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unit) is safe
Although .Muruin in Legislature Is i*u
t'ucomfortably Close.
Dimvr u?if>DiTVWi;p |??
IJU1NI DALLUl mrtjunn i iiil. j8|
______________ W(
The Close Counties were Deleware ca
Noble and Wood. **
Kuifiucirfl Plurality Kmw Exceed* 48,000. ca
Kvery I'olnt t? Being Couteated In the lie
Olllclul ( ouut-Chairman McCouvllle, lrJ
uf (be Democratic Committee, Slakea lit- tj,
illicrlaitiiate Charges of Praad?Senator til
Volght, Out of the ludtp?ad?ai Jl*puJ>- wj
liMus Elected In Ilaralltou Contj, c0
Nan He Will Vote for a lie publican for n
b.?i.r. {J
?, g(>
COLUMBUS, Ohio. Nov. < ?Many ke
talk about a crisis 1 n Ohio. Some bo]|?-ve
that a crisis Is impending. The to
I bout "a combine In the legislature tn
against Senator Hanna has subsided, PJ"
pending the Interest In the official fMj
counting of the vote in close counties, ve
As the official canvass of the vote iu 111
t v eighty-eight counties proceeded to- ,,e
ilay the Republican plurality on the
State iickot Increased and on tho legls- w
inHuft iinUnfa lr nnn<mre<l to be uettlnH I
toward a very close shave. <
White the .Republican plurality on cj(
Mate ticket exceeds 28,000, the vote on pe
the legislative ticket Is almost oa close t0
as i: could be. For this reason there Is p0
.-till unusual anxiety at the respective
state headquarters of both parties.
The Republican still claim that the '
t legislature stands seventy-five Repub- ..
* llcans to -seventy Democrats on joint 1 ,
ballot for senator, and that their candidates
for representative in threeofthe ,
close counties hflv?> been elected by the .
following pluralities: p,
Delaware county 29: Wood county 2S;
Noble county S3; a total of 142 In the f
pluralities of these three counties. A ,
change <<f seventy-two votes, properly
distributed In these three counties ,
would therefore, 'have turned the result
In the legislature by giving these three .
representatives to the Democrats. Then
thf legislature would have stood ?ev- ,
eaty-two Republican* and aeventythreo
Democrats on Joint ballot for
senator. ,
When It Is remembered that the to- be
Ol Ohio last year was over one ,lr
million and fs almost one million (hi* J1"
year, it Is readily seen that seventy-one
1? such a ?m?i? -faat i+can- fU
bt eiparly tfaferrntf if <lgur< nr hl|
fCt<-tlons or language. And his is what 11
makes the Democratic stnt" committee"
continue to claim the legislature and ,
the Republican state committee to be
so closely on gflard In watching th? na
I counting In the close counties The offl- te)
I clal count of Delaware county is In. su
! but with protests and notices of con- th
tests from the Democrats and the sam" nfl
Is true of Noble county. The official
count of Wood* county may not bf? nn
completed till *<nturdn^. although they fjr
expect to get through to-morrow. an
In Wood county to-day the Demo- h
prut* nrofost^d nunlnaf rounMnc thr?
vote at a precinct whtre the place of
voting was outside of the precinct, but
within the ward. Had this precinct
boon thrown out It would have elected
the Democratic candidate for representative
by a plurality of five Instead of
the Republican candidate by twenty- m
eight. The vote of the precinct tvns stJ
counted and the Democratic protest HI- '
ed. Other technicalities are expected In
the progress of the vote In that county Y<
to-morrow. In Noble county there was th
n lone contest over twenty-seven ()C
scratched tickets that were Anally ,0;
thrown out because they were pot pro- cjj
lierly marked. This was a Republican ^
Ins?, livery point I* being contested In pr
the official count of the close counties. hn
Chairman Nash saya to-night that th
the Republicans have a safe majority t0,
of five on Joint ballot In the legislature. f0
He admits that the pluralities are th
small In som? counties, but claims they R<
are safe. He has no doubt of the result 1st
In any of the counties which he claims Hr
except possibly, Wood county, and In th
the event of the loss of that represents- th
tive, he says the legislature would still *oi
stand seventy-four Republicans tosev- \
enty-?one Democrats and have a major- an
ity ojf throe on Joint ballot Tor senator, co1
chairman Nasli said the returns from an
the Thirteenth district showed that the Hti
Republicans had a plurality of 432, so Oil
that there Is no lone r any of the state I
senators In doubt, and the senate will tin
stand nln?toen Democrats to seventeen St
Jtepubllcans. Al
At JtopuMimn state headquarters, to
Summit county Is not considered so p?
doubtful as heretofore and Its two rep- du
rese^tatlvf-K are bolnc, conceded to the ra
Democrats. This would mnko the houso . ,
flfty^elght Republicans and fifty-one
Deruocrats. Chulrnrnn MePonvllle does .
not adroit that th<- K.puhllcans have ?
carried the Thlrt. with district for th-dr ?
cand)d;?t" for 'state senator and he Htlll 1
claims the rtprep, ntatlve* from Noble, Rl
Deloware. IWood, Mtisklniriim and llf
other COUntlts o.lftimeM bi' th" Republlrans.
He hiw> , xpectw the official , 1
count to give the Democrat two of the
twelve mend" ! < of th.. i,.|iii?tuto from ,
Cuyahoga oountf in all ir ountb s v"
nnd In othw he th- it , ill bo con* V
tents for th< Hf-ntn .In th# tvent of tha ,
crftiflcutoi of election b"|ng nlven to
the Republican*. * '
M'CONVIM.l? CTttl'B irilAUD. mi
Chairman McConvllle churn fraud
lb the 4o?e counties ati I in mino Republican
counties, lb- says txnrly nil ||J
ft he clone counties I) 'IV r.r>r?< IP-pub- (jll
Ilean heretofore and th fttpuldi .-inn vo
-till Mjive the mnehlnery ln*h . . conn r<u
ties lie says the return* hi.,. I,..,.,, ||,.
It-i'l back and It Iftnk^ , u'i (itiu i* 'Ml
counties have completed UHt ' inintlng thi
While the dOUldftll countle ate ritIII u ,?]
ii lie nays the result w.i known ,b };<
finitely iti Cincinnati y< ilao morning
and he cannot get doflntil nnults
v<n (o>nl|tht from f *i? v?land, ]
1 Kper t i the Vote lo bS v." , ' . | (,M|
' ' ' or Ihfee nn ruber - ' 11, I,
lure <]}ialrman McConvlll" will 'un.ilit v
on duty until the olHrlnl < >unt ,,t
II the rountles Is completed I'"
''O.VIIT MAY lin AI'I'KAI.KIi It, j
' rite to-night It became known (hut Mil
the roiirts would be resorted to r.?i the ! t
I'ui i'usq yf preventing Jipanla of < ic*
tlon vfjtJtn Issuing rertlfltKM tu the fil/
publican candidates In certain coun'??.
The raseH will be brought In the
tver courif and thence to the supreme
url as soon as possible. The ttepuban
state committee also has lawyers
eparlng of contest. The lie- 'j
iblleans gut three representatives on
e face of the returns from Delawsre,
able and Wogd counties whose pluIIties
aggregate 142, and a change of
venty-two votes would have given the (J
mot-rats a control of the legislature.
?e Republicans claim that the Deiii*
rats also elected memtjera of the leg- a
lature on close margins, that there
*re ten counties in the state that gave
IB than 100 plurality each for their
ndldates for the legislature and that
smocrats secured us many members
l these small pluralities as the Kepubnus.
Both sides are preparing for
ntests, llrst in the courts and afterard
In the legislature. As each
anch of the legislature Is the tribunal
last resort in Judging of the quallfltlons
of its own members, the Hepubans
have an advantage In their conol
of the house over the Democrats,
tio control the senate. There are
irty-Blx senators wun only iwo or
reo contests possible In that body.
In the house there are 10'J members
th a dozen or more seats that can be
ntested, and the Republicans claim
majority of seven in that body, so
at more Democrats could be unseated
the house than Republicans In the
n&te. While both committees uro I
eplng secret any arrangements for le- ij
1 proceedings, yet It is mated that the \
;mocratic state committee will seek
enjoin enough certificates of election
>m the Republican representatives to
event the Republicans from organlzff
the house and appointing the comIttee
that will consider contests. Delopments
are expected to-morrow in
o policies of both parties so far as apaling
to the courts is concerned.
Ill Votti for a JlrpiibJirnii for Senator,
Hut Won't Kpectfr Who.
CINCINNATI, Ohio, Nov. 4,-Senatorect
Lewis Voight, one of the lndondent
Republicans elected In Hamlln
county, was asked how he stood on cl
'litlcal matters. Mr. Voight replied: dj
"I am n Republican, a sound money tc
an. and furthermore, I nm a support- ti
of the present national admlnlstram."
'How will you vote on United States ,f
nator?" P
"I shall voto for a Republican," re- ai
led he. 0|
"Will vou vote for Hanna?"
"That I will not sny. Nor will I nay 0<
r whom I- shall vote." to
"Will you attend the Republican cau- m
'I will not." , u u i p
Ill CilC viii HHiuirv 10 mc wiiuivD vi
e Republican caucus for United th
ates senator will you vote for him?" j,?
"That I will not gay." pi
"How do you stand on other political fC
ltters?" 10
"I nm for the brat Interests of Hamon
county. For a. long time I have
on Interested In opposing bosslsm f,
id shall favor everything that Is clean rp
id that will Rive us good government. Jv
im n Republican. ^
"f will repeat that I shall vott far. ft-J-u
.far UnHed Wm fltoator
it will not go farther than tjjyfct until p
e time comes to vote." el
llnniia t'ongrnln Intnl.
CLEVELAND, Nov. 4.?Senator Han.
to-day received a large number of (v
legrams congratulating him on the re- v<
,Jt3of the election In Ohio. Among "J*
ose who sent the meHsagt>s were Gover- "I
r JluFhnell, Senator Foraker, Posti?tnr
General Gacy. Secretaries Long
d Wilson Attorney General McKenna. w
nators Fairbanks, Mason, Prltchard ?J
(1 Elklns, Chauncey M. Depew, Joseph
. Manley and scores of other men in ^
bile life. Ki
newTork legislature g<
fflr llrnultllcnii-Jmlur I'arlcrr'a Pin- |
rnlllj1 for Cnnrl of A|i|i??U. m
NEW" YORK, Nov. 4.?Returns on <i<
embers of tho lower house of (he tl
?to legislature nre complete from nil
it eight districts which arc In "Now rj
>rk nnd Kings eountjcy*. These show pi
e election of 79 Republicans, CI Dcm- II'
rats nnd two Citizen*'Union, n mapity
of si riven: Should tho remaining w
-*Mt dlstrioti be :?n cafcrled by the J?
mocratic nominees, which is not lJ[
obablo, tho Republicans would still tr
ive a majority of eight In the ncem- rc
y. Chairman Klllott F. Danforth, of
? Democratic state committee, said t,:
day. *
"We estimate that we have seventyur
members. There Is nq doubt thai
0 Democrats. which with the Worth
^publicans nnd the Citizens' Uplonh
will.organize the legislature. This j"
is been a campaign against bossism
roughout the state, awl I believe that ai
o* fflcflort flght 'among Republicans Is c[
1 to tin- dtatfe'" y
Complete returns from the Nineteenth 1
id TWenty-flrst districts of New York
untf, heretofore doubtful, elect Weill t0
id .Murray, .Democrats, The assembly
inds: Republicans'70; Democrats 63;
listens* Anion 2; Doubtful f<. jfl
*omplet> retnrmi frorA all cotintl^ In 1,(
r state except Cattaraugus, Greene, C(
euben and Yates, show u plurality for. ^
ton R. Parker, Democratic candidate "
r chief Justice of ihs ty>urt of ap- |*
als of ft6,058, Tho final returns will re- D
ce thljLplurallty. Judge Parker's i>lu- ?"
lily ItMirflater New York Is 133,968.
.... _ l?
pi It Wai l)l{l?lon In llir. It nit tin TlmJ
"Won "n?rTlclot)'*i(?i( l'rnr, ' jj(
WASHINGTON, N?\v, |-Secrctary nt
Iss hns returned from New York. m
warding the <\ectlons he made the
llowlng statement to-day: "Uegard(
the result In Ndjv fhrki ft I*4>lmply
int might have beiji expected from dlilon
vln thifraak* <>f the people who
ui the Victory lait year; this Is all
pro (w about It.
'When It became Impassible to malto n|
Utilon of foree| oppsscd to Tnrnin.'inv,
font was Inevftnoie.'""As tVrefponid- '
Ity, )?very man will have to decldu
ui for himself, T!
'We hope that before another clee- tr
in ttik' H place ufe jtvljU biTiflbla tojr#(7 gi
pno dlY'dn!-forces logotlief. f found Hi
lid n number of tnlft>\tyhh Intended to" fi1
to for den. Tracy who caet tholr vote lir
p Mr. IxjW at the lasl moment, lie- mi
vlmr that the only Van ! > <frfl*t tv
s VKfWycM. This ftfellhg e^istid on u
i' i?nrt of a iri n( many snrtjundpubt- II:
ly lind' fPgmit tnflmffu* In reducing bi
ri TnMy'rt v/dfj," v<
IN . *< ! Vol* IJnM, J.,|
MOZNBf*. towa, Nov. Th* iti
liplel" dhoflrelil reiurns ?T 'tuosday'"
i nr< For ^ t#noi'-~flhflW,'|11?pph [JJ
im. ),'?/ '?: White, Dcmecml, 10.1,670;
PUlhl, Middle ,4 ih..Jf.iail. I.IIOKlolA ni
i" era I i: i, ri:ohlblll( nIM in no
iMt i4o,ii?:i, Hitnw's plurality flo.iw pi
law's total vole |m the Urgent over Hi
i r.. it Itepubllcan candidate f<?r iii
v jiuil. lu ltig M1,0<JU IiImIicc 4/ulik illO in
rhf <f ih fmt '
o Express the Satisfaction that
Many Citizens Feel
Another Itc|>aljllcan Senator?The Ofllo1*1
Co?nt of (ha Ballots Lmtm no Farther
Doabt that the flepablluaui will Con- |
Irol Bath lirmncli?? of thai Litflilalnrc.
Tin/ will have IT Majority ou Jolut
Ballot?Bom* Men who arc Willing to
Snocicil the Mary laud Uom?a Weak
Democratic Wall*
"I nm the Real Thing.*'
BALTIMORE, Md., Nov. 4.-An ofl\al
count of the ballots cast on Tues- I
W last, made in most of the counties
' day,leaves no further room for doubt
lat the Republicans Jiave control of
Dth branches of the legislature, nnd
iat a Republican will succeed Arthur
. Gorman In (ho United States eente.
Five members of the assembly and
le senator were taken from the Dem:ratlc
list of probabilities'and added
i that of the Republicans. Three of the
embers and the senator are from Tnl)t
county and one member each from
run;I' in'ur[;v a auu v,ui iuii. * tuo jsiwwo
10 Republicans 49 members in the
>uae and the Democrats 42. It also
Ives the Republicans 18 senators to 8
ir the Democrats, and a majority on
int ballot of 17.
The result In Talbot county arose
oiti the fact that eighteen votes In
ilgliam precinct had been counted
vice for the Democratic ticket. This
?'UfT oorr?ctef* rn : the "Republican
I'HWfc) .a?>j?r,Wrmfitr
frOrrt ic* nmet?<n In
rlnce George's a nlmliar correction
eoted Underwood, (Republican), by
iur votes. While in Carroll <ho relunt
shoived that Stnnsbury, (Repub??n),
defeated Crouse, (Democrat), by
renty-three votes. The doubtful
)tes in Montgomery nnd Washington
untle? also went to the Republicans
v small majorities.
The Democratic state headquarters
ere closed to-dajr nnd all the members
' the state committee have gone to
lelr respective homes. Before leaving,
jwQver. Chairman Murray Vandlver
lve out the following statement:
"As far as the Joint convention of the
ineral anscmWy Ik concerned, the
lAtter Is not Entirely settled nnd will
3t be until the official returns arc
nde up. In regard to the house of
legates, I nm ."till of the opinion thnt
jo Democrat* will have a majority In
rrU body and will organize It, The
ectlon In several of the countlcs Is ho
ose that It Is Impossible to tell at
resent which side has won and T breve
a recount .will be demanded In
ontgomory county by the Democrat*!,
ho claim that they have elected at
ast one, and possible two members of
le house; while the Republicans claim
iat they have electod all three. A reiunt
inny also be demanded In Talbot
nd in Carroll counties to determine
le result with certainty. At any rate
e have not given up our expectation
' controllln? the house whether we
ive a majority on Joint ballot or not.
"The Democratic candidates who have
?en defeated In the close countlcs
we been In many Instances noted as
itl?Oorman men. while In the same
nintles tho Gormnn men have been
ected. In one or two Instanees.whlch
could speelfy thexe men Wl v CUt
mply because they were not believed
be Clorman men. This shows that
ic antl-Oorman outcry did not hurt
10 Democrats liuthe conation, for there
i'" senator 1ms alw.yp hod his strongrtd.
Todn. JarKO oxtept I am more
nvlneed than ever by the r"sult' <>f
lis election that tlic nntl-Gortnan 3enmcnt
Is . ulmbst .eytlfelV confined to
ic city of^Jqjlt^nore and that the
emocrats o t the* coll nuts aro meas ably
free from It. In my opinion.even
it should turn out that the senator
defeated, he Is. stronger to-day in
le country districts of the state than
1 oyer was." ,
^t)b>nK those mbrt prominently mqninefl
ni the probable Accessor to Henor
Gorman are Alexander Hhniv, Wrer
Congressman John. V. L. Flndlsy,
011master General GnVy \nnd ConrcHsman
Hldney R. Mudd.
rer Ihe 1NUO Vflln In Katun* l?? llir lie( Mil
Cnnittr fviriMOui*.
KANBA8 CITY, Nov. 1 Two-third*
Vtho HH? Km is a# <caimttes so far rejftlr.g
iiljow ttyv Hjpubljcnns to h^vo
noted ? majority of tiie founty oflkers.
lie Itppubllcnnn also elected sevun din*
let Judges and the fuslonlsts nix, a
llu 4n?Jw?,,*iy' UloJllSlMilsls. While
ie returns sho? fiVnln In olllce for the
H'.ohftfliWvfr U'^irlsE fact that Ihey
ive lost voles in almost every county
id ihui tlio Itepubllcans gained fullv |
I - niy per cent. In the vote compared
1th liiMl year.. The funionlMln admit
le 1!i ptibth'Nfe'f jliave gained In Vole,
It declare Itnviis caused by tuanysll r
Ib'pUblloaimA'otliir for ItcpubllQsn
tndldates on ptysotial preference bowse
of tho obietieo of llio silver Issue
lis yeat
TnpiOKA. Ka"? Nov. I. lClection
ins hfivi' bi'i'ii,ii'i yiv(id*ul ll' piibllcnii
adnuXrtors firni nixiy-lhn Knusas
ill ft ties Mil of jo/? aud f]v>/ii sixty-eight
iinib ?pri IMpiHlsttiiiri'*1'H
Whll" boib M'portM autr e on largo Heibllcan
Wins over the vatn of mini,
ey are CQflfllrtliju In eotnpailMon Willi
?? vote ..r 1S?fi, Mtid this imi 't be deli i
lnud.bx t lio.?iflb'in L
Rfttltrt tlic tlorihiif of fitag** ihbrd Is
no dispute. The Populist managers V
late this afternoon conceded that the re- I
suit of the Judicial elections \va? a dis? *
tlnct victory for the Republicans. {
Ortr 400,000 l.?M TUiii la 1606-0f!lcl?l
Flanrci on tiUU Ticket.
PHILADELPHIA, Pa., Nov. 4.-Offlclal
retumi have been received from [
nearly every county in the state. With
complete figures from the counties
which have not yet completed the ofll- ?
clal count, the full vote of the state for
state treasurer and auditor general is
shown to be as follows:
State treasurer?Beacom, (Rep.), 371,053;
Brown, (Dem.), 244,569; Hwallow,
(Pro.), 117,430; Thompson, (lad.), 15.204.
Total vote, 748,206. Beacom's plurality
over Brown, 125,484. Majority of other
candidates over Beacom, 6,210.
Auditor General?MeCauley, (Rep.),
407,301; Ritter. (Dem.), 268,706Lathrop,
(Pro.), 57,615; total vote 733,658.
McCauley'a plurality over Ritter, 138,- g
McCauley's majority over Ritter and
Lathrop, 80,944.
* The total vote Is about 20,000 less p
than that for elate treasurer in 1895, i
and nearly 4.r?0,000 less than was cast In
the presidential election of last year.
Beacom received 85,692 less votes than d
wero given to Haywood for state treaa- c
urer In 1895 and Brown's falls 37,912 be- E
hind that cast for Meyers, the Demoemtio
candidate In that year. J
Swallow's voto is nearly 100,000 above n
that given to Berry, tho 1895 Prohibi- n
tioti candidate. The voto for Berry wus .
20,779. 4
McKlnley's plurality over Bryan last fl
year was 301,175 In a total vote of 1,194,- o
355; his clear majority over all candt- ^
dates was 262,445.
Of the Jackson Connty Blarderer-Tho
Fiend Indicted Y?i(ird*r? >Vhlch Uu- tl
doaliirilly I'reveitUd III* Lynching. 1
RIPLEY, "W. Va., Nov. 4.?John Mor- r'
gan tho confessed murderer of the Green
family, waa Indicted to-day by the
grand Jury. His trial will begin to- tl
morrow at 9 o'clock before Judge Bllz- j!
zard. Nothing but this promptness ..
could have prevented his being lynched.
Miss Katie Green, the only one of the
family not killed outright last Tuesday .
night, died to-day, making a clean Jj
sweep of the family of four in Tuesday ?
night's tragedy. The people eeem con- "
tent to Jet the law take Its course.
Terrible Triple Tragedy g
DALLAS, Toxas, Nov. 4.?-At 7 o'olock 1
to-nlght a terrible and bloody tragedy
I occurred In a cottage at the cor- H
ner of Germanta and Gaston ave- v
nue, n,OHt umiu-f, wntrre mi v. rju mm
Smith kept a. small boarding house.
There boardod with her two men, James tl
Boswell and James Barton. Bos well tl
walked Into Mrs. Smith's room and s
Bhot her in the throat. Th? man turn- cl
ed on Barton, shooting him twice in w
the body, then blew his own brains out, r
falling dead. s
In a statement the olght-year-old
daughter of Mrs. Smith said: p
"Uncle Jim Boswell cam- Into the I
Jnom ar\d to rn M?mm? lev* r
pim Barton more than sne does file,' d
I He then shot mamma and also shot Mr. tl
Barton and then ran into the yard and j->
shot himself." , 0
| There in no doubt that Mrs. Smith and
Barton will die to-night. They were 0
went to the city hospital. The triple B,
killing caused a great sensation la tho e,
neighborhood. w
Yellow Fever Mtantlon. ^
NEW ORLEANS, La., Nor. 4.?'The a
yellow fever situation has not Improved ^
any since yesterday and the unfavor- el
able turn of affairs following in tho
wake of the cold wave and the light
frost is very disappointing to Dr. 0111- ^
phant, president of the board of health.
Ife reiterates, however, that the effects
of thrf cold snap will becorrte npparent cl
In a few dayp. The record Shows that n'
the number of fatalities Is greater than X]
that of yeaterdrty and there Is tio let- n
up In the n^w enses.
Deaths?John Vaughnn, Henry Nf?lts- n
chclmer. Master Sealkl, Yrttida' Stein, 01
Lucy Honore, Valentine Zclgler, Raven
Kennedy. ?
MUJiU'i';, Jim., Nov. i.?wrvpn new -
cases rind one death. Osslan Hlgglns, la ff
to-day's fever record. c:
MONTGOMKRY, Aln.. Nov. 4.-The r
stato quarantine was rnlsed against all ^
points by Governor Johnston this mom- r<
Ing and persons an well as freight enn n
come and go to nnd from the state at A
pleasure. Montgomery has rnlsed nil
quarantlno, and with the exception of a
few surrounding towns and the shot f11
gun quarantine In the county, all re- t(
strlctlons are off.
BIRMINGHAM, Ala . Nov. 4.-Tl|rm- c
Ingham has hod several heavy frosts and M
to-day tho msyor raised the quarantlno Si
against .111 yellow fever Infected points, q
The ratlroAdS have In consequence re- 1?
mimed 'their regular schedules.
^ tt
ff?rf?iqttflk? Nhack ftnt Wtiatt
SKLJ LAKE, Utah, Nov. 4.-A speclnl
to t(ia Trlbpno from Toeatpllo, Idaho, f,
soynr A severe, shock of earthquake at o
U:JtO n, m,, wan felt the entire distance p,
from Sliver How .to. M.onida, Montann, y
and at 7 o'clock f/ic second shook was, c'
perceptible but not so severe. At Dl- \\
vldo, lied Rock, Minn. Monicty. window* ?p
rattlpd, dishes foil to the floqr,, flower (POts.,
were thrown from thelf % stands, ? ']
lamp chimneys and otln-r glassware suf-, ^
fenjd. destruction, clocks stopped nnd p
buildings wort? ttindo to sway and crack.
At Dillon especially was the first shock p
Severe, The court housq walls were
rracked nnd the plaster fell from UiecelllnK.
DlMfil Ullril Workmen.
NF/W .YOIIK, Nov. 4.?tho claak- r
makers' union of this city has resumed
hostilities agslnst the contractors In tho
hope of abolishing the old syslein and f?
M'cuflndr A better scale of wrigeti. Over ffl
J i'OO member.i of the organisation are j,
at present oil strike In seven shops tin tho o
lJasL' ^ld(\, The rhltt makers, JI.OOO ,,
tftrohg, an- salrHn bron the verge orn
cotvfllcb tvlth the- ItnsRr*, 'Fhrlr alJegeif
giievnpe^s are snuill wagss, long .hours
- of toll nnd (Ija'dUllkc Sim to l>e enter-,
falhed for msmbefs'of fobor tmjopa by; ,K
lh?y MM! I"V 1 u
t? A^l'ftlgttt. y
ATRAHf^,!^. Y . Nov. 4.-Miss .Ap- i >
(a ,V ?Huhll;?glot^ jDomocrnt, daughter
<if tho JSpfPcopfll'tjlHhop of tVntr/il New ^
York, 'bss been'eb"KmI school eomrnlsnr
for two ) in, Inidlna the ticket.
Hhe Jh a lualby in several charitable
eitteiprises fltnl Is a woman sufYr iglHt,
Hhe Is thl* fit'st 'wontnti to hold eluctlve
ofiler In'MyisoiOo*. m
'I'llr?^ snffiirulril llj*f>M. j'liANKFOItn.
IV* . Nov 4?Pet or ol
<'lw?tfi?r, Ii|s Infant daughter, 'Annif. lii
anajTotin Hteima, Weh? asphyxiated iff p.
co%l RDNUhlfi morula* at fh^wupr's lu
homo on the ouisMirls of tiio town* w
icconJ Day's Session o( the State
Bar Association.
Hvldlng Weil VlrRlula lalo two Fodaral
DUlrloU UIichiimI at Ltugllii EudorMd
bf (hi AmocIa t Ion?Commit le<
Appointed to AdvoceU III* Mtaiarc Be'
for# ConiriM? 'Quviramtut Ujr lnjuuc
Horn" ft active* DUtlug ulibcd Consider*
tloa?Election of Officer*?Next Mcillni
aHliarlMUn URriug tin Seealou of th<
peclal Dispatch to the Intelligence.
MORQANTOWN, W. Va., Nov. 4rntil
almost midnight last night th?
roposed bill of Congressman A. Q
)oyton, dividing: West Virginia int<
wo federal- Judicial districts, was dlsussed
by the West Virginia nar Assolatlon.
Mr. George C. Sturglss, Mr
I. M. Ambler, Mr. C. Wood Dally, ant
Ir W. N. Miller, spoke In favor of ?
^solution, recommending to Congresi
:s passage, and Mr John Bassell anc
Ir. Flournoy, of Charleston, spok?
gainst the resolution. The advocate!
f it showed by statistics that the dls<
rlct of West Virginia has more busiess
before it than have the districts 01
alf a dozen states combined, some o:
rhlch have two districts.
Mr. Flournoy and Mr. Bassell though
fie bill as now drafted, would affori
o relief, and when the resolutlor
cached a vote voted against It. Ever)
ther member of the association favorec
le measure.
Mr. Dayton, was present and state*
hat he did not seek the endorsement o
lie particular bill drawn by him, bui
e merely wished an endorsement o'
lie idea, and moved that a committer
f seven be appointed by the presiden
f the association to go before th<
ouse judiciary committee and assls
y suggestion Jn the passage of i
leasure looking to a division. Accord
igly the president d^lgnated Messrs
lubbard, Ambler, Westenhaver, Btur
Iss, Mason, Davis, and Reynolds
'her,e Is an enthusiastic sentiment foi
he measure, and Mr. Dayton will presi
; vigorously at) soap us Congress con
The subject, "Government by Injunc
on," was discussed at great length bj
fie association, which pronounced it
elf almost a unit In favor of the prln
Iple, but deplored some of the abuses
rhlch attached to the exercise of thli
emedy during the late strike In this
The morning was taken up with rrr
orts of committees and a visit to thi
tnly/wltY,, w iVre tli^n aaoc iatjon wa.
otrtlnj'iFr* cK*p?l hoWr Pr?SI
ent Crogan mado an address, an(
liero was a special musical programmi
endered by the music department, ou
f compliment to the attorneys,
In the afternoon D. C. Westenhaver
f Martlnsburg, read a paper on th?
ubject of tnxatlon, which In the gen
ral discussion which followed on It
ias paid a high compliment by a mftner
of the members.
Bernard L. Butcher, of Fnlrmont.reai
paper on the subJcct, "The Ren
;emody," which was followed by th<
lection Of officers.
Mr. D. C. "Westenhaver, of Martins
org, was unanimously fchos??n pros!
ent. and will bo the youngest man wh<
ns been gfvrn thf? honor in the a."so
latlon. Peveral of the membors In tholi
nmlnatlng *n<?echos paid strong trlb
?.? f/% ?,iy nhiiitv nnd tisefulnesB In thi
James W. Ewlng, of Wheeling, waj
i-elected secretary, and W. N. Miller
f Parkersbnrg. treasurer.
Henry M. Kussell, of "Wheeling, n. M
mblor. - of Pjirlcersburg: fieorge K
rlco, of Charleston; I'. J. Cronan, o,1
Mngwpod, and W. P. Wllley, of Mor
dtitoivn, wore dieted members of th<
reontJve committor.
Nell J. Fortney, of Klngwood; Oorgr
. Sturglss, of Morsrantown. and C
rood Palley, of ttlklns, were elocted tf
?pre<?ent the association at tbn nexi
nnunl meeting of the American I3ai
ssoclntlon at San Francisco.
The association nnd nn Immense nulence
composed of the town people, Us.
med to a splendid address before thf
ssoclatlon to-nlirht, In commencemeni
all, by Judge Seymour P. Thompson
f St. Louis, editor of the Am^rlcar
nw Review, on the subject. "Judicial
jpremAcy." At Its conclusion, a bannet
was given to the visitors by thr
cal bar association where good thing?
> eit and drink and witty toasts were
iken In until the small hours.
Mr. Ambler was toasrmastor. Thr
eakers and their subjects were: "Thf
Woolsack," Judge John II. Holt, ol
rftfton; "The dates Ajar," Jud*f
key Johnson; "The lawyer's Last Apeal,"
Hon. W. P. IJubbnrd; "The Wcs1
Irglnla Rar Association." Hon. Ocon?'
. RlurgfHs: "The New Woman," <'
food Pulley; "Our CJupst," Hon. Si P
n'ompson. of St. Louis; "Conprnss and
Ircult," Congressman A. CI. Dayton;
Umbarrnsslni* Questions." J. W, Vnnavort;
"Justice nf the Peace." 8. L
The next mretlnrr will 1?A hold a I
hnrlosloti during tho session of the
Hi ought I'nrte to Tim*.
ntORLTN. Nov,'-!.?A dl'tpafch from
onst.mtlnopl?to the Franfcfor/, Holtumi
iy:? that the porte, under the thnal
om the Rulgnrlan government that tin*u?
the promised IVnrhtirtn tin* Rulgurin
bishops In Macedonia should be
rented before10 o'clock n. m. yesterday
itb*arlA | declare Ind^jv-nde/)'- ,
nally acceded the demands nnti
ninted the beraK
Tr?f'mom* of 111* Wnlfti,
COLPRTRINOH, N/Jfrt tfov. 4>-Ttierc
llt^Je doubt that Fell* Ualta, of Mont al,
whose bodfr was toinWl Ifl the Hud>n
river, was .a-passenger on tyie New
ork (Central train iv rocked'fit OnVHuons,
elobet124. Iflrt watch wn i stopped at
Til) o'clock, wlllch Is !>?< , Uirly the tlflU
disaster occurred. The total number
' victims wandwi'nifMMie. ,
?llaiourl 'A utt it Ni'iiri'iinl.
LAM Alt, Mo. Nov. 4 -The lAislneni
ut yfjtbr v|lla|tP/?^ liberal, fourteen
illen west of here, was destroyed by
re ibis nftemoonr entallliw ii loss of
o.nov^TI* 10*cluing.' bank, thr IVttjfc
, l.ll'iMu|, tieneru| si$vo, I'm
i?hty's drui? HfhPe, the Ijlbcrsl Inde ndent,
^irldtlmtrt s 'ufocery, Corn<i*'
Rrecejy nnd Vhvlion's notion storn
ele the buildings t)i'?lro>oil#
flu (he Chtupcako & Ohio, SMr Char*
lotlMVllU, Ylrgiu!*?I'omr KlU?I mmd
Seventeen Injured.
Chesapeake & Ohio vestibule express,
known as the "F. F. V." from
Cincinnati to Washington, was wrecked
near Old Shndwell, live miles east
of this place, at 1:25 this afternoon.
Four persons were killed and seventeen
injured. The dead:
Henry Burnett, colored porter, Ket.
wick, Va.
An Italian woman named Merara,
and Infant, believed to be from Ciacle
( 1'hellx Mareno (died after removal to
The injured:
Moses Goldblatt, Cincinnati, knee cap
Conductor Schuster, legs injured.
Engineer Duke, dangerously hurt
MagKageman Peers, Qordonaviile.Va.,
> badly hurt from shoulders down; probably
internally Injured.
' A. Merara, badly hurt.
Mary Mareno, hurt about the head,
but not seriously.
Two small children of Mary Mareno,
ono badly.
J It Its reported that the body of another
Italian child is under the wreck,
* but this cannot be confirmed.
i The cause of the accident has not
I been definitely ciBcertalnod, but it is believed
to have been due to spreadlrif
J rails. The engine left the track on a
* shfirp curve and was burled against a
. rocky hill. All of the cars except the
. dining car and the Richmond sleeper
were derailed. Two cars plunged head
r foremost down the steep embankment,
f and one of them wont Into the river,
which at this place skirts the tracks.
t The day passenger conch and the expretf
?' ir were badly wrecked. As the
' locomotive plunged from the rails and
1 overturned Engineer Duke was hurled
[ from the cnb and crushed under tho
1 engine, besides being terribly scalded
by escaping steam. lie was rescued by
* his fireman and the conductor. yThe
r body of Henry Burnett, the colored
1 porter, was the last recovered. He was
f terribly mangled, having been In tho
1 baggage car. A foot supposed to have
1 been his, was first recovered, nnd later
- a portion of the head. The body was lit1
erally dismembered. Mareno had both "
1 legs cut oft and died at the hospital at
Among the uninjured, passengers on
the train were Senator Piatt, of Con
rectlcut, Commission of Pensions H.
r Clay Evans, nnd Representative >Valler
? Evans, of ubulavllle.
In the Lower Iloaac of the Austrian
Itecliarath?Wow Talk A bo at the Bttr
IMt? In the United Ulain CongreM.
VJENNA, Nov. 4.?When the lower
,, house of the relchsrath reassembled today
the acting president, Herr Abrahamovicz,
declared the chair would not
? yield to Intimidation, and that he pro\.
;a.vi?Uu? .
- the, sfandiny erven, thus protecting the
1 interests of the state and constitution.
3 This statement was the signal for upt
roar and disorder upon the part of the
Amid Increasing confusion the Left*
f?ts continued to oppose the decision of
the bill for the prolonging for a year
, the Austro-Hungarlan compromise, al
though the house had adopted a resolution
to debate It. Dr. Lueger, burgo1
master of Vienna, whom Herr Abrat
hamovizc had invited to epeak, was
? unable to make himself heard. The
Leftists actually entered the presidents
tribune and refused to budge. Dr. Lue
ger displayed a placard inscribed: "I
- claim the right to speak." This was
) greeted by an Increased tumult
Two Leftists arose and began to
r speak simultaneously.
Herr Abrahamovlcz rang the bell re!
peatedly and cnllcd them to order; they
refused to desist. The confusion had
' now become a bedlam and Herr Abrahnmnvics
abruDtlv suspended the sit
Una: by leaving the chair.
When the Hitting was resumed the
uproar was renewed. When Dr. Lueger
f made a fresh attempt to speak, Herr
Wolff, of tho Schoenerer group, began
> reading aloud from a newspaper. The
opposing parties fiercely abused each
4 other nnd Dr. Lueger denounced tho
. Schnonerer group as a "pack of street
> boys."
The sitting was ngaln suspended and
: yet again resumed, but It was Impoaslble
for Dr. Lueger to get a hearing.
At half p/ist ten this evening Leftists
were shouting, bellowing nnd reading
newspaper articles at the top of their
i lungs. The uproar was Incessant.
t At 11 o'clock many of tho members be.
gan shouting together "close the sitting,
i close th* sitting." This they kept up In
I a kind of chorus, while Herr Wolff and
others boat tlmo for them with the deBk
> lids. After a while the noise subsided a
? little ho that Dr. Luogor ooutd be heard,
arid lie went on condemning tho compromise
with Hungary because, ns he aK
. leged, "the Jew Magyars want to put
. their hands Into the Csech as well as tiie
German money bags."
After several attempts to get tho sitting
to adjourn, the uproar was resumed,) v
t Herr Wolff bnngintr the lid of his desk
> nnd several Csech deputies struggling to
wrench It from htm. Tho most unparliamentary
nnd abusive interruptions
j were exchanged.
Count Badenl, the premier, was present
for part of the t1mo anil was sup-,
posed to have a decree of adjournment
Signed by the otmierer, In his pocket. According
l/> n well Jfn/onned doputy, the
. emperor said early In the morning: "I
won't be dictated to by Schoenerer and
The deputy understood this to mean
that Count Paflehl would not be allowwt
' to resign whatever turn events might
' take.
VIENNA*, Nov* r>*~2 a? m.-AmM sn
unseemly scuffle between Hqrr Wolft
and a number of Csech deputies A vote
hn* Just been taken nnd carried on a
motion to cl<i?e the ilobato. Hut the
house 1s Mill sitting wfth the prospect of
another sll night, pension*
Movrinrilf nf Nlrnmtlilpi,
HHCMUWtAVlCN?K.-rfffr wiihnlm
Dnr flrosslf, New York. >
X AMI/KM?Whir,?. New York.
NlflW YOIUC?Truve ' JihU Weimar,
from Hremotv*
Wrnllltl' Cnirrnil fnr Tn-ilnr.
T-'oi* Wen Virginia inerpfulnr cloudlnsss
in tlie plowing,) '"Owed by showers JrrU
nft'imoon ana nlihi; .wifnitr; south
M'l'ii' winds. '
i \?p western PmuisyJVahln, threatening,'
with ptcbabl>' light).showers; cooler Ftm
day tdglitj ^wutlyniy , winds,
1 i risk t?? Ijlan nti tnF mke* PrbUy.
, I'or Otlln, tlireii'tonltig wootfjar, with
showers; roinv |n western portlohl In*
1 erenslng sniithwesfifrly winds, booming
wtKfilyj brisk to (il?b o?| Hir J*k?.
l,?n i*| 'l>MH(ir?inrtt
.The tnmptfiHuVa yesterday as bbsSnred
by (' flehnepf, druggist, eeriier Fourteenth
i^ml Markut slryots, was us fallow*!
7 ?. m 41 11 p. m.nMH!*"*.* M
'? " ?'i 4s f ft. Ill W
li" "? W lVcaihtr- Kalr,

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