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ft BiSf BUI. 8 0 BICYCLING. ;
gocooooooog goooooooooc
S Till TVKr. 6 O BOWtlNG. C
5'.'. '.VJGOOOOO cooooooooo*
Won. Lost. J'or
Halvrno.v ki 39
Sv* Vurk *3 47 .ttj
" T* W .67'
ClcVflanii Cn ,VJ .53!
60 70 ,483
Brooklyn W 71 .45:
! ttfburu SI 71 .441
Clumiro 87 73 .44:
f'ul.vb Iphlu 54 77 .41:
j.uiiHvlll'- 51 76 .4?>:
ft 100 .I'll
Tlirv ? " Kaillv From the llriile?(*roonti
\\ hi If W uili>i?ufon Trounces tlieOrlolei
- No Mailer How Future ( uui Kuult
The Ucnu-Kaler? mi* 'I litre lo Slay.
> JKLYN, N. Y., Sept. 30.?Al:
i BoSt< H has pno most* game to
j !.u with Brooklyn, and Baltimore will
play two'more with Washington ut the
.M nciMit ntjl City, the race for the le^pu>
j.mount of 1S97 practically came to
an eml with the conclusion of to-day's
game at Eastern Park. Boston won the
game, while Washington trounced the
Champions,which leaves Boston the tindisputed
champions for 189S. Even
Hiiould Baltimore win l>oth their games
they can only attain a percentage of 700
points. Should Brooklyn win from Boston
Saturday, the latter would still have
a percentage of 704.
The excitement ut to-day's game was
extraordinary. In the second Inning
when the Bostons scored five runs,
which fc.tve them a safe load, men ami
women nllko rose In their scats and
ydied frantically. When the lead became
S" K't'at that there was no moiu
2ie?l.? for the home team, tin* inowt faithful
Joined the Bostons, and their rooter?.
and for a time nobody could hear
anything else but people yelling "Boston."
Young Dunn wag put In the bos
to fool the new champions, but Captuln
Gilflln mlKht au well have stood up a
wooden man. The Bean-eaters had
their batting clothes on, and the faster
Dunn tossed the ball across the plate,
the harder Captain Duffy's could line
the leather out. The only trouble was
that Hip batting was nil on the one side.
The home team could do but little with
Klobendanz, the Boston twlrler. About
the only time they hit him with any effect
was In the third inning when they
scored all their runs. The Infleldlng,
like their battlnq. too, was one-sided.
Brooklyn made only four actual errors,
but soim* of the players are guilty of
f.'we ->f the most stupid plays seen In
mane days. Boston's work in the field
was shindy marvelous. Nothing seemed
t".i hard for them to get. Lowe and
Long alone cut ofT Tour hit.*?, by their
brilliant fielding. Score:
BROOKLYN. AU. H. nil. PO. A E3
J-ri. rf 4 1 I 2 e 0
Cr Iff I n. cf 3 0 14 0 1
Klilntlle, :ib 1 u l ? 1 (i
I .n Chance, lb no l II ^ 1
Hu'vkard, ss 4 o l 1 11'
Hhoch, :'b 4 (i i :< 2 l
Payne. If 3 u 0 - u ti
A. Smith, If 1 o 0 l u 1
Burrell, c 2 l u i l <j
I'unn, p 3 1 l l 1 C
Total* 31 3 7 27 U 4
Hamilton i'f f> 1 :t 1 II C
Tenney, lb 5 o l 7 o f
1/ovo, 2b 6 2 H 3 1 C
Ftahl. rf 4 l 3 2 o c
Puffy. If 5 2 :? 1 0 (
Collin*, 8b "> 2 2 2 1 (
J.ONH, as 4 1 0 3 4 (
Bergen, e 5 1 L' H 0 (,
Klobedanx, p 3 2 2 o i n
Total 12 19 ?7 7 ?
Brooklyn 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 -5
Boston 0 5 2 10 2 10 1-12
Earned runs, Brooklyn 2; notion 9. First
l?aie on errors, Boston 1. I^eft on beies,
Brooklyn 4: Boston 9. First on balls, oft
Bunn 2: off Klobedanx 2. Struck out. by
Klobedanz 4. Three buso hits. Klohed.n .
Two base hitLowe 2, Staid. llericn.
Bhcckard. Sacrifice bit. Tenney. Stolen
haves, Stahl. Double plays. Lowe and
Tenney; Klobedanz. I<ong and Tenney.
Vinplres. Emslle and Lynch. Time, 1:50.
Attendance, 4.0^0.
How IlaUlmorr l.o*t tlio (,Qlloi( nf#
C'hmira" of Wilting the IVnimni.
BALTIMORE, Md., Sept. 30,-The
"ghost of a chance" that Baltimore had
to win the pennant for next season no
longer exists. It vanished early in today'H
game when the Senators fell uj?on
Dr. Pond's curves, batted him out of
the box and took a Rood long lead In the
fourth Inning, after which the Orioles
H'emed to lose heart and played llstlessly
and without ambition. In the
meantime the score board w#s showing
how easily the Bostonlans were taking
their game away from Barnle's men In
Brooklyn, and the last vestige of hope
slowly died out In the breasts of the
Jmndiul of faithful "rooters" who still
?lung to the belief that Brooklyn might
take one from the leaders ami give the
' Mlrds" a chance to catch up by winning
nil four from tho Senators. Those
"'ho have studied the game closely,
h -never, had no such hope, as It was
apparent to them that the Washington
'" n had been playing In better form
th.'n have those from Brooklyn In re
"id games, and then It was known that
th' Washington management was very
ntuiuus io win at least one from Ibiltlii'
and would not be displeased to
the pennant go to Boston. To
' l'-tn, therefore, the result of to-day's
game was not unexpected, and it Is not
living too much to assert thut the re.
"?lt Ih not altogether unwelcome In Bal
imore, for the reason that it Is generally
admitted that Boston was proved to
lisvc the better club In the recent ret'Kirknblo
Merles played In Baltimore,
and nil lovers of the game, no matter
what thoir prejudices may be, are eont'-nt
to see iho trophy of the champion' dp
fall to the lot of the best team. The
ouleomo of both games was watched,
li ?wev?r, with great Intent and whereev*r
crowds gathered, bulletins wer?
ruad to them. In almost every Instance
th" news that Boston hud clinched It,
nod that the championship was no lon?'
r in doubt, was received with siitlsfwetlon
and In some cases with cheers
This was notably th? case at I'ltnllco,
where the result by InnlnM* was read
from the announcer's box during tin
trolling rnces In progress there. A postponed
game will be played to-morrow
ft)d with Saturday's contest ihe season
In Itsltlmnri' will come t i an end ini
flunday morning the "Orioles" will de.
part for Boston, with the hope that tin v
inav it leant save the "Temple cup"
end gather In thw lion's share of the
gate receipts.
The glory of to-dny's ggmo In like the
lory of a stern chase at sea, Wtibhh'M
' li started the run gettinu fn the \ n
Hr.'d inning Helbnch getting a pass t-t
first and going to sseond oil 'Icittniiii m
single to centre. Ihitnontrevllle hunted,
li went ii)> In I he air and Dr. Bond
might have worked a double play if he
had held it, hut It slipped through his
fli'K'i* and the bases were full. Ale
Oubc fouled out to lJuyle, but 'J'uekoj
I banged one Into left, sending Selbach
| anil 'J' ttman across the plate with two
, run* A
j Haltlmoiv then pot one on McGraw's
bounder which Jumped away from L)emontrevllle,
Gettman's Juggle of Jen- ,
nlng's single allowing him logo to third .
and Kelly's long fly out to Brown bringing
him In. In the third, Demontrevllle "
singled and stole secoiul, going to third ?'
on Robinson's poor throw. Tucker's Jj
long My to Stenz' l brought In the run. J*
aided by. "Jake's" poor throw to head I1
| Demontrevllle off. Hrown also reached 11
| third in tills tuning, but was nipped at ,J
> the plate, while trying to run in on Hob- 1']
I inson's throw to catch Leahy stealing 11
second, Pond Intercepting and returning
the bail to the home plate. a
NVrlgley opened the fourth with u
three-bagger to left field. Mercer du- }J
plicated the hit, scoring Wrigjey. Belbach
got his base on balls, but was jc
! forced by Get I man at second, Mercer
j scoring on the play. Dr. Pond then M
I got ??ut of the box and Amole came in. jj
? In the next inning a base on balls, a
single by Leahy, a double by Gettman, u
? and several picturesque errors by the
\ home players, netted the visitors four
i tallies, and it was all over but the F
: shouting. After thut it was a process- 2
1 Ion with the "three time winners" bringing
up the rear; although a base
on balls, a two-bagger by Stenzel and
u single by Jennings gave the losers
two runs in the sixth, Both sides went
out In one, two, threu order after that.
' The score: j
BALTIMORE. AH. H. ifff. PO. A. E.
MoQiaw, 3b 5 1 3 X 2 0
Keeler, if 4 0 1 0 u 0 3
J< nntiiKH, hu.>iMim 4 1 2 C ? 1
Kelly. If :j 1 0 I 1 0
1 Hlt'lUel, 4 0 3 2 0 0
i Doyle, lb..4 U 0 8 1 (J
Holts, 2b..MM99M.M, 4 0 0 A 6 1 p
Robinson, 4 0 0 S 2 3
Pond, p >?,,? . 10 0 110,
Anioie, p 3 0 (J 0 I 0 '
Total* 36 3~ 9 sT 19 6 7
' Hellmcb, If . I 2 U 2 0 0 g
tiettman, rf 5 13 10 1
Dement, 2b 5 1 8 4 2 0 g
MoGulre. c..*?0 13 10
Tucker. lb...?MM... 4 0 1 7 2 0
Broivn, cf..4 1 2 3 0 0
Leahy, lb ?....3 i> 1 2 o 0 fi
, Wriglpy, r*... 5 2 2 4 4 1
Mercer, p...., 5 2 2 12 0
Totals 40~ 9~15~*27~11 1' R"
Baltimore 1 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0-3 jo
Washington 2 0 1 2 4 0 0 0 0?'J 10
ICarned runs, Washington 2. Two baso 10
hits', Gettinun, Htenzel. Three base hits, B
WrJglej', Mercer. Stolen bau'vs, Selbach,
Detnont, Hrown, Lcaby. Left on bases,
Baltimore &; Washington 1. Plrat on balls. 11
off Pond 3: off Mercer 2: off Araole 2. lilt
by pitched ball, Leahy, by Amole 1.
Struck out. by I'ond l?: by Mercer 1; by
Amole 1 Time. 2:2V. Umpire, Hurst. At- ...
tendance, 1,000. ln
NEW YORK. Herit. 30.?The New York* ai
hit the ball when hits meant runs this af- n<
ternoon and thus they won the second (|(
game of the closing series from the Philli..U
a?..<ml \l'Illt
hard. The pame wafl slow and featureless
except for the hatting of i.a Jole, Davis ra
and Clark. Score: . h(
RHE <0
Now York 4 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 *- 13 3 ^
Phllndelphla ..'J 0 2 0 1 0 0 0 0-$ S 3 .
Earned run.*, New York 4; Philadelphia , '
I. Time. 1:17. Battorles, Seymour, Zear- J*
foss and Warner: Wheeler and Boyle. 111
Umpire, Carpenter Attendance, 1,000. in
PITTSBURGH. Sept. 30.-Pltt?burgh J
Cleveland game postponed on account of 41
a very heavy fon. Two Kam?H to-morrow. m
Fairness and It Will Become More Than ar
Ever the Favorite Amusement.
This Is a most encouraging ending: ol jjj
the moat Important series of games In a ju
season iKrt otherwise marked by encour-. le
aging events. When the season of 1H97
opened It was confidently hoped that II n*
would show a revival of Interest In bas*
hull. Business was growing better and th
a disposition was manifest among base nc
i ball managers to correct the errvrs which at
i had for several years been bringing th'l Gi
game Into disrepute. How these hopea ul
wer quickly blasted 1t is not necessary
now to relate. Poor playing and a con- y
[ sequent lack of interest on the part of the g|
, public were soon evident. But worse fa
. than this, the season has been disgraced to
i by an unusual number of disputes be1
tween players and umpires and by tin- '
| seemly disturbances on th?? field. These A
| had become so frequent and reprehensl- w
ble that a dissolution or the game was *'
apprehended. 1,1
The Baltimore and Boston series of
garnet* came In at nn opportune time to nr
oorrcct thla Impression and to practically lo
end theseasonof 1897 In good ?hape, They dn
proved that high-class base ball can be ed
played and that It pays to play It, us In
evidenced by the f?6.00u spectators who attended
the three game*. If the aame jn
spirit In which this remarkable aeries of .1
games has been played lu|?s over Into the 1
season ??f 1808 a new Impetus will bo
given to base ball, and It will become
more than ever the favorite out-of-door ,IJ
Rummer amusement. ra
The .football season opens In WheelIng
to-morrow afternoon, at tlio Island ^
ball park, where the Wheeling Tigers n(]
do tattle with the East Liverpool
Monarch?. The boys fropi the pottery fa
town will arrive In Bridgeport Just before
noon, and the game takes place at ;
2:H0 o'clock. A goo<l game may be look a{
ed for, as both teams will strive lurd (
for success. The contest will also glv t<>!
p(?lnts on how the Tigers will show up fr|
this season. With good weather thenshould
be a rattling crowd present, for ?
the game has taken great strides in
public favor lately.
From Managers Kdwards and Rose,
the following line-ups were secured:
Tl??ery. Poult ion. fi, Liverpool.
It Kdwards r. end Camahun
McKurland I, tackle... I tenter
KJrhoh I. guard Fitzgerald
Barrett centre HtofM
linrdett r. Knard II. McCuwan
Specht r. tackle 1 .hi i<J.
Kd wards r. end Whentley
f.'lynk I. half luick.D. McCuwan
W. Kdwards....quarter back Wood
M< Anlnch r. half hack Booth ,
W. Jlandlan... full back McLaln *?
Hubstltutes Tlfji'i : H Kdwardn, Paull,
Klncheloe; Kant Liverpool: K. Fitzgerald,
Jr., Ilanlcy, Wagoner of
?- CR
NEW HAVDN, Conn., Sept. SO,?Man- m
ag'-r D. Twlchell, of the Yale foot hall H>
eP'Ven, to-day ofllclally announced the f"
schednlo for 1 )?* season as follows: th
October l.\ Wesley* n at Yale; octobei vr
fi, Amliernt at Yale; October B, Wllllamrt pn
ai Yale; Octobcr ifi. NcWtbn A, at U
Newton; October 20, Brown at Yale; o?:
tober n;i, <\irlls|e In New York; October I"1
80, t Point at West Point; November ",|
fi. Chicago .\. A. /it Yale; November in, l,r
Harvard af ('ambrblKo, and Novembev rt
20, I'rlncrton .?' Vale, The dates october w<
lit, <ictober 27 and November il and 1U are
lift om& l_
The various learns In the Wheeling
' Bowling League ate taking their lurjm
hi I" u ? alleys, preparatory to the
work in earnest when the battle begins. ,
Last night the Defenders practiced,
and made all excellent showing. The "J
Hlher tllobeu take a hand In t<> night, J.j,
ami to-morrow night John l\ Miller's .,j|
logic milkers will do a turn, t?i
- fir
H A11 > UK AIIFMKD 11KB. ?
Lctliia I'auiphell and William Buck- v"
tier, hoth ?if ilusky hue, were principals J,",J
iiia brief m. nine in M(|tilre Fltspairl<
U'H coin I last n Ik lit. l?otllla mii Id that 1I0
William had a|np''I h'l, afters Mouth b'l
Hid' dam had ?.mm to all end. William
denied the albdRtttion III toto. and the |'n|
11111 e caw 11 tIkit way, heme the cane tin
na J lot
II Sorts of Local .\nv and fiasslp From
ihr I'llj .
The Young People'* Christian Kneavor
Union of Relraoiu county, met
i the Christian church at Bellalre, last
itfht for the first session of their union
invention. Thertt wua u splendid at ndance
from along the river front ami
le devotional exercises were conducted
y Hev. S. J. Bogle. Rev. Mr. Brlttlnflam,
of St. Luke's church, Wheeling,
reached the sermon. This morning the
elegates will come In from all parts of
fie county, and the sessions of tha
invention will be continued in accordnee
with the following programme:
:Q0?Devotional...Rev. Robert Alexander
i:15-Ureetlngs By President
i:25? Response J. P. Hall
>:35?What Does Christian F.ndcavor
Stand For? Rev. Mr. Donahue
i:45?Discussion?Open to all.
:00?What Are We liern For?.........
Prof. II. O. Williams
:15? Discussion?Ueneral.
Appointment of committees.
Assignment of delegates.
:30?Devotional Rev. If. 8. Boyd
:4&-Hymposlum?Greater Loyalty?
(1) To Church and Pastor........
Anna Ulamey
(2) To the Sunday School
Zona Dorse y
<:<? To Christ..Mrs. OcHIa Pickering
llrlef discussion after each part.
1:15?Pap?'--Christ Our Cornerstone..
Miss Nellie Anderson
Prayer Bmice.
.?*/? Jii'|iuria irum mo auiimicn, owui"? Iiik
membership, condition, methods
of work and plans for new
:30-3or# Service Aid Bible Reading..
Rev. Grant E. Pike
:50?Address?Junior C, E. Work
Will II. Colvlj?
:06?Music and Offertory.
:10?Personal Influence
Rev. W. F. MoCauloy, of Toledo
:00?Consecration Service.
:30?Sunrise Prayer Meeting?
Awake thou that sleepeat.?Eph. .1:11.
Rev. C. M. Watson
:C0?Devotional Fred O. Wise
:15? Business.
:4&?Principles Rev. W. L. Alexander
:00?Relation of C. E. to Mid-week
Pray Meeting W. L Buckley
:20?'What Preparation Do Christian Endeavorers
Need for Service?
Discussion. Music. Blessing.
The progress made at the new steel
orks Is remarkable and very gratlfyg,
not only to the management, but to
le workmen. The old plant could not
/erage 250 tons per turn, and yet this
?w plant with everything moving cauouely
and carefully, because it Is new,
id the men are not yet familiar
tough with the canes to handle them
ipltlly, has been run to make thirty
?ats ut a turn, or over five hundred
na a day. This was not expected so
on, nor is it up to what will be done
if two or three hundred tons. The Belire
mill is Just entering upon one of
.. caacnni. an.I oil iha
en realize this.
The reading rooms on Gravel hill will
? opened this evening for the winter,
hey will be supplied with papers and
ugazlnes; and checkers, dominoes and
her games will bo supplied in the
ay room. Natural gas has been put
and will be used both for lighting
id heating the rooms.
E. E. Workman takes his position as
all carrier this morning, after being
two months. Substitute Fltton, who
is been currying In his place, will
ave fo-morrotv, for Jronton, Ohio, to
In his wife nnd boy. who are visiting
latlves In that place.
The reception by the congregation of
Second Presbyterian church to the
w pustor, Rev. J. E. Fulton and wife,
the homo of Mr. and Mrs. John Mcraw,
was a very enjoyable occasion for
I concerned. ,
Miss Ida Williams was badly liurt
isterday afternoon at the Novelty
lamping Works, by a pile of boxes
Ming on her. M. L. Hluckburn took her
the Eddy home, In the Second ward. |
John Crotty will leave to-morrow for
)lumbiu?, to remain over Sunday. He
III leave thut place for Cincinnati, tit-,
Is city.
Mrs. If. W. Burrows has reurned from
i extended visit wlfh relatives In var-1
us parts or tin; west. Prosperity hud
iwned upon all the sections she vlHltMr.
Oeonre \V. Yost, of the Iielhlre
Jtlie Company. Is home from a meetR
of the manufacturers hold at Inanupoilg,
Ind., this week.
LIU rary exercises will be held hi
e high school this afternoon. A very
terestlng programme bus been arnged.
Ben. C. Tyler has purchafleu the proirty
<>f Miss Belle BeaftlA on TAUttttn
'enue, and will occupy It as a reslnce.
Part of the employes of Rodefer Bros.
a*M housf, were ofT ycHtorday after on,
on account of a shoring of glass,
rhe "Fast Mall" company played to a
Ir house last evenln*. at the Klyslnn
aire, andg ave general satisfaction.
Miss Gt-rtrude Alllster.of Havenswood,
Vu.t Is the Kiiest of friends and it-lives
In the Third wurd.
""hurles Zoeckler returned h/>me yo8rday,
from u few days' visit with
lends In Harnwivllle.
Uls.s Maggh? Jones, of Rochester, !??>..
Father Time has wNHF [4
linlt when he \\. RX \i
rets a woman who
lows how to take care
her health. Time
n't make hrr seem 0^^ \Hf
She may be the
at makes no differce.
She is bound to
young because her henrt Is young nnd
ere is rich. ynutiK blood circulation in her
Ins. She doesn't need cosmetic* and facewders
und iikin>preiervers. 1'nK blood
the only true skin-preserver.
Hut when n woman's blood h full of bit
ih impurities, she can neither look vouiik
<r feel yonntf. Her whole constitution i*
Inonn! with bnd blood It permeates ev
V patt. It paralyrea the ncive centres;
iiltrn* the stomach; irritates the heart,
eys upon the lung* and bronchial tubfs,
It reduces a woman to aatateof weakness,
rvomues*, irritability, dejection and mel
clloly Much ii woman can't possibly be
tithful. no matter what her iu?e may be
iMicrd- the youthfulnesa of highly vital
'd blood. In Pierce's Oolden Medical
icovfiy will Klve it to her. It will help
y woman to #rt back lirr youth and
shnesa nvilti.
It Rive* the dife*tive and blood making
if .ins and the liver power to ptoduce Rood,
ie healthy blood It K|vr? color to tlxreka,
and sparkle to the eye*, dtivr* aw.iy
tuples and blotches; wipes away wrinkled;
Hilda out emaciated forms, and create*
in. natural, lu althy flc*h
His JtHienii I' HiiitiiM ofc.mnon. Voik To.
write* When | wa<> innrrlr.) i urlHlinl in
"?'! . 1 '*?? taken *l?k ami rr.lui??| in lie?Uh
il orokeoilt Willi ii i||?en?e ?vli|, Ii tny duct or -n*<l
H'cmna lie treaieil mv iiu i?eUl falleil |u
me niiy Kr.,*| nn<l | 1.1| y ?, |
?*n inllli! Ill I'leire * Onlilrii Meiilrd |il.
"v Mil aid mm i (*|?i i,. fm
vi Mow I weigh 1411 |Hiiim|? Hint hnve only
ten two i?'ille?. 11 annul aay if... mm-h about
' Tj VMv '""''" "I ?sv* t lev?k youuier
in I oil) the hm time he saw me <j yew ago."
Do You Use It?,
It's the best thing (or the
hair under all circumstances.
Just as no man by talcing
thought can add an inch to
his stature, so no preparation I
can make hair. The utmost
that caa be done is to pro- ,
mote conditions tavoraDie to '
growth. This is done by <
Ayer's Hair Vigor. It removes
dandruff, cleanses the
scalp, nourishes the soil in
which the hair grows, and, i
just as a desert will blossom ]
under rain, so bald heads grow
hair, when the roots are nourished.
But the roots must be ,
there. If you wish your hair
to retain its normal color, or
if you wish to restore the lost
tint of gray or faded hair uso
Ayer's Hair Vigor.
Is visiting friends and relatives in the v
Second ward. 1,
James Fltton and wife are spending a
frw days with friends and relatives In
Itev. H. A. L. King returned home
yesterday, from the Baltimore A Ohio
To-day is pny day for tho employes of
the steel works and blast furnace. ^
C. C. Curran will open n grocery store
on Guernsey street, next week. n
Mies Ora Bodley, of Wheeling, Is the
guest of friends In this city.
Davis A Archer have opened an office
In the postofflce building.
A Miscellaneous Malauge or Minor Mat-,
tera from Marshall'* Metropolis. i
Attorney J. Howard Holt, of Moundavllle,
while riding a bicycle down Al- '
len'u hill, about one and one-half miles
south of Sherrard, last Tuesday evening,
about 6 o'clock, was thrown from
his wheel and badly hurt. His brotherin-law.
Frank Thatcher, wus riding a
wheel just ahead of Mr. Holt, and hearing
<he full, went back to where the unfortunate
man had fallen. He found
him lying unconscious, with his head
under his body. He had loat control of
his wheel while passing over some
.stone that had been thrown into a mud
hole to till It tip, the wheel running into
a rut nmdo by heavy licullng and
stopping suddenly, Mr. Holt was
thrown and lit on the back of his head, 1
cutting an ugly Rush about two Inches I
tu length. Dr. Cox, coming along ut "
that time in a buggy, took Mr. Holt to
his homo In Sherrard, where he came to .
himself In about an hour. ]Us family
did not learn of the accident until late (
Wednesday evening, and yesterday v
morning, eaVly, his wife,Dr. D. J. States.
Will Meighen and J. A. lOfhig, went
to see the wounded man. He Is getting
along very nicely and Dr. Htatea thinks
he will be able to be taken home lii a
few days.
It w:n reported yesterday, that exSheriff
J. H. Hicks. while driving in his =
1/uggy from Cameron to hln farm about
two miles north of that town, was
thrown from the buggy, throwing his
left knee out of Joint and badly brulsIng
him In others wuya. Mr. Dunn anil
wife and Mrs. George Doraey went yesterday
to see him. Mr*. Dunn and Mr*.
Dorsey are daughters of the Injured
man. A calf running across the r-jud
Beared the home and caused Die accident.
Fred 3*. liigh delivered the first <if n
course of four lectures In the Parish Institute
lust night, to a large and attractive
audience. He leotures again
to-night, to-morrow night and Monday
Miss Adda Evan* and Mfcs Aggie B.
Cllne, of Wheeling, were In the city yesterday,
calling on friend*. ^
? n
St\r% llcina from ili? Mrcly imlnatrlnl e
To w ii. ?'
Isaac Conoway, an old resident, was ki
found dend in bod yesterday morning o1
No Inquest was deemed necessary. For
years he had been confined to his home. t"
being an Invalid. Ho was universally
liked, and was a staunch Republican, (]
never missing the chance to get out and
cast his vote, ills vocation was that of
a shoemaker. _
The Riverside steel works broke Its w
record Tuesday night, when the night J
turn made L'68 tons of finished steel. 5
This Is less than the Wheeling's record, J
made last week, but the- latter mill Is V
much larger, while tho Riverside was *1
never considered more than a 150-ton *
capacity mill. *
Tho men having In charge tho erce- 5
tlon of the Riverside cuke plant were *
hero from New York yesterday. In com- 5,
pany with their engineers they sited %J.
things up. The camera has come into
play the pant, few days, to get snap
shots of tho work. ~
The death of Kx-Henator 1>. A. Dorsey )
was sad news to his many friends here, y
"Alex.," as he was popularly known. _
was always a welcome visitor here, and ^
I hero will be many citizens from here 01
attend his funeral this morning. ,M
The disagreeable side walk at the *
head of the ferry landing Will be \
m muni down within twelve days, odun- ?
ell ordering the property owners to go
abend with the work. The public will
appreciate the Improvement. A
The elegantly furnished drug store In n,
the Kmergeney hospital will tie opened nl
for business soon, Tho arrangements H
for its opening are being made. .
HenW"od lodge, A. O.l'. \V? with I'.*- 1
elnlor lodge, A. u.|f. \\? paid a frat1
visit lo Vigilant lodge, In MeMeohen
last flight.
Tom Allen Is having an elegant heat* ^
Ing appuratus mit lit his place (?r huM- nf
ness Iti North ijemvaod. dt
"Yank" Met form It ?k bus opened a sa- }J(
loon nn ill" liver bank, In .llmmy Do- ^
fan's old piece. ?
A North Hen wood msn hss a nesl display
or aolil Hull In his window. The fish
are for wale.
Johfl T. Manning has purchased a
liouse and lot In tin* Whllfiker addition, ?r
Mayor Hhepherd is having his house !j
torn up for natural gas.
riiml.v luid, Ihl Main street biilrher,
Is on thd link list. j'|j:
IIA l.li'W 11AI It HKNKWKIt render* wl
the hair lustrous and Silken, gives It nn
even iijlor, find enables women to put ,
It lip In 11 great variety of stvlsR. ?
All piiln tMiiifsliud by Dr. Miles' I'afii I'llis.
DRY QQ0D8?QgQ. B. 8TIFBL A OO. y-.
Geo. E. Stifel & Co.
. r~? =*
Tell Is Your Want
In the Wrap Line and
We Ifhink We Can Fill It
Much substantial praise has been given this department during
the past two weeks?praise that lessened the number of
garments and warrants the assertion of the above. All the
New Colors, New Styles, for Ladies, Misses and Children, at
surprisingly low prices.
Poor Ninety-Eight Boucle
and Cloth Coats anil Jaekfor
a Ladies' Melton Coat, ets for misses and ladles, in light
, , . iind dark colors, such us cadet,
wntly atltched, plain wllo faced. srcy, br0?n, gInn, Imvy, fU.
$4.98. $5.48,
Goltfcn brown Diagonal Houcle
??? Jacket, lined with Roman Silk,
straight fly front
Ladles navy blue Knullah Cloth fliQ A Q
!oat, very handsomely trimmed y0?T*0?
kith black braid, large round colar,
a regular ten dollar value.... Russian Blouse
(Ts r> no made of it ray Astrachaa
vD O. y?. Cloth, braided with black and llo.d
throughout with silk
<617 OA
SSI m $
Lafllcs' and man- Melton R|ch mM C]ath nu?|arJ CM
'oats, strapped twd velvet trim- braided very elaborately, lined
i t . ? with Homan Silk, a coat well
ned, vcr>, bandsorao and new..... worth J25.00, tor
$7.48. $19.98.
for potting plants. Don't buy
Until you have seen ours and gotten posted on pric?s.
r? w~ I* l O />
t>eo. l. 5tirei & to.
Often complain of pain about tho eyes, headache,
etc. We devote especial attention to children's eyas.
??? ?? ? ? . rvruturr ntll mill niUC
lENKY \V. LIZ, OPI ItlAIM, Corner Main and Twelfth SU.
Fon sale.
ri^T iF .* ^ tr ) house near city anil motor line. Terms
?\ = e# V Tf\. r easy. Possession nt once. Apply to J. C.
^ y * i t A Y^y[ Jf HKRVEY, 142C Market St. ac3
' &'am~**,'i |f irfSy T7IOR SALE-ONE AND ONE-HALF
III i//l i. -== I) 1: lot In Greenwood cemetery; fine locaI
Vy/l / l\ ^ V7# tlon: corner lot; adjoining bent ImproveI
y U / v menta In cemetery. Address CEMETERY
yy . \ SjJW/U LOT, care Intelligencer office. api>^
iC. C I I ]?) ^he ?"y of greatest power development
V^vfc I I r yf/)JJ on eni-ili. I offer he?t obtainable bor?
^~w\i ^\l \ /}/ P^j, galna in block* of Nlugnru Full* Imlde
>J I /// lotm the brut of nil safe Investments.
I Correspondence nnd Inquiry nollclted.
X. /\.^sc^A^rz~ Kpeclnl opportunity for inning large In
w 1-*^ rostmezit* safely#
' > "*C"* JAM1X !.. HAWI.KT,
II TIDm ni IT ItfOl Batata. lOflftMain Street.
V. men arc good econo- -**
xtrnvngnnt with ',1i,Virlunln,"ru,,ynr,:ravli>. A FEW CHOICB LOTS IT EDGIHGTOI.
ud strength. Every woman who docs any
ork In a kitchen, ought to have that CUEAP AND OV KAST TERMJ.
Itchen convenient?ought to havo plenty
r utensils of the right sort. A dollar'* W. V. HOGE.
ortb of handy helpers will nave ten dolrs'
worth of work nnd worry?and some- City Hunk llalldlag, 1300 Markat St.
mea a doctor's bill too. ?
1210 MAIN STREET. new house.
? 325 South Huron Street,
with Furnace,
t? #li i J J5ath HoOm,
Ui Tea Clubs $ 8u,ns&E^von*
rlF s and Good Stable.
r>r Wo will Interest J Possession given October 1.
yen. Bond u<? your *
\ address oil a Postal $
^ Pitt,bury, P.. x Exchange Bank Building*
V ront flnlrhrr. JOB. WINIKSPORF- |( In th? City Il.nk Building. Inqulr. ?t
l.?. N" :.'' 1 Miirk-I >11 w? . the CIl)'innk of Whrollng. raf?_
\' Nv' 1 ' '' ' ' IIOI'SE- ?<-\t> tit'VT IITRT OFFIfl! ROOM IN
<\ KRBPRR by a competent, experl- PRS^Mty^TSff and pltn^
,0F lT?carno of fn?HMaenrer*?fflre^ ilriC r,'?trn|lv located In bent adverflsed build1Jii
Varo of lntelllgenccr ofiice. p?1C jntf jn cky. Also Inr^e hull for rent.
irANTMn-fl.Cot, |2.?00,14.600, and 15,600, Apply nl HUD CI.OT11IURB. Fourteenth
lV nnd will give undoubted real rstul?? and Market Htreels. jaal
curlty and pay Interest eetnl-annually.
g^w"vs?C ?X M' 1'0*t0mc,,' PROPOSALS.
TTANTBD AGRNTS. no TO m A ^ a. !.? I
"V wook sure to workers; no capital I nflVlPI I rUlOT TO 1 fiL*
Hied; new aoodn; new plan; sells at tUIIVItl LPUUI 111 LCU
irhl; every family needs II. HOrflHOLl?
BPMC. CO., Cincinnati, Ohio. JyJ4* "
? run n? ni wh oitMiiK nil rnllrmt'l v. , ?iu 13 n'rlork ro.rlill.n, on th?
aln* Must hate 110.'Hi rash security. ,?v?W??i ,i?v. of October. |S'i7. for tlio labor
<?f 1?M> ?<? ^convicts for a period not
? pot, W heeling, U \ a " I (,X00edlng five years from tha Iwelfth day
r,NTRl> DHCOHATOHH ON Gt?ABS of Oelober, JW,
ante Unit arc first .l.i^ In alt klmN KlrM Rs^h bin must be accompanied
work and burning the nrii'' Those that with it bond with security lo the satlsfac*
< allllng lo become Interested ate pre- Hon of the board of directors thai.the bidrred
Apply, giving full jinrilculara na der will comply with the term* of his bid,
iililllly, ivnitf" w int.m|. 4,\, Til 10 llo. If It l? anil ! ? ?^bIo<1 up ?ntl ?dI'l'A
?II.amm I'll,. I'l.'.'io, iii'l. mi-w-m-s ilri'mn-d III III" w?rdon, linlor?od "Hid lor
'KivnHc'ronil- 1'rtcli liltl .hull .porlfv fh. irfl*
GRNRIlAli NOTICR8, .??p(, , d to bo manufactured end the
% i, i?r\ti?riiiv nr iit iv i m ni.? iiumlwr of square feet of shop room which
IKIILMI noM lM II IM S OK lvm |,? r,??|r.,l, and If .IMtn w?? ll
?, ... ''J,; i I'll II11 LOAN, romilrtd. til.- amount of power nnd price
I" , ill! i V',.i '!! r ,nn ?i ,,on,,'' per day they are willing to pay thaiefor,
0 haw by not I lied that Hi- fo low ng nun.- J,n(| ,,w unconditional.
lf.Vii 1!'"( 'IS ! ffBfiS- ?' t i'i Third Tha price per day for raeh conVit''
in! ii nl it!/ im \?t /!* ?!? v|r' ,r * different
v ,! . , V" ii.!' ' ' price per day Is stated for different perlais,
14*, ,70of rive hundred dollar" ach; period and price must b? bo elated,
1 of one Ihuusanil d'lllars and are cayn- ,, , wny |,0 *Ccept?l and the olher
it October 1, IW, al Which date lliev will V. lVd
use lo bear Inlereel, l|ondi| and ?oupons |.-0?r,|, . if (ha person bidding dealreg to
II be paid nl tho Hank of the Ohio > a I nuiniifscluro different clueees or artlftlea,
i 'i ivi \i 11'u111v i'11u ota "" l",",r 10 \''?l?loyed on each muat ba
i < 'MM ISHIOiN HJItH OI- 1,1.1 ,,. nnrale v
lr|"' i:i,i:rTltl<' I.IMIIT i.oanv Fifth convictm win labor nine (? hours
II 1M \
1IIM INTIIIiWGKNt'MH PRINTING liy order uf llie Hoard of Dlrectori.
lOHliiblllllliii'ilt NcuIju.mmule, prompt, rreKi H. A. JIAWJi< .Waidlli,

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