caused by Homo defect In tho r
traction of tho eyes'.1 It 1h h fact; ui
moat of theso cusos run ho relieved ulmci
Instantly by tho use of proper glaasi
Wo mako a thorough examination of t
eyca free of charge.
Optician for Dillon, WhOat & llcincher C
,ur I THE?|
gS Just received aro not the fi
ant Si only p,anoB wo have? but *
l0(* tiicy aro lho moal *5
ln #j? populnr. Wo havo plenty i
^ rat ot stelnway? Clifford ftml ?
VQt i?fe Krukaucr Pianos, as well J
%?f as cheaper makes. K
ire Come In and bee them. 3S
r a W
~ ? F. W. Bauraer Co, |
ss? Ofllrtv, No*. Hfl Mini 37 Fourteenth Strao
.New Ailv#>rtl?rinrut*.
Pall Hats?MeFaddona?Eighth Fllfre.
When Yon Go Hunting?M. Qutrnan
Co.?Fifth Page.
Mils for Coal.
Important Mooting?Chamber of Cor
mo roe.
!;?? . a?tn_r?^tf x.
? All Tired Out?Geo. W. Johnson's Rons.
Notice?Wheeling Railway Co.
Wanted?Two Younf? Men.
Now Kail Dress Goods?Stone & Tliomi
?Klphth Page.
Pleated Liberty Silks?Snook & Co.
Blghth Pago.
r>, Fall and Winter Capes?Geo. E. Stlfel
Co ?Third Porc.
Kclani Cheese?If. F Hehrens Co.
Special Attraction.
( rnuil concert Sunday altcrnoon nf
by ilirrrlftiinlH <Jrni?'l Army llon?t i
? aiiton, Ohio, i>l, R. It< t ilittitlorfT tllr i
Tl?l? fine bna been brnrd i
ft.. pucK before tinder the mm pice a of il
'W'liri'lliitf 1'JIUv. ICouml trip ticket* <i
the 131 in (ti'uve rnllrnml, IncludiiiK ml in I
ton to tho pnrl>, only UA eta.
We Imve .pint oprnrit our fall atoel
f'OinprliliiK nil llir nrw imveltlrt In Nul
liilt, Tionacrlnya, Kniiiiy Viatlnc* nil
(*, Ovrrcontlnciii ivhlcli WD arc prrparril I
innUn up on abort notice. Tile atyllali n|
bo pi-nratice, koiiiI tit, ilmability iiimI entl;
antUfnctlon of our gin inrnta la onrrcpi
ICS union. I'rlnt of our HnltlnK tlila fit
will lir 9^0.1111 and up. Trouirrluua ?.1,t
Ilk unit up. tMir (acuta* Knrulahliiu ilrnnr
unit In complete. The brat rooiU i
Ide lotvrit |irlcr?. Amenta for the !<'amoi
JntoH llyulentc lii?l?rwrnr.
Lte ( . IIF.S1 (t SONS,
Fashionable Taller* mill tirnta' I'uriilall
1*8 era, 1,'Kl nml I.T43 llarkrt Stirct.
S'C! **
ChiiimI by rrodluu th? aclf-pialalnij nil
lfU nt elf-nmnril optical eipert* (I>, din
*on> piofraaora ill anil clairvoyant* I
(mi bcctifeil without publicity I>r *. V
ew Cirttbb, Optlclnn.
Water Itrul \otlce.
To water consumers owing wnter rent.
Notice Is hereby* given that on Oct<
10,1 her l, 1807, the water will Ik? shut o
fmm all consumers, owing two or rnoi
Mils. Wo or? now h.iving the entli
city Inspected and hnvo found seven
hundred hydrants out of repair, and u
must be Immediately repaired on ti
celpt of a notice delivered by the li
spectors, or the wnter will be shut off.
John l'J. Sohollhagc. Secretary.
A Crnrnfiil Act. "
lie fore Hi*1 party that went to 8a
Francisco to wltne i the presentation I
the gunboat,"Wheeling," dispersed yet
teniay morning, a purse was made u
with which a handsome testimonial wi
I'lirrhnmi for Captain W. fl. Wrjgh
the genial PUllmnn conductor, who w/
with the exeur :dnnlFis from beglnnln
| t& ?M'l. Sheriff Itlchurd\ noting fop t)
6 donors, bought handsomo ring oti
cuff buttons wllh gurnet sefiln/, whh:
wn?? forwarded by express to the fju
laut capluin at Jersey City,
aHuillr i 'n t>n ill < nlcli.
Washington Mall Sadler, president
11 the Island Hod ?V dun Club, made
j good ratcll while fishing at the old dm
1 ' I hole, between the |\vo bridges, yenle
'1 ] d.iy morning "Wash" wan fishing l
hi* urual i "injiov- ij manner, when b
<> line ln-?an t?? stretch and, upon hindln
i > bin I'll/.", In1 found It to lie il sulhi"i
,. weighing 5U pound it d ini uuring 1
llielie M r Anion |(< yiuillin pill
( ' ? ltd-'III I he fish find '"lit II lo Whenliti
0 I'/ult where K wan plai <'d III tt lank.
, > The l.'idlr h of HI. .Mat I hew P.M. Chun
(> will have it r n? i a I ineellng of i;i 1
Imporlnni in the biiMt-nienl of il
'' ' hurt li, on Malnrday at 10 o'clock a. n
I'm plcinbcr 'IMI7
1 \ II I ' d? lied by the Veslry that evei
lad\ "f Ih" (liureli be pn i mil hi th
( , "I'll llir,, HS M I i nil.. Ill Whirl) tWUlOffl I
mom vital Intercut to th>' ehurrli win I
50 consfderetf,
t lmportaut .Meeting of the Cliuin?
bcr of Commerce.
Will Ijo ComUlerecJ, lnclmUng lln?re?ei?Y
laiiou uf WIkiUuk >1 lbs CouiIur Illvcr
7 Iinprovameut Couvcutlou lu EyuuaX
villa?l'rcahlciit Vance'# L?|l?r oh Ihla
I I SnbjttC ? Work of l?reparlug for Ike
I t 1808 Army of West Virginia lleuulou
i > to he UtgHu.
< >
Monday evening at 6 o'clock a special
meeting of the chamber of commerce
( ( Will be held at the chamber's apart{
> ments In the Hub building, when imj
i portance business will be brought to the
( > consideration of the members. President
< > Quarrier and Secretary Hazlett have
2 called attention to the Importance ol
the meeting and ask for a large and
representative attendance.
The committee that went to Columbus
recently and secured for Wheeling the
1898 reunion of the Society of the Army
of West Virginia will make Its report
and offer recommendations relative tc
beginning the work of preparing for
tne entertainment of the 10,000 to 15,00C
people who are expected to come to
town for the reunion. The committee
believes that this work should be started
at once and doubtless a recommende
atlon on that line will be offered Moil,b{
<luy nlttht.
s- The other important matter that will
come up is the representation of Wheeling
ut the third annual convention of
the Ohio Valley Improvement Assocla?*
tion, which is to be held In Evansvlllc,
= on October 11 In the last two years
^ this organization has accomplished
- much In the cause of river improvement
$ and its proKramme for the future Is one
hf that relutes Intimately to the progress
C> and prosperity of all the communities
J on the upper Ohio river?certainly to
& none more than It does to the greater
W Wheeling. Slackwater Is the motto or
? the association, and success means a
& great deal for Wheeling. If no other
? town on the river were represented at
hi the convention, Wheeling ought to be
5? on hand at Evnnsvllle.
* Colonel John L. Vance, of Galllpolls,
& the president of the association, recent2?
ly ?ent the following open Jotter to the
i.secretary of the organization:
Mr. E. P. Wilson, Secretary Ohio Valley
improvement Association, Cincinnati,
MY DEAIt SIR:?As the time approaches
for the annual convention of tho Ohio
Ohio Valley Improvement Association, It
Is proper to submit to tho membership a
brief statement of the present conditions
brought about by the work already accomplished
by the officers of tho association.
it is my firm conviction that this work
w has revolutionized public sentiment in roff
Kord to the Improvement of internal water1
ways. Instead of looking upon every projg
Ject of this character with suspicion, the
p public in all sections of the country has
ff come to regard tho systematic plans now
ft- in progress with a hiffh degroo of favor.
a it Is noted with a marked degroo of satis1
/'action that the work of tho Ohio Valley
7J Improvement Association has not been
i* local, scctlonal or selfish, but has been
? mapped upon broad lines, from which the
benefit to the country at largo is already
? clearly disci'rnable. The release of tho
Monongahela river, which ia now an accomplished
fact, abates a tax which was
assessable with ?reat uniformity and rejr=
ularity upon every consumer of coal from
the source of the Ohio fo tho headwaters
? and mouth of tho Mississippi, tho carrv~
C out of tho policy of continuous work.
and tin* provision therefor, by wise
lutIon, '.h another land mark In .t,lf Vro?j
& ri'Ms of our association, tho benefit of
whlch?wUl 800n.r or later be felt ut every
n- ^Hence! It* occurs' to mo to PUKRost that
the work ho mapped out by two sJ|CO0Bpful
conventions which were hold In r^nclnnutl
uti'l Pittsburgh, should
followed up at our next convention, whh.h
la set for kvansvllle. I therefore suRKest
is that you use your best efforts *o secure
rit that convontlon the prosenco of tho on?
ercotlr, patriotic and liberal citizens of the
oflovXy who gav# Impctu.toour work
& both ut Cincinnati "j'QUii ? vXNCE,
Mr. Gary the Oldest*
Tho Baltimore Sun Is authority for
so the statement that probably tho oldest
station agent In the country In point of
^ service, Is James A. Gary, the postmas."I
tor general of the United States. Ha
u appointed agent at Alberton. How'
aril county, >ld? on the Baltimore &
Ohio railroad, some forty-four years
" ago, anil his name still appears on the
pay-rolls of the company. The two
i- oldest Baltimore & Ohio ascents are said
Hi to be Captain Charles W. Harvey, at
Klllcott City, Md? and John W. lloivser.
at llelay. They have each been In
I- the service thirty-four years. The Haiti
tltnore & Ohio has also, in actual service,
a passenger conductor, Captnln
It Harry fireen, who has run trains heat
tween Baltimore ond Cumberland for
forty-seven years.
Iitatrnetlan In I.still.
Any who wish to begin Latin or wish
ft first-class tutor In Cnesnr. Sallust or
. Virgil can obtain tho same by address"*
Ing the undersigned, who Is a graduate
'I of the Ohio 1'nlverslty at Athens, Ohio.
Beforcnoos may be obtained from the
facultv of that Institution.
TO heal the broken and diseased llstt
sues, to soothe the Irritated surfaces, to
re Instantly relieve and to ' permanently
... (.Mr,> Is the mission of I'oWltt's Witch
I Hazel Halve. Charles n. Ooetxe, Market
II and Twelfth streets', Cliathnm Sinclair.
, Knrtv-slxth antl Jacob streets; A. 15.
Heheele, No. 007 Main street; Kxloy
llros., l'enn and Zone streets; Dowle &
Co., Bridgeport. , 2
It. ,v o. liuat ICxonr,lim.
On neeount of the Chicago Mnrlne
II Hand concerts at Selbert's Harden, (he
. ilaltlmore ft Ohio Itnllrond will sell
found trip excursion tickets from Clraf"
ton and all Intermediate points on next
IP Sunday, September 20, Hound trip from
., (Iraflon Jl r.n; Fulrmnnt Jl 80; Man,'
nlngloti II on; Cameron CO cents;
; Mound.ivllle no cents. Train leaves Ornf?
urn al il o'clock a. in., arriving at
,,, Wheeling nt 10:10 n m. Returning ieavo
I('| Wheeling ut r, o'clock p. m? giving exeurslonlsls
an opportunity to hear the
j- ;l n I'TQ. ."11 I'unri'1 I
ii, If voiii' headache* coino from weak eyes;
,j III If MIHHim>m will relievo them. Ho you
hnv liendimhc'.' l>o your even Wilier,
' " iinmil or burn? I'oes tho print run to*
'K |...|h?r when roil ill til'. V l?o I IiIdrh appeiir
ijuiibl", or lulled IIP? Have a denim In
rub ilie v i .' Twllehlnu? For any trouble
,i. i,i > our > ? roimull us, Wo make mIusim-m
hi popular prlei 'i Make n enroful exam*
I Iiii I loll I i'ee of rlllltue, lilld rely oil our
l" own idll and not our patients' JikIkiihui
Consultation and oxiiinliuitloii free,
"? rnoT1, xi. NumFP,
,'p The Sclcnllllc Optician,
I Corner Main and Klovunlh IJlloolH.
When theF"~l
\\i ?\ ST0BE
i Il,ttle
/ t-\ /-? ^-Vy^v <5 nnifinn
You'll change to heavier weights. It's a convenience not to
have to bother until then?the mercury drops?von drop in
here?five minutes at a time?and out again?with a handsome
Suit or Overcoat, or both?and a quarter?maybe a
third of the money you expected to spend in your pocket,
Follow the best dressers?go where they go?ask them,
they'll tell yon?it's no secret?The Hub Clothes are a
! standard?the highest standard. It argues good judgment
to come here?it means a saving not at the expense of
quality, but by reason of our facilities. These mild days are
good days to look?investigate?compare?decide?and
our variety deserves time to be carefully reviewed, even
i where all is good. There's a better and a best?par excellence.
IN SUITS, ask to be shown our Heavy All-wool Black Clay
Worsted at .$8, $10.00 and $12.00, and our Fancy Plaid at
$7.00, $10.00, $12.00, $15.00 and $20.00.
IN OVERCOATS, ask to be shown our Great All-wool Blue and
Black Kersey at $6.50, our fine Blue and Black Kersey raw
edge at $8.00, and our great leader, the Gayrock, Blue
Black and Brown, at $10.00.
This is by all odds a better coat than sonic houses are offering
at $15.00. Parties living out of town and wishing to
compare this coat with anything offered by any other house,
will upon request receive sample swatches of the cloth by return
mail. ,We have others at $12.00, $15.00, $20.00, $25.00.
.We're not going to ask you not to let yourselves he tempted
below $2 for Short Pants Suits; $5 for Long Pants Suits.
Values draw the safety line here; better grades rise from
these honest beginnings. Monej- back for the asking.
Clothiers, Hatters and Furnishers,
You'll Lite Our New Suits,
You'll like them for more reasons than wo can nomo here, but
principally because they're bo sood In looks and quality. Of
course If you don't care what kind of clothea you wear, you
can buy an ordinary ready-mado suit anywhere and pay; as
much for It as we would ask for our finely tailored
If you don't enre what you ray, you can Rive a merchant
tailor twice our prices for a ma de-to-mensure suit that may not
fit half as well as ours. Our Suits nro designed by artists and
made l>y skilled tnllors. Tho seams nro sewed with heavy,
silk thrend, the Roods are nil sponged and shrunk before cutting.
Tho patterns aro stylish and you can depend on tho
wearing quality of the cloth.
in Lee Baer's m
Street. CLOTHING HOUSE, Street
? IiwHm* I'Iiik Kl**ll?l? notiRoU Shoea, llnlfon mid T.nrr, nil atj-lra ?1.00 a
V .Urn'* < nlf Blioea, 4'oii|irra? ami I.ncr, our o?vi? tiinkr ?4.00
A \1F1J UVII I C T? T I VAll H?i?*y Molf, ICtlrtulnit K<lu*Hhoea, lllark I ,
7 W ft WILL uIjLL Il/U ?"?tOolor?, f?>r ?4.00, ?4.90, ?.1,00, ?1.00 rl(|t*? T
. UU II1UU WUUU IV/V sine,. .V t ttkf, llio I.C.I r.??f
i " ; . I'1 Uir world for 9,V0ll. A
i nt wiowAM Htsiauhant ami cai i, >3888888^8888^8888888
l40lMAltKi rsTIU.i l. <f'.J _ , 1/% . X?
Warm mcnls served In their i Mylo. 50} C. CALLIGAN. 5,
I Mulnj; rootim cusy ami piiiik. All rhm t Q,
order oookliitf. aiidpfU:. " n notinl'l.v Only X>> ^ftt,}4i.( Ch
i?'M(iitiriiiit ii> <i i?rovU1?iv iirni-ohiM i lO, o|)l 111(1 olflll(l(|S ?>c
i ?h(|Icm' iuhI UphU?'o>? ii' 01 nlnji 1'nriui. )v*> pi
ICntrnnoo on KourtiMoitli H?r< I. (y> (k
Mm-olmniN1 It??t I.tliicli tlnllv. llon*t llonf [v, 515.Ill) Up* oj
mul I'otutoop, CofTr.., lireito ntid lluttor, XK Qi
Lf 0011 IS. 1)111 PjlHIU;ri| 11II11V. (vj I cmiLorln/iu qC
iiiih nminAKioit. Proprietor. JjX roilSOriligi X?
nmraioMHATORs, hto. |I5! $'1.00 Dp. K
|?lorniukiiAToitH. ||S! C. E. CALLIGAN, 8fi I
W?hawitar JJtMHtiiAafrliiratoralift qm % AQKKTi Q?
iiii<i K i>ii? ? will movo iliotti ttili wni Co Qib"W,
till V" OlIrN iln.MI ? ,
CKO. W. JOHNSON'S SON& .m- ruiN'i ino coi.'iuHv ?wi ininlli#.!''1!
I,U l ?l I he INrw.MUMM'i.'" "??
IS10 Mum HI loci, ritlN'l'INU UKFIL'U,

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