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Editorial Rooms 823 | Countinq Room 822
HenefK* of LcguiUcft ltall**ny I'oollti^. si
Mr. Robert r. Porter, th<vwell known lr
traveller and newspaper writer on econ- rc
omical subjects, has a lengthy, timely ui
and Interesting letter 111 the Philadelphia
Inquirer on the subject of railway pool- H
Ing In England, and Its benefits and su- In
perlorlty over tho American system of tfc
railway competition. Ho discusses the
matter exhaustively, and In a way which tJ
shows that ho has devoted a great deal 1,1
of tlmo and study to the question. He tl
shows that railway pooling In England,
which Is legal, has developed n healthy C;
competition which has not only been K'
beneficial to the public, but has kept the I"
roads prosperous and clear from the con- 1,1
dltlons of. bankruptcy In which many of
tho roads of the United States have been hi
plunged by ruinous rale cutting. 11
The system of pooling adopted by tho K'
English roads Is popular with the public, l)r
on equal terms with each other; there is 1K
no favoritism, no rebate. All competing P'
roods between given points charge the
6amo rates to the same points regardless "
of distances, and the cutting of rates is
unknown, the maximum rate, of course, 01
being a legal one. Mr. Porter says:
Under these agreements, which appear to It
bo absolutely kept as to passenger unfile. i\
the wholo regular traffic of the llulted
Kingdom Is practically pooled. For ex- P<
ample, there aro four great railways com- f,,
petlng for tho traffic between London and
Liverpool?tho London,und Northwestfi-n, tu
tho Midland, tho (treat Northern nnd tho .i,
Great Western. Tho London and Northwestern
Is tho shortest and' moat direct > .
way, nnd theroforo tho faro is based on f
that route. Between It and tho Grout
.Western there la a difference of some forty bi
miles, yet tho faro on all four roads is j
identicaly the same. A rocular pool once J
existed between these roads lor tho Llv- n<
erpool traffic, but when It expired mutters ,
bad adjusted themselvea in a matter satisfactory
to each company, und tho com- iu
nuct or agreement has been substantially ,
Kept without the form of/ft pool. Of course, ''
If any one of theso four companies beKun hi
to cut rates they wqrild be met by the .
other companies until all bad enough of Ju
such folly, and entered Into an actual
agreement again. This, It should be remembered.
they have a perfect legal right r'
to do. Thus we have here, and there are h;
hunderds of similar Instances in England,
a tacit agreement as to competitive rate.-', t*
namely, that each company shaull secure. m
by legitimate means, all the through
traffic It can. the rates of faro being sunt- tb
lar at all competitive points. Again, the ci
dlstaneo between London and Birmingham
la 113 miles by the Northwestern, amt linu Ft
miles by the Great Western, yet both
charge the samo and do tho Journey in
the samo time. hi
The policy, Mr. Porter argues, has
made prosperous railways of these roads
that were laid out for legitimate pur- fJ.
poses, and madp the path of the "rail- y
way wrecker" more difficult In the Brltash
Isles. The public benefit may be '
understood in view of the fact that the f
misery entailed upon hundreds of thou- r
sands by illy considered and fraudulent '
railway enterprises In the United States
has been greater than any cheapening of
freight to tho shipper has been advanta- 11
geous. As It Is the railway stocks and '/
bonds of England are safe and prollt- '
able Investments for the savings of the
people. A railway clearing house exist- 1
ing by authority of law was established "
many years ago for the purpose of 111
affording in respect to passenger and ^
good3 traffic uniform facilities "as If such
lines had belonged to one company." Mr. h
Porter continues: fQ.
For nearly half a century the Railway
Clearing House has flourished and icrown
with tho railways, until to-day e very rail- ni
way company In England Is a party to this
Association, and lis Juadfjuart?? rs on Hey- tr
mour street, Euston Hquare, has practle- s.
ally become tho railway parliament of the
kingdom. To he sure, the Clearing House til
has nothing to do with the llxlng of rate . ,,i
either of passenger or goods traffle-. It '
has, however, all to do with tho carrying a
out of arrangements made between different
railway companies In Its pas ?-nrcr
department, the Charing House dlvld- In
or pro rat?*s tho moneys due each com- .
pany on all tickets Issued over more than
one road. In its parcels department, it ;n
not only looks after the dlvhdon of receipts
between railways, hut hetwe-n tinrailways
and the nrlthh government It- ot
self, which employs the railways to carry
the parrels sent hy post. In this way, In- r'
stead of declaring the association illeg.-il. ;i<
the British government becomes an active
partner In the association, which I hciievo ri
more ihan anything ei?r- has brought tip ,
the standard of railway companies in
England. of
It appears, from Mr. Porter's nrtlcl".
that the clearing house has full power In
relation to enforcing classification,
avoiding tho evil of fraudulent classlflcation
with which honest railway maringers
In this country have to contend. (
Tho objection that this agreement among
tho railways savors too much ot the , ,
"trust" Idea to he popular 1n thin ooun- t(
try, will not hold good, since th" I ir- ,(|
Ing house organisation created by net of
parliament practically makes nil the
railways of Great Britain In Important ,
particulars n? one railway, i?n far us
thefr relation to tho public lo concern' I
"In a hundred, probably a thousand,
matters of detail, those companies, ea< h C(
having a representative ?t tho ?h arlnff j1(
house," sa>n Mr. Porter, "have ngrced to
n common system of opuratloif. The lu
companies, or the men representing j)(
them, nre not bound together by an ,,
agreement that tha ttupremo court might ,
some day pronounce Illegal, but by en
act of parliament that has slood on Hi
statute book f'?r nearly half a century, el
Hack of this cunif) mutual Inter- > t, but n
the legal tie ainountH to something1 flHo, "I
They aro bound togHher for mutual In
(erest, iifft for tho pufpoao of menacing ir<
lit* public inteciita, but mv-rv\yt to piu- T
ict iii a reasonable way the great prop- r*""
ilea whk-li represent several thousand
lilllons nf dollars, and to give the pubp
u more uniform, a more equitable and
lore satisfactory service. The British
iibllc have nothing to fear from such an
rg&nizatlon, nor would the American
ubllc, If reasonable safe-guards were
rovided and the work legalized by
American railway men and legislators
re already considering ways and means
)r reform on this line and England
?ems to have gone a long ways in the
ircotlon of solving the problem.
The iv. ignatlon of Mr. Justice Field
'om the bench of the United States sureme
court, while not unexpected, is of Sow
lore than passing interest for more rea- Plod
>ns than one. Justice Field's longjudl- fuse
rul caif r, embracing more than forty a de
sars of continuous service on the su- amo1
reine benches of California and the
United States, has been a record of ^h
onr, marking him as one of the most elo')
languished Jurists this country has forfii
roduced. His own resume of his Judl- new*
al life, In the letter addressed to his 10 ei
illeagues on the bench, but modestly de- woni
ills thu part he has taken in the his- WHrt
try of the government since his ap- *^at
ilntment by President Lincoln, In 1868. Pent
covers the period of the most stirring
rents in American history, during
hlch the supreme court bore nn iin>rtant
part. Throughout It ull Justice ter
ield was winning for himself a record enou
i only a man of honor, of ability and Insln
ilrness could win as a member of the e*pe
tpreiae Judicial body of this great coun- ^
y, and Its most honorable court of last pose
isort. He retires honored by ull men the g
id In private life will be no less beved
than he has been on the bench, ^eon
Is fellow countrymen will unite In wish- publ
ig him many years of peaceful life In Pl&ce
le r. st he h^s earned for himwelf. ^,j1i
Justice Field's retirement also recalls j^e i
jo fact that ho Is the last of three wife,
rot hers, each of whom won great dls- ?H 0
nctlon in the career marked out for
mself. The Inestimable service of K(de
jrrus \V. Fl?ld to civilization and pro- reael
re?3 In the conception and successful
omotlon of the Atlantic cable, made gj,G <
m famous and won him a place In his- cons]
ry besi 1 the greatest of th??se who hand
ive achieved fame In nil the centuries,
avid Dudley Field, the great theolo- jfulsl
an. whose contribution to the general frlen
ogress nf the age, was another br?ther
the only survivor, and when the latter JJ C|
isses away there will be none left to
?rpetuate the family, for not one of Thi
lese great characters will be survived n"('K
. , ciri-u
i children. qulfrt'
Interest Is also taken in the retirement The
' Justice Field because of the possl- more
litloa of cabinet changes ns a result,
being pretty generally understood that agree
11nrum* r:.inor.il Mclvf-nna ivHI hft nti- son 1l
)lnted to succeed him. It may be filled
i direct appointment outside the cabl- ^ni
t. however, and In such case no fur- affair
ler changes Id the cabinet would neces- consc
irily occur. Judge Goff Is the subject
' many speculations in this connection, flhoul
it it must be remembered that the porti;
idge declined this position in the cabl- 'he t
t l ist H|>rinpr and it is not probable that
. would accept it now. He has a fond- that
)6S for the bench and is understood to all.
> nvri- to accepting an honor at the ^
indp of the President outside of the tjmo
idlclary. of St
The possibility of Judge (loff being of- In hi
red the vacancy on the supremo bench Kotte
s t a tei
as also been discussed, though it is jjo.on
lought that Judge McKenna's appoint- whlcl
ent would be dictated by the desire of 'H 1?"
le President to fill the place with a Paflc
coast man. This and other clrcum- ed to
ances familiar to the public cause the clarei
neral impression that Judge McKenna
is already been fixed upon. nf ^
* been
A lllHgrnt'iTiil Outlook. town
Considering that the election of the
unmany Democratic ticket In New Hoi
ork city is probable on account of the of st
? - ..... K?nte
.ti-Tnmmany rorces oeing noppiessiy
vided, an Idea of what the govern- that'
ent of the greatest city on this contl- pay I
'nt will no may be gleaned by the ex- confl(
->?: hi iHr<l l-y <' ?1. Asa Gardiner, the ?*,?,?
amniany candidate for district attor- jng a
y, In a speech Wednesday nlcht. This loose
an, who Is probably to be charged with 51
e prosecution of violations of the law,
id to be the Jpgal guardian of the peo- Cong
interests, was cheered by a Tam- his w
any Democratic crowd when In the
idst of his spcech he shouted: cfln (
"When any of these people talk to you ship
)out municipal reform you tell them? J^r,
ud 1 me strong language because I '
ive boon In the army?'To hell with re- We
>nn.*" to r>i
it will l>r? a fine commentary on the
r.illty and decency of the great m"- wun
ojioih If the people vote to place In llcve
K-h a position one who will boldly give accou
iterance to such a sentiment. The
ow paragraph is only one of many in pincc
.similar rain appearing In steno- the f
t the ip< ch that appear
th- New York papers. Throughout It <Mr_ <
ilif ; h of a vulgar ward heeler, duty
i-l ' i> ; . ft"!1 spoils and plunder. to a
If <;I m New York i* going to start perJi
it npMii h-r new era by the election to Gaze
!><oi li ! positions of men of this chari
r. i'i . table citizens of that great
ty and tin- citizens of the whole coun- with
y who haw an Interest In the welfare
tii dr in*i 'polls may well hide their paH0(
.ct's In rdmtne. take
i Cure
Timely Advice. recti}
Col. I', lu l l M. KId .wn-y h.i? a way of faces
vlnr: nin-l advlc" to his party, and QUacI
... one e
> ;ninM jt applP'M K.-n.rally. Ill? (rv f
per, i W- tzel Democrat, for In- scrip
i i i; in.- I)p!noeraiic brethren tonic:
' Wch Virginia to elect a legislature blood
i i r . ,! ! i Unit?d Stat.'s Senar,
and say : "Never mind about John rtuce?
MciJriiv or H"iialor Caulkner. Ivot fatal
i f "'? 11 I iiiocrats in the leglsla- ^
i ( > ; ! ! ,i door-ltccpdr, and then we
ill (<il ' ' I ">k at this hiMltly polished j (
tiHt'Tlul timber." ? cltlut
While this ii Iv 1 < Is excellent from the be ci
doner ; iiiilfiofnt there Is no llkell>od
of It being followed. Ilefore six (roui
" the ii.i i the frictions will bo armed year'
tb" i ih to meet each other on the old kliub
Id of Dfrii'icrntlc factional warfare
i h i tl" v have been f<?r th? past llf- wishi
onyiai it
, Clint I
A I ii'fr i..!; i i.i v/.'ipApcr, and a south* robs
noii. ; ih in'- ! l rid.i Tim I 'nlon,
i.vs: ' ' \, III I 1'( i;aI'd til' l -legatl' n
i i in' \ ,if pi >i. ctlon of the southern
'iI fi in > II nv I- v i to tile national Tkcfi
?v"iin11 nt a dangerous Innovation." Nnjj
hin 1m Hi'; old juminumo over <w.4lu. if
M .
, ^AkiH"
Absolutely Pure
e people are so wedded to long exed
Ideas that they would even re
the government's efforts to prevent
ath-deallng plague from spreading
ng its people.
omas Seabrookc, the actor, has
id with another actor's wife, and the
iken husband when ho heard the
I laughed gleefully and seemed not
ivy Seabrooke the possession of the
an. It would thus appear that there
no occasion for the elopement, and
the runaway actor may live to reof
his supposed bargain.
far as we know tha Wheeling Regisis
tho onlv naner that was mean
gh and mendacious enough to even
uate that the government paid the
nees of the trip of Congressman
iner and a company of his Wheeling
ds to ths ractfic coast for the purof
carrying Wheeling's present to
;unboat Wheeling. We are glad to
fiat it has the grace to publish a reIon
of the slander. It would have
better still if it had refrained from
Ishlng the mean fling In the first
.?Keyser Echo.
i? Terra Alta Oracle in speaking of
ecent trial of Governor Atkinson's
says: "It was the general opinion
ver the state that If the lady was
Icted her husband would pardon her
jut even allowing her to see the Inof
a prison, but when this rumor
ird the ears of Mrs. Atkinson slio
it a decided death blow by publicly
ig that, in case of conviction, which
lid not expect, she would under no
deration accept a pardon at the
s of her husband. Governor Atklnms
stood by his wife in this matter
the chivalry that has ever distlnled
and ennobled him. and 111?
is all over the state, after carefully
,-lng and reviewing the evidence,
Irm In their belief of the lady's Inlce."
? trial of Mrs. G. W. Atkinson, for
ed forgery, in the Gilmer county
It court, resulted In a virtual acnl.
For this everybody ts thankful,
popular Impression Is that there Is
persecution than prosecution in the
It was a stubbornly contested trial
the people of this state certainly
that the acquittal of Mrs. Atkln*
what they desired and expected.?
ersburg State Journal.
r?nt the recent charges brought
ist ex-secretary of state Chilton,the
rvatlve Mountain Echo (Keyser),
rks: "If. as we suppose, this Is a
*r of money merely. Mr. Chilton
Id have nil reasonable time and opinlty
to make his settlement with
itate. We do not profess to know
i about the affaire of tho secretary's
, but we confess to a little surprise
a shortage should have existed at
We can't see how It could be."
?re have been rumors for a Ions
to the effect that the late Secretary
ate William K. Chilton, was short
s accounts. The matter has now
n Into the newspapers, and it is
1 that tho amount Is from $18,000 to
0. Mr. Chilton ts out In a card in
i he says the amount due the state
a than the sums named, and he also
s that ho is not a defaulter, but in
ng up accounts he finds he is indebttho
office a certain sum. He de?
that the state will not lose a dollar
f he Is given a little time he will be
to pay every ccnt due. The ofllce
e secretary of state has evidently
conducted very loosely.?ShepherdRegister.
1. William E. Chilton, ex-secretary
ate. Is said to bo indebted to the
to the amount of $18,000 or $20,000.
?ys It is not so large an amount as
and that he is ready and able t<?
t. lie says "I am giving away no
lenco in saying thai tins course nas
followed by other state officials be'
The ex-secretary may bo follow precedent
but It Is certainly a vory
way to do business, especially for
tato.?Morgan Messenger.
Iter Pendleton wants to try for
ress again. If Walter will "mend
ays," flush his political flhro clean
ctoen-to-one-lsm, got rid of all his
tcracy, come over Into the Republl3arty.
servo a faithful apprenUcefor
twenty-five years, why, the
s of the Fourth district might send
o Congress.?Huntington Herald.
are aware that there Is a tendency
rard as ungenerous or ungraolbus a
?s1t?n of this matter. Wo have no
> to unnecessarily embarrass Mr.
am R Chilton. Wo hope and bethat
he will ultimately square Ills
int." with the state, and we confess
admiration for his conduct In asng
the burdens that others have
d on him without whimpering. Hut
act remains that the public money
Isslng; that Mr. Chilton nor any
person had a right to lt? use when
Million held ofllre; and that It Is the
of t he people to hold public servants
strict accountability. Under the
mstancK therefore, all talk of
locution" Is simply rot.?Charleston
Cntnrrli <'nnnntli? <'nrnl,
>t reoch the sent of the disease,
rh Ik a blood or constitutional dlsand
In older to cure it you must
Internal remedies. H ill's Catarrh
Is taken Internally, and acts dl/
off the blood and mucous sur.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Im not :i
k medicine. It was prescribed bv
f the bent physicians In this coupor
years, and Is a regular prolion.
It Is composed of tho host
k known, combined with the best
pur 111'is, acllng directly on the
us surfaces, The perfect comblnnif
th" two Ingredients Is what pro*
f urh wonderful results In curing
rh. Mend for testimonials, free.
(MI1CNKY /* CO., Plops,, Toledo,O.
il by drin:ki.-;f??, price 7f? cents.
MMIUlY, one of tllO best known
us of Spencer, Mo? testlfles tIiiit
ired himself or the worn! kind of
by lining a f,nv boxes of lieWIU's
h 11 a 71''I Halve, Ho had boon
iled wllh piles for over Ihlrty
i, and had used many different
i of no-ealled cures; but UeWllt's
the "lie thai did the work, and be
verify this statement If any one
M to writ* i" him, OniflM
letKe, itrkot and Twelflh stroets;
'in in Sinclair, Forty nix (h mid Jntreels;
A. I. Wcheelo, No, fl?7 Main
l; Kxley liros., Penn and '/run
Is; Howie Ar Co,. Ilrldgepot't, H
In Wltlcli two Younn Grnflon Mlnci Flu
^ lire?i MariOHr Kicipc.
Grafton Sentinel: A serious accident
and one which might have resulted ii
the death of two young ladies was tha
which befell Misses Janle and Bes.-iKenny,
aged about fourteen and six
teen years respectively, daughters of Mr
and Mrs. Patrick Kenny, of Washington
street, this city, on Sunday afternooi
It appears that they concluded to taka
drive, and without the knowledge o
either of their parents or Dr. Warden
whose stable is across the alley from thi
Kenny horn*1, they entered the bulldinj
through a side door, hitched the doctor';
horse to his cart, and went off for i
drive to Pruntytown, four miles distant
Upon their return and while passinj
through Fetterman, the animal became
frigh'tened at a passing train and at
tempted to cross the track, runnlnj
broadside Into the cars. This,however
did not check the speed of the animal
which ran up the railroad with the car
and Its occupants a distance of about 40
yards, where an opening between a
string of cars afforded an opportunity
f?>r the animal to leave the railroad, afte
which the vehicle upset, throwing tin
young ladles out, both of whom wen
badly bruised an<i shaken up. Unde
the care of Dr. Warden they are recover
ing from their unpleasant experience
but It is presumed that when they con
elude to take another drive, their parenti
and the owner of the conveyance will bi
luiiauiivu in icKurti me matter. tik
cart was reduced to a total wreck, anc
the* animal rendered unfit for duly ui
account of the injuries received.
Tile I iisnr^r in.
They dragged him from his dungeon
At dawning of th? day,
And out between the soldiers,
Drawn up In war's array.
They hound his eyes In darkness
And faced him to t he wall
Of an old deserted convent?
The bravest heart of all.
The captain pave his orders.
And "Heady" was the word;
The fearless young insurgent,
Unflinching, calmly heard.
Then shouted fortli his challenge:
"O, God. make Cuba free!"
And "Aim!" the captain ordered
With voice of villainy.
When, lo! before the captive
A secret door swings wide,
And In the narrow passage
Behold the Cuban's bride.
She looked a saint, and lifted
Her ryes unto the sky,
ImplorliiK aid, and whispered:
"Murlllo, It is I."
And In a moment led him
Into the ruin pray,
And shut the door behind her,
And bore her lover away.
Like marble stood the soldiers?
Mke stone the captain stood?
Their faces white with terror
And Icy cold their blood.
"A miracle for Cuba!"
At last their Hps decreed.
"The Virgin fights for Cuba!"
As witness thin, her deed."
That night a score of Spaniards
Deserted to the Cause,
And they will tight for freedom
With neither stint nor pauso.
And they will leave their bodies
Where battle may decree,
And dying bless t he Virgin
Who tolls for Cuba Free.
?Chicago Record.
Penaloii* ml B'nlnit*.
Special Dispatch to the Intelligencer.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 14.?Pensions to
West Virginia applicants have been Is
Increase?Rotaert W. Knnpp, Monro.
Original?James H. Fowler, RlchardHon.
Widows?Susanna Fowler. Richardson;
I'Jinelino Maxwell, Red House
Dependents?Miles McOumbers father,
Rosedale; minors of Joseph S. llolly,
Point Pleasant.
Other certlfleatos Issued are: William
Peoples, original pension, at Zanesvlllo,
O.; John A. llonsell, Increase, Steubenvllle,
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scalding pain In passing It, or bad effects
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mall. Mention the Dally Intelligencer
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Co,. Blnghampton, N. Y. The proprietors
of this paper guaruntee the genuineness
of this offer.
CHOPPING0' n" kinds and all coinmlsOllUi
I inu8|0n promptly executed without
charge. References. Rend for circular.
MRS. M. 8. SCULLY, 380S Chestnut
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Co., Bridgeport. 4
Household Wants
a t o readily supplied
In re. We carry a Inrjio line of Cutlery
and Hou*efurnlnhltig?( and the wlso hou*ewife
will l>e money In pock? I If sho eomr?H
to us. Hlio will net good, nervleoiiltlo
goods. We won't have any other Kind in
our stock.
1210 MAIN STftEKT.
}\ form ImIim to ito to iteid i < im?
stirliiM Hplendld IndiiceiiK nix iirr? rr-tl
Iaide (o do wo, AddroM I<l/)NI ?ll< l ;?
I lie A<IO TIlA Nfll'< ?HTA I'M ?N A THAU1NU
CO.) Monudnock JJldg.i Chicago. octti
! ;
: Recommends Dr. Greene's Nervura for
Strength, Power and Vigor.
' It Invigorates the Blood, Makes Strong Nerves
and Powerful Muscles. It Revitalizes the I
System, Giving Health, Strength, Energy ;
and Power. ;
//to/ffhoro CoryvtGMrrD /So3. |$l> ^ ''
tir/IOMhiOtt C/t/CAGdV
Jamos J. Corbett is without doubt the famed athlete, who states that he has lone
strongest aud most powerful athlete in the known of this wonderful remedy. It is prevrorld.
Ilis wonderful records, magnificent scribed and recommended as' the greatest 3
physique and splendid physical condition strengthener and health giver by the most
render him tlio proper person to poiut out to eminent of the world's physicians, end it has
others the best way in which to obtain that cured a Greater number of people than any
mitfbty strength of muscle, vigor of nerves other medicine known to science. It makes
aud perfect physical condition which is the the sick well. It makes the weak strong. It
desire of every man and woman, for perfect gives the fullest jiowcr. vigor and strength to
health is what all want, and (food health everybody .because it puts everybody iu bouud "
always comes only from touud physical vigor and perfect physical condition. j
and vitality. James J. Corbett says:
. What you must have, thcroforo, to make you " I have loug been acquainted with the fame
Btronir. to civo you life, vim, cneriry and am-of Dr. Greene's Nervura and tho beneficial
bitlon, to make you do your work with ease, results of its use in cases of many of my
to oat and sleep well and wake mornings fresh friends, mid I haw no hesitation in recomand
vigorous, is to see tirst of all if you are in uieudiug its use toothers.
sound health. If you feel languid, weak or Jamf.s J. ronnFTT."
nervous, if your work tires you and you wake Get Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nervo
mornings unrefreshed, without appetite or remedy at oncc. and cot back not ouly your ?
enorgy, you are far from bfflig well. In fact health, but that high degree of strength, power j
you aro on a dangerous road to sickness and and vigor of whnh you arc capable. Dr. r
breaking down. If you have headache, ncu- Urccue s Nervura will do it. It will first make c
ralgia, rheumatism, stiffness and lameness, you well, then make you strong with tho *
back or side ache, dyspepsia, liver or kidney mighty power of perfect development of nerve
trouble, or any other disorder, however slight, and physical vigor. t
you should immediately see to getting back Dr. Greene's Nervura is the prescription and
your health, and with it tho fullest measure of discovery of a physician. Dr. Greene, 35
strength and power of which your system is West 11th St., New York Cltv. who is tho most j
capable. successful physician in curing diseases. Ho
Tho way to do it is hr using Dr. Greene's will give you consultation, examination and
Nervura blood and nerve remedy. It Is'advicc, either personally or by letter, absoluterecommended
by James J. Corbett, the worldIIy free of cbarec. ^
Fancy wallpaper. ,
/-> < ? We want more room
ollKS^*^ for Holiday Goods' \
so will make^6^^^ At
50c a Yard. i
Marked <W? sal. o( J?hn Fric!lel & C?- ]
75c, 85c and $1.00 Silks. "'9 """ ST"r"' |
Choicc of lot .* ^ -* ?* JOS. GRAVES' SON. '
Irom Our Economy Just
what you want for Wall Paper Sale 1
Waists, Linings and Dress Still Going On. i
Fronts. ^ < * >.* ?*
Nicc Papers At 3 ccnfs, sold at 8.
- Nicc Papers at 5 cents, sold at 10.
Nicc Papers at 8 cents, sold at 15.
j. 5. Rhodes & co.
Beware of Imitations
to&no.'fkb AMU8BMBNT8.
.X IrfW.lnO V* I '?OPERH HOUSE# ,
M --/ > | | i'lrnt tlmn In WheflltiR of Hurdou'M GroiU^mrecstvrs/u'reO^
b ' '
? ^ * j MME. SANS GENE
17 B/T^V M (I'SiikIIhH VorHlon.)
** f( fl I ^CkV ^,ir^ Scc iory.
Spccl.il Cast. 9
M i ,11 icont Costumes, etc.
I i Prison?$1.00, t:. nod ."hi im-ium. HphI* on
JOHH nilHMN'I (inNI, Kf# VOUK. M i 1IlOUf 1 ? lllllnlr nlorO TW""'luy,
U OiMoIhT in. Of 11
Mmrnmmmmmmmmmmmmmni?miiujiijO , KANI, orKiiA iiorHK. moNiYav
? H > ' v<1 m 111 ,, n< toiler II. .-'.v hi .his. with
i' " (fully niallnco oommnncinK Timmiay. Oom* K
iNHUHANom. ' i"'1". '? [,
... . r or coinlo opera. in nrtlMN GO, iu>autnni h
r?? t? -rr i i- n-t-'TT-r t- nilUl . I'll illlMl'-i I1 1-1.11 III . I|. |
H /A L-* ' O 1 M I C? Ill .M1111 111 > v lilli'-1111 I'.i'ui" 'I'll.. I,
conjpitn) iiioIikIoh uom woli known nrtlotii ,
Iliuuinuunniivu, ,,, ? ?u , .1 U|. . ci.:.|ti. In tin < .\
jinnm-llv. IIoImmI Kniu* and otlicrn
It you DuroliiM or iniki n loAn 011 cmi Mvoniiut pHcm, in, so, 10 nmi oO cunti, "
tlUUt lmv? tht tltlo Insured fay Hit Matin 10 nti?1 ? contw 0 t
Wheeliog Till# ui Trust Co. ?. '
NO, I ill ft S| \ || ti K |* mil II I*. |> WION'S ItlO ( OMI UV COM I*\N\ j
If, M. llf'HHKM* ,1'ri-Mil'Mit MoIhImv lilulll "AIjONI) IN I?C)NIH>N " It
I.. F, h i 11 1:1 HoorcUry NIbIii iirlewi. 10 nil doiiI m it noo r
t\ J. 11A WI. IN <? Vim I' 11 idci it fit l< . I 1 Mill :Hi fill <il
WM. 11. TIlAi'Y., Anh'I. H< cirlnry I mil' Will I"' mlmli 1??l fin- Mnn-lnv tl
U. It. lfl. Uli<CllltlHT..KxuiiillKT of Tltli-tf nlrlii svIn 11 iifcompiiiili-d h ikimoil pur Ji
del/ cIiiihIum 0110 ri'?md nut tlckol. or II II
I rellflQUii denomination. H. Q. 2ivJ
>5 Fourteenth street. _
.ji the members of Welcome l^od?. v.
J. A. O. U. W.P ure requeued to ni?.?
;helr hall Saturday afternoon at l o'clocV
sharp, to uiuad the funerul of our Uu
arother, C. B. Parr.
A special motor over tho W. & E a r
R. will can y iho numbers of the loj.; \1
the cemetery *
All sister lodge* are Invited to atteiv)
oc 15 __
f|JT MEAL I'rooea^ LINSEED Aif I
l|l li Now very c he <ip. And While lead IIII.
Feed tor HoKsus.jMakcik i>aiuiluii u
'ovrs. NifctT, lUios.lfor year* ou Hooit
ttwix etc. Health. Barn or FtNtE. MixM
itronpth and productive paints aro doubtim
lower to animals. Arguably; tome g0o<iuj
fun feed I u? it? t'neap-sora# Vlry B*n. Wriu
'st feud in iho market. !for our circular
-or i'ure Linseel Oil or Meal and White le*i
\il for-Thompson V' or address manufacture,
HOMPSOS & CO., IS W. Diamond SL, Mleqhu,.^
ferris Boneless Bacon, 5
Capers, Champion Hominy in pa(kaqu 0
II and Wtiaatlet received to day at
1 ?1, r. rl t-HfitNS (JO.'S 6
5 2217 Mi UK KT STRFET ' fi
Northwest Corner Main and Twentieth
Streets, Wheeling, W. Va.
1521 Market St., Wheeling, W, Vj, '
Auditor and Accountant.
Special attention jflvon to rxnmlnatl <
)f accounts. Will be ploased to have ,
References?Howard Hazlett, PrMH?
Ititua 1 Savings Hunk: Alex. Mitchell
Measurer Mutual Sayings Uank; Simpson
i llazlctt, Hrojters: J, N. Vanco, PreilduUversUio
Iron Works; (J. Lamb, l'r^tfid^rr
Hank of Wheeling; M. J offers, rasMt
'oinmerclal Hank; II. M. Rustiell, Attor.
lev nt law; Calniv<*'l f*r,?rl\. 'i \tt?leyi
ut Law; John J. Conlff, Attorney i?
.u\v; X. L. WhltuKcr, i'lVMurm ..
ron Co.; L. K. San<l8. Cashier Excha??t
<?"k. ^ or]t
Your Copper, Rprass and I'm.
uru/ vnm/ nni iou
1L YY IUI\I\ rULlon,
It cleans quick and gives a lusting lustr?.
In 1-lb. cans.
PRICE - - - 25c.
Bold by
Of Real Estate.
Tn clone up the estate of Jacob Berp'r,
lecenned, I will tell all the remaining loti
n the Berger homestead square on Satu-.
lay, October in, 1N!?7, beginning' at if
>'clock a. m., at public auction at th?
lorth front door of the court house o!
)hlo county, W. Va. Now Is your chaw
ind this Is tho last chunco you will h?w
o get theso lots.
Vdtn., with tho will annexed, of Jawb
Merger. oolj
is OCIOBLR is the
Month Tor Weddings
Wo call attention to our superior facil
itios for executing orders for
Engraved Wedding Invitations. I
,nd at pricen but little more than prlntirj, I
^Irst 100, Including Inside and outside
envelope I'M
Iccond 100 {ifl
I j the postofllee at Wheeling, Ohio eoun*
\. W. Va., Snturday, Uct. in. To obuU
ny nf thw following the applicant mu?:
sk for advertised letters, giving date c!
Challenger, Miss Nelson, Miss I/1'*
Rosslo Slekman, Miss G<:
?arlln, Miss Jessie trude.
Mason, Miss Clara
Bowles, Vet S. Iloncday, William I
7oon, lUocl< Mills, Thomns J
Jnrd, W. Maulo Owen, Arthur (2)
lutl-v I' 1! I-V,,,. I,r.n .1 V
I tint. Taylor Reamer. S. S.
lamllton, llov, Wm. Rabe. Gotlleb
8. Scholl, Henry
ilalman, William Scott, Will
Hnr Scott, W. A.
ilood, J. C. Trlxell, Mr.
Hampton, S. I,. White, 1.
Western Industrial Wharton, Wm. Jr. * I
Insurancu.Asa'n Co., Inc.
M. J. O'KANE. P. M^
Dr. Miles' Nervine Triumphs- I
Excessive Norvousnofs from Childhood- I
La Crippo Brings on Heart Weakness.
.fwa I
if I
Rev ^v. ri'.m;fv, puior * ?
church, Ucctianan, lia. "f1"* I
Doc. 10, IPvtt: "In childhood I ?<
iflllctod with oxcesslro iiorvouiit?t,i?!1. wblco*
lmott developed Into Ht. Vitus* dtincc. ' I
.art hilly recovered, bntutcollctfe It KradBj I
illy prow woruo. Close study fWnratN
ho trouble; any uuumml exertion I
rambling nil over. In JFM I had n mm"'*
it tack of La Orlppo which broiiflht on H
roaknew. I lmd been nlmt ' con?iantv
t r?*ntnirnt W
t^?nerv?ui* trouble* J"4 I
O Ju ? '^flchurn:odellnmtW?|J I
C Willcm ^qui'iitlywitl?out*mi
-Nervirm )' " ' 1.5 I
.' y Woalth jL?wJni.n N rve ntid I-lT,| I
ittvo bc "i Btudylntf mote find w??r*i ?
mrdor tlinn for your* and the irood olTec
hut. hnvn resulted nefttn to bo periiim"''1 I
Mr. Mile,' Remedies arc nold|iy nil<1 w
l*tn under ii|Kwltlvoguitranteo, first M
lenoflta or money refunded. Hoo*
leartnud NervosMont freetoallappHc,n I
IIU, MIliKH MRDIOAl#CO., KlkhnrU ?0t.
^ALI.8, bOltlUlCH AND PAfiTIK*
uppllecl with nil kind?Of Tlnl" ""j.CflS I
tlntliiK. An entlio New Line or nflniw h
I Hall Proiri nmnif*, Tleketi '"JSp
onp. at Nil lirieuR, at iVlnjd '? %
o'< i*tlining omen. a Md li

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